Game 24: Canadiens beat Leafs 4-3 in shootout

Canadiens goalie Carey Price (left) accepts congratulations from teammate Cristobal Huet after Price’s impressive performance.
Mike Cassese, Reuters

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The last time the Canadiens were in Toronto this season, earlier this month, they won on an overtime breakaway goal. By not-often-scoring defenceman Mike Komisarek, for heaven’s sake.

Tonight, they went to a five-round shootout and Andrei Kostitsyn played the more likely hero, lifting the Canadiens to a 4-3 victory with the visitors’ second SO goal at a stunned Air Canada Centre.

Sign this victory in huge part to goaltender Carey Price, who made 46 saves and won his second straight game against the Canadiens’ long-time arch-rival.

The rookie netminder is now 6-2-1 this season; on the road, he’s 5-1-0.

Toronto captain Mats Sundin scored with 18 seconds left in the third period, Leafs goalie Vesa Toskala pulled for a sixth attacker, to pull the Leafs into a 3-3 tie. Sundin was the only one of five Leafs to beat Price in the shootout.

Montreal had goals by Alex Kovalev, his 11th and 12 goals of the season, both on the power play and both from his favoured faceoff circle, and Guillaume Latendresse, who added his sixth, banging one in from short range while playing on the first line with Saku Koivu and Christopher Higgins.

Kovalev scored again in the shootout, with Tomas Plekanec, Koivu and Higgins stopped by Toskala.

The Habs, who had lost two in regulation and won one in overtime in their three games against the Maple Leafs this season, improved to 13-8-3 in the Northeast Division. Toronto fell to 8-11-6, further greasing the skids for general manager John Ferguson Jr. and Paul Maurice, who are trying to lead a club that is in great turmoil.

Montreal was easily outshot 17-6 in the first period, but rebounded to hold a 15-13 edge in the second before being outgunned 15-6 in the third for the 45-25 Toronto margin. The Canadiens had a 3-1 edge in overtime.

The Canadiens will be in New Jersey on Friday to play the Devils, before returning home Saturday to entertain Radek Bonk’s Nashville Predators.


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  2. earl says:

    Hmmm, gotta say ICP that your username, avatar, and signature are all in the domain of “unpaid advertising”.

  3. Frank14 says:

    I don’t know what time zone you’re in, but your comment
    is after the game.


  4. Frank14 says:

    Don’t be sorry, be careful.
    Check the game. For once in a while we’re up in the 3rd.


  5. leafs67_andcounting says:

    I somewhat agree here. Ryder’s job is to score goals, that’s where his value lies more than anywhere else. He’s getting chances but not converting and that’s what we need him to do. Otherwise, he’s just another hard-working plumber that we already have plenty of.

  6. Hoegarden says:

    If our Habs can just win their share (at least 60% or more) of the faceoffs, especially when on the PP and PK, and hit the darn net more often, then they have a chance to put two more points in the bank. You simply cannot win games chasing the puck all night. If I read correctly, Habs are in the 30% average on faceoffs this year. Boring statement for some but plain reality. Win faceoffs and let them chase you, they’ll run out of steam quickly.

    What on earth are they trying to do with Tender by putting him on the first line. He’s an unproven 20 year old who has yet to learn the ropes in the AHL. His linemates will have time for a cup of mojo at the blueline, waiting for him to catch up….yawn!

  7. LTHF says:

    Right on “traderyder”. Dont know what you call producing, Higgins 14pts koivu 19 and ryder 10. Dont look like production to me! — from anyone

  8. TradeRyder says:

    LTHF: The reason people are on Ryder is that the other two guys on that line were producing… and because Ryder seemed to be a black hole on our first line. It’s true Ryder has worked in his D and improved it, and has been obviously working hard. But we rely on the guy (at 2+ mil a year) for scoring. It’s a serious question whether he can keep up with the top line for speed and skill.

    I have a GOOD FEELING about tonights game! …and I’m NEVER optimistic about Leafs games. Time to find that offense again! I HOPE the team is as frustrated with their play last game as we are and focused on stepping it up against a slow Leaf D!

    A bucket with a hole in it doesn’t hold water. We need changes on the first line!

  9. notbigbird says:

    We seem to be running into highly motivated teams such as Atlanta when they needed to end a slump and then Buffalo and of course Ottawa after they had lost one or two. And Toronto seems to get motivated enough playing us anyway. Regardless, I have a feeling that it’s our turn to win against Toronto.

    I’d like to see Price start three to five games in a row, just to see how he would react. Then, Huet can have his turn. I’m not sure that one game on and one off (for Price particularly) will continue to be a good thing.

  10. cautiousoptimist says:

    This holds true almost every night: we will win if we stop shooting the puck in from centre ice. Giving up possession on a line change or a penalty kill is one thing. But dumping it in over and over, only to lose the puck in the scuffle along the boards over and over, and create opposing rushes ad nauseum, is something I thought we had gotten away from. Since when is Don Cherry our coach? In this little mini slump, we’ve been doing it almost constantly. If we do this against the Leafs, giving away the puck half the time we have it, mark my words: we’re not going to beat an angry, desperate team.

    As for the Leafs, here’s Paul Maurice doing his best Dubya impression:

    “You have to have a certain kind of mind belief that there’s got to be enough good things in your game that gives you that sense of confidence,” he said.


    Perhaps all we need is a strengthened “mind belief” that we can carry the puck into the offensive zone.

  11. Corio says:

    It’s hilarious when you look at the stats for the leafs how they are immensely vulnerable as a ‘single point of failure’, it is basically all Sundin. If he gets injured the leafs are screwed in a big way.

    This one is a MUST WIN HABS! GO! GO ! Go!

  12. Corio says:

    It’s hilarious when you look at the stats for the leafs how they are immensely vulnerable as a ‘single point of failure’, it is basically all Sundin. If he gets injured the leafs are screwed in a big way.

    This one is a MUST WIN HABS! GO! GO ! Go!

  13. cautiousoptimist says:

    Nah – Jack Todd would have him spewing rows and rows of nothing but ampersands, as in:

    &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& HI THERE SPORTS FANS, have WE got a BARNBURNER of a DEAAAAAAAAAAAAL FOR YOU TODAY!!!!!

  14. lcpservices says:

    Brought a good point.

    Its these wins in November that shape the standings in March and April.

    I am not sure the Habs can play with Ottawa(although they did a excellent job Nov 10), they may be missing one key player, but if you can leave TO in the basement in the Northeast division, they may get discourage enough and play without confidence to stay their the whole year.

    Habs need to step it up a notch and separate themselves from the 6th-12th seeded teams in the conference. I would like to see them not to struggle to make the playoffs come March and April.

    The one game that I saw that the Habs played welled overall – and especially it was against Ottawa – although they lost, was the Saturday afternoon game, on the 10th of November. That was a playoff hockey game. If they play the same tonight against the Leafs as they did on that game vs the Sens, they should win.

    Heck, if they play like that every game, you should have some happy hockey fans and players in Montreal.

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  15. krob1000 says:

    Sorry everyone…..for a while I was reading my posts before I posted them and the last week or so I have been lazy again. Sorry.

