Gomez on ‘snubbing’ of Subban

As the story goes, Canadiens Scott Gomez set up P.K. Subban for the overtime winner Monday in Montreal’s 5-4 win over Calgary, then snubbed Subban when the latter skated near in the ensuing celebration.

Today, Gomez told reporters after practice that blowing a 4-0 lead at this point in the season isn’t much a cause for celebration, and that he and his teammates had their good fun with Subban off the ice in the dressing room.

Here’s Gomez in his own words. Not that they’ll do much to soothe the conspiracy theorists out there…


  1. Haboholic11 says:

    Im surprised that you haven’t caught on to gomez’s sarcasm.  

    Take a look at this video, and let me know if you dont catch any weird interactions between gomez and subban.

    Body language alone gives away a lot.

  2. habstrinifan says:

    Totally agree with this post!

  3. habstrinifan says:

    That’s a good buy! And a cone is a cone!


  4. LA Loyalist says:

    i was born in Toronto, I lived in Montreal for a long time and I’ve been in LA for 10 years. 

    I’ve been a Habs fan since ’84, I loved the Pat Burns team and the Demers team. I was so excited when Gainey took over the Habs. 

    What I admire in a hockey player is making the most of the their talent and their commitment to the game and their team. When I see a talented player like Kostitsyn the younger it makes me sad and crazy. 

    i admire Koivu for his effort on not very good teams, and for how he handled himself and overcame personal adversity. 

    I did not push my son to play hockey (he’s 8) but now that he is, I’ve encouraged him to model himself on Koivu partly because of proximity (we can see him play and he’s met him) but as an example of team play and character. 

    And you know what? My kid protects the smaller players on his team, he backchecks, he wins almost all his face-offs, and he passes and he scores. Unusual for his age when most kids are trying to do everything themselves. 

    Because more than wanting him to be a star hockey player, I want him to be loyal to his team mates and to have character and leadership ability that will survive if he loses interest in hockey or isn’t good enough.

    That’s why we admire Koivu. 

    As for commenting on the team and management, 2 points, I take the tradition of the Habs very seriously, it’s almost unique in sports and when I see millionaire players mailing it in against Columbus or the Islanders it bothers me. I think as fans we have as much rights as shareholders in a public company to express our displeasure with management or players who aren’t giving 100%.

    Sometimes I’m wrong. I was wrong about Price last year I didn’t think he would straighten out, I thought he was a talented head case. I still don’t think we got enough for Halak but I support Price 100% and think we can win a cup with him. Sometimes Serious will chew me out and I’ll re-think something. I’m not carved in stone.

    All I ask from Habs or my kid is that they leave it all on the ice, win, lose or loser point.

    That’s it. And I’d happily buy you a beer.

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