GM Bergevin says Habs are a team that still needs to mature (with video and audio)

(Photo by John Kenney/The Gazette)

Canadiens general manager Marc Bergevin expressed satisfaction with the team’s season, but said there’s still a lot of work to do during a press conference Monday morning in Brossard.

The Canadiens finished the season with 100 points and made a deep playoff run, making it to the Eastern Conference final.

“Overall it’s a very good season. A 100-point season with the playoffs to get to the conference final is excellent,” Bergevin said.

The Canadiens aren’t a mature team yet, but they’re a good young team, Bergevin added.

“I feel we’re not a mature team,” he said. “We’re a good young team. Our core … they’re young veterans I call them. We’re moving forward. There are teams that I look around the league they’re more mature. And for them you could almost say every year they’re a guaranteed playoff team, but we’re not there.

“Next year we go back to the same starting line with everybody else. Our first goal will be to make the playoffs. And after that … once you’re in, anything is possible.”

At the start of next season there will be a whole bunch of teams fighting to make the playoffs, Bergevin added.

“That’s the way we are sitting here today and hopefully years down the road we’ll become a more mature team, but we’re not there yet,” he said. “But we have a lot of good things going for us.”

Bergevin confirmed that forward Dale Weise suffered a concussion during Game 5 in the Eastern Conference final series against the New York Rangers.

Weise returned to the ice after going to the ‘quiet room’ and being cleared to return by doctors.

After the contact, the doctors evaluated the situation and the protocol was followed to the letter, said Bergevin, adding that a player can often feel concussion symptoms a day or a few days later.

“It happened the next day,” Bergevin said.

“The NHL has a protocol that needs to be followed after a player is hit,” he said.

“If the player said he’s OK and the test says he’s OK, then he’s OK. Until we change that, we personally, the team, the organization is very strict on how we operate with any type of injury. Players they have a list of things they need to do before they return to play and he passed with flying colours.”

The Canadiens were told Weise had a concussion the next day, Bergevin said.

“The league is working on making it as safe as possible. But that’s a discussion that is ongoing with the league. We all worry about our players. But again, we can only go by what we have to deal with.”

Asked what he believes the Canadiens need to address to take the next step, Bergevin simply said: “The next few weeks we’re going to sit down internally with our staff. It’s a little early to project what we’re going to try to do … but again, overall I thought our young players learned a lot. What they learned during the last 17 playoff games is something that you cannot buy.”

That learning experience included three elimination games in the playoffs against the Boston Bruins in Games 6 and 7 and the Rangers in Game 5 that the Habs won.

“What they learned in the last month and a half it’s huge.” Bergevin said.

When Canadiens goaltender Carey Price was injured in Game 1 of the Eastern Conference final, the Habs opted to start rookie Dustin Tokarski for the rest of the series instead of regular backup Peter Budaj.

The way Tokarski played in the regular season with the Canadiens and also during the playoffs “you see that it’s a good puzzle to have–depth at all positions,” Bergevin said. “And it takes nothing away from Peter Budaj, who in in my opinion is one of the best back-ups in the National Hockey League.”

Asked whether defensive prospects Jarred Tinordi, Nathan Beaulieu and Greg Pateryn have to play next year in the NHL, Bergevin said: “There’s no ‘have to.’ They probably will.

“It’s going to be them that’s going to make the decision for us,” the GM added. “Do I want them to, sooner than later? Yes. … Hopefully they are, but that’s going to be up to them. But they’re really going in the right direction.”

Bergevin has several key decisions looming with four unrestricted free agents and seven players who will become unrestricted free agents on July 1.

Bergevin was tight-lipped, saying he doesn’t publicly discuss contracts when asked about P.K. Subban and Andrei Markov, who will become an R.F.A. and U.F.A., respectively.

“So as far P.K., Markov, (Lars) Eller – you can name them all – it’s something that I’m going to be working on throughout the next weeks, the summer,” Bergevin said. “I don’t know how long it will take. Everything has its own time frame.”

You can listen to the first part of Bergevin’s press conference here:

The second part is here:

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  1. Cable Guy says:

    Why didn’t we sign Brady Vail?????

  2. habcertain says:

    Sorry Prime, on my iPhone, if that was meant for me then at the very least should be questioned about it in the aftermath, and you would think the NHLPA would have questions

  3. habcertain says:

    Kind of funny when a fight breaks out on the ice the pacifists are up in arms about player safety, but when our coach puts a concussed player back on the ice and lies about it, the excuses rain down

    • frontenac1 says:

      Harry Carey, Howard Cosell,Dandy Don, Hunter S.Thompson. The Best. No one else has come close to explaining the heart of Sport amigo.

  4. boing007 says:

    Did AV outcoach MT? I think he did. Did the Rangers D system befuddle the Habs speedy offense? Were any adjustments made to re=energize the Habs offense? Sure didn’t look like it did.

    Richard R

  5. PK says:

    Did you guys see this one?
    A little bit of respect and adoration for #76:

    >>>>> Les Canadiens sont là

    • Saintpatrick33 says:

      The jealous brain dead comments after that article are hilarious. Never seen the amount of hate towards a Habs player like Subban ever. You have to wonder why and if it has anything to do with the color if his skin.

  6. HardHabits says:

    The Habs don’t need to mature. They need to become elite.

    • Alvin says:

      Dah!!! You can’t become elite without maturity.

      • HardHabits says:

        Dah you. You can become mature without being elite. The team as it is needs to actually shed some “maturity” and gain some experience in it’s so called veteran youth (N.A.G. and all). The one difference this year’s edition had was enough depth to roll 4 lines and 3 defensive pairings and still have reserves, but the bottom line is the over-all skill level needs to improve to win 4 rounds of play-off hockey.

        • Mr_MacDougall says:

          Bottom line is they lack what most elite teams have and that is elite forwards. I think an elite team needs 3-4 elite forwards (Hawks with Kane, Toews, Hossa, Sharp. Pens with Cros, Malk, Neal.. Kings Kopitar, Gaborik and Carter)

          Our Habs have Patcioretty.. Who really is better suited to be our 4th best forward. Vanek was supposed to be an elite gamebreaking talent, but he wasn’t. Everything is right with this team except it has no top line. Perhaps a top line with Plekanec-Galchenyuk-Gaborik would matchup with decent.. Have to assume DD-Patch-Gallagher are a 2nd line.

          The team also needs another elite defenceman as Markov continues to diminish.
          ~~ Plekanec at the Disco ~~

          • The_Truth says:

            So, you are saying thos team isn’t talented or good enough? Can’t say I disagree.

  7. monmick says:

    There is lots of talk about what MT said regarding Weise’s injury and what MB said during the conference today. In my view, there is no contradiction.

    As I recall, and to paraphrase, MT was asked whether he had any regrets in allowing Weise back on the ice after the hit if he was showing symptoms of a concussion. (This was asked after it was announced that Weise would not be playing the game after the hit.) MT’s answer was “What symptoms?” The reporter then said: “Well, I assume…” It was at this point that MT said: “Your assumption is wrong…”

    In my view, it is entirely possible that Weise did not show any symptoms immediately after the hit when he was assessed by the medical staff in the quiet room, and that the symptoms of concussion only materialized some time after the end of the game. That is actually a common occurrence for concussions…

    ~~~> Mathematically eliminated…

    • Shackles says:

      Agreed. Several members of the media have been making every attempt to rake the Habs over the coals for “putting” Weise back in. They total ignore the facts and symptoms of concussions. As far as I’m concerned; there is no conspiracy theory on this one so they should drop it.

      • monmick says:

        On Nov 4, 2010, David Perron received a hit to the head from Joe Thornton. He left the game briefly but didn’t show any symptoms of concussion. He actually came back after 10 minutes and scored a goal. Perron still did not show any symptoms by the time Thornton appeared for his supplementary discipline hearing for which he received a two game suspension.

        But then the symptoms appeared and Perron didn’t play another game for the Blues that season. By thtime training camp arrived the following season, Perron was still unable to do any kind of physical exertion. He only came back later during the 2011-12 season.

        There are many other examples…

        ~~~> Mathematically eliminated…

    • HabinBurlington says:

      Have heard the same thing and agree with you. Also just as the player wants to come back in the lineup, the coach wants the same. He trusts the Doctors and the player with this decision. It isn’t in his job to be the one to test the player for a concussion.

      This isn’t to say he should be reckless or that he shouldn’t be wanting the players health to be important. But the League, the GM’s etc…. have created the present protocol. It is with them wherein any blame should go. However, as you said, often times the symptoms can appear the next day.

    • boing007 says:

      That’s the problem with concussions. The warning signs don’t appear until several days later. Ask Ian Cobb about that.

      Richard R

    • habcertain says:

      it is nice that folks in the know, can be absolved of responsible behavior, which kind of kicks back on the player, who in his daze and determination, “says I’m fine”. MT, would and should, know the nature of a player’s injury, especially if it is a head injury, and why in hell would he put him back on the ice in a game that was already won. When asked specially if the injury was to the head he said no, nothing about symptoms. This was grossly mismanaged, and the Doctor should be questioned by the League.

    • DipsyDoodler says:

      A few points (from a professor of neurology).

      1. The fact that they “followed the NHL protocol” is only good if the protocol is valid. Do you know that it is?

      2. In fact, we know it isn’t. Dale Weise was hit in the head and suffered a concussion. That is a fact now admitted by the team. The “protocol” missed it. That’s one bit of evidence. The protocol missed is concussion. It’s not good.

