More surgery for Markov

Canadiens general manager Pierre Gauthier says Andrei Markov will undergo “minor” arthroscopic surgery on his right knee at Dr. James Andrews’ clinic in Florida.
The defenceman will be out at laest three more weeks.
For those keeping score, Gauthier has previously deigned to talk to scrum monkeys and ink-stained wretches at the Canadiens golf tournament and on the day he fired Perry Pearn.
Three times since September!
Truly, we are blessed.


  1. The Mad Ape says:

    I don’t know who the bigger dick is. Pierre ‘The Goat’ Gauthier for the way he has handled the Markov and defense situation or Pat Hickey writing a garbage article saying the return of Markov was imminent. (see

    This team has over 100 years of history and prides itself on being
    classy, but I can’t help but think that their reputation has taken a big hit over the way this situation has been handled.

    If I was Molson I would be pissed because Sideshow Goat has hurt the brand big time.

    The Mad Ape

  2. Feraco says:

    Price gets nailed!

    HAVE to score on this PP

  3. Feraco says:

    Holy fackkkk with this 1 man forecheck

  4. Feraco says:

    Kostotsyn with some excellent passes on the PP

  5. Wayne says:

    Gauthier’s blind. Anybody who’s anybody knew, when Markov went down that second time, he was toast. Then he signs Andrei to ridiculous money before he proves his worth again. I don’t understand that one. We better make an effort to retain Gorges after this season after Gauthier made him kiss his hand before this year.

  6. Feraco says:

    Let’s get ready for 20 minutes of shutdown

  7. Jim Edson says:

    Will the Canadiens forecheck at all in the 3rd or will JM’s system have them dump from center and then turn back into their own zone waiting for the inevitable onslaught?

    …..My empire is crumbling, my international sponsors are deserting me, my authority is questioned, I am held in contempt wherever I go.

    Who am I: Barak Obama or Gary Bettman.

  8. Habitant in Surrey says:

    …Eller, lovely watching His maturing and growth before Our eyes …Louis, Larry & Kost …My ray of much needed sunshine for the day

    Habitant means PASSIONATE HOCKEY

  9. Jim Edson says:

    Boob Cole can’t tell the difference between Eller and Emelin!

    PJ Stock, say no more!

    Great broadcasting traditions are hard to ignore!

    …..My empire is crumbling, my international sponsors are deserting me, my authority is questioned, I am held in contempt wherever I go.

    Who am I: Barak Obama or Gary Bettman.

  10. Tremblant Habs Fan says:

    Don’t worry everyone, he’ll be back in time for the World Championships!

  11. bellcentre hotdog says:

    Markov’s knee is to be reinforced with more balsa wood.

  12. Feraco says:

    Price is fu$&ing amazing!

  13. j0nHABS says:

    Everyone needs to come down! My wife is a Physiotherapist and has assisted in knee surgery before. She tells me while she doesn’t know the specifics, the clean up of debris is smart. The debris is small bone fragments and tissue and could cause nerve damage that could cause long term effects on his ability to function his knee properly. Spacek went through the same thing last year and was back in three weeks. If the team is saying that the knee and leg are strong but that the doctors want to go in and clean up a few things so it doesn’t cause problems down the road it is most likely a good sign. I will take their word that his leg is strong!

  14. Feraco says:

    Great Pk though lol always has been

  15. Feraco says:

    Markov should be out of sight, out of mind. He is not playing, has not played for 1.5 years, and is still signed for 2 more years.

    Don’t worry about the $$ they don’t have cap issues so it’s a write off.

    Why does this team refuse to have a 4th line? Weber on the 4th line, doesn’t hit, doesn’t forecheck, doesnt score, the guy is a dman.

    Let this season play out…it’s gonna be a wash hopefully then see some changes

    • vivsterjuve88 says:

      then again, if the 5.75mill of cap hadn’t been used on markov we could’ve had wisniewski for something in the 5mill. range (some sort of discount on columbus’ rate to stay in mtl where he wanted to be) and have a quality PP quarterback all year long instead of 15 games/yr. Lets be honest, wisniewski didn’t leave because of lack of quality, or because we couldn’t use him, but because of cap conflicts

  16. dpat44 says:

    Gauthier is a total failure. Time for him to go. Someone needs to come in and clean up this mess. Gomez. Markov. The list is becoming endless.

