Gomez on ‘snubbing’ of Subban

As the story goes, Canadiens Scott Gomez set up P.K. Subban for the overtime winner Monday in Montreal’s 5-4 win over Calgary, then snubbed Subban when the latter skated near in the ensuing celebration.

Today, Gomez told reporters after practice that blowing a 4-0 lead at this point in the season isn’t much a cause for celebration, and that he and his teammates had their good fun with Subban off the ice in the dressing room.

Here’s Gomez in his own words. Not that they’ll do much to soothe the conspiracy theorists out there…


  1. A. Berke says:

    If I weren’t turning 69 next week and hadn’t seen any perfect (or less than perfect) attitudes in my life, I would have (maybe) agreed with what you say.  



  2. A. Berke says:


    IMHO Gomer is paid 7.4 mil per to make several good passes each and every period (not once in awhile).

    Blowing 4 goal lead wasn’t Subban’s fault, in fact he was probably one of the best players in the game and furthermore, it was his right to celebrate the winner in OT (I gues you never seen Ovi or Sid celebrating and they’re not even rookies). Gomer’s act was stupid and inappropriate.

    Just saying.

    Ali B.

  3. Habsrule1 says:

    I know. I was referring to the UFA’s who signed here once we got him, particularly Gionta & Cammalleri, but even guys like Gill & Spacek were hard to come by before we got serious and picked up a leader and well respected player like Gomez.

    Go Habs Go!! “Fans are great, but the quickest way to start losing is to listen to them.” – Sam Pollock

  4. LA Loyalist says:

    Oh my!!! is right. It was a nice simple pass. It’s not like he threaded through two guys or had to saucer it over a stick.

    PK didn’t blow a 4 goal lead. It’s the rest of the team who should get bag-skated.


  5. LA Loyalist says:

    Please don’t tell us where you put those 30 or 40 ski glove warmers when you get home. 

    I’m still processing the hanging flesh post from above. 🙂


  6. ZepFan2 says:

    That was then, this is now, Mr. sticky pants. Long live “The Subban Hood™”!


  7. zak says:

    Gainey traded for him.

  8. Jonson says:

    damn exciting?? i really havent seen this year.

  9. ed lopaz says:

    Thanks for the wisdom LA Loyalist. We agree again!!


  10. HardHabits says:

    The Saku Koivu era is the Habs very own version of the Dark Ages. The Habs are in a Renaissance now.

    The problem with that era is that Saku was the heart. He and he alone.

    Gomez is not the heart of the Habs, he doesn’t pretend to be. He is however part of the team’s core, just like Cammy, Gionta, and Plex. Those players plus all the rest make the heart. It’s a team heart. Not a one player being the heart thing anymore.

    The team had a heart transplant, for the better.

  11. The Cat says:

    I used to take care of a store many years ago and we sold some sort of pretty looking elaborate plastic closet organizer kit thingys that would solve all your lack of closet space woes for 75$, the cost of it was 7$-11$ depending on the model, and they sold fast. I was amazed, I thought theyd never sell.


    [Disclaimer]: I’m a hockey fan. I care about the habs, but probably not as much as you.

  12. Danno says:

    That is why they are also known as Crappy Tire

  13. Rugger says:

    Many years ago, I got the opportunity to visit a tomato processing plant in Ohio (owned by the inventor of Fuzzbuster).  He walked us thru it and near the end, the labels were put on the cans.  We looked at one of the cans and it was something like Del Monte.  The owner said that in a few minutes they were switching to the Safeway generic brand.  Same tomatos, 30-40 cent difference in the store.  I haven’t bought brand name produce since.

  14. The Cat says:

    I bought some small cones for hockey practice at 1$ each. I dont know if thats a good deal or not but it seems like it is!

    [Disclaimer]: I’m a hockey fan. I care about the habs, but probably not as much as you.

  15. Hagar says:

    I’ve been pissy on these boards occasionally (probably more often than I normally am in real life. It must be the anonymity I have that caused it). You’re bang-on about about free-speech & all that. More is definitely more. You’re crazy if you think free-speech is perfect in this country though or that everyone is on board.

  16. fbkj says:

    i was able to… broken HIO is broken…

  17. HardHabits says:

    You really don’t know much about the game do you. It’s OK. You’re our token Californian Anaheim fan who has a man-crush on Saku Koivu. It’s all good. There’s a kinda Habs connection there. Welcome to the mad house.

  18. OneTimer says:

    Sure Gomez is more low-key, but Gionta can be pretty damn exciting for an ‘old’ guy. And both are great players I’m glad to have on the team.

