Audio: Gauthier loads up on the blue line at NHL draft


Canadiens head coach Jacques Martin with draft pick Olivier Archambault, No. 108 overall, on the draft floor Saturday.
Dave Sandford, Getty Images

The Canadiens’ haul from the the NHL Entry draft in St. Paul, MN: five defencemen and two forwards.

The Habs made defenceman Nathan Beaulieu their first pick of the draft on Friday night. Here’s some video of Beaulieu following his selection.

On Saturday, the Canadiens traded down with Winnipeg, giving the Jets their third-round pick (No. 78 overall) for two fourth-round Winnipeg selections (Nos. 97 and 108).

Here’s the roundup of what the Canadiens ultimately did over two days.

Audio: Pierre Gauthier in English | In French


  1. SmartDog says:


    1. Are you okay with PG drafting so many defensemen?
    2. Can the Habs be just as strong a team without Muller (and of course with someone in his place)?
    3. Since it looks like we’ll have a similar team to last year but with Markov and more development time, does this mean we are BETTER than last year, AND a cup contender?
    4. Can we be a top team with the forwards we have?
    5. Will PG be able to add a top 6 forward before training camp starts?

    — Finished? Count your Yes’s. If you have 5, you have way more faith than I do! 5 no’s and you may need some prozac. Though my only yes (and it’s not a strong one) is #3 and maybe #4 but both depend on great years for Price and our top 6 forwards.

    • HardHabits says:

      1. No. Although happy with the Beaulieu pick I was hoping they would have started addressing their needs up front specifically at centre.

      2. Don’t you mean as weak, because the Habs were not a strong team last season.

      3. Better only if healthy. A Cup contender? Funny one. Not with the current forward line-up.

      4. No.

      5. Can he? Yes. Will he? We’ll have to wait and see. I think for PG, BG and JM forwards are supposed to be two-way capable and back checkers and defence men need to be puck moving, capable of scoring from the blue line.

      • coldness81 says:

        But we went to game 7 with the bruins, we would have won the cup if we beat them…. Besides eller will be a super star, and every one else on the team will score 20-30 goals and price will set the best gaa ever and hamerlik wins the Norris lol

    • BKAK72 says:

      1. y
      2. n
      3. ha ha ha ha (n)
      4. ha ha ha ha (n)
      5. n

      — HABS INSIDE/OUT R.I.P. —

    • Trisomy 21 says:

      Ooo I love these.
      1. Are you okay with PG drafting so many defensemen?
      – No, scoring was still a huge problem andI don’t believe the young guys in the system can be relied on to be the fix.

      2. Can the Habs be just as strong a team without Muller (and of course with someone in his place)?
      – Yes, they can, but I would have liked to keep him for a future head coaching position.

      3. Since it looks like we’ll have a similar team to last year but with Markov and more development time, does this mean we are BETTER than last year, AND a cup contender?
      – No, I believe we’re still the same as last year, some of the veterans are now older.

      4. Can we be a top team with the forwards we have?
      – Yes, simply because of our system and its defensive nature.

      5. Will PG be able to add a top 6 forward before training camp starts?
      – He is able too, but he will not.

    • Andrew65 says:

      Yes-he knows better than we do. Just like Gainey did.
      Yes-if we stay healthy, and some of the underachievers start earning their money (Gomer, AK, Pouliot, if we sign him, Moen).
      Yes-see previous.
      No-it’s a bad year for FA forwards. Maybe next year will be better. We’d have to give up too much to trade for one.

    • 1. Yep.
      2. Doubtful
      3. How can one expect significant change if none of the players were changed significantly? So, most likely the same. The probability of Markov re-injuring a knee is high. If he does, almost assuredly worse.
      4. Never.
      5. I doubt he has any intention of doing so.

      I’ll take that Prozac now please.

    • G-Man says:

      1. No, because the slant of your questions only reflect dissatisfaction.
      2. He is an assistant coach, not Scotty Bowman.
      3. Yes, so too bad for you unbelievers.
      4. Need 1 more piece or 2. But then maybe we need 12 considering that if they play for the Habs under this management they must be shit, right?
      5. Probably not, just to go with the negativity of the questions.
      Keep Smiling. It’s summer, ffs.

    • gloveside says:

      1. No we needed to, at least, try to address more pressing needs at C and in net.

      2. Habs are a middle of the pack team because of decent D and better than average netminding – with or without Muller.

      3. Maybe a couple of wins better but still not a cup contender without some go-to goal scorers.

      4. No.

      5. No. There is and will continue to be opportunities to add a goal scorer through trades but that is unlikely the route management will take. Other teams seem to be able to make trades [some more ballsy than others] to try and address glaring needs. Unless we are acquiring a defenseman or a 3rd line player, it doesn’t seem to be the m.o. of this management team to go that way. It’s been 18 years and it looks like they are okay with waiting another 2 or 3 years [again] to become a real contender.

    • showey47 says:

      1) I was a little surprised but if they were the best players available at the time then so be it. Nobody we drafted on the weeked is going to automatically step to fill an organizationally need,even if we had drafted 7 centers. These guys won’t even be considered ready for at least another 3 or 4 years and by then who knows what our organizational needs will be. It can virtually change on a year by year basis if you consider nhl ufa signings,trades and free agent signings from europe/ncaa. All i have to ask is,how many teams are so overloaded with powerforwards in the center and wing position that they have no idea what to do with them all?

      2)Everbody knew this day (according to tsn) was coming. I don’t think finding a replacement will be difficult. As much as i hate it we all know the first criteria is to be a head coach in montreal. Besides, he has been here 5 years and the most french i’ve ever heard from him was “merci”. I’m thinking if he wanted martin’s job bad enough he would have learned to speak french years ago.

      3) Not even hitting july 1st year nevermind training camp i will reserve my judgement till then. But i’m thinking with 15 million in cap space and the rumours of gomez being dumped to help teams make the cap floor our team may look quite a bit different come training camp. But you would have to think a full season with a healthy markov and a develpong maxpac who seemed to ignite gomez and gio there would be a much improved team.

      4)I think yes but once again that hinges on things like staying healthy,maxpac showing no ill effects from his injury,AK46 becoming a little more consistent and guys like eller/desharnais brining more offence to the table.

      5) He will definatley try but no guarantees he will be successful. There really isn’t much to choose from.

    • habstrinifan says:

      1)YES… but
      not happy with the odd move to trade 3rd rnd pick for 2 4th rnds rather than trading the 3RD for a utility BIG MAN to help WHITE take care of business.

      2)YES… of course depends on who comes in which kinda depends
      on circumstances of Muller’s departure.
      If simple case of Muller seeing no chance of head coach
      here in Mtl (french factor) and also saw benefit of head
      coach experience in an organization where he could
      become head coach for NHL team .. then I am fine and
      quietly confident replacement will be fine.

      If on other hand there was the scenario where Muller and JM
      did not see eye to eye re some strategies and Muller’s
      leaving means we will have a YES-SIR kinda guy take over
      and do JM’s bidding to the hilt… then I am worried. I
      already have concerns re the closed shop which is the
      PG/JM firm.

      3)YES… we are better and NO we wont be a contender unless PG
      adds some pieces.

      5)YES.. not top 6 per se but we can add players who will make lines
      3 and 4 harder to play against and up the composure of our
      top 6 disrupt the composure of teams against our top 6.

      I reviewed my answers and have determined I dont want the JOB LOL. I like my 8hrs of sleep per nite.


  2. DrA says:

    Separated at birth: Pierre Maguire & C3PO

  3. gloveside says:

    The point is not that we are disappointed with the players taken in the draft, but rather that the management didn’t even try to address the team’s more obvious needs at center and in goal [5 d-men?]. Who knows if a later round pick will ever surprise and play well above his draft rating? You’ll never know unless you take a chance and actually pick one [ask Detroit]! When was the last time the Habs had a real #1 center?

  4. CanadienFanTrappedinNiagaraFallsNY says:

    i would now try to spend the saved Wisniewski money on a 6 or 7 mil per year offer to RFA Andrew Ladd and a short/cheap contract for Eric Belanger. and could still re-sign Gorges. Get rid of Spacek and you can upgrade with Talbot or Dupuis at another forward spot (Moen’s) and push him into the 13th forward spot if you can’t trade him, too.

    I would also consider Ray Emery on a cheap two-year deal. This is someone who could have serious trade value down the road.

    Americans – mostly dumb, but not all of us.

    • TomNickle says:


      $6 million for Andrew Ladd. Hey Mike, when you’re done with that contract why don’t you trade Pacioretty, Eller, Price and Subban to the Canucks for Luongo and a 7th round pick.

      • CanadienFanTrappedinNiagaraFallsNY says:

        i know its overpayment, but he is an RFA and hes the only player available that fits what exactly we need. I would also remind you that he scored more goals than anyone on our team except Gionta and is 25 years old, 6’3″ and over 200 lbs.

        yet somehow Brooks Laich is a good alternative for presumably over 4 mil year?

        Americans – mostly dumb, but not all of us.

        • TomNickle says:

          Do you have any idea what the compensation for an rfa contract in between $6 and $7 million is? That was his first 20 goal season in the NHL by the way.

          • CanadienFanTrappedinNiagaraFallsNY says:

            Ill back away from the 7 mil figure but hes still worth overspending to between 5 and 6 mil to me. I guess the way i see it is that he could be one of your final two pieces. You will have a PF on each of your top-two lines for the foreseeable future, with scorers on the opposite wing. The only difficult piece left is a Gomez replacement next year. Even with Gomez, it could be enough this year.

            It was his first 20 goal year and only his 3rd full NHL season playing real minutes, and for an awful team. He’s younger than any of our current top 6 and would be our leading goal-scorer based on last year.

            I understand future-planning by protecting draft picks, but whats the point if you never win anything. We arent gonna be blessed with seemingly endless 1st rd picks like the Bruins anytime soon.

          • coldness81 says:

            Something like4first round picks lol

    • AK_PK_Usay says:

      How about NOT spending the money on anyone, saving it, wait till spring, then make that trade for the guy who didnt suffer 2-3 concussions in november…
      AND you trade a player you won’t plan on keeping so at least you dont lose him for nothing.
      Having salary cap space IS an asset. Sometimes just filling spots with mediocre players is worse than having some Hamilton kids play mediocre.
      Having money in the bank is an option you want to keep open, for when the opportunity comes, you can jump on it.

      • CanadienFanTrappedinNiagaraFallsNY says:

        So we should linger around with 7 millions dollars or more in empty spacde that we will have after signing our RFAs, incl. Gorges, ignoring that we need a top 6 scorer for most of the season, in HOPES that a player who fits what we need becomes available?

        I could see not wanting to spend the $ on Ladd, but sitting on it? Crazy.

        Americans – mostly dumb, but not all of us.

        • TomNickle says:

          Subban will get a $4 million raise, so will Price.

          • CanadienFanTrappedinNiagaraFallsNY says:

            Separate debate entirely, but why do you think Price deserves 7 million dollars a year? I actually like him alot, but he really has not been good long enough to earn Lundqvist/Miller dollars. This is as crazy as my original post.

            Americans – mostly dumb, but not all of us.

        • AK_PK_Usay says:

          The cap went up by 4 mil? so its only keeping 3 mil available compared to last year.

          Patience can pay off, just saying, sometimes you can wait and see what happens.

          • CanadienFanTrappedinNiagaraFallsNY says:

            we have 14 mil in cap space. we can sign all our RFAs, excluding ones we may not want like Pouliot for 7 or less. That leaves 7 more.

          • issie74 says:

            I would like Ladd at 5million.Kid is gold.


        • If we did indeed sign Belanger, Laich, Dupuis, White, Gorges, Weber & Emery, we’d still have approx 3-5 million for a rainy day. There’s no reason not to drop Pyatt, Pouliot and Halpern for better players making the same scratch. Or keep Halpern and don’t sign Dupuis, but spend the money you need to on cheap, consistent, & effective forwards.

    • A dream come, my friend. But upon waking, just a dream.

      Why would the Jets not re-sign Ladd? It was my understanding he was priority #1.

      I am absolutely in accordance with you on Belanger & the rest, 100%. But knowing PG, and after his “I want to maintain team stability and not change anything” statement, I have no faith in any of it coming to terms.

    • Stuck_in_To. says:

      Interesting idea but apparently TomNickle and AK_PK_Usay “strongly” disagree. TomNickle himself has proposed some interesting ideas and, if I am not mistaken, has been occasionally pilloried for them so apparently he thinks sarcasm is conducive to dialogue. That or he so doesn’t care for your opinion that he felt a virtual bitch slap was in order. AK_PK_Usay, on the other hand, was more moderate in letting the CAPS key convey his disdain which is interesting given his post just below that called HardHabits out for intolerance.

      Loving the atmosphere of respect and tolerance in the exchange of ideas.

      • CanadienFanTrappedinNiagaraFallsNY says:

        Haha, i fully agree with your theory but unfortunately i think this shit-talk form of debate is what keeps this site rolling.

        In any case, it is my opinion that if we got Ladd we would be cup-ready immediately and f*ck any insurance cap space or a couple draft picks if thats what needs to be spent. If TN and AKPK wanna imagine themselves hoarding picks and collecting interest on saved salary, then may they enjoy.

        Americans – mostly dumb, but not all of us.

      • TomNickle says:

        If somebody here suggested giving Andrei Kostitsyn $6 million annually what would the reaction be?

  5. AK_PK_Usay says:

    @ HardHabits, for a direct insult on “Shmitzy”
    Astounding? The correct way would have been to say “I am amazed that where i thought you were a simpleton, you manage to find your way through the maze that is the English language”
    Then i realise, YOU, are a pompous self-centered know it all that clearly needs a reality check, because INSULTING SOMEONE IS NOT nice.
    Have fun playing your armchair GM all you want, but sooner or later you will have to realise that NHL11 is JUST a game, time to go out and play some street hockey…

    The reason im posting this on top, is because if you want to reply, and test my english mastery, id be more than happy to joust. And no, im not going to start writing for a term paper, i will use common words backed by logic, something you often show a lack of.

    • HardHabits says:

      It’s the type of reply that his comment warranted. A direct insult to counter a direct insult.

      My posts are examples of debating par excellence. I provide premises, proceed to support them with examples, and wrap them up in tidy conclusions, all articulately and eloquently, even with a touch of humour sprinkled throughout here and there.

      And then every once in a while I philosophize with a hammer.

      I don’t apologize for forcing the more simple minded here to open up their dictionaries or google a few words now and again. At the very least, one can increase their vocabulary while reading my posts.

      You can stick with your common words all you like. I am not too fond of the word “if” though. That seems to be favourite here.

      You want to debate. Debate my arguments. You want to use an ad hominen attack on me. Be prepared to get verbally Chara’d.

      • AK_PK_Usay says:

        Articulate only applies to verbal speech, if you meant to say syntax which im assuming you did, that is another story.

        Direct insults are still sub-par and you should be aware of that. His was was barely a light tap on the hand point out we’re just typing away on a forum. And no, so far you havent said anything to really shake the pot, one such comment would be that the russian style of play from the USSR era where the Dmen kept the puck during line changes to keep possession IS superior, and Canada had to resolve to goon tactics to win. (ie, injure the other teams star player)

  6. Shiloh says:

    OK – what free agents do we want?

    • TomNickle says:

      Chuck Kobasew and Scott Nichol(no relation).

