Game 51: Alexander the GR8 lights it up

Alexander Ovechkin celebrates one his four goals on Thursday night.
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The Canadiens might have stolen a point on Thursday night in Washington, but Alexander Ovechkin stole the show. Ovechkin scored four goals, including the game winner in overtime as the Caps avenged their 4-0 defeat in Montreal two days ago with a 5-4 victory.

The Canadiens were able to overcome deficits of 3-0 and 4-2 to grab a point, but they had no answer for Ovechkin, who also assisted on Viktor Kozlov’s goal in the second period, giving him a five-point night. Ovechkin now has 43 goals on the season, tops in the NHL.

The Canadiens came out flat in this one and Oveckin made them pay. He got things going in the first period when he riffled a one-timer past Cristobal Huet while the teams were playing 4-on-4. Ovechkin was left all alone to Huet’s right and the French goaltender had no chance.

Kozlov made it 2-0 in the second period with a tap-in from in front of the net on a nice feed from Ovechkin, who added his second of the game a few minutes later when Kozlov returned the favour and sent Ovechkin in on Huet, beating him with a quick shot over the shoulder.

That’s when the Canadiens got things going. Sergei Kostitsyn scored his fifth of the season 13 minutes into the second period on a pass from Guillaume Latendresse. Andrei Kostitsyn made it 3-2 with a power-play goal with less than one second to play in the frame. It marked the first time brothers have scored in the same game for the Canadiens since 1974.

Ovechkin appeared to put the game away with his third of the game midway through the third period, but the Canadiens were not done yet.

Latendresse scored with a little more than six minutes to play to make the score 4-3 and he added his 14th of the season to tie the game with 33 seconds to play and force overtime.

Huet faced 38 shots, making 33 saves on the night. Capitals goaltender Olaf Kolzig had an easier night, but allowed four goals on 21 shots.

With the point for an overtime loss, the Habs moved within five points of the Ottawa Senators, who were 4-1 losers to the Boston Bruins.

The Canadiens return home to play back-to-back matinees on the weekend. The Islanders are in town on Saturday, while the Rangers come to the Bell Centre on Super Bowl Sunday.


  1. HAB-PROFESSOR says:

    I started a BRASHER at the top…i think it needs attention because if were talking trade then lets talk about filling a DEFICIENCY!

    Yeah i agree on RECCHI, only reason they didn’t pick him up is size.

    1. DON’T imprison the FLOWER, not even for an HOUR…else we’ll RIOT!
    1. Thank GOD we have Alex Kovalev… his PRIME
    2. The BELL CENTRE should be rebuilt to sit 80,000 fans
    3. Your not a Hab fan till you watch & UNDERSTAND “The Rocket”

  2. Shiloh says:

    AK46 is my favourite player, along with Kovy. It killed me to have him sit for four games this year while LaSlowesse dressed. Let’s throw Billy Tenderness in the trade hopper. I’d ship him, Dandy and Ryder for Jokinen in a minute.

  3. Ed says:

    And it is a FACT that his laffs will not make the playoffs.

  4. coutNY says:

    10-1-0 on Thrusdays…

  5. mjames says:

    The team is near the top of the league in GF. I do not think that is a weak spot. How many goals do you need?


  6. Ed says:

    I see lots of comments about how the Canadiens are doing in the Conference standings, but I was surprised to see that they are 5th overall in the NHL. The present and future definitely look bright. This is a young team that is only going to get better. Look at the great progress made by our young players this year. Here are the overall standings. Click on the NHL standings, and then click the league standings. San Jose and Dallas are only one point ahead of us, and we have games in hand on both.

  7. Ian G Cobb says:

    Sad that some people can’t recognize that we have the horses now to get us there. These dreamers better wake up soon Moey, because most of us here appreciates this group as it is. We are having a ball watching this team develop shift by shift, game by game. Winning that cup is a lot sweeter if one understands and enjoys the slow grinding development process.–Ian

  8. HAB-PROFESSOR says:

    but it wont be the same washington team that hits the ice tonight…thats my point.


    the fact that GREEDCHKIN signed the highest contract in the history
    of the NHL and shunned us in the process, slapped our face with that
    setup…thats a lot of KARMA.

    so the WALL he ran into called KOMI..the SLICE/CUT he received from
    KOSTOP, the lanes that were ripped from under his fleet skates by our

    lets hope it continues…

    1. DON’T imprison the FLOWER, not even for an HOUR…else we’ll RIOT!
    1. Thank GOD we have Alex Kovalev… his PRIME
    2. The BELL CENTRE should be rebuilt to sit 80,000 fans
    3. Your not a Hab fan till you watch & UNDERSTAND “The Rocket”

  9. Hoegarden says:

    what’s making Joki so available do you think ? His contract, some to do with Martin ? with the owners ? He seems happy in Fla.

    By the way, do you type at 100 words a minute ??

  10. Cable Guy says:

    I totally agree with you that these guys haven’t peaked yet and it would be a huge mistake to let them go. Mike Milbury traded Luongo and Jokinen to florida for basically nobodies because he wasn’t patient. Where’s milbury now…..he’s on TSN.

  11. coutNY says:

    Why would you want Goc? We have a better version with Chipchura and definately in Lapierre in his position. Not even that big or gritty.

    We have the room fit Hossa especially with a Ryder move… Halak is never going to get a chance here…WE don’t need another center…. If Hossa doesn’t work out we don’t try to sign him as a UFA.

    We have nearly 5 million to spend at deadline… that money doesn’t get refunded to be used next year. I am sure Gillet won’t cry poverty and he already figured the money in with the ticket price hike.

    This deal works for us without losing too many future assets. But I doubt it would work for Nashville!

  12. Hoegarden says:

    Carbo was quick to reply that both he and Boudreau had been around hockey long enough to know that even with a three goal lead with three minutes left is no guarantee. He then mentioned that he’s lost games in the past with the same situation.
    Surely, it must have been while he was with the Blues !!!!

  13. HAB-PROFESSOR says:

    your methodology is that these “powerhouse” teams have enough depth to trade some talent (or unproven talent) away so they can pickup some missing role or game breaker type player…fine and makes sense.

    but who you give up is not 2 starters (unless they are 4th line or hotdog stand guys)

    wouldn’t it be something to be a fly on the wall (hotdog stand) press box now with Dandy and Breeze talking!!!…wonder what their saying!
    1. DON’T imprison the FLOWER, not even for an HOUR…else we’ll RIOT!
    1. Thank GOD we have Alex Kovalev… his PRIME
    2. The BELL CENTRE should be rebuilt to sit 80,000 fans
    3. Your not a Hab fan till you watch & UNDERSTAND “The Rocket”

  14. Bill H says:

    About this Jokinen rumour.

    First off, as has been mentioned already, if the rumour comes from Eklund, that pretty much guarantees that it won’t happen.

    Second, I would agree with those who believe that Jokinen would be a great addition to the Habs. A big centre who has 38 and 39 goals the last 2 years, and is on track to do it again this year. He’s not a rental as he is under contract through next year, and the cap hit is $5.2M; not a lot for what we would be getting. And at age 29, he’s still in his prime and capable of producing good numbers for a few years yet. The only question, and it is a big one, is what do we give up to get him.

    I haven’t come across anyone refusing to give up Dandenault and Ryder to get Jokinen. The debate gets a little more interesting when we start to talk about giving up Higgins, Pleks or K1. Let’s look at some numbers.

    Has been a little slower to develop than had hoped. Age 24. Last year he was off to a fast start, but then was injured, and when he came back, he played injured for the rest of the season. In 61 games he had 22G 16A and 38 Pts. So this year we were all hoping he would take it to the next level. He hasn’t quite done that, although with a record of 16G 16A 32Pts this year, he could be doing a lot worse. He could very well have a career year, but given the promise he showed last year until he was injured, most are disappointed with him.

    Centreing our most productive and consistent line this year Pleks has put up great numbers with 16G 28A 44Pts. Age 25. Last year he was 20G 27A 47Pts, so his production is going in the right direction and most believe he hasn’t peaked yet.

    The youngest of the 3 forwards I am looking at here, at age 22, he has caused at least as much excited speculation about his future as anyone else on the team. This is his breakout year with 14G 16A 30Pts in 46 games.

    I don’t think Jokinen is worth parting with any of these players that are key to our future. Jokinen does have more impressive numbers, but everone is focusing on his last 2 years. Take a look at his numbers when he was the age of the players that we are considering here.

    Born Dec ’78
    His first full year in the league was ’99 – ’00:
    11G 10A 21Pts in 82 games

    Followed by seasons of:
    6G 10A 16Pts (’00 – ’01)
    9G 20A 29Pts (’01 – ’02)
    This last stat was when he was age 23.

    My point is that all 3 of our young, core players have performed at a higher level and at a younger age than Jokinen. It would be a mistake to trade them at this point in their careers. They are the very core of our future. We trade any one of them for a 29 year old and we are cashing out on at least 5 of their most productive years, and we are messing with team chemistry while we are doing it. We trade any of those guys now, and how do you think our RFAs and UFAs will feel when they are renegotiating next year and the year after? They’ll be thinking, “This is a business. The club doesn’t hesitate to trade away my buddies when they think they can improve the lineup, why should I not sign somewhere else and make a cool million a year more?”

    We have the winning combination now. Show confidence in our players and help them maximize their own development. They will show their loyalty and bring us the Cup.

  15. krob1000 says:

    I wondered about that too in the dying minutes when we did that. I thought is would have been a good opportunity to throw out Ryder, Sergei K and maybe Lats or Smolinski. It was nice to see Kovy score but I am glad you mentioned it because when it happened I thought the same thing given the back to back thing. Then again though they fired a puck into the net after the whistle (Huet then shut them out so maybe we should let teams do that).

  16. showey47 says:

    actually i already made him eat crow about his alleged fact about montreal playing teams that played the night before. He claimed it happened 10 times but it only happened 5 times, 2 less times than his laffs. His facts are about as realistic as his laffs playoff chances.

  17. mjames says:

    NO No NO !!!!!!


  18. showey47 says:

    and moey you will be there to rain on the stanley cup parade with your negative comments and insults.

  19. Ed says:

    You are back, and now you live in Factville. I thought you lived in Dorval before. Where is Factville, and why have you changed your name from cagerattler, to factrattler, to for-fact-sakes? If you are not the original cagerattler, I apologize, but I think you are. In FACT, I know for a FACT, that you are that FACT rattler. Keep up the good work throwing those FACTS our way. We need all the FACTS we can get. In FACT, we really look forward to our HABS winning again tonight. If they win, that will be a FACT after the FACT, and if they lose, that will be a FACT after the FACT. Oh my head is spinning with all those FACTS. You can’t deny FACTS. That is why they are called FACTS.

  20. habfan53 says:

    In an interview in french on Tuesday Gainey said he would look to see who was available but was not a big fan of rent a player type deals. When you look at the deals made at the deadline over the last couple of years (Thachuk, Bertuzzi last year) they generally don’t pan out (Bourque was the exception).

    As for my two cents the ONLY untouchable on this team for me is Mike Komisarek. Thats not to say that I would trade any player right now but he is the only one that I would not trade under any reasonable circumstances.

    Our depth is in goal and on the blue line we have roster players and prospects for years to come where we lack depth is upfront (2 defencemen playing forward) and there is not much in Hamilton (Chipchura being the exception).

    Even though as of today we are 2nd in points (4th in wins)in the East I don’t beleive we are a serious cup contender YET I think we need a little maturity and one or two consistent forwards

  21. Habster101 says:

    yes you are right,

    but, Montreal learned last game how to shut down and dominate Washington, so by rights they should be able to carry it on tonight….

    its not like they played another team in between, they are going right back at it…they know what their mind set is at…

    surely it will be tough because the Caps will be coming out with everything they have, but if they can pop in a couple early ones it will be a peacefull night….

    but they have to score early or else Washington will grow on them and cause a threat…

    plus to win these two games is a playoff test to see how they do against back to back games against the oppositions…

    it will be a good one, and Koldzilla will be just that….cold

  22. Blitzen says:

    We have SKoz for that. :hyper:

    A guy who would’ve messed with Gretzky would have had the league on his ass. I think that’s even more of a deterrent than Semenko.

  23. thegreatgazoo says:

    Habs record on weekends (Fri-Sun): 6-11-5 (.386) 15 games left
    Habs record on weekdays (Mon-Thu): 21-4-3 (.803) 17 games left

  24. krob1000 says:

    I’ll make a gentlemen’s bet with you that both the 1st and 2nd place teams in the league each make significant moves. I’d even go as far to say that four of the top five teams at the deadline will make moves if not all of them.

  25. ebk says:

    K1 will not get Vanek money and I doubt he will get Penner money either but you make a great point. He also has the option of moving to Russia and the Habs would get nothing. He will not be cheap. Somewhere in the range of what Komisarek and Higgins received this year.

  26. krob1000 says:

    Read up on the Wings and Sens …they are both looking to deal.

  27. krob1000 says:

    I agree about pretty well all of that. Those guys are pretty well untouchable. We have Halak, Dandy, Ryder, one of Gorges, O.B., top d prospect, draft picks and several other tradeable assets that are not helping us out by sitting in pressboxes, playing limited minutes or competing against AHLers, also the rigths to Perezhogin. We have several assets (too many at Defense and goalie) so we can now address the last part of the 5 year plan which is the forwards.

  28. drecha says:

    No doubt, but competitors look for any edge they can get, and if there is room for improvement you have to do it. There is no perfect team out there and I assure you every team is looking to improve, whether it is for immediate needs or future needs, you have to look at all avenues to get better, trading is one effective way of doing it.

    The tank is full, now let’s map the route for the drive to 25!!

  29. Habster101 says:

    difference with Breeze and Dandy in what they are ssaying is this…

    Breeze-” OMG I am so glad I am back here in Montreal and Im not getting booed anymore, I hope they dont ask me to play that way I wont get hurt and I can just get payed and retire here”

    Dandy- “Damn it, I want to play…I want to get out there on the ice and do something…”

    thats the difference…

    who do you want on the ice?

  30. krob1000 says:

    Jokinen and the coach Martin do not get along apparently and he is listed at the top of most rumours sites. We all know these are just rumours sites but it is still fun and there are only so many deals that could make sense. Getting Jokinen would make sense.

  31. Habhopeful says:

    Hoegarden…I watched the pens/thrashers game also and that was not a dirty hit by ruutu, it was all kovalchuks fault, ruutu was going in for the solid hit and kovalchuk seen it last second and stupidly only moved his upper body and left his lower body including his knees directly in the way of ruutu’s…Kovalhuck moved last second and it was too late…I dont like to see players get injured but by all accounts if you gonna attempt to dodge a hit, move your whole body dont leave one place vulnerable, in kovalchuks case he left his knees vulnerable…That was just a freak accident and in no way intentional, only because ruutu is a grinder/agitator everyone believes everything he does to be malicious…That is why he is not being suspended because the league looked at it and knew that there was no intent to injure…I’m just saying…

  32. wd40 says:

    For those intent to injure pentalies, it should be an eye for an eye. Ruutu sits as long as Kovalchuk does. Minimum.

  33. Ed says:

    You are right about Andre Kostitsyn attracting a lot of attention, and possibly being offered big money. If this happens and Montreal has to match, then they would possibly end up paying him more than they want to. This is an interesting situation, and how will Gainey deal with it. He has to be one of our biggest priorities for next season. I feel he has more potential upside than some of the guys who got big dollars last year, e.g., Penner and Vanex.

  34. showey47 says:

    going to be a little tougher to get the matchups against ovy tonight due to being the road team and i also don’t think the caps were impressed with us icing our top poweplay units trying to score more goals in a game that was already over. I expect the caps to come out hard early on, if we can come out of the first at least tied we will be fine.

  35. Blitzen says:

    I say play with them and trust your D and goalie. I think we can take them in a shoot out if we forecheck them into the ground.

  36. krob1000 says:

    Scorers is excatly who I am talking about. Numbers mean dollars and numbers decline in Montreal. Scorerdon’t flourish here as we are a defense first team and like to play four lines. Add in the pressure when you slump or are off your game, the taxes, the language issues , the weather and it makes it pretty difficult. I am notsaying we make a trade for the sake of making a trade but a top line scoring player is what we are missing and most in need of in my opinion. I don’t think Jokinen is a crapshoot…he has been a model of consistency and is a leader and work ethic ahas never been a questuion for him. Samsonov was a crapshoot….he is actually faring well in Carolina but the situation as to be ideal for him to thrive. Hamrlik….no argument here that was a great move. we may not like it when e is 38 and making 5 milliion but we will have him when we need him most (next three years). I don’t want to thrown in the moon wbut we have plenty of young stars to offer up. We have too many prospects and not enough roster spots going to be opening up. There ar eonly a handful of guys that I’d like to see come here (of the rumoured group). Jokinen is at the top of that list (of course dependant upon cost).

  37. Habster101 says:

    you want to get rid of all our strength players…our only players that hit and play physical???

    c’mon, first of all a trade is not even necessary, the chemistry on the team is perfect right now…

    why are we even talking about a trade?? I could see if the team was losing and trying to catch the last playoff spot or something??

    but like Habs-Professor said in his earlier post…..we are in 2nd place….not 28th…

    If the team goes into a flat spin, then maybe we can talk about a trade…but for now lets enjoy the way they are playing…

    they are like a fine tuned machine right now….

  38. HAB-PROFESSOR says:

    Godzilla is back in the nets and the greedchkin has a lot to prove in this bounce back game….this will be a bigger test than at home under these circumstances.

    A sharp Huet will be the key in the first period and if we put in a few quick ones then all will be good…

    otherwise it will have to be a ala’Devils type of dish served…and those are a rarity.

    Murder capitals will come out flying…do we match them for a thrilling no whisleblowing first frame or do we sit back and try to weather the storm thats coming….and believe me, its REALLY COMING! 30-40cm of it!!!
    1. DON’T imprison the FLOWER, not even for an HOUR…else we’ll RIOT!
    1. Thank GOD we have Alex Kovalev… his PRIME
    2. The BELL CENTRE should be rebuilt to sit 80,000 fans
    3. Your not a Hab fan till you watch & UNDERSTAND “The Rocket”

  39. Hoegarden says:

    After watching the Pens/Trashers game last night, Gainey should seriously consider shopping for a real enforcer, ONLY if the price is right.
    That punk Ruutu got away with another cheap shot and no one knows, as of this morning, how long Kovalchuck will be out and all he gets is 5 mins for kneeing, 5 for fighting and a game misconduct. Of course Ruutu denies trying to hurt him. Nice of McCarthy to step in but not enough in my book as Ruutu will keep at it every chance he gets.
    No one ever messed with Yzerman and Gretzky. Would Probert and Semenko have anything to do with this ? We should protect our assets before we lose them to the likes of this punk.

  40. HAB-PROFESSOR says:

    moved under Krob thread
    1. DON’T imprison the FLOWER, not even for an HOUR…else we’ll RIOT!
    1. Thank GOD we have Alex Kovalev… his PRIME
    2. The BELL CENTRE should be rebuilt to sit 80,000 fans
    3. Your not a Hab fan till you watch & UNDERSTAND “The Rocket”

  41. Blitzen says:

    If I’m Gainey, I sit tight unless some ridiculous trade is offered. The Habs weren’t supposed to be this good this year. I think that, right now, Gainey has more potential downside than upside in a trade. Can you imagine him trading away while the team is going full out and then the team tanks after the trade? He would get crucified and you know it.

    I say let the chips fall for this year and let other teams go out and overpay for rentals. In the offseason, I’m willing to bet that someone à la Dumont will be interested in coming here as a UFA since the team is turning into a contender. I cannot believe that ALL UFAs only care about money/taxes. Some prolly want to win too.

    I could see Gainey trading some prospects for high draft picks since the next couple of drafts will be deep.

  42. coutNY says:

    I agree a smaller complimentary piece… would suite this team much better and with less of a price tag, both talent and money wise.

  43. coutNY says:

    I think Eklund had him or Svatos moving as a possibility late summer months…

  44. RetroMikey says:

    Latest rumour…see my post.
    “We will win the Cup only with Carey Price in the nets”

  45. Moey says:

    Saku & the boys will be skating with the cup and people will still be making trades here.

  46. rogus says:

    Habs win 4-3 late in the 3rd. And I’m not “Jokin-en” LOL

  47. krob1000 says:

    I have enver heard of Hejduk being available or even involved in a rumour anywhere. Also they are still without Stastny, Smyth and Sakic and don’t appear to be able to afford to deal one of their scorers. When they were healthy it seemed Svatos was maybe on the table but Hejduk hasn’t come up that I have seen anyway).

