Gomez has high hopes for 2010-11

Scott Gomez, about age 14, on the hockey rink at Tikishla Park in his native Anchorage, Alaska. Gomez laughs today at the Canadiens cap he’s wearing on the ice where he learned to skate, a facility now named the Scotty Gomez Ice Rink after his charitable foundation completely refurbished it. Says Gomez today: “Maybe Montreal is where I’m supposed to be.”
Photo courtesy Scott Gomez

Centreman Scott Gomez is about to head into his second season with the Canadiens. And he’s eager for the club to pick up where it left off last spring, having slugged it out three rounds deep into the playoffs.

In this feature profile, Gomez reflects on the highs and lows of last season, revisits the summer past and looks to the 2010-11 season on a club that has a new face, if one not as dramatically reshaped as it was last summer when he arrived by trade, followed by a host of free agents.

“Everyone (in Montreal) knows what’s going on,” he says, marvelling at what he describes as the city’s hockey intelligence. “Other arenas have fans, but (the Bell Centre) has 21,000 coaches.”

Below, a video look at the Scotty Gomez Foundation, his four-year-old charitable organization that benefits players in and programs of Alaskan youth hockey.


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