    • Favorite Son says:

      I’d like one of Laich, Leino, Jussi Jokinen, and then one of Eager, Rupp, Konopka.

    • SeriousFan09 says:

      Talbot and Cole, Cole would be cheaper than Laich and MTL could probably sign him to a lower-$ contract with fewer years than Laich is looking for. A second PF on the team, albeit out of his prime still gives us better options into next season.

      – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.
      SF09 on Twitter

      • Favorite Son says:

        You’re right about their contract demands but Cole just seems too injury-prone and not as gritty as Laich. I’m good with getting Talbot, though.

      • TomNickle says:

        Talbot got offered a three year deal with the Penguins and I doubt they were lowballing him in the negotiations. It could cost quite a bit of money to get him. And for a fourth line centreman we better not be paying more than a million annually. There’s also been no indication that Cole isn’t in Carolina’s plans next year and he was absolutely dreadful in the other jersey he put on.

        • SeriousFan09 says:

          Cole’s stints outside of CAR is a stretch in EDM when their top C was Shawn Horcoff (pause for laughter). I’d say go for it, what is the absolute worst MTL could do by offering him at 3 million for 2-3 years?

          Talbot may just want a change of scenery and play for MTL (which I hope) agree we shouldn’t be paying a lot for him but if he’s taking 1.3 or so to play here I’d go for it. Still say Moen-Talbot-White would be a solid 4th.

          – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.
          SF09 on Twitter

          • ed lopaz says:

            what about another Czech like Vadim Vrbata for example or fleichmann

            Habs hockey is “smart” hockey – we play 5 man defence, not just 2 – we move up the ice as a 5 man unit, we back check with 5.

          • 24moreCups says:

            Yeah I like that idea of 4th line, Gritty with some speed and could pop a goal once and a while.

    • ABHabsfan says:

      Laich has to be a priority. Dupuis or Talbot. Joel Ward as plan B. Mara or Sopel for cheap as some insurance. I think Wiz will command somewhere around $5M and there would not be enough TOI to justify that figure. I would rather the Habs overpaid Laich than overpay Wiz just for the TOI factor. Laich would play on the 1st line and Wiz would not be 1st pairing D

  7. SmartDog says:


    This is the most I’ve ever heard from Pierre Gauthier, and overall I like it. You need to listen to the audio. He talks about each player, says something about why they were picked and scouted, what the process is from here. Not rocket science but at least the kind of nice, open dialogue that some of the better GM’s and coaches do (while others just put up a wall).

    ALSO GOTTA SAY… It seems as though the Habs scouts mostly looked at D. I mean, guys, find a few forwards will ya? If all you suggest to Pierre is defensemen, that’s all we’re gonna get. We need some guys to put the puck in the net. Maybe hire a scout or two that played center for Pete’s sake.

    • TomNickle says:

      Some GMs would probably find it difficult to justify taking Travis Moen in the first round and trading up to do it. 😉

    • SeriousFan09 says:

      Honestly, as a couple of twitter friends mentioned as well, I’m disappointed PG has shut down Trevor Timmins from talking to the media, even on draft weekend. This is Timmin’s time, he spends 363 days a year preparing for Draft Weekend and he deserves to be able to talk up who he liked and why he believes in them.

      – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.
      SF09 on Twitter

      • SmartDog says:

        I didn’t notice that. Interesting. So the Goatman is a bit of a control freak is he?

      • ed lopaz says:

        the difference is that Gauthier knows these players and has seen many of them play.

        when Gainey was here he left the entire dossier up to his scouts and Gainey was not nearly as familiar with all of the picks the day of the draft.

        Gauthier is constantly travelling and scouting players.

        Im sure he was over in Europe this past season for example.

        Habs hockey is “smart” hockey – we play 5 man defence, not just 2 – we move up the ice as a 5 man unit, we back check with 5.

        • SeriousFan09 says:

          Yes but Ed, Timmins does the most work for the draft, he takes a ton of decisions and has to agonize over his draft wish list for months on end trying to decide which 18-year old kid has the best projectable ceiling to the NHL.

          I think it’s fair he gets his time in the spotlight to talk about who he likes and why he thinks Dietz is a good selection, why he was ecstatic Beaulieu was available at 17th and what he thinks of Pribyl as a potential steal out of the Czech league.

          – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.
          SF09 on Twitter

          • Un Canadien errant says:

            “Time in the spotlight” is not a perk doled out to staff. If Mr. Timmins was working hard on the draft just so he could get some microphone time I would be worried.

            Mr. Gauthier is the person ultimately responsible for the hockey personnel. It is entirely normal that he speak for the team, and present a consistent, coherent message to the fans and the rest of the League.

            Let’s do something like this again: 1) Petr Svoboda 1) Shayne Corson 2) Stephane Richer 3) Patrick Roy


  8. Habitant in Surrey says:

    …Giroux ! …Briere ! …Shenn ! …Couturier !!!
    …Gawd ! …gonna have ta change their moniker from Philthydelphia Phlyers to da Phlyin’ Phrenchmen !
    …sumptin’ AIN’T right wit da world dis mornin’ !

    Habitant means PASSIONATE HOCKEY

  9. Favorite Son says:

    Strange how some people make fun of the Leafs for not having a bonafide #1 centre when they have guys like Kadri, Colborne and Bozak in the system and the Habs don’t necessarily have one either…

    Leblanc I think will be #2 at most, Eller 2nd or 3rd and we don’t have anyone else in Hamilton. Engqvist and Naatinen are 3rd or 4th line centres at best.

    This isn’t to bash anyone, because I do think that Beaulieu was a great choice, but I just don’t think we have a potential #1 centre in the system right now. (One that scores, has size, etc).

    • TomNickle says:

      Colborne and Bozak are not even close to #1 centres.

      Kadri probably won’t develop all that well with his coach and general manager bad mouthing him to the media at every turn.

      You picked a pretty poor example in my opinion.

      • Favorite Son says:

        Yeah I know, I just meant that with those 3 guys, they don’t look that bad down the middle.

        • TomNickle says:

          Bozak is an undrafted college player with very limited offensive upside. A good comparison would be us having Dustin Walsh playing for the Habs today. He certainly doesn’t project as a top 6 six centre, and neither does Bozak.

          Colborne is a tier 2 provincial junior first round pick who the Bruins were happy to get rid of because of his declining production since being drafted.

          Neither guy projects with any offensive upside.

          Kadri is a blue chipper. And the irony is that they treat him like garbage. They publicly praise the guys who have no business being on an NHL roster and publicly criticize the players who they want or expect to lead their franchise into the future.

          • Favorite Son says:

            I think the Bruins got rid of Colborne mainly because they’re stacked down the middle and they got Seguin.

            You’re probably right about Bozak but Kadri will be very good imo…

          • TomNickle says:

            Kadri will be good, but not with the Leafs. How do you think he feels about reading articles written about him in the Toronto Star and Toronto Sun where Ron Wilson and Brian Burke are consistently point out his downfalls and weaknesses. They don’t tout his offensive creativity, they just knock him for not being huge.

            You can say that the Bruins are stacked down the middle but they’ve had significant stretches where they’ve been without Bergeron and Savard and Colborne hasn’t been given a thought. They wanted rid of him. He’s going nowhere fast.

          • ed lopaz says:

            Tom, in 39 games for the U of Denver 2 seasons ago, Colborne scored 22 goals and added 19 assists for 41 points.

            For NCAA thats good production

            then he scored another 20 goals in the AHL last season – his first.

            yes, I edited Tom – but his 42 points is very comparable to Plekanec 46 points first season in Hamilton.

            I think Colborne is still potentially a number 1 – but Im wrong too often to count. :-)

            Habs hockey is “smart” hockey – we play 5 man defence, not just 2 – we move up the ice as a 5 man unit, we back check with 5.

          • TomNickle says:

            That was two years ago Ed.

            I see you edited. Still, 42 points in 75 games for a first round pick in the AHL after having ample development time in College is well under expectation. His knocks are that he doesn’t compete hard, doesn’t use his size and isn’t creative offensively. Doesn’t sound like a top 6 centre to me. But I’ve been wrong many times before and will be again.

            I wasn’t trying to be critical when I mentioned the editing. On the 20 goal thing. Palushaj scored 20 this year. I don’t think he’ll be a productive top 6 winger.

      • 24moreCups says:

        Kadri should be playing for the Habs, the kid does have skill plus I heard his father and him are Habs fans.

    • bleublancrouge says:

      Considering pleks makes everyone around him better (except kostitsyn) I think you could bet huge numbers with Pac Plek Cammy on a line thus making him the habs bonafide #1.
      Oh and you forgot that the guys you mentioned haven’t become full leafs regulars yet… when they do they will quickly lose any potential they ever had :)

      • Favorite Son says:

        lol perhaps! But Pleks doesn’t really fit the description of the #1 centre everybody looks for…(Getzlaf, Carter, Kopitar, Datsyuk, etc) I know, I know, these are impossible to get unless you’re the crappiest team in the league and get to pick 1st.

    • SeriousFan09 says:

      Tyler Bozak was the biggest joke foisted on people that he was a potential No. 1 centre after the Leafs went on their pretend streak of what they’re capable of in the dying days of the 09-10 season.

      Joe Colbourne has at present, not proven much and he’s not a guy who actually uses his size. Kadri is still a bit of a runt in terms of strength and while having slick hands, that isn’t enough for the show. Even Leafs-land says he’s at best a No. 2 centre right now.

      – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.
      SF09 on Twitter

    • Andrew65 says:

      Hey, Son, have you heard of this guy Plekanec? #1 centre and one of the most underrated players in the league.

  10. naweed235 says:

    For once I think Eklunk is right :
    Text from an NHL owner: “Bad contracts are the new gold!!! So many teams can’t get to the floor…”

    Hello scott Gomez might be the next Phill Kessel in terms of retun in a trade 😉

    • Favorite Son says:

      It’s just not gonna happen, no sense in getting our hopes up. Maybe next year when his salary goes down.

      • longbow says:

        I’d hate to find out one day a deal didn’t go down because Gauthier asked for too much. I’d take the cap space and run.

        “Wanting is often more pleasurable than having.It is not logical but it is often true.” – Spock

        • Favorite Son says:

          Well we’d need a centre coming back, right? I don’t think Eller or DD are ready for top 6 yet.

          • longbow says:

            That’s the kind of thinking that will keep him here.

            “Wanting is often more pleasurable than having.It is not logical but it is often true.” – Spock

    • Hobie Hansen says:

      The one thing that I was surprised to hear on the Team 1200 in Ottawa the other day was that teams who don’t spend to the floor are not included in revenue sharing.

      I’m not sure how much that equates to in dollars but it seems pretty harsh. That’s why FLA signed picked up Campbell’s huge contract.

      I’m not sure what teams are still in danger of not hitting the floor or if FLA still has to make another big move like that?

      There’s also the fact the CBA ends after next season and I’ve been told the the NHLPA, NHL and the owners like to have a penalty reduced or penalty free buyout window to clean up ugly contract situations.

    • HalifaxHabs says:

      LMAO, I can’t believe anyone still reads Eklund…

      if you think an NHL owner actually sent him a text, and he didn’t completely make that up, I have some swamp land in Florida to sell you.

      • longbow says:

        It was probably Geoff Molson trying to create a trend.

        “Wanting is often more pleasurable than having.It is not logical but it is often true.” – Spock

      • naweed235 says:

        lol no trust me, I am one that would be completely convinced that Jenna Jamison is still a virgin if Eklund twitted that she was a $lut…
        but sometimes i read his blogs for entertainment purpose only… specially on a dead sunday like this…
        But i really do believe he has a point… there’s gonna be tons of teams looking to reach the cap floor with the new increase…

        • longbow says:

          Florida has to spend a minimum of 28 million on 11 or 12 players.Thats a big chunk of change.

          “Wanting is often more pleasurable than having.It is not logical but it is often true.” – Spock

  11. Rob says:

    I’m always shocked by the extreme levels of joy or despair people elevate or descend to following a prospect draft. I mean…does anyone have any clue how any of these players are going to turn out? To be disappointed or ecstatic about a player or draft class is, in my opinion, a pointless expenditure of energy. Many of the good players from any given draft are surprises, and many of the “sure things” turn out to be busts. So i would suggest, to those of you who are losing sleep over this or any other draft…..just relax and let it all play out. Because there is not one single person on the planet who can tell you with any certainty exactly how ANY of the players will pan out.

    The Montreal Canadiens: sporting the best AND worst fans since 1909!

  12. longbow says:

    From the “How Time Flies” department.

    Was over at Capgeek to see who is UFA a year from now and happened to notice that Crosby only has 2 years left on his contract.No,I’m not suggesting anything. Just sayin’.For whatever reason I was under the impression he was under contract for EVERRRRRRR !

    “Wanting is often more pleasurable than having.It is not logical but it is often true.” – Spock

    • scrowe21 says:

      Pittsburgh will never let him walk, no matter how insane the price.. and I doubt he would bail on Pittsburgh either. Malkin has to become available at some point I think.

      • naweed235 says:

        unless his childhood team Mtl decides to be nice to him and offer him a Big BIG $ 5M / yr contract… basically an offer he cannot refuse…

  13. savethepuck says:

    I liked the Beulieu interview, the fact that he said he had a late growth spell which means he still may grow a little and the attitude when he said ” you don’t mind slipping when you end up in an organization like this” means it’s great to have someone happy to be here.

    “That beautiful bastard scored semi-conscious.” On the Rocket’s Game 7 game winning goal against the Bruin’s April, 1952

  14. ooder says:

    Ryan Smith is now officially back in edmonton for fraser and a 7th rounder.
    considering what he pulled in 07, if this guy was european he would be considered heartless and greedy, only playing for the money.
    but since he is canadian it’s all gooooooooooood
    Gomez: 36 and counting!

    • TomNickle says:

      Apparently it was for family reasons. Which we have to respect. But it doesn’t change the fact that he’s the single most overrated Canadian hockey player ever. Followed very closely by Shane Doan and Paul Henderson.

      • dre1744 says:

        At least Shane Doan beat Mantracker!!!!!!

      • ooder says:

        was it for family reasons? i remember hearing about how his agent refused to go down by 100K or something like that which forced the trade to the islanders.
        and I definitely agree about doan and smyth being absurdly overrated!
        Gomez: 36 and counting!

  15. Hobie Hansen says:

    @ Serious,

    I agree that one of our prospects turning out to be like a Burns will be a chore.

    I’m a bit of a gambling man myself, love poker, so I’d wager that after Beaulieu, there’s another defenseman that’s now in our system that is top two our four paring material that will put us in a very good position to make a trade sooner or later.

    • TomNickle says:

      Pateryn and Ellis are showing the kind of consistency needed at the NHL level.

      There are multiple players in the organization that will be NHLers. The only questions are whether it will be with the Habs and how long it will take.

      • HardHabits says:

        As long as the Habs don’t give up their assets for nothing. You know like a McDonough for a Gomez. There’s no way the Habs had to let McDonough go for Gomez. The Habs could have gotten Gomez for Valentenko and Higgins straight up. Even that would have been a bad trade for the Habs. Losing McDonough was idiotic. Certainly for the type of season Gomez had last year.

        Now Subban for a top 5 pick, a prospect and a 2nd and a 3rd down the line. Price for a future #1 centre, former top 10 pick and and another top 6 forward. Now we’re talking.

