Game 56: Senators clobber outmatched Habs

A member of the Scotiabank Place ice crew gathers up hats tossed on the ice to celebrate Jason Spezza’s three goals. And yes, that’s a Canadiens tuque among the hats she’s picked up.
André Ringuette, NHLI via Getty Images

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Much buzz the past week has been about how close the Canadiens are to the Eastern Conference-leading Ottawa Senators. Make that how close they were. Tonight, the teams were a few acres apart and the Habs now trail Ottawa by five points, with two tough midweek games awaiting them in Florida.

The Senators, with their No. 1 line of Daniel Alfredsson, Dany Heatley and Jason Spezza reunited after a spell of injuries, were men against the Canadiens boys, rolling to a 6-1 victory at Scotiabank Place.

The Ottawa trio earned 15 points in skating roughshod over the Habs. The Senators have outscored Montreal 30-11 since last losing to them on home ice on Nov. 13, 2006.

"I have nothing to say," head coach Guy Carbonneau said shortly after the game. "There was nothing positive."

About the Senators’ dominant line: "We helped them," he added.

Any chance the Canadiens (29-18-9) had of avoiding a sixth consecutive loss in Ottawa evaporated tonight while the ice was still wet.

Spezza, in his second game back in the Senators lineup after having missed 11 with a shoulder injury, beat Tomas Plekanec on the draw, then moved to the front of the net to deflect Anton Volchenkov’s chip shot from the blue line past Montreal goalie Cristobal Huet at 22 seconds.

The Senators (34-18-4) bagged their second at 1:42 on a play that began just inside their own end, Steve Bégin handicapped by a broken stick. Heatley stormed up the left wing and fired on Huet, the puck tumbling over the falling goalie. Spezza pounced on it before any Canadiens defender could arrive for the easy score.

Huet’s night was over at 4:45, pulled in favour of Carey Price, when Senators captain Alfredsson converted a fine passing play with Spezza and Joe Corvo, the Canadiens scrambling furiously in vain to contain their on-fire hosts. It was Ottawa’s third goal on just four shots.

The good news – and there was some, no matter the lopsided scoreboard – was that the Canadiens actually outplayed the Senators after their early implosion, holding a 12-6 edge in shots and 13-9 advantage in hits after 20 minutes. (Ottawa finally outhit Montreal 34-21.)

Those looking for a silver lining also could point to the four goal posts/crossbars the Habs hit tonight and their outshooting the Senators 34-29.

But Montreal’s normally potent power play didn’t help in its first three opportunities; in the season’s four meetings between the two clubs before tonight’s contest, the Habs had scored six of their 10 goals with a man advantage.

With all these wasted chances to claw back into the game, the Canadiens’ hole grew deeper when Heatley scored on his own rebound at 10:17 of the second period, having easily muscled his way behind the Montreal defence.

Then, on a power-play of their own, Spezza picked up his fifth point of the night, earning his first career hat trick when he batted the puck out of the air past Price on the rebound of a Heatley shot with Patrice Brisebois off for holding.

A breakdown in Senators discipline late in the second gave the Canadiens a 5-on-3 for two minutes, Ottawa’s Mike Fisher and Chris Neil both sent off. Price earned his first NHL assist when he whipped a pass to the Ottawa blue line to Sergei Kostitsyn, who found his brother, Andrei, at Senators goalie Ray Emery’s crease for the tip-in, his 17th goal of the season, at 19:35.

A holding penalty to Ottawa’s Chris Schubert at 19:52 restored the Canadiens’ two-man advantage, which spanned the second and third periods but yielded nothing for Montreal.

Brisebois drew his second minor of the game at 2:11 of the third, and 17 seconds later Alfredsson whipped a shot past Price for his second goal and fifth point of the night. Spezza, naturally, earned an assist for his sixth point.

The Canadiens were outmatched physically, too, Sergei Kostitsyn taking a vicious uppercut from Senators defenceman Wade Redden in a very one-sided fight late in the game.


Senators goalie Ray Emery makes one of his 33 saves, stopping Andrei Kostitsyn.
Philip MacCallum, Getty Images


  1. mrstewart61 says:

    I wasn’t serious. Forgot to mention that in my post. :)

  2. Chuck says:

    You are correct.


    “All bow down before the Komisaurus Rex!”

  3. Shiloh says:

    I have heard this term “half-boards” for a good while but I have no %^%# clue what on earth it means. Are the boards half as big there? Are they half way to the blue line?

  4. TradeRyder says:

    The team has been playing so well, Id like to be positive about this game…. but Hamrlik is so important. And instead we have breeze-bye AND Slowinski, which lowers our odds. Then we have our first non-scoring line reunited. I wonder if being snake-bitten is contagious?

    Let the kids play… let the non-performers watch or walk.

  5. linp says:

    Up to now, Halak handles the puck very well. Our forwards doesn’t shoot well. Chips got roughed up. There is no enforcer.

  6. Infanteer says:

    Watch out for that breathalyzer if you’re driving today . . .

  7. nightmare_49 says:

    First of all , I’ve watched Hockey Day and it certainly been promoted enough and maybe to excess for monthes and doesn’t need the mention. Next thing you know they’ll be having Reebok Day , Nike Day announced but they won’t announce TSN Doubleheader night will they as a free plug.

  8. Chuck says:

    You also forgot to mention that Striet cost us a goal by coughing up a puck along the half-boards, Komisarek cost us a goal by standing around and watching while Kyle Wellwood potted a rebound, and Markov cost a goal by passing begind Koivu which allowed Darcy Tucker an easy empty-net goal.

    “All bow down before the Komisaurus Rex!”

  9. HotHabs says:

    Not sure I follow you. The PA announcer for the Leafs mentioned Hockey Day? So how is that a bias? I’d be happy to hear Hockey Day mentioned at the Bell Center, not because it’s sponsored/created by the CBC, but because it promotes hockey across the country and brings lots of people together playing the game they love. I wouldn’t think that was such a bad thing. Sorry, I’m a little confused. Besides, maybe there was an agreement to promote the event at the ACC…

    enjoying the high’s of being a Habs fan

  10. Infanteer says:

    My God thanks for the Habs . . . just watched the 1st period of the Leafs and (the “best team in hockey”) Wings.

    I fell asleep three times. I think Harry Neale did as well.

  11. moser17 says:

    “Hartnell’s fighting prowess”? Were you watching the same fight as the one on the posted link? When I click on the link it looks to me an awful lot like Komisarek threw Hartnell around like a bean-bag chair.

  12. HotHabs says:

    I don’t want to bash Breezer, but he did cost us a goal vs. the Leafs. Other than that, he had a decent game and even gave out some good checks like the one on Tucker. But, he makes me nervous every time he carries the puck because he tends to attempt high risk passes and plays. You can only do that for so long before it comes back to haunt you!

    enjoying the high’s of being a Habs fan

  13. sag says:

    Komi will drop them if the time is right. He has been told that he is too valuable on the ice…especially if someone is in the box.

  14. nightmare_49 says:

    Amazing – The laffs PA announcer promoted Hockey Day on the CBC , or should i call it the TBC , before the puck was dropped. This just shows how they work hand in hand on their bias. Not one mention of a Habs player on Hockey Day but plenty of old laffs. Imagine if the laffs had won a cup in the last 4 decades the TBC would be so sufficating we’ll have to have an oxygen tank to watch the BS.

  15. ZepFan2 says:

    “So BRING ON CHRIS NEIL I say!!!”

    No thanks. I like Komi on the ice crunching people like Neil and Avery into the boards.

    You seem to mistake Komi as some spare part goon on the Habs. Better get your FACTS straight!

  16. Chuck says:

    Red doesn’t speak for Mike Komisarek… Mike Komisarek does.

    And are you telling me that you can’t find a quote from an NHL fighter that isn’t proud of what he does? Try these from Chris Neil:

    “I can’t repeat that in the paper. You’ve got to let him know you can’t let him run around like that. I just told him, we play them one more time.”


    “He was afraid I was going to do something to him or something.” (both of these referenced from

    Sounds to me like “For-Fact-Sakes” can’t back up his “facts”.

    “All bow down before the Komisaurus Rex!”

  17. lemess says:

    Did anyone hear Bob Cole call that hit on Wellwood a “jolly jiggler” Man, I’m glad he’s not doing our game tonight

  18. HotHabs says:

    Why the he*l would the Habs want to lose Komi for 5 minutes to Neil??????????

    What a poor exchange!!!!!!!

    Who’s more valuable on the ice for their team: Komi or Neil???? No brainer!

    Komi was too smart for that crap on Tuesday, and I hope he keeps his head on straight again tonight.

    If Neil wants a real fight he should square up vs. Laracque and get the bejeezus pounded out of him.

    enjoying the high’s of being a Habs fan

  19. HKisses says:

    Honestly i don mind it….he played decent last game ….and he even saved a goal on a 2 on 1…..Theirs a limit of bashing you can do to Brisbois, if he plays alright stick with it

  20. yukonhab says:

    What a slow start to the Wings and Leafs…every team rises to the occasion to play the Habs. We better get used to the fact of being the “hunted”…

  21. HotHabs says:

    I have to admit, while I’m no Cole fan, he did a decent job of remaining fairly neutral on Tuesday night. He made all kinds of blunders – what else is new – but I didn’t hear him cheering to hard for his Leafs. It was a nice change from the usually heavy TO bias that spews from his mouth!!!

    We’ll see how he does tonight. Nevertheless, I’ll catch most of the game on RDS and occasionally flip back to CBC.

    enjoying the high’s of being a Habs fan

  22. Scotty90 says:

    Fighter means more than one who drops the gloves to exchange blows with an opponent. A fighter also means someone who works hard and never lets up, goes in the corners and fights off opponents to get control of the puck, and that is what Komi does. I would also call Koivu a fighter, going through what he did and coming back, on more than occasion, and beating the odds. I think you can probably call every Hab player a fighter because they have all defied the odds and as a result Montreal is way up there in the standings and have gaianed the respect of hockey knowledgeable fans, not just Habs fans, all knowledgeable hockey fans…. Where does that leave you factoid?

  23. HotHabs says:

    Absolutely true about the “buddy-buddy” thing. Frankly, I’m getting tired of it. I’ve said before that it might be a good idea for Carbo to find other employment. But, I also mentioned that Gainey’s personal friendships and loyalty has tainted his ability to lead the club on the coaching end of things. It’s tough to say “g’bye” or even “get it together” to your pals after so much history together. So, I don’t think Carbo is going anywhere for that reason alone. I loved Carbo as a player. But, I’ve been skeptically hopeful (if that makes any sense) with him as coach. Anyway, we can cry all we want about it – it won’t change much more than the taste of our beer! So, grin and bear it, eh!

    enjoying the high’s of being a Habs fan

  24. showey47 says:

    i bet you were really happy when you finished a jigsaw puzzle in 6 months when the box said for “2 to 4 years”

  25. HKisses says:

    Had to share this with you guys…..After that loss against Toronto, i had to go have a look at one of my favorite hits from last year and KO punch …..Bouillion is one tough customer thats for sure…. Enjoy!

  26. HKisses says:

    Cristobal Huet will get the start tonight in Ottawa.
    Michael Ryder will return to the lineup after being a healthy scratch the last three games. He will play on a line with Chris Higgins and Saku Koivu. Mathieu Dandenault will be scratched. Roman Hamrlik remains quarantined with a virus and will miss his third straight game.
    The club signed free agent forward Brock Trotter to a three-year contract. He was leading the Denver Pioneers (NCAA) in scoring. He will report to the Hamilton Bulldogs of the AHL.

  27. yukonhab says:

    Can’t stand Bob F. Cole…just about drove me nuckin’ futs there on Thursday with his Pro T.O> rally. Hope his Leafs get thumped once again in the battle with Detroit.
    Hope Ryder makes the cut today with Higgins and Koivu….can’t hurt to try this old remedy. Should be our best test game of the year.

    I have faith in the HABS…and in Higgins

    GO HABS GO!!

  28. ZepFan2 says:

    “Who has Komisarek dropped the gloves and fought? Does anybody here remember?”


  29. lemess says:

    I agree we need toughness on a regular basis, but I would rather let fourth liners whale on each other than risk losing our first line defenseman.

  30. Chuck says:

    Hi Tom! How are things in Dorval today?

    It sounds like you have interpreted Red Fisher’s view on Komisarek as meaning that Mike wants to go around and drop the gloves all of the time, and have also misstakenly attributed those comments to Komisarek. He might be one of the team’s big tough guys who’s willing to throw his weight around, but he’s hardly on this team to get suckered into 5-minute majors by the likes of Chris Neil.

    You say that Komisarek “talks the talk”. Please point me to a quote by Komisarek where he calls himself a fighter.

    “All bow down before the Komisaurus Rex!”

  31. lemess says:

    Is this some sort of joke? Are you a habs fan?
    Wanna see a fight for eighth…….have Komi break his hand in March.

  32. Bill H says:

    Submitted by HJ on Sat, 02/09/2008 – 12:56.
    “the culprit is Koivu. KOIVU is AWOL this year. think about it. If about 12 wingers have tried to play with Koivu, it’s still not clicking, then 12 people can’t be wrong! It is, without doubt, KOIVU’S FAULT! he should have been traded during the offseason. He’s a small,lazy, unhappy, useless player, who we don’t need. he’s killing our team.”

    Your post is just plain silly. First of all, he is not AWOL. He’s fourth in team scoring. He has 39 pts in 54 games. Its hardly his best year, but if we are to dump players in the trash bin every time they have a less than stellar year, let’s start with K1 and K2, and continue on with Higgins, Ryder and Latendresse. They have all scored fewer points than Koivu. And while you are at it, better dump Markov retroactively as he had a bad year a few years ago. Oh, and then there’s Kovalev. He had a bad year last year…bye bye, according to your logic.

    Secondly, this is a team sport. What the team has failed to accomplish can hardly be blamed on Koivu. Who on the team has scored 40 goals? Who has won us a Cup? Who has gotten us to the finals? Better start trading them all. Better yet, they are all garbage right? Just pass them through waivers and let other teams pick them up for nothing, since that is what they are worth.

    Wow! Your analysis is insightful and penetrating. Please send your resume to George Gillette, along with a copy of your posting history here. You are a shoe-in for the GM job, once he reads your stuff and realizes that Bob Gainey is such an idiot. Way to go. Keep up the good work, and keep those amazing posts coming. LOL

  33. HotHabs says:

    Ya can’t heap all the blame on Koivu. The guy still has skills and plays hard on most nights. Koivu is a 2nd team all-star – always has been despite being hailed a #1 center. Don’t misunderstand me – he’s a good centerman, but I think his days are numbered in Mtl. I just get that sense, even before La Presse published that slap-in-the-face column.

    Consider if the Habs end up with someone like Jokinen or Carter (Jeff) who are both big centers, Koivu will be looking directly into the gun barrel. Either that or be moved to the 3rd line, but I doubt that would happen. Should no trades involving centermen occur, Koivu will stay. If that is the case, then Gainey may opt for a top-rate winger to boost Koivu’s line. It’s quite obvious that the #2 line is not producing, and when it does there’s no consistency. Carbo has tried more combinations than a jewel thief without results.So, something’s gotta change there… But, please don’t throw all the blame onto Koivu!

    enjoying the high’s of being a Habs fan

  34. Chuck says:

    Koivu had a career year last season, and was arguably our best offensive player. Why would Bob have wanted to trade him?


    “All bow down before the Komisaurus Rex!”

  35. HJ says:

    everyone wants to Blame Ryder and Higgins for not scoring, but the culprit is Koivu. KOIVU is AWOL this year. think about it. If about 12 wingers have tried to play with Koivu, it’s still not clicking, then 12 people can’t be wrong! It is, without doubt, KOIVU’S FAULT! he should have been traded during the offseason. He’s a small,lazy, unhappy, useless player, who we don’t need. he’s killing our team.
    get rid of him, package him without Ryder to SH for Marleau, a big, proven center. After all what has Koivu done to help us? Bring us a cup? gotten to the finals? ever scored 40 goals/season? NOTHING! whatever charities he’s worked on in the offseason are fine and good, what how does that help his play on the ice? He has nothing left, he’s unhappy, and wants out, so I say trade him to Anaheim or SJ for a draft pick, or include another player. I can’t stand watching him take penalty after penalty at crucial times in the 3rd period, simply because he’s too lazy to move his feet. Huge mistake by Gainey not to recognize his downfall and deal with this proble, When he’s gone we’ll be a much better team, and I believe Gainey will get us a big center, not a midget again.

