Get well, Elmer

Best wishes for a full and speedy recovery to Canadiens Hall of Famer Elmer Lach, who broke a hip a day ago while shovelling his back deck. At age 93.

(Check out this shot from the 1940s: Elmer helping the Forum ice crew.)

Elegant Elmer broke more bones in his body during his hardrock career than he can count. This is just the latest for the Canadiens’ oldest living player. Here’s hoping we see you up and around soon, Elmer. And hire a kid to shovel your driveway, will you?!

(A by-the-way: Elmer shovels and does chores around the house because he wants to. Stubborn as a mule, he is. Has been his whole life!)


  1. Rob D says:

    It’s better for older people to be active. My dad was still insistently shovelling the driveway right up to his death at 88…and woe be to the son ( who said something like “maybe I should do it for you, Dad”.

    It’s part of who they are..I can STILL do it…and probably the reason why Mr. Lach is still alive. Life takes its toll, whether you are ensconced in your warm bed or battling the elements in a Canadian winter. Rage against the dying of the light…errrrr..or shovel I guess..

  2. habitual says:

    A broken hip is a real bugger for seniors.  I hope Elmer can recover and come home.

    Stubbsie, I still remember that great column you did on him – last year? – and how much you enjoyed it.  We did too.

  3. Storm Man says:

    WOW… A  HHOF shovelling at the age he is…. This is very sad, I hope someone living in Montreal near him does not let this happen again. 

  4. otter649 says:

    more bones in his body……

  5. Robert L says:

    If someone tried help Elmer shovel his deck, he’d probably deck them with the shovel.

  6. Robert L says:

    Three decades younger than Lach, this kid’s quite handy with a shovel. Works for the Canadiens and has free time on his hands.

  7. Habnofear says:

    Agreed, breaking a hip at 70 + is not good…… wishes .

  8. Robert L says:

    I had just responded to Dave’s comment responding to mine, when the photo link moved to the top of the page. I got a “the comment you are responding to no longer exists” notice. 🙂

    Looking at Elmer’s tool of choice, I’m left wondering if Gomez could put pucks into the net with it!

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