  48. Jay in PA says:

    I don’t think BG is going to pull off any trades for name players unless it’s a Kovy-style trade in which he trades away a second-round pick and a guy who’s had a couple of cups of coffee in the NHL but doesn’t fit into the team’s plans. It’s contrary to his style, for one thing–he’s no wheeler-dealer–and there’s no one on the team, save Ryder and the spare parts (Dandy & the Breeze), that is not a part of the future and/or a key part of the present. Dandy might welcome a trade–and it will probably happen–but he won’t bring more than a role player.

    It’s fun to consider big trades, and if we had Bob Clarke, Mike Milbury, or Cliff Fletcher as a GM, we could have a reasonable expectation that such a trade might take place. However, we’ve got BG, and he’s just not going to do it. Plus, compared to those guys, he’s had a lot more success building teams that win.

  49. Mike says:

    I noticed this yesterday and was surprised no one commented on it. I think thgat besides J.P. that this is the most realistic. I would expect either a ryder dandy and 2nd rounder for him and 3rd rounder or a ryder and prospect.

  50. HAB-PROFESSOR says:

    Don’t do ANYTHING….We don’t need that JOKE….or any other JOKES out there…

    are you people nuts!…we are in 2nd place!, not 28th!

    1. DON’T imprison the FLOWER, not even for an HOUR…else we’ll RIOT!
    1. Thank GOD we have Alex Kovalev… his PRIME
    2. The BELL CENTRE should be rebuilt to sit 80,000 fans
    3. Your not a Hab fan till you watch & UNDERSTAND “The Rocket”

  51. coutNY says:

    I like Ol’Jokee, but who seriously would we give up that they’d be interested in that wouldn’t negatively disrupt the chemistry we’re experiencing and our future?

    What center would be moved? I doubt Pleks for obvious reasons… Smokes I doubt they want a vertran 3rd line FA center if you we’re giving up on the playoff by trading OLEE, also that has a NTC to combat such a move in the first place. LaPierre??? Possibily if they we’re thinking of the future about adding a good forechecker… very questionable. Koivu??? Also has a NTC in place and at his age wouldn’t go to a non-cup contender and would negate the friendship tie to this trade. So we would have a surplus of Centers right?

    Next who else would go… I am sure they would want Pleks, Kostitsyn(s), or a Higgins type prospect to offset their offensive loss, all whom are covented in this Org. I would hope!

    What Defensive Prospect? O’Byrne… Valentenko…. Carle?

    I guess this assumes that Eklunds rumor is what they were asking for…

    But Not sure how it would work unless we give up something big that has contributed to this seasons success…

    I don’t see a major move occurring unless we tank from now until deadline…

  52. mrstewart61 says:

    I mentioned yesterday about trying to get Hejduk. A 2nd tier talent that I think would look good on Koivu and Higgins’ line. If we could get them to take Ryder, a defenseman (Dandy or Cube, maybe Gorges) a prospect and a draft pick. How about the rights to Perezhogin?? Emelin?

  53. drecha says:

    You said it!, We have so much talent we are sitting veterans!! There has to be a trade to free up some roster room so we don’t have Malcontents on this team!

    The tank is full, now let’s map the route for the drive to 25!!

  54. NLhabsfan says:

    Xtrahabsfan your funny to a point haha….but the NFLD. bro’s are always up for those from the island.The only thing that would appease me is a Montreal improvement now and in the future.And I speak for a lot of us in NFLD.Why try to fix something that is not broken.

  55. Habster101 says:

    OMG that would be a great move

    I would make that trade in a heart beat if Florida would be foolish enough to fall for it…

    to me, your so called “Higgy” is nothing more than just a floater who gets lucky with a goal here and there sitting in front of the net.

    and oh ya, he plays keep away by himself against the other teams and loses all the time…….

    never seen him make a few moves then cut into the middle and rifle a top corner shot ala Ryder…

    but good call on the trade, that is one that I surely would be happy with….

    you see, people think its because of Ryder why that line isn’t produsing but fact is…its “Higgy” not moving the puck smoothly and making the passes….

    anyway, not all the blame should be put on Ryder because I atleast know this…when Ryder has the puck, he has the potential to score from anywhere with that wicked rifle of a shot….Higgins? what does he have…..and Im not talkin about the 5% when he does something good that seems to keep everyone happy against the 95% of the time that he fails…

    If you claim to have a hockey mind, then I encourage you to just watch his game….

    ya he will make a good play here and there and the rest of the time…he’s absolutely useless……

    I would get Joki in and keep Ryder’s wicked sniper rifle…

  56. 24 Cups says:

    Jokinen is someone we would have to seriously consider. I don’t see him as being old as he really is in his prime – he would step in and contribute in a major way right from the start. He is affordable in that he is signed for the next two years with a cap hit of $5.25 mil. He would have to play centre and be the number one centre – after all isn’t that why we’re trading for him? That means that Koivu has to move to the wing – immediately. Jokinen and Pleks would give us a great one-two punch. The other unknown is that Jokinen has never participated in the playoffs. There is always a risk involved in a situation like that. He’s big, he can skate, he can score, he’s durable, and he’s a captain. That’s a lot of positives in just one player. He is also a much better fit than guys like Richards, Marleau or Hossa.

    So the question would become what would he cost? You can forget Ryder. Dandy? He would be the throw-in at the end. Florida is going to want kids and picks that don’t cost money. The deal is off if they want Pleks. That’s addition by subtraction. They don’t need a goalie after getting Vokoun. I won’t let McDonagh go. So that leaves all the other young defensive prospects, plus O’Byrne, Lats, Chipchura, and Piocretty as well as a 1st rounder. The question would become how many of those parts would they demand? If Florida is looking to go in another direction (and dump salary) then maybe it would work. If they start a bidding war and put a gun to our head then I say forget it.

    By the way, there is another route to get a big centre who can help combat the other team’s centres in the playoffs. We could try and deal for a large third line centre who can win faceoffs and contain the other team’s #1 centres. We could then move Laps to the wing and dump Ryder. The cost would be much less and we would keep most of our prospects intact. You could get a decent third line centre for about $3 mil – the same amount we are now paying Ryder.

    The Original 24 Cups

  57. Cable Guy says:

    It’s actually a good time to make a trade when your playing well because you have the upper hand. If you try and make a trade when your losing it’s harder because whoever you make a trade with thinks your desperate. If someone good fell in our laps while were on a roll why not do it.

  58. drecha says:

    I agree Krob, We have too many prospects in the pipeline, there has to be some movement in that area, the only concern I have is how many roster players we would have to move to land a top notch player like Jokinen. I am all for throwing Ryder and two or three prospects or draft picks in a package for Jokinen but not much more than that. Allthough I seriously doubt that that would be enough to do it. I have complete faith in Gainey to do what is necessary to get this team to being a cup contender.

    The tank is full, now let’s map the route for the drive to 25!!

  59. HABZ 24 says:

    why make a trade at this point? were winning !! team chemistrys great why take a way bobs the type to trade away young talent. he builds thru the draft and its working!!for once we have alot of good able bodys, so much so were sitting veterans,and more great talent on the farm,the futures bright!, keep things as they are and lets go kick some ass the rest of the way!! GO HABZ GO!!

  60. Corio says:

    Stick with the current youth/roster and we will go places, make drastic salary cap hitting trades and it will hurt imo..

  61. krob1000 says:

    Folks ….I openly admit to live vicariously through the Habs and I am one of the most loyal followers you will ever find but when it comes to improving your team you sometimes have to make tough decisions. First I must state what should be obvious and that is sometimes the best deals are the ones that aren’t made…..I fully acknowledge the truth in that statement. However those against a roster move (let’s be clear if we don’t benefit then it WILL NOT be made) must acknowledge that you must give something to get something. We must also try and look at things somehat objectively and realize that although we have come to really like some of our players like loyal fans should that some may be better off eleswhere an some are really not as good as we think they are.

    Gainey has done an incredible job in rebuilding this team and the plethora of young talent in the pipeline indicates a strong,affordable,evolving core for years to come. He has also acquired so many defensive prospects that we CAN afford to take a chance and get a top tier player for our run over the next few years. Jokinen to me fits that bill although I admit the likelihood of us getting him is probably very slim to none. These hypotetical trades are fun though and the internet is great place to debate them.

    People are discounting our depth and not realizing the relationship between our growth and our abundance of assets right now. The timing is right to try and do something and Gainey has to see that. Interesting stat for all of you THE SENATORS ARE 17-17 since Nov. 15th. Can we compete witht he West this year, next year and the year after is the question though. People also forget how Gainey has already tried openly (Smyth, Shanahan, Briere,etc) to add one more top player. This IS an ongoing effort if and/or when the right opportunity presents itself he will pull the trigger. Jokinen is a big center, a scoring center, a leader, a friend of Koivu’s, 29 years old, a perrenial 35 or 40 goal guy,etc. Of all of the guys rumoured to be available Jokinen is one of the guys I’d be all for.

    I don’t think he would have any trouble fitting( never heard anything bad about him) in and that is one factor that makes me believe there may be an interest (an interest is a long way from serious talks but this would make sense). Tanguay also intrigues me becasue he is signed for next year at what I believe to be fair value (some disagree) and he would be cheaper given Calgary needs to dump his salary (or so goes the rumour). Phaneuf is supposedly close to his deal so I guess that will impact things (who knows maybe he is going to give the Flames a discount a la Sens or Wings…..if he signs for big bucks then Tanguay just amy move.

  62. Wops says:

    If Jokinen is coming to Mtl, Higgins is going the other way for sure…

    They’ll want something very good in return, Joki is still sign for the next 2 years.

    A Higgins, High D-prospect (McDonagh, Emelin), 1st, Conditional pick…

    I think that’s what it takes…I dont know if I want too though…I love Higgy!!

    To have something good, you need to give something good.
    CH is for Chris Higgins

  63. Xtrahabsfan says:

    We should trade Ryder for another Newfoundlander to appease our Hab bro’s from you know were!lol…

  64. RetroMikey says:

    Listening on the radio from Hamilton, there has been a rumour of Marian Hossa going to Montreal for Halak and Ryder possibly. I hope this is a rumour, I definitely don’t want the guy coming here or his big fat salary! We’ll be fine without him. Don’t do this deal Bob! Send them to San Jose for Marcel Goc!
    “We will win the Cup only with Carey Price in the nets”

  65. NoTinFoilCups says:

    Trades are part of the business, that’s how we got Kovalev. I think Gainey realizes we have prospects to spare. Remember Beachemin and Hainsey had their cup of coffee with the Habs before we lost them through waivers. If we can get Jokinen (the guys got 8 or 9 good years left) for Ryder, Higgy, a defensive prospect and a #1 pick I say let’s do it.

  66. krob1000 says:

    The thing that differs from this Bob Gainey and the Bob Gainey of other years is that Montreal can’t seem to attract free agents. We never draft high enough to get superstars that way(apologies to Pleks and the Kosty’s if they prove this to be untrue)but by trading you can get these guys. Ryder is tradeable despite his off year….he could excel in other systems and with regular pp time. Dandenault alone would not fetch anything…packaged with Ryder and a prospect or two and/or a pick and that can be worth it for some teams looking to rebuild. We may have to give something up we don’t want to but wouldn’t it be nicve to have a guy like Jokinen. I do expect him to try and make a deal of significance and whether or not a good enough one appears is a different story. There have been reports saying that everyone seems to want a top six forward and top four d-man….so maybe the cost will be too high….he has to be looking though.

  67. Jay in PA says:

    As usual, you make good sense, coutNY.

    Making trades is akin to performing surgery. Fantasy GMs don’t need to think about what goes on in the room, how everyone will fit in on the ice, etc. Real-life GMs, if they’re good, put a lot of thought into it. The team is an organism, and when you trade someone, you’re tearing away a guy who has relationships with others on the team and plugging in someone new who has to get to know everyone, learn the team’s ways, learn to communicate with new linemates, etc. A trade also communicates to the team how the GM thinks of it.

    We’re playing good hockey, and the fan consensus is that we haven’t necessarily reached a plateau, but can continue to attain higher levels. The team has matured tremendously in the past year and every indication is that it will continue to do so. This is not a team that is beset enough with problems that trades are necessary to salvage the season, nor is it a team that necessarily needs one more great player to make the leap–we’re #2 in the conference (though Philly has a game in hand) and on the march. Making no trades makes perfect sense. Making minor trades for role players makes some sense. Making a big trade makes none whatsoever.

    And for those of you advocating trading Ryder… Who would want a slumping sniper whose contract is up this year? If you trade away your problems (Ryder, Dandy), all you are going to get are some other team’s problems in return. You might make the deal on the mutual hope that a change in environment will make the difference, but again, that’s a desperate measure.

  68. krob1000 says:

    I honestly don’t remember that but I believe you guys if you say it so. This damn Eklund guy eh!!! At least he has us talking. I like Hejduk but given the injuries I can’t see anyone being expendable there.

  69. Xtrahabsfan says:

    And how well will we do if Kovalev”hope not ” or Pleks or a combo of whom ever get injured,eh? People like Burke understand that and that’s why they got the cup. That’s reality!

  70. Blitzen says:

    We were down two goals to a shutdown team (Devils) and managed to win. I think Washington’s D-play isn’t close to that of the Devils so we’ll get our chances. Just need to bury most of them and we’ll be golden. Also need to keep hitting Ovechkin.

    Early in the year, when the Habs were down a goal, it was almost time to switch channels. Now, I think they can come back against anyone.

  71. Roy-Rules says:

    We can trade Ryder, Dandy and Halak to some other team and pick up picks/prospects from them and use that to get Jokinen, I don’t think its a bad idea to give up a prospect defenseman, we have so many coming up. Komi, Markov and Hamrlik are gonna be around for a few years, theres no way we can keep all our prospects on the team.

  72. Roy-Rules says:

    We can trade Ryder, Dandy and Halak to some other team and pick up picks/prospects from them and use that to get Jokinen, I don’t think its a bad idea to give up a prospect defenseman, we have so many coming up. Komi, Markov and Hamrlik are gonna be around for a few years, theres no way we can keep all our prospects on the team.

  73. Jay in PA says:

    A trade is a crapshoot. A trade for a streaky, slumping sniper who’s a UFA at the end of the year is a complete shot in the dark for most GMs. I’d love to have Jokkinen, but he’s not worth the future value of whatever we would realistically have to give up to get him.

    I’m not sure I agree with your comment that BG can’t seem to attract free agents. I think we’ve done a reasonable job — Sammy looked to be a good pickup originally, and Hamrlik’s been a revelation. If you’re talking about top scorers, then I’d agree with you, but those guys cost the moon and stars in a trade. I think, as the team gets more of a reputation as a top-tier club, the big UFAs will be more willing to listen to Bob’s pitches. Of course, we may not need them at that point.

  74. krob1000 says:

    A little off topic but anyone feeling concerned about tonights game (JT or Boone). I need to know who to pick for my proline ticket.

  75. RetroMikey says:

    I would consider Komisarek, Higgins, the Kostitsyns, O’Byrne, and others on the farms as our prospects and our future and Latendresse as one that I would trade. He’s struggling and I am sure we can put him in a package with Ryder, Dandeneault, Boullion and even Begin for maybe even Jokinen from Florida. Hey, whatever team makes this trade gets experienced players in return.

    “We will win the Cup only with Carey Price in the nets”

  76. drecha says:

    I got this from the Hockeybuzz rumor web site this morning, I don’t know why I read that crap it rarely come to light but I thought it would make for some great debate this morning, here is the quote verbatum, “The Canadiens are looking like the team in the driver’s seat right now to possibly grab Jokinen, but the Panthers are asking for a lot in return I am hearing. The deal would include two current roster forwards and a defensive prospect I am told. I am also told that, “At any minute the Sabres could sweep in and close the deal.” What do you guys think?

    The tank is full, now let’s map the route for the drive to 25!!

  77. Sulemaan says:

    If you were Florida, who would you ask for in return? Two of the following names because they will want youth: Plekanec, A. Kostitsyn, S. Kostitsyn, Higgins, Latendresse, Lapierre, Chipchura? And then one of the following: Valentenko, Yemelin, Fischer, Subban and McDonough. Sorry but I wouldn’t make that trade at all. We need to hold the course and build with youth, in order to achieve our drive for 25.

    Jokinen is old and will be a salary cap hit. We need to stay the course and build with our youth.

    (Unless two forwards and a defensive prospect means Dandenault, Ryder and Brisebois…)

  78. Cable Guy says:

    I’ve never seen one of the rumours from that site ever come to fruitition. it’s a load of crap.

  79. showey47 says:

    i saw this rumour also but considering the source its hard to take it seriously,most of the time eklunds rumours are about as realistic as mrs. richard simmons. But lets just say there is some substance to this rumour i would have to think the 2 forwards would be ryder and higgy or pleky, the defensive prospect i guess would be obyrne. Its hard to say who florida would want but the price would be steep.

  80. habitual says:

    The team is playing far too well to make any major moves. Koivu is hitting form, Plecaneck is solid, so where would Jokinen or anyone else fit in?

    The only players i can see being traded are Ryder or Dandeneault, the few players not making a contribution and whose departure would not disrupt the chemistry.

    Forgive this question, but, I am about to attend my first games at the Bell Centre (YES!). Can anyone provide me with tips about when and where the best places for getting autographs are?

  81. drecha says:

    Me either, but I thought it would be fun to talk about it.

    The tank is full, now let’s map the route for the drive to 25!!

  82. Exit716 says:

    Cable Guy. On behalf of the word Crap, I would like to note that word is much too good to be associated with Mr. Eklund’s fanciful speculation.
    Dog Dung may be more appropriate.
    I am sure Gainey is working on a deal that is “simple..,yet complex, firm yet flexible…but above all fair to all season ticket holders and fans of the Montreal Canadiens.”
    You can quote me on that, the other anonymous hockey blogger…MNaslund26

  83. 24 Cups says:

    Dog Dung? Please be careful – Smart Dog is a valued member of this site:-)

    The Original 24 Cups

  84. Habster101 says:

    Huet is a Monster!!!!!

    Ryder has solitified himself on this team…..

  85. Puck Bard says:

    Since I can’t appear to comment on the Lafleur story anywhere else:

    Given a choice between my kids and the Quebec criminal justice system?

    I’ll choose my kids every time.

  86. The Teacher says:

    Sure, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be right, though.

    but enough of that…

    Go Habs Go

  87. Habster101 says:

    Ok its game time now….

    big hit by Boullion

    in the first min…

    bad high sticking call on Kovy….

    ready for the penalty kill?

  88. slamtherimtim says:

    always hidding from the truth ,,, if your kid killed some one would you lie for him , is so than blame yourself for doing a bad job raising a kid , or blame your kid for being an idiot

  89. The Teacher says:

    There ya go 😉

    KJDavid I said I agreed with Puck Bard, so you know what? go to hell, don’t make it personal when it’s not 😉 Don’t forget, you began this time.

    I feel for humanity (in your case), how about that?

  90. slamtherimtim says:

    BOB SUKS if he does nothing

  91. originalsix says:

    what happened? I’m at school so I can’t follow the game. how did ryder solidify himself???

  92. The Teacher says:


  93. Habster101 says:

    Higgins is an embarrassment tonight….

  94. Habster101 says:

    he took out Brashear!! with a powerfull body check… then Brashear tried to go after him and Ryder didn’t back down and laughed at him saying “you want to hit me?”

    Boullion nailed Ovechki almost knocked him unconcious….

  95. Vecs says:

    too bad he’s not the only one

  96. HJ says:

    It’s not over yet!

  97. Shiloh says:

    Is there a place online to watch the game?

  98. Habsville says:

    A good point picked up on the road. I felt that the Caps would be harder to beat after we shut them out and stopped the OV. He sure showed up tonight and had a great game. Another point in the bank and on to the weekend series. Good job

  99. Habsville says:

    A good point picked up on the road. I felt that the Caps would be harder to beat after we shut them out and stopped the OV. He sure showed up tonight and had a great game. Another point in the bank and on to the weekend series. Good job

  100. TradeRyder says:

    My God – Smolinski STINKS!!!!! I am SSSSSSSSSSSOOOOOOOOO tired of this LOUSY slow, mistake-riddled veteran stinking up our good team.

    I was screaming at the TV all night. On Washington’s last goal in regulation, he has the puck behind the Caps net and makes a blind pass to 3 Washinginton defenders!!! What are you doing? The Habs manage to get it back, SLOWINSKI immediately messes it up AGAIN — Washington gets a break-away and scores.

    In overtime, he bowls over Ovechkin in our end, is lucky not to get a penalty, and then leaves Ovechkin to chase the puck like a Pee Wee player.

