Gorges “missing” ACL for 7 years

AUDIO: Jacques Martin

Canadiens defenceman Josh Gorges took a philosophical approach today to his right knee injury, which in the days ahead will require reconstructive surgery on the anterior cruciate ligament he said he tore in his final year of junior hockey in 2003-04 in Kelowna.

Gorges added that annual checkups showed he could continue to play, but that one day the joint would need repair. That day has arrived.

Gorges hoped to know by day’s end, or soon thereafter, where and when he’d have his surgery, having finally damaged his knee to the point of needing an operation, on Dec. 26 in Long Island.

Only five Canadiens took to the ice this morning downtown at the Bell Centre: goalies Carey Price and Alex Auld, defencemen Roman Harmlik and Yannick Weber and forward David Desharnais.

Hamrlik told reporters he expected to be ready to return to action tomorrow night when the Boston Bruins visit the Bell Centre.

Five video clips of Gorges’s talk appear below.



  1. 24 Cups says:

    Not me, and I’ve been all over AK46 since I joined the site (with good reason).

    I realize that Andrei and Pouliot have been disappointments at times this year.  However, there is nobody in the system to replace them right now.  I may be alone on this point, but I’d bring them both back next year ( one year deals) as long as they don’t ask for the moon and the stars.

  2. krob1000 says:

    well I know….let’s offer Shero Gorges and Hammer and Markov for Fleury, Crosby and Cooke…thenwe’ll throw in 25 million dollars and a 1st, 2nd and 3rd pick….you think they’ll do it? they should because of last years playoffs you know….

  3. oshawahabsfan says:

    I remember yelling out loud a few times during the course of the game last night “where’s the finish!” They’re generating the chances only to sh!t the bed on the last touch, it’s happened numerous times a game recently, which is why they’ve lost as much as they have

  4. savethepuck says:

    Gorges is a warrior.  Surprised to hear he’s been playing with that for 7 years.  Constantly tried getting on here last night with no success ( probably a good thing cuz I had too many pops celebrating the win).  Last nights W was huge, I’m sure someone here has probably mentioned that if we beat Boston Saturday night, we are back in third place ( a big high five to Jose Theodore for helping us last night with a solid performance in Boston, definitely not the first time he’s done that there).  That is how this team wins hockey games, low scoring and close.  All the people here bitching earlier in the year about how much our pp sucked and about Gomez’s lack of production all while we were top 5 in the NHL, get over it.  Our PP was great and Gomer was producing over a point a game during our losing streak.  I prefer the W’s to harping about things while we are winning hockey games.  I don’t mind being the new New Jersey as long as we are winning.  That game will do a lot for Carey’s confidence, wasn’t playing bad of late, but also wasn’t the same as he was in the fall, think he was starting to have confidence issues and that’s where your focus stems from.

    BTW, where’s Shaker who has always said how terrible Pricey is on breakaways and hoped we never got in a shootout? Our first one last night and even sans Syd, stopping 4 of 4 Penguins is pretty impressive.

  5. light_n_tasty says:

    Yah, Crosby and Fleury really helped them out in last year’s playoffs.

  6. oshawahabsfan says:

    Here’s to a speedy recovery Gorges. Don’t pull a Markov though!

  7. krob1000 says:

    Was it in a stolen purse? ….and was there a Belarussian guy running up the bus and yelling as it was leaving the stop? I think it was the work of a very sophisticated group one that would need the likes of AK and HAmmer to lead the way.  Koivu was no leader he couldn’t have pulled it off.  If I remember correctly the other members of that ACL heist gone wrong were all allegeldly paperbagging it on the bus too ..they were bad for each other but now Higgy and Chips are diff’t sides of the US…and I heard Higgy’s half Italian brother Dagger is somewhere in the Midwest…but he was just a follower anyway. 

  8. LA Loyalist says:

    I think the significance of last night is that our Habs worked very hard.

    If they had been working this hard the last 6 weeks we would be in much better shape to handle this injuries in terms of more points in the bank.

    That’s the point.


  9. gloveside says:

    We’ll trade a 2nd pick for a couple of months of Dom Moore but can’t come up with better than the Stars offer of a 3rd for Langenbrunner? WTF? Why would we possibly need a guts guy like that?