  36. showey47 says:

    i know, i probably should not of said it, but i couldn’t resist.

  37. Infanteer says:

    That’s actually pretty funny.

    In poor taste, and unaccurate, but funny.

  38. Naila Jinnah says:

    Thanks dude! :)

  39. Chuck says:

    The ‘Dogs looked good last night, beating San Antonio 5-2. Corey Locke had three points, and I though that Chipchura looke pretty good, too. Yann Danis got the win in goal.


    “All bow down before the Komisaurus Rex!”

  40. Chuck says:

    Enjoy the game, Naila! Your presence will undoubtedly bring us good luck… and I expect to be able to hear you and your cohorts cheering us on all the way from the other side of Toronto!

    Go Habs Go!!!

    “All bow down before the Komisaurus Rex!”

  41. Yeats says:

    He did throw two checks that I saw against the leafs the other night that I am still trying to explain. There is apt to be more excitement in our end tonight that a normal heart can take.

  42. showey47 says:

    Maybe your right, i just don’t buy into the whole sacrifice 4 years of first round picks for a possible short term solution if he doesn’t resign or it turns out to be a bust. Its so laff like.

  43. showey47 says:

    breezer only being a minus 6 tonight? We only hope. Guy Lafleur’s entire aresenal of viagra couldn’t keep the breezer from being soft.

  44. Bill H says:

    You’ve certainly put together a list of leftovers to offer Atlanta for a player with 43 goals last year. Emelin and Perezhogin are both in Russia and as far as we know are not considering coming to the NHL. Grabs can’t crack the lineup in Montreal. Ryder is a UFA at season’s end and is in a season long slump. The only player with much value is Halak, and he has not really been tested at the NHL level, apart from a brief but successful stint last year. It has been suggested elsewhere that a Hossa trade will involve signing him before the trade. That makes sense to me. Why would Atlanta let him go for next to nothing when his value goes way up if you let the other team negotiate a contract extention? A Hossa trade has been linked to Higgins, a pick and a prospect. I think that is closer to his true value.

  45. Yeats says:

    I knew there had to be a better game on last night than the Devils/Ducks. I should have surfed the dish last night:

  46. 24 Cups says:

    showey – I’ll pass on Satan – he’s strictly a perimeter player who is in it for the money. Hunter would be great (although is is a lousy skater, we could put him on a line with Chipchura and Lats:-) but I can’t really see the Islanders letting him go. Milbury is now on TV, not in the GM’s suite.

    The Original 24 Cups

  47. Bill H says:

    LOL well maybe there is some truth to the rumour after all.

  48. Blitzen says:


    Eklund just recanted on his Hossa to Habs rumor. LOL

  49. Yeats says:

    I just want the two points. I don’t care if the Breezer ends up minus 6 as long as we win tonight.

  50. Hockey11 says:

    The coach is a very poor commincator and does not have the confidence of his players, Bob can u help?

  51. showey47 says:

    Does anyone know if perezogin has an “out” in his RSL contract that he can return to the NHL at any time before his contract expires?

  52. mrstewart61 says:

    Hossa for Emelin, Perezhogin rights, Grabovsky, Ryder, Halak and a conditional first(signing Hossa)?????

  53. ColoradoHab says:

    Marian Hossa 6’1 210 lbs. Is very shifty, extremely hard to contain in the offensive zone and even harder to knock off the puck. Has great hockey sense and a fine set of hands. His shot is explosive, which he seems to get off from anywhere.

    Last season. 43G 47A 100PT +18
    Previous Season. 39G 53A 92PT +17
    On a non playoff team.

    Total NHL 683games 293G 337A 630Pt +83

    He is only 29. I’ll take him.

  54. mrstewart61 says:

    I’d like to keep Higgins also. Maybe some potential like Emelin…how about including the rights to Perezhogin, he’s playing well in the RSL.

  55. linp says:

    Bulldogs will play Toronto Marlies today at 4pm. It will be on SCORE. I may be able to evaluate our team if I find time to watch it.

  56. Naila Jinnah says:

    I’m super excited to be attending this game in Ottawa – a first – and I do hope that other lines than the Warsaw Pact (Kovy – A.Kosty – Pleky) score. Not that I’d terribly mind if the Habs end up winning 😉

    But it would be nice to see some diversity.

  57. showey47 says:

    I really don’t believe that gainey is gonna part with a guy like higgins for hossa. Bob may be willing to part with his first pick considering it could be somewhere around 25th, but would probably want a second in return with any deal. I would be willing to part with a prospect and maybe a journey man prospect like locke,milroy, ferland etc.

    Maybe we should be looking at second tier players like satan or hunter from the islanders.

  58. 24 Cups says:

    Marc – I’m not sure why Tampa would want to trade him as he only makes $1.5 mil and they wouldn’t save much for the last part of the year. H’e a UFA this summer. I don’t think you would have to give much at all to get him. Last time he was traded it was for a 2nd round pick. He can play the wing as well as centre so that’s a bonus. But I don’t think management is that dissatisfied with Smolinski that they would make a move like this. And hopefully next year Chipchura will get regular centre ice time. Begin, Tom the Bomb, and Dandy are all signed for next year so I can’t see him taking a job in 2008-09.

    The Original 24 Cups

  59. 24 Cups says:

    showey – you are always on the ball man. Great comeback. By the way, are you telling me her real name isn’t Candy Summer:-)?

    The Original 24 Cups

  60. showey47 says:

    How about having that troll not speak at all, his FACTS and comments are about as relevent as a strippers name.

  61. Sam Tutanuak says:

    That would be a step back! Chris plays for the name on the back of his jersey! not the LOGO on the front!. Yes!, he is big and everything like that, but he would be a step backwards for the HABS!

  62. mrstewart61 says:

    Says who? I just mentioned some names, didn’t say I wouldn’t give more. Don’t speak for me, please.

  63. G-Man says:

    Another big game tonight(Okay, okay, all of them are big.). Time for the Habs to get back to playing smart hockey. Simplify things, using speed and heavy hitting (especially against Heatley, Spezza and Alfredsson. Maybe someone else on the team can step up and score a goal or two. The Habs are better than the team we saw Thursday night. They will be if they looked in the mirror.


  64. G-Man says:

    His 19 pts. in 52 games make him a 3rd line center. His size would certainly be welcome up the middle. I’ve always noticed when he’s on the ice. Some grit for the playoff run would be a nice thing. The only minus is that after playing in sunny Tampa he may not want to play in a Canadian city.


  65. mrstewart61 says:

    Gratton’s not worth much off our current roster, but a draft pick could be added to the package. The d-man could be Bouillon, or Gorges perhaps. We have a lot of depth in the system on D. What we lack, on the roster as well as in the system, is size and grit up front.

  66. Gormdog says:

    Habs sign and send semi coveted University player Brock Trotter to Hamilton. Interesting to see how he will play.

    Now that’s a hockey name. Hope this kid turns into a star!

  67. Sulemaan says:

    Maybe I’ll see you at the game Dean.

  68. PGHABS says:

    i’ve been thinking the same thing

  69. PGHABS says:

    what are you trying to say?

  70. PGHABS says:

    he didn’t do as bad as i thought

  71. mrstewart61 says:

    What do you guys think about Chris Gratton? for Locke/Grabovski or a D-man (saves money for TB). Gives us a big centre who is tough (not like Smolinski)and good on faceoffs – 53.9%.

    Age 32, 6’4″, 231 lbs. GP 52 G 9 A 10 PTS 19 -8 PIM 77

    from TSN:
    Has a great combination of size and two-way savvy. Displays decent hands and a mean streak. Is solid on face-offs and sound defensively. Checking line forward.

  72. HJ says:

    It really doesn’t matter how much talent you have, if you don’t use it to your advantage. In other words if you’r flat and don’t play for 60 minutes, you’re going to lose, even with an allstar team!
    Get the picture?

  73. Mr.Hazard says:

    Here it cooomeeees. Here it cooommeees. HERE IT COOMMEEES! HERE COMES THEIR NINETEENTH NERVOUS BREAKDOWN! (finally!)

    Ex nihilo nihil fit

  74. PGHABS says:

    here’s something for the brisebois fans, umm, let me restate that, um here’s brisebois in a fight

  75. Sulemaan says:

    Anyone here thinking about going to see the Bulldogs/Marlies game tomorrow in Toronto?

  76. Sulemaan says:

    I think this is a no lose situation.

    The Habs are missing Hamrlik, O’Byrne and a second scoring line. There are questions about Koivu, Higgins, Ryder, Latendresse and other players. Who to put in nets? Who is going to be traded? Can the team hold a 3-0 lead?

    So if the Habs lose against Ottawa it won’t be a surprise since they are the #1 team in conference. They have Heatley and Alfreddson back. If Montreal happens to win then it’s a big win.

    Like I said no lose situation, right?

  77. Ed says:

    I like your play on words. I would possibly have said a no win situation, but you are right. Who really expects us to go into Ottawa, and beat them when they have all their big guns back.

  78. The Teacher says:


    Basically it is the opposite of last game. Now we are the injured. Do we have the fortitude to make it a game?

  79. WindsorHab-10 says:

    All we’re asking from our Habs tomorrow is an honest 60 minute effort. Guys like Koivu, Higgins, Begin, Lats etc.. need to step it up and take some pressure off the #1 line. I can live with losing to the Sens or any team as long as I know we gave it our all. GO HABS GO!!!!!!!!!

  80. Ed says:

    When I saw Heatley’s +32, I thought it was a misprint, but it’s not. He is +32, with 59 points in only 42 games. With him and Alfredsson back in the lineup, it’s going to be a much different and improved team compared to the one we beat 4-3 two games ago. Even in that game we were up 4-1, and had to hang on for the victory. With Hamrlik still sidelined, a win in this game would be huge. The Habs will have to be firing on all cylinders, and must keep it up for 60 minutes. Here’s hoping for the best. GO HABS GO!!!

  81. Hockey11 says:

    They said the same things about Toronto last night.

  82. showey47 says:

    if we had a heatly,spezza and alfy line we would of destroyed the laffs 8 times a year, especially with our D and goaltending which is better than ottawa’s. The kovy line is awesome but that line is just sick.

  83. WindsorHab-10 says:

    If other teams can go in to Ottawa and beat them, why can’t we? Again, play your game and don’t worry about who your opponent is.

  84. Ed says:

    Yes, but I think that Heatley and Alfreddson were injured for most of those games.

  85. showey47 says:

    Maybe the habs should wear washington capitals jersey’s, they own the sens if they are healthy or not.

  86. Ed says:

    Maybe Markov can put in a request to his buddy Ovechkin.

  87. Shobud says:

    Off topic but is the gazette becoming another CBC with the leafs all over the sports page I guess there is nothing else to talk about

  88. The Teacher says:

    I know, it was annoying. I mean, who CARES about Darcy F. Tucker.

  89. ZepFan2 says:

    I was thinking the same thing when I saw the article on Tucker. Ugh

  90. nightmare_49 says:

    Just letting people know that Ryan O’Bryne is dressed for the Bulldogs so the swelling in the thumb must have gone down.

  91. showey47 says:

    Then they should drag ryan’s ass up to ottawa for tomorrow’s game.

  92. Les-Habitants says:

    Also, both Grabovski and Chipchura are back into the lineup after recovering from their injuries

  93. Les-Habitants says:

    Strange isn’t it? For years, Koivu has been the offensive machine that has pushed the Habs forward and yet in the year where’s he been bumped back to the 2nd line role, the Habs ultimate success still lies with him.

    We’ve seen with Ottawa, both in their recent injuries plus last year’s playoffs, what happens when you don’t have good secondary scoring. With their first-line out, the Habs cruised to a 4-1 lead before defensive misshaps let the Sens back in the game.

    To have a player like Koivu as a 2nd line center is a great position to be in, but he needs wingers that can put the puck away. I thought he had one of his better games last night, but his wingers weren’t able to score.

    According to a couple sources, it appeared that today’s practise would have the Koivu, Ryder, Higgins line back together.
    This line can score: I’ve seen it, I swear! I also think that Carbo has to leave them together for a while, for really, they are the only line that has a chance at producing the secondary scoring this team needs (see Sens minus Alfie and Heatley)

    If they can re-gain last seasons form (most notably Ryder and Higgins), then this team has all the potential to make a great playoff run.

    Without it, though…

  94. G-Man says:

    If this was the 2006/07 season, I’d agree. This season, Koivu’s skill,speed and stamina have dropped quite a bit. This is the first season in many that the Habs could be way better than mediocre and how’s Koivu doing? Crappy. How many wingers have to play with him before he plays on the 3rd line, where he belongs? His performance the other night was terrible, running into SK and Lats over and over in the offensive zone. Could it be he didn’t want to go to the net without the puck?


  95. JF says:

    In his interview with Dave Stubbs in this morning’s Gazette, Kovalev talks about the importance of playing with the same linemates for a long stretch; how you build chemistry and confidence in each other, how you get to know where each other is, how you work on plays together, work on being creative and improving as a line. When three guys play together for a long time, they keep getting better by pushing each other, learning more about each other, creating chances for each other. Koivu has not had the chance this season to develop this kind of chemistry with any of the wingers he’s played with. Carbonneau needs to decide on wingers for Koivu and leave them together long enough to make it start working. Whether it’s Ryder and Higgins or Ryder and
    Sergei K., he needs to stick to it for a while.

  96. Dave Stubbs says:

    There’s more to our Sports section than the Canadiens, folks. Herb Zurkowsky does a hell of a job broadening our coverage with stories on the visitors. And there are only so many “what are the Canadiens’ defence combinations going to be?” stories that will be compelling reading. Today’s piece on Tucker was a good, human look at a player every Canadiens fan would LOVE if he were on the Habs.

    Dave Stubbs

    Habs Inside/Out
    Sports Feature Writer, Montreal Gazette


  97. ZepFan2 says:

    Damn that was quick. lol

    As for Tucker being with the Habs, been there, done that.
    I for one am happy he’s not with us. IMO

  98. The Teacher says:

    Sure, but you think he could do a piece on somebody we don’t dislike as much?

    A story on the visitors prior to the game? Perhaps, but surely not on one of our most hated players the day after he scores two goals to beat us! That’s just WRONG!

    I mean, it turned me right off when I saw it! 😛

    But hey! Colleagues gotta stick together right 😉 (j/k)

  99. showey47 says:

    no kidding, constant diver. Can’t score unless the net is empty or being “covered” by brisebois, small and slow. Brian Savage told me he used to practice diving and was a serious cancer in the room.

  100. ZepFan2 says:

    “But hey! Colleagues gotta stick together right”

    The Thin Ink Line. :)

  101. Scotty90 says:

    You are so right Dave… I hate him as a leaf but loved him when he was a Hab…. and I would love as a Hab again if he came back to the cradle!

  102. nightmare_49 says:

    Chipchura was back last Wednesday to be picky,lol.

  103. Les-Habitants says:

    lol, my bad

  104. Ian G Cobb says:

    If when watching the game tomorrow night and the players and fans are looking up into the nosebleed section of the stands, don’t worry, it will only be a bunch of us from this site, drowning out the Ottawa fans with GO HABS GO

    Looking forward to seeing at the pre game meal many of you who I met at the Mtl. Summit last fall. 3 hour drive for us but some are coming from further away.

  105. Shobud says:

    Sorry to hear that Ian I thought you were going to say it was your good looks they would be watching

  106. Ian G Cobb says:

    Well that too, but I still blush.

  107. Ed says:

    There has been a lot of talk about the Koivu, Higgins, Ryder line, and about all the other line combinations that Carbonneau has used. If the Koivu line is used tomorrow night, that will be their 30th game together. If I remember correctly, in a lot of those games, they did not last too long before other combinations were used, or Ryder was benched for the 3rd period.

