Game 31: Canadiens roll over Flyers 4-1

Canadiens defenceman Mike Komisarek congratulates goaltender Carey Price after tonight’s victory over the Flyers in Philadephia.
Len Redkoles, NHLI via Getty Images

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Most of it was the game that Canadiens fans were waiting, even praying for, and could well be what gets their team’s engine running on all cylinders again heading into the club’s final two home games of 2007.

Montreal offered a mostly solid performance on Wachovia Centre ice tonight, albeit one with a few lapses of discipline, to defeat the Philadelphia Flyers 4-1.

Now, we’ll see whether the Habs can bottle the hard-earned W and uncork it Saturday night at the Bell Centre against their forever rivals, the Toronto Maple Leafs, who will arrive in Montreal in the wee hours of game day, playing the Thrashers in Atlanta on Friday night.

Canadiens’ Mark Streit had two goals tonight, the first two-goal game of his NHL career, joined on the scoresheet by Christopher Higgins and Andrei Kostitsyn.

Tomas Plekanec had a pair of assists, while Montreal goalie Carey Price made 30 saves to earn the victory, the Habs firing 23 on Flyers’ Antero Niitymaki.

Sergei Kostitsyn didn’t figure in any scoring in his NHL debut, but played 12:35 and never looked out of place. He figures to make a name for himself on the Canadiens, in a hurry.

Higgins opened the scoring for the Habs at 8:17 of the first period on the power play, Flyers’ Scott Hartness off for slashing.

His 13th goal of the season and fourth in his last six games was the outgrowth of some beautiful puck-control work by flu-weakened captain Saku Koivu, who weaved deep into Flyers ice before threading a pass through the slot to Andrei Markov. The pinched-in defenceman whipped a pass back cross-ice to Higgins, who buried a short wrist shot from the edge of the crease past Niitymaki.

The ice was still wet in the second period when Kostitsyn made it 2-0 at 21 seconds with his fifth of the season. Centre Tomas Plekanec capitalized on a botched Flyers rush, raced the puck up ice along the left boards and perfectly fed Kostitsyn, who had sprinted in and gotten behind a Philadelphia defender for the tip-in.

Philly’s famous boo-birds were in full voice at 5:01 when Streit scored his third of the year to put the Canadiens up 3-0, banging home a sharp pass sent out from behind the net by Alex Kovalev. It came on the power play, Montreal’s fourth man-advantage situation of the game until then.

And then Streit struck again at 9:58. Centre Maxim Lapierre won the draw deep in Philadelphia ice and battled to feed the puck to Tom Kostopoulos, who sent a terrific pass through to Streit at Niitymaki’s side, untouched behind Flyers defenceman Rory Fitzpatrick.

The Flyers finally got on the board at 15:52, Mike Knuble having a pass from Mike Richards deflect off his left skate behind Price with Montreal defenceman Ryan O’Byrne serving a hooking minor. It was the uncommonly disciplined Habs’ first penalty of the game.

But that good behaviour was to end, and only good penalty-killing saved the Habs bacon in the next few minutes.

Philadelphia was gifted with a four-minute power-play 59 seconds after Philly’s goal, Kyle Chipchura cutting Flyers’ R.J. Umberger with a high stick. The Habs killed off the first two minutes of that when defenceman Roman Hamrlik took a bad minor for roughing at Price’s side after the whistle at 18:50, giving Philly a period-spanning 5-on-3 for 1:59. But the Habs weathered it without damage.

O’Byrne took a holding penalty behind his own net at 2:38 of the third, missing a check on Joffrey Lupil and clutching him instead, but was helped out when Lupil held Koivu 50 seconds later to even the sides.

The Canadiens were 2-4-2 in their eight games heading into tonight’s contest, having dropped a 3-2 shootout decision on Tuesday to the road-lowly Tampa Bay Lightning at the black hole otherwise known as the Bell Centre.

Statistically, the Habs held the edge over: the Flyers, (16-11-2), who haven’t beaten the 15-11-5 Canadiens since Nov. 25, 2006. They did that – where else? – at the Bell Centre.

The Canadiens returned home immediately after the victory and practise Friday in preparation for Saturday’s game against the Maple Leafs, hoping to avoid losing a franchise-equalling seventh consecutive game on Montreal ice.


  1. habsfan80 says:

    habs 5 phil 1
    Koivu 2G 1A
    K.jr 1G
    kovalev 1G 1A
    markov 1G 1A
    Higgens 2A 1A
    streit 1A
    mtl 37 phi 26

    I could be right ( i hope )

    Go habs Go
    #25 in 09

  2. 24 Cups says:

    Two more quick points on the same theme. It has been said that the player who historically has displayed the most dedication and allegiance to his team is the one that was originally drafted by that team. Traded players and free agents usually don’t form as strong a bond with their new franchise.
    Also, the really big name superstars all seem to be re-signing with their present teams and therefore are not available on the open market (Thornton, Iginla, Heatley, Crosby, Datsyuk). The free agents that do get signed are usually the next tier down and don’t represent good value for the money and length of contract that they receive. (Briere, Gomez, Drury, Hamrlik, Souray, Kariya, Khabibulin) It’s an important point because once a team (such as us!) rolls the dice and signs a UFA player or two they quickly are at the point of no return re the cap hit and length of deal. As an example, if Gomez and Drury don’t live up to expectations then the Rangers will feel the repercussions for years. There might just be something to be said as far as Gainey being a cautious GM.

    The Original 24 Cups

  3. jshakka says:

    We should win 2nite. Like i said, yesterday, the young Kid has to be on the first line , and thats what’s rumoured to happen. Carbo has to leave that line alone for at least 10 games to see what this kid can do, and i know he can. Ryder will find his groove again, he’s 2 good.

  4. Bouleau noir says:

    Hight profile UFA always receive multiple offers and can afford to be selective.

    1) Hight scorers will joint teams that nurture the offensive element of the game,…. they will stay away from defensive minded coachs and organizations.

    2) Then, they will check the winning record of such team and then pick the one being the closest to fight for the Cup.

    Those two conditions is all they really care about,.. thats were the fun is.. and they all know that they will compete at their best under such condition.

    One of the main reason that The Detroit Red Wings hasn’t missed the play-offs in the last 15 years has alot to do with how easy for them it is to attract and signe hight grade UFA when the need arises,…. they simply have the right formula as a team to be attractive to the UFA.. and that is quite an asset to have as an organization.

    Its time we do the same.

  5. Bouleau noir says:

    According to Perron (exHabs coach,86 StanleyCup) Gainey offered his resignation at some point after the lost of his daughter,… but Gillett prefered not accepting it proposing instead having Gauthier playing a larger role as assistant-manager.

    Had I been in Gainey shoes I would have felt and done the same thing,.. Perron’s story only show how integrally honest a man Gainey is.

    The other side of the story was about how it is playing itself out in the present and what affect it had on our organization,…. but I missed that part also switching to ” la Zone “.

  6. HAB-PROFESSOR says:

    as i posted below – tonight we turn it around..on one condition CARB.

    STRIET has to MOVE BACK TO D and take BRIS position
    Kostyjr with Koivu or his brother

    (Gorges should see ice against fast team like Buff)

    until the problem in my picture is solved…we will not be Champions.

  7. HAB-PROFESSOR says:

    your post reminded me of how Souray would skate at FULL TILT across the ice anytime anything crazy was about to happen to our talent…and then he was the crazy one in the heat of the action ready to take on any idiot that DARED cheapshot one of our ‘stars’ —recall Kovalev/Tucker incident.

    now who is going to do it?

    thus my picture and statement below.

    (although I’ve already stated in a post below..tonight it all turns around.)

    until the problem in my picture is solved…we will not be Champions.

  8. krob1000 says:

    Sadly we have no control over the Quebec language issue and it does impact us. The taxes are also a concern but there was a time when everyone wanted to paly in Montreal and I think we can get there again. The same thing heppened with the Yankees as there organization was in terrible shape for the 1980’s and early 90’s and then they restored their image and now it is the place to play. yes money is a hgue factor but I think from a business perspective the Canadiens need to reestablish themselves as the go to franchise and winningest int he sport.

    This should mean something to all who enjoy hockey regardless of favourite team. It did when I was a kid and noone could deny what the Canadiens had done for the league and they still can’t. The next Canadiens superstar will be a legend beyond legends because we have been starved for so long. It is no cooincidence that Markov is leading the East all star vote getters as people really would like Montreal to succeed(even people who will never admit it). The Canadiens returning to glory is imperative to the sport itself as is the case with any of the original six. If the game ever loses one of those franchises it’s days are numbered.

    If we go this draft route and have players who don’t want to be there and are just biding their time to leave is that any better????Talent wouldn’t even matter if that is the case.

  9. johnny boy says:

    Gainey hasn’t been the same fiery leader since last year’s tragedy. Remember when he blasted all us fans because of incessant Brisebois bashing? I’m surprised he hasn’t come out and issued any kind of vote of confidence for his coach…. unless that is he is not confident in Carbo at all.

  10. ZepFan2 says:

    I heard it on the news here. No mention of Ryder sitting out though. Hmm

  11. Ian Cobb says:

    Krob1000-Thanks for your responce to my post. If you are right and the players have a great say where they want to play, and remember at 26 or 30 years of age and free agents, most of them have young families that would reside in the city that they chose to play in.

    Don’t get me wrong for what i am about to say, as i am a former homeless kid from Mtl. who was taken in by members of this great organisation. And i know what an amaseing city Mtl. is.

    But if i was a young free agent today would i pick Quebec to bring my young family too, i wonder. I started thinking about that after reading on this site about why players would not come to Quebec.

