Game 46: Habs solve Thrashers in shootout

Canadiens captain Saku Koivu beats Thrashers goalie Kari Lehtonen in the shootout for the game-winning goal.
Scott Cunningham, NHLI via Getty Images

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For the third straight time this season, the Canadiens and Atlanta Thrashers needed a shootout to decide the outcome of their matchup.

After losing the first two times, 3-2, the Habs got goals from Andrei Kostitsyn and Saku Koivu in the bonus format to grab the extra point with a 3-2 win of their own on Thursday night. Cristobal Huet, whose puckhandling miscue resulted in Atlanta’s tying goal midway through the third period, stopped Vyacheslav Kozlov and Marian Hossa in the shootout to help make up for his mistake.

Hossa opened the scoring for the Thrashers on the power play at 18:49 in the first period after Ilya Kovalchuk’s dive resulted in a Francis Bouillon penalty. Andrei Kostitsyn got that one back five minutes into the second period with a highlight-reel goal after splitting the defence and beating goalie Kari Lehtonen with a quick backhand to the top corner.

Michael Ryder’s seventh goal of the season six minutes into the final frame put the Canadiens ahead 2-1, but Atlanta got that one back three minutes later. Miscommunication between Huet and Roman Harmlik resulted in a turnover and Pascal Dupuis scored into an empty net to tie the game 2-2

Montreal outshot Atlanta 29-24, including 28-19 in regulation time.

Atlanta was the final stop on a four-game road trip for the Canadiens, who return home with a 3-1 record. They face the Pittsburgh Penguins on Saturday night.


  1. RiverviewCanadien says:

    My point was…do not RUSH things that is all. I was not saying anything else (why do people read so much in these posts). These great young goalies do not have to be thrown into the fire so soon in their careers, that is all I was pointing out. Sheesh

  2. Jim M says:

    Hi mjames,

    I’ve been working, mostly. I’ve read the posts, but I haven’t bothered posting because of the way this site has been dis-organized since posters stopped addressing others by their name. Besides, the real season has just started. I noticed you haven’t posted as much as before either.

  3. idle says:

    Yes, but it is still politics isn’t it. Unless I am missing something I can’t figure out why his name being Smith would make a difference.

  4. The Teacher says:

    I don’t know, isn’t he French as in France.

  5. idle says:


    Von, are you the one that just posted “If Huet had the name “Smith” …. Well, you fill in the blanks”

    What was that supposed to mean?

  6. mjames says:

    Jim M

    Where have you been? I have not seen your posts in months.


  7. idle says:

    See, someone who can make some light of it instead of doom and gloom. Soon this will be bigger folk lore then Breezer’s giveaways.

    Oh dear as long as he keeps winning then I can live with these excruciating lapses…

  8. HAB-PROFESSOR says:

    Ian, people like yourself with experience can see it….chemistry is everything. Sometimes its ‘instant’ other times it developes but you see little moments of it. Thats the coaches job, to see ‘what can happen’, and not just ‘what IS happening’

    I think Carb is growing up (as a coach) with this team…and maybe thats not a bad thing! because the team is
    in a maturing cycle…now they just need to stick together and be very wary of who they release and sign.
    1. Kovalev, about being passed over for the All Star team said, “The Canadiens are my all star team”
    2. The BELL CENTRE should be rebuilt to sit 80,000 fans
    3. Your not a Hab fan till you watch & UNDERSTAND “The Rocket”

  9. Sulemaan says:

    Indiana Huet (Raiders of the Lost Puck)

  10. HAB-PROFESSOR says:

    but it was some injuries that forced Carbs hand in Dec…thats what bothers me, and now he’s tinkering again with his full deck of cards. He’s not teaching patience with the juggling, your correct.
    1. Kovalev, about being passed over for the All Star team said, “The Canadiens are my all star team”
    2. The BELL CENTRE should be rebuilt to sit 80,000 fans
    3. Your not a Hab fan till you watch & UNDERSTAND “The Rocket”

  11. von says:

    “However, there is a poster that I feel always bring out negative Franco remarks on this site, just look up the last few days posts. Teach seemed like a good person, now is always correcting others posts, as well as bringing up negetive remarks about the French Press, French this and that. I would like it to please stop, as the rules say’NO RACISM’.”

    LOL, leave your politics at the door please.

  12. Shiloh says:

    Every time he leaves the net it’s an adventure

  13. Roy-Rules says:

    Huet needs to stay the heck in his net for God’s sake.