    Here is a link to the line combinations used this year. The Koivu line was together for games 1-23, 29, and 48-52. Ryder has been in the press box for games 53-55. This chart shows 53 different line combinations used this year.

    The Koivu unit has also fallen out of favour as a PP unit. However, they have been on for 11 PP goals as a unit, compared to 18 for Plekanec’s line. The trio of Ryder, Koivu, and Kovalev has the best ratio per 60 minutes of PP time, but they have not played together since Ryder slid a pass across the crease for an easy goal by Kovalev. That was in the 1st period of a game, and Ryder never saw the ice on the PP for the rest of that game. Here is the link to the PP units. As you can see, Kovalev is definitely the key to the PP, no matter what unit he is on.

    As for the Koivu line at even strength, they have not been the best, but they are also not the worst. Considering that they have only played together for 29 of 55 games, they deserve another chance, and not just for a few periods. Again, the Plekanec line has been carrying this team with 25 goals and +13 as a unit. Here is the link to the various lines at even strength.

  108. kenny_galloway says:

    We cant looze dis game cuz da leafs are closin in hard on us n we cant finish below dem again dis year its embrasin cuz i kno lyk 90,000 leaf fans n dey all brag.

    we lost a 4 point gayme last nite and tmr we need number 37 alexeeeeeeeeeeeei kovvvvvvvvvvvvalev to be at his absolute best to beat da team with da most points in da hole NHL

  109. mrstewart61 says:

    Wow! BTW, when did Kovy change his number from 27?? and they’re not playing Detroit tomorrow, it’s the team with the 2nd most points. Duh!

  110. Shiloh says:

    I absolutely hate that kind of trash ghetto writing or whatever it’s called. If you’re trying to be cool by misspelling everything and adopting some sort of Rapper persona, well you’re being just ridiculously uncool. I can’t respect a single thing you write unless you grow up.

  111. kenny_galloway says:

    lmao “ass”

  112. Les-Habitants says:

    On a side note…
    I’m listening to the Bulldogs game (via laptop, stuck waiting for the train), and from what I can tell they’ve moved Locke back to the LW, and have him playing with Daniel Corso and Milroy.
    He does a lot better when he as a LW, as was apparent with his amazing AHL playoff run last year.

    If the Habs do re-call him, they should give him a shot on the wing and see what he can do there.

  113. kenny_galloway says:

    lets close da door and locke it on jerry locke who is no more then an ahl player

  114. showey47 says:

    i had posted the same idea about a month ago but i suggested him on the right side with koivu, there is no denying that locke has nhl offensive skill but he does lack nhl footspeed. The guy deserves a shot, what does that line have to lose. If dandy and t.k. get a shot, why not locke?. On a side note, having 5 centers moves locke to the wing and we just signed another center out of college who is supposed to report next week. This gives us 6 centers, someone has got to be moving via trade.

  115. Mike says:

    Sergei k- koivu- ryder plz!!!!!!

  116. Ed says:

    Thanks for the well thought out response, or do those z’s represent you having a snooze. Now if you had used xxxooo, I would really be worried, but I do notice that the z key is right next to the x key. I xxxooo you too, tee. I wish we had drafted Jimmy Tee.

  117. Ed says:

    Just like you. Tee.

  118. ClaytonM says:

    Dog the bounty hunter? Seriously?

  119. showey47 says:

    kenny G? lmfao

  120. ColoradoHab says:

    Toronto just beat Detroit. Fire Babcock. Trade Zetterberg. Waive Datsyuk.

    Get my point fools, and you know who you are. The negative posters.

  121. mrstewart61 says:

    …and transfer the franchise to El Paso.

  122. Yeats says:

    Yee Ha!!!!! Howdy Les Habs!

  123. sadave says:

    Now, now!! There are some of us down here who would appreciate more that the San Antonio Rampage . . . Or the Dallas Stars! ;->

    And, yes, the Mexican and Tex-Mex IS great. Not Taco Hell, you understand!

    San Antonio

  124. Yeats says:

    Los Habos son mas macho!

  125. HJ says:

    Before we get too cocky about the habs, they’ve lost 3 of their last 5, and only playing 500 hockey now, win 1, lose 1, not good enough. And hey the leafs beat Detroit. When was the last time we beat Detroit? about 10 years ago?
    I’m not a leaf fan, and I doubt they’ll make the playoffs, but they’re only 6 points out of 8th place. Imagine if they beat us out of a playoff spot? I think their goaltending (Toskala) is much better than ours, and I also think they have more than 1 line scoring, and how come we have so much trouble beating them, hmmm……?

  126. J.T. says:

    I’m glad the leafs won. We don’t want them in a position to trade Sundin for a bunch of useful stuff at the deadline, now do we? We want them fighting for eighth, and barely missing the playoffs. That way they have to keep all their current assets for better or worse…and they won’t get a top five draft pick and a chance at Stamkos.

  127. TradeRyder says:

    Jeez, and then my shoelace broke, and I spilt my coffee, and had a flat tire.

    Hey – is that a plane crashing into your house?

    Let the kids play… let the non-performers watch or walk.

  128. moser17 says:

    Toskala: GP 42, GAA 2.7, Sv% .905
    Huet: GP 35, GAA 2.4, Sv% .921

    I don’t know about Toskala being better. It’s certainly not obvious. Nor is it obvious over the last three years, where Huet’s Sv% is better than Toskala’s through roughly the same numbers of GP. Neither of them have played 45 games in a season before, and it looks like this will be the first for each of them.

    What does seem obvious is the cool head of Huet versus the inconsistency of Toskala.

    So, I respectfully disagree with your assessment of the Leafs/Habs goaltending situation.

  129. HotHabs says:

    I totally disagree with your goaltending comparison between Toskala and Huet. The same disagreement could be made if you were to compare the Leafs overall tending to Mtl’s. Habs tending is superior!

    enjoying the high’s of being a Habs fan

  130. Gooner says:

    You sound just like a laff fan. They win a couple of games and they are Stanley Cup contenders again. Give me a break. They Still suck!!

  131. PGHABS says:

    definetly a leafs fan

  132. The Teacher says:

    Exactly :)

    The dumb shall remain dumb. They have to make the half-century mark after all!

  133. HotHabs says:

    So true. As Bob Cole said after the game tonight: “Keeping the dream alive”!!!!!!!! The dream of missing the playoffs by a point in the final game of the season loss…. to you know who! Hahaha…

    enjoying the high’s of being a Habs fan

  134. linp says:

    I want them to trade away their draft choses for another over the hill player just to miss the playoff. Make me laffs!

  135. TradeRyder says:

    I just can’t get optimistic with the line-up we have tonight. Ever since I saw those stats on how Stinkinski and Loos… I mean, Breezer statistically together affect our ability to win games I just can’t expect to win with them in the line-up.

    So I’ve decided on a little REVERSE PSYCHOLOGY….

    Tonight I hope:

    …that Smolinski is as slow getting off the ice as always. That he’s lazy in the other end chasing down the puck and makes blind passes, giving away the puck all night.

    …that Breezer plays soft in the corners, keeps himself out of trouble so he doesn’t get hurt, and has at least ONE pass to the opposing forwards in scoring position in our zone.

    …that Ryder, Higgins, and Koivu all combine for 0 points and a big minus. That Higgins forgets to pass the puck when he should and Ryder keeps hitting the goalie in the chest, and that Koivu plays with an enigmatic frown on his face all night.

    Yes, this would make the world seem safe and sound…

    The ONLY way we’re going to win this game is if something dramatic happens to overcome these players and patterns.

    Let the kids play… let the non-performers watch or walk.

  136. HotHabs says:

    Boy, do Huet’s numbers look good next to Emery’s this year!

    enjoying the high’s of being a Habs fan

  137. TradeRyder says:


    2 minute in and we’re down by two. At this rate the score will be 60-0.

    Welcome back to the line-up Smolinski, Brisebois, Ryder. We sure do suck (again).

    Let the kids play… let the non-performers watch or walk.

  138. moser17 says:

    You may be right about Huet’s consistency, Kjdavid, as I’m far more apt to say so after the nonsense that is the first two minutes of the present hockey game.

    Good lord!

  139. HJ says:

    who was it that said Huet is a good goalie? let’s in 3 goals on 4 shots!

  140. PGHABS says:

    toronto already played today, you’re in the wrong forum

  141. TradeRyder says:

    Yeah, and that’s one of the dumbest comments I’ve seen in about 40 minutes. (That’s a long time here.)

    Let the kids play… let the non-performers watch or walk.

  142. usversusthem says:

    Wow. This is about as phenomenally bad as it gets. My god.

  143. TradeRyder says:


    I HATE this line-up.

    I love the comment on Smolinski’s bad angle shot at Emery… “as a goalie, you love those shots – they warm you up”. Compare that to Ottawa’s 3 goals on 4 shots. I’m tellin’ ya – our line-up sucks. I hate Smolinski, his laziness, slowness, his foolish grin. On pace for the worst year of his entire career. He’s not the kind of veteran we need.

    Let the kids play… let the non-performers watch or walk.

  144. Doctor Device says:

    Carbonneau needs to kick this team’s ass, and hard. This is two straight games the entire bunch of them has not showed up for. They’re reading their own press clippings and assuming the victories are just going to come.

    It’s pathetic to watch and the fans, frankly, deserve better.

  145. TradeRyder says:

    It’s not the press.

    We haven’t sucked like this since November – BEFORE Smolinski and Breezer went out.

    Let the kids play… let the non-performers watch or walk.

  146. HJ says:

    welcome to the habs of LAST YEAR! Koivu, Higgins, Ryder will NOT score another goal this year! Trade Higgins! couldn’t score if he had 50 open nets!

  147. Richard B says:

    Long game yet…
    Lets remember Mtl was up on rangers by 3 and couldn’t score anymore after.
    I am expecging some contribution from AK27 and also the Koivu line.

  148. Richard B says:

    Expecting a goal from Ryder also, he has been the best of that line so far. Nice pass to Higgins for the break away

  149. TradeRyder says:

    Agreed. Ryder is at least givin’ er!

    But he won’t score.
    Let the kids play… let the non-performers watch or walk.

  150. Richard B says:

    eh b’y

  151. Shiloh says:

    What a start! 3-0 Ottawa after about three minutes. After that we have played very well. A goal post and a crossbar by Higgins. Koivu, Ryder and Higgins are flying out there. Brisebois is shaky and Latendresse is badly outclassed out there. He is not an NHL calibre player and he won’t get better until he goes to Hamilton and learns how to hit and check. I don’t know if he’ll ever learn how to skate.

  152. TradeRyder says:


    Smolinski: 5 goals, -3
    Brisebois: 8 points, -5
    Dandenault: 12 points, -10

    …they should ALSO give HALF their paycheck to the Canadiens charity fund. If they don’t, it’s pretty much THEFT.

    Let the kids play… let the non-performers watch or walk.

  153. TradeRyder says:

    Yeah – love his size and opportunism in front of the net. Too bad he skates like Big Bird.

    Let the kids play… let the non-performers watch or walk.

  154. Richard B says:

    I agree, lats is not effective unless he is crushing everything in sight. He is not good enough to play this soft.

  155. T-Bone says:

    What the f*** is this??
    can someone tell me why locke in in hamilton and ryder is playing here??(put locke on the wing he will get it quicker then ryder would take to get his a** in gear!!) and i think we are missing hamerlik he gets the job done in my view but we dont want the flu bug to hit us again

  156. TradeRyder says:

    Totally missing Hamrlik.

    What this game shows is
    1. We’re one or two injuries away from 500 hockey.
    2. We can’t afford to be patient anymore with our non-performing players: Smolinski, Brisebois, Ryder.

    Let the kids play… let the non-performers watch or walk.

  157. The Teacher says:

    I assume you are being literal here?

  158. HJ says:

    it’s not the flu bug. it’s called the habs USUAL 2ND HALF SLUMP,(nose dive), only that it lasts for 41 games! Habs will be very very lucky if they make the playoffs. I hear footsteps,,,,Buff, NYR,Pitt, Phil,Boston,NJ,Florida,Washington,and maybe even leafs(won 2 in a row including beating DETROIT-best team in hockey). when’s the last time habs beat Detroit?hmmm..? maybe 10 years ago!

  159. Richard B says:

    Anyone just listing to Don?
    Talking about Cleary and how he “lost his way” but hes a good Newfoundlander and found his way back?
    Lets hope Ryder an’t lost in the fog and finds his way back a bit faster than Cleary.
    Hopfully he fount his way back for the 2nd period.

  160. Richard B says:

    I don’t think I like that negitive attitude. U must be a leafs fan.

  161. TradeRyder says:

    The difference between the Plekanec line and the Koivu line is the Plekanec line skates the puck into the zone – the Koivu line dumps it in and hopes to get it back. Pretty sad when you’re supposed first line is all dump-and-chase.

    Let the kids play… let the non-performers watch or walk.

  162. TradeRyder says:

    Yeah, since Smolinski and then Breezer came back. No coincidence.

    Let the kids play… let the non-performers watch or walk.

  163. martin says:

    smolinski is pretty stinkski

  164. Richard B says:

    A PP goal would be nice to get the ball rolling right now!

  165. TradeRyder says:

    Brisebois missing a pass to the line… where have I seen this movie before….
    Let the kids play… let the non-performers watch or walk.

  166. Richard B says:

    I don’t know what pass you are talking about…but if it was the one from higgins I can’t blame him.
    That pass an’t what yo’d call crisp

  167. T-Bone says:

    its over!!!

  168. Larry says:

    This is turning into a disaster.
    Any illusion of this team winning the conference are gone. It is going to be a dogfight to make the playoffs.

  169. Richard B says:

    not looking good eh?

  170. usversusthem says:

    If we keep this shit up, yeah. Hopefully we can rebound with a few wins in the next couple of games. But wow this is pretty ouch.

  171. TradeRyder says:

    What’s all this “I am expecting” stuff?

    I am expecting more of the same… we’re a one-line team with 2 good defensive pairs. One injury and we go to the garbage bin for old guys that should hang ’em up. It’s frustrating and sad.

    Can one of you stats guys update those figures on how much better we are without Breeze and Slowski? I think you can assume this game (with both of them in) is a loss.

    Let the kids play… let the non-performers watch or walk.

  172. HJ says:

    when you have 2 breakaways and don’t score, a sign of things to come.
    Latendresse IS NOT an NHL player! Higgins is NOT a scorer!
    Habs are a 1 dimentional team! if their PP doesn’t score, they lose! hello?
    Gainey better get a scorer! KOIVU BETTER NOT BE ON THIS TEAM NEXYT YEAR!!!
    I don’t think the habs will make the playoffs! losing too many games, and in a slump the same as last year! Too many games not showing up!
    embarrassing! just shows the difference between the habs and sens-NIGHT AND DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  173. martin says:

    brisebois has to go. he just plain sucks as well as smo

  174. Richard B says:

    The more I watch the Koivu line…the more I think we are benching the wrong player.
    Higgins don’t seem to be able to make a pass and can’t receive one.
    He gets a breakwawy and hits the post.
    Breez-by just missed another pass.
    and gets 2 mins in the box to boot.
    Way to go Guy, your old pal Breeze by

  175. TradeRyder says:

    Brisebois – missed blue-line pass #2, followed by a bad penalty.

    Let the kids play… let the non-performers watch or walk.

  176. Richard B says:

    at least I got Alfredsson in my pool this week.

  177. Infanteer says:

    Talk about reading a book by its cover . . .

    No, the Habs will likely not win this game. They have not played particularly well, nor have they played particularly poorly. They are far ahead in shots, and caught a couple of unlucky breaks. It certainly does not mean:

    a) The habs won’t win the conference (they beat Ottawa this week)

    b) They will make they playoffs (remember last year’s implosion)

  178. PGHABS says:

    this is embarrassing, i joked with my brother( a sens fan) that montreal’s #1 line could match the sens any night
    i hate hockey day in canada

  179. Richard B says:

    Poor Ryder,
    I’m sure somehow its all his fault.
    He won’t get to play anymore this season.