        • TomNickle says:

          Why would you trade players like Price and Subban. They have World class skill. These are the kinds of players you win Stanley Cups with. Notice how that’s plural?

          • HardHabits says:

            Not without a supporting cast. Do you think Subban is better than Ray Bourque? I don’t. Ray Bourque couldn’t win a Cup on his own. Neither can Price and Subban.

            The Habs wont win a Cup with a line up of under sized forwards and they wont win without more size and grit up the middle, and IMO a bona fide #1 centre. With or without Price and Subban.

          • TomNickle says:

            Price is not Andy Moog.

          • Hobie Hansen says:

            Price and Subban are on their way to becoming as valuable as any player in the league beside maybe Crosby, Ovechkin, Malkin and a handful of others.

            It would take something out of this world to trade them.

            The goaltender is the most important piece of the puzzle and with Price’s age and current ability I’d probably have him over every other goaltender.

            Subban will also be among the best defensemen in the league down the road so I could never imagine trading him.

  16. scrowe21 says:

    SeriousFan09JUNE 26, 2011 1:06 PM AT 1:06 PM
    “The second, third straight season w/o taking anyone who could be a PF.”

    No faith in Pribyl?

    I agree with you, I wish they had have taken Alexandre Grenier in the third..just wondering what your take is on Pribyl.

    • TomNickle says:

      You wanted a physically mature player who had scoring issues in junior?

    • SeriousFan09 says:

      Haven’t heard he’s a real force yet, apparently doesn’t finish his checks well and doesn’t employ his size, a project player and doesn’t read very much like a PF candidate from one source I could find at Hockey’s Future Boards.

      – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.
      SF09 on Twitter

      • TomNickle says:

        I’ve read that he doesn’t win puck battles. If that’s the case, he’s got to have some serious offensive skills to have put up the points that he has.

        • longbow says:

          Maybe Pleks can go over to his house and have a little conversation with him.Perhaps suggest to him he should add 20 lbs and and a cup of intensity.

          “Wanting is often more pleasurable than having.It is not logical but it is often true.” – Spock

          • SeriousFan09 says:

            Granted, who thought much of Pleks in 2001? We’ll see what happens but it’s hard to teach a player to be mean.

            – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.
            SF09 on Twitter

          • TomNickle says:

            Why does he have to be mean to make an NHL roster?

            He said he patterns his game after Ales Hemsky. Doesn’t look to me like wants to be mean. And from listening to Pierre Gauthier’s interview, it doesn’t sound like he was drafted to be mean.

          • SeriousFan09 says:

            I was just pointing out if we’re looking for a power game, this is not our guy and we can’t expect him to be. Like I keep saying, the defensive depth is nice but when we only have 3 out of 32 forward prospects who have 40+ goal seasons and no real PF names, we’ll really need these Ds to work out so they can be moved for that type of asset.

            – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.
            SF09 on Twitter

  17. JohnBellyful says:

    The Tom Pyatt watch continues.
    Yeah, more attention is being paid to Gorges, another RFA, but Pyatt’s the real deal. Fast skater, defensively-minded, team player, name’s easy to pronounce, the key cog in the trade with the Rangers, cheap goal-scorer (with a cap hit of $500,000, the team only had to shell out $250,000 a goal, not like someone else we all know, whose seven goals, divided by $7.3 million, works out to … well, a lot more than $250,000 a goal).
    I just worry that without any scuttlebutt going around concerning his contract status, this could be Pyatt’s last season with the team. And then imagine all the boohoo-hooing that will go on after he’s gone.

  18. G-Man says:

    The Campbell trade may be a sign to the Wiz to wait for July 1st and a $6mil/season payday for 4 or 5 seasons. The Habs have to try to be a player on July 1st for that big scoring forward they need, so it doesn’t look like the Wiz will return.

  19. TomNickle says:

    Bob McKenzie says via twitter that Kirk Muller will be named head coach of the Milwaukee AHL squad tomorrow.

  20. SeriousFan09 says:

    From TSN’s Bob Mackenzie, it seems that Kirk Muller will be named the HC of the Milwaukee Admirals, AHL affiliate of the Nashville Predators.

    Not a good couple of days for MTL.

    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.
    SF09 on Twitter

    • TomNickle says:

      Not a good couple of days?

      • HardHabits says:

        SF09 is recovering from his 2011 NHL draft hangover.

        • TomNickle says:

          In what sense? Booze or shattered dreams? Or both?

          • SeriousFan09 says:

            The second, third straight season w/o taking anyone who could be a PF.

            – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.
            SF09 on Twitter

          • TomNickle says:

            What would you have them do? Ignore a potential Markov replacement that fell at least 5 spots to them?

            Beaulieu is a safer pick than McNeill and offers just as much upside.

          • SeriousFan09 says:

            I get Beaulieu, but 4 of the next 6 picks? I just think this was overloading on a position and these later-round Ds do not jump off the page for me.

            – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.
            SF09 on Twitter

          • Hobie Hansen says:

            You’ve got to go with the best player available. A good defenseman is just as valuable as a power forward.

            Look at the Setouguchi for Burns deal. The Habs will very possibly have the option to make a trade like that down the road and still have a killer defense.

          • SeriousFan09 says:

            I wouldn’t say we have a Brent Burns in our prospect pool, I doubt many teams do since he’s arguably Top-10 to probably Top-15 in the league.

            – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.
            SF09 on Twitter

          • TomNickle says:

            Robert, I understand your frustration, believe me. But they drafted for value through the whole thing, and you can’t really blame them. When was the last time somebody with Archambault’s skills was available in the 4th round?

            Pribyl is a nice pick late in the draft too. Especially if he comes over to play for Shawinigan. He’s already been successful against men.

            They drafted high end talent through the whole draft and the players they acquired have weaknesses that can be coached.

            The Leafs wont be able to teach Biggs how to score or Percy how to be physical. The Red Wings can’t teach Jurco how to be consistent, ditto for the Blackhawks and Mcneill.

            I do think that the Lightning stole Namestnikov though. He never should have been available there.

    • Rob says:

      Robert, i have come to respect you and and all the work you have done for this site, in sharing all of the information that you tirelessly gather about our Habs and, in particular, their prospects. But i must say that I have been a little disappointed by your reaction to this draft. Perhaps in putting as much work as you have into researching the areas of drafting and prospect development, you have fallen into the trap of overvaluing your own personal opinion….kinda the same way most of us hardcore fans believe we know what’s “best” for the team because we follow them so closely and devour every little piece of information. I’m only bringing this up because I feel you’re losing credibility with a few people on this site based on your comments the last couple of days, and of all the people who deserve recognition and respect based on the amount they bring to this site… after Ian Cobb, I’d say you are the most deserving. Hope you don’t take this the wrong way, and keep up the great work.

      The Montreal Canadiens: sporting the best AND worst fans since 1909!

  21. CHsam says:

    Wonder if Coyotes fans are getting up in arms on their blogs during brunch, and droppin some classic Aesop’s fables 😉

  22. Hobie Hansen says:

    As per some of the conversations below, I personally think that the Habs are neck and neck with the other teams in the Eastern Conference. Sure Boston is tougher, which drives me crazy, but we had them on the ropes in our playoff series and also won the season series. Our speed is too much for them to handle and we were missing key players.

    There’s definitely some concern that the long haul of the playoffs and hard hitting teams like the Bruins will spell the end for us in the playoffs. However, our luck with injuries and calls going the wrong way can’t possibly repeat itself again?

    I will be very surprised if Gauthier doesn’t address the team’s toughness over the next week or so after July 1st. I’ve said 100 times that’d I be very pleased if he acquired a heavyweight who can skate to play between Moen and White on the forth line.

    There’s also defenseman available out there who can play in the 5th or 6th spot and could add some serious toughness. I say forget about even thinking of signing Weber or Hamrlik and go after Shane O’Brien (UFA NSH) to play in the last pair with Yemelin.

    If Gauthier can sign a top six forward, a tough forth line center and a mean stay at home defenseman I think the Habs have what it take to make it to the finals.

    • Tremblant Habs Fan says:

      I’d like to see the Habs bring back Paul Mara, offer him 600,000 a year, as our 8th defencemen, maybe play 40-45 games, be ready for physical teams and of course keep the full growth beard. He seems to like being in Montreal and I belive he would accept this role.

      • Hobie Hansen says:

        You’ve got to respect Mara for coming in last year and dropping the gloves for his teammates after Gauthier realized someone had to be brought in before the season ended to fit that role.

        Mara’s a great guy and he did actually have a couple good games in the playoffs defensively but there’s easily better out there that won’t break the bank either.

      • olematelot says:

        There’s no room for Mara

  23. longbow says:

    Lots of names mentioned when it comes to acquiring a winger for Pleks but I’ve never seen anyone mention Tomas Fleischmann. Left wing,27yrs old.Czech like Pleks.Only played 40+ games last year but was putting up numbers the last 2 seasons. Anyone have thoughts ?

    “Wanting is often more pleasurable than having.It is not logical but it is often true.” – Spock

  24. Goderichab says:

    I can foresee a problem for many of us who follow the Habs on HIO!!!
    Many of the articles are from the Gazette. As the Gazette has chosen to limit the “free” visits to their page, those of us who are avid fans and read the HIO daily, it does not take long for our metered visits (6) to be used and further updates of Habs info are blocked if they are part of the Gazette reporting!!
    I know summer time is slow but come training camp and pre season, to say nothing of the 2011-12 season, it could prove frustrating to say the least!1

    Please correct this so we (I) can have access to ALL the Habs news regardless of whether it is a Gazette article or not.
    Thank you

    I remember the dynasties…

  25. Goderichab says:

    I remember the dynasties…

  26. CHsam says:

    Im with TomNickle re Eller- I think the guy has huge potential. Dint know why some ppl are down on him. He’s got the tools to be a great centre for us.

  27. If all goes to plan, The Habs line-up should look something like this?

    AK46 – Plekanec – Cammelleri

    Gionta – Gomez – Pacioretty

    Pouliot – Eller – Darche

    White – Desharnais – Moen


    Subban – Wisniewski

    Markov – Yemelin

    Gill – Gorges

    Spacek Weber



    • TomNickle says:

      Wisniewski has had two serious injuries early in his career. He just had a career year and is in a position to cash in to set him and his wife up for life. He’s going to the ufa market unless somebody blows him away with an offer.

      Don’t count on him being a Hab.

  28. HardHabits says:

    If the Habs had some kind of creativity they’d have had more than 1 first round pick or a couple of seconds to trade up AND could have gotten a power forward on top of Beaulieu.

    Looking at Boston and Philadelphia regardless of how good a pick Beaulieu is the Habs still got a lot weaker by comparison.

    The Habs turn Aesop’s fable on its head. They take a little baby step forward. Our arch rivals make leaps and bounds. Who knows. Maybe one day the little tortoise will actually cross the finish line. Meanwhile the rabbits are running away with the race.

    • TomNickle says:

      Dave. This team could already have a power forward type in the organization who will be ready in three years.

      Adding one in the draft doesn’t address the immediate need for one right now. The only highly rated player who was seen as a power forward type that could possibly play and make an impact soon is Landeskog. Powerforward is a stretch for him too.

      He’s not going to push people around like he did in junior.

      • HardHabits says:

        TN. We’re not winning the Cup for the foreseeable future. There’s no way Montreal gets past both Boston and Philadelphia for the next few years. I am talking about for the future.

        The Habs have to start thinking out of the box. I am all for building from the net out but at one point that building process has to get beyond the puck moving D and the two-way forwards and start drafting offensively gifted forwards that aren’t under 5’11”.

        • TomNickle says:

          It’s your opinion that this team has no chance at a Cup. My opinion, for what it’s worth to you is that a player who can control play down low is needed for Cammalleri and Plekanec and that the team has to play tougher in the dirty areas in front of Price. If those areas are addressed, I think this team is a Cup contender.

          You want more scoring. Pacioretty for a full season, and Markov with any luck, will help that area tremendously. We really didn’t have anyone other than Subban who can back defenders off with the threat of elite passing from our defense last season. Markov immediately helps in that area, and in even strength scoring.

          Leblanc is very likely to fit into the powerforward role. He’s not going to kill anyone with crushing checks, but he controls play on the walls and goes to dirty areas for puck retrieval.

          • HardHabits says:

            If other teams stagnated and we improved I’d say great. As it stands the Habs improved and our rivals improved considerably.

            Leblanc is projected as a 2nd line centre, maybe 3rd line. Where’s #1? It’s not Plex. Nor Gomez. DD? Eller? Where TN?

            I’d like to see the Habs start drafting forwards, especially centres. Good ones. Tall ones. Skilled ones. Not a bunch of small players with talent or kids with size and grit who can’t skate, pass or shoot.

            I am sick of the last 3 years watching a team that can’t score goals and has little chance of coming from behind in a game without getting two or three players injured in the process.

          • TomNickle says:

            The Flyers improved considerably, but not an immediate improvement. I think they made out like bandits in both of their trades but I don’t think they’ll reap the rewards of those trades for another year or two.

            I don’t know who else in the East significantly improved. If you’re referring to Buffalo, that’s a bit of a stretch. Regehr’s a really nice addition considering what they gave up for him but they too lack scoring and don’t have a solution like Pacioretty or Markov to help them in that area. And they’re about to lose Tim Connolly to the Leafs.

            Leblanc is highly unlikely to be a centreman in the NHL. He’s very likely going to be a winger that can fill a role that we’re looking to fill with Plekanec and Cammalleri. If you want to call him a second line player you’re entitled, but we don’t know that. I don’t think Shea Weber was expected to be a Norris candidate when he was taken in the 2nd round of his draft. Subban was expected to be a PP specialist by the pundits who said he lacked defensive acumen. These guys are often wrong in their projections. Leblanc went over a point per game with a mangled shoulder Dave.

            As for the big centre thing…..take a look at Dustin Walsh, Daniel Pribyl and even Lars Eller.

            A lot of people are down on Eller but I think he’s going to be a 60 point player in a couple of years, at least.

          • HardHabits says:

            Look Tom. We’ll have to see how these players pan out I agree but the bottom line is the Habs have no real game breaking power forwards in the pipes save Pacioretty. Give me a few more like him and I’ll be happy. I like the PRIBYL pick but that’s a long shot. If he turns out to be the next Datsyuk we’ll all be happy I am sure.

            Needless to say the Habs are not getting any Sean Couturiers, Tyler Seguins, Richards or Carters anywhere and that’s what I want to see in the pipes. The Habs have enough complimentary players. Subban and Price are starts. Eller and Pacioretty nice complimentary additions. There is still no #1 centre in the system. Nor on the team.

          • TomNickle says:

            The Bruins just won a cup without a #1 centre Dave.

          • HardHabits says:

            Well if the Habs can dominate in the FO circle like the Bruins did we wont need one either. If you ask me Bergeron and Krejci did pretty good. Two players the Bruins landed in the 2nd round.

            A round the Habs had zero picks in. Thanks for proving my point. 😉

          • TomNickle says:

            I’m a little slow on Sundays. You’ll have to explain to me how I proved your point that we need a dominant #1 centre by explaining that the Bruins won a cup without one.

            Plekanec is just as good as Bergeron or Krejci. Hopefully Eller can get to that level.

          • HardHabits says:

            Bergeron led the play-offs in FO% at around 60% for a centre that took more than 300 face-offs. Plex is not even close.