  14. Jim M says:

    Mr. Aliasses

    I hope you send that letter and that you are not kidding about it. My wife is French-Canadian(I’ve known about it from the beginning of our relationship, unlike you about yourself), and I’d bet anything that Teacher speaks 2, but probably 3, languages. Please find one thing I’ve said that was anti-French. Give it up! You have been outed!

  15. The Teacher says:

    Tee, good advice.

    I’m taking it.

  16. hhl says:

    i wish you did maybe then i would find you funny. oh wait i do but for the wrong reasons. i think you all have issues and fortunitely,no one else is on this site to witness your (civilived conversation)lol including myself
    bye bye.(i will return when u all r not.

  17. The Teacher says:

    Just to let you know,

    When you are referring to more than one person, in this example which you so generously provided (Jim M and I), The proper word to use is “two” and not “too” which is another way of saying “also”.

    too= also
    two= 2

  18. The Teacher says:

    Jim M,

    You have a point.

    Newfoundland Dog and IceMAN are BOTH not here tonight….

    seems we know who took their place!!!

  19. The Teacher says:

    Because I said Brisebois should go to Paris for treatment?

    Didn’t all the newspapers report that a while back or something along those lines?

  20. The Teacher says:




  21. Jim M says:

    Mr Aliases

    Do you want to talk about an IQ?

    You tell Mr. Stubbs that you have had a rough time living in New York as a a half-Francophone all your life, and then you say you only found out about your French heritage very recently. The only thing missing is “Tee”.

  22. The Teacher says:

    Umm he replied BEFORE you posted this, so hurry up and edit edit edit

    JIM M

    TEE cracked me the heck up!

  23. Jim M says:

    Cournoyer 12

    You are confused, as usual. A question is not a reprimand.
    Since you won’t answer it directly, I guess you are the fellow.

    Can’t you read? My name is right there to see. I was posting here way before you came along with all your rubbish. You singlehandedly were responsible for making the Gazette staff work their butts off to clean up this site and forced registration upon the posters here.

    So, don’t you dare get high and mighty on anyone who posts here. You shouldn’t even be on here, jimmy peneda, cindy gerena, guy smith, bill smith, and any other alias I lost track of.

    Btw, A. Kostitsyn, the player you mocked, tied it up with a goal that your hero couldn’t even dream of scoring. Tee!

  24. Shiloh says:

    Kostitsyn!!!! Wow! And Carbo sat this guy for 4 games while La-Slug-esse dressed.

  25. The Teacher says:

    GO HABS!

    1-1 😉


  26. The Teacher says:

    Jim M

    (good point on addressing who you are replying, I think it fell out of vogue with the introduction of the reply button)

    I was going to post something snotty, but I won’t, I AM a Teacher after all, goes against my code.

    As for my question, apparently he’s half-francophone so I guess for some reason it’s beneath him to answer?

    I don’t know, but tired of letting hypocrites like La Presse and 110% screw up our team with innuendo that gets blown out of proportion.

    what’s next? An article in tomorrow’s La Presse stating that there is a big language feud going on on HIO?.

    Oh, and BTW, did he ever respond to yours?

  27. Jim M says:

    Thanks, Moey.

    The site doesn’t flow like it used to. No one addresses other posters by name and by the time you read the replies, thay are no longer in order and, therefore, the topic becomes incomprehensible.

  28. sag says:

    Any one else told to go wash their mouth out with soap after the Boullion interference call?? That garbage always seems to lead to a goal. Hopefully karma will come back around…or a couple of kovalev wrist shots.

  29. The Teacher says:


    referring to it as my site specifically? —- made up
    post about something I don’t like and get nasty —–made up
    all night argument—-made up (someone calls me a moron, I’m gonna correct him)
    HIO monitor???—-are u in kindergarden?
    insulted my photo?——if someone did, i musta missed it big boy…so come up with something else….

    Relax? (you never met a more relaxed person)

    have a nice night.

    Hopefully the Habs come back

  30. sag says:

    Agreed! A bunch of us suggested those lines before it hapenned in Dec and look what hapenned!….why did he turn away from the combination? 60 min in new york, period. Hopefully Carbo will put them back together and then add a bit of patience to his list of coaching improvements.

  31. Jim M says:


    Read his first sentence and translate it for me, please. I’m having a tough time understanding it.

    Btw, did he ever reply to your question?

  32. The Teacher says:

    Oh, I caught on quick..his m.O. is obvious…jealous of Habs I guess…

  33. The Teacher says:


  34. The Teacher says:

    Yes, I called him out on this earlier this week and I guess that is where he got offended.