  180. HJ says:

    the only difference between the slump last year and this year: this year it started 6 weeks later, so the gans could get more disappointed!
    If the habs lose 4 or 5 in a row, the leafs will finish ahead of us.
    So everyone who was laughing when leafs lost 8-0 to Florida. What does it feel like? We’re no better than the leafs! NO PLAYOFFS THIS YEAR!

  181. Larry says:

    I’ve had enough. Time to find something else to watch. Final score will be 8-0 or worse.
    Spezza has a chance to break Sittlers’ record tonight.

  182. TradeRyder says:

    Let’s not get carried away. We’ll make the playoffs if we don’t get hit by injuries.

    It’s just that:
    – without Hamrlik, our D gets soft
    – with BReezer we stink
    – Smolinski should not be on the ice
    – Ottawa has grit, we don’t
    – We need to trade some of these non-productive players (Ryder, Smolinski, Higgins, Koivu)

    Let the kids play… let the non-performers watch or walk.

  183. Ed says:

    Two racists and idiots. Keep to the hockey,
    and stop making fun of the dialect.

  184. Infanteer says:

    Calling up Locke might not be a bad prospect: (From

    “HAMILTON – Corey Locke scored twice to lead the Hamilton Bulldogs to a 5-2 win over the San Antonio Rampage in AHL action Friday.

    Daniel Corso, Matt D’Agostini and Kyle Chipchura added goals for Hamilton (23-19-1-5). Travis Roche and Jon DiSalvatore countered for San Antonio (28-15-3-4).

    Yann Danis made 29 saves for the win while David LeNeveu stopped 32 shots at the other end. . . .”

    Who would you send down? I’d send Lapierre.

  185. T-Bone says:

    i would send down ryder his time is up in mtl iknow he had a severe back promblem this summer but i did not think it would last this long!!

  186. Richard B says:

    Brutal…5 on 3 and still notting

  187. Infanteer says:

    That’s 3 posts tonight for the Habs . . . this game could easily be tied.

  188. Richard B says:

    Like that …Ryder going hard draws 2 mins

  189. Richard B says:

    Who is this jack ass talking on CBC.
    “ryder falling already”
    I say look at the replay jack ass…he had his legs kicked out.

  190. Infanteer says:

    You’re from Twillingate, so I’ll refrain from any personal attacks, however,

    On what – the hell – do you base this statement? The habs 29-17-9 record? The incredible improvement seen by Kovalev, Kosty x 2, Pleks or Streit? How about maintaining the best PP in the league, despite losing a record-setting PP goal defenseman?

    Please explain. I’m dying to hear it.

  191. HJ says:

    our PP is no longer 1st in the league, and probably after this games it will drop to 3rd or 4th, just like the team standing! Habs have a very tough schedule remaining, as as much as I would like to see them make the playoffs, IT’S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN BECAUSE WE ONLY HAVE 1 LINE WHO CAN SCORE, AND ONLY ON THE PP. How 1 dimentional is that??????

  192. Richard B says:

    Ottawa seems to be doing ok with their one line.

  193. habsgod says:


  194. Shobud says:

    Oh woe is me The world is comming to an end What to do.. Its one game.. So we lose and go after the next game.. We have had nothing but bad luck tonight, and you can’t beat luck

  195. Richard B says:

    breeze by in the box for another one

  196. Doctor Device says:


    Where did I say it was the press?

    I said the players are believing the hype and not putting in any effort.

  197. TradeRyder says:

    2 stupid Breezer penalities, 2 goals.

    Hopefully Carbo will finally freakin wake up.

    Let the kids play… let the non-performers watch or walk.

  198. HJ says:

    actually Ottawa has 3 lines who can score, and their 1st line is so much better than our 1st line, because the have PURE GOAL SCORERS!

  199. Richard B says:

    Just checking a few stats…
    Komie and Markov are both minus -3

  200. martin says:

    he will not because he was on the ice right afterwards. good ole boys club. gainey, carbo and breeze all suck for having him even close to a drink with ice

  201. TradeRyder says:

    They really miss the Hammer.

    And Komi should be flattening people. Why play soft in a game you know you’re gonna lose against a team that wants to beat you down?

    Let the kids play… let the non-performers watch or walk.

  202. knucklesnilan says:

    CBC should have stayed with the Junior game from Winkler, better to watch than this crap.
    Bad breaks, bad luck, Higgins for sure. It is just one game, move on a focus on the Florida swing.
    Team definitely misses Hamrlik, he is important to this team.

  203. Richard B says:

    I agree…
    if you can’t beat em with goals.
    Beat em through the end of the rink.
    I’d like Komie to lay a clean shoulder into that dork spezza and knock him out for a week!

  204. T-Bone says:

    i hope next saturday is not this bad i have waited 2 years for tickets and i finally get to go to a game

  205. Infanteer says:

    I’d call Ryder a pure goal scorer . . . back to back 30g is more than a lot of traditional “pure goal” scorers can say.

    The problem with pure goal scorers is that they don’t always score. See: Ottawa, the last month. Also See: Ryder, this year.

  206. Richard B says:

    Any guesses on what the lines will be next game?

  207. T-Bone says:

    are the announers from ottawa? because they are just as bad as bob and harry for the leafs!!!

  208. HJ says:

    did someone say Ryder a pure goal scorer? hahahahahahahahahaha
    now, let’s get serious. The reason habs hit so many goal posts, is because they don’t have the talent to put them in the net. notice Ottawa didn’t have any problems scoring, because they have MUCH MORE TALENT!
    Gainey(you lame duck GM), are you going to continue to sit on your hands, or get us some help?
    Notice, the past few years, Gainey has done NOTHING to improve the scoring!

  209. PGHABS says:

    A couple notes:

    This is a bad game, it happens, it sucks, it’s hockey day in Canada and the Habs always get thumped in Hockey day in Canada. Nothing has gone right, Ottawa’s had every bounce.

    Everything Ottawa’s big line touches turns to gold, that’s why Ottawa is so good, that much sublime talent on one line does that.

    We’re REALLY missing Hamrlik, he makes such a difference. WHen he plays with Gorges it gives us a solid top four, and it keeps Brisebois out of the line-up. I expect OByrne and Hamrlik in soon, and Streit to a wing position, and have Brisebois, Kosto and Smoked sratched.

    Streit is much better utilized as a forward, is not physical or big enough for an effective dman.

    Koivu’s line hasn’t been as bad as usual, they’ve generated a few chances. I want to see them together next game.

    The Habs will have a bounce back versus Florida. I think we’ll make the playoffs, this is just a setback.

    We’ve had a lot of press this last week, mentioning how good we are, and the Habs seem to have believed their own good press.

    HJ has had by far the worst comments i’ve ever seen in this forum. HJ seems to be a Leaf fan, degrades the Habs at every opportunity, thinks every player on the Habs sucks, and mentions how the Leafs are gaining on a playoff spot. What an idiot.

  210. Richard B says:

    Take you head out of your ass.
    Mtl. is 3rd overall for goals scored.
    Behind Det and ott.

  211. martin says:

    there is no heart at all tonight. smolinski sucks so does breezer, and i hoped latendresse was better than he has shown. Hes a pussy with that size you would think he’d hit something or crash the net. He claims he wants to be a power foward but does not show it. One game the rest will pick it up.

  212. Richard B says:

    I agree with most of that, especially the part about HJ.
    I disagree with the Hammer Georges pair though. Striet is a good partner for hammer. I agree he is a bit small, but thats ok when he is out with hammer.
    He adds offensive to the point the same way Markov does.
    I really think the top four should stay as it was when they were winning.
    Kommie – Markov, Hammer – streit.

    Georges an’t a top 4 D

  213. Larry says:

    Neil, and by extension the Senators are classless. That shot on Gorges,late in a 6-1 game was pathetic.
    The Senators, and their prissy fans will get what they deserve.

  214. Richard B says:

    I agree,
    they got no shot at the cup.
    Anaheim or Detroit would eat them up.
    I’d say they will loose to the leafs in the first round.

  215. HAB-PROFESSOR says:












    1. Thank GOD we have Alex Kovalev… his PRIME
    2. The BELL CENTRE should be rebuilt to sit 80,000 fans
    3. Your’re not a Hab fan till you watch & UNDERSTAND “The Rocket”
    4. We will win the CUP in 2009

  216. Richard B says:

    Lets get rid of Slowokes and bring back BONK!
    Alfredson would’t have 10 points if bonk was chasing him around

  217. PGHABS says:

    those weren’t excuses, just saying it like it is

  218. Infamous says:

    Not our night .. gotta go to florida and get a couple of W’s, get the confidence going .. i like these lines i hope carbo doesn’t freak out and shuffle the deck again. Why is breezer in this lineup? Why not put Dandy on D probably makes too much sense. Huet vs Tampa, Price vs Panthers.

  219. Shobud says:

    Its a nice wish but you know it won’t happen.. They will get extra time on there now to see if it will help them..I hate to say it but I am losing faith in Carbo.. If you are a good ole boy you will get lots of ice time

  220. Infanteer says:

    Poor Dave Stubbs,

    Your eyes must bleed from the pupil as you read this shallow, repetitive, and utterly boring smut day after day after night to day.

    After a loss, remove the comments pertaining to a) Brisebois sucks, b) Trade Ryder, C) Smolinski can’t skate, d) Huet’s inconsistent, or e) Lats doesn’t hit enough. You wouldn’t have much.

    Personally, I can choose to come and go from this site as I choose. I am sure that you would sometimes wish for a similar fate.

  221. habsgod says:

    hj put the crack pipe you idiot!!gainey a lame duck g.m!(what kind of crack are you smoking ?)we are not talking about that old coffin dodger of a stiff in toronto(cliff fletcher)you have absolutely no hockey knowledge when you say those boneheaded comments!HJ why don’t you do us a favor and leave this site you moron!go and talk about your joke of a team the make me laffs!!gainey has done nothing to improve scoring!what are you talking about!if adding these guys aren’t improved scoring well then i don’t know what is!alex,kovalev,s.kostitsyn,a.kostitsyn c.higgins!these guys aren’t antropov and those stiffs in the big choke!!your a goof!

  222. Spartan117 says:

    relax, wtf habs lost their last 2 games..big whoop, so ryder and higgins are having an off season, and koivu doesnt know who to pass to, but a couple months ago ud call him a fearless leader, lets not hate the captain, or players that are usually good… remember what happens when we trade them? we lose, example, damphousse, Mark Recchi, Shane Corson, Patrick Roy, and then last year it was Trade Kovalev, and look at him now, Koivu, higgins and ryder are having that kovalev year, give them time to get back in, and stop the juggling act carby, listen to what kovalev said, “its hard to get good if you have new line mates everygame” Dont trade ur main players cuz they have an off season, try and work with them and make it better, or we’ll just be pulling another samsonov, we have a team with more depth than an ocean but u wanna just ruin it by trading everyone everytime we miss the puck, next ull say get rid of huet cuz he had a bad game…please, relax wait for the habs to get bakc on track and theen u can talk, 2 games ago it was Yes first is ours and now its we arent makign the playoffs…relax guys

  223. Spartan117 says:

    But yes i agree get rid of Smoky, Breezer and French icon Latendresse, they suck

  224. habsgod says:

    yeah they are from ottawa!dean brown and gary galley!they are homers just like bob (maple leafs lover)cole,and harry (the leafs are the greatest)neal these 2 clowns from ottawa are just as bad and just as brutal!

  225. Dave Stubbs says:

    There’s no doubt I respect the passion that fans show with their comments here. But I agree that a few themes are clear without having to sledgehammer them into our consciousness with mind-numbing repetition.

    In discussion this week with Alex Kovalev, he said he tries not to read the papers or the Internet or listen to the talk shows. I can see why.

    Brutal loss tonight, no question. But it’s one game. Two big ones await in Florida. You keep your eyes on what’s ahead of you, not behind. There will be time to do that in April, or May. And as my friend Mike Boone says tonight, you think perhaps not about first place, but about making the playoffs.

    Dave Stubbs

    Habs Inside/Out
    Sports Feature Writer, Montreal Gazette


  226. Sulemaan says:

    I didn’t get to see the Bulldogs game today with Twillingator and Bill H. Nor did I watch much of the Habs game today. But a pretty good reason as we just added another Habs fan to our family. :-)

    After our little girl arrived and my wife was resting (and gave me the all-clear to watch) I got to see some of the game and here are my 5 cents:

    (1) I’m glad we got the snot pounded out of us. It allows us to realize that we cannot start to believe our own press. We’re close but not quite ready to contend for #1 spot in the conference. We need to focus on the playoffs and building through youth.

    (2) We stop working and stop skating we’re toast. So now the Habs got humiliated they better have some fire in their bellies for Tampa Bay. Just like the Leafs did after Florida embarassed them.

    (3) I actually saw stretches when the Koivu, Ryder and Higgins line looked very solid. They reminded me of what they did last year. Would like to see them together again for the next game.

    (4) The loss of Hamrlik really shows on our defence. But it’s good he’s away from the team as we do not need a flu epidemic like last year.

    (5) Let’s not panic and start demanding trades of young players. This is how they learn. You want to trade people like Ryder, Smolinski, Dandenault, Brisebois go ahead. Unless Koivu demands a trade, he stays right here. I’m tired of the Habs trading their captains. Furthermore, Higgins, Latendresse, Gorges, Kostitsyn brothers and other youngsters/prospects should be going nowhere.

    This is a building year and despite this loss we are doing well. Call me philosophical mes amis.

  227. HAB-PROFESSOR says:

    tough to face the truth?

    There’s a time to praise and there is a time to correct. A fan has the right to say what he thinks is wrong with the team…I put my opinion down…what did you offer?
    1. Thank GOD we have Alex Kovalev… his PRIME
    2. The BELL CENTRE should be rebuilt to sit 80,000 fans
    3. Your’re not a Hab fan till you watch & UNDERSTAND “The Rocket”
    4. We will win the CUP in 2009

  228. HJ says:

    let’s see where are the habs are at game# 82? I bet it’s a fight for 8th place, and we don’t get it. Watch and see. FEB3rd: a date to remember. leading NYR 3-0, and lost. a turning point in the season, and downhill since. that’s reality, so stick it in your pipe and smoke it. stats don’t lie.

  229. electazz says:

    I don”t know what it looked like on TV but it was even worse in person..

    What was Carbo waiting for to call a time-out after the second goal. Everybody and their grandmother could see that they didn’t have it tonight. I was yelling for him to pull Huet after the second goal. He just wasn’t there tonight,
    Maybe a good spanking like this will wake them up!

  230. HAB-PROFESSOR says:

    Mr. Stubbs, with all respect, I did slightly exagerate my point on BREEZE to be removed from the lineup, but before I went down that road I did write a paragraph of an incident that led me to that point.

    Breeze started a fight and Kostyjr ends up taking the punishment….thats wrong. Breeze should have done everything he could to break that up….but it got to deep for him.

    A reply towards that incident is what I expected from my post and whether I’ve wrongly suggested he be removed.

    (by the way, again thanks on the great Kovalev Interview)

    1. Thank GOD we have Alex Kovalev… his PRIME
    2. The BELL CENTRE should be rebuilt to sit 80,000 fans
    3. Your’re not a Hab fan till you watch & UNDERSTAND “The Rocket”
    4. We will win the CUP in 2009

  231. Exit716 says:

    Congrats. I hope everything is well with your daughter.
    Best analysis of the game tonight.
    They didn’t get the goaltending in the opening five minutes to withstand the Ottawa onslaught.
    game over.
    Just like the Toronto game where the passing was just a fraction behind, it wasn’t their night.
    To scream and yell and throw hissy fits isn’t rational.

  232. Shobud says:

    Detroit lost to the leafs tonight I guess they will go hang themselves.. They lost a couple of games so they should be shot..Why is it montreal fans can’t take a loss without a big row

  233. showey47 says:

    congrats on the newest member of your family, and i saw the bulldog game on tv, you didn’t miss much

  234. planet habs says:

    I had a chance to go to the game tonight, but declined because I knew we would lose. I’m really concerned about our team. Is Gainey going to get a winger, or what? I fear that we won’t stay at this level, without scoring additions. do you guys agree?

