Game 34: Latendresse, Huet start trip with a win

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Canadiens’ Guillaume Latendresse (centre) celebrates the second of his goals with teammates.
Molly Riley, Reuters

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Guillaume Latendresse returned to the Canadiens lineup with a vengeance last night, and in so doing got his team’s six-game road trip off to a winning start.

Latendresse, a healthy scratch the past two games, scored his eighth and ninth goals of the season to help lift the Canadiens to a 5-2 victory over the Washington Capitals at the Verizon Centre.

Big marks, too, to goalie Cristobal Huet, who made 35 saves while making his first start in the last seven games. And a tip of the helmet to Canadiens veteran Mathieu Dandenault, who earned an assist in his 800th NHL game.

Latendresse got the Canadiens on the scoresheet first with a power-play goal at 18:15 of the first period, converting a pass from behind Capitals goalie Olaf Kolzig’s net off the stick of captain Saku Koivu.

Tomas Plekanec tallied his 11th at 6:33 of the second, slipping in a crisp, cross-ice pass from Alex Kovalev off the tip of Kolzig’s right pad. The Caps got that one back at 9:10 on the power play, Maxim Lapierre off for holding, with Niklas Backstrom banging one in a close range.

But the Habs went back up by two with Latendresse’s second of the night, Lapierre winning the faceoff to the stick of Dandenault. Dandenault redirected the puck to the deep slot to Latendresse, who drilled it home for his ninth.

The Canadiens weren’t exactly dominating their hosts; Montreal had just 11 shots (six and five) through two periods, compared to the 24 the Capitals shot at Habs goalie Cristobal Huet, returning to action after having sat out seven straight with a groin injury and as backup Tuesday to Carey Price.

Twenty-year-old rookie Sergei Kostitsyn then scored his milestone first NHL goal at 9:34 of the third period on the power play, tipping in a pass from Koivu from the slot. Koivu quickly retrieved the puck for a souvenir.

The Canadiens bench was still buzzing about that when Alexander Semin scored Washington’s second, at 10:08, left absolutely alone in front of Huet to whip in a hard wrist shot.

Mark Streit finished things off at 18:39, banging in the rebound of a Kyle Chipchura shot for his fifth goal of the year.

This was the Canadiens’ first six-game road swing since going 4-1-1 from Feb. 28-March 9, 2006. Montreal will not return home until Jan. 3 against Tampa Bay.


  1. Ian Cobb says:

    Habsrule! Very True and if you were to stand behind the other net looking like your picture, the score would be a perfect 10 to 0 GO HABS RULE!!

  2. hhl says:

    ok genious, and…….who would you hire?

  3. CHsam says:

    I agree. When its 5 on 5 in our zone and looks that bad, it reminds me of that old game where teh gopher pokes his head out of one of five holes and you try to hit it with the hammer.

  4. Renegade says:

    Shame, Huet was one of the main reasons they won.

    Did you get your date with Carey Price yet?

  5. Renegade says:

    On the point of the three fights that happened, the Chara and Laraque fights were just Chara tackling Laraque twice. The Crosby and Ference fight was actually quite interesting.

  6. T-roy West says:

    When are we ever going to match the other teams intensity? Message to Higgins – stop shooting the puck high on the goaltender. On a side note Crosby and Ference went at it and so did Chara and Laraque, twice!

  7. Renegade says:

    On the bright side, they have 2 shots and 2 goals in the second, thus maintaining a perfect shooting percentage throughout the period =)

  8. Renegade says:

    Carbonneau needs a one way ticket out of the organization. A new coach has been needed for over a year and a half now. Time to pull the trigger Gainey.

  9. downeast hab says:

    a period and half and being outshot 18 to 7. WHAT OFFENCE

  10. A. Berke says:

    I’m sorry but I don’t have all the answers, though, I’m tempted to say that, it appears to be:

    “play great and win one then muck up the next one and lose with a miserable showing with no explanation” ????

    Ali B.

  11. A. Berke says:

    everything being relative, I suspect that for players and other folks who are paid lofty seven digit salaries, those salaries may look rather normal and usual (nothing to get excited about). On the other hand, to us mortals who are NOT there in payscale, it would be very hard to comprehend why some of them are not motivated.