  16. krob1000 says:

    This game will be an almost playoff like atmosphere in November. Both teams are looking to right their respective ships and both teams are from merciless media markets where the pressure compounds exponentially with every loss. I am sure that any Hab or Leaf fan is counting down in inticipation of a truly spirited matchup.

    For me I think the key to this game will be us reverting back to the game we played for the first 15 games of the season. Ryder, Ltendresse, Lafleur ….it will all be irrelevant if we get a consistent, solid two way effort from each and every man with red on his jersey. We have the team and the cries for a scorer are warranted only to make a serious run come playff time. For now we have plenty of offense and fans like us need not panic after a handful of rough outings.

    The biggest concern I have of late has been our powerplay and the lack of poise and control. That was alarming. Not scoring can be dealt with but we have had trouble setting up and have made several sloppy passes and poor decisions on dump ins trying to gain the zone. This would be a great game to get back on track as far as the powerplay goes as the Leafs can definitely be drawn into taking penalties. The best thing about our pp is that we usually have two or more guys who play “quarterbacks” on each unit. With 2 solid defenseman playing the role when needed (Markov or Hammer) and several forwards capable of having the play run throught hem if the teams decide to take away the points we have all of the necessary weapons in place. The last few games (even the Islanders win) we have looked almost lazy or over confident on the pp and allowed glorious opportunties to go for not.

    One guy cannot carry the puck and dump it in if he has forced his other attackers to stop skating at the blueline and expect us to retrieve the puck (Kovalev). If someone (usually Kovy or Markov) is going to be entrusted to carry the puck through the neutral zone then guys have to have speed as they approach the blue line and win the races to the dump and chip ins.

    Chipchura is also going to be a big factor in how we fare this season in my opinion as he is looking more and more like he is poised to start producing some offense. If he can manage to feed some pucks to Ryder and Lats were to work out (on line “1”) we could have a third scoring line (capable of…I know Chips is a checker).

    I agree with the posters who are saying time is needed to develop chemistry (no, it is not genetic chemistry HABPROFESSOR) and the constant the constant flip flopping of lines only confuses things. It also must be noted though that Carbo is seeking the best recipe early in the season and in the big scheme of things he is probably right for doing it sooner than later. Practice doesn’t really reveal too much as far as how players will work with one another.

  17. 24 Cups says:

    “What if” is a dangerous game to play but if the Habs had won instead of lost those two one goal games to the Leafs earlier in the season they would only be a few points behind Ottawa and Detroit. AND the Leafs would then have 17 points which would put them with Washington and surely lead to the firing of Ferguson/Maurice. That’s where a real pure goal scorer would come in handy for the Habs as he could help win some of those tight games that we seem to lose in the third period. For all the moaning and crying in Toronto (and Montreal) it is still a pretty tight race. Leafs are only three points out of a playoff spot and we are only four points from being out of the playoffs – and it’s only the end of November.

  18. coutNY says:

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    The picture itself was a little creative editing..

  19. TommyB says:

    Well cautiousoptimist…let’s just hope that we see our PP more often than they see their’s. Officiating in the centre of the universe (aka ACC) is suspect even at the best of times.

  20. LTHF says:

    Well, well after all the comments lately about who should be on the #1 line etc, I think Mr Lefleur summed it up very well by stating that they dont have a #1 line, they are basically all 4th liners. Im baffled why most are pointing the finger at Ryder,regardless of his poor season to date he his still doing as well as most of them. I guess he is paying the price for scoring 30 the last 2 years. There too many players on most nights acting like totem poles- should have taken a lesson from the sabres of what 60 minutes of hard work from everyone whether 1st line or 4th can produce a winning result or least it can be a pleasure to watch

  21. lcpservices says:


    As I was skimming the newspaper this morning, particularly the scoreboard page and the nhl standings and closely focused my attention on the Northeast Division, I got to see the Habs in 2nd place with 27 points and the Leafs in 5th with 21 points.

    Although it is a 6 points difference, this wasn’t what I was really concerned about.

    The Leafs are in last place. LAST PLACE, WHO OF EVERY THOUGHT!!! They are obviously struggling and perhaps are a surprised to many with their slow start this year. The Habs are in TO tonight to play the Leafs.

    If the Habs every need a motivation to win tonight is this: With every loss that Toronto takes from now on, you will be burying them out of playoff contention making it harder to comeback later on this season.

    For example: a habs win tonight gives them a 8 point lead with one game in hand(possibly 10 points) as oppose to a four point lead. Could you see the diffence?

    And their is no indication that Leafs will be getting better anytime soon. Even if the GM and coach get fired, it takes time to re-group and re-assess you situation and gameplan.

    I can still remember a conversation I had with a friend up in NDG in September. He was giving me a 101 reasons that the Leafs will win the cup this year and how much better they are than the Habs. If fact, he predicted the habs will finish in last or near the basement. Now it could happen, highly unlikely, but you can be certain, right now, today, November 27, 2007, these teams are going in opposite directions.

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  22. coutNY says:

    Here is my lastest Funny de jour: It’s been around for a while as my sign on tag but I’ve been waiting for us to play again to actually post it… I call it the Toronta-Pinata!

    Original size~


  23. habfan53 says:

    I too live in Leafs Nation and fear that their players will come out tonight to prove a point. With all the laughing and joking about the Leafs we are ONLY 6 points up on them going into tonights game.
    Montreal has to come out tonight the way they did the first meeting of the year when Toskala stole the game.
    I agree with TOMMY B that Price has to step up tonight show us what the houpla is about. I think 7 of the last 9 games have been decided by 1 goal.

  24. krob1000 says:

    We can only dream that Glenn Healy will become the g.m of the Leafs. It would be fantastic though as we would no longer have to listen to his ridiculous commentating and at the same time I believe he could do a far better job than JFJ did ruining the Leafs.

  25. Angry Almond says:


    They can have him! At least he can grace the media in Hogtown with his empty-headed, remarkably left-field comments without forcing it on the rest of the country! In fact, they can let Dreger be his assistant GM and throw in Jack Todd as his speech writer!

  26. lcpservices says:

    Love you webpage
    How did you create it?
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  27. Nova Scotia Hab Fan says:

    Please tell me that Glenn Healey won’t be doing the game tonight for TSN, His head and ego has probley doubled in size with all this talk of him coming to leaf land.

  28. lcpservices says:

    Thanks for the numbers.

    The key for habs tonight is to score first and get the sixth player (fans) out of the game.

    I really hope Habs win tonight by a blowout, and possible Price gets a shutout.

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  29. 24 Cups says:

    You can also view the hit by Hartnell on Alberts in last night’s game. Alberts was on his knees by the boards and looks like he is trying to block the puck from coming out of the Philly end. Hartnell then blindsides him and rams his head into the boards. He received a major and a game misconduct. That’s four despicable hits in a row for the Flyers. Briere better keep his head up.

  30. krob1000 says:

    I guess I am equally as stubborn. What bothers me most is that he often makes sense and then he talks about Ryder and something happens, wires cross, buttons stick and out comes this TradeRyder persona. I am currently working closely with a pharmaceutical company to develop some type of serum to cure his ailment. Carbo seems to have a Dandy idea in feeding Ryder some Chips tonight but if that doesn’t work you can sleep knowing that there is no stopping science and we are working on a cure.

