Gionta: ‘We weren’t able to pounce on rebounds’ (Video)


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Canadiens captain Brian Gionta called it a “weird game.”

“We had some opportunities but if you look at them there weren’t enough second and third opportunities,” Gionta said after the Canadiens’ 3-2 loss to the Washington Capitals.

“We weren’t able to pounce on the rebounds. We had some good shots but we just weren’t able to penetrate right around that crease,” Gionta said.

The Canadiens outshot the Capitals 29-27. The Capitals blocked 34 shots.

“They played a good game. It’s a good team,” Canadiens’ coach Michel Therrien said.

“We knew facing that team, we were saying it’s probably the hottest team in the NHL right now and it was going to be a challenge for us,” Therrien said. The Canadiens’ intensity level wasn’t the same as usual, especially at the start, he said, but after that he thought things were more even.

“We had some opportunities to put the puck at the net. But they did a great job to be in those shooting lanes and when they scored some goals it seemed like the puck found ways to go behind (Canadiens’ goaltender Carey Price) ,” he said.

Canadiens’ forward Rene Bourque had six hits and four shots on goal in his first game back after missing 21 games due to a concussion.

It was good. I was excited to play– a little nervous,” Bourque said. “I’m just happy to be back. It’s been a long month and a half, two months. It just feels good to be out there in front of the crowd and be out there and battle with the guys in the room.

You can hear what Gionta had to say after the game below:

You can hear what Lars Eller had to say after the game below:

And you can hear what Bourque had to say after the game here:


  1. hab fan in leaf jungle says:

    This team needs size on D. Drewiski is big but gentle like Hal Gill. Doesn’t Craig Ludwig have a son we could have drafted. Ludwig was big, clean, defensive, smart, and he could deliver those thunderous body checks which kept opposing forwards on their toes. Beaulieu will be very slick but he needs a ‘Subbangy’ edge to him. PK has skill up the wazoo and LOVES to hit guys and tattoo them into the boards.

  2. Rossy says:

    Interesting comments on Beaulieu whom I saw play in Halifax against the Mooseheads. I marvelled then about his skating ability, his calm in getting the puck out of his own end, and his wonderful first passes. Now he’s doing the same for my Habs.

    I watched Nathan MacKinnon in his first year display awesome skills, but hang onto the puck one move too many. He doesn’t do that anymore, either that or his stickhandling has gotten faster.

    Galchenyuk’s development reminds me of MacKinnon. This year he’s going one dangle too many; next year, watch out!

    What a breath of fresh air these kids are.

  3. habs001 says:

    The Habs have played just as well on the road as at home and vs certain teams(Leafs,Sabres) look even better on the road…Winning the division is more important for the 2nd round onwards…First round regardless of the opponent will come down to pp/pk, o/t and certain key moments in the game that will determine winning or losing by one goal…

  4. jols101 says:

    Great photo of Lars.

  5. Sportfan says:

    Unfortunate understatement of this game oh well rebound time in Buffalo

  6. SteverenO says:

    Team played good enough. We don’t have to win every game.
    A few mistakes and some questionable non-calls made the difference.
    Price kept us in it early, but let us down late. We had plenty of chances that we didn’t bury.
    Ryder has to , at least, fake like he’s going to hit Ovechkin. It’s not a garage league no-contact hockey game. If he’s going to play soft on defense he’s got to at least bury the puck when he gets his chances. I’m willing to give him a mulligan, in fact the way I play golf, I don’t think I would have counted that “stroke” …..he completely whiffed. Everyone’s worst nightmare, like swinging and missing the ball completely on the first tee of the big tournament with a gallery of your co-workers watching. I hope the team is “loose” enough that they can watch Ryder getting out of Ovie’s way in the film room and laugh about it.

    That’s why I like plus/minus so much, players(or lines) who are on for a goal allowed can redeem themselves by scoring a goal themselves.

    Starting the 2nd period with the PP and playing Gallagher-DD for 1.49 out of a total two minutes , and Ryder-Plek for the last 11 seconds is a coaching error. Playing Georges for the last 11 seconds is another coaching error.

    What happened to Beaulieu being called up because he can help on the second wave?

    Playing Eller for zero seconds is a coaching error. Two games ago (against Wwinnipeg) Eller and Ryder combined for 2 PP goals in 18 seconds. Since then in two games Eller has not been given a chance. (Granted we’ve only had one PP in each game, but still. He deserves a chance to keep the streak going)

    Its, not a big deal, we may have lost anyway, but I would think that the coaching staff should know which line is their most effective PP unit.

    If we at least gave some experience to Beaulieu at that time, even for 11 seconds, I wouldn’t mind as much that we didn’t score. Although I seem to remember our best scoring chance on that powerplay was Gionta’s shot from point blank as the penalty was expiring. It’s amazing what can happen in 11 seconds.

    While Beaulieu is raw, there is no doubt that this kid can skate.


    Steve O.

    • KenD29 says:

      Price was not the only one at fault. Breakdowns with forwards and D too.

      All About Work Ethic

      • nunacanadien says:

        The team is too small, when we lose a tough hitter like Emelin it really shows. We need to get away from always drafting and signing small players, take the only trade during the deadline was Drewie who is a mild mannered stay at home what?

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