  10. rocketsglare says:

    The problem IMO is not JM’s discipline oriented, D first system that some feel is stiffling our scorers, but that

    our scorers are just not burying their chances. The team last night had golden opportunities to score and yet,

    the shots either sailed high or wide or simply never arrived on the stick of the waiting player. The 5 on 3 PP is

    a case in point. The effort was there, but not the result. What I am saying is that the system is setting up for

    most of our players scoring chances that for what ever reasons are not being burried. Chalk it up to bad luck

    or fate, but the team is getting chances to score. As long as the team continues to work hard and play hard,

    the scoring chances will continue to come with the law of averages at some point braking in favor of our sco-

    res. The worst thing that can happen is for the team to panic and make a hasty roster move that could impact

    the team for years.

    Go Habs Go!

  11. krob1000 says:

    Yes we are depleted too…but the point or so I took it anyway was that our team is what it is…Gorges and Markov are not coming back….yes Hammer wil be but Crosby,Fleury, Cooke  vs Hammer,etc.  So ….true, both teams were depleted but the road to the cup goes through Pittsburgh in all likelihood…so what are we going to do to improve our team from last night…they are going to add the best player in the game, an effective agitator that we don’t have and their number one goalie….we will add Hammer…..see the diff? sure they may have worded it differently…but Gorges and Markov are no longer losses…for the rest of this year for all intents and purposes…they simply don’t exist for us.

    Two points is two points but realism is welcome too.  We need some fixing…in a lot of areas….we have most of the personnel within…they just have to play together and have their roles redefined but we neeed help front scoring…I am not as concerned as most defensively…I think our forwards are defensively aware enough to help the d and our goaltending is good enought that our main obstacle will still be scoring.

  12. SmartDog says:

    Dang!  I found this ACL on the bus in 2003 and had no idea who to return it to! 

    If only he had spoken up sooner….


  13. Mattyleg says:

    I guess some people just don’t like to be happy.

    They played against us, missing 3 of our top 4 defensemen.

    —Hope Springs Eternal—

  14. LA Loyalist says:

    I wasn’t crazy about framing the discussion in those terms, but obviously in this forum we work in a notational form.

    But the analogy of fans to shareholders in a public company I think is sound and a useful way to look at authority and accountability, that’s all.

  15. LA Loyalist says:

    I disagree that we poor slobs paying the bills have much power.

    When Bob Gainey came here he had all the most authority, credibility, honeymoon period, whatever you want to call since Scotty Bowman went to Buffalo.

    Stuff went horribly wrong, some of it BG error and some of it Force Majeur for which BG is certainly not accountable — hopefully BG will one day hire Boone or Serious09 to write a book and explain himself. I will buy it full price hard-cover.

    In the interim, I see this train-wreck year as an opportunity to figure this out.

    Blaming the fans? It’s like a CEO of a public company blaming the shareholders when a stock tanks.

    But guess what, fans, like shareholders, don’t have to sit quietly and take it when management screws up.



  16. shiram says:

    Rather have him right now, than anyone we can call up though.

  17. forskis says:

    If he was stalwart with one ACL…imagine how he could have been with 2 functioning ACLs?

    “I am guilty of using elipses…”

  18. SmartDog says:

    Re. Cami – I said it ealier, Cami couldn’t score last night if he was sealed up in a house with a suitcase full of coke and a dozen crack whores.

    Re. Wiz – When the trade was made, I said “take notice he’s been traded twice in two years for a bag of pucks”.  Some people crapped on me for not hollering with enthusiasm instead. I still like the trade, but I don’t LOVE the trade. He seems to have good skills but a downside too (BTW he was minus leader on the Isles).


  19. shiram says:

    Patience is a virtue is clearly not delirious…

    A win is a win, and considering the circumstances, I’m glad we won.

  20. forskis says:

    Amazing how fast you guys turn on them…last season many were calling Pyatt the steal of the Gomez trade and he was doing well…now you cannot wait to dump him…same with Moen…

    “I am guilty of using elipses…”

  21. patience is a virtue says:

    Hmmmmm?  Delirious?  Please re-read my post.  After you get past the part where I mockingly refer to the fact that we were missing Markov, Gorges and Hammer as “depleted” (to counter-balance all the excuse making for the Pens depleted predicament), you can read my list of serious criticisms of the Habs play.

    And that is exactly my point: we played so-so against the first place team in our conference and won.  Ummmm, that’s a good sign IMHO.