    Hey, I would be dancing in the streets for a ONE TIME a year’s worth pay of those players. I’ll even take not the highest but the average league pay.



    Ali B.

  12. Cams Habs says:

    It was reported somewhere the prjected top two look like:

    Kovalev – Koivu – Higgins

    A. Kostitsyn – Plekanec – S. Kostitsyn

    Not sure if this is true, trying to find out, unless someone knows for sure?

  13. mjames says:

    I will ask here – what is the style or system?


  14. mjames says:

    so what is the system Carbo would like to play but can’t? can you help me out here?


  15. LeClair says:

    Please Please everyone needs to relax. Huet starting tonight has nothing to do with Price sucking or anything of that nature. Yes he had a bit of an off game on Tuesday (I was there). It wasn’t so much the three goals he let up but his rebound control was not as good as usual either. But I don’t think there was any question that Huet was starting tonight as they have three games in the next four days. As for Ryder I think he has been playing better of late but he just doesn’t have the foot speed plus he is not much of a grinder so unless someone does the majority of the work for him he won’t be successful. Also his 30 goal seasons were a bit flattering considering about 75 percent of his goals have come on the powerplay.
    And for pleky14 I don’t agree. There are more good players then the ones you mentioned so you need to relax too.

    In closing I know it is frustrating to watch the team go up and down but that is the type of team we are. We are a team that will probably end up anywhere from 6th to 12th in the conference.

  16. HAB-PROFESSOR says:

    The boys match up well when playing against 1 line or 1 man teams…so tonight ‘should’ be a win.

    its the fast forechecking teams that seem to shut us down…is Washington that type of team?

    I don’t think Carbs made any errors in the lineup, although I would’ve sat Kostop instead of Ryder, but thats Carbs mentality, he’d rather keep a pk grinder instead of an almost 3 year 30goal scorer in the lineup. Anyway, Latron’s been given a chance (again) to show what he has…as well its a mistake moving kostjr off the 1st line, where can he play other than there or with his bro? …and Huet will carry the ball until he fumbles it at least 2 games (Huet would have to play 2 bad games before he’s yanked), Price needs to sit for a awhile and watch.

    the Saga continues…..

    until the problem in my picture is solved…we will not be Champions.
    Delenda Est Torontium….

  17. showey47 says:

    I don’t know how motivation could be a problem with this team. If you play in the biggest and loudest building in the league while putting on the jersey of one the greatest organizations in the history of team sports, there shouldn’t be much motivation required. Mind you the red,white and blue probably doesn’t have the nastalga(sp) it once had but if you get can’t get up for a game at the bell center then there are some deeper issues.

  18. TradeRyder says:

    You’re probably right… on all counts. Sad but true. Here’s a question for you: is it avoidable? I mean, we can sit here and even with the small amount we’re allowed to know I think we can make some pretty astute guesses as to the overall situation – even though we don’t know the particulars (who, why, conflicts, etc.). You would think that being inside and seeing more clearly, they could identify more readily what needs to be done, who needs to be moved, etc. But you are probably right because it’s going to take time for 4 things to happen, at least 3 of which probably need to happen.
    1. For our young guns to mature enough to see what they are worth – and to take the reigns. That will strengthen the team for sure.
    2. For any undesirables to become expendable enough to trade. (related to #1, and timing)
    3. For them to land the “missing piece” if it’s out there – a big effective centerman or a top goal-scoring winger. (this may be related to #1 too)
    4. For Carbo to mature a little more as a coach, and work out some of his own kinks. Let’s hope!

    So I guess you’re right. Might as well relax and enjoy the game – and hope it’s one where we come to play… lol I’d take a 50-50 chance at seeing a good Canadiens game over having no hockey worth watching cough-tsn-cough-laffs-cough!

    Cheers! (that’s me with a beer)

    Too late to trade Ryder now….shoulda listened!

  19. Angry Almond says:

    You see, it certainly depends. Did anyone hit the panic button when Ottawa lost 7 in a row!? Of course…fans these days expect too much. The Habs can compete with the best teams and win and the next night lose to the Kings or the Coyotes.

