Game 46: Habs solve Thrashers in shootout

Canadiens captain Saku Koivu beats Thrashers goalie Kari Lehtonen in the shootout for the game-winning goal.
Scott Cunningham, NHLI via Getty Images

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For the third straight time this season, the Canadiens and Atlanta Thrashers needed a shootout to decide the outcome of their matchup.

After losing the first two times, 3-2, the Habs got goals from Andrei Kostitsyn and Saku Koivu in the bonus format to grab the extra point with a 3-2 win of their own on Thursday night. Cristobal Huet, whose puckhandling miscue resulted in Atlanta’s tying goal midway through the third period, stopped Vyacheslav Kozlov and Marian Hossa in the shootout to help make up for his mistake.

Hossa opened the scoring for the Thrashers on the power play at 18:49 in the first period after Ilya Kovalchuk’s dive resulted in a Francis Bouillon penalty. Andrei Kostitsyn got that one back five minutes into the second period with a highlight-reel goal after splitting the defence and beating goalie Kari Lehtonen with a quick backhand to the top corner.

Michael Ryder’s seventh goal of the season six minutes into the final frame put the Canadiens ahead 2-1, but Atlanta got that one back three minutes later. Miscommunication between Huet and Roman Harmlik resulted in a turnover and Pascal Dupuis scored into an empty net to tie the game 2-2

Montreal outshot Atlanta 29-24, including 28-19 in regulation time.

Atlanta was the final stop on a four-game road trip for the Canadiens, who return home with a 3-1 record. They face the Pittsburgh Penguins on Saturday night.


  1. Ed says:

    Man, I am so sorry if I hurt your feelings. I was only pointing this out because he is your favourite player. You direct all of your comments at krob1000 and me. However, I think the only thing applicable to me is how you spell Plekanec, your favourite player. I did not comment on anything else. That was krob.

    As for me saying that we will be sorry when Ryder is gone, I have never once said that. The team is playing well without him, and I don’t see that changing because he is gone. I think a move will be best for everyone as the coaching staff has no confidence in him, and a move would be good for him. I also feel he should be traded before the trade deadline, because he will walk after the year and then we will get nothing for him. I have even told you this before, but you conveniently forget it.

    You are right. Kostitsyn is also hard to spell, and you got that wrong too. Sorry, I could not resist. (:

  2. RiverviewCanadien says:

    Well, if he is the type of character that can play in the NHL, he will bounce back. But look at what happened to Marc-Andre Fleury….same thing. Don’t rush things. He is just a kid and who knows, we might have to count on him for playoffs, he seems to do well in that category

    Playoff Price?

  3. krob1000 says:

    I don’t know what Ed has to do with any of this and I make more typing mistakes then anyone on here….that is a guarantee. I don’t know what I misquoted anymore than your misquote of “my boy Ryder” and we don’t need to delve into our past debates. I just don’t understand how 5 million is too much for a point a game guy. I don’t care if anyone is sorry when he is gone as long as we win. I do not think Ryder is great but he is definitely underrated by people like yourself and some guy who coaches our club. I think he is underused and will succeed elsewhere and I also think he would succeed here if he was back on the powerplay again where he belongs.

    Tanguay would be a great addition to any club and his salary is not inflated and only has one more year on it. I notice noone answered my challenge to find better free agent siginings for the same or similar money in response to my listing of Briere, Smyth, Gomez, Drury, etc. I am not picking on you anymore than anyone who is ignoring the fact that Tanguay would help us (it likely won’t happen anyway).

    Kovalev was wrose than Ryder last year what did you think of him??? One bad year is no reason to hate a guy. I can make up excuses all I want and regardless of their validity. Gainey also said he has not given up on Ryder.
    Bonk is lighting it up somewhere else but he has 11 goals and 8 assists and is minus 15 (defensive juggernaut!). Johnson just got waived.

  4. originalsix says:

    Man you gotta feel for Carey Price.

    These last two games he’s played, horribly beaten.

    I heard on the radio (CJAD 800) this morning that Bob Gainey was present at the Peoria game where Price got hammered. Kid must feel horrible. I wonder what mind-set he’s in now and hopefully his confidence isn’t ruined a la Raycroft.

  5. Moey says:

    Agreed, Huet is the better goalie. But Iceman and Derek are right, Huets’ track record against the leafs is lousy. We only started beating them this year when we switched Huet for Price. Technically it doesn’t make sense, but it changed the dynamics for some unknown reason. Halak should be in nets against the leafs.

  6. RiverviewCanadien says:

    Again with the negative comments. Huet is the better goalie. Price cannot figure out AHL teams right now…He will not be back (well should not be) for the rest of the season.

  7. TradeRyder says:

    Hey Krob! I love both you and Ed! You guys are soooooo helpful. I think I must be the first person EVER to misspell Plekanec! Thanks Ed!

    You guys need to rely on misquoting me and making fun of little typing mistakes to deal with the fact that Ryder really just isn’t so good. It makes me laugh!!!

    About Tanguay… I didnt’ say he’d tie our hands. And I did say a trade is a good idea. But I said let’s wait for someone who seems IDEAL.. and I listed logical reasons why Tanguay is not. And yes we need a sniper – I mean on that scores more than 3 or 4 by the half-way point. See the thing about a sniper is how MANY goals he scores, and whether he makes use of his time on the ice.

    You guys think Ryder is great. I think he’s way over-rated. You think we’ll be sorry when he’s gone. I think we won’t. Fair enough?

    In terms of plus leaders last year. Perezhogin, Plekanec, Komiserik is a good start and makes sense. Johnson played GREAT D for us last year… Kostitisyn is another of my favorite players because he plays a full game (and his name is also hard to spell). Markov… I think I’ve heard of him and Bonk – gee, last I heard he was lighting it up someplace else. Yadda…. now you’re in the middle of the pack. Plus-minus isn’t the only stat, but it’s useful. And it’s why some guy named Bob Gainey called your boy Ryder a “defensive disaster”. LOL

    Let the kids play… let the non-performers watch or walk.

  8. krob1000 says:

    The Flames game on TSN last night pointed out that Trevor Timmins and Roberts were at the game and the panel all figured(Mckenzie, Dreger,etc) the best explanation was examining a Tanguay for Ryder swap. Could be nothing as they have been seen at other games (Pittsburgh, San Jose,etc) but they explained it as a salary dump for Calgary to make room for Phaneuf and Huselius. It makes sense fromt hat perpective and for many other reasons if you read this whole thread. There are other guys I’d rather have too if given a choice but there are so few players available anymore.

  9. habsgod says:

    hi guys i’m seeing all this stuff on here about ryder for tanguay !!where was this mentioned ?is it even being considered?i hope so!!this would be a great deal for us!!our lines will become even more balanced and more dangerous and will give us a true second line with koivu,tanguay,latendresse!!

  10. krob1000 says:

    So then I guess you are saying trade noone. Should consider a name change then. We need someone and that is a fact. By the time our young corps is in full bloom will be in possession of a Koivu, Kovalev, Hamrlik who are all two years older. I think next year is the best year to start making a big move while those guys are still productive. There are tons of guys I would prefer to Tanguay but I would be happy if it was him.

    How much do you seriously consider Plekanec, Higgins or Komisarek to be worth???? Do you honestly think that having a 5 million dollar signing is going to handicap us. If that is the case than we are not in as good of shape as we like to think we are. Tanguay has been more productive in his last three seasons than our best Hab in any one of them. I have never been a Tanguay fan either but I would be if he played here. We pay several guys aroud the same money Tanguay is making but we have not had anyone post more than a point per game in recent memory.

    You really amze me at times TRADERYDER. “What we really need is a sniper” from a guy named traderyder……hmmm. Last year Kovalev was -19, Koivu was -21, Higgins -11, Lats -20 so I don’t think Ryder was alone. Should we trade those guys??

    Here is a list of last years top plus minus leaders for us.

    1. Perezhogin 2. Plekanec, 3.Komisarek 4. Mike Johnson 5.Kosititsyn 6.Markov 7. Bonk. 8. Grabovski 9. Milroy 10. Samsonov. 11.Gorges 12.Streit 13.Downey

    What a stat!!!! I wonder if we have not amde some serious mistakes then if that stat is so important.

  11. Moey says:

    Derek, Ice man,

    Good points, has to be Halak in goals.

  12. Ed says:

    In your profile, you list Plekanec as your favourite player, but you spell it as Plekanic. I notice you have done it in your post as well. I thought I’d just point this out since he is your favourite player.

    Tomas Plekanec #14

  13. RH says:

    Four years for muder. Sounds about right, under Canadian law. What did Danny Heatley get again? Maybe Ramage shoulda hired Heatley’s lawyer.

  14. Derek says:

    If Halak plays, Leafs won’t win. Look at how he played against them last season. Remember that crucial shootout we won near the end of last season? Andrei K. won that one for us along with Halak. As long as Huet doesn’t play them (for some reason he sucks against them), we have a good chance.

  15. Ice Man says:

    Oh Teach relax. Don’t be so up tight. You need a sense of humour there man.

  16. 24 Cups says:

    Hey kRob – When you checkout the Lousy Leaf players (on your afore mentioned site) with no trade clauses, you really get a feel for just how tough it will be to turn the Leafs around. Don’t worry though, Cliff Fletcher is on his way!!!

    The Original 24 Cups

  17. Ice Man says:

    Now that Price is not up with the Habs you can add The Montreal Canadiens to that list. They will beat the Habs without price.

  18. TradeRyder says:

    Here’s the OTHER side of things:

    Tanguay might get more than 5 million. But do we sign him and lose Higgins or Komi when they come up together? Or Plekanic? We have enough young guns that are stepping up and because they are young and home-grown we can do as good, almost, or better for less money. Also, Tanguay is a left wing – that’s where we’re fullest, and he’s not a sniper, he’s a passer. We need snipers. So he’s not the IDEAL trade, and we’re fairly strong in goal-scoring so we should wait for the ideal trade, someone just too good to pass up.

    As for Ryder being so great… yadda, yadda, the guy was given all the chances in the world until a few weeks ago. He had plenty of PP time and ice time and after a dozens of games where his performance was an issue he was not performing so gets less. That’s how professional sports works. Add to that that in his two big seasons he was either the minus leader or 1-point from it and you can say that he CAN score but not this year, and when he DOES he still needs to prove he can play a decent D game while scoring lots of goals. Enough of players who come with big negatives attached. Give me a solid 20-goal guy who also plays responsible hockey all the time… .and we have a bunch of those, and they’re getting better.

    Let the kids play… let the non-performers watch or walk.

  19. JF says:

    Two years ago Dumont was trying to work out a deal with Buffalo. By the time it fell through and he was available, we had signed Samsonov. Too bad… I think he’d fit well on our team.

  20. fuhgawz says:

    told you read my post below

  21. 24 Cups says:

    Habs-Kat – To me, this is another example of a young player that may have been rushed to the NHL too early. He also had some injury problems in the early going. Lots of skill, grit, and determination. I’m not sure that Columbus would give up on him just yet but I agree, can’t hurt to inquire. Let’s see, who have we got to trade? Give me a R….!

    The Original 24 Cups

  22. The Teacher says:

    I’m not a fan of Tanguay..never was…he’s not worth anything close to 5 million…that’s my opinion.

  23. Moey says:

    Off-topic, but I heard this on the radio this morning, thought it was funny.


    15 vs. Bloomington Jr. High School Girls
    22 vs. Cub Scout Troop #101
    29 vs. CNIB Senior Team

    5 vs. Spanish-American War Vets
    12 vs. Harlem Globetrotters
    19 vs. St. Cloud Home for Wayward Girls
    26 vs. Girl Scout Troop #71

    5 vs. Ontario VD Clinic Post #3
    12 vs. Church Street Boy’s Choir
    19 vs. Korean War Amputees
    26 vs. VA Hospital Polio Patients

  24. krob1000 says:

    Let me make some things clear here…I have never been sold on Tanguay and when there were rumblings of him for Kovalev I was very concerned. We have a good player in Ryder who is being underused. (Darren Dreger last night called him a power play specialist and said he was slumping and having a terible year……well first off he doesn’t play the power play and when he does it is the end of the power play and the puck is obviously not in the zone or there would be no reason to change players). Ryder is a UFA at the end of the season. We will likely not sign him although I wish we would. We could definitely use another big scoring weapon and Tanguay could be that guy.

    THAT 65 POINT GUY STATEMENT IS COMPLETELY UNFOUNDED. He has averaged a point per game more for the last three seasons. In the last three seasons we have not had one single guy that has averaged a point per game in any season. If Tanguay goes ont he open market he will likely get more than 5 million per season as a simple result of the supply and demand world that is free agency. With how difficult trades are these days this move could be a way to get a top player without competing against the other teams that will overpay. Tanguay has a no trade clause but may be willing to waive it to go back to Quebec (pure speculation).

    Bottom line is if we can add a player like this to our team we should especially if we only give up a player we never use properly anyway. I am fine with keeping Ryder but I would rather see a trade like this than give him away for a draft pick or lose him for nothing.

  25. 24 Cups says:

    Rob Ramage was just sentenced to 4 years in jail for drunk driving and the related death of Keith Magnuson.

    The Original 24 Cups

  26. The Teacher says:

    not really a joke topic…to tell you the truth… :S

  27. Bill H says:
    “Oddly, J.P. Dumont is EXACTLY tied with Hossa as the 8th most likely to be traded player, also with a 76.1 rating, and is rumoured to Detroit 35%, Montreal 25%, Buffalo 20%, and staying in Nashville 20%”
    Not the most reliable site. Sometimes I think he creates rumours so as to create interest and more hits. Nothing happening today? Gee, why not start a rumour about a Kovalev trade?

  28. krob1000 says:

    point per game guys are not worth 5 million????Gomez got 7 million, Briere more, Smyth, Drury, Ribeiro. I think you guys are not taking into consideration the market that actually exists today. Some guys are bargains because they have breakout seasons while under contract and other guys are bargains after bad seasons but that is a fair value for a guy like that in todays , market and I am not sure how people are not seeing that. Can someone please find me a similar player for less money as a free agent signing. The pickings are slim and players are overvalued during the free agent frenzy. To get a guy like Tanguay via trade would be cheaper than if he were on the market.

  29. showey47 says:

    you are correct 24 cups, we had already signed samsonov and had neither the cap space or roster spot for him. Dumont only became available after buffalo walked away from an abritration ruling about 2 weeks after the samy signing. Ah what could of been.

  30. Habs-Kat says:

    Random thought: Bob should inquire about the availability of Gilbert BrulΓ©, picked right after Carey Price by the Blue Jackets in the Crosby draft. I remember Pierre McGuire hollering that the Canadiens should’ve picked him or Luc Bourdon.

    He played 31 games this season with four points, and got sent down to play in the AHL for the first time. He’s a point-per-game player down there.

  31. TommyB says:

    Why? Because he doesn’t add “tee” at the end of his jokes or sarcasm?

  32. Ice Man says:

    Oh. & you # 12 are an angel. One who lives in a glass house should not throw stones.

    I guess no one like jokes right.

    Come on people lighten up.

  33. cautiousoptimist says:

    “A sigh of relief: Cristobal Huet, who’s suffered just one loss in regulation over the last month, will be making a fifth straight start tonight. Huet has been able to count on a tighter defense in front of him lately, with his blue-liners limiting opponents to less than 30 shots in each of his last four starts.”

  34. 24 Cups says:

    I thought it was the other way around whereby Dumont wanted to come to Montreal (even for a little less money than Nashville) and Gainey wasn’t interested. Who knows?! He’s an option – he can play both wings and is a decent scorer who plays in traffic. He’s kinda streaky though, and I don’t think he’s that great defensively. But outside of Sergei K and Kovalev, we really don’t have anyone on the immediate horizon for right wing next year (outside of the usual suspects in Hamilton).

    The Original 24 Cups

  35. Ice Man says:

    IT WAS A JOKE. Mr. Cobb.

  36. krob1000 says:

    You have to be aware of Kovalchuk at all times Ian because you know they are going to be looking to set him up for the one-timer. lol I am hardly one to give gramatical advice as I don’t proof read my own posts but given you have stated you are always working on improving your literacy skills I thought I’d mention this. The apostrophe key is the one two over to the right of your “L” key. The commas are for pauses in a senetence or listing and the apostrophe’s (two over to the right of your “l” key) are what you use in words for possession or combining two words like I’m (I am).

  37. Ian G Cobb says:

    Yep ! I just got the call ! I,m going to the show, going to be Halak,s back up !

    I guess we can say anything on here now !

  38. TommyB says:

    I realize you are talking about a trade, and not a free-agent signing, but wasn’t Dumont approached two summers ago when he was an UFA and he wanted nothing to do with Montreal? If he were acquired, and didn’t want to be here, I’d be concerned.