    This guy is slow. He makes passes to no-one. He lets the other team escape with the puck. What the hell is he doing on the ice?

    Let the kids play… let the non-performers watch or walk.

  101. linp says:

    He still played better than Ryder, who didn’t do a thing and was benched in the 3rd period. The writing is on the wall. We may not see him in our team again.

  102. Ed says:

    You are talking to the converted when you make a comment like that to TradeRyder.

  103. TradeRyder says:

    I’m not one to defend Ryder, but given the choice I’d dump Smolinkski before Ryder. And BTW, Smolinkski was a -2 on the night, Ryder an even 0.

    Smolinksi is our new Samsanov.. He was brought in as a face-off guy and is under 500 for the season. He was brought in for consistancy, and he shows up once in awhile. He was brought in to contribute offensively. He has 5 lousy goals and is on pace for his lowest point total in five years. Trade this bum or send him to Hamilton and hope someone picks up his worthless contract. He’s come here to enjoy Montreal and mail in the last two years of his career.

    Let the kids play… let the non-performers watch or walk.

  104. TradeRyder says:

    Not this time. Maybe I should change my name to Trade_Smolinski. The guy burns my ass. Ryder at least isn’t stupid.
    Let the kids play… let the non-performers watch or walk.

  105. von says:

    Glad we got a point out of a game we barely showed up for… Man does Ovechkin pwn Huet or what?

    What was with Carbo’s OT line? Smolinski and Begin? Why are your penalty killers on when you need goal scorers?

    Just when you think Carbo’s got it… He’s lost it.

  106. Chuck V. says:

    Admittedly, I’d like to see both of them gone. What’s the harm in sending both of them down to Hamilton in exchange for Chipchura and D’Agostini? Someone remind me does Smo have a no-movement clause because if so that would suck. Either way the word from the farm is that D’Agostini is doing well and we may see Price back up soon!

  107. The Teacher says:

    Jump on, jump off, jump on, jump off. 😛

  108. Les-Habitants says:

    man, glass half empty kinda guy huh?
    Aside from this game, the Habs have played strong and well in their past 10 games.
    The East is open, there isn’t a single dominant team east of Detroit in the NHL, Sens included.

    For a young team, who are playing really well, I can forgive one bad effort in a while.
    The team is up and coming, getting better, and arguably one of the better teams in the east.

    See? Glass half full

  109. Ed says:

    cournoyer, you are in a lousy frame of mind tonight. We all know that this team is developing, and there are few expectations to go far in the playoffs, but we might. In your earlier comments tonight, you said it was over, but they tied it up. As for the playoffs, I did not expect them to win in 1986 or 1993, but they did. Look at Tampa Bay and Carolina in recent years. As for stopping Ovechkin, it seems like nobody can stop him. He already has 43 goals this year, and has scored 40 or more in his first 3 years in the league. At least we stopped him in the last game.

  110. von says:

    I don’t think it’s so much the case of “we have nobody to stop another teams star” as much as no one was specifically assigned that task.

    This is where Carbo should tell a guy like Lapierre or Begin to be attached to his hip whenever he’s on the ice. Easier said then done but would have cut down the chances he’s left all alone.

  111. Chuck says:

    Maybe he was thinking that Smolinski could reproduce some of his magic from the Devils game. Hell, Gui scored twice in this one!

    “All bow down before the Komisaurus Rex!”

  112. Habster101 says:

    WHAT ABOUT HIGGINS???? what the hell did he do…??

    what has he done since he scored a goal……

    he was the cause of the loss, loses the puck EVERY SINGLE TIME……..

    He is the reason that line is poor…its not Ryder…

  113. TradeRyder says:

    That’s a great question. They both should be sent down to think about whether they would rather fly than ride the bus.

    Let the kids play… let the non-performers watch or walk.

  114. Chuck says:

    He almost single-handedly got us two points in New Jersey. What more do you want?

    “All bow down before the Komisaurus Rex!”

  115. TradeRyder says:

    Carbo has this thing where he takes the sad sack players and puts them out in clutch situations hoping they’ll score and bring their confidence back. Smolinski smells like last weeks fish dinner. The guy was chasing the puck like a pee wee player while leaving Ovechkin in front of the net. This is a veteran? A leader? LOL

    Let the kids play… let the non-performers watch or walk.

  116. HAB-PROFESSOR says:

    I like what Ryder did to BRASH….that was the highlite of the night!
    1. DON’T imprison the FLOWER, not even for an HOUR…else we’ll RIOT!
    1. Thank GOD we have Alex Kovalev… his PRIME
    2. The BELL CENTRE should be rebuilt to sit 80,000 fans
    3. Your not a Hab fan till you watch & UNDERSTAND “The Rocket”

  117. Habster101 says:

    team had a tough one tonight….Ovech was on a rampage, took a beating and still produced…cant complain about the Habs thoough, they came back and had us jumping and cheering for that point….

    I gaurantee every Canadiens fan was jumping out of their seats for that goal or your not a true fan…lol

    they managed to gain a point on Ottawa…they are slowly creeping their way into first place…

    we’ll see what happens when they meet….

    Smokes messed up in the end but so did Komisarek, he should have never left Ovechk alone in front of the net…

    I think he was a little scared of Ovechki tonight because he was constantly being harrassed, coughed the puck up to him I dont know how many times….

    But hey, we got a point atleast, better than losing without a point…

    now two beautifull games on the weekend…….

    I have to say for the first time in my life, I hope the Laffs win on Saturday…

  118. Chuck says:

    Does anyone feel like channeling some positive energy tonight and congratulating the Habs on a ballsy comeback and Gui for his two goals?

    “All bow down before the Komisaurus Rex!”

  119. The Teacher says:

    He was outstanding. didn’t really have a chance on any goal.

    We would have been down 6-0 if he wasn’t there. Come on Timo! give credit where credit is due.

    We did lose, and I for one don’t want to see the usual refrain after a loss, but from some posters you can see it has already begun. (not you Timo)

  120. Vancouver Hab Fan says:

    My thoughts exactly.

    Smolinski had a few good games recently but he has been brutal most of the year. Why was he on the ice in OT, he played poorly all game. Carbo makes decisions like that and they just leave me sratching my head! Cut Smolinski and call Chipchura up.

    Call up Locke and rotate sitting Higgins and Ryder while Locke tries wing on the line with Koivu.

  121. The Teacher says:


    i do,

    Go Habs Go, GOOD WORK BOYS!

  122. HAB-PROFESSOR says:

    Did anyone see SUNDIN kick the puck in….redirected it in…CLEAR AS DAY!

    and it COUNTED! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!!…what a shame….what a shame….
    1. DON’T imprison the FLOWER, not even for an HOUR…else we’ll RIOT!
    1. Thank GOD we have Alex Kovalev… his PRIME
    2. The BELL CENTRE should be rebuilt to sit 80,000 fans
    3. Your not a Hab fan till you watch & UNDERSTAND “The Rocket”

  123. T-roy West says:

    There is no way any one player should dominant like he did tonight. How could anyone leave Ovechkin alone at such a crucial time. Seriously, how hard could it be. Contain one player and you will probably win the game. Jeez!

  124. The Teacher says:

    Smolinski didn’t play that bad people. Stop looking at one play that wasn’t even his fault anyways.

  125. Vancouver Hab Fan says:

    Huet was not outstanding! 2 of the 4 regulation goals were soft. If he played outstanding the Habs would have won.

  126. WindsorHab-10 says:

    Coming back from a 3-0 deficit is always good. No complaints from this guy. GO HABS GO!!!!!!!!!!!

  127. The Teacher says:

    Higgins is completely lost though. Seems to have hit a plateau. He shows no imagination.

  128. ebk says:

    come on Chuck, 1 game in 51 ain’t nothing to brag about. He’s been horrible this year. THe Jersey game does nothing to change that

  129. T-roy West says:

    They lost!

  130. Chuck says:

    There were some weak spots in the game plan tonight, but this definitely isn’t the same Habs team that was being cursed earlier in the season.

    “All bow down before the Komisaurus Rex!”

  131. The Teacher says:

    LMAO soft? which ones, what about all the other ones that should have been in.

    Just because we lost doesn’t mean you have to jump all over people who don’t deserve it!

  132. The Teacher says:

    you just need SOMEone to harp on don’tcha?

  133. T-roy West says:

    You have got to be kidding me. He is only lost because he is playing with Ryder. I suppose your off the bandwagon to now!

  134. Chuck says:

    They’re also one point closer to Ottawa than they were at the beginning of the evening. The November Habs would have just rolled over and died.

    “All bow down before the Komisaurus Rex!”

  135. habfan2010 says:

    Exactly..I hate the negativity on this site..You boneheads are always crying after a loss. Dump Ryder, dump higgins..blah blah. Suck it up This team fought hard for that point.

    “Still the last canadian team to win a cup”

  136. WindsorHab-10 says:

    Huge 4-5 games coming up especially this weekend against the New York teams. I’d like to see Halak start one of those games and the one Thursday against the Leafs. Huet has been great for us and Carbo needs to give him a breather considering his lack of success against the Rangers & Leafs. GO HABS GO!!!!

  137. Sulemaan says:

    Let me see if I got this right, the team got out-shot by a massive margin (kind of reminds me of last year) and people are blaming Huet? We had no business even getting a point in this game and it’s only because of Huet that it wasn’t a blow-out (i.e. 8-0). Again, in the past 3 games we came back from being down in the 3rd period and got a point. Granted, they should have shown up from the 1st period but better late than never.

    The team has played well recently so I’m not going to jump off the train just yet because they had one bad game. In my view, the team has over-achieved thus far this year and if they make the playoffs I will be very happy. If they miss the playoffs then it’s exactly what everyone expected.
    Either way it’s a no-lose situation.

    Remember, this team is being built for a cup run in the near future, just not this year. So let’s forget all the potential rental players and keep focussed on the task at hand with our youth. Unless of course we want to be like the Leafs (shudder).

  138. Chuck says:

    True… if they stop any of the three other plays that Ovechkin scored on, this even isn’t an issue.

    “All bow down before the Komisaurus Rex!”

  139. The Teacher says:

    Huh? Higgins has been lost most of the season.

    And I NEVER jump off the bandwagon (how you figured that I dunno). In fact, I think I’m my own little bandwagon all by myself.

  140. RudeMood19 says:

    It wasn’t nearly our best game. But, we gained a point on Ottawa, we still have a game in hand and are 5 points back. We can beat both NY teams on the weekend. It was good we came back twice from large deficits. Imagine if we had a sniper SIMILAR to Ovechkin on our side. We’d be unstoppable.

  141. Mr.Hazard says:

    Hey, we got a point! We weren’t shut out! We’re gonna lose once in a while! Let’s not be the way we don’t want the team to be; keep your heads up, come back twice as strong next game.

    Ex nihilo nihil fit

  142. The Teacher says:

    And also if Huet didn’t make 10 stops he shouldn’t have, it wouldn’t be either 😉

  143. HAB-PROFESSOR says:

    A quick POSITIVE summary:
    CUBE destroying OVECH
    RYDER destroying BRASH
    LATRON sinking 2 critical goals.
    STRIET stickhandling like lightening
    KOVY dancing with the puck for almost 5 minutes straight!
    Kostysr solid hitting and snipe
    Kostop telling Greedvechkin that he is an idiot for taking advantage and hitting GORGES into the boards
    tucker style blind sided from behind and also that he signed with the murder capital of the world after snubbing the great HABS…
    HUET for not going down 99% of the time like some other guy did, he is standing up more and thats good. Great game from HUET.

    and of course the GREAT COMEBACK…that NO BODY SAW COMING!

    Can’t think of much else…so that tells you there wasn’t much else worth mentioning.
    1. DON’T imprison the FLOWER, not even for an HOUR…else we’ll RIOT!
    1. Thank GOD we have Alex Kovalev… his PRIME
    2. The BELL CENTRE should be rebuilt to sit 80,000 fans
    3. Your not a Hab fan till you watch & UNDERSTAND “The Rocket”

  144. linp says:

    Higgins still fights for the puck along the board. His game is dump and chase. He should skate more with the puck and passes more. Ryder is just a spectator, no emotion, no jump, do nothing. I bet he’ll get benched before Higgins.

  145. Chuck says:

    Not saying that he’s been fantastic, but his NJ performance was probably in the back of Carb’s mind. It didn’t work out tonight. He isn’t the first (nor will he be the last) to wear the goat horns after a loss this year.

    “All bow down before the Komisaurus Rex!”

  146. Habster101 says:

    OMG that was my next comment, I clearly seen Sundin kick/redirect that puck into the net, the commentators were even repeating it like as if it was ok….

    I was purely sickened…

    also the replay officials were done in about 10 seconds of looking at it…any other team it would have taken minutes…

    its a fix and it makes me worry…

  147. The Teacher says:

    Wow, please watch the Canadiens express. It starts at 11.

    The first goal was a bullet, on a pass to and from the far corner of the blue line across the length of the ice (He had to slide to the defenceman and then slide back for the pass to Ovy. Where were our guys to stop the cross ice pass? The third goal was deflected top corner was it not by Lappy?

  148. Chuck says:

    Well, the precident is certainly there!

    “All bow down before the Komisaurus Rex!”

  149. Exit716 says:

    That whole line is useless.
    They seem to be the only ones not buying into the system.

  150. T-roy West says:

    I just think that of all the people to pick on, Higgins would not be at the top of my list. If he has more help instead of just Koivu then he would do better. He is the work horse on that line and Koivu is the playmaker and Ryder is supposed to be the sniper. Higgins has been very patient with Carbo’s first line experiments and is a team player. That is why we are winning, we have players with a warrior attitude.

  151. Habster101 says:

    true but you know what, there was not a player like Ovechkin back in those days unless he was on the Habs

  152. The Teacher says:

    I dunno fude 1 goal and 1 assist in last 11 games. He does the same thing everytime he has the puck and it ain’t working anymore. After he got rocked on the boards early on, he seemed scared to me.

  153. T-roy West says:

    Ryder didn’t destroy Brasher. Brasher cant skate that well and was falling down all night! Please don’t give Ryder any credit until he really deserves it, which might be never!

  154. ebk says:

    nice post, except for the rental player. Gotta take a peek an see at least.

  155. The Teacher says:

    Nope it wasn’t deflected top corner, or nope no Habs Express?

  156. HAB-PROFESSOR says:

    come on now….be POSITIVE!

    Ryder and BRASH had a big time collision and RYDER out HIT Brasher…but it gets better, then BRASH immediately charges towards RYDER and sucker punches him in the back…RYDER swings around violently and says to BRASH,
    “hey, you wanna a piece of me? eh?, you want me to clean your clock like I just did? eh?, HEY!, I’m talking to you, DON’t turn your back on ME!..I wipe your face all over the ice!.” and/or something along those lines!!!

    way to go RYDER!!!
    1. DON’T imprison the FLOWER, not even for an HOUR…else we’ll RIOT!
    1. Thank GOD we have Alex Kovalev… his PRIME
    2. The BELL CENTRE should be rebuilt to sit 80,000 fans
    3. Your not a Hab fan till you watch & UNDERSTAND “The Rocket”

  157. Chuck says:

    And a shut-down goalie, too. 😉


    “All bow down before the Komisaurus Rex!”

  158. Chuck says:

    Isn’t that what superstars are supposed to do? It happens. On Tuesday they played a perfect game against him. Ovy compensated tonight, and made us his bitches. Next time, we get to turn the tables.

    “All bow down before the Komisaurus Rex!”

  159. T-roy West says:

    I agree with you teach. He hasn’t been putting the puck in the net lately but he has the “A” on his jersey for a reason. His line has been a mess all season and I think he is probably getting frustrated. I wouldn’t want to play with Ryder either. Imagine Ollie centering Higgins and Koivu. Now that would be a top line. I would do it in a heartbeat! Ryder needs to go. For what it’s worth I have been saying all along that if you want to roll three lines then the third should be Higgins, Chipchura and Lappierre or Higgins,Chipchura and S. Kostitsyn or even Higgins, Lappierre and S. Kostitsyn or any combination of the bunch. Having Higgins on the third line opens up alot of possibilites if you want to roll three lines.

  160. The Teacher says:

    Not if you didn’t wear your glasses while you were watching it! 😛

    Just kidding timo 😉

  161. T-roy West says:

    I can’t argue with you, your to much damn fun!

  162. Shiloh says:

    Yeah – Billy Tenderness scored twice. I’m jacked – this means he’ll be ankling down the left wing for another year or so. He’s soooooo slow.

  163. The Teacher says:

    No arguments with Higgins on the third. I wanted him with Chips and Lats/SKost earlier in the year.

    Olli is a pipe dream I’m afraid.

  164. Moey says:

    Good points, but “over-achieved” according to whose standards? By the so called experts, the media, and of course the majority of the posters on this site, but not by the coach or the team, and they are the ones that matter. Let them set the bar.

  165. Chuck says:

    The bar will be as high as this team is willing to set it. And as far as I’m concerned, the higher the better! I’m happy to see that they’ve finally recognised that a game isn’t over until the final horn sounds. Try hard, and you’ll surprise yourself at what you can acomplish!

    “All bow down before the Komisaurus Rex!”

  166. Chuck says:

    Nothing wrong with looking around and kicking the tires, but I’d be happier if Bob were to concentrate on an asset that could help us for more than a few months.

    “All bow down before the Komisaurus Rex!”

  167. T-roy West says:

    He won’t be with Florida come trade deadline so why not with us. Him and Koivu are friends and Montreal could put a package together just as good as Calgary or anyone else. We are always complaining how we need that power center and there he is. Why not go after him. He is what we are missing. Agree? We can get him without sacrificing the future. Do you think we are going to draft a guy like him in the next three years. Probably not.

  168. Vancouver Hab Fan says:

    The second and fourth goal should have been stopped. Great shot on the 4th goal but a top flight goalie stops that. You know Ovechkin is a shooter and Streit had position so the shot was coming and should have been stopped.

  169. Vancouver Hab Fan says:

    Smolinski was -2 and sucked. What positive plays did he make? Hustling back to cover OV only to stare at him wide open in front of the net?

  170. Vancouver Hab Fan says:

    How was it not his fault?

  171. The Teacher says:

    Without sacrificing the future? Uhmm, ok. What kind of offer do you think it would take to get Olli?

  172. The Teacher says:

    He is a forward. I didn’t know it was the forward’s job to cover an opposiing player in front of his own net. He made an effort to cover up for Komi, who was absolutely horrendous on that shift, getting completely turned out by some Capital player (don’t think it was Ovy) but didn’t quite make it. Even if he slashed him Ovy would have scored. He sacrificed the body a lot tonight.

  173. T-roy West says:

    Latendresse, Ryder, one of O’bryne,Valentenko,Carle and a First or second rounder!

  174. von says:

    “once in a while showing up”

    Kind of like Gui eh? Got his 2 goals for the next 10 games.

  175. Habster101 says:

    I agree with you 100% Teacher…some people need to learn what we see in Hiigins…
    but you need to be at a higher level to understand it…

  176. Habster101 says:

    If it was Higgins who collided with Brashear, Higgins would have went flying like a sack of potatoes, and cried all the way to the bench….guys an embarrassment on this team…
    Trade HIGGINS

  177. Habster101 says:

    sent down? at this point in the season you dont send players down…to bring up inexperience…this time of the season every game is like a playoff game, omg could you imagine bringing up some kids? they would fold like a wet suit…

    Ryder may look like a spectator because Higgins cant get the puck to him,,,,dont you see this, he dipsy doodles in the corners and nothing comes of it except for Higgins falling on his ass and losing the puck…

    mark my words and watch foor it next game….sure you look at Ryder and see him standing around and think hes doing nothing, then you look at Higgins and see him moving erraticly fast in the corners and think hes doing great…meanwhile Ryder is setting himself into position for a pass from Higgins so he can take his rifle shot but guess what? the pass never arrives and why? because Higgins cant perform it….

    its a joke when I hear people praising this guy and he does nothing….

    ok once in a while he stands by the net and picks up a lucky rebound … something that any amateur is able to do…

  178. Da Hema says:

    The Habs received a point they didn’t earn, and gained slightly on Ottawa. They are not going to win every road game. The Boys played a desperate team tonight, and one that appeared motivated by a rather poor coaching decision by Carbo in the last meeting. Lesson learned: do not send out your top power play with moments left in a 3-0 game. I am not sure the Capitals did anything during the game that warranted that, and it clearly irritated the Capitals. Moreover, you risk having one of your top players getting hurt when it isn’t necessary. Why not put out your third- and fourth-liners in this situation? After all, they never see power play time, and if the game gets rough at least they can handle it.