    So now he’s trying to make up stuff or something..Whatever…

  35. Moey says:

    Jim M,

    Haven’t seen your posts in a long time, they were good ones.

  36. The Teacher says:

    lol, I say facts that my buddy in T.O. tells me as I can’t hear the radio 😉

    Good Luck dude,

    You are actually turning me off the site.

    As for the French press, they can say whatever they want?

  37. 24 Cups says:

    Great first post Gormdog. Carey Price may well become the franchise but it’s a little early to carry(no pun intended) that enormous burden right now. Many of us on this site have young sons and daughters in their early 20’s and realize how stressful this stage of life can be. Imagine what it must be like to be in the limelight of the Montreal Canadiens. I look forward to your next post after the Habs win tonight!

    The Original 24 Cups

  38. Jim M says:

    Cournoyer 12

    Are you the fellow that posted during the summer, sometimes 10-15 times a day, and whined about the Habs not drafting Getzlaf instead of A. Kostitsyn? If I remember well, several aliases were used to repeat the same topic. I know someone else asked you this, but you never responded.

  39. Habs_008 says:

    I agree, you dont need to come on here and “tell”, what are you in Grade school. I dont think there is anything racist being said anyways, he is just saying that the French media is Harsh and very negative towards the habs, which they are at times.

  40. Ed says:

    Socks? What is the ;)? Is it a sad face with a black eye? I am fairly new to all this symbolism.

    How come you have not responded to the rest of my comments?

  41. Hoegarden says:

    hi Timo,
    a bit of a catch 22 here (dumping bodies). I’ve mentioned before that so far this year, the Habs have been spared the headache of dealing with major injuries. Take a look at the BHawks and Avs. Sens are semi-struggling since Heatly got hurt the other day.

    Spare bods are a good thing but who do we send down ? Begin is the one who is getting annoyed today (scratched again tonight although he’s ready to go) so your point is well taken.

    On the other hand, I’d rather more than not enough. Some players know they can be replaced in a minute if they go into cruise mode. Of course Carbo has to keep everyone smiling with his juggling act but I wish my boss would give me the odd day off. We don’t want to discourage this year’s young Bulldogs to the big club but knowing BG and Carbo, they like the veterans on the team, just in case.

  42. Moey says:

    I’m going to stick my big horsey nose in here, this isn’t the first time you’re looking for Dave or Mike to give someone a spanking for annoying you. If you don’t like something, use the flag as offensive tab, you have to state your reason and it will be reviewed by the administrators. If they feel it is a valid complaint, they will take the appropriate action.

    I’m just trying to help you out here, so please don’t get annoyed. Dave, Mike and Kevin have their hands full researching, writing and keeping this site fun and informative.

  43. idle says:

    Welcome into the muck Gormdog 🙂

  44. idle says:

    Can you not get over last season yet? It happend and it’s done. You seem to bring this up often and each time you tell us that Halak should have started. So why are you not blaming Carbo then? And who says Halak would have won? Maybe you forgot he laid an egg himself the game before and that is what scared Carbo. My personal opinion is that I would have started Halak, but I did not see him every day and or know what his mindset was or how he looked in practice etc. Maybe you also should go back and look at the tape and see the whole team blew that game. And for that matter even if we won it so what? you think the next stop was the cup? We did not have enough debth or skill to compete. We are an improved team this year but unless we get hot at just the right time and go on a cinderella story run (anything is possible) we probably arn’t competitive enough this year either. The good news is we most definately are closer then we were before and we still have solid prospects up and coming.

  45. TradeRyder says:

    Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaad sheep! Baaaaaaaaaaaad!

    Them’s fighten woids! True.. Koivu is not quite himself… but I wonder why.

    But Higgins is probably the next wave of leadership… if he doesn’t go back to NY. Or Pleks.

    Let the kids play… let the non-performers watch or walk.

  46. TradeRyder says:


    About Tanguay, sure, he’s good but I stand by my thought that we have a really strong set of up-and-coming forwards and because of that we should only trade for a big-money forward if his fit is so obvious it’s perfect. Tanguay (like I said) is also a left wing, and more a playmaker than goal scorer. For me, out of the choices you gave, I think Smyth or Briere would have been a better free agent signing, and Smyth especially would bring the kind of crash-the-net grit we need. Hard to say how they would fare here.