  235. HAB-PROFESSOR says:

    Aside from certain players needing to go to the hotdog stand, whats of more concern is we don’t have anyone to answer the bell….(recall Gorges vs Neil that amounted to nothing) ..and to your point…come playoffs, we are doomed if we cannot answer the Bell. …you’ll see how fast our KOVY line gets shut down when elbows are crashing their heads.
    1. Thank GOD we have Alex Kovalev… his PRIME
    2. The BELL CENTRE should be rebuilt to sit 80,000 fans
    3. Your’re not a Hab fan till you watch & UNDERSTAND “The Rocket”
    4. We will win the CUP in 2009

  236. doctordreams69 says:

    Hey, before I join in – I obviously missed something… Why was Carey Price, who clearly sucks, btw, in the nets again tonight? Why not Huet? Is he sick or injured? THIS was the mistake of the game if it was Carbo’s choice.

  237. martin says:

    Hey Dave I have all the respect in the world but I am sure you can agree not everyone showed uo tonite and the whipping boys deserve everything except ice time.There were few who showed up like the zamboni driver for one. This is a prove yourself game and our boys came up short when its on the line. Fighting for first and play that way? For shame. Ryder should stay.price looked ok. I think we still need a chris neil type of player. any ideas. hey dave Dale jr won the shootout tonite.

  238. Mr.Hazard says:

    I ALMOST went to this game. ALMOST. Thank GOD I changed my mind a couple weeks ago, and decided to scrounge for cheap tickets to a home game.

    Ex nihilo nihil fit

  239. theflower says:

    OK people, stop the gloom and doom. I live in Toronto and have to hear all of that crap from Leaf fans, I don’t need it from my fellow Habs fans. We did not play well tonight. Missing Hamrlik as I said the other night is a bigger factor than some may think. His presence, his size and his hitting is all something we needed more of playing against a team like Ottawa. Carbo was right when he said we didn’t play defensively responsible hockey against the Leafs and apparently the guys didn’t get the message tonight either.

    While everyone has been praising this team for it’s overachieving according to the media, we have played well. My only concern the last few weeks has been an increase in our singular production. Meaning even while we have been winning, its basically been a one line show. Clearly, we are missing some elements to be a cup contender, but I think we are closer than some may think. Maybe a couple moves from being a more effective team. I am honestly worried about a February slump that could be a possibility. Let’s hope Hamrlik’s return can right our ship this week.

    Here are my two cents. For a playoff run we will need at least a few more larger guys on the back end. I see, Dandenault, Boullion, Breezer all not necessary to keep. I think we could bring up Valentenko to get a little more edge along with of course O’Byrne. Play Markov with Valentenko, the russians with the Pleks, Kovy, Kosty line yummy!!! Hammer with O’Byrne and Komi with Gorges.

    Up front, I hate to say it, because I love the guy, but Saku, Ryder, Smoke, Lats should all be moved. I also think we could bring back up Chips because all he did was play well up here and he is getting better on face-offs. I would like to see Perrault here just for face-offs. I hear he is a possibility and Gainey has mentioned a guy who can win draws. He lacks a lot of other things but in the playoffs faceoffs are a huge thing. I think Jokinen if anyone is an excellent guy and if at all possible, I would look at him over Hossa. Just a very complete hockey player who has the size and skill to make a strong first line around, or second line. I don’t know how realistic that is. Hossa, while very talented has a history of disappearing in the playoffs and I don’t know whether he would resign with us, not to mention having to pay him the 7-8 million he will cost us to keep. We really don’t need to look for much more that we already have internally. If we need another forward, bring up D’Agostini.

    Those are just my thoughts.

  240. Dave Stubbs says:

    I missed the Shootout for this. Sigh…

    Dave Stubbs

    Habs Inside/Out
    Sports Feature Writer, Montreal Gazette


  241. Dave Stubbs says:

    Timo, they’re not upset. They don’t read the ‘net, as we’re reminded often! And I’m not suggesting anyone not rag on the team or offer their opinions, no matter how strong or repetitive they might be. You guys are the lifeblood of this site.

    Dave Stubbs

    Habs Inside/Out
    Sports Feature Writer, Montreal Gazette


  242. habsgod says:

    huet got pulled very early in the game he gave up 3 goals on 4 shots in the first 3-4 minutes!that’s way carey price was in the net tonight!

  243. T-roy West says:

    Congrats Sulemaan, not even a butt kicking like we got tonight could ruin this day for you. Best wishes to you and your wife. :)

  244. habsgod says:

    btw dave we love the site!thank-you and the rest of the staff for giving us this site!and thank-god for the internet so we can talk and vent about our habs!!especially out here in the west !it’s all edmonton and calgary!big whoop i could careless about those teams!

  245. habitual says:

    Sound advice about taking a deep breath. Every team, including Ottawa and Detroit, has stunk for several games in a row. The fact that we haven’t until apparently now made the now inevitable.

    Don’t sell Boullion short, he’s very strong, hits well, and is one of the few guys on the team that can throw them. As for Perreault, the team does not need a guy whose sole claim to fame is winning faceoffs, although I acknowledge Pleks stunk on the draw for as much as I could stomach to watch.

    Habs fans, thrown this game over our left should and let’s proceed looking ver our hood ornament, not into the rear view mirror.

  246. sadave says:

    Looked bad on the radio, too.

  247. likehoy says:

    the pic makes plekanec look like he got turned down by the sens chick.

  248. Chuck says:

    Price was in the net because it was Huet that clearly sucked, btw.


    “All bow down before the Komisaurus Rex!”

  249. Dave Stubbs says:

    Plek IS doing better.

    Dave Stubbs

    Habs Inside/Out
    Sports Feature Writer, Montreal Gazette


  250. likehoy says:

    curious, very curious.

  251. Chuck says:

    C’mon Dave, it wasn’t nearly as bad as you make it out to be. We beat their goalie the same number of times that they beat ours. Problem was, they didn’t hit any posts.

    That said, the Habs do have to find a more effective way of shutting down the other teams’ big weapons. Ovechkin, 4 goals… Ottawa’s number one line, 6 goals.

    “All bow down before the Komisaurus Rex!”

  252. Jim M says:


    Couldn’t agree with you more. That’s why most of the previous regulars have disappeared or hardly post any more. There are some new people here who repeat the same old garbage day in and day out, and sometimes five to six times a day. They live their lives vicariously through the Habs, and when they lose a game, they lash out. Sort of like a father who never excelled at sports brow-beating his child for not performing to his expectations. You can almost see them foaming at the mouth as you read their posts.

  253. Vecs says:

    I don’t think we can take your word for it without pictures. lol

  254. WindsorHab-10 says:

    Congratulation Sulemaan & best wishes to you and yours.

  255. Sulemaan says:

    Much obliged Exit, Showey, T-Roy, Windsor et al for the kind wishes.

  256. WindsorHab-10 says:

    I’ll include Huet to the mix just because we might be able to get something valuable in return. It’s obvious that our future rests with Price and hopefully Halak. I’m glad we got pummeled tonight, may be some good will come out of it.

  257. Sulemaan says:

    Already have the baby Hab outfit ready C12. :-)

  258. PGHABS says:

    thank you, outstanding comment

  259. Chuck says:

    Amen! How do you think the Red Wings fans feel right now? Their number one team lost ot the Kings and the laffs in the span of a week!

    “All bow down before the Komisaurus Rex!”

  260. The Teacher says:

    no kidding, he makes good coin 😉

  261. Bill H says:

    Hey, Sulemaan, congrats on the arrival of your daughter. The Bulldogs game was somewhat painful. I just got home and was contemplating the 3-0 lose, so I turned on the Habs game and whadda you know, it was 3-0 too. Ah well, makes you appreciate the wins all the more when they happen.

    We are all looking forward to when your daughter registers as a Habs I/O poster.

  262. idle says:

    Actually they were quite tame tonight compared to normal. I wonder if it is because they know it is Hockey Day In Canada and they are a feature game. They were bad but not as bad as usual. Normally every time anyone looks cross eyed at a Sen they say something brilliant like “so and so better watch himself, he is staring down the barrel of player x” who is always some sort of force to reckon with.

  263. Infanteer says:

    I was born in Gander.

    And yes, Carbs probably had a lot to do with Kovalev’s new life. Coaches are paid to coach, to bring the best out of their players. When their players fail, they fail, and are fired. When their players succeed – as Kovalev has – we say that they have something to do with it. Leadership, line combinations, practices . . . something. Carbs likely has much to do with Kovy’s success.

    How can you possibly say that “Carbo has nothing to do with Kovalev’s turn around. . . Carbo got lucky?” Has Alexi – ahem – Alex – told you so?

    Again, please explain. I’m dying to hear it.

  264. habsgod says:

    HOW DID CARBONNEAU GET LUCKY WITH KOVALEV?EXPLAIN TWILLINGATOR?gainey sat down with kovalev in the off season and they had a talk and kovalev said he wanted to be the kovalev in n.y. so he watched tapes of himself playing back then and got refocused and rededicated and came back a new man!how did carbonneau get luckY?i think you talk sometimes just to hear your self talk!especially with that kind of stupidity that you are saying!!think before you speak!don’t go off at the mouth before the brain engages !it just makes you look like an idiot!!you are very unknowledgable when it comes to knowing anything about hockey!!

  265. Blarneylad says:

    I miss hammer. Does it ever make a difference when he is not in the lineup. Montreal does not need another scoring forward as badly as they need another stud Defensemen. They are on top 4 dman away from being contenders.

  266. Chuck says:

    Just goes to prove that championships are won from the goal out. It’s a lot easier to prevent a goal than it is to score one.

    “All bow down before the Komisaurus Rex!”

  267. doctordreams69 says:

    As for tonight, okay, Huet had a meltdown. Forgive him – he’s been great – and he’ll get himself back in form. That led to the defeat – and, face it, Ottawa is an infinitely deeper, more talented, dominating team… Anyone who things otherwise is dreaming in technicolor.

    Canadiens have had some great wins this year against some streaking teams, but whupping a momentarily hot Islanders or Bruins club is NOT the same as being able to beat New Jersey, Ottawa and the Rangers — and that kind of defines that we’re just not really up to playing with the big boys.

    Sorry – it’s hard to hear that – but it’s most assuredly the truth.

    The Canadiens are awash in marginal talent who have performed over their heads this year. But try this one on for size. Smolinski, Latendresse, Lapierre, Begin, Streit, Bouillon, even the revered Koivu – how many teams in the league would want ANY of these guys? What’s pathetic is how many players are on the Habs who don’t land on the radar screens of ANY of the league’s other G.M.’s.

    It’s time to start gunning for the BIG talent – BIG in size, BIG in scoring ability. And if it means giving up some stuff, even a LOT of stuff, so be it. The only “franchise” player on the team today who is capable of scoring on a nightly basis is Kovalev. We’ll need more to be truly competitive.

  268. Chuck says:

    I wouldn’t call Ottawa deeper. They only have one scoring line, and they were the ones that did all of the damage tonight. Take them out of the mix, and the rest of the team is pretty flat. Even the Ottawa fans think so.


    “All bow down before the Komisaurus Rex!”

  269. habitual says:

    You say: the Canadiens are awash in marginal talent who have performed over their heads this year …

    I say: Nonsense. The testament to the overall team talent is that they are where they are, which is the top 1/4 in the league, this late in the season – 70% done. And since when did the Rangers become one of the big boys? Check the standings.

    The only franchise player is Kovalev? So you would give up Markov, Komisarik, Hamrlyk, Pleckanek, either of the Kostisyns, Huet or Streit? Glad you’re not the GM.

  270. dicktracy says:

    oh ya…this is my grandaughter looking like she is really pissed off at me…usually it works

  271. dicktracy says:

    thanks for all the info, insight, inthusiasim, impatience, empathy and excellent spelling correctors…it has been my absolute pleasure to be reading “all’ of your comments for the last few months…faithfully waiting..pp

  272. planet habs says:

    but guys, our team doesn’t have the track record of Ottawa or Detroit. those teams have the confidence, and know they will come back after a loss. We don’t know that. remember, we’re not supposed to be in this position. analysts said we would finish in 13th place. So I guess up to this date, we’ve overachieved, and maybe now, we’re coming back down to earth. I figure, we’re not as good as our record indicates, and not as bad as the score from tonight. We’re a mediocre team, and can’t be considered in the same class as Ottawa. They’re able to attract UFA’s and we’re not able to. If and when we get a real competitive team with a strong D, and 2 or more lines scoring, then the rest of the league will respect us, but until that happens, we’ll flounder. t’s now up to Gainey to make that big trade, something hasen’t been able to do. Sometimes you have to take the plunge to succeed. Just look at Holmgren in Philasdelphia, or Brian Burke.
    You have to give something to get something back. So we give up a draft pick, a couple of prospects, and Higgins. Look what we’ll get back? Hossa, a true star. that’s what has to happen to improve. sorry for the long rant, but I need to vent.

  273. The Teacher says:

    Let’s all light up a cigar for Suleman!

    CONGRATULATIONS :) Your daughter just gained a very smart Dad :)

  274. TradeRyder says:

    Some statstics from the game:

    Smolinski: 6:47 of ice time and -2
    Kostopoulos: 7:42 and -3
    Begin: 6:18 and -2
    Brisebois: in the penalty box for 2 goals
    Ryder: 18:01 of ice time and 1 shot
    Lats: 12:47 of ice time and 1 shot

    Smolinski should be the first to go. Can you guys update those stats showing how we lose more games with him in the line-up?

    Fall on your sword Smolinski – retire! And give the rest of your paycheck to a Habs charity.

    Let the kids play… let the non-performers watch or walk.

  275. Infanteer says:

    The conversation certainly seems to have picked up in the last few posts. I’m pleasantly surprised.

    1) Hammer missing? Without em,’ Carb’s toolbox is lacking. You try pushing with your palm, and see how far it goes.

    2) Carbs free diet? There seems to be little manoeuvre for the Canadians coach. The KAP line is firing consistently; the Koivu line is shooting blanks.

    3) “Fans?” Despite a solid 29-18-9 record, the Canadians faithful are showing little. There are abundant calls to trade Ryder, many more to release Brisebois or Smolinski, and still more to demote Lats to the minors. The consensus seems to be that without Ryder, Brisebois, Smolinski, or Lats, the Habs would find better a 2nd line winger, 6th defenceman, 3rd line center, or 4th line center among the bums on St Catherines and St Laurent. I bid them good luck, and fare well.

    Personally, I’ll be at the Reds, whenever I can get a seat.

  276. TradeRyder says:

    Remember that Ottawa lost a handful of games without just one or two guys. We are just as vulnerable, that’s all.

    For more detail – see my 7 points below (this thread is moving fast!)

    Let the kids play… let the non-performers watch or walk.

  277. PGHABS says:

    hahaha, good read

  278. G-Man says:

    Youppi on D. Sure he’s soft, but he’s big! :)


  279. TradeRyder says:

    You’re completely right.

    Let the kids play… let the non-performers watch or walk.

  280. slamtherimtim says:

    i agree , how any coach in their right mind would play this guy healthy or not is beyond me , everytime he is on the ice something bad happens , one more lose and moral is going to be way down , we may not be able to wait till the deadline to pull the trigger on a trade ,

    they really didnt play that bad last night , ottawa scored on all their good chances and the habs couldnt do the same

  281. PGHABS says:

    Sulemaan, it’s always a relief to read your posts after reading HJ’s or C12’s.
    Best of luck buddy, cheers

  282. habitual says:

    Long rants are ok, but I would like to point out that other teams, and hockey analysts, do respect the Habs. TSN has had Montreal rated in the top 10 in the power rankings for quite a # of consecutive weeks, and as of this past Tuesday, # 3. Bobby Clarke is not my favourite person, but was quoted recently as calling the Habs “scary good.” Pierre McGuire, again not another favourite, has predicted the Habs will do some damage in the playoffs.

    I would like us to have a scoring winger, and one who is tough and can also be effective. So would the 30 other GMs. The reason there has been so little movement in the league this year is because of the lessons learned from last year’s rent-a-player fiasco. Not one rent-a-player on either Anaheim or Ottawa, the two finalists.

