Gill on target for milestone


If he avoids a training camp injury and makes it to the sixth game of the regular season, Hal Gill will play the 1000th game of his NHL career on Oct. 20 in Pittsburgh.
Cowhide and Rubber has compiled a comprehensive list of Canadiens milestones we can look forward to this season.

EotP on Ryan White

The next Subban

NHL works to avoid another Pacioretty incident (how about a lifetime suspension for Chara?)

James Mirtle picks Leafs for ninth

The great Brian Kilrea retires

NHL will review support program after Boogaard, Rypien deaths

Bradley rips former teammate Semin; and it hits the fan

• This is hilarious. A voice-over analysis of Bruins homer Jack Edwards calling the Ryan White-Johnny Boychuk fight


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  2. MathMan says:

    The analysis in Mirtle’s articles is really coming from respected bloggers (such as Olivier Bouchard for the Habs, and Chemmy for the Leafs)

    I think 9th for the Leafs is plausible but optimistic; there are nine playoff contenders in the East that are a cut above the bottom six (Washington, Tampa, Montreal, Buffalo, Boston, Philly, Pittsburgh, New Jersey, and the Rangers) and while it’s very plausible that one of them would slip for the Leafs to finish 9th they would also need to be the best of the rest, ahead of Carolina and Florida.

    Also I don’t see Dion Phaneuf as a high-end #1, I think he’s a good player but longer on hype than ability. But I think the Leafs’ blueline in general is badly put together and too lacking in critical puck-moving skills to be effective, and that’s in turn going to hurt their forwards because it will hurt their possession game.

  3. SeriousFan09 says:

    How about we all say to ourselves once a day “I will not validate Everlasting1 with a response to his drivel?” Would clean up the site quite a bit.

    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.
    SF09 on Twitter

    • Talik Sanis says:

      Sure, we’ll get right on that just as soon as you and Andrew Berkshire determine not to engage with HardHabits when he adopts his argumentative, negative persona and starts spouting a fine blend of nonsense mixed with just a few fine grains of reason.

      Of course, if we all stopped responding to crackpots or crackpot arguments (I kid because I love), nobody around here would really be able to talk to anyone else, least of all me.

      • SeriousFan09 says:

        Yes but I’m a unionized working man now and HH has seniority around here so I’m duty-bound to support his rantings.

        – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.
        SF09 on Twitter

        • Talik Sanis says:

          Given that, I find your political beliefs strange. Working here under those conditions, I would have expected you to have descended into madness, become a far right-winger and demand that we abolish workers unions.

          Edit: Eh. I’ll leave this here, but it’s two in the morning, so my coherence and reading comprehension are a little lacking.

      • HardHabits says:

        Those posts you refer to are like fine cuisine at an expensive restaurant. Lots of empty plate with a nice succulent and beautiful to look at albeit very tiny morsel with which to satisfy your decadent indulgence. Too much of a good thing would lead to indigestion and there is enough hot air at HIO as it is.

    • Puck Bard says:

      When HIOers engage in 100 line arguments about health vaccines I’d say it’s time to drop the puck.

  4. Everlasting1 says:

    On a positive note, a U.S. basketball team have scheduled some exhibition ‘goodwill’ games in China, coinciding with VP Joe Biden’s visit to smoothen relations lol

    “God has taken his place in the divine council; in the midst of the gods he holds judgment: “How long will you judge unjustly and show partiality to the wicked? Psalms 82:1-2

    “We don’t see things as they are, but as we are.” – Anais Nin

  5. Habitant in Surrey says:

    …season opening NHL games in Europe ?
    …New York Rangers, Buffalo, Anaheim and Los Angeles Kings in Stockholm
    …when was the last time Our Habs played in Europe ?
    …Myself I can not recall They ever playing in Europe (correct Me if I am wrong)
    …One would logically think the NHL would want the most famous and recognized Team in hockey as a centre-piece to trying to get Europeans excited about the NHL
    …does the NHL mandate which teams will open in Europe, or does a team have a right to refuse ?
    …the reason I ask is I am curious whether the Montreal Canadiens have advised the NHL They are not interested to play in Europe, or whether the NHL prefer foisting predominantly American-based NHL teams on the Europeans
    …My opinion is I don’t think Europe will ever fully appreciate the electricity of NHL rivalry unless they can in-person watch a Habs Bruins’ or Habs Leafs’ game

    Habitant means PASSIONATE HOCKEY

    • Psycho29 says:

      In 1938, for the first time in NHL history two of the league’s teams, the Detroit Red Wings and the Montreal Canadiens, went on a tour of Europe with a nine-game series in England and France. The Canadiens won the series with a record of 5–3–1.

      In 1992 the Habs and Blackhawks played two exhibition games in England. Series was 1-1.

      Light travels faster than sound. This is why some people appear bright until you hear them speak.

      • Habitant in Surrey says:

        …thanks Psycho …so almost 20 years since last ?
        …long time
        …as a Fan, I like PropWash below think starting off in Europe has been disconcerting for other NHL teams in the past, resulting in some being affected by the time-difference once back home among other things …so no skin off My back if We play in Europe or not, risking a poor season’s start
        …BUT, if I was Molson ?, owning the Habs ? …I would be looking at expanding the sales of sweaters and other potential revenues out of Europe and even Asia
        …just surprised the NHL and Molson have yet to have the Habs as a priority Team playing overseas

        Habitant means PASSIONATE HOCKEY

    • Propwash says:

      Leave the Europe niche to other teams. Personally, I have no interest in seeing the Habs travel overseas for a pipe dream that the NHL will make it in Europe .

      • JD_ says:

        Were it a pipe dream, IIHF head honcho Rene Fasel would not be so breathlessly fallin’ over himself to prevent it from happenin’. Go back and look at the press coverage.

        Nobody savvy leaves anythin’ to others, let alone lucrative – as you term it – niches. If I’m Bettman, I’m on this like a hobo on a ham sandwich. He is, however, already there.

        Within the next five years, the ball starts rollin’, mark my words.

  6. Jonson says:

    ………..he’s done pretty well as a two-way player. He has more worth to a team than vocal Bell Centre brats probably give him credit for. That said, he’s never really been able to finish and that is generally the quality that is appreciated the most in a big hockey market. Montreal is a team that still has some salary cap leeway and no other terribly horrible deals (the jury is still out on Erik Cole) so his $7M+ cap hit is probably perceived as more egregious than it actually is, and a shrewd General Manager may find some value in it next offseason.”

    Who ever wrote this has no clue what they are talking about. Gomez was horrible from start to finish last year. his two way game was brutal. he was horrible defensively and gave away the puck way too much. no one can sit here and tell me that he had any value to this team last year. the year before last his value was pretty big. he did nothing right last year. i didnt miss too many games last year and people defended him all year but he never came around. He was bad in the post season and it was his play that didnt put us over the hump. its hard to win with one center. aLTHOUGH pleks was amazing in the playoffs. There is no need to sit here and sugar coat gomez’s value last year. He brought nothing to the table and did not help the team what so ever.

    i dont care how many points he puts up this year. i just want him to play like he did in the first year as a hab. He was very fun to watch.

    • Castor says:

      Actually, though I whined about Gomez a lot, I CAN sit here and tell you that he had value to the team last year…at points.

      There was a stretch that he was injured and, as was brought up many times on these boards at the time, the team had zero push into the offensive zone. Especially on the power play. I remember thinking “wow, he’s been horrible this year and without him we can’t freaking get any offense going. What does that say?”

      Also, when he, Gionta and MaxPac played together Gomez was pretty much a point per game player.

      So, yeah, he had an awful season and he’s not worth his contract…but he does bring value to the team.

      And I didn’t even bring up how much he holds that locker room together.

  7. JohnBellyful says:

    See Dick run.
    See Dick run Jim into the boards.
    Wow, Jim just got his bell rung.
    Ding dong. Ding dong
    Jim won’t forget that hit.
    Way to go. Dick. Nice hit.
    Jim will think twice about going into the corners now.
    Won’t you, Jim?

    The wheels on the gurney go round, round, round.
    Round, round, round.
    The wheels on the gurney go round, round, round.
    Another kid goes down.

    (From Hockey School Primer used in the 1960s)

    Fortunately, the top people who run hockey realized by the 21st century that society had moved on and they made changes to the game.

    See Kai run.
    See Kai run Asher into the boards.
    Wow, Asher just got his bell rung.
    Ding dong. Ding dong.
    Good thing Asher was wearing a helmet.
    He won’t forget that hit.
    But if he does the team will make sure he goes sees a doctor.
    Way to go, Kai. Nice hit.
    Asher will think twice about turning his body before going into the corners now.
    Won’t you, Asher?
    Jim, can you help your son off the ice?

    — “Now with 37 per cent fewer typing, grammatical and factual errors!” —

    • HardHabits says:

      I loved that book. One of my favourites was:

      Jack and Gilles went up the ice to fetch the puck they’re after
      Jack fell down when pushed around
      and Gilles skates off with laughter

      • JohnBellyful says:

        You know, I can remember thinkin’ as a kid, why doesn’t Jack show some grit.
        You heard Jill left him? For Gilles, of course.
        Poor Jack, he got jilted twice.

  8. Ayan_SB says:

    Here’s Alexei Yemelin earlier today as he hit the ice with a few Montreal teammates (Lars Eller among them) for a practice skate.

    You’ll also notice that his dressing room stall is next to Markov.

    • AK_PK_Usay says:

      Thanks for link, looks pretty good, i hope Eller isnt rushing anything… No reason, he has his whole career ahead.

    • scrowe21 says:

      Posted this earlier today.. good to see him on the ice with the team. His skating looks good. Berger on the other hand….. man his skating looks horrible, I was really high on him too. Hopefully he can improve that this year.

      *Acquire first overall pick at any cost that doesn’t include Subban , draft Yakupov*

      • Bripro says:

        They were mentioning it earlier too. Same concerns. He looks like he’s wearing led boots.

      • showey47 says:

        Next to cole,Yemelin is the person i’m most anxious to watch this upcoming season. As for berger he was looking like he was on the last lap of a half hour bag skate. Still plenty of time for him to improve his skating though.

  9. HabinBurlington says:

    So will this new Stanchion be called the MaxStanchion or ZeStanchion the NHL is looking to change.

  10. HabinBurlington says:

    I know its only preseason, but enjoying watching my Steelers hammer Michael Vick and the Dream Team Eagles tonight.

    On a bad note, already lost two left tackles to injury….

    • Bripro says:

      Well, I’m pretty impressed with the Pat’s running game against Tampa Bay. That’s the only Boston team I like.

      • Bripro says:

        Actually that’s wrong. I don’t watch much baseball but am always impressed on how the Red Sox can give the hated Yankees fits. So I guess the only team I don’t like (can’t stand them actually) is the Bruins.

  11. twilighthours says:

    After many frustrating months of not being able to view the comment structure on mobile safari (iPhone), I finally bit the bullet and downloaded a new browser – mercury. Mercury allows you to bypass mobile websites, like the sh!TTY one that wordpress feeds mobile safari.

    Just an FYI if other iPhone users feel it foo.

    Ps – webmasers, I’m quite sure that you could tweak your wordpress site to be more mobile friendly.

      • twilighthours says:

        I’m playing right now. You have to go into settings and tell your browser to tell websites to view your request as something other than a mobile device (I chose Mac safari, no particular reason). I’m sure there are tricks to work out… Eg, when posting a comment, your previous cOmments’ text is already populating the dialogue box, so you have to select-all and delete before writing your new one…

        • i set it to ipad safari since its
          its closest relative

          drawback you cant see the text as you write it so if this is full of typos… oh well

          • twilighthours says:

            I could with Mac safari setting… But it lags a bit. Either way, this is 10000000000 times better

            If you’re sick of not being able to view the HIO comment structure from your iPhone, try downloading Mercury browser. If you have alternative suggestions, please send them along!

