Game 44: Lack of discipline costs Canadiens

Penguins’ Jordan Staal and Evgeni Malkin celebrate second-period goal on Wednesday night. Pierre Obendrauf, The Gazette

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• At a Glance: A complete lack of discipline cost the Canadiens dearly against the Pittsburgh Penguins on Wednesday night. The Penguins scored four times with an extra attacker and defeated the Canadiens 5-2 less than a week after losing 2-1 in a shootout on Bell Centre Ice.
Pittsburgh opened the scoring 12:57 into the game when Alex Goligoski fired a rocket to the top corner on Carey Price’s glove hand off a pass from Chris Kunitz.
But it didn’t take long for the Canadiens to reply. Only 18 seconds later, Tomas Plekanec scores his 13th of the season to tie the game off a pass in front of Marc-André Fleury’s crease from Mathieu Darche.
In the second period, David Desharnais scored the first NHL goal of his career when he redirected a P.K. Subban point shot over Fleury’s shoulder 2:15 into the period.
But like the Canadiens in the first period, the Penguins wasted little time getting back into the game.
Tyler Kennedy scored a power-play goal at the 4:15 mark when Kris Letang faked a shot and passed to Tyler Kennedy, who fired a one-timer past Price.
Jordan Stall scored another power-play goal for the Penguins with 11 seconds to play in the second period to give Pittsburgh a 3-2 lead.
Goligoski made it 4-2 Penguins with another goal with the man advantage early in the third period when he left his position at the point and found a loose puck in the crease and punched it home.

• What It Means: Montreal’s three-game winning streak is snapped and its record drops to 24-17-3 to remain at 51 points, two behind the Boston Bruins for first place in the Northeast Division. The Bruins hold two games in hand, however.

• What’s Next: The New York Rangers visit the Bell Centre on Saturday night before the Calgary Flames come to town on Monday and the Canadiens play the Sabres in Buffalo the following night.


  1. terrygain says:

    Martin is beyond clueless. Let’s go with 5 on 5 off.


    Did anyone notice how those Maple Leaf fans are such sheep? They support management no matter what. It’s no wonder they haven’t won in 43 years.

  2. zaq007 says:

    Couldn’t have said it better myself!

  3. ZimHabwe says:

    What can I say?

    We lost the game. Let’s move on!

  4. MTLForever says:

    if they are gunna call certain things they need to call it all game or let the guys play

  5. canadiens26 says:

    Wow, does JM coach boring hockey or what? I wish someone would drive the net instead of cruising the perimeter. 

  6. Thomas Le Fan says:

    Oh my goodness, did the ref just call a penalty against Pittsburgh? Last minute of the game? Aren’t they afraid they’ll influence the outcome? Ray Ferraro makes me sick and this was a game where the officials could only see one colour. Hockey gods indeed, Cuthbert! Phah!

  7. MTLForever says:

    lost blocker and hamrlik pushed pens into price

  8. MTLForever says:

    – Not helping out Price by taking so many penalties

    – Most penalties were called by the same ref all night on us

    – Can’t stay in the game when you’re constantly on the PK

    – I am glad we won last night, it was more important but it would have been nice tonight


  9. habs63 says:

    Price just covered the puck. Isn’t that a slashing call against Montreal?

  10. Malreg says:

    The Pouliot and Wiz penalties are penalties in the post-lockout NHL. 
    Anytime you place your stick above the waist of the opposing player,
    it’s a penalty.  I’m ok with that, but if that’s the rule, then at least
    call it from the start of the game. 

    The first two periods were
    filled with slashes and hooks from both teams that went uncalled, then
    all of a sudden they are penalties in the 3rd?  All I ask for is some

  11. tricolore says:

    This site’s server problems are bigger than the Habs defensive tenacity. Seems everything the Pens throw at the net has a chance of bouncing or deflecting in. 

    Not sure Price will strike a cocky pose at the end of this game. The Pens wanted his blood tonight, and they got it…5 red lights and counting…


    Lafleur, coming out rather gingerly on the right side.

  12. Habnofear says:

    Boone’s blog down again,lol

  13. observer says:

    down by 2 goals 11 min left and the other team keeps attacking your net. and your stupid penalties just keep happening. 2 bad goals allowed by price. disgraceful hockey.

  14. tricolore says:

    How do you say ‘goat’ in French Canadien? 




    Lafleur, coming out rather gingerly on the right side.

  15. 23 HABS 23 says:

    How about we stay out of the effing penalty box boys!

    GO HABS GO! (Let’s go get that elusive 25th Stanley Cup!)

  16. tricolore says:

    On any other night, it’s never say die, but now…2 goal defecit….sigh….3 goals on the PP tonight vs the best PK in the business….

    It’s OK boys…we’ll work for Saturday…..

