Game 65: Canadiens move ahead of Sens

Canadiens goaltender Carey Price keeps his eye on an
incoming puck as Sabres centre Paul Gaustad looks to get in Price’s way during the first period on Friday night.
REUTERS/Gary Wiepert

Updated by Kevin Mio

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Say hello to your first place Montreal Canadiens.

With their 6-2 win over the Sabres on Friday night, the Canadiens overtook the Ottawa Senators for top spot in the Northeast Division with 79 points and also moved into second spot in the Eastern Conference.

The win, combined with New Jersey’s 4-0 loss to the Capitals – with former Hab Cristobal Huet in net for the shutout – sets up a battle for first place in the East Saturday night as the Devils visit the Bell Centre.

Tomas Plekanec led the offence for the Canadiens with the first hat trick of his career – with all three goals coming on the power play – while also adding an assist on a pretty third-period goal by Andrei Kostitsyn. Plekanec now has 24 goals on the season.

Andrei’s younger brother, Sergei, scored the sixth Montreal goal on a 2-on-1 break with his brother. Miller made the initial stop, but Kostitsyn got his own rebound and slid it into a vacant net.

Alex Kovalev had another exceptional night, collecting four assists that included a beautiful lob pass to Andrei Kostisyn, who slid the puck between the pads of Sabres goalie Ryan Miller.

Plekanec opened the scoring 1:24 into the game as he whistled a shot past Miller’s right shoulder after receiving a pass from Kovalev to the side of the net. Mark Streit made it 2-0 for the Canadiens midway through the period. Streit also added two assists, giving him 47 points on the season, the same as Canadiens captain Saku Koivu.

The Sabres cut the Canadiens’ lead to 2-1 when Tomas Vanek scored a power-play goal with Koivu in the box.

But the Canadiens stormed back with Plekanec scoring his second and third goals of the game to give Montreal a 4-1 lead.

The second period was also marked by some rough play as Andrei Markov when Patrick Kaleta blindsided the defenceman with a vicious hit that went unnoticed by referees.

Later in the period, the Sabres’ Nolan Pratt challenged Guillaume Latendresse to a fight and Latendresse gladly accepted, landing a few quick rights that sent Pratt to the ice.

Tim Connolly added the second goal for the Sabres 11 minutes into the third period.

In his second game since being recalled from Hamilton, Mikhail Grabovski had two assists, doubling his points total on the season.

Montreal was a perfect 3-for-3 on the power play, while the Sabres went 2-for-6 with the man advantage.

Carey Price made 31 saves in the Canadiens’ 20th road win of the season. The Habs pelted Miller with 33 shots.


  1. habsgod says:

    that’s because he is the second coming of christ! why? because this is god’s team and god is a habs fan!

  2. frank81 says:

    He couldn’t even say it with a straight face when he reported it on SportsCentre.

  3. 1010 says:

    Gainey has put four hard years into turning this team around. I would be shocked if he wanted to start all over again in TO.

    GO HABS.

  4. WindsorHab-10 says:

    I’d rather see Gainey in a thong than anywhere near Toronto. They say “never say never” but I can honestly say that Dreger is dreaming as this will NEVER happen.

  5. RudeMood19 says:

    How was it bad? He wanted more money and the Habs weren’t prepared to give him that much. They got a second round draft pick in a deep 2009 draft

    It was a good move. And, another variable to consider: the goaltender market this year was terrible. Ilya Bryzgalov was put on waivers! JS Aubin brought back a 7th rounder. We got market value for Huet and it was a good move.
    1. February 19th, 2008, a day which will live in sublimity.

  6. Shobud says:

    And I am with you on that

  7. Shobud says:

    Just can’t make you happy can they

  8. TripleX says:

    Battle for first on Saturday! It has been a long time for a Habs fan to feel the fever this late in the season. Already on pins and needles. We have to beat Brodeur sometime, this could be it.

  9. LizardKing1967 says:

    Cool. Huet gets a shutout toniite. 4-0.

    Pleks: The Man!
    Kovy: on a mission
    Price: stellar
    Georges: maturing rapidly
    Latendresse: Mike Tyson
    Mick Mcgough: Jim Bakus (a.k.a. Mr. McGoo)

    Great job on Grabs’ penalty. Cleanest penalty you’ll ever see.



  10. Bill H says:

    Check your email.

  11. usversusthem says:

    Well, this is go-time. The stage is set… if we can … not let the Sabres back into the game, we’re going to be facing off, thanks to a certain Mr. Huet and his new team, against the Devils for first place in the East tomorrow night. Intense!

  12. ross says:

    I’ve always used coupled with a program called “Sopcast”. It’s not yet as good as watching it on cable or satellite, but it’s better than hitting ‘refresh’ on HI/O every minute. :)

  13. ONTARIO HAB says:


  14. MNaslund26 says:

    is markov ok?

  15. Bill H says:

    Please email me with the info on how to watch game on internet.

  16. Bill H says:

    I can’t see Bob going to Toronto. He’s put together a first rate team and he’s going to leave just when things are looking good? Besides, he spent his whole career as a player in Montreal.

    2-0 Washington and Huet beating NJD. Sweet.

  17. imafogdevil says:

    Anyone see Dreger’s column on regarding Toronto’s GM job. They say its Brian Burke’s, but he doesn’t want it. Interestingly, he says Gainey is on Toronto’s radar. I hope Bob has better sense than to go to Toronto.

    It can only get better!! Go Ryder, Go Habs!

  18. LizardKing1967 says:

    Three words on Price in the first period:

    Lateral movement, WOW!



  19. tony d says:

    great 1st period/…… the hussle….keep it up boys!!!!!!!
    Go Habs Go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. LizardKing1967 says:

    My point exactly. Win you get two lose you get 0.



  21. habber86 says:

    I tried adding only RDS to my package, but they forced me to get an entire French pack with a bunch of nonsense channels for $10/month or so… I just ended up getting the sports pack. Has anyone been able to order just RDS?

  22. Shiloh says:

    If you have Rogers you can get RDS for a few bucks a month. Are you at work?

  23. Shiloh says:

    2-0 Habs! Plekanec and Streit scored.

  24. Shiloh says:

    That’s the way it was for years. Teams would sit around for the entire third period to protect their point.

  25. Shiloh says:

    A win in OT is NOT counted the same. It is worth one point. The other point is for the regulation tie.

  26. Shiloh says:

    Not true. A team that finishes 9W 5L 1T finishes ahead of a team that finishes 9W 6L. A tie is better than a loss.

  27. razor436 says:

    There is a way. Seek and you shall find.

  28. habber86 says:

    anyone notice how Streit never uses his body to knock down pucks at the blueline when on the PP? It’s been happening all year. I notice it every game a couple of times…

  29. Sulemaan says:

    Anyone who knows where to watch this online tonight please share…

  30. Gooner says:

    I didn’t say anything about bringing Huet back, in fact I hope that Price does do well, after all if he does well then the team will do well, I just think that he came off as a little bit arrogant.