          • agreed this is way better than safari or the HIO app

        • okay and you cant edit when set as ipad but… k weird now i can see the text as i write lol

          anywhoo THANK YOU SO MUCH for the heads up 🙂

          • twilighthours says:

            No worries! If the HIO webmasters aren’t going to look out for us iPhone users, we need to take care of ourselves.

            If you’re sick of not being able to view the HIO comment structure from your iPhone, try downloading Mercury browser. If you have alternative suggestions, please send them along!

          • HabFab says:

            Great! You guys even sound “smarter” now 🙂

      • Everlasting1 says:

        Well, get off it. Mercury is among the most toxic elements that was once used by the ADA for dental fillings, and is still used today for various medications, and vaccines. The symptoms/conditions are wide spread, adversely affecting the brain the most.

        “God has taken his place in the divine council; in the midst of the gods he holds judgment: “How long will you judge unjustly and show partiality to the wicked? Psalms 82:1-2

        “We don’t see things as they are, but as we are.” – Anais Nin

        • so if im reading you correctly, mercury is BAD FOR YOU?

          GET OUT!

          pardon me as i go back to finnishing my beluga sandwich

        • HardHabits says:

          Mercury was a messenger and a god of trade. He is the Roman version of Hermes.

        • Oh, E1. You have no idea what you’re talking about. Mercury is not used in vaccines, at least not your understanding of mercury. And when speaking of toxicity I think you need a chemistry lesson. You never speak of toxicity levels of elements, you speak of how concentrations of certain elements/compounds can be toxic or not. Whenever you want to say something stupid like you just did, try to remember one of the most important and simple lessons you can ever learn about chemicals; the dose makes the poison, not the compound.

          • Everlasting1 says:

            Why don’t you research the many compounds/ingredients that make up vaccines and conclude how natural/beneficial they are. The effects are cumulative, and absolutely useless in warding off the flu or any other virus. But we’ve had this ‘discussion’ before, ending with your belligerence and name-calling. Believe what you will..take your seasonal shots.

            “God has taken his place in the divine council; in the midst of the gods he holds judgment: “How long will you judge unjustly and show partiality to the wicked? Psalms 82:1-2

            “We don’t see things as they are, but as we are.” – Anais Nin

          • E1, any dumbass can look up a list of ingredients in a vaccine. Takes some ACTUAL research to figure out what those compounds actually are and what purpose they serve. The computer you’re typing on right now isn’t very natural either but I don’t see you whining about it. Vaccines save millions of lives every year with little to no complications. Not only that, pharmaceuticals barely make any money off of them.

            You always pretend you’re so learned on a subject but it’s so obvious how ignorant you are of science that it’s like pulling teeth to explain the simplest of ideas. It’s sad how willfully ignorant you are. You so desperately want to be the rebel who knows everything who everyone’s out to get, but you’re just a guy who reads things on the internet and takes it all at face value if it fits your preconceived notion of how the world works.

          • Everlasting1 says:

            You mean how cancerous the ingredients are, and attributed to a litany of health/mental issues? Vaccines save millions of lives?? What planet would that be? You’re a hook/line/sinking sucker with your dogmatic beliefs, and a product of the ‘education’ system. Anyone dying during a bout with the flu are already sick and/or dying of other complications. The common cold kills too. Health officials will blame the virus, instilling the fear. Yea, bigpharma are in the red.
            Save your propaganda for someone who’ll listen. I certainly don’t expect everyone to take my word on anything I post here. Can you handle the opinions? Or are you too ‘arrested’?

            “God has taken his place in the divine council; in the midst of the gods he holds judgment: “How long will you judge unjustly and show partiality to the wicked? Psalms 82:1-2

            “We don’t see things as they are, but as we are.” – Anais Nin

          • At least you’re smart enough to call the garbage you spew opinions, because it’s certainly not fact. Like, you know, the data I’m referring to which scientifically proves everything you’re saying to be wrong.

          • Everlasting1 says:

            It’s actually a fact to me. I call them opinions for arguments sake.
            You have your scientific proof, I have mine. It supposedly takes a minimum 9 months to ‘formulate’ a vaccine. The virus mutates/evolves at a much faster rate.

            “God has taken his place in the divine council; in the midst of the gods he holds judgment: “How long will you judge unjustly and show partiality to the wicked? Psalms 82:1-2

            “We don’t see things as they are, but as we are.” – Anais Nin

          • You don’t have any scientific facts. You have absolutely dick all. You have internet idiots spreading conspiracy theories based on ignorance.

          • Everlasting1 says:

            Can’t take the opinions, I see. You represent and confirm everything I believe hehe

            “God has taken his place in the divine council; in the midst of the gods he holds judgment: “How long will you judge unjustly and show partiality to the wicked? Psalms 82:1-2

            “We don’t see things as they are, but as we are.” – Anais Nin

    • HardHabits says:

      No such nonsnse on the Palm Pre. Web pages appear in real HTML.

      • HP just announced about 5 hours ago that its burying web OS


        edit: sorry bout the all caps, couldnt see the text :/

        • HardHabits says:

          Are you serious??? OMGWTF???

          I just googled your very sentence and I am both a little pissed and sad to hear that. Wow. First Palm screwed the pooch and now HP. Too bad. WebOS rules. I hope it goes all Linux and becomes Open Source and Underground. I just wonder what hardware will support it. I’d laugh if in a few years they’re loading it on Androids and iPhones. Or not. That would really suck if it just died like that though. Looks like WebOS got Microsofted by Apple and Google.

          • i agree webos is a great OS, heres what ran through my head dude, google just bought motorolla which has made LG, HTC and samsung collectively shit themselves, its not unthinkable that google will cut them out of android now that they have hardware, if it happens, HTC will run to MS, LG will probably just stick to dumbphones and tv’s… but samsung is huge… i could see them kicking webos’s tires and buying it considering how much precense they have in the smartphone and tablet markets

            edit: sony is the wildcard and will probably be the only other HW company that will sport android considering they have established partnerships

          • HardHabits says:

            I am reading the same thing. Many business analysts are suggesting that HP will licence the OS the way Microsoft licences Windows.

            I still got my phone for free and because Bell couldn’t give them away I got a reduction on my monthly bill as well. I love this deflation thing that’s going on. It’s like the economy has reached peak oil. But I digress.

            Apple buying Motorola totally changes the playing field though. Microsoft might want to kill WebOS while it is nursing its wounds after it’s recent tag team beating. I’d like to see WebOS survive though. Like I said up top it would be sad to see it die and I would be disappointed if it did.

          • i think it was yesterday i was reading about how HP was trying to calm down best buy for all the unsold stock being warehoused for the touchpad, then like A DAY LATER this happens?

            i am all for competition and webOS deserves better, if samsung was smart, theyd buy webOS before rim wakes up from its coma. I dont see many platforms paying for liscencing, of course this is just my

          • HardHabits says:

            Whoever buys WebOS needs to make sure that they leave behind whoever is currently with it. How anybody could flub that beauty is besides me. I’d love to see RIM get it though. As long as they don’t get mired in Open Source paranoia. But BlackBerries suck ass. No touch screen. Poor screen resolution. Nice messenger service though and it connects to Exchange Server nifty enough but nobody asks their parents for one for Christmas, or Hannukah for that matter.

            I just bought some Palm Pre accessories online. No wonder they were all 80% off. Hilarious.

          • but wait the new bold has a touchscreen, all 3cm squared of it

            i love how the biggest complaint about the first torch was the screen rez, so BB responds with 2 new models, and guess which one rectifies that complaint?


            both still habe the EXACT SAME SCREEN AS THE 2008 STORM

            i want these guys to succeed theyve represented canada for
            so long but holy shit…

            even the new unreleased pearl wont be compatible with the playbook for crying out loud

            edit: hope you got the touchstone thats hands down the coolest accessory for the pre

          • HardHabits says:

            Nah. I just bought two lithium batteries, a car charger and a plug in the wall battery charger. All for 30$ shipping included. Original retail was like 170$ for all items. The touchstone is cool but I just connect it to any USB port available. I need the car jack though because the GPS sucks juice like crazy. I use that sucker for my freelance work like there’s no tomorrow. GPS, email, text, google maps, calendar, full Internet access. Smart phones are little computers. Mine anyways. The iPhone is a piece of work though. It’s the total package for the connected geek in all of us. I am a Linux user and a computer technician so the Palm Pre works for me on levels that an iPhone just wouldn’t satisfy.

            I need a tablet though and was thinking of buying the HP WebOS one. Nix that idea. FML if I have to get an iPad. I think it’s inevitable now. 🙁

            Those BASTARDS!!!!!

          • lol get a touchpad ive “heard” they are gonna be way easy to
            aquire on the cheap 😀

          • Chris says:

            Given how much hardware of Samsung’s is inside everybody else’s phones, they’ll probably still do alright. For example, I believe Samsung is the number one manufacturer of components for the iPhone. Apple itself has nothing to do with the actual manufacturing of their own phones, something I find somewhat amusing.

          • also from the spoke too soon news of the week, apple dropped samsung for sharp 🙂 (for ios device screens)

            but yes you are right but all tech companies supply each other in funny ways, case in point, the power pc chip was an IBM product…

  12. 24 Cups says:

    Zajac out for 8 to 10 weeks.

  13. Pelicans says:

    Habs are lucky to have this guy and should use him more.
    We need more Ryan white type guys in the league!
    Halak, White and Muller for life!

  14. HabFab says:

    Hab blogger view on Semin and the positive Hab dressing room.

    • punkster says:

      I’m getting a charge out of all the links and news you’re digging up Frank and I appreciate the work you’re doing. Nice to see you back here actively participating. Now if we could just lure Brian out of his hole this place could become even more lively 😉

      ***Subbang Baby!!!***

      • HabFab says:

        Trying to cover for Bryan (NM49) who was the master of the links.
        As for Mr Jones, he has dropped in (under various guises naturally) for a few quick comments over the last couple weeks but not stayed long. Said “drinking beer, playing pick up ball, drinking beer”. Probably figures Dave is doing the job and he is not needed 😉
        Always active during the off season to get my Habs fix, fear withdrawal may be fatal!!

        • With politicians in Washington and Europe putting us right back on the verge of another world-wide recession with their stupidity, I have been really busy lately. I like the team sans Gomez right now and can’t wait to see the puck drop on the ’11-’12 campaign. We may not win the Cup almost every year like in my youth, but at least the guys running the squad over the past few years have made the team relevant again. And, this season we have a bunch of new chocolates like Yemelin and Cole to watch.

          • HabFab says:

            I was actually thinking you must be busy. There would be a major demand out there for your services but good luck seeing the way through this mess. Especially for a Republican and free market, free man sort of guy! (Sorry, couldn’t resist 🙂 )

          • punkster says:

            Frank really knows how to hit a guy below the belt. Freakin’ liberal socialist.

            Hope to see you around more when the season starts B. Miss the pointed comments and observations 😉

            ***Subbang Baby!!!***

          • Chris says:

            Nice to see you back…I don’t envy you having to deal with what seems to be a global unleashing of every politician’s inner crazy.

  15. Un Canadien errant says:

    HIO Fantasy Football League alert:

    A couple weeks back when the NFL lockout was about to be resolved, I floated the idea of forming a HIO members fantasy football league. I got some positive responses, so we are going to go ahead with the idea. So far we have three teams, with Rick, Gerald Dueck and me.

    We will use CBS Sportsline’s service, mainly because I’m familiar with it and find it superior to ESPN’s, SI’s, Facebook’s or Yahoo’s games, although I can be convinced otherwise.

    The league will consist of twelve teams, so if we could get twelve HIO members to join that would be great. If we don’t get twelve the league will get filled in by outsiders, but that is less than ideal since some of these last-minute joiners tend to stop playing after a week or two.