    Thought Price could smother the puck on that 4th goal….rather than desperately brush it away….but what do i know….?


    Lafleur, coming out rather gingerly on the right side.

  17. observer says:

    let in TWO soft goals!

  18. JohnBellyful says:

    Is Pillsbury now a team sponsor? The Danish looks good, but we could do without the turnovers.

  19. tricolore says:

    I think Ferraro says it best when he reminds us that as well as Price has played making big saves tonight he lets in a soft goal at the end of the 2nd. He would like that one back, however, having said this…if he doesn’t make those big saves tonight…his team are out of this early….so how about scoring a few more tonight boys? With a talented team like the Pens (even without their franchise player) you need to capitalize on every chance….

    Vive le tricolore!


    Lafleur, coming out rather gingerly on the right side.

  20. observer says:

    first game in 4 nights for Price. 2 terrible goals on him!

  21. adam76 says:

    A late penalty followed by a weak goal – need to come out on fire in the third.

  22. 123456 says:

    lol that (yelling after a goal) may be a good way for me to keep the racoons and deer out of my yard

  23. F Bomb says:

    Nice to see Gil doing his 3 legged sprawL

  24. Mattyleg says:

    Bench ‘im!!

    —Hope Springs Eternal—

  25. tricolore says:

    Not an easy game tonight with their 2nd in 2 nights. They just  have to keep step by step with them. C’Mon boys! Go Habs Go!!!!


    Lafleur, coming out rather gingerly on the right side.

  26. jennifer1984 says:

    so nice for Desharnais….

    i had to yell that one out the back door down to the parking lot for the bf.


    i also really like seeing players smile after they get a goal…they should be happy!!

  27. jennifer1984 says:

    ha. i dont know but i find its funny that they put Halak on this years calendar…..seriously. and Lapierre is January’s……..

  28. saskhabfan says:

    No, i don’t think we trading cammy for halak. Though judging by halak’s save percentage i think the pretzel has far less holes.





    I think I know more than most about hockey and believe my opinions are almost always reasonable and thought out.-manapart.

  29. observer says:

    Lies! It was Gainey angry that Gauthier is ignoring his advice, who asked to be traded.

  30. LA Loyalist says:

    What month is he in the calendar? That’s how we can tell if he’s going to St. Louis for a pretzel and a bag of pucks or not.

  31. dre1744 says:

    loved the Hit Wiz  layed on Letang!!!!!!

  32. observer says:

    That Ferraro is really one sharp commentator. And how he dug up stats that  display when the leading scorer on the team who is probably the best player in the league, that when that player is out and not playing, Pittsburgh’s record isn’t as good as when he plays! And Ferraro even had stats to show the fans so they would believe this astounding situation.

  33. jennifer1984 says:

    so when Cammy’s back what does Jm do with the lines?

    clearly Pleks, Darche and Poolio are doing well together.

  34. F Bomb says:

    Son of B! PTS just scored…I’m nervous and somewhat disappointed in (if the rumor is true). He has complained about ice time as unless his knee is bothering him…he has been coasting. I’m a big fan of Cammi but This situation seems odd. Hope it’s only a rumor because I remember Cammi saying he was in this for the long hall and his personal stats would come second to the teams success.

  35. F Bomb says:

    Thumbs up to JM as Price looks fresh!!!

  36. jennifer1984 says:

    me too.

    and i just got a new Cammy jersey for christmas!!!

  37. Malreg says:

    It took 2 first round potential lottery picks, and a 2nd just to get an unsigned Phil Kessel. 

    It costed 2 first round picks, Lucas Sbisa AND Lupul for Pronger who had 1 year left on his contract.

  38. Harditya_CareyPrice says:

    Trust me, bud – not saying he’s a non-factor. He’s got size and he can score.

    But Habs lack depth not a star player. They’d have to give up too much for a star player.

    With Spacek, Gill, Hamrlik leaving soon – Subban and Weber are a critical part of this team’s future.

    Obviously there’s FA, but it would really hurt us to see more prospects from our system leaving for nothing. Habs need those picks and prospects at the moment.

  39. Sportfan says:

    please tell me thats just a rumor and not real Cammy is my fav player and it would really suck to find out he asked for a trade after praising Montreal it would be like a dagger in our hearts :( CAMMY DONT LEAVE !

  40. LA Loyalist says:

    not giving up Leblanc, and I would prefer to keep Weber for insurance on PP – power play QB is most important player on team after the goalie, I think our past few years prove that.

    other ideas?

  41. Bugs says:

    This is that posting. Secondhand grapevine stuff from some shmoe in Paquetteville (or wherever) who says “the host says Cammy wants out!”.

    Standard fare from mountain-out-of-molehill listeners.


    And no, it’s not me.