    Yet, on the other hand, time has a way of changing people’s outlook. This is not the same Montreal team Dumont turned thumbs-down on two years ago. I like Dumont, and think he would be a good fit if he wanted to be in Montreal, but I fear he could have “Briere Syndrome”.

  39. Ice Man says:

    You maybe right Tommy.

  40. TommyB says:

    I’ve seen yellow snow before. Oh, I was just foolin’ with you.

  41. krob1000 says:

    Thank You very much….I wasn’t sure if they were implying Huet and not Ryder may have been the reason the scouts were at the Flames game.

  42. Ice Man says:

    I’ve seen Smart Dog in here.

  43. Ice Man says:

    Don’t know exactly……..

  44. Ice Man says:

    I was just foolin with the bunch of you.

    I hope that Huet plays great tonight.

  45. coutNY says:

    What about J.P. Dumont as anohter possiblity? He seems like a Habs-type player, also cheaper but does not have as much potential offensive upside…

  46. TradeRyder says:

    You’re making this stuff up.

    What happened to the dog?

    Let the kids play… let the non-performers watch or walk.

  47. fuhgawz says:

    the canadiens wed site says Huet is in net —- where are you getting your information from?

  48. Infanteer says:

    Paragraph by pgph translation.

    1. 40 days til trade deadline.
    2. The big question for Bob Gainey . . . Can Price repeat his performance when won the Calder Cup for Hamilton?
    3. Huet has a high market value, can receive a “quality player” in return
    4. Not many trades have been made since the start of the season, but that may change with the upcoming trade deadline.
    5. “Observers” are expecting more trades at this year’s deadline than in the previous years.
    6, 7, 8. Trashing a Montreal “Radio Station,” indeed Montreal hockey-following “Media.” Nothing to do with Huet.

    Hope this helps.

  49. TommyB says:

    krob, you are right. It was not Ryder involved in the Tanguay rumor before, but nonetheless, still sounds more like someone’s fantasy than fact. And I would agree, this would make more sense.

    BTW, you caught me “changing on the fly”! I mistakenly posted a reply to the bottom comment up here, and quickly edited it into a comment on tonight’s game, while posting the reply down where it belongs.

    Not quick enough, though, eh? LOL

  50. krob1000 says:

    Tanguay has also averaged a point per game or more each of the last three seasons. This year he is not but Huselius is taking many of his minutes.

  51. TommyB says:

    Price has been sent to Hamilton to get work….would make no sense to bring him up to backup Halak. Sure, price could be brought up to start tonight in place of Halak, but what would that say about the organization’s view of Halak? The last thing Price needs is to be yo-yo’d back and forth. When Price gets back in the groove he will be brought up for the long term.

  52. Wops says:

    Ryder for Tanguay actually makes sense whn you consider they could save 5 millions which could go towards resigning


    and when you consider Kiprusoff new salary will kick in…

    They need at least 6-7 millions just for Dion so.

    A Ryder and a Pick for Tanguay…makes total sense money wise…

    especially that 5 millions is overpaid for a 65 point guy…

    and it makes sense for Montreal to get him since it will shut the french canadian media and he will be UFA next year, contract year = he will play good.
    CH is for Chris Higgins

  53. krob1000 says:

    I think this article from RDS today is discussing whether or not we are still looking at trading Huet at the deadline. Can someone please read it and tell me what it is saying.

  54. krob1000 says:

    When have you heard that before???I heard the Kovalev one but never Ryder. The scouts were at the game watching someone and Tanguay is the one who makes the most sense but it could be anyone and it could all mean nothing. All factors considered (calgary dumping dollars, Ryder UFA, struggling, not in Carbo’s plans, Ryders brother in the organization, Calgary needing cap space to sign Phaneuf and Huselius,etc ). Tommy you have to admit it makes more sense than most rumours we hear.

  55. coutNY says:

    That would make no since because Denis would have to pass through waivers… you had me until then???

  56. TommyB says:

    Thrahsers playing some better hockey of late. Not a team to be taken lightly…..well, we never do take anyone lightly, do we?

  57. krob1000 says:

    And what is that yellow on your iceman pic???

  58. krob1000 says:

    Where are you getting this stuff????

  59. Ice Man says:

    Get this. Danis is called up. Not Price.

  60. coutNY says:

    Of the Canadian Paralment?
    Mr. Islander is who I think the heritage in which he is referring.

  61. krob1000 says:

    Let’s now see how the best 5 teams in the league are doing Detroit-Zetterberg, Datsyuk, Lidstrom, Rafalski
    Ottawa-Spezza, Alfreddson, Heatley
    San Jose-Thornton
    Anaheim-Getzlaf, Pronger, Niedermayer soon tob e Selanne
    Pittsburgh-Crosby, Malkin, Gonchar

    I know I was one of the ones who said we need a superstar (not necessarily a top ten scorer). All of the top teams have a superstar…..Kovalev right now is playing like one I will gladly conced. The point is though you need at least one dominant playera dn usually more. Markov is also closing in on superstar status but he is still needing to be more consistent. If Kovalev and his line can continue at the rate they are going then maybe another top six forward is all we need along with a number 4 defenseman. I am well aware and have maintained all along that anything can happen in the playoffs but to feel confident going in those would be my prerequisites…..that and that the Wings play the Hawks and the Sens play the Capitals in the first round.

  62. cautiousoptimist says:

    I wonder if Eric Nystrom is related to Lorne? :)

  63. coutNY says:

    Humm this is where Halak needs to make his mark…this is where is started for him last year. Maybe he can spark the team with new energy…

    ??? what press resource is reporting this news; RDS usually on the forefront with these type of tid-bits?

  64. cautiousoptimist says:

    There have been some rumblings around about how we can’t compete without a top-ten scorer, but I’ve got to say, I don;t see the problem… We’ve got six or seven guys that will score at least 20 this year – not too many teams can say that – and Kovalev’s on track for nearly 40 goals and 80 points. Would you rather have one or two superstars and a supporting cast of B-actors and minor-leaguers? Let’s see how the league’s scoring leaders are doing:

    Kovalchuk – 37 goals – ATL – 9th points-wise in the East
    Ovechkin – 34 goals – WSH – 13th in the East
    Iginla – 32 goals – CGY – 7th in the West
    Alfredsson – 29 goals – OTT – 1st in the East
    Lecavalier – 28 goals – TB – 15th in the East (dead last)

    Aside from Ottawa, which is pretty fantastic throughout the roster, I’ll take our Habs over the rest any day of the week…

  65. Ice Man says:

    HOT just off the press.

    HALAK in net tonight.

    Huet came down with that flu that is going around. He is banned from the rest of the team until he gets better.

  66. odber says:

    well said,that,s the direction the team should be going in.If Ryder is to be traded lets get a player more in the Corson mould.We need a good corner man who can handle himself and chip in 20 to 30 goals.

  67. coutNY says:

    It’ll be hard for Nystrom make any sort of impact with the Habs much since his is on Injured Reserve as of Jan 11, 2008 (Broken jaw)… Probably won’t see action for 6-8 weeks or longer, could we afford that wait?

    Nystrom has’t ever put up 20 goals even at the junior level… Stats look worse than Ryder’s do… I like youth but I’d rather get a good draft pick than trade for Nystrom… unless you know something about this guy… and I admit never seen him play.

  68. krob1000 says:

    He can preach it all he wants but Kovy pleks and Kostitsyn are as guilty as anyone of it and they are our best line. The problem comes when guys who aren’t skilled try to get too cute and lead to turnovers. As long as guys like Koivu , Kovy, Pleks, Sergei K (to some extent) manage to sloew the play once they cross the blue line and not have it result in turnovers they will be allowed. If they screw up though they will be held accountable. You are right and he should preach North/South but our most talented forwards are not bangers and crashers so these guys are not going to play a game that doesn’t suit them. OUr checking line is the epitomy of North/South as is Lapierre. I am not saying he doesn’t emphasize simple play because he should and probably does but the guys I mentioned above are good at what they do and it all comes down to making good decisions. Sometimes delays and cross ice passes make you look great other times they earn you a few ass splinters. You can’t deny that our top forwards are all very creative and tend to (and succeed) in their East/West game more oftent han not. We have two lnes built to battle and two lines built to pick apart defences.

  69. G-Man says:

    Carbo preaches North-South hockey. It’s 1 reason why Koivu isn’t on the same page as everyone else in the organization.
    he’s an East-West guy, too. Not a good fit here: Look at all the wingers that have tried to play with Koivu over the years. Put simply, it doesn’t work.


  70. 24 Cups says:

    This game could be a tough go tonight. Last game of a four game road trip and the Thrashers are on a bit of a roll. Lehtonen stopped 46 out of 47 shots in Detroit last game. I don’t like that. I will raise the white flag as one of those guys who thought Recchi was washed up, although he probably is seeing a lot of ice time. Even so, he’s been playing great hockey. Atlanta now has two decent lines that they can throw at you. The good news is their defense is no great shakes.

    I think there are a couple of lessons to be learned here for the Habs as they view this franchise. Altanta was desperate to make the playoffs and “make some noise” in the post season last year. So they sold their soul at the trade deadline. Those short term deals were a disaster and will cost them dearly for years to come. I trust that Gainey won’t panic in the same way.

    On the other hand, Atlanta was patient waiting for a young defenseman to develop and have been rewarded with the great play of Enstrom who is only 22 years old. He’s the new quarterback in town. Hopefully, we will display the same patience with our young kids.

    Final note to Carbo. If this game goes into overtime then I would suggest that you pull your goalie. The thought of facing these guys in a shootout makes me want to reach for the bottle – and it’s only ten in the morning.

    The Original 24 Cups

  71. krob1000 says:

    They need cap space though for next year so why would they give up an affordable prospect when their number one concern has to be getting Phaneuf and Huselius signed for next year. Tanguay is not overvalued at 5.2 and is only under contract for one more year. We need another top six forward and he fits the bill. He has experience and is very consistent throughout his career. He is creative enough that he will fit in with our top guys who all like to play a little bit of East/West hockey. Even if this deal doesn’t happen in any form it at least tells me that we are shopping around and that can only be a good thing.

  72. Ed says:

    This is going to be a big challenge tonight. Our top scorer Kovalev has 20 goals and 43 points, while their top scorer Kovalchuk has 37 goals and 63 points. The big weakness that Atlanta seems to have is their +/- where most of their top scorers are in the minus category:
    Kovalchuk -6; Hossa (42 points) -10; White (30 points) -6; Holik -12; and McCarthy on defense -18.

    We have improved a lot in our 5 on 5, but a team like Atlanta are very explosive, and hopefully this will not be one of their big nights. I think we have a much more balanced attack. The big thing that concerns me tonight is the line of Ryder -3, Smolinski -6, and Dandenault -9. Atlanta will definitely try to take advantage of them as soon as they play their first shift, by putting out Kovalchuk. I think that either the line combos are not going to last very long, or that line will see very little ice time. I hope I am wrong.

    GO HABS GO !!!

  73. TradeRyder says:

    When you’re right, you’re right.

    Let the kids play… let the non-performers watch or walk.

  74. Sulemaan says:

    Forget about Tanguay. Earlier this year when asked about that potential trade of Kovalev for Tanguay he said he didn’t want to come to Montreal. Maybe he said that because he didn’t want to be traded but we don’t need players who don’t want to be here.

    Personally, I would trade Ryder for Eric Nystrom. He’s a young prospect. He’s from the same area in New York as Komisarek and Higgins and I believe they are friends. He’s got strong bloodlines. (His father wasn’t too bad a player.) He a good prospect with strong potential as a first rounder. And he fits our whole youth movement. He also fits the mold of a big strong winger.

    Last but not least Nystrom won’t impact our salary cap like Tanguay would. With the money we would save on Ryder’s salary we could use that to resign Komisarek/Higgins to extensions or get another UFA a la Hamrlik in the off season. Whatever Gainey does, I have faith he’ll make the right decision.

  75. von says:

    I understand your reasoning. However, this is a prime example of a game that should have been over in regulation. What I’m afraid of is the little mistakes costing us the big picture. πŸ˜‰

    I hope we keep winning too. I must say, I thought we had no hope in the shoot out. If Huet hadn’t given up that tying goal, I would have said he played excellently. Definitely surprised me in the shootout.

    Someone most have told him if he flops to his knee’s, they’ll break them.

    As for the “added nerves” with Huet’s puck handling… no, it’s taking years off my life every time he leaves blue ice, lol.

  76. von says:

    You sir, are incorrect. I never hope he plays badly, in fact in an earlier post I wrote “I hope Huey has a good game.”

    What I see is a goalie who is sketched in as “# 1″ but should really be a back up. It’s my opinion, deal with it. He is hugely over-rated, and consistently gives up bad/untimely goals.

    Every time he gives up a bad goal or 2, you jump to his defense and say oh it’s no problem, we won anyway. But down the line, you can’t afford those kind of goals. We need him to be hot if we plan to make/do well in the playoffs. And this average goal tending isn’t going to cut it.

    If Huet had the name “Smith” …. Well, you fill in the blanks.

    RE: **edited to say** VOn I am pretty sure you edited your post after the fact to lessen your complaints on Huet. Am I wrong?

    Yes, you are.

  77. idle says:

    Well I have enough of your other posts to go on. Anyone can look back and see. You are right every time Huet lets a bad goal in I come to his defense because players make mistakes. People want goalies to be perfect but they are not, and as long as we keep winning then I am happy with Huets play. I wonder how many goalies in the league could give there team a chance to win so many games in a row and still have fans try to chase him out of town.

    And I think your post about his name shows your true colours. Are you sure that you don’t like him just because his last name is Huet?

  78. Mr.Hazard says:

    Would you rather have Price in, who so many people were so quick to ditch Huet for, who is presenting the Bulldogs with dismal performances in Hamilton? Huet has proved he’s the man countless times, he’s one of the top goalies in the league, but that’s just not good enough somehow.

    And on a different note I dearly hope Price figures out what’s the matter.

    Ex nihilo nihil fit

  79. von says:

    The problem I see with Huet is he is not learning. How many times does it take you to touch a hot pot on the stove before you learn? Hopefully once right?

    How many times will Huet have to learn he in no way shape or form leave his net?

    It is because of this I have lost my faith in him. Obviously no one is perfect, no one is. But I don’t think it’s reasonable to ask that you at least LEARN!!! Do we have an understanding?

    As for his last name, I don’t care what nationality a player is. If he can stop the puck he’s good enough for me. I want the best guy in the net, regardless if he’s French or not.

  80. idle says:

    He will, he just needs to get a lot more ice time and shots faced under his belt. Maybe he can come up again later in the season or maybe he can recapture some of that magic in the Calder Cup playoffs this year. One way or the other he most probably still has a very bright future.

  81. idle says:

    I with you on everything except the part where you say you lost faith in a goalie who does nothing but collect points for your favorite team. You can say that we keep scoring but there are plenty of games that wind up 5-4 or 7-6. A 2-2 game in overtime means your goalie kept you in it. Bad goal or not, how many do you think could have been scored in overtime? I counted 4 stops that reasonably could have been goals. And he kept us in it in the first period or we may not have even had a sniff at this game.

    I understand your frustration with his weak ones but you have to look at the whole picture not just the mistakes.

    Either way I hope for both of us that we keep this winning up. It’s fun to watch and with the added nerves that Huet’s puck handling strokes it is even more exciting no?

  82. Ice Man says:

    Huet’s da man right. Tell where we have went with him… no where

  83. idle says:

    And what players have we had in the past 3 seasons that could take us to the cup? It takes time to BUILD a team. Gainey seems to have us on the right track.

  84. Mr.Hazard says:

    Me too… I hold my breath whenever he ventures out…

    Ex nihilo nihil fit

  85. habsgod says:

    mr.hazard you are right about huet being one of the best in the league during the regular season !!but come playoff time is where he’ll cement his reputation!and make his mark!!so we’ll see !!!

  86. earl says:


    4th best save pct in the league
    15-7-5 record
    Best save percentage of any goaltender over past 3 seasons.
    Last season allstar, runner up in voting this year. t

    He won a game tonight in which his team scored only 2 regular time goals.

    You call a goaltender with that record a disaster but incredibly it’s *us* that need a lesson on the big picture? Sure.

    Habs are confident in front of Huet. He’s here for the duration, probably will be locked up to 3 years after this campaign.

    And watching even a little hockey outside of Montreal would dial a fan into the fact that the Montreal goaltending situation is golden.

    The odd miscommunication with his defense doesn’t change that for a second.

  87. Vecs says:

    Such a Great line.

    My brother has a habs beer bottle opener that screams that line through a little speaker every time you open a bottle. You even get the crowd roaring in the background.