    Anyway no need to get your knickers in a knot. All I am saying is that he has to prove himself as a franchise player before I believe that he is one, which for the record I hope that he is!!

    So relax, what are you Price’s momma or something!!!

  31. Xtrahabsfan says:

    You tell him Jim !!!

  32. LizardKing1967 says:

    Oh, and by the way, as response to an earlier post as far as OT is concerned. My op is that since we now have a clear winner and a clear loser in the NHL, without ties, they should follow all the major sports and get rid of the point system. A win is a win, a loss is a loss. Continue with the shootout, but lets go by wins and losses only.

    If we look at the standings that way, it’s more cut and dry:

    NJ-37 wins

    We fans should start a petition to make this happen.
    I find it rediculous these days. They say, “Oh, look, Montreal is 13 games over .500.” Since when do those 9 OT/SO losses count as .500???



  33. LizardKing1967 says:

    Ok, who here is calling Price “classeless” and “swell-headed”??? Are you on crack? I agree with RH, a little cockiness is GREAT. I seem to recall a certain goalie, most probably the best of his time, if not all-time, wink at a LA King player when he knew he’d win the cup. If that’s not cocky, I don’t know what is. Now, if that’s the kind of career you can get by being cocky, then, Carey, by all means, rub it all in their faces please!!!

    Leave the young guy alone, let him play, and, by the end of NEXT season, come and yell at me if his cockiness is worth %$^%!@^$%.

    Go out there and get em tonite boys!



  34. KerryPrice says:

    Not gonna happen anytime soon. The “new” NHL is all about creating excitement for the fans. Who doesn t want to see a four on four ot, or a shootout? Depending who is playing the game they are probably the most exciting part of the game. Why would they go back to a boring five on five ot where they can trap the whole time. Its not going to happen, the fans don’t want it, the americans don’t want it and most importantly Gary Bettemen don’t want it!

  35. nightmare_49 says:

    Lets hope Higgins keeps getting his nose dirty in front of the net tonight as that was the real reason he had a big game against the Thrashers. The other left wingers must step up their game also.

  36. wd40 says:

    for those of you who enjoy statistical analysis, i came across this site. this is pretty amazing stuff. to summarize, based on this model, the Habs currently have a 94.6% chance of making the playoffs, and if they go 10-7-1 or better in the next 18 games, they are in.

    For a more global view:

    furthermore, if they should win tonight, their chances improve to 97.2%. a loss, and their chances drop to 91.3%.


  37. ONTARIO HAB says:

    in response to some earlier posts regarding other teams involved in the playoff race. I say TO HELL with who is behind us WE WILL PASS OTTAWA AND STAY THERE

  38. showey47 says:

    Did he say something cocky in an interview that i missed? From the interview i saw, he seemed upset that someone he saw like an “older brother” got traded away. If i missed something or another interview fill me in on it please.

  39. ONTARIO HAB says:

    where do you get off saying Price is classless if anything he has shown just the opposite

  40. Shobud says:

    And Huet proved something.. What

  41. Gooner says:

    I just think people are feeling that Price should be a little more humble than he is. I think it is the fact that he is so young that he is being tagged as cocky making a statement like that. Other than that I think that everyone expected this to happen one day. It just that it came as a shock to happen so quick. I do believe that most of the Huet fans will complain but will also be cheering him on as well. After all we are all true blooded Habs Fans.

  42. habfan53 says:

    For all the talk of the number of teams ahead and behind the Canadiens the fact remains that their destiny lies in their own hands.

    At the beginning of the year I would have been happy with 7th or 8th going into the playoffs NOW I would be dissapointed with anything worse than 4th.

    Montreal controls their own fate 9 games at home, 13 of 18 against east division teams. Of the 18 games left only Ottawa (3) NJ (2) SJ (1) and Anaheim have better records right now.

    Montreal biggest challange is to start winning regularly at home.

  43. showey47 says:

    What did price do to be called classless? Is it his fault huet was traded? No, it wasn’t. Its not like he gave himself the nickname “the franchise” like the way laff fans gave themselves the nickname “laff nation”. What did he do wrong other than being a 20 year old kid who is ahead of his learning curve? I know the huet fan club will be bashing price game after game unless he virtually posts shutouts for the last 18 games of the season which is totally unrealistic. Maybe halak will come in and take his job, these 2 will probably push each other alot harder than having a 32 year old who would be leaving at the end of the season anyway. If you guys want to be pissed at someone be mad at gainey for trading him, not a kid who was put into this position by gainey himself. If your not liking the ride on the bandwagon, then feel free to jump off.

  44. Shorzy says:

    No kidding!!! I still think he has a thing or two to learn about class, should have paid more attention to Huet when it comes to that!!

    It’s not that I dislike Price, but before we all tag him “The Franchise” shouldn’t we let him play a year first? I mean he hasn’t really proven anything at the NHL level yet, I know he was brilliant in junior and last year, but this is the big show, let’s see how he does now. Besides maybe he won’t play more, maybe Halak will come in and steal his job.. and “The Franchise”

    I hope that Mr. Gainey’s gamble pays off!!

  45. HABSMANIA says:

    maybe next season the nhl can drop the shootout. 5 on 5 ot for 5 or 10 mins.

  46. skoehn says:

    hmmmm price may use his swelled head to stop a few pucks tonite…

  47. showey47 says:

    exactly we don’t need to worry about the teams in the top 8, its 9 and 10 we should be concerned about. Especially the sabres at 9

  48. krob1000 says:

    The team can and should think that way. For me and my nerves given that I have been telling people since summer we are a no brainer to make the playoffs ……..I want to see the teams at the bottom end fade fast. A win tonight can go a long way in helping to accomplish that. We still need 16 points in my estimation in the next 18 games. That is my priority right now…..I am after all just a fan (context alert….I know none of us are “just fans”).

  49. HKisses says:

    The way “I” see it is that the Habs are 5th in the east and no one expected them to be at the position at this point of the season. We have 7 players that have reach 40 point other team has hat in the nhl at this point….We have a solid team ,but you have to admit sometimes Habs fans expect alot out of our team. To me their doing just fine for my liking, everyone has to understand they are young and talented.. This team will improve every season.

  50. nightmare_49 says:

    In the last 15 games or so it’s vital to go into the playoffs playing your best hockey as teams that go into the playoffs on a slide usually slide as the opposition will be at their best everygame. Past history shows that hot teams do very well when entering the playoffs. So take care of your record and forget about everybody else and things will work out.

  51. frank81 says:

    I’d rather have some distance between our spot and the 9th spot. Which is why it’s probably better if the teams ahead of us beat the teams trying to catch up.

  52. Cable Guy says:

    Wouldn’t you rather have 7 teams chasing you than just three teams chasing you? Better chance that we’ll stay in a playoff spot.

  53. Chuck says:

    We’re already in playoff position. I’d be just as happy if the teams behind us spent some time losing and stayed there.


    “All bow down before the Komisaurus Rex!”

  54. Chuck says:

    All I’m hoping for tonight is a performance that isn’t as lacklustre as the last couple of times that I hauled my butt down to the end of the Queen Elizabeth Way and over the Peace Bridge. I’ll be delirious if we at least spend some time in the Slug’s zone, look reasonably interested in playing some hockey, and come out of there with a point.


