Game 79: Habs solve Brodeur, Devils


Canadiens’  Carey Price blocks a penalty shot by Devils’  Mattias Tedenby during the first period on Saturday night. Paul Bereswill, Getty Images

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• At a Glance: The Canadiens solved Martin Brodeur and saw their own goaltender, Carey Price, turn in a solid outing in a 3-1 win over the Devils in New Jersey on Saturday night. Mathieu Darche opened the scoring 9:43 into the first period when he redirected a Brian Gionta shot over Brodeur’s shoulder. The assist was Gionta’s 400th career points. There was no scoring until the Canadiens scored two goals early in the third period to put the game out of reach. P.K. Subban scored a powe-play goal only 29 seconds into the period with a shot from the point that a screened Brodeur could not see. At 3:34, Darche scored his second of the game when he again redirected a Gionta pass, this time on the opposite side of the net. Ilya Kovalchuk spoiled Price’s bid for a shutout when he scored at 14:01 when Price was caught out of place and scrambling in front of his net.

• Key Moments:
After missing several scoring chances in the second period, Subban’s power-play goal early in the third period whave the Canadiens the breathing room they needed.

• What It Means:
The Canadiens improved to 42-30-7 for 91 points, securing their hold on sixth place in the Eastern Conference.

• What’s Next: The Canadiens embark on the final week of their regular season with games aganst the Blackhawks at home on Tuesday and they then play in Ottawa on Thursday and Toronto on Saturday to end the season.


  1. softwarehammer2 says:

    Good point

  2. dbsanfte says:

    Gotta clear something up, here. Carey Price didn’t get an inch of that puck on the penalty shot, he was beat. But we got SUPER lucky and it hit the post, ricocheting back out and into Price’s legs.

    A good pair of sequences by Gionta/Darche, another sniper shot by PK. Glad to see it.

    The team was playing at about 70%. NJ was tired from the night before, and couldn’t quite catch us. That made most of the difference.

    Improving, but don’t get too cocky.

  3. G-Man says:

    So, is 91 the new 88?

  4. savethepuck says:

    I’m curious to see what the reporters have to say tomorrow because what I’ve read the last few days, we didn’t have a hope in Hell of winning the hockey game tonight. I bet on the HABS and won a little cash

    • kordic says:

      I think the majority of you are on drugs again reading these posts.
      Wiz has to stay!!!!! Hammer is done, brutal and old, spacek is garbage and old, weber is garbage a wimp and plays scared.
      If the habs let the wiz go, forget about next year. You can say waht you want about gomer, he is brutal and bob has ruined this team for years to come, but if he can turn it on in the playoffs, like he did last year, I will let him df the whole year. The habs played we’ll tonight, but lets all remember one thing, Halak stood on his head last year, I won’t blame price if he doesn’t repeat the same feat. I put the blame solely on Bob Gainey for having a small, wimpy yet fast team that can’t compete with the real hockey teams. I love the Habs, but i don’t love corruption and greed, the habs know we will always watch them, spend money, so mediocre hockey unfortunately is a mainstay until someone with some balls makes the CH stand for winning again. My opinon.

      “The ghosts are gone. The Canadiens have two choices, try and win the cup or be French Canadian” – Ken Dryden

      • G-Man says:

        Spacek stopped Ovechkin last year’s playoffs- or is your memory faulty? Wiz is good offensively but very poor in his own end when pressured. Hamrlik should not be playing over 20 mins but has to because Markov, Gorges and Spacek aren’t playing.
        You say you love the Habs but when the time comes to support them you wimp out and join the laffs and ruins nation chorus of “too small and too soft.” Gimme a break!

      • Caper says:

        Your comments about all defenseman are way off. Love the Wiz but there is no way i would pay him his expecting askng price of $5mm. Turnover machine.


  5. HABWARRIOR says:

    OK just what i see from watching this team…good and bad ….