    Look at the fiasco in Toronto: no draft picks and no youth. And I doubt GM Gainey will go looking for an expensive free agent in the summer: we have too many players worth keeping who are approaching UFA status in the next two years and he won’t tie up the cap space.

  283. Shiloh says:

    Congratulations, Suleman. Great news like that makes a hockey game seem so unimportant.

  284. planet habs says:

    when the habs becoming a good team, then they’ll be able to beat the elite teams like, NJ, Ottawa, NYR, Pitt, Phil, Detroit, but we’re not there yet. Changes are in order. It starts with our D. Why not bring up Valentenko, and O’Byrne as soon as he is healthy.Also, we should try and pick up another D man at the trade deadline. Brisebois can’t be allowed to play another game for the habs. he’s so soft, and constantly giving away the puck. What on earth was Gainey thinking when he signed him? terrible move. As far as our 4th liners are concerned, Smolinski is too old, too slow, and too soft. Thank god he was only signed for 1 year.Lapierre is too young, not good enough defensively, yaps but never fights. What kind of message is he sending?
    Bring up Chipchura because he has size and will outmuscle in the corners. Get rid of Dandy and Begin, not tough enough, and lacking skills. Just to reitterate, 1 line scoring, won’t win you a stanley cup. in the playoffs, teams knowing you only have 1 line, will shut it down, and then there’s no other line to score. It’s an absolute must that Gainet gets secondary scoring. He has not addressed this problem for the length of his stay as GM. If he fails to correct this problem, it will only result in his dismissal, because we won’t make the playoffs. as far as our goalie situation is concerned, I say hand the reigns over to the kids. Play Price almost every game, bring up Halak as his back up, and trade Huet. Huet has proven that he chokes when the pressure is on him,in big games, and can’t be trusted to winthe big game. It’s fine to go with the kids, but we need some veteran leadership, and Koivu has nothing left. Send him to a contender because he really wants out, and he is unable to play with anyone. We’ve tried every winger on this team, to no avail. He’s part of the problem. When he goes the team will rise from the ashes.

  285. Sulemaan says:

    Much obliged Teach. A man is often a reflection of the company he keeps. :-)

  286. Dru says:

    Picking up the “mind numbing repetition” theme…

    As far as I know, there hasn’t been a full-on discussion about what HI/O discussions are for, but I think we can say that it has a pretty big impact on how we think about what to post.

    If the purpose of the discussion here is to provide people with a place to vent their frustrations with the team, then it makes perfect sense to have long threads with people repeating the same couple of points.

    If the purpose of the discussion is to share perspectives with a view to helping fellow habs fans understand and better appreciate the team that they follow so passionately, then I think it’s pretty clear that the venting, to the extent that it makes edifying and entertaining discussion harder to find, runs counter to this purpose.

  287. ebk says:

    congrats on the birth of your child , my friend.

  288. The Teacher says:

    Quite true.

    However, is there any way we can enforce this?

    A certain poster recently said this is not a chat site. However, it does seem to be this. And I don’t think intent of creating this site was for that reason. So what options do we have? To skip over the irrelevant and venting posts?

    I commend you for raising this topic Dru.

  289. Hockey11 says:

    Dandenault didn’t play, why dog him? The D is struggling and the big money forwards aren’t delivering, why harp on these guys?

  290. TradeRyder says:

    Back to realty guys – think about it… would this post and most of this threat go under “apprecation of the game” or “venting”?

    Expressing frustation at a situation or player is part of talking about the game. Demers does it – we do it. It’s part of the passion. It’s a matter of whether you do it intelliigently and make a real point or just whine on…. and you’ll never have a “whining” section.

    Let the kids play… let the non-performers watch or walk.

  291. RudeMood19 says:

    Dude, some good points but in fairness to signing Brisebois or signing Smolinski or the secondary scoring problems, do u think anyone predicted, even Gainey, that our young guys who develop seemingly at the same time this year?

  292. Chuck says:

    Dru, what are the chances of getting a “venting only” section on this site so that folks can spout of with their negetivity to their hearts content without clogging up the main pages? (and I ask this only half-jokingly!)

    “All bow down before the Komisaurus Rex!”

  293. A. Berke says:

    First and foremost: Sulemaan: Sincere CONGRATULATIONS to you and to your wife.

    ALL the folks out there asking to trade away this or that or want Gainey get a centre/winger etc.:

    The race to the playoffs is so close (blame 3 point games) in both conferences that there is NOT a single team out there who is willing to trade. If they can be amenable to a trade, then they would want your best forward+ D men+ your first born son and daughter + your 1st and 2nd round picks.

    Sooo, don’t expect any trades right now (maybe after Feb 20). What we got now is what we go to the dance with (hopefully we’ll make it there).


    Ali B.

  294. Da Hema says:


    The Habs are in a slump, and timing had it that they played a motivated team breaking out of a slump. We should not get overly despondent. Even Kenny Dryden had bad games–admittedly though very few. Someone below noted (and sorry I am unable to identify the poster) the Habs are not yet a team that is just one player shy of being a genuine Cup contender. When you have to play Brisebois, you are in some trouble insofar as depth is concerned. I just hope Hamrlik returns soon because he gives the team two very good defensive pairings. Right now they are down to one.

    The good news is that the Boys have been resilient this year. The bad news is that this team still has some passengers–albeit less than last year, which is why they are better this season. Hopefully Chipchura and O’Byrne make their way back to the team soon, and collectively the team snaps out of its doldrums.
    “It’s not a lie if you believe it.”
    –George Costanza, “Seinfeld”

  295. Chuck says:

    My workplace has a spam filter that keeps junk out of my inbox… perhaps we could use the same idea to filter out the negativity and repetativeness. Posts with words like “suck”, “underachiever”, and “Brisebois” could be moved to a separate page. :)


    “All bow down before the Komisaurus Rex!”

  296. The Teacher says:

    Hahaha If you moved those comments elsewhere, Boone would be losing his bets to Dave instead of the other way around!

    Well, this site does not give you the option of blocking certain posters. Would that be feasible?

  297. The Teacher says:

    Mr. Berke.

    You are a long time poster if my memory serves me correctly. Thank you for continuing to post. Your posts are always well thought out and appreciated.

    My dislike of the three point game is well documented. I still don’t understand what was ever wrong with a tie.

  298. RH says:

    Resilient is right. This is the first time they’ve lost back-to-back games, in regulation time, since November.

  299. Sulemaan says:

    Again, much obliged to Ali B, Chuck, PGHabs, Shiloh, Ebk, RH, Bill H, Twillingator (and anyone else I omitted) for the kind wishes. Figured I would share the news with friends.

    Going to crash now. Been a long day mes amis.

  300. Infanteer says:

    Congtats Sulemaan.

    As a competent, clear thinking habs fan, you’re child is automatically privileged.

    Imagine if you cheered for the Leafs!?

  301. Corio says:

    Habs really got put in their place tonight. Thing is, that if you can shut down the Alfredssen (sp!) line you can possibly shut down the Sens scoring and it seems Montreal cannot do that. Emery was quite good tonight, well at least his goal posts were 😉

  302. dicktracy says:

    Sir, blessings and salutations on your new treasure…may you all live long and happy and healthy and….see you at the parade…bless, paul

  303. Chuck says:

    You’re both missing the point, and yet proving it at the same time.



    “All bow down before the Komisaurus Rex!”

  304. nightmare_49 says:

    i’ll second that.

  305. Chuck says:

    I’m not sure that would be the answer, as most folks that post offer up points of view that I want to respond to, even if they can be too negative or repetative at other times.

    Plus, I don’t think that my psyche could take it if I knew how many people had blocked me!


    “All bow down before the Komisaurus Rex!”

  306. Infanteer says:

    As a man who fights for Canada on a daily basis, I think your suggestion equals the black bar they put in front of movie breasts.

    Who decides “happy” talk? And for losses . . . will I be banned?

    Not for me. Let me criticise when I’m able, and applaud when I’m not.

    Any more of an edit and you’re approaching a censor mentality.

    And I’m not capable of being such a censor.

  307. The Teacher says:

    Agree with both points.

    So what is the answer?

  308. Chuck says:

    I don’t know… though my mouse wheel sure does get a workout!

    “All bow down before the Komisaurus Rex!”

  309. KirkMuller93 says:

    Enough is Enough!!!! How long do we have to endure watching Smolinski, Begin, Dandenault and Brisebois….These guys just dont care or just dont have what it takes to play anymore. Its so sad how Steve Begin is known as an “energy player”. He brings nothing to this team, he has no skills and does not even hit anymore and certainly brings no energy. Smolinski just plays with no emotion , just always looks so non chalant. Brisebois is finsihed. Done. Point Finale. Im not just basing this on tonight. These guys have brought nothing all year long and now its catching up with us. A line of Chipchura Dagostini and Locke would bring us more energy than these guys I dont care how young and inexperienced they are. We cant call the Smolinski line a checking line cause they always get scored on, and we certainly cannot call them an energy line cause they bring none. So the kids would not be much worse.

  310. The Teacher says:

    Hahaha, likewise!

    Maybe Dave should create a survey for MEMBERS of the HIO? He can then use the data to reflect, evaluate and improve.

  311. Chuck says:

    After tonights game, I’m all for the Board of Govenors voting for slightly larger nets. At least we would have got to overtime!


    “All bow down before the Komisaurus Rex!”

  312. jew4jah says:

    it’s hard to write sarcasm. but i caught your facetious tone.

  313. ron181 says:

    Why dump on Carbo? He can only manage with what he’s got and stay pat Bob isn’t supplying him with better players. It isn’t all Bob’s fault either with the no trade clauses, other GM’s wanting top prospects and the salary cap. Like Hossa makes 7 million this year and probably wants more if signed long term. What Bob could do is pick up some size and toughness as Lats and Lapierre are major disappointments
    in that area . It’s sad when Bouillon [with all respect for him] has to be the protector. As for wondering why Kommish didn’t do more , I noticed he only played 16 min. and wasn’t on the ice for much of the 3rd period . Let’s hope he isn’t hurt.

  314. The Teacher says:

    Yes, this will be a definite contender to make Aungthwin’s next weekly post.

    Very astute observation.

  315. Chuck says:

    We outshot them by a decent margin tonight, and played well for long stretches after the initial onslaught. Yes, their first line scored six goals, but three of them definitely saw the bounces going their way.

    That said, we let them get into position to take advantage of those lucky breaks. They’re very good at knowing where to be at the right time. They’re still not a lot more than a one line team. We just have to come up with a viable means of making them uneffective.

    I say play the Kovy line against them. At the very least they’d be spending half of their ice time trying to gain puck possesion instead of terrorizing our fourth line and running amok in our zone.

    “All bow down before the Komisaurus Rex!”

  316. Barts says:

    Great game by Alfie. He wears the ‘C’, provides great leadership, goes out and does it on the ice. I ask, where the hell is our Captain???

    And while I’m at it, once again, and man I’m gettin’ sick of saying this… Patrice Brisebois should never see the ice again. Ever.

  317. The Teacher says:

    Easier said than done when you are facing an experienced coach and team at their home arena.

  318. Barts says:

    While I’m at it, what the hell is with Montreal and Hockey Day in Canada games??? Last year against the Sens they lost 11-2 or whatever the hell the score was of that game.

  319. Chuck says:

    True, but sometimes I’d like to see Carbo force the issue a little more. Spezza line out for the faceoff? Quick change and send Kovy’s line out. Throw them off their game by making them play a litte defense and worry about the skill level against them. Ottawa’s alternative? Send out THEIR checking line and keep their biggest scoring threat on the bench.

    “All bow down before the Komisaurus Rex!”

  320. Chuck says:

    You’re sick of saying it? Just imagine how sick we are of hearing it! :)


    “All bow down before the Komisaurus Rex!”

  321. Chuck says:

    When scrolling through the comments, I can guarantee you that any post that mentions Brisebois is a negative one!


    “All bow down before the Komisaurus Rex!”

  322. The Teacher says:

    You make a good point, but again, it’s not easy when you keep losing your faceoffs and are always beginning on the defencive.

  323. Chuck says:

    You’re right. My plan, of course, depends on winning the odd faceoff. :)

    “All bow down before the Komisaurus Rex!”

  324. andrethewebguy says:

    I am 100% positive (errr… I think), that once O’Byrne is healed-up, Brisebois will never see the ice again. Even his rookie mistakes (and there will be some) will pale in comparison to the panicky giveaways, lazy coverage, and soft “checking” he shows every time he’s out there.

  325. G-Man says:

    Agree with most points except BG’s dismissal for not finding secondary scoring. Habs have pretty much the best scouting in the league, 14 draft picks playing on the team right now. Especially agree about Huet. When the pressure is on, he wilts like a dead flower.
    On the other hand, trading Koivu would be hard because of his no-trade clause, age and lack of productivity, but it’s certainly worth a shot.


  326. nightmare_49 says:

    GM Planet – I understand your frustration and you make some valid points but i think you have left us a little weak down the middle with only Pleks (third season) and the other centers if i can read your mind would be Chipchura , Grabovski and Locke (less than 50 games total) as your saviours in front of your rookie goalers. Considering Saku and Smols have no trade clauses this will make your job a little difficult with your trade bait of Breezer , Begin , Dandy , Huet and Lapierre and not too popular with the La Presse.

  327. Chris says:

    That’s the route I would like to see. And unlike Chuck, I have no qualms losing out on the one logical post per hundred. I don’t bother reading some people’s posts anymore anyways, so it would just prevent the site from getting cluttered when I’m actually trying to read something other than “Koivu/Brisebois/Smolinski/Latendresse sucks”.

  328. mrstewart61 says:

    let’s get chris gratton to replace him

  329. mrstewart61 says:

    Smolinski knows how to conserve energy.

  330. idle says:

    I burnt one for you too man. It was green. Not moldy, just green.


  331. idle says:

    “and anyone else I omitted”

    you omitted me you pompous ass…

  332. idle says:

    It also never stops being true that elephants are heavy but I don’t come on here 12 times a day and say it.

  333. Sulemaan says:

    Thanks Paul. My daughter’s grandfather is just as proud of her as you are of yours. As it should be. :-)

  334. Sulemaan says:

    I consider myself an island in a sea of madness here in Toronto. :-)

    Much obliged for the good wishes Infanteer.

  335. Sulemaan says:

    Thank you…

  336. Sulemaan says:

    Idle, I posted the above message thanking people at the following date/time: Submitted by Sulemaan on Sun, 02/10/2008 – 00:13.

    It appears you posted your congratulatory message (for which I thank you) at the following date/time: Submitted by idle on Sun, 02/10/2008 – 11:09.

    So how could I acknowledge a message I did not see as you posted it almost 11 hours afterwards? It’s not quite fair to then call someone a ‘pompous ass’.

    If I wanted to offend you I would be a lot more direct. I can assure you that no slight was intended mon ami.

  337. Sulemaan says:

    As long as it’s a cigar, I don’t care if it’s green,purple, brown or blue.

  338. KirkMuller93 says:

    I really truly hpe that Higgins can turn into Mike Fisher one day. His Effort is there, his heart is there and he has the speed. As for thepassenger on this time Begin, Smolinski, Dandenault , Brisebois its time to go. I said it earlier. Its either they are not willing to battle, grind amd take a hit, or its either they just dont have what it takes to compete at this level. Again how can Begin be classified as an energy player?? He brings nothing, Im tired of hearing how he has heart. He doesnt hit and or do dirty work. If having heart gets you a free pass to play on this team then all of us that post here can play for the Habs cause Im sure we all heart regardless of our talent

  339. RH says:

    I can honestly say that Higgins ‘turning’ into Mike Fisher, one day, is utterly and COMPLETELY, physically impossible. Now, a Mike Fisher TYPE player…

    But wait! Why would you want him to be like Mike Fisher? Fisher has never won any major awards at the professional level. Sure, he has leadership qualities but, for my money, I’d rather Higgins follow in the footsteps of Carbonneau and Gainey. Grinders/checkers/scorers/leaders, who won championships and awards, and did what it took to win. Coincidentally, Gainey happens to be GM and Carbonneau, the coach, of the team he(Higgins) plays for. I guess he’s already on the RIGHT path.