    I realise that a forum like this is a good place to discuss potential (and, more frequently, fantasy) trades, but I am really amazed that some posters would risk blowing up a team that has played very well this season. Anyone here who would have thought the Habs would be five points out of first place in the Eastern Conference after the All-Star break, raise your hands? For the first time in 15 years, the Habs are fun to watch, and the future is even brighter. I still think the comparatively small size of the Habs’s centres may haunt them come playoff time, but Chipchura may end up getting back to the big club, and the Habs can always move Koivu to the wing–where I am beginning to think at this stage of his career he should go.

    The Habs have shown they can bounce back from losses. I look forward to the next game.

    “The worst day of fishing beats the best day of working.”
    –Martin Crane, “Frasier”

  179. habfan53 says:

    I know it’s like when we sent Desjardins and LeClair to Philly for Recchi at the time on paper it was fine but then look how LeClair exploded.
    Or back in ’71 we got Mahovlich for what 5 years AND a Stanley Cup but we gave up Mickey Redmond

  180. Bill H says:

    I didn’t see the game, so I can’t comment on the first part of your post. But I can say that the last part is a very astute observation nightmare. LOL

  181. wd40 says:

    Factman, we’ve been the victim of plenty of “quick whistles” this season where the puck was CLEARLY (and I mean CLEARLY) not frozen. In this case, to my mind, the replay was inconclusive at best.

    The reason you have ZERO credibility on this forum, factman, is because your facts are actually not facts at all, but the thinly disguised rantings of a very frustrated habs-hater/leafs-lover.

    As for the calls, in the end, things tend to even out… it’s like Karma, man.

  182. Shiloh says:

    I get RDS from Shaw Cable in Thunder Bay for $2.49 a month – or as part of a package of three channels for $4.99 a month.

  183. Dru says:

    There are some empty seats (still warm) here on the bandwagon. Anyone interested?

  184. G-Man says:

    A 4-0 game isn’t “running up the score.” 7 or 8 maybe, but 4? Don’t be so presumptuous. ” a rather poor decision by Carbo” my big hairy butt.

    Habs plain and simple didn’t show up. Huet was out of his comfort zone and doing his best “Red Light Racicot” imitation, while everybody let Ovechkin do his thing besides laying on a couple of hits. A poor effort by the players excepting SK, Lappy and Tenderness.


  185. hummer37 says:

    To For-Fact-Sakes …..Check the replay The puck was never frozen. It was beside the net when Kolzig was flooping around the crease… Then it came through the crease under Kolzig’s chin….never frozen. You had better change your handle to “no..facts.”.

  186. mrstewart61 says:

    So obviously the ref never lost sight of the puck!

  187. RH says:

    I think the Bilderberg Group is behind this!

  188. TradeRyder says:

    Last Night after watching Smolinski be the goat on both of the last two goals I posted this:

    Smolinksi is our new Samsanov..
    – He was brought in as a face-off guy and is under 500 for the season.
    – He was brought in for consistancy, and he shows up once in awhile.
    – He was brought in to contribute offensively. He has 5 lousy goals and is on pace for his lowest point total in five years.

    Trade this bum or send him to Hamilton and hope someone picks up his worthless contract. He’s come here to enjoy Montreal and mail in the last two years of his career.

    The Teacher said “you just need someone to harp on don’t you”. (or something like that).

    I want to know who agrees with me that Smolinski shouldn’t have been out there with Ovechkin in overtime, and that he’s probably the worst contributor on the team.

    And as I said – given the choice I would GLADLY keep Ryder and dump Smolinski. Ryder is younger, and more physical. Smolinski is older, slower, and makes Brisebois like mistakes.

    Let the kids play… let the non-performers watch or walk.

  189. HabsGO says:

    The fact is “we got one point”. I don’t care we earn it, steal it or buy it.

  190. gfunkdoc says:

    They’re both American?!?!?!!!

    There should definitely be an investigation.

  191. mrstewart61 says:

    He has a no-trade clause, but I agree that he cost the goal, he had Ovechkin then let him go to the net. Eventually he casually skated back towards Ovechkin so he could watch the winning goal up close.

  192. mrstewart61 says:

    YOU have no way of knowing what the ref could see! That’s a FACT!

  193. mrstewart61 says:

    Only Detroit has fewer losses than Montreal.

    Just the facts, man!

  194. Richard B says:

    Should have been the Dandy watching Ovechkin.

  195. Richard B says:

    You know what…it an’t just Ryder that Sucks.
    So do Koivu and Higgins.
    I say Trade the three of em for Sundin and Tucker!

  196. Edwardo says:

    Are you actually saying that the goal in the second period was after the horn?? Did you not even watch the replay with the clock?
    Wow, your ‘facts’ are really tight there buddy. Kind of like your ‘facts’ about the number of games the Habs have played against teams who played the night before, and your ‘facts’ about where the Habs rank in scoring for this season.
    Don’t even kid yourself, you are not a ‘facts messenger.’ You are a sh** disturber, nothing more.

  197. Edwardo says:

    I am a big Higgins fan, I was really high on him going into this year. But yeah, he has been MIA for awhile now. I hope he can get out of this funk. He definitely has the right attitude, now we need soem contribution.

  198. Edwardo says:

    It depends on what replay you watch. Clearly in your drunken haze you neglected to watch the replay from above the net. The puck was beside the net, not under the goalie.

  199. coutNY says:

    It took you this long to figure that out?

    Well at least we can agree on something…

  200. rogus says:

    Congrats to Ov to get the big contract that he rightfully deserves. Too bad he gets to play in an arena that sells less tickets than our local junior team…did anyone else notice how empty that place was? If I had someone of his caliber playing on my local team I’d be living at the rink! Also big props to Mike Green, he played his junior here. Tough to win against a team so fired up, but 3 out of 4 and an Ottawa loss I’ll take!

  201. Habhopeful says:

    For Fact Sakes….

    Fact: Your Jealousy Of The Habs Clearly Shows In All Your Negativity.

    Fact: You Have Too Much Time On Your Hands And That Shows With All Your Past Stupid, Useless, Ridiculous Schedule/Biased Based Conspiracies.

    Fact: You Don’t Know What The Ref’s Line Of Sight Was.

    Fact: Ref’s Obviously Never Blow The Whistle Immediately, If They Did, The Whistle Would Blow As Soon As The Goalie Has It.

    Fact: Your A Douche.

    “Thank you sir, may I have another.”

  202. Habhopeful says:

    I hope Gainey inquires about Jokinen atleast!

  203. nightmare_49 says:

    First of all , i didn’t read your post last night but for Smol being the goat on the OT goal i’m sure Markov and Komi wouldn’t add their effort on that goal to their highlite reel and Smol wasn’t even on the ice for Washington’s 4th goal and i think your being a little too picky in your quest to crap on the driveway of a new player. I know you like attention but your act is getting a little old , don’t you think.

  204. showey47 says:

    womp womp womp womp womp womp you sound like charlie browns teacher

  205. nightmare_49 says:

    I’m sure Bryan Murray GM of the Sens will be inquiring.

  206. showey47 says:

    no kidding, saku’s line just isn’t getting anything done. We can’t rely on pleky’s line every game to carry us and thank god lappy’s line showed up to play last night.

  207. habsgod says:


  208. TradeRyder says:

    My “act” is to look at the facts. Slowinski is a)not scoring b) below par in face-offs (what he was brought in for) and c)slow

    It’s not to ‘crap’ on anyone, but to share my frustration with what I think was a bad decision – to have him out there in overtime when he is not playing well.

    Also my ‘act’ is not to crap on other HIO posters – unlike yours. Several people agree with me about Slowinski, so it would be great if you could point your rose-coloured glasses in another direction.

    PS: Slowinski coughed up the puck twice in the Washington end leading to the rush for the 4th goal. He must have changed before they scored.

    Let the kids play… let the non-performers watch or walk.

  209. coutNY says:

    It’s hard not to desire a GR8,

    Who doesn’t want someone of his talents. He’s a Franchise player having game changing scoring ability, lighting quick speed, an enforcers toughness, mountain ram hitting ability, and cat-like agility which are usually attributes reserved for multiple players. He also has an entertainers ability to leave a crowd in awe.

    Is there anything this hockey aberration does not possess?

    I’d say some friends to support his ultimate goal of winning a cup. With all his individual attributes, very few can carry a team to a Cup on their own; Unless he’s will to start strapping on the pads and become a goalkeeper while hes resting between shifts. Players at most can play 1/2 a game, possibly a little more in your younger years, but that leaves the other 1/2 of the game vulnerable to the opposition when your team is sub-par.

    In the NHL system you rarely have the opportunity to have many Franchise or even top rated players, so if your strong in one area, your usually lack in others.

    Will we ever have an Oveckin?

    Highly unlikely because well never have that low of a draft pick, but we do have a lot of above average budding stars that are hungery. But maybe if you look hard enough we have an Oveckin… Komi a master hitting machine. Plecks, Kostitsyn(s) are lighting fast play making scorers, Kovy gives us the razzle dazzle, Koivu has determination, Higgins is a gritty corner and net guy, and others make up something he can’t possibly have a team. Not to mention a #1 goalie.

  210. Edwardo says:

    Here is what you said, copied and pasted. Why don’t you count the number of games Montreal was actually involved in. It equals a total of 5 for 10 points, not 10 for 20. Nice Facts.

    “Here is an update listing Montreal wins for the situation where they played a team that played the night before while Montreal on the otherhand were idle the night before!

    This has happened a total of 10 times so far folks and out of a possible 20 points Montreal garnered 9 points.

    4 wins and one OT loss which still gives them a point.

    Who says the schedule doesn’t matter?

    Fri Oct 19, 2007
    Blue Jackets at Sabres 7:30 PM ET

    Sat Oct 20, 2007
    Sabres at Canadiens 7:00 PM ET

    Montreal wins 4-2

    Wed Nov 7, 2007
    Bruins at Sabres 7:00 PM ET

    Thu Nov 8, 2007
    Canadiens at Bruins 7:00 PM ET

    Montreal wins 2-1

    Fri Dec 14, 2007
    Maple Leafs at Thrashers 7:30 PM ET

    Sat Dec 15, 2007
    Maple Leafs at Canadiens 7:00 PM ET

    Montreal wins 4-1

    Wed Dec 26, 2007
    Lightning at Capitals 7:00 PM ET

    Thu Dec 27, 2007
    Canadiens at Lightning 7:30 PM ET

    Montreal wins 5-2

    Sat Dec 29, 2007
    Rangers at Maple Leafs 7:00 PM ET

    Sun Dec 30, 2007
    Canadiens at Rangers 7:00 PM ET

    Montreal loses 4-3 in OT but they still get a point!”

  211. Corio says:

    The overtime goal should not have happened in my opinion. Komi wasn’t watching Ovechkin who was alone in front of the net, instead Komi was like a fly to poop watching the puck and not watching his man. Was a silly error that should of been avoided especially after Ovechkin had 3 goals prior to that one! HELLLLOOOOOO!

  212. TradeRyder says:

    Imagine if that line WAS working. It’s weird that it isn’t. For Koivu and Higgins to both hit a funk at the same time is frustrating. I guess we’re in for more line changes.. might be needed. Look what happened when they moved S. Kostitsyn with Lats and Lapierre – sparks!

    It would be interesting to know what’s on Koivu’s mind these days. He’s normally so consistent – he’s still playing well but doesn’t seem to be quite himself and the results show.

    Let the kids play… let the non-performers watch or walk.

  213. TradeRyder says:

    You thought it was Komi? I thought it was Slowinski’s man. Slowinski bowled him over and then got up and left him by the front of the net. Komi had his hands full elsewhere. I’ve never played in the NHL but to me, it’s obvious that even if you’re a forward you cover the guy nearest you if you’re by the net – especially if he’s someone like Ovechkin.

    Let the kids play… let the non-performers watch or walk.

  214. showey47 says:

    he wasn’t smolinski’s guy, ovy should of been covered by who ever was playing left d, komi was taking the puck carrier. I’m guessing it was supposed to be markov’s considering he is komi’s partner.

  215. cautiousoptimist says:

    Hema’s got a point though – there wasn’t any real need to send out one of the best PPs in the league to humiliate the Caps. It had no potential benefits (ie they were going to win anyway), and the potential consequence of firing them up for the next game, which it seems to have done.

  216. rogus says:

    There is a reason he is on his 8th team…and to think, it’s only gonna get worse, he knows that hence the no trade clause. Chipchura > Smolinsky. Chipchura would have stopped the last goal. I’m still happy for the point though, because they stole it!

  217. rogus says:

    L osing
    E ven
    A fter
    F ourty
    S easons


  218. showey47 says:

    Our franchise player will probably have to come via free agency or trade.

  219. mrstewart61 says:

    Markov got caught up ice trying to pick up his stick. But after Smolinski made the play on Ovechkin along the boards, he should have remained with him until Marky got back in position. Eithe way, it could have been avoided. But the ability to battle back for a point is a bonus!

  220. rogus says:

    Or in about three years when AK74 realizes his full potential. It’s so easy to forget he’s just a kid! Excited about his future here…

  221. showey47 says:

    Just hope him and his brother don’t pull a perezhogin.

  222. rogus says:

    He wouldn’t fit in in Ottawa…he isn’t injury prone!

  223. Corio says:

    Well if you watch the replay you can clearly see Ovechkin standing directly behind Komi and Komi has no freakin’ clue. This is where perhaps some communication could have helped on the ice via Huet or someone else..

    Anyhow we’re lucky we came out of that with a point after being down by 3, nice come back!

  224. Edwardo says:

    I don’t even want to waste time passing blame on anyone for the OT goal. The main thing is that that they were fortunate to even be in OT. The sleepwalked through the first period and most of the second………..

  225. rogus says:

    The 4 on 4 plays killed us last night. I’ll bet they’re working on those in practice. Amazing how this team has grown. 4 months ago they would have rolled over after 4-2 in the 3rd.

  226. habfan53 says:

    Just some morning after musings. I wonder if after the way they shut down Ovetchkin and the Capitals Tuesday night they had this game in the bag. The difference was on Tuesday they showed up for all 60 minutes.

    Re: Jokinen as I mentiontioned yesterday according to Darren Dreger Florida and Calgary are talking and it seems the price is Tanguay and a young roster player OR prospect. The problem (my opinion)is Calgary is try to do a salary dump so they can sign some of their young stars (phaneuf and Huselius) and Jokinen will bring his 5+ million contrct with him.
    If that is what Florida is asking I think Gainey can more that match that package and then some T-Roy West last night brought out an interesting proposal IF THE CHOICE WAS BETWEEN HIGGINS AND LATENDRESSE who would you send.
    I would probably go with Latendresse not that is has done anything wrong in fact I thing in the end he will probaly more than double Higgin’s goal totals. BUT I do think that despite his difficulties this year Higgins is the better all round player.

    Let’s have some fun no name calling no bashing no right or wrong just debating.

  227. mjames says:

    Wrong again. If anything you are consistent.


  228. showey47 says:

    Its hard to say , higgy only has 2 more goals than lats but, lats has 73 less shots on goal. Higgins is definatly the better all round player but is 4 years older than gui and we don’t know what gui is gonna be like in 4 years.

  229. nightmare_49 says:

    If you watch the replay Markov was rushing back to take his position then put on the brakes to go after the puck at the point while Smol was going to take his own position at the point. Smol didn’t read Markov’s mind right i quess. We got a point and you got something to bitch about so we’re both happy.

  230. wd40 says:

    if you had asked me a 6 weeks ago, i would have said Lats hands down, but the way he’s been playing of late, it’s a tough call. I have to agree Higgins is overall a better player, but Latendresse has really stepped it up and is actually SCORING.

    On another note, the thing that really gets me is Ryder. I’m patient and I’ve been reluctant to jump on the trade Ryder wagon, but, 2 30-goal seasons, right, and now this. WTF, man. What happened to this guy in the off season? Did Gainey have the anti-Kovalev talk with him? If the guy was working hard, looked good out there, but wasn’t getting the breaks that’s one thing. Have you guys all given up on him? Is there anything there that i’m not seeing?

  231. HotHabs says:

    Very clearly Smolinski took the coverage of Ovechkin when Markov lost his stick. With Markov still not back to position, Smokes should never have left coverage open like he did. Markov’s job wasn’t suddenly to switch with Smokes, especially in that type of quick action in front of Huet, but to cover the trailer. Komi was doing his job watching the man with the puck and waiting to intersect the pass. If you really want to bi*ch about the play and point fingers, it was Smokes who came up short by leaving, of all players, Mr. Hat Trick alone in front of Huet.

    But, that’s only if we really want to get picky. Reality: Habs stole a point in a game where they only showed up for 30 minutes! Take it to the bank and move on. It’s time to refocus and smuggle in 4 points from the Empire State…

    enjoying the high’s of being a Habs fan

  232. Hoegarden says:

    good day Hab fans.
    Broke a rule of mine last evening. Had freebees for the Sens/B’s game and attended. Spezza looked completely lost without his mates and so did the rest of the team.

    Came home and found out that back-to-back games against Ovechkin is a no-no when you keep him off the scoreboard in game 1.

    Re all the talk about Jokinen; I would not trade Higgins nor Lats if it was the only option on the table.
    Lats is a Yvon Lambert type player in the making and we need his size and his grit. Higgs is just not with it at the moment. He’ll bounce back; too much talent not to.

    I would “sadly” put Saku in the deal instead. In reality he is our Sundin. He wants his name on the mug too and I would bet a fin that if the right offer comes along it will be “see you later” for our Captain. Pick any two of our pine-riders with that and we could have a deal.

    I read in many comments that Smolinski was not at his best. Did we really expect otherwise ?

  233. HotHabs says:

    I’ve not been to much of a Lats fan – generally I think he’s a lazy power forward in development- but I have to admit he’s pulled up his socks lately and has contributed a lot more than earlier in the season. Considering Lats is a regular on the 3rd line and now has 14 goals, plus his young age and potential, plus his size which he still hasn’t yet learned to fully use to his advantage… I’d keep him over Higgins in your hypothetical scenario.

    Higgins, on the other hand, has been struggling for a long time and just can’t seem to finish well. He has grit and plays hard, but perhaps I’m seeing him more as a 3rd liner and Gui as a 2nd liner (at least lately).

    If things continue to progress the way they have for Lats, I’ll venture to say he’ll end the season with more goals than Higgins – a not so bold prediction IMHO!

    enjoying the high’s of being a Habs fan

  234. wd40 says:

    if he had balls at all, he’d change his handle to “habs hater”. i mean, seriously.

  235. mrstewart61 says:

    I agree. As much as I’d hate to deal Koivu, maybe it would be better. If I was a TO fan, would I want to trade Sundin? Then again, maybe all we need is the right winger for him. I hope we can win a cup before he’s gone.

  236. TradeRyder says:

    In my mind, Higgins is the better player and has a higher level of potential. Lats has shown that he can do some damage and has been very good some games, but push come to shove, I would only be sorry to lose Lats because of his size which we need. So I would keep Higgy no question. One caveat – Does Higgy want to stay here long term?

    Let the kids play… let the non-performers watch or walk.

  237. habfan53 says:

    I think he does. It’s funny last year there was talk of maybe Chris being a futur captain now I think it will be Komisarek. They’re best friends and I think they would like to stay together.

  238. Habster101 says:

    for awhile, more like the whole friggin season and three quarters of last season…

    need to get rid of him, trade him before GM’s realise that he’s not worth a bag of pucks…

  239. Hoegarden says:

    I stopped counting Sens turnovers at 15. B’s had a field day with the puck. Their only highnote was killing a 5 on 3 for two full mins.

    I honestly thought that Saku would pack it in, two or three years back, when it was announced that he’d set up his Restaurant in Turku. With his medical chart, business set-up, money to burn, why continue ? I guess if it’s in your blood you keep at it.

    Even Forsberg wants back for more punishment. Would you consider him in a Habs uniform ?

  240. Bill H says:

    You are looking for instant gratification, my friend. In the financial markets, most people understand that if you want to win the game, you need to buy low and sell high. What you are proposing is to sell low and buy high. And by that, I mean you want to get rid of Latendresse or Higgins because they haven’t developed to their potential yet. And in exchange, you want to pick up a player that is at top value right now because he has had a string of high scoring seasons. The skillful and farsighted GMs will identify players that are undervalued because of poor performance and pick them up at a discount.

    The Kings had a player who played 66 games and had a record of 9G 12A 21Pts +/- –10. They traded him away. You can do the homework if you want, but I doubt they got much for him.

    The Islanders had a player who played for them a full 82 game season and had the following: 11G 10A 21Pts +/- 0. They traded him.