    We’ll use a format with 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 K and 1 DST active per game, and with five more players on the bench. Other rules and details can be had by visiting the link below.

    If you are interested please reply to this post and I will keep track. Once we hit about six or so I will set up the league online and we can get ready for a draft. When you reply please let me know what day and time you would prefer for the online draft, we’ll try to get one that works for those North, South, East aaaaaaand West of the Pecos.

    For my training camp surprise, I want the second coming of Mike McPhee. And maybe Kent Carlson.

    • t1tan5 says:

      I would be interested, but I really prefer Yahoo over the other websites.

      • Un Canadien errant says:

        I played with Yahoo for a couple seasons, not a bad interface. One problem I had was the 10 team leagues and 6 reserves per team, which makes it too easy, all the teams are stacked. I kind of like when injuries hit and you have to really scrape the bottom of the barrel looking for a RB on those bye weeks. Another problem is that with 10 teams you play an unbalanced schedule, which sucks if there is a dropout or two and one team gets to play them more than other teams. Finally, I found that their waiver system is not dialed. During Sundays, I could grab free agents off the wire the second I’d see an ACL injury occur. Good for me, but not a fair system. Whatever the majority wants to do though, I’m cool with.

        For my training camp surprise, I want the second coming of Mike McPhee. And maybe Kent Carlson.

  16. HabinBurlington says:

    There was some dialogue the other day about trying to pickup Doan during season after Phoenix sucks the first half.

  17. SmartDog says:

    1. If I’m PK Subban, I spent the summer working on….
    2. If I’m Scott Gomez, I trained really hard on my….
    3. If I’m Carey Price, this summer I _____ every chance I got.
    4. If I’m Ryan White I’m going to come to camp ready to….
    5. If I’m Cammalleri, this summer I’ve been working to…..

    *****WARNING: Testing out new dog icons for the coming season. *****

    • pierre lapuck says:

      1. Learning some French, he’s gonna be a star here for a long time he may as well assimilate.
      2. just about everything but primarily on escape routes outta town should this season be repeat of the last
      3. Chill’ed out
      4. RUMBLE
      5.stay healthy in the winter-time.

      **QUESTION: How do you add pictures/icons to the avatar?**

    • geo_habsgo says:

      liking these questions. And the new dog icon! haha.

      1. My celebrations. Gotta put on a show every time I score a goal.

      2. All-round conditioning. Faceoffs and shooting.

      3. Wore my studded cowboy boots every chance I got.

      4. Throw it down and show that I belong.

      5. Get the hang of changing diapers.

    • GrimJim says:

      1. french language pick-up lines
      2. abs
      3. wore a big hat
      4. eat Montreal -style pizza
      5. flip a tractor tire while holding a new-borne

    • LL says:

      1. If I’m PK Subban, I spent the summer working on getting names for my little black book.

      2. If I’m Scott Gomez, I trained really hard in my ferrari.

      3. If I’m Carey Price, this summer I snickered at all those who thought I was a bust every chance I got.

      4. If I’m Ryan White I’m going to come to camp ready to have great flowy hair to show off during my fights.

      5. If I’m Cammalleri, this summer I’ve been working to grow a few inches taller.

    • Stev.R says:

      1. If I’m PK Subban, I spent the summer working on… becoming smarter
      2. If I’m Scott Gomez, I trained really hard on my… shot
      3. If I’m Carey Price, this summer I … relaxed… every chance I got.
      4. If I’m Ryan White I’m going to come to camp ready to…work
      5. If I’m Cammalleri, this summer I’ve been working to… never get injured again

  18. Chrisadiens says:

    I never get sick of watching this.

    Was at the game, and it was my 10 yr old nephew’s first NHL game. Think he is a PK fan now?

    Chrisadiens and HabFan10912, one of the few father son tandems on HIO.

  19. HabFab says:

    Bradley is going to be soorrryy!! when Semin hears about his negative comments. Sounds like a drag down b*tch slapping will occur.
    Semin doing the nasty to Staal.

    HH – I hope to God this isn’t what you expect from our boys!

  20. Chrisadiens says:

    Has anyone here used the NHL GameCenter App for the PS3? I’m thinking about using that instead of buying The Center Ice package. Apparently, if I use the app for the PS3, all my games will be in HD. That would be awesome. 2 Questions though: Is the video choppy/always buffering? And, I work nights, which means I have to DVR 90% of the Habs games. So can I start playing the game at puck drop at any time after the game has started/ended?

    Chrisadiens and HabFan10912, one of the few father son tandems on HIO.

  21. HabinBurlington says:

    So the more I read on how Crosby is still suffering the more frustrated I get with not only the NHL Head Office but how foolish Teams are.

    Sidney Crosby in the Outdoor classic was so out of it after that dirty hit from Steckel that he missed the assignment to become the extra attacker when they pulled their goalie. Yet somehow the team decided to throw caution to the wind and dress him for their next game against Tampa.

    Perhaps in a very twisted way Max Pac was “fortunate” to have fractured his vertabrae. This neck injury forced him to the sideline (edit) regardless of his concussion status. Please understand I am in no way happy he suffered the fracture nor was he really fortunate. But teams in this league continue to misdiagnose concussions and still urge their players to get back on the ice. I still actually wonder if Halpern should have returned to the ice after Ferrence cheap shotted him. Or again was it because playoff game and good old hockey players play hurt?

    I still have to believe that if Crosby had not played that night in Tampa, he may well have been like Max Pac and felt much better 2-3 months later. As Ian has pointed out and others, there is a trauma period up 2-3 days after initial concussion which is a vital time in the recovery for the brain. Sidney was on the ice during this recovery time and is still paying the price. I am not surprised the player (Sidney) says he is good to go, but still seems to me that owners continue to treat their athletes as packaged goods, always replaceable.

    • christophor says:

      I think you mean ‘disirregardless’.

      Makes more sense but just as much nonsense.

    • 24 Cups says:

      Gerald – JT was way ahead of the curve on concussions and few people listened. A few years later, everyone realizes it is the crisis that the NHL can no longer cover up.

      The league (and Bettman) either get a handle on this right away or risk becoming another version of Roller Derby on ice.

      Bettman has always thought his legacy would be growing the game to expanded American markets. Little did he realize that it would be the present crisis facing the health and well being of his players. And it all starts with the league’s marquee player.

      I’m not even sure if he really gets it. More a case of damage control in his eyes. How sad.

  22. Jordio-oh says:

    If you like Carey Price and fashion, you should definitely watch this quick video:

    Warning: If you can’t appreciate Carey Price or a well fitting suit, this may not be for you.

  23. joshua94k says:

    The Montreal Canadiens will once again be the most featured team on HNIC this season with 28 games including some Saturday matinees, Friday and Sunday games.

    Let’s see if more national coverage of the Canadiens will be seen so fans get to see the exciting Habs and rocking Bell Centre compared to the dull Air canada Centre and boring Leafs.

    “It’s too much for one guy to shoulder. For us, we’re going to do it as a group. It’s about sharing that responsibility win or lose.” – Mike Cammalleri

    • HabinBurlington says:

      Just heard on the Fan sports radio in Toronto that leafs will be on CBC 29 times, not sure if they are including exhibition games given it will be the same roster come reg. season.

  24. Ozmodiar says:

    Not a fan of the proposed secondary goal line. They should go with the table top hockey approach, where the puck would slide into a hole when it crossed the goal line.

    Of course, such a change would have to coincide with a change to the goaltender interference penalty.
    – an extra 2 mins if you knock the goalie into the hole.
    – 5 and a game if the goalie gets stuck in the hole and needs the help of the maintenance crew to get out.

  25. RobertAlanFord says:

    Totally off subject but do the Habs have any other prospects in the OHL aside from Tinordi? Got a really cheap deal on a 67’s package and would like to see some up and comers play.

    “When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro”, Hunter S. Thompson.

    • Chrisadiens says:

      No idea. Where’s SF09 when we need him eh?

      Chrisadiens and HabFan10912, one of the few father son tandems on HIO.

      • LA Loyalist says:

        believe it or not, he actually has a day job to pay the bills.

        We should all chip in and have him guru here. Kind of like a ref that knows his stuff. 🙂

        • Chrisadiens says:

          The nerve of some guys huh? Working to pay bills…..

          You might be on to something. If we each send him a dollar per month he should be good right? There’s like 20,000 unique visitors every month on HIO. Maybe Boone and CO can put him on payroll?

          Chrisadiens and HabFan10912, one of the few father son tandems on HIO.

    • HabFab says:

      Sorry but Tinordi is our only OHL prospect.

    • Un Canadien errant says:

      Get the package and then be our HIO OHL scout. Set us up for the arguments come the 2012 draft.

      For my training camp surprise, I want the second coming of Mike McPhee. And maybe Kent Carlson.

      • RobertAlanFord says:

        That’s the other idea is to check out the OHL’s top players in the next draft. Still gonna take a look at Tinordi though……… unless he’s traded straight up for McIlrath (hint, hint PG).

        “When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro”, Hunter S. Thompson.

  26. scrowe21 says:

    Alexei Yemelin and Alain Berger videos on the Canadiens official site of them hitting the ice for the first time, practicing with the guys. I noticed Eller on the ice too.. and Tinordi.. I think.

    I really hope that number 11 skating beside Berger was not Gallagher, because he looks extremely slow…

    *Acquire first overall pick at any cost that doesn’t include Subban , draft Yakupov*

    • HabinBurlington says:

      Cool! Great to see Eller on the ice. Gonna be a good year everyone!

    • HabFab says:

      Yemelin looks fairly mobile. The #11 was not wearing a Canadiens sweater which Gallagher would be. Also the Major Jr teams are opening training camps so he should be home.

      • Mark C says:

        Yeah that has to be some random kid. He was wearing a full shield; Gallagher wouldn’t be wearing one of those. Yemelin’s skating did look good.

    • Chrisadiens says:

      God, I miss hockey.

      Chrisadiens and HabFan10912, one of the few father son tandems on HIO.

      • HabinBurlington says:

        Thought the same thing when I saw that! Hey sorry to see race was rained out Sunday, did you hang around to watch on Monday? I used to go to Michigan races every year and we always planned to come home on Mondays so that in case of Rain we didn’t miss the race. Twice it paid off for us.

        • Chrisadiens says:

          No unfortunately we had previous engagements on Monday so we missed the Sprint Cup race. We did get to see the NNS race and all of qualifying though. First time I saw qualifying and I really enjoyed it. Free tickets so we can’t complain. 6 weeks ’til Dover!

          The weekend wasn’t a total waste though, went up to Black Lake, NY and caught buckets of bass.

          Chrisadiens and HabFan10912, one of the few father son tandems on HIO.

  27. JD_ says:

    Three hours later…

    …industrial quantities of homemade gnocchi, ready to be boiled.

    …industrial quantities of homemade bolognese sauce.

    I’m bagged, baby!

    Next time, I’ll just open a few cans of Chef Boy-Ar-Effin’-Dee.

    See the NHL is once again considerin’ the secondary goal line. In effect, it’s a green line the width of a puck behind the goal line. If the puck is touchin’ it from the perspective of the overhead cam, the puck is in. The key is it is not obscured by the horizontal. Thought it was a good idea the first time it was bandied about.

    That and no-touch icin’.

    Regardin’ the idea a player serves his penalty in its entirety, even if the other team scores – the Anti-Beliveau Amendment – and that icin’ the puck on the PK will be called is a bit of an issue. Add the two together and you’re gonna drive up scorin’, but you’re also gonna make it tougher for refs to make calls unless, of course, they dig influencin’ the outcome of a game.

    May as well put a dunce cap in the box if that shiznat is implemented.