  31. cautiousoptimist says:

    I don’t know why everyone seems to think the Leafs have our number. We won two of the last five, albeit in close games – as close to a 50% ratio as you can get. This team has four less wins than we do and they mortgaged their future for an above-average but very beatable goalie. Check out these Leafs stats:

    Win % when leading after 1: .167
    Win % when leading after 2: .500
    Win % when trailing after 1: .182
    Win % when trailing after 2: .143

    This seems to show that they don’t play well when they’re down, and that they play almost as badly when they’re up. Even when leading after two, their guess is as good as ours. You’re telling me we can’t beat that?

    Most brutally, we rank 26 slots higher on the PP. If we show them why, we’ll win.

    At the NHL level, all the teams are tough – and should all frankly be playing desperate, considering what they’re paid. But this isn’t a top-20 team here.

  32. Hoegarden says:

    Ryder is in a no-win situation. His problem is back to back 30 goal seasons. Folks expect the same if not more. With over 1/4 of the season gone, Carbo is now “forced” to move him in the hope that he’ll pot a few. The local press is also blaming him for the lack of production from Higs and Saku. Let’s wish Ryder a bit of luck.

  33. krob1000 says:

    The reason the haven’t won cups more often is simple. Nobody wins cups often anymore…..Dynasties are long gone. They do have a legitimate shot every year and that is all you can ask as a fan and more. They have also had goaltending issues and if you recall last year the they just about beat Anaheim and actually got burned on a phantom call that led to Anaheim tying the game in the dying minutes then winning and turning the series around. It was a lot like the Carolina Habs series a couple years back where they got a couple 5 on 3’s out of nowhere we choked, lost momentum and never regained it.

    Tough guys who can play too……sign em up….problem is there are only a handful of those guys. None of Anaheims goons got any real playing time in the playoffs and the reasons they won were Selanne, Mcdonald, Niedermayer, Pahlsson, Pronger (He can fight but is more dirty), Giguere….not Parros, O’Donnell, Shawn Thornton and Moen (although he did contribute) who were there four leading penalty minutes guys. There next leading penalty minutes guys were Selanne and Niedermayer.

    I don’t think we do get outmuscled…..we may get outpunched but our smallest forwards are even extremely strong on the puck and win far more battles than they should (Koivu and Plekanec). Kovalev is like Hercules and may be next to Jagr and Iginla as the hardest guys to knock off the puck. Latendresse, Higgins, Ryder all are good hitters and very strong. Kostitsyn…not strong ..yet. Kosto, Begin and Dandenault …all very strong.

    Fights draw a lot of attention and tend to sway fans opinions and they really don’t do much but occasionally light a fire (which can happen win or lose) or hurt hands. It is rare that a good shot even connects more often than not guys just hit helmets and ruin their hands that are their livelihood. I love a good scrap but unless players have to drop their helmets and their gloves (like they did for years here in Kingston at the Junior A games) I think it is stupid.

  34. ebk says:

    what would make think you can use logic to convince a person with that moniker Ryder isn’t the only problem.

  35. leafs67_andcounting says:

    That’s sad to hear. personally I’d like JFJ to stay the til the end of the year and possibly make a lousy deadline trade and further compromise the Leafs future.

  36. krob1000 says:

    Here we go again…..Higgins averages 18.4 mins/game Ryder 15.4 mins/game. At 3 minutes per game and having played 23 games that is 69 minutes. Divide that by Ryders average on ice time of 15:41 and he has played approximately 4 1/2 games less than Higgins. He is only 4 points back of Higgins, has far more hits and a better plus minus(although I hate that one). I am not knocking Higgins in any way,shape or form but I don’t think Ryder has played all that bad and a few bounces here and there and Ryder is having the better season thus far. Ryder definitely needs to start scoring but he has been getting chances and working hard and that is all you can really ask. As for the 2 plus million/year comment….still a bargain. Dustin Penner is a 4 million a year guy and his stats look about the same as Ryders.

  37. nightmare_49 says:

    You can catch a nice bit on Ryan McDonaugh at top right (zone video).

  38. Habs_008 says:

    Living in the Heart on Laff Nation there is little talk about the habs, all the talk is about the GM/Coach and who should be Fired. The Prez of the leafs admitted that it was a mistake to Hire JFJ as GM. Hopefully the Laffs will be listening to the talk shows and reading the papers and will not be up to play the Habs, they wont be focused on the game.

  39. leafs67_andcounting says:

    The Leafs always come out flying against us and we never seem to be ready. I don’t know what Carbo says in the room before games, but maybe someone else should give the pep talk before Leafs games.

    I think the 1st 5-10 minutes decides this game. We need either an early lead or for Price to stand on his head either way it will get the Leafs thinking and doubting themselves.

  40. johnnyhab says:

    If your going to kick anyone when their down it might as well be the Leafs!

  41. moser17 says:

    Every night Glenn would go down to the dressing room with his bagpipes and name “Toronto’s Nessie”.

  42. krob1000 says:

    The Red Wings have not dressed a tough guy in years. There is toughness and there is being tough as a team and they are two very different things. I agree it was tough to watch the Boston game but the bottom line was we won (I know you mentioned that). As long as players are willing to take a big hit to score a goal, block shots, battle in the corners and stand up for one another it really doesn’t matter if we lose more fights than we win. The things I listed above are the things that win games…..not fights.

    The stupid Anaheim Ducks and their league leading fight total have cause people to beleive that goons are the way to go again. Everyone (not saying you …just in general) seems to forget they had incredible skill that really won the cup as fights don’t happen in the playoffs (very rarely). I can tell you this…..if we dressed an enforcer(a true enforcer) either Begin or Kostoplous will be going the way of Garth Murray or Downey. There are only 12 forward spots and only 3 (max) of those wil be going to grinders or goons. We have Dandy, Kosto and Begin and personally I would rather see them in the lineup than a goon. Goons don’t make room anymore….they take up room.

    I guess we could have a goon in the press box most of the time and dress him periodically but it would nullify one of our biggest assets (being able to roll four lines). We have Buillon, Komisarek, Kostopolous, Begin, and maybe Hamrlik/Dandy who will all drop their gloves if need be. That is plenty.

  43. The Teacher says:

    sure, but going onto the last game of the year…1 point behind…not quite a 4 point game is it now?

  44. The Teacher says:


    in case you didn’t understand that

    Basically we are both playing a game so gaining a GP, and the winner of the game gets two points while holding the other team pointless. In effect getting two points while they lost two points..Hence 4 point game. Only if playing in your own conference, and not limited to division. Usually also reserved for when two teams very close in the standings play each other.

    Although we can not call games 4-point games anymore because we now have 4.67 point games or 5.5 point games or 5 point games nowadays with the stupid shootout.

  45. Samantha says:

    LOL Thanks to both of you! I had an idea that it was that but I just wanted to make sure!

  46. earl says:

    But of course we can. The “4 point” game remains untouched. A regulation win with its earning of 2 points while your competitor fails to earn any points, is still the best possible outcome.

  47. Cable Guy says:

    This game scares the hell out of me. Leafs will be a desperate team tonight and will come out flying.