            The point you’ve proved is my lament about the Habs lack of creativity which left them out of the 2nd round and out of the picture to draft a decent centre (apart from Pribyl which is a long shot).

            The Habs made a little baby step move this draft. They got a little better in the system. They have done nothing to address their biggest glaring weakness and that is up front. What they did instead is stock up in an area where they already are strong.

            Who knows? Maybe the Habs can trade away another blue-chipper for an over-priced over-the-hill has been and continue the process of finishing out of the top 10 in the league and out of the picture for building via the draft.

          • TomNickle says:

            The players aren’t a direct result of where they were drafted.

          • HardHabits says:

            Yes they are Tom. The higher you are in the draft the better chance you have of getting who you want. The Krejci and Bergeron picks are the Cup right there. They don’t make those picks they don’t hoist Lord Stanley’s mug.

          • TomNickle says:

            Dave, your logic was suggesting that Marchand and Bergeron developed to their capabilities because they were second round picks. That’s a load of garbage. They developed for a number of different reasons. To suggest that not having ample second round picks will hold the Canadiens back from winning a championship is lunacy.

    • ZepFan2 says:


      You flip on a dime, eh! One day joy, the next bitterness.

      Welcome to the newer NHL: The National Headshot League.

      • HardHabits says:

        You read me wrong twice.

        No where was there joy. I resigned myself to accepting the Beaulieu pick because although it wasn’t the centre I hoped the Habs would pick it’s still a damn good pick.

        Neither am I bitter. Just realistic. The Habs lack creativity. Never could they have pulled off the Carter/Richard picks. Forget about the Carter/Richard trades.

        LIke I said years ago and it holds true today. The Habs are constantly getting out flanked by their opponents.

    • Shmitzy says:

      How can anyone talk like this? First of all, a team with significant injuries takes Boston to OT in game 7 and they have no chance of getting past them for years to come?? Garbage.
      Any kind of creativity? Just because you think something up on xbox don’t necessarily make it possible in reality. They took the best player available in round one. After that, anyone who wants to talk about this draft group before about 2016 clearly just likes to hear themselves blab. You, me and everyone else alive knows just about jack squat about how this will turn out. When were you figuring a 17th-overall power forward would be ready? September?
      Having a clever username doesn’t make you an expert. I was laughing my head off throughout every word of the nonsense you’ve thought up. And no, I couldn’t be bothered to be nice about this. You’re just another fan who thinks he knows how to run an NHL franchise and every time the team you cheer for goes in a different direction you act like the world is caving in. Get a life.
      PS – The Aesop’s fable analogy made absolutely zero sense in the context you were hoping for. Maybe you were thinking about the ant and the grasshopper? Either way, entirely LAME.

      • HardHabits says:

        What I found I find astounding is how some one with your obvious lack of intellect managed to scrawl off a few lines with out any spelling errors. Way to go mastering the spell checker.

        The ant and the grasshopper fable is totally not applicable.

        Only a moron couldn’t understand my Tortoise and Hare analogy. Don’t worry. There are many here so you’re not alone.

        • AK_PK_Usay says:

          @ HardHabits, for a direct insult on “Shmitzy”
          Astounding? The correct way would have been to say “I am amazed that where i thought you were a simpleton, you manage to find your way through the maze that is the English language”
          Then i realise, YOU, are a pompous self-centered know it all that clearly needs a reality check, because INSULTING SOMEONE IS NOT nice.
          Have fun playing your armchair GM all you want, but sooner or later you will have to realise that NHL11 is JUST a game, time to go out and play some street hockey…

          The reason im posting this on top, is because if you want to reply, and test my english mastery, id be more than happy to joust. And no, im not going to start writing for a term paper, i will use common words backed by logic, something you often show a lack of.

  29. Habs have 14,804,490 in Cap Space. If the Habs were to keep same core of players for this season for another year or so. Here is the offers that players might accept?

    James Wisniewski – 5.5m for 5 yrs

    Josh Gorges – 2.25m for 3 or 5 yrs

    Benny Pouliot – 1.5m for 1 or 2 yr

    Alex Auld – 1m for 1 yr

    Yannick Weber – 900,000 for 3 yrs

    Ryan White – 900,000 for 3 yrs

    Tom Pyatt – 550,000 for 1 or 2 yr

    This total adds up to 12,550,000 and leaving 2,254,490 in Cap Space. If Wisniewski decides to go elsewhere the the Habs should signed Hamrlik or Sopel for 1 yr.

    • TomNickle says:

      $5.5 million over 5 years is way too much for Wisniewski. I really like him as a player, but that kind of annual salary should result in a shorter term contract.

      You’re underselling Gorges bigtime. Keep in mind that he is capable of playing the powerplay and is seen as a current leader and possibly a future captain. He’s going to be signed in between $3 and $4 million in my opinion. He’s pretty much Volchenkov without the vicious bodychecking.

      Pouliot’s either going to be traded or allowed to walk according to many people, for what it’s worth.

      Weber and White would be nuts to sign for three years.

      • TN, Drop a million on Wiz and give to Gorges. As for White and Weber, How many years would you give?

        • TomNickle says:

          White is a Don Meehan client first of all. And while White’s role is that of a checking player, he has offensive touch, so with the injuries this team faces he may get a shot at contributing offense and Meehan would love to take advantage of that. So a three year deal is unlikely for him.

          On Weber, same kind of deal. If he gets forced into important action on this team he could really put up some points and earn a big raise. I think two years is the maximum the Habs will give him.

    • scrowe21 says:

      Wiz isn’t worth that much money.. He will probably get it somewhere, but I dont think PG will offer that much.

    • Mike D says:

      5.5mil is too much for Wiz. He might get close to that but it won’t be from us.

      Gorges will get at least 3mil and probably 5 years. Might be closer to 4mil.

      If we actually do re-sign Benny it won’t be for a penny more than the 1.357mil he’s getting right now and only on a 1 year term.

      Auld’s about right.

      Weber (especially) and White will likely get either more money or less term but not that little over that long a period.

      If Pyatt’s brought back it will be for league minimum and I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a 2-way contract.

      – Honestly yours

  30. avatar_58 says:

    Do you ever think the habs will land ass backwards onto high picks like Boston did? Imagine the day when our GM manages to fleece someone like Burke.

    One can dream…

    • HardHabits says:

      The Habs can always trade Subban and Price like Philly traded Carter and Richards.

    • TomNickle says:

      Bruins were up against the Cap and couldn’t afford to sign Kessel when it happened. So I guess when we have a rising star that we have to trade, Gauthier’s challenge will be finding somebody as stupid as Burke who thinks his team is a contender when it is in fact one of the NHL’s worst.

      That’s really the only thing that makes that trade unique. That Burke very poorly evaluated his team and ended up giving away two top 10 picks because of it.

      • issie74 says:

        Kessel was hated in Boston. Hardly the player Boston wanted to sign,he didn’t like the rough stuff.


        • TomNickle says:

          They didn’t like Kessel? The fans maybe. I don’t know many GM’s who dislike lightning fast, 30 goal scorers who overcome cancer scares in their early twenties.

          • issie74 says:

            Tom …. I didn’t say the GM,I do not presume to know what Mr.Chiarelli or any other GM likes or dislikes.

            I’m sorry I didn’t make myself clear .. the fans did not like Kessel.


    • Habitoba says:

      Favorite quote was a question whether Burke was going to get a Stanley Cup ring for helping the Bruins get the cup with all his shitty trades and draft picks he squandered.

  31. mike3131 says:

    Going into July 1st, I do not expect PG to go after another top forward. Unless we manage to trade Gomez, or Darche plays on the 4th line (which would be disappointing) our top 9 is set. However, assuming we don’t sign Wiz, I’m looking/hoping for PG to land a legit, top 4 defenseman (preferably RH). Here are some names that come to mind:

    Ed Jovanovski
    Scott Hannan
    Pitkanen (maybe, injury prone)
    Bieksa (if available)
    Jonathan Ericsson

    Also, I’m looking/hoping PG rebuilds the fourth line with either Adam Hall, Zenon Konopka or Boyd Gordon at centre and one of the following at LW/RW:

    Raffi Torres
    Mike Rupp
    Aaron Voros
    Matt Bradley
    Brad Winchester

    As for a backup goalie, I’m 100% content with Alex Auld. Just hope he plays more games and gets slightly cheaper than $1 M. I’m not worried about the cap, even with Spacek because we have $14.8 M to sign one of the above defenseman, Gorges, one of the above centres + forwards and Alex Auld.

    ♪ And we’re livin’ here in Allentown… ♪

    • Greg says:

      What’s wrong with our top 4 D? Markov-Subban, Gill-Gorges. Then Spacek-Emelin? I think our D is set. The only possible move is to ship out Spacek and sign Wisniewski.

    • TomNickle says:

      With Subban, Markov, Gill and Gorges I really don’t think that a defenseman is going to be Gauthier’s priority. But I could be wrong.

      • longbow says:

        We all thought that going into the draft. lol

        “Wanting is often more pleasurable than having.It is not logical but it is often true.” – Spock

        • TomNickle says:

          Not true. I was adamant that if the team saw an opportunity to find a long term replacement for Markov that they would jump on it.

          Beaulieu isn’t going to be expected to play for at least one season. And that’s a stretch.

          • longbow says:

            The intention of the LOL was that my comment shouldn’t be taken too seriously nor was it necessarily directed at you.If we sign another D then I hope it is Wiz. We only have 3 d on the right side.We’re depending a lot on Weber or the plan is to have Spacek or Yemelin play on their wrong side.

            “Wanting is often more pleasurable than having.It is not logical but it is often true.” – Spock

          • TomNickle says:

            We have Subban, Gorges, Spacek, Weber and possibly Diaz who can all play on the right side like you say.

            I wouldn’t be too concerned about Weber or Spacek in a #5 or #6 role seeing only 15 minutes/game.

    • Mike D says:

      Don’t think we have a need for another Dman, but if we’re not gonna sign Wiz, I’d love to trade his rights for something. The fact PG didn’t do this at the draft could mean the offers were lousy, PG is trying to re-sign him, or Wiz has made it clear he will test free-agency or has designs on signing with a certain team and maybe that’s known on the GM world meaning no offers are there.

      If we can’t get anything of any significance for his rights, I’d love to trade them for the rights to Ehrhoff because Marky prefers a LH point shooter on the PP and the guys in our current Dcore with the bombs are PK and Weber who are both RH shots. Ehrhoff is also better defensively than Wiz.

      I don’t think this scenario will happen though as I’m confident VAN will let Salo walk and split his salary allotment to Bieksa and Ehrhoff to keep them both.

      – Honestly yours

      • TomNickle says:

        You’re forgetting that Cammalleri sets up high in the offensive zone on the powerplay for his one-timer and that Yemelin is highly likely to pair with him on the powerplay.

        • Mike D says:

          I haven’t forgot that Tom, but you are correct. I didn’t see Cammy do a lot of that during the reg. season though. The playoffs were a different story as he was there all day on the PP.

          Does Yemelin have a shot though? I mean a real shot comparable to Souray, Streit, Schneider? From what I’ve read it’s not a particularly strong part of his arsenal.

          – Honestly yours

          • TomNickle says:

            His shot isn’t deadly but it seems to be very accurate from what I’ve seen. More often than not that’s all you need. Gonchar is a guy who is heralded because he gets his shot through traffic and on net. It isn’t weak, but it isn’t like Chara, Weber or Souray’s either.

    • mike3131 says:

      I hope we can get a new D-man so the pairings could look like this:

      Gorges – Subban
      Markov – New D-man
      Yemelin – Gill

      I think Spacek and Gill should rotate and adding another defenseman would provide us that. We don’t have room for any more top forwards.

      ♪ And we’re livin’ here in Allentown… ♪

  32. JohnBellyful says:

    The Habs’ stockpiling of defencemen has drawn some unfavourable comment. That was my first reaction as well … until the rationale came to me in a whiskey-induced slumber. It used to be the best defence was a good offence. Well, Montreal has turned that axiom on its head: The best offence is all-defence. That’s right, in a year or two the Canadiens will have defencemen play every position except for goal. No need to worry about the transition game. What’s to transition? It’s a seamless whole. The players are all one, with an identical mindset, like the Borg. Resistance is futile. Combine puck-moving defencemen with bone-crunching defencemen, what’s not to like? Defensively responsible in their own end, they become heat-seeking missiles in the opponents’ end, anticipating what the other team’s rearguards will do.
    Mr. Gauthier, Mr. Martin, you’re managerial geniuses, you’re G/M, you’re one and the same.

    • Mike D says:

      Montreal is stockpiling Dmen and ignoring forwards.
      Edmonton is stockpiling forwards and ignoring Dmen.

      Maybe at some point in the future a trade will be made? 😉

      – Honestly yours

      • JohnBellyful says:

        Could happen. But my guess is, the trade would involve a Montreal forward and an Edmonton defenceman. Once you start stockpiling, it’s hard to stop. It’s like all those newspapers I have in the basement. You never know when you might need to go back to find out what happened on May 23, 1972 and if you don’t have that issue …

    • Habitoba says:

      Well put

  33. LL says:

    Gomez, our whipping boy, every fanbase needs one. 😉

    He is overpaid, no one can dispute this. It has been said many times on this site. But he is not a terrible player. He is not a “stand alone” player a la Lafleur who can create goals all on his own, he needs to play on a line where players can actually convert passes into goals like MaxP.

    I recorded some games from last season and when i need a fix of Habs’ hockey, I watch them. Without the excitement/nervousness/anxiety/paranoia of watching the games live, I notice a lot I didn’t the first time. If management could trade Gomez and get another 2 MaxPacian-type players, great. But in the meanwhile, on a team with more power up front, and less salary for Gomez, we would not be singling him out all the time.

  34. habs001 says:

    eller has received mostly positive comments about his performance from last year on this site which is fine ..i am not sure what type of player he will be but the future will determine that…no one has a real idea really…lets say eller had the same type of season but played on boston or toronto and a poster put a positive comment about him on this site i bet anything the same posters who have been praising eller would be all over that poster with negative comments about eller…

    • Mike D says:

      Eller certainly didn’t have an outstanding year though he did pick it up a bit towards the end of the year and playoffs. I think a lot of people here have built him up since the offseason to be better than he actually was. Truth is, DD outplayed him. Again, this is all last year.

      Personally, I think the guy has quite a bit of talent, but he hasn’t realized most of it yet. He will, and I just hope it’s soon and with the Habs.

      – Honestly yours

    • HalifaxHabs says:

      you must not check this site during the season, because Eller was one of the top whipping boys on this site last year.

      now looking back, it’s obvious to see for anyone who watched the playoffs, the kid played with heart, and showed grit and skill when it mattered. No one can be sure he’ll be a star, but when you look at his size and skill set, any Hab fan should be feeling good about his future potential at a spot we sorely need talent with size.

    • TomNickle says:

      His development path has been very similar to Tomas Plekanec’s. With his talent and work ethic it’s reasonable to assume a similar career path.

      When I think back to what Plekanec was like at Eller’s age, I personally get excited because Eller is ahead of where Plekanec was, and has a very similar skill set.

      If players were only judged by their first seasons in the NHL, a lot of players would be seen as busts.

      • longbow says:

        I get frustrated with the Eller -DD debate.Huge difference in height and weight and a 3 year age difference.I always tell people to wait 3 years and then compare Eller at 24 to what DD is at 24.I keep wondering if the same posters that scream for size up front are the same ones that prefer DD over Eller.
        I agree about the comparison to Plekanec and the added incentive to see him succeed would be to shut McGuire up.