  88. N.B.habs fan says:

    cage.and the laff have 13 back to back ,would you like us to give the laffs 4 pts so they have nothing to complain about,then they still would stink.TO dosent have a team they have alot WINERS LIKE YOUR SELF.

  89. wd40 says:

    Speaking of stats, what is the probability that CAGERATTLER is a very sad, and obviously very frustrated, Maple Leafs fan?

  90. Smart Dog says:

    Glad that someone mentioned the comeback. I was thinking about that last night. Also great that they bounced back so effectively after the NYR game. The team seems like the real deal. I hate to say it but I hope that doesn’t fade when… you know who…. uh, never mind. Let’s be positive. And one more thing should be said about our play. Somehow this team has picked up the solid team-defensive play that Carbs and Gainey were famous for. So congrats coaches! Well done. You have my faith (for awhile at least!) and my apologies for things I thought (and a few I said). πŸ˜‰

    Habs Fans! The FUTURE looks bright:
    Plekanec, Higgins, Chipchura, A Kostitsyn, Lapierre, Latendress,
    Price, S Kostitsyn, Komisuarus, O’Byrne

  91. HKisses says:

    Guys check this out …..i found it pretty fun to watch over!U gotta open the link to know what it is ….(Habs related)

  92. The Teacher says:

    Ahh, the team of MY youth. such sweet memories. I always laugh when I see Randy Tieman going nuts.

    but I always get sad when I think…that was the last Cup ever won at the Montreal Forum I feel sad for the new Habs fans who never set foot in the building…Definitely not the same.

  93. Higgins21 says:

    Brings tears to my eyes.

  94. Will Longlade says:

    The Habs played a very stifling, high energy, defensive game last night. Despite the emphasis on D, the contest was still very entertaining to watch. Ryder played his best game of the season and Huet stood on his head late in the third, in OT and during the SO. Perhaps he’s exorcised his fear of SO’s now. I know that these things are a sign of good things to come.

    I agree completely with the cryptic comment you made. Hope the coaches latch onto this idea soon. IMO, it’s the only way the Habs will be able to separate themselves from the rest of the pack.

    Whoops, sorry for using the word “pack” in this post. I hope it doesn’t bring out any of your primeval desires.

  95. Infanteer says:

    Watched it in its entirety . . . a beautiful video.

    The predominant name in this rendition of a march to the cup?

    Carbs, Muller, Damphousse, Desjardins, and a young guy named Brisebois.

  96. HKisses says:

    I always think that Montreal should never have turned that historic building into a ugly movie theatre …(my opinion) but that was one of the most imporant buildings of Montreal’s first hockey years and alot went on their…. Anyone else agree? (once again its a amamzing video to watch….U don’t always need skill to win…also momentum and some Montreal passion)

  97. Bean says:

    HKisses, thanks for posting that. Grinning from ear to ear now!

  98. Moey says:

    The youtube video that gets me is the last 4 minutes of the final game against the Kings. “And a 24th banner will hang from rafters of the famous forum.” Pass the tissues please!!

  99. Moey says:

    Bang on, how can people doubt where this team is going? 3 out of the five are together again. And Gainey as GM, doesn’t get any better than that.

  100. gumper says:

    Danis in net in Hamilton tonight, nursing a shutout. 1-0 after two on a goal by Locke.

  101. wd40 says:

    man that was nice. unbelievable 10 OT wins during that run. thanks for sharing.

  102. Yeats says:

    I would really like to see him get a shot in the NHL. I saw him single-handedly take a mediocre Brown University team on his back and make them credible in Hockey East. Also, wasn’t he one of the best kickers in camp this year? Hard work and performance should be rewarded.

  103. CHsam says:

    Why is Cagerattler even bothering at all? ,

  104. Yeats says:

    My brother Charlie and I were in the white seats for the deciding game in ’93. From what I can remember, it was one hell of an evening all the way around. The current edition of the Habs and the younger supporters of the team should experience what it is like to be in that city when the Habs grap the Cup. There is no better place on the Planet Earth to be than in Montreal when that happens. And, I hope we all, despite our differences, experience it together soon.

  105. CHsam says:

    That was sweet!! Thanks for the vid post.

    here’s to 25!!

  106. Moey says:

    And don’t forget, a hell of a lot of heart and “killer instinct”. That’s why Carbo & Meuller are so important to this team’s success, they know what it takes, mentally and physically. Name me one team today that could pull off 10 overtime playoff wins. Certainly not the Sens, they buckle every year just being in the playoffs.

  107. 24 Cups says:

    HKisses – Great video, great memories. It’s too bad that that playoff montage didn’t give proper credit to the man who really won the 24th Cup for the Habs that year – Patrick Roy. It was one of the greatest displays of goaltending I have ever seen in my life. Obviously, someone has to score in overtime and that’s what the highlight reel always shows. But there would be no overtime and no opportunity for a winning goal without the unbelievable play of Roy. I remember it like it was yesterday. As far as I’m concerned the Canadiens have won 23 Cups and Patrick Roy has won his own special Cup, #24.

    The Original 24 Cups

  108. 24 Cups says:

    NB – Not to mention the numerous, and I do mean numerous, games the Lousy Leafs have played where they face the opposition’s backup netminder.

    The Original 24 Cups

  109. nightmare_49 says:

    The Hamilton Dawgs beat San Antonio 5 to 2 with three unanswered goals in the third period. Yann Danis stopped 30 of 32 shots for the win. Scorers were : Locke , Stewart , Manlow , Chipchura and D’Agostini. Locke was the 1st star and D’Agostini the second. D’Agostini has scored at least a goal in his last five games. Workhorse of the game was Pavel Valentenko who started the season as a very green “D” man to an AHL “D” man to an above average AHL “D” man , impressive in half a season.

  110. Habsville says:

    The announcrs of the game between the Flames and Wild on TSN last night noted that Trevor Timminin and Gordie Roberts were in attendance. They suggested a trade was brewing with the Calgary. The players mentioned were Ryder for Alex Tanguay.

  111. TommyB says:

    The old Ryder for Tanguay spectre again. Some rumours just don’t die. And with TSN suggesting it, that makes it even more unreliable, IMO.

  112. TradeRyder says:

    Ryder for Tanguay? Don’t tease me!

    Where do we sign??!

    Let the kids play… let the non-performers watch or walk.

  113. Rugger says:

    Stats are quite a bit out of date.

  114. Smart Dog says:

    That doesn’t make sense. Tanguay is four short of the team lead in assists, has 37 points and is second on the team in +/-, Ryder has 15 points and is in the bottom half of the team in +/-.

    Unless it’s Tanguay for Ryder and something else? They just picked up Cujo so it can’t be a goaler. Maybe a D-man. Hey – Breezer! lol

    Habs Fans! The FUTURE looks bright:
    Plekanec, Higgins, Chipchura, A Kostitsyn, Lapierre, Latendress,
    Price, S Kostitsyn, Komisuarus, O’Byrne

  115. krob1000 says:

    They said it would be a cap move because Calgary needs to clear cap space for Huselius and Phaneuf. Ryder has no cap hit and that was the logic they were giving. I don’t know how true it is because they admitted they were just speculating but it was interesting. I wouldn’t want Ryder to go anywhere but that move could benefit both teams and Ryder too. Maybe it would lure his brother back into hockey as well. IT sounds a lot more realistic than all of the Kovalev for Tanguay talk earlier in the year. Tanguay is hot and cold as well though although his temperature is more reliant on the guys he passes the pucks to as he is more of a playmaker than sniper. I don’t know how the lines would have to be adjusted because Tanguay would need to play with Koivu to make this move worthwhile from a salary point of view.

    I hope Ryder can be resigned but it seems that regardless of how well he plays he is not part of Carbo’s plans so this one may have some real substance. Factor in the cap and Ryders little brother being in the Flames organization and this one sounds very legitimate. We would get another top six forward (although we have one in Ryder and jsut don’t use him as one) and I don’t think 5.2 is all that expensive. I think it is about the going rate for someone of Tanguays abilities. He is 28 years old and if you look at his career statistics you will find him to be very consistent. He is a solid 20-25 goal scorer who will get you nearly a point per game… problems with that here.
    I would rather get an upper tier star but Tanguay wuold be an upfgrade if only for the fact that he would get played.

  116. odber says:

    We don,t need Tanguay at 5.2 million.

  117. RiverviewCanadien says:

    I thought the latest rumor was Tanguay for Jokinen. There is always rumors. But I do agree, 5.2 million is too much

  118. Smart Dog says:

    I agree. Better to sign Higgins somewhere in that range. He’s a known commodity, loves the team, is normally consistent (when he’s not being shuffled around) and you could easily argue he has a higher potential upside. Plus it makes it more likely you’ll keep Komisaurus. I’m worried about those two guys packing their bags for NY…. there might be a reason they both took the same 2-year contract.

    Habs Fans! The FUTURE looks bright:
    Plekanec, Higgins, Chipchura, A Kostitsyn, Lapierre, Latendress,
    Price, S Kostitsyn, Komisuarus, O’Byrne

  119. cautiousoptimist says:

    $5-million ought to buy you more than Tanguay’s 20-25 goals a year…..

  120. coutNY says:

    Hi Dave aren’t the comparison stats you have posted above from the last time we played ATL..? I am pretty sure we have 54 points and Kovy has 20 goals Koivu 25 assits?????? as Rugger point out below..

  121. Dave Stubbs says:

    Right you are on the statistics, which hadn’t been updated by the NHL in this graphic. The right one’s there now. Good catch…

    Dave Stubbs

    Habs Inside/Out
    Sports Feature Writer, Montreal Gazette


  122. coutNY says:

    Does anyone know the Criteria for NHL YoungStars selection… Not sure Andre Kostitsyn
    still qualifies as a rookie with 22 games last year (I thought it was fewer than 25 games of experience), but he has pretty much out-performed most of the current selections in stat comparisons with the exception of Patrick Kane and Nicklas Backstrom… and even thats questionable!

    Opps… he had 12 games in 05-06 which pushes him up to 34 coming into this season…

  123. krob1000 says:

    You must play in either a well populated or struggling American market then you are guaranteed consideration.

  124. Habs_008 says:

    If we can get a good player like Tanguay, for a Ryder that is a waste of space right now and is not in future plans, Why wouldnt we do it? why not have Higgins Kovui Tanguay line.

  125. TradeRyder says:

    Sounds good to me. Cap space needs to be considered though Tanguays production at 5 million is a steal compared to Ryder’s this year at 3.

    Let the kids play… let the non-performers watch or walk.

  126. Smart Dog says:

    Despite everything that’s said, it seems likely that Ryder is gone soon. We may regret it (I don’t think so, though many do including you I think), but it is probably for the best for player and team at this point. Sometimes a fresh start is the best thing all around. No-one wanted to see Ribiero go on and light it up elsewhere, though I think we all hope Ryder does well where-ever he goes. And if he’s going – that at least we get something good for him!

    Tanguay does seem pretty good, though is he better than Plekanic? Or Kostitsyn? Higgins? I agree that he might be worth the money… but I don’t think we need him. Assuming our young players step up even a little more next year, our goal-scoring is in good shape.

    Habs Fans! The FUTURE looks bright:
    Plekanec, Higgins, Chipchura, A Kostitsyn, Lapierre, Latendress,
    Price, S Kostitsyn, Komisuarus, O’Byrne

  127. krob1000 says:

    We are going to have room for all of those guys. Every time a young guy steals a job we save mroe cap space. Gainey has enough young guys as we have seen this year that by next year and the year after we will be in good shape. Komisarek will not be too expensive and Higgins and Plekanec will be slightly more than him. These guys are not stars yet anywhere but in Montreal and they both seem to enjoy playing here and I would find it hard to believe they would try and bleed every penny from the club as it seems we are developing a culture of winning, friendship, growth and sacrifice again. I am not saying they shouldn’t be expected to get fair market value but they probably wouldn’t sell us out for an inflated offer to go somewhere else.

  128. PureGuava says:

    Come on! Did you honestly suggest we resign Higgins for 5.2 million a season? Koivu and Kovalev make less then 9m combined and you want to sign Higgins for 5? There’s a job opening in Toronto I hear. Maybe you should interview.

  129. Sulemaan says:

    Good one Krob1000. Sad but true…

  130. 24 Cups says:

    If the Flames are looking at this possible trade as a salary dump, then it may have merit. I wouldn’t want to throw in more than a spare part or Hamilton player to finish off the deal though. I would see this as an extended rent a player trade as he is signed for next at $5.2 mil. Subtract Ryder’s $3mil and Smolinski’s $2 mil and you have a neutral cap hit. If Tanguay doesn’t work out next year, then you can dump him at the trade deadline. His value would at least get you what Ryder is going to bring this Feb.

    Tanguay has been replaced in Calgary by Huselius who is now their top left winger. I’m not sure that Tanguay can play right wing so there would have to be a shuffle with someone playing the off wing. He certainly has the wheels and is a great passer. More a setup man than a scorer though and he’s soft, a bit of a candyman. Question is would show up in the playoffs?

    The Original 24 Cups

  131. krob1000 says:

    His playoff stats aren’t as good as his regular season ones but whose are. He had a really rough playoffs his first season with 3 points in 17 games but followed it up with 21 points in 23 games the next time around. You are right it would be a total cap move by Calgary and unlike some people around here you are looking at the larger scope as usual. It is a mutually beneficial deal for both teams and that is why I am thinking this may work. I must say again I’d like to keep Ryder but he too would benefit from this move and it just makes too much sense to not at least be being discussed. Tanguay is soft in respect to dropping the gloves but Ryder doesn’t do that either. Tanguay plays fairly aggressively and will throw his body around. He does sometimes appear to have nigths where he doesn’t seem to want to be involved and that scares me in Montreal because he will get caught by our fans anytime he does that. When he is at his best though he is not that soft. He also has many years with a great Colorado organization under his belt and you know Keenan has him in top physical condition. This one might just be real folks.

  132. Habs_008 says:

    I knew you would a agree with me! what happens when Ryder does get traded? what will your name be then? How bout Trade the Breezer. Nice Pic by the way.

  133. coutNY says:

    From the Comparison variables I think we outmatch them slightly; but the giving an edge for being the home team might even things out.

    We shutdown Kovalchuk with Lapierre and Kostopolus, keep a close watch Hossa, who’s been hot of late and had an excellent game in our last match up against us, we should be OK… right Ed!

    Let’s go Boys…

    Who is in our NET? judging from the RDS article I am expecting Huet… aanyone?

  134. krob1000 says:

    7 million bought Gomez’s one 33 goal season two years ago and no other season of even twenty goals. Seriously check out his career stats and then question Tanguay’s value at 5 million. The market is crazy anymore and if you want to upgrade outsied of the draft and your own system it seems the costs are going to reflect the urgency. I honestly think 5 million is about right for him if he gets you 70-75 points and 25 goals. 20-25 goals alone is not the value with Tanguay it is the other 50 he will set up where is value is.

  135. TradeRyder says:

    A couple of observations. Correct me if I’m wrong!

    1. Huet, we love you, but STAY IN YOUR F-N NET!
    2. Passes. Great passes, all game long.
    3. Kostitsyns. Wow! Last game big brother hammers a guy to the ice, this game they’re a wrecking crew with fast wheels and great plays. These two…. keep em.
    4. Koivu. Is it just me or is his timing off??
    5. Smolinski AND Ryder BOTH had a good game. Holy carp! What is happening in the world?

    Bon nuit!

    Let the kids play… let the non-performers watch or walk.

  136. The Teacher says:

    4. Starting to think the eye affects him more than he lets on…

  137. idle says:

    Agree with everything except maybe that I though Koivu played well and created lots of chances. He was robbed twice in the second I believe. He always does seem to go through patches each year where he doesn’t collect many points and I think that is probably why he has always been a 70 point player instead of higher.

  138. Ice Man says:

    Some people in here seriously need to grow up right The Teacher, Con #12 way to many to name.

    Huet, what can I say. Can’t stay in it’s net. If Rollie is the best Goalie coach in the NHL he would tell Huet to stay the hell in his net. The habs could have won 2-0.

    For the people who say Huet should be our #1 goalie should be admitted to the nearest Mental Hosptial.

    Trade that Dumb SOB Huet while they can. Use Halak for the rest of the year. He is just as good a Dumb @$$ Huet.

    Great game Habs. Ryder was great. Should have been the games hero but Huet screwed that up.

  139. mjames says:

    Easy big fella, easy. Huet kept us in the game especially in OT. He is to blame for that third period gaffe but he kept us in the game. I am the first to admit that his puck handling is bordering on the absurd. It is to hard to believe someone can be that bad but I saw it with my own eyes. I was, however, pleased to see him standing up more. Maybe Price should try that.