  19. fbkj says:

    is that a question or a statement?

    if it was a question.; yes i did comment

    if it was a statement.; haha pwnage

  20. Jonson says:

    it seems to me that its time for the young kids to take over this team. PK is clearly a SUPERSTAR in the making. WHen is the last time we had a player like this? 70s or 80s? And in this day and age. You see how excited Eller, Desharnains, Weber were. The youngs were loving it, yet some of the old guys  blah. THe new NHL is made to be exciting, electrifying even. Gionta and Gomez are neither. PK is, Cammy is, PLeks is. We have so much talented youth that need to be playing, as much i like this team as is, you can tell the young kids are pushing hard for their spots. The funny thing is that the fans at the bell center the night of PK’s Celebration loved it. Who do they think they are playing for? WE all loved it so Gomez……..SHut up

  21. EricInStL says:

    I googled <are we racists with pk subban> and I got this,



    I guess someone else thinks the same way


    “A fanatic is one who can’t change his mind and won’t change the subject”–Winston Churchill I am not a fan…..

  22. The Cat says:

    Part of me thinks theyll be cheap, but another part of me thinks that everythings probably cranked out of the same chinese factory so maybe Canadian Tire and others mark them up way too much.

    [Disclaimer]: I’m a hockey fan. I care about the habs, but probably not as much as you.

  23. HardHabits says:

    Of course because Subban scored the goal all on his own. I mean it’s not like Gomez made a great heads up play and pass to set Subban up right. I mean there’s no more lesson to be learned than let me soak up the moment rather than realize that a 4-0 lead shouldn’t need to be settled in OT. It’s a non-issue.

    Subban is young and learning. Gomez has experience and has been there. There’s a contrast for goodness sakes. Oh my!!!

  24. SmartDog says:

    Boom goes the dynamite!

    It had to be said…

    “It bothers me…there are old coaches in the league today that don’t know how to deal with these young personalities.” – Mike Peca on JM handling of PKS

  25. SmartDog says:

    It’s crazy the sheet you can buy there.  I get my ski glove warmers there now.  I buy 30-40 at once and feel like a dope but I’m saving a bundle. 

    Never tried the wiper blades though. When they start selling cars, I’ll get one of those.

    “It bothers me…there are old coaches in the league today that don’t know how to deal with these young personalities.” – Mike Peca on JM handling of PKS

  26. punkster says:

    Ahh, yer jist an old fart wit no sense ‘o humour 😉


  27. punkster says:

    Now HERE’S a topic of real controversy. What the heck are they trying to do, put one of Canada’s premiere retail businesses out of business? Canadian Tire should be sending droves of concerned employees over there and picket the place.  THE NERVE!


  28. EricInStL says:

    If PK was white, no other NHL player would’ve said squat.

    I have a feeling the NHL as a whole (veterans and management) doesn’t want their players to be like NBA or NFL players and alienate their white fanbase.

    Which is odd considering that the city and province have embraced PK as one of our own, with me speculating that he might become our next captain.

    PK is basically the first black hockey player to be an extrovert. All the rest (Iginla, McKegney, Greer, etc) are quiet players.

    Are they racists not really, but they want their fanbase (where almost all of the NHL revenue comes from) not be upset.

    I think that a team should act like a team and have everyones back. Management should look to the future and see that Subban and Price are the future not Gomez, Gionta and whoever is over 32 years old.

    I remember last year, Subban was practically begging to get the puck for a one-timer and either Hammer or Spacek didn’t pass to him when he was wide open. That’s when I knew they were trying to put him in his place.

    Time will tell on this one, but this might grow into something bad if not taken care of right away.

    “A fanatic is one who can’t change his mind and won’t change the subject”–Winston Churchill

  29. Habsrule1 says:

    I didn’t think there was anything wrong with the celebration. It was a game winning goal. The 2 points were huge, especially after giving up a 4 goal lead, BUT I disagree totally about Gomez. He is a leader and he has shown it. If you listen to sports radio in Montreal you’ll know how dissapointed he is in his season, but he’s trying-that’s obvious from watching. What’s more than that is it was reported that he apologized to the whole team after his penalty against Buffalo. He’s not the first one to take bad penalties that cost games.

    I think you hate him for his contract and we all know it’s a bad one, but he brings alot to the team….not to mention how many decent free agents signed here before we got him. We can count them on 1 hand in the past 15 years.

    Go Habs Go!! “Fans are great, but the quickest way to start losing is to listen to them.” – Sam Pollock

  30. The Cat says:

    Nevermind this non feud between Gomez and Subban. I got a better topic! I was at Dollarama today with the wife and they now sell wiper blades (2 blades for 2 dollars) Anybody ever try them?


    [Disclaimer]: I’m a hockey fan. I care about the habs, but probably not as much as you.

  31. habs365 says:

    I don’t know if this is true..I’m not in the dressing room or on the ice with these guys..I’m going on the comments on this site..all I’m saying if this is the type of team the Habs have..forget about winning a cup..if they don’t get along with each other..guess cammy was feeding us false information when he said they win as a team and lose as a team..besides I think Gomez is the type that would do something like that..that’s why I actually believe it..he goes around with a smurk on his face like he’s one game away from winning a stanley cup..if I was a player that performs below expectation I wouldn’t be snubbing one of my team mates.