    “All bow down before the Komisaurus Rex!”

  55. Cable Guy says:

    The way I look at it I think it’s good if the team behind us beat the teams ahead of us so we can overtake them, that way we’ll have 7 teams behind us in a playoff spot instead of 3 teams behind us. It’s a little bit better cushion.

  56. krob1000 says:

    I am thinking that same way right now too. Right now I am cheering for any team playing the Flyers, Rangers, Bruins, Sabres or Islanders. This game tonight is absolutely huge given our position relative to the Sabres. We can either be eight points up or four points up…..I think we can all agree on which is better.

  57. 1010 says:

    Not so sure I consider the sens and pens losing as such a good thing. Maybe I’m being a glass half-empty kind of guy but I would rather have the teams beind me lose to the teams in front of me. Les Habs have not secured a playoff spot. We know for sure, well almost for sure, that the pens and sens are going to the second season. Philly and the bruins are trying to chase us down. I’ll take the playoff spot now and worry about our standings and potential playoff matchup later. Until I know these teams can’t catch us I’ll be cheering for the closest team[s] behind Montreal to lose every game.

    GO HABS.

  58. coutNY says:

    More interesting news on “Havlat season possibly over!” Trade day rumors floating around had a bunch of teams interested in his services… I think we were one of them in pursuit of a “impact player”.
    Continue reading….

  59. linp says:

    If our team can stay focus and play solid defensively in the first 10 minutes, we have a good chance.

  60. Justin says:

    Hey wd40,

    I really enjoyed the link. Keep the great posts coming!

  61. Shiloh says:

    The point is NOT for a loss – it’s for a regulation tie. In the NFL, a game can end in a tie – and each team gets one point. If the NHL did not award a point for the tie in regulation, overtime would be like watching paint dry – nobody would risk getting zero points. Allowing a shootout to count for all the points would not have the support of the league. I think the system we have now is great – except that people have to stop repeating the untruth that you get a point for a loss. You get a point for a regulation tie – not a loss. You get the extra point for scoring in OT or winning the shootout.

  62. LizardKing1967 says:

    I agree. Like I said, you win, you win, you lose, you lose. End of story.



  63. ONTARIO HAB says:

    Teams like Buffalo should not be a problem if they are we might as well miss the playoffs now because we wont win a single game

  64. Rich B says:

    Yes, I also missed this cocky statement. Please fill us in those of you who read the alleged statement.

  65. FawtMan says:

    Hmm.. So we won’t be getting the Chat back anytime soon?

  66. Gooner says:

    I don’t think it is that interview that they are refering to. I believe that it was the quote from above. Anyway I don’t see what all the commotin is. No one said that they hated him they were just giving their opinion on the article which is their right to do.

  67. A. Berke says:

    Furthermore, in the playoffs a loss in OT counts as a LOSS.

    A tie game by definition is a score that is equal to both teams when the game is over. However in an OT or SO when the game is over the score is NOT equal, so it should be win & loss.

    IMO, it should be a win or loss, if the league wants to reward a tie then points awarded should be 2 & 1 respectively but no more OT’s or S.O.’s (loss) to get the single. In baseball or football, if the game is decided in extra innings or OT, there’s a winner and a loser who doesn’t get any points.

    The 5 min OT and SO were implemented in order to make the game exciting south of the border, especially in the southern states where most folks are not exposed to hockey (and couldn’t care less) – I know, I lived in Houston for 22 years and the ones who attended hockey games were the folks transplanted from northern states or Canada.

    Ali B.

  68. nigel-ski says:

    We’re all saying it, so must be true– big game. I can tell from pregame interviews that vernier is pumped to play us for the first time, and Buffalo is a tough matchup always. I’d just like to say that I hope we’ll be ok with Halak & Price as our tandem. Both are top notch, but the decision not to play Halak while he we last called up was telling. I believe that even playing .500 hockey might be enough to get us to the postseason. What will we do when we get there though? That’ s less predictable. Should we miss the playoffs however, Gainey needs to be held accountable. IMO, he has been getting an easy ride so far in MTL, and am surprised at the lack of uproar over Huet’s deal and weak return of a 2nd round pick.

    Habs rule, Leafs drool…

  69. razor436 says:

    I don’t get it. Everyone is talking about Price as though he is the second comming of christ. To me, he seems no better than the other goalies in the league.

    I look forward to see what Grabovsky can do. I hope he is not easily bumped off the puck as was the case earlier this season.


    I would love to provide info where to watch the stream of tonights habs game, but I’m worried that it will be frowned upon. By the moderators I mean. :(

  70. wd40 says:

    hey you can call it somewhat premature to have thrust Price into the #1 position, but what exactly did Price to warrant that comment?

    Publicly, he’s said nothing but good things about Huet and according to some media reports was clearly upset at having his mentor and “big brother” traded.

  71. RH says:

    I agree with Showey47. I don’t think Price’s quote warranted a “swelled head” remark. Price IS a fifth overall, with a a world junior championship and MVP to match, as well as a Calder Cup championship to boot. He was signed for $2.2 million, last off-season and made this team, right out of camp. He knows he is considered the future of this franchise and, frankly, a little cockiness is good, to offset the naysayers and negative remarks. I don’t view his quote as anything but that, a quote.

    Look, as much as I wish Huet wasn’t traded, he was and that’s the end of that chapter in this franchises history. Let’s focus on sending some good karma over to our two ‘rookie’ goalies.

  72. RH says:

    Possibly a nominee for Bench Talk next week? Anyone else agree with me? Well, besides you Chuck.

  73. 1010 says:

    The schedule ahead does look tough and 93 points looks about right[give or take 1 or 2]. 500 hockey gives us 95 points and we should be safe with that. We’re obviuosly going to lose some of these games so let’s hope we get involved in a lot of 3 pointers when we do lose. The most important thing is getting into the playoffs. I know we’ll all be screaming bloody murder if we get knocked out in the early rounds, but, in reality, this team needs playoff experience. There’s a lot of guys on this team who’ve never been in the show and getting in their this year sets things up
    nicely for next year.
    Who knows, we could go on an oiler type run [2006] if we get on a roll.

    GO HABS.

  74. Cable Guy says:

    Huge game tonight, I hope the boys can pull it out. I would love to pass Ottawa.

  75. bigjames says:

    yup, true test. i also think the 2 games agains the bruins will be huge…they seem to be improving and we can’t take for granted “owning them” although i am from montreal, i went to college in boston and nothingmakes me happier than beaitng the bruins. i used to go to habs games in the old boston garden in the 80s…decked out from head to toe in bleu blanc rouge…i am amazed i am still alive! GO HABS!

  76. Cable Guy says:

    I sure hope Huet shuts out the devils tonight.

  77. coutNY says:

    I don’t for our sake because he rarely gets out matched twice!