    The player in both cases was Jokinen. The following 2 seasons, Jokinen was 78GP 6G 10A 16Pts +/- -22 and 80GP 9G 20A 29Pts +/- -16, but the Panthers hung onto him. Now that patience has paid off in spades. He played 4 years in the NHL before he developed fully and began to pay off.

    Latendresse and Higgins both have the kind of potential that Jokinen had. Gainey is not foolish enough to trade either one at this point in their careers. What he will do is show loyalty and help them to develop as players to reach their potential. There is no guarantee that they will both be stars, but to sell them now when the price is low is not a wise decision. When you build a team by drafting young players, you need to wait while they develop. If you want to trade and get full value, you should be talking about trading K1 or K2, Kovalev, Komi, or Pleks. But I doubt you are foolish enough to do that. You keep those players because you recogize their value. You should recognize the value of Higgins and Latendresse too. They both have better records than Jokinen did when he was their age.

  241. HAB-PROFESSOR says:

    My opinion on the FRANCHISE PLAYER DREAM….

    A “Franchise” player never made a “CUP winning TEAM”….ever.

    its a term invented by MARKETING for weak minded fans to buy tickets and merchandise…of course most fans don’t look to a CUP anymore, and certainly the suits are only concerned about quarterly revenues…and if those are fine and the “franchise” player is bringing in crowds and selling shirts then ALL IS WELL (re;laffs)

    The HOCKEY GODS should never allow GREEDVECHKIN to win a CUP.

    he took the ‘solo’ road, signing for big money thereby handicapping his team to build a “team”…

    He could have come to Montreal and stood tall among a group that on average are 100x better than his current squad…face it, remove Greedvechkin from last nights game and its a HAB victory, 4-1 final.

    WE DO NOT NEED A “GREEDVECHKIN” to win the CUP….and GAINEY understands that.
    1. DON’T imprison the FLOWER, not even for an HOUR…else we’ll RIOT!
    1. Thank GOD we have Alex Kovalev… his PRIME
    2. The BELL CENTRE should be rebuilt to sit 80,000 fans
    3. Your not a Hab fan till you watch & UNDERSTAND “The Rocket”

  242. Bill H says:

    A trade of Jokinen for Higgins might mean that Komi is tougher to sign at the end of next season. This is something to consider…its part of the mix when we start talking about chemistry.

  243. habfan53 says:

    First let me say that I am not giving up on either one of them also I don’t think either one is what did you say undervalued I beleive BOTH are coveted. I beleive both will be around and scoring goals for years to come.
    As for the second Jokinen trade can we agree that was probaly right up there with the Esposito trade as one of the worst in league history.

    The pros a player at the height of his career. A solid 2 way player yes I know -11 this year but plus 15 and 16 (I think) the last two. A fellow Finn for Saku and it would not be just for this year as he is under contract for next year as well.
    The cons giving up 1 very promising player (either or), an extra couple of million on cap space for next year and a possible rift in the chemistry of the team

  244. TradeRyder says:

    I doubt I’ll say this very often – but I agree with you 100%.

    Let the kids play… let the non-performers watch or walk.

  245. RetroMikey says:

    Wow! Steve Begin a -3 last night? This concerns me very much for a guy who supposed to be a defensive player and block shots. Not the same type of player, a definite hot and cold player, he has been a disappointment as well this season!

    “We will win the Cup only with Carey Price in the nets”

  246. TradeRyder says:

    Yeah, Carbo’s done a good job, but he has to fix that first line – whatever it takes – or we’re sunk. Imagine if Pleks went down – or Kovalev, or A. Kostitsyn. You might plug Sergie in for his brother but besides that we’d be screwinskied. Who would you plug in for Pleks? There’s no-one. We’d be like Ottawa is now.

    Let the kids play… let the non-performers watch or walk.

  247. TradeRyder says:

    Like Smolinski he’s getting long in the tooth for and the way he plays. He came back like a lion, but last night was more like a lamb.

    Let the kids play… let the non-performers watch or walk.

  248. Habs_008 says:

    Begin was a minus yesterday bc’s his line was up against Ovechkins. I dont think he has been disappointing, he has an injury, missed a lot of games. Ovechkin just had one of those games, we stole a point, which was great because they out shot us and deserved the win, We didnt. Lets beat the New York teams.

  249. Scotty90 says:

    Great to get a point last night. I’m a little bit frustrated by their lack of intensity in the first and most of the second… but, hey.. what can you do. I am delighted however that they are not rolling over and dying like they used to do. When they put their minds to it…they can do it. Huet played a strong game, except for the third goal (I think?)… where he may have gone down in the butterfly a little too early (what an amazing wrister from Ovechkin though). The weekend games aren’t going to be piece of cake.. 3 games in 4 days (2 afternoon games to boot!) but I know they can do it.

    Go Habs

  250. Habhopeful says:

    Jokinen can only help the canadians, especially playing with koivu, im still not sure if i would give up higgins tho he still has alot to prove but i would LOVE jokinen to be on the habs, hes the big strong scoring centermen every hab fan has been craving for years over…I particularly will not get my hopes up but i still like to keep an open mind, hes a big competitor and he looks miserable on florida, he doesn’t have a very good supporting cast and as far as i can tell, he’s never been in the playoffs and which makes that more obvious that he wants to get out of florida seeing as how they probably wont make this year either…Hossa would be a good pick up but he is not the missing piece to this puzzle, we have very capable wingers and one up and coming centermen with thomas plekanec, plus knowing hossa, he would ask for more money and jokinen is still under contract for another year or 2…

  251. wd40 says:

    it’s nice to see this team has no quit, and, despite giving up 5 goals, Huet is still solid in my opinion. on paper, we should be able to come away with at least 3 points this weekend, but as you say, that’s a lot of hockey in 4 days. i know i’m repeating myself, but i’d sure feel better if our “first” line woke the heck up. maybe we’ll see a s. kostitsyn < -> ryder experiment.

  252. Scotty90 says:

    Hey Timo… we discussed last week that my Rogers and your Shaw don’t provide RDS-HD. I wrote ROgers and here is their response:
    “Currently Rogers is in negotiations with Bell in order to have access to HD RDS so that we may offer it to our customers. Unfortunately, where Bell owns the rights to this programming it may take some time for any agreement to come to terms. Our Customer Representatives as well as our customer base will be informed as soon as there is confirmation provided as to the possibility of HD RDS becoming part of the services here at Rogers.”

    May be the same situation with Shaw and Bell?

  253. krob1000 says:

    I’d like to see that.

  254. Bill H says:

    Thanks for the clarification. I agree there is an upside to such a trade, even if we lose one of these 2 players. But Jokinen would cost more than that, wouldn’t he? What do you think a realistic package would be to get Jokinen? I’ll duck for cover when I say this, but I’d rather get rid of Huet for Jokinen because I think we will lose him at the end of the season anyway. But I am not sure what Florida is looking for.

    Hey, can anyone give me the new url for Spector’s webpage. I can’t seem to find it.

  255. HAB-PROFESSOR says:

    Cancel that rippppofff cable and get the Bell Expresvu dish.

    RDS is $5/mth and its the best $5 i’ve ever spent.

    can you imagine, watching EVERY Hab game for $5/mth!!!

    not sure how long that luxury will last before the bigwigs clamp down.
    1. DON’T imprison the FLOWER, not even for an HOUR…else we’ll RIOT!
    1. Thank GOD we have Alex Kovalev… his PRIME
    2. The BELL CENTRE should be rebuilt to sit 80,000 fans
    3. Your not a Hab fan till you watch & UNDERSTAND “The Rocket”

  256. HAB-PROFESSOR says:

    Then you’ve truly turned a corner…away from the darkside…welcome to the light…!
    1. DON’T imprison the FLOWER, not even for an HOUR…else we’ll RIOT!
    1. Thank GOD we have Alex Kovalev… his PRIME
    2. The BELL CENTRE should be rebuilt to sit 80,000 fans
    3. Your not a Hab fan till you watch & UNDERSTAND “The Rocket”

  257. Scotty90 says:

    My house is surrounded by big trees so I don’t think a dish would work too well. I get to watch every Habs game on RDS with Rogers but not in HD format.

  258. Hoegarden says:

    Well said about OV.

    He is young, very talented, strong, fast and rich. He’s definitely a treat to watch over the dump-and-chase or merry-go-round along the boards.

    On the other hand, he also plays the game Kamikaze style and it will likely be his downfall one day.
    So, sooner or later, he’ll possibly get injured big time because of this and who knows what will happen after.

    I heard him say, I believe on TSN, that quote No one can stop me !! unquote.

    So yes, he is greedy and I suppose smart all the same for negotiating such a deal but he’ll need to play smarter if he wants to terrorize NHL goalies for years to come.

    Personally, I would not gamble and give away a handfull of draft picks for him. Hockey is a team sport and you need all cylinders firing in unison to capture the big prize at the end of the year.

  259. Rocket9 says:

    I’d just like to say that I can’t believe how different it feels now, versus earlier in the season.

    When they were down 3-0, I didn’t know for sure that they would come back, but I definitely felt it was possible. This is even though they were playing rather poorly. I just had the feeling it was possible.

    I had the same feeling still when it was 4-2.

    That’s interesting to me, because if I had that feeling sitting on the couch, then they probably had that feeling on the ice and bench, and that little belief, that it’s possible, makes all the difference.

    Of course, it was a bummer they lost in OT, but I think that game was a net positive in the end. To all those people trying to blame the goal on either Smolinski, Markov or Komi, the truth is, in hockey, when a goal is scored against you, there are almost always a number of mistakes that lead to it. There were at least 3 mistakes on that play. Firstly, someone (I can’t remember who), coughed up the puck just inside the Washington blue line, then Markov misplayed it and dropped his stick, then Smolinski made a nice play on Ovechkin but forgot about him after, then Komi stands like a stick in the slot without taking a man (did make a nice block though), then no-one takes Ovechkin in front.

    It was basically a total breakdown I could tell they were going to get a good scoring chance at the very beginnig of the play, way back at the Capitals blue line.

    The point is, it was one play and not one person’s fault. Hopefully the coaching staff is addressing 4-4 defensive assignments.

    Overall, it was a fun game to watch even though the boys were pretty flat for the first half.

  260. Habhopeful says:

    bill apparentley florida’s offer was 2 roster players and 1 prospect…They already have vokoun so they would not be looking for a goalie, I would throw in ryder but i really dont know who else i’d throw in or who they would exactly want and we have a couple expandable prospects at the moment…

  261. Bill H says:

    An interesting comparison – Koivu and Sundin. One difference – the Habs are not in the same position as the leafs with a bankrupt farm system, few lower round draft picks (I believe they have traded away several trying to solve the goalie problem) coming up, and an overpriced blueline corps signed long term with NTC in the contract. I would prefer to solve the Koivu riddle by finding him a winger rather than trading him. He deserves better after what he has been through and what he has given the organization and the city. The only cup Sundin will win with the Leafs is the kind you wear between your legs. (They should give a gold plated one when he retires, just so he can say he won the cup with the leafs.) With the Habs, we are on the verge of being a top contender and Koivu deserves to be here with us, hoisting the Cup over his head and with a C on his chest. Barring a dramatic change in circumstances i.e. a request for a trade by Koivu, anything less would be nothing short of a betrayal and would come back to haunt us.

  262. cautiousoptimist says:

    A helpful tip from Kukla for trade proponents who could do with a little calming of les nerfs:

    Helpful NHL Trade Rumor Tips.
    Jan 24, 2008 | 2:53PM | report this
    I’ve previously posted the following on my website. Given the NHL trade deadline is only a month away as well as the rise in recent weeks of really stupid trade rumors -many involving players with no-trade/no movement clauses or expensive long-term contracts that are almost unmovable – I’ve decided to re-post this here.

    Consider the following to be helpful tips for internet and media rumormongers – who’ll never listen anyway but what the hell – in hopes that it’ll improve their creativity:

    1. Players with no-trade/no-movement clauses almost never waive them unless they’re in the final season of their contract and stuck on a non-playoff team, and then only in the weeks heading into the trade deadline to facilitate a trade to a playoff club. They don’t waive them mid-way through their contract or in the middle of the summer.

    2. Teams almost never trade a talented young player for picks and prospects, especially when that player is one of their most talented.

    Last August a rumor flying around had the Boston Bruins trading Patrice Bergeron to the NY Islanders for picks and prospects. Come on, at least be more creative! Claim the Bruins are shopping Bergeron for, oh, say, Trent Hunter and Mike Comrie, or Comrie and Marc-Andre Bergeron. Sure, those rumors are unlikely too, but at least they’re not incredibly stupid.

    3. General managers are not on the phone every day trying to swing trades, ok? I keep hearing that nonsense and it’s simply not true. If it was, they’d have no time to devote to other aspects of running a team, like scouting, managing payroll, and player development. Yes, they have assistants but GMs must stay involved in day-to-day activities.

    Most general managers aren’t talking trade in August, because most have already committed their cap space for the upcoming season and have yet to fully evaluate their new rosters during training camp and pre-season. Cap constraints during the season means the earliest trades will occur is mid-to-late November, as salaries start to become more affordable.

    Usually, the bulk of the deal occur in February, the same month as the trade deadline, and most who get traded fall into the category noted in my first point (Impending UFA playing on non-playoff club willing to waive NTC to play for a contender).

    4. Remember the salary cap. A team with limited cap space is not going to take on a player carrying a hefty salary without dumping a lot of salary in return, and those deals almost never happen because of the potential adverse affect to roster depth. More often than not, a team trying to move a high-salaried player is trying to free up cap space, not add to it. Those rumors are the easiest to debunk, folks, so do try to keep the cap in mind when you’re trying to dream up who might be a good fit where.

    5. Teams aren’t going to trade one high-salaried player for another if the other player doesn’t solve a problem area. It makes no sense to trade a high-salaried forward in exchange for a high-salaried netminder if said netminder won’t help them, so please, no silly “Brad Richards to Colorado for Jose Theodore” rumors.

    6. Correctly predicting one rumored trade doesn’t make you a genius prognosticator if you’re wrong most of the time. One rumor out of one hundred coming true is nothing to crow about. If you were a weather forecaster with that kind of prediction rate you’d be unemployed in no time!

    I’ll be impressed if you can be accurate with your calls at least ten percent every season. Remember, a stopped clock is right twice a day but no one considers it an accurate measure of time.

    Just follow these simple rules and you too can come up with more creative trade rumors that at least have a foot partially in reality rather than both feet firmly planted on Fantasy Island.


  263. Hoegarden says:

    got the exact same reply from Rogers last October. It’s a real bummer seeing that they get it across the river and we can’t. I asked them if there was special fibre cabling required to cross over the Outaouais wall. They’ve yet to get back to me but keep sending those annoying surveys.

  264. RudeMood19 says:

    Buddy, just because you couldn’t see the puck from the TV angles doesn’t mean the ref couldn’t see it from his angle.

  265. Bill H says:

    Great post. There is a whole lot more positive than negative about the game. And the game was lost not only on that one play which you described well, but much earlier in the game with lacklustre play by the team. But to be able to come back twice shows character that was lacking earlier. We need that kind of character in the playoffs.

  266. Scotty90 says:

    I wonder if the CRTC would have something to say about it? maybe I’ll give them a dingle.

  267. G-Man says:

    Habs have enough with one aging,overpaid star. Definitely don’t need 1 with a wonky ankle he can’t skate on.
    Still thinking Marleau is the way to go. (like it’ll ever happen!)


  268. habfan53 says:

    According to Darren Dreger of TSN with Calgary they were looking at Alex Tanguay and a yong roster player OR a prospect

  269. coutNY says:

    You can try to put Saku in the deal, but here is a few reasons why this won’t happen:

    1. Why would Florida want to trade Jokinen for an older center that historically has put up less in terms of production.
    2. Why would Saku want to go to a less talented team, obviously in the minst of rebuilding period, if there dealing they’re captain whose 28 years old… Saku has a NTC, so he’d have a final say if he went anywhere I doubt it would be to a non-playoff team.
    3. The salary cap savings of a Jokinen/Koivu deal would only net a $750k savings…

  270. Bill H says:

    I agree with your assessment of Hossa and would add that he is only a rental with UFA status at end of season, so I wouldn’t look very closely at him and I don’t think BG would either. Plus Hossa has a less than sterling post season record, mostly racking up a big .5 points a game. His best season in the playoffs, he was 18GP 5G 11A 16Pts, is still short of his regular season production.

    Thanks for the info on Panther demands for Jokinen Habhopeful.

  271. HAB-PROFESSOR says:

    oh, well HD is a BIGTIME difference…you might have to cut a tree down one day!
    1. DON’T imprison the FLOWER, not even for an HOUR…else we’ll RIOT!
    1. Thank GOD we have Alex Kovalev… his PRIME
    2. The BELL CENTRE should be rebuilt to sit 80,000 fans
    3. Your not a Hab fan till you watch & UNDERSTAND “The Rocket”

  272. Hoegarden says:

    Spot on coutNY.
    Someone mentioned to me on this blog that Martin and Joki are not on the same frequency, like Keenan and Tanguay.

    Sometimes unloading an unwanted player (Joki in this case) will be tempting enough to take a player like Saku. I’m not saying it’s a good trade but my point is really not to trade our young lions.

    My guess is that Joki could very well end up here in Ottawa for Emery and a couple of no-names or late picks.

  273. HAB-PROFESSOR says:

    you got it…..and soon we’ll see what page Gainey is on.
    I do not see him dismantling a team for a player!
    thats a joke of an idea…that some people here are having.
    1. DON’T imprison the FLOWER, not even for an HOUR…else we’ll RIOT!
    1. Thank GOD we have Alex Kovalev… his PRIME
    2. The BELL CENTRE should be rebuilt to sit 80,000 fans
    3. Your not a Hab fan till you watch & UNDERSTAND “The Rocket”

  274. Smart Dog says:

    I’m curious Habs fans,

    It’s true we were lucky to come away with the point last night. And true that you can’t win them all. But hopefully the players are learning that they can’t get caught up in their own press and need to play 60 minutes every night… as they gain much-deserved confidence in themselves and each other.

    And the coaching staff & management is owed huge praise for riding out the tough times and getting this team back on the rails. But there is one problem we NEED to solve if we are to make a real challenge for the post-season. We are, most nights, a one-line team. The Higgins – Ryder – Koivu line needs change. Forget about goal-tending and defense, we aren’t likely to get very far with a first line that goes several games without a goal.

    If it was you, what would you do?

    For me – I would split those three up. They need to play with players who are not in a funk and who might help bring the energy back to their game. Koivu needs a smart linemate who can find the net… Higgins, it’s hard to say what he needs. As difficult as it is – and I wouldn’t want to – but if I could find a good offer I would trade one of these two guys if I couldn’t get them going in the next few games (trading Ryder is a no-brainer if a decent offer comes along).

    Habs Fans! The FUTURE looks bright:
    Plekanec, Higgins, Chipchura, A Kostitsyn, Lapierre, Latendress,
    Price, S Kostitsyn, Komisuarus, O’Byrne

  275. Hoegarden says:

    I feel Ted Rogers and his folks at Rogers don’t want to see us watch the Habs in HD, kicking butt and all, and force us to watch the laffs in HD instead.

    I’ll email Bob Gainey and ask him to call Fletcher to offer him the right to Viacheslav Fetisov. In return he can call Ted and have him look for the HD switch on RDS.

  276. krob1000 says:

    Surrounded by all those Leafs and not able to watch the Habs Scotty… need to do something quick!!

  277. coutNY says:…dog, we have scoring coming from all of our lines, and 5 pts out of the Eastern lead. Saku scored 4pt in his last 5 games. Saku and Higgins (granted he is in a bit of a slump not firing as well as Pleks,Kosty,Kovy), but have combined for 16.5% of the teams points.

    Yes, they have had droughts namely last for years an example, but still put up career stats. Higgins is making $1.7 a year at 24 years old on pace to be a 50 pt player this year, and a valuable piece to our PK & PP. It would be a bad move to get rid of him. Saku is a leader on a playoff bound team. He is also a playoff horse which would be vital to successful run. He also carries a NTC, why would he agree to move unless it was to a team with a better chance than us???

    Before we heed warnings that the “sky is falling” because of a 1 loss, we need to notice that we have been one of the Hottest teams in January. We probably won’t be a Bubble team come trade deadline… which would probably means were not going to be trading a top 6 forward. We actually have a lot of cap space and more likely be on the buyers side and tweek what we have currently.

  278. Hoegarden says:

    That beer mug in hand explains the concern about those “leafs” around his house. We have yet to see what’s in the other hand….