  48. Proudones says:

    Considering all the doom and gloom by Montreal media and fans (I do not subscribe to it) after two losses we, too, should be a desperate team.
    It should make for a good game.
    If we contain Sundin, we can beat them.
    I like our chances much better.

  49. MAB the HAB says:

    I too feel a bit uneasy about this game, given all the pressure on both teams to win – with the laffs having the upper hand in desperation right now. Add the tough way the laffs have played us lately and this is no easy game.
    As fans, though, it will be easy to be pumped as the Habs beating the laffs can finish off JRJ and maybe even Paul Maurice. But the players need to find their pride, get motivated by Lafleur’s comments and fight hard to get the two points.
    I feel good about Tender up on the 1st line and hopeful about Ryder playing with Chips and Dandy…and expect, as always, a solid effort from Jesus Price.
    The key will be to come out strong and score in the first and score often thereafter.


  50. 24 Cups says:

    Here is what I would like to see the Habs do tonight.

    – start Price in net (job done)
    – stick with the original line combinations throughout the game regardless of the score
    – win more faceoffs than they lose, especially against Sundin. If you shut down Sundin you shut down the Leafs
    – shoot high and often regardless of who starts in net for the Leafs
    – make McCabe and Wozniewski handle the puck as much as possible. Both guys have been breaking down on a regular basis.
    – go easy on the penalties. Habs take more bad/unnecessary calls against the Leafs than any other team they play.

  51. J.T. says:

    Thanks a lot, Dave…now you’ve done it! As soon as we call a team “lowly,” they come out looking like the Stanley Cup champions against the Habs. It’s like saying “shutout” before the game ends…it’s guaranteed to break the goose egg. The leafs might have only eight wins, but one quarter of them are against the Habs. I hope the boys in white remember that tonight and hold the leafs’ heads underwater until they stop kicking. They’ll come out desperate and won’t be easy to subdue…no matter what the stats say.

  52. Dave Stubbs says:

    J.T., it’s a long, long running gag with an old former Gazette editor friend, Dave Carter, now living in, um, Toronto. We never wrote a headline about the Leafs without using the adjective “lowly.” Ever. So I surely can’t stop now…

    Dave Stubbs

    Habs Inside/Out
    Sports Feature Writer, Montreal Gazette


  53. TommyB says:

    I would like to see a bit more of why we all hold Carey Price in such high regard, tonight!

    I’m not criticizing our goaltending. I think Huet has shown us who he is and what he has got, which is small hot streaks followed by small cooler streaks. Price has played well, but with Price we have to expect that sooner or later we are going to see something more than “playing well”. This is what we are all banking on for the future. I’d like to see the future, starting tonight against the leafs.

    Go Habs
    Go Price

  54. moser17 says:

    I hear you, TommyB, but frankly, I hope a match against the Leafs won’t require our goaltender to stand on his head. Price’s winning performance tonight should be like what Hasek said when he had a 12-shot shutout against Les Boys two seasons ago: “It shouldn’t even count.”

  55. nightmare_49 says:

    I know your on the fence with Price for good reason. That’s why i suggested that Price go to Hamilton for a week (DEC-07 to DEC-15) where they play 6 games so he can get in the groove for the rest of the Habs season. He needs a good string of games to work things out as he is use to working regularly and has been spotted since the start of training camp. Carey is doing fine but i think this extra work will put him over the hump. Timing is so important for a goalie and only game experience will give that to you.

  56. JF says:

    I’m always uneasy about leafs games. They use their size to beat us along the boards and in the corners. We have to have really strong forechecking and a good transition game. If we start chasing the puck in our own zone the way we were doing against Buffalo, we’re cooked. Speed, breaking out up the middle, lots of shots and staying out of the penalty box could win it for us. But it will be tough; the leafs will certainly be desperate. I hope this will lead them into errors and we can capitalize.

  57. lcpservices says:

    Both teams are desperate for a win.
    The very thought of playing the Leaf makes the habs and their fans weak.
    With all the rumors of who gets fired, gm or coach, for the leafs, this could be a stumbling for Toronto.
    Toronto has had theHabs number so far this year.
    Expect Montreal to win tonight. I think their are due for a win.

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  58. PPQB says:

    I think Price is gonna show us why the “Price is right” tonight. The Lats/Ryder switch experiment may work, but probably won’t. Hope I’m proven wrong and that it does work though. Either way, Habs-Leafs games are always exciting to watch…even meaningless games between them are anything but meaningless. The collective morales of entire cities hinge upon the outcomes of these games. On that note, GO HABS GO!!

    I hear your voice across a frozen lake
    A voice from the end of a leaf
    Saying, ‘you won’t die of a thousand fakes
    or be beaten by the sweetest of dekes’

    At the lonely end of the rink

  59. cautiousoptimist says:

    Is that the first hockey poetry on this site?

  60. RudeMood19 says:

    I really this is going to be our toughest game this year. We have confidence issues against the Leafs, so it’s going to take a huge effort to get over the mental block they have over us. That being said, we are better than them no doubt, but we have to PROVE it for once. Price is in net, hopefully he plays well for us. WE NEED TO SCORE LOL, if we do that we win.

  61. coutNY says:

    We need to take a page out of the “cobra kai” hand book according to the stats above…

    Strike First… Strike Hard …. NO Mercy Sir!

    Give them a reason to bring in Glen Healy, so the organization can continue to suck for years to come.

  62. krob1000 says:

    Sweep the leg !!!Better get em a body bag!!!!! heheheheheheheh I hated that gigglin Cobra Kai guy in the background.

    I heard they are remaking the karate kid movies. I just recently when on vacation into my childhood and watched all of the Rocky movies, original Star Wars trilogy, Karate Kid series (no Hilary Swank),Superman series (I didn’t realize how bad Superman 3 was….terrible) and First Blood/Rambo series… about some good times. Miagi-Do is still the dojo to beat. Rocky is still awesome….I can watch any of the first four any time they come on.

  63. Habsjazz says:

    Hard to say who has the upper hand in this one. Both teams want this game badly. It seems that all it takes in Laugh Land is a victory against the Habs to silence the critics for another week until the next major drama unfolds. However, I think tonight will be the game where we separate ourselves from the Leafs. It’s only a matter of time. They can’t play above their heads against us for ever. Right?

  64. krob1000 says:

    I just read on the other thread that during the podcast yesterday Hickey said he thought Grabovski’s days were numbered. I hope that there is no truth to that. He has played a handful of games and has an unteachable asset in his speed. He needs to learn to use it but that is what being a rookie is about…..learning on the job. We have been very fortunate on the inury front and that is the main reason Grabs hasn’t played much but to say he is not in our plans would be a mistake. Hickey knows far more than I but I have a hard time believing something like that.

    He does look like a boy playing with men at times but at other times he looks like the roadrunner playing with a bunch of Elmer Fudd’s. Like a poster on the other thread mentioned …St. Louis, Briere, Perron,Blake, etc were all given up on too early and like I mentioned above you can’t teach speed. Please tell me this isn’t going to happen.

  65. Scotty90 says:

    any idea who is in nets for the Leafs?

  66. Robert L says:

    Their next GM?

  67. TommyB says:

    I read that comment of yours at the time you posted it, and I did think there was merit and wisdom in that idea.

