Game 82: Canadiens to meet Bruins in Round 1


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• At a Glance: The Canadiens head into the postseason winners of four of their last six games after Saturday night’s 4-1 win over the Maple Leafs in Toronto. Ryan White opened the scoring 2:29 into the first period when his shot from near the side boards eluded James Reimer. Canadiens captain Brian Gionta scored his 28th of the season on a power play at 6:12 with a shot from the slot that went high over Reimer’s shoulder. Leafs’ Phil Kessel scored to narrow the lead at 13:13 when his weak shot from the faceoff circle eluded Carey Price, who would probably like a second shot at that one. In the second period, Gionta gave the Canadiens a two-goal lead with his second power-play goal of the night at 16:20. Tomas Plekanec made it 4-1 at 13:29 of the third period when he scored a shorthanded goal when he was sent in alone on Reimer by Tom Pyatt, beating the Leafs goaltender high to the blocker side. Price made 27 saves for his 38th win of the season. The win was also No. 600 for head coach Jacques Martin in the NHL.

• What It Means: After 82 games, the Canadiens finish with a record of 44-30-8 for 96 points, securing sixth spot in the Eastern Conference.

• What’s Next: With a win by the Flyers on Saturday night, the Boston Bruins can finish no higher than third in the East, meaning it will be yet another Canadiens-Bruins playoff matchup in the first round.


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  2. bmedder says:




  3. WindsorHab-10 says:

    Let the games begin.

    Bruins SUCK.

  4. thehabs21 says:


  5. VancouverHab says:


  6. jefff says:

    ok ok you guys…you are wayyyy too smart to be fooled any longer. You have it right, i am a Laffs fan and i AM on here to stir up trouble. The reason i do this is because your Habs are such a better team than my Losers Even After Forty Seasons Mople Laffs that in utter desperation i need a diversion for myself so i dont dwell on what an idiot i am for supporting this cast of blue-clad clowns all my sorry life and go take a nap on the 401 to rid myself of these…..impure thoughts ive been thinking lately.
    Congrats to you all and your superior canadiens hockey club for making the playoffs yet again while me and my fellow Loaf Nation fools are repeatedly forced to watch from the outside. Can u unde3rstand why i have these mixed up emotions? I really am the worst kind of loser for subjecting myself to this humiliation and embarassment that is leafs hockey, year in and year out. I wish i could renounce my misplaced loyalty to the blue and white and jump ship, step up to Habs Fandom, but my stinking drooling leaf fan buddies would have my tiny, girlish balls garnishing their cereal in the morning for doing that.
    I admit it, the Habs are a much better team than the leafs and we deserved the pasting we got last night. So once again, please accept my sincere apologies for coming on your forum and insulting your vastly superior Canadiens. Please forgive me for being such a dolt,m i have erectile dysfunction, incontinence, and cant wear Depends cuz of my hemmorhoids. Also, my wife rightfully suspects i like to dress up in her clothes and pick up men in gay bars. Sighh….im such a mess.
    On my knees begging your forgiveness,
    Jeff the Loaf Fan

    PS: Please disregard all my future posts that may seem to have me reverting to my old trollish form…those are just times that i forgot to take my medication. I dont mean what i say in those posts.

  7. Bash says:

    Can Boston play with discipline?… is the question. They may try to run us out of the rink and that could be a huge mistake tactically. We have better special teams and any penalty storm can work in our favor. If we score early the pressure on them not to take penalties will also work for us. Price will have to be great but this will not be a cakewalk for the Bwoons.

    “If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.” (anon)

  8. thebigguy says:

    For those of us that like to get ahead of us, instead of counting down 16 wins, I say we count down how many triple low 5’s. Only 48 triple low 5’s left!!!!

  9. gerrybell says:

    love the bruins/habs match up. not only because we dominate the B’s as an underdog in the playoffs (reverse jink) but because this will give kornhieser and wilbon a chance to talk hockey. this is gonna be great!

  10. The Cat says:

    I bet the canucks really dont want Chicago in the first round.

    [Disclaimer]: I’m a hockey fan. I care about the habs, but probably not as much as you.