  340. RH says:

    The last time the Habs got spanked by the Sens’, they proceeded to get shut out, in the next two games, by Detroit and Vancouver. Yikes!

    But not all is doom and gloom. Resident poster, Sulemaan, has brought another Habs fan into the world. Well, his wife did anyway. CONGRATULATIONS!!!

    The way I see it, the Habs HAVE to rebound STRONG, against the Lightning on Tuesday. This is a COMPLETE test of character and there really isn’t anything that the coaches can say or do, to make them realize that. This is where the VETERANS really earn there money and #11 SHOWS us all why he’s the CAPTAIN. I don’t care if Carbonneau puts in Huet and Price as his wingers, he NEEDS to carry this team, on there trek through Florida.

  341. martin says:

    sulemann, congrats really like reading your opinions

  342. Sulemaan says:

    much obliged martin. thanks for the kind wishes.

  343. The Teacher says:


    btw, I completely misread your last post.

    Pay me no mind.

    P.S. how can you misspell Grammar when you are such a stickler for it? (and now I’m just busting your…what they play soccer with)

  344. The Teacher says:

    just go to Boone and read my latest post. You will find your answer there.

  345. HotHabs says:

    enuff wit da grammer & spellllling correxions alreddy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    enjoying the high’s of being a Habs fan

  346. Infanteer says:

    Teacher – if that’s you’re real name.

    I read Boone, and found nothing to suggest that a lack of conjunctions was acceptable. Also in: satire is back. It’s the new black.

  347. Infanteer says:

    Oh, thank God! I was worried about my extravaganza tomorrow:

    We were to march North on St. Laurent, chanting:

    Grammer No,
    Go Habs Go!
    Koivu bless

    Trade Ryder
    He’s a Newf!
    Got grade 10
    No need then!

    I was worried that we’d miss your support. Thank you again.

  348. Infanteer says:

    That was actually part of the schtick. Now I know that you really are the “teacher” (Ref: a prev. post)

  349. The Teacher says:

    Ok, I get the schtick part (I pretty much figured that), but you lost me with the reference.

  350. G-Man says:

    Now that’s satire. LMAO! 😀


  351. Chuck says:

    Let me also send congrats your way, Sulemann! It’s nice to have another Hab fan in the world. And how lucky are you… your wife letting you sneak in a period or two of the game! You are truly a lucky man!


    “All bow down before the Komisaurus Rex!”

  352. Sulemaan says:

    Thanks Chuck. But I should clarify, my wife let me see the game AFTER the baby was born and she was in full recovery and resting. I love the Habs but a man has to have priorities…

  353. Chuck says:

    Point clarified!

    Say, you’re from Toronto, are you not? We should get together with a few other Toronto HI/O’ers to take in a Dogs game. My treat since you missed their game against the Marlies!

    “All bow down before the Komisaurus Rex!”

  354. habsgod says:

    suleman congratulations on your new baby!idon’t know what will cause you more sleepless nights your new baby or our habs!lol!good luck with her and again congratulations!!

  355. Sulemaan says:

    Would love to Chuck. As soon as the dust settles…

  356. habs12345 says:

    i still say the habs are better off to not make a big run at the cup this year they are clearly not ready yet. which is completely ok there can only be 3 true contenders in the league all others are what would be called pretenders clearly habs are pretenders (this year) and like i said there is nothing wrong with that.. it’s sure better than being tankers i think the habs should avoid the trade deadline frenzy and maby make a few small (upgrades) in certain areas and not massive changes such as adding a hossa
    i think they should do that in the offseason by UFA

    i think the main thing the habs need to do is find there true shutdown checking line center who excels at faceoffs and has decent size and mobility.

  357. G-Man says:

    The name is Chipchura and he’s logging a lot of ice in Hamilton.


  358. TradeRyder says:

    Amen Habs Prof, Courn., Timo!

    Take heart – we hit a lot of posts, in part it was just one of those games where some bad luck makes things worse. But still.. a serious and sad loss, and few reflections on the game including some things I would LIKE to sledgehammer!!!

    1. We were out-muscled. Why we got softer during the game beats me. Why Komiserik didn’t take out Spezza or Heatley when the game was all but done beats me.
    2. God bless Sergei Kostitsyn. Why he is the only one who reacted with fire despite being out-matched beats me. And Sergei – if someone you know reads this site – stop doing it! We love you, we want you to keep your brains for a long time… at this rate you won’t last very long. Show some respect (and smarts) for this league full of titans.
    3. Wake up call for Bob #1. We are not tough. Redden is tough. Heatley is tough. We are not tough. Go get some toughness already.
    4. Brisebois = embarrassment. How many different ways can this guy show that he does not belong on this team. How about 2 stupid penalties, 2 passes missed at the blue-line, several missed assignments, and most of all – hiding in the corner while everyone else fought his battle. Shame, shame, shame.
    5. Welcome back to November. Statistics don’t lie. Someone a few weeks ago suggested we were winning in part because Smolinski and Brisebois were injured. I agreed with this – guys that don’t work as hard as other guys, make bad passes and more mistakes break up the flow of the game. Playing with these guys is a handicap.
    6. Wake up call for Bob #2. We are not that “deep”. Some of our depth is rather useless aging players, and one complete snake-bitten forward line. Carbo has done what he can – trade someone for crying out loud.
    7. Wake up call for Carbo. Why did you send Halak down without playng a game when we know Price may not be ready? why do you play Smolinski when he just plain sucks. Why do you play Lats when he is sucking? Why do you blame the “team” when half the team played hard and well. You have free-loaders. Get rid of them!!

    Let the kids play… let the non-performers watch or walk.

  359. HAB-PROFESSOR says:


    especially #1 and #4

    I really blew up on one comment below about the Breeze starting something he cannnot finish, and out comes all the tree huggers with their rose tinted sunglasses singing that everything is fine!

    what a joke!….when its fine we say its fine, when its not you say whats not…ok children!

    nothing worse than seeing your team muscled around, punched out and then coming on here and seeing posts that add NO VALUE..posts against other posts!, instead of pointing out what YOU THINK WENT WRONG as you did with your countdown.

    I’ve always said, when its good you talk good, but when there is problems, you talk about the problems!

    1. Thank GOD we have Alex Kovalev… his PRIME
    2. The BELL CENTRE should be rebuilt to sit 80,000 fans
    3. Your’re not a Hab fan till you watch & UNDERSTAND “The Rocket”
    4. We will win the CUP in 2009

  360. habs12345 says:

    i like the way you think

  361. Hockey11 says:

    One loss, Dandy doesn’t play and you jab him early in your post and then later you want him to play D.

    He is better defensively than Begin, Smokes, Kosto, Latter and has more goals than most of the 3-4th liners.

    Carbo needs to settle down and stop flip flopping the thierd and fourth lines and get two lines that can score 5 v 5. There are serious problems there.

    I posted non stop that the Breezer signing made no sense, we had Rivers at camp that could have gome to Hamilton and come up as required.

    Carbo needs to decide what position Streit will play for the stretch drive and playoffs

    Baby Kostitsyn is not playoff ready, OB is not playoff ready, who is the top 4 D?

    What is the hurry with Price?

    Why isn’t Huet signed for a longer term?

    How long do we keep playing Koivu when he can’t produce?

    Why is Carbo singling out Ryder? He is not the only problem

    Why does Higgins start on line 4 and then go to the first line 5 minutes later.

    Why is Carbo F bombing on CBC HD, what message does that send to his players?

  362. 1010 says:

    Yeah Ottawa was good tonight but they also had horseshoes up their ass. The first two goals were flukey. Higgins, who apparently couldn’t put a beach ball into the ocean claimed a goal post and a cross bar in the next few minutes. By the time Ottawa scored a decent goal the game was over. When, or should I say if, the captain and his entourage(Higgins and Ryder) ever figure out how to score again and we get Hammer back and, yes, some goaltending would help, the Canadiens can play these guys a lot tougher than this.
    I hope Bob and Guy aren’t going to remain in denial about needing a big tough ass winger because I think they need that more than anything.
    As long as this game doesn’t get into their heads they’ll do fine.

    GO HABS.

  363. Infanteer says:

    I sure hope that you’re trying for some kind of satire here. Your lack of conjunctions lead me to believe otherwise.

  364. G-Man says:

    Last night has to be filed under FIMO (forget it, move on).Huet’s horrific start compounded by Habs hitting posts and crossbars made for a long evening. Trades may be in the works, but I’ve given up on the trio of Koivu, Ryder and Higgins. This is definitely not their year. They should not play together this season even if it means benching them one by one. Unproductive players should NOT get anywhere near the ice time these 3 are getting.
    Sports 360 panelists last night still complained that Koivu needs a scoring winger. Mitch, we’ve been saying that as long as Koivu’s been here. He’s NOT and NEVER has been that good. 500 points in almost 12 seasons and everyone thinks he’s a #1 center? Gimme a break!
    Lastly, playing Breezer is like starting the game with 5 D men and being down 2-0.


  365. dicktracy says:

    the boss covering his ass? hope that he has proved his point….

  366. G-Man says:

    When your team is stinking the joint out, the coach should be f-bombing. What should he be doing? Smiling and nodding?


  367. Scotty90 says:

    Question for you FFS: Who is your favorite team? honestly now… I would like to know what team you cheer for, and who you live and breathe for….or are you too embarassed to tell me and all Habs fans on this site who that team is? the question is a really easy one for you to answer so don’t come back with a question of your own!

  368. HKisses says:

    After reading that post,i wish it were you that got that vicious uppercut to the head…… go blog on someone who has faith in the Laffs still….

  369. Scotty90 says:

    Suleman…. just now reading through the posts….. congratulations to you and your better half! Hoping that all went well!

  370. Sulemaan says:

    Thanks Scotty. Much obliged sir.

  371. habsguy says:

    a couple of thoughts….after watching Komi the past couple of games, he looks like maybe he hurt his shoulder…Begin is gun shy, trying to avoid hurting his shoulder again…When Koivu was drafted the said ” the only knock agaist him is he’s fearless for someone his size”, maybe time has caught up to him…On the right team with the right linemates Lats would score a ton !!!…If thats the best Lapierre can do, he doesn’t know his role, send him down and bring up Chipchurra…
    FINALLY, I don’t think it was that bad, it was a terrible start, Huet let is a real softie. Playing from behind like that must be tough, NO bounces, FOUR posts…
    FINALLY FINALLY, I have to agree with some of you now, after seeing Kots get pounded, we need a big tough mean PR to look after !@# like that…

  372. Scotty90 says:

    the subject of a true tough guy has come up regularly on this site but i guess its not in the Habs plans to have someone in the line-up that can protect our guys. I’m very disappointed in BG. I’m also sure that the players would welcome such an addition. But thats why BG is bringing in the big bucks, right… to do whats best for the team! Who cares if the players get manhandled in the process? Obviously… not Gainey. He shoould remember the days when he played and he was surrounded by a plethora of skilled players and fighters who didn’t take crap from anyone. But its not his face thats getting pounded, so… no big deal… we don’t need a fighter.. yeah, right!

  373. habsguy says:

    to further my last post….I don’t mean we need someone to just show up, we need someone who will mop up the other teams tough guy ala Laraque…

  374. nightmare_49 says:

    Hamy we miss you. Now posters have realized that the little things you do without flair are so valuable to the team. A little constructive criticism for Carbo or maybe our “D” coach Jarvis. I pointed this out in training camp that keeping the same pairings on “D” all the time (Marky & Komi) would comeback to haunt us. It’s nice to have successful pairings but by not experimenting with new partners during exhibition games and during season games that are out of reach (one way or the other) doesn’t help especially when you lose a stud defenceman like Hamy. Some “D” men like Hamy and Streit can play with almost anybody but Komi and Cube have difficulty doing this cuz they are so accustom to their regular partner and have trouble adapting to their new partner as they both are assertive in their style rather than predictable. You also have to get use to Marky’s style. That’s why picking up a big veteran stay at home “D” man is vital till O’Bryne and the rest mature.

  375. MCHC24 says:

    Kudos nightmare.

    Where is the commentary on #71? I am aghast that this guy is getting so much ice time. Horrible puck control on the point, 2 steps behind and a series of very poor on ice decisions…..enough already. In rec hockey we would punch his lane all night. By the way….that’s exactly what happened last night. Marc and Or Matt have to be assigned to shore things up until we can “build” and old school, roughshod D like years of old.

  376. habsguy says:

    Lets face it guys..this team is two forwards and a quality d-man away from the top…do we have the right guys coming up ?????? far as this season goes, the highs sure have outweighed the lows…it’s been a great season the be a habs fan!!!!!!!!

  377. habsguy says:

    Scotty90…I loved Chris Nilan, but a few years back in the “new” NHL, they were weeding out fighting and that type of player, soooo I was against having a Laraque type player on the team…Seems to me it’s getting more like the old days when you needed a tough guy, I’m all for it now !!!!

  378. HKisses says:

    So ….away from yesterdays losss, Would anyone here give up Higgins plus 3rd round for Hossa?……Just wondering ,don’t bash me for thinking about trades……just something good to think about after a bashing we got last night….. Crazy how Empty Cage Au Sport gets when the Habs go down 3-0 in 5 mins……

  379. habsguy says:

    I don’t know if we need a Hossa type player…If Higgans has the upside most of us think he has, I think he would be a better fit in this team….IF

  380. habsguy says:

    come on, it isn’t that close, check again, it’s 20 points

  381. Pat8987 says:

    Are problems can be fixed quickly without giving up Higgins or too much….
    Chris Gratton would be a perfect fit (Size, offensive ability and can fight as well) We definetly need a fighter that can protect guys like S. Kost from getting a beating….And last but not least a 4th or 5th defense that has playoff expierence (that’s tuff) ideas anyone………..


    Gratton and 12th or 13th forward that can fight vs the best


    4th or 5th defense (I would not mind seeing a guy like Kubina, Hannan or Hatcher) yes they all have there faults but as 4th or 5th defense they would put some muscle in our lineup

    Guys on the way out,,

    Ryder to a team willing to depart with a defense to get scoring help (Philly, Colorado)

    2nr rounder plus cheap prospect for Gratton………

    and Future considerations for FIGHTER

    obviously BG will not be dumb and pass up a chance at getting Hossa if it’s possible but i doubt it…

    So let’s hear all the smart **ses bashing me for bring up this subject

  382. CaptainKomisarek says:

    It was really hard to watch this game. We hit way too many posts..Higgins can’t seem to get out of the doghouse. The game could’ve easily changed if he potted that one..and then the Latendresse break. It could’ve easily been 3-2 at that point.
    Sometimes we need games like these to get us back on track.

  383. belair57 says:

    I just wanted to take twelve hours to re-think my thoughts after last nights game. I was at the game with Starr Express (Team 990), great trip.
    I have posted before what my thoughts are and some of you have completely disagreed.
    I said it once and will say it again and again and again, THE TROUBLE WITH THE CANADIENS STARTS BEHIND THE BENCH.
    The reason Patrice (BRISBYE) Brisbois is playing is beacuse he is Carbo’s friend from the 1993 Stanley Cup team. Why wasn’t Dandy dressed for the game? For all you who will give the reason he hasn’t played defence all year, he won the CUP with Detroit as a defenceman.
    The reason Guillaume (CAN’T SKATE, CAN’T HIT, TOO SLOW) Latandresse is playing is because of the pressure from the media in Montreal. I don’t buy any other arguments, from Guy (THE BIG EGO) Carbonneau. Someone on the bus said Guillaume can’t even hit water if he fell of a boat. SO TRUE.
    The game is ninety seconds old and it is 2-0 and there is no time out called. Oh yes, I forgot, we were not leading 8-2 or it wasn’t the last minute of the game.
    Smoke-Kosto-Begin were playing against there first line and it was obvious it was not working out. If you watch other teams play against top lines they fight fire with fire and what is wrong with that?
    Loosing 5-0 end of the second period, and have a 5 on 3 power-play for a full two minutes. What does THE EGO DO?
    Sends out two defencemans, why not Kovalev at the point and why not for the full two minutes, and maybe even five attackers, what would be the worst case scenerio. 6-0 WHO CARES. At least you tried.
    THE BIG EGO has NO CLUE what to do behind the bench. Him and his stinking system. Loosing to the Rangers after leadind 3-0, almost loosing to the Senators after leading 4-1 and especially loosing to The Leafs are all UNEXCUSABLE. It is time and the time is NOW for Gainey to take a look at this very closely, before the downward spiral starts as it did last year at this time with seven straight loses.
    Communication with your players is a major part of coaching and THE BIG EGO can’t seem to understand that and I don’t believe he ever will. For all you who are still supporting him and thinking that he is doing the best he is given with GIVE YOUR HEADS A SHAKE.