  140. idle says:

    : 0

    Oh dear, It is getting increasingly hard to defend Huet’s puck handling. That one was… was… I’m at a loss of words… I better just move on.

    What I will say is that I will always let players make a mistake or two in a game as long as they compete. When a forward or defencemen make a mistake, even a bad one, it doesn’t have to lead to a goal. When a goalie makes a bad mistake chances are it’s in the net. It’s not fair to tell the goalie he is the only player on the ice who is not allowed to make a mistake.

    If Huet keeps making saves like he did in the first period and in overtime and only lets two goals in in a game then I can live with that even if one was a complete stinker. Especially when we still win the game :)

    A Kostitsyn is really starting to excite me :)

    Things are really starting to look good with this team in the near future…

  141. Ice Man says:

    They had like 19 shots on Huet. The shots that Huet faced the stick boy could have stoped them. Why defend Huet?

    Just like the leaf fans. Loose 10 in a row, win one then all is forgiven. Huet lets in two stupid goals but all is forgiven when he makes one save in the Shoot out.

  142. Ice Man says:

    They had like 19 shots on Huet. The shots that Huet faced the stick boy could have stoped them. Why defend Huet?

    Just like the leaf fans. Loose 10 in a row, win one then all is forgiven. Huet lets in two stupid goals but all is forgiven when he makes one save in the Shoot out.

  143. von says:

    Huet is still a disaster.

    He redeemed himself with those saves in OT, and the shoot out, but they really need to sit him down. It’s getting embarrassingly obvious how terrible he is when leaving the crease. A misplay like that is the kind of crap that leads to missing the playoffs.

    Good ending, but it should have been over in regulation.

  144. idle says:

    I know people like you. You say you are a habs fan but you sit there and HOPE that Huet plays badly. Go and look through your posts on here like I did earlier. Out of the first 10 post I found from you 7 of them where insulting Huet. You call yourself a fan but you hope one of our players does bad because you have your own agenda as someone else on here pointed out.

    **edited to say** VOn I am pretty sure you edited your post after the fact to lessen your complaints on Huet. Am I wrong?

  145. linp says:

    I did notice Huet didn’t react with the butterfly style against every shot. He managed to save a few high shots in the 3rd period. Price should watch the tape and learn from this.

    Also K1’s puck handling is getting more and more amazing. The SO goal shows that he has so much confidence handling the puck.

  146. JB_15 says:

    We now sit in sole position of 2nd place (in points) in the eastern conference, trailing only ottawa.


  147. idle says:

    Yes JB_15 but read the last 10 posts on here and go figure eh?

  148. idle says:

    Go away you fool. How can you possible be so negative when all we are doing is winning games and grabbing points.

  149. Bobby Ward says:

    Anybody else notice that a) We’re 4th the NHL standings overall b) only 6 points separate 4th from 17th, and c) we have 6 games left against Ottawa this year?

    Besides the fact that that’s a example of terrrible scheduling, is that why we have a few more points than other teams in our division… Can we count on winning any of those games?

  150. habsgod says:

    yes we can i bet we win 3 of them!!beleive in this team this year!!we are on our way!!i’m opptimistic but i think we will finish 4-5th in the eastern conference this year and will go on a bit of a playoff run!!a.kostitsyn is a star in the making we will score 35-40 goals for this team down the road!his brother will be a 20 -25 goal scorer!!i love the top 3 defenceman on this team,markov,komisarek ,and hamrlik i think o’byrne is our #4 defenceman and gorges is playing his way into the #5 slot!!what a nice problem to have!!also i sure like the way lapierre works !!higgins is aswesome with him!!!

  151. P St. Pierre says:

    Although, he did have his best year, points-wise, last season. But I think you could be right. Perhaps the procedure he had done in the offseason is affecting it.

  152. idle says:

    So we can count you as one of the people who think that Rollie only meets these goalies when they get to training camp?

    “Hi, my name is Rollie, welcome to the Habs. And you are?”

  153. habsgod says:

    timo i agree with you 100% i think rollie has to go!!before he ruins carey!!

  154. Ice Man says:

    Thay’s funny. When I said that about Our Rollie. Everyone wanted to throw me under a Bus.

  155. westhab says:

    Great road trip. The last two games the team played much better in their own zone. Huet has to stay in the net, not all goalies should be too active out of the crease. But boy does he make it exciting!…And waht about kos46!!! what a highlight goal!!

  156. HAB-PROFESSOR says:

    Sure HUET gift wrapped a goal for them…….but he saved MANY.

    that high slot shot by hossa that Huet handled with his shoulder STANDING UP was priceless!
    most would have been on their knees and the shot would have been top corner, now how many times have we SEEN THAT? …and his 2-3 breakaway saves and of course the shootout….FANTASTIC!

    all in all another dominating effort by Les Canadiens…
    special mention to:
    RYDER: for his work ethic and timely GOAL!
    LATRON: being strong in the corners every game, an overlooked role…nobody else does it and its a D’s worst enemy.
    KOSTYsr: played at his level, which is HIGH…..and Kostyjr, for being kostysrs brother and giving us MORE HOPE!
    and of course KOVALEV….for just being Kovalev, that says it all, doesn’t it!

    1. Kovalev, about being passed over for the All Star team said, “The Canadiens are my all star team”
    2. The BELL CENTRE should be rebuilt to sit 80,000 fans
    3. Your not a Hab fan till you watch & UNDERSTAND “The Rocket”

  157. linp says:

    The biggest positive coming out from this win is that the team knows we can come back and win after trailing after the 1st period. The defend is playing solid and it also help to have guys like K1 who can score a goal all by himself. As I said before, he can become the next Kovy.

  158. Hoegarden says:

    Easy on Huet fellows. Hammer is just as much responsible for this screwup. Huet could not cross the red line with the puck otherwise it’s a penalty and why did Hammer skate towards Huet instead of to the side or behind the net so Huet could pass the puck over to him ? Yes he could have sent it behind the net but life goes on and he stood his ground afterwards.

    Trade Ryder;
    re your para 5 on Smolinski. This guy will not bleed for the team. He reminds me of Inge Hammarstrom (a former Laff)who was referred to as a hockey player skating with a dozen of eggs in his pants. Bad on faceoffs all night, sloooooow, very sloooooow.

  159. Mr.Hazard says:

    That is so strange! I can only see the top 1/4 of the picture (as usual), but I was able to see it before the game, even though it’s the same picture! How does that make sense? I know we’ve “settled” this matter before, but surely this is not normal? Entk

    Ex nihilo nihil fit

  160. idle says:

    I wanted to make that point too Hoegarden but I would be accused of being a Huet lover. It actually is nothing to do with that, I am just a Habs fan that is really happy to see us winning and playing exciting games. We are on a tear since Christmas time and it has been a fun ride. It is really kind of sad to see a handful of people flock onto this site to complain after ever game when look back in our history and tell me the last time we collected this many points in the past 15 or 20 games.

  161. Hoegarden says:

    Indeed, we put 19 points in the bank of a possible 26 over the last 13 games.
    Andrei K is coming out of his shell big time and looks like he’s really taking charge on the ice. Little Kots dishing out good solid checks tonight, skating like the wind.
    Only 19 shots against is also very positive for a team like the Trashers. Our D did quite well, especially Gorges, doing it quietly and with more confidence.

  162. ColoradoHab says:

    I’m tired of all the Huet bashing. He played an oustanding game. We would not have won if not for his big saves on their big guns. We only scored 2 in regulation and got a win, then knock our goalie. Wake up! Detroit lost 5-1 to these guys, maybe they need to run their goalie out of town.

    Huet is having a tough time playing the puck, for sure, so he’s not perfect, are you? How many NHL games have you played? I’ve been a Hab fan since the 60’s, but some of the poster’s on this site turn my stomach by constantly looking for negative things to say and attacking our team’s player’s and coaches.

    I’m a fan. Great game Huet, great team defence, awesome goal by AK46. SK74 stood out tonight, confidence should grow after a strong game. Great road trip.

  163. idle says:

    Hey Georgs seems like he is really coming around. And the 19 shots against is great considering we have let 30 or so against many games this year.

  164. idle says:

    I’m with you 100% man. It is really starting to be a downer to come on to this site when we are playing so well and have to listen to people whining and crying about such little things. If people are not happy now then they will never be happy until the last minute of the final game when we win the cup.

    Is it too much to expect people to be happy when we are winning?

  165. Ice Man says:

    Has the altitude in Colorado affected your eye sight? You weren’t watching the Habs tonight that’s for sure.

  166. von says:


    There’s one guy who should definitely be in Hamilton, La-tender-ness

    But no, he’s much better than a guy like Chipchura!

  167. von says:

    “Huet is having a tough time playing the puck, for sure, so he’s not perfect, are you? How many NHL games have you played?”

    There’s a difference between “not perfect” and learning from your mistakes… How many times do you need to be scored on or have your defense tell you to not play the puck?

  168. Sulemaan says:

    I think Huet played a good game. Especially with some of the saves he made in OT and the shoot out. He only had one lapse and the Thrashers capitalized it. I don’t think we should trade him as Price is going through a rough patch (he’ll rebound) and Halak hasn’t played in the NHL this year as of yet.

    I only wish Huet stayed in his net as I can count numerous occasions this season where he has coughed up the puck and it has led to a goal. That’s not knocking him, it’s just acknowledging a weakness of his that other teams exploit with ruthlessness. When it happens repeatedly it frustrates fans.

    So all fans want is that he stop doing it until he improves that attribute of his. And for the record, I would make this same comment if his last name was any other nationality. Being french has nothing to do with it.

  169. habsguy says:

    way to go ColoradoHab…..I’ve been saying that for a while now..But in fairness to most posters here, there only a handful that NEVER have anything good to say, even after a win…Those who don’t like Carbo, can’t say a complete sentence without bashing him, and the one who constantly reminds us that we didn’t draft Getzlaf tells us so in every post…I guess we can’t weed those few out, so, we’ll have to live with them and skip over their unintelligent posts.

  170. von says:

    “When it happens repeatedly it frustrates fans.”

    THANK YOU!!!

  171. Nav says:

    The Habs are on fire!!!! We all need to rally together as fans and keep our support strong. I really hope that the Canadiens do pick up a few key players at the trade deadline in February. Hossa would look mighty fine in the legendary bleu-blanc-rouge. TSN was reporting that Flames might be interested in a Micheal Ryder-Alex Tanguay swap. Imagine Tangiay and Hossa. We would truly become a legitimate threat to win a 25th Stanley Cup.

  172. idle says:

    I’m trying my best, but it’s damn hard sometimes.

  173. idle says:

    At least your fair about it Sulemaan. Unlike some others…

  174. Ice Man says:

    I like your point of view VON.

  175. JF says:

    Bang on. Tonight is the very first time this season we have come back to win after trailing at the end of a period. We played really well defensively, limiting their shots and scoring opportunities. I thought Huet showed a lot of courage and grit to elevate his game the way he did after the mistake. He doesn’t seem to be going down as much, leaving less net to shoot at; and he stopped the one shot he had to in the shootout.

    In case anyone hasn’t noticed, we are at the moment (and for the moment) in second place overall (in points) in the East, 1 point ahead of New Jersey and Pittsburgh.

  176. T-Bone says:

    i like the fact that the habs went to a shootout and huet did not give up a goal he looked good tonight a couple of brain farts but he got himself back together and we got the win.2more points bring on the pens!!!

  177. von says:

    Isn’t it interesting how people get so upset about fans criticizing Huet yet they have no use for a guy like Michael Ryder who has had two 30 goal seasons when no other Hab has come close?

    It’s kind of like RDS, but on a message board!

  178. Sulemaan says:

    Thanks idle. I call it like I see it my friend.

  179. Ice Man says:

    Don’t you ever get tired of dancing like a drunk White Teletubbie?

  180. Ice Man says:

    They only care about their own comments. I like your comments Von. Your like myself “You tell as you see it” We tell the truth and no one likes it.

  181. idle says:

    We are not getting upset at you criticizing Huet. Read our posts, we are criticizing him too. It’s when you GO TOO FAR and say he is a disgrace and say the Habs should sit him or get rid of him or send him down. You are not reasonable (Not singling you out, but the other posters too who talk about Huet like he sucks) with your comments. It is one thing to be upset that he is struggling with his puck handling, but it is something different when you try to say he is a bad goalie or when you don’t acknowledge how well he is playing. He keeps us in every game. Ask the leafs or L.A or a dozen other teams if they would like a chance to win every game.

  182. Robert L says:

    Trade Huet because of some lapses….my God…does anyone have a suggestion who our goalie would then be? Price is not ready, and Halak is not any more so. Unless we get Brodeur in the deal….why even bring it up people?

  183. von says:

    That’s right. I think it’s hilarious that some posters think you are “Anti- French” because you criticize a player.

    Some are taking it way too personally. We need to remember that at the end of the day, we are still all fans of the best sports organization in the world. We may have differing opinions of our players, but we are still cheering for the same team!

  184. Robert L says:

    Does anyone remember how close Andre Savard came to nabbing Ilya Kovalchuk in the 2001 draft via a trade with Atlanta?

    Would the Habs have been better off.

    Debate amongst yourselves!

    Kovalchuk Was Almost A Canadien

  185. Ice Man says:

    They say that I am not a Habs fan. I have thousands of $$$ worth of Habs stuff here in my house. I wear my Habs shirt most every day to work.

  186. Nav says:

    Ryder has been an incredible sniper during the past few years but he is an unrestricted free agent who may walk without compensation due to a lack of ice time and a decrease in his play with Montreal. He might be looking for a fresh start. Huet is also unrestricted but I believe he is needed for the next 2 years in order to get Price ready for the NHL. It’s tough for a 20 year old to get bombarded by the pressures of professional hockey. He needs to be groomed in the AHL and excel there before he gets his shot again in the big league. Ryder is appreciated but in the end, he hasn’t produced the way he and management thought he would. Gainey doesn’t want to lose him for nothing. He’ll sign Huet this year but he will consider offers for Ryder

  187. JA says:

    Ryder’s statistics:
    05-06 30 goals, 18 on the power play.
    06-07 30 goals, 17 on the power play.

    Can we really say that he is a 30 goal scorer?

  188. idle says:

    Typical over reaction by fans who are supposed to be the best fans in the game

  189. von says:

    But isn’t it our right to debate whether he should be sat out or sent down? Is there some law somewhere that says Cristobal is #1 and no one should question that?

    I agree, calling him disgrace is a too far, but saying he should be traded, sat, or sent down is a posters right, whether you agree or not.

    We all have our opinions on how we think the Habs can be the best, but thats just what they are! Opinions!

  190. kevrob says:

    I agree, he made some huge saves tonight which kept us in the game. The first goal was just a fluke and the second goal was pretty weak but he did win the game for us in the shootout with some great saves. I just think he should be tethered to the net on a SHORT leash.

    Other than that I say he is doing a good job.

  191. von says:

    They count just as much, don’t they?

  192. Leclerc1965 says:

    Dude that was funny :)

  193. von says:

    It’s not about how much merchandise you have, it’s your heart that counts πŸ˜‰

  194. ebk says:

    is there some reality where PP goals don’t count that I don’t know of. Otherwise that seems like a pretty stupid question

  195. idle says:

    Fine. Am I less queer now with this picture? Maybe I am a real man now?

    Actually your ‘superhero’ looks like a bit of a cream puff too don’t you think?

  196. Jim M says:

    I simply don’t get it. We have a very good team that will only get better and yet people are complaining. So Huet is not Brodeur or Dipietro with the puck. Those of us who saw Dryden and Roy could have said the same thing about them, but the Habs won with them and they are winning with Huet. That is all that counts right now.

    I think the coaches know his weakness and will work on it. Let’s give our goalie a break, shall we? He’s working his ass off and a player who gives his all should be supported by the fans. It’s not as if he’s a slacker, you know.

  197. idle says:

    I’m with you man. You have your right to say it and obviously you don’t mind to exercise it. But when you do we are going to be right there to strongly disagree with you, as is our right, the same one you are fighting for :)

    Isn’t it a great system?

  198. von says:

    Freedom of speech at it’s best, baby! lol

  199. JA says:

    What I am saying is that Ryder cannot play two way hockey, he will always be good on the power play because on the power play the game slows down and he has time to get in position and take advantage of his great shot, however 5 on 5 he does not have the speed to go both ways.

    To me a complete 30 goal scorer is someone who also has a decent +/- percentage.

  200. idle says:

    Can you imagine if it was Roy who let that goal in tonight? Would they try to chase him out of town too. Well I can’t site the exact occasion but I am quite sure Roy fooled around with the puck a number of times in his career and he seemed to do ok despite it. Now of course we can’t call Huet Roy but that is not quite the point. More to the point is can you imagine if it was Huet who let all those goals in like Roy did in his last game as a Hab? Wow… they would assassinate him after the game.

