Gionta: ‘Step in the right direction’ (Video)


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After three abysmal consecutive losses there was reason for optimism after the Canadiens’ 3-2 victory over the Tampa Bay Lightning.

“We were moving the puck well all night,” said Canadiens captain Brian Gionta, who scored two goals including the game winner.

“It’s a step in the right direction,” Gionta said of the Habs win. “We’ve still got to clean up some things.”

Coach Michel Therrien called it “a huge win” for the players’ confidence.

“I’m really satisfied and proud of Carey Price tonight. He bounced back. He made some key saves,” Therrien said. “He was lucky at times–and you need some luck, you need some breaks to win hockey games.”

Therrien thought the team’s defensive game was better than it has been “and we’ve got to stick to that.”

He also liked the change with Max Pacioretty playing on a line with Gionta and Tomas Plekanec. “I thought he had a lot of speed and he played really (well),”  Therrien said of Pacioretty.

Two familiar faces may soon be back in the Canadiens’ line up. Defenceman Raphael Diaz is doing “really well” and it looks like he’ll be ready to play Saturday, Therrien said. Diaz has missed 25 games since suffering a concussion in February. There’s also a chance Colby Armstrong, who has been out with a knee injury, will be back in the line-up this weekend.

You can hear what Gionta had to say after the game below:

You can hear what Canadiens goaltender Carey Price had to say after the game below:

You can hear what Canadiens’ rookie Alex Galchenyuk had to say below:


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  3. nychabsfan says:


    To Wrighta

    You are correct on the overreaction of fans however the impetus of the concern was not so much the losses but the severity of each loss and the breadown of all the fundamentals that helped estabilsh them .

  4. wrighta says:

    I love when I read a fan post that says THIS is the problem and I’m here to tell you how to solve it. If you were that good you would be coaching in the NHL. Every team on the planet in every sport has ups and downs during the year. And a .900 winning percentage as a coach in peewee is a far cry from winning in the NHL. Hilarious. The boys have been lights out good all year. A 3 game slide is expected, and better now than in May.

  5. Mick says:

    MT seems bent on keeping Chucky on the bench.
    He played maybe 8 min. I think he could handle about 12-14min, and give DD less time until he proves he deserves more. DD looked slow last night and had zero shots on goal no hits and was again a liability in his own end.
    4 more years with this guy.
    This will be Bergevin’s “Achilles’ heel”.

  6. hab fan in leaf jungle says:

    They still look shaky. I’m not so sure the playoffs will be fun. Where’s the hunger and the killer instinct? They lack what is needed the most in the playoffs.

    • habsmanagementzero says:

      Unless these problems are addressed SOON(as in BEFORE the season ends) Your Montreal Canadiens will be the Montreal Golfing Canadiens SOON.
      1)TOTAL CHAOS getting the puck up the ice and out of their own end.This is a result of ALL their defensemen(except PK Subban) getting the crap beaten out of them along the boards.They are winning LESS THAN 50% of so called Free pucks or as I call it LESS THAN 50% of 1 on 1 battles.THAT IS WHY 3 goalposts were bonged behind Carey.In the playoffs this spells DEATH!
      SOLUTION.Get Tinordi back.At 6 feet 7 inches he will NEVER get crunched.Even if he is less mobile,a presence this big is crucial in the playoffs.TRUST ME!
      2) No one in the high slot in the offensive zone.Goals are more likely to be scored in front of,rather than from the side of the net.LOW PERCENTAGE shots from angles that are unlikely to yield a goal are generally a bad idea,unless the shooter is so strong that a rebound is likely.SO …INCREASE the probabilty of scoring by using the high slot More.
      3) Power play looks like a Bantam B team.Problems include a)Having massive difficulty getting across the other teams blue line.SOLUTION let PK or Pacioretty bring it in.(in other words let the forward who can PENETRATE the best bring it over the blue line).
      b)Cant find open men.Operating “on the outside”.Solution PENETRATE.Usually the high outside forward is able to penetrate and at least get a shot away where a rebound is possible.
      3) Carey Price still having lateral mobility problems.Remember Gump Worsley? Well i do.Tim Thomas was Gump Worsley incarnate.The butterfly while blocking off the lower net is horrible for lateral movement across the net.SOLUTION.Learn the Tim Thomas way.By using the whole body laterally in front of the net you break down lateral across the crease plays.TRUST ME!