      3. I downloaded the protocol and read it. It is inadequate. You can read it here:

      4. In any case, Weise clearly did not even undergo this protocol. It would take at least 15-20 minutes to evaluate a player. Note that the medical evaluation requires a test at rest AND after physical exertion. If the player is symptom free at rest you need to see if he remains symptom free after effort. Weise was back on the bench after 6 minutes. Dale Weise was never properly assessed, even according to the inadequate guidelines of the NHL.

      5. But forget the protocol. Weise was imbalanced after the hit. He needed help to stay up on his skates. Therefore, and this is the key, HE SUSTAINED A CONCUSSION. There is no other test needed. If you lose your balance after a hit to the head that is neurological dysfunction: you have had a concussion. Period.

      Moving. Forward.

    • Louisville says:

      MT is a goof. I’m sure MB was not happy with MT’s feeble minded attempt to address the question.

  8. Texus says:

    Hey would love to get some thoughts from you guys on a mock 14-15 roster I made (I have lots of free time 😀 loll):

    Probably unlikely to happen lol but still, fun to consider possible modifications to the roster moving forward…

    • Shackles says:

      One thing I enjoy about this site is the varying opinions and perspectives. I like the Bickell and Kassian additions. Iginla would be great – if he hadn’t been corrupted by the dark side… he would offer a skill set the team has been missing since Vanek left before the playoffs.

    • fins420 says:

      Funny, I did the same thing tonight.

      Not really sure about Yakupov, but maybe it would work with Chucky. I could see Pleky as a solid add to the Oilers, and maybe give up Pateryn or a pick to get it done. Plus sign Vrbata to play the other side.

      • Texus says:

        Nice roster! Heh we had the same numbers for Subban and Markov :), gonna be really interesting to see what they actually get. I really like the Vrbata signing, not really someone I considered but he could help our top 6, and without breaking the bank. Reuniting Yakupov and Chucky like in their junior days would certainly be awesome! One thing’s for sure that lots of people seem to agree on, Chucky needs to move to center for this team to make a step forward, which means one of our current centers must be moved. Will be interesting to see if the Habs management feels the same, or if they wanna continue taking it slow with Chucky…

  9. UKRAINIANhab says:

    Germany’s got it this year.

    Germany OPPS I mean Poland (Podolski, Klose etc) I am going for any team vs Russia and France. I think Germany will win though, Brazil will be right there however.

    • The Jackal says:

      What’s the deal with Brazil? Who are their good players now?
      I don’t think they have any big names… have they had any big name stars since Ronaldinho?

      Hockey sine stercore tauri.

      • Strummer says:

        David Luiz who plays for Chelsea

        “You are not T.J. Oshie. Do not shoot pucks at people without a helmet.”.

      • DipsyDoodler says:

        Biggest star on the team is Neymar, who plays for Barcelona.

        Otherwise there are not many household names on the squad (unless you count Hulk).

        It isn’t like the star-studded squads of yore.

        Moving. Forward.

  10. Strummer says:

    Looks like Bob Cole will doing play by play next season on Rogers.

    I had reservations about Cole continuing but on second thought I’m glad for him.
    Gretzky called him the Vin Scully of hockey.
    Like Scully and Harry Caray with the Cubs and Ernie Harwell with the Tigers Cole is part of the fabric of hockey broadcasting in Canada he should be allowed to leave on his own terms.
    With broadcasts 4 nights a week Rogers will need a stable of play-by -play guys

    “You are not T.J. Oshie. Do not shoot pucks at people without a helmet.”.

  11. The Jackal says:

    Enough hockey talk….

    Has anyone seen the latest Game of Thrones episode?
    What the f…..

    I’ve read the books so I knew what was coming but that was so brutal that I am still traumatized. More shocking than the Red Wedding, that’s for sure.

    Any GoT fans here?

    Hockey sine stercore tauri.

    • Strummer says:

      Yeah it left me a little shaken as well.

      I guess that’s what we love about it- the impact on the senses.

      “You are not T.J. Oshie. Do not shoot pucks at people without a helmet.”.

      • The Jackal says:

        I love the machinations and the power struggle, on top of the very visceral emotions produced by the story and the characters in particular.

        At least big events like the ones we are talking about move the story very far forward. The implications of what happened are gonna be awesome to watch on the show.

        Hockey sine stercore tauri.

        • Strummer says:

          I can’t believe there are only 2 episodes left this season- a lot of loose ends to tie up I think but there are at least 2 more seasons that have been committed to.

          “You are not T.J. Oshie. Do not shoot pucks at people without a helmet.”.

          • The Jackal says:

            Yeah some things will go unresolved for next season but a lot of things will be set in motion or resolved in the last two episodes. Season 5 will be very Dorne-heavy and that will be an awesome new story arch!

            Hockey sine stercore tauri.

    • King Doughty says:

      You might wanna think about joining the real world or is that too much for you?

  12. Louisville says:

    I noticed he wasn’t overly effusive when asked about Therrien today. Can one still hope that MT will not be extended?

    • Ton says:

      why he had done a fantastic job………..he’s been better than martin, he’s been better than carbo, he’s been better than Julien , Vigneault, and better than Terrien himself (first go around). Why not extend him………..100 point season……wins two rounds……….who else can coach the team??

      • Louisville says:

        He’s been lucky and Price has done the rest. He has no idea how to develop young talent, or how to play star players. He really is a minor league coach!

        • The Jackal says:

          It’s highly unlikely that a coach as bad as you describe has had the success MT has had as an NHL coach with two teams.

          That being said, I’m not sold on him being THE coach for us but he has done a very good job and there is no reason to get rid of him.

          Hockey sine stercore tauri.

          • Danno says:

            The funny thing about being coach is you get all of the blame when things go wrong and none of the credit when things go right.


            “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”
            Updates, highlights & great discussions on all things Habs

          • Louisville says:

            I don’t like how he handled PK, or Tinordi, Beaulieu, or Eller, or Briere. I see their weak regular seasons as a direct result of his actions. He never does the obvious thing, which has burned him more than once, his selection of JJ Daigneault, as defensive coach, is laughable at best, he does not ever know how to adjust when faced with adversity and I’ve never seen a coach as unable as him to make decent line combos.

        • Ton says:

          well obviously your just another poster who doesn’t how there hockey…….100 points……just about every call he made during the year panned out……… needed to have his attitude adjusted………he coached to win and didn’t worry about public opinion………and that he did well given there’s fans like you! As well he’s the perfect coach for you need to have a francophone int that position.

      • Strummer says:

        He did well but the thinking is that Therrien has a shelf-life and will it be sooner or later?
        He took the Pens to the final but was fired half-way through the next season.
        We’ll see what happens.

        “You are not T.J. Oshie. Do not shoot pucks at people without a helmet.”.

  13. UKRAINIANhab says:

    Has Ryan white for Patrick Kane been completed yet?

  14. DDO_Habs_Fan says:

    “Habs are a team that still needs to mature”…one thing we here have in common with the Habs…LOL

    • King Doughty says:

      Airhead cliche mcguire as GM? Only the stupid would believe that.
      Mcquire is rumord by his inbread media friends.Everyone in hockey knows he is a know nothing moron.

      I have no choice with the Kings but my heart is always with the Habs

    • HabinBurlington says:

      If true, good news for the rest of the league, and probably some team out there just got Malkin on the cheap.

      So yah, indeed looks like the tank would be on.

      • HabFab says:

        So what are Germany’s chances?

        • HabinBurlington says:

          Brazil has to be the favourite (but with huge pressure), Spain should be 2nd favourite. After that I would put Germany in a group with a couple other countries as next in line.

          Unfortunately, they haven’t won the big one in quite some time, and seem destined to be a team that gets close but can’t win.

          But they have a decent shot.

          How ya been?

    • PK says:

      I hope that Pierre McGuire can take the Penguins to the next level … just as he did with the Hartford Whalers.

      Plus, no more McGuire on NBC? That can only be good for our American HIO brethren ….

      >>>>> Les Canadiens sont là

  15. piper says:

    Does anyone here know what happened with Stefan Fournier/ I see he only had 1 game with Wheeling and was -2. Was he injured or did the team release him?

  16. habstrinifan says:

    Discussion on the possible captain if Gionta is not resigned.
    I saw two names put forward prominently by many posters.

    Two names that I would be willing too wager a bob or two wont be getting the “C” if it is a players vote are Pleks and Gorges.

    I know I know. They are very popular here and some even see them, Gorges especially, as leadership material.

    I do not think the ‘younger’ players on the team will vote either as captain. Nor do I think players like Moen, Briere, Prust will either.

    I think the younger players on the team and players like Moen and Briere will vote for more ‘kick-arse’ ‘aggressive’ leadership.

  17. Chelios24 says:

    Honestly, which players who played for our semi-finals team need to mature other than Galchenyuk? Plus, isn’t the cupboard quite bare in terms of our forwards prospects who might be 1-3 years away from playing in the NHL? The Louis Leblanc bust of a pick hurts. McCarron is a total project. Who are the young forwards that can crack our lineup w/in the next 3 years?

  18. BJ says:

    After listening to Bergevin and that they are retaining the coaching staff in Hamilton, I’m truly hoping that Levebvre is never, ever called up to coach the Habs. We will be nostalgic for the return of Therrien or Martin or anyone else. The vibe on the Bulldogs for the last two years has been non inspiring.