  201. von says:

    I’m speechless that you mentioned Huet and Roy in the same sentence.

    They are apples and oranges apart. Not even comparable.

  202. Shiloh says:

    Absolutely right – and he would have a tough time down there. Remember – AKostitsyn was a healthy scratch for four games while Guillaume the Slow dressed – how’s that for judging talent? Latendresse is innefective 90% of the time and slow 100% of the time. He is by no means an NHL-calibre player.

  203. Jim M says:


    Where do you recommend that Huet be sent down to?

  204. WindsorHab-10 says:

    At least he redeemed himself in overtime & the shootout. There’s no denying how good Huet has been for us this year and having said that, we need to give Halak some playing time and Saturday night against the Pens seems like the right time. GO HABS GO!!!!!!!

  205. Jim M says:

    It’s a good thing they keep you in a cage!

    The only thing I can say to your handlers is, ” Throw away the key”.

  206. WindsorHab-10 says:

    Lead the team both years in goals scored.

  207. ebk says:

    2nd in Even strength goals last year with 13 and tied for third the year before with 12.

  208. von says:

    I’m not suggesting he be sent down. I believe someone else had though. However, I am hoping they give Halak a chance at some point!

  209. originalsix says:

    Anyone read the column by Bob McKenzie about possible trade in the works between Montreal and Calgary..:

    Bob McKenzie

    1/17/2008 6:54:02 PM

    As much as the Calgary Flames are interested in improving their team this season, if general manager Darryl Sutter pulls the trigger on a trade in the weeks ahead it may have more to do with improving next year’s team.

    With the Flames still having to sign Dion Phaneuf, Kristian Huselius and perhaps Daymond Langkow and facing something of a salary cap crunch for next season, the ideal scenario for Sutter would be to make a deal now that would free up dollars for next season without weakening this year’s edition of the Flames.

    The presence of Montreal Canadiens Assistant General Manager Pierre Gauthier at Wednesday’s Flames’ game has prompted speculation the Canadiens are looking at Calgary’s Alex Tanguay and would be willing to move impending unrestricted free agent Michael Ryder to get it done.

    Whether that is a deal that Sutter would make remains to be seen, but it does fit the financial profile of what he’s trying to accomplish?

    Tanguay’s cap hit next season is $5.25 million, which would help Sutter sign Phaneuf and/or Huselius, and there would be no obligation to Ryder beyond this season.

    It is at the very least something to keep an eye on in the trade-starved National Hockey League.

  210. Jim M says:


    When the time is right, Carbo will give him that opportunity. But not while we are winning or if Huet is not tired. I have confidence in Halak as well.

  211. idle says:

    I like Halak and think he deserves some playing time, if for no other reason then to show that we haven’t forgot his play for us last year.

    Maybe Halak and Price could be a one two for the Habs next season, but I think it would be safer to try and keep Huet and in that case I think they should try to move Halak for his sake as much as anything. He deserves to get a fair chance to make this league.

    Of course we would get more for Huet and wouldn’t and it would be cheaper that way too. Decisions decisions..

  212. Shiloh says:

    No, we just don’t particularly warm up to bozos with nothing to say.

  213. idle says:

    Actually it was someone else that brought up Roy first and if you read my post I was careful to mention that there is no comparison. Just trying to illustrate a point, which someone else correctly made, that even the best goalies make bad mistakes too. Just not as often, which is why they are the best.

  214. CHsam says:

    Yeah he really needs to have better judgement about when to leave the net. He looks like he goes out there without any thought as to why he’s doing it. At least that what it looks like to me. But otherwise, some pretty good saves tonight.

  215. Peter Young says:

    What an appalling amount of trash-talk and name-calling readers of this thread had to wade through to get to any substantive comments. You who childishly and selfishly make this the ground for your petty personal feuds spoil this blog for everyone else. If you can’t respect each other enough to be civil, then imagine that Jean Beliveau reads this blog faithfully. For all you know, he does–or did, because after tonight, he won’t want to any more. Quit the cat fighting–for the sake of the innocents who want to enjoy this blog.

  216. CHsam says:

    Yeah I feel the same way. Just because Price is super talented, doesn’t mean he’s ready to become no.1 … Especially at 20 years of age. Man, I was picking my nose when I was 20!

    If we can get someone like Tanguay for Ryder, that might be a plus for the Canadiens style of game. I feel that guys like Ryder and Smolinski don’t really fit in the picture or something. Just me though.

  217. earl says:

    I wish you had have been speechless long enough to read Idle’s post. No direct Huet/Roy comparisons were made, just reasonable voice calling for some well earned respect towards Huet.

  218. Jim M says:

    Cournoyer 12 AKA jimmy peneda, cindy gerena, guy smith, bill smith, Getyzlaf lover, et al,

    You are a schmuck! You attribute statements to posters who did not even make those remarks, in my case anyway. You accused me of making anti-French remarks even though I’m married to a French-Canadian. I could list more and the posts are there if anyone could be possibly interested.

    I hope you sent that letter to Dave Stubbs! When he finds out that you are the one responsible for all their hard work in over-hauling this site with all of your asinine posts about Ryan Getzlaf all bloody summer, I really don’t think he’ll be too thrilled. I’ve met Dave Stubbs and he’s a very fair-minded man. I’ll be very interested in seeing the final results of this matter.

    You talk against censorship, but you are the first one to try and impose it. I hope the irony is not lost on the posters here. I personally hope you never get banned from here because I find your posts make us all look like geniuses.

  219. Nav says:

    Tanguay would be a strong and gritty addition to the club and Hossa would be an outstanding pick up for a late season drive. The Eastern Conference is tough with amazing teams like Pittsburgh, Ottawa, New Jersey ETC. The Habs though are starting to breakthrough as a legitimate threat in the Eastern Conference. An addition of Tanguay and Hossa would elevate the Habs and keep opponents weary of playing the Habs.

  220. CHsam says:

    Lets just hope that Gainey has an extra pack of cards up his sleeve or in his socks.

  221. Robert L says:

    I dunno Nav – I never saw Tanguay as gritty, and teams more desperate than the Habs would sacrifice more than Gainey would be willing to part with to get Hossa.

  222. Nav says:

    LOL…Gainey does need to pull off some magic to land both of these guys without breaking the bank. Remember though, Hossa is unrestricted this summer. Hossa has stated that he does want to play for a team and management that has a culture of trying to win consistently. Hossa can play for a couple of moths in Montreal and then go on his merry way to a huge pay day on July 1st.

    Tanguay is available because Calgary is looking forward to next year and staying at cap level with the cornerstone of their franchise Phaneuf being restricted and Huselius and Langkow being unrestricted free agents. Sutter has implied that he’s willing to let go of Tanguay and gain a contract or two of expiring deals in order to keep his valuable assets.

    Gainey shouldn’t break the bank to try and get these two players but he should consider getting these two players if a reasonable deal is on the table.

  223. Robert L says:

    C’mon Cournoyer 12 – if you are Brian Burke, would you really part with Perry, who give the Ducks a decade of sound hockey – just to reunite Koivu with Selanne for a season or two max?

  224. Nav says:

    My bad on Tanguay being gritty, he’s not Getzlaf but he is speedy, has good hands, can skate and is a projected first line player. Good potential and was displaying it during his first few years in Colorado. His play has decreased during this year but maybe a change in environment from Iron Mike may change that?

  225. earl says:

    I wanted to go out tonight on a positive note, it’s easy to get derailed with the Huet obsession, and I’d like to get back on track.

    How about those Kostitsyn boys. Talk about speed and strength along the boards. Akos’ goal was totally sick, but Sergei was strong tonight as well. He’s doing a lot of little things that impress me and he’s not shy to use his surprising strength.

    With speed to burn these guys are shaping up nicely.

  226. habsgod says:

    it’s doubtful that gainey would or will land both but it would be awesome!if i had a choice between the two i’d pick tanguay only because he has years left on his contract and hossa doesn’t and might not sign this us in the off season!!so tanguay is the obvious choice!!but the flames would have to get him to wave his n.t.c. but we would be stealing him!!if gainey did this trade!!!

  227. Nav says:

    I don’t know Alex Tanguay but I have a feeling he would waive his N.T.C so he can escape Calgary to play in MTL. The Habs are missing one or 2 top six forwards from becoming a threat to the other teams in the NHL.

  228. habsgod says:

    what do you think of this happening?possibility or not?i’d sure like it if we did it!!tanguay gives us an awesome forward!!!imagine him and kovalev on that pp that would be sick!!!

  229. G-Man says:

    You hit that one on the head!


  230. G-Man says:

    So, power play goals don’t count?


  231. G-Man says:

    I agree, but 30 + goal scorers who are not a defensive liability are rare in the NHL. The Plek-Kov-AK46 line has a chance at all 3 being 30+ scorers with a good +/-, so don’t think the best has passed us by. It’s coming right around the corner. Geez, all this positivity coming from a Kovy basher like myself. Is the world ending?


  232. Ice Man says:

    Yes me too. I am very sorry.

    I am a die hard Habs fan. Beleive it of not. My rec room is plasterd with Habs stuff. As I type now before I start work I am wearing my Vintage Montreal Sweater/Jersey.I get so fustrated many a times. My comments may not be very positive and I know that I should be better.

    Let me be the first one to extend the Olive Branch. I am sorry if I offened anyone in here. It is not my intention. It is natural for anyone to lash back after being putdown, insulted etc.

    Again I am sorry.

    And by the way spelling was not my strong point in school..

  233. Chuck says:

    Hope you wash it regularly… πŸ˜‰

    “A banner for Vezina must hang from the rafters!”

  234. WindsorHab-10 says:

    Best way to deal with the likes of CAGERATTLER is to ignore them. Don’t waste your time.

  235. idle says:

    Is that what those holes in your face mask are for? finger access?

  236. coutNY says:

    cournoyer12, I’d have to agree with Rob-L on this one. Who in their right mind would give up 22 year old, on pace for a 40 goal season, Top Goal score on the team @ 25, Has size on a team that plays a power game, and is a RFA making league minimum. Such a deal would not allow Anahiem to bring back Selanne anyhow. Unless they included Schneider, which would make things a little crowded on our Blue Line don’t you thing?

    Even if Burke could not sign him in the offseason and somebody offered him a sheet. They would have another 4-5 first rounders to play with in the draft. Maybe if we offered them Markov, Higgins or Komiserik??? but not just Koivu… it would not make any sense.

  237. The Teacher says:


  238. The Teacher says:

    OK! you sent me an email wayyy back when and you say u only heard about the site recently…PLEASE….

  239. Ice Man says:

    You call me a fool and you are dancing around like a fruit on crack.

  240. idle says:

    Yes, my picture is of me. And you are some sort of superhero?

  241. Ice Man says:

    Your not worth a comment.

  242. The Teacher says:

    You kind of defeated your own post..but whatever right..

  243. skoehn says:

    ypu are a fool and obviously someone who just discovered the game and is now a self proclaimed expert…. toronto needs fans why don’t you go……

  244. Nav says:

    I’m really interested in the whole Leafs saga though. Will they trade Sundin and company in order to start over and rebuild for the next 2 to 5 years… I think either Anaheim, Vancouver or San Jose are front-runners to land Sundin. Everyone else should be sent to the AHL especially McCabe and Tucker. They are absolutely brutal after signing their big money deals. Shame on MLSE for disgarding youth in order for short term gains.

  245. habfan53 says:

    Being a habfan living in T.O. I get a perverse pleasure in watching the leaf soap opera but lets remember Gainey offered Souray the same money that McCabe is making and fortunately he turned it down.
    McCabe and Souray are the same one dimentional players

  246. Nav says:

    Kovy And Tanguay on the PP would be sweet… Imagine him on a line with Koivu. Koivu has never really had the chance to play on a real 1st line this season. Koivu, Tanguay would be nice. MTL is really looking at making 4 potent lines of attack. It’s a good idea. Anaheim had the same scheme and it worked out very well. It breaks the morale of a team when the fourth line can dominate the game.

  247. habfan53 says:

    Hey Idle and Von
    You mention Roy, well I’ll throw another one at you Dryden. I was watching 110% tonight and BOTH Bergeron and Perron were saying that Roy and Dryden were worse than Huet when handling the puck. Perron was saying that Serge Savard actually told Dryden “Just stop them we’ll clear the puck “.

    What I liked was a couple of camera shots of Huet after THE goal. His faced showed determination that he was not going to let another one in.
    Also after the shoot out THE WHOLE TEAM came out and there seemed to be some kibitzing going on. So if the team can let it go who are we to argue.

  248. G-Man says:

    Nobody’s perfect. However, this game should have ended 2-0. Both goals were gaffes on Huet’s part. When the team is playing excellent shut down D, the goalie has to back them up, not be weak and unfocused. BTW, that look he gave wasn’t determination; he looked nauseated.


  249. idle says:

    Thats a great point. I also noticed the team reaction after the goal, they went right to Huet and gave him a bit of the business. Puts things into contrast when others on here have suggested that the team has no confidence in him.

  250. Nav says:

    Huet is reliable during the season, he is confident and patient in goal. I just worry when he decides to have an adventure outside, he is a really awful stick-handler and can’t pass a beach ball…Lol. He is a great goalie though, we should rally around him just like the team. The play-offs are where he will truly tested. I don’t know if he can handle that but I hope he proves me wrong.

  251. Nav says:

    Souray has been having a tough year in Edmonton. Injuries have plagued him and he’s only come back recently. The oil are doing much better due to an improved power-play and great goaltending from Garon. I hope they keep it up.

  252. downeast hab says:

    In one of the posts I read this morning, someone put it on that Ryder may be in a possible trade to Flames. To me this might make sense, reasoning be, maybe Sutter thinks that if he can get Ryder, then he might be able to get his brother straighten out. Because Daniel Ryder is a hell of a hockey,and maybe with a brothers guidance, they can get him back on track.

  253. Exit716 says:

    McGuire talked about the Calgary rumours yesterday on Melnick’s show and Ryder isn’t what the Flames are looking for.
    They need speed and scoring. Ryder brings neither.

  254. 24cups says:

    Stubby and Booner have to be sitting back and laughing at all the stupidity that is posted on this board every day. How many of you actually watch every game the habs play?

  255. JB_15 says:

    I can tell you without even a moment of hesitation that I have not missed one minute of canadiens hockey this season.

  256. RiverviewCanadien says:

    I just got on this morning, but after scrolling down a bit, was there a lot of negatives on this thread?

  257. Ice Man says:

    I watch every game the Habs play. I have RDS & I love it even though I don’t understand French. I also go to a lot of the Bulldogs games as well.

  258. odber says:

    if ryder contiues to play like he did last night,don,t send him anywhere.We had a few miscues but overall what a great effort last night.I also enjoyed carbo,s comment yesterday about how players will have to earn their ice time especially those that are coming back from injuries.I,m up in yellowknife and enjoy this site and hate to see it reduced to mindless bantering back and forth,lighten up please.

  259. 24 Cups says:

    JB_15 and other posters – Now you know why I distinguish my posts with the signoff of “The Original 24 Cups”. Just wanted to clarify that we (see above) are two totally different people on this site.

    The Original 24 Cups

  260. coutNY says:

    The Guy had a miscommunication with his Dman… He made up for it with stellar play in the waining minutes and into OT. You make it sound like their are goalies their that had careers with no mistakes. I rather have him make them now than later in the playoffs.

  261. idle says:

    Clearly the second goal was a gaff, but the first goal was on the power play with two talented players. Huet had to cover the pass across which whether it was intended to be a pass or not wound up being more of a shot and it slipped though on a funny angle. Huet played it as if it were a pass which I believe it was intended as. Not exactly a highlight reel goal but a goal that typically finds a way into the net.

  262. RiverviewCanadien says:


    I agree, the second one, well we all know what happened (a boo-boo, Huet and Hammy). The first one, you said it best, top players on a powerplay, weird pass or whatever, and I have seen stranger goals land in the net, the one off the boards that went in on Huet, bounced off his leg (I forget who they were playing, maybe Boston)

  263. coutNY says:

    Kostitsyn(s)… emerging!

  264. calvee123 says:

    Hey all, just read this : Habs are going to be the main event on CBC.
    “Sherali Najak, the executive producer of Hockey Night, said the Pens-Habs game will be broadcast countrywide because the Penguins and Canadiens rank fourth and fifth, respectively, in the Eastern Conference.”

    Finally all the complaining is getting through!

  265. RH says:

    No. It’s just because Crosby is in town. Next week its back to the status quo.