    Polygonically contained, I square off as

    L. Bugs Potter, esq., Herzog of ze Abominable Habsuchtig Brigade, Markgraf of ze Fearsome Flanell Flausen Flank, und devoted minion of ze Habsbros Order:

  42. TorontoHabsFan says:

    Yeah, I hear what you’re saying…I just got me a big ol’ man crush on that Left Winger.


  43. Harditya_CareyPrice says:

    Pittsburgh would accept that offer for Crosby LOL

    Really over-valuing Nash here – he’s only had ONE 70 point season. 

    He would not help the Habs – he’s just another Cammalleri with more skill, but puts up similar points.

  44. Harditya_CareyPrice says:

    That’s a lot for a player who’s only had ONE 70 point season.

    I’d rather have Cammy to tell you the truth. Even if we did trade him, we’re getting hosed in that trade.

    I understand that this team already has way too many undersized players, but Nash is just not worth it IMO.

  45. lavie says:

    From a posting on as well.

    I rather believe the news than disregard it. Look at Lapierre’s case.

  46. Malreg says:

    Not even close.  More like Subban, Cammy, Leblanc, 1st 2011, 1st 2012, Weber.  Nash is the face of their franchise, he won’t be traded.

  47. Harditya_CareyPrice says:

    Read about it on hockeybuzz, so that pretty much means Cammy’s not going anywhere.

    And that’s a good thing.

  48. Malreg says:

    Radio hosts should know better than the repeat pure nonsense.

    This all started with some random blogger who said “Sources close to the Canadiens”.  This guy has less credentials then Eklund, now that’s saying something.

  49. Fire_Laraque says:

    Heard a rumor on Mix 96 that Cammy asked to be traded.  Anyone has anything on this?

  50. TorontoHabsFan says:

    Just thinkin’ here…what do you think it would take to get Nash out of Columbus? Not that they’re fer sure trading him, but that team is in need of a shakeup something fierce.

    I’m thinking something like Cammalleri/Weber/Leblanc and a 1st. for Nash and a low end prospect.


    *drooling over Nash*

  51. Hobie Hansen says:

    I’m still holding out hope that someone will drill Cooke and put him out of action for a while for taking Markov out of last year’s playoffs. Little bugger.  

  52. Say Ash says:

    How about him and Staal colliding?

  53. Propwash says:

    I’d love to see Wiz cave Cook’s skull in.


    Goalies in Montreal have two roles, netminder and scapegoat. 

  54. mrhabby says:

    cooke tries to take out PK misses and crashes into boards.

  55. emann_222 says:

    I’m excited about this game … cause I won’t have to hear about the Crosby-less Penguins for a while (Unless I watch TSN – which I won’t).

    Visit me at and

  56. 24 Cups says:

    There have been lots of comments this year about Martin’s coaching. I really don’t have an opinion (my only sore spot is he indirectly led to the dumping of three players for which we got nothing in return). But I did find it interesting to see how he ranks against the other top coaches.

    Anyway, here are the top ten coaches in the NHL in terms of career wins:

    1. Bowman = 1244

    2. Arbour 782

    3.. Irvin = 692.

    4. Quinn = 685

    5. Keenan = 672

    6. Murray = 620

    7. Wilson = 600

    8. Lemaire = 590

    9. Martin = 579

    10. Reay = 542

    Personally, I feel that Martin will finish out his four year contract. If you connect all the dots, it becomes apparent that he’s going nowhere. With that in mind, he would have 203 games left. At a 50% win percentage (based on a 41-30-10 year), that would mean another 102 victories which would put him in 5th place (681) depending on what Wilson does in the next two years. A couple of extra victories a year and he’s in 4th spot. No matter how you cut it, that has to be pretty impressive. His only real drawback is the fact that he never won a Cup. Too bad he didn’t have Carey Price as a young prospect when he coached Ottawa .in the early days. Martin would have at least a couple of rings.

  57. CHsam says:

    I’ve been pretty critical of JM myself on HIO, and have been bemoaning the loss of Guy Boucher. Been thinking about it and I still feel that having all forwards come back to retrieve the puck and bring it up the ice with speed leaves them gassed…. i feel that we cant keep some sustained attack throughout the game…..

    That being said, when I see how defensive errors or lack of effort causes turnovers resulting in goals, I see why JM has the team playing this way to give us a chance to claw our way back- which is what we’re doing these days..

  58. Drive4twenty5 says:

    So in a nutshell, we will be pretty good for the next 3 years, but don’t expect anything great in the playoffs unless Carey Price is the SH**.

    “Well, he’s a thoroughbred, and maybe your wife doesn’t recognize that, but then again, I can’t bake bread all that well. We all have different skills.” …Bob Gainey “Classic”

  59. mrhabby says:

    doing your homework steve. He is not my fav coach but certainly a big upgrade from what we had the last several years with Carbo. I guess thats not saying much. i wish he was more creative and loosen the strings a bit. he needs to get laid or something. I agree he is here for the 4 years of his contract and could go up stairs when those 4 years are done.