    They were talking about higest tax.s in canada, what schools there kids would have to attend in Quebec and a few more reasons that i can,t remember. So i’m not sure that we can attract the top free agent market. I still feel the way to the top is through the draft and develop our own. I wonder what others think along this line. Thanks IAN

  12. krob1000 says:

    I think tonight is going to be a very physical game and I hope you guys are wrong and Ryder dresses as he is one of our better hitters (forwards). If we sit him it totally negates the addition of Kosty jr. Another offensive player in the mix is what we need not replacing one.

    I also think tonight there will be at least one fight and I am betting on Lapierre being involved if it is not Kostopolous. I think he has been waiting for a middleweight and it would be a great trade for us if he could coax Mike Richards into something. It awould be a perfect win-win situation for him as he may win the fight and if not at least he is pulling the Flyers best all around player with him.

  13. The Cat says:

    We can win tonight. Flyers ought to be in classic let-down mode after their Pittsburgh game and we own Nittymaki.

  14. Hoegarden says:

    I can confirm it. I immediately switched to “La zone” on Radio-Canada following this cheap comment.
    Reliable source or not, he’s no longer in the Habs organization.
    He also mentioned that Gainey’s state of mind is at an all time low and that family issues (Lara) are much more important at the moment. Very sad to hear.

    So, it’s heads-up hockey tonight for the boys. That may, I repeat may wake some of them up.

    My real concern this year is that at the moment we stand 25th in Face-offs and 27th in PK and yet we have 3 coaches who made a living playing defensive hockey.

    All the bragging about our superior speed is also a joke.

    Bring in Eric Desjardins to look after our young D-men and let Jarvis worry about the PK only/only.

  15. Scotty90 says:

    Saw that on RDS site. They also say that Ryder is sitting out tonight. I didn’t think he played that badly last game, he was more involved, and did some moves that I hadn’t seen him do in a long while. I’m surprised!

  16. Scotty90 says:

    I would like to see Montreal come out with a win tonight but I don’t think its going to happen. If for any reason the Flyers start falling behind they will begin their intimidation tactics and turn things around. I fear we may lose a couple of guys to injury from cheap shots, dangerous hits or fight related (re-arranged face). I mean, if they start throwing their weight around do you think they will back-off when Kostopoulos comes on the ice? I Doubt it! I just feel bad for him for being put in that situation. Komi can’t help.. he may be big and strong but the league knows him and knows that he can’t defend himself; all they need do is not get caught in a bear hug. As for Bouillon, he’s the only one in my opinion that can fight but he is at a great disadvantage size-wise.

    Here’s hoping that Kosti junior doesn’t get roughed up too much; I would hate seeing him get rid of the puck quickly to stay out of harms way, and get returned to Hamilton because of it. Didn’t Kosti sr. get attacked last time they played the Flyers?

    What are your thoughts?

  17. ZepFan2 says:

    It’s official. Kosty the second will be on the 1st line. At least that’s what is being reported.

  18. Derek2 says:

    Agree – depends on who he plays with. Carbo might put him on checking line. We seem to be able to destroy any bit of offensive talent that comes up through our organization.

  19. joe-hab-nuno says:

    Perron looks and sounds like he’s drunk out of his mind on every show.
    Didn’t hear anything about it, hope it’s not true. I haven’t given up on Bob and probably never will.

  20. joe-hab-nuno says:

    So much for my first choices for the first 2 lines.

    Higgins-Koivu-Kovelev (seeing it has been the only combination that’s hasn’t been used)

    Kots-Pleks-Kotsjr (could be used as a motivational tool for both brothers in the same line and Pleks could play with almost anybody)

  21. AdamG says:

    i doubt anything at all will happen, even if we lose these 2 games 10-1 combined.

    but i could see carbo getting the boot before a trade. there just aren’t trades in this league anymore. and it’s not as though the only issue with carbo is his learning curve; if he’s lost the players just over 100 games into his tenure, can he really be the guy? are we willing to sit around for a few years waiting for the roster turns over to give carbo another chance with a second group of players? i don’t know. gainey can’t be too happy with carbo as coach right now. at some point, this team needs to carve out an identity for itself. one night they look like they want to be minnesota. the next night buffalo. the next night vancouver…

  22. AdamG says:

    i saw someone write on another board that Jean Perron on 110% last night said Gainey tried to quit but Gillet convinced him to stay. now i didn’t see the show. did anyone? can anyone actually confirm that this was said?

    god i hope not. this organization is in enough muck as it is…last thing we need is a GM who doesn’t want to be there..

  23. mrstewart61 says:

    to Ian Cobb: Doug Wickenheiser was our last 1st overall in 1980…but let’s not go there!

  24. joe-hab-nuno says:

    I think something will happen if we lose the next 2 games
    a) either Bob will go public with his mal content with the play and hope for a turn around
    b) it’s going to cost Guy his job

  25. joe-hab-nuno says:

    Many people are calling for Carbo’s to get the boot. My 2 main concerns are his crazy line juggling. When he had the lines stick together we were playing hard and we had the same line produce, and had early success. Then he wanted to get the first line going and started all that line juggling, that’s when they stopped playing harder and still it was all about the second line.
    The other concern is also, what is our system that we are playing? It’s suppose to be a defensive system, but how defensive systems allow 30-40 shots per game?
    When they were looking for a coach, i was a bit dissappointed they took Carbs cuz i ws hoping for Big Bird. When they appointed i thought it was a goo choice then, but now I had hoped they went woith someone with experience. Now these thoughts come to my mind, if they were to give him the boot, which experienced coach would you guys like to see behind the bench?

    My first choice would be Pat Burns, if he would like a second crack with us. I also think he would put these palyers in their place.

  26. ccs says:

    My gut feeling is that we really stand no chance of beating the flyers. If we lose to them the team will be really up tight against the laffs on Saturday. These next 2 games will really show… 1) What the players are made of. 2) Show what management is made of. There is no way that Bob could sit back and do nothing if we do not win. I really hope that we can win both games and get over our slump but I am just not feeling it at all. What do you all think will happen if we lose 2 more or what should happen?

  27. HAB-PROFESSOR says:


    the team will turn on a dime and win tonight and saturday, and they’ll do it with incredible return to hardwork, hitting and finding the back of the net with ease.

    we will all be amazed….and some will be ashamed of their comments and lack of faith.

    Sergie will dominate the headlines along with Koivu and Kovalev, Kostop will drop the gloves and Price will be solid along with the mighty Komi…Belieavu will look like a genius.

    Lets face it, we’ve had some unlucky bounces and pucks that didn’t go in when they should have…tonight, faced with the threat of bodily injury and pride you’ll see a competitive spirit re-emerge.

    of course there is ONE CONDITION for this to happen UNENCUMBERED.


    (you all know the purpose of a CARBurator)

    until the problem in my picture is solved…we will not be Champions.

  28. Habs-Fan-In-KY says:

    Sorry, I hit send to early…

    My post was that if Carbo shuffles lines as he does during the game, chances are the brothers will be playing together at some point. Just one wish for this game. Be more aggressive and take chances in the offensive end! I’d rather lose to the Flyers with an offensive attack rather than defensive stalemates.

  29. Habs_008 says:

    Love it! and it was clean. Lets hope he brings that up and some scoring!

  30. Wops says:

    I don’t know if Steve Downie is playing tonight, but check this out…

    CH is for Chris Higgins

  31. johnny boy says:

    Solutions to the habs woes?
    We need a coach with real NHL experience who doesn’t panic. Someone cool and confident. Larry Robinson comes to mind. He’s another legendary Hab with coaching experience. Carbo might still become a real coach one day, but i think that a few years as a head coach in the minors would have done him a lot of good.

  32. krob1000 says:

    I’ve actually noticed a big difference in Lats skating as of late. He is not falling and seems to be a beast on the boards meaning his balance is better.

  33. mjames says:

    Excellent post.


  34. Mr.Hazard says:

    I myself have not yet reached that stage of blind hope, but when (if) I do, I don’t think I’d be agreeing with you on the Ryder streak… How is it statistically possible for him to suck so much? He’s doing the perfect opposite of exactly what we needed out of him (that being scoring).

    Ex nihilo nihil fit

  35. krob1000 says:

    I read on last nights thread comments demaeaning Kkostitsyn already and saying his 22 points wasn’t exactly staggering and I thought I better challenge that quick. Plekanec in his third year with the Bulldogs scored 64 points in 80 games.

    Sergei K is third in the league among rookies in scoring.
    That alone speaks volumes about his talent and this when I ehar he has taken nights off in Hamilton I actually get more excited. He is still putting up those numbers and taking nights off. Yeah I know taking nights off sounds bad. When you played as well or arguably better than both of your linemates last year, your coach said you were more NHL ready, Your G.M. declared you ready and you are watching them on nightly highlight reels while you watch your team play Dandenault or Streit out of position instead of calling yu up it has to be frustrating. The key to his success will be in Carbo’s hands….he needs top line talent or PP time to have any impact from the little I have seen of him.

    He is not Martin Havlat and capable of undressing a whold team but he seems to be the type of guy who will be better with better players around him and I believe he will be able to make other guys better. Now…bnefore I get jumped on here I must say that this may not happen for a while but his talent by all accounts seems undeniable and I think he is going to be the better of the Kostitsyn’s …hands down. I can’t wait to see what he has even now to offer and for some reason I just have a really good feeling about this kid.

  36. Habs-Fan-In-KY says:

    uhhhhhh….do you have the torch?

  37. joe-hab-nuno says:

    just came from your shrinks office , haven’t you?…..

    joking, please don’t attack me.

  38. joe-hab-nuno says:

    I like the homework
    i ‘ve felt the same for everone except for Kots, i haven’t noticed it or looked at his backchecking play.