    The thing is to not jump on the team after EVERY game, win or lose. After the Flyers game and then the Leafs game, we were planning the parade route! Price makes one bad play, and we want to throw him under the bus. I’m sure Ken Dryden or Patrick Roy made similar gaffes during their tenure here, but we never called for their heads publically!

    We’re all too needy for immediate action…Bob Gainey’s a hockey guy…give him time. Last season wasn’t supposed to be a contender, but we contested for a playoff spot until the next to last day of the year (but what we did in that game is a whole other topic!)

    This team can play well…certainly not a favorite to win the cup, but at this point, who is?

  20. A. Berke says:

    You probably have a point with motivation being Carbo’s Achilles heel.

    Along with that, to Carbo’s possible credit, I’m wondering if some of the players who, supposedly are not buying to his style from get go, or the ones who don’t fit the system, have been indifferent to what Carbo is trying to implement?

    An attitude problem from the players may make the situation even worse (I think last year’s Samsonov & Kovi situation was a good example). Since we don’t know what exactly expires behind closed doors, we may have more of the same.

    It’s like having a new manager in a business environment and some of the existing employees may resent or oppose this mgr just because or any other reason. That’s why I think it’ll be a year or two before a clean-up of dissenters and acquiring the right players + bringing up the younger generation and ready the team for prime time.

    In the meantime we (the fans) will probably continue to suffer some more.


    Ali B.

  21. HabFab says:

    Impact player?
    Washington has an impact player (Ovechkin)- they’re dead last in the conference.
    Tampa Bay has a dream of a first line, top scorer in the league- they’re second to last in the conference.
    Pittsburgh has several impact players- they’re 10th in the conference

    This isn’t a single-player game. You want to trade valuable draft picks for 1 guy who might or might not score for us? All this talk of getting the impact player drives me crazy.. 60 minutes of hard hockey is what wins, not 1 guy.

    Besides, you build a team goalie out, which is exactly what’s being done.

  22. TradeRyder says:

    I think there’s something to that Ali, but based on what I’ve observed to date I strongly feel that player motivation is Carbo’s Achilles heal and that we’ll see that no matter who he has on the team… and it will be a problem long into the future.

    And I’m not ‘blaming’ anybody. But I do think it’s fair to talk about who’s responsibility it is to get the team – whatever its make-up – to play together. And wouldn’t that be nice!

    Too late to trade Ryder now….shoulda listened!

  23. A. Berke says:

    First I apologize for posting this a second time on this thread but, seeing again ad nauseam blames flying all over against Carbo, players etc., I feel I should make this one a bit more visible by posting again:

    IMO, trying to figure out why the players aren’t buying into the so-called game plan, or why Carbo can’t figure the players out, blah blah, is a waste of time.

    The truth is: as J.T. hit the nail on the head: “the real problem with the Habs is that they’re not a team built for any particular style. They’re not super fast, they don’t have great offence, and they don’t have the size and strength to play a defence-first style.”

    Exactly my opinion, in other words this is a mix-n-match team right now. Some of the players are heritage from previous managements (some may fit this management plans/system, and some may not be exactly what BG wants but has to keep right now), some of them acquired in the hope of fulfilling temporarily a specific need/role (from UFA’s who were willing to come to MTL), some of them are chosen by this management with future in mind and MOST of them are very young players who are in the process of learning what it means to be an nhl player of high caliber.

    Given this mix-n-match quality, it’s difficult to expect (obviously) steady and consistently good results, especially when some of the players do not fit in the system, period.

    So, it’s WRONG to put the blame squarely on Carbo (or Gainey) or even the players. It’s either a total team effort or not. When it’s “not” we get results like in the panthers game. Looks like, it may take another year or two to get the young ones to come up to speed plus acquire the “right” players for the system. Right now Carbo is trying to fit square pegs into round holes.

    In the meantime, if the whole team makes sure to play with the same determination and intensity as they played in the games that they won handily (i.e, 60 minutes), with or without a system, we (the team) will still have a lot more wins. That’s the bottom line.