  19. habs001 says:

    MB has shown that he knows what he is doing…He knows way better than some mature posters on this site who think just because the Habs made it to the Eastern final that they are one of the 4 best teams on the league…MB knows that there are at least 5 teams in the West that would have beaten the Habs in the first round…This team still needs a lot of things to happen to make it to the final and win the cup…

  20. 21 AND WAITING says:

    Get rid of the deadwood or we’ll never get pass the 3rd round other teams will be trying to improve before October and if we don’t keep up there will be no 3rd round come 2015.

  21. habsfan0 says:

    When Bergevin says Habs are a team that still needs to mature…could he have been alluding to his head coach as well?

  22. DipsyDoodler says:

    Folks, you need to think outside the box. The first line, second, third and fourth line paradigm is dead.

    Or at any rate not the only one.

    Moving. Forward.

  23. CalgaryHab says:

    Even though his legacy is tarnished by being a bruin, I wouldn’t mind signing Iginla for 2 years at 7 million per year than Vanek at 7 and 7. Iggy’s ‘quiet’ leadership could replace Gio and he’d bring a lot more to the ice. After the 2 years, PK is ready for the captaincy. PK, Gorges, Patch as A’s until then.

    • piper says:

      That would be nice but I bet he stays in Boston.

      • CalgaryHab says:

        Probably, but he is chasing a cup. I think we’re closer than Boston to a cup. As chara goes so do the bruins and he isn’t geting any younger.

        • piper says:

          I think the bruins are still the top team in the east. They have good young defence that will allow them to cut back on Charas minutes and he’ll be fine for another year or two.

          • Texus says:

            They have a young defence, that’s for sure (other than Chara), I think the jury is still out on just how good it is though.

      • Texus says:

        I thought so too until I looked at their cap situation. Unless they move some of their important pieces or start buying guys out, Iggy would have to take a huge pay cut to stay, like $2-3m pay cut. He will get way better offers on the open market and if all he wants is a cup, let’s face it there’s other competitive teams in the league, and might as well get paid well to play for one.

    • New says:

      I think the Canadiens have come as close as they will during Iginla’s playing days. Iginla wants a Cup, went to Pittsburg and failed, then to Boston and failed. Maybe San Jose. Probably just stay in Boston.

  24. jols says:

    Most of Mr. Bergevin’s presser was that the season just ended and he hasn’t had time to talk to his staff and has no answers to many of the media’s questions. Would it not have been better to have the meetings with his staff and then call a presser ?

    • JUST ME says:

      I guess for tradition`s sake he had to do it now. Most of the questions he did not answer shouldn`t have been asked and that`s the media`s fault if the wasted time. Did you expect answers about P.K.`S Gio`S Budaj`s Markov`s ,Tokarski`s, Tinordi`s M.T.`s Beaulieu`s futures ? I did not, they never discuss those things so Bergevin gave the usual answers and the media wasted half the time of the conference.

      • jols says:

        Agreed, it is a tradition and GM’s never answer the questions about players and what they see for the team’s future. However, the ‘I haven’t talked to my staff’ is just one of many excuses for not telling the media or the fans what he is really thinking. He knows exactly who he wants to re-sign and who he wants to see walk. I just want to know too. lol.

      • BJ says:

        If you can’t ask about the players, they should of questioned on the choice of his socks over the year. What are the reporters supposed to ask? Truly not an informative press conference.

      • Huh says:

        Exactly. Bad questions from the media. Most were akin to asking a pro poker player to show you his hand and give away his strategies.

        The fact that he repeatedly said they’re not there yet instills confidence in the fact that:

        A) He’s fully aware that changes are necessary to get there
        B) He’s going to do what he sees fit to get to that point and not just sit on this years success

        Why anyone would expect him to tell what he has in mind is just unrealistic.

    • New says:

      It would make sense to have the meetings and then the presser if he was responsible to the press. He isn’t. He is responsible to the President. This is just to say thank you for your support.

  25. frontenac1 says:

    Ok amigos. Time for some Real Ranking.My picks are 1. Jackie Redmond. 2. Andi Petrillo. 3. Toss-up. Cassie and Chantal.

  26. krob1000 says:

    Re below and people’s assumption DD has no value…this is wrong. His contract is 3.5 million and he did play prettyw ell in the playoffs and has proven he can score with proven linemates in offesnive role. I do think the Habs have several guys hwo can do similarly and to be honest I have become kind of indifferent on whether it is he or PLeks that is moved…but one likely will be(unless they are content to paly another year with Chucky on wing….not necessarily a bad thing)…if that is the case…keep em all!!!
    I was actually impressed with DD’s compete level…his production suffered bigtime in the playoffs given his usage but I do admit he proved a much tougher guy to knock off the puck than I thought he could be and he hustled his butt off. He is still primarily a one dimension guy but down teh stretch andeven in the playoffs at times he impressed me and I have been a critic in the past of him.He is in an uphill battle though at his size but he did pretty well but with Chucky and Eller nipping at his heels….I guess it all depends on options availalbe. A guy like PLeks likly has more value but a guy like Pleks is also a guy who gets you to the playoffs almost every year adn his style of play is something for the kis to emulate. IT is a tough decsion and I think MB will be swayed by value….if Pleks can help them land that coveted bigger RH center witha little falir…then I see him as the guy to go. IF they can get decent value for DD, maybe a tougher number 3 or 4 dman or a gritty,fast big winger…then I move DD. I really think MB has plans a to z prepared because there are so many possible scenarions that can play out…my only hope is that PK, ELler, PRice, CHucky and Gallagher are buitl around and not moved in any deal.

  27. Un Canadien errant says:

    Marc Bergevin met the press Monday morning at the training centre in Brossard, to discuss the season which just ended and talk about the coming draft, free agency period, etc. He didn’t have much to offer in terms of news or pronouncements for the future.

    Two main points kept coming back in his twenty minute press conference. One being that his team is not yet “mature”. This can be taken many ways, that it relates to the veteranship of the team, that its young stars aren’t ready yet to lead and win.

    I think it has more to do with the depth of the team, of the organization. The Canadiens were relatively lucky with respect to injuries this season and playoffs. We had adequate depth to replace a Brandon Prust or a Daniel Brière when they were struck by injuries. If P.K. Subban or Andrei Markov or Tomas Plekanec had been injured though, it’s doubtful that a player from within the team or from the Bulldogs could have taken up the slack, even for a short while.

    Now, we can argue the same for any team, that you can’t replace a Evgeni Malkin or Duncan Keith, but the point is still worth making to some degree. The Canadiens are starting to have depth so they can withstand injuries and slumps, they’re getting there, but there’s still a ways to go. Marc Bergevin did a great job supplementing the team’s depth with the addition of Dale Weise, Mike Weaver and Tomas Vanek, there was always a Daniel Brière, a Michaël Bournival waiting in the wings ready to step in.

    For me, a mature team will mean a roster with four lines and three pairings filled with quality players, and subs who can step in when injuries strike or depending on the nature of the opponent on any given night. It will also mean a stocked farm team with talent and depth, and those kids pushing the NHL’ers for their jobs. It will mean that every season one or three of these guys make the step up, and that they bump older players who still have tread on the tires, and will be available to trade to other teams, to make room for new blood.

    The other main point which Marc Bergevin made and returned to often was that young players have to make the decision for management as to whether they’ll stick with le Grand Club. When the subject of the three young defencemen who are knocking at the door was raised, Marc Bergeving was enthusiastic, and mentioned a few times that they’re close, but that they ultimately have to force the Canadiens’ hand, like Alex Galchenyuk and Brendan Gallagher did two training camps ago, and Michaël Bournival did last September.

    This flies in the face of the notion that some fans have that Jarred Tinordi and Nathan Beaulieu should have been ‘eased’ into the NHL lineup over the season, gradually getting more icetime, to get them ready for eventual playoff action. Indeed, both Nathan and Jarred struggled for long stretches in Hamilton, especially early in the season, they certainly weren’t forcing anyone’s hand, to the chagrin of the Bulldogs’ radio play-by-play team.

    Looking at it from an old-school perspective, they certainly didn’t deserve to get called up. Nathan, our putative powerplay quarterback of the future, was on the second wave, while Patrick Holland and Greg Pateryn manned the first shift. That a forward and a reputed defensive defenceman were slotted ahead of him didn’t reflect well on his game.

    Greg Pateryn was mentioned by name by Marc Bergevin as one of the kids who is close, with his slapshot being brought up as a big plus. Add in his greater maturity, his being a couple years older than the young first-rounders, and the fact that he’s a rightie, and you get a sense that he will get a long look at training camp, like he did last season. It also puzzles us, again, as to why he didn’t get a callup this season, unlike last year when he played a few games.

    Other issues of interest were raised by the press corps. Mr. Bergevin was quite clear that Michel Therrien would be back next season, but wouldn’t comment on a potential contract extension, as is his normal practice. He was also brief and categorical that Sylvain Lefebvre and his staff would return next year in Hamilton.

    The condition of Tim Bozon came up, and we were told that he has asked that his hockey gear be sent to him, so that’s positive news, considering where the young man was a few months ago.

    The matter of Dale Weise’s concussion was brought up again, and Mr. Bergevin took refuge behind the fact that the NHL’s concussion protocol was followed to the letter. He repeated that the doctors examined him and said he was okay, the player said he was okay, so he was allowed to continue to play. Reporters tried to grill him on whether the team tried to avoid the ‘c’ word to prevent the need for Dale to sit out seven days, and Marc Bergevin explained that the seven-day thing is no longer in effect, but you could tell that he is uncomfortable dealing with this.