  78. Bill H says:

    Good outcome last night with Boston beating the Pens and the Flyers beating Ottawa. This is a big weekend coming up. Washington vs Devils with Huet in net, while we play Buffalo. Tomorrow we go against the Devil while Pittsburg plays Ottawa. There could be some major changes in the standings, as tight as they are.

  79. Habhopeful says:

    Speakingof Vinny, I found this posted lately, I hope he doesnt sign…

    “Like, you can’t get a girl pregnant when she’s on top man, I mean, its gravity…Just can’t happen.”

    -Jason Segel

  80. wd40 says:

    aw man… let’s hope not. Vinny in 2009 would be SWEET.

  81. tony d says:

    If Huet tanks tonight, then I guess you could say Kolzig gets the last Olaf (sorry couldn’t resist)

  82. bigjames says:

    i watchede the interview on the caps website with huet. i would say morose was the best way to describe him. it will be interesting to see how he responds on the ice. honestly, he looked like a lost puppy…

  83. tony d says:

    the Caps’ Boudreau says Huet will start against the Devils tonight and if he shines, he’ll get the start against the Leafs on Sat (that will be interesting )….. Kolzig ain’t a happy camper….there’s trouble in the Land o’ Lincoln

  84. WindsorHab-10 says:

    Safe to say that Huet sucks against both Devils & Leafs. I can’t see him playing both games.

  85. tony d says:

    saw it as well…..was painful to watch….he was genuinely hurting….I wish him luck…he’s a wonderful guy who deserves to be on a team that’s as supportive as he was…. if not the Caps then maybe in July he’ll find a better fit
    …he is a class act

  86. RH says:

    I’ll also add that the Habs can’t get caught up in trying to play the Sabres style of game. If they do, then Carey Price will a very busy goalie. Bear down defensively and keep them to the outside.

    Of interest for me tonight will be how Mr. O’Byrne manages his game against the small, speedy Sabres.

  87. JF says:

    Tonight is a must-win game with Jersey tomorrow followed by a western road-trip. We have to play with confidence and intensity, a strong, aggressive forecheck and efficient zone clearance. Buffalo is a fast-skating team that plays aggressively and likes to shoot a lot. We have to limit their chances, capitalize on their mistakes, go hard to the net. If we can play the whole game the way we did the third period on Tuesday night, we have a good chance to win.

  88. wd40 says:

    lol…yeah, Hossa: 1 SOG.

    Richards… 5 point night… are you kidding me! well, good for him. i hope Vinny was watching what being on a balanced team can do for you… come home Vinny.

  89. tony d says:

    the race in the east is tighter than Brian Murray’s bikini briefs (looks the type) didja see the highlights from last night???…phew!! his big girl panties were all twisted in a knot…
    tonight’s game and again against the Devils will be huge…. Habs have to show up big time!!
    Bruins are on fire now….and other clubs are finding their groove (with the exception of Ottawa)
    hey how about Richards last night huh? there’s a trade that’s returning dividends…unlike the Hossa wet willie display…. Hossa rhymes with Hoffa…. a disappearance…… never to be seen again …hmmmmmm
    Is Bob smirking in his Cheerios this morn?

  90. wd40 says:

    absolutely a big game. with 18 left, as tight as the East is, it’s hard to argue they’re not all big games though. the boys will have to come at them hard and the D will have to be sharp all night… we’ll be in tough against Buffalo they’ve won the last 3 games and outscored us 11-3. let’s see if Price can get a W against them this time.


  91. habsfan reduxit says:

    The Habs are only three points behind New Jersey for top spot in the east. However don’t look now, but the Bruins and the Rangers are only three points behind the Habs. Huge game tonight indeed, for lots of reasons.

  92. Blitzen says:

    The guys need to come out in the 1st like they did in the third of last game. I think they will. I think the first two periods of the last game were due to the young guys still reeling from the pressure of the trade deadline. Now they know they’ll be playing together and they can stay focussed on the playoffs. With Ottawa reeling and Pittsburgh perhaps not as unbeatable as many had them after the trade (very suspect on D and suspect in nets), I think the guys know they have a shot. Plus many of them got it done in Hamilton last year with Price as a goalie. I think that will be important going forward. Confidence is key. Wouldn’t surprise me one bit to see them rally around Price and play a better all-around game.
    Remember February 19th: The Comeback

  93. bidds55 says:

    Great game for the Habs, and glad to see Huet help us out, by beating the Devils.

    As for the Latendresse fight, he did very well, and it was great to see. Give him time, and he will be a force.

    As for taking off the helmet because of the visor, that’s up to Pratt. If he wants Lats to take his visor off, he needs to take the lead, and remove his own helmet. That would give Lats time to remove his. He’d look pretty stupid if he was taking his bucket off, and Pratt starting tossing before he was ready.

  94. nightmare_49 says:

    Spot on.

  95. REB2 says:

    You have Bruins fans confused with Yankees fans!

  96. rogus says:

    Huet plays for Washington, we play Jersey tomorrow.

  97. t1tan5 says:

    He meant Big Marty, our arch nemesis. If he loses tonight, you just know he’s gonna kill us tomorrow night.

  98. coutNY says:

    Thanks T1Tan5… I did state it a little akward… but yes i meant Brodeur!

  99. Shiloh says:

    Tell me what’s wrong with this logic.

    1. AK46 is an amazing hockey player – he could end up being a superstar.
    2. AK46 spent at least a year in Hamilton and was benched for four games earlier this year.

    Therefore – either the time in the minors was good for him or the benching was good for him or both. Logic OK so far?


    3. Latendress has about one-tenth of the talent and upside of AK46.
    4. Latendresse has not played a game in the minors.
    5. Latendresse has been benched maybe twice this season.

    So – shouldn’t Latendresse be subject to the same treatment that AK46 received – at least a year in the minors – and therefore improve just like AK46 has?


  100. coutNY says:

    Like it or not we do not have a large body that can replace him. He chips in on goals. Pretty good on the boards. What else is there for a forth liner.

  101. Xtrahabsfan says:

    Lats rules and he ‘s in playoff FIGHTING mode,exactly what we need!

  102. FeverBoy says:

    yeah agreed, stick with the Lats, still young, big body, can only get better, may not reach previous expectations but will be a good depth player down the line.

  103. wild flower says:

    But…I don’t recall AK46 ever landing a knock down punch on anyone’s beak.

  104. doug says:

    i don’t understand how he’s avoided the benching cycle, at the very least. he’s the worst player on the ice for the habs every night, unless brisebois or smolinski are dressed. he’s pretty much invisible. i don’t get it.

  105. The Teacher says:

    Andrei Kostitsyn- if he played a complete first season in the NHL it extrapolates to 8 goals or so. Gui had 16 last year in his first season.

    This year Andrei is miles ahead in his third season of NHL experience (Lats is in his second). However, he is playing with supremo talent, as opposed to Gui with his melange of linemates.

    Let’s see what happens with Lats next year.