  22. forskis says:

    So you are telling me that a Habs team that is missing its Top-3 D-men with a fanbase expecting the Habs to get annihilated….and the team pulls out a win…and you are pooh-poohing it?  Would you rather that the Pens have waxed the Habs 8-1?  The rest of us want wins no matter what state the team is in…if they have to win ugly or work doubly hard for them, so be it…I do not want a tank job…especially just because the injuries are piling up after Game #41…who the heck demands a tank job in the middle of a season when the team is in somewhat decent shape?

    Of course, a team winning without half its starting defense means nothing…can’t give credit to the players after all since it was Crosby who was responsible for the win…last-time I checked, Malkin-Staal aren’t too shabby centremen either.

    “I am guilty of using elipses…”

  23. ooder says:

    holy crap.. he’s been playing like that for 7 years?!?!?!

    what a beast… goes to show how we really don’t know much about players lol


    88 is the new 23

  24. LA Loyalist says:

    Exactly. Can we discuss the conceptual part of coaching?

    Plan A: I see count chocula trying to break players to a fixed system. 

    Plan B: The other option is a coach like Pat Burns going to 3 different teams (coach of year 3x) and ajdusting HIMSELF to the players he has.

    Personally, i think plan A is insane in the modern game. Or is it inevitable in a diluted talent pool to have a system and players as fungible parts?

    I don’t know the answer, I just don’t understand JM’s philosophy, it’s playing not to lose, not trying to win.



  25. twocents says:

    That’s way more than is necessary and New Jersey wants to dump salary anyway.

  26. LA Loyalist says:

    um, yeah, nice win – against Pens who played the previous night and were without CROSBY and played B goalie against us… that’s a game we had to win and we did, but let’s not get delirious here. 

  27. patience is a virtue says:

    Just to balance out all the naysaying, taken in part from what I said in another thread:

    Two points from a “depleted” defense and some pretty poor performances up front last night: disjointed
    passing, couldn’t finish on the 5-3 when there was actually some nice
    passing, top guns in the doldrums, over-reliance on Price, etc.
    This huge W against the top team in our conference was very
    encouraging.  If we can beat the best with our scorers in a funk, that
    bodes well for these crucial next few games against the Bruins, Rangers and Pens again, when our top two lines will hopefully break out and average 3 goals per game.
  28. lenny says:

    those players are kinda of like seat fillers at the oscars. as for cammy, i think the super star status he was elevated to may have gone to his head. he seems more interested in looking pretty then playing well

  29. Kooch7800 says:

    Benny is doing pretty well IMO. He is on the third line and is not that far off the numbers of our top 6 guys.

  30. volcano62 says:

    Who would agree on Langenbrunner for AK46 straight up? (Might be too late according to TSN)

  31. bwoar says:

    “Don’t like it, don’t read it…”  Well most days I do ignore this site, mostly because win or lose, there’s always someone here to say the sky is falling.  We could’ve beaten them 6-5 and you’d be here hang-wringing over the defense. Ogre, absolutely no one here is ignorant of the team’s problems.  By now they are obvious.  I mean c’mon, you even expected to get told off.

    You must live in Montreal, where complaining passes for wisdom and on the sunniest days the dog crap just stinks that much worse.

  32. lenny says:

    keep him with plecky and AK, let them work it out without juggling the lines. if nothing in 10 games, then switch it up

  33. RGM says:

    I think with Kostitsyn it is mostly psychological/mental. It’s like Benny x10 – all that skill and talent but just doesn’t have the right mindset to put it all together consistently.

    Go Habs Go!

  34. mike g says:

    Moen’s just that kind of player..

    He’s like Pyatt. They’re paid to waste time. Dump the puck, hit someone (doesn’t even have to be a big hit), cycle a little, and change lines.

    Waste 45 seconds off the clock. I call them break players, they give rest time to the top 6.

    And Cammy, well he’s playing like a 7 year old girl. Looks like he’s affraid to break a nail. Isn’t willing to take one for the team, so no results.

    Selfish…Then he wonders why he wasn’t named captain.


    “These head movies make my eyes rain” -Simple Jack

    I got AK at under 64.5 pts, with Triple X and Tom Nickle.

  35. otter649 says:

    So Gorges played seven years with a torn ACL – I wonder if he played with or without a knee brace as well for that time………..