    “It’s their rink, it’s their ice, and it’s their effin’ town. But tonight we got our fans with us!” -Reggie Dunlop

  17. slimjim111 says:

    Urgh… get rid of Markov. If a player’s knee hasn’t gotten better over 6 months and has had more than a handful of surgeries, it means it’s OVER! Even if he does get back, he won’t be the same. Knees never fully heal.

    Accept it and move on Habs!

  18. habs17 says:

    ive been telling every1 for weeks MARKOV IS DONE

  19. Ian Cobb says:

    Millions have been wasted on dreams!!!

  20. piper says:

    The tank mode starts now. Or at least it should.

  21. Hali_Hab says:

    I would like to say that he will be back and “fine” in a month fingers crossed because it does not look promising

  22. savethepuck says:

    This place is hilarious. All summer long everyone agrees “not to rush him back so he gets hurt again like last time”. Now that the team is doing the right thing by being cautious about one of it’s most important assets, everyone is going ape shit here. Maybe I listened to a different press conference, but i didn’t hear anything negative. There were no hints that his career is done, or the season is done. Just a bunch of knee-jerk reactions and I told ya sos.

    “They don’t hang Conference Championship Banners from the rafters here”
    Carey Price

    • SuperYogurt says:

      Tell me about it, most days I can’t even make it past the first few comments because of all the whining about PG, JM, Gomez, Markov… Makes it impossible to pick out the interesting comments.

    • matrags says:

      seriously , this is more than a setback , He has undergone a scope already to releave swelling and now when he pushes it , it swells up again, and yet another operation. Seems to be a very badly damaged knee that might not be able to take the rigour demanded of it at the NhL level. What do you expect Gautier to say , were not optamistic, he just committed millions of dollars signing his ace D men and it may be going South on him. Those here who raise concerns about our strength and conditioning staff may have a point given the ongoing plethera of injuries.

  23. Castor says:


    I can’t wait until Markov comes back and is FINE in a month so everyone can stop saying this is somehow somebody’s fault.

  24. The Jackal says:

    This team really needs a good 4th line. I’ve never been in the group that thinks you need a huge team and fighters to win, but you do need some considerable size and players who hit (cleanly) and have no qualms about getting dirty – we lack that, doesn’t mean smaller skilled players are no good, but if that’s all you have you’re at a disadvantage. I hate to see Boston face rolling teams, and the worst part is they are intimidating and hit hard and score lots of goals. We on the other hand get pushed around more often than not and seem to get the short end of the stick – I thought the Goat was going to address this today, but just more bad news.

  25. HabinBurlington says:

    So this past summer the Habs had 2 Primary Dmen in rehab mode, and one highly paid center also in a new and improved reconditioning mode.

    The result, Gomez has had nothing but nagging injury after naggin injury, Markov’s rehab seems to have either been overzealous or underzealous (I think the former) and Gorges seems to have gone well.

    Question I have is, do we have the best Strength & Conditioning coaches available, same for our medical staff. Yes it could very well be nothing to do with them, but given our financial position as a franchise we should have the very best Medical and Training staff available. As someone posted a few weeks or months back, it is one of the advantages we have as a wealthy franchise.

    Given the inordinate number of injuries this team is suffering (White, Gomez, Markov, Spacek, Campoli, Gio apparantly playing hurt, Cammy, ) it just does raise the question. Is this team doing everything it can? I hope they are, but I hope internally they are reviewing what they can or can’t do about this.

    Could be way off, but just very frustrated.

  26. The Jackal says:

    That’s all the goat has to say?
    I wonder if the wiz would have taken a bit less cash and sign in MTL. I wonder if we could have both wiz and markov – how much is Campoli’s cap hit? Wasn’t there a point in which we had almost 6m cap space left? We could have the wiz right now.

  27. Neutral says:

    you people are easy to fool – Markov is History.

    • HabinBurlington says:

      Thankfully you can read between the lines and report back to us with the true facts. Thanks again.

      • deuce6 says:

        We all need to believe that Markov is done. I am no surgeon or don’t have any more info than the rest of you, but in my eyes, we have to move on from this and so does the team.