    Besides, Forehecking, backchecking, winning along the boards, keeping and passing the puck etc. etc., WHY do the players need a system that they “like” to do these basic work anyways?

    The rest is, as my mom used to say, akin to beating water in a pestle.


    Ali B.

  24. A. Berke says:

    IMO, trying to figure out why the players aren’t buying into the so-called game plan, or why Carbo can’t figure the players out, blah blah, is a waste of time.

    The truth is: as J.T. hit the nail on the head: “the real problem with the Habs is that they’re not a team built for any particular style. They’re not super fast, they don’t have great offence, and they don’t have the size and strength to play a defence-first style.”

    Exactly my opinion, in other words this is a mix-n-match team right now. Some of the players are heritage from previous management (some may fit this management plans, and some may not be exactly what BG wants but has to keep right now), some of them acquired to fulfill temporarily a specific need/role (from UFA’s who were willing to come to MTL), some of them are chosen by this management with future in mind and MOST of them are very young players who are in the process of learning what it means to be an nhl player of high caliber.

    Given this mix-n-match quality, it’s difficult to expect (obviously) steady and consistently good results, especially when some of the players do not fit the system, period.

    So, it’s WRONG to put the blame squarely on Carbo (or Gainey) or the players. It’s a total team effort or not. When it’s “not” we get results like in the panthers game. Looks like, it may take another year or two to get the young ones to come up to speed and acquire the “right” players for the system.

    In the meantime, if the whole team makes sure to play as they played in the games that they won handily (i.e, 60 minutes), with or without a system, we (the team) will still have a lot more wins. That’s the bottom line.

    The rest is, as my mom used to say, akin to beating words in a pestle.


    Ali B.

  25. Blitzen says:

    I’ll have some of what you’re having.

  26. TradeRyder says:

    It was a loooonnngggg time before he benched him. Though I think this is just another point that Carbo’s weakness is that he doesn’t know how to finesse these things. Whatever he’s tried to do – he hasn’t gotten goals out of Michael Ryder. And it’s the results that count.

    Too late to trade Ryder now….shoulda listened!

  27. Habs fan in SF says:

    i don’t really think it’s anyone in particular. it’s a combo. first, it’s ryder’s fault for not scoring … and he then placed himself in such a rut that now the coach is benching him – which i think is a mistake because you need to play him more in order for him get out of his funk and get his confidence back. benching him will only make him pissed off, and it will lessen his trade value. you think another team is going to give up much for a slumping player who’s being benched? we need ryder. we need him more than what we’ll get in return for him.

  28. TradeRyder says:

    Probably. And to pick up our previous discussion… if someone was most responsible for not letting that happen, who would it be?

    Too late to trade Ryder now….shoulda listened!

  29. Habs fan in SF says:

    prediction: we trade ryder for absolutely nothing and he goes on to score 50 goals next season.

  30. TradeRyder says:

    Apparently (TSN) Ryder is sitting to make room for Lats.

    We need size up front to play Washington? I would think speed….
    Too late to trade Ryder now….shoulda listened!

  31. 24cups says:

    Amen to that. I am a Canadians fan. Not a fan of any particular player or previous years teams. I wish that the players realized that they are playing for the “canadians” not for themselves.

  32. Angry Almond says:

    FANS? Yup…you all here need to give your heads a shake! We’re Montreal Canadiens fans…the most storied franchise in HISTORY!!! Hey, there were bleak periods in the past, and even when there were only 6 teams in the league!

    Take your current team, anyone of you, and put together a trade that makes sense! I dare you…

    We desperately need 1 or 2 players that whenever they get the puck, the other team takes notice. Unfortunately, there are only a handful of those players in the NHL right now: Ovechkin, Crosby, Kovalchuk and a couple of others. Do you know what we’d have to give up to get one? 4-5 guys or 3-4 plus picks!?!? The Habs are a couple of years from being much stronger by letting their youth make some mistakes NOW in exchange for LATER. One game against Florida shouldn’t be the end of the world, nor should games against a tired Toronto team or a flat Flyers team.