  266. coutNY says:

    Sadly, its the Laffs losing and the Habs Playing the team with the Golden Boy which is allowing for the change in events! Not the complaining…

  267. Habs_008 says:

    I thought Huet played Great last night, he showed great Character in OT and the 3rd after his mistake. What a glove save in OT. SK46 scored an amazing goal. He is going to be something great. On another topic cournoyer12 I find your insight tiring, all you do is complain about other posters, just stick with the hockey talk, no one here is Racist or out to get you. You need to calm down and relax and just stick to hockey talk. Please do this, thanks.

  268. RH says:

    I think Huet had reached such a low point, after that gaff, that he just thought he had nothing to lose. He definitely stood tall and good on him to rebound like that. That was a great display of some mental toughness.

  269. Hoegarden says:

    Regarding the possible trade between Habs and Flames. Should it happen as presented (Ryder – Tanguay), Tanguay would instantly become the highest paid player on the Habs roster at 5.2 or 5.5 mil a year. I’m not sure this would sit very well with the players and we must also ask if he is the missing part of the puzzle ?
    Calgary is obviously trying to unload Tanguay (apparently he is not in Keenan’s good books) so they can lock Phaneuf into a long term contract. They also have Huselius and I believe Langkow to deal with this summer.
    Although this trade may look appealing to some, I’m not convinced it’s going to happen.

  270. RiverviewCanadien says:

    I second that one. He did make a mistake and did not deflate afterwards, stood very TALL (great character). And to beat Kozlov AND Hossa in a shootout, atta boy Huet!!!

  271. cautiousoptimist says:

    Wow guys – what happened here? Everyone was playing nice yesterday morning and today we’re calling each other schmucks and cowards, and talking about dark alleys? The night after a big win and one of the prettiest goals of the season? The olive branches are good, but come on guys, I thought this place was classier than that…

  272. krob1000 says:

    This is an interesting bit in a blog (not sure if it is true but could be). IT says the Canadiens scouts were actually at the last TWO GAMES against Nshville and Minnesota.

  273. coutNY says:

    “Tanguay would instantly become the highest paid player on the Habs roster at 5.2 or 5.5 mil a year…”

    FYI, Arer Forgetting Markov and Hamrlik? $5.75 & $5.5 repectively… Highest paid forward… instantly.

  274. coutNY says:

    Tis the season…

  275. idle says:

    Maybe the trick is to come on here only the next day after a game. The comments are much more reasonable now then they were right after the game when the over emotionals come out to play.

  276. idle says:

    I don’t know about dark alleys, but isn’t your snoopy avatar trying to violently shoot down the Red Baron to his firey doom?

  277. idle says:

    Then again, sometime last night I did change my avatar to a knife…

  278. Hoegarden says:

    A slap on the writs I deserve. Saku is our highest paid “forward” at 4,750M.

  279. krob1000 says:

    I read that too….just some good lo time hockey blogging I guess?? Not sure how things got so heated but please folks stop so we don’t have to weed out the personal arguments from the hockey debates. This stie needs conflict to be exciting but not in the form it took last night or several other nights it seems lately. Come on guys and gals this reminds me of a men’s ball hockey league. Every couple years they try to start a ball hockey league here in Kingston and eery time a few guys ruin it for everyone by losing control and the league eventually folds. I am quite certain this site has enough level headed people to help iron this stuff out but please people stop taking things so personally and stop saying things so personally. If you think MAYBE you shouldn’t type it or feel uneasy about it…..DON’T. This site is great because of intelligent discussion, debate and it has top notch administrators so please before this snowballs anymore stick to hockey. I have caught myself doing similar things too but eventually you just have to agree to disagree.

  280. Sulemaan says:

    I have to agree with CautiousOptimist, Krob1000 and Peter Young. I don’t know what happened last night but the personal attacks across the board are very inappropriate and unnecessary.

    The fact is, we’re all huge supporters of the Canadiens and we all want the same final result. How we get there is subject to debate and different opinions. Which is great. It would be absolutely boring in here if we all thought or believed the same things. Whether you are new to this site or have been around since Day 1. Whether you have supported the Habs since the 50’s or started cheering them as of this year.

    Just because another fan doesn’t like a particular player, coach or manager and criticizes them doesn’t mean it’s a personal attack on you, your ethnic background or anything else. If someone criticizes Michael Ryder doesn’t mean they hate all Newfoundlanders. If someone criticizes Patrice Brisebois doesn’t mean they hate the French. I think we all (myself included) need to have a thick skin and be professional.

    Granted, there also will be people here who have no other interest but stirring up the pot. Ignore them and they will go to some other site.

    The line is crossed when you make personal comments/attacks on another poster. I’m not pointing fingers at anyone but just making general observations. I enjoy coming here to discuss hockey with people who are a lot more intelligent and knowledgeable than me about hockey/Habs. Let’s keep the other stuff off the site.

    CH stands for CHaracter and CHampion. This applies to both the team and the fans.

  281. N.B.habs fan says:

    BEING A HABS FAN…..Just yesterday,a Sabers fan came to me and said ,man are your habs playing good hockey.He said that he has been watching a few of the games and thought we have alot of talent.I looked at him and thought he was sick,because I come on here and listen to most of your post every day and night reading and not saying anything,thinking I didnt know enough about the habs to argue with most of you when you are negitave about the team I love for 50 yrs.With all the name calling and bashing the players and the fans when they make a mistake.
    I think I am not going to read on here if it goes on like this,because they are bring me down

  282. N.B.habs fan says:

    SLUMAN .nice read agree with you 100%I look foward to coming on here when we have people like you .had to say it .thanks ……..

  283. Habs_008 says:

    Did anyone see Rick Nash’s Goal last night? wow! It has to be the goal of the year so far.

  284. sag says:

    Hey glass half full folks,

    After the Huet blunder two things could have hapenned. ONE. Both Huet and the skaters hang their head and continues to spiral into a loss. OR TWO, the team rallies for Huet and Huet stands tall refusing to let any more in (ie. Kovalchuk in OT). This proves the team toughness, both mental and physical, that this team has developed since last year. One mid-season goal was a small price to pay to find out that we have more guts and fortitude than many thought. Way to hang in there Huet!!!

  285. secretdragonfly says:

    Couldn’t agree more Sulemaan – it’s become a bit like dodging potholes to cherry-pick the posts you know are going to be articulate and add value to the discussion and avoiding those that exhibit none of the qualities this site encourages such as civilized debate and genuine humour. Perhaps those posters who feel the need to bash each other and the players/coaching staff/management should start their own site where they can be free to express their frustration in a less constructve fashion.

  286. RiverviewCanadien says:

    oooohhhhh i cannot stop thinking about that Kostitsyn goal, damn! that kid is great!

  287. coutNY says:

    Plays of the Night: Sadly the great A. Kostitsyn razzle dazzle move…which would have been the play of the night any other night was over shadowed by a spectacular Rick Nash Game Winner!

  288. 24 Cups says:

    coutNY – Thanks for the Nash link, that was unreal. Let’s see now, how about Ryder, Brisebois and a 7th round pick for Nash!

    The Original 24 Cups

  289. habfan53 says:

    Further thoughts on last nights game.
    Sag is right the team and Huet could have folded. The expression on Huet’s face immediatly after the goal said he knew he blew it. but from then on I think he and the team resolved they were going to WIN this game.
    Out of curiosity does anyone know when was the last time Montreal scored on their first two shots in a shoot-out?
    Secondly can anyone think of a more under appreciated goalie than Huet? With all the talk of a soft goal here and a bad goal there THE TEAM IS WINNING. The Oilers of the 80’s had the highest GAA of any winning teams Fuhr would allow 5/6 goals a game sometimes and they would go out and score 1 more. Huet will allow 2 or 3 the team will get 1 more.
    To all the Huet bashers stop and think do you HONESTLY beleive Carey Price and Jaroslav Halak can carry the team.
    Both have played well in spurts however both showed that they also are prone to give up a soft goal. How would they have reacted last night??

    Finally we are ALL supposed to be fans of the winningest franchise in NHL history, as a friend asked me after I criticized a player “really how many games did you play in the NHL” .

  290. Da Hema says:

    So many positive things to say about the game last night, and in fact the entire four game road trip. The Habs are fun to watch again. The passing is crisp, and the team shows it can play gritty if need be. Indeed, I have not seen such solid passing and transition play by the Habs in 15 years. They are becoming a team. Lost in the Huet brainfart “controversy” was the fact the team came from behind to win this game.

    I think people should start giving some credit to the team’s coaching staff for the challenges they faced integrating youth and experience, for designing a power play that genuinely intimidates other teams, and for instilling a team system that works. If we could just now get the Boys to play at home like they do on the road!
    “We’re looking forward to building the type of team the Rangers are able to buy.”
    –Phoenix GM (and former Hab) Bobby Smith

  291. idle says:

    Great goal, but another example of just how awful some of the play by play announcers are in some US markets. Am I alone in this? or do some of these guys really suck.

  292. HABZ 24 says:

    alot of the negative talk around town is comming from the talk radio shows and some of these comments on this site i guess.24 hr talk radio needs something to talk about and so they look for anything negative to harp on. like kovey not passing to plek on his open net the other night.ya ya whatever.bottom line is we love our habs in this city and THEY ARE PLAYING GREAT right now.ok we occasionly pull a no show like in nyr but they rebound the next game.were going to finish 4th or 5th in the division and hopefully avoid a sens or n.j. matchup in the playoffs. love this team. GO HABS GOOOOOOOOO!!

  293. Fer_hab says:

    No doubt that goal was SICK

  294. idle says:

    Good post De Herma. For all the negative talk about the coaching staff (mostly Carb) it is hard to argue with results. I think it’s only fair to give the staff credit for the success the team is having.

  295. Rocket9 says:

    Great game last night by the whole team. I thought Huet played great. People on this site who bash a goalie for one mistake obviously don’t know much about hockey. Hockey is a game of mistakes. Skaters constantly make mistakes, and most of the time, it just results in a turnover. Every once in a while it’s glaring and the puck goes in their net.

    However, when goalies make mistakes, it’s almost always in the net as a result.

    If Huet keeps makeing one mistake like that a game, I think we should be thrilled.

    Ok, so here’s a thought that might get some responses. I was thinking during the game last night that if they can’t get anything decent for him, they should try to sign Ryder in the summer.

    Now, I know a bunch of you are going to freak on me for saying that, or, you’ll ignore me and think I’m an idiot, but I’m just saying they should consider it.

    I think Ryder has been playing pretty well the last little while. there’s no questioning the guy’s got heart and is trying hard. he’s just lost some confidence and he’s also needing to make some adjustments in his game because I think the rest of the league has him figured out. I’ve started to see some of those adjustments lately. For instance, last night he made a couple of nice passes setting up other players when in the past he would have taken a low percentage shot. If he starts passing a bit more (at the right times), it will actually help him get more shots through because defenders will need to start playing more than his shot. A big part of the reason he hasn’t been scoring is because defenders have known he would shoot and so they just get in the shooting lane.

    Anyway, if he finishes the year with around 12 goals, which is his current pace, he’s not going to be very marketable as a UFA. They could probably get him for pretty cheap.

    My guess is that whichever team shows some confidence in him and shows him some respect is going to get rewarded with a 20 goal season next year.

    Even if he ends up playing badly next year, they wouldn’t be giving much up to keep him. Just a small amount of cap space, and they could try again to trade him next year at the deadline. If he does have a bounce back year, then they’ve signed a 20 goal guy for way less than the going rate.

    Again, I’m not saying I’m completely convinced this is the way to go, I’m just saying it’s worth considering if they can’t get much for him between now and the deadline. Of course, it goes wihtout saying that he might not even be interested in staying after the unhappy year he’s having.

  296. Da Hema says:

    I have a few comments about the media TSN and CBC. I noticed when the story first broke about Rob Ramage’s sentence, TSN reported the story with an image of Ramage in a Habs uniform. Ramage played the bulk of his career with Calgary, but someone at TSN chose to use a Habs image in a story about this drunk killer. TSN are such dickheads.

    And is it true that CBC is really going to show two of the worst teams in the NHL–Buffalo and Toronto–nation-wide this Saturday? Have they lost their minds? Crosby and the Penguins are playing the Habs this Saturday. Just once I would like to see the CBC put the interests of hockey and excellence ahead of its Toronto mandate.
    “The worst day of fishing beats the best day of working.”
    –Martin Crane, “Frasier”

  297. HAB-PROFESSOR says:

    My opinion:

    KOSTYsr’s was better…his was based on SPEED and stickhandling.

    Nash’s was based on the defense staring at the puck with Nash
    simply stickhandling to their reaction.

    1. Kovalev, about being passed over for the All Star team said, “The Canadiens are my all star team”
    2. The BELL CENTRE should be rebuilt to sit 80,000 fans
    3. Your not a Hab fan till you watch & UNDERSTAND “The Rocket”

  298. HAB-PROFESSOR says:

    As i’ve stated all year…they should sign Ryder ASAP at a much reduced cost (1million) with bonuses if he regains 20 or 30 goal marks. Simple.

    1 million 1 year contract. RFA
    If he scores 20 goals then you begin incrementing by 100k for every goal
    beyond 20…capping at 30 goals and 2mill. Done.

    1. Kovalev, about being passed over for the All Star team said, “The Canadiens are my all star team”
    2. The BELL CENTRE should be rebuilt to sit 80,000 fans
    3. Your not a Hab fan till you watch & UNDERSTAND “The Rocket”

  299. Corio says:

    “Great game last night by the whole team. I thought Huet played great. People on this site who bash a goalie for one mistake obviously don’t know much about hockey. Hockey is a game of mistakes. Skaters constantly make mistakes, and most of the time, it just results in a turnover. Every once in a while it’s glaring and the puck goes in their net.”

    I like Huet, I think he is a decent goaltender but I think you are being WAY too nice. This isn’t by any means an isolated incident. He constantly leaves his net and almost every time creates a turn over or gets caught out of the net when the puck is on the other team’s stick..

    Last nights blunder could of been predicted by anyone regardless of their hockey knowledge.. it was obvious that type of ‘mistake’ was coming and to be honest it was truly embarrassing, to the team and to the fans. Like, COME ON! Either start practicing your stick handling skills around your net or STAY IN IT! It’s simple..

    I realize every goalie has been guilty of this one time or another but with Huet every time he touches the puck I cringe due to his lack of confidence with it and poor timing..

  300. Roy-Rules says:

    Hey Guys…don’t know if most have you seen this. But K2 is a wrecking machine, heres a clip of him knocking the wind out of Steve Downie, thats right…Steve Downie, who sucker punched Jason Blake and took out Dean McAmmond

  301. Rocket9 says:

    I agree that he needs to improve his puck handling. I’m just saying that he shouldn’t be bashed for it, when the rest of his play is currently more than making up for his mistakes in that area.

    I think he’ll improve that part of his game with time, or perhaps, as you suggest, he’ll just stop doing it altogether.

    It’s ok by me if fans want to point out his weaknesses. I’m just saying that they should be reasonable and keep things in perspective. Overall, he’s a very good goalie.

  302. Rocket9 says:

    That seems pretty reasonable to me.

    The only thing I would maybe add to that is some kind of incentive for points. I think he gets a bit too fixated on goals, and that’s when he starts trying to shoot from the corner instead of making a pass.

  303. Ian G Cobb says:

    POST anything you wish N.B. Fan, you will gain friendship here as long as you remember that we are all here to enjoy our favorite sport and team.

    And don’t forget, I,m always right. Just ask me !!

  304. HAB-PROFESSOR says:

    In view of the ongoing ‘squabbles’
    (def.A noisy quarrel, usually about a trivial matter)

    I offer the HIDDEN CODE or GUIDANCE CODE for HIO.


    R: REBUTTAL everyone is entitled to their opinion, if you disagree offer a rebuttal, not a personal attack.
    E: ENCOURAGE our team with positive or constructive comments when warranted.
    S: SHOUT when you feel strongly about something positive or negative, thats what this site is for.
    P: PATIENCE is needed, its a long season and cannot be judged by one game or one shift, one mistake or one post.
    E: ENTERTAIN, your comments should offer entertainment along with information, positive or negative.
    C: COLLECTIVE, we are the great ‘Hab Collective’, show some class, attack the opposition not each other.
    T: TRIUMPH, remember our common objective,the holy grail, the ultimate LICENSE TO BRAG.

    There is nothing more satisfying in regards to “HAB talk” then reading comments which exemplify and echo “great plays” that we witnessed or the “Latest inside information” about our team or “great injustices” done to us by the league or refs or other players etc… the stuff of FANS.

    We are fortunate for this site.

    Lets keep it a fun, witty and informative place for our daily HAB FIX.

    The Stanley Cup awaits.

    p.s. please feel free to substitute or improve on the RESPECT Acronym

    1. Kovalev, about being passed over for the All Star team said, “The Canadiens are my all star team”
    2. The BELL CENTRE should be rebuilt to sit 80,000 fans
    3. Your not a Hab fan till you watch & UNDERSTAND “The Rocket”

  305. Ian G Cobb says:

    Sulemaan– Your so good at putting it across, thanks!