    It’s clear to anyone who saw Dale Weise after the head shot that he was stunned, visibly unstable. According to guidelines I found after the briefest of Google searches, that is an immediate, unquestionable symptom of concussion, and information sheets advise that an athlete who displays that symptom should be taken out of the game/event, and re-evaluated the next day. It seems like basic stuff, yet the Canadiens missed or ignored it. If the Canadiens did follow the protocol, then the protocol itself is faulty and needs serious revision. Mostly every observer was surprised that Dale made his way back on the bench, and in this case, the fans and journos were right and the pros were wrong.

    Mr Bergevin was asked why 2012 fourth-round pick Brady Vail was not offered a contract, and he became guarded, almost somber, and appeared cautious in formulating his answer. He merely stated that it was after discussions with player development staff members Scott Mellanby, Martin Lapointe and Patrice Brisebois that the decision was made to not extend a contract offer.

    If Brady Vail had not produced or developed well in Windsor, the question would not have been asked, or difficult to answer. The care taken to answer while saying essentially nothing, while explicitly saying he didn’t want to go into details, confirms our doubts that the issues lie with matters such as maturity, fit with the team and its philosophy, and similar ‘intangibles’.

    Asked whether Alex Galchenyuk is still viewed as a centreman by the organization, the GM parried by saying that it was only five days since the end of the season. He continued by explaining that Alex was a little bit unlucky with a couple of injuries, but that he’d progressed greatly this season.

    So not much to chew on for fans of the team, who might have wanted to know more about the plans of the team as pertain to Brian Gionta, Andrei Markov, P.K. Subban, Thomas Vanek, to name a few. We’ll have to wait for the draft later on this month, and for the free agency period in July.

    My sources are unreliable, but their info is fascinating.–Woody Paige

    • frontenac1 says:

      I have kept “The Charger Power Faith” since Dan Fouts amigo. How do our Lads look for this season?

    • Paz says:

      “Looking at it from an old-school perspective, they certainly didn’t deserve to get called up. Nathan, our putative powerplay quarterback of the future, was on the second wave, while Patrick Holland and Greg Pateryn manned the first shift. That a forward and a reputed defensive defenceman were slotted ahead of him didn’t reflect well on his game.”

      I don’t see that as an indication that Beaulieu was not ready.
      You sitting down?
      That is HORRIBLE coaching.

      Patrick Holland on the 1st wave at the point, while Beaulieu is on the 2nd wave??

      I had to read that paragraph three times before I believed it.

      Unfreakin real.

      • Un Canadien errant says:

        Ed, I listened to quite a few Bulldogs games online, and the play-by-play guys didn’t disagree with the usage. They at first were diplomatic about how the ‘star’ players were taking a while to find their game, but as the season went on they became more pointed, calling them out by their names instead of the nebulous ‘stars’ and ‘young leaders’ of the team. It didn’t seem to be a case of a coach playing favourites, or failing to recognize talent, but rather two young men who were in a deep funk for half the season.

        • Paz says:

          AHL is a development league. Beaulieu gets to play his way out of his funk.
          Can’t even imagine what the dmen were thinkng about this move, not only Beaulieu.
          Nothing pisses a defence prospect off more than his coach using a forward (who probably will never make the NHL) on the point of a power play.
          It is infuriating to the dmen on the team; all of them who aspire to play the power play one day at the NHL level.

    • JohnInTruro says:

      Thanks Norm, that was very informative.

    • Arnou Ruelle says:

      To a certain extent, Marc Bergevin is right about the Habs’ maturity level. But we can take into consideration that the current young stars that played with the veteran core of the team for the past 5-6 years (Price, Subban, Pacioretty, Desharnais) may have already picked up qualities that can shoulder leadership responsibilities. That to me show signs of maturity. Also, from the way how 3 young forwards and 2 young defencemen have performed over the past 2 seasons, we can argue that the maturity level is starting to pick up quickly rather than gradually.

      I find that the notion of having the “team will be a cup contender within X number of years” is really a false assumption. Many in the media have been commenting since 2008 that the Habs’ will get better within 2 years, the team always find means to prove them wrong. This season and this playoffs have been exceptional in many aspects. I personally said that Bergevin already started the rebuilding process the day he started his job from day one. And now, look what we have: a playoff contending team that will eventually grow into a cup contending team.

      At this point, the team has maturity but not to a certain degree or ‘satisfactory’ that the coaching staff nor management may view it. That for me is a reason why veteran players like a Gionta or a Markov is still needed to guide the young players in being mature, grown men.

      I do agree with you UCE about what you stated: ”A mature team will mean a roster with four lines and three pairings filled with quality players, and subs who can step in when injuries strike or depending on the nature of the opponent on any given night.” Also, a mature team is a team that shows persistence, mental toughness, able to stand with adversity, and capable to battle when their backs are against the wall.

      We can take a page from an example team – the LA Kings. This team is not just a mature NHL team, this is a team built to win a Stanley Cup. They battled adversity by playing 3 playoff series with game sevens. Plus, they showed the resilience of coming back in any 3 game deficits during the playoffs. We have seen the tangibles from the Kings: 4 lines, 3 pairings, solid goaltending, excellent coaching. But none of that will matter if the they are not mature enough to handle the pressures that come through when times get tough.

      I am proud that our team showed signs of that level and what it has accomplished despite being beaten by the Rangers. I believe it will grow more and possibly will reach the point that they have the maturity to be at the level of those teams like Chicago or LA.

    • DT says:

      In a nutshell, Patches said this, after losing to the Rags: “You can’t take a night off”. That’s what was learned this year going to the Conf. finals. One step closer to being mature, Mr. Bergevin might say.

      As for the boys in Hamilton, well,… they’re in Hamilton! And they’re young. All that character Mr. Bergevin wants so desperately, needs time to develop/mature. All in good time, as long as management can be true to their promise to develop young talent in a way that works in this league that rewards big and fast skilled teams.

      None of this addresses the fatigue the Habs players were obviously feeling by the 3rd round. Strange, I didn’t see this as much with any of the other Conf. final teams, east and west. Is conditioning also part of maturing and player development? I really hope so!

  28. Habfan17 says:

    Pierre McGuire was aaked on the team 1200 this morning if it was true he had already had two interviews for the vacant GM position in Pittsburgh. He refused to answer. Please let them hire them. Then Bergevin can sign Gomez and Cammalleri to one month contracts and trade them, Markov and Gio to Pittsburgh for Crosby and Despres. Okay, the trade part is for fun, the two interviews seems to be true


  29. 27kovi says:

    Anyone else here want Gaborik and Callahan to replace Gionta and Vanek? They would be awesome upgrades.

    • Maksimir says:

      only if they came cheap… and neither would.

    • habs-fan-84 says:

      Callahan would be a great addition, but he’s asking for the moon – at least last time I checked.

    • Mr_MacDougall says:

      Gaborik and a trade for Joe Thornton.

      Giordano tomreplace Markov if Burkie is crazy enough to allow him to go UFA

      ~~ Plekanec at the Disco ~~

    • Texus says:

      Would love Gaborik but chances are very good he will stay in LA. Dean Lombardi said he made sure he’d be able to retain him after the season after trading for him at the deadline. Obviously that’s no guarantee but seeing as how they will likely win the Cup with him as an important piece, I’d say there’s no way he hits free agency. Callahan is good but I think he will be severely overpaid. Plus I’d like a bigger guy filling that spot if possible.

  30. Dunboyne Mike says:

    “Moar, Moar, MOAR!
    How do you like it? How do you like it?”


  31. Dunboyne Mike says:

    Good afternoon/evening, Timo.
    Did you, uh, skip the last thread? Just wondering, no reason.
    Your friend in Dunboyne.

  32. Ozmodiar says:

    If Gionta is not retained, the captain will be one of:


    If you listen to the GM and former team-mates, those are the realistic options. Like it or not. Most folks around here want (at least) one of Gorges or Pleks traded, but I believe there’s little chance of that happening.

  33. BriPro says:

    Rough translation from Chantal Machabe’s interview with MB.:

    Those who feared that complacency moved to the seventh floor of the Bell Centre after the Canadiens had their best season in 21 years will be reassured. Marc Bergevin has no intention of resting on his laurels after two years of marked progress as head of hockey operations.

    Satisfied with a run that ended at two wins from a participation in the Stanley Cup final, he has no illusions: His team can not yet be considered as one of power houses of the NHL.

    “Our team is not yet mature. We cannot be compared to those of Chicago or L.A. We’re not there yet. Am I happy with our season? No doubt. But there is still a lot of work to do.”

    “Next year, we will be at the starting line like everyone else. Our first goal is still to make the playoffs.”

    But from the outset, Bergevin was satisfied of the results obtained by the team he’s been building.

    “Overall, this was a very good season, a 100-point season. If we add the fact that we have reached conference finals, it was excellent. ”

    Speaking about the youth on the team (and referencing Beaulieu and Tokarski):

    “Overall, our youth have learned a lot. What they have experienced in the last 17 ​​playoff games, it can not be bought. For me, the leadership on the team is slowly changing to these young people. That doesn’t mean we’re disappointed in our older veterans, not at all. But it is a beautiful thing to see that young veterans take up more space in the team. ”

    On the UFA’s and trade talks, he was mum. He says those discussions will remain internal.