  68. WindsorHab-10 says:

    A statement game for both teams. We’ll have to wait & see which team wants it more.

  69. Robert L says:

    A statement game is exactly what it is!

    So many attached circumstances are unforseeable for this one. Like Habs / Leafs games haven’t been weird enough lately, this one promises to outdo them all. Hope the Habs are ready to enter the ACC Twilight Zone

  70. jody1974 says:


    I was talking about getting something to help our #1 line with out giving anything up. Getting a sleeper of a player. Ryan Kessler will cost us young talent, and why would VAN want to trade Kessler right this moment.

  71. T-roy West says:


    Everytime I write a comment I have to go all the way back to page one because it starts you over at the first comment of the day also I cannot change my profile picture. I delete my old one then when I put in a new one the old one appears and I tried everything. Any suggestions? Also can we go back to numbering the posts instead of the reply because I think it would be less confusing otherwise awesome job on the best site in the world!!!!

    T-roy West

  72. KerryPrice says:

    To bad we hadda let this go to O.T. But at least we got the 2 pts. Carey Price played wicked. Kovelev looks like he should leading the All Star ballot himself, picking corners all night. Habs were lackluster in the 1st though. Gross penalties on both teams, but thats nothing new. Roy Orbison coulda scored Latts goal hehe. That Zamboni fiasco was halarious. I hope the Leafs don`t fire Maurice, he`s a funny and intertaining dude. The only thing interesting in Leaf land. I hope they don`t fire John Fergy Jr either, he `s dumb as a stump. At least let him make a few deals first.

  73. Dave Stubbs says:

    Thanks for your feedback, T-roy, and to all for the feedback we receive here. I always forward your comments and requests to our techs. Please understand that I’m working to create, upload and link content to Inside/Out; I’m not the guy who deals with the mechanics of the site (and believe me, that’s just the way I like it).

    But every suggestion and comment is read and considered.

    Dave Stubbs

    Habs Inside/Out
    Sports Feature Writer, Montreal Gazette


  74. The Teacher says:

    LOL, Kovalev picking corners???


    first goal he missed his side of the net…
    second goal he could have had an expresso for all the time he had to shoot…and he put it in the middle of the net…corners??

    ok, shootout yes…all night? no…

  75. jody1974 says:

    Lets get the ball rolling a little bit tonight.

    I don’t think the Lat’s experiment on the first line will work for the rest of the season. Habs need to try and pull away from the pack right now. Too many teams in our division are catching up. So I have a trade that’s 1 for 1 deal in current players that will get our #1 line going full force. We also don’t have to give up youth which is the key.

    Vancouver is struggling and they need to make the playoffs and Vancouver tried to trade this player during the off season. So basically it’s Van dumping some salary to try and make another trade down the road if they need to.

    Ryder and a 3rd rounder to Vancouver for Brendan Morrison.

    Just remember the key is the Habs need to pull away right now. If were able to, then at the trading deadline we might be able to steal a player instead of it costing us big time.

    Give me some feed back :)

  76. T-roy West says:


    Totally understand! Actually I would rather have 10% of rather than 100% of all other hab’s site’s combined. If it wasn’t for you guy’s on this site and RDS then I think alot of hab’s fan’s in western Canada would go postal!!

    Price = cup#25

    T-roy West

  77. KerryPrice says:

    Hey dude it`s a figure of speech (hockey slang). Next time i`ll be more detailed. I opoligize Mr teacher man. Glad you thought it was funny though(dork).I woulda been more specific if if i thought you were gonna give me a star on my chart.

  78. saku11 says:

    Great game by Price tonight, I don’t understand how some people say he’s not ready yet. Kovalev seems determined to score 40 this year. Koivu worked hard all night, too bad about the play at the end of the third. Kostitsyn showed his sick hands in the shootout.

    The game as a whole was pretty forgettable, the habs have definitely played better hockey, passes weren’t tape to tape tonight. All that matters is that we got the two points. I think a few people read too much into the standings. Sure Toronto is 14th but the fact of the matter is that any team in this league can win on any given night, some will just win more often than others. They did manage to shutout Ottawa somehow. Some fans are way too pessimistic. You can’t name a team in this league that plays 82 solid games of hockey. The habs are 4th in the conference which shows that more often than not they’ve been playing inspired hockey. As much as Guy Lafleur should be respected as a player, as an analyst he sucks. So does that Le Baron guy on RDS, I’m pretty sure I can make the wrong picks for Mise-au-jeu too.

    Anyways the biggest positive from this game is Carey Price. He’s shown once again he has the talent to steal games.

  79. KerryPrice says:

    I think i`d rather Kesler. Be a nice fit with the other fello Americans. Corey Perry would be nice. I wonder if Brian Burke got enough money in the piggy bank to resighn him?? Selanne ,Koivu get on the telephone.

  80. ebk says:

    missed his side of the net….your kidding right
    take a look at the replay,he was on the right wing, fairly deep. how could he hit the net on the right side from there and why the heck would he try.

  81. Chuck says:

    Just had a chance to see the highlights. I can’t understand why Jason Blake wasn’t called for goaltender interference before the third laffs goal. He went untouched with an elbow into Carey, leaving him completely knocked out of the play. That said, karma can be a bitch and Carey made them pay in the shootout… though I’m pretty sure that I saw Blake interfere with Carey on Sundin’s shootout goal, too. 😉

    Seriously, though, I know that Carey’s got ice water in his viens, but that’s definitely a case where I’d like to see him get into the ref’s face and stand up for himself. Perhaps he doesn’t feel it’s his place to do so… yet.

    “Vote Saku for All-Star… or little Timmy gets it!!!”

  82. xile says:

    Personally, I don’t agree that there should have been a goalie interference penalty. Blake was just going to the net, and that’s what happens. Seriously, that last minute goal was just bad play on our part with Koivu’s poor excuse of a clearing attempt, and the whole ‘sitting-on-a-one-goal-lead’ attitude the Habs have had lately didn’t help either.

    I think there should be more negatives than positives to take out from this game, because seriously, we were beaten in almost every aspect of the game besides goaltending and special teams. We couldn’t win battles along the boards, we couldn’t set up a solid forecheck, we couldn’t generate many 5-5 opportunities, we spent way too much time in our own zone without being able to clear the puck. If we weren’t playing the lowly Leafs, we obviously would have gotten smoked.

    Other than that, Price was awesome: his positioning is very impressive and makes the saves look easy. Still places to improve though, because he got surprised by the second goal, on which he probably should have been able to make a save (of course, markov/komisarek were pathetic on that play). Kovalev, what can I say? We need more of this guy, I say 22+ minutes a game for him, but obviously hard-headed Carbo won’t ever consider putting any forward on the ice for more than 20 minutes.

    I don’t like Carbo’s system right now. What’s with the lame forechecking we have nowadays? And the whole 1-goal-lead-is-enough mentality? We need to keep pressing even if we have the lead in the third. I don’t think there’s a single team that has blown more leads in the final minutes of the game than the Habs. This is becoming a joke, we have to be more aggressive.

    I savour every victory against the Leafs, but seeing how badly they are playing right now, I don’t think we should be happy with today’s result.