        Neutral has the right idea…He is putting this circus behind him, as am I..Can we please just play some damn good hockey for once? and stop worrying about a defenceman with one leg?


        Yes, I’m a Hab fan..Wanna fight about it?

    • SuperYogurt says:

      You must be his orthopaedic surgeon.

  28. Exit716 says:

    I think the next person in the Habs organization to go in for surgery is Gauthier so he can have a lobotomy.

  29. Thurston says:

    I can’t help but wonder to what extent the Habs bungled Markov’s rehab? This represents another setback and has now ensured at least another month in an ordeal that has already lasted over a year.
    What was the original diagnosis? Was the injury that severe? This whole situation is becoming absurd.

    • AH says:

      ” This whole situation is becoming absurd”…that sums it up perfectly Thurston…I try to tune out any talk about glassman. If he comes back, fine, we’ll see what he can do, but if he doesn’t, it’s just another act of stupidity by this bozo management we have running this team!

  30. Neutral says:

    LA’s 4th line should out play our’s – other than that – we should be home free.

  31. Ian Cobb says:

    ” The Henderson Jersey Homecoming Tour™ Schedule
    The Henderson Jersey Homecoming Tour™ Schedule

    It’s one of the greatest sports stories ever told. But it’s never been told like this.

    Relive Canadian hockey history at its best when this fun-filled and interactive traveling Tour experience comes to a town near you.

    Please note that the schedule below is subject to change. Check back to confirm the time and location of the Tour stop nearest you! ”

  32. Rainrocket16 says:

    Start passing out the pink slips!! Do not wait til after Christmas! Fire PG! and JM can pack his bags for him. Markov status has been up in the air longer than my daughter has been on Earth! 14 Months old she is…WTF!!!

  33. patience is a virtue says:

    here’s an intro to the surgery Markov had a year ago:

    it’s one of three options for an ACL tear, all of which are described in detail here:

    to sum up:
    1) you can get a stiff’s ACL (quick recovery – 5-6 months, not as durable – this is what Markov had the first time, and what Gorges had too)
    2) Patellar-tendon – what Markov had this time, normal recovery is 12 months. More durable solution.
    3) Hamstring – longer recovery, even more durable, but you lose some hamstring flexibility = not good for skating

  34. mjames says:

    If I am Molson I forbid PG and BG from making any more player moves until they have initiated full long range plan. PG has destroyed this team with his knee jerk short term band-aid trades. Below is list of some of his or BG’s recent player moves.

    (1) Traded for Tanguay with a first or second round draft choice (who cares which – the result is the same). They let Tanguay walk after one year. Tanguay currently have 4 G’s and 13 assists.
    (2) Traded Ryan O’BYrne for some prospect. O’Bryne currently has 1 G and 3 A’s and is plus 3.
    (3) Traded Latendresse for Pouliot . Tenders currently has 4 G’s and 4 A’s.
    (4) Let Pouliot walk for nothing . Pouliot has 3 G’s and 1A’s.

    We have nothing to show for any of these moves. We cannot expect to complete if we let players walk or make bad player moves.

    I am sure the ardent Habs fan will dismiss this e-mail and argue that I ignored all the great players move PG and BG have made. If that is the case show me the moves as well as explain the above moves. I did not even mention the Grab”s , SK74 and Gomez give aways.

    The reason for this mess is twofold.

    (1) PG is a poor judge of talent
    (2) He has no long term plan. He has a band aid approach.

    Molson needs to rid himself of gainey and PG. There is no point in dismissing JM until the real problem is addressed.


    • DearyLeary says:

      Hilarious. The crying over O’Byrne will never get old.

    • gerrybell says:

      agreed. here is long term plan….

      1. trade gomez for someone 4th line crashers/toughness that can kill penalties and check (or how about draft a few of these players in the 4th-7th of the draft) and a defenceman.

      2. fire martin

      3. fire PG

      4. sign PK, Price, Pach and Des long term to ensure other UFA’s want to keep coming to montreal.


    • Rainrocket16 says:

      Don’t forget the loss of Dominic Moore which silenced alot of us doubters at first, then he lets him walk…BS!

    • Jim Edson says:

      PG a poor judge of talent?