    Citing Vanek’s lack of productivity at season’s end (last 6 regular season games, as well as the playoffs), he said:

    “We must not forget that Thomas, on the whole, helped us get to where we were. He came here, played very well and helped us get into the playoffs. For certain, he had difficult moments, but overall, yes, we are pleased with him, “MB , saying he had his own opinion about the unloved forward, but he wanted to “discuss with the rest of the staff.”

    As for Gionta, and his underwhelming season:

    “I am very proud of him. A player who gives everything he has every time he’s out, that’s Gio. A great leader that you may not notice from the outside looking in, but in the room is a guy that players respect a lot. And for me, this is a very important role on a hockey team.” recalled Bergevin, who has seen fit to also mention that Plekanec, Josh Gorges, Subban, Carey Price and Max Pacioretty were all leaders for the Habs.

    He also confirmed that Weiss suffered a concussion during the 5th game.

    And MT choosing Tokarski over Budaj, he said:

    “This is a nice puzzle to have. I don’t take anything away from Peter Budaj, who is in my opinion one of the best goalkeepers back-ups in the NHL, but Michael had the instinct to give the net to Dustin and his decision reflected well. This is very positive. It gives strength to our organization at the most key position. ”

    According to the GM, Budaj still has the confidence of all of the organization.

    “Peter is a great man, loved by his teammates. He remained positive throughout this story and our year-end meeting went very smoothly. Again, it is one of the reasons for our success this year. ”

    The entire story (in french, including the video’d interview) is here:équipe-n-est-pas-encore-mature-1.1154228

    • Arnou Ruelle says:

      As for Gionta, and his underwhelming season:

      “I am very proud of him. A player who gives everything he has every time he’s out, that’s Gio. A great leader that you may not notice from the outside looking in, but in the room is a guy that players respect a lot. And for me, this is a very important role on a hockey team.”

      – Yeah right! Every GM who has players that are questionable to him will obviously say the same thing just to hide their plans and intentions.

      • Ozmodiar says:

        Do you really think that “Every GM who has players that are questionable to him will obviously” refer to such players as – “A great leader“??

        not. sure. if. serious.

        I don’t believe everything I hear, but GM’s don’t throw around terms like that all the time.

        • Arnou Ruelle says:

          I’m not referring to “all” players as ‘a great leader’ but specifically to players that are questionable (meaning, doubtful due to circumstances, whatever that may be), being a Gionta in that regard.

    • frontenac1 says:

      Hey Brian! Are you heading downtown for the Grand Prix weekend? I went up there 2 yrs. ago with Mrs. Front. It was a complete Blast! Go to Crescent St. Amigo, while the wife is shopping. Get to know The Perrelli Girls.They are nice. Saludos!

  34. Thomas Le Fan says:

    Okay Marc, here’s what you do. If Vanek indeed was not injured, he’s not worth an offer. Let Minnesota have him. Who needs to stay? Subban, Pacioretty, Gallager, Plekanec (unless you can get a good return), Galchenyuk (at centre), Desharnais, Bourque (see Plekanec), Weiss, Eller (who I think is a late bloomer), Prust, Bournival, White, Gorges, Emelin, Weaver, Tokarski. I guess Briere, because of his contract stays, but we don’t need him.
    Who goes? Gionta (too much for too little), Markov (for prospect and draft pick), Moen, Murray (even though I’ll miss him), Boullion, Parros, Budaj.
    Next year, let’s see Tinordi, Beaulieu and Pateryn full time. If you can sign a top six forward who can score and hit (I can dream) do it. Let’s have a good look at Leblanc, Dumont, Thomas, Crisp, McCarron et al and get this show on the road.

    Hockey isn’t everything … it’s the only thing … except for beer and guitars!

    • PrimeTime says:

      “let’s get this show on the road” so you want to rid of all the veterans and have the kids take over?? I think your “show” starts in 2016-2017.

      • Thomas Le Fan says:

        Yep. Win or lose. We lost in case you didn’t notice. 😉

        Hockey isn’t everything … it’s the only thing … except for beer and guitars!

    • piper says:

      Thomas, how do you get a prospect and a pick for Markov now?

      • Thomas Le Fan says:

        I can dream can’t I? He didn’t impress me at all in the playoffs, however. Slow, ineffectual lots of the time. Unable to make simple clearings. We gave up several important goals because he made, what looked to me like, a bunch of half assed attempts to clear the puck. Anyway, I don’t think we can afford him considering what he brings.

        Hockey isn’t everything … it’s the only thing … except for beer and guitars!

        • piper says:

          I agree but the time to trade him would have been at the deadline. UFA July 1st so not worth anything in a trade now. I dont think anyone will give up a pick just to have his rights before July 1st.

  35. Dru says:

    Some reflections on the postseason that are likely too political for hockey fans, and too hockey for political types. Comments welcome, tho.

  36. Ozmodiar says:

    From a points / minutes played perspective, wasn’t Eller more efficient on the PK than DD was on the PP??


  37. PK says:

    MB has a long term plan for our Habs.
    The fluctuations in level of success from one season to another are part of the process.

    I like that we have a management team that is patient and, hopefully, will not give away draft picks and young prospects without a good return.

    Oh, Gallant deserves a chance at a head coaching gig if he can land one. We can find another assistant coach … change up how the PP is handled.

    >>>>> Les Canadiens sont là

  38. Not sure I like all the yakking about Pleks leaving. He didn’t have a good playoff, but he also was playing with some pretty weak players this post season. Plus he has a NTC, so unless he wants to leave he isn’t going anywhere.

    With regards to Kesler, after speaking with his pet’s groomer he’s heading to NYC, as soon as Rick Nash is moved…..he like Rick Nash is going anywhere, check out that contract, sweet jumpin Jehovah there’s a man at 29 who needs to pick it up.

    Tokarski our 1st, Our 2nd in 2014 for Jordan Eberle, hehe
    Tokarski our 2014 2nd for David Perron

    Carey Price, our 2014 1st, and 2015 1st for John Tavares—hehe stir it up boys, I’m on a break 😆

    Shane Oliver
    A Little fun during the Intermission
    Don’t Poke The Bear

  39. Arnou Ruelle says:

    So, it seems that Gerard Gallant is now looking for a team to coach and Florida was given the ok to interview him. Panthers needed a head coach, I was favouring the Canucks as Gallant’s next gig rather than the sunny state, good luck with him.

    What I hope should happen if Gallant leaves is a return of a Habs hall of famer here.

    I want to see Kirk Muller come back as an assistant coach. Please, if there’s any opposition to this, let me be one of those to tell ppl. that Muller was successful in helping the Habs before he left to coach for the Milwaukee Admirals. He needs to keep in mind that the new coach is not Jacques Martin.

  40. Say Ash says:

    Benoit Pouliot and Raphael Diaz might be engraved on the Cup. Whoa.

  41. CHicoHab says:

    Mark Messier best exemplified a captain. That’s the model they should be looking for. Not a silent leader. What’s a silent leader? Hey everyone shhh. Tippy toe over here. I want to keep it down so you don’t get too motivated. On the count of three and please all whisper. Go………Habs……Gggo

  42. Chelios24 says:

    I don’t think Markov, Gionta, Plekanec, Gorges, Prust, Briere, Moen or Bourque still need to mature

  43. frontenac1 says:

    Diaz is going to The Show! Viva Diaz! Viva Tequilla! Viva La Revolucion! Saludos!

  44. Strummer says:

    An old coach once said “If he’s so good in the room then leave in the room ’cause he’s no f****g good on the ice”

    “You are not T.J. Oshie. Do not shoot pucks at people without a helmet.”.

  45. habcertain says:

    it is mind puzzling, that with all this character preaching, Mgmt clearly rushed the concussion protocol, then the coach outright lied about it, all to put Weise back on the ice, when the game was obviously won. looks like they want to brush this aside quickly.

    • Cal says:

      Do you have the exact time Weise went off the ice to the time he returned to the bench?
      They say they followed what THE DOCTOR said.
      Do you have any direct and pertinent info? Did you examine him?
      Are you a doctor?

      • Paz says:

        Cal, Therrien stated publicly during his press conference that “if we assumed it was a head injury, we would be wrong”.

        Therrien lied.

      • habcertain says:

        read the protocol, then comment…..he DOES have a concussion, he did go back on the ice when the game WAS won, the coach did LIE when asked about it, saying it was NOT a head injury, which was OBVIOUSLY bogus.. The NHLPA should investigate the Doctor’s assessment, because he was WRONG. do not need to be a Doctor to hear a COVERUP. Hickey thinks so also, and the conversation got contentious quickly.

      • frontenac1 says:

        My doctor tried to get me to tone down my lifestyle choices 20 years ago. Now ,once a year when I see her she just shakes her head , and says “still with us eh Front?”

  46. rhino514 says:

    I think it depends on the FA signings.
    If we somehow retain Vanek, or one of the few good RWs out there, or if we get a big, good, solid Dman, there will not be a trade of any significance.
    If it doesn´t look like we are going to land anyone of note, then I think one of our 4 centres becomes expendable. And if someone has to go, and we absolutely had to choose, then I would choose Plekanec; the other three are to young and too talented. I still don´t think it will happen, because Pleks is a leader on this team, but if we don´t do anything with free agents, it becomes possible, if not probable. We really have no proven commodity after Gallagher as a RW.
    I also think it becomes more likely that Tokarski could be used as trade bait, as a minor piece. I like the kid, but if he helps us land a good sniper, or a good dman, I´down with it.