  83. Oleg Petrov says:

    Enjoyed the game, habs win is a habs win. I can just see it – Koivu goes for the goal, misses and the Leafs score on the ensuing faceoff from the icing call – and he would be ripped for going for the goal! Come on people – he made the right play! Blake should have got a goalie interference call but of course that would never happen in the centre of the universe!

    it was a good road win – winning in regulation would have been better but who cares about the point the leafs earned? not going to help them to reach the playoffs this year – the big thing is the Habs earned 2 points.

    Kovalev was awesome, Price was awesome, thought Markov played unbelievable. Liked Lats on the first line and Chipchura seemed to be everywhere!

    Next up is Jersey – hopefully their new building won’t be as bad as the old one for the Habs, never seem to win there

  84. Bouleau noir says:

    Like HNS, I cant help it but to feel that our game with the puck is substantially lower in quality than has been the case earlier on this season.

    We had an identity as a team earlier on,… things didn’t degenerated in our D zone and more often than not outlet passes came quickly and the puck was moved away with speed throught the neutral zone which led to all sort of good things once entering the offensive zone….. once in there offensive pressure was acheived and maintained much more often and with more authority than as been the case in the last 7 games or so.

    If our collective game with the puck keeps going down in quality we will end-up with the worst shots on goal differencial of the league like we were last season,…. and that would be hochey hell.

    So what is Carbo to do ? I dont know, but it is his job to make the team play better as the season progresses… it is the coaches job to attend and direct for such a progression to take place,… lets hope that the coaches have the tools required to make it happen… this time.

  85. A. Berke says:

    FYI Canucks are 8-2-2 in the month of November (I believe better than our Habs) and they just blanked the ducks 4-0 tonight. So I wonder why do you say that Canucks are struggling?

    The problem they had earlier in the season were a plethora of injuries esp to their D.

    Furthermore to the poster below:

    Yes I would prefer Ryan Kessler to Morrison any day.


    Ali B.

  86. says:

    I’m just happy we won. Carey looked great again. Thanks for the win boys, now keep it going.
    God Bless Our Infantry

  87. G-Man says:

    Don’t you just love how if you’re wearing a Laff sweater you rarely get any penalties? YOu can interfere with the goalie (Hi, Jason Blake), you can crosscheck players in the face with impunity (Hi, Sundin), you can obstruct (Hi, Hal Gill, McCabe, etc.) Funny how a crappy team like the Laffs are always close in games against the Habs. Nothing to do with poor officiating, or does Buttman consider Hogtown an American city?
    Enough of that. Price is demonstrating he’s the # 1 goalie. Outshot by 20 and still a victory, even though shootouts are b.s.


  88. Blitzen says:

    I’ve been saying since last year that they simply do not have the personnel to play a defensive shell to protect a 1-goal lead and yet I keep seeing them trying to do it. If you’re up by 1 it’s because you have done something better than the opposition so why not keep doing what you’re doing?

    The other thing I couldn’t understand were all the line changes in the third while trying to protect a lead. At least don’t make guys play with others they are not used to play with if you’re going to try to protect a lead.

    As someone else pointed out, the Habs are regressing in fundamentals, something else they were having a problem with last year: lousy passes, bad clearings, etc… that’s on the coach to change that.

    Finally, anybody else notice that interference is slowly making its way back in the game without getting penalized? I don’t mean just against the Habs, I think all teams are getting away with it a lot more than before.

  89. Oleg Petrov says:

    Right on habsfan53 – beating the leafs should appear 3 times in everybody’s top five list of great things from last night. And Koivu made the right play!

  90. nightmare_49 says:

    All the teams have played over 20 games now and have a good book on each other especially division teams as the advanced scouts are doing their jobs. They know your system and tendencies which become a pattern they can counter. We’ll take the 2 points but we also exposed our weaknesses which have to be addressed or at least adjusted before Friday. Good performances from our rookies Price and Chips while Saku had his best game in a while and Kovy supplied the scoring touch and Markov shone offensively and stunk defensively as he still gambles too much for my liking. Lats fitted in well with Saku and the other hitchhiker who has to pick up his game and should stop talking and start producing. We are still a work in progress even though the advancement has seemed to be stalled.

  91. N.B. habs fan 50 yrs says:

    Xile..have to agree with you about our team ,something has to change and I think the coaching has alot to do with it bad 3rd period ,you can predict what is going to happen in the final minuite and it is so fustrating to watch them play the way they do that has to do with the coaching,he does it every time we get the lead and blow it .

  92. TradeRyder says:

    Thanks Dave!

    My suggestions are longer because it’s what I do for a living. I direct the build of sites like this… programmers tend to say “it works”, but there’s a thing called ‘usability’ which is whether it does what you want it to. Works pretty darn well by they way(!) but things like popping you to the top of the wrong page after you submit a post is an easy fix and obviously tied to the old structure.

    Thanks again for the forum. I’m new here and love being able to talk to real habs fans on it.

    A bucket with a hole in it doesn’t hold water. We need changes on the first line!

  93. TradeRyder says:

    Jody1974 – Good point that the Habs should make a trade soon if they can. They obviously need some kind of change as they’re sputtering in the third period and despite overall success – despite the griping we all know 13 wins is pretty good right now! – we don’t know how to come back, and we let other teams back in the game. Though maybe it is the coaching. Like I said – WE NEED A 3RD PERIOD COACH.

    The Laffs should be sending us flowers! We’re like the air they breath, the wind beneath their wings, the cream in their coffee, the arrow in their quiver. Yeah, I guess that’s enough.

    A bucket with a hole in it doesn’t hold water. We need changes on the first line!

  94. TradeRyder says:

    Koivu was probably looking to set up Ryder so his friend could have another goal. 😉

    A bucket with a hole in it doesn’t hold water. We need changes on the first line!

  95. TradeRyder says:

    Hey T-roy

    My guess is the developer will fix that problem of when you submit a post you go to the wrong page soon.

    About the picture upload. There’s a delay – I think it needs to be approved. But also after you upload a picture you may have to say “okay” down below or something like that. I forget what that page looks like… but that’s common. If not, maybe they just don’t like what you’re posting, or maybe it’s the wrong size or something like that.
    A bucket with a hole in it doesn’t hold water. We need changes on the first line!

  96. hyfyarse says:

    I blame Koivu for not going for the empty net and allowing Toronto to get a point. I don’t like to blame individuals but the open net come on Koivu your the Captain do you need to go back to pee-wee league to re learn that take the shot for the empty net.
    All of you Lats haters do you think you could do better? thought not, give him the pressure cooker and he will produce.
    Through the good the bad and the ugly I will never lose hope in my HABS!!!!

  97. TradeRyder says:

    Dunno… we lucked out with a few missed calls in that one. The officiating is just generally bad this year.
    A bucket with a hole in it doesn’t hold water. We need changes on the first line!

  98. earl says:

    Sorry, that’s not the peewee lesson Saku would relearn.

    Saku’s play wasn’t the problem, it was the lack of puck pursuit and the relative ease with which the Leafs re-entered the zone. The goaltender interference by Blake helped.

    If Saku ices the puck and a goal ensues off the faceoff we’re all shaking our heads. Saku’s play was a decent one, but by then the team was in collapse mode and not a Hab wanted to go beyond their own blueline.