    Judge this team in 4 semesters, after 15 games, 30 games, 55 and then 82. Injuries happen, streaks happen, droughts happen (Michael?)…all good teams ride them out. New Jersey was off to a horrible start as Marty Brodeur played very average…he’s back and they’re doing better. Even future hall of famers have droughts (Brett Favre anyone?).

    In the words of a famous person:


    Chill out…and have a happy holiday season!

  33. Habs_008 says:

    Keep the dream alive buddy!

  34. TradeRyder says:

    Hey SF,

    You’re right there are a lot of dreaming habs fans. One just posted two above this about coming back from the road trip with Ovechkin or Lecalvalier (and I heard it was Ryder, Breezer, and THREE bags of pucks for Crosby!).

    So I agree with you completely except for one thing. I’m not a Carbo-basher… I used to defend him, and actually I like him as a coach. He’s a smart hockey man who has done alot right or the team wouldn’t be winning a lot of games, the Power Play wouldn’t dominate etc.

    But I think he has to take more responsibility for when things go wrong, and especially for these bad games… there is something going wrong on the coaching side. And his calling out Price leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I wonder if he is the guy to lead a young team. He seems to not have a handle on the teams motivation. And with young players especially, this is important. So not bashing him, just raising what I think is a concern. Gainey overall I think has done a very good job – at least average or above for the league. Certainly we have a lot of good young players and prospects now, and the addition of Hamrlik was a good one.

    Too late to trade Ryder now….shoulda listened!

  35. RiverviewCanadien says:

    Media is to blame in most cases for how fans will react. They make a player seem to be a phenom before they have even played one NHL game. We have a good team this year, better than last year, playoffs will come, and will get by first round

    Come on HABS fans, keep the faith and the excellent posts

    GO HABS GO!!!

  36. Habsrule1 says:

    I’m convinced.

    This team is full of Hall of Famers, so Carb’s the problem.

    I stand corrected.

    Go Habs Go!!


  37. Odie Clegorn says:

    We are now about to enter the Habs’ equivalent of the twilight zone, the annual Christmas crisis road trip, and here’s how I would define a succesful outcome: we return with either Hossa, Lecavalier or Ovechkin, not necessarily in that order. Or even better, a combo of those three.

    Yes, I know, there’s a trade freeze on right now but that doesn’t mean deals can’t be discussed.

    And what better time of year than now to go searching for three wise men and a star?

    Merry Christmas everybody.

  38. Habs fan in SF says:

    ok, so maybe i jumped the gun a little on this talk thread, but i’m going off of people’s opinions on here in general. i’m from montreal. i grew up there. i know what montreal fans are like. i’m one of them. but we can all agree that montreal fans are fickle. a lot of montreal fans on here dream up these fantasy trades of packaging breezer, ryder, and a bag of pucks for sidney crosby (that was a slight exaggeration – but you get my point). and all of this carbo bashing? and Gainey bashing?? he’s done a good job and he lost his daughter last year. show some respect.

    what this team needs is an overhaul. bring up the kids. trade the vets for prospects and draft picks. going young is the key.

  39. TradeRyder says:

    Hey SF.

    Only one person said “Price sucks” and it’s some guy named Spider Man (i.e. probably some kid). So don’t make such a big deal of it. In fact to say “hab fans are the worst!” based on one kid’s comment in a forum with a lot of good discussion is about the same as yelling out “Price sucks!” in a forum with a lot of good discussion. So in my books, you’re not that far from Spider Man. Goblin? Octapus? lol Anyway… chill!

    Too late to trade Ryder now….shoulda listened!

  40. WindsorHab-10 says:

    Another example of how clueless Carbonneau is.

  41. habs fan in san francisco says:

    oh my god. habs fans are the worst! so hot and cold. now you’re saying price sucks??? jesus! and all of these bogus trades you guys dream up? the truth is we are an average team at best. i have some faith in Gainey that he is steering this team in the right direction. you have to have a little patience to ride this out. i think Gainey is smart enough to do his job.

  42. TradeRyder says:

    Hey Habsrule. It must be dark where you are so I am not sure how you know where my head is.