      No kidding he was/is an abject failure as pro-scout highlighted by green lighting the Gomez deal.

      How he survived his legacy as the Canadiens Pro-Scout is truely amazing!

      Keep counting the cookies!

      …..My empire is crumbling, my international sponsors are deserting me, my authority is questioned, I am held in contempt wherever I go.

      Who am I: Barak Obama or Gary Bettman.

    • savethepuck says:

      You can watch that prospect we got for OB play for Canada at the World Juniors later this month. I think you’ll remember his name after that.

      “They don’t hang Conference Championship Banners from the rafters here”
      Carey Price

    • dbroox says:

      The Tanguay move was a bad one, no doubt about it. They could have given Latendresse more of a chance, but he seemed relieved to be out of Montreal. Pouliot is terrible, there is no way around that. Letting him walk for nothing is all they could do. 3 goals and 1 assist in 18 games and you’re mad about letting that go? He’s brutal.

      “O’Byrne for some prospect” – that prospect is a good one. Look him up. Michael Bournival. You may see him playing for Team Canada later this month.

      You won’t find me supporting PG/Gainey much, but not all the moves are terrible. The THREE year deal for Markov is one of those brutal moves.

  35. Captain aHab says:

    His knee has been almost ready and near full strength since the end of summer.

    I’m guessing PG realizes that he has no more credibility left on this issue. I’m thinking that if in 3-5 weeks, he’s still almost ready to go, he’ll be shut down and the team will move on for this year.

    Or they’ll bring him back on trade deadline and PG will say: “getting Markov back is like doing a big trade and acquiring a good player without giving up anything” after not making any real trades to appease the fans and then they’ll shut him down a week later because he’s almost ready.

    If Markov ends up being permanently damaged goods, I hope he’ll do the right thing and retire to relieve the Habs of his contract.

    • TomNickle says:

      Your body not being ready to do what your mind tells it to leads to significant injury. If he isn’t ready, rushing him back is a mistake.

      • Captain aHab says:

        I’m not saying they need to rush him back, but just don’t tell the fans he’s almost ready when he’s obviously not. That looks an awful lot like Gauthier trying hard to justify the money he spent on him.

  36. samTHEman says:

    Could someone who knows two shites about knee injuries and what not give us a thorough explanation of what the hell is going on?

    • HabFanSince72 says:

      No because even if one knows orthopedics one doesn’t know the particulars of this case.

    • Habfan4lfe says:

      Having had similar injury I was out of action for just over a year and to be honest, having not the specialist Markov has had I still have remnants of that injury 20 years later and with physio. I didn’t have the luxury or need of multiple operations. It’s a long process sometimes.

    • DorvalTony says:

      Brian Wilde gave a pretty good guestimate yesterday on TSN990.

      Brendan Shanahan is Colon Campbull in drag.

    • TomNickle says:

      Swelling, limited range of motion, strength. All three are significant issues in the aftermath of the surgeries that Markov’s had. They require a significant amount of rehab and the worst part is that it must be the right amount. Too much or too little rehab on that knee could prolong his return by around 3 months.

    • SLYDER says:

      you dont need to know two shites or even have a clue – but from experience they suck, knees (like shoulders) are just natural weak points on the body

      any damage whatsoever to the meniscus means walking up and down stairs becomes daunting. every freaking day of your life.

      something as little as patella femoral syndrome making my right knee throb after 30 minutes on the bike – hockey twice a week is really all i can handle and it is obviously no where near the level of play that markov needs to be ready for

      knees just suck – and keep in mind everyone is different

      if you were under contract for 5.75 mil per for the next three years you arent exactly in a rush to get back to work and earn your (already hard earned) money. even if you were 98%, wouldnt you wait until you were 100%?

      just my 2 cents…

      • Izzy says:


        cut my meniscus back in 1994….had the surgery and was in a full leg cast for 6 months….favored it so much walking up and down stairs ever since that I have effectively worn out my other knee ….skating?….not even possible now…knees are a biatch

        After Emelin hits you, you get coloring books for christmas……

  37. Chrisadiens says:



    Chrisadiens and HabFan10912, one of the few father son tandems on HIO.

  38. twocents says:

    The caution being shown is a good thing.