    Julien’s gonna be benchin’ a whole lotta Poolio.

    So, Matt Bradley thinks Boudreau overplayed his overpaid stars, and that if one of them wasn’t clickin’ Bruce had to keep playin’ him, and that a lot of teams do the same thing, and Matt gets that?


    Was absolutely surrounded by Sens’ fans this past weekend. They all agreed among themselves that the Sens would make the playoffs, although they were at a real loss to explain exactly how. I took a handful of bets the Sens would finish bottom three in the league and didn’t even ask for odds.

    One sizeable guy who played elite hockey mentioned recently meetin’ PK Subban and said the kid has a lot to learn. I laughed at the tiresome cliche, turned to him and noted PK has a lot to teach, that he’s a freakin’ god in these here parts, and that his precious team was gonna finish in the basement precisely because it doesn’t have players like Soobs.

    Eff’ the Sens and their st00pid fans.

    • shiram says:

      There was talk of smaller mesh for the goals, having the top of goals in clear plastice, and goals getting shallower depth, from 44 inches to 40 inches.

      If you don’t grok it, drokk it!

      • JD_ says:

        I’m all for the shallower net if it ups the Gretzky Zone.

      • Chuck says:

        Let it be known that I first suggested clear plastic on the tops of the nets–as well as cameras placed up under the crossbar looking directly down on the goal line–over two years ago here on HIO.

        Someone **coughGaryBettmancough** could end up owing me a big royalty cheque, though I’ve got a feeling that I’d just be added to the list of folks to be screwed over by the Commish.

    • HabFanSince72 says:

      You made gnocchi?


      I tried that once: first go, I got glue. Tweaked the recipe a bit and got confetti.

      • JD_ says:

        Usin’ Buona Notte’s technique. I riced the potatoes last night and laid them out on cookie sheets covered with a dish towel to dry out overnight.

        Moisture’s your enemy.

        • LA Loyalist says:

          Is that the place on St. Laurent on the west side? Is it still good?

          We had a wrap party there one night in like 1999 and girls ended up dancing on the tables, et cetera… yeah, there are things I miss about Montreal.

          Try that in LA and they’d shoot you.

    • Wait… There are Sens fans who think their team is good?

    • Former Jets Fan says:

      Curious to know how much – or should I say, little – flour you used.

      Gnocchi is a favourite of mine, but I’ve never purchased any – whether at a store or restaurant – that I didn’t find too “chewy” for my tastes – the flour factor. I’ve had much success using google’s top hit for “how to make gnocchi like an italian grandmother” but I’m always interested to know if even that could be improved.

  28. NL_habs_fan says:

    15 regular season Habs games on TSN/TSN2

    1 preseason game also

  29. bleedhabs81 says:

    !!!!! BREAKING NEWS !!!!!!

    I just heard that PG was seen leaving Home Hardware with a large supply of P240 sandpaper.

    When asked, the cashier said that he originally was going to purchase P220 paper but decided he needed more grit while he was waiting in line!

    • ABHabsfan says:

      !!Breaking news!! P220 is grittier than 240. Smaller the # the grittier. Some 24-grit grinder disks would be a good analogy.

      • bleedhabs81 says:

        Curse it. I had written a whole thesis on why you were wrong, complete with hand calculations and smug arrogant overtones.

        I don’t see it anywhere.

        Oh well, I will summarize it quickly

        P220 has an average grit size of 68 micro meters
        P240 has an average grit size of 58 micro meters

        Take a peice of sand paper with an area of 1 sq meter and you would get approx. 14,000 grit particles for the P220 and 17,000 grit particles for the P240….

        Therefore P240 has more grit.

        P220 is coarser, but that was not the point of my original post.

        • HabinBurlington says:

          This reminds me of an argument at my hockey pool every year. We always have about 18 guys in it. The question is, when you say it is pick 15, the other guy yells going up or going down. Going up could mean up in number or up in the draft. We argue this every year!

          • Bugs says:

            And it reminds ME of an argument I always have with my friend concerning what is coffee and what is water with coffee grains IN it.
            He says “Yeah, but THAT’S coffee.”
            And I say “But what IS coffee? Water with coffee grains. And that’s what I’m drinking, not coffee.”
            And on and on like this. No end in sight neither.

            Gone figuratively fishin filibusts L. B. Potter, esq.

        • habaddict_andy says:

          More numbers per square meter means they are smaller. Therefore they are softer not grittier.

          Your analogy can also mean Canadiens need more smaller players as long as they are many in numbers.

          Go! Hockey! Go!

          • bleedhabs81 says:

            More particles per square meter mean they are smoother, or less coarse, less abrasive, and suitable for fine finishes on wood or metal….

            but the smaller number also means there are more grit particles present.

            I think you are confused with the meaning of the word grittier.

            Grittier: Containing or covered with grit -Merriam-Websters

            Therefore, more particles would be grittier as it contains more grit (why is that hard to understand?)

            Also, it does not mean they are softer. Soft is a whole other property which is not associated with the diameter or number of grit particles on a peice of paper. Now you are confusing soft and smooth.

            It’s like explaining things to the Boston Bruins here today….

  30. Timo says:

    Ok people… very important question. My telus contract will be running out soon (thank goodness). Need a new phone. What to get? Atrix, Galaxy, iPhone… this whole thing is giving me a headache.

    • timo, starting today

      that is if you dont want to hold off on the 5

      just stay away from blackberry and youll be fine… the new galaxy does look pretty sweet

    • Chrisadiens says:

      I’m starting to lose faith in Android powered phones myself. Always locking up. Never had an iPhone. I’d listen to Mofo, he knows his techie stuff.

      Chrisadiens and HabFan10912, one of the few father son tandems on HIO.

    • HabFanSince72 says:

      iPhone. Not even close.

      • again now is the WORST time to be buying an iphone unless you want a bargain, locking yourself into 3 years with a year old phone that wont be supported by apple themselves in 2 is insanity, i hate our telcos

        • HabFanSince72 says:

          You are only locking yourself in if you buy it at reduced price. I bought mine full price with no contract, which anyone can do.

          You can get it from Apple directly.

          • trust me so do i, i couldnt live without an unlocked phone, but as timo said his contract is ending, so im assuming he wants another contract for the subsidy

          • Timo says:

            Nah, i am not going to get into another contract. But I guess it does make sense to wait a couple of month to get iPhone 4 at a discount when 5 shows up. Can I still use iphone 4 to bitch about Gomez?

          • there you go, yeah it will be cheaper since it will still be sold by apple as their 2nd tier phone (or perhaps 3rd) but the 3gs is getting phazed out, also if you want to travel out of the country, unlocked if fun, forget roaming when you can pop in a local prepaid sim

            and yes you can bitch about gomez, although not well since the HIO commenting system in safari mobile completely blows

      • Trisomy 21 says:

        As funny as how the leafs think burke is their saviour. Delicious kool-aid

    • G-Man says:

      Keep the land line and bleep the cell phone. I heard Habs management uses them and you don’t want to paint yourself with the same stripes, do ya, Timo?

    • Everlasting1 says:

      The phone model/features is a personal choice, but try Wind as your service provider. Unlimited texting within Canada for under $30/month. Forget the bs contracts, and the major telecoms.

      “God has taken his place in the divine council; in the midst of the gods he holds judgment: “How long will you judge unjustly and show partiality to the wicked? Psalms 82:1-2

      “We don’t see things as they are, but as we are.” – Anais Nin

      • except for the fact that wind doesnt have national coverage, which is whats holding them back (you can thank quebecor for that)

        while in montreal with a wind phone, you are roaming as you would be in the states

        • Everlasting1 says:

          A cheap calling card would suffice for long distance.
          It’s a growing company, and connectivity is not a prob within major cities.

          “God has taken his place in the divine council; in the midst of the gods he holds judgment: “How long will you judge unjustly and show partiality to the wicked? Psalms 82:1-2

          “We don’t see things as they are, but as we are.” – Anais Nin

          • Id say not ever going to have coverage in the second largest city in the country as a big enough problem to look at other carriers, sadly, because I like wind’s intention

            Also, iphone isnt compatible with winds frequencies for data

          • Everlasting1 says:

            Just checked the Wind coverage map..looks like there is no service in Mtl. But Timo is good in Calgary. As I said, it’s expanding.

            “God has taken his place in the divine council; in the midst of the gods he holds judgment: “How long will you judge unjustly and show partiality to the wicked? Psalms 82:1-2

            “We don’t see things as they are, but as we are.” – Anais Nin

          • HabinBurlington says:

            More importantly how is their coverage in St. Louis?

          • Its NOT expanding into the province of quebec, EVER

            Like I said you can thank quebecor for that, who paid more for the remaining available GSM spectrum in quebec than wind payed for the rest of canada COMBINED


          • Everlasting1 says:

            No matter. Guess this means you’re owned by one of the biggies for life.

            “God has taken his place in the divine council; in the midst of the gods he holds judgment: “How long will you judge unjustly and show partiality to the wicked? Psalms 82:1-2

            “We don’t see things as they are, but as we are.” – Anais Nin

          • “Crosseyed_mofo says:
            August 18, 2011 3:03 pm at 3:03 pm

            trust me so do i, i couldnt live without an unlocked phone,”

            as in, not on contract, nor will i ever enter one

          • Everlasting1 says:

            Wasn’t just referring to contracts.
            Even Wind (a third party carrier) is partly owned by the major telecoms as they subcontract services to smaller providers. The biggies have already cornered the market, they own the airspace and the technologies.

            “God has taken his place in the divine council; in the midst of the gods he holds judgment: “How long will you judge unjustly and show partiality to the wicked? Psalms 82:1-2

            “We don’t see things as they are, but as we are.” – Anais Nin

  31. AnimalMother says:

    Let’s just sign B.Winchester and shut everyone up about enforcer thibg. Send Ak out for a 3rd. bench spacek

  32. krob1000 says:

    Chrisadiens I couldn’t respond below re:

    “How can you say Cole’s contract is worse than The Wiz’s? We haven’t even seen Cole play in a Habs jersey yet. For all we know he could pot 25 and free up ice for Cammy to pot 40”

    I am not saying Cole’s contract is that bad as a free agent…he addresses a need but so too did Wiz IMO. Cole, however, is 32 and on the downside, Wiz is 27 and in his PRime an perhaps actaully improving. IMO they are both great signings even at their inflated cost. They are not trades so instead of players and prospects you surrender cash, cap space and term……I think Wiz would have toughened our back end, insulated us against injury to Markov, helped with 5 on 5 and puck moving in general which helps every line and I liked his swagger and presence in general. It is pretty safe to assume Cole will score his 20 goals and it is pretty safe to assume Wiz would have scored 35-45 points minimum with potential for 50-60 depending on who was awarded the pp time with three horses,etc. Wiz just added something none of our other dmen with offesnive ability had that is all….I really wanted him to stay. He is a high plus player if you discard the one unfortunate half season with the Isles who are not even AHL calibre….that is pretty impressive given his offensive ability. Add to that the grit and willingnesss to go ape shit…he is a valuable player and in his prime.

    • Chrisadiens says:

      I actually agree with youto a point, I liked Wiz. I was actually a little bummed when he signed with CBJ. Just don’t think 6 yrs/33m was worth it. The NHL is a numbers game now. Have to comply with the cap and that means letting some talent go sometimes. In 2 years we won’t even remember Wiz. It will be the Tinordi/Beaulieu/PK/Yemelin show.

      Chrisadiens and HabFan10912, one of the few father son tandems on HIO.

      • krob1000 says:

        6 years is probably what won out for CLB, I would like to know if we made an offer but that term was too much IMO too at that cost. I would have happily gone to 20 million over 4 years though. For CLB it was a great move though IMO as they now have a legit core to help out their kids who are projected to be pretty good…that Johansen kid is expected to get to battle Carter to center NAsh as a rookie, Carter up the middle and Johnsen if he lives up to his billing ( I think the kid is the real deal myself).