    I don’t hate Ryder!!!! And in fact that’s one of the tough things. They guy seems so damned likable. And I actually think he WILL play better elsewhere… that’s possible. I’ve said from the start I think he’d be good on a Western team with a more physical game. And unlike Kovalev, Ryder’s history in the NHL is short and in the years he has done well offensively he has been criticized by coaches openly for his defensive play. This year, he’s more defensive but less offensive. It COULD be that he puts it altogether next year and scores 30 AND keeps up his D-game. In which case I would be wrong… (I’m stupid sometimes, but not stupid enough to think I am always right!) OR, it could be that he can’t do both, and so is a player with a big potential upside but brings some downside with him (a la Souray). Maybe we can agree to disagree and at some HIO event two years from now see who was right!

    Let the kids play… let the non-performers watch or walk.

  47. TradeRyder says:

    Good one Ed. 😉 My spelling really socks!

    Let the kids play… let the non-performers watch or walk.

  48. TradeRyder says:

    Ian, did you notice that when Iceman arrived, black-dog disappeared?

    Interesting eh?

    Let the kids play… let the non-performers watch or walk.

  49. von says:

    Don’t worry about him Ice Man, his current favourite player is Gui!Gui!Gui! That should speak for itself.

  50. Ian G Cobb says:

    Hab Prof— Your quite correct, that is what great coaching is all about, the meshing of talent,teamwork and desire. CHEMISTRY ! It is an art to put it all together.


  51. Puck Bard says:

    – Tanguay for Ryder: Folly.

    – Stay the course.

  52. Ian G Cobb says:

    Ya # 12–I,m with you . I don’t read the ice any more !!


  53. HAB-PROFESSOR says:

    What makes a player perform?

    Of course raw skill, shooting and skating ability account for something, but usually an often overlooked variable is chemistry with ones linemates. Why are we seeing maximum success on some lines and only sporadic success on other lines? I believe its chemistry with ones linemates.

    Lets analyze a few.

    Kovalev is on track to have his best year since he play’d with Mario Lemiuex. Why? Most have pointed to his ‘renewed interest’, return to top form both physically and mentally, and a skill set that seems to be pulling new tricks out of the hat as needed…basically he has changed with the times (ie;new NHL). These facts are valid but I don’t believe they play such a great role as most think. I believe you needn’t look further than the CHEMISTRY of his linemates to see the root of success. At Kovalevs age and talent level he is naturally a leader. He wants to be heard and he wants to be followed…he wants respect but is smart enough not to ask for it…instead his actions demand it. But at the core of this ‘renaissance’ is the fluidity of his mentees. They are greatful to play with greatness, not just for the team, but for the progression of their own careers. Both AKOST and PLEK are well on track to having their career paths defined, and a tremendous amount of value must be placed on the Great Kovalevs contribution to that. So they are driven to perform and Kovy is happy to lead by example….and we’ve enjoyed witnessing the result.

    Koivu it could be said is in a simular situation as Kovy. A veteran leader with boundless facets to respect, both on and off the ice. But when this battle scarred warrior was aligned with the sophomoricalness of the Ryder-Higgs tandem, the result was dismal. Both Ryder and Higgs have come of age and are now defining themselves along their own understanding of how their skills can shape the game (or lack of in Ryders Case this year). They this season looked less to Koivu for guidance and instead tried to drag the veteran into their mode of experimentation and erratic behaviour. Koivu has already passed that level of his game. he knows his game and therfore that tandem would not achieve maximum output. It was disbanded rightly by Carb.

    Inserted were the young SKost and Latron. Now we have a simular composition to the Kovalev line. A veteran leading 2 ‘rookies’ who are LOOKING for leadership and guidance to help them DEFINE their careers. and thus we have seen some success…some CHEMISTRY.

    When LAP was centered between Hig/Ryd we also saw a potential 3rd scoring line become formed, because LAP inserted an energy that awoke hig/Ryd and drove them to perform, but most importantly is that LAP saw an opportunity to emerge from the doldrums of a 4th line.

    So, heres to hoping Carb resettles the lines with the success that we saw over the festive season…and more so that he UNDERSTANDS that CHEMISTRY is the key element that will make a winning team consistent.

    The fusion of like-minded objectives will never meet defeat.


    1. Kovalev, about being passed over for the All Star team said, “The Canadiens are my all star team”
    2. The BELL CENTRE should be rebuilt to sit 80,000 fans
    3. Your not a Hab fan till you watch & UNDERSTAND “The Rocket”

  54. TommyB says:

    So it was 2 weeks after the Samsonov signing…man, too bad there!

  55. TommyB says:

    Ok, but I thought I remembered it as him not interested in Montreal…and we ended up with Samsonov. I thought that he would have been a good fit then, and an even better fit now.