  306. Habs_008 says:

    Awful would be a complement to the US announcers. They are BAD! this is the first year i have had the privlegde to have NHL Centre Ice (just so i can see every HAB game). They are bad, boring and half the time they dont know what they are talking about. Last nights game the camera would pan over to a guy who is going to the dressing room, or a guy on the bench DURING the play! it happend at least 4 or 5 times. Cant they just pan over there on a stopage of play! it was annoying! I perfer Peirre Muguire over most of these guys, and i dont like his announcing either!

  307. Chuck says:

    According the the CBC website, Montreal is the national game tomorrow night (why the assiciated picture to the listing is Ray Emery is anyone’s guess). Sabres/laffs only get Southern Ontario coverage.

    “A banner for Vezina must hang from the rafters!”

  308. idle says:

    “I cringe due to his lack of confidence with it and poor timing”

    Gee, I wonder where that lack of confidence could be coming from? Surly it can’t be all those people who laugh at him and insult him whenever he makes a mistake.

    As for the just stay in your net argument, no goalie is going to just sit there an not play the puck. It is just something he has to work through. I can’t remember another time in his previous 3 seasons with us that his puck handling was this much of a concern, so maybe he is just having a rough time of it now and I don’t think it is chronic.

  309. idle says:

    That is when I first noticed it too, when I got the Center Ice package 3 years ago and then again 2 years ago. Not only is it tough to have to listen to new announcers every game but you sure realize the difference between quality play by play and the hacks. There are certain announcers in Canada that I have never liked but I can say with certainty that they all are at least quality callers. Listening to some games from the US shows you just how far down the list the game of hockey is in those markets. Not only do they struggle to get fans through the door but they put the bottom of the barrel announcers and production staff on the games too.

    Now both me and my pocket book are happier to watch all the games on RDS for a couple bucks a week and catch the audio from CJAD.

  310. Habs_008 says:

    What is CJAD? Usualy when i tried Audio from another source it is behind the play a few seconds or more, sorta like Bob Cole, haha, I might have to cancle Centre ice and get RDS, I know its cheaper monthly. But sometimes i like watching the other games for Pro-line Purposes.

  311. krob1000 says:

    During intermission last night I flipped over to the Sens vs Carolina game and saw a power play with Samsonov on it. He was skating and looked very dangerous (like he used to when he was a Bruin). One specific play caught my eye and regardless of how we feel about Samsonov’s time as a Hab I am happy for him apparently making a go of things again. On the power play after him buzzing for a minute or so he passed the puck to his point man. The point mans stick broke and the puck got out and there was a 2 on 1 break for Ottawa. The defenceman whose stick broke instead of helping out and chasing with no stick ignored the play and skated to the bench(I am sure he got blasted). Samsonov started about fifteen or twenty feet behind the play skated as hard as he could the entire lenght of the ice and caught the shooter on the two on one just enought to stop him and avoided a penalty. It was a great sequence for him and it just made me wonder what could have been.

  312. Da Hema says:

    It is difficult to tell precisely what happened between Huet and Hamrlik. A miscommunication to be sure. There are a number of disturbing things about that play. First, the way the Habs were playing, I doubt Atlanta would have tied up the game. So the play gave Atlanta a point. Giving your opponents a point is bad enough. If Huet does that against Ottawa or New Jersey, then we lose. Second, Huet reminds me of former NHL goalie Phil Myre. Myre was capable of making the most incredible of saves–indeed, many felt he could have been one of the greatest goalies ever to play–yet every game he let in a soft, almost unexplainable, goal. It was why the good teams in the 1970s–the Habs, Bruins, Flyers, Islanders–were not interested in him, and Myre was consigned to play the remainder of his career with mediocre teams.

    The Habs need Huet this year. The problem is that Huet–like Myre–does something inexplicable each and every game. I am just going to hope that Melanson can do something about his puck play, and that Huet will force himself to concentrate for 60 minutes. Unfortunately, in the NHL, 59 minutes of spectacular usually gets trumped by 1 minute of stupidity.
    “The worst day of fishing beats the best day of working.”
    –Martin Crane, “Frasier”

  313. Chris says:

    I can see where you are coming from, as I had also stopped including this site in my Habs reading for a couple of months due to the negativity of a few prominent posters. While I admit to seeing little enjoyment in always focusing on the team’s flaws, that seems to be the method that a number of people on this website express their love of the Habs. That being said, there are some really insightful contributors here and I have also learned a lot about the team. My advice if you’re sticking around would be to take most of the negative posts with a grain of salt and focus on the positive contributors.

    That our young players are developing so quickly is definitely reason for optimism, and I think we only have better things to look forward to in the next couple of seasons. Most of my friends who cheer for other teams have expressed the same sentiment as your poor Sabers fan friend, that the Habs are an exciting team to watch out for this season and for years to come.

  314. Corio says:

    I never ‘laugh or make fun of him’ but I do call it like I see it and every single game he trips over himself as he tries to display his puck handling skills. It is really not pleasant to watch. I do give him credit when he deserves it and he played really well last night but that gift of a blunder was really sad as well as embarrassing.

  315. fuhgawz says:

    some random stats:

    for Left Wingers we have 2 in the top 30 for scoring Higgings at #19 and A.Kostit #30

    Right Wingers Kovy comes in at #5
    Center Tomas Plekanec comes in at #22
    and on D Markov at #6 and Streit at #13

    not bad guys not bad !!!

    anyone think we need a top scoring Canadian kid? ….. dont get me wrong we have a great base and besides Kovy (who has been steller this year) i don’t think we have seen the complete potential of the rest of the crew cracking the top 30 in each of thier positions….. good things to come everyone good things to come!!!!

  316. Vincent is possible says:

    Lots of Huet comments!
    Too many Habs fans believe Huet was the saviour when he showed up. He is not the next Patrtick Roy. I think why us fans get so upset is that we WANT him to be something he is NOT. He is a decent goal tender, but we must be realistic, he is not at the top of the NHL in goal tending. EXPECT that each game he will let in 2 goals. If you expect that, you wont be disappointed.

    Hey, I was hoping that Halak would play on Tuesday against NYI, but he didn’t, and we won! However, if Huet lets in more than 2-3 goals he is having a lousy game, and I’l be the first to swear at him in front of my television set. But I could care less that he let in one lousy goal last night, because I didn’t expect Huet to only let one goal in, for that matter,I don’t think that in ANY game! Is this glass half empty or full? I don’t know. But I sleep better at night!


  317. MatttheHabsFan says:

    Not too bad at all. I’d really like to see stats based on age. Top scorers under the age of 25 for example. I’m sure that list would be well populated by Habs

  318. idle says:

    Funny shot at Cole.

    CJAD is the english language sports station in Montreal that carries audio of all the Habs games. There is a few seconds lag as you mentioned but I have a video recorder and the ability to pause live TV so I pause the game for a few seconds to match up with the audio. The other good thing about RDS is that all the games are in High Def, I find the Habs get very few High Def games on Center Ice.

  319. ebk says:

    thanks, it is nice to see all that money I spent bribing the schedule maker went to good use.

  320. idle says:

    “I never ‘laugh or make fun of him’ but I do call it like I see it and every single game he trips over himself as he tries to display his puck handling skills”

    No you don’t call it like you see it, you exaggerate like the others. The one last night was the only one that was really really bad. The other games he simply made poor passes, something that all players are guilty of. FOr you to say every single game he trips over himself is clearly an exaggeration.

  321. fuhgawz says:

    not really the point …….. but whatever — ummm why are you on this site anyway? —- Mr Stubbs remove this dud

  322. Habs_008 says:

    Our record is still not THAT great when the other teams are playing a second of back to back, We have 5 wins, 2 loses and 2 OT loses, so its 5-4. Thats 12/18 pts. We should win at least one more of those games. Maybe 2.

  323. Corio says:

    If it is an exaggeration, it is only slightly exaggerated but in my opinion perfectly accurate. As I stated before I realize making mistakes is part of the game and I don’t blame him for that but I do blame him for the consistency to which he makes them..

    On a brighter note, I do agree he has played really well lately and has made some brilliant saves but he makes me nervous and for good reason.

  324. Vincent is possible says:

    Thanks Suleman. I dont always agree with every post you submit, but you always have a lot of class in the way you say it.


  325. Habs_008 says:

    Thanks Idle for all the info, I live in T.O so its all laffs all the time over here, the other day on the front of T.O’s local newspaper they had 4 old ladies crowded around a table with Laff logo’s, shirts,etc….They were saying that the Laffs had the “evil eye” and they were gonna get rid of it so they can win a cup. It was histarical! Those laff fans are a sad bunch.

  326. filincal says:

    hey HAB-PROFESSOR, did Kovalev really say the Habs are his all-star team? I wonder if he said it kinda jokingly…GO HABS!!!

  327. mjames says:

    Your point!!


  328. Higgins21 says:

    It’s spelled ‘two’.

  329. Higgins21 says:

    There is no ‘i’ in team.

  330. fuhgawz says:

    i think it is — fact of the matter is you still have to produce man advantage or not — just because Kovy is amazing in that department is by no means reason to knock the guy …… i bet you any $ value you would love him on your team you closet Laffs fan ….. oh but instead you have Tucker … and didn’t Kovy knock him the F*%# out one game with a steller hit

  331. Higgins21 says:

    As a team, the Habs rank among the leaders in scoring. That is a fact.

  332. krob1000 says:

    Glenn………Glenn Healy is that you??? How have you been??

  333. mjames says:

    I am serious with this question. Do you have a favorite hockey team or do you just hate the Habs for some reason?


  334. Moey says:


    I agree in principle in what you are saying. The reality is people will take things personally, sometimes posts are just so over the top that after biting your tongue you just get totally frustrated and lash out. And for some reason, the posters that can be repetative and annoying are the most prolific. I took a swipe at you for the lower case upper case thing, simply because it looks disjointed. Talking, yelling, talking yelling. It’s not easy on the eye. And another thing to take in to consideration, when you are with a group of people talking hockey in real time, when was the last time you said to someone, “with all due respect my learned colleague, let me show you the errors of your ways”. I think not.

    I do agree that politics/religion/ethnic background has no place here, but you should be able to call a spade a spade within reason. Also, using the smile/wink/frown punctuation is a good addition to clarify the tone.

  335. fuhgawz says:

    i supose then again your really no longer worth replying to …. have fun cagerattler hope you find someone on this site who will enjoy taking part in your useless banter — not sure i understand why your on a habs fan site if your here to just cause shit then obivously you must be unemployed under educated proably 35 – 45 years of age and living with your mom still no real friends and you find this more entertaining to do then watch the Laffs on TV at the moment …..

  336. krob1000 says:

    It all makes sense now … are still living in 2006. Check your stat again please……the 2006 on the end of your link was a good clue.

  337. coutNY says:

    Kovy is Actually tied for the #11 spot as far as scoring goals is concerned…

    BTW Most goal scorers also play on the powerplay on any team???

    Last I knew PP goals count the same as regular strength goals?

    Only 4 out of 22 teams have multiple players with 20 or more goals.

    Team #of players
    Atlanta 2
    Carolina 3
    Ottawa 2
    Pitt 2

    Three out of the four Montreal has more points in the standings.

    Balance is better than having individuals….

  338. fuhgawz says:

    i supose then again your really no longer worth replying to …. have fun cagerattler hope you find someone on this site who will enjoy taking part in your useless banter — not sure i understand why your on a habs fan site if your here to just cause shit then obivously you must be unemployed under educated proably 35 – 45 years of age and living with your mom still no real friends and you find this more entertaining to do then watch the Laffs on TV at the moment …..

  339. fuhgawz says:

    supose then again your really no longer worth replying to …. have fun cagerattler hope you find someone on this site who will enjoy taking part in your useless banter — not sure i understand why your on a habs fan site if your here to just cause shit then obivously you must be unemployed under educated proably 35 – 45 years of age and living with your mom still no real friends and you find this more entertaining to do then watch the Laffs on TV at the moment …..

    edit reply

  340. fuhgawz says:

    LOL good one KROB1000

  341. Chuck says:

    According to NHL stats the Habs are 5th in total goals and 4th in goals per game:

    GP G/F GPG
    1 OTT 46 160 3.48
    2 DET 48 158 3.29
    3 PHI 44 142 3.23
    4 MTL 46 139 3.02


    “A banner for Vezina must hang from the rafters!”

  342. fuhgawz says:

    p.s it is spelt “great” — oh and i take it personally when someone bashes the habs for no reason ….. so i guess we are even

  343. Chuck says:

    Cagerattler is probably a laffs fan that no longer finds it fun to watch his own team.

    “A banner for Vezina must hang from the rafters!”

  344. Chuck says:

    One can hope…

    “A banner for Vezina must hang from the rafters!”

  345. Habs_008 says:

    Thought we could all use a laugh at the LAFFS expense……..I live in T.O so its all laffs all the time over here, the other day on the front of T.O’s local newspaper they had 4 old ladies crowded around a table with Laff logo’s, shirts,etc….They were saying that the Laffs had the “evil eye” and they were gonna get rid of it so they can win a cup. It was histarical! Those laff fans are a sad bunch.

  346. super-saku says:

    Actually you were looking at the wrong stats 2006-2007.

  347. temekuhabs says:

    Good to see the boys win last night, although the gaffe by Huet had me moaning. That Kostitsyn goal was something else, maybe this is the start of something??? Pittsburgh on Saturday night should be a good one!

  348. ebk says:

    of course, I spent a cool 100 grand on the bribe. I have all the angles covered. So don’t worry about anything

  349. Chuck says:

    Don’t worry, he won’t be on here after his 7pm bed time.

    “A banner for Vezina must hang from the rafters!”

  350. Sulemaan says:

    Thanks VIP. We can agree to disagree sometimes and that’s totally cool.

  351. Sulemaan says:

    Much obliged Paul. I feel the same way.

  352. Shobud says:

    I want to say hello to everyone on here. I have read this blog for a long time now. You will get spelling mistakes with my posts sometimes so be warned I see everyone that is saying we need vince and we need that one or this one. I don’t remember vince setting the world on fire his first year Some do but a lot don’t We have two or three kids that are going to be stars for a very long time. The two Kostitsyns Pleks and some more I don’t have that many years left but I am willing to wait for them to bring us the cup. The only thing I am worried about is goaltending. I don’t know what happens but we get a great one and he seems to go down hill. Theo for one Huet for another He is not playing like he did when we first got him

  353. Sulemaan says:

    Ian – Your enthusiasm is contagious. I very much respect the fact you learned how to read/write later in life. I’d also love to watch a game with you sometime (given your scouting background) and see how you view the game.

  354. Sulemaan says:

    We can certainly wish for that Sherie. If not, I guess we all just take the high road and keep a thick skin. :-)

  355. The Teacher says:


    “I have no problem with the Habs” (doesn’t sound like you are a fan)

  356. temekuhabs says:

    Huet is fine, when a goalie makes mistakes the end result is that the puck is in the net. I am a bit concerned with his puck handling (or should I say hand-grenade???) Hopefully Melanson will work on this with him.

  357. MatttheHabsFan says:


  358. krob1000 says:

    That post is from a half hour ago. Still living in the past!!! lol. Come on be honest who is your team?

  359. Sulemaan says:

    …when was the last time you said to someone, “with all due respect my learned colleague, let me show you the errors of your ways”

    No one expects that Moey as you’re right that this is a hockey site and not a cricket or polo site. But you don’t need a Harvard or Oxford degree to show class and articulate yourself even when disagreeing with another fan.

  360. Chuck says:

    51 goals while on the powerplay… just over a third of their goals.

    “A banner for Vezina must hang from the rafters!”

  361. The Teacher says:

    I’m not even gonna try reading most of this garbage here.

    Jim M
    Habs Kat

    and others I surely forgot to mention

    Thank for making this site fun. However, I’m tired of jack-asses who want to stir the pot….I was laughing my ass off all night at one poster in particular. If you take the time t read his posts, you’ll see that he confuses his stories, even about his own heritage and when he heard about the site.

    I have a friend who is a huge Habs fan as well, and she told me she was scared to post because some of the posters in here. I never knew what she meant until last night. Such idiocity.

    I will not apologize for anything I said because I definitely took the diplomatic route.

    Have a nice weekend everyone.

    and finally,

    go habs go…for what it’s worth

  362. MatttheHabsFan says:

    Soooooo…back to talking about the Montreal Canadiens…how about that Kostitsyn kid?

  363. Chuck says:

    Cagerattler, you’ve been flagged, since you’re obviously posting just to provoke others.