  32. Da Hema says:

    A healthy dose of reality. Merci!

  33. habsfan2442 says:

    Yes yes I know… and your right post like you said about crazy trades is sometimes amusing..  My point is there’s a consistant group, that win or loose, NEVER has anything possitive to say..

    As for PK and his “flair”  I dono, at first glance I thought it was a bit much, i could see if that was a game 7 or something..

    O well… Just wanted to throw my negitive 2 cents into it 😉

  34. Hagar says:

    Just looked at Kane’s numbers. Damn. I said I’d take Iggy over Kane. I take it back. No wait, isn’t there another Kane. I think I screwed up. They couldn’t have meant Evander Kane. I’d take Patrick Kane over Iggy.

  35. LA Loyalist says:

    … for which he can thank Martin Brodeur.

    I’m not saying Gomez wasn’t good once, but that bus has left, and he’s not earned his crust in Montreal. That’s the point.

  36. ZepFan2 says:

    Oh no you can’t! Bwahahahahahaha


  37. twocents says:

    I can’t believe some are suggesting that because Subban is likely the most exciting and promising player since Lafleur, that he should be allowed to behave however he wants and no one should ever criticize him. That’s ridiculous. You want to ruin him then do just that. He is apprenticing, even more encouraging he is explicitly aware that he is apprenticing.

    Regardless of how you view this tempest in a teapot, it’s preposterous to suggest that Subban’s talent should immunize him from the lessons every rookie is taught.

    Holy crap, what are you guys writing a treatise on how to develop a primadonna?

    As for the other aspect of this premise, young P.K. has a few things to prove before his name should be placed before those of Robinson, Naslund, Chelios, Roy, Koivu, and Markov.

  38. mjames says:

    As they say “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”. I suppose Gomez was exercising his leadership skills when he took that bonehead penalty against Buffalo. Let’s look at the Buffalo fiasco objectively. Gomez was pissed because that little kid got the better of him in their earlier wrestling match. Gomez is no leader. He might think he is but that does not make him a leader. The only thing Gomez leads in is having the worst contract in the NHL.  How many GM’s do you think want to have Gomez on their team?  Gomez becomes valuable when the annual cash payout portion of his contract is significantly below the cap hit. I believe that happens in two years. Maybe Florida or NYI might take him.


  39. LA Loyalist says:

    Listen to the crowd when Saku comes out Saturday night.

    Listen to the crowd when Gomez comes out Saturday night.


  40. Da Hema says:

    The price of open forums, habsfan. I must say I don’t find it quite as bad as you. In fact, I usually derive significant amusement from the NHL 11 posters here who think Gauthier can trade Kostitsyn and a third-round pick in return for a Patrick Kane or a Sidney Crosby. Very amusing.

  41. notbigbird says:

    Actually, the rumor is that we get Iggy but they get PK and Pacman and Carey.  Where Ramo is that next year Ramo will be playing for us. We also have to play Ramo in 70 games next year: anything less, and we have to send Eller and Leblanc too.

  42. zak says:

    not worth commenting on

  43. ZepFan2 says:

    Unlike you, I can’t wait to see “The Subban Hood™” again.


  44. LA Loyalist says:

    We will win a cup with PK Subban long before we will win a cup with Scott Gomez. Sorry to pee on your parade.

    It’s the coach’s job and the captain’s job to address the bad play that lead to our collapse. 

    All Subban did was save our collective ass from being handed to us on a plate. How about thank you? Talk about passing the torch, that goal will be talked about long after Scott Gomez is gone.

    He should be chewing out the other players who mailed it in – as they often do, when they think they can coast. He should be chewing out JM for not calling a time out. There is plenty of blame to go around, none of it belongs to Subban.





  45. Timo says:

    Maybe if Gomez actually scored once in a while he’d know it is actually an enjoyable thing worth celebrating.

  46. habsfan2442 says:

    Man If I had 1 penny for every negitive comment I read on this site lately about the team..

    Half of you would trade the team away.

    Half of you if they win, still find stuff to complain about.

    and god forbid if they loose a game..

    ya ya , I know dont read the post if I dont like it. Free speach and all that..

    But is it really that bad… I think the TEAM is doing just fine.. yes thers issues.. but what team out there has no issues.. NONE.. You can pick any team in the league and you can easly pick them apart..

    We are all supposed to be FANS of this team.. Sometimes reading the post I PRAY there not reading..

    Chill Everyone .. WE could have the oilers issues or maybe the devils.. 