    —Darche …..twice as many goals as gomez…..min. wage player vs highest paid hab and has 2 times as many goals…lol…
    —Cammalleri seems to be waking up.Thank God!…Sooner or later the goals will start going in for him.
    —Hamrlik ,lately , ive noticed has pinched at the most inopportune time and ends up being out of position.Or he falls and is out of the play….just bad luck i guess.
    —Subban could score 30+ in a season …soon….with that rocket and skill ….Man if we ever trade this guy we will regret it.He must maintain being a hab for LIFE!lock him up to a 15yr contract PG,cuz if ever there were someone worth that length of deal,its Subban.
    —Man we frustrate teams with our style.Hell even the devils played like a pee wee team.haha…they deserved it.
    —Bruins,if we meet them in round 1 will lose in 6.
    —Where’s Weber?Press box must be getting boring.We need to throw him in there to get game action b4 playoffs!
    —Price may not get hart or even vezina BUT he still has had a stellar season.Who’da thunk it?
    —If we meet Caps in round 1 i dont think we can beat them.Pens i think we can beat them too…like the Bruins.
    —The Wiz…steal of the year trade wise and its a shame he probably aint coming back.He is the teams 2nd leading scorer!That deserves some thought and maybe just maybe we should keep him!

    …… fingers hurt….cant type no more….must get beer from fridge…………..peace!

    • habstrinifan says:

      Good read.. may I disagree with you on WIZ, especially since you also mentioned Weber in the article. Wiz has helped with goals but I think he is to weak defensively to pay the price he will be asking. With Markov, P.K, Georges and Weber I think we have good supply of ‘skating’ defensemen. GO out and get HUGE STAY AT HOME SOUND CLEAR THE CREASE RELIABLE D-MAN…. in the mold of say a Langway and spend the money there.

      OH yeah, I believe if JM uses his players like he did tonight (see Boone’s quick hits… re double digits TOI for almost everyone) and if JM can show the youth more faith in them (P.K. should never have been off PP and Eller MUST be accorded top six respect and White’s grit and gung-ho positiveness must be acknowledged and rewarded) … if JM can coach lie he did tonight, then the youths will have confidence and will encourage/spur o the veterans and we can beat the Bruins.

      • dh says:

        For the last few seasons, we start off with no strong shot from the point and our PP sucks. Then we get someone, Schneider, Bergeron, Wiz and the PP starts to rock.

        For once, I’d like to keep the guy. Wiz is very good offensively and his defensive game is much better than MAB (sorry Timo) so I would make him an offer.
        He seems to like playing here. Maybe he won’t rape us.

    • pmaraw says:

      on hammer – thats his MO, dont you remember all the games he cost us in the playoffs last year doing this?

  6. jimmy shaker says:

    Couple things here tonight…..first, great win and great game by darche! 2nd, Price will get the hawks on Tues, with Auld going on Thurs. vs the sens. In a perfect world, the boys win tues and thurs, allowing Auld to play saturday vs the leafs in an all but meaningless game for both teams, as long as carolina, buffalo and the rangers do what they’re supposed to do. 3rd, if my last stanza comes to pass, that means carey will finish the season with 69 starts, which is one off the 70 starts that I believe is a dangerous number for a tender to have played in the regular season, and have aspirations for a long playoff run in the spring. It rarely happens that way, (tender playing 70+ regular season games and going deep into the playoffs) so please boys win tues and thurs, so auld can get in there next saturday too. 4th, can’t believe subban and gill are -7 each for the season to date….that surprised me. Spacek and darche leading with +8 and +7 respectively. Gomer right at the bottom with -14. 5th…what happens when spacek comes back? I thought most likely mara leaves and makes room for spacek, but lately I’m thinking it should be sopel. He really doesn’t do anything out there on either side of the ice. At least mara has a nasty streak, hits, fights and skates better than sopel, so JM should sit sopel, I feel. And lastly, I bet the brass on the new website are going to be dissapointed when they take a look at the numbers and how viewership and traffic has sharply dropped since the new site has been up and running. Hopefully, it speaks volumes at some changes that need to be fixed or addressed back to the old site we all loved so dearly and basically took for granted now that it’s gone!!


  7. naweed235 says:

    BAHAHAHHAHAHA LOOLLLL If you have’nt yet, PLEASE GO and watch the “en direct du vestiare” Video…. I think this is one of the funniest video’s I’ve seen of a Hab… Price pulls a good one on the Media

  8. WindsorHab-10 says:

    That’s what we’re talking about.

  9. bobbyfrommontreal says:

    Why does CBC’s Bob Cole and lacky always mention the word shutout in the dying mins of a great game by Carey Price. Sure it’s only superstition, but this is hockey superstition! If he hates the Habs as much as we hate him, why don’t they just switch Hughes and Cole?