  99. habfan53 says:

    After reading most of the post from last nights game I remember that fan is actually short for fanatic. All you guys do is B***H, B***H, B***H.

    Lets look at the Positives

    1) We beat the LEAFS
    2) We sit 4th overall in the conference
    It would be 2nd but Carolina and Philly are division
    3) We beat the LEAFS
    4) Another strong game from Price
    5) We beat the LEAFS

    For all you out there saying Koivu shoiuld have shot at the empty net well if he has missed then there would have been an icing call and you woud be saying he should have just tried to clear it.

    I was lucky to have been there last night and on the way out ran in Mr. Gillette WE were both happy for the win. That’s it we WON people WE WON

  100. coutNY says:

    This is why I love Huet… the picture above, he looks like proud father that just wittnessed his son play his heart out. “This is my boy” the picture cries out! He does not have that worried, full of animosity, half-hearted glad you won look, you would expect from a guy that is competing for the same position. A real team player that enjoys a team winning atmosphere. This is a welcomed vision…

    THe biggest disapointment last night was not winning it outright. It’ll stink if it comes down to the end of the season and we get beat out by a team that has several more losses than us, but has collected the garbage points (like the laffs), who are on pace to collect 14 OTL points = 7 wins… happen last year when NYI and the laffs collect more points with less wins overall…

    OT Win is still better than losing any day or night…. GO HAbs Go!

  101. earl says:

    As usual I was somewhat disappointed with the TSN telecast last night.

    In Healy’s zeal to serve his Bell Globemedia masters he completely overlooked discussion of 2 serious points in the game.

    1) the Wade Belak tripping penalty. While Healy was running his script on “this is what this line needs to do” and “that’s why Belak is back in the lineup” Healy overlooked what looked like a very dangerous play. Belak had his leg out for crying out loud, he could have ended a career.

    2) Could we have just a little discussion about the Blake goal. Blake was in the blue ice, the puck wasn’t. Price’s ability to defend the goal was denied by Blakes contact. Blake wasn’t pushed. That’s goaltender interference (and a set Blake play for what it’s worth).

  102. Corio says:

    I was unimpressed with the habs’ game for these reasons:

    – We we’re outshot by a ton!
    – We we’re extremely lucky i.e the few posts hit by the leafs
    – Our power play was HORRIBLE!

    All in all except for the goal by Kovalev on that one timer from the top of the slot we looked like a second rate team out there! It’s funny how ‘on paper’ a team can look so much better then another but look as bad or worse on the ice.

    Price was outstanding though, that’s for sure, without him we would of lost like 8-3..

  103. coutNY says:

    On a brighter note Corio,

    Here is a tid-bit on a recent draft seletion by Timmins with a rough translation from RDS:

    “I am surprised by the power of his blow skating. He is strong and he has good hands. It can also play without the puck. We use it all safe and it is really surprising for a young person of his age . ”

    “He is the kind of player who is extremely difficult to acquire in a transaction or on the market for players autonomous,” says Timmins.

    Canadian believed to have rescued an attacker the same mold qu’Erik Cole, Carolina Hurricanes.

    “His style is similar to that of Ryan Smyth. Attacker is a power which is also capable of scoring goals,” Timmins analysis.

  104. habfan53 says:

    HORRIBLE power play ??? they were 2 for 5
    That’s 40% what did you want???

  105. 24 Cups says:


  106. coutNY says:

    Opps, I thought I included something that mentioned his name.

      yes, Pacioretty.
  107. lcpservices says:

    I like your positive thinking habsfan53.

    The main thing is the 2 points and the Leafs are still near the bottom.

    Give full credit to Carey Price in nets, he was the difference.

    And what can you say about Mats Sundin? Its seem he always finds a way to score against the Habs.

    Mr Gillette should be extremely happy about his canadiens.

    Still, we need to continue to work harder to remain close to the Senators.

    Books, Softwares, Downloads, Information

  108. moser17 says:

    I totally agree; Huet is a good role model for CP. As far as goes his facial expression, I thought of the old Loony Tunes bit with the calm disinterested big bulldog Spike, and the exhuberant prideful chihuahua who always bounced around Spike with complete adoration.

    But maybe I’m odd.

    “That was great, Spike, old buddy old pal! You sure kicked their butts ol’ Spike ol’ buddy!”

  109. Ibleedbleublancetrouge. says:

    If that’s a horrible powerplay… I can’t even argue that. The powerplay and the keeper saved us last night.

  110. Hoegarden says:

    A win is a win, no matter how…….however, the laffs owned the ice last night, period.
    As Steve Miller’s song would say,,, “Take the money (points) and run”.
    –Price the saviour
    –Kovy the Pro
    –5 on 5 still inefficient
    –Ryder totally lost out there
    –we beat the laffs

  111. JF says:

    That was from the profile of Max Pacioretti. At the moment (perhaps to brighten things up because the Habs have been in a bit of a slump lately) RDS is running a series of profiles of and interviews with recent draft picks.

  112. Bouleau noir says:

    Lame blame -hyfyarse- as Koivu played like a golden captain yesterday putting out a stupendous effort all night amidst a team that looked outclassed and outshotted by a margin of 16.

  113. TradeRyder says:

    Good point re. Grabs Krob! It’s incredible the PATIENCE they have with Ryder and Lats, and as you put it, Grabovski has an “unteachable skill” in his speed. If he’s not learning fast enough up here there is no shame in sending him down, but I like his play and I think it’s overall up to par and getting better. Like Kostitsyn it seems a little uneven, but that’s NORMAL for a rookie… and both guys have steam and finesse – GREAT TO WATCH! And what we need.

    Chipchura is the only rookie who seems to just get stronger all the time without much in the way of ups and downs. What a pleasant surprise he’s been! Let’s hope the rookies show their best tonight and pot a few. We sure could use some young players to get excited about.

    HERE’s A QUESTION: WHO’s more likely to be NOT wearing a Habs uniform by March?
    – Koivu (leaving at his request to a contender)
    – Kovalev (lot of value with the year he’s having)

    Either would fetch quite a lot at the trade deadline! Like a young star forward prospect.

    A bucket with a hole in it doesn’t hold water. We need changes on the first line!

  114. TradeRyder says:

    DAVE – Another comment re. the FUNCTION of the site.


    1. You could put the clickable page numbers at the TOP of each page of posts as well as at the bottom – EASY TO DO… and that way if you’re at the top and want to switch pages you don’t need to scroll down first.

    2. When you submit a post, you’re sent to the top of the LAST page, which no longer has the newest postings… It’s been like this since you had the posts show up with the newest one first (which is great!) but the code is still tied to where the newest one USED TO BE. (make sense?) An easy change for your web guy.


    A bucket with a hole in it doesn’t hold water. We need changes on the first line!

  115. A. Berke says:

    I would venture to say that some others will not be wearing the Habs uniform before March.

    Anyone’s guess is as good as mine.

    Ali B.

  116. 24 Cups says:

    Koivu – no way
    Kovalev – only if we are totally out of the playoff picture and then I think it would be a good idea
    Grabovski – I don’t have a problem with him – it’s just that we specialize in small, quick skating centres. We need to go in another direction if we ever want to win a Cup again.