  47. UKRAINIANhab says:

    Bergevin talked about “silent leaders”

    Pleks very well could have a C on him next year.

  48. Buzz Lightbeer says:

    PK kisses Pierre Mcquire. Boom. Everything derails after that. So obvious. Don’t you guys know anything about hockey? 😀

    • FormalWare says:

      The Reverse Kiss of Death. Of course!

      WWSD (What Would SubbieDoo?)

    • Maritime Ronn says:

      PK also had a big kiss for Tokarski…

      …and The Ticker Kiss from another angle because, well, you know…fans need to see plays from different angles.

    • Dunboyne Mike says:

      “You must remember this,
      A kiss is just a kiss….”

    • Un Canadien errant says:

      A Kiss Is Not a Contract

      A kiss is not a contract
      But it’s very nice
      It’s very nice

      Just because you’ve been
      Exploring my mouth
      Doesn’t mean you get to take
      An expedition further south, no

      A kiss is not a contract
      But it’s very nice
      It’s very, very nice

      Just because we’ve been
      Playing tonsil hockey
      Doesn’t mean you get to score the goal
      Thats in my jockeys

      Just because I’m in a two man novelty band
      Doesnt mean it’s all about poontang
      I can’t go around loving everyone
      I just wouldn’t get anything done

      You can take me out to dinner
      That might be quite nice
      You could buy me a burrito
      And some beans and rice
      But that won’t get you into pant’s paradise

      They call it a fly
      Because it takes you up to heaven, oh oh

      A kiss is not a contract
      But it’s very nice
      Its very, very nice

      I’m only one man, baby, pretty baby
      We’re only two men, ladies
      Oh babies, oh, pretty babies

  49. Furk says:

    How come nobody asked about bringing back Ginette Reno for next year? Would have loved to see MB’s reaction.

  50. arcosenate says:

    OK, here’s taking the far fetched Kesler idea to a galaxy far, far away:


  51. Luke says:

    Re: Eller / Plex

    While I also agree that this is where the redundancy is and probably the most likely move at centre, I sure as heck would wait to see wheich Eller we are getting.

    The 13 points in the playoffs Eller or the 26 points in the regular season Eller.

    Plex may have had an underwhelming playoffs, but he only scored one fewer goal and four fewer points than Eller in those playoffs.

    Eller was bad during the season. I’m talking Rene-Bourque-bad. He was also very good in the playoffs. I’m talking Rene-Bourque-good.

    I’d wait and evaluate which Eller we are getting before sending Plex on his way.

    Just a caveat as well: Wasn’t Gionta primarily on the Bourque/Eller playoff line?

    • krob1000 says:

      Which Eller they get will depend on which linemates Eller gets. He has repeatedly thorughout his career proven to be a very good 5 on 5 player and can prodice offensively if given talent to play with. Hard to assess his ceiling as he never gets pp time or even ozone starts for that matter.Either way you get a guy who is capable of delivering in the palyoffs and tough hockey, you also geta defensively responsible center. Eller played great in the short season, great for first quarter of this one and great in the playoffs.

      • Luke says:

        I like Lars, I really do, but I want to see consistency from him before I get rid of Plex.

        He was awful during the regular season. He had a good start with 9 points in 13 October games. But 6 of those were in games 1, 2 and 3.

        Yes he is defensively responsible.
        Yes he had a great playoffs.
        No he is not a proven 5 on 5 player who can produce offensively. Not yet.

        Let’s see if he is playing in the 60 point/season range after 25 games next year before shipping out Plex. Especially if he is able to do it while facing heavy checking.

        • krob1000 says:

          Yes he is a proven 5 on 5 player…he puts up 5 on 5 points at the same pace as any center on the team…even in this “bad season”..

      • truebeliever says:

        Eller seems finally ready to be ugly. It takes a while to build up the bent nose and battle scars, but he’s getting there and is really starting to throw his weight around. He’s bigger and stronger than Malkin and almost as big as Kopitar, but he has always played with a seed of doubt in his mind. That seems to be leaving him a bit as he figures out the speed.

    • Maritime Ronn says:

      Luke for your consideration.

      Perhaps performance has a lot to do with opportunity given – meaning playing with the team’s best Top wingers, and the great opportunity of playing 1st Unit PP time with Subban and Markov running the show.

      Playoff stats…and yes, here’s realising that DD played against the Top D pairings of the other teams….as did Kopitar-Toews-Carter.

      Eller: 5G/13 Pts. 16:27/game and a grand total of 8 minutes of PP time.

      Desharnais: 2G (1 empty net) 8 pts. 18:40/game and a grand total of 56 minutes 48 seconds of PP time.

      Desharnais had 49 more minutes than Eller on the power play, yet managed less goals and points.

      • Luke says:

        You are right, as with all things, context matters.

        Eller played with the weaker wingers (Bourque!) and faced lesser checking. In part that contributes to their production. Yes he scored 5 goals (1 empty net). I get that.
        Had Eller/Bourque faced the same diet that DD/Max faced I’d suggest that their totals would have been lower.

        I really don’t think I am disagreeing. I just want to see consistent play out of him, before I get rid of the most consistent player on the team.
        I’d sure hate to send Plex packing and get another 29 point season from Eller.

        • krob1000 says:

          I think it would be DD I would be shopping first. IF he is a first line center at his contract …he should net qutie a return and I am still convinced that Chcuky, Eller or even BRiere..yup that RBiere could proiduce his numbers during the season if in identical role to DD>

          • Luke says:

            Except that DD is the only pure set-up man. I don’t think any centre on the team really moves the puck as well or as smartly as DD.
            (Excluding Galchenyuk, but he’s not a centre yet) so the skillset redundancy is Eller/Plex.

            And while it may seem I am hating Eller, I am not, I see him very much in the role/career path of Alex Steen. I see him as a solid #2/#3 guy eventually. I just don’t think he is there yet.

          • truebeliever says:

            At $3.5M, DD’s only market value is in Montreal. It’s possible that if Montreal took back a big chunk of the contract, someone else would want him. But he’s not a liability, he’s just part of a complicated log jam at centre.

          • Maritime Ronn says:

            hi krob

            Just curious as to the possible return on DD and his 1 dimensional (Max) play.
            Could he be a 1st line Center on any other NHL team?
            Could he be a 2nd line Center on any Top 16 playoff team?

          • boing007 says:

            DD a third line centre anywhere else. At best.

            Richard R

    • DipsyDoodler says:

      More redundant than Jaret Stoll and Mike Richards?

      The notion that you can’t have four good centres on the team because you need to reserve one spot for the proverbial 4th liner is wrong.

      The Rangers also have 4 good centres.

      Next year: Plekanec – Galchenyuk – Eller – DD.

      Moving. Forward.

      • Luke says:

        I’m happy with 4 good centres, like that, but I don’t think the Habs have the four centres to do it, and it certainly wouldn’t be in that order.

        Assuming my man Galchenyuk is top two, because he’s a mess defensively, you’d be looking at:

        DD – Galchenyuk – Plex – Eller.
        Or possibly Galchenyuk getting 4th line Centre minutes which would be a waste.
        You know that MT will give the top defensive minutes to Plex over Eller, and the top offensive minutes to DD over Galchenyuk.

        So you are looking at Galchenyuk or Eller getting the 4th line time.

        (Stoll is basically the LA Kings version of Gionta).

        Plex moves later this season if Eller is ready.
        DD moves next season if Galchenyuk can handle centre.

  52. arcosenate says:

    Just throwing this out there but Ryan Kesler is available, I imagine the asking price is through the roof but might be worth a tire kick…

  53. UKRAINIANhab says:

    Pleks is safe. If you read between the lines

    • Ton says:

      I think what we heard is MB liking to keep everyone but hockey is a business…you got to do what is best for the team………..I think he’s in the position to make decision between players…..ex. keep Gionta trade Pleks……….vice versa…..keep markov trade Gorges…..etc. There will be changes for the core needs to be paid more! As well the team needs to make the next jump to keep up with others and position themselves for forward movement in the playoffs.

    • Savardian Spin-o-rama says:

      The team hasn’t won with him. His trade value is as high as it will ever be. We have other centers to take his place, notably, Chucky and Eller. He chokes in the playoffs. He doesn’t make his wingers better anymore (exception: Gio but his days with MTL are also numbered). There…5 reasons to ship him and his turtleneck outta town. Your turn. Why should they keep him?

      (Btw, There’s no way a GM would badmouth a guy he was thinking of trading. It only diminishes the guy’s value. So I wouldn’t read anything into what MB said about Pleky — or any other player for that matter.

      ~~ You’ve been spun ~~

      • Luke says:

        Could you define “Chokes”?

        • kalevine says:

          I’ll bite. With the exception of 2 rounds in 2010 when he and Cammalleri were formidable, he has yet to really raise his level in the post season, and he’s had a lot of post seasons, so the sample size is good. When the going gets tougher, he seems to fade into the background rather than rise to the occasion. + what savard mentioned.

          He hasn’t been terrible in the playoffs, but deep playoff runs are where the leaders must step up, especially the vets. Most of the Habs’ vets did not do so this time around, but they haven’t all been around as long as Pleks. He does get you to the playoffs, and sometimes even a couple of round into them, but then he’s out

          • Savardian Spin-o-rama says:

            Well put…and I’m not just saying that because I agree with it 🙂

            ~~ You’ve been spun ~~

          • Luke says:

            See, he also plays the defensive role. Stamkos and Krecji made very little noise while Plex was on the ice. (I missed the first 3 games of the Rangers series, so tough to comment in depth on those).
            He has scored some pretty big goals as well, including a biggie vs the Rangers in game 5.