    • JohnBellyful says:

      “Hello Canada and Hockey fans in the United States and Newfoundland, Gary Cole here with Bob Galley, all set”
      “Uh, my name’s Garry, Bob, and your name’s … Bob.”
      “That’s right, Greg, it should be a dandy game tonight, with the Montreal Canadiens fighting to hang on to a playoff spot, and the New Jersey Devils hoping to repeat as Stanley Cup champions, Jacques Lemaire has done a wonderful job leading the Devils back into contention, wouldn’t you say, Garry, even though he no longer has Guy Lafleur on his wing?”
      “Uh, that’s right, Bob, he no longer has Lafleur on his wing. But he does have Zack Parise back tonight which should give the team a big boost.”
      “It could, but he’s got to be careful. You don’t want to fool around with a knee concussion. It can end a player’s career. As can any major injury. Eddie Shore hasn’t been the same since he died.”
      “Uh, good point, Bob. Death has a way of cutting into your playing time. Jacques Martin has come under criticism for the way he handles the rookies but death isn’t one of them. He either benches a player or doesn’t dress him, which”
      “Garry, I think we’re long past the days when coaches have to dress their players.They’ve got moreDarche just scored on a backhander and it’s 1-0 for the Canadiens! Garry, that was a nice setup by Gionta. Uh oh, it looks like they’re calling it a non-goal. Here comes the referee…”
      “Uh, Bob, he’s going to drop the puck for the face-off at centre ice.”
      “Gomez wins the draw. He pushes the puck back to Subban. Subban circles inside his own end, he goes behind the net, he goes around the net, he passes to Gill who passes it back to Subban who gets by Clarkson, dipsy-doodles past Elia, headfakes Gomez, outraces Zubrus, and comes to a stop behind the Canadiens’ net while Montreal completes its third line change. New Jersey has just called a timeout. Garry, is this a good time for New Jersey to pull its goalie?”
      “Uh, I wouldn’t, Bob, There’s still seven minutes left in the first period.”
      “And the Devils are coming on strong. They’re being outshot 14-2 but Price had to be sharp on the last one, it took a funny bounce just outside the blue line. And now Devils will get a chance to even up the score as they go on the powerplay.”
      “Uh, Bob, New Jersey’s the one getting the penalty. Clarkson just skated 20 feet and rammed Subban into the boards from behind.”
      “You’re right, Glen, but it looks like the Montreal player is getting a penalty as well, for diving.”
      “Uh, I don’t think so, Bob. The trainer is carrying him to the team bench not the penalty box.”
      “Well, the Canadiens dodged a bullet there but they will be hard-pressed to kill off their power play. And there goes the siren. Montreal 3 New Jersey 1. Lemaire has done wonders with the team, Garry, but the ghosts of the Forum were just too much for him tonight.”
      “Uh, Bob, the game was played … never mind.”

    • observer says:

      the only jinx for price was his own teamates coughing the puck up in their own end. cole likes the habs! thats why he does their games not the leafs so many times now. those commentators dont like the habs – galley and the ex- sub goalie healey.

      btw- price wasnt listening to cole’s play by play.

      • Bigdawg says:

        Look I am a leafs fan like you observer (however I also like the habs) and if you can’t hear the anti-habs bias coming form Cole’s mouth then I know a good ear nose and throat doctor you may want to check out.

        The only reason Cole does the habs is that is is too old and sucks too much to handle the big ticket leafs.

        • emann_222 says:

          I know they feed you a lot of weird stuff in Toronto – having lived there for 30 years … but check your facts my friend … Observer is right. It’s a well known fact that Bob Cole is a Habs fan.

          You may know a good ear, nose, and throat specialist – but you need to find a better statistician.

          Visit me at and

          • habstrinifan says:

            “It’s a well known fact that Bob Cole is a Habs fan.”

            I didnt know that but from the few times I watch CBC coverage with Cole I get that sense.

            These days I mostly watch the CBC coverage when it’s afterhours replay (this is Ottawa territory or Leafs during the 7pm slot).
            So I can watch the game unemotionally and I do think that Cole has great old timer’s respect for the HABS. You can tell he grew up in the eras when the HABS were hockey phenomenoms.

            I also think Cole loves P.K Subban a whole LOT. You can tell the tone in his voice when he makes any observation on something P.K is doing on the ice. He of course does not RAVE or go overboard as an analyst.