  384. HAB-PROFESSOR says:

    excellent comments…..but we are in the “minority” here, it will take a month of this before the “majority” understand your post….and of course a few wins against cheap teams will make it harder to understand our problems.

    But simply, going up against the elite teams reveals our weaknesses…and what really is dismaying is that we have the tools to correct (dogs) but Carb is very slow to pull the trigger.

    even Obryne being called up is probably to move striet back to forward and push Ryder to the press box, when it should be to put Breeze to the hotdog stand and insert obryne.

    damn, Carb should read this website…
    1. Thank GOD we have Alex Kovalev… his PRIME
    2. The BELL CENTRE should be rebuilt to sit 80,000 fans
    3. Your’re not a Hab fan till you watch & UNDERSTAND “The Rocket”
    4. We will win the CUP in 2009

  385. nightmare_49 says:

    The “D” men you mentioned are not UFA’s – Hannon 4.5 millon and on a long contract , Kubina 5 millon with 2.5 years left and Hatcher 3.5 million for 1.5 year. There’s talk that Philly is really looking for an offensive “D” man so Hatcher may be expendable but a little expensive for Gainey’s liking. We don’t really need to spend a lot of money for a “D” man that’s big and a veteran defensive “D” man but Hatcher (played for Gainey) and Vandermeer (UFA) are thinkers. Also UFAs’ Carney and Norstrom who may be signed much cheaper to a one year contract if needed and there’s Mike Commadore (UFA) at 28 years old all have playoff experience. Chris Gratton should be available but the knock on him is that his physical play and his play overall is inconsistent, but a thinker also.

  386. Shobud says:

    Belair I am with you a hundred percent now.. I wanted to give him a chance to prove me wrong but its over for me..Its strange that the whole team stops scoring except for the one line he has not touched.. No matter how bad brisebois plays he is going to get into the lineup It is not Carbo that has them in second place.. He has not scored a goal this year..If anyone is keeping them where they are its kovi.and the kids

  387. skoehn says:


  388. skoehn says:


  389. belair57 says:

    I must admit I did not read all the comments on the other pages before I posted mine. It seems that alot of us are angry. Thank-you HP, C12, TIMO, SHOBUD for responding.

    On January 22, 2008 when the Habs beat the Bruins 8-2, THE BIG EGO called a time out with five minutes to go leading 8-2 because the Bruins were pressing.
    The record for the Habs for eight games prioir was 6 wins and 2 losses, and since then the record is 4 wins and 4 losses.
    As a coach, that time out call was not only an insult to the Bruins but was also an insult to my own team.
    Pro players have emotions as much as everyone else, and it is the job of a coach to control and communicate with those emotions.

  390. The Big M says:

    Belair 57 and others thinking Carboneau’s time has come. Couldn’t agree more. Game against Toronto, we have the high scoring, high flying Canadiens playing against the lowly Leafs who lost their last game 8-0, and are missing 6 regulars. Playing at home, we have the last change. Toronto starts the Sundin line. Instead of putting our best, the Kovalev line out, he starts Smolinski, Begin and Higgins!! Why?? Maurice must have been as happy as heck. As long as Sundin is out there, Montreal’s top line sits. It wasn’t just to start the game, each period as well. Two minutes left in the game, we are down a goal and who is on the ice? Smolinski for crying out loud.
    Carboneau wasn’t an NHL coach when hired and still doesn’t know which end is up. I have a question, with the exception of Jacques Demers, when was the last time The Canadiens hired an EXPERIENCED NHL coach? And something else to think about. Who is responsible for hiring Carboneau in the first place and continuing to stick with him? Me thinks that maybe the buck should stop at Gainey.

  391. Habster101 says:

    I agree Carbo is messing things up again…playing Breezeby is a mistake, sitting Ryder is a mistake…

    can’t expect Ryder to be at his game after sitting so long and then insterted against the #1 team in the East…

    Ottawa scored 3 very lucky goals right off the bat…

    Montreal hit 4 posts in the game…. and pucks on the goal line at times….if they went in it would have been a complete different game

    we had our chances, fate was against us, nothing we can do about it except swallow the pill and move on to the next game…

    Ottawa got the better of us this time around….

    I am beginning to wonder why Kostop is playing? he is rather useless… I would rather have Dandy in…

    Ryder should be playing constantly and as much as possible…

    Breezeby should be out and to never dress in a habs uniform again…he’s being selfish by preventing a younger more talented player to play….

    put the Ryder/Koivu/Higgs line back together and keep it together thru thick and thin…

  392. planet habs says:

    the habs mid season meltdown has begun. want to know why: Carbo is unable AGAIN to motivate his players, and too many european players, (too lazy and no grit). When Gainey was coach, we didn’t have all these NO SHOW games, and less euros. Has to do with respect. The players don’t respect Carbo, and NO COMMUNICATION between Carbo and the players. Carbo is the wrong coach for this team.He doesn’t take timeouts at the appropriate times, puts the wrong players on the ice, and disrespects all the officials. How many times have I seen the Koivu line out on the PP.they can’t score! why waste the PP on an underproducing line? Carbo has got to be the most egotistical, pig headed coach I’ve ever seen.And if the habs fail to make the playoffs,his head will definitely roll. So I still say that when Carbo goes, along with Koivu, then, and only then will this team’s psyche improve. This team has gotten stale with Koivu, no jump, bad attitude, no energy, lack of determination. It’s time for a new regiem to begin

  393. andrethewebguy says:


  394. HKisses says:

    If Carbo wasn’t the man for this job,we woudln’t be where we are now. He clearly is doing a good job and their is so much he can do. The players are the ones to show up with their “A” game. How do YOU know their is “NO COMMUNICATION” between him and the players? Dumbest thing i’ve heard….. Clearly this is not Carbo’s fault. And as for Koivu’s line on the PP ….Did Kovy’s line score on the PP last night? NO …..SO Don’t judge the coach by one game look at the overall picture and then put it into account that its the players that have to show up …….. Only thing i could agree with you in ur post is Koivu is playing stale ,but he wasn’t stale when they went down 3-0 within 5 mins……so clearly i think its a mental preperation thing for him…..

  395. HKisses says:

    And wat team doesn’t have flaws? I don’t know what perfect world you live in….. You should listen to me ….HABS will make the playoffs….Leafs won’t …..

  396. POPS says:

    Are you guys serious?The Habs are 4th in the conference and you guys are posting as if they are in 14th!The Red Wings are coming off two losses to L.A. and Toronto and I bet the fans in Detroit are not ready to pull the plug on Babcock and Holland!I am not the biggest Carbo fan (as a coach) but he is the boss and motivates the team as he sees fit!I don’t agree with his method of operations all of the time but the standings are the proof!The team has holes,no doubt about it, but the coaching has been pretty good overall.They have a nice good cop/bad cop routine between Carbo and Muller.Special teams have been solid.I don’t like the way he has treated Koivu but that is another story.I think the biggest problem this year has been the goaltending.I can’t remember the last time I watched a game and said “Huet stole that one for us!” or “Price stood on his head to preserve the lead!”I think that the biggest decision for Gainey is this: Huet or Price?If you sign Huet he will command over 4 million per season for at least 4 years.I think Gainey should trade Huet and go with Price right now!Huet is solid but, not spetacular and to win a cup you need spectacular goaltending.Price is the future and the future is now!

  397. rogus says:

    Kyle Chipchura!

  398. rogus says:

    Tough loss. Obviously some players can’t keep up and something needs to be done with them. On the bright side we are an O’byrne, a Hammer, and a Chipchura away from a very long spring…

  399. POPS says:

    P.P. unit for planet habs: Lapierre, Kostopoulos and Begin with Dandy and Bouillion on the point!!!!!!!!!!Stanley Cup is coming!

  400. belair57 says:

    The Habs 4th in the conference can change to 10th with less than a hand full of games.
    Special teams. The power play is not where it is comparing to a month ago. As for PK, Carbo and Jarvis were one of the best in PK, why is it that we are sitting around the 20th spot in the league. Great doers can not always be great teachers.
    All I am saying is that, certain decisions are being taken that have been mistakes in the past but we keep making the same mistakes.
    Example. Favoritism (Patrice and Guillaume)
    Time out calls
    Putting the right line out
    Getting the best out of your players.
    5 on 3 PP
    He is being out coached most of games, and it
    hurts when it is a home game where he has the last
    Some posts have indicated where he has been out coached so I will repeat them. (ex. Toronto game)
    The reason this team is in 4th place is not because of Carbo, it is because of Kovalev.

  401. idle says:

    We are all entitled to our opinions, but unless you are very close to the team (in the locker room) then no one has the right to discuss what players are personally favored by the coach or Gm or what the players think of each other or the coaches etc. This is a theme that seems to crop up here often enough, about what person is who’s pet or who dislikes who and none of us are qualified to say that especially not as though it were fact. There is already enough politics that follow this team around without us adding to it. When we talk about things without first hand knowledge of it then we are simply being ignorant.

    If you do have first hand knowledge of it then you are probably not spreading it around chat rooms or you won’t have first hand knowledge for long…

  402. idle says:

    What did you want? For the Habs to beat all the elite teams and win the cup this year?? And you tell us we don’t understand…

  403. idle says:

    I’m pretty sure the Leafs missing 6 regulars makes them a better team then they were.

  404. HKisses says:

    Well your Mr.Fact go look it up and you come tell me….

  405. TC says:

    1- Driving over three hours to go see the game.
    2- Purchasing a ticket for twice the face value before the game.
    3- Waiting over two hours to be seated at Marshies for a pregame meal.
    4- Setting a land speed record for a eating 1 pound of wings, so we wouldn’t miss the start of the game.
    5- Arriving at our seats right before the anthem begins.
    6- Sitting right behind the Canadiens net.
    7- Watching the Habs get hammered by the Senators.



  406. Scotty90 says:

    I know Habsguy…. all the other teams have muscle and some are overflowing with it. When push comes to shove, unless we keep up with the times, Habs will be the ones sitting on their arses. I heard that Detroit was looking at bringing back McCarthy! Hello BG… hello Guy…. what is that telling you?

  407. nightmare_49 says:

    Maybe we should say “The player that’s never in the doghouse”. When something is obvious and someone is pampered you don’t have to be close to the locker room to realize there’s something wrong and their’s nothing wrong with stating it. He is Carbo’s pet who has stated he’ll be the next Michel Goulet.

  408. POPS says:

    Kovalev has been great but, what about Komisarek, Plekanec, Kostitsyn, Markov, Streit, and Hamrlik? I agree that Kovalev is the catalyst but, these other guys have been super.I give alot of credit to Carbo for empowering Kovalev and giving him the added ice time and responsibility.He learned from his mistake last year and is trying to keep Kovalev happy and therefore involved. When Begin’s stick breaks and the puck is turned over, is that the coach’s fault? When Huet can’t freeze the puck from a bad angle shot and the opposition shovels the puck into an open net, is that the coach being out coached?

  409. HAB-PROFESSOR says:

    I never commented on winning the cup this year or beating the elite teams, thats for 2009!

    What I am saying is that we have “potentially” better players but for some reason Carb is not using them/trying them.

    CHIP for SMOKE

    LOCKE or FERLAND for BEGIN/KOSTOP take your pick…

    1. Thank GOD we have Alex Kovalev… his PRIME
    2. The BELL CENTRE should be rebuilt to sit 80,000 fans
    3. Your’re not a Hab fan till you watch & UNDERSTAND “The Rocket”
    4. We will win the CUP in 2009

  410. cournoyer12 says:

    How did you feel about the Canadiens after that, do you want them to stand pat, and see more of that, or try something to improve ourselves.?

  411. cournoyer12 says:

    Hey facts guy, whats up. Poster named KJ David gave a sshpeel about Hiet giving up HIS three goals quicker than Price did, and the denies he said it. If you look at Boone,s Capital Punishment article from 10;20 pm, there it is in black and white. How can a poster care about which goalie gave up his goals quicker in a 6-1 Habs thrashing???

  412. Spartan117 says:

    everyone who thinks huet should be traded…Huet is solid, price is good, but 1 amazing season doesnt mean hes everything…look at lindros he had a ton of good seasons. and look at theodore, 3 seasons being the best goalie in the league, and now what…keep huet, he fucked up, yeah hes human. w/e hes usually solid and we love him, halak was here for a bit, and hes good too, but we can trade him for someone else. The problem is Breezy, Latendresse and possibly smolinksy, and everyone else who is below -5. the Koivu line was amazing last year, and there having a bad time, but they were the best line against the sens (even tho kosty sr scored) but give em time, dont fall of the wagon yet boys :)

  413. showey47 says:

    sur,but the guys they were missing wouldn’t even make our team. It would be like us missing breezer, dandy, smolinski, etc…. missing but not being missed.

  414. showey47 says:

    doesn’t matter, your laffs will still miss the playoffs, fact

    i have already proven your laffs play teams who play the night before more than the habs do and it hasn’t helped your laffs, fact

    if the laffs won all their remaining games it will give them 105 points, being a .500 team all season that will maybe get then 80 points, fact

    i hope the laffs go on a winning streak and finish 9th in the conference so not only do they miss the playoffs for a 3rd straight year, they blow their lottery pick, fact

    paul maurice guaranteed a laff playoff spot and be a contender for the cup,fact

    40% of all nhl refs are from ontario fact

  415. nightmare_49 says:

    Scotty – Carbo’s the one that said he didn’t want an enforcer unless he can take a regular shift and add something more than knuckles to the team. Remember Gainey had Ivanans and Langdon in the lineup before Carbo took over. Actually i was pleasantly surprised at Ivanans play of late and didn’t look out of place at all . mind you this is based on only two games.

  416. Scotty90 says:

    Hi Nightmare… ideally the enforcer would be a Neil type player, but just a couple of inches taller and 30 pounds heavier.

  417. Scotty90 says:

    I didn’t think you would be able to answer with a straight answer to a simple enough question…. and I wasn’t looking for your life story, but after having read it, it appears as though you may be suffering from a condition called post-traumatic syndrome that would have been caused by the Chelios trade and exacerbated by NHL expansion. You may still be able to get help for the condition but I think you are too far gone, maybe they could just euthanize you and put you out of your misery and us out of ours! Maybe we could even get Komi to drop the gloves and say nighty-nighty.

  418. Scotty90 says:

    Yes, hockey is watered down, but that is out of our control. There is nothing I would like better than for the league to cut down by 6 teams and relocate a couple to Canada, where hockey is a passion and a way of life. As for being over paid…. yes, I will never understand why players make more than heart and brain surgeons and leaders of countries. But its a business and people will always pay for entertainment. Why do movie stars make millions to act in a movie, why do bank CEOs’ make millions and why do big oil execs make millions? etc….

    So, back to living and breathing hockey. Hockey is part of being Canadian and the sport was a big part of my growing up, and now its a big part of my kids’ lives. I am a strong supporter of the Habs and have been my whole life. I hurt real bad when things aren’t going well for them and I am proud and overjoyed when things are. Bad mouthing the Habs.. feels like an attack on me. I am probably speaking for a lot of people on this site, so I can understand the unfriendly comments you get. Its your opinion and its a free country, I agree, but the opinions and negative comments you post appear to have one purpose only and that is to P— people off on this site. That’s my opinion! Now, if the Habs want to trade Chelios to Chicago and Chicago agrees, if Washington wants to pay Ovechkin mega-millions a year, and the NHL wants to add new teams… well, you said it… its a free country!

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