        “Wanting is often more pleasurable than having.It is not logical but it is often true.” – Spock

        • Mike D says:

          Not sure if you were directing your comment at me since Tom didn’t mention DD at all in his post? If so, all I said was that DD had a better season than Eller did this past year. Not that DD will be better than Eller in the future, or even comparing their production as 24 year olds once Eller gets that old.

          Just to clarify.

          – Honestly yours

  35. PeterStone says:

    Who would be dumb enough to acquire Gomez. The guys is a complete embarassment. He didnt stick up for his teammates ( remember the Boston game, him and AK sitting and laughin on the bench while spacek is getting pummelled ) , he didnt skate hard at either end of the ice, seriously, he couldnt even win a d*** faceoff, worse of all, he didnt care. He’s a disgrace to the uniform and he shouldnt be permitted to put it on again. He definitely shouldnt wear 11 again, because he’s a disgrace to the last guy who wore it and who persevered through things most men couldnt comprehend.

    • ZepFan2 says:

      He didn’t stick up for his teammates?

      He was the ONLY one to go after Chara after he hit Max.

      I’ll give the man the benefit of the doubt. He said he had a bad season and he would make up for it this year. I’ll give him the chance to keep his word. After that, all bets are off!

      Welcome to the newer NHL: The National Headshot League.

      • Mike D says:

        You can include me in that same school of thought, Zep.

        Of course, I’d trade him in a heartbeat if I could find a partner willing to take him.

        – Honestly yours

        • ZepFan2 says:

          “Of course, I’d trade him in a heartbeat if I could find a partner willing to take him.”

          Damn straight! lol

          Welcome to the newer NHL: The National Headshot League.

      • adesbarats says:

        Benefit of the doubt? He’s had unarguably three bad seasons. Just this last one was real bad. Although I do not agree with the OP saying he doesn’t stick up for his team mates, the reality is, he has not played well the past three years.

        How many “benefits of the doubt” we gonna give this guy? At 7.3 mil per year in this new cap environment you have to produce, period. I like the guy at a personal level – plays hard, works hard, sticks up for his mates but from a production perspective, he isn’t cutting it and given his history, I really do not believe he ever will again.

        For what ever reason, his best years are likely behind him and the best thing we can do is try to trade him to a club that is trying to make the minimum payroll or ship him to Hamilton so we at least get his salary off the clubs books.

        — Don’t Look at Detroit! —

        • ZepFan2 says:

          I give him one ‘benefit of the doubt’. You don’t have to.

          Did you hear him say he had a bad year prior to saying it last year? If you did, I missed it.

          Let’s see him work a full season with Max and then we’ll talk.

          Welcome to the newer NHL: The National Headshot League.

          • adesbarats says:

            Publicly declaring that u have a bad year or not matters little to me or management I suspect.

            — Don’t Look at Detroit! —

      • PeterStone says:

        he went after him ? How did he go after him .. he chased him and told him what he did wasnt nice ?

        • JayBee says:

          Why don’t you go and pick a fight with 6’9 260 lb guy. There’s a reason why no one fights him. He’s frigging huge and would kill you.

          • PeterStone says:

            i’m just trying to follow this conversation, cause before someone suggested that he was the ONLY one to go after Chara , so now you are saying he didnt go to MaxPacs defense because Chara is too big ?

    • JayBee says:

      And people wonder why players don’t want to come here. Chill on the disgrace crap. Clearly he had a bad year. I don’t think there’s a single teammate that will say Gomez is not a hard worker so you can kill that crap. Gomez was benched that game. How exactly was he supposed to stick up for Spacek? In addition, Gomez is one of the few players who actually does stick up for our guys. You’re completely off base.

      In addition, Martin’s system stunts offensive production. Why don’t people understand this? You will be hard pressed to find someone who can put up 80 pts in Martin’s “protect the lead in the 1st period” style.

      Gomez does need to get his act together. He’s a vet, he had a down year, I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt and hope he bounces back next year. Don’t question him on his effort or his heart though.

      • Bob_Sacamano says:

        Yes, a site like this is responsible for players not wanting to come to Montreal… yawn.

        It´s really funny that some think Gomez just had a bad year. His production has been declining for years. Yes, he might get close to 50 points if MaxPax plays great but would you be happy with that? What would bounce back for you really mean: Seriously, 12 goals and 40 assists?

        • ZepFan2 says:

          You don’t need this site. You think players never noticed how Brisebois was treated?

          Think about it. Here’s a player that LOVES playing for the Habs and he’s a Francophone. He comes here to play and gets booed mercilessly. So much so that the GM had to come to his defense.

          I’ll word it another way. No wonder players from Quebec are reluctant to play here. And for good reason.

          Welcome to the newer NHL: The National Headshot League.

          • PeterStone says:

            its one thing to boo players … its another to criticize and call someone out for being soft. No one had any issue calling out Laraque for being useless … and I dont have an issue stating that Gomez was an embarrassment. Could he atone for it this year, possibly, but the fact that EVERYONE would trade him, states volumes.

        • JayBee says:

          When a guy puts up 20 or so points less than his career average then yes….I’d say he had a bad year. Now if he has a bad year this year then you will have a point.

  36. habs001 says:

    john tavares is only 20 years old….plays on a bad team….has 53 goals and 121 points in the nhl yet i have heard several times that he has been a failure..when will we ever have a player at 20 with this type of stats in the nhl…we can only dream

  37. HabFab says:


    – as it takes 3-5 years to develop the players, figures are based on the 1997 – 2006 drafts.
    – drafted an even 90 players ( there where 9 rounds for 8 of those years)
    – 38 of these played at least 1 game in the NHL (42%)
    – 20 of these played full time last year in the NHL (22%)
    – 4 for the Habs (4%)
    – 4 others played in the KHL that may have played in the NHL (Hossa, Perezhogin, Yemelin, Korneev)

  38. punkster says:

    Still can’t read articles linked to the Gazette. Requires a subscription.

    ***Subbang Baby!!!***

    • ths says:

      Absolute crap dont bother trying links. they dont work unless you are a chump and buy a subscription

      Ooh Aah Habs on the war path

    • habitual says:

      No kidding. As I recall when this site was re-designed, there was some sort of comment by HIO that we’d still be able to access articles.

      Now we know why the site was re-designed: money grab!

      Anyone out there who has access feel like pasting articles into the comment box?

    • HardHabits says:

      Dude. Reboot your modem and clear your cache. What? You think they have your DNA!!!

      Pffft. n00bs.

  39. novahab says:

    Gomez may not had a great year but he was part of a team that took the cup champs to a 7th game overtime . The Habs were missing 3 key players and the Bruins were completely healthy. We all have to remember JM system is not set up for these players to score big. Its a defend and attack and special teams. You can argue the Habs were the second best team in the NHL this year and with a lucky break against the Bruins Montreal might of had a parade.
    Time to lay of the players let get the team set up see how they do . I think they are going to have a great year. Second year for the most exciting and best player in the league PK Suban.

    • gauver says:

      I think that we may be able to move Gomez this year and that we should if he doesn’t significantly improve his performance. His actual salary drops down in the final two of his remaining three years making him a lower cost player to meet the salary cap minimum. This makes him potentially valuable to teams struggling financially. Look at Florida and the Brian Campbell deal. Mind you, Campbell has played well over the course of his career so that might not be relevant.

    • JayBee says:

      Boston missing their 1st line center = completely healthy?

      Habs lost in the 1st round. If they got past Boston, both Eller and Desharnais were gone for the playoffs. Wiz had a bad hand. Halpern looked out of it. You truly think the Habs would have gotten past Washington, Tampa/Philly and then Vancouver with Gomez playing the way he was, no Eller, no Desharnais….no Gorges…no Markov?

      LOL, keep dreaming.

  40. scrowe21 says:

    While we’re still on the draft topic.. this kid is going in the top 5 next year.

    Nail Yakupov

    49g 52a 101pts in 65 games in his first year in the OHL.

    He is absolute dynamite. Plays much bigger than his size and will still grow.
    With all the highly touted D prospects next year, I am praying to god he falls a bit and PG picks up a high pick and takes this kid.

  41. Marc10 says:

    I completely agree with the premise that you draft the best player available regardless of position. Had the Habs not followed that line of reasoning they might have selected a big center instead of Carey Price as they were full up in goal at that point.

    Same principle this year. Full D, doesn’t matter. At worse you’re forced to make a couple trades down the road. But yeah, it might be a while until the next John Leclair rolls around…

    “To be irreplaceable, you have to be different”.
    Andy Warhol

    Go PK Go!

  42. Thomas Le Fan says:

    I’m kind of amazed at posters who are somehow sure we missed a power forward, in this draft, who will be ready to play for us starting in October, immediately scoring 50 goals and leading us to glory. That’s some internal scouting going on! There’s no guarantee that even one player drafted in the last few days will be a star in the NHL. Take a deep breath.

    • Tony McLean says:

      19 years since the Habs won, they must be on the right track. Keep confirming all their brilliant moves.

      “I shall always remember Beliveau. Now there was a real captain.”

    • issie74 says:

      TLF … That is what I was thinking when I read all the comments posted yesterday.


    • Bugs says:

      Didn’t ya see those 2 min VIDEOS???

      Gone figuratively fishin filibusts L. B. Potter, esq.

    • Chris F says:

      We did miss a power forward, because there were several available in the second round. Nobody said there was a power forward with the ability to score 50 next year, that player would have gone first overall. What some said, including myself, was PG could have used some imagination to re-acquire a second round pick and choose a guy with some real size, real strength, someone who could protect our “little” guys like Cammy and Gio, but still play the game. I believe that player was available. I watch quite a few CHL games and have seen some of these prospects play, I can gaurantee that several of these “power forwards” that went in the second round, and possibly third, who we passed over will play in two years and have an impact.
      I love the first round pick, seems like a great kid, but I, along with many other posters would have loved a 6’2″, 200 lbs center as well……….and that player was available.

    • LMAOOO Comment of the day, I laughed SOOO hard!

      Hey bud, there are a lot of delusional people here…don’t hurt their feelings 😉

  43. RJ says:

    Guess we don’t need scoring hence not drafting McNeill a power forward one year away from being ready. Morons.

    “My face is my mask,” Gump Worsley

    • HalifaxHabs says:

      How many games have you watched Beaulieu play this season in the Q? How many games have you seen McNeil play? You go over their combine results? Study their minor-hockey careers? Talk to their old coaches? Interview them personally?

      Or are you just basing your opinion on the position they play and their height and weight, and maybe a few media write ups?

      who’s the moron again?

      • Tony McLean says:

        I think the person who is intellectually disadvantaged is (are) the one(s) who think their opinion trumps everyone else’s and that a 19 year Stanley Cup drought is acceptable.

        “I shall always remember Beliveau. Now there was a real captain.”

        • HalifaxHabs says:

          Actually genius, I didn’t even give an opinion on the pick… just pointed out that blatantly obvious fact that people who don’t spend any of their real life doing any kind of scouting on all these players are a little over their heads calling professional scouts morons when they, in most cases, don’t know the first thing about it.

          Professional independent scouting services ranked this kid 5th out of all North American skaters… what was he ranked on your in-depth list Tony? what you don’t have a list? shocking.

          Go ahead now and post your stupid line about how anyone who disagrees with you thinks a 19 yr Stanley Cup drought is acceptable.

    • patience is a virtue says:

      If he was as sure to become a quality NHLer as Beaulieu seems to be, they would have drafted him. But McNeill may very well have Chipchura-like upside.

  44. How can Gomez and Spacek be traded when they both have NTC. Gomez has to decide which 3 teams he will not accept a trade too before management decides to move him.

    If Gomez does not improve within the 1st 20 games or so. Management should send him to AHL farm team. That will be his wake-up call. Many then Gomez will request a trade instead of being sent down? Just have to wait and see how this season pans out. Gomez the ball is in your court to ship up or be send down to AHL.

    As for Spacek, He will have to decide wants best for him.

    • CHsam says:

      But then….. how did Sather trade Gomez to the Habs ???? I didn’t think it’s possible to add a NTC

    • Stuck_in_To. says:

      I don’t believe Gomez will be traded — based on the “how can it be any worse” idea of him having a much better season — but, if he were, how could he decline after his performance? I know he claims to not read or listen to the media, and I have a lot of respect for how he handles the media, but I think his life would be unbearable in MTL. were he to decline a trade.

      Ultimately, the usefulness of a NTC for a player comes down to his relationship with the organization. There is a lot of pressure that can be brought to bear upon a player by leaking information to the media etc.

      • Mike D says:

        The boo-birds aready came out a bit for Gomer at the Bell Centre last year towards the latter half of the season. The first time I heard it I remember thinking to myself, “oh man, you better pick it up Gomer, cuz it’s gonna be unbearable soon if you don’t.”

        – Honestly yours

    • Ian Cobb says:

      Gomez is not going anywhere. He is not a floater like Kovalev is, he puts out every night. He may not put the puck into the net as often anymore, but he controls the flow of a game, with his two way play, puck possession and skating ability.

      With the correct two line mates that fits in with his style of play, they will be a great line for us this year. That’s the coach’s job to figure out.!

      • Bugs says:

        I’d rather a floater who puts up 84 pts than a “flow-controlling” player (cough, yeah right) who puts up 40.

        Gone figuratively fishin filibusts L. B. Potter, esq.

        • punkster says:

          Um, like we know you love the guy and all but his last two years were more Gomezian than Kovalevian.

          ***Subbang Baby!!!***

          • Bugs says:

            Last two years here, Kovy put up 149 pts.
            Gomie 97.
            First two, last two anywhere ELSE is none of our concern.
            Gretzky put up zero last year; doesn’t make’m a bad player.

            Gone figuratively fishin filibusts L. B. Potter, esq.

      • ed lopaz says:

        during game 6 and game 7 vs the Bruins, Gionta was given the role as the DEFENSIVE forward in our zone – battling behind our net, in front as the center (gomez) is normally supposed to do.

        Gomez had an off year offensively – that is well documented.

        But his defensive play was particularly bad – he was horrible in the defensive zone coverage – and he was singlehandedly responsible for many of the key goals that were scored while he was on the ice.

        I can understand that players have bad offensive seasons.

        I can understand that losing Patches hurt the line.

        But Gomez effort and effectiveness in his defensive zone coverage was absolutely unacceptable.

        And that (his defence) was the reason – I believe – that Gainey had a one on one conversation with him late in the season.

        If he does not correct his defensive lapses, I would not play him.

        I would sit him in the press box – and make him watch the games – until he improves.

        Habs hockey is “smart” hockey – we play 5 man defence, not just 2 – we move up the ice as a 5 man unit, we back check with 5.

      • issie74 says:

        His numbers will look better if Gio starts burying all those pucks … Gomez sends his way.

        I agree he is not going anywhere.


        • Mike D says:

          In all fairness Gio put up 29 goals this year (30 goal scorers are good these days) despite Gomez having the worst year of his career. Pretty damn good under the circumstances if you ask me.

          It would be intersting to know how many of Gio’s goals this year were assisted by Gomez.

          – Honestly yours

    • Bugs says:

      In other words, minus the team he plays for, Scott Gomez can be traded to 26, that’s TWENTY-SIX other clubs?
      Boy, heck of an obstacle.