        • Chrisadiens says:

          Yea the term was a big issue for him. I’m happy for him, he played his arse off for us. I thought I read somewhere that the Habs never even talked to him. Or was that Sopel?

          Chrisadiens and HabFan10912, one of the few father son tandems on HIO.

          • HabinBurlington says:

            Funny enough term is what convinced Cole to come to Mtl. He was happy to resign in Carolina until Montreal added the 4th year. I am sure for Wiz, once he saw 6 years he had to say WTF where do I sign.

            I didn’t mind the Wiz, had we been able to get him at decent term and price sure would have been great. Just no way we could compete with the open market on a position where we appear to now have some depth. (Fingers crossed, Markov healthy!)

    • myron.selby says:

      I, for one, was glad that they let Wiz go. As far as I could see the only thing he really brought to the table (other than being kind of cranky) was his point shot on the power play. For me this was not nearly enough to make up for all his shortcomings.

      Defensively he was a disaster. He gave the puck away more than any Habs blueliner with the exception of Spacek. His footspeed was adequate at best and it always took him too long to make a decision once he got possession of the puck in the defensive zone. These 2 things combined to make him cough the puck up repeatedly under any kind of forechecking pressure.

      But even when he had all the time in the world to make a play he still managed to pass it to the other team an alarming percentage of the time. I got very tired of watching him try that cross ice pass from below the faceoff dot to someone on the other side of centre. Invariably it got intercepted – usually inside our blue line – resulting in a quality scoring chance for the other team. How he ever got a reputation for a great first pass is a mystery.

      We already have too many d-men who give the puck away (my friend’s theory was that Spacek hated Price) and with Markov, Subban and Weber we have more than enough power play firepower from the point. So I say – enjoy your new home James.

      • krob1000 says:

        never saw this at all…only thing I will agree on there is his foot speed but he was injrued and was definitely faster than Gill, Spacek, Sopel and even Hammer. He has always been a plus player and I saw him a very adequate defensively. His only real hit to his career pus minus (I am not a huge believer in this stat but..) was a 32 game stint in NYI where he went minus 18…other than that he was a plus guy in Chicago, Anaheim and Montreal….that doesn’t happen to weak dmen. As for his first pass and moving the puck he was great at that…he made great passes to guys in motion not just to a guy on the boards at a stand still waiting to get pounced on like Gill and Gorges do. This is inevetably going to lead to more turnovers and occasionally an ugly one but is well worth the risk….Markova nd Subban also give a ton of pucks away. On that stat…Montreal credits more turnovers historically than other teams..always have. I watched all but a couple of games last year and I saw things vastly diff’t. I found Wiz to be mroe competent defensively than most of our D and all of the Gill lovers astound me. Sure he uis great inside 30 feet but in the NHl part of the job should be not letting tehm get within 30ft. I like him on the PK, I like himhanging back while Pk does his thing and I like his leadership…but I sigh every time I see him on the ice when one of those situations is not happening. Give me Wiz anyday as a top 3 dman and even a number 2 with a solid ace….anyday.

  33. SeriousFan09 says:

    The “NHL Legends” to in be included in NHL 12 are official, Which of these are NOT like the others?

    Wayne Gretzky
    Ray Bourque
    Chris Chelios
    Steve Yzerman
    Jeremy Freakin’ Roenick
    Gordie Howe
    Mario Lemieux
    Patrick Roy
    Borje Can’t Hold a Candle to Potvin Salming

    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.
    SF09 on Twitter

  34. punkster says:

    Hear me out before jumping to conclusions. (Or in an Arnold voice ” Hear me now and zen chump to conclusions”)

    My preference would be to have fighting in hockey tightly policed. It’s one of the two aspects of the game that has always turned me off, the other being intent to injure, whether it be head shots or whatever.

    Realistically the league and the PA won’t ban fighting. I would hope that at some point they could at least try to lessen its impacts on the game as follows:
    1) Seriously enact and enforce rules against staged fights including long suspensions and heavy fines for the teams involved. These have no part in the game and in my view are done simply to pander to the crowd. Staged fights belong in the WWF, not in pro hockey. Let the refs decide right then and there if it’s staged and apply the full penalties (minutes, match, etc) then send it to the disciplinary committee for additional penalties and fines to both players and teams.
    2) Strengthen and enforce rules on intent to injure, particularly head shots, blind side hits and the high impact open ice checks we see cause so many injuries. Reduce the number of injuries, be they short or long term, career ending or life threatening. So many of those types of plays result in retaliatory fights or physical revenge involving intent to injure, a kind of vicious circle.
    3) Strengthen and enforce the rules on” between whistles” and game ending intimidation crap. Again it smacks of stage managed WWF.
    4) Improve the quality and consistency of the on-ice officiating. If nothing else is done by the league this one single action would go a long way towards reducing the garbage plays and goon tactics employed by some teams. Call the penalties, enforce the rules or leave the game and allow new blood to take over the on ice duties.

    OK, this post is not about goons or enforcers or grit. I just had to get this out there.
    ***Subbang Baby!!!***

    • HabinBurlington says:

      Far too logical to ever gain traction at the NHL Head Office. In fact I am continuously amazed at how many “True Canadian Hockey Fans” are still fully enthralled that Hockey is a man’s game because it has fights.

      Agree with all your post Punkster, but unfortunately we need the leader of the Cavemen Mr. Cherry to stop preaching every week first as it pertains to his brand of hockey.

    • G-Man says:

      The worst part is that it’s the goons running the show in the NHL. Until morons like Snyder and Booby Clobber are out of the game, they will keep dictating what goes on the ice.

  35. HabFanSince72 says:

    Here are the reasons to look forward to next season for fans of different teams. Which team’s supporters do you think have the best reason for excitement / optimism?

    * Flyers: they have a goalie now, and got two really exciting youngsters in Schenn and Couturier.
    * Rangers: Brad Richards.
    * Pens: Malkin and Sid back (maybe).
    * Habs: Markov and Cole.
    * Caps: Vokoun. And maybe Boudreau gets fired in November.
    * Bruins: Guess.
    * Sabres: Spent like $100 million on new players.
    * Leafs: Reimer will play the whole year.
    * Ottawa: Tankapalooza baby!
    * Islanders: we might be moving to Brooklyn.
    * Atlanta: more time to watch sports they really care about.
    * Winnipeg: Guess.
    * Tampa: Just went to the ECF final 7th game
    * Devils: Parise.
    * Panthers: Can’t think of anything. New 3rd jersey maybe?

    • shiram says:

      Flyers : they have a goalie now.

      If you don’t grok it, drokk it!

    • SeriousFan09 says:

      Pens, Malkin + Crosby means they are in the Cup Contender category especially with the improved supporting cast on the wings.

      – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.
      SF09 on Twitter

    • OneTimer says:

      Parise is one of the gems in my keeper league. I really hope the kid can bounce back, I was hurtin’ last year.

    • Ian Cobb says:

      Sid is done! He may try a comeback later, but his career is over. Brain damage is permanent.

    • HabinBurlington says:

      I’ll take the Habs for $1,000 Alex!

    • G-Man says:

      Flyers, Rangers, Pens, Caps, Gooins, Sabres, Laffs, Sens, Islanders, Atlanta, Tampa, NJ + Panthers= Who gives a shit?

      Go Habs! #25 is on its way.
      Go Peg! Hurrah for team #7- Canada only needs 3 more teams then all will be well in the hockey universe.

    • bleedhabs81 says:

      Excitement = Winnepeg. I am not sure how there is even a debate.

      I assume you have used Cole and Markov because they are new or unknown in how they will perform (in the case of Markov) and could provide a reason of increased optimism over last years team. However, I am far more excited about Subban and Price and my optimism for the season hangs on them getting even better than last year. 11 Shutouts for Price….

    • Talik Sanis says:

      The Pens have no reason to get excited. The greatest hockey player in the world has had his career destroyed before he even got into his prime. The fans should be in a prolonged period of mourning; so should we all.

      I would say the Flyers’ fans have the most to be optimistic about. They have a real Captain now, and their future looks wonderful, even if they tossed way too much money to get a number one goaltender. Couturier is going to be great for them. Further, judging by the reaction of Boston fans to Pacioretty and Mason Raymond, and as Phily has the second most boorish fans in the league, many of them are probably pleased about their rival team loosing Crosby.

  36. Chris says:

    Le sigh.

    The lack of team fighting or toughness had little, if anything, to do with the Habs’ playoff demises over the past few years.

    Instead, it has been a chronic lack of scoring. Post lockout, here’s where the Habs have finished in Goals per Game and 5-on-5 For/Against, with the Stanley Cup finalists rankings in brackets:

    2010-11: GPG – 22nd (5th, 1st); 5-5F/A – 16th (1st, 2nd)
    2009-10: 25th (3rd, 8th); 22nd (4th, 17th)
    2008-09: 12th (6th, 1st); 17th (4th, 6th)
    2007-08: 2nd (3rd, 7th); 13th (1st, 4th)
    2006-07: 16th (8th, 2nd); 29th (7th, 3rd)
    2005-06: 20th (3rd, 15th); 14th (12th, 23rd)

    With the exception of the 2009-10 Flyers and the 2005-06 Oilers (who rode an insanely hot Dwayne Roloson), no team that has finished outside of the top-10 has made the Stanley Cup finals.

    The one year (2007-08) that Montreal seemed poised to make a run, they were let down by an over-reliance on the power-play (something that rarely is an asset in the playoffs when refs put away their whistles) and the fact that Carey Price simply was not good enough to steal a series when the offence laid an egg in 2007-08. I’m not sure anybody could have saved them in that series, to be honest…the offence just disappeared.

    The argument could be made that grit is needed to score goals, but the 2007-08 Habs showed that that was not necessarily the case. They scored in bunches because they had great chemistry on their top two lines and were tremendously lucky to not get hit with the injury bug.

    I’m more optimistic about the Habs this year than I have been since 2008-09, which unfortunately ended in disaster. They finally seem to have something approaching a Stanley Cup contender’s offensive depth. Whether they can put it all together and Price can continue his stellar play is the question.

    • krob1000 says:

      I am pretty optimisitic too. PRice is the key because the odds should say many guys bounce back from down years last year, the kids should theortically improve or maintain the status quo, the addition of Cole for nothing is huge and means an injury to a top winger doesn’t result in Moen getting top minutes and killing any chance of that 5 on 5 scoring. Markov and Subban staying healthy with Price should result ina pretty good season. Health is always an issue and I am still disappointed we didn’t find a way to keep Wiz but the 5 million in space is comforting. There is a lot of ifs with respect to injuries that will play a huge role (can all 3 major injuries really return to top form ? markov/Gorgs/PAcioretty).

      • Chrisadiens says:

        The Wiz was a good offensive dman for us, but he is not worth that contract. We have a cupboard full of dman prospects thanks to PG. PG is building this team from the net, out. Offense will be next, but so far I like what our management is doing.

        Chrisadiens and HabFan10912, one of the few father son tandems on HIO.

        • krob1000 says:

          He is more wore worth that contract IMo then several other contracts….more than a 32 year old Cole I would argue. Wiz had a perfect combination of offense and jam IMO and was exactly what our back end was missing. Having another solid dman with a crazy streak and able puck mover IMO would be huge help to the forwards. This myth that Wiz can’t play d is just that IMO too. I did not see any issues with him defensviely until he was playing on one leg all hurt there in the playoffs. He finished the year plus 4 in Montreal and logged some heavy minutes with our d depleted. I really liked Wiz and understand he may have not wanted to sign but he fit just perfectly in Montreal IMO.