    2007-08 Montreal NHL 60 18 22 40 +1 15 113 15.93
    2006-07 Montreal NHL 22 1 10 11 +3 6 38 2.63
    2006-07 Hamilton AHL 50 21 31 52 +24 50 153 13.73
    2005-06 Montreal NHL 12 2 1 3 +1 2 9 22.22

    Guillaume Latendresse

    2007-08 Montreal NHL 59 14 7 21 -7 26 95 14.74
    2006-07 Montreal NHL 80 16 13 29 -20 47 121 13.22

    “Are the Habs ready to pay the Price?”

  106. Steve C. says:

    pardon my French, but TSN’s Darren Dreger is reporting that the Leafs are chasing after Gainey for their GM job. what kind of bull-shart talk is that? makes me so mad. Bob Gainey is the best thing that’s happened to the Canadiens since Patrick Roy. shame to him and the whole Canadiens organization if he leaves…but i don’t think he will….he said it in 2003 that he came here with the goal drinking out of Lord Stanley’s Cup and I don’t believe he’ll be leaving town until he does. and even after we do…which will be sometime in the next two years….he better not go to the Laffs…i still don’t understand why Ken Dryden ever crossed to the dark side no matter how classy and smart the man is.

    …oh..hey TC, hadn’t noticed that you already commented on it.

  107. otter649 says:

    Gainey’s signed to at least 2010…..

  108. doug says:

    wouldn’t believe it. . . makes zero sense. . . he turned them down before and he’s about to make us champs. . . and just had his # retired. there’s no credence; embarrasing anyone would even say/write that. chumps.

  109. doug says:

    wouldn’t believe it. . . makes zero sense. . . he turned them down before and he’s about to make us champs. . . and just had his # retired. there’s no credence; embarrasing anyone would even say/write that. chumps.

  110. originalsix says:

    Screw tsn. bunch of crap. anyone notice how creepy darren dregger looks? bug eyed look…

  111. Jonnyboy says:

    Thats because its “Toronto” Sports Network. They are baised.

  112. CHsam says:

    well.. hard to say.. I have a lot of respect for Dryden (I just use his mask for my pic just for fun). But I think as a non french speaking lawyer, Dryden
    just fit better into the Leafs market and his connections as a lawyer and politician with the elite in Ottawa, Ontario, and Toronto certainly helps him
    in that respect. I’m surprised myself that he doesn’t speak french for a guy with his kind of career, but I guess thats just how it is with Ken Dryden.

  113. usversusthem says:

    And he throws killer punches, too!

  114. RudeMood19 says:

    He knocked out that guy. Clutch fight.
    1. February 19th, 2008, a day which will live in sublimity.

  115. nightmare_49 says:

    Rocky Latendresse is #1 – 1 Hit – 1 Knockout – and 1 shot on each goalie.

  116. FeverBoy says:

    crazy game, amzing powerplay… all i have to say is that patience is key. To all thoes disapointed in the lack of activity at trade deadline, you cant deny that every young player on the ice tonight has potential, think of what this amazing group of hockey players will be in next year or in 2 yrs. TO be honest i’m kinda pissed that we didnt land a good trade, but i would of been much more dissapointed loosing 2 or more of some of the key players on the ice tonight. These kids will turn into a monster team if we keep them all together, become more consistent with time. I’m laying my hopes on a UFA signing, or maybe a mid season trade next year when prices for super star players arent so inflated. It takes a lot of B**l’s to make a descion against popular demand/pressure, Gotta respect our GM, Bob is leading us into a new era of hockey, finally……

  117. TC says:

    First place!!

    Who would have thought way back at the start of the season that on the first day of March that the Habs would be in first place in the division setting up a showdown for first in the conference with New Jersey tomorrow night.

    Certainly not TSN, who had a lovely article in November comparing the Senators to the 1976-77 Habs. Not only are the Senators not within sniffing distance of the 76-77 Habs greatness, they’re not even as good as the 07-08 edition.


  118. FeverBoy says:

    we should all right disgruntled emails to tsn and the Hockey news lol, predicted 13 place?

  119. WindsorHab-10 says:

    TSN owes HabsNation an apology.

  120. otter649 says:

    The only so call expert on TSN who had Montreal making the playoffs was
    Mike Milbury and he still has The Habs in his top five to challenge for
    The Stanley Cup….

  121. TC says:

    As if that wasn’t bad enough now Darren Dreger’s reporting that the Leafs may approach Bob Gainey to be their next GM. Thank god TSN does a great job following the almighty Leafs while convienently forgetting that there are five other Canadian teams. After all,


    One of which is currently in first place, a spot the Leafs won’t see for a long time.


  122. usversusthem says:

    Naw, man, if we do that, the hockey gods will curse us and we’ll quickly drop through the standings to our destined spot, #13. It would be like saying the word “shutout” during the second period, you know…

  123. tony d says:

    i’m happy we won and happy Huet got a shut out…well deserved for a classy guy
    I bet Kolzig ain’t happy and another down side to the Caps win is that the Devils are gonna come in pissed tomorrow night…..must stop their evil ways!!!!!!!!!!
    all in all I thought the boys played a solid game, passed the test as per Bob and Guy

  124. coutNY says:

    Dam laffs still pick up a pt in OT… 2 1/2 til elimination the count down Marches on.

  125. coutNY says:

    oh-man I shutter at the thought of calling ourselves the “habsnation”. Sounds like a spin off the laim laff nation which was stolen from the orginal Raider nation. Please use something else… anything else!

  126. WindsorHab-10 says:

    What was I thinking? I’ll never use it again. Cross my heart and ………

  127. G-Man says:

    Aaargh! Get out the extra-large crucifixes! Habsnation? How Lafflike! :)


  128. Jonnyboy says:

    Who would have thought this at the beginning of the year:

    Streit also added two assists, giving him 47 points on the season, the same as Canadiens captain Saku Koivu.

  129. RH says:

    Ok, I know some of you are going to say they’re just ignorant fools but, can someone explain to me, again, why TSN continues to use Andrei Kastsitsyn and Siarhei Kastsitsyn, instead of their more common names in the NHL?

    From what I saw, this was a great game. I only managed to catch that cheap shot on Markov, on TSN. I can’t believe there was no call but, thankfully, Markov is a tough son of a b. The Habs played a solid defensive game against a very speedy and skilled team and, I’m not surprised that they won. I thought Ryan Miller played below average and the Habs took every opportunity to capitalize on his performance.

    Now, back home to face a COMPLETELY different team. The Habs aren’t going to have 80% of the open ice they had tonight, when they face the Devils.

  130. RH says:

    I guess I should’ve paid attention the first time around. Or, maybe people just thought they new, and have found out they’re wrong. Or, maybe they’ve forgotten, like me. At any rate…….


  131. WindsorHab-10 says:

    Who’s up for some Halak tomorrow night?

  132. dicktracy says:

    this is so much fun…and its making me thirsty

  133. Spartan117 says:

    Love Huet, even on another team he helps the habs out, setting up a key game tommorow. Excellent game allround; gj Price, AK 27, and pleks, only disapointment was Koivu, keeps taking penalties, doesnt he have round second most on the habs? correct me if im wrong, hes gotta clean up the act b4 the playoffs
    The Leafs are like an overused joke, it was funny the first 40 times, but after a while it gets old..

    nah who am i kidding 😛


  134. nightmare_49 says:

    In Hamilton Iowa beat the Bulldogs 6-0 as Yann Danis let in 5 goals in two periods for the loss and Cedric Desjardin had one beat him in the third.