    Remember Kovy had to get his knee scoped on a regular basis to clear “debris”.

    I’m not panicking.

    Can you say the same?

    • Habfan4lfe says:

      Never been a ounce of panic here. What’s annoying is the fan who has no clue about these injuries or the time that can be required to come back. Markov will play when he plays. Get over it. Markov is not the problem with this team.

      • DorvalTony says:

        Technically you’re wrong. Not having a PP QB and #1 All Star calibre d man is a huge problem, quite possibly *the* problem.

        Brendan Shanahan is Colon Campbull in drag.

  39. Pierre Gauthier: “Markov’s knee is almost at full strength. He’s undergoing arthroscopic surgery to clean up debris.”

    Why does this require minimum 3-5 weeks then if it’s almost full strength??

    • Propwash says:

      My guess is because he is getting operated on, and probably will need more rehab after.
      He’s not MaxPac lol.

      Being negative has its advantages,
      you’re never disappointed.

  40. twilighthours says:

    The Markov situation really is sad.

    • It is sad, but it’s still a lot better than a concussion situation that more and more players have to go through. With an injury like this, although things get better and worse, you still have a general idea of when people will be ready and you know how to fix any problems that arise. It’s obviously not great that Markov is still going to be out for a while longer, but his issues are ones that can be fixed, and you can’t say that about various other types of injuries.

  41. morivera says:

    ya know…with all our bad play..we still are only 1 friggin point out of 8th place. Things aren’t great but no need for doom and gloom.

  42. Minimum 3 weeks, as per Pierre Gauthier.

  43. Propwash says:

    So, I guess JM ruined Markov.

    Being negative has its advantages,
    you’re never disappointed.

  44. otter649 says:

    Minor surgery for #79 (arthroscope) out at least 3 weeks via PG’s PC – TSN990….

  45. ZepFan2 says:

    Markov gone 3 to 5 weeks. Getting knee scoped.

    Welcome to the newer NHL: The National Headshot League.

  46. That means Markov isn’t coming back before January great.
    Who the heck will improve our PP now?

  47. Mavid says:

    how disappointing for us and Markov…

    second place is just the first loser

  48. fz91 says:

    Get it together andrei, jesus christ…

  49. WindsorHab-10 says:

    Only person(s) I’m interested in hearing from are the Molsons when they announce the firing of Gauthier & Martin. The three stooges(Gainey, PG & JM) have truly embarrassed the Canadiens & their fan base & their demise can’t come soon enough.

    I’ve had enough of this mickey mouse type management.

    “Hate Bruins like a sickness”

    • Habfan4lfe says:

      Ya no kidding. It’s why I’m not running around to listen to the guy. Still I had to check here if Martin was fired yet. So his yapping is for nothing after all. Surprise. Thanks for coming out PG.

    • RetroMikey says:

      don’t forget the fourth stooge…Trevor Timmins

      “We will win the Cup one day only with ? in the nets “

  50. patience is a virtue says:

    now, the question is does PG wait and see, or make a deal for a PP QB? I’ll bet he moves, and quickly.

  51. habs-hampton says:

    Does anyone else think that JM really hung Markov out to dry, with his comments saying if it were up to him he’d be playing that night? He made it sound like Markov was 100% ready and able to play and decided to go the beach instead.

    Sometimes its better when a coach just says “no comment”.

    Time’s up, JM must go!

  52. Neutral says:

    Markov is done whether it’s announced or not – should have never been signed.

  53. RetroMikey says:

    I am hoping Gauthier will admit that the nucleus of players we have on our current roster (and on injury reserve) are not playoff material.
    Hope he admits that that we have to rebuild and will have to make trades for prospects and draft picks to bring this once proud franchise back to where it should be.
    Hope he admits that Bob Gainey is still working with him as an advisor and that he and Bobby should step down along with Trevor Timmins.
    Hope he admits that we don’t need a French-Canadian coach in the future to coach this disappointing team of ours.
    Hope he admits that signing Markov was a terrible mistake and the money should have used to sign Wiz instead!
    Hope he admits that our team has to get bigger and stronger in seasons to come and that the smurf experiment of speed and skill and signing over the hill DMen was a recipe of disaster for our club.
    Hope he admits that we will not be a Stanley Cup contender if we do not act quickly with changes and that the club cannot continue signing free agent players that are nothing more than second or third line players with other teams or past their prime.