  36. Bugs says:

    I prefer small Dezzy who “gives it to the d-man” every now again (like Crosby does every now and again too, btw) yet PICKS UP POINTS over “big body” Eller who does absolutely jack-all.

    It’s just business.

    Happy New Year, signed

    L. Bugs Potter, esq., Herzog of ze Abominable Habsuchtig Brigade, Markgraf of ze Fearsome Flanell Flausen Flank, und devoted minion of ze Habsbros Order: http://habsbros.blogspot.com

  37. mike g says:

    I haven’t seen AK tired, ever…

    I’ve yet to see him out of breath at the end of a shift because he gave it his all and tried his hardest.

    Last night I saw on 4 occasions him doing the same dumb, effortless play; Pleks and Cammy were in the corner battling for the puck, and instead of AK using his “size and strength” and hitting the one of the Pens players who’s coming out with the puck, he just simply skates by the boards, then cuts behind the net, and goes for a line change. Never waived his stick to try and poke it or get posesion of it, never hit anybody to get the puck either, nothing…

    Just floated around just to let everyone watching on tv that he was still there.

    I’m sorry, but he shoulda sat for the rest of the game. Apart from him appartently being a “physical force”, playing with Pleks and Cammy should make him play even more physical because he knows he needs to be since he’s playing with tiny linemates.

    And he’s none of that. I saw him give one hit last night, behind the play, nothing big, and then went for a line change.

    Sad, sad player to watch….


    “These head movies make my eyes rain” -Simple Jack

     I got AK at under 64.5 pts, with Triple X and Tom Nickle.

  38. adam76 says:

    Cammy is playing hard, but not getting the results.  Now sure how to “solve” the issue.

  39. Bugs says:

    We already have Chris Higgins. Goes by the name of Pacioretty is all.

    Happy New Year, signed

    L. Bugs Potter, esq., Herzog of ze Abominable Habsuchtig Brigade, Markgraf of ze Fearsome Flanell Flausen Flank, und devoted minion of ze Habsbros Order: http://habsbros.blogspot.com

  40. lenny says:

    I’m not sure why Moen gets as much playig time as he gets. He can’t finish off his scoring chanes, doesn’t really use his toughness,and seems over matched everytime he is on the ice.

    As for Cammy, ever since JM played with the line in the beginning of the season he has not been the sam. Granted he could be  astreaky player netting 10 goals in 12 games, but I was expecting much more from him this year.


  41. SLONCOLD says:

    well AK is not practising because he doesn’t want to be tired…. funny how price played well last given the fact that he was soooo tired lol.

  42. REB says:

    On question #3 you forgot to include Chris Higgins….he’s a better option than the others you listed.



  43. ooder says:

    i was at thte game last night…

    and 2 players stood out.. and in a bad way.

    Wiz (although il cut him some slack) and cammy.

    man oh man.. this guy couldn’t pass,. couldnt shoot.. and was almost as ineffective as Moen.. tehre i said it!


    88 is the new 23

  44. Rugger says:

    Some good points, I think part of the problem may be the coaching changes bringing in their own system (except NJ, which tries to play the same regardless of coach & player).  I think the traits of great coaches is to adapt their system to the types of players they have.  Bill Parcells was excellent at it, going from a run heavy, defensive Giants to a wide open approach when he went elsehere.

  45. mike g says:

    Ok, so…

    Price plays like a monster last night, like usual, and is on the ice this morning WORKING on his skills and trying to get better.

    AK plays like a bum again, like usual, looks like a total dork in the shootout, and is not on the ice trying to get better…..

    Ok, got it.

    Remind yourselves why I always bash AK and cant stand him.

    This is exactly why. He’s a player who’s been in the crapper for 2 months and hasn’t produced anything but ugly highlights for way too long, yet he’s taking it easy. And I’m not just saying it because he’s not on the ice TODAY, it’s just him being lazy and not caring again. He should be on the ice every chance he gets, trying to justify his top 6 spot and place on the wing next to our best centerman.

    And I doubt he needs one of those “maintenance days” to heal his boo-boo’s and injuries. Someone who plays lazy the way he does and without effort cannot justify and injury, unless it’s psychological.