    But Carbo ultimately is responsible for the play of his team. See further down for a whole discussion on this between others and myself. But the bottom line is:

    1. “The buck stops here”. The Coach is the boss, and the boss needs to know how to motivate his workers to work. This team has motivation problems. Carbo needs to figure them out. You can’t just cuss your team out because they are not working together – you need to figure out how to motivate them. Or (by the way) you lose your job! Even in the NEW NHL, it’s that simple.

    2. Players like Koivu that played with passion every game until this year should be a warning that something is wrong on the coaching side. Koivu is not a quitter or lazy. But this year for the first time he sometimes plays like he goes through the motions.

    3. It’s not the coaches job to say “here is the system – do it”. As Belair says down below, communication is key. Great coaches are great communicators – and great judges of character. We all know the game is half mental (or more). So a coach needs to win the mental game. This is where we are soft – our mental game. Where does that come from?

    What are you going to do – keep switching players until you find a set that likes the way Carbo coaches? Bon chance!

    Too late to trade Ryder now….shoulda listened!

  43. WindsorHab-10 says:

    Amen to that.

  44. WindsorHab-10 says:

    How many times has this team put in a 60 minute effort? You can count them on one hand and that’s because there’s no system in place or whatever Carbo’s system is, the team isn’t buying it.

  45. ebk says:

    price played in the WHL for most of the last year. Only went to the AHL after the WHL season was over

  46. TradeRyder says:

    Don’t forget Hamrlik. His team leading plus-seven and steady play are really stinking up the rink!

    Too late to trade Ryder now….shoulda listened!

  47. TradeRyder says:

    AHA! FYI – I AM the one who makes the kids eat – I am the cook!!! And to take your analogy there: You can’t force feed kids the things they hate – some have gag reflexes even to certain foods… no point in going strongly against nature! So you figure out which things are good for them, and which ones of those they will tolerate, and then you make a structured system they follow. In my case the rule is that you can leave one thing on your plate – but if you leave more than that you get no desert, and nothing to eat for at least 90 minutes after supper. Now if I always served things they hate, they’d just go hungry. But they find the meals good overall, even if they have to sometimes stomach some things they’re not thrilled about and they don’t revolt because they find the overall system reasonable and they know both the consequences and my intentions.

    So to carry it to hockey – you are right, you need to see the players you have and what their strengths are. In our case it seems Carbs has succeeded in more defensive play out of the whole team – that is, ON NIGHTS WHEN THEY SHOW UP. So I wonder if they are not showing up some nights because they ARE revolting.. or gagging even.. .because they are being stifled from playing an offensive game too. Or in other words – the meals are just not at all to their liking – so why play? Or at least – why play with passion. I think something like that is going on. I think Carbo is turning the players off in some way and they are TRYING to do it, but it’s either just not a match for their style (loving what you do is important – even if you’re being paid millions to do it), or he’s p—ing them off in some other way – blame for example is a huge de-motivator. For example, if I BLAMED my kids often for not eating, we’d be in a struggle and thigns would be more difficult. But I don’t. I just let the rules do the talking. You don’t want to eat – don’t. The consequences are right there. In Carb’s case – you don’t want to play with passion don’t! But the problem is the WHOLE team is not playing with passion. If I had 20 kids and none of them ate… the problem would be mine. And there things come full circle. The problem is Carbo’s…. not to FORCE everyone into his mold, but to find a mold that fits and properly teach, and enforce it. Maybe the mold doesn’t fit – or maybe he’s got some maladaptive ways of motivating (this is what I think).

    Too late to trade Ryder now….shoulda listened!

