Game 82: Habs are in the playoffs … barely

The Canadiens celebrate a goal on Saturday night against the Maple Leafs at the Bell Centre. Phil Carpenter, The Gazette

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• At a Glance: The Canadiens grabbed the lead three times on Saturday night, but were never able to hold on to them as the Maple Leafs defeated Montreal 4-3 in overtime, with Dion Phaneuf scoring the winner. The point for the overtime loss was enough to guarantee the Canadiens a spot in the playoffs, however. Andrei Markov opened the scoring 6:14 into the game when his shot went in off Mikhail Grabovski’s skate in front of Jean-Sébastien Giguère. But Christian Hanson scored his first career NHL goal three minutes later when he took advantage of Jaroslav’s Halak puckhandling miscue to slide the puck into an empty net. Brian Gionta scored his team-leading 28th of the season 16:17 into the period on the power play on a nice pass from Scott Gomez. The Leafs tied it again in the second period when Viktor Stalberg beat Halak top shelf with a nice shot 11:55 into the period. The Canadiens took a 3-2 lead before the end of the second period when Marc-André Bergeron scored with a bullet from the point off a faceoff. But the Leafs were not going to go quietly with Hanson scoring a shorthanded goal 3:32 into the third period, one Halak would definitely like to have a second chance at. That was the Leafs’ third goal on only 17 shots up to that point in the game.

• What It Means: The overtime loss gives the Canadiens a 39-33-10 record for the season and 88 points, giving them seventh place in the East.

• What’s Next: The Canadiens will be watching the scoreboard Sunday, but it won’t be to see if they make the playoffs or not. The results of Sunday’s games will determine where they finish in the Eastern Conference standings. If the Flyers defeat the Rangers, Montreal will finish in eighth place and will face the Washington Capitals in the first round of the playoffs.


  1. SeriousFan09 says:

    The eternal “Next year” of the Leafs fans…


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  2. Jeff says:

    Bulldogs of course, they are always better than the SMABS!

  3. WindsorHab-10 says:

    Not only did the dreadful Bruins win but they set a NHL record with 3 short handed goals during the same penalty. We couldn’t even score one with the man advantage against the Canes.

  4. KGB_AKA4787 says:

    3SH goals in the first 2 MINUTES of the 2nd period WTFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF that more than sucks and thats how they pass us for 6th place you got to be shitting me 

  5. Klondike Habs Fan says:

    100% Agreed.

    And after last game, I wonder if O’Byrne adn Sergei will be pumped and ready to play, or will they be nervous to screw up and make any mistake, lest they be sat.

    I hope JM lets the boys have fun and play, not try to coach a win with stupid headgames.

  6. Jeff says:

    Other than Subban, pray tell? 

    Oh yah, next year’s French toast coach but he doesn’t get on the ice!

  7. light_n_tasty says:

    Bulldogs: 52-17-10

    Marlies: 32-34-12

    Who has the better future?


  8. blu3chip says:

    well…  thanks for proving my point?

  9. rated_R says:

    that twig wont be any use for you guys  next season…relax buddy we got more talent in the farm than your crappy marlies…

  10. Jeff says:

    Just to clear your focus a wee bit, Taylor or Tyler is not or ever will be Phil.

    In addition, we are getting Kadri too, next season 4 months away….. sooooo what did you get?

    I like that commercial !

  11. T-roy West says:

    Based of the teams play for the last week, why would we think that we will win todays game. The Leafs are going to be so pumped for this game. Damn the Habs for being in this situation.

  12. Jeff says:

    I’m not waiting Bugsy, see post above.  It really summarizes what fans expect tonite.

    Do you honestly think I would be posting here after the Leafs beat your Habs, really????

    You guys may be singing the NA, na, na, song, so we’ll let the players decide the outcome.

    Any post here will not change what happens on the ice, enjoy the game Bugs.


  13. CHCanadien says:

    Brickley and Edwards on NESN are the biggest homers!

  14. topher5468 says:

    Maybe the habs can emulate the Booins, win a game to make it to the Post season, If we lose tonight I don’t want this team to make it.

    “It’s not an obsession, It’s a way of life..”

  15. Jeff says:

    What did you expect?  All three teams vying for this playoffs don’t deserve it.

    The Habs are the Canadian version of the Cardiac kids, it will be a great game tonite with some super plays both ways. 

    The atmosphere will be electric.  Leafs VS Canadiens, what could be better?

    I realize the Leafs will bring an ‘A’ game and of course the Habs will want to match the intensity of the rabid fan base.