    “We will win the Cup one day only with ? in the nets “

  54. patience is a virtue says:

    minor surgery. out at least 3 more weeks 🙁

  55. Habitant in Surrey says:

    …RDS says PG announcing Markov requires another ‘minor’ operation on His knee …oy vey !

    Habitant means PASSIONATE HOCKEY

  56. Markov requires another surgery… wow

    habsinsideout1 Dave Stubbs
    RT @renhockey: #canadiens Andrei Markov sera opéré une autre fois. Opération mineure. Another surgery. Minor one. #Habs

  57. deuce6 says:

    Meehan, Markov’s agent is “sick and tired” of the media asking questions about his client…PG is just going to give us an update on the status of Markov…

    Booorrrrriing..Considering we all know Markov may never come back..


    Yes, I’m a Hab fan..Wanna fight about it?

  58. otter649 says:

    Maybe Pierre is going to announce he has joined Twitter so he has to do fewer PCs……lol

  59. Habitant in Surrey says:

    …I’m game for almost anyone of several possibilities …BUT, do NOT trade PK ! …20 years of mediocrity and mismanagement have already stretched this Fan’s resiliency
    …giving-away an exciting charismatic personality like PK for another nondescript will fray My staying-power as a Habs’ Fan

    Habitant means PASSIONATE HOCKEY

  60. habs-hampton says:

    PG speaks to the media every 6 or 7 weeks (so does it really matter if he speaks French or English, or Czech, or Japanese, or …).

    Burke won’t shut up, even if it to say he has nothing to say.

    There must be a happy medium there.

    Time’s up, JM must go!

  61. habs-hampton says:

    He’ll probably just apologize for not speaking to the media since he fired Pearn, thank everyone for coming and walk away.

    Time’s up, JM must go!

  62. Habfan4lfe says:

    Please let this be firing JM. If Markov out for season, oh well, rather him come back when he feels he is ready. Defence is not the biggest problem with this team.

  63. Propwash says:


    Being negative has its advantages,
    you’re never disappointed.

  64. Habs might be looking at obtaining Bryan MacCabe. I hope not? They are also looking at Derek Brassard as well. Rumors!!!

  65. He’s gonna tell us how he saved 15% on his car insurance.

  66. Jarome Iginla will only except a trade to these 4 teams.
    There goes that theory? Iginla says he will not go to the Habs.

  67. j2w4habs25 says:

    Maybe he is resigning 🙂

    Carey Price #31

  68. Habsolutely says:

    You guys are all wrong. PG is gonna announce this great recipe he just found for a great gazpacho.

  69. C_exacte says:

    PG is going to announce the return of Max Pacioretty next Tuesday!

    • idle says:

      Don’t be so sure. It’s important that Pacioretty be completely ready and guilt free before he returns as he does not want to re-offend and wind up being out for longer. It’s best not to rush him. Players know when their conscience is 100% and they are ready to come back and be able to contribute.

  70. j2w4habs25 says:

    Jeqcues Martin FIRED 🙂 ???

    Carey Price #31

  71. Habby says:

    Would he announce another firing? Surely Markov’s knee can be dealth with a statement released on the website. Unless it’s really serious. Either way, this sounds bad.

    The drive for 25 is alive!

  72. skoalbandit says:

    This can only mean one thing. Markov is done for the year. Again.

    • Thurston says:

      Maybe. Maybe not.
      Gauthier probably has media questioning him and team staff repeatedly over the last couple of days so this just likely something to quell the media masses.

  73. patience is a virtue says:


    this doesn’t bode well. why has PG decided to speak? can’t be good.

    either Markov needs surgery/long-term recovery time, and a trade for a PP QB is being announced, or JM is going to be fired.

    or maybe it’s just nothing?

  74. PrimeTime says:

    PG may speak but will he answer questons?

  75. The announcement that the Canadiens are sellers? 🙂

    Markov is done for the Season?

    No surprises coming.

    Always a Habs fan no matter what.

    Shane Oliver
    Brandon, MB,Canada
    R7B 2R7
    Ph- 204 724 8418

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