  60. LA Loyalist says:

    I’ve done some research too, sneaking into Martin’s office and finding some scribbled notes for the book he plans to write :) It’s a funny coincidence, he even reveals his private thoughts on Jacques Lemaire, the ultimate defensive coach.

    The Collected Wit & Wisdom of Jacques Martin

    1. Offense – as
    soon as you cross the opposing team’s blue line, make sure you get rid
    of the puck, where doesn’t really matter, and start back-checking. It’s
    ok to throw the puck at the net once in a while, look at how Scot Gomez
    does it. Occasionally one will go in and we’ll have a lead we can
    protect for the next 59 minutes

    2. Defense – the point of hockey is to not get scored on, so keep the
    puck in our zone where we can keep an eye on it. If an opposing player
    comes near you, make sure you hold the puck against the boards. Don’t
    pass it, that’s too risky.

    3. Neutral Zone – not quite as good as having the puck in our end, but it’s ok because it gives our goalie a breather.

    Their shots – enemy shots are good because it means they no longer have
    the puck, so the more the better. Our goalie will save our ass,

    5. Our shots – not so good, because taking a shot means giving up puck
    possession and the other team have a chance to get puck possession.

    The goalie – is pretty important in my system. He has to stop all the
    shots, because we aren’t planning to score more than one or two goals
    unless there is a complete systemic breakdown on our end.

    7. Lines – are determined by which players are best following my system
    on any given day. That’s the priority. Skill and chemistry are dangerous
    as they lead to creativity with the puck, which is pretty much
    guaranteed to wreck my system, this ain’t Washington or Pittsburgh.

    8. Not following my system. This will get your ass on the bench or the
    press box, or demoted to Hamilton. Like a young horse, players need to
    be broken and molded into my defensive system.

    9. Scoring – a
    necessary evil. My game plan is to score one goal early, then defend,
    defend defend. I used to model myself on Jacques Lemaire, but I decided
    he takes too many chances on offense. The fact that he personally scored
    427 goals over 12 years for the Habs in the NHL makes him highly
    suspect as a defensive coach role model, IMHO.

    10. Rookies. The GM makes me play them because the fans expect it, but
    they are the bane of my existence.

    My ideal hockey player is a burned
    out vet who barely has the gas to get out of our zone, but is great at
    lofting the puck safely into the offensive zone for an icing or noodling it around in the neutral zone killing time, until eventually and inevitably the
    puck comes back into our zone, where it belongs. (see “Scott Gomez” in Wikipedia).

    A player that scores too often is obviously not working hard enough on
    defense. It’s that simple. I’m stuck with Subban, Pouliot and Eller for
    the moment, but don’t worry, I’ll fix their offensive tendencies and
    we’ll be just fine.

    Thank you

    Jacques Martin, aka Count Chocula (I hate it when they call me that)

  61. 24 Cups says:

    Boucher will coach the Habs one day – it’s destiny. 

    When he does, he’ll even be more qualified than he is now.  His initial NHL experiences can only make him better.

  62. G-Man says:

    Carey Price gets a vistit”


    I want me one of them.

  63. JIMVINNY says:

    Lame.  Really, really lame.  I can’t believe you spent so much time on something so stupid.

  64. JohnBellyful says:

    I’m really, really impressed you know how much time went into writing ‘something so stupid.’ Take it from someone who knows, it doesn’t take that long. Two lines at most (I had to add that, of course, …)


  65. LA Loyalist says:

    Actually, it took less time than sex. 


  66. saskhabfan says:

    Then why was martin’s teams in ottawa among the top 5 in scoring for 6 straight years and seemed to lay beatings on us on a regular basis? Is it coaching or failure to execute?






    I think I know more than most about hockey and believe my opinions are almost always reasonable and thought out.-manapart.

  67. LA Loyalist says:

    We’re not allowed to execute anyone. That’s the whole problem. I must admit the guys are working harder the past few games, hopefully not too late.


    “A player that scores too often is obviously not working hard enough on defense.” JM

  68. JohnBellyful says:

    You took your laptop to bed?

    If you didn’t use spell check afterward, I’m impressed. Your lover maybe not so.

  69. Bugs says:

    Behind the scenes video of Darche and Poolio talkin on the bench.


    Polygonically contained, I square off as

    L. Bugs Potter, esq., Herzog of ze Abominable Habsuchtig Brigade, Markgraf of ze Fearsome Flanell Flausen Flank, und devoted minion of ze Habsbros Order:

  70. Say Ash says:

    Argghh! I went nearly a year without stumbling onto a web page with cat videos. Nearly a year. May a Rickroll be in your near future, Bugs.