  135. Rovell says:

    I had a lot of fun watching the game tonight. It is an absolute pleasure to watch the Plekanec line in action… A few missed opportunities once again for Higgins and Koivu but I think their line is going to come alive down the stretch. I can’t wait for tomorrow’s game against NJ! We can thank Huet for giving us an opportunity to leapfrog NJ tomorrow night 😉

    Anybody else notice the spiffy moves Grabovski can pull? He’s showing signs of dazzle and flash and it’s going to be really fun to watch him blossom over the next couple of years!

    As for’s report on the Leafs courting Gainey… LOL… I think it would be the end of the world as I know it if Gainey ever went to TO and I realize this is a business but come on lol! Darren Dredger is so funny in a non-haha kind of way.

    Finally, the Kostitsyn brothers’ name is also spelled Kastsitsyn on You’d think that the media would adjust to how the Canadiens officially publicize their name..

  136. usversusthem says:’s recap article of the game, in addition to spelling it Kastitsyn, insists on calling Sergei “Siarhei.” Dunno how they came up with that spelling… or why they haven’t corrected it. It’s not like he’s only been up for a game or two anymore, I mean c’mon.

  137. Rovell says:

    They’re using the real spelling of their names which is Kastsitsyn. Sergei’s name in his country is Siarhei. To be honest, all media should report their names as the Canadiens publicize them.

  138. habsgod says:

    i just wanted to say to all my fellow habs fans!!we are in first place!!boy does that sound so good i want to say it again!!we are in first place!!i want say to all the price critics put a fork in it!this kid is leading us to lord stanley!!also still to the non-believers of this team!!i want to say also DON’T STOP BELIEVING!!!there’s an aura about this team this year!!i’ve got a very,very strong feeling about this team!!that something very,magical and special is going to happen this season in the playoffs!the last time i had this feeling in 1993 we won lord stanley’s mug!!i also want to thank cristobal huet for helping us get into first place tonight by shuting out the devils!!bob gainey is a genius he knew exactly what he was doing when he traded cristobal away!i mean he took a gamble and it is going to pay off and make him look like the genius he already is!!no more doubting bob!!he’s 1 of the top 2 or 3 g.m.’s in the league and the best we’ve had in 20 years!!every thing bob does is brilliant!also welcome mikhail grabovski with you playing like this since your recall!!you make us an evenmore complete and dangerous team!and does he ever have chemistry with the kostitsyn brothers!!plekanec,kovalev and a.kostitsyn is the best line in the league!i also the the grittiness we are showing!!latendresse nice k.o tonight keep up that play!!also i want to say to planet habs and the facts idiot!!how do you like this team now?……..go and cheer for your LAST PLACE MAKE ME LAFFS!!you two clowns are still going to find something negative to say about this team!go away and take your crap to the make me laffs site!also i want to state my own fact we are in 1st place and that’s a fact lol!!

  139. usversusthem says:

    Wouldn’t the “real” spelling of their names be in Cyrillic characters? I guess they’re just insisting on using a different approximation than ours. Gotta say, though, Sergei has a much better ring to it than Siarhei… hahaha.

  140. moser17 says:

    If it’s the real spelling, why the ‘o’ on their jerseys? Wouldn’t it have been just as easy to put an ‘a’?

  141. The Teacher says:

    As for the debate between Price and Halak for tomorrow i just have on thing to say.

    In a battle for furst place with the New Jersey Devils. Shouldn’t our starting goalie be our number 1? If so, this means Mr. Price.

    Halak will get his turn, when the time is right. after the game he’ll tell everyone, Halak…Halak it alooooot.

    “Are the Habs ready to pay the Price?”

  142. ONTARIO HAB says:

    YOU THE MAN!!!!

  143. Da Hema says:

    A very solid game tonight. The power play was awesome, and the team looked confident and disciplined in its play. I am simply relieved that the Habs did not land Hossa. If you look carefully at Hossa’s playoff statistics, you will see a player who has done literally nothing in the playoffs. Who cares that he scores 40 goals a season in the regular season if he does dick in the playoffs. At any rate, no one seems to remember that Ottawa got rid of him precisely because he disappears when it matters.

    Sorry to pontificate, but I cannot even comprehend that penalty Koivu took in the second period tonight. Koivu just stuck out his skate to trip up a Sabre when there was absolutely no reason for him to do so. The opponent did not pose any kind of threat at the red line. To be honest–and I suspect some people will get a little mad at me for this–I was glad Gaustad nailed Koivu into the boards. I felt it was the least Koivu deserved for that inexplicable–and selfish–penalty.
    “Respect your efforts, respect yourself. Self-respect leads to self-discipline. When you have both firmly under your belt, that’s real power.”
    –Clint Eastwood

  144. moser17 says:

    you’re right.

  145. moser17 says:

    on Carey Price bobblehead night?! Boo!

  146. usversusthem says:

    Hey uh… you might want to break down a long post like that into separate paragraphs so it’s easier to read. Also generally you put a space after a punctuation mark… so sentences are easier to distinguish from each other. Because what you have there is a pretty unreadable block of text… Just offering some constructive criticism.

  147. HABSMANIA says:

    Great win wow this is awesome pumped for beating those devils! GO HABS!!!!

  148. habsgod says:

    thanks i’ll try and improve on that just like our team has improved.

  149. rich_m_lewis says:

    Points since the trade deadline: Grabovsky:2, Higgins:2

    Who-et?? Ok..he got a shutout tonight but Price has been great!
    Great job Gainey!

  150. Steve C. says:


    never seen you on here…probably ’cause i only check this site out sparingly….but i love it…just love it

  151. Higgins21 says:

    My response. Habs 6 Ruffs 2

  152. Steve C. says:

    just a word for all of you wanting the Maple Leafs to finish last. yes…it is a nice thought, and yes…i may be breaking down things a little too much.

    however…this year is a golden draft year. Steve Stamkos is the real deal, so is Drew Doughty and other guys that will be drafted this year will probably turn out to be solid NHL players. no way do i want the Leafs close to that spot. i know Toronto is utterly hopeless, but i don’t even want them to get a crack at Stamkos. Go Leafs…but miss the playoffs, HA!

    on another note, I hope that the Price/Halak deal goes down the way a true starter/backup goes. Price gets the bulk of the games, win or lose, and Halak gets the odd start to get him some playing time, ’cause he deserves it, his teammates deserve the chance to play in front of this grood (between great and good) goalie, and the fans deserve the chance to watch him play after the way he saved us and almost led us to the playoffs last year. i know i said almost, but it’s not his fault we didn’t get in.

  153. Higgins21 says:

    Well, I haven’t been this excited since……well. OK but we’re #1. Unbelievable. These guys feel like they’re unbeatable and I feel right along with them.

    Go Habs Go!