    Wow, I still can’t believe he goofed like that last night, what an embarassment…


    “These head movies make my eyes rain” -Simple Jack

    I got AK at under 64.5 pts, with Triple X and Tom Nickle.

  46. TommyB says:

    The answer to your question lies right here on this site, for starters.  The people you mentioned were in fact here to pass on the “institutional knowledge”, the “best practices”.  As well, “the methodology for passing this on” was also here.  Fans and media scrutiny drove those people out of here, as they will conutinue to do with anyone else from our past who finds himself back in the fold, either coaching or somewhere else in management (beware Patrick Roy, beware).  You mention Detroit, as so many others do, as a model for everything the Habs are not.  Consider the differences media-wise, and rabid fan-wise, before you begin to compare the two.

  47. avatar_58 says:

    Players are only worth something if a team wants them. If a team shows a desire, you can ask for whatever you want or else they don’t make a deal. Obviously NJ didn’t want Langenbrunner and didn’t really care what they got in return, otherwise they wouldn’t have made such a terrible trade. Salary dump at best.

  48. deuce6 says:

    I expected replies of this nature..Sorry, I am not a “rah-rah” type of fan when ever we win…It has been an ongoing reality that this team doesn’t score because of a size handicap..

    Our top 6 has been anemic..They can’t give any kind of consistent scoring..I have an issue with that, shoot me..lol

    I created this post simply because one 2-1 SO win doesn’t excite me going forward..I am worried that this team won’t make the show..How many times have we been shut out this year?

    Yoiu wanna hear something funny? Cammy is on a 24 goal season clip..Great job..He gets paid 6M to score 24 goals? Gomez is on pace for a 40 point season…Great $$ management..I could go on..

    But everything in Habland is rosey because of a 2-1 SO win …Don’t like it, don’t read it..

  49. HabFanSince72 says:

    I love corporate bullshit doublespeak.

    Now put that on a Powerpoint.

  50. HabFanSince72 says:

    If Lagenbrunner is worth a 3rd then Bieksa and Kaberle aren’t worth much more.


  51. deuce6 says:

    In your defense, Bugs, Pouliot was the only guy that deserved it..He played hard and used his bigger body, but he doesn’t get top line minutes…I am talking more of our top 6 forwards..They are just too small..

    ..and DD doesn’t impress me..He lead a 3 on 1 last night and he gave it right to the d-man..I thought this guy was supposed to be some kind of magician with the puck? Give me Eller’s big body any day…

  52. LA Loyalist says:

    DUMBEST QUESTION OF THE DAY (inspired by:”Gotta Wear Shades”)

    We have a LEGENDARY history of GREAT defensive and two way forwards, Gainey (of course), Carbo, Lemaire, Saku, Muller, Keane… Joe Juneau on face-offs, and THINKERs about the game, famously Gainey and Lemaire… my question is — and I hate to put this in corporate terms, but where the hell is the “institutional knowledge”, the “best practices” the methodology for passing this on… Detroit seem to be managing it… 

    We get a stud like PK and the team doesn’t seem to know what to do with him, similarly New Jersey couldn’t absorb what Kovalchuk brings… who owns this? 

    I thought this is what we were getting when Gainey came back and brought in Carbo… obviously (not to beat a dead chicken) that went kablooie…

    …but if there were ever an opportunity to look at our culture and be pro-active instead of reactive in terms of who we draft, who we trade for, who we play, who we keep — this would be it.

    To me this is the upside of Markov and Gorges being down. We’re not winning the cup this year, so let’s use our time and resources wisely.

    Let’s play the kids, sure, but let’s look at them from the prospective of what is USED to mean to play for The Montreal Canadiens. Pride, effort, skill – not millionaire coasters who have the leisure of deciding which games they feel like showing up for…

    Can we discuss without vitriol? (or not)




  53. bwoar says:

    Y’know what Ogre?  After a win, it’s nice to see comments that the sky is not falling, the team is not destructing, the coach is not a blithering idiot, etc. etc.

    What’s more annoying after a win than that?

    I’ll tell you what is: it’s people who start sentences with “Not trying to piss on anyone’s parade” and then their very next clause attempts said micturation.  Your whole post is about peeing all over the Habs after a win.

    Do you honestly believe that people here are happy with scoring one goal?  Or that we think it’ll be enough for the rest of the season?  Of course not.  But we’re discussing last night’s game and people have different opinions on it.  Some hated AK, come thought he played well and blame Cammalleri for the top line’s dysfuntion.