      Theres lots more that needs addressing.If the Canadiens pay me I will be glad to break down the inadequacies and offer practical solutions.Thats why I had a .900 winning percentage as a coach!

      • habsmanagementzero says:

        OH yeh ,1 more thing.THerrien said luck played a part in the win….Well
        Mayby short term as in tonight it helped..but medium to long term NEVER! Skill and Planning and Intensity of play will determine who wins any game.
        Moreover its counterproductive and dangerous to have players thinking that “luck” or the “lack of luck” determines outcome.It detracts from the truth which is HARD work,Planning and Intensity of play will usually determine who wins.Remember the corallory is No Excuses which implies that players look at their play HONESTLY and CRTICALLY!NO EXCUSES.

      • hab fan in leaf jungle says:

        You are right. MB needs to increase the toughness and size of the D and the forwards. Tinordi is not the answer. He is too young and soft. Pateryn is more of a man as far as physical development is concerned. Aulie on TB is big but he is soft. The size differential between our forwards and their D was noticeable. DD and Gally and Gio and Pleks had trouble gaining the zone as they were easily rubbed out on the boards and separated from the puck. That’s a game we should have lost but were lucky to win. Let’s not delude ourselves that all is well in Habland.

  7. axman88 says:

    It’s funny, there are a lot of Canadiens fans out there that are schizophrenic. One minute they can’t believe the Habs have pulled off such a miraculous season. The next minute they are calling for Therrien, Price, Bergevin, etc… heads! Then 3 minutes and a win later there they are “Habs are going far into the playoffs, WOOHOO!”
    Yes, Montreal exceeded expectations!
    They were suppose to end this season fighting for the 1st overall pick!
    Instead, they are fighting for 1st in their division!
    One of their top D-man (Emelin) goes down for the rest of the season, they still clinch their spot in the playoffs, and then goes the 3 game horror!
    A fan cheers for their team when they are winning!
    A true fan cheers for their team when they are losing, especially when the team has given their fans a reason to cheer through more than 3/4’s of a season!
    A 3 game slide does not mean “Pack-it-up the season is over!”
    (For peet sake, the playoffs haven’t even started yet!)
    Does a win against one of the worst teams in the league mean that they are over their slide?
    However, anyone who has gone through a rough patch knows that what helps a person get through it is: 1) Hard work and effort AND 2) The help and support from the ones that surround and care about the person.
    All that I’m saying is, if you want the Habs to make it far into the playoffs…show your support….cheer…..even if they are losing…..the players are human beings too and even they need a moral booster! You want them to get out of this funk…show your support!

  8. bellcentre hotdog says:

    Just when we needed them most this season, the ghosts from the old Forum showed up to help out Carey tonight. It was about time he got a few lucky bounces.

  9. Sportfan says:

    In 7-10 years from now we’ll be complaining about how Chucky and Gally are getting so much time over our new rookies 😛

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  10. Sportfan says:

    With Gally Chucky, Bealieu, Tinordi, who ever we draft this year possibly Hudon and some surprises and of course PK and Carey with Patches, Emelin and Diaz our teams future is amazingly bright I rather ours over Edmonton that’s for sure!

    Sports and Entertainment in the link click and enjoy, clicking is fun!

  11. Mike D says:

    Wasn’t the most decisive win, but I’ll take it. Hopefully this is the beginning of a positive upswing for the boys.

    – Honestly yours
    Twitter: @de_benny

  12. gmur says:

    Back in the win column… Better effort, even if it’s against a Tampa Bay team that didn’t seem to be firing on all cylinders. Gionta has stepped up… Where is DD though? no shots, no hits, nada… and -1… in 14 minutes plus… This team can’t have passengers.

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