  154. Higgins21 says:


  155. Robert L says:

    A very good article by Le Journal’s Bertrand Raymond on Gainey, translated here.

  156. postie jim says:

    Hi hab fans what a great game to watch.Got to love our toughnes,latreese punching that guy in the nose,nice to see us sticking up for one another.Big game tomorrow nite .+ if we win if not don’nt worry about it we will be there in the end.How far we will go not sure but stanley in 2 years.Chow for now.

  157. Da Hema says:

    I hope you are right. However, until a week ago Koivu was leading the team in penalty minutes. I am very frustrated watching him take what are utterly meaningless and profoundly selfish penalties. It is one thing to take a penalty to prevent a goal, like Grabovski did tonight, and something else to have 83 minutes of needless hooking and interference penalties–almost all of them in the opponent’s zone.
    “Respect your efforts, respect yourself. Self-respect leads to self-discipline. When you have both firmly under your belt, that’s real power.”
    –Clint Eastwood

  158. Chuck says:

    Man… I’m glad that I made the trip south of the border to watch the big team tonight!

    That said… Go Dogs Go!!!


    “All bow down before the Komisaurus Rex!”

  159. Sulemaan says:

    Much obliged to Bill, Razor, Dennis for the online links for the game.
    Will keep that in mind for the next one gentlemen. I love the view from up at 1st place in the division.

    Couple other few cents from the peanut Gallery:

    (1) Alexei Kovalev – Love him. Enough said.

    (2) Carey Price played a good game. No chance on the first goal. This kid has got game.

    (3) Nice to see the Plekanec line turn it on. Hat tip for the hat trick.

    (4) Kaleta better put his head on a swivel the next time we play Buffalo. Cheap shot by him on Markov. He takes a run at our best defenseman, we will do the same. Like the line in the movie the Untouchables, “He draws a knife. You draw a gun.”

    (5) Nice to see Latendresse drop the gloves. Although it bothers me when players fight with visors on. If you are going to drop the gloves, drop the helmet as well when you wear a shield.

  160. WestHab says:

    Very well played game, one of the best our Tricolor have have laced up for this season. I feel the team is becomimg one just at the right time.
    and I just loved the Hab fans singing (good on you guys), that had some effect on both teams, I would think.

  161. 1010 says:

    Didn’t see the play you speak of but I gotta say -as much as I love the guy- he has easily led the team in stupid penalties this year. Hope he kicks the habit before the playoffs.

    GO HABS.

  162. Habster101 says:

    Latendresse was the Beast forward in tonights game…
    the Defence were solid tough throughout the whole game…

    our hitting wore down Buffalo, they were shaking everytime they had to go into the corners against Komi.

    Montreal out powered them in every aspect of the game.

    I believe that this team believes in themselves, they fear no team, they are playing super confident hockey right now…they are not giving these teams below them a chance to breathe.

    they are on you instantly, Buffalo never had clean opportunities in Montreal’s zone.

    against Jersey will be their test…lets see how they play then…

    insert Dandy for Smoli

  163. WestHab says:

    always a great blog, love the numbering.

    Bob works in misterious ways, but ours is not to question why.
    In Bob we Trust.

  164. says:

    17 to go, I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it, I’m about to lose control and I think I like it (I love the 80’s) haha
    God Bless Our Infantry
    Death to the Taliban

  165. HAB-PROFESSOR says:

    1. Feb 19, 2008 – History was made.
    2. Thank GOD we have Alex Kovalev… his PRIME
    3. The BELL CENTRE should be rebuilt to sit 80,000 fans
    4. We will win the CUP

  166. Chuck says:

    Absolutely phenominal atmosphere generated by the thousands of Hab fans in the HSBC Arena tonight. Being part of it was a tremendous experience.

    That was OUR home ice, and the Sabre fans knew it.


    “All bow down before the Komisaurus Rex!”

  167. ClaytonM says:

    re #5 – I had a flashback to when Bouillon dropped tucker with one shot after that Lats scrap tonight. Nice to see him and Lapierre drop them finally. But I agree, you have to drop the helmet if you wear a visor, unless it’s a heat of the moment scrap.

    btw, it’s time everyone started noticing Gorges. He’s playing some inspired hockey these days, very calm under fire, no longer coughing up the puck under pressure, and making some Markovian defensive plays too.

  168. Chuck says:

    I had the pleasure of being 10 rows off the ice next to the faceoff circle in the end that the Sabres defended twice. The Hab fans were beyond spectacular.

    The “Ole!” singing… the “Ca-rey!” chants… full standing ovation with one minute left to play…. Na Na Hey Hey GOODBYE, indeed!

    Best chant of the night that really put a quizical look on the Sabre fans faces after our fourth goal: “We Want Free Wings! We Want Free Wings!”


    “All bow down before the Komisaurus Rex!”

  169. The Teacher says:

    LMAO at the free wings.

    “Are the Habs ready to pay the Price?”

  170. knucklesnilan says:

    Great game tonight, all around team effort. Very upset about Markov being elbowed and no call. I know we all like to bitch about referees but Kerry Fraser’s record of bull shit calls and non calls against the Habs has gone on far too long.
    I think if they looked back to “the hair” and his past they would discover that some bully stole his milk money in grade 2 and the bully was wearing Habs colors.
    His record of bull shit goes back what 10 years now, from the famous bench minor that cost us the Carolina series and on and on til tonight. Did everyone see the little puke winking and joking with the Sabre player after Markov was laid out. Gainey is too class a GM to say anything to the league but you know when you see the “hair” is one of the ref’s for our game that we will get screwed on at leaast 2 or 3 calls a game.
    Tough game tonight against Marty who always plays his best against us.

    Go Habs Go !!

  171. A. Berke says:

    I’m extremely pleased with the final score and the good game the Habs played.

    However, Koivu’s and (to a degree) Komisarek’s penalties were unnecessary, were taken in the neutral zone and both led to sabres’ goals.

    I don’t recall Komi taking many unnecessary penalties but, Koivu appears to be hell bent on taking boneheaded and stupid penalties almost in each and every game (in the offensive or neutral zone). In this game buffalo got back in the game with that goal. It was rather fortunate that we were able to respond with another goal to regain the two-goal difference. Instead, if it were buffalo scoring again, the outcome could have been in serious jeopardy.

    As a captain he should be leading by example and this behaviour is certainly not the right one. I’m getting quite disappointed in him. The first time I saw the Habs, Beliveau was the captain and to this day I don’t remember any of our Captains taking irresponsible and unnecessary penalties on a continuous basis like this.

    Sorry for the criticism (I know some won’t like it) but I don’t think it’s misplaced. I sincerely hope that he soon corrects his attitude, otherwise, I think that with his current performance, leadership and mentoring, Kovalev deserves the “C” more.

    Ali B.

  172. A. Berke says:

    Completely agree with you.

    I don’t like to see, nay, I prey that the laffs don’t finish any worse than 24th so that they won’t be in the draft lottery.


    PS: I like “grood” 😉

    Ali B.