  71. REB says:

    THAT WORKS!!!!!!!!

  72. Dunboyne Mike says:

    Possibly no need to injure him. Just keep repeating “Evander, Evander” any time he’s in ear-shot.

    Apparently a good guy off-ice, he is a total bollox when he plays.

  73. CanadienBoy says:

    Cammallarie ask for a trade by some poster on RDS ?

  74. Malreg says:

    Nobody even knew that the golden boy Lapierre had asked for a trade.  The Canadiens front office is like the Kremlin, nothing gets out.  When has anyone really predicted a trade of theirs? 

  75. lavie says:

    Who did he have altercation with recently? :-)

  76. habs365 says:

    if it’s true..he probably want’s to go with a cup contender

  77. lavie says:

    It seemed we would need a new source to be called

  78. CanadienBoy says:

    Good point ,may be he does not like PK love fest with the fans

  79. TomNickle says:

    I predicted Lapierre’s trade as soon as Desharnais was called up, but it was pure luck.

  80. Malreg says:

    Apparently the Penguins are extra motivated because of Price’s pose after we beat them in a shootout last week.

    really don’t see what the big deal with it is…  Every player gets to
    celebrate everytime the team scores, except for the goalie.  If he wants
    to stand up and cross his arms after he stones 5 shooters in a row in a
    shootout, then go for it, god forbid a goalie show any emotion at all

    It’s not like he dropped his glove on the ice and started dancing around it pretending it was on fire.

  81. adam76 says:

    That move made Price look like a punk, just as his “lighting bolt” a coupe of years ago in a Tampa Bay.  None of the saves in said shootouts were extraordinarily, thus he has no need for a “pose”.

  82. TomNickle says:

    That’s hilarious considering the move Malkin tried to pull off in overtime.

  83. WestHab says:

    The pegs may be extra motivated but it will be more about they way they lost to the bees on Monday.

    – Who will be at the Heritage Classic?

  84. habs365 says:

    martin may not be that great of a coach but when you have three quarters of a team that can’t put the puck in the net, doesn’t help either..this team is winning mainly because of..the PK, Goaltending, and not a bad defence..good offence,defence and goaltending win cups..right now the Habs are lacking one of those elements and in the end will do them in.

  85. TomNickle says:

    The Habs have won four of their last 5 games.  Did you know that?

  86. Bugs says:

    Boldly said.

    Polygonically contained, I square off as

    L. Bugs Potter, esq., Herzog of ze Abominable Habsuchtig Brigade, Markgraf of ze Fearsome Flanell Flausen Flank, und devoted minion of ze Habsbros Order:

  87. 24 Cups says:

    SA – I don’t have a problem with the fact that cats can’t swim:-)

  88. Bugs says:

    Those were cats???

    Holy cow… Spittin image though; you gotta admit.

    Polygonically contained, I square off as

    L. Bugs Potter, esq., Herzog of ze Abominable Habsuchtig Brigade, Markgraf of ze Fearsome Flanell Flausen Flank, und devoted minion of ze Habsbros Order:

  89. Jan_pronounced_Yan says:

    Why does the NHL have to be so bland? Why do we take issue with the slightest sign of personality/competitive spirit?

    Sometimes, I think it’s a damn shame that such a great sport like hockey gets wasted on such a stupid, joke of a league as the NHL. The priorities in this league are so messed up. Let’s whine and complain because Price strikes a pose, but driving a guy’s head into the boards from behind is okay.

    Adam, I’m curious as to what you think of Matt Duchene doing a little “Bang, Bang” dance after the Avalanche win. Or do you just take issue with Price’s poses and gestures?

  90. adam76 says:

    I’m not against posing or showboating – but unless the player does something extraordinarily, he looks like a punk.

    I wasn’t against OVIE doing the stick on fire, his was a huge accomplishment.  Price stopped a handful of mediocre shots in a shootout in Jan, no reason to pose.

    Price wins a playoff series – I hope he does river dance.

  91. jennifer1984 says:

    Bugs, tonight i have no wine or beer!

    so what’s going to happen?……if we lose is it because i’m not drinking?


    we were supposed to go out but the bf isnt feeling well.

  92. Bugs says:

    You got the brownies?

    Polygonically contained, I square off as

    L. Bugs Potter, esq., Herzog of ze Abominable Habsuchtig Brigade, Markgraf of ze Fearsome Flanell Flausen Flank, und devoted minion of ze Habsbros Order:

  93. jennifer1984 says:

    yeah there are a couple left!! i’ll go eat one right now.

  94. SmartDog says:

    A couple of guys came to play but the Pens showed us how to be
    aggressive and that (with a little slant from the refs) was the

    – Not Price’s best game.  (Understatement of the night.)