  39. joe-hab-nuno says:

    I would like to see the two Kostitsyn with Pleks and finally try Kovalev with Koivu. FOR THE WHOLE GAME………

    Then next game try it again and after 2 periods keep the second line the same as before(seeing it’s the only line scoring) or switch up the Kostitsyns

    game one


    Game 2 afetr of 2 periods without any success

    pleks-kovalev-kotsjr or


  40. mjames says:

    I was pleased to read some of Carbo’s quotes in Hickey’s column this morning. He did not berate O’Byrne.

    I agree with some of the posters that it would be good if Carbo opened up the game a little, with us becoming a little more aggressive on the forecheck. I have been saying this for two years that I would like a two man forecheck. Whenever they have tried this, they have caused turnovers or problems in the opposition end. What troubles me about Carbo is that he will not try this on a regular basis. He holds religiously to this passive forecheck and four across the blue line. It does not work against most teams. Since the line juggling has not worked why not try altering his playing style.

    I truly believe his style does not suit his team’s skills. I understand we need to play defense but the defense we need to play is a strong back check not this blue line trap. His wingers need to play more aggressive when they do not have the puck. They need to shadow the opposition wingers a little closer. They need to shut down the man in our slot. That is the type of defense we need to play. That combined with a strong forecheck would suit the skills of our team. Also someone has to stay in the opposition slot when on the offensive. No more three men in the corner or behind the net.

    The above changes may save Carbo’s job. If things continue the way they are now he will get fired.

    Homework for the youngsters:

     Lats take some power skating lessons on your days off.
     Kostitsyn 1 – Practice backchecking – you are too passive in your end when you do not have the puck.
     Grabs – Rent some St Louis tapes and watch how he plays with the puck. He does not get pushed around and is the same size if not smaller than you.
     O’Byrne – hit some people – a lot

    Lastly let’s give this kid K2 a fair shot.


  41. Axeman says:

    I’ve got a bad feeling …

    The last couple of games we’ve been facing teams on a losing streak, or teams that were killed in their previous outing ….

    Philly’s NOT gonna be an easy task.

  42. krob1000 says:

    Don’t worry I put the “in his day” disclaimer in there with regards to Brisebois but I think it gives us a better idea of Brisebois function as a role model and why he is there. The giveaways aren’t as important as the calm he shows under the mindset Reid was discussing. Now obviously Brisebois is aging and this will be his last season but despite his lack of speed or strength anymore he still remains calm (although it appears painful to us at times). This also why Hamrlik is probably used as sort of hockey big brother (Phaneuf, O.B.) because of his posie and patience. Calm is required at the defense position and the postion is the hardest to lear in the game because of the amount of risk when chances are taken.

  43. Mike says:

    Any one know the line up tonight?
    It’s be interesting where they put sergei? Are they going to put him on the number 1 line? I don’t think so. I think Andrei would be pretty angry.

  44. joe-hab-nuno says:

    Oops, should have been under Krob’s post.
    Sorry Krob.

  45. joe-hab-nuno says:

    Good read Krob, but that Brisebois comparison i have to disagree. From the three out of our zone i find Hamrlik the most reliable, he the one I find the most calm with the puck in our zone. Markov would be next, except for lately, he would be the best in the neutral and offensive zone and brisebois shouldn’t even be mentioned in the same list as them. That outlet pass is a great tool to have when you know your partner will be behind you if it fails. Many times Brezzer will attempt it when noone is behind him and leads to all those goals. He’s been okay this year for us. My only problem is that i wish he had less icetime. Just to hear his name makes me nervous when i’m watching.

  46. JB_15 says:

    Koivu with S.Kost and Higgins will be a great line. This kid is a scorer. I look forward to seeing what they are capable of. Whether or not we win, its anyone’s guess. I just hope the line is productive.

    I am glad Ryder is sitting, he is completely without use in my opinion and is only hurting the team. I would go so far as to say he should be on waivers. But that is not my decision to make. he clearly is no longer a 30 goal scorer, and I look forward to seeing his replacement in action.

  47. 24 Cups says:

    Let’s see now. Didn’t want Smolinski and Brisebois to play and they won’t be seeing they are on the injury list. Wanted O’Byrne, Lapierre, and Sergei K. called up from Hamilton. Mission accomplished. Well I guess we’re out of excuses and complaints now. Of course if Montreal loses to Philly and Toronto we could always blame it on the coach. We haven’t tried that one yet:-)

    The Original 24 Cups

  48. krob1000 says:

    Noone expects those guys to be anything gamebreaking. Sergei K is the one I am most excite about but I would have been equally excited had it been Grabs. Not because I expect either of them to light up the lamp (though I won’t rule it out) but it will give the lines a new dynamic. I really preferred our lineup while Grabs was in as it seemed we were always more of a threat and the pace of the game was quicker. I think Sergei will help in the same way as he is an offensive player first and allegedly fairly responsible as well.

    These changes do give us an opportunity to play a defenseman where he belongs and inch closer to a three line attack mode which is where I believe we have to be given the fact we have stars and no superstars. Three potent lines and one shut down line would compensate for the lack of an elite line and I think that was originally the plan laid out by Carbo but I just don’t think he could mentally handle watching the defensive results of such a style (much like I can’t handle watching the defensive style).

    I saw a little tidbit by Davce Reid on the NHL Network talking about the key to the Bruins success despite the fact they have had four so-so goalies playing behind them this year. He was a cerebral player and is one of my favourite analysts as he is very objective. He was saying that Julien has his players relaxed int he defensive end and they are not playing afraid once they get possession in their own zone. The defense are not just firing the puck around the boards or chipping the puck out of the zone to basically let the other team take another crack at coming back at us. Instead Reid said Julien has given the back end the confidence and leeway to make mistakes occasionally and instead look for a decent outlet pass.

    I thought this made a lot of sense as I was watching the Sens game and it seemed they were much the same. They made horrific giveaways last (the Sens did…and several of them) yet it did not alter their plan. They did not panic and instead got back on the horse and tried again. They probably shouldn’t have shut out the Canes but you could see the confidence oozing out of their back end despite the ugly turnovers. This really amplified their transition game as a first pass is key. Guys like Komisarek and Bouillon (bless their grit but) I find are often guilty of jsut firing the puck around and often noone is on the boards (nor can they be all of the time).

    Brisebois’ constant badgering and this Dave Reid made something click for me that I thought people out here in www. land should hear. Perhaps there is some logic as to why Brisebois gives away so many pucks because he is very relaxed and it sometimes looks awful but he also is our third best puck mover from the back end and remains confident despite being run out of town for his giveaways. If anyone saw the Sens game last night they should just imagine Corvo and Redden were wearing our jerseys and the flak they would have got for their sloppy play in their end. The Sens shut out the Canes last night despite some very sloppy play because those defenseman more often than not made the right play and had complete confidence in themselves and each other. This allows the forwards to be anticipating a pass instead of guessing where the puck will get dumped to.

    Just my two cents as stolen from Dave Reid but I thought he made a lot of sense and when I think about the Habs I see Hamrlik, Markov and Brisebois do this (the first two are now better but Brisebois in his day was great at it).

  49. RiverviewCanadien says:

    Funny how everybody has wanted the same players for a while now…no excuses is right…whoa we have one more – new coach 😉

  50. Ian Cobb says:

    Hi Robert, Well thought out on your blog, Just one other way to get the kind of players needed for us to become a long term winning club besides trading people around is to finish dead last for a couple of years. Now we get 1st overall picks, instead of trying to make 1st overall picks out of 2nd rounders.

    The fans and media would never consider being at the bottom, so we are doomed to flounder somewhere in the middle of the pack.

    Dreamers are the only ones who think we could trade for a Crosby, Lecavalier or any other 1st rounder. This will never happen in my life time. Guy Lafleur was our last 1st overall pick, was he not?

    I sure hope Bob has a long term plan on how we can get 5 or 6 1st rounders on our club. One or two ringers will only get us into the playoffs for a round or two. The cup will only come with a lot of LABOUR PAINS.

    So do you think we are ready to put up with a last placed team for a few years????

  51. Chimpanjesus says:

    As hardcore of a fan as I am, I cannot make the 1.5 hour drive to Philly to watch the Habs. I was embarrased in NJ a couple of weeks ago, and until they turn it around I don’t know if I can even watch it on TV. They need to right this ship now.

  52. Drive_4_25 says:

    The Question now becomes… As much as I hate to say it, Do we REALLY want them to WIN, or do we hope the slide continues to GUARANTEE some CHANGES!!!

    Just the fact that this question has to be asked is DISGUSTING to me!

    God is a HABS fan whose still pissed at the ROY trade!!!

  53. joe-hab-nuno says:

    Thank God I work tonight. There’s a tv at work but i’ll be to busy working and i’ll try avoiding looking at the tv. We normally play well against Philly, but as of our play lately, i just can’t see us winning……………ever. lol

  54. joe-hab-nuno says:

    My last hope of the season is Dec 23rd.

    The day the Dec 23rd jinx is broken.

    If not, i think i’ll have to retire following the habs religiously this year. The same way i had to retire my golf game 1 month early cuz of my play. Start all fresh next season. In the habs case probably won’t happen, just want to stop torchering myself. Ahhhhhhhhhh it hurts.

  55. coutNY says:

    So whats the line combos… no sense getting excited if we see Sergei playing a checking role. Well, maybe if Downie was in the line-up, I think they have some history???

  56. joe-hab-nuno says:

    Nice bodycheck, what teh hell was the announcer saying it was a dirty hit. The guy had his head down Kostitsyn left his feet on the ice, pretty good darn hit, now that’s what we need more with the habs. Is that the Philly Downney?