  173. Athenian says:

    Fraser’s been around much longer than that. He joined the NHL in 1979 and has been working his crap since then. It does seem as though he’s always had it in for the Habs, but it’s also good to know that he sucks in every game he officiates no matter what teams they may be.

  174. nightmare_49 says:

    Chuck – Les Boys came thru for you last night and i hope you didn’t lose your voice after all that singing.

  175. Guy21 says:

    Check out TSN-‘standings’ and see the Habs with as asterisk behind their name -which signifies DIVISION LEADER

    How cool is that !!!!!!!!!!


  176. nightmare_49 says:

    I’m quiet happy when Fraser does our games and would rather see him than Warren,Lee,Kimberly and the other sucks. MacGoeugh calls to many mickey mouse penalties.

  177. Y says:

    “Death to the Taliban” ?

    Buddy I think you need to refrain from posting any sort of politically motivated material on this site. I for one am offended by such nonsense.

  178. mrstewart61 says:

    To the rest of the league:
    “Be afraid, be very afraid”!

  179. G-Man says:

    You’re right on, knucklesnilan. However, there was a game in 86 against the Nordiques (I believe it was the first round of the playoffs- if someone can correct me let me know) where “The Hair” disallowed an obvious Nords goal. The Habs won that one and went on to win that series. Since then, though, he must have nightmares about it because he misses so bleeping much.


  180. G-Man says:

    Wasn’t Plekanec on fire? Wasn’t Carey solid? Didn’t Big Gui land 2, decking a guy, forcing him into(I can’t help myself here and forgive me if someone’s already posted this) a Pratt fall? I’m beginning to think that BG’s non-moves on trade day helped this team big time.

    I noticed Carbo talking to Kovalev on the bench (after he collected 4 assists). To me, it looked like he was asking him if he wanted to sit back and watch the rest of the game, especially with a tough one against Jersey tonight. Kovalev nodded and he watched the rest of the night. (maybe there were minutes or so left) So much for his lack of communication. Carbo is looking better and better as this season progresses. 79 points = 21 more for the vaunted century mark.
    Don’t you like to see this team prove almost everyone wrong, game in and game out?


  181. G-Man says:

    Spectacular, Chuck! Free wings? lol. 😀


  182. G-Man says:

    Agreed. Koivu needs to stop being selfish at a time when the Habs are becoming the best team in the East. Whodathunk I could even pretend that the Habs could achieve #1 this season? Loving it!


  183. habsguy says:

    Come on guys, does anyone really think Gui should have said, hold on I’ll take my helmet off..Fights don’t happen like that unless it’s 2 guys in an arranged fight. I’ve seen it happen that way, they talk about it during a faceoff, when the puck is dropped they step back and take their helmets off and go at it..

  184. usversusthem says:

    I agree… as much as I am absolutely not either a supporter of, nor apologist for the Taliban, or any group like that, I feel like advocating the death of others is neither an appropriate signature for a user of this site, nor something to be proud of. You may remember one of the reasons the Taliban is infamous is because of their cruel treatment of other people and general disregard for the lives of others… essentially you are lowering yourself to their level with that statement. This is, not a politics forum.

  185. usversusthem says:

    Man it’s not like if he’d taken his helmet off it would have made a difference… I don’t think Pratt got a punch in before Lats dropped him.

    That said, I completely agree with you. You gotta take the helmet off if you’re wearing a visor, and probably you should even if you’re not. God knows we don’t need more of Don Cherry’s remarks about French guys fighting with their visors on…

  186. Wops says:

    WE haven’t seen that in 15 years…and we are rebuilding…things look promising for the future…

    Short-term, still 17 games left, I feel there will be a lot of switching back and forth for the lead.
    CH is for Chris Higgins

  187. LizardKing1967 says:

    politics has no place on this site. It’s for hockey enthusiasts. This is really no place for such personal feelings which can insult others.



  188. lachaine says:

    To all you nattering nabobs of negativism!
    Gainey BAD.Gainey GOOD.
    Latendresse BAD.Latendresse GOOD.
    Hey yoyos,we won!
    May you be swept far far away in a fiery muonic cloud of dark matter!
    THE Licenced Quantum Mechanic.

  189. cautiousoptimist says:

    Come on man, leave that stuff at home.

  190. Sulemaan says:


    Both of my grandfathers served in combat during WWII so I have a lot of respect for anyone who wears a uniform in service of their country.

    However, I think making political statements (no I do not support the Taliban) just opens up a whole can of worms that this site does not need.

    Something to think about my friend.

  191. usversusthem says:

    Wow, Kjdavid would rather have some Price… never would have seen that one coming. In all seriousness though, I think we should start Halak. He’s the only goalie we’ve got that’s never lost a home game. Dunno how you can argue with evidence like that…

  192. WindsorHab-10 says:

    The way I see it, Halak will play soon so why not tomorrow night. Price has been stellar the last couple of games. He feels pretty good and confident. Sitting him tomorrow night is saying thank you for a job well done, take a breather and enjoy the game.

  193. Chuck says:

    You said it yourself: Price as been stellar the last couple of games. We need the points, and are aiming for first place tomorrow night. Carey starts.


    “All bow down before the Komisaurus Rex!”

  194. subdoxastic says:

    I like Halak. He’s performed well for us, but….

    1. Price is our #1 goalie (at least for now)
    2. We are challenging tonight for first in the East
    3. In big games you start your #1 players

    Therefore Price gets the start.

    A little syllogism for all you fans of the habs and logic.

    P.S. I understand that this syllogism lacks the iron-clad truth of more quotidien examples of the syllogism. You could argue against Price being our #1 and therefore disavow the truth of premise 1. This leaves you with the task of explaining why exactly Halak should be our #1 goalie. While I like your use of statistics to support your position for starting Halak tonight, I think more work needs to be done (more than his record at home) to support the position that he is our #1 goalie.


  195. usversusthem says:

    Whoa, an intellectual on HI/! Luckily I took a course in Logic in CEGEP, hahaha. As for who should start, you win this round, my friend. But you should know that I was only being facetious… Besides, Halak’s mask is perhaps more Devilish than Canadien. Who knows what havoc that sort of thing would wreak on the outcome of the game? Better to go with the safe bet in Price, methinks.

  196. PureGuava says:

    If the Habs win the Cup this year Latrendesse will still be terrible. How does winning a game change the fact that this kid does not belong on the ice at this level? He can’t shoot, pass, or skate. As far as I can tell he’s only in the lineup because he has size that he doesn’t use. He has scored what, 12 goals this year? 10 of them playing on a top line with plenty of ice time. Sergei Samsonov was never given that here, and look where he is now…carrying the injury plagued Hurricanes into the playoffs on his shoulders. Let Lats light up Hamilton. Bring him back when his game is polished. I feel more comfortable having Smolinski in the lineup..or Breezer as a forward.

  197. Shiloh says:

    He dd noting wrong – he just is a minor league talent.

  198. G-Man says:

    Same old b.s. Baaaa!


  199. G-Man says:

    Baaa! Baaa!


  200. nightmare_49 says:

    Just ask any team in the NHL if offered which player would you pick Gui Latendresse or Andrei Kostitsyn.

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