      Gone figuratively fishin filibusts L. B. Potter, esq.

  45. ed lopaz says:

    is there such a thing as “tampering” in the draft.

    is an NHL team allowed to communicate with a major junior team about which players it intends on drafting?

    I think that would be considered “tampering” right?

    Well, the Habs and Drummondville have built up a pretty decent working relationship these last few years.

    At the major junior draft for the QMJHL a few weeks ago Olivier Archambault was traded from Victoriaville to Drummondville.

    yesterday the Habs made a trade, acquired an extra 4th rounder, and then selected Archambault in the 4th round.

    If I was Drummondville, I would be very pleased by this pick!!

    Having a Habs draft pick on your team is very good for attendance and fan support.

    If I was the Habs, I would be more comfortable knowing that my picks are playing for teams with whom I have a very good working relationship.

    Coincidence or tampering?

    Habs hockey is “smart” hockey – we play 5 man defence, not just 2 – we move up the ice as a 5 man unit, we back check with 5.

    • G-Man says:

      Tampering applies to players under contract with another NHL team. It is not an inter-league issue.

      • ed lopaz says:

        so an NHL team is “allowed” to tell a major junior team who they intend on picking in a future NHL draft??

        that does not seem right, nor is it fair to Victoriaville.

        I do not believe that this would be permitted either by the NHL or the Q.

        Habs hockey is “smart” hockey – we play 5 man defence, not just 2 – we move up the ice as a 5 man unit, we back check with 5.

        • HabFab says:

          Not sure where you are going with this Ed but the Archambault trade had nothing to do with the Habs even considering drafting him. In fact he slid a bit in the draft for probably the same reason he was traded…unable to adapt to the coaching at Victoriaville. Hopefully the Drummondville coaches along with the Habs will be able to harness and develop this raw offensive talent.

          • ed lopaz says:

            how do you know that the Habs did not call Drummondville before the Q draft and let them know that they were interested in this kid??

            it was a SIGNIFICANT trade in the Q – and Drummondville has now made another big splash having this kid in their lineup next year.

            there is a lot of sketchiness in the Q – I know that first hand.

            Habs hockey is “smart” hockey – we play 5 man defence, not just 2 – we move up the ice as a 5 man unit, we back check with 5.

        • G-Man says:

          I really don’t think a NHL team would tell anyone of their drafting plans, besides a scout saying stuff like “The kid’s looking good. Maybe if he’s available we’ll pick him.” I mean, how the hell would the Habs know if that particular player will be available on draft day? You’re stretching it a little thin.

  46. Tony McLean says:

    Where’s the power forward or big centre??? Bizarre.

    “I shall always remember Beliveau. Now there was a real captain.”

  47. CHsam says:

    Not sure if one can see it this way, but I saw the Draft moves as such: load up on defence now to take care of the next few years, and then focus on forwards down the road.

    • ed lopaz says:

      NEXT YEAR is the year where defence is supposed to be very strong.

      (including Michael Matheson, a d-man from the Lac St Louis Lions here in Montreal that produced Louis Leblanc. Matheson will be a 1st or 2nd round pick 2012)

      Habs hockey is “smart” hockey – we play 5 man defence, not just 2 – we move up the ice as a 5 man unit, we back check with 5.

      • issie74 says:

        That dosen’t mean you will get a first round pick.

        You know the league likes sending the top picks to bad teams,hoping that will make them good.

        Have you looked at John Tavares career 1st overall and then look at PK,taken in the second round.

        Who got the better deal?


  48. Habfan10912 says:

    No problem with picking a dman with the first pic but when I see folks smarter then me like Robert (serious fan) has issues with so many dman chosen in later rounds I get worried. I hope the organization has not panicked from all the injuries we had this past season.


  49. habs001 says:

    it is nice to have a pf but the main problem for the habs last two years has been very limited scoring from the 3rd and 4th lines…when these lines score they usually score in streaks and than disappear for 10-12 games….i would bet if we had the same line up in the top 6 but our 3rd line had the type of players like gion,camm and plecks we would have gone very deep in the playoffs..

  50. Old Bald Bird says:

    Really now! Why bother to give us Gazette links when we aren’t allowed to access them? If they’re going to be linked here, they should come with some sort of pass code.

  51. Neutral says:

    Pg is building for a playoff run and if he does anything more I will be surprise maybe bring in a couple of 4th liners, so don’t get too excited. when the End of December rolls around though, and we’re not looking so good, that’s when everyone will get excited maybe too late. have to wait and see.

  52. SeriousFan09 says:

    I have to say, I’m still pretty down about this 2nd day, I like the late pick of Daniel Pribyl, but that’s about it.

    We already had Mac Bennett, Greg Pateryn, Brendon Nash, Morgan Ellis, Jarred Tinordi, Nathan Beaulieu, Rafael Diaz and Joe Stejskal as being in the system in some form or another, plus we just picked up Alexei Yemelin out of the KHL for the coming season. Didier, Nygren (overager, could have signed him out of hand a month ago with no use of a pick), Dietz and Sullivan are adding up but only having Archambault, Pribyl as FWDs when 2012 is said to be a great year for Defensive prospects makes me think MTL loaded up at the wrong time.

    Montreal has selected just one, count that ONE player who may have a PF ability in the last 3 draft classes and that was Steve Quailer who unfortunately, blew his ACL and missed the 09-10 season and then had a very hard time in his first comeback season with 3G, 10A in 38GP in 10-11. At present, he’s very much a project with 2 more NCAA seasons to try and restore back to what promise he had as an NCAA rookie (10G, 15A). That’s unacceptable to me, we are heading towards Pacioretty shouldering the same burden Markov did for half a decade, being the only player of his type on MTL and no replacement/complimenting player to join him.

    Maybe a PF wasn’t available in the 2011 class that had a real upside where MTL was picking but not in the ’09 or ’10 classes either? Please. MTL as an organization must start understanding the value of a Power Forward and start trying to draft them more regularly, not sign overagers such as Alain Berger or reachs in names like Ian Schultz, who looks a lot more like a Shawn Thornton than Nathan Horton ATM.

    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.
    SF09 on Twitter

    • The draft isn’t the only way to add players, Robert. Calm down.

      • SeriousFan09 says:

        Aware, but power forwards are one of the hardest types of players to acquire (Brooks Laich is going to get PAID on July 1st and he’s not even close to the best of them) and MTL has seemingly ignored this player type for three straight seasons, adding just Ian Schultz via trade and Alain Berger via undrafted free agent signing.

        Anyone MTL drafts as PF in 2012 (if they do actually draft one) will likely be at least 3 years from an NHL position. Meaning that Max Pacioretty will be in his mid-20s and approaching UFA status (and the big money) before we even get a new guy on the books that can do his job via drafting. I’m well aware trades can happen but teams are loathe to move PF talent because it’s so rare. At present, I don’t like the situation one bit and I’m allowed to be angry MTL is ignoring the kind of player that could be the difference between the SCF and a 2nd-round exit. We had enough D talent with Beaulieu and the rest of the names in the pipeline to wait a bit until 2012’s bumper crop of Defencemen, a PF risk-reward choice wouldn’t have hurt.

        Still hoping MTL has the sense to invite Justin Thomas to their 2nd camp and offer him a contract.

        – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.
        SF09 on Twitter

        • Natty-Dread says:

          I like Beaulieu – I think that we got lucky to have gotten him given our draft position, and he seems like he’ll be a good fit for the team – nice compliment to the possibility of Tinordi, Subban, Yemelin all plaing together… I definitely agree that a power forward would have been an ideal choice so why not take Tyler Biggs? I think he’ll be one of the best picks out of the 1st round.

          • SeriousFan09 says:

            Biggs… not as a 1st rounder. I don’t like the concerns about his hands and lack of finish. If he was a 2nd-rounder I’d say why not but I read TSR, Future Considerations and Puck Prospectus, no one seems convinced he’s got a real scoring talent in him.

            I don’t really think there was a very good PF type where MTL was picking in the 1st, but Jensen, McNeill, Puempel to me suggested at least good natural scoring talent or somewhat of a power game in their arsenal. I’m fine with Beaulieu being taken if he meets his projected ceiling, but my concern is after taking Beaulieu, four more Ds were taken when Beaulieu was probably enough along with say Dietz and Didier.

            – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.
            SF09 on Twitter

          • OneTimer says:

            I never thought I’d see the day…SF09 is on tilt, everybody!

        • G-Man says:

          The funny part is I believe the team considers perimeter player AK46 to be that other power forward. Maybe something is in the works because, truly, we have no idea what is going on behind the scenes.

      • issie74 says:

        The Habs are building a d-man factory,they are not the first team to do that.

        I guess the player development people see this as the best way to build assets, D-men are sought after once the have developed.


    • Trisomy 21 says:

      I was thinking the same thing regarding how many D we signed. We’re going to have more than we can dress in Hamilton. They must really be counting on the young forwards we have coming up on making the team and filling the top 6. Cause we can’t always rely on signings and trading to do that. That’s how we land guys like Gomez, who is is somewhat of an Achilles heel right now

    • HABSALMIGHTY says:

      Whoa, throw on the breaks there Mr. “I have never seen one of these players take a shift in my life”. Just because you have never seen or heard of these teenagers before does not give you the credibility to doubt what Mr Timmins and his staff have worked so hard to uncover. I can look at, compare stats based on historic context and make judgements too, but I am smart enough to know that there is a little thing called intangibles. In order to feel the “true” potential a prospect may have,,, you need to go to the rink, buy a ticket and watch the game. By criticizing the habs 4th to 7th round picks less than 24 hrs later (except for Daniel Pribyl, which I am sure you are happy with based on the numerous games you watched Sparta U20 play this season) you are truely showing a lack of credibility. It takes more than looking at the PPG ratio to evaluate talent! You are acting like you wanted T.T. to draft a power forward in the 4th round or later that was going to be on the team next season or something. Sorry but it’s not going to happen. The amateur scouting dept works tirelessly all year long to make sure that through ALL 7 rounds they take the best player available. I guess that is why you are “seriousfan” and not “seriousscout”.
      You comment on just about every thread that pertains to prospects and you copy and paste stats every monday during the season so you think that gives you journalistic credibility???

      • SeriousFan09 says:

        How about a PF who might make the team in 3-5 years from now? Not next year, but as part of the future plans because as I so often preach patience around here with most of the Habs prospects, not demand instant results from them.

        I just find it disillusioning that from 2009 to 2011, three successive entry drafts, the Montreal Canadiens have not selected anyone who projects into a potential power forward role and the one guy taken in 2008, Steve Quailer may have seen his potential badly damaged with a blown ACL in the 09-10 season.

        Intangibles are nice, but they are not everything and players can have a ton of heart but it not add up to much. No one doubted Tom Kostopoulos’s effort level in MTL but stone hands are stone hands. This is a team starved for high-end scoring and PF talent and I find it hard to believe that especially Didier and Nygren were two must-haves on the draft board.

        I just don’t work off my opinion, I tap scouting sources whenever I can, I follow up any game report I can find on Hockey’s Future Boards or from the HF Writers, I chat with regular viewers of the Hamilton Bulldogs and so on. I just don’t post stats and say “I’m an expert”, this is what we call an OPINION and my opinion is, it is damn, damn odd that over 4 years, Montreal selected one player who had a PF potential, that over 4 years, no one else on the board had a risk-reward potential for that type of role.

        Trevor Timmins did very well in the 2009 and 2010 Entry Drafts IMO. 2008, if Trunev can be brought over, Quailer returns to earlier form and Kristo continues at his current rate, nice results thee too. The 2007 Draft was his master stroke as the Habs head scout with Pacioretty, Subban and Weber. But he has had his miscues. 2006, we trade down from an opportunity to draft Chris Stewart and take David Fischer at that point over Claude Giroux. Round 2, Ouch, Ben Maxwell and Mathieu Carle over Milan Lucic and Blake Geoffrion. Only active player on MTL from 2006 is Ryan White who I like, but not as the sum total for an entire draft class and there’s always 2003 to chat up.

        I’m allowed to disagree with a draft selection, doesn’t mean I’m right, I’m just giving my view of what I think was a very strange set of draft selections by and the continuing, disturbing lack of Montreal taking a chance on any forwards that have a PF potential.

        – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.
        SF09 on Twitter

        • solomio says:

          SF does the possibility not exist that somewhere down the road there may be a dirth of good defencemen at which time PG will be able the bring in the PF he seeks by trading off some of the D he has acquired?

      • HardHabits says:

        Hilarious. The one post wonder is back. Why not try sticking to the same User ID.

        Dude. SF09 has major credibility. You don’t.

  53. slamtherimtim says:

    just thinking at 2 in the morning ,

    Alexander Frolov ($3.000m) / Mike Cammalleri ($6.000m) / Tomas Plekanec ($5.000m)
    Brian Gionta ($5.000m) / Scott Gomez ($7.357m) / Max Pacioretty ($1.625m)
    Mathieu Darche ($0.700m) / Lars Eller ($1.270m) / Andrei Kostitsyn ($3.250m)
    Travis Moen ($1.500m) / David Desharnais ($0.850m) / Chris Higgins ($1.600m)
    / / Tom Pyatt ($0.500m)

    Andrei Markov ($5.750m) / Alexei Yemelin ($0.984m)
    Hal Gill ($2.250m) / P.K. Subban ($0.875m)
    Jaroslav Spacek ($3.833m) / James Wisniewski ($5.250m)
    Roman Hamrlik ($2.500m)

    Carey Price ($2.750m) / Alex Auld ($1.000m)

  54. dre1744 says:

    I keep reading about rumors that Gomez could be traded either Phoenix or Colorado…… If this happens then yes there is a god!!!!!!!

    • Un Canadien errant says:

      Links please? I googled Gomez Phoenix Colorado, and all I got was one rumour site, nothing attributed, highly suspect. I think this rumour is perpetuated by fanboys like us who envision what should be, what could be, instead of what is in reality.

      Let’s do something like this again: 1) Petr Svoboda 1) Shayne Corson 2) Stephane Richer 3) Patrick Roy

    • _Habsoloutly_ says:

      I wouldn’t get too excited over something Elklund is reporting.

    • New says:

      That was speculation by a columnist. All he did was repeat what HIO users had mentioned months ago, that Gomez’ decreasing cost but stable high cap figure made him attractive to teams struggling to meet the cap floor. They pay less but get a cap deduction that is higher. He mentioned Florida (in the excitement over Campbell) having lots of space (but forgot they also have to sign lots of players cause just 11 ain’t legal) and Phoenix because it is an area where the name Gomez is more common.

      That is a valid selling point for Mr. Gomez, and that he can probably bring in fans in the south while potting 50-60 points. Being looked up to in the community might improve everything for him as well. Not an unreasonable senario, but just speculation being repeated. And repeated. And repeated. People hoping that it will take on a life of it’s own and a hung over GM will say “We did???…ok…well…crud…do the fax then I guess…”

  55. Trisomy 21 says:

    I thought I should readdress my comments from earlier regarding my displeasure of the lack of Anglophone Canadians that were drafted. The comment is buried now and I see that what I said came out wrong and I should be more clear.
    I’m not a bigot, and let me state that I don’t care where the players on our team are from as long as they have heart and get the job done. Unfortunately this is not true to some people in the media and politicians. My complaint was directed at the politics of who we draft because the organization would be under fire for drafting too many English Canadians.