  57. Gilles Poisson says:

    Don’t want to be negative, these are happy times, but I am a little worried about the effect Siarhei’s call up might have on the chemistry of Coach Guy’s lines. Thank you.

  58. Matt. says:

    Gilles, you are being sarcastic right… chemistry…?

  59. krob1000 says:

    I disagree Ian

    I think the free agency based system we are now under will prompt lenty of big names to be had. Money talks and now the players have more rights than ever so they can choose to go where they want during the prime of their careers (age 27). We do not have to tank and we do not need no. 1 picks. Carolina, New Jersey, Detroit, Dallas, Anaheim…..none of these teams when they won had any more no. overall or even no. 2 overall picks than us currently.

    We actually have a rock solid defenseman named Hamrlik who was a no. overall. We did have a terrible drought with our first rounders for a few years, Turner stevenson, Jason Ward, etc. where for some reason we tried to draft based on size not skill and we got burned every time.

    We are definitely rebuilding and in todays game I agree that if you tank it for two or three years you can rebuild but that is pathetic and I am not prepared to do it. In my opinion we have tanked the last couple/few years and we are on the verge of reaping the rewards for it.

    Pronger, Niedermayer and Selanne…..were all with Anaheim via trade or free agency.

    A big name will come and once one does more will follow. Who knows we probably had our superstar in Koivu but injuries plagued his career and who knows what could have happened had he not been so unfortunate.

    Price could be the real deal and if for some reason management feels he isn’t he could definitely fetch a return that would land us a superstar.

  60. Matt. says:

    one and the same.

  61. Bouleau noir says:

    Carbo has never figured out a way for our team’s play to remain at the calibre it was early in the season,… we had ” panache ” and looked bigger in the proceedind.

    Lacking identity make us look small but we are not, with O’Byrne and Lapierre we are 6th in the East for avg size-weight.

    MTL 6′ 2″ and 204 for avg size-weight.

    PHY 6′ 2″ at 202 avg size-weight.

  62. saku11 says:


  63. The Teacher says:

    Wow I hope S. Kost doesn’t get injured….I’ve seen 8 mins so far and best period in 10 games….who knew?

  64. RiverviewCanadien says:

    Now that is Montreal hockey being played the way i like it. so much energy tonight.

  65. Habsville says:

    World Junior as annouced its team and we have one player on it in PK SUBBAN. Who elsedo we have on all the other teams that will give us some hope for the future. Remember Andre K was 10th pick and brother Serg was 200th.

    The veterans must lead. The two K’s Kovy and Kovu must start to score and win the close games for us. Last game they had 20 million dollars shooting at our rookie goalie while we had about half that

  66. habitual says:

    habville, Kovalev has been running our PP, back checking, and body checking this year. Yes most of his goals have come on the PP, but he is our leading scorer. What more do you want from him?

  67. LTHF says:

    Anyone keeping count on how many time Koivu, Kovalev and Latendresse turned over the puck which resulted in Flyers breaks. Well there were at least 8. Dont beleive either of them missed a shift because of it.

  68. The Teacher says:

    You’re beating a dead donkey.

  69. The Teacher says:

    First minutes of the second period will be crucial. The Flyers will come very strong. And if the Canadiens take an early penalty, look out … Higgins had three of Canadiens’ seven shots. Richards and Scott Hartnell had three each for Philadelphia … Canadiens won 12 of 18 faceoffs … and commited only three giveaways.

    either the NHL can’t count…or you can’t?

    which is it?

  70. A. Berke says:

    So, do you want to replace them?

    if so, by who? Yeah right!

    BTW, Streit just scored and it’s 4-0 right now!

    Enough of one liner inane “boo birding” please.

    Ali B.

  71. The Teacher says:

    Yep, good start, we’ll see if it continues…

    as for MLB, it’s been a joke for a while. Seriously not surprised by any of the names is pathetic now…end of story.

  72. MNaslund26 says:

    end of the second, 5 on 3.
    2 of those players on the ice are gorges and lapierre. can someone tell me why? i understand we havent given either player much of a chance this year, but this team cannot afford to take chances when its developping a reputation for blowing many a lead.

    maybe carbo wants to lose his job. maybe he thinks its great when the team gives up 4-0 leads.

    here’s a thought… maybe he should stay behind the bench and call a timeout instead of almost jumping the boards while bitching at the refs for what he thought was an unfair penalty. get yer head out of yer ass coach and focus. damn.

  73. The Teacher says:

    Hmmm..As I recall, they didn’t score..

    Lappy is the one who SHOULD be on the PK…not koivu!!!!!!

  74. Trade_Streit says:

    I know Streit got two goals… which means it’s the right time to trade him – while he looks good.

    How many times did this guy miss a pass at the blue line on the PP?? How many times did he let a Phili forward slip past him in neutral ice.

    I swear he’s the new Breezer. Some good skills…. but the overall package gives me the willies.

  75. Trade_Streit says:

    And otherwise… GREAT GAME! Not perfect but our Habs are playing with passion – diving to knock pucks out of the zone, picking corners – everything they weren’t doing on the last homestand. Good game by Price too…. solid. THIS is the Habs we love! Or pretty darn close. Great to watch the 2Ks fly!

  76. T-roy West says:

    Whomever thinks Chipchura is the real deal gimme a hell ya. He is one player Carbo doesn’t have to worry about. Has he made a mistake yet this year, probably, but I never saw it!

  77. Trade_Streit says:

    Hell ya!

    And Plekanic too… every shift the guy makes a smart play. Along with Chips he’s one of a handful of players on this team who you can always trust with the puck.

  78. The Teacher says:

    He made one. Very early on..

    Hell yeah!

  79. linp says:

    I feel a bit strange. May be I am not used to see our team win. The Kostitsyn brothers show good chemistry and creative passing play. Carb will probably try them with Koivu in the same line. Plekanec can play with every body. He see the ice and pass very well. He can definitely play with Higgins.

    Carbo uses our 1st and 2nd line a lot in the 1st period. The whole team plays better together. Gorges plays an error free game. We should play him more often. That PP goal in the 1st period was an art; tic-tac-toc.

    Price plays better away from home.

  80. nightmare_49 says:

    Before Carbo goes to his press conference he should get a hold of the traveling sect. and tell him to book a hotel in MTL. for Friday night for the team and arrange a team meal for that night and do everything they normally do on the road , what have we got to lose but money which i’m sure Gillett can right off. Why do the Habs have two defencemen playing forward , i’ll let those closet lafs fans answer that.

  81. saku11 says:

    man the chemistry between the Kostitsyn brothers is exciting. Finally we have found our top six forwards. Hopefully the experiment is finally over and our lines can get used to each other. Thank you Gainey!!

  82. Frank14 says:

    Well, can I post a comment now ? Habs still PLAYING
    DEFENSIVE ( leading 4-1 mid-third during a penalty )
    When is this crap gonna stop ? Philly came within 1/4 inch
    of scoring. Wake up GC & BG. This is not the early 80’s
    anymore ……


  83. Trade_Streit says:

    Hey Ryder! Enjoy the press box. 2+ mil a year to watch from and drink free beer! Not bad!

    So we’ve got our top six!! Yeeehaaawww… Hopefully it stays like this for awhile. This looked like a team worth watching tonight. I haven’t seen so many habs dive for pucks since the play-offs (how many years ago was that???).

    The guy on CJAD is saying Ryder needs playing time to get out of this funk. LOL – yeah, let’s give him another 30 games!!!

  84. PGHABS says:

    Sergei Kostsitsyn has come a long long way from being a late round draft choice…what a steal.

  85. Trade_Streit says:

    No Breeze, no Slowinski. And we win handily. Do the math.

    But see Streit miss those passes at the blue line. Oy – Streit is the new Breezer.

  86. habitual says:

    Would you like to re-consider your name after tonight’s game?

    I do, however, agree Ryder needs to go.

  87. Ian Cobb says:

    Dave Stubbs—–Would it ever be nice to see the pictures every day with your article. Many people here tell me they have the same problem. We only get a quarter inch or half inch of the top of your picture most days. I don’t have a problem receiving pictures elsewhere. Thank Ian

  88. mjames says:

    I thought they played a much better and spirited game. I have one wish. I hope Carbo loosens the reins a little and lets this team skate. They showed flashes of that in the first and second periods. This team can be really competitive if they are allowed to be more aggressive in the offensive zone.

    I was also impressed with their overall backchecking – guys who stood out for me on the backcheck were Lapierre, Pleks, Kovy, Higgins, Kost, Dandy, Chips and the two K’s.


  89. Trade_Streit says:

    What? Hell no! Just because two guys bounced pucks off him? Streit scored two goals and that’s great – but see the posts just below this between myself and Timo. The guy messes up all the time. The best chance the Flyers had in the third was when he coughed up the puck in the neutral zone and the flyers zipped right in behind him.

  90. Dave Stubbs says:

    Ian, I’m sorry about this, but I’m thinking this must be a problem with how your computer is set up, or the Internet browser you’re using. I don’t know that this is affecting anyone else on a consistent basis.

    Dave Stubbs

    Habs Inside/Out
    Sports Feature Writer, Montreal Gazette


  91. Leclerc1965 says:

    Smartdog where are you, we need comments. I am afraid to post cautious optimism.

  92. Trade_Streit says:

    Hey – what was the deal with Hamrlik? what set him off? And who was CArbo yelling at – the ref or the Hammer?

    I was watchin in French… (stupid TSN had poker on or sumpthin’)

  93. HAB-PROFESSOR says:


    all the NEGATIVE Bozos don’t come back till your head is screwed on right, you know who I’m talking about, just read below all the pre-game posts about us losing tonight, how soon you forget that we have a team, they just need a spark to ignite, and tonight it was KOSTY JR. without a doubt, he ignited Koivu’s line and put a bomb under Kovy’s line also, and what did we see late in the third? the two KOSTY’s together, it was PURE MAGIC, PURE CHEMISTRY…in fact it was PURE GENETIC CHEMISTRY..yeah!