          • Chrisadiens says:

            How can you say Cole’s contract is worse than The Wiz’s? We haven’t even seen Cole play in a Habs jersey yet. For all we know he could pot 25 and free up ice for Cammy to pot 40.

            Chrisadiens and HabFan10912, one of the few father son tandems on HIO.

          • HabinBurlington says:

            Playing devil’s advocate here Chris, but that is the same as you saying Wiz’s contract is no good in your statement.

          • Chrisadiens says:


            Not really. We’ve seen Wiz play in a Habs uni right? I liked him a lot, but I dont like him a lot for 6 yrs/33m. He may be worth that to CBJ but not to my Habs.

            Chrisadiens and HabFan10912, one of the few father son tandems on HIO.

    • Ian Cobb says:

      Chris– I am not that bright, so how do I understand what these numbers all mean?

      • Chris says:

        Basically, the Habs have finished in the bottom half, if not bottom third of the league pretty much every year in goal scoring.

        The Stanley Cup finalists over the same time period have pretty much all finished in the top third.

        You can’t win if you can’t score.

        The one year where the Habs did score and score in bunches, it was partially due to an insane power play. The 5-on-5 for/against number is basically the same as your even strength scoring. The higher you finish in that stat, the more often you score an even strength goal than your opponent.

        The Habs have historically sat below even in that regard, meaning that they usually score less often at even strength than their opponents. Take away the PP, as often happens in the playoffs, and the Habs offence dries up. The lack of a consistent top 30 scoring forward, something they haven’t had since the days of Vincent Damphousse (and really since the heady days of Guy Lafleur, if we’re being honest) has really made it a tough sled for the Habs.

    • HabFab says:

      Chris, off subject with your Habs brother post earlier. The Habs did a article about a month ago, one missed was that George Veniza also had a brother play one game or so.

  37. huge_polar_bear says:

    This whole debate about the enforcers vs the speed and skill guys is getting stale. The only reason this is an issue is because of the history that the Habs built up with Boston in the last few years. Boston vs Montreal has become a bigger rivalry then Toronto vs Montreal. The reason is simple… rivalries are built in the playoffs and these two teams have met up at some point in the playoffs for a few years now.

    Now you take that emerging “hate” between the teams and you add the Chara hit on Max as well as the fact that Boston won the cup and all of a sudden it seems like it’s the blueprint on how to win in this league. But let us ponder for an instant… remember when Philly and Chicago (2010) met in the finals, all the experts where saying how goaltending was not as important as having a well balanced team. In both 2008 and 2009 Pittsburgh and Detroit met and all of a sudden the only way to win was to draft super well or be blessed with high draft picks… That must be the way to win a cup, oh wait it was different the year before, and will be different the following year.

    Can you see where I am going here, it’s a knee jerk reaction that everyone need to copy the team that has had success. The problem is more often then not the recipe for success changes the very next year and then everyone argues that a different philosophy is the “be all end all”.

    If the Habs/Vancouver/Chicago had won last year all the message boards in Boston would be complaining that they do not have enough speed and have a terrible power play. In the NHL where there is a cap and the teams that make the playoffs all have a chance of winning there is no real “recipe” for success. It takes a good mix of players, both young and veterans. Both tough and skilled, both superstar and grinders and the only thing that you see on every Stanley Cup champion team, every year, is a team that learned to play well as a group during that offseason.

  38. HabsFan1111 says:

    My thoughts o the day:

    I find it funny that both ex-hab coaches in last seasons SCF’s came within a single unlucky (or lucky depending which side you’re on) bounce of likely being fired after round 1. Imagine Julian and Vignault’s pulse in those OT’s …

    I absolutely do not think enforcers are necessary. I like players with skill that can also scrap if needed, but, IMO, fight only guys are a waste of space and salary (no offense (excuse the pun)).

    Kudos to Gill, a class act all the way!


  39. OneTimer says:

    Bought a Gill T-shirt this summer, feel pretty good about it. Guy doesn’t get enough respect among casual hockey fans.

    • krob1000 says:

      Careful wearing that t-shirt….you may get beat to the outside in the line at Mcdonald’s if you don’ t carefully back towards the register and manage your gap control prefectly.

      • OneTimer says:

        Sure, but, if I’m outnumbered by jerks who cut in line, there’s no one better at managing that situation. Also, I’m a positive influence on young, up-and-coming McDonald’s customers.

  40. HabinBurlington says:

    So if PG were to call Doug Wilson in SanJose from a Minnesota land line would this increase his chances in hoodwinking Wilson in a trade? I am thinking we could acquire Marleau.

    • RGM says:

      Eklund? Is that you looking to start up another e3-e4? The Marleau to the Habs rumour is as old as Jaroslav Spacek.

      During the long summer, we all get to be pretend GM.

      • HabinBurlington says:

        No the gist of my point was just having PG call from the state of Minnesota given that seems to be the only trade partner for them this off season.

        I know the Marleau thing is old, for some reason I like him and think he would be a good center for us. Plus I think with some trickery the name Marleau could be franconized and make many local fans happy!

  41. HardHabits says:

    Cool video of how ice is made at hockey rinks. Anybody notice the logo?

  42. Malreg says:

    EricEngels Eric Engels
    It’s gonna be something to see @MaxPacioretty67 step on the ice in Boston come Oct 27

    Max Pac’s reply:

    MaxPacioretty67 Max Pacioretty @
    @EricEngels I am looking forward to it! Def have that date circled on my calendar #cantwait

  43. HabFanSince72 says:

    What with the summer weather, the talk of pizza and poutine, NHL rule changes, Winnipeg Jets’ logos, and Burkie’s epic suckitude, we haven’t been talking enough hockey.

    Therefore I would like to start a hockey debate, but one with a bit of a twist. Please excuse me if this is too far off topic.

    The question for debate is this.

    Do you think the Habs need an enforcer?

    • GrimJim says:

      Sorry but I’m too distracted by pizza and poutine…

      EDIT: or maybe poutine ON pizza

      • shiram says:

        Pizza poutine, every time I had it, I wished I ordered the 2 dish separetely… but it’s a base of fries topped with pizza toppings.

        If you don’t grok it, drokk it!

        • Drew42 says:

          Actually I found a place here in Vancouver that makes Poutine Pizza… seems it is the opposite of your Pizza Poutine… this one is a thin crust pizza with poutine on top…. actually was pretty good and I would order it again if I go back to that place.

          “I got to get the Swede, eh?” – Saku Koivu

    • shiram says:

      But first it would help to have a clear and precise definition of what is an enforcer.

      If you don’t grok it, drokk it!

    • Propwash says:

      Ryan White seems to do a decent job.

      • shiram says:

        Yea I too think he would fit the bill, or maybe Moen, that’s why I asked a definition of enforcer.

        If you don’t grok it, drokk it!

      • dasbooth says:

        I concur, also excited to see White develop as a defensive PK guy that can drop them when teammates need protecting. That IMO is what we need, guys that can drop the gloves when necessary (unlike Big G who only dropped ’em when it was the right moment/situtation/matchup) but can also play a role ie: faceoff/PK/energy.

        “Shutouts are really more of a team stat” – Carey Price

    • HabinBurlington says:

      HF, what is interesting in this “debate” (i use that term loosely) is that people haven’t even yet given this next edition of the Habs a chance yet. PG has upgraded our forward position with Cole, we have MaxPac back healthy, Markov back healthy, perhaps a feisty defender in Yemelin.

      We should be more physical than past season, while maintaining a high skill level.

      We just need the season to start so we can see what we have.

  44. Jordio-oh says:

    Food for thought:

    According to the Yahoo box scores, (the source I use most often due to its connection with my hockey pools) the Bruins only out hit the Habs in last seasons play-off series 191-189. Two hit difference.

    Montreal won 2 of 3 games, despite losing the hits category.

    Boston won 2 of 4 games, despite losing the hits category.

    The teams who had the most hits in each game had an overall record of 3-4. Argal, the teams who lost the hits category had a record of 4-3.

    I’m not wading into the enforcer/goon debate. But I thought I’d contribute some objective statistics, for what its worth.

  45. Ian Cobb says:

    I will take speed, finesse & tenacity every time over the scrappers.

    And we are a lot larger team than most people realize. We will also win our division this year, and be 2nd in our conference. Barring serious injuries again.

  46. HardHabits says:

    Funny. The more people argue against an enforcer the more and more I see one as being needed by the Habs. I was only interested in the Habs sizing up and removing the softies and a few of the smallish players. Now however, thanks to AB and a few others here I realize that what the Habs need is 22 goons. Then we can tank and draft some talent.

    • shiram says:

      May I suggest you follow the Leafs, or even Ottawa, their style seems more suited to your likings.

      If you don’t grok it, drokk it!

    • Ian Cobb says:

      HH.! Are we going to see you at Hurley’s again this year? Sounds like you need a good old Hab’s chin wag over a cool one my friend.

      Got to get you back on track!

    • Propwash says:

      More like you’re trying to convince yourself that you’re right, and everyone else is wrong.

      • kempie says:

        This sounds to me like full-blown hockey withdrawal. HH needs to watch a couple of games and he’ll be fine.

      • HardHabits says:

        Yes because I truly believe that 22 goons is the answer. Is anybody besides me here not retarded?

        That comment was an example of self deprecation. I am not taking myself seriously. I am not pissed off by the responses but am a bit flabbergasted by the inability of some people to lighten up and see some humour now and again.

        Maybe this place needs a laugh track or a “Laugh now” pop-up when somebody passes their mouse over one of my comments. I refuse to use smileys and emoticons. If you can’t get the jokes then continue getting rubbed the wrong way for all I care. I am not losing any sleep or getting any greyer over it.

        • CharlieHodgeFan says:

          “22 goons” would be a great online I.D.

        • gregg says:

          maybe the issue is it isn`t funny?
          maybe it`s just old and annoying?


        • Propwash says:

          I didn’t take your previous comment seriously, but the constant droning on and on about the lack of toughness is full of holes. Has it ever occurred to you that maybe, just for the sake of argument that anybody who takes runs at other players wind up in the box, and the team has to penalty kill? Not a smart idea when you’re trying to win a game.
          The “beatdown” as some like to describe it is a crock. Boston went and engaged non-fighters which to me, speaks volumes on how “tough” they actually are.
          In the playoffs, it was a lousy deflection that lead to the 7th game loss, not intimidation.

        • OneTimer says:

          “Is anybody besides me here not retarded?”

          Oh, HardHabits. Your bipolar views of the Habs aside, with comments like this and your generally combative behavior, is it any surprise not very many people around here like you?

        • Un Canadien errant says:

          HH, I got the joke, it was transparent. 22 goons is absurd, you were making a point through humour.

          I support your anti-emoticon stance and your refusal to LOL-up your posts. Keep up your good work, I don’t always agree with your posts, but they are grammatical and readable. Props.

          For my training camp surprise, I want the second coming of Mike McPhee. And maybe Kent Carlson.

    • GrimJim says:

      You are insidiously brilliant.
      More than a week’s worth of posts, counterposts, vitriol and scorched earth merely to set us up for the patented HardHabit “Tank To Triumph” conclusion.
      Being able to stay on point for that long when the argument was a red herring for your true conclusion is amazing….

    • G-Man says:

      Team Truculence! 😀

  47. mrhabby says:

    Lots of comments about habs toughness/lack of goon/enforcer/size. Iam still of the opinion that we don’t need a goon but a player or players who are ass—– to play against would be just what the Dr. ordered. The bruins are not going to change there style neither are the leafs, flyers are any of the teams in the east. Playing nasty and intimidation will always be a part for the game. Are the habs soft not really could they get nastier yes please this what iam still looking for nasty players who are not afraid to drop there gloves…..the only issue is MARTIN.

  48. ProHabs says:

    Berkshire can sugar coat it all he wants. The fact is the Bruins beat the Habs on the ice and in the alleys last year.