            So, while you might say he hasn’t ‘stepped up’, I could see that point. I think “Chokes” is a heck of a stretch. That’s why I asked for the definition.

            To me “choking” is utter failure to produce in any fashion. To be completely ineffective in every aspect of the game.
            Plex, in my opinion, isn’t that.

            San Jose choked in the alst 4 games of the first round. That’s what I think of when I think choking.

    • Un Canadien errant says:

      Technical question Ben: I notice Commandant is now spelled with a capital ‘C’. Any reason for the change?

      Thanks for the stats, should come in handy for all HIO factions and their splinter groups.

  54. Maritime Ronn says:

    Poster Furk mentions re Gio:

    “…..Why would he pay a 3rd liner smallish forward 5.5$ million dollars? At best Gionta deserves 2-2.5$ million/year at 2 years max. We would be doing Gio a favour by signing him, I don’t think he would get many contract opportunities elsewhere besides NJD.”
    GMMB inherited Gionta’s 5 year/$25M contract signed for the 2009/10 season by Gainey when Gio was 30 years old and in his prime.

    Gio gave the Habs 28 goals in 61 games his 1st year, and 29 goals in his 2nd year.
    This year, he chipped in for 18 goals and 40 points, yet had a difficult playoffs.
    Gionta will turn 36 next January.

    After watching the Bergevin presser, the only time his face truly lit up was when he was talking about Gio and his leadership.
    What that means for Bergevin and the team…only they know for sure, yet it almost seemed vital to the GM.

    As for a potential future contract, if the Habs are paying Briere $4M…but the Habs CANNOT have 2 smallish, Bottom 6 forwards making $4M each.

    As for potential other contract offers, some teams may be very willing to get a guy like Gionta in their dressing room.

    Think about a young team like Colorado or even Tampa-Columbus.
    The Edmonton youngsters would be shown how to be real pros, instead of Party pros.

    …and there are so many other teams that could use Gionta for 1-2 years.
    Teams such as Washington-Florida-Islanders-Buffalo-Nashville-Calgary.

    Do not be surprised if Gionta’s UFA market worth is not 2 years/$7M-$7.75M.

    • Furk says:

      I see your points and do tend to agree with you. May be he is worth more, and the rise in the salary cap may help him. I just don’t think we should be paying him more than 3M$. We need the cap flexibility to sign PK, Eller, and guys like Gallaghar, Galchenyuk next year. If his only asset that sets him apart from most 3rd liners is leadership, I don’t think that is good enough to demand more money.

      • Maritime Ronn says:


        To be dead honest, it would be great to see the ‘total’ leadership mantle moved to the younger guys NEXT year.

        Price is THE Habs Captain, and all of Subban-Gallagher-Max-Eller have lived ‘Gionta leadership’ to know what it takes.
        These 5 showed up and played their guts out in the playoffs.

        I enjoyed Subban’s comment when he said he wasn’t into rah rah words…and that true Leadership was based on actions ON the ice, not in words off the ice

        The Game has become a game for the young.

  55. JUST ME says:

    Before giving our opinion on who we should let go and who we should get, we have to take into account what we achieved with what we have now, because ultimately we want to get further and if we do then we have reached the ultimate goal.

    Obviously we need to get a tad better and all the other teams will also or think that they did but we must be carefull not to break the fragile balance of a team`s chemistry. We were that close to the finals let`s not act as if we were not really competing.

    • Maritime Ronn says:

      A lot of upgrades needed in several areas to become an elite/guaranteed playoff team.

      The glue that holds everything together, and camouflages a lot of shortcomings, is Carey Price.

      The Habs need upgrades in their Top 4 D unit – especially if Markov leaves.
      That could come internally ( Beaulieu-Tinordi), yet will take time with several growing pains.
      Gorges is now a 3rd pair/ #5 or # 4 swingman and PK specialist.
      He is not a Top 4 on a true contender.

      GMMB is going to acquire a lot of grey hair in the next 30-45 days.

  56. arcosenate says:

    I think this might be the end of Plekanec in a Canadiens uniform. It’s too bad but I think Eller is going to play a two-way role next year.

    The question is now what can they get back for him?

    • Kooch7800 says:

      I highly doubt Pleks goes. MB also mentioned him being part of the leadership group. I just don’t see it.

      I would be ok with it. I don’t like his poorly timed penalties in critical games and I don’t like the theatrics either.

      He is a very useful player but he definitely isn’t my favorite

      • arcosenate says:

        I have been a very big supporter of him over the years but the point totals are shrinking steadily (many different wingers over the years I know); His playoff performance was underwhelming; Eller had a very good playoff.

        We’ll see how it all shakes out but it’s my bet he’s gone if the return fits.

        • Kooch7800 says:

          I would like to see him moved if we could get a nice RW with some speed and skill. Lots of teams could use him.

          We would feel it defensively though. He is a great shutdown centre. I like Eller and he had a great playoff and played well in both ends of the rink. I think over 82 games he isn’t as good defensively as Pleks but that will come with time.

      • truebeliever says:

        It’s sad, but Pleks is going to be unfairly tarred with that “dive” for the rest of his career. He hasn’t really been that kind of a player through his career, but that was a bad one caught on tape.
        Will he go? It’s a numbers game. DD can’t go anywhere and unlikely the rights to Eller would be traded unless it was something pretty great in return. If the goal is to get Chucky into the centre position, then there’s just no room for Pleks, and his market value to any number of teams would be huge. He’d plug right into Anaheim (losing Koivu), Vancouver, or even Calgary.

    • Shackles says:

      There has been a ton of talk surrounding the Habs becoming oversaturated at centre and how Pleks is now expendable. Why does Pleks have to go? Is it the return Mtl would get? I’m being totally sincere – I don’t get it. Why not dangle Eller’s name out there as trade bait? Or DD (Personally, I’d like to keep DD around)

  57. Habsbill24 says:

    Bringing Gionta back at anything more than 1.5M for no more than two years would be a huge mistake. He is basically useless on the ice now, no shot, smallish player taking up valuable minutes. Assuming he does add the leadership thing he has to get no more than third line minutes 12-13 per game and he absolutely has to have a cap friendly contract. They need money for PK, Eller, Weaver maybe Markov and Weise this year plus hopefully some new blood, and they will have to deal with new contracts for Chucky, Gallagher, Bournival, Tinordi and Beaulieu next year, all of whom will be in line for rasies, some for big raises. Only Briere and Budaj come off contract in 2015-16. The prices suggested for Gionta for 2 or 3 years are just crazy. Frankly, I think the leadership thing now must come from PK, Gallagher, Max, and Eller. I would let Gionta go and use the money to get a bigger, younger forward to play third line minutes.

    • Furk says:

      I think Gio is good as gone. As Arpon Basu pointed out, when asked about Gio’s leadership, MB quickly jumped to point out guys like Plecks, Gorges, PK, Price and Patches. This MB’s chance to rid of a terrible Bob Gainey signing and replace Gio with a bigger forward that contributes the same on the 3rd line.

      • Maritime Ronn says:

        GMMB did the opposite of what you said.
        From here, there was surprise as to how much Gionta means to GMMB.

        • Furk says:

          How did MB do the opposite? He praised Gio briefly for his leadership, but he quickly went on a tangent to name all the aforementioned players. If he actually wanted to highlight the need for Gionta, he would have spent the whole time gloating about him. To me if you read between the lines, MB was sending the message that they are not restricted when it comes to leadership, they have a lot of guys who have started to jump in to that type of role.

          Don’t get me wrong…I respect Gionta and what he brings. I like him as a player, but I’m just speaking about what I conclude out of the presser today. I also think this is MB’s chance to add more size.

  58. byrneoNL says:

    Signing Gionta would be detrimental for several reasons.

    1) Big hit to salary cap. Not worth 5 million; not even worth 3 million. But if we resign him, pride alone dictates he won’t take less than 4 Bergevin is not above overpaying washed up vets 4 million dollars.
    Fearless prediction: Gionta is given 2 years, 4 million per.
    2) As captain, even after taking a pay cut, Pride alone will prevent Gionta from being relegated to 3rd or 4th line minutes. So our “scoring lines” will still feature Gionta. Which is bad news for us.
    3) Our kids – particularly Galchenyuk – have been underutilized at the expense of guys like Gionta, Bourque. Gionta will continue to eat minutes that should be going to developing players.
    4) Team makeup: Guys like Gallagher, Desharnais, Briere, Pleks, Galchenyuk, Bournival… t hese guys are not big. Chucky will get bigger, but still. Gionta an old, slow, small player who loses way more battles than he wins. He’s separated from the puck and forced into a turnover more easily than anyone else. Yet now you have to find a way to insert a lame player onto a line, but still hope that line can race. We have to make room for a lot of small guys now, who at least have speed, grit, playmaking ability or a hard shot. Gio has none of this anymore.

    4) Not only is he old small and slow, but since having BOTH arms surgically rebuilt, his shot has no power anymore. I don’t say this to be mean. But it’s like when that girl on y our sunday night beer league game tries to flip the puck at the net from the blue line, and it never gets to the net. Gionta has no shot. Lundqvist loves him.