            I like Cole’s game calling… takes me back.

    • Bigdawg says:

      Because CBC HNIC is anti-hab. Listen to RDS is you want to hear a pro-hab game announced.

    • slapshot777 says:

      Cole should retire. He F..ks up all the names doesn’t what’s going on with regards to the play. Last night when Darche scored he didn’t know until all the Habs fans started screaming. The only reason he is doing Habs games is because Hughson joined CBC and because Cole couldn’t call a curling game.

      I’m sure there are better guys out there to call a game, but then again this just goes to show everyone what CBC thinks of the Habs. They are the ones who along with TSN who really treat the Habs with disrespect. Then again maybe the management of the CBC is just to stupid to know the difference.

      To you from failing hands we throw the torch, be yours to hold it high.

  10. doogie says:

    I’ve got Auld playing in Ottawa and Toronto next week with Carey wearing the ball cap and resting with a front row seat at the Ottawa barn and the ACC.

    CBC can’t wait to hype next Saturday’s tilt and by then, it will be as meaningful as watching a Hee Haw rerun!

    • observer says:

      BUT if 2 of 3 – NYR, Car and Buf fall apart and Leafs win their next 2 it may be a huge game for the Leafs who have more fans in Canada than any other team.

      • JIMVINNY says:

        Except for Montreal, who have more fans.

      • PrimeTime says:

        lol….such a loser! Did your parents lock you in your room or something??

        “Extremism only serves one’s selfish desires”

      • blu3chip says:

        Leafs have more trolls in Canada than any other team.

      • dhenry1234 says:

        Montreal definitely has more fans than the leafs. Sure the leafs sell more merchandise, but overall there are hab fans all over the world. I have never seen leaf fans outnumber florida fans in tampa and in the panthers building. Or even in Jersey as we all saw tonight. There’s always tons of hab fans in every building Montreal visits. I have never seen the leafs even compare with fans when it comes down to this fact.

      • t1tan5 says:

        Observer’s right. The Leafs definitely have more fans than the Habs in terms of pure numbers. That being said, I do believe that the Habs have more passionate fans per capita than the Leafs do.

      • slapshot777 says:

        Where do you come to this drivel. Every year there is a pole done and every year the same result comes in that most of the fans in the country cheer for the Habs followed by the Leafs.

        Your comments are only made on this site to stir shite all the time your comments are mostly useless posts derived up just to create crap.

        Just admit it here in front of all who are on this site that you are truly a Leafs fan. Then again you don’t have the balls to even do that right.

        To you from failing hands we throw the torch, be yours to hold it high.

    • Will love this to play out and give Carey two games rest, but I doubt this will happen. Auld should start either in Ottawa or Toronto – NOT BOTH.

      ” The Habs will win the Cup ONLY with Carey Price in the Nets “

    • habsgod says:

      i think price plays the remaining 3 games as we need a few more points to clinch! and it would be sweet to see price shut the laffs out for the 3rd this season

  11. observer says:

    As at Sunday April 3 1pm
    1 Washington 79 46 22 11 103 – Max 109
    2 Philadelphia 78 46 22 10 102 – Max 110
    3 Boston 78 44 23 11 99 – Max 107
    4 Pittsburgh 79 46 25 8 100 – Max 106
    5 Tampa Bay 78 43 24 11 97 – Max 105
    6 Montreal 79 42 30 7 91 – Max 97
    7 Buffalo 78 39 29 10 88 – Max 96
    8 NY Rangers 78 41 32 5 87 – Max 95

    9 Carolina 78 38 30 10 86 – Max 94
    10 Toronto 79 37 32 10 84 – Max 90

    NOTE – Habs will hold the tiebreaker(Reg Time Wins) over EACH ONE of the teams below them should they end up with a tie in points.

    Sunday, April 3, 2011
    NY Rangers at Philadelphia 12:30pm
    Buffalo at Carolina 5pm
    Tampa Bay at Chicago 7pm

  12. With one week left (3 more games) for the 2010-11 Montreal Canadiens season left, my question of the week is from one of my co-workers. ….

    When will Scott Gomez wake up and start scoring again? At present he has 7 goals, 30 assists in 77 games this season. When was the last time Scott Gomez scored a goal? If he gets no goals and no points in the last 3 regular season games, do you toil with the idea of benching him heading into the playoffs (assuming the Habs make the playoffs) or do you play him in hopes of him re-gaining his scoring touch?