    – I have to say… is Travis Moen really an imporant part of this team?   I mean he’s okay on the PK and he can chase the puck but he’s like a dog chasing a car: no idea what to do with it when he catches it.   Terrible stone hands.

    – And Gill the magnificent with NO goals in 82 games.  Holy CRAP.  Leadership blah blah blah…. Price’ll score before he will.

    Don’t blame Pouliot.  He played with heart at least. 


  95. MTLForever says:

    Not Price’s best game but of course, what can ya do when your guys keep going to the box and not helping him out?


    Travis Moen, I have no idea anymore or I am not sure I ever did

  96. punkster says:

    I saw almost nothing of interest in this game worth commenting about. No emotion, no heart, zippo energy. Maybe I’ll watch the replay to see if there’s…naaa, that’d just be another hour of my miseable life wasted.

    Snow, damnit! I want to ski!!!


  97. fbkj says:

    smart dog theres some emotion here clouding your otherwise balanced posts

    are you complaining about gill’s goal production?


  98. Seps says:

    Yeah Gill is 6’7, 241 and no shot whatsoever, how does that work?

  99. observer says:

    fleury just made same pose price did last week.

  100. city center says:

    MAF directed that at Price.  Guess he wasn’t too hot on the pose last week.

  101. MTLForever says:

    i’d like to see fleury on a different team or with his top Dmen out. Plus he can’t say much or “pose” much..he didn’t play last game.

  102. Everlasting1 says:

    They can send Eller down now..that experiment is over.


    “We don’t see things as they are, but as we are.” – Anais Nin

    Don’t pollute the water.

  103. MTLForever says:

    That’s all you say? 

  104. fbkj says:


    eller was why we lost


    sorry for the strawman

  105. olematelot says:

    Eller played well, I guess you didn’t notice eh

  106. observer says:

    not one for excuses but last week penguins had tough game the night before and habs rested and waited for them. yesterday habs had tough game and they were already here waiting. habs did seem to run out of gas. both teams missing star player.

  107. Seps says:

    both teams missing star player.”


    You can’t even relate Cammalleiri to Crosby.  However if you meant Gorges and/or Markov I can sort of understand that.

  108. Nahlsy says:

    Bad break when Hulk Hogan jumped on the ice and whacked Plekanec with a chair, but the Pittsburgh manager was distracting the ref so he missed it. Vince McMahon needs to look into firing that guy, he falls for that manager’s got a sore knee gag every time I tell ya!

  109. habs63 says:

    HAHAHA Gold!

    so true too

  110. dre1744 says:

    Can’t win em all!!!!!!!!     Now lets move on.

  111. punkster says:

    Put it out, Monkey. NOW!


  112. fbkj says:

    this type of nonsense is not tollerated by habs fans, you must join us in our mission to run players out of town, then bitch at management for running them out of town

  113. terrygain says:

    Is lack of discipline a euphemism for not covering the short side?



    Did anyone notice how those Maple Leaf fans are such sheep? They support management no matter what. It’s no wonder they haven’t won in 43 years.

  114. smiler2729 says:

    D’you know what sucks? Waiting to get out of New York City in a snowstorm at 2 am after a hockey game while your next opponent for the following night is sitting waiting for you in your own barn…

  115. fbkj says:

    he had the perfect vantage point from the bench

    good on him though

  116. otter649 says:

    LeTang did it orginally “The Pose” after the game & then Fleury followed his lead……….

  117. Everlasting1 says:

    He’s not contributing killer instinct to drive the net nor take a shot.


    “We don’t see things as they are, but as we are.” – Anais Nin

    Don’t pollute the water.

  118. MTLForever says:

    if you’re gunna say that then there are other players to put into that category as well

  119. fbkj says:

    im sure you had him in another regard when he played for your fave team, so no bias in your point

    being said im equally defensive because of said bias, but at least im being fair

    if im not mistaken the pens didnt score when he was in the box

    so to suggest your pain comes from elsewhere, unless im wrong and i could be, is an understatement

  120. Everlasting1 says:

    I remain fair. I’m a Libra. He’s scored his two goals in 7 games with the Blues. Enuff said.


    “We don’t see things as they are, but as we are.” – Anais Nin

    Don’t pollute the water.

  121. fbkj says:

    im a twin, rendering the horroscope point moot

    other than that WHAT?

  122. Everlasting1 says:

    I’m a twin too actually, but how is that relevent? I don’t follow.


    “We don’t see things as they are, but as we are.” – Anais Nin

    Don’t pollute the water.

  123. fbkj says:

    meaning as a twin you learn early on that astrological signs only make sense if your a wiccan with burkenstalks

  124. Everlasting1 says:

    Stating my sign wasn’t a serious proclamation. My bro certainly doesn’t fit the profile..we don’t even look alike.