    5) … but… Character! Leadership!!!! Well he has those things. Not trying to take them way. But so does my dad. And dad has a better shot. And we can sign him for league minumum

    • Kooch7800 says:

      All good points but could have summed it up with the team needs to get younger. The playoffs showed that the older vets looked tired and really actually hurt the team more than they helped. The young guys did the most. You also can’t have Briere at 4 million and Gionta at 4 million and the two of them combined might get you close to 30 goals. With PK getting a huge deal and Markov most likely coming back, Eller will need a raise….you can’t sign Gio unless you move Briere to free up cap space

  59. Trollhunter says:

    Too bad about Brady Vail. I really wish we knew the specifics as to why they are moving forward without him. He showed potential to be a good two way forward…

    S G

    • truebeliever says:

      The sense was Vail’s skating was always going to be a problem, but that he’d make up for it with smarts. The problem is that the Canadiens have a whole lot of those kinds of players and he wasn’t about to beat out De La Rose, Dumont, Crisp, Leblanc, Holland, McCarron for playing time. So why use up one of the 50 contracts on a long-shot.

  60. theflukester says:

    Seriously, Gionta better not be back. I listened to MB and he’s making me very nervous. Gionta sucks, I don’t care if he sees him as a leader, there are a bunch of other players on this team that can be a leader. Gionta stinks, he’s too small. Out with the old in with the new I say. That includes Tinordi, Pateryn, Beaulieu. Even Markov, seriously. He’s an old dog now and he’s certainly lost a few strides. I like(d) Markov but he ain’t worth it anymore. I think any Markov signing is more to please fans who don’t see the big picture.

    I see a huge potential of trades with this team and I hope MB will look at the big picture.

    I saw Gallant might have a new job next season. Shame, he would have been a good replacement for Therrien. Maybe we’ll get Muller back?

    Play every game as if it is your last one. Guy Lafleur

    • Loop_Garoo says:

      Gio is a good solid NHL player who works hard and has great leadership skills from all appearances. He is no longer worth 5 million a year perhaps, but at 1.5 or 2 million a year offer would be a slap in the face.

      • Kooch7800 says:

        You could only go as low as around 4 mill considering that is what Briere is getting

      • habs-fan-84 says:

        Said it better than I could have Loop.

      • theflukester says:

        I agree but he’s a solid waste of money. A leader in the dressing room is not always a leader on the ice. Giveaways, blown opportunities, sometimes horrible defensive backchecking, useless along the boards. We can find another leader amongst the team and from what MB said, we have many wanna be leaders. Time to pass the torch. If he doesn’t play for Montreal next year I’ll bet you dollars to donuts he’ll never dawn another hockey jersey.

        Play every game as if it is your last one. Guy Lafleur

  61. Cal says:

    It’s time for the Habs to move forward without Gionta, Markov, Parros, Murray, Boullion, and Vanek.
    That’s a lot of cap space, but it also frees up room for young D to take over the team. Sure, the Habs will be in transition, but this is with an eye down the road. The Habs on D collectively are too slow and too small. This needs to be addressed sooner than late.
    If Pleks can be traded for a decent return, it’s time to do it. DD, Eller and Chucky have to step up and do the job. Now is the time.

    • theflukester says:

      Totally agree with you except for Murray.. I know he won’t be back probably but he was decent for his stay. I’ll just shake my head if any of these guys like Gionta and Markov make it back.

      Play every game as if it is your last one. Guy Lafleur

    • boing007 says:

      Forget DD. Please?

      Richard R

  62. JUST ME says:

    Those giant post mortem press conferences are so useless. They spent half the questions on upcoming deals,Gionta,Markov P.K. M.T. when they actually know that he will not discuss any of those so half the time of the conference was wasted. Nothing to be proud of for the medias…
    Actually Bergevin said more on TSN in 10 minutes than in 45 minutes this morning. Is it that difficult to prepare questions guys ?

    Would have liked to hear more about Hamilton,plans,coach`s job down there, expectations but we basically hovered over things that have already been delt with in one of the hundred press conferences in the season…

    Actually have to hand it to the HIO followers. We have much more information about player`s development from you guys that see games than we have from the medias following the beat.

  63. DipsyDoodler says:

    When does Mike Babcock’s contract run out in Hockey(snicker)Town?

    Moving. Forward.

    • habs-fan-84 says:

      This upcoming season be the final year of his contract.

    • Arnou Ruelle says:

      If Therrien screws up with the Habs for the duration of his tenure, maybe Bergy might think of calling him.

    • Strummer says:

      Babcock will be looking for team where he has a prominent role in player personnel decisions.
      That’s why he won’t stay in Detroit as Ken Holland is unwilling to relenquish any of those responsibilities.

      “You are not T.J. Oshie. Do not shoot pucks at people without a helmet.”.

  64. HUDSONHAB says:

    I await with baited breath.

  65. alfieturcotte says:

    MB seems to have not paid close enough attention to some of his players these past few weeks…..

    Gionta has become a 4th liner. He’s been a 3rd liner playing on the 2nd line for the better part of the season. At this stage in their careers, I would take White over Gionta and save ~$2-3MM.

    Time to trade Pleks and Gorges and hopefully, get some younger, more mobile, and in the case of Pleks, hungrier players.

    If Budaj cannot be counted upon to play as a back up (i.e 2nd stringer), how in the world is he among the best backups in the NHL???

    I would resign Eller, Bourque, White, Weaver, and Markov. In Markov’s case unless he agrees to 2 or 3 years at $3.5mm/yr, I would not chance it.

    • Arnou Ruelle says:

      What Gionta provides with the team is leadership. I know most of us don’t like it but that’s his biggest asset.

      I am convinced that Bergevin saw his leadership qualitites as captain to be a good one. That to me is also promising. That leadership which #21 provides help persuade MB to offer him for probably a 1-2 year contract extension.

      • alfieturcotte says:

        I do not mind “leadership”, however at what price? I.e. for what salary (zero sum game, you give it to Gionta, take it away from another) and so that the captain can play on the 2nd line again?

        I’ve always appreciated Gionta’s hustle but in the playoffs, he showed a complete lack of it. He floated, was on the ice in crucial moments that resulted in scoring opportunities/goals against, and just seemed to show a lack of desire. I never once some him go down to attempt to block a shot – yet I saw so many others (heck, even Galchenyuk and Beaulieu did) do just that. He looked old and tired. It happens to them all, and appears to have caught up to Gionta.

        • Arnou Ruelle says:

          I agree with your opinion. His leadership will not help this team in other areas such as scoring and physical play. Plekanec has that ability but Gionta doesn’t have that 2-way forward asset.

          In terms of Markov, that’s a headache Bergevin will have to get pass through. Subban is set, I’m not worried on his contract extension. Markov is the one I think Bergevin will make an offer.

    • habs-fan-84 says:

      Did you watch the Ottawa Senators much this past season?

    • Ton says:

      gionta is not a 4th liner in todays standards…….they are big players usually……..what you have here is an offensive players that is at the end of his playing cycle. He cannot be used as a spare part.

  66. Arnou Ruelle says:

    I have not yet seen the GM’s post-mortem report. However, there is one thing he did mention that intrigues me: resigning Brian Gionta.

    I was stating this on my last post that he might not return in the Habs lineup. Yet, for some reason, he found favour in the eyes of MB.

    Let’s assume he does return, I think he will not get a contract extension for another 5 years. Rather, he might get a bridge contract for a couple of years with a slightly raised amount (possible $5.5 million/yr). All that said, this maybe the next step to test our current captain.

    What I also liked though is that Bergevin addressed that new leadership roles are being filled with the team. Something that we should be happy now that this step is going in the right direction.

    • Furk says:

      Why would he pay a 3rd liner smallish forward 5.5$ million dollars? At best Gionta deserves 2-2.5$ million/year at 2 years max. We would be doing Gio a favour by signing him, I don’t think he would get many contract opportunities elsewhere besides NJD. No offence to Gio, but unfortunately he is not the player he used to be, and the NHL has evolved significantly.

      • Arnou Ruelle says:

        That’s the market. In this day and age, players are getting expensive and to get a pay cut does piss them off and their agents. Seriously, I would rather make him walk away than have him come back. That way, we can size up this team and be contending for the Stanley Cup.

        • Cal says:

          If that is the case, see ya Gionta! He’s not worth retaining for what he brings. Bournival can do the job.

          • Furk says:

            I agree. I can’t believe how much people on this post are thinking of offering Gio. He can be easily replaced. I don’t understand how people can inflate his value based on leadership. 2-3M$ is probably fair. He can’t even break the 20 goal mark.

    • Kooch7800 says:

      5.5 mill is really high for Gio. He should be getting a Briere type deal…4 mill for two seasons.

  67. truebeliever says:

    It’s a little alarming that there was no mention of Markov when MB was talking about leadership and keeping the team together.

  68. Luke says:

    They don’t have to mature, Marc, YOU have to mature.

    (*runs out of room weeping*)

  69. habs-fan-84 says:

    Panthers have been given permission to speak with Gallant.

    • alain58 says:

      No big loss there. They should try to get Moller’s back.

    • Thurston says:

      I interpret it as a good sign when other teams want guys off our staff. First, Buffalo was interested in Rick Dudley for GM before Marc Bergevin managed to keep him. Now, Gerard Gallant is being wooed by Florida.
      I hope he stays, but it’s a good sign when other teams look at the Canadiens and the staff within when looking to poach someone.

  70. D Mex says:

    Bergevin didn’t say much, but he doesn’t have to.
    He has a plan and will continue to take steps to advance the club.

    ALWAYS Habs –
    D Mex

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