  48. belair57 says:

    Can you please explain what that system is?
    Three strikes against Carbo.
    #1 A comment by him that was repeated on several occasions. “I sleep very comfortably at nights wheather we win or loose” DO YOU CARE?
    #2 Never ever call out your players in public, that includes the veterans as much as the youth. Calling out veterans will have an effect on the youth too.
    #3 Comments of yesterday, “I don’t know, create a system that is easy to follow” Key words being, “I don’t know” WHAT ARE YOU BEING PAID FOR AGAIN?
    COMMUNICATION is a big part of everyones life no matter what field you work in. I don’t think Carbo has the ability to communicate with his players. Don’t get me wrong, I loved him as a player, but not all great players can become great coaches or even communicaters.
    If you go back in history, not only in hockey, in every pro sport, greatest coaches ( Lombardi, Bowman to name a few) have all been great communicators which in return will get the best out of your players. Carbo does not have this ability, maybe he will in the future, but before it is to late and we demoralize our youth and tick off our veterans something must be done. I believe that the veterans who are on this team still care about the CH.

  49. mjames says:

    Okay – please tell us what his system is. I do not expect an answer because I do not think you know but do me a favor and have a go.


  50. Blitzen says:

    I may be wrong but didn’t Price start off slowly last year in Hamilton but finished extremely strong?

    Anyway…Go Habs Go!

    I think they’ll destroy the Caps tonight.

  51. mjames says:

    You sure you don’t want to rethink that observation. I am sure there would be a lot of teams lining up to pick over the player’s you excluded. Hummm for instance the two K’s would like good in Ottawa, Washington, etc. Let’s see what do we have on defense that someone might use.

    I would do a deal with you any day. You sound like the guy that bought the Brooklyn bridge.


  52. The Cat says:

    Price does not suck. He is just average right now which is all we can ask of him. People have such unrealistic high expectations of him for this year. If next year he’s still with the same numbers, then you can say he sucks.

  53. Habsrule1 says:

    We don’t want you back on the bandwagon at your convenience.

    It’s called sticking with your team through good & bad.

    Laffs/Sens fan in your previous life?

    Go Habs Go!!


  54. J.T. says:

    Ha! If you were responsible for feeding little kids, you would know there’s not a damn thing you can do to make them eat something they don’t want. You can grate up the vegetables and hide them, but they see the bits of green and revolt. They don’t go for funny faces made from food, or for dips, or threats or bribes. Bottom line…if they don’t like it, they won’t eat it. It’s not the parent’s job to force-feed kids something they hate. It’s the parent’s job to make sure the kids get the nutrition they need in a form they’ll accept. In my experience, that means giving them something they DO like instead of forcing the the thing they don’t.

    To drag the analogy over into the rink, there’s no point in forcing a team to play a style to which it’s not suited because it won’t buy into the plan. If the team is built for speed and offence, and enjoys playing that style, it shouldn’t be asked to play a defensive shell or trap.

    Now, that said, the real problem with the Habs is that they’re not a team built for any particular style. They’re not super fast, they don’t have great offence, and they don’t have the size and strength to play a defence-first style. They’re a team that relies on hard work to win. Getting to the puck first, clearing their zone efficiently and dumping the puck into the opposing zone and beating the other team to it. If they come out flat, and they’re not outworking the other team, their great offence or speed, or tight D isn’t there to save them.

    Carbo is doing what he can to make the hockey equivalent of green vegetables palatable, and he doesn’t always succeed.

  55. krob1000 says:

    Where are you reading that??

  56. Habsrule1 says:

    Wait for it….

    Carbo is crazy for taking Sergei out.

    Last week he was crazy for not giving Ryder a chance.

    Go Habs Go!!


  57. Habsrule1 says:

    Most of you let the players off the hook so easily by CONSTANTLY blaming the coach!

    The coach can only do so much. The players need to step up and TAKE THE BLAME like men.

    I believe Carbo’s system works because we have seen plain as day how they can win when they put in a 60 MINUTE EFFORT.

    Please…get your heads out of your asses.

    Go Habs Go!!


  58. Hoegarden says:

    So, Ryder is back on the first line tonight and likely for the whole trip. Do we read “Last chance” here ???

    Young Sergei will sit this one out but I sure hope he does return to the lineup very soon, as in Saturday.

    I sure hope this musical chair crap won’t last much longer.

  59. Habsrule1 says:

    Good point Pleky….

    Komisarek, Markov, and Huet have been so brutal. Not to mention Chipchura.

    Can we put some thought into our posts people?!?

    Go Habs Go !!