  279. coutNY says:

    The biggest point I wanted to make is would be why would SAKU with his NTC want move to a non-contender. He already stated that he doesn’t want be part of a rebuilding process at his age. Smolinski also has a No Movement clause…

  280. Smart Dog says:

    You make good points, and perhaps are right. What concerns me though is we now have three guys on one line who have been playing below expected levels now that we’re down the stretch. Maybe if they did trade Ryder and someone else for a suitable winger that would do it. Or maybe it takes more time… but time is something we’re running out of – we need consistency from that line – as you suggest, maybe it’s coming. Could be, could be not. But leaving it up to chance is a risk.

    Habs Fans! The FUTURE looks bright:
    Plekanec, Higgins, Chipchura, A Kostitsyn, Lapierre, Latendress,
    Price, S Kostitsyn, Komisuarus, O’Byrne

  281. A. Berke says:


    The problem with Koivu-Higgins-Ryder line is exactly what you mentioned, i.e., they have scored ONLY 16.5% of the team’s points.

    Keeping in mind that this line started the season as the FIRST line and now they’re de facto the second line, they should have been responsible for at least 30 to 35% of the team’s points by now. Especially considering that they get more playing time than the 3rd and the 4th lines, this is not easily acceptable.

    Most posters believe that Koivu and Higgins are good (and I don’t disagree with that assessment), and for some other posters Ryder is untouchable as well. However IMHO, this line is not sacrosanct and if there’s a good value to be obtained through a trade or changing lines, I’d say go for it. On the other hand the other 3 lines are doing well so I wouldn’t choose changing of lines by breaking up the Koivu line.

    We are almost 2/3 in the regular season and I think it’s about time that something be done (either by these players stepping up their games or by the management) that will give more positive outcome for the team.

    PS: I like all the players but the TEAM COMES FIRST.

    Ali B.

  282. coutNY says:

    I was only including Higgins and Koivu…in the 16.5% I excluded Ryder, because he is obviously not up to par… don’t feel he’s working with them and like most would move him if we could.

    BTW I am not in any disagreement on line change-ups. We all hoped Ryder would catch fire and come back to form but the line isn’t poping.

    I am disagreeing on trading Higgins and Koivu.

  283. Scotty90 says:

    not a problem Krob…. its the same thing every year.. come October, the leaves shrivel up, come apart and fall… then my dogs pee and poop on them.. and then I mulch em’ up and they become compost…where they belong (ah..ah!). I do watch the Habs… every game, but its not HD. I tell myself that its better to watch a habs game on a fuzzy screen than a leafs game on HD… any day :)

  284. Scotty90 says:

    I’ve got a fly-swater in my other hand…. just waiting for the fact guy to show up!

  285. Hoegarden says:

    Higgins is IMHO a leader by nature and needs to be with younger players. Put him on with SK74 and Lapierre and he’ll snap out of it.

    Ryder and Saku are buddies from way back and are likely to stay together for the rest of the year. Carbo has done enough experimenting with Ryder.

  286. Smart Dog says:

    Enough for what?

    Not enough to get him scoring.
    Habs Fans! The FUTURE looks bright:
    Plekanec, Higgins, Chipchura, A Kostitsyn, Lapierre, Latendress,
    Price, S Kostitsyn, Komisuarus, O’Byrne

  287. Robert L says:

    But the FACT IS, the ref did NOT lose sight of the puck as it slid over for Latendresse to bang in.

    You need to find something to do with your time dude. You are contributing nothing to the world except anger. Get a shrink!

  288. wd40 says:

    i’d like to know wtf is wrong with Ryder. how can a young guy like this who just came off TWO 30-goal seasons, and another of 25 (not to mention 27 goals in 32 games in Sweden during the strike), be playing like this? 8 G – 10 A after 46 games is inexcusable. i’m done waiting for this guy to come around. I don’t CARE where you put him, but i would like to see S.Kotstityn flanking Koivu and Higgins.

  289. wd40 says:

    you’re right, the sky is certainly not falling, but THINK of what kind of a team this could be if our “top” line (we used to call this our first line) was producing. We simply don’t have a legitimate shot dragging this line as it is until the end of the year.

  290. G-Man says:

    I like Lapierre with Higgins and Ryder. He plays to their style, opening up lanes for them with his presence. Stick SK74 with Koivu and Lats and let them all go. Keep Begin, Smoke and Kostopoulos on the 4th line. There! All done.


  291. Edwardo says:

    Wow, so you depend on the red light now eh? When was the last time you have watched a hockey game?
    I have seen many, many occasions where the puck hit the inside crossbar and the red light didn’t come on. So the refs reviewed it, and guess what?? They called it a goal! Even though to red light didn’t come on.
    You have never seen that….?

  292. MNaslund26 says:

    isnt koivu leading the team in assists?

  293. T-roy West says:

    That would be interesting for sure.

  294. T-roy West says:

    I would rather have a speedy player with play making ability with like 15 goals and 35 assists than a slow skating player who scores 18 goals and only has 10 assists. Sometimes it means one person is playing harder than the other or mybe one plays more!

  295. Shiloh says:

    Please……Jack Todd can write!

  296. Sulemaan says:

    Agreed. Apples and Oranges.

  297. Shiloh says:

    What’s not to like? Let’s see…he’s slower than my grandmother (and she’s been dead 20 years).

  298. drecha says:

    I have mixed feelings on this one because we could use a big center and he would fit the bill, but two roster players and a defensive prospect seems a little high. I am sure Saku would be happy to see a fellow Fin on the team but depending on the players involved I think the price is too high.

    The tank is full, now let’s map the route for the drive to 25!!

  299. krob1000 says:

    Jokinen is 29 years old. Depending on the two roster forwards I would be all for this. This is not directed at you Suleman but I have heard constant grumbling sfor as long as I have been on this site about our need for a big scoring center. There are few outt here better than Jokinen. He is a proven leader as well and he has several good years left in him. Plekanec and Kositisyn’s ……untouchable. Anyone else on that list would hurt but for a player of Jokinen’s stature I would be inclined to pull the trigger. I think Ryder would be a part of any equation so you would only be losing one more of the guys you listed. As for the defenseman…..the list Sulemaan has listed demonstrates our depth and we now at least 3 of our 6 spots are sewn up for years to come….that means some of these guys are somewhat expendable. They can’t be buried forever in the minors and we must have some sort of internal depth chart……sure you may give away a Hainsey but you know you are getting an Olli Jokinen……much like the Tanguay thing……in a heartbeat.

  300. Sulemaan says:

    You might have a point there krob1000. The team could use a big centreman.

    But my fear is that we can’t afford to deal a prospect unless we’re lucky and it ends up being a Balej for Kovalev situation. I’m just fearful of dealing another potential Beauchemin. Imagine if he was still playing here.

    I’d also think that players like Higgins and Chipchura are untouchables. They may not product from a production perspective but they provide leadership which has been missing on this team for years. And in terms of Latendresse, he may be slow in terms of development/production but all power-forwards take their time to develop.

    I’m torn on this one.

  301. Cable Guy says:

    The only guys I would give up from our current roster is Ryder, Latendresse and Dandenault. Thats it.

  302. Xtrahabsfan says:

    I have a feeling if we ever trade Latendresse he will John Leclair us till his retirement from the league;we already have that scenario with Ribeiro,lol…

  303. Wops says:

    You won’t land Jokinen for those guys, though..
    CH is for Chris Higgins

  304. Xtrahabsfan says:

    We can’t trade away our future a la leaf’s,but we do have to improve the ship for the big show so we can go past the Sens and deal with the western powerhouse teams”Ducks etc”. This team”Habs” can make the finnals but has to keep improving,look at Brian Burke and the additions to last years stanley cup winner and he’s still looking for another 6 million dollor man.Now alot of you are going to say money can’t buy you love ,well it gots the Ducks the love lastyear!

  305. showey47 says:

    jokinen can play center or wing, he would look a hell of alot better playing the right wing with saku than ryder does.

  306. Ed says:

    Yes, he would. But who would you give up to get him? It would be someone substantial, i.e., somebody we would be reluctant to give up.

  307. Sbah Reverof says:

    BG hasn’t endured our crap for the last few years just to watch his smart drafts, trades, and prospects leave when many are just hitting their stride. We do have a hole or two that needs filling, but we’re rebuilding, and that means letting the youngsters develop, getting the roster to gel as a team, and carefully evaluating everyone’s progress. That’s how we will have a strong Cup contender for years to come.

  308. habitual says:

    Hey folks: Check out TSN’s Power Rankings:

    Habs ranked third overall in the league.

    Philly’s underachiever: Daniel Brier.

    Don’t you love it!

  309. wd40 says:

    i think 3rd overall is a bit generous. i think 5th is more accurate, but it’s nice to see the habs are getting the credit for a very solid season thus far.


  310. Habs_008 says:

    I think we are One or Two years away from being a Contender, the AK Brothers, Higgins, Price, Komeserik, Markov. We got great young players that are gonna be even better for the years to come. All the Leaf fans in my office cant admit that we are THAT GOOD. I love it, they are stupid!

  311. MNaslund26 says:

    sounds like a terrible deal if we have to give up any of our young talent. like most people have already stated, jokinen is too old. at this point, we are thriving with our young guys. it would be detrimental to trade them off for another aging player. trade him for brisbois, trade him for smolinski. leave higgins and ryder and pleks be!

  312. Habhopeful says:

    Jokinen would be a GREAT! pick up but that does seem like a high price to pay, last season he had 39 goals and 52 assists and the year before that had 38 goals and 51 assists which is 91 and 89 points respectively, which is good considering he plays for a S****Y team such as florida, and about his age, 29? that is not old, 27 is the average age players hit there prime and hes 2 years over that age and still producing, he is a great player, plus put him with koivu, a fellow finn, they can play excellent and jokinen can play both wing and center but i would suggest koivu try and play wing because jokinen is bigger and stronger than koivu but they could work it out however they please, i dont know who they would give up for him, maybe ryder and as much as i love streit, he could be used and im not sure about the defensive prospect…I’d love to see jokinen in a habs jersey, not likely to happen but hey only time will tell…

  313. habsgod says:

    i’ve read alot of eklund’s rumors and they are commical to say the least!and i read this one about jokinen!let me say this if,and only if we could get jokinen at a resaonable price.he would be agreat addition! and a big upgrade on our team.he would give us the big powerful imposing center we haven’t had in a longtime!!we simply could dominate a game!!but what to give up for him is the tricky part!!(btw suleman)you mention jokinen was old well if you consider 29 to be old…………well then i guess that’s old!!i would take jokinen on our team anyday!but getting back to what i’d give up for him!!i’d offer ryder,a1st r.d pick,a conditional 1st r.d pick(incase the panthers can’t resign him)then i’d tell them they could have either valentenko or gorges!!and i think that would be enough!!but then what to do with saku koivu?he’s to good to be a third line center and not good enough now to be our second line center!so i’d talk to saku and see if we would wave his n.t.c.and talk to sanjose about him!!and if you could get a deal with the shark send him there!!

  314. Habs_008 says:

    and who would we get for Saku? Marlow? …. Sak’s can try playin wing or he can Centre line 3….But i dont even think we are after Jokinen anyways. I dont think we should trade Saku, he is our Captain.

  315. habsgod says:

    no habs008 i never mentioned marleau beside if we picked up marleau we’d up against the cap!!and we would lose the following season komisarek because we wouldn’t have the cap room to keep all these guys!!i’d trade saku for defenceman christian ehrhoff and a 1st r.d pick from the sharks!!ehrhoff gives you that big bomb from the point and is affordable and the 1st r.d you’d get back from losing ours in the jokinen deal!!playing saku on the wing is not a viable option!!he’s to soft and that’s not his game he’s more suited to play center!!and he would want to be traded if we could get jokinen the wrting would be on the wall for saku!!and to say because he’s our captain you don’t trade him because of that is just dumb!! i mean if we can improve and upgrade our team(and jokinen)would do it!i think also komisarek and higgins are starting to step up and be laders anyway and i think,higgy and komi would be more vocal than saku!!if not then name kovalev captain!!

  316. Ian G Cobb says:

    Guy Lafleur, You are a great father and I am with you.!

  317. mjames says:

    Concerning our inability to attract a scoring FA, thank God we were unsuccessful with Drury, Briere, Gomez, Smyth , etc. Have I left anyone out?

    The same feeling goes for trades. If I am Gainey I focus on our RFA and UFA starting with AK47, Streit, etc. Also I do not give up draft picks , if anything,I trade for them when possible with my surplus assets.


  318. coutNY says:

    I think our ability to attact would change a lot with a run at the Cup. Not too many would shy away from Ottawa after last years showing. With all our young guys and success (if it continues), FAs would look at Mtl differently. We Didn’t make the playoffs last year and there wasn’t a lot of changes made in the offseason to remedy it, but in actualality Gainey stuck to his build from within, replaced trouble areas, and changed up role players. That combined with a Canadian dollar surge might change peoples perception of this team.

  319. Bill H says:

    Yes mjames, I agree that BG needs to acquire draft picks, not trade them. With too many prospects in Hamilton, players sitting in the press box, and not enough space on the roster, players start to lose hope. So trading some of those players buys us time and maintains our depth. Your point about concentrating on signing our own UFAs and RFAs is also right on the money. But all things considered, if BG can land a top six scoring forward and do it by dealing some of the surplus rather than the core players, then he should do it.

  320. HAB-PROFESSOR says:

    We should move to acquire BRASHEAR ASAP.

    put him on the WING with KOIVU, move Ryder to the third line.

    that will STOP the attacks on our captain INSTANTLY, and ignite that line into scoring without fear of being manhandled.

    as well BRASH has great hands, loves the Habs and Montreal, was once a Hab and is dieing to become one again….just watch him tonight (and the other night) he refuses to crush any of our players, he will not play dirty against us, he has too much respect for Gainey and Carb.

    I say bring him back and we are ready for a CUP run.

    without him we’ll be going to war without a gun….
    1. DON’T imprison the FLOWER, not even for an HOUR…else we’ll RIOT!
    1. Thank GOD we have Alex Kovalev… his PRIME
    2. The BELL CENTRE should be rebuilt to sit 80,000 fans
    3. Your not a Hab fan till you watch & UNDERSTAND “The Rocket”

  321. P St. Pierre says:

    If I were the team’s GM and I was looking for a tough guy to add to the roster, I’d take the toughest one in the Eastern Conference: Georges Laraque. In my opinion, he is the only enforcer who can play a regular shift and truly help the team. I don’t mind Brashear, but Laraque is a far better player (in my opinion) and 5 years younger.

  322. habfan53 says:

    BG wll bring him back when he is 1 year past retirement sign him to a 900K contract so he can retire a hab

  323. N.B.habs fan says:

    HABS PROFESSOR, Of all the trade talk this i like the best,Brasher sounds more reasonable and fits our needs the most,you are a gennius…….

  324. coutNY says:

    Not sure but I think someone has already replied to this aquistion, by telling you Washington just extented him another year.

    and Since when does Brashear belong on a scoring line…. he has been a 3rd or 4th line enforcer his whole career. Yes he is built like a tank but he’s about as mobile as one to. At 35 and his size, he could not handle the riggers or minutes demand on the 1st or 2nd line. He is a Defensive Liability because of his lack of speed and mobility. It would be nice to have someone to fear in terms of an enforcer but you must be crazy to think he would fit with Koivu and Higgins on a scoring line!

  325. drecha says:

    Here is a list called if the NHL was a highschool that I picked up off of I thought it was pretty funny:

    Anaheim would be the kid that beats you up and steals your lunch money.

    Atlanta would be the slutty cheerleader everyone scores on.

    Boston would be the kid who you want to like…but you can’t because he smells.

    Buffalo would be the kid who never can afford to go anywhere or do anything.

    Calgary would be the bipolar popular chick who can please many people when she’s up but when she’s down she tries to commit suicide.

    Carolina would be the farmer kid with a mullet.

    Chicago would be the really old kid that has yet to hit puberty.

    Colorado would be the kid who did really well in elementary school and is just a slacker now.

    Columbus would be the kid who puts rims on his bike wheels and pretends he’s driving a BMW.

    Dallas would be the kid with the weird accent.

    Detroit would be the foreign exchange student.

    Edmonton would be the kid that was accidentally castrated in the early 1990’s and hasn’t been the same since.

    Florida is the kid who can never fit in.

    Los Angeles would be the kid who always misses school.

    Minnesota would be the kid who’s older brother was an All-American jock who got all the girls and success, but he is just a water boy.

    Montreal would be the kid who wants to trade you his apple for your Subway sandwich.

    Nashville would be that kid with the dad in the military. He’s cool, but you don’t want to be best friends with him because you know he’ll be moving soon.

    Ottawa would be the kid that breezes through the school year and then blows the final exams.

    Phoenix would be the kid that nobody knows.

    Philadelphia would be the kid who’s always suspended.

    Pittsburgh would be the crybaby tattle tail.

    New Jersey would be the really boring kid.

    New York Islanders would be the kid who has his/her whole life planned out already. Or at least the next 14 years.

    New York Rangers would be the rich kid.

    San Jose would be the kid that always over studies for the finals and ends up bombing them.

    St. Louis would be the smooth talking kid who gets you to trade your snack pack to him for half an apple.

    Tampa Bay would be the prom queen who got pregnant and now she’s not the same as she used to be.

    Toronto would be the girl with major issues.

    Washington would be the class clown. Entertaining, but ends up going nowhere.

    Vancouver would be the kid that has good marks all year, then skips the finals to sleep.

    The tank is full, now let’s map the route for the drive to 25!!

  326. wd40 says:

    pretty funny.

  327. PattyBoy31 says:

    I don’t get the apple for a subway sandwich?!?
    password: brandy

  328. Cable Guy says:

    The Toronto one could have been funnier.

    Toronto would be the girl with major issues and 2 sets of parents.

  329. NoTinFoilCups says:

    LOL I laughed so much it brought tears to my eyes. Thank you

  330. habfan53 says:

    Darren Dreger of Toronto Sports Network says that Calgary and Florida have been talking about Jokinen and that the price was high (Tanguay and a young player OR prospect) if that is the case THAT is not all that big of a price.
    When I was looking up Jokinen’s numbers They showed the trade that sent him to Florida: Jokinen AND Luongo for Mark Parish and Oleg Kvasha and they though Ferguson made bad trades

  331. coutNY says:

    Tanguay is Calgary’s equal to Plekanecs + a Player/Prospect

    To me that is expensive…. since we have Pleks at a great price currently.

  332. nightmare_49 says:

    I wonder who was the GM of the Islanders that made that trade?lol.

  333. HAB-PROFESSOR says:

    Isn’t that right NOW!
    did I mention he is french….the media will love him as the PROTECTOR…
    1. DON’T imprison the FLOWER, not even for an HOUR…else we’ll RIOT!
    1. Thank GOD we have Alex Kovalev… his PRIME
    2. The BELL CENTRE should be rebuilt to sit 80,000 fans
    3. Your not a Hab fan till you watch & UNDERSTAND “The Rocket”

  334. ClaytonM says:

    In case you forgot, we gave brashear his shot at the NHL and he dropped the ball BIG TIME!. He either lost the fight or danced around his opponents without throwing a punch. He was a joke of an enforcer and a defensive liability with no offensive abilities whatsoever. Why should we try and acquire him now when his best years are behind him? To please the media? Last I checked they get into the games for free.

    If Gainey sees a need for an enforcer, and I doubt he does, then he’ll draft and develop one, not trade an asset for brashear or laracque. Personally I hope we never goon it up like the pens or flyers. They need enforcers partly to protect their small speedsters and partly to protect their cheap-shot artists like ruuttu and downie.

  335. HAB-PROFESSOR says:

    BRASH is a better role player now than when we had him.

    and he is probably #1 in the league as a HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION.

    and yes we need an enforcer…or does KOVALEV have to take care of that also….
    1. DON’T imprison the FLOWER, not even for an HOUR…else we’ll RIOT!
    1. Thank GOD we have Alex Kovalev… his PRIME
    2. The BELL CENTRE should be rebuilt to sit 80,000 fans
    3. Your not a Hab fan till you watch & UNDERSTAND “The Rocket”

  336. HAB-PROFESSOR says:

    I mentioned below…LAROQ is babysitting that crybaby…he has a job.
    BRASH is doing nothing over there….GREEDCKIN doesn’t need protection.

    1. DON’T imprison the FLOWER, not even for an HOUR…else we’ll RIOT!
    1. Thank GOD we have Alex Kovalev… his PRIME
    2. The BELL CENTRE should be rebuilt to sit 80,000 fans
    3. Your not a Hab fan till you watch & UNDERSTAND “The Rocket”

  337. showey47 says:

    nothing for something for example ryder for tanguay. I guess they are refering to what gainey is trying to do.