    The D played Bigtime, Gorges is a good kid, but the only improvement would have been Streit to D to replace Bris, but he did score 2 great goals so we can’t rush that move…although one had a golden delivery from Kovy the MAGICIAN!


    (for a good read, see my POSITIVE pre-game prediction post around 11am)


    until the problem in my picture is solved…we will not be Champions.

  94. Smart Dog says:

    Optimism is deserved! A remarkably different game. The whole team had heart… still a few of the same part-time pilons (I’m feeling too good to name names), but some boys REALLY left it all on the ice tonight including:
    Kost 1
    Kost 2
    Plekanic (maybe our most valuable asset)
    The Hammer

    When 12 guys decide they really wanna win, you have a good shot!

    My favorite player is Grab-ARF!-ski

  95. Smart Dog says:

    Could be a couple of things. If you’re using Internet Explorer, try downloading Firefox. (Or vice versa.) Is your machine low on memory? Could also be that.

    My favorite player is Grab-ARF!-ski

  96. Smart Dog says:

    That’s the word: reliability. That’s the thing this team needs all it can get… and shouldn’t risk letting anyone in the locker room who’s known for not having it. I don’t care if it’s your top goal scorerer… f-ups on a regular basis or at crucial times kill morale.

    My favorite player is Grab-ARF!-ski

  97. nightmare_49 says:

    In other words Saku, Lats and Streit didn’t impress you as backcheckers , Captain Forecheck.

  98. Smart Dog says:

    Someone should send Ryder a sympathy card.

    He lost his job tonight.

    My favorite player is Grab-ARF!-ski

  99. PGHABS says:

    congrats to PK SUBBAN for making team Canada!

  100. Trade_Streit says:

    That was sooooo this afternoon.

  101. mjames says:

    I did not say that.

    Speaking of forecheck that is a novel strategy – maybe we should try that . What’s your opinion?????


  102. Mr.Hazard says:

    I’ve had the same problem on at least 4 different computers,
    with either IE 6 or 7, and with either Windows Vista or XP.
    On rare occasions it loads (like 1/25).

    Ex nihilo nihil fit

  103. mjames says:

    My pictures do not fully download. I am using Explorer. Ask your tech guys if it has anything to do with Explorer.


  104. Leclerc1965 says:

    Easy there trigger, 99% of us are diehard fans but you can’t sit an tell us that the frustrating way they have been playing hasn’t deserved due criticism. This is the way this team should be playing on a nightly basis. There are no excuses for the laziness and lack of passion in the NHL. That kind of motivation starts from the the first day they lace on skates. These guys get paid alot of money to “let it all hang out on the ice” every night! This team has talent, but there no excuses for lack of heart and hard work, that is what this team is guilty of in the past month or so. What would you do for 1 shift in a Habs jersey on a Saturday night in the Bell Center???? Yea, that’s right…me too. I love this team bud…They are better than they have been lately, but we have to be honest with each other in the good and not so good times. Go Habs!

  105. Ed says:

    There are no problems with the pictures on my computer. I use Firefox.

  106. Trade_Streit says:

    Anyone?? Uncharacteristic lack of discipline.

  107. Trade_Streit says:

    PS: When you pack your bag, stuff STreit, Brisebois, and Slowinski in there with ya!

  108. Trade_Streit says:

    Try Firefox. IE sucks.

  109. Leclerc1965 says:

    Aside from all that other garbage….Toronto does need to be destroyed!!!!!

  110. Trade_Streit says:

    C’mon people – what was the deal with the Hammer? And was Carbo yelling at him?

  111. nightmare_49 says:

    I have the same problem as Ian , besides our wrinkles , it’s the semi picture which i could live with , my own wrinkles are another thing.

  112. Leclerc1965 says:

    Thanks for the boost in the optimism department, it just seems that when they play a lights out sort of game tonight, you wait for the other shoe to drop. I hate feeling this way about my team.

  113. Leclerc1965 says:

    Hammer was probably arguing Carbonneau’s request to put Roman on the first line when Guy was doing his line juggling again.

  114. Dave Stubbs says:

    Better yet: buy a Mac. Inside/Out is created on them. Bill Gates’s operating systems are about as bad as his haircuts. (But I tip my hat to the man’s humanitarism; he does a lot of good deeds in this world.)

    Dave Stubbs

    Habs Inside/Out
    Sports Feature Writer, Montreal Gazette


  115. Leclerc1965 says:

    great post. This addresses everyone who gets too worked up over a win or a loss. Give this team time (at least until Carbonneau is gone).

  116. mbplekfan says:

    Can anyone actually explain why Breezer should be back in the lineup?

    How about smokes?


    We have way too many average players, waive smokes, breezer, and trade Ryder for almost anything.

    Maybe Lapierre is good bait for a fourth line tough guy.

    The top two lines should get 2/3 of the ice time.

    4 gets two shifts per period tops.

  117. Ian Cobb says:

    New computer,windows xp and i download pictures every where else without a problem. I’ll ask where i bought this if there is something i can do at this end. I hate being a 70 year old rookie!! But I’ll get there, probably before the habs.

  118. Leclerc1965 says:

    Smartdog, what the hell happened to you? Did you go and get all sophistocated on us, bring the other creepy picture back!

  119. Smart Dog says:


    Don’t you think that what was different about tonight (and I honestly believe this) is a lot of the negative elements were not on the ice. I don’t have anything personal against Brisebois, but the guy makes mistakes in clutch situations. Smolinski to me is just over-rated and not very useful. Ryder – who knows what’s wrong with him but he’s snake-bitten so not good for morale. Even Huet, who is a great goalie, has a weird habit of letting in soft goals when the team is up sometimes. (Amazing his save percentage is so good despite this! it shows how good he is, or can be.) So tonight – a lot of youth, not many veterans with bad habits, a fresh game with a lot of jump. I don’t think it’s coincidence… I think there is real reason to hope. If this team can play with this kind of intensity and hunger for the puck every game, we’ll have an exciting season and an exciting play-off too! That’s all we want – great hockey. No-one expects us to win the cup this year, but we do expect to put up a damn good fight for anyone trying to stop us!

    My favorite player is Grab-ARF!-ski

  120. mbplekfan says:

    hammer was upset that carbo was moving komi to the first line and not him.

    Carbo is a genius using defence as forwards. We will win the cup with this strategy.

    komi as a power forward, hammer up the middle, who needs defensemen..?

  121. Smart Dog says:


    It was creeping people out! And I figured who’s gonna listen to some half-dog, half-man mutant?

    My favorite player is Grab-ARF!-ski

  122. Habs-Fan-In-KY says:

    I’ve been saying that all along. Where are the Fire Carbo posters tonight? All of the criticsm about his lines he choses (although at times, I am miffed at all the changing his does throughout a game…..not tonight though). All of the posters who felt Streit should have sat instead of Ryder. Carbo and crew know hockey.

    I am proud of the way the guys had puck possesion throughout the game and players stayed in front of Nittimacki waiting for a juicy rebound. Anyone notice the amount of penalties they took because we were attacking them and not vice versa? This is the aspect of our game that I have sorely missed and am glad to see it back again.

    Let’s do the same against Toronto.

    PS – anuy chance we could move the game to Toronto :)

  123. Leclerc1965 says:

    You hit the nail on the head. Seems like there was a lot of dead weight either in the pressbox or infirmary. You are right, the infusion of a little youth and hunger in these kids game makes them a little more dangerous. These other “veterans” are becoming way too predictable, mistakes and laziness, or maybe it’s just that the game has passed them by a little bit. (except for Ryder, he is just lost). Expectations should be for improvement and a feeling of pride that your team may have just lost, but at least they went down fighting. There is no shame in that way of losing. The kids will learn from mistakes, these other bozos just don’t care…they are still going to get paid. Bring back the other pic dogman…I got this look doesn’t fit ya!!!!

  124. Smart Dog says:

    Yes, he does.

    It’s too bad he had to roll-over so many good companies (no pun intended) with superior products to build up his fortune first. Now we all have these poorly-made time-wasting Microsoft products pretty much forced on us.

    Sorry for the editorial… I am in the industry. Can you imagine if you calculated all the time people throughout North America lose because of how many different problems MS products cause. That would be one heck of a law suit!
    My favorite player is Grab-ARF!-ski

  125. Ian Cobb says:

    Hey nightmare, try using a steam iron on your wrinkles, it works just like a sona! Good hearing from you! Ian

  126. T-roy West says:

    Habsfreak – are you kidding! How about Heatly to Ottawa,Pronger to Anaheim(Stanley Cup) and Luongo to Vancouver. I could go on.

  127. Leclerc1965 says:

    Dammit, there we go again with negativity. Sorry folks, great game, same Carbonneau.

  128. Habs-Fan-In-KY says:

    I second what mjames said. and third it too!!

  129. Leclerc1965 says:

    I listened!

  130. Smart Dog says:

    Happy now?
    My favorite player is Grab-ARF!-ski

  131. Bouleau noir says:

    I liked what I saw tonight and it made me think of the CH of lore,… I mean by that the CH of our early season this year.

    Quik exit passes and skating was back, entering the zone with speed, keeping the puck alive….. drawing penaltys and PP goals to follow.

    Why we abrubtly stop playing like that 3 weeks ago is puzzling.

    This is the type of game we play the best and Carbo’s job is to make shure that it remains this way….. or that it improve as the season progress….. anything else should be questioned.

