Go Leafs go! (This is not a typo)

Habs’ playoff express, saving on tire wear.

AUDIO: Jaroslav Spacek

The Canadiens failed to nail down a playoff berth last night on Long Island, falling 4-3 to the postseason-eliminated Islanders. But they can book a date to the dance tonight while they sit in Raleigh, awaiting tomorrow’s game against the Carolina Hurricanes.

Should the New York Rangers lose to the Toronto Maple Leafs at Madison Square Garden tonight, the Rangers having been bombed 5-2 in Buffalo last night, the Habs are in. And John Tortorella’s crew is on an extremely slippery slope toward the postseason, needing at least one point tonight and a weekend sweep of the Philadelphia Flyers to advance.

The Canadiens, meanwhile, remain behind the wheel in their drive to/toward the playoffs. But where they were steering a gas-guzzling luxury sedan a couple of weeks ago, now they’re squeezed into a subcompact. Pat Hickey will check in later today from Raleigh, where the Canadiens have a stiff challenge against the Carolina Hurricanes tomorrow night.

Here’s a capsule look at the still daunting task ahead, from Arpon Basu.

And here are the standings, heading into tonight’s action around the NHL.


  1. TomNickle says:

    The first thing I want to speak of is the defense thing.  I don’t think it was a move that ignored speed, I think it was a move that promoted experience and savvy play.  I won’t get into how it’s worked out because the they were brought in for the playoffs, in my opinion.

    We won’t have the $25 million, which I’m surprised you didn’t bring up.  Any two of Price, Halak and Pleks are going to cost us $8 million if we’re lucky and Markov probably won’t sign for a dollar under $6.5 million, and I don’t blame him.  But with that said, we are going to have younger players in the lineup from next season forward that will be more cost efficient like Subban, Pyatt, Maxwell, and possibly even White and Pacioretty.  I’m not saying you Ed but tons of people were screaming and crying that the cap would go down after this season and I was preaching that the NHL couldn’t do it.  The cap can only go up or stay on par.  You can’t tell teams that the cap is going to go down when it’s a direct reflection of the revenue generated by the league.  The league will never lose money and hence, the cap will never decrease.(In my opinion)

     I think the contract length is a reflection of the window of opportunity for the team.  That tells me that they won’t offer Markov anything more than 3 years on his next deal and that they believe the window of opportunity for the team to win the Cup will close 3 seasons after this one.  It may not be true, but it’s always a guess when it comes to that.

    Mobile defensemen?  Yeah, they’re valuable.  But we need somebody on our back end that makes forwards fear the corners and the front of the net.  I haven’t heard a positive comment about Chris Pronger on this site but I think it’s necessary to have somebody that will excuse me but, be dirty in front and down low.  There’s no fear in opposing teams when they come into our zone, and their needs to be.  I think the complement of Subban next year will make our defensemen much more dangerous.  I can’t wait to see him with Spacek.  They’ll compliment each other perfectly.



    “Dude-Price is done, get over it.”
    “Price is fighting the puck”

  2. Storm Man says:

    Yah he can sell cold beers at the bell centre, This guy is washed up

  3. SmartDog says:

    Doh!  Yes, I meant Miller in #4.

    Not signing or trading Pleks = yet another missed opportunity.

  4. CBrady12 says:

    Didn’t know you were able to get into the locker room between periods!! How did you swing that?!

  5. ed lopaz says:

     maybe 1987 or around that time – travelling in northern ontario, bumped into kirk muller and the rest of the devils at the airport.

    muller was about 19 or 20 at the time, and if i’m not mistaken, was already the captain of the devils.

    he has a daughter who played minor hockey against my daughter a few years back – he’s a great hockey guy and a first class person.

    the habs are lucky to have kept muller on the payroll.

    during the timeouts it looks to me like he’s calling all the shots already.



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