    “We don’t see things as they are, but as we are.” – Anais Nin

    Don’t pollute the water.

  125. SmartDog says:

    Well I’m kinda pissed off at that excuse for a game I just saw.

    But freakin Komiserik scores now and then. How can you be on the ice for 82 games and not score ONE goal.  Just stands out is all.  When I’m pissed.   And after watching guys skate around him.  And then there’s the booze…. oh, never mind!!


  126. punkster says:

    LOL. By the way, I liked your iPod request earlier. Interesting stuff soem people listen to out there. And some weird stuff some weird people listen to as well 😉


  127. fbkj says:

    last goal i remember by komi was against the leafs

    last goal i remember by gill was against the leafs


    ps: i get where your comming from but focus your anger bro

  128. light_n_tasty says:

    That would be awesome.  But the last goal Gill scored was against Florida, and the last goal Komisarek scored was against the Rangers.  Sorry.

  129. SmartDog says:

    A lotta metal.  A LOTTA metal.  No wonder there’s so much testosterone on here sometimes.


  130. habs365 says:

    powerplay’s won the game for pittsburgh…. pitts 4 – Habs 0

    without powerplays.. Habs 2 – Pitts 1

    what’s on the scoreboard count’s….good offence by pitts….not so good defence by Habs

  131. MTLForever says:



    You can’t stay in the game if you’re constantly in the box unless you have some sort of amazing shorthanded goal luck

  132. Everlasting1 says:

    Perhaps he’s following JM’s instructions to a tee..he’s been ineffective.


    “We don’t see things as they are, but as we are.” – Anais Nin

    Don’t pollute the water.

  133. fbkj says:

    what were the instructions?

  134. Everlasting1 says:

    “Go to the corner to Timmy’s and get me a, and grab me a donut with those sprinkles on it” 😛


    “We don’t see things as they are, but as we are.” – Anais Nin

    Don’t pollute the water.

  135. otter649 says:

    That was Pierre Maguire job when he was a so-called assistant coach in Pittsburg with Bob Johnson & Scotty Bowman…………

  136. ari says:

      Not Price’s best game,3rd goal killed us.

  137. MTLForever says:

    I like how that’s all you say? I knew people would just be on him.

    How about them penalties? We didn’t help him out.

  138. smiler2729 says:

    No kidding! For the whatever game in a row now Carey Price hasn’t scored a goal.

    It’s a team game.

  139. Seps says:

    That Price pose ordeal was blown way out of proportion.  He had a great game and closed it out with 6 stops in the SO.  He wasn’t taunting the Penguins but just enjoying the win.  Fleury does the pose when he wasn’t even tested and still lets in two goals, it’s not like he stood on his head tonight.

  140. smiler2729 says:

    So Price posing after a great shootout shutout last week is a big deal??? What about every time a skater scores a goal and they lift their sticks up or pump their fists???


  141. MTLForever says:

    I have to agree with you. Price was solid in that game and did a pose, who cares. Fleury doing it back was just dumb in my opinion, for lack of better words. He didn’t stand on his head, he didn’t stop shootout attempts from guys like Malkin. I don’t think Fleury is that great, the team in front of him helps a lot.

  142. bleublancrouge says:

    LOL Lack of discipline costs the habs? sorry but sitting at the bell centre watching the refs in 3d  their is no doubt that its more a lack of proper officiating year in and year out the nhl is a parity because these guys arent held accountable to any standards… or they are by bettmans standards… either way its a joke having lots of experience doesnt mean yoru a goof ref… it means your old cant see cant skate and have lots of experience blowing calls… pouliots slash? OK make up for missing the elbow to sid the kids head and keep the shitty US teams in the mix thats the NHL way… never wasting money on this poor excuse for product again

  143. Seps says:

    Did you even read my post?

  144. thehabsfan29 says:

    Observations from tonights game

    this one wasn’t price’s fault. he did let in one or two soft goals but when we take non stop stupid penaltys thats what happens


    spacek is useless. why did we sign this guy.  non stop turn overs, stupid decisions and and he is so easy to get by. he better get a assist for staal’s goal!

    I really hope hammer is not re signed. gets caught out of position alot,slow and bad turnovers

    Gill- it honestly looks like he cant stop anybody. very slow and pretty much the same as hammer nd spacek stupid decisions with the puck

    Moen is useless. why do we have him on our team


    Darche,pouliot,DD and plek were the only players that stood out tonight


    and i wouldnt be surprised if cammy asked to be traded. it might just be me but he seems unhappy with the habs this year. i really hope its not true. cammy is a key part of this team

  145. Seps says:

    Yeah Fleury is not a very good tendy.  Watch now everybody will let me know how he cough*Gonchar, Letang, Crosby, Malkin, Staal*cough has won a Stanley Cup.