    The Fans at the Bell were behaved and patient last season when last year slump took place,… and they didn’t panic this season while the CH were in slumping mode again….BUT… they finally started to boooo the team after 3 weeks of slumpiness….. I am glad that they did…. we are seing changes already.

  132. Leclerc1965 says:


  133. Habs-Fan-In-KY says:

    Smart Dog, I agree that it is very exciting to see the youth of this team take command of the play tonight. I don’t think they are ready to trade away all of the veterans yet, but it is a sign of a promising future! I think the young guys are learning a lot from the veteran players (both positive and negative elements of the game). We need them with us even though some would be better used as skating pylons.

  134. Habs-Fan-In-KY says:

    Let’s not forget Price looked taller in goal tonight. Things got a bit hot in the goal crease and he kept his cool. He was starting to take ‘tender lessons from Huet the past few games

  135. Habs-Fan-In-KY says:

    The only way Carbo gets the heave ho is if we really fall out of the playoff picture over the next few months. I don’t see this happening to us. The guys will lose the “voodoo at home” curse and start gelling, espescially with the infusion of new players vieng for roster spots and playing time

  136. saku11 says:

    Why can Carbo take credit for a win and not a loss? Gainey made the right call bringing Sergei up. It’s good to see our top six starting to look like a top six. Carbo still doesn’t give them enough ice time.

    What better way to break our home losing skid than to beat the leafs? Sergei will record his first career goal which will be assisted by his brother. Bryan McCabe will record a hat trick on his own net and Jiri Tlusty will go streaking in between periods.

  137. ebk says:

    Any team no matter the skill level can have stretches when it out performs it’s talent. I believe that is what happened early in the season. The last three weeks, the team played below it’s talent level. After 30 games this team is about were it should be, fighting for the 7/8 play-off spot.
    The East is so close, they could finish anywhere from 6-12.

  138. RudeMood19 says:

    Heatley to Ottawa was a Trade

    and Luongo to Vancouver was a trade.

  139. Sulemaan says:

    Really glad to see young players such as Lapierre, Kostitsyn JR and O’Byrne in the lineup tonight. It also puts pressure on the veterans. When Smolinksi, Begin, Brisebois, Ryder get back in the lineup is anyone’s guess. Make them all sit forever if the team keeps winning.

    My one question is why we should insist on playing Gorges when we could play Streit on defense and the PP. I agree with others that it makes no sense to play Gorges and bench Ryder. He needs to get his groove back which is either beneficial to the team in terms of scoring or trade value.

    I’d just caution that after an extended home-losing skid, one game isn’t reason to get excited yet but definitely a step in the right direction.

    On a sidenote, I’m thrilled to see P.K. Subban make the Canadian WJC team. It was great seeing his reaction on TSN. This guy is a keeper if for nothing else morale and chemistry on the team. He looks like a real character with lots of character. My kind of player.

    Interesting to see how Angelo Esposito didn’t make the cut. Wonder what the French media will say now? I guess Bob Gainey/Trevor Timmins weren’t stupid drafting McDonough and passing on Esposito after all last summer.

    And lastly, after hearing about the news regarding baseball today, I hope the NHL and NHLPA ensure that hockey avoids the same fate. With the money in the game today, it’s stupid to assume that there isn’t drug abuse in hockey if there isn’t rigorous drug testing and stiff penalties.

  140. ebk says:

    LeClair and Desjardins seemed to help the Flyers a few years ago. Roy to the Avalanche didn’t seem to hurt them. Messier to the Rangers, Gretzky to the Kings. Lafleur to the Habs. A person could write a novel disproving that theory.

  141. nightmare_49 says:

    P.K. Suban is off to Czeck Republic Friday and you must be really happy for him. Your grocery bill will go down also. lol.

  142. Rocket Richard says:



    Hope they can solve the Leafs on Saturday.

    December 1,2007 – rise and fall of the 2007-08 Montreal Canadiens
    Rocket Richards Moltivation for winning games, “You Must Hate To Lose”

  143. habfan53 says:

    Good game tonight. Only change for Saturday should be Kots upstairs (yes he played well tonight) and Ryder 3rd line AND the point on PP


    Gorges upstairs Streit back on Defence

  144. Smart Dog says:

    Why do people want to put Ryder back in? He’s too slow – breaks up the flow of the game. Let him sit as long as we’re winning. I guarantee it – put him back in and we lose.

    Or site Streit and put in Ryder. That I would agree with. Streit is the new Breezer – error-prone. He seems to have picked up the Breezers knack for brain cramps (see him fail to contain the puck at the blueline several times on the PP?? Or the Flyers jump past him in the neutral zone?)

    My favorite player is Grab-ARF!-ski

  145. WindsorHab-10 says:

    Keep Brisebois, Smolinski and Ryder out (Iknow the first 2 are injured). It’s only one win but this team showed that they can play when they want to. More reason why Carbo should go. I don’t mind Muller taking over.

  146. habfan53 says:

    Do we agree that Ryder will not be back next year??
    Do we also agree that on MOST nights Ryder is working hard?
    So instead of sitting him in press box (no value) let him play some role. He is a steaky goal scorer(?)

  147. habfan53 says:

    “this team showed that they can play when they want to. More reason why Carbo should go.”
    If it’s the team that does not show up why get rid of Carbo?
    I agree Carbo has made some mistakes , less this year than last thats what happens when you hire a HEAD COACH with no experience. Remember Vigneault, Therrien and Julien ALL had some head coaching experience (At this point I choose to ignore Tremblay) made mistakes in Montreal got fired and 2 were finalist last year for coach of the year and the other gets fired by an egomaniac. But he’s the one who should have won.

  148. Habs-Fan-In-KY says:

    Streit scored 2 goals tonight? And you want to sit him? Are you a Leafs fan or something?

  149. Chuck says:

    Carbo’s behind the bench for the win, and you cite that as a reason why he should be fired? Um…


    “Vote Saku for All-Star… or little Timmy gets it!!!”

  150. Habs-Fan-In-KY says:

    I like Ryder back in, but sit Gorges and play Dandy back on defense. He was pretty invisible most of tonight. I would hope Price plays Saturday night. He desreves to play and has the better record against the Leafs than Huet. I’m assuming of course that Huet comes off the injury.

  151. Habs-Fan-In-KY says:

    I agree with you, but size is Pricey in the NHL on the free agent market. I would hope that we start drafting with size in mind so that we don’t get the talent we have pushed around.

  152. Chuck says:

    Maybe one of his good deeds could be to buy me a Mac. :)


    “Vote Saku for All-Star… or little Timmy gets it!!!”

  153. Habs-Fan-In-KY says:

    I agree with every thing you say. Quoting Star Wars…”There is good in him, I can feel it”. I wouldn’t be surprised if the guy is hiding an injury. Maybe sitting him will get him back to his old form.

    But the stats speak for themselves. If I younger guy can duplicate his stats for less money, I say give him away to a lousy team for a good draft pick!

  154. saku11 says:

    Why would you sit Sergei? If Ryder is on the 3rd line who plays right wing on the first line? I’d like to see the same lineup. The leafs might be playing better but their D is still slow. The Kostitsyn’s will light them up.

  155. A. Berke says:

    I suggest that you should send in your resume for BG’s job, than you can certainly pick the right coach.

    By what you are saying: “this team showed that they can play when they want to”, you’re admitting to the fact that it was the team that did not come to the ice to play as they should (in the previous losses). Don’t you think that now, you are contradicting yourself by blaming the coach? especially after a win?


    Ali B.

  156. KamiDave says:

    Yeah, that’s some beautiful logic right there.

  157. G-Man says:

    I guess the site should be renamed the “Carbo must go” site. He can do no right because even if the team wins, he is still wrong. He throws the Kostitsyns a bone by playing them together a couple shifts, but all we see is that he’s not Scotty Bowman. Streit scores a pair and all we see are his mistakes.
    As a greybeard, I am very critical of this edition of the Habs. However, a solid win is exactly that. No changes for Saturday against the Laffs; they have a hulking team like Philly so why change anything?
    Oh, and lighten up for crying out loud!

  158. Smart Dog says:

    Good post. Carbo deserves credit for a good win.

    My favorite player is Grab-ARF!-ski

  159. Bill says:

    BTW, who’s your favourite coach? Lindy RUFF?

  160. imafogdevil says:

    First off, as a Newfoundlander, I take offence to being called a “Newfie”. Many, if not all of us find this term derogatory, as other seemingly innocent words with negative connotations. So please, for future reference, don’t use this term on this site, or anywhere else for that matter.

    Secondly, as Les Quebecois would find problems with the constant bashing of Latendresse, of course we as Newfoundlanders will have issue with the constant bashing of Ryder. Trouble is, Ryder has established himself in three seasons with 30 goal seasons and runner up as rooke of the year. He took less money to play with the Habs in the past two seasons. He probably would have gotten more in arbitration (Mike Camilerri money) if he did, but no, he put the team ahead of his own interests. I don’t think he cares about the money, he just wants to play.

    Third, don’t you think that this attention to defence that Carbonneau has been drilling Ryder with has him playing better defence, in detriment to his offence. This constant juggling of linemates doesn’t help either. How is he going to score goals when he is playing with dead weight like Smiolinski and Dandenault.

    Fourth, with all that said, I believe Ryder should be traded to another team, for both player and team to start anew. Put him somewhere where he can just concetrate on scoring goals. Not be afraid to make a mistake, lest be benched.

    Fifth, Carbonneau needs to go. He has no style, the players are tuning him out, can’t make a mistake without fear of benching, and the referees are tired of this constant chirping. It is time for the veteran leadership of this team to step up and voice the team’s concerns and issues.