  60. Pleky14 says:

    Pleckance, Koivu, Higgins, Kovelav, and Price are the only players the Habs have that are good!!!!!

  61. Pleky14 says:

    Pleckance, Koivu, Higgins, Kovelav, and Price are the only players the Habs have that are good!!!!!

  62. Pleky14 says:

    Huet is starting and Price doesn’t suck!!! Like your any better!!!!!!!!!!!

  63. Pleky14 says:


  64. Pleky14 says:

    Price doesn’t suck!!!!!!!!!He’s just tired after playing a lot of games!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  65. rogus says:

    I agree. If I told my boss “I don’t know” I’m pretty sure I’d be looking for a new job…

    let’s just hope he sticks with the same lines and tries to build some consistency. Kosti Jr. really impresses me on the 1st line.

  66. P St. Pierre says:

    I like both goalies, but I really question people who are saying that Price sucks. Excuse me, but this guy has played very very well for a 20 year old at the most difficult position on the team. I’ve been quite happy with his performances. He’s going to be great.

  67. TradeRyder says:

    I agree. I ignore the people who blame the goalie – especially a rookie goalie… or anyone who blames any single player.

    But I think saddling the coach with the burden of righting the ship is appropriate. “The buck stops here”… and really, there is something odd going on with the team. The guy who is paid to figure it out and correct it is Carbo. I am not going to harp on any one thing that he’s done – I don’t think that is fair either…. he’s made some good gambles and some bad ones. But I DO think it is right to expect him to figure out how to get the team to come to play every night. And that when he goes to the media and says “I don’t know what’s happening” he should ask his staff, his boss, and his peers and talk it around until he does know. “I don’t know” is not good enough.

    Too late to trade Ryder now….shoulda listened!

  68. rogus says:

    By the way you guys complain about Price, you’d think he was Raycroft! Give the kid a break, he misplays the puck ONCE last game and the “fans” want him crucified??? If no one has noticed, Price’s stellar play and puck control had a major part in beating Philly. All goalies make mistakes, Huet is also a master of the late game softy. Remember “the” Leafs game last year? I guess blaming the coach, the goalie, the Capitane are all easy things to do. Would Price get off the hook easier if he was Carey Latendresse??? I think the fate of the team rests on…the team. One player alone will not win games and after years of having a mediocre team, us Habs fans expect out ‘tenders to bail us out. Was Montreal even on the ice in the first period last game? Yeah, blame the goalie?!? LOL

  69. TradeRyder says:


    “It’s puzzling,” Carbonneau said. “The hardest thing for a coach is that you create a system that’s simple and easy to follow. You ask the guys to show up and work hard, not that you’re going to win every game, but you have a chance to win.”

    I like Carbo. But what’s wrong with this is it sounds like a parent complaining “I made a nice meal, but they won’t eat it”. It’s a parent’s job to get kids to eat their vegetables. If the kids aren’t eating the parent needs to figure out a plan to change that.

    Carbo’s job to figure out why his team doesn’t show up to play half the time – and fix it. He admits it’s puzzling – that’s good… you need to acknowledge the problem. But the thought that he really has NO IDEA why the team seems uninterested in playing is disturbing. I think Carbo, like a player, needs time. I think he’s done a lot of good things and may eventually, or even soon, be a very good NHL coach. And I can take the line changes – hell, that’s his job! But what I can’t take that he doesn’t know what is eating his team. Is it the inconsistency on HIS part? Is it the public criticism of the players that in some ways deserve it least (Koivu, Price). Is it the lloooonnnggg patience shown to certain players (Ryder, Lats). If I can speculate… without having any inside knowledge, he should KNOW. The fact that he seems totally befuddled says to me: a) he’s not very insightful and b) he’s not listening to those around him. Because they know. They must. People in the organization know. Why aren’t they telling him – or are they and he’s not able to adapt? Regardless, it’s HIS job to find out – and fix it. And soon. Or he’ll be the one going hungry.

    Too late to trade Ryder now….shoulda listened!

  70. Spider-Man NL says:

    I should start calling Price the goalie version of Alexandre Daigle…..God! I sure hope Huet is in goal tonight because Price sucks.

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