    IF the Habs don’t panic, they should take control of their own destiny and win by a close score.

    What all the fans do NOT want is to have to watch the Philly Rangers game tomorrow afternoon!

    All of Canada will be watching this game tonite hoping that more than 2 Canadian teams are in the playoffs.

    Enjoy it but keep the Gaviscon handy or your fav drink in copious quantities, Ha! Ha! Ha!



  16. aemarchand11 says:

    Bruins win in Regulation.

    -Halak it alot because the Price is right-

  17. havok says:

  was a suggestion about Gio, not FACT…



    The Dany Heatley highlight reel: kills a teammate, screws the Senators, chirps all night at the Canadiens, throws a cross-check after the siren. What a hero! Human toilet paper.

  18. blu3chip says:

    I’m a habs fan in Toronto, but I can tell you the Leafs fans are quite quiet this year, espeically now when they just locked up Seguin or Hall for the Bruins…

    I dunno..  fans in real life seem a lot more rational than those online…  I guess that’s part of the web phenomenal.

  19. Harani says:

    Sergei HAS to play, It’s just an instinct I have. He CANNOT sit. I’ll go berserk on JM if he does make a bonehead decision like that. 

    “I gotta feeling…that tonight’s gonna be a good night!”

  20. aemarchand11 says:

    FSHurricanes is pretty bad too haha.

    -Halak it alot because the Price is right-

  21. Bugs says:

    Y’all realize how bad that leafer Jeff is gonna be if we lose tonight? Can you imagine for a second the sh*te we’re gonna hafta endure from that clown whose sole claim to success is measured by whether or not his team of donkeys beats the Canadiens, their lord and masters?

    It’s gonna be bad.

    So if the Boys love us, I mean truly, deeply love us, they won’t let that happen.

    Some things oughta remain sacred imo.

    Ridiculously overhyped, call me

    L.Bugs Potter, esq. Assistant-Director of St-Habbie’s Hospital for the Blind, Head Physician of Neuroflannelogy Unit, and Occupational Therapist in Habsbros Emergency Ward:

  22. DONJUAN says:

    I’ve had that feeling since thursday’s loss to the canes, but the habs can do it.  GIONTA FOR CAPTAIN.

    In HABS we trust.

  23. adam76 says:

    Wow – watching the NESN feed – I though Bob Cole was bias.

  24. habs03 says:

    WOWOWOWO Bruins almost scored in their own net on a delayed penalty, wow, read that the team named Gio captian and announced tonight…

  25. jimmy shaker says:

    How did they score 3 shorthanded goals?  So ward isn’t playing like Wardeur against the bruins I see.  He only brings that out against us……Man that sucks!


  26. punkster says:

    It’s time indeed. Good job Madison.

  27. habs03 says:

    Man, I need antidepressants cuz of this team!

  28. habs03 says:

    Good job kido, love the song too!!

  29. Habitant in Surrey says:

    …Life …AND especially a Habs Fans’ Life …is funny

    Habitant means PASSIONATE HOCKEY

  30. Fansincebirth says:

    For God’s sake, I gave them one bloody thing to do while I was in the Dominican and that was to wrap up a playoff spot before we met the Loafs but noooooooooooooooooooooo, couldn’t do it for me could ya?!?!?!?


     “Without the strength of the past, the team may face a choice – to win, or to be French-Canadian?” — Ken Dryden

  31. habbyone says:

    All we need is a miracle

  32. doogmac says:

    on the same powerplay nonetheless

  33. Shagi says:

    Just a little something to lighten the mood and get you excited for the game. This is another video by Madison Grenier, but for the habs this time.

  34. Olay Olay Olay says:

    I wonder what the age expectancy rate is if you’re a habs fan? I’ve easily lost 5 years off my life this year.

  35. HUDSONHAB says:


  36. Mikey_39 says:

    Honestly, what happens happens.  If they don’t come out playing with intensity tonight, proving that they want this just as bad as the fans, there’s not much we can do.  It’s in their hands.  I hope they don’t let the people who have been riding with them on this roller coaster of a season down.  


    I do have faith that everyone will step it up tonight.  This team will show how much character we have.



  37. SeriousFan09 says:

    Chances that Gaborik will play 5 full healthy seasons in NY anyway? Sather gambled huge on Gaborik and it’s paid off this year so far for them, but if he’s injured next, they’re pretty much doomed on the season.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  38. blu3chip says:

    wow 3 shorthanded goals?!

  39. punkster says:

    I’m glad to see you taking a positive approach to this game Rob. If they crap the bed they’ll deserve all the negative comments after the game. But for now and over the next few hours we can look on the bright side. Who knows eh, they may shock us all tonight.