  11. great final game. Bruins will be quite a first round opponent. Hope the third and fourth lines keep producing. Glad Pleks scored one, he is such a workhorse out there. Keeping Weber in the fold as a forward, and yet can fill in if one of our d men go down. Besides, he has a shot. When we advance to the next round, what are thoughts of Markov returning to shore up the back end and improve our chances. We will need more on defense as the later rounds will demand it.

  12. habs365 says:

    Playoff Hockey Dummy – wtfu

  13. savethepuck says:

    I don’t know about anybody else, but when it was posted a few days ago about the HABS on April 9th beating the Laffs, I thought we were going to beat anybody.\

  14. habs365 says:

    I guess we’ll see what the Habs are made of – New season just around the corner

  15. RiverviewCanadien says:

    CBC was pathetic all night. no props to how effective the Habs moved the puck tonight. Really, did I expect anything else?

    Cherry rambled on the entire CC segment of the “things” the Leafs should have done. Moron.

    Carey Price is going to have a very good playoffs. Brilliant all season long. This is the team Cherry should have talked about.

    • savethepuck says:

      nnO MORE thumbs up and thunbs down, I would give u a thumbs UP on that one

    • smiler2729 says:

      Pretty sickening.

      The CBC and mostly Don F***ing Cherry are sick and tired of Montreal being dominant and winning it all every year BUT that was 30+ years ago, get over it!

      The rest of Canada hates Toronto too so we’re not alone.

      My buddy at work is from Vancouver and a big Canucks fan, 3 weeks ago he actually got to watch a Canucks game on TSN and he was pretty pissed that all they talked about between periods was the whole Boston-Montreal-Chara-Pacioretty stuff so nobody’s happy with the hockey coverage our national sports stations do.

      “My second favourite team is whoever plays the Leafs”

  16. ajpursell says:

    is there a link to watch it from outside of the country?

  17. badbalance says:

    Milsbury and the CBC crew should just relax. Bashing on Montreal.. Talking abpout Horton talking crap and apparently that is why Boston is making a deep run in the playoffs. What a bunch of biased pricks.

    |Long live the system |

    • samTHEman says:

      Ofcourse Horton is running his mouth he’s playing on a team of goons that’ll protect him unlike in Florida, not to mention daddy Campbell and co.

      Same goes for little pukes like Briere and Marchande.

      ~Kiss my ass Lucic!!!!

    • savethepuck says:

      I’m thinking that now that we know who we are playing, the Bruins are worried

  18. zentaur says:

    Why does the last game of the season always have to be in Toronto?

    so that the leafs get a home game in april….

  19. Ian Cobb says:

    It matters not, who we play.!

    We can take any team in the league if we play disciplined and stick to our defensive style of play.

    Heck, we have practised playoff defensive hockey all year, which is how you have to play this time of year. While others have played the run and shoot and heavy hitting game.

    We will frustrate the hell out of the opposition with our speed and by staying on top of their best players all night. Winning by one goal each night is going to be toughest on the fans and their chairs I think. We are definitely going to have a lot of fun this playoff season folks.

    Now about those blue shirted guys tonight,! say, it would be nice to put a licking on them, but who knows where our heads are tonight.

    Lets just see how much respect Don Cherry can give, or will he eat PK’s crow tonight.

    • savethepuck says:

      Ian, I know that this team is going to do good in the playoffs, even better than last year. I have been the guy all year that has said “look out for this hockey team”. Injuries have hurt us but look out now. I think we are going to get a few of our injured players back, maybe I’m wrong, but we are going to kick some asss

  20. solomio says:

    Will you guys give it up? They are Maple Leaf fans and although they’re losers they are just as fanatic about the Leafs as we are about the Habs. Perhaps more so taking into consideration that the Leafs are perennial bridesmaids.
    Its their last game of the season and the Montreal Canadiens are in town and they want the Leafs to hand the Habs their ass on a silver platter. Yeah its gonna be a good show and If I had free tickets to give away you guys would be there in a heart beat.
    Am I wrong?

    • pierre lapuck says:

      I agree with everything except he term bridesmaids; that implies they have been at least close to the dance. The Leafs are better off being classified as “having to sit at the kiddie table”.

  21. gatorhabs says:

    The real joke is that people in Toronto did this 41 times this year.

  22. observer says:

    The joke is people are paying up to hundreds of dollars to watch a meaningless last game of the second exhibition season of this year.

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