  146. deggy24 says:

    Price sucked. Happens sometimes. Lack lustre effort on the back to back. Liked what I saw from Weber. Wiz sucked what I saw, and PK wasn’t much better.  Eller was really bad. Might be time to send him down. Bad reffing, if they are going to call Poulliot, they should have called the slash on AK at 11:24 in 3rd, no consistency.

    Totally outplayed for the first time in awhile. Turn the page.

  147. Seps says:

    Totally outplayed” might have something to do with leaving the airport at 2 a.m. last night.  Yeah you can say excuses, excuses but in the NHL any edge you can get makes a huge difference.

  148. kempie says:

    Man, you really can’t help yourself can ya?

  149. smiler2729 says:

    Of course I read it. I was agreeing with you and painting a broader picture and being pissed at why everybody else is making a big deal about the pose (the TSN ‘panel’)…

  150. Seps says:

    Oh ok haha.  I was hoping that was the case because I was thinking that’s what I was saying…

  151. Chuck says:

    There was nothing wrong with Price’s play. He might want one of those goals back, but it’s hard to hang 4 powerplay goals on the goaltender. Just one even-strength goal against. If your goalie serves that up for you, then you should win the game.

    Besides, he had a bunch of fantastic stops that kept it from being 5-2 even before the Habs took all of those penalties.

    Centre Hice: Bruins to unveil new look vs. Habs

  152. J_P says:

    THere wont exactly be people lining up to take cammy and his $6 million/year for the next 3 years.  I agree that he doesnt look happy to be a hab anymore.  Overall, i would say his attitude this season downright sucks.

  153. J_P says:

    -Theres definitely a reason why this team has only one all star, and its carey price. If Price doesnt stand on his head, the habs cant win.   Considering his GAA and SV%, wins, and number of starts, Id say this guy should definitely a hart finalist.  By definition, there is probably not one player who is more valuable to their team.

    -Where the heck is cammalleri? This guy doesnt do anything!  His attitude and body language this season have been extremely discouraging. 

    -Pittsburgh isnt exactly a bad team, and it was back to back games, so we shouldnt read too much into it. However, even the recent wins havent been impressive.  I still maintain that Martin needs to go.

    -Spacek, Hammer and Gill just can’t handle the minutes.  Back to back games is killer for them.  I dont see how the habs can re-sign these guys after the season (except for spacek who we are stuck with for another year).



  154. light_n_tasty says:

    You’re right.  Cammy does nothing.  It’s as if he wasn’t even playing tonight.

  155. Propwash says:

    Price let in two bad goals, granted, but throwing him under the bus
    is taking the easy way out. Look at the crap that happens before being
    scored on. It’s easy to blame a goalie, its harder to pick apart how the
    goal is scored.



    Goalies in Montreal have two roles, netminder and scapegoat. 

  156. GhostRider says:

    Damn straight.  His effort and consistency tonight while hugging the bowl due to the stomach bug simply wasn’t there.

  157. wild flower says:

    In a league where the margin of victory is often razor thin, I don’t think many coachs of playoff contention teams (like the Habs are) will be getting fired. Even with out consideration of his impressive record, recent playoff success and banged up team, Martin can probably rest easy.

  158. wild flower says:

    Last night, the Habs scored the weak goal, tonight they let it in. It happens to every team. Goaltending is not a problem for the Habs. I see Ty Conklin playing a few games these days – is Halak tired? The Flyers and Canucks are both just an injury or two away from being right were we want them. Before we get are collective panties in a twist, look at the standings, the Habs will likely make it and when they do, we have a few guys: Gomez, Gill, Gionta, ect who know when to turn it up. 

  159. keepthefaith says:

    Price made some unreal saves to even keep us in the game. One goal he should have had was a perfect pass…..from Spacek. PK and Eller both played way better than Weber.

    I agree on the reffing it was horrible.

  160. nunacanadien says:

    Price got what he deserved, he insulted the Penguins the last time he faced them with his famous insulting gestures.  Carey you gotta stop being a smart ass!

  161. punkster says:

    Why? You’re not.


  162. ari says:

    yes.penalties didn’t help ,but 3rd goal was bad and change  the game.,,,,we cant win all

  163. Seps says:

    Just as a heads up, people won’t take you seriously with that grammar/punctuation. LOL

  164. light_n_tasty says:

    Uh… case you didn’t notice, our team is very mediocre, so Price basically has to be perfect in order for us to win.  The Habs have won 3 times this year when the other team scores more than 2 goals.  From my count, we are 3-20 when we allow more than 2 goals in a game (OK, 3-17-3).  Awful.

    I guess the plus side to that is we haven’t lost yet when the opposition is held to 2 goals or less.  (i.e., when we have great goaltending, we win).

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