    “A banner for Vezina must hang from the rafters!”

  364. Habs_008 says:

    You sound like a Jealous leaf fan, why dont you go to your loser Laff Nation web site and cry over there. Im sure you wont be the only one.

  365. MatttheHabsFan says:

    What exactly is YOUR definition of the truth about the Habs? That the only reason they have the second most points in the Eastern Conference is because of their opponents playing back-to-back games and because a couple of the refs in the NHL are born in Quebec??? Maybe its because we have 6 guys on pace for 20 goals or maybe its because our goalie has one of the best save percentages in the league, or maybe it’s because we have the only mascot in the league that was adopted from a defunct baseball team! Whatever the reason, most of us are pretty happy about the team’s success, while maintaining enough objectivity to know that we still have a way’s to go before we can consider ourselves a true powerhouse in the league. Your endless STATS! and LOUD NOISES! will not change that.


  366. The Teacher says:

    yawn, I am thinking like Jim.

    what’s up Alias man.

  367. cautiousoptimist says:

    Maybe this problem would be best served by getting posters to stay on topic in a given thread – some of the most obnoxious posts don’t have anything to do with anything. Certainly not hockey…

    Dave, Pat, Kevin, I’d support some buckling down on that – if it’s too time-consuming for you guys to pore over the posts, we could surely nominate one or two of the more mature folks on here to weed out the rare serious problem posts.

  368. MatttheHabsFan says:

    Yeah…playing a team coming off back-to-back games does help. I don’t think anyone is denying that. Are you actually suggesting though that this is the primary reason why the Canadiens are positioned in the standings where they are? Dealing with back-to-back games is part of the reality of playing in the NHL. Would you say that the primary reason for the Devils success is that they play about 75% of their games within a 1 hour flight of New Jersey? No. It’s a factor, but I think any hockey fan would be realistic enough to know it is not the primary reason.

    If you have a moment, would you mind listing off the 3 primary reasons you think Montreal has the 2nd most points in the Eastern Conference? This might help everyone see what your perspective is on the situation.

  369. G-Man says:

    “spelled”, like you should be. Oops, said too much.


  370. MatttheHabsFan says:

    If you could answer my question that would be greatly appreciated.

    Edit: If you are confused about my post, I recommend going to and looking up the word “primary”. This may help you better understand my view on the Canadiens success.

  371. The Teacher says:

    Yes, I was aware, and think they lost most of those games.
    Have you checked out any other teams schedule’s before posting this?

    One, Kovalev, and two, I don’t care, if we win πŸ˜‰ I’d rather have balance then the Tampa Bay Crapping

    Montreal? I’d say it’s because we are a fast skating team, which tends to draw penalties πŸ˜‰

    BTW, your Dave Jackson homer comments are totally ridiculous. I hate Dave Jackson, why? Because he HATES Montreal and ALWAYS calls a crappy game when he refs.

    Honestly, all the refs suck. Trust me, it’s definitely not homer ism.

    Maybe rephrase the way you comment, I responded to your reply because you took another poster’s advice and kept it civil.

    To be blunt, I fail to see why having the most penalties drawn is a negative?

    and the reffing? Man, what games are you watching, and with what perspective?

  372. G-Man says:

    Well said, professor.


  373. mprdft says:

    Dave Jackson is notoriously one-sided giving penalties to the habs. Its like he’s compensating for being from Pointe-Claire, so he calls it the other way around. He’s brutal.

  374. Moey says:


    I just have to learn to contain my crankiness, and admittedly I have a patience level of about -10. I’m working on improving that.

  375. The Teacher says:

    Must really have nothing to do then…

  376. MatttheHabsFan says:

    These are certainly interesting points. How then do you explain Montreal’s 19-12-6 record when playing teams not coming off back to back games? Also, would you attribute Philadelphia’s success to the PP, since they actually are ahead of Montreal. Finally, 8 teams have more PP opportunities then the Habs this year. Are these 8 teams also the benefactors of brutal refereeing, or would you say it’s more likely the result of superior team speed that they draw their penalties?

  377. Chorske says:

    LOL, if you think for ONE SECOND that this site is populated by polyannas who only trumpet the Habs, think again. We are often quite curmudgeonly, in our own fanatical little way. The team is coming off an awesome road trip, completely avoided their usual late year meltdown, and seems to be improving in every department. That hasn’t stopped the chatter about trades, weak spots, coaching decisions, and other random healthy griping.

    This is a discussion site. So have a discussion- which often means agreeing to disagree with people. Rattling cages for the sake of rattling cages isn’t smart, it’s just kind of childish. Also, you might want to ease off on the exclamation marks!!! !!!! !.

  378. 24 Cups says:

    Teacher – Hopefully, the anticipation of watching Crosby and Malkin tomorrow night will bring a breath of fresh air to the site for all of us. I think it’s time for everyone to turn the page and start anew. Go Habs Go!

    The Original 24 Cups

  379. MatttheHabsFan says:

    You speak of facts and then in response to my question about the primary reasons you think Montreal has had success you claim “brutal refereeing” to be one of them. Would you mind clarifying your definition of facts?

  380. Chorske says:

    Couldn’t agree more. I normally read theough all the posts before posting, and this time I just couldn’t be bothered. One of the best things about this site is that the general level of expression and hockey knowledge is high. I’d hate to see these discussion devolve into “youtube”ish snarkiness.

  381. idle says:

    I’m another one from the Toronto area (Etobicoke/Malton) so you don’t have to tell me about Leafs nation. It’s quite nauseating at times isn’t it?

  382. MatttheHabsFan says:

    Yes I am aware of this. I actually mention it in my post below.

  383. 24 Cups says:

    Hab-Prof – Thanks for the time and effort that you put into your post. Let’s all of us get back to hockey and the great year that our team is having.

    The Original 24 Cups

  384. idle says:

    “He is not playing like he did when we first got him”

    That’s ok, the result has been much better, so I can live with that.

  385. MatttheHabsFan says:

    It is somewhat interesting that Ottawa has fewer penalties drawn then Montreal. But then again, there are 26 teams that have drawn more penalties then Ottawa. Surely you are not suggesting this as evidence that Montreal benefits from biased officiating?

  386. mjames says:

    I assume you are refering to Cagerattler or something like that. I am not sure why you even both to address this person’s posts. It is obvious he has an agenda. Eventually dolts like him get bored and leave. He will only post if we indulge him. Let’s not !


  387. jimbo says:

    Like Macabe and Tucker and Kubina and Blake and flop-on-the-iceski.Sorry those guys only score on the pp as well and all in the same year to collect their dough nd oh haven’t made the playoffs since.Sorry couldn’t help myself

  388. habsgod says:

    cagerattler we are not talking about that useless waste of a hockey player antropov the laziest player in the league the career 30 point man that the laffs pay 2-3million dollars for!!if he was on our team he would be kovys water boy!!!

  389. idle says:

    Of course there were a lot of negatives, we won didn’t we?

  390. Sulemaan says:

    Idle, go back to the bouncing icon. That’s your trademark. Stick with it.
    As the adage goes mon ami, “Be You because Other is already taken.”

  391. idle says:

    You don’t think this avatar makes me look more fierce!

    I ain’t no glammer boy…I’m FIERCE!

  392. Sulemaan says:

    You don’t need a knife avatar to demonstrate to others you are fierce.

  393. Ice Man says:

    Yes Idle I kind of liked it. I’m sorry dude. Really. I put my foot in my mouth many times.

  394. idle says:

    Ok, now that our dukes are down, and specifically at your request, I will go back to the bouncing white puffster.

    But be warned. At a moments notice, when necessary, I will whip out my knife agian…

  395. Sulemaan says:

    I have no doubt my friend.

  396. gmd says:

    Hi all,

    I had a question that is totally unrelated to the thread but didn’t know where to put it, so my apologies.

    When a RFA is “signed” to an offer sheet, can the player in question refuse the offer? Does he truly “sign”?

    I am just curious, could a player say “no I don’t want to play for you and I’m happy where I am at my present salary”?

  397. Habs_008 says:

    I dont think they have to sign, but if someone offers you 2 or 3 million dollars more to do the samething you are doing on the team you are on then why would’nt you sign? It would be stupid.

  398. G-Man says:

    The player must sign the offer sheet to be considered a signatory to the contract. Then, his (probably former) team decides whether or not to match.


  399. The Teacher says:

    I think a lot of people get confused because it is called an “offer sheet”. It’s not the first time this question has been asked.

    The player who signs the offer sheet has usually been actively negotiating with the new team as he IS a restricted FREE AGENT.

    The restriction is that the team he was playing on has the option of matching it.

    I’m sure you’re aware of the compensation matters.

  400. gmd says:

    Well personally I’d rather play for somewhere where I’m happy for $3 million, rather than say Nashville for $5 million.

  401. idle says:

    OUCH! Ohhhh SNAP! Boh-Yah! What a dig at Nashville!!

    Stupid Nashville crackers!

  402. MatttheHabsFan says:

    Thanks for the clarification. I was a little confused on this because I was under the impression that Penner was upset at what transpired last summer. He must have been under the impression that Burke would match?

  403. 24 Cups says:

    Matt – I’m not sure he would be upset. Lowe basically dropped the motherlode in his lap. Penner picked up 52 points in 101 games with Anaheim and then gets $4 mil a year for 5 years. He was covered either way, regardless if he went to Edmonton or stayed where he was. It was all about the money. As the Godfather said, “It’s strictly business”. We’ve had an avalanche of unrealistic signings ever since.

    The Original 24 Cups

  404. MatttheHabsFan says:

    haha…yeah you’re right…$21M is not exactly something to cry about. I guess a better word would be surprised. I hope when it comes time for the Habs RFA’s to sign it’s not left till the deadlines…

  405. cautiousoptimist says:

    Hoo-ha what a goal. Man am I excited about this team. How long has it been since our biggest weak point was our 5th or 6th D-man, or too many NHL-calibre goalies, or a solid guy like Chipchura in Hamilton? How long since a Hab potted 20 in the first half of a season, or since we were near the top of the league in goals for? And (someone else here said it first, but I love it) HOW LONG SINCE A HAB BROKE A FINGER ON AN ANOTHER PLAYER’S FACE!?

    Man I love this team. Go Habs Go.

  406. MatttheHabsFan says:

    Having an asset like Chipchura is definitely a nice thing to have. I’m not sure what role he’ll play down the stretch though. There has been some debate over whether we will see Price back with the big club this year, but not as much about Chipchura…a lot depends on what kind of moves Gainey makes (or doesn’t make) at the deadline

  407. HabFab says:

    Well said!!!!!

  408. Smart Dog says:

    Hey Cautious – I think that was me that said how long since a Hab broke his finger on someone else’s face.

    I agree it’s exciting to have a team that plays like they did last night.
    There are some other exciting things happening now, and especially last night, that haven’t for awhile… like…

    – A forward line that is a threat almost every shift.
    – A player that has talent and aggression and is daring enough to split the D like A Kostitsyn did last night. (His bro looks good too.)
    – A D that stands up and fights for the space.
    – A team that makes long, accurate, passes all night long.
    – A team that plays well positionally through a whole game!
    – A goalie that (despite his puck-handling mistake last in the game) can and did stone the other team most of the night.

    Great game! Hope tomorrow night is more of the same. This team looks hot! If the goal-tending stabilizes as it seems to and the D get better and better. Wow!

    Also a comment I wanted to make before – Kostopoulos has really played well since they let him out of the press box. Strong defensive play and good smart offensive chances created by his play.

    Go Habs!!

    PS: The best funny of the thread goes to Soulman: “Indiana Huet (Raiders of the Lost Puck)” Good one! LOL!

    Habs Fans! The FUTURE looks bright:
    Plekanec, Higgins, Chipchura, A Kostitsyn, Lapierre, Latendress,
    Price, S Kostitsyn, Komisuarus, O’Byrne

  409. MatttheHabsFan says:

    Agreed about much of your post. Especially with regards to Kosto. I thought he brought a lot of energy throughout the game yesterday…

  410. The Teacher says:

    We can all tell someone is inSANELY jealous of the Habs and their fans, as well as their AWESOME reporters who cover the team.

    So sorry toronto sucks, but c’est la vie eh dude.

  411. gumper says:

    I haven’t had time to follow the lengthy thread here, so I apologize if this has been brought up. One more bit of good news. Unless I’m mistaken this is the first time this year the Habs have come back to win when trailing after the first period.

  412. Moey says:

    I was one of the posters here that was convinced we needed a high scoring center to fill in the missing piece of the puzzle. While watching the last few games, I’m very happy with who we have. No need for a big trade deal, we have a lot of talent that’s only going to get better and better. If Koivu and Higgy get their grooves back, we’ve have two great scoring lines. Between that and the stocked shelves in Hamilton, what more could you ask for?

  413. mjames says:

    I agree – spot on!


  414. MatttheHabsFan says:

    I think as Habs fans the only thing we should ask for is the continued development of our young players. I certainly hope BG doesn’t deal any of our “future” for one shot at the Cup. This certainly didn’t work out so well for Atlanta or Nashville last year, and to a certain extent seems to have crippled them both this year.

  415. idle says:

    Let him win another Calder Cup in Hamilton. Breed that Championship culture right into him.

  416. Moey says:

    No need to worry about BG, he sure doesn’t strike me as trigger happy.

  417. JA says:

    I have been a Habs fan since 1967 and I have to say that I have started to enjoy watching the Habs play again since Gainey took over, he has an agenda to turn the Habs into a stanley cup contending team. I give him allot of credit for hiring an inexperienced coach but Gainey is willing to sacrifice short term gains for long term benefits, he believes that Carboneau has the potential to become a very good NHL coach and I agree.

    I have to say that I am now more confident with the supporting coaching and scouting staff as well, they are doing a good job.

    As for the players, the NHL has changed, they better work hard in the off season and come to training camp in top shape or they will be left behind, they also need to respect the coaches and fans, they certainly get paid enough to act in a professional manner on the ice rink as well as in their public life.

    I believe Gainey and Carboneau respect the Habs tradition and want only what’s best for the team, so I don’t get annoyed as to who plays and who watches from the press box,
    and what happens with Huet, Price or Ryder because I know that Carboneau wants to win and he knows allot more than we know about what is going on with the players on a daily basis.

    So in the end the players who listen to their coaches, approach and prepare for the game with a professional and unselfish manner will rise to the top and will be rewarded with big contracts.

    So in the end I agree with smart dog, allot of exciting things are happening with the Habs so let’s sit back and enjoy.

  418. N.B.habs fan says:

    Smartdog ..Where you been? sure missing your post on here,

  419. Smart Dog says:

    Hey NB. Here – down below is a long one. Had a very busy coulpa weeks… Took time to watch the games, just went to bed afterwards. But like I say below, the team is starting to show some real muscle. Great to watch that Kostitsyn goal – and the way the team all played a solid defensive game. Exciting hockey – especially when you win. πŸ˜‰

    Habs Fans! The FUTURE looks bright:
    Plekanec, Higgins, Chipchura, A Kostitsyn, Lapierre, Latendress,
    Price, S Kostitsyn, Komisuarus, O’Byrne

  420. Higgins21 says:

    Your comments are so enlightening. I am amazed that you are so in-depth in your knowledge of all things Canadien. Isn’t it great that we have such forward-thinking fans. We truly need all the information that you dig up to give us total knowledge of the tiniest stat. Remember that we all love the Habs. Thanks again.

    Go Habs!

  421. Will Longlade says:

    Yes, and teams that the Leaf’s face often ask the Zamboni driver to play goal to even things up a bit.

  422. RH says:


    You have a valid point, concerning the schedules. However, you should know that the schedule is irrelevant, come playoffs because, if the Habs aren’t as good as you say they are, then they won’t go very far right? The Habs didn’t make the schedule, the league did. Also, there is no great conspiracy between the Habs and the league because, frankly, the Weasel doesn’t give a rats ass about the Habs or the other teams in Canada.

  423. Girth says:

    We get it…
    But there is nothing to talk about, is there?

    You must have allot of time on your hands.

    My suggestion… get a job.

  424. G-Man says:



  425. Infanteer says:

    It’s not difficult to see that the Habs won last night . . . the posts here are almost entirely positive.

    And yet, after a loss (such as to the Rangers or Dallas, I dare you to visit the page), it seems, from this site at least, that the current edition of les Canadiens are either a) without a #1 goalie, b) too small c) without a #1 center, d) too young, e) too old (Brisebois, anyone?), f) poorly led (Carbs), g) poorly managed (Gainey), h) the sad result of bad signings (Smokes), or i) bad trades (Ribeiro).

    I would honestly expect more consistency from a rookie defenseman. It seems the only consistency from HIO fans opinions is their inconsistency.

  426. N.B.habs fan says:

    good one ..ROFL……….

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