  161. habfan53 says:

    Sorry used wrong short term sit Kostoupolous not Kotstisyn(?)

  162. Bouleau noir says:

    Was the team working harder or working better ?

    I know that last sunday they had a meeting where they looked and studied tapes and so on.
    Dany Dube also mentionned that the team was rehearsing set plays earlier yesterday that had him foreseing the better execution and the faster pace at which the team played later on. He had already mentionned noticing the start of such an improvement following our game against Tampa.

    My guess is that Carbo was forced to re-investigate some of the old patterns that wasn’t going anywhere and set the team with more appropriate ones in their place.

    The decline,.. the team being booyed at the Bell,… Carbo can be stubborn but here he was forced to alter his system in order to lift the restraining weight it had over our game during the last three weeks.

    Anyway more games will be needed to comfirm if there is a change at all to speak of.

  163. A. Berke says:

    It wasn’t my intention to insult anyone by using the word newfie. My apologies to you.

    However I beg to differ on Ryder.

    I’m not against him and he’s a decent person obviously, but if you re-read my post (posted earlier here in this thread), I’ve tried to explain why he wasn’t producing anymore. Blaming a slump or the coach is not the answer. Ryder got at least 20+ games in the first line with full playing time as the rest of the line along with PP time. And as of late he still was getting PP time to no avail.

    BTW, Ryder’s so called slump has been going on since September, I wouldn’t call this 3.5 month unproductive period a slump (slumps should be no more than a month). His problem is, despite trying hard he is no longer a right fit to the team. That’s why I support him being traded to another team where he can be better fit and more productive and earn what he deserves.

    Carbo was more patient and more accommodating with him then anyone else in the team (even though there were more replacements available to replace Ryder). If you deny this fact, then maybe we’re not watching the same team. Rooting for your fellow Newfoundlander player is fine but, again, if you read my point was to put Habs first and our emotionally favourite players second. That’s what I mean by being a fan of the team. Habs is not about Ryder or Lats or anyone else in particular. BTW Lats has a lot more points than Ryder even though he did not see as much ice time especially in the beginning.

    If you take off your Newfoundlander glasses off and read my post again, you’ll understand what I was trying to say.

    Ali B.

  164. A. Berke says:

    The correct way is “if …. I were…” and NOT “I was”. There’s no “Yopu” in the English language. A person who’s not ignorant like you should have known better.

    as to the outcome of the encounter, don’t be so bloody sure about it.

    Ali B.

  165. imafogdevil says:

    I re-read your post. I also stand by what I said. I agree that Ryder needs to start anew. There are a few other players that need new starts too. I think, from a Habs standpoint, and no other, that the captain, one of the assistant captains, and a potential all-star defenseman have tuned out the coach. The veteran leadership on this team seem to roll their eyes every time Carbonneau does his best Viktor Tikanov impression by banging on the boards and insulting the referees, yet again.

    Until we get a calming hand on the wheel, that iceberg the Habs are aiming at looms large. And another playoff-less year.

  166. The Cat says:

    We win, we own Nittymaki. Ryder wont be back, his days with the habs are numbered now.

  167. nightmare_49 says:

    Yesterday i went by the french media speculation that Streit would move to “D” and Gorges would sit and it pissed me off. Carbo changed things and the results speak for themselves and were are all those so called “site experts” that were making jokes (two “D”men playing forward) about Streit playing forward as he very easily could have had 4 goals last night. Gorges also had a decent game but i’m a little concerned by O’Bryne’s nervous play after his undeserved benching the game before that seems to drain his confidence. I’m sure the same lineup will face the lafs who will be happy to see Ryder in the press box as he’s scored a few important goals against them in the past. The Cube had a good game last night and should be ready for the lafs.

  168. Smart Dog says:

    Streit didn’t score goals – two talented Habs bounced pucks off his stick.

    Two goals doesn’t make him a forward, or an NHLer. Did you see him let those two in a row fly past the blue line on the power play. He does that all the time. That’s the kind of stuff we don’t need now. Mistake-ridden players cough-breezer-cough should sit. I’d rather a rookie… they need to make mistakes to learn. Speaking of, CArbo’s benching of O’Byrne is about as stupid as they come.
    My favorite player is Grab-ARF!-ski

  169. LTHF says:

    Great win ! If they can repeat on Sat against the Leafs, it will make my season and consider it a early xmas gift.
    Think its a mistake to sit Ryder out on the road, if they have to sit him , do it at home where the pressure on him is mounting. Maybe by playing on the road he will come out of the scoring funk that he is in.

  170. Smart Dog says:


    Yes – let’s give Ryder another 30 games to find his scoring touch. That’s just what the struggling team needs – 20 minutes of dead weight on the first line. Whatever is up with Ryder, he’s not worth the risk right now. Sit him for a few more games and see if new life can get our old confidence back.

    Or you might send Ryder a sympathy card. He probably lost his job last night.

    My favorite player is Grab-ARF!-ski

  171. Gilles Poisson says:

    Sometimes a win is all it takes to convince us that everything is okay. But I am not one that needs convincing. It was a strong road win, exactly as I predicted. It is amazing how a couple of timely injuries can help a team. It warmed my cockles to see Les Boys smiling after the game, especially Coach Guy.
    Mark Streit, 2 goals. Excellent. He might not score every night, or every month, but by playing him on forward Coach Guy can minimize the damage he does to our team. Michael Ryder looked very comfortable last night. Uncle George sat beside him and asked how he was spending his money. Brothers Siarhei and Andrei (no jokes please) were very perky, not flat at all. The Flyers tried to take a couple of pokes at them, but they were firm.
    Thank you Coach Guy. Unlike the fans who fall off and on the wagon, my confidence in you is the same as it was before the game. Thank you.

  172. Smart Dog says:

    LOL – Great post… this cracked me up:

    He (Streit) might not score every night, or every month, but by playing him on forward Coach Guy can minimize the damage he does to our team. Michael Ryder looked very comfortable last night.

    My favorite player is Grab-ARF!-ski

  173. Bill says:

    It’s true, Sergei and Andrei are quite a pair!

  174. ccs says:

    Good game by the Habs and a not so good game by the flyers. I was expecting a lot more physical game by them but we seemed to be a lot faster. I was a little surprised how the Habs did a pretty decent job hitting as well. The brothers both played a really good game. Lets hope that they keep up the same play against the laffs who should be tired from playing the night before. If they win Carbo may have his job extended untill the next skid…..

  175. ccs says:

    Oh yes glad to see Koivu play a pretty good game as well, good vision and nice move to get the puck to Markov on the power play….keep it up Captian K.

  176. Bill says:

    In fairness, O’Byrne wasn’t benched the other night. He sat out a few shifts and then played sparingly. O’Byrne: “The coaches could see I was rattled”. If he goes back out immediately, still upset with himself, and makes another mistake, the ornery Bell Centre fans get on his back and it just gets worse.

    O’Byrne was back last night playing a prominent role. He was on the ice in key situations. Carbo said encouraging things after his gaffe against T-Bay, and showed confidence in him last night. I think it was well-handled, not “stupid” at all.

  177. Drive_4_25 says:

    Did you guys notice the reaction of Higgs-Komi and price together after the game…looks like some serious close-knit brotherhood bonding going on there, on top of how HAPPY they were to win! WE NEED TO SIGN HIGGINS AND KOMI, TO LONG TERM DEALS…AND NOW!! These guys are our future core!

    “God is a HABS fan whose still pissed at the ROY trade!!!”

  178. Smart Dog says:

    Agreed! And Plekanic. That guy will be a star. Next year’s #1 center… and for years beyond if Bob is smart!

    My favorite player is Grab-ARF!-ski

  179. Wops says:

    What about 10 years for 35-40 millions, each.
    CH is for Chris Higgins

  180. coutNY says:

    First time in a while, I felt that the win instilled confidence in our team. Boston game did not give me that feeling cause it’s like we were expected to win…

    I liked the ‘back-yard’ ‘razzle-dazzle’ Brother SK & Ak display in the 3rd. I hope to see Carbo leverage off them. You seldom can find the chemistry to match what a lifetime of brotherhood experience; knowing each others game inside and out. I felt they possessed it last night, if only, for a brief moment… I felt good things were in store for their future. It was nice to see our prospects shine; Pleks, Higgins, Price, Kosti X 2, O’bryne, Komi… while giving our Vetrans some room to lead. Koivu strong. Kovalev spin move WOW and even a big sh@t eaten grin after A-Kost goal. That’s rare… he usually not even get that excited after one of his own goals.

    I know its only 1 win but it was a good win. Keep it up, win or lose, if they play solid entertaining hockey, they’ll have my support.

    Go Habs Go

  181. krob1000 says:

    I think if Andrei had scored on that drop pass from little bro you would have heard the collective cheer from Habs fans globally. They looked pretty good together didn’t they (for the little while they were together).

  182. krob1000 says:

    First off I must say great game by Streit (I guess Guy knowsd what he is doing after all). I still think we are a better team with Ryder in the lineup but that was a great game so I’ll leave it at that.

    Now for some of the encouraging signs from last night. That was the first game in a long time where it appeared all four lines had their legs for three periods. There was no lack of hustle and it is no doubt a direct result of the youth injection.

    The defence must have seen the Dave Reid tidbit on the NHL Network because they showed great patience in their own end and never looked panicked (aside from the PK) and made some good outlet passes and never reallly looked all that threatedned by the Flyers. Markov and Hamrlik were jumping in rushes and the stay at home guys didn’t stray.