    • Un Canadien errant says:

      We all have to deal with this issue, I’m sure we’re all aware and no one takes offence.

      I think it doesn’t matter who we draft, as long as Quebecers can identify with the team and its members.

      One way that could be achieved is if some of the players who come to Montreal make an effort to learn French. As a unilingual francophone kid growing up, I thought it was real cool to see Larry Robinson and Bob Gainey and Steve Shutt learning enough French so they could be interviewed by Lionel Duval between the first and second period. These guys were part of us, they belonged to us and we loved and cheered for them unconditionally. Same went for the Alouettes, and even Gary Carter gave it a minimum effort.

      Things may have changed nowadays, players are a little more mercenary and less likely to stay with one team for their whole career, but such gestures are appreciated by parents who pay hundreds of dollars for bleu blanc rouge jerseys for their kids. This controversy scorched Saku a few years back, and it certainly wasn’t handled well by all parties, but the principle remains.

      Every Canadiens team wants the team to win, and don’t care where the players come from, but they do want players like Markov or Darche or Cammalleri, who want to be here and will wear the CH with heart and pride.

      Let’s do something like this again: 1) Petr Svoboda 1) Shayne Corson 2) Stephane Richer 3) Patrick Roy

    • G-Man says:

      Your “issue” is a false one. Look at the names on the Habs roster and in Hamilton. Oh horrors! A couple of french names! There is no politics in the draft. The only time it would come up if there was a choice of the next Gretzky and Lemieux and the Habs had the first pick.

  56. nickster13 says:

    Just out of curiosity, why does every hockey player have a blonde wife? For example, Kirk Muller’s wife is a blonde babe (former at the very least) and i saw video of Tinordi getting drafted and seeing his father in the stands with his blonde former-bombshell wife. Its all too common, but why? Is it genetics? Tell me! Its a slow day here anyways!

    Nick “the hockey man” Ouellette

  57. Chuck says:

    Holy Chicken Little, folks. Later round draft picks are, at best, a long shot to make the NHL, regardless of what team picks ’em. They’re projects that may–but probably won’t–pan out. If one does make the bigs, count yourself lucky.

    At the very least they’re warm bodies to stock the farm clubs. Not really a big reason to swan dive off of the Jacques Cartier.

    • JD_ says:

      The relative importance of what is goin’ down drops off the cliff somewhere durin’ the first round.

      It’s been that way since the beginnin’ of time and will never, ever change.

      All the rest of the noise is grandma freakin’ out cause someone’s rung the doorbell.

    • issie74 says:

      Even 1st overall … Nugent hopkins will probably not play with the Oilers … who by the way have a team of kids … he did not show maturity at the Combine,unlike 2nd overall Landeskog who was off the charts.

      Boston kept Seguin and he only played limited minutes in the few games he played.


  58. The Cat says:

    Heres some news. Play a video on youtube and pause it, then hold the left arrow button on your keyboard down for 2 seconds then press the up arrow and voila -an impromptu game of snake!

    [Disclaimer]: I’m a hockey fan. I care about the habs, but probably not as much as you.

  59. longbow says:

    If I have one complaint about our drafting through the Gainey Gauthier era it’s that so many of our picks end up languishing in the NCAA never to be heard of again. Don’t get me wrong,I’m all for higher education but I’m not looking for scientists or management trainees.I’m looking for pro hockey players and it seems to me they could be better developed in junior for 1 or 2 more years and then the AHL. They’ll play twice as many games per year and be in an environment that is all about learning hockey.Sure there are examples of good NHLers going through college but they are exceptions to the rule.
    The one draft pick I’m thinking about as I write this is Mac Bennet.I’m starting to think being in college has stunted his growth as a hockey player.He seemed to be a sure thing when drafted but now I’m not so sure. Would David Fisher been better served to play 2 years in the CHL ?What about Danny Kristo ? 4 years at North Dakota or 2 years in junior and 2 in the Ahl.When he leaves college he’ll probably still have a year in Hamilton after that.There will be kids 2 years younger than him beating him out of a job with the Habs.
    If Winnipeg could trade 2 fourths for our third then why couldn’t we trade our third and fourth for a higher third? I know our picks could all be great picks one day but I just don’t see a whole lot of imagination going on in the front office.It would be nice to see them roll the dice once in a while.

    “Wanting is often more pleasurable than having.It is not logical but it is often true.” – Spock

    • ABHabsfan says:

      Holy crap,dude. I could have written that post myself, you are right on the button with those points. The front office has NO imagination and it seems “Stay the course” is the office credo. Well the course ain’t leadin’ to the Promised Land. There have been some good trades but mostly stop-gap stuff. It would be nice to see PG hose another club or at least try.

    • Chris says:

      To be honest, I think a proper statistical analysis would show that you get good players and busts on a pretty much equal basis from the NCAA versus Major Junior versus Europe.

      You see busts from all of these leagues…so many HI/O posters want the Habs to draft from the WHL more frequently so we can get the Ryan Getzlafs of tomorrow. But they forget that period in the 1990’s where the Habs did exactly that and had almost nothing to show for it.

      Of late, the emphasis has been on the stalled career arcs of the NCAA kids like Kristo, Bennett and of course Fischer and McDonagh. Well McDonagh turned out fine (and I will still maintain giving him up was a HUGE mistake), Fischer was a bust, and Kristo and Bennett were always perceived to be long-term projects.

      Why we should also be talking about the stalled career arcs of kids like Ben Maxwell (49th overall, 2006), Mathieu Carle (53rd overall, 2006), Ryan White (66th overall, 2006) or Kyle Chipchura (18th overall, 2004), all products of Major Junior hockey in Canada that simply haven’t lived up to their promise.

      Major Junior can be a great place to develop. But the NCAA gives kids a chance to play against a higher quality opposition, allowing them to adjust to the strength of older players. CHL players play against kids that are 16-20 years old. NCAA players play against men that are 18-25 years old. And that can make a world of difference.

      Only about 17% of all drafted players ever make the NHL. There is more than enough room for kids to disappoint from any of the feeder leagues….it is simply that hard to get to the NHL, let alone to excel when you get there.

      • LA Loyalist says:

        Gomez is not leaving.

        JM is not going to change anything. F*ck we just drafted about 73 defencemen. Memo to coaches: we can really only carry about 6 D and maybe a guy in the pressbox.

        We have to wait 2-3 years for Gomez to decide it’s time to spend his money, and Mr. Happy to get hit by a snow plow and the kids (Tinordi, Leblanc, Kristo et al to mature, then we can get serious.

        Until then it’s mediocrity, sell beer, boy our fans are almost as stupid as the ones in toronto. Can you believe it? They actually think we care.

      • twilighthours says:

        Somewhat of a false and misleading comparison. Let’s consider two players who both take until 22/23 to reach the NHL:

        1) The player who plays in the NCAA from 18-22/23. He has played 40ish games per year, against some opponents who are younger and some who are older and better.

        2) The player who plays 2 years in Junior playing 75ish games per year against players his own age. Then he plays 2 years, 75ish games a year, in the AHL or other minor pro league against older, much stronger and more mature players.

        Comparing these two players sees the Junior player playing roughly twice as many games, half of which are at competition that is – at worst – slightly lower quality of hockey in the CHL, and the other half at much better hockey in the pros.

        It’s no secret why NHL teams get happy when their prospects decide to go the CHL route.

    • Strabo says:

      Montreal could care less about their education. the reason they draft those kids is because they can hold their rights longer before they have to offer them a contract, compared to a kid in the CHL, just business. As for what Winnipeg did and why couldn’t we? It takes two tango …

      “Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former.” Albert Einstein

  60. habstrinifan says:

    Havent been able to follow today’s proceedings as closely as I would have liked to. But why would Mtl trade away a 3rd round pick to obtain ywp 4th round picks.

    I cant see the reasoning.. someone please explain.

    If you are targeting a player from round 3 onwards you have to be fairly certain that he will be STILL AVAILABLE to drop down to round 4 from round 3 and still be confident that he will still be around.

    And if you are so un-impressed by the talent pool after round two that you are willing to ‘just go through the motions’ and simply add numbers rather than having a specific player/s in mind that you simply would not risk going from rnd 3 to rnd 4 … then doesnt that mean that your scouting is lacking if you are so ‘unspecific’ about players after round 2 and thus felt comfortable just throwing away your 3rd round for extra bodies in the 4th.

    Call me stoooopid but I just dont understand the move. I see a lot of posters praising the picks with glowing words but….

    Especially when you had that Grenier kid from Quebec still available.

    Did someone drop the ball here?

    Draft is over anyways.. and team is STILL lastyear’s team.. so far. Work still needs to be done.. I hope.

    • HardHabits says:

      It was a slow day at HIO and they wanted to give us something to bitch about.

    • Thomas Le Fan says:

      It’s easy, you see. Habs management is braindead, know nothing about hockey or how to build this team and you should be the G.M. even though you haven’t talked with 30 other G.M.s, have no idea what else may or may not be in the wind and as you admit you don’t understand. You probably also want to turn the head coaching job over to Muller who, like you hasn’t been a head coach in the NHL before. See. Simple.
      Seriously, last years team, missing several key parts due to injury, took the eventual Stanley Cup Champions to O.T. in game seven. The injured players will be back, a couple maybe better than ever. We are very solid in quite a few places. Several developing players are hopefully due to break out. As for the draft? Are you certain all other teams have better scouting than we do? Besides, none of these players will see the NHL soon. Hamilton has been depleted and must be built back up. Let’s just wait and see how some of this plays out, shall we?

      GO HABS!

      • habstrinifan says:

        Your response is a perfect example of attempting sarcasm to dismiss critical analysis.

        Critical analysis would have maybe furthered the discussion. As it stands I can either engage in a back and forth exchange of snideness or defer to your appropriated superiority of virtue as a fan which you have so thinly veiled in your remarks.

        Being simply an ordinary fan perplexed by the move, I will do the latter.

    • SmartDog says:

      Well if you’re lookin’ around and it’s almost your turn and you see there are a bunch of guys left you’re interested in and none of them seem about to go, I would think a 2-for-1 trade that pushes you back 10 or 15 is a smart thing to do. Hedging your bets. Winnipeg musta seen someone they really wanted and they felt some urgency that the Habs obviously didn’t.

      • habstrinifan says:

        Nice try! Was not 10 to 15 but , as per intro to thread was 78 to 97… 19 spot difference which is quite a gap to risk losing someone ‘you are interested in’.

    • SnowManHabs85 says:

      The scouting department probably found someone who they can still get in the 4th round but also needed an extra 4th round pick to get the other player they saw worth drafting.

      This is also the same team that took Boston (SC champs) 3 OT wins against the Habs to beat them, Habs would’ve won if it weren’t for Ryder’s unbelievable saves in 2 of the OT games.

      Habs didn’t have Max Pac, Markov, Gorges and it still took Boston 3 OT wins to advance to the finals. Habs still indeed had way more rookies than Bruins did with their vets. If the experience they earn is valuable to learn how to win in the playoffs next season. In terms of what to expect and what to do after 2-0 lead.

      Don’t write our Habs off to being not as “offensive” as the Nucks were but in the defense of our Habs, our “small” players scored within the first few seconds/minute to the Bruins T.T. and which Nucks had a hard time scoring against.

      Habs did beat the asses of the President Trophy winners during the regular season too. Including a Carey Price shutout in one game.

      “Responding to the media , or playing to the media, or listening to the fans is the quickest way to start losing” – Sam Pollock

      • habstrinifan says:

        I dont know if you meant your reply to show that you had taken exception to my query.

        Because, strange as it may seem, I absolutely agree with basically EVERYTHING you say.

        In fact I have been toying with a post under the comical heading “a revisionist history of the 2011 playoffs” detailing my theories that the HABS are really really close. A view I have stated time and time again here.

        In that post, I was gonna make the outlandish statement that the HABS essentially got to the conference finals both in 2010 and 2011. I have written here in HIO before that unfortunately we played our 3rd round game 7 overtime game … in the first round. Another analogy is the 79 playoffs. We played the CUP FINALS against Boston.. not against the Rangers. Luckily we won that one.

        I agree with your 4 main arguments.
        a) we were undermanned because of injuries… and I dont give the same weight to counter arguments that BRUINS were without Savard.. Max Pac and Markov and Gorges far outweigh any loss the Bruins had.. Savard was not going to make the Bruins better.

        b)The fact that we took them to 7 games and they won by such narrow margins is significant. I wont play the what if re who made what save.. I am satisfied that we really lost by a goal basically and could easily have won the series.

        c)Habs beat the asses of Vancouver. I agree. In fact I just posted elsewhere that Vancouver did not crumble to the BRUINS.. the Bruins were the better team and evidenced by the FIGHT AND SCARE we gave the BRUINS it easily follows that we are a better team than the Canucks.

        I have posted time and time again that the ‘structural soundness’ of JM’s system was a big factor… and I am not a JM admirer.

        If you had read any of my posts before the finals started, I picked the Bruins to win rather handily against Vanc. (I think I first posted to be prepared for a Bruins CUP during their series with Philly.) Despite the fact that the Vanc series went 7 games, I think the Bruins did win ‘rather handily’.

        Having said ALL of the above, it is also why I am insistent and anxious that PG and JM make the adjustments to STRIKE NOW.
        I am only kind of echoing remarks which Gionta, the captain, made in his exit interview. I was struck by the sincerity and simplicity of his direct statement that “management needs to address the needs” to get us over the hill. I am not quoting exactly but you can google or something to find his exact words.
        He didnt sound like a man who had lost in ROUND 1 and foresaw a long haul to the CUP.. he sounded like a captain who had just lost in game 7 of ROUND 3 and knew his team was close.

        What are the adjustmenst I feel must be made. Well many have said them.

        We need at least a couple of BIG PHYSICAL players to ‘surround’ our core group. If you agree that we have the skilled players then surely you must see the need to complete that skillset with the ‘armour’ which would allow them to operate effectively. That lesson was demonstrated to us against Philly last year, against Boston this year, and finally to Vancouver against Boston this year.

        We need JM to adjust his system somewhat to get us out of the doldrums in 5 on 5 efficiency.

        You may not agree with those two statements. But I think I have detailed the items where we both agree on, or should I say where I totally agree with YOU.

        And I have made many many posts along the same lines before.

        Thank you for reading!!!!


    • GrimJim says:

      Between 2010 and 2003 entry drafts, there were 240 third round draftees. 73 played 1 game or more in the NHL, 34 played 40 games or more in one or more seasons, Players were responsible for five 20-goals seasons and one 30+ goal season. For fourth round draftees, 63 played at least 1 game, 24 played in one or more 40+ game seasons, Players were responsible for five 20-goal seasons and no 30+ goal seasons. So 30% vs 26% had a career, with identical number of productive seasons. In other words, a team has an equal chance of success with any given 3rd or a 4th round draft pick, so two 4th round picks are better than any one 3rd round pick

  61. kevin m says:

    If Jarrod Tinordi turns out to be half as tough as his old man, he’ll be just what the doctor ordered!!!!!!!!!!!

  62. TorontoHabsFan says:

    God, Dave Shoalts sometimes writes the dumbest things. This is how he described Montreal’s selection of Nathan Beaulieu:

    “Pierre Gauthier got a defenceman in Beaulieu who could be insurance one day if the oft-injured and newly-signed Andrei Markov continues to have health problems”

    Beaulieu likely won’t even start playing in the AHL until 2012 and would make the NHL at the earliest in 2013-2014 – the final year of Markov’s contract. Sufficed to say that if Montreal depends on a rookie to be insurance against an injury to their top pairing defencemen – then they are in some serious trouble.