  47. fbkj says:


     it was very boring and out of touch, rife with a lot of silly reaching

  48. zak says:

    Go read Peter D’s comments

  49. HardHabits says:

    Did you not complain when they traded Cedrick Desjardins for Ramo?

  50. HardHabits says:


  51. fbkj says:

    boone got wind of jobs leaving apple so in protest hes converting HIO to flash

  52. HardHabits says:

    Yes, yes. The points per dollar stat. It’s the most important factor not just in determining worth in the NHL but also as fodder for Internet trolls.

    Don’t you see. Trading Gomez would be the bestest thing in the world because then the Habs would be instant contenders….. for the draft lottery.

  53. fbkj says:

    that doesnt automatically put him in higher regard though

  54. VancouverHab says:

    I take second place to no-one in my admiration and fandom of Koivu — I happily wangled his autograph for my eldest with difficulty.

    But Gomez has the advantage of having won two Stanley Cups.

  55. Castor says:

    3 points out of 1st in our Division I meant. 

    And, yes for the love of everything that is Holy we KNOW Gomez is overpaid. 
    Considering the team has been missing their two best defensemen and they are still clearly in a good spot should make you proud. Not Angry and wishing the team was blown up.

  56. VancouverHab says:

    What is wrong with this place? 

    Gomez is evincing the perfect attitude here: why is he not getting praised to the skies (in both official languages) instead of sniped at?

    The team blew a 4-0 lead and only just pulled it out in OT. This is NOT something to be celebrated.

    A real leader on an NHL team — anywhere but in this madhouse apparently — would do exactly this to send the perfect message about what WINNING is all about.

    I can see why the Habs havn’t been winning for two decades — we haven’t had leaders who know what it takes to win (multiple) Staney Cups. And Habs fans & journalists (if this place is any indication) have forgotten what winning is all about.

    We’re swooning over the gaudy flash and dismissing — abusing even — the serious leadership.


  57. fbkj says:

    so its your argument that gomez is overpaid? for serious? this is news…

  58. zak says:

    If I,ve read the stats properly we’re 9 pts out of 1 st place and in 7 th place. We’re talking about two regulars and 13 mil in contrracxt money. Gomez has 24 pts. What a great deal for 7.5 mil .

  59. fbkj says:

    not sure how PK is ignoring gomers experience also saku is not only highly regarded in the world of hockey, but in the athletic community worldwide (he was voted into the IOC)

  60. Propwash says:

    P.K broke teh internets

  61. fbkj says:

    how can i say no edit: cant edit that post but i can edit this one…

  62. twocents says:

    Hey! Why is the html disabled?

  63. twocents says:

    John, I am sure you could retrieve a more appropriate adjective for this circumstance.

    May I suggest any of these: idiotic, foolish, pointless, misguided, useless, moronic, imbecilic, puerile, juvenile, ridiculous, unfounded, stupid, fabricated, valueless, pathetic, absurd or laughable.

  64. VancouverHab says:

    Hey, I agree with you about Saku: to quote Don Cherry, Saku walks on water.

    But my point is that just as hockey players — looked at from outside their context on the Habs — Gomez has cred league-wide (for hockey) that Saku just doesn’t have. If P.K. ignores that huge gravity of experience, talent and Cup success then he’s proving the charge of arrogance to be true.

  65. Castor says:

    And then we’ll have a whole new team again and in a year’s time when the team is 3 points out of first place LIKE NOW you’ll say 
    “Trade all these guys for picks! What the hell is with these guys?”


    Can’t please fans that are always looking to come down on the team.



  66. adam76 says:

    Agree – I don’t like every person I work with, but I still get the job done.  This whole you gotta love everyone on our team is foolish.

  67. zak says:

    trade Gomez,Gionta, Boyd, Webber ( nothing against Webber) and switch 1st rounders to Jersey.

    Plec, cammi, ak

    pac, eller, trade for right winger with save money from trade

    Poulliot, DD, Darche


    I wish

  68. VancouverHab says:

    Awesome post.

  69. AH says:

    Great…so now we have a Hal Gill up front IE huge but no mean streak, perfect.

  70. solomio says:

    It’s called “The Curling Archer “© solomio 2011

  71. adam76 says:

    I just hope Gomez scores another goal this season.

  72. _Habsoloutly_ says:


  73. zak says:

    Saku has more pts than Gomez, more goals 11 to 6 .Saku was the heart of the team for a lot of years. Gomez will NEVER be the heart of our team. The truth you talk about is your truth, nobody elses. 

  74. fbkj says:

    sweet now gionta is getting pulled into this retarded non story

  75. JIMVINNY says:

    That’s ridiculous.  Gomez has been part of this team barely a season and a half, and doesn’t wear the C, while Saku was a drafted and developed Hab, and had the unquestioned support of the coaching and management.  If anything, the team has more invested in P.K. than they do in Gomez.  You are way off base here.

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