  117. TradeRyder says:

    I dunno – you look like a pretty good guesser to me! Who do you think?

    Anyone know who has a ‘no trade’ clause? Does Kovalev?

    Unless Montreal looks like they’ll coast easily into the playoffs, my money is that Koivu – by his own request – will be sent to a serious contender. Hate to see him go, but he deserves a real shot. If Montreal can’t give it to him… well… it would be sad.

    A bucket with a hole in it doesn’t hold water. We need changes on the first line!

  118. A. Berke says:

    This is from Espn, interesting and also may shed a little light on why the trades are difficult under current situation (I’ve taken parts of the article):

    “ has learned NHL general managers will take part in a conference call Monday, when they will try and come to a consensus on the pros and cons of proposing changes to the collective-bargaining agreement that would allow teams to trade players while retaining a portion of a player’s salary. The hope is the issue will then get a hearing before the board of governors when they meet Thursday and Friday.

    Under the current system, many GMs have complained that the possibility of making trades is near impossible because they don’t have the option of eating any salary of a player they might like to trade.

    If the changes are made, there would be no effect on overall hockey revenues; the same amount of salary is paid out, just paid by two different teams. The players’ union isn’t likely to object such proposed changes.

    Burke’s answer to this concern would be to cap the amount a team could eat on any one deal at $2 million and to limit the amount of “dead money” a team could have in any one season to $4 million.”

    That may explain why Gainey couldn’t do a trade so far and this solution, which is apparently gaining traction, may be the answer.

    GO HABS GO (Please)


    Ali B.

  119. Frank14 says:

    To TradeRyder:

    You seem to like your own derriere. Just like a disguised
    Laffs fan. Yeah ! Trade Ryder, Koivu, Kovalev. You sound
    just like your picture … An asshole ! These guys BELONG
    here ! You must be in your teens, since you seem to be ready to wait a long time for another Cup. My 1st post
    to you was much better, but I lost it because I didn’t
    log in. The game’s starting and you should not start
    drinking a 5.00PM because ” Hey man, it’s 6.30 in NL

    You’re a happy person because you didn’t see my 1st post
    Good for a couple of Laffs !


  120. LTHF says:

    Just finished watching 1st period, shots 16-6 for the leafs, only player in the game is Price– fortunately.What in the world is Carbo doing with smolinski out there taking key faceoffs— did anyone see him win one ? I sure didnt, he isnt coming close to winning one!

  121. linp says:

    In the 1st period, only Kovalev and Chipchura have confident to hang on to the puck and make good passes. The others just get ride of the puck as soon as possible and more often than not lose control of the puck. Our face-off is still weak. We are chasing after the Laff’s players most of the time. Fortunately, the Laff is not a good team. They let our D-men intercept their passes.

    In the 2nd period, Streit is weak defensively and gave up a goal. The second goal is also defensive mistake. Other than that, the game starts to balance out. Both teams have equal chances.

    It looks like Latendresse will stay in the 1st line for a while. Do we want to keep a checker making 3 mil in the third line?

  122. Frank14 says:

    To countNY:

    Off-topic; Wow ! I’ve only learnt to use a computer
    18 months ago, but i’ll get back to ya. The 2nd is


  123. The Teacher says:

    lol, what a joke this game is with these funny goals

  124. habsfan reduxit says:

    … Carey Price may yet turn out to be an all-star Hab, but tonight I’m afraid he looks very ordinary. I’m not a goalie, but everything I’ve ever heard about playing the position maintains that you have to stay on your feet until you simply must drop to the ice. Tonight Carey has been dropping to his knees very early and on every shot.

    … I’m not giving up on him, but I am seeing a goalie in the making rather than one who has arrived.


    … and while I’m at it, I want to say this: last week I spoke against the CBC’s plans to air a program about Laura Gainey. I thought it was a case of voyeurism. Tonight I watched a segment on The National, in advance of tomorrow night’s Fifth Estate broadcast, and I have to say now that I was wrong. It now appears that there is a very good reason to bring up the story once again. There are important and serious questions to be answered, and I hope this show will move us towards those answers.

  125. vic says:

    Habs 6 shots in the first period.they are watching the leafs skate and not a check..
    If it keeps up we lose

  126. vic says:

    Habs 6 shots in the first period.they are watching the leafs skate and not a check..
    If it keeps up we lose

  127. Frank14 says:

    Post 1 :

    Hurry up, trade him. C’mon before he scores another
    couple goals


  128. TradeRyder says:

    I give up. I f–n give up.

    Montreal can’t finish a game against Toronto. What this needs is a good shrink.

    A bucket with a hole in it doesn’t hold water. We need changes on the first line!

  129. T-roy West says:

    Montreal started playing defence with twelve minutes left in a 3-2 game. What a pathetic team to watch lately!

    P.S. By the way, did I mention that they are to damn small!!!!!!!

  130. T-roy West says:

    If Price loses his confidence because of the lazy team in front of him then someone should be shot.

  131. HigginsIsABeast says:

    Whats this business with the zamboni driver? I’m listening to this on the radio and it seems absolutely ridiculous. That’s Torana for ya.

  132. T-roy West says:

    We’ll take the win but should hang or heads. The negatives outweighed the positives in this game. The positives by the way are Kovalev and Price!

  133. TradeRyder says:

    Well thank God we got the win. Good for Price. Hope he survives the ups and downs of this shaky team.

    The worst smile I know is Sundin’s. Good player, but about the only time I see him smiling is when he’s punched holes in Montreal’s game.

    Hey Carbo – is there any such thing as a 3rd period coach? We need one!

    A bucket with a hole in it doesn’t hold water. We need changes on the first line!

  134. linp says:

    We can all thank Price for this win. Kovalev is also super. Other than that, we played a so-so game. Koivu gave the puck away and our 5 players moved out of our zone in the last second was brain dead. This is hockey and not soccer. You don’t need to clear the zone. Latendresse is better than Ryder in the 1st line.

  135. TradeRyder says:

    I’m frustrated too, but are you a Montreal fan? The game stank – I HATE watching the Habs blow games late – but we’re still in the top third of the standings.

    Markov also played great tonight – Plekanec was good, Komiserik, Kostopoulos.

    A bucket with a hole in it doesn’t hold water. We need changes on the first line!

  136. TradeRyder says:

    Agreed – Lats was better. The one thing he does really well is park in front of the net and not let people push him around. Plus they don’t expect him to score. 😉

    Not only don’t the clear the zone – how many Power Play shots do they want to give the Leafs?? It was 5 per power play! CRAZY!

    And they pass too much – no-one knows how to sidestep a check… it’s pass, pass, dump, pass…. which would be fine if we had the guys that can retrieve the puck but we don’t!

    Oy vey!
    A bucket with a hole in it doesn’t hold water. We need changes on the first line!

  137. RudeMood19 says:

    MAN what a win, the Habs should have won it in regulation time, but they didn’t due to the fact Blake ran over Price, which WAS GOALIE INTERFERENCE. That was stupid. Price played well, he keeps playing like a young franchise goalie should.

    We showed good character tonight coming back twice and then eventually taking the lead.

    Kovalev played very well. Koivu played well. Markov etc. Latendresse scored a “heart” goal, while being gang-tackled