Gionta: “Too much of a run-and-gun game for us” (Video)


It was a game that had fans on the edge of their seats with 13 goals.

But in the wake of the Canadiens 7-6 overtime loss to the Pittsburgh Penguins Saturday, Canadiens captain Brian Gionta said the back and forth is a “risky game to play in this league, especially against superstars over there like that.”

“It’s a high risk game and as you can tell tonight we just came up short,” he said.

Gionta scored twice, including the tying goal in the third period.

The Canadiens probably had nine or 10 turnovers in the neutral zone in the first period, Gionta said.

“We’ve got character, for sure. We knew that we weren’t playing our game. We knew that we were struggling and not playing the way we needed to play. But we made a push at the end of the second and got ourselves back in the game. And unfortunately, we still had a chance to win that game and that’s what is disappointing.”

It was an exciting game for the fans but also the type of game that gives coaches grey hair, Canadiens’ coach Michel Therrien said.

“We were making comebacks and we found a way to get a point,” he said.

Right from the start the Canadiens weren’t sharp mentally and lost pucks where they shouldn’t have, Therrien said.

The Canadiens have another huge game on Sunday against the Boston Bruins, Gionta said. “It’s a telling week for us and we need to be on top of our game.”

The Canadiens are embarking on their longest road trip of the season. Their next home game is against the Ottawa Senators on Wednesday, March 13.

You can hear what Gionta had to say after the game below:

You can hear what forward Max Pacioretty had to say after the game below:


  1. RC-51 says:

    Just wondering rjcp? ” were you feeling cheated when Price was getting shutouts and/or allowing a goal a game in the last 10 games?” If your going to whine/cry after a game like yesterday I suggest you go to the store and buy some KLEENEX to help you with your tears!

    • rjcp says:

      That maybe your reaction RC51, don’t need the advice, thanks. Like I said, I love the guy, he, along with others are why we are where we are, just expressing a concern about him that seems to rear its ugly head the odd time. I’m sure he’ll rebound just fine.

  2. RC-51 says:

    Yesterday type of game happens sometimes and it’s unfortunate we lost, but if we had won everyone would be praising Price and the rest if the team! We’re NOT going to win EVERY game but getting a point in those that we do lose is a great accomplishment. Look at the standings and I’m sure everyone would agree after last seasons 15th place finish, being in the top 3 in the WHOLE league is outstanding! Give your heads a shake and realize this team has made great strides in the RIGHT direction!!

  3. rjcp says:

    Still feeling cheated this morning. I guess the bothersome part is seeing Price so obviously useless last night and imagining that game being a game 7, for all the marbles. God, when he’s off he just can’t switch it WITHIN the game, can he? Same issue on the 6-0 beating from the Leafs. That’s the frustrating part of him, he’s so cool and calm like everyone praises him for, yet it’s those same qualities that were the problem last night IMO, because he cooled and calmed himself out off the zone he needed to get back in. Definitely wanted MT to give him a rest after the 2nd. Yea, he got no support, his D handled the puck like a grenade, etc, etc, but I was hoping he’d turn it around when we took the lead in the 3rd. Love the guy, but upset with him this am, like I said, feeling cheated………..

    • rnnoble says:

      I don’t get some fans. Every objective reporter (not on the Habs beat) agrees that Price is one of the elite players in the league, and will likely be going to the Olympics in a few months. But for some “fans” he literally has to reprove himself every game. If he’s bad in any game (and he was bad last night), it’s never a question that he was bad THAT game, it’s somehow a statement about his overall quality.

  4. PoolFool says:

    Let’s not forget the Pens lost two in a row before this game and we’re due to come out with a strong effort. I didn’t think we hit as much as other games.
    Let’s take the point and regroup.

  5. Timo says:

    Btw, what was wrong with pulling Price after 4 goals when it was clear he couldn’t stop anything that wasn’t going to hit him square in the chest?

    Would be a great time for Therrien to show some balls.

  6. Lafleurguy says:

    One positive: Gallagher was in the thick of a lot of good chances, was the better rookie on this night. People ragged on Desharnais but he was on the ice in OT for offense. The defensemen were weak in positioning and puckhandling in OT just like they were all game. Nothing wrong with icing the puck to take away scoring chances. Best Habs forwards were Gallagher and Gionta. Diaz may have done a better job of controlling the puck in our own end. My head is cooler but I still feel the idiot fans who started the OLe Ole singing are well, idiots. They may as well have the hockey smarts of a Nashville fan watching his first hockey game. Holy smokes! It will come tomorrow, but really!, no mention of Giontaès two goals and PKès with .7sec remaining on the clock!

    “May you live in interesting times.”

  7. STAY COOL says:

    Carey Price was tied with 11 wins. He had a GAA of 1.90 coming into tonight’s game. Reading the comments in the Game blog you would think that he was the worst goalie of all time. Wow, people, he had a not so good game. He let a couple not so great goals go in as does many good goalies. But people you need to relax & chill out!

  8. hockeymaniac31 says:

    Let me be clear, Im not saying this was Price’s fault cuz his D left him out to dry but sooner or later he has to start stealing games like Bishop did against us. He is a very good goalie but to be great you have to stand on your head against teams like Pittsburgh. He definetly needs to improve on his glove side. Teams know where to beat him and it shows.

  9. RealtorRichg says:

    So Price had a bad game…get over it and move on I say. There are others that had poor defensive games as well. Carey Price is our goalie this year and for a few years to come. Next Game!

    Why don’t we hear more from Ken Dryden, one of the smartest and most thoughtful man in hockey history???

  10. Timo says:

    I guess it’s a good thing we acquired Tokarski? Btw, how is he doing in A?

  11. Mr.Habs71sv says:

    Carey Price……oh please. We need a goalie that can shut the door and stand on his head if need be. I have yet to see that with him. Until he wins a Vezina ha ha or at the very least one round of the playoffs, I am not impressed. He looks like he is in a daze half the time. I am sure I am not the only one that has this view point.

    Till next time….

  12. Timo says:

    So why did you play that kind of game, Gionta? And amazes me that a team can’t adjust midway. So you started playing run and gun game, got away from a game plan… is this the first time they’re playing hockey? Can’t stop for a timeout and regroup?

    It’s a good thing I never listen to these interviews anymore… It’s lame excuse after lame excuse.

    • suttontom says:

      Not everyone can control what happens out there. It was a great game to watch, exciting, end to end. We outshot them and turned it around on face-offs. For True Habs fans, although losing in OT, we came back twice, and got a point. Not too shabby against one of the best teams in the league.
      What is your excuse??

  13. Jdub1515 says:

    The price was wrong tonight 7 GA ouch

  14. The Dude says:

    1st …Imagine if Malkin was playing.

    • Timo says:

      At least it would have been some sort of a record. Not a record Price would brag about but still a record.

    • otter649 says:

      Crosby’s line would have had less ice time & The Habs would have won the game……

    • jctremblay says:

      I hope this is the last run and gun game they play this LEAST against team with A talents named Crosby. If Vokoun didn’t suck rocks tonight, it would have been an easier win for the Pens. Fortunately for them, Price lost his confidence and stopped coming out to cut off angles. He’s had a great year..but he needed to be better tonight. The winner was too easy..

      Anyway, easy game tomorrow. Just come out the same way and you can pad your stats! Yeah. it’s time to get back to system hockey. You know? The system you didn’t play tonight for the very good reason that you are simply loaded with snipers. OK. I forgive and forget and will be watching tomorrow with some interest to see the response. Another test of what they are made of.

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