  338. HAB-PROFESSOR says:

    in all seriousness its all we need.

    BRASH has become a TANK…just him looking at the opposition will have them running to their mommy.

    I hope that by not having this player we don’t fail…because its an easy solution to FIX.

    1. DON’T imprison the FLOWER, not even for an HOUR…else we’ll RIOT!
    1. Thank GOD we have Alex Kovalev… his PRIME
    2. The BELL CENTRE should be rebuilt to sit 80,000 fans
    3. Your not a Hab fan till you watch & UNDERSTAND “The Rocket”

  339. showey47 says:

    I guess i wasn’t too far off when i posted earlier that the caps were not too impressed that we iced our top powerplay lines when we had a powerplay with the game already won.

  340. Rugger says:

    For me, that was one of the highlights of the game – they kept fighting right to the horn.

  341. HabFab says:

    Sore losers if you ask me… it’s a professional hockey game, you don’t let the “clock run-out”. Besides (and I don’t remember what teams, or how many goals), this season there was a team that closed a huge gap with 5 minutes remaining…someone help me out here…you know the teams…beginning of the season, around November maybe??

  342. wd40 says:

    ah if they think we were trying to embarass them, then why did the Koivu line get more ice time than the Plekanec line. ok! just kidding…

    i wonder what the thrashers felt like after that 10-1 drubbing by the sabres. what a bunch of whiners… i hope we score 8 tonight.

  343. JF says:

    Roughly translated, Gainey said: The experience of the last two or three years had taught him that it isn’t easy to get hold of a great player who will make a difference. A team will often be improved by making small changes rather than one large one. Since the team is playing so well, it would be dangerous to risk upsetting the balance that has been achieved. Nonetheless, he will keep his eyes open and will make a move if one offers.

    Hope this helps.

  344. krob1000 says:

    Not really because Tanguay needs to go for cap space purposes. The salary similarites are why that deal is somewhat realistic. Pleks value is higher in reality because his salary is lower. It really has become like a fantasy league anymore and salary as it relates to value is huge.

  345. coutNY says:

    That Maybe the situation for Calgary but not for Florida. I am sure they would want someone of Tanquay’s calibre for OL’jokke. Calgary needs to relieve space, but they’re in no crunch, meanning they’ll won’t deal him for nothing. They have all summer in which to find a deal before any of these extentions kick in to affect their Cap.

  346. krob1000 says:

    I am at work and the system never lets me use automated translation pages. Thank you for trying though. From what I think I read Gainey said he may make minor moves but would make a bigger one if it presented itself. In other words he said nothing I think. Is this right.

  347. drecha says:

    “All the teams involved in the race for playoffs – they are nearly all – are trying to find a way to improve,” said Gainey. But the experience of the last two or three years tells me that it’s not easy to find it.

    « “Sometimes, these are not major changes that can make a difference. “They are small changes that can help you improve. ”

    That sums it up pretty good.

    The tank is full, now let’s map the route for the drive to 25!!

  348. coutNY says:

    BOB said:
    But it is the CEO of the team and he does not speak often, both you what he said about his chances of making a transaction by the deadline. But it is the CEO of the team and he does not speak often, both you what he said about his chances of making a transaction by the deadline.

    "All the teams involved in the race for playoffs - they are nearly all - are trying to find a way to improve," said Gainey. "All the teams involved in the race for playoffs - they are nearly all - are trying to find a way to improve," said Gainey. But the experience of the last two or three years tells me that it's not easy to find it. But the experience of the last two or three years tells me that it's not easy to find it.

    "Sometimes, these are not major changes that can make a difference. "Sometimes, these are not major changes that can make a difference. They are small changes that can help you improve." They are small changes that can help you improve. "

    With the success of the Habs, it would be risky to aim for the coup de circuit endangering the balance that was installed in training. With the success of the Habs, it would be risky to aim for the coup circuit endangering the balance that was installed in training.

    However, Gainey said that he bougerait if a good opportunity presented itself. We hope so! We hope so!

  349. HAB-PROFESSOR says:

    That a boy BOB…rational thinking.

    small tweaks…don’t mess with an engine thats humming…just small tweaks.

    like I said below, BRASHEAR would solve a BIG HOLE. your in Washington tonight…GET IT DONE!
    1. DON’T imprison the FLOWER, not even for an HOUR…else we’ll RIOT!
    1. Thank GOD we have Alex Kovalev… his PRIME
    2. The BELL CENTRE should be rebuilt to sit 80,000 fans
    3. Your not a Hab fan till you watch & UNDERSTAND “The Rocket”

  350. HabFab says:

    Actually, I did think he said something pretty major…
    he said that it is near-impossibe to find that golden-trade, and that in his experience it is much better to tweak minor things than do something major…especially now when the team is doing well – it would disrupt the balance of the team.

    Basically he said not to expect a big name trade (thank you Bob!).

  351. JF says:

    I posted my translation before I saw that several others had also supplied you with one. All this when your initial understanding – that Gainey basically said nothing – was right! LOL

  352. wd40 says:

    lol.. quite the funny translation on that automated google translation…

    “Price lack of regularity in Hamilton”

    Get that boy some fibre, quick!

  353. HAB-PROFESSOR says:

    so what if they extended 1 year, we’ll take it from them. At this point in his career he is going to get 1year deals only.

    I don’t think LATRON is much faster than BRASH and he was on the top line.
    Koivu and Higgs can carry the speed in regards to backchecking. BRASH is soley to create space and THWART the assasins that attach KOIVU.

    and don’t tell me you haven’t seen enough of that….its sickening that our cap has no protection.

    but to your point, at the least he can be on the fourth and placed where needed when needed…CARB hasn’t glued anyone anywhere with the exception of the Moscow line…but it will give us another IMPORTANT TOOL in the toolbox.
    1. DON’T imprison the FLOWER, not even for an HOUR…else we’ll RIOT!
    1. Thank GOD we have Alex Kovalev… his PRIME
    2. The BELL CENTRE should be rebuilt to sit 80,000 fans
    3. Your not a Hab fan till you watch & UNDERSTAND “The Rocket”

  354. wd40 says:

    “Perezhogin like a Fish in Water..”

    Alexander Perezhogin is doing well in the Elite league in Russia with 37 points (19 goals) in 41 games. It’s not known if he has the intention to come back as he is making a boatload of cash there, but should he decide to, the Habs have rights to him for the next 2 seasons.

  355. nightmare_49 says:

    wd40 – Great update , thanks.

  356. slamtherimtim says:

    i work with a russian guy and he says hes making double there what he could here , why come back

  357. Habsville says:

    We have 2 veterans sitting. They are not being punished but have been replaced because of competition. This has not been the case in our recent past. I think Mr. Gainey has alread said that a good face off man is needed to help us improve in that area. Who is out there in that department and available? I think the game will be closer tonight and the Caps will be ready. GO HABS!

  358. wd40 says:

    seems to me we have been doing better in the FO department of late but i haven’t looked at the stats.. just from watching.

  359. coutNY says:

    WE’re not setting any records but were still 5th best in the league overall as a team.

  360. Bill H says:

    I’m not sure, but hopefully people won’t be looking at the stats of Higgins, Pleks, K1 or K2 in 10 years and be asking the same question, wondering, “What were they thinking?”

  361. wd40 says:

    agreed.. i was at the game and i can tell you.. the fans were hungry.

  362. G-Man says:

    Nashville. It was horrible to watch.


  363. HKisses says:

    Seriously….stop with the negative garbage…..They earned the one point….I don’t think they deserved two points…..But hey thats hockey and they didn’t lose in regulation time…..if they did then its a diff story to be saying negative stuff….in a way this is postive+

    1. 1 point gave us a 5 points behind 1st in east

    2. Teams will lose, its part of building your confidence and comming back and beating the next team on ur list…

    3. This will make them hungry for NY

  364. Chuck says:

    And not to forget, we also have a game in hand on Ottawa.

    Also, it’s been announced that Emery will start against the laffs on Saturday… can they do us a favour and finally beat a back-up?

    “All bow down before the Komisaurus Rex!”

  365. habsgod says:

    we didn’t desreve a point tonight and got 1!!i seen some real good things tonight!!and some real bad things!one of the bad things i’ve seen is ryder’s play!!this guy is not shooting the puck and is trying all the fancy deeks and stuff!that is not his game for ryder to effective he has to shoot!!he’s not that skilled to be doing the fancy moves!!i would trade him as soon as possible!!i’d like to see s.kostitsyn back on the line with higgins and koivu!!latendresse may not be the fastest but that big body pays off!he’s a strong kid!!a.kostitsyn is our new star and will be a consitant 30 goal man!!huet played good tonight!!he gave us the chance to get the 2 points!!on cjad 800 they said that it depends on how price plays this weekend but he’ll be recalled soon!!i hope gainey makes a move not like last year when he only picked up micheal leighton at the deadline !!it’s clear we need something on this team!!i’m still very convinced that this team will win a round or 2 in the playoffs but we need a little help!!

  366. Chuck says:

    It’s a good thing that this site doesn’t charge by the exclamation mark! :)


    “All bow down before the Komisaurus Rex!”

  367. Shobud says:

    I don’t see why people are down Lets face it, OV was on fire tonight. As far as that goes the whole team was on fire. If anyone thinks you will see a team win every game I hope you live a very long time We did not play our best game by far but still got a point. I am not a great Huet fan but you can’t knock what he did tonight Only one goal he could have been a little sharper but thats life. I will take the point and run tonight. Its one more that Ottawa got

  368. The Teacher says:

    Hahaha! Maybe they should, maybe the fact-rattler would stay away then?

  369. T-roy West says:

    I wouldn’t mind discussing something that I think needs to be said but I know I’m going to get ripped for it. I make it a point to watch a player very closely in every game and every game the player is different. This game it was Latendresse. Yes, I know he scored to goals but hear me out. I knew he was a slow skater but I never realized how slow he was until tonight. He might be the slowest on the team. Both the goals scored tonight were handed to him and he didn’t do much. In fact just before he scored the second goal he was just standing there while the goalie was floppy around and didn’t try for the puck until it popped out. I’m willing to bet if you did a replay of all his goals I bet that 95% of them were either given to him on a silver platter or were trash goals or very fluky. I think he has had a free ride so far. Why does he do the same thing and goes around the net and quickly throws it towards the net without looking, like he is fooling anyone, NOT! He should have developed like everyone else, with the bulldogs. I can think of better players for the third line than him.

  370. Shiloh says:

    I agree with you T-roy. It baffles me that everyone doesn’t see it.

  371. Xtrahabsfan says:

    your not remembering his excellent assist .That’s 3 points for Lats tonite plus he tied the game for a point;and you don’t even have one tonite dude.

  372. Chuck says:

    Just to play devil’s advocate, you can’t say that Gui didn’t show some great hands on his first goal. It was hardly a “gimme”. He may be slow, but he’s also shown a knack for being in the right place at the right time. Hell, he even leads the team in even-strength goals:

    Latendresse 12
    Plekanec 9
    Kovalev 9
    Kostitsyn,A 9
    Higgins 8
    Ryder 7

    And real goal scorers know how to get the trash goals; Phil Esposito mad a career out of it and it got him into the Hall of Fame. Who cares what they look like, as long as they go in?

    “All bow down before the Komisaurus Rex!”

  373. Vancouver Hab Fan says:

    I think Latendresse would have benefitted from time in the minors and could have improved his game but now after 1.5 years in the NHL it might really have a negative psychological impact on him. Latendresse is contributing and I think he does a good job of using his body though he could do more; he has had a handful of games where he checked a lot but those were early on in this season. As for his goals at least he is in the right spot, I would commnent more on the ones he has missed then those he has potted. He has missed countless golden opportunities this year, some due to bad luck but others due to a lack of experience. SK74 and Latendresse might evolve into a good pairing.

    I think SK74 and AK46 play really well together and with more time they coud be great together; I don’t think Carbo will change the Kovalev, Pleks, AK46 line this year but next year I would like to see the brothers together.

  374. G-Man says:

    14 goals in 50 games with hardly any ice time. He helps give room to SK and Lapierre. Beautiful pass to SK to open the Habs scoring last night. Has not played on a line that has stayed together for any length of time. I wish more Habs would suck like he does, we’d be in first with no one on our heels. He’s 20, big and has room to improve. Why trade him for a guy with maybe 1 or 2 seasons left? He will become a bonafide power forward.


  375. mrstewart61 says:

    steve shutt

  376. Shiloh says:

    I am getting tired of the “stay positive” mantra. Obviously we are all fans here (with the possible exception of Cage/Fact/Rattler). As fans we crave improvement all the time. I think it’s OK to point out that SK74 should be back with Koivu or that Higgins suddenly has hands of stone when it comes to making a play or that Latendresse is sorely in need of a full season in the minors playing 20 minutes a game. I think it’s great to speculate who we might be able to pick up at the trade deadline and who we might be willing to part with. This is all part of being a fan.

    I am stoked that we squeezed a point out of thin air tonight – that point may prove huge in a couple of months. But I am also in agreement with those who think we should be considering a move at the deadline. Does this make me negative?

    One last thing – those who are saying “Wait for next year” to make our move should remember that sometimes next year doesn’t pan out the way we want it to. We are in the hunt now – and if we can strategically add a player without giving up too much then we should jump at the chance. Why not now?

  377. T-roy West says:

    Shiloh: Please see my comment to ” Teacher ” about getting Ollie Jokinen.

  378. T-roy West says:

    They think with their heart and not their head and only see what they want to see. Thanks!

  379. Chuck says:

    Kind of tough to rag on a guy for having a 3-point night that gained us a point on Ottawa, isn’t it?

    “All bow down before the Komisaurus Rex!”

  380. T-roy West says:

    I am defending Higgins! Lats had a good night on the scoreboard but that doesn’t change anything. He is what he is. We can do better and if we are serious about winning than we will obtain that person because he is not in our system.

  381. Chuck says:

    Forgive me, but you didn’t even mention Higgins in your original post.


    “All bow down before the Komisaurus Rex!”

  382. bidds55 says:

    Honestly, I think so many Gui bashers are blind. Hockey is not a sport reserved for the fast, lithe skaters, who score highlight reel goals. Certainly they have an esteemed place in the game, but the majority of goals are not bound for TSN’s highlight of the night. Latendresse is a 20 year old kid, who is on pace for 20 goals or more, playing most of his time on the 3rd or 4th line this season. He has not really had consistent linemates (who on the Habs other than AKost/Pleks/Kovy has?) but still he scores! There is a skill involved in being at the right place at the right time. The kid just stole us a point with two goals in the last 5 minutes of the game, and he scored the OT winner to get us the extra point against Chicago a couple of weeks ago.
    Could he benefit from some time in the minors? Sure. But let’s keep in mind the early years of power forwards past. Latendresse right now is farther along than Bertuzzi, Leclair, or Keith Primeau at his age. This kid is gonna be great for us in the future, and he is doing not too bad right now. And I wouldn’t worry about Higgins, he’s in a bit of a slump, and the team is still doing well – hopefully he’ll break out in the next few games, and be a big part of the playoff run!

  383. T-roy West says:

    Your right I didn’t, sorry. The Teacher was picking on Higgins so I decided to pick on Latendresse. I just think that he gets awarded for other players hard work sometimes. I think he is out of shape and gets gased quick and is very slow for someone barely in their twentys. Hey I knew I was going to get blasted. If we weren’t winning, I wonder how long he would be here. I would rather have Chipchura here than Latendresse. Just a question but if you had a chance to get Jokinen but you had to give up either Higgins or Latendresse in a package – who would you pick?

  384. The Teacher says:

    I think Lats could score forty goals with continued development. I am still not convinced Higgins can.

  385. T-roy West says:

    Higgins is the work horse,Koivu is the playmaker and Ryder is supposed to be the goal scorer. Mybe Higgins would score more if he had Ryders role or if he had better linemates. Forty goals for Lats,now your losing it,lol!

  386. bidds55 says:

    You probably thought sending Leclair to Philly for Recchi was a good call too? Let’s keep in mind that when Leclair was 20, he still had a couple of years to go before he made the Habs. Didn’t he have a couple of 50 goal seasons? Oh, but they weren’t in Montreal, because he wasn’t that good right?

    Thought so.

    If Latendresse continues to develop the way he has so far, he will be a consistent 30-40 goal scorer by the time he is 25, and I expect he will threaten to break 50 at least once or twice before he hits 30.

  387. RudeMood19 says:

    I can see that. Definitely. For a big guy, he’s got great hands. And, we need a guy to score the garbage goals for us. BEST case scenario: Lats becomes a feared scorer like Phil Esposito

  388. Habhopeful says:

    you know what, the habs didnt bring there A game and it showed in the first period, but im an optimist and glad they gained a point on the sens and are still fourth in the east…another point, as much as i like higgins, he hasnt been doin much lately 1 goal and 1 assist in the past 11 games and -1, it kinda looks like he isnt working hard enough…Both Kosties are something else man, they will only get better and better after every game/season, cant say enough about kovalev but he didnt play too great tonight but hes still amazzing this year…I think theres still some missing pieces to this puzzle…I noticed gorges nor boullion like too shoot much which they should IMO…Overall not a great game but its great that we gained a point…No big complaints here…on to the next…

  389. T-roy West says:

    Dude, focus your eyes and you would see my point. My point is why not complain about Latendresse instead of Higgins because Latendresse really isn’t that good. He is the slowest on the team and I bet he will probably score more goals than have assists because almost all his goals are what I wouldn’t call highlight reel goals. They are fluky and most are gifts and open nets. Can he get better in the future? Possibly, but what makes him so special. How many scraps has he had and is he really that tough? Granted, Ryan Smith cant skate that good either and he isn’t really that skillful but he gets it done. All I’m saying is why aren’t people bashing him. He is playing on the third line not the first and second line and if we are serious about winning then why does he get treated better than others.

  390. Xtrahabsfan says:

    that Latendresse line was by far our best if not only line tonite and man,they were hitting anything that moved. A 22 year old and two 20 year olds grabed a point on a night when NO-ONE else really showed up.The real question is… what to do about our first line,we could of used one ,don’t you think?

  391. habsgod says:

    incase you haven’t been watching the habs this year……..they do have a first line KOVALEV,A.KOSTITSYN AND PLEKANEC!

  392. T-roy West says:

    I hear ya brother. Mybe Gainey will try to find someone to play with Higgins and Koivu – Jokinen, pleeaaasssseeee!!!

  393. Habster101 says:

    get off your JOKENNNINN trip man, we dont need him and dont care to have him….if we get him, best thing to do is trade Higgins for him…can you believe to great playmakers in Koivu and Joke and then theres Higgins constantly losing the puck and offering nothing, it would be an embarrasment to Joki,,,atleast Ryder will be able to finish because he has something to offer, he brings someting to the table…he can create a reward with “the shot”

    Higgins? would scramble in the corners for you fall on his ass and lose the puck and continue to frustrate Koivu and the rest of the team…

  394. habfan53 says:

    A couple of points about tonight:
    This is the second time in 3 games we don’t show up for the first part of the game and we getaway with points by playing only 20 minutes

    A few have mentioned that no player should have the night That AO had well it happens The Rocket 5 goals against the Leafs, Sittler’s 10 points,
    RED BERENSON 6 goals some nights everything goes right.
    And Cournoyer I’m ashamed of you. You know very well it was’nt Fergy that shut down Bobby Hull but Claude Provost.

    BUT what really surprised me is that no one NO ONE mentioned is it is the first time since ’74 that brothers scored in the same game for Montreal the last pair was Peter and Frank Mahovlich

  395. T-roy West says:

    Good comments Chuck. I was making a point that he gets a free ride on this team it seems. There are faster, smarter and just as skilled players that can take his spot in our system.

  396. T-roy West says:

    Agreed, but if we had a bonafide player all year with Higgins and Koivu then we probably wouldn’t have to discuss it. Wouldn’t Jokinen look good between Higgins and Koivu or between Koivu and S. Kostitsyn and have the third line be Higgins, Chipchura and Lappierre? Also, if you had to give up Higgins or Latendresse in a trade to get Jokinen – who would you chose?

  397. T-roy West says:

    Hey ” Teacher “, I don’t know if you got my answer but I would trade Latendresse, Ryder, one of Valentenko,O’Bryne,Carle and a first or second rounder for Jokinen. This wouldn’t hurt our future because we don’t need Ryder and Latendresse can be replaced and none of the defenceman are playing for the team anyways. I would almost give up more. Jokinen is a piece to the pizzle that were missing. Two dominant lines. People are always saying we need a power center, well there he is. Everyone else above us will try, why not us?

  398. Robert L says:

    What exactly has Jokinen brought Florida in the last four years?