    Hmmm….Something to think about.

  13. good effort…relentless intensity…just what the doctor ordered. A little puckluck, hope and a prayer – keep it coming. Go Habs

  14. It will be no Habs – Leafs showdown again next week for the last playoff spot. Mathematically, the Leafs can’t catch up to the Habs, but need one Caroline Hurricane loss and a Habs win to clinch a playoff spot.

    It was nice to see the Habs solve Martin Brodeur – FINALLY – after so many disappointing years of martin stealing the show.

    Also, my take on the Big Bad Bruins. I don’t care how many points, wins, how great Tim Thomas is or the fact that they just recently clinched the NE division title. Unless you can bring your A game into the real season – THE PLAYOFFS – and actually perform and get results, you haven’t accomplished anything in the NHL. The really season begins in just over 10 days and don’t care if the Habs face the Bruins in round 1. I say bring it on.

    Finally, what are we to say about Carey Price? Its making me forget about this netminder the Habs had last year. What’s his name? Jaroslav who?

    ” The Habs will win the Cup ONLY with Carey Price in the nets. “

    • observer says:

      Maybe if several miracles happen for the Leafs , enuff Rangers, Sabres and Hurricanes losses – 2 of those teams – plus Leafs win their next 2, Habs might rest players for the final game and Leafs sneak into 8th place? They need serious help but it is possible?

      • PrimeTime says:

        Yes you have a chance…..keep your dream alive. Maybe your Leafs will finally not fall a point or two short again…..but don’t bet on it.

        “Extremism only serves one’s selfish desires”

        • observer says:

          i’m not a leaf fan but id like to see them make it. and love to see them meet the habs for the conf final series. remember last year 7 played 8. but i dont think they will. i do think next year toronto will have a real good team. i am certain of it with all the cap space burke cleared up.

          • PrimeTime says:

            It’s ok. You can come out of the closet. The 1st step is admitting it to yourself.

            “Extremism only serves one’s selfish desires”

          • observer says:


            i used to dislike the leafs real bad. but that was when they were fighting the habs for titles. may be a rivalry again one day maybe next year if habs are also good? boston became the big rival after 1967 with nordiques being the other one. i cannot understand why fans of today here who never even saw habs battle leafs for titles – why they hate that team? for 20 or more years they were in the west conference? and never have competed with habs for any title in like 44 years?

            only team i dislike today and i do real bad – is boston!

          • PrimeTime says:

            You left out the Broad Street Bullies. The hate for the Leafs is more political and cultural. BOS are Habs bitches. I figure you must be in the TO media range, as I am, but you are being suckered by the media who mostly are Leaf optimists which helps them keep their jobs. In reality, the leafs are building and should finally be on their way up but are still years away from being an elite team……with or without most recent hero Reimer.

            “Extremism only serves one’s selfish desires”

          • observer says:


            yes you’re right philly also during those bullies years and again in the late 80s – and even over the last couple of years as they met in the playoffs. i went to a lot of habs at flyers games at the spectrum. i lived in philly and remember watching this one on philly channel 29 in the 1987 playoffs.


  15. Da Hema says:

    If Glenn Healy is going to fellate James Reimer on national TV, can the CBC at least put an “R” rating on the broadcast?

  16. Steven says:

    “Habs solve Brodeur”

    So… The answer wasn’t Kovalev and Cammalleri, two elite(I guess that’s being used a bit lightly) scorers. Not Gionta, a guy who chips in another 30 a year, not Koivu, not Tanguay…

    …But Matthieu Darche.

    That makes perfect sense in a reverse psychology way.

    That being said, Darche is amazing. I love him 😀

  17. _Habsoloutly_ says:

    Leaves still in the race for 9th place. hahahahahahahahaha

    • observer says:

      Still alive for a spot in the playoffs with tons of help – but next year in Burke’s 3rd full season they will be a top team in the east.

      • _Habsoloutly_ says:

        Gauthiers team = PLAYOFFS!

        Burkes team = GOLF COURSE!

        Of course you leaf trolls keep talking about NEXT season, it’s all you got!


        • observer says:

          gauthier is on the 8th year of the 5 year plan. burke WILL BE in his 3rd full year.

          if toronto wins 2 of their next 3 they will finish with 88 points.

          which is what habs had last season. if they win 3 – it will be 90 points.