    Others praised Pouliot for a good game.  In fact him and Price handed us the victory.  So it’s nice to see a guy who’s routinely bashed DO WELL and EARN PRAISE.

    I’ve been against Desharnais in the lineup for a while, but today I’m nibbling on a bit o’ crow, 2 games isn’t a good sample but lil DD looked right at home on our best line last night.

    Sure, 2-1 in the SO isn’t convincing, but guess what?  The other team was trying to win too, and they didn’t.  Against a team missing its best player and the best half of its defense.  With 3 rookies and something like 6 players who spent 1/2 their year playing in Hamilton last year.  Last night we took 2 important points.

    So piss away if you must.  But when you’re done, piss off.

  54. deuce6 says:

    I just think this team, top 6, is just too small to get to the prime scoring areas of the ice..Sooner or later this team is gonna have to make a move to bring in some bigger bodies..Not just for this year, but for future seasons, as well..

    With 3 of our top 6 guys out on the back end, it may be that the forwards were in more of a back checking role, last night, but if this was the case, how did we give up 32 SOG???

    The culture has to change up front..Not only this season, but going forward..We need to get bigger.. 

  55. avatar_58 says:

    I’d argue AK46 and Cammy have been off for more than 4 days

  56. avatar_58 says:

    Wait why didn’t he get it fixed during one of the off-seasons? I like that he is a warrior but cmon, that’s a little risky especially if he didn’t come clean to the GMs

  57. Bugs says:

    Note 1: enjoy 4 days off to recollect abilities.

    Happy New Year, signed

    L. Bugs Potter, esq., Herzog of ze Abominable Habsuchtig Brigade, Markgraf of ze Fearsome Flanell Flausen Flank, und devoted minion of ze Habsbros Order: http://habsbros.blogspot.com

  58. Bugs says:

    Took considerably less time than Eller to collect his first pt too…

    Happy New Year, signed

    L. Bugs Potter, esq., Herzog of ze Abominable Habsuchtig Brigade, Markgraf of ze Fearsome Flanell Flausen Flank, und devoted minion of ze Habsbros Order: http://habsbros.blogspot.com

  59. Bugs says:

    You wanted him to be captain because you KNEW he was playing injured for 7 years?

    Why didn’t you tell anybody?

    Mesmells 20/20 hindsight over here…

    Happy New Year, signed

    L. Bugs Potter, esq., Herzog of ze Abominable Habsuchtig Brigade, Markgraf of ze Fearsome Flanell Flausen Flank, und devoted minion of ze Habsbros Order: http://habsbros.blogspot.com

  60. Bugs says:

    Well…to be fair, I was praising Poolio.

    Rather emphatically, actually.

    Happy New Year, signed

    L. Bugs Potter, esq., Herzog of ze Abominable Habsuchtig Brigade, Markgraf of ze Fearsome Flanell Flausen Flank, und devoted minion of ze Habsbros Order: http://habsbros.blogspot.com

  61. avatar_58 says:

    That’s funny given if teams play montreal minus Plekanec it would be “so what it’s one forward, suck it up” but Crosby is “their top line”? No sorry, suck it up Pens. One player does not a team make.

  62. Hobie Hansen says:

    I agree 100%. I think we have to take a wait and see approach until the deadline draws closer though.

    Half of our defensemen are currently without contracts for next season and Markov and Gorges are gone for the year.

    No sense in brining in a forward for a high price if our defense is going to be shakey and cost us a playoff birth.

    Unless Gauthier can go out and trade for a power forward and defenseman we should probably just ride the season out and see what happens…no sense in only getting one of the two.


  63. deuce6 says:

    Look down..

  64. light_n_tasty says:

    Who was praising the forwards?

  65. deuce6 says:

    One 2-1 SO win and we praise our forwards??

    Guys, we still need to find scoring from our top 6..They can’t finish..If it weren’t for a fresh Price, we would have lost..Seriously..

    We beat a team without it’s top line C and with their back up and all is forgotten? I am big a Habber as the next guy, but truth be told, scoring 1 goal just doesn’t cut it over the long haul..How many games do you win scoring 1 freaking goal?

    Not trying to piss on anyone’s parade, but this team needs a major jolt in the scoring dept.