  40. blu3chip says:

    Gomez is a playmaker, Gaborik is a sniper.

  41. SmartDog says:


    1. We have the RIGHT goalie in next this year for our final must-win game.

    2. The Habs are DUE to score (trying to be positive).

    3. If they don’t find their intensity this game, they never will so might as well pack it in.

    4. Even if we lose, we’re still probably in the playoffs.

    On the OTHER HAND:

    1. The Laffs would love to stop us from making the playoffs.

    2. Halak is the best goalie in the entire NHL since the Olympics, but the team in front of him has been less than average.

    3. Gomez has I think 1 goal in his last 15 games and THIRTY goals less than his ‘replacement’ in NY (Gaborik).

    4. Cammalleri still seems to be recovering from his injury.

    5. The team needs to show the WILL TO WIN.  And we said that last game (and the one before)….

    Go Habs!  (Hoping at least.)


    Not signing or trading Pleks = yet another missed opportunity.

  42. Laramy87 says:

    3-2 bruins.. GO CANES

  43. smiler2729 says:

    What a sad state the Montreal Canadiens are in. Gutless, punchless, leaderless, nobody quite knowing their role, hell even the head coach can’t quite seem to grasp his role. On paper they look great, like they did last year, too bad paper can’t skate.

    The fanbase is nervous, restless and downright scared knowing full well the embarrassment that awaits as the flat team will be the one showing up again tonight on home ice against the last place Leafs.

    Why is there always such a sense of dread rooting for this team? Even in ’08 when they finished 1st in the Conference, deep down, we all knew, admit it we KNEW they’d let us down in a bad way… and they did.

    To be hated, to be fated… behind blue eyes.

  44. HAB-PROFESSOR says:

    when you analyze any catastrophe in hindsight you can easily pinpoint all the factors and elements that led to the disaster…but when it is unfolding very few will notice those signs.

    so, if the Habs were to be eliminated from post play, they would have had to lose against the ISLES & lose against the CANES, meanwhile Boston would string together wins, and NYR would beat PHILLY outright, then beat them in PHILLY via overtime…

    this perfect storm scenario has completed 99%….there is only one way to avoid it.


  45. Danno says:

    Two words: Bet Man


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”

  46. Laramy87 says:

    Okay the only team that does not have urgency is clearer Habs… they better show up tonight

  47. habaholic68NJ says:

    Please convey this to Martin and the Habs.  They don’t seem to get it.

  48. adam76 says:

    Also – the game against the canes is not over – these are still the caradic canes – anything can happen.


    Montreal will win tonight.

  49. HAB-PROFESSOR says:

    there are too many elements against us… Boston has solidified…Rangers won at home, now Philly will win at home on Sunday, but in overtime…we must win… can’t we all see that everything that can happen to knock us out of the playoffs is  unfolding right before our eyes… it must be recognized as 100% fact that RANGERS will beat PHILLY in overtime tomorrow.

    we must win tonight…for honor, for glory and lastly for the playoffs……there is no other option.

  50. Habsone says:

    Go Halak!!  Do it like you can!!  Go Habs Go!!


  51. Favorite Son says:

    Oooh shiiiit 3-0 Bruins, it’s goin’ doooown meet me in the maall!!!

  52. Fire_Laraque says:

    Undertand your point BUT, the Bruins are burying them.  MTL had plenty of occasions in the first against the canes, they just couldn’t put them in and then… they gave up.

  53. habaholic68NJ says:

    Simple.  They Bruins press them offensively.  Martin plays for the tie.

  54. HabsFansince49 says:

    Excuse me Mike; it had nothing to do with Carolina; they’re the same team. But the team they are up against today is rather different to say the least than the team they encountered a few nights. One difference – intensity; another difference – desire to win. 

    I don’t pretend to be an expert; just a die-hard Habs fan passing my opinion

  55. mb says:

    For sure they give more than the Habs gave but… Come on, 3 goals in one Canes PP! 

  56. habs03 says:

    You want to see a team that wants to make the playoffs, Bruins just
    scored 3 shorthanded goal on the same PP vs the Canes!!

  57. Fire_Laraque says:

    Not sure it’s because the Canes were better against us… seems more like the Bruins are giving more then the Habs gave.

  58. MikeMcLaren says:

    PLEASE explain to me why we didn’t get to play THIS Carolina Hurricanes team and THIS Cam Ward.

    Three goals in the first 1:36 of the second period?  All three short handed?



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