        • habstrinifan says:

          Not a Leaf fan. Hate it when we play them and we are not at our best.. I cant stand the HYPE the media and the LEAFS themselves bring to a game against us… UNLESS of course we are in top form and playing well and ready to KICK their butt.

          So I like your comparison. But I hope that if PG is watching and laughing along with you, he gets to work to make sure that HABS are ‘ready’ to compete in a major way with Leafs next year because OBSERVER is right… the Leafs have improved over the season and will be a playoff team next year and also will have GRIT.

          So I hope PG make the HABS (better) prepared to match them next year.

      • dallyd31 says:

        How so ? This is Burke’s 4th year with the team and 3rd “rebuild”.Also, ever notice a trend that the Leafs pour it in in the last month of the season in a bid for a playoff spot…once they are well down in the standings and the pressure is off.
        This year is not one bit different than the last 4.

        On a different topic, why, on a Habs forum, from a supposed Habs fan, are 90% of your posts about the Leafs, and most specifically, Burke. Seriously…

        • observer says:

          burke was hired by toronto DURING the 2008-2009 season.

          the 2009-2010 season was his first full season

          the 2010-2011 season -this season is his 2nd full season

          next year will be his 3rd full season with the leafs 2011-2012

        • observer says:

          im just responding to statements others made about the leafs. that has long been the question i ask? why are they so obsessed with a team that hasnt won the cup since canadas 100th birthday and hasnt competed with the habs for any championship since that same year 1967?

      • PrimeTime says:

        Once again the Toranna media is selling you a bag of sh*t but keep be-leaf-ing….gotta love the dumbest fans in sports.

        “Extremism only serves one’s selfish desires”

        • observer says:

          no one is selling me anything. i see with my own eyes what kind of team they now have. 3 thirty goal scorers, decent goalie, decent defense, good size, all their best players and core of the team signed for next year AND tons of cap space to go out and sign guys like brad richards and others in july.

          • dallyd31 says:

            Just like the Toronto media says every year…every good available player is coming to Toronto aren’t they ? Geez

            As I mentioned, this year is exactly like the past 4..the Leafs slump out of contention, and once the pressure is off, they play well and put on a big push in the last month or so in an attempt to make the playoffs. It’s like groundhog day.

            This is Burke’s 3rd complete make over and still doesn’t have as many points as the Habs, who has had the most injury problems and lost the most significant players to injury than any team in the league.

          • Jbird says:

            I guess wordpress does not have the capabilities of enabling a block feature for useless posts.

          • habsgod says:

            i’ve got news for you,the laffs aint signing brad richards he will a ranger so move on! he wants to win a cup and the laffs aren’t even a playoff team let alone a cup team! so enjoy watching redlight reimer get lit up again! he’s no carey price ,he couldn’t tape price’s stick !

  18. Al aboo says:

    good game, very happy, great effort……..

  19. DOAHABS says:
    this feed is working & there are 3 to choose from,just ignore the big play arrow on the screen , by choosing the Full Screen option

  20. jordo says:

    Even with only an elementary comprehension of spoken French, it is far, FAR more enjoyable to watch the RDS broadcast than to hear Bob Cole.

  21. Rudy says:

    I am listening on CJAD

    “Start the season with a clean equipment bag and a freah bucket of febreze!”-CharlieHodgeFan

  22. shuttle-lemaire-lafleur says:

    Price has to be better……ffs does he have to score goals too, gimme an effin’ break !! The top six have to be better and stop depending on the rookies and Carey to get this thing done ! Actually,we don’t have a top 6. The boys gettin’ top dollars better show up soon or we are …..well, royally screwed. The first 5 minutes will tell the tale for me…play the game like men ffs, show some balls ! Go Habs Go !!!

  23. Ian Cobb says:

    We will know early, if the boys want this one.!

    By about the 15 min. mark, will tell the whole story.!

    If they come out with consistent tenacity and stay out of the box, we will be fine. If they play the lazy way, like they have lately, loosing 4 of the last 5,! well there is always a movie on.

  24. habs365 says:

    what a bunch of crap, price has to be better. I’ll tell ya what, keep carey out of the net for the next four games and see how you make out, start cleaning out your lockers you won’t need them til sept training camp….