    ..and Langenbruuner would not help..His best days are behind him..Let DAL have him..

    We need to bring in a sniper with size..Someone in the Iggy mold to help this anemic offense, IMO..

  66. Gotta Wear Shades says:

    Perhaps… but with Devil alumni Gomez and Gionta already there you would think he’d consider it. Oh well… it’s all speculation… but he would have been a good fit.

  67. Malreg says:

    Keep in mind that Langenbrunner had a full NTC, and he waived it to go to his old team Dallas, and play for his good buddy Joe Nieuwendyk. 

    Maybe PG did go after him, but he wouldn’t come here?  I guess no one knows really…

  68. LA Loyalist says:

    Pain threshold?!!! You want pain threshold? How about us FANS – – we’re the ones with the PAIN THRESHOLD!!

    Serious, all blessing to Josh for a perfect recovery. If he had to miss a year this is the one to miss.  Get it rebuilt, getting he and Markov back in a year will be like adding 100 horsepower to a car.

    Let’s look hard at what we have coming and build accordingly, patiently, wisely – and oh yeah, only 2 years till Gomess is gone!!! …700ish  sleeps!!!

  69. Gotta Wear Shades says:

    Really? I thought Cammi had a great game – but I also think that Benny was the best player on the Habs last night (Malkin the Glass on the Pens). 

    Kostitsyn had a bad SO attempt, yes – but he played a solid two way game, hitting, active with the passing lanes, etc. One thing I did notice was the Habs feeble attempts at working the puck down low… that’s why I think passing on a chance to get a workhorse like Langenbrunner in was a miss by PG.

  70. TripleX says:

    Josh admits to playing with a torn ACL for the last SEVEN YEARS!

    What a warrior he must have an unbelievable pain thresh hold.  That is why I wanted him to be captain.

    As far as AK goes.  What game were you watching?  He was the best player on the line.  Cammi is the softest player on the puck on the team and is a slacker.



    “I don’t like to keep kids like that out of the lineup. They need to play; that’s how they’re going to get better.” Jacques Martin

  71. SLONCOLD says:

    he seems to have a good work ethic. the guy doesn’t take a shift off either. he earned a shot and lets hope he can continue to help out of the team.

  72. bwoar says:

    It’s only been 2 games, but I will stand up and admit I was wrong about Desharnais.  He doesn’t look at all out of place.  Granted, had Crosby played, the matchups would’ve been different.  But he hasn’t been a liability, in fact the opposite.  I expected less, in fact the guy played with a lot of confidence and jump.  Here’s to hoping he can keep up that spark on the 3rd line.

    And for good measure, Price stonewalls Malkin all night.  Who needs defensemen?

  73. Hali_Hab says:

    I agree 100 percent with you  on the elller/DD topic, i wish he wold just play them both. It would be quite benificial to the team and those players in the long run, For a team with a gm that talk’s about the “Middle and long term” almost all the time, they have a strange coaching approach when it comes to young players and their ice time.   


    “After 13 years, I couldn’t accept to be number two.“
    Guy Lafleur.

  74. Hali_Hab says:

     The addition of a dustin penner would be nice …


    “After 13 years, I couldn’t accept to be number two.“
    Guy Lafleur.

  75. Dunboyne Mike says:

    No doubt Martin is omniscient, clued in on factors upon which we can only speculate (or not comment). But based on what I’m seeing, I would work with Cammy, help him find his groove, and I would sideline Gomez and AK — trade, demote, pressbox, anything. Streakiness is an affliction that has to be accepted and worked with when it comes to scoring, timing, decision-making. But streakiness in intensity is not acceptable. OK, if there are hidden injuries, or terrible personal traumas going on, you have to cut slack (for a while). But otherwise, streakiness in intensity is just not professional. 

    I desperately want to see us in the playoffs, and I believe we have a better chance getting there by throwing Eller and DD in at the deep end now, put them on a very steep but rewarding learning curve, build their confidence (although not sure if that’s part of JM’s modus operandi), and let them take part ownership of the journey to the second season.

    The only thing that would make me hesitate to offload Gomez or AK would be if I were convinced it would make a significant hit on other players’ morale.

    Great win last night, SO necessary, lots of good things. And so what they didn’t have their best player? We haven’t had ours since Markov was injured. Sports is a lottery.

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