    The only possible explanation for this statement is that Shoalts is taking a gratuitous pot-shot at the Habs or he’s an idiot.

  63. JohnBellyful says:

    Hate to say it, folks, but the Habs still lack a player with a streak of meanness to keep the other team honest.
    Well, I say screw trying to land that final piece of the puzzle, that Missing Link, through the draft, trade or free agent market. It’s time the equipment manager began earning his keep.
    He could start by designing a jockstrap that … how shall I put this? … induces a degree of truculence in the wearer. Not so tight as to result in permanent sterility but snug enough to encourage a violent response to the slightest provocation. Such as a nudge from an opposing player while waiting for the puck to drop.
    There’d be no need for every player to don the shockstrap with the hairshirt lining. Only the player whose timidity the previous game suggested an attitudinal adjustment was in order.
    It wouldn’t be long before the whole team adopted a more aggressive approach to the game – anything to avoid wearing that stupid piece of equipment.
    The team would be a cinch to win the Cup.

    — “A little song, a little dance, a little seltzer down your pants.” —

    • HabinBurlington says:

      Sounds alot like a cross between a cattle prod and a dog’s shock collar. John as usual your creativity is onto something. You need to contact Underarmour, they could market this thing properly.

  64. Al aboo says:

    could it be true, someone may want gomez? More importantly his contract…..finally a rumour worth getting excited about

  65. Mothstoflame says:

    This will settle you guys down. Tinordi Lays out a Boston Prospect this year.

    There is a reason TSN redrafted him up 12 spots.


    And beats one up

    • HabinBurlington says:

      Thanks so much, that was beautiful to watch, reminds me of Subban crushing Marchand, of course not that great, but knowing it was a Boston prospect crawling off the ice…..Beauty

      • Mothstoflame says:

        lol One of my best friends is a Bruins fan, and told me to watch it! They are not all bad.. lol

      • scrowe21 says:

        Tinordi’s height confuses me. He NEVER looked 6’7 to me like he is listed. I have seen him listed at everything from 6’3.5 to 6’7. Im saying he is just a shade over 6’5 if that. Randell is listed at 6’1.

        I do not understand how this happens with players. Beaulieu has been listed at 6 feet. 6’1, 6’2 and 6’3. One would just assume that you go by the tallest listing because it would be the most recent, but there is no way Tinordi is 6 foot 7.

        • Chris says:

          I saw him at a couple of Guelph games and I too find it a bit of a stretch to say he is 6’7″. 6’5″ would be more close to reality. He’s certainly a big kid, but he didn’t tower over the guys the way he should have at 6’7″.

    • That Bruins prospect crawled all the way back to his bench. GET UP!!!!


      Eyes on The Prize! and on Twitter

  66. issie74 says:

    I don’t think we all need to fall on swords over this draft.

    They are only kids.

    No guarantees in the draft.


  67. FW Penney says:

    Sullivan is an outstanding skater. I mean, really good. I talked to one Eastern Conference NHL scout who was staying at my hotel in Buffalo about him and the first thing he mentioned about Sullivan was the skating. His stride is fluid and he has a quick burst out of the starting blocks. His footwork/pivots/turns are very good and he maintains good balance on his feet when changing direction.

    He’s currently leading the Winged Beavers in scoring among defenders with three goals and nine points in 13 games thus far, and those stats are nothing to write home about. But to focus on the numbers is to take a diminished view of Sullivan’s potential at the next level. First of all, he’s getting outstanding coaching from prep legend John Gardner. He’s already matched his entire ’09-10 output of nine points and only found the back of the net once last season. He essentially played it safe when I watched him, which is fine, but he has the mobility and potential to spread his wings and carry the offense a bit more. He’s a bright kid who will be joining Keith Allain at Yale in 2012. Where he plays for 2011-12 is yet to be determined, but he’ll try to take his team all the way again this season.

    The Milford, Connecticut native is a winner– his solid play helped Avon to the championship last spring, and while he doesn’t have outstanding size (listed at 6-0, 200), his skating chops and potential to be more than the sum of his parts are going to attract some NHL suitors in the spring for sure. He’s very good in his own end at the prep level at least and with those wheels, someone will take a chance on him come June.

    The Fred Factor

  68. FW Penney says:

    Daniel Pribyl, LW/C Sparta Praha Jr. (CZE- Jr.)- Red Line Report gets credit for being on Pribyl’s bandwagon for some time, but Central is onto something with the big and skilled forward. At 6-3, 190 he’s lean and needs to get stronger, but has some interesting potential and upside. The December ’92 birthdate scored 25 goals and 54 points in just 39 games with his junior club and even got some time with his senior team in the Exraliga, so his development is on the right track. He’s a long-strider but isn’t a dynamic skater and could stand to pick up an extra step. However, his creativity is high-end, and he has nice hands to set up plays along with a quick, accurate shot to make him a dual threat as a finisher and set-up man. This is one player who wouldn’t surprise us in the least to see go off the board early as a bit of a surprise pick because of his strong blend of tools and intangibles. He’s a hard worker, and we’d love to see him come over and play in the CHL next season.

    Daniel Pribyl, LW Sparta Prahia (CZE)- Beanpole (6-3, 190) winger is developing into a player worth keeping an eye on. With 25 goals and 54 points in 39 games with Sparta’s top junior team this season, he saw a little bit of time with the Extraliga club. He’s got a long stride even if he lacks explosive speed, has soft hands and the offensive instincts to cash in. He’s got a lot to learn about the game and his defense is suspect at this point, but in time, after he gets stronger on his skates and gains more experience at a high level, Pribyl has some potential to compete for an NHL spot. Red Line Report has been all over Pribyl since December, and if he pans out, it will be another feather in the cap for their Eastern European scout.

    Then there is the revelation of this season, tall and lanky scoring winger Daniel Pribyl. Has quick and soft hands, beats D regularly 1 on 1 with nifty moves and dekes off the rush and creates separation in tight with strong puck control and finesse stick skills. Smart and quick release of wrist shot. Not developed physically yet and doesn´t use his size enough, okay in puck pursuit and not afraid to play in traffic but rarely finishes checks and doesn´t win many battles for puck. Next, undersized winger Tomas Hyka who is smart, skilled, instinctive but physically very weak, and doesn´t like to take hit/avoids contact at times. Soft touch on his passes, quick soft hands, slick with puck, anticipates very well. Very good wheels, quick burst of speed and first steps, agile. Smooth handling the puck in top speed, has vision finishing touch , makes creative sets-up through traffic.

    The Fred Factor

  69. FW Penney says:

    Magnus Nygren Birthyear: 1990-06-07 Birthplace: Karlstad, SWE Age: 21 Nation: Sweden
    Position: D Shoots: R Height: 185 cm / 6’1″ Weight: 87 kg / 192 lbs
    Drafted: 2011 round 4 #113 overall by Montréal Canadiens
    A skilled and mobile defenseman that shoots right. Is a power play specialist with a very good release, good passing game and above average hockey sense. Handles the puck with confidence and usually puts up good numbers. Is fairly good defensively, although there is some room for improvement.

    The Fred Factor

  70. FW Penney says:

    Josiah Didier is a likeable athlete. How likeable? His Midget Minor coach compared him to former Florida Gators quarterback Tim Tebow. On the ice, Didier was a standout defender for the Colorado Thunderbirds and is a recent USHL Entry Draft selection ?

    Didier went to the Cedar Rapids RoughRiders in the second round during Wednesday’s portion of the draft. The 6-3, 195-pounder is 17 years old and could make the jump to the United States Hockey League next season.

    “He legitimately could make that team,” Thunderbirds head coach Angelo Ricci said. “I love this kid. He was our captain, our leader. He’s polite, doesn’t swear, says ‘Yes sir’ and ‘No sir’ – he’s just a special young man.

    “He’s a big kid and he’s learning how to slow his feet down, but he thinks the game. His hockey IQ is off the charts. He’s one of our top scoring defensemen and has a presence around the net offensively and defensively. The kid has serious NHL potential.”

    In 85 games with the Midget Minor team, Didier contributed 17 goals and 51 assists and was plus-77 in helping lead the Thunderbirds to the Under-16 Tier 1 National Championship.

    While teams from the Western Hockey League – a major juniors outfit – are hot on his trail, Didier wants to play college hockey. He’s in contact with Denver, Colorado College and Yale.

    “I’ve visited the two Colorado schools,” he said. “They’re both close to home, they’re great hockey programs and have terrific facilities. But I’d like to visit Yale and any other school that shows interest.”

    Though his age would dictate he is a member of the Class of 2011, it doesn’t always work like that in college hockey. He could sign in 2012 or even later so he has plenty of time to reach a decision.

    “I think he really wants to play at Denver and is hoping for an offer,” Ricci said. “But I guarantee someone will recognize his talent and give him an opportunity.”

    Didier can attend tryout camp June 3-5 in an attempt to make the RoughRiders next year.

    “I can’t wait,” he said. “It will be fun. I will work as hard as I can and play my game and see where that takes me.

    “I consider myself both an offensive and defensive defenseman. I hit when I need to and contribute offensively when it’s the right chance to take.”

    The Fred Factor

  71. SmartDog says:

    1. Did PG make the right first pick?
    2. Should PG have picked up more (big) forwards, even if they were not “the best player available”?
    3. Given Markov’s signing and all the D we picked up, it seems less likely the Habs will try to keep the Wiz. So what is PG going to do with the extra money he has?
    4. Name the one Habs roster player would you most like to see traded?
    5. If we don’t land at least one big, tough, forward through UFA or trade, do we stand a chance at the cup with our current team as it’s shaping up?

    • Rugger says:

      4th line forward and bank the rest
      Subban (just seeing if you are paying attention)

      • SmartDog says:

        Trade Subban?!?!?!?!?
        Are you outa yer freakin’ mind!!!????


        • Rugger says:

          Yes – my real answer is I am no hurry to trade anyone as the ones I want to trade have zip for value so I’d rather wait until gomez/Poulet bounce back enough to get something. With the cap where it is, there is no hurry to get rid of Gomez unless it looks like we could get a great FA, of which there are few out there.

    • HabFanSince72 says:

      1. I guess.

      2. No. Brad Marchand is better than Milan Lucic. Big is overrated.

      3. What does a vegan do when he wants to splash the cash?

      4. Gomie of course.

      5. We’re not favourites no matter what.

    • habs-hampton says:

      1. yes
      2. No, we can trade for them or go free agency. Better than big forwards that can’t play.
      3. Big forward
      4. Although I love what he has done for the team; Spacek.
      5. Yes. our speed is what allows us to beat the B’s and Philly.

    • punkster says:

      1) Well, seeing as there were no other Subban brothers in the draft I’d have to say…meh, who cares.
      2) Of course, by all means, the bigger the better. I mean, who cares whether they can skate, pass, score, block shots or count to 5 as long as they’re big, right? Size is everything. Big, big, big!
      3) I’d have to side with Warren Buffet here and say both American Express (AXP) and General Electric (GE). Good upside on both and if PG buys in now he’ll have a nice little nest egg for a rainy day.
      4) That 6th guy who keeps stumbling on the ice when the other 5 are already out there. Those freakin’ Too Many Men penalties must stop.
      5) Yes…and no…or maybe, depending on your point of view.

      For all that’s good and holy Rob, it’s Jazz Fest. These are waaaaay too tough for this time of year.

      ***Subbang Baby!!!***

    • Mothstoflame says:

      Nothing against nathan. But the leafs got the guy i wanted. We will have to see how he pans out so asses weither or not it was a bust.

      Nobody could be worse the Terry Ryan.

    • issie74 says:

      1) Yes
      2) No
      3) I don’t know
      4) Spacek
      5) Maybe – if Ian Schultz is ready to come up


    • mrhabby says:

      nope…best player available.
      get some one nasty on 4th line, then keep cash.
      yes and no….injuries, shit happens.

    • 1. – Yes. Looking ahead, Beaulieau could round out a very strong six-man unit in two or three years, especially if Emelin pans out and sticks around.

      2. – No. Scheifle was ranked further down by Central Scouting, and expected to go in the 15-20 range, but the Jets grabbed him 7th. Gauthier probably had his short list of big forwards and with them exhausted scooped up Beaulieau.

      Pribyl was probably low on a lot of teams radars due to whether or not he jumps to the Q or not. He could be a surprise.

      If Paxcioretty and Eller have good years, the big forward concerns evaporate in Montreal.

      3. – Markov’s signing pretty much ended Wiz’s run im Mtl. In essence he was only with the Habs because MArkov was hurt. With that extra cap room, Gauthier could go after the big forward asked in Q #2.

      4. James Wisniewski He’s gone either way so give up his rights for at least a pick.

      5. Optimistically, anything can happen in the playoffs. See Halak in 2010 and Canucks collapse in 2011.


      Eyes on The Prize! and on Twitter

      • habstrinifan says:

        Canucks did not collapse in 2011. Their ‘president trophy’ belied the weaknesses inherent in their team.

        Inconsistent if not easily shaken goaltender.
        Sad to say it but ‘soft’ top two player.
        3rd and 4th line were pests but no beasts to frighten opponents.

        Canucks did not collapse.. they lost to a deeper and better and tougher team.

        Conspiracy theorists notwithstanding.

    • habstrinifan says:

      1 ) YES!
      2) MOOT! late round PICKS are unproven prospects whether
      they are forwards or defenders.
      3) Sign Hammrlik… ALAS ALAS ALAS.
      4) Pouliot.. he may bring a middle of the pack veteran grit guy if
      dangled in right combination.
      5) NO! NO! NO! And anyone who says otherwise havent really
      been paying attention to the last two seasons.

  72. TorontoHabsFan says:

    Pribyl apparently is being approached by Shawinigan to play in the Q. Hope he takes them up on the offer and doesn’t go the KHL route.

    Man, I hate when they do that.

    • JF says:

      Except that in the KHL, he’d be playing against men, which might speed up his development. Of course, that leaves the problem of getting him over here.

  73. punkster says:

    Been away for the week. Did we win the Cup yet?

    ***Subbang Baby!!!***

    • 24 Cups says:

      Dave – The draft went like clockwork. Beaulieu slipped down to 17th which was a perfect fit (I even called in Friday morning!). McNeill went next which would have been a perfect Plan B for us. We had it covered both ways.

      The rest of the picks are wannabees and cannon fodder at this point in time.

      Tanguay signed a five year deal for $17M. The good news is that it’s with Calgary and not us.

  74. HardHabits says:

    The Great French Hope.

    • 24 Cups says:

      He’s not French. Speaks English and is going to try and bone up on his French.

      • HardHabits says:

        It’s like in boxing. You know. The Great White Hope. Only in it’s Montreal. And in hockey. Nothing to do with any recent picks.

        It’s just the dream. One day. The Habs will get that player.

        The Great French Hope.

        • Everlasting1 says:

          Have you watched any boxing the last 10 yrs?

          ” There were giants on the earth in those days; and also after that (The Deluge), when the Sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bore children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown.” Genesis 6:4

          “We don’t see things as they are, but as we are.” – Anais Nin

    • Mattyleg says:

      From France?
      Like Huet?

      —Hope Springs Eternal—

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