  56. originalsix says:

    Yep, thats what they need to do, give him more ice time.

    I had a gut feeling it was too soon to be putting him into the NHL at the start of the season. Hopefully he’ll get into his groove and excel at what he does best.

  57. Gormdog says:

    (First time poster, long, long, long time reader. Finally felt like i had to step out of the shadows)

    Don’t think it’s really fair to put Price and Fleury into the same category, they have had very, very different careers up to this point.

    Fleury was drafted #1 overall, literally the “savior of a dying franchise” before the days of Malkin Crosby and the rest of the wonder kids. Price was drafted 5th overall, to a franchise knee deep in goaltending talent, not in need of saving, but instead in need of a cup.

    In the WJHC, Fleury choked with the famous O’Sullivan to Fleury to Coburn fiasco, leaving many to question whether Fleury is good enough to win the big game. Price led his WJHC team to a very smooth victory, leading many to believe that if you can put the right players in front of him, price is “the guy”.

    Although he did become only the second Penguin ever to win 40 games, Fleury has been a major dissapointment in the eyes of the Pittsburg franchise and there have been attempts to run him out of town. Of course his confidence will be crushed. Now with Conklin playing lights out (I feel odd just writing that, like i’m in a parallel universe), Fleury might not even be “the guy” when he gets back.

    Price, on the other hand, has faced very little strife in his career of late (Gold Medal, Hamilton Championship, winning a spot on the Habs at the age of 20), and is definitely not lacking confidence in his abilities a-la-Fleury. Heck, the only time he was really the true blue starter for the Habs, he handled the task quite admirably and played well in most of his games. He hasn’t even had the chance to take the reigns of this franchise and crumble beneath the pressure, so how can he be remotely Fleury-esque?

    Theres a big difference between backbreaking pressure, and massive amounts of hype. Fleury got killed by the former… And Price will eat up the latter!

  58. 24 Cups says:

    I would like to see him rotate through on the checking line with Dandy, Smolinski, and Tommy K. Keep everybody fresh and motivated. The main problem is that Smolinski is the only guy out of the four who can realistically handle the centre ice position. There’s also the issue of faceoffs and penalty killing. This approach would also help on defense as Streit could play there full time with Brisebois as the extra man.

    The Original 24 Cups

  59. Habs_008 says:

    TSN is saying that Begin is set to return soon. Where would he fit in though?

  60. von says:

    Like every player, goalies have their moments of struggle. It’s how they respond that shows what their made of. I agree with Boone, I wouldn’t quite yet throw the towel on our “goalie of the future.”

    He needs some time to settle down and clear his head after the last month of mis-treatment in Montreal. Price is the kind of goalie who needs to play, not be thrown in every 5th or 6th game and expected to perform when hes still green as far as playing in the NHL.

    Let him work through this in Hamilton, and once he’s ready and the time is right, bring him back up. And most importantly; play him.

  61. Ice Man says:

    Are you talking to me #12?

    If so. What did I say to insult you?

  62. drecha says:

    Just a few Leaf jokes that I got in an email, I thought you guys might enjoy these;

    What does Toronto have that Montreal doesn’t?
    ……..Black and white photographs of their last Stanley cup

    Where do Toronto players get their wives?
    ……Canadian Tire, where else do you get a leaf blower

    What do the leafs and the Titanic have in common?
    ……….They both look good until they hit the ice

    Why dont the Maple Leafs drink tea?
    …….Because the Canadiens have all the cups

    Whats the difference between the Leafs and a cigarette machine?
    ………The cigarette machine has PLAYERS


  63. Ice Man says:



  64. G-Man says:

    That $4.5 million being wasted on Koivu may come in handy in 2 years. Voila, money for Higgy and Komi.


  65. von says:

    It’s a fact, Huet has huge issues playing the Leafs. If you were watching the last game of the year, you would know Huet cost us that game. Anytime you lose a game when you’ve scored 6 goals… A great goalie would have closed the door. I think Huet still feels the effects from that night.

    Halak should have started that game and we would have made the playoffs. They rushed Huet for the biggest game of the year, and he choked.

    The Leafs have Huets number, whether you’re a fan of his or not.

    Tonight will be a big test for Huey, hope he does well.

  66. idle says:

    Does anyone else think it’s funny that they call letting less then 30 shots a game in a ‘tight defence’. Well I guess they actually called it ‘tighter’ which it is but that would have to be tighter then the loosest hooker in Montreal.

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