Gauthier is gone

The Canadiens have fired general manager Pierre Gauthier.
Principal owner Geoff Molson will meet the media at 11:45 Thursday morning at the Canadiens training complex in Brossard.
HIO will be there.
More later.

Media hordes are swarming in Brossard and the lines are blazing on all-sports radio.

Michael Farber of Sports Illustrated told CJAD listeners the primary criterion of a new GM is “smarts”. Quite aprt from language and the other peculiarities of the Montreal market, running a hockey team in 2012 is a tough gig.

Long gone are the days when the NHL was Sam Pollock and the Five Dwarfs.

The new man will have to be sharp … and he’ll need help, because running the Canadiens is not the one-man job Pierre Gauthier tried to pull off.

The question, as we await Molson’s remarks: What happens to the other guy in the front office?

What happens to Bob Gainey, architect of so much of the current misery (Gomez in, McDonagh out … to cite just one case)?

Given the timing of Gauthier’s sacking, will Molson appoint an interim GM?

And will Gainey be the man?

Answers to come … soon.

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