    To go back to the Feb9th game and argue the fights were 3-3 is a joke. Saying Price beat Thomas is comical, they were laughing and patting each other. Moen and Ferrence was a good tilt and a draw. Obviously Pouliot beat Krejki. The other tilts, Pyatt, Spacek and Hamerlik were destroyed.

    The next game, Pac/Chara game, sure the Habs won. BUt how many Habs fans felt great after that game. TO have a Bruin come into our barn and do that to MaxPac with no response was embaressing. Nobody can get even with Chara. But if he did that to Max, then go and purposely hurt Bergeron or Sequin or one of their players. Then you are saying, “there you go Chara, it is because of your stupidity that Bergeron is also hurt”. Send a message.

    The next game, another embaressement 7 or 8-0 in Boston.

    With no fighting in the playoffs it is a different story. But in order for the Habs to the playoffs, they need to win vs. the Bruins in the regular season this year. I am assuming the Bruins will be trying to hurt as many of the Habs best players in the regular season this year (8 games). Can the Habs respond physically. I think we all know the answer to that.

    I look forward to Berkshires’ writing after the 1st game of the regular season between the Habs vs. Bruins after PK has been run and hit from behind, Price has been run over numerous times, MaxPac has been blindsided, Markov has been hit at the knees, etc. Lets just hope none will be seriously injured.

    • shiram says:

      I was not embarrassed with the Habs response, I’d probably feel more embarassed if some player went and tried to get into a fight, while they were taking Pac out on the stretcher… Really shows a lack of class.

      If you don’t grok it, drokk it!

    • PrimeTime says:

      So wrong on so many levels. I swear to God the Bruins have spooked some fans. The Chara/Pac incident isn’t indicative of the season series. It was one play that had no influence in the playoff series. People seem to think the Bruins had their way with the Habs when in fact the playoff mvp won the Bruins that series (and the cup). We outscored them in the series 19-15, took them to 7 games and they won in OT with 3 key players not playing. They didn’t muscle out a win unless you consider Chara putting Pac on the DL…and that wasn’t even a hockey play which should have been a suspension. I do not understand why so many people think they “beat us up”. Perception is not reality.

      • TorontoHabsFan says:

        Funny thing is, had Montreal scored that OT goal (in any of the 3 OT losses)…the dominant storyline this off-season would be about how Boston desperately needs to improve their anemic power play – how they need more skill players to compete in the NHL, that their insistence on wasting roster spaces on players of limited skill is dooming them to a future as also-rans, and that no team coached by Claude Julien will ever succeed in the new NHL.

        But they scored that goal, so any talk of their pathetic power play is muted (much to our advantage I’d say…Thomas likely cannot repeat his otherworldly season, and without that kind of goaltending, their special teams deficiencies will be exposed).

      • HardHabits says:

        Here are the facts. Habs got ousted in round 1. Bruins won the Cup.

        Thomas did not win the Cup (or the series against the Habs) single handedly any more than Halak single handedly took the Habs to the ECF’s.

        More shoulda, coulda, woulda and if buts from another of one HIO’s ScaredCrows™.

        • shiram says:

          No could, should or would in that post HH, he is merely stating that the Bruins did not dominate the Habs, which is true.
          The Bruins won, is also true, and I’ve never denied that, even giving them props for winning it all.

          If you don’t grok it, drokk it!

          • HardHabits says:

            PT said the Chara hit should have resulted in a suspension. That is a shoulda as far as I see it.

          • shiram says:

            Ok but that is irrelevant to the performance of either team against each other, which is the topic of discussion.

            If you don’t grok it, drokk it!

        • PrimeTime says:

          Adding words to posts again??? I didn’t say Thomas won anything single handedly. There is a reason why he was mvp and if he wasn’t the best player in that series, they lose. And I don’t think many would disagree with that statement. Muscle did not win the series or the Cup. That is the point.

          • HardHabits says:

            Muscle didn’t single handedly win the Cup either. But it was highly influential in securing the win. Same as when Anaheim beat Ottawa.

            The Bruins imposed their will in the Finals. The Canucks had no answer for it. In fact the series was not as close as it seemed by the 4-3 games outcome. The 3 games the ‘Nucks won were squeakers all by one goal whereas the games the Bruins won were all blow outs.

            Vigneault was also out coached by Julien.

        • new guy says:

          Yawn… nothing like a little more obsessive compulsive “wish my team was the Bruins” talk to start another day at HIO. I often wonder if we had a goon/enforcer who had stood up to Chara and fought that night, would things have been different? Would we have won the cup? Or would we have had a parade with the goon/enforcer in the convertable as millions of hab fans chanted “we won the fight! OLE OLE OLE we kicked Charas ass!” I’d rather have the cup.

          • G-Man says:

            I still wish someone would have taken the lumber to Lurch, with the intention of decapitation. I am still hopeful it happens this season…

      • twilighthours says:

        The series was tied in goals for at 17 each.

    • Propwash says:

      So a bench brawl woulda taken the Habs to the cup?

      • Willy says:

        No point in debating HH, he’s always right and everyone else is “stupid” or “retarded”. He’s the schoolyard bully around here, or as close to it as you can get on a message board.

  49. That video is freaking hilarious. Very well done.

  50. ProHabs says:

    In describing Ryan White:

    “Last season he found himself leading the Habs in neutral zone situations and led in positive events per minute. The downside to this review is that he also had the most negative events per minute, which tarnished his net rating.

    That indicator may have shown based on the same assessment formula during the playoffs, where he had the 10th best risk/reward margin.”

    ??????? WTF. Are people making this shat up and pulling it out of their aces. I mean really, WTF does this mean.

  51. Bugs says:

    Coffee-machine done gone got busted overnight; don’t work no more. So made brew by hand and it tastes ten times better! Reckon machine’s inside pipin musta been all yucky and it knew it was time to bow out. Hara-kiried itself, can you imagine?
    A moment of silence for the dearly departed.

    Right! Read Cowhide piece. Figured sumpin about milestones would be free of my-opinion-only “facts”, and I was right, good piece. Point is: got to thinkin of Darche and honestly, has he ever contributed as much elsewhere as he has here? Watching him play for us, it amazes me he has so few NHL games played over the course of his career.
    Stays healthy, 20 goals won’t have anyone call me crazy and 20 goals is very, very, very good.
    About to read Mirtle piece for there are sure to be angry leafers commentin on the bottom that Mirty is all wet and leafs are bound for 2nd round…AT LEAST. Haw! I’m laughin already; can’t wait.
    Might check out Bradley-Semin article only to confirm suspicion that Bradley is callin Semin…I dunno, “a gutless choker”? Or sumpin thereabouts? … Just spitballin there; don’t know fersure.
    The Edwards voice-over analysis is NOT “hilarious”; it sounds just like a guy givin a different perspective while implyin Edwards is purposefully denying the “truth” of all things. Perhaps if other provided video was shown of Edwards callin a fight in which Bruin WON, there would we better see contrast. Otherwise, it’s just crying. My opinion.
    Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve a bol de café to finish.

    Gone figuratively fishin filibusts L. B. Potter, esq.

  52. PrimeTime says:

    AB annihilates HH yesterday on his on own rant so this morning HH tries to get an early start to recover. This little petty ego centric poster has more interest in trying to shape the conversation rather than the conversation itself. Have a fun day in your little world, little man!

    • krob1000 says:

      Why?Primetime why? why poke the fire? 2 minutes for 32nd man in!

      • PrimeTime says:

        My petty fun 🙂

        • HardHabits says:

          Didn’t you say the same thing with your TomNickle account.

          And I reiterate. Certain checks may break some necks but your words never hurt me.

          • PrimeTime says:

            …and wrong again HH. I have only one account but there are plenty of us that are entertained by your antics. Just keep it that way and don’t take yourself too seriously….it takes the fun out of it. Maybe open your eyes a bit and you’ll see there is a much bigger world out there.

    • The Dude says:

      Prime Time in rose colored land again. What ,the Habs beat up Boston and won the Stanley cup last year? No ,that didn’t happen”but in your mind it did!”. I recall it differently, my Habbies won a few against them but lost the war….AGAIN! 19 years and counting.HH is totally right and in fact EVERY Hab playing should be able to scrap with the best of them or go play in the KHL. I TELL YOU THIS….ACROSS THIS GREAT LAND, everyone says the same thing bout the Canadiens ….THEIR TOO SMALL and Soft! Then they laugh !
      And that plus a 19 year absence from the big show tells me you can debate all you want but HH IS RIGHT ON THE MONEY’S!!! I say it’s time for a Stanley Cup ,so lets put away the gentlemanly bs and the rule book and go GET SOME ! GO HABS GO

  53. krob1000 says:

    On Alex Semin……I think much like Kovy he could work in Montreal….fans would go gaga over his skill and a new artiste would be born. He could take long walks with Bob”Chuck Norris” Gainey, he would slap the Bruins silly if they messed with him and he would add a new dimension to the PP from the right side. Would he play every night? who knows but I would roll the dice on him….he may just be a guy who likes the limelight but is stuck behind Ovie and knows he always will be. Ovie hgets all the marketing gigs, all of the endorsements and Semin is nearly as talented. Even the Slap Chop for some reason went with that Vince dork despite Semin’s free high profile attmepts to woo them with his fighting skills. I see why he is upset.

    • ed lopaz says:

      teams lose games and playoff series when they have players like Semin on the ice.

      hockey is a team sport – requiring each individual to sacrifice something for the good of the team.

      Subban is asked to distribute the puck more.

      Ak is asked to hit more, and shoot more.

      When Semin is asked to do something for the team, he simply goes about his business as though the team concept does not include him.

      No Krob.

      Semin would be terrible for this team.

      he should have been a tennis player.

      Habs hockey is “smart” hockey – we play 5 man defence, not just 2 – we move up the ice as a 5 man unit, we back check with 5.

      • krob1000 says:

        He is no diff’t than Kovalev….well sort of…he is still in his prime where as Kovalev was on the down slope. If you can get him interested it is very high reward…he may be top 5 in the game when going. We are one of the few teams that has a strong Russian contingent this year with Markov, Ak and now Yemelin. Who knows maybe seeing Markov would mean something? Hard tos ay but his talent and gamebreaking would be welcome IMO.

        • scrowe21 says:

          I have a better idea. Trade for first overall pick this year and draft Yakupov.

        • HabFanSince72 says:

          Except that Kovalev was always excellent in the playoffs.

          Otherwise yes they are the same.

          • krob1000 says:

            That is what they said about Hossa too. The one year I remember everyone knocking Semin he couldn;t buy a goal but led the team in shots (which is impressive on an Ovie team). I am not doubting he has an ego….like Kovy and maybe the hero worship he’d get here would be enough? who knows? but I’d roll the dice on him…we can always use a gamebreaker here and he is definitely a gamebreaker. Even Gomer would rack up the assists with him! can you imagine being able to drop Pacioretty and Andrei to a beastly third line with Eller!!! Wow that would be a big, young, skilled 3rd line! PRoblem is we would probably give up Andrei as part of any package…enigma for enigma.

          • scrowe21 says:


  54. sauster says:

    I tip my hat to Gill. The Gentle Giant plays a bigger role than most might think and knows his game. That’s one veteran I’m glad the Habs held onto.
    Recalling hockey records daily and taking an in-depth look at what they mean for the game of hockey.

  55. kempie says:

    I guess Boone heard the outcry over inappropriate photos being chosen to accompany the stories because that photo is hilarious. Nice choice Mike.

  56. Habs_4_ever says:

    What’s up with the picture for this article? How the H did anyone think it was OK to use a picture where the subject’s head and feet are both cropped out. They could have made a halfhearted effort to find a descent picture of Gill in there archives. If it wasn’t so sad it would be funny.