  25. larisalapointe says:

    Carey Price has to be better? Does that mean the rest of the team doesn’t? Maybe they can make their goalie look good instead of the other way around for once.

    They will come out fighting tonight!

    • TripleX says:

      Price has to be almost perfect for this team to win under JM’s system. I agree that it is totally unfair and feel for Carey but that is the reality. Unless Price is better than the opposing goalie this team usually loses.
      Imagine facing that kind of pressure every game.

      • larisalapointe says:

        We agree 3X on Carey but JMs’ system does work but only if everyone does their part, and if your D is fast enough.

        Having said that, maybe it can be tweaked some to accommodate the present roster. Keep our fingers crossed for the next 4, then all is possible. : )

        • habstrinifan says:

          If JM’s player deployment consistently follows last night’s pattern I will be fine. Except maybe sub one of SOPEL/MARA with Weber in some games.

          It is when he underuses Eller DD etc etc and has some funny thing about not using P.K on the PP that he loses me…. or when he deploys his lines in a fashion which encourages sitting back.

          Ifhe coach can coach as he did last night and one or two players can step it up like Darche did last night and he uses P.K as he did last nigh while being more judicious with Hammr’s ice time and not letting WIZ have so many long shifts (still a problem last night) then I think the tempo of the game can be maintained to a level where HABS will be successful more often than not.

  26. savethepuck says:

    If our playoff hopes are hanging by a thread, my definition of hanging by a thread is definitely different. We were 98.2% before we played Carolina the other night. I know the loss brought us down some, but I don’t think down into the hanging by a thread range. Our reporters are being overly doom and gloom today.

    • Kristopher7 says:

      By a thread would mean that Toronto wins all its games until the last one vs. MTL, MTL loses all its game until the last one.. and NYR, BUF, CAR play a certain way that the 8th seed is actually between TO and MTL and the result comes from the last game of the reg season in april.. that would be “hanging by a thread” , at least to me.

  27. ProHabs says:

    Devils better bring their A game tonight if they have any hopes of beating the Habs.

  28. observer says:

    Devils had better not be alive after tonight’s game! Or Habs will be in serious trouble especially if Carolina beats Islanders tonight. BUT Islanders will be tough if they play as they have lately even though Carolina won the 3 previous meetings with them.

  29. observer says:

    S Kostitsyn scores his 20th goal today for a Nashvile coach and GM “who know what they are doing” in order “to get the best out of a player”. You know the same like Wilson in Toronto got out of Grabovski, or St. Louis’ coach out of D’Agostini or Dallas coaches out of Ribeiro or Minnesota coach out of Latendresse, Colorado coach out of Obyrnne.

    • ProHabs says:

      What do all of those teams have in common (except Nashville) is that none of them are going to make the playoffs. They are all weaker teams that have no talent so they give players like D’Agostini, Grabovski, Ribiero, Latendresse and O’Byrne more ice time than they would have gotten with the Habs. So with more ice time, anyone can produce more points. I don’t really miss any of these players at all, especially Grab., SK, Laten., and O’Burn.

      • ooder says:

        “So with more ice time, anyone can produce more points”… lol not Gomez

        GWG = game winning gionta!

      • TripleX says:

        If they really have no talent as you say. Where does that put Gomez?

        Since he would get MORE ice time on a lesser team. Would that be like around 50 minutes a game?
        The degree to which some will go to defend the indefensible by this management team is truly astounding.

      • HabFanSince72 says:

        And in any case O’Byrne, after a brief post-trade honeymoon, is back to being a mistake on skates.

      • Ian Cobb says:

        I agree Pro HAB. Just ask their goal tenders how many of these guys come back all the way to help him out.! Maybe 0!!

      • Gormdog says:

        Don’t use the new site much but logged in to give 16 thumbs up + refreshing in old format.

        Those names you keep listing are wins for Montreal scouting, not a loss for G+G. The forwards are all playing well as top 6 forwards but we didn’t have the room for them.

    • Bigdawg says:

      Or like montreal got out of wisnieski or like montreal got out ot gionta or like montreal got out of gorges or like montreal got out of darche. There are examples like this on every team.

      • TripleX says:

        You don’t think it strange to trade away two players that have already scored 20 and one who will score 30 on a franchise that can’t score?

        Ummm…ok with that.

  30. Danno says:

    They better beat the Devils, or there will be Hell to pay!


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”

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