    Sergei Kostitsyn………Wow!!! In the first period he looked afraid to touch the puck and was extremely nervous. By the second period you could see he was very aware on the ice and carries himself like an offensive player. He is a good skater too and just may stick regardless of who comes back from injjury ( I know it is way to early to say something like that but I liked him). The third period he really started to get comfortable and was involved in a number of chances and showed us that he knows his way around the offensive end. When he was on the PP he looked as comfortable as anyone and when the puck was on his stick I was comletely at ease because he just looked confident. You can tell by the way a guy carries the puck what his mindset is and that kid is always thinking offense. I like it.

    Now for the invisible man that still deserves praise. Latendresse didn’t appear to have a good game but int he first period he did somethin that caught my attention and likely Carbo’s as well. He went out and blocked a shot from the point (down on the ice feet first style). We need more of this. To make things that much better in the dying minute of the game with a 4-1 lead the big Guy did it again. I starting shouting in appreciation at the TV and my wife just kind of looked at me like I was a lunatic (which I may be) but I thought that play meant a lot. we need a little heart and for a guy like Lats to dive into a shot with a 4-1 lead with a minute to go showed me right there that we have our focus and commitment back.

    Plekanec was a two way phenom last night. He made some incredible passes out there but to me the best of his game was when he twice covered for pinching defensemen and negated potential momentum shifting odd man rushes. Atta Boy Pleks. I must not forget Andrei Kostitsyn either….I think he was the ultimate big brother last night showing little bro the ropes. Andrei hustled as hard as I have seen him this year and he looked dangerous for sustained periods instead of just every once in a while surprising.

    When all was said and done there was nothing bad to say except Shame on Hammer for that dumb penalty but I liked his feistiness with Upshall and anybody who was near our net so I can forgive him.

    Looking forward to the Leafs because I am pretty sure we have our Habs back. I am not sure if they were considering hibernation there or what but they look to be back and I for one am a happier person today because of it (pathetic but true). With effort like last night I really don’t care if we win or lose ( not really but you get the idea). Before I go here I better also compliment Lapierre as I really like him killing penalties as he is a bit more aggressive than most of our guys and it was nice to see him stepping towards the guys with the puck and not just backing in.

    Nice to have you back guys.

  183. Smart Dog says:

    GREAT post Krob. Sums up the game really well.

    My favorite player is Grab-ARF!-ski

  184. krob1000 says:

    Yeah I did …I noticed a lot of smiles and guys talking again on the bench. Kovy has been nothing short of great this year ever since Gainey challenged him. I think when Gainey came out and said we shouldn’t be talking about how to get Alex going but instead asking how Alex can get the others going…it hit homw and Kovy answered the bell.

    Plekanec is getting better every game and I wish guys would stop worrying about guys height all of the time because both Koivu and Plekanec play far bigger than they are and the use their bodies to shield off much larger guys like it is no big deal. They are both also very strong on the puck and I for one would love another guy from that mold or two…..hell as many as we can get.

  185. Corio says:

    Just want to say that I was very excited to see the chemistry between the K brothers, wow! They created many opportunities to score in the short time they were on the ice together. I hope Carbo took notice!

  186. TommyB says:

    That’s a team…….but it’s also “that’s a line”! A line that has been kept together, a line with chemistry, and a line that now knows each other’s thinking.

    I realize you can’t have that on four lines, but it sure would be nice to see that on the first two lines. Maybe S.Kosty can provide that if given the opportunity to stay long enough, and play long enough with Higgins and Saku.

  187. HAB-PROFESSOR says:

    The new NHL rules help us there.

    until the problem in my picture is solved…we will not be Champions.

  188. krob1000 says:

    You are exactly right and people sometimes think like the NHL is the old NHL. Small guys can and are still thriving. If given a choice between two equally talented players of different sizes you are going to take the bigger guy…that is logical. But all of this talk about…we have two a small centres and can’t use a third is crapola. If a talented player comes along then I will let the players play dictate my opinion as opposed to his height. I wrote on here yesterday that 9 of the top 20 scorers in the league right now are 6’0″ or smaller….that says it all.

  189. HAB-PROFESSOR says:

    Based on last night kostyjr will stay with Koivu and Higgs – not only were they flying out there, its obvious they were all on the same wave length. The best performance from that line all season. Kovy’s line was also firing on all cylinders and you can tell that Adrei was on fire for his bro, he elevated his game to new heights, actually to Pleks level! and Kovy can work there as we know. The other 2 lines did a great job grinding it out and matched Philly with toughness.

    I’m still in favor of Streit to D which opens a space for Ryder on the 3rd.
    and I wouldn’t be surprised if Ryder is back in the lineup against Toronto. lets face it, GORGES is a great kid but he’ll have trouble against SUNDIN and ANTROPOV/Kilger, based on size.


    until the problem in my picture is solved…we will not be Champions.

  190. JA says:

    The Habs play a different game when both the forwards and defense play as one unit, it was a combination of the defense pinching in to help the offense and the offense pinching in to help the defense. Love it, instinctive fast hockey the way it should be played.

    Saturday against the leafs they will again revert to their too much thinking type of game, they will be a step too slow, they will also have a big gap between the offense and the defense and get beat in the neutral zone.

    Carbo, let the players play the game they enjoy because we like the results, be patient with them and give them some confidence.

  191. HAB-PROFESSOR says:

    there is a small but very important problem with this though….and thats the playoffs – the REFS turn away during the playoffs.

    I’m probably in the minority but I like when CARB calls the refs on, DAMMIT we’ve had a lot of BAD CALLS against us and I can’t stand when a muted coach just stands there and doesn’t say anything, sure theres pros/cons to complaining to the refs, but its good to voice your opinion if the call is that bad.

    In the PLAYOFFS as I said, different story, the small players won’t have the protection of the NHL ref/rules and Carbs bantering will fall on deaf ears.

    other than that, speed rules in this game.

    until the problem in my picture is solved…we will not be Champions.

  192. Bouleau noir says:

    Definitly worth of a mention habs11,..

    Plek maturity is surprising,.. in this play he demonstrated incredible patience when under pressure and a quality of vision that I didn’t think he possessed to that extent.

  193. Smart Dog says:

    Very good post. But I ask:

    Q: What slows them down and gets them thinking?

    A: Stupid, junior-league mistakes.

    That’s a big part of why they played well last night. No Brisebois to pass the puck to the other team in front of our net or leave the puck sitting there and skate by it. No slowinski to fan on shots or lose the puck. No Ryder to try to skate through 3 guys and lose the puck at the first one.

    The quality of a player isn’t just in numbers. It’s in whether his team-mates can trust him to no f—-up with the puck and deflate their momentum. I’m not talking the odd rookie blunder – the rookies are expected to mess up. But when everything is going well and suddenly some idiot (and usually the same guy) who is supposed to be one of your better players, gives the puck away to the other team and the momentum shifts… and we lose in the third period AGAIN.

    Carbo – KEEP THESE GUYS AWAY PLEEEEAAASSSSEEEEEE!!!! It’s not worth the risk. Protect your smarter players from the ones prone to brain-cramps and watch the smarter ones play better, gain confidence, and take us to the playoffs.

    My favorite player is Grab-ARF!-ski

  194. Smart Dog says:

    Plekanic ROCKS!!! I had a dream where Gainey traded him. bbbrrrrrr…. what a nightmare. We better hang on to that guy.

    If Gainey trades it should be veterans. We’ve got some spankin’ good young players.

    It’ll be great when we play Vancouver and it’s the Kostits brothers against the Sedin twins. And Price or Huet versus Luongo. That’ll be a game!

    My favorite player is Grab-ARF!-ski

  195. Cdnman1 says:

    Great game.

    I’ve said it before, Striet is a better forward than defenseman. He is also a very good point man on the power play. Carbo is finally using him like he should be used.

    I thought Serge looked very good for his first game. Once this guy gets adjusted to the NHL level he will be a very good addition.

    O’Byrn is going to be a very good defenseman for years to come. Just like Komisarak (sp?), there is going to be a learning curve.

    Ryder should sit until injuries create a spot for him. He has never been a good puck possession guy and has alway given the puck up too easily. Now that his confidence is shot he’s lost his scoring touch he is not much use. When h e finally returns he should have to work his way back up. We can’t afford to have a guy on our first line giving the puck away ten times per game.

    Please leave the firs two lines and these defensive pairings in tact. Breezy can stay in the press box. He’s had a good career but his time has past.

  196. Corio says:

    I really enjoyed watching the game last night and I am super excited at the possibilities the Kost brothers are opening up..

    Once concern that is bothering me is the issue with 5 on 5 and defensive zone coverage. Seems like it’s the same thing over and over. We get trapped in our zone 5 on 5 and can’t get the puck out! In most cases this leads to a goal or close chances for the opposing team, this has to stop!

  197. Bouleau noir says:

    Right on JA,..

    Moving back and forth as tide does creating mealstrom along the way is what the CH should be all about.

    This was our signature as a team when Gainey took over Julien 2 years ago.

    We lost it last season under Carbo when we reverted to a ” positionally correct ” but passive type of game and went into overdose with a checking line as our center of gravity.

    The CH identity need to be dynamic at all time and seems at its best when the 5 men on the ice play as a unit supporting each others up and down the ice in all 3 zones,… creating mealstrom effect, scoring oppotunitys and drawing penaltys against them…. for more scoring opportunitys.

  198. JA says:

    Good question and a great answer smartdog,

    Having trust and confidence in team mates makes a huge difference.

  199. Bouleau noir says:

    Execution is paramount for our team to fly but reaching excellence in our everall execution as an ensemble is dependant on the coach philosophy and dedication to that cause.

    I think that our slowness and slumping of late was more the result of our commendant lack of commitment towards the puck possession part of our game than the soldiers on the field.

  200. JA says:

    Great minds think alike.

  201. TommyB says:

    Sorry but, maybe you’ve been in Sens Land too long.

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