    “That’s the save of the year and it’s not even the year yet!”

  57. JohnBellyful says:

    To say Gill logged 1,000 games will be most appropriate.

  58. twilighthours says:

    Boudreau is a buffoon and a horrible coach. HBO’s 24/7 exposed that to the world

    • HabinBurlington says:

      For all the moves McPhee has made with the Caps, I cannot understand why he has not made a coaching change. Does McPhee know his star players won’t listen to the coach anyways, so keep Boudreau there since he is willing to bring donuts to practise every day?

  59. HardHabits says:

    Looking at the White-Boychuck video only confirms that the Habs actually do need a heavy weight, and preferably 2-3 heavyweights, on the team that can and will drop them at the sign of another player taking a run at a Hab.

    Is there any doubt that if White didn’t respond as he did there would have been more runs at Subban, possibly until he was hurt or injured?

    But the Habs don’t need an enforcer.

  60. twilighthours says:

    Berkshire, continued from last night…

    You defined ‘enforcer,’ not me. I happen to disagree with your definition.

    And if rypien was healthy I think he would have gotten in for sure. Torres and bieksa are tough guys, but what the Canucks needed was for someone to go ape-sh!t and pick on krejci like Marchand was picking on sedins. Then we might have seen a different series.

    That’s part of the message the bruins needed to receive: you’re going to f** with our guys then we will f** with yours. A dangerous bastard like rypien would have been the guy to do it.

    Does that make him an enforcer? Maybe, but I don’t care. Call it what you will. But I think the Habs would be better with a player who could keep the peace OR go nuts on someone as the situation requires (and can also skate).

    Closest thing we’ve had to that in a while is steve begin, and I
    Miss him.

  61. punkster says:

    The article regarding the NHL review of their support program is pure bullspit. Read the Bettman quote and tell me when this vaunted review is scheduled?

    “My guess is we’ll talk at the appropriate time with the players’ association, making sure that we’re comfortable with all of the mechanisms and programs we have in place, which are extensive,” Bettman told The Canadian Press.

    Then go on to read what Schneider says.

    Neither the league or the PA has any intent to do anything further except to make a few media sound bites expressing concern and making vague statements.

    ***Subbang Baby!!!***

  62. mike3131 says:

    Totally agree with Matt Bradley. And why is everyone calling out each other this offseason?!

    It’s not about the size of the dog in the fight; It’s about the size of the fight in the dog.

    • HabinBurlington says:

      Yup, I think Bradley is saying what everyone else knew along the way. Ovie/Semin/Green run that team, Boudreau is just collecting a paycheque.

  63. JohnBellyful says:

    Many myths surround the Montreal Canadiens, such as the team’s supposed first claim to Quebec-born players and Rocket Richard scoring a winning goal in the playoffs with five Bruins draped on his back, an eye torn out of its socket, and two of his legs broken.
    (It was four Bruins; the fifth had been bludgeoned by Richard.)
    Myths, however, are rooted in fact, in fact. It’s time today’s generation of Canadien fans learned how the team got its emblem.
    A long, long time ago, long before the Greeks were burdened with a heavy load of debt and had to be bailed out (they had other problems back then but had gods they could call on), there was a guy named Hercules who killed his children and was ordered to perform 12 labours, prompting the leaders of the day to introduce a tough-on-crime-do-away-with-lenient-sentences bill.
    What followed was a road trip for the ages. Along the way, Heracles slew a bunch of centaurs — half-man, half-horse but all drunk. Unfortunately he also wounded one accidentally, CHiron, the noblest of the centaurs who had a pretty good rep as a teacher, tutor, oracle, healer, and was gentle to boot (you know what I mean).
    The details are a bit fuzzy – it was getting late and I wanted to go to bed – but it appears Hercules felt so bad about what happened that he asked Chiron, who didn’t like much having to walk around with an arrow in his person, to give up his immortality to help out his buddy, Prometheus, who was chained to a rock and having his liver eaten by an eagle every day (don’t ask) minus the gravy and onions.
    Lotta nerve, right, but that was Herc’.
    But CHiron, in addition to being a teacher, tutor, oracle and healer (except when it came to himself), was also from the island of Moronos (whose people became the butt of many a good joke) and he agreed to Hercules’ request, traded places with Prometheus, and in sacrificing his life he gave mankind the gift of fire ( not wrapped, of course).
    It wasn’t all bad. CHiron ended up among the stars in a constellation known as Sagittarius. Apparently it was cheaper for foster dad Apollo to arrange that than to shell out for a funeral service.
    Fast forward to Canada and the year 1909. The Montreal Canadiens are formed on Dec. 4 – under the sign of Sagittarius.
    The team, wanting to get on the good side of celestial forces, pays tribute to the guy in the sky with the horse’s ass by emblazoning the players’ sweaters with the CH logo (why they didn’t include a tail I don’t know).
    And the emblazoning gave rise to the whole idea of fire, torch, hot-hot-hot, pass it on.
    So there you have it, the birth of the Canadiens.
    Next up: Hector (Blake) and his toe.

    – “Now with 33 per cent fewer typing, grammatical and factual errors!” –

    • 24 Cups says:

      What can I say about another fabulous post?

      Main Entry: fabulous
      Part of Speech: adjective
      Definition: amazing, wonderful
      Synonyms: 10, A-1, A-OK, aces, astonishing, astounding, awesome, best, breathtaking, cool*, doozie, extravagant, fab, fantastic, fictitious, first-class, greatest, groovy*, immense, inconceivable, incredible, legendary, marvelous, mind-blowing*, out-of-sight, out-of-this-world, outrageous, peachy*, phenomenal, primo, prodigious, rad, remarkable, spectacular, striking, stupendous, super, superb, terrific, top drawer, tops, turn-on, unbelievable, unreal, wicked*

    • HabinBurlington says:

      Not sure what to say on this one John. Out there comes to mind, but still entertaining. Have to admit, really looking forward to finally knowing about the Toe!

    • punkster says:

      Oh my.

      ***Subbang Baby!!!***

    • krob1000 says:

      I wish I knew how to type the tune to the twilight zone….

    • G-Man says:

      So now we know how all residents of Park Ex became Hab fans. Thanks, John! 😀

    • AK_PK_Usay says:

      Great post, easily top 10 ive read here.

      Yeah the loopholes in mythology are quite funny, take noah and the ark, and all the inbreeding that followed.

      • krob1000 says:

        I’ve heard that Noah’s Ark myth…that’s how Cyclops came about right? I have been suspicious for a while that Ovie is a descendant of Cyclops…sure he has two eyes (that’s just evolution) but he still only has one brow……

  64. HardHabits says:

    I don’t get the NHL. If they tweak the game too much I am going to start watching KHL and Elitserien hockey and stop watching the NHL altogether.

    How could they consider both:
    – Strict enforcement of goaltenders covering puck outside crease (Rule 63.2)
    – Allow hand passes in all zones

    If you enforce the goalie to not be able to touch the puck WTF are the doing thinking by allowing hand passes in all zones. I can’t stand that they allow hand passes at all. The hand should never touch the puck. IMO remove hand passes altogether.

    What’s next? Allowing kicking the puck in??? I swear the NHL is run by idiots or worse idiot ad executives.

    • HabFanSince72 says:

      The reason for “allowing” hand passes in the defensive zone was to eliminate the tactic where players made a deliberate hand pass to stop the play. In other words the rule was designed to thwart the defensive players, not help them.

    • HabinBurlington says:

      I am more befuddled by the notion of removing icing the puck from a Penalty Kill. Why? Because teams like the leafs don’t know how to play with the man advantage? I have posted before, if they want to change up the PP then let the power play go the full distance despite the number of goals scored. Starting to wonder if they are considering not letting forwards have sticks in their hands on the PK.

      • Rudy says:

        Ok, I’m glad it wasn’t me, but the no icing as you’re killing a PP is stupid, might as well give the PP team a goal and forget the next 2 minutes. No icing on a PK?????

  65. HabFanSince72 says:

    The Spanish equivalent of Habs vs Bruins is Real Madrid vs Barcelona.

    Last night’s game ended with all kinds of nastiness:

    But that was a few minutes after an utterly beautiful goal by Messi broke the falangists’s hearts:–w8

    • HabFanSince72 says:

      In fact all of Barca’s goals were just beautiful.

      Messi with the sublime pass to Iniesta

      And Pique with the equally sublime back heel to Messi:

      Some of the younger folk may not know this but hockey used to be like that.

      • 24 Cups says:

        Of course, in soccer, they only score one goal a game and when they do the fans riot and kill each other. Take out the offside rule and you just might have a great sport!

        HFS72 – Just yanking your chain, No need for a reply. Besides, I’m off to play a real man’s game:-) A pastime based on honour, character and perserverance.

      • HardHabits says:

        Hockey has been distorted almost beyond recognition under Bettman’s rule.

      • ed lopaz says:

        NHL hockey must find a way to go to an international ice surface.

        the time and space required to skate freely and pass the puck would come back to the game.

        Habs hockey is “smart” hockey – we play 5 man defence, not just 2 – we move up the ice as a 5 man unit, we back check with 5.

        • HabinBurlington says:

          The NHL missed that opportunity about 12 years ago when so many teams in the league were building new arenas. Toronto, Montreal, Pittsburgh, Chicago, Philadelphia, Vancouver, LA, Carolina, to name a few.

          I agree with you Ed, unfortunately now it would mean removing seats, therefore removing Gate Revenue. Not sure anyone would be able to sell that to the owners in Gate Driven League.

          • ed lopaz says:

            I agree with that point about removing seats.

            But the long term survival of the game will require something to be done.

            Think 30 years from now.

            I am old enough to remember 1981 – and I just saw an NHL game televised on the NHL network from that year.

            The players have grown immensely – height and weight – its ridiculous – and their speed – the speed of their skating has increased so much that there is almost no time or space available.

            result: guys are getting killed – creamed – wiped out – because just as they make a pass or begin skating, someone is on them,

            barreling in on them at record speeds, with the equipment to make it hurt.

            now think ahead to 2041…..

            what will the players look like?

            how fast will they skate?

            how will the players be able to continue on this tiny surface.

            The whole world outside of North America understands that the larger ice gives the players what they need to play the game.

            How can the game survive another 30 years??

            Habs hockey is “smart” hockey – we play 5 man defence, not just 2 – we move up the ice as a 5 man unit, we back check with 5.

  66. 24 Cups says:

    It will be interesting to see if Martin uses White as a centre or on RW. It would appear he will play on the wing although he was used as a centre in the playoffs for Hamilton. White’s eventual role on the team may have implications for a variety of other players.

    If White plays RW that means DD might play centre. I can’t see him as a checking centre so I wonder if that role will fall to Eller for a year. I doubt that will happen. That probably means Eller is the 3rd line pivot and that DD will fight it out for the wing position. Montreal meeds to generate more 5 on 5 scoring which can come fromthe 3rd line. Either AK46 or MaxPac is going to land up on the line so there is a real chance that the 3rd unit will generate more offense this year. Especially if Eller can step it up a bit and turn promise into performance.

    Can Engqvist take on the role as 4th line centre? He certainly has the size and is right-handed (just like White). But he has no NHL experience and can’t win a faceoff to save his life. All our centres are weak in the faceoff circle so it’s a major concern. If he fails, we might have to make a trade which means another 2nd rounder is going out the window. There is still an open spot on the roster so Martin may want to sign an experienced centre before the season starts. We certainly have the cap space. Not to mention that players such as Engqvist and Palushaj don’t have to clear waivers.

    When it’s all said and done, is there any chance that a 4th line of Moen/White/Darche is feasible? They would certainly fit the bill in terms of appropriate ice time and would surely drive the opposition crazy. Maybe Moen and White could even evolve into a decent PK team. If White can handle the draws, it just might be worth the risk.

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