    Look at the overall standings. We are already better than anything Jokinen could give to us.

    All the Canadiens need, is something you don’t have – PATIENCE AND FORESIGHT!

  399. Infanteer says:

    That would be a remarkable trade.

    Remarkable, in how much it stinks.

    Latendresse + Ryder + (Valentenko or O’Byrne or Carle) + a 1st round pick for . . . Ovechkin? Crosby? The ghost of Patrick Roy? No. Ole-Eeh! Yoke-in-it.

    Nostradamus . . . what else do you see in your crystal ball . . . the leafs winning the cup?

  400. T-roy West says:

    Get a grip buddy. What are you doing now? Going through all the posts and making one liners that no one can respond to because there probably in bed. We have a disfunctional first line, if they are our first line. Yes we are doing good but we can always improve just like a lot of teams are going to do for the march to the playoffs. We have always needed that power center or bonafide star for the first line but we haven’t had much luck and Gainey has definately tried with Briere or do you have a sort memory. You need two potent scoring lines and Jokinen can give you that. Besides, who is out there that is available and obtainable. I like Higgins, Jokinen, Koivu or S. Kostitsyn, Jokinen, Koivu. You could put Higgins, Chipchura and Lapierre on the third line and have three really good lines. Jokinen plays on a sucky team and he is almost a point per game player. He could only make us better. I have patience and foresight but I will also add logic,vision and being realistic. Do you also have that? Aren’t you the guy who writes the ” eyes on the prize column “. I enjoyed reading them if it is you but I my look at it from a different view now. Not sure way you thought you had to insult me like you did. Oh, well I quess you have your problems just like everyone else!

  401. joe-hab-nuno says:

    Troy, i would trade for Jokinen for those players ina an instant. Yes it’s true Joninen hasn’t brought anything to Florida if we’re talking important games. The same can be said about Koivu. If I had a choice between Koivu and Jokinen, i’d pick Jokinen in a heartbeat

  402. Habster101 says:

    buddy you need to give your head a shake…thank God your not the GM or else then I wouldn’t be able to be a habs fan, why? because you’d make them suck….

    theres nothing wrong with Koivu.

    the only problem with that first line is that Ryder and Higgins are not clicking and why? becasue Higgins is a puck hog, cannot make a decent pass to set Ryder’s wicked sniper rifle threat of a shot…

    instead he tries to over stick handle until he loses it…only thing good about Higgins is he’ll rush in on the opposition, maybe steal the puck stick handle like an erratic and then lose the puck and fall on his ass…

    he doesn’t make any set up plays or create great scoring chances…he thinks hes by himself on the ice or something….

    instead everyone wants to blame Ryder….seems they forget about his two 30 goal seasons…now hes having a slump and why??? HIGGINS.

    just watch the game closely on Saturday, pay close attention to what Higgins does out there…consistantly, not just the one or two maybe good plays he might make but through out the whole game, and then we can talk…

    another thing I notice about Higgins is, he always dumps the puck into the corner causing a dangerousn play for Koivu or Ryder to go in and get it and risk getting squashed,,,so long as its not him….

    He needs to go….Id keep Ryder just because he has “the shot”…thats everything more than what Higgins brings…

  403. T-roy West says:

    If you would consider Ryder over Higgins then your not smart enough to even have a conversation with!

  404. Robert L says:

    I didn’t so much mean to toss you an insult as I did aim it at the idea you posted. I like Jokinen some, but not at the expense of all you wanted to send to Florida. I thought that lacked patience and foresight as I perhaps do not sense the desperation of making such a move. If you want to bring logic and vision into the equation, I believe that Montreal can with the Cup by maintaining its vision and its prospects. As I understand it, you feel such a trade can help clinch it. I don’t disagree with that, I just feel that if the team were to trade for someone to help them reach their goal and sacrifice three players and a pick for him, then he’d better have a playoff resume that comes with it for that price.

    The Jokinen question does make for good speculation though. Should time allow, I will do a post on it – pro and con. I’ll add it into the links when finished.

  405. T-roy West says:

    Thanks for the reply Robert. I think it would make for a really good blog. Kinda like having your cake and eating it too. What do you do to make it to the next level? A lot of bloggers have stated that it is to much to give up for one person. I am on the side that say’s,” sounds about right.” Ryder, a player everyone bitches about is clearly not first line material, which is why he spents time on the third line alot. Lats or Higgins – because someone has to go in the trade and a defenceman. We have so many defenceman that we are not going to have any room for them. We have amassed alot of prospects so that we are able to make that trade to get us to the upper level. We lose Ryder and it really doesn’t matter, the defenceman – doesn’t hurt either. It’s almost like giving up Jokinen for Higgins or Lats straight up. Imagine S. Kostitsyn, Jokinen and Koivu on the first line. You could put Higgins, Chipchura and Lappierre on the third or whatever. See what I mean. It changes the dynamics of the team without hurting the furture. How do you think we would be hurting our future because I don’t see that happening in this scenerio. Our team would have two awesome lines and a third thats nothing to laugh at. I could go on and on but I’ll stop. Mybe you should write that blog about this topic so I can write to my fingers get sore because I think I make sense. I value your opinion and I look forward to more discussions with you (or an all out war of words, lol). P.S. I don’t know what Florida would be asking for in return. It might be less, who knows!

  406. T-roy West says:

    Come on Robert L. – Do you always make comments then take off? Come on and stick around and back up your statements. Or mybe you can’t!

  407. Robert L says:

    T -Roy, Gimme a break! I made no comment or statement here, I simply posted a link to a piece I wrote on this game. I finished it at one o’clock in the morning and I had to be here at work for seven. What is it you want me to defend or back up?

  408. T-roy West says:

    Who do you think we would have to give up to get him?

  409. Corio says:

    Just read that Ovechkin broke his nose on the Bouillon hit..

  410. Habhopeful says:


    Thanks for the info, i wasnt too sure what they were asking for,i knew it was something around those line… anyways i’m only wishing he could come here and hoping gainey could atleast inquire and see the options of possibly acquiring him, longshot but id love to see the day, sooner rather than later…

  411. HabFab says:

    Interesting to note…in the entire NHL, the Habs have lost the 2nd fewest times in regulation (Detroit is first).

    Not too shabby!

  412. Hoegarden says:

    For the UFA hunters; 1 gone;
    Dumont in Nashville; 4 years 16 Mil.

    Who’s next ?

  413. Sulemaan says:

    It’s funny because the Habs could have signed Dumont for free when he was sitting around as UFA not too long ago. Dumont also said he wanted to play in Montreal. But we signed Samsonov instead. There must have been a reason Montreal didn’t sign him but I’m trying to figure out why.

  414. Hoegarden says:

    For those who like to dump on Latendresse and trade him every other day;
    He has played 47 games so far this year and is averaging 12:50 mins per game. That’s roughly 10 shifts per game.
    He has 20 points of which 14 are goals. Ryder and Smolinski (just to pick on them) are getting more ice per game.
    How many players in the league, getting under 13 mins per game have scored 14 goals and are likely to pot 20, which we all know is his age. So, for a 20 year old garbage collector, I say he’s doing just fine and agree that he needs polishing like most 20 year olds do.
    You may wish to visit the following link to see how the boys are doing. Yes I know he is -5 .

  415. Scotty90 says:

    I think that Gui is going to turn into a really valuable player for the Habs…. as you indicate, the amount of points he has for the ice time he gets is really respectable. He’s only 20 years old! how old were Leclair, Bertuzzi, Neely, before they reached their peak!

  416. Smart Dog says:

    I am a strong believer in plus-minus but I think Lats is doing well – foolish to trade him unless you get something good in return. He’s big, is still learning and can score goals. What’s not to like?

    Smolinksi is a whole different story. Done learning (so it seems)… done his career almost (so I can only hope).

    Habs Fans! The FUTURE looks bright:
    Plekanec, Higgins, Chipchura, A Kostitsyn, Lapierre, Latendress,
    Price, S Kostitsyn, Komisuarus, O’Byrne

  417. Bill H says:

    Yeah, but what has Latendresse done for us lately? Oh…scored 2 goals and sparked an amazing comeback against the Capitals. Sorry, I’ll shut up. LOL

  418. Ed says:

    Plus he leads the team in even strength goals with 12.

  419. T-roy West says:

    You should read the long paragraph that I wrote to you when you said I had no patience or foresight. You asked what Jokinen has done for Florida. I could say what has Koivu done for Montreal. Jokinen is a powerful center who if he plays on a good team, can really put up big numbers. He gives us a good two line threat. He changes the whole makeup of the team in a big way. You could seriously have S. Kostitsyn, Jokinen and Koivu and put Higgins with Chipchura and Lapierre on the third. There are so many new combinations with him on the team. If you really think that having him on this team wouldn’t improve us then your not thinking straight! He is exactly what we need. Our first line would not be a joke anymore and other teams would have to focus on two potent lines instead of one. Other teams are going to get better and so should we. Right now I would be worried going up against New Jersey, Ottawa,Philly and Pittsburg in a seven game series but with Jokinen I would be less worried. By the way, I’ll still read your blog. Peace!

  420. Robert L says:

    I’ve looked back for it, and cannot seem to find it. Could you post here the date and time, and under which heading it went under. I’d like to do something with it – possibly and pro and con blog post. Your idea is one that deserves a better response that my one liner the other night!

  421. T-roy West says:

    Just look six posts down. It’s a pretty long paragraph – hard to miss. Your comment to me is above it!

  422. Robert L says:

    LMOA! I was looking for it from a day back and never scrolled down. That’s embarrassing!

  423. Robert L says:

    T – Roy: Here’s the Jokinen post at my blog.

    I’ll add a later link in with today’s Habs and Islanders comments in case you did not check back here.

  424. Hoegarden says:

    May be the Habs will desperately need that single point at the end of the year. Remember last year.

  425. Bill H says:

    I think we are on the same page with regard to Latendresse, Hoey. But let’s hope they don’t deperately need that one point at end of season.

  426. T-roy West says:

    S. Kostitsyn, Jokinen, Koivu

    A. Kostitsyn, Plekanec, Kovalev

    Higgins, Chipchura, Lappierre

    Streit, Begin, Kostopolos

    Who on this site wouldn’t trade Ryder, Latendresse, one defenceman (Carle, Valentenko, O’bryne)and a draft pick for a potential missing piece to the puzzle – Jokinen. Ryder is doing nothing anyways and Lats (even though he has potential0 is replaceable and the mentioned defenceman aren’t playing right now so what is there to lose. You can switch Higgins instead of Lats for all I care but it still won’t hurt this team and our future is still intact. He is the power center that everyone has been asking Gainey for all year. If we played New Jersey, Ottawa, Philly or Pittsburg in a seven game series right now, I would be worried. With Jokinen on the first line other teams have to worry about two potent lines and a pretty good third line to boot. Every team is going to try to get better for the playoffs. The difference is they might have to sacrifice their future but we would be just fine. Please Gainey, throw the kitchen sink at Florida!

  427. Sulemaan says:

    T-Roy: I don’t disagree with you in that we need a big centreman. Really the last one I can think of was Muller? My problem is that Jokinen is 29 years old and in the not too distant future he’ll be another big, slow, old and overpaid centreman just like most guys on the Leafs.

    I don’t mind a deal but I’d rather roll the dice on a younger player. I also wouldn’t deal either Higgins (because he’s a future leader of this team and can always be depended on for 20 goals) nor Latendresse (because he’s not even 22 and already averages close to 20 goals a year as well). I still shudder thinking back to the John LeClair trade.

    There are also salary cap considerations as Komisarek and Higgins are coming up to becoming free agents and we need to lock them up into long term deals. Jokinen would take up a lot of cap space.

    With regards to the defensive prospects, there is an abundance of them but I wouldn’t trade O’Byrne. He’s big, tough, a surprisingly good skater and has a mean streak to him. After a little bit of polish, him and Komisarek will give us two big/tough defensemen that opposing players won’t want to face. The last time we had a few big tough defensemen like that were the days of Robinson, Green, Ludwig and Chelios. If we could deal Carle/Valentenko with Ryder, Dandenault, Brisebois then I would be happy.
    But I don’t think Florida is going to bite on a deal like that.

    I just don’t want to mortgage the future for a quick fix of a couple of years. I know I might get heat here for it but I’d rather miss the playoffs another year so it means us having a better team for a longer period of time that contends for the Cup versus just making the playoffs and winning one round. Now if it’s another Kovalev for Balej/2nd round pick type of deal, then go ahead.

    We lost our way in the past by dealing our young prospects for nothing in return. I just don’t want to repeat those mistakes so perhaps I’m a little gun-shy…

  428. krob1000 says:

    When there is a 0 followed by a decimal and then another number greater than zero that means there is still time left……True or False??? On the slow motion (which is how this post is meant to be read) cam it clearly showed 0.7 seconds remaining. Did you see that True or False?? Did you understand my post….True or False??

  429. wd40 says:

    holy duct tape factman, you’re right. this conspiracy is more wide-spread than we originally thought!

    hey, btw, don’t forget the UFO convention on the 12th of Feb, same place as last year. see you there!

  430. coutNY says:

    Click here for Photo proof!

    Ref made the right call… RED GREEN YELLOW BLUE lights…it does not matter. Who cares if the Goal judge wasn’t doing their job…It counted and it should have!

  431. G-Man says:

    I still think you are Jack Todd out for revenge against bloggers.


  432. Edwardo says:

    Have you even watched a game since about 1999?
    There is reason they put in video review, because the goal judge is unreliable in close situations!

  433. krob1000 says:

    My lol is with you Scotty.

  434. Scotty90 says:

    I knew that Krob….
    factoid probably had an orgasm thinking he finally had a friend!

  435. Sulemaan says:

    Are you causing another donny-brook again Scotty? 😉

  436. Scotty90 says:

    Just playing! I think factoid really is johny jellybean with his little red light and propeller on his skull cap!

  437. Ian G Cobb says:

    Had a couple of chuckels reading all of this red and green light stuff Scotty. You holding that beer so steady all the way through just has to be one of the great pic,s on this site. I enjoy you all to hell, but does that brew ever get flat my friend. Just once show me it empty will ya.!.Ian

  438. Scotty90 says:

    Working on it Ian…. Having fun doing it :)
    Maybe some day we’ll get to crack open a few together and we can talk 60, 70 and 80’s Habs, as well as the most current edition which is getting there!

  439. T-roy West says:

    Don’t bother Krob, it’s a exercise in futility. He is just here to be annoying.

  440. krob1000 says:

    The red light is only used anymore to help fans see if there is a goal or not from a distance. A goal judge carries as much clout as a fact rattler on this site would. We have this thing called video replay. Those referees when they meet at the scorekeepers both and get on the phone ….they aren’t calling the guy who flicks the light switch for the pretty red light.

  441. Scotty90 says:

    Sure didn’t see Boudreau putting up much of an argument… so I guess he agreed that the goal was good. True or False?

    Q: when the refs call to verify if a puck went in or not.. do they call Toronto or you?

  442. showey47 says:

    womp womp womp womp womp you sound like charlie browns teacher

  443. showey47 says:

    Toronto is the only team in the league that can have nearly 50% of all nhl refs come from ontario and still suck.


  444. 24 Cups says:

    Sulemaan – I think I’m going to screw this up but here goes. The Habs signed Samsonov around the second or third week of free agency. At that time Dumont was not on the market. Later in the summer, Buffalo walked away from an arbitration award for Dumont which made him a UFA. Then he signed with Nashville in August. The strange thing was that he signed for about $2.5 mil a year and is now getting 4 years @ $4 mil a year. Which just goes to prove that the owners won the lockout:-)

    The Original 24 Cups

  445. coutNY says:

    It was also said that we very well may have signed him before Samsonov, but he was negotiating with Buffalo still when we signed Samsonov. Gainey’s saw the pool of UFAs dwindling had the money and did not want to be left out in the cold. I think it was a case of timing.

    Signed as an unrestricted free agent by the Montreal Canadiens to a two-year contract.

    Buffalo Sabres exercised their walk-away option on the one-year arbitration award

  446. Sulemaan says:

    Thanks for the responses CountNY/24 Cups. Makes sense now. Still – Dumont would have looked great in our colors.

  447. Scotty90 says:

    I know… thats too bad. He was there for the taking.

  448. Ed says:

    We are tied with several other teams for the most points in the last 10 games with a record of 7-2-1. That is not too shabby. An area that needs improvement is our overtime losses, where we are tied for the league lead with 9. A few extra points here would have been nice, but most of those losses came earlier on in the season. We are also playing better at home, so the future is bright. I can’t wait for tomorrow’s game.

  449. wd40 says:

    Actually, we’re tied with Detroit and Philly with 15 out of a possible 20 points earned in the Last 10. Decent company.

  450. Habs_008 says:

    Let the WINS keep on coming, Lets hope the boys have fixed there home problems bc’s we have a lot of home games this month, including one that I have the privledge to go to. We also have the Laffs next thursday night at home…that should be a good one.

  451. wd40 says:

    a happy thought. you know who i’m starting to really like, is Gorges. He seems way more relaxed, is making fewer mistakes, and, what really turns me on, he’s not afraid to sacrifice the body to make a play. he’s not what i would call productive at this point, but he’s becoming (ever-so-slightly) less of a stay-at-home defenseman.

  452. WindsorHab-10 says:

    Some people questioned the wisdom of that trade but we can all clearly see that the Habs will be on the winning side of this.

  453. Bill H says:

    I agree Sulemaan, except that nobody is missing the playoffs here in Montreal. We are 9 points up on 9th place Islanders with a game in hand, and we are playing better all the time.

    It would be premature to pull the plug on Latendresse at age 20. We need to have faith in our own draft picks and let them develop. It is tempting to go for Jokinen as he would do a lot for the Habs, but its short term gain only. And your point about Jokinen eating up cap space that we will need to sign Komi and Higgins, among others.

    A deal more like you proposed, with Carle/Valentenko, Ryder, Dandy and Brisebois makes more sense. I’d even throw in another prospect or swap Dandy with one of the other role players we have. But then it probably wouldn’t be enough for Florida to trade Jokinen.

  454. T-roy West says:

    Hey Sulemaan! I would just like to pose the question, are we out to win the cup or do we just want to be competitive? I don’t understand the thinking that we would be mortgaging the future. We can lose Ryder and it won’t hurt. We can lose one of Lats or Higgins and we will be fine and we have so many defenceman coming, where do we put them. Jokinen would put us at a whole new level, I guarantee! Jokinen is only 29 and he would thrive on this team. He is a dominant player playing on a not so dominant team. We have the players to give up without hurting our future. Look at the line combination that I posted. Is that not alot better than what we have now. Two potent lines – not one. That would make the second line even more dangerous. Just wondering why you thought 29 years old was old and I don’t think we’re going to draft a power center like him in the near future. He is also a big presence on the top line to off set the lack of size. He is pretty much what everyone has been bitching about for the last three years. If were serious about winning the cup then something like this needs to be done to the top line.

  455. Sulemaan says:

    I hear you Bill. I hope we do make the playoffs. I guess my point (albeit poorly articulated) was that I don’t want us to be a perrenial team that JUST qualifies for the playoffs and then gets dumped in the first round. Just like the Leafs have done. My fear with dealing prospects and picks is that could happen. I don’t think we’re ready to deal for rental players yet. Close but not quite yet.

  456. Sulemaan says:

    You have no argument from me bro that we’re out to win the cup. My only concern T-roy is that I’d rather build a stronger foundation before we make a major deal like one for Jokinen. It took us a while to build depth from the disastrous Houle/Tremblay era and I don’t want to trade it away yet.

    I like Ryder but agree it’s time for him to go. The team has done well this year despite his non-performance so we can survive without him. He’s been a good player in the past but it’s time to move on.

    I’ll agree to disagree on Lats/Higgins because they have more gas in the tank than Jokinen will for the next decade. I’d don’t disagree that Jokinen is a good player (great player even) but the price for him would be too high.

    I just think that we should stick to our youth, build from within and that means a longer more sustainable future and cups. If we can get Jokinen for some secondary players, prospects and picks then great. But no current or future first rounders should be part of the equation. If Gainey can pull off an Alexexi Kovalev for Balej and 2nd R. pick type of deal then go ahead. But I think Florida will demand a lot more. And I don’t think we need to give it.

    It may take a while to draft a big power centre but we can also get one through free agency.

    (My apologies to all for the long-winded posts, been a while since I last posted I guess…)

  457. Edwardo says:

    Fact man,
    By the end of the season, Montreal will have played a team who played the night before 12 times while they were idle.
    Conversely, Montreal will play a team 8 times after they played the night before, while that team was idle.
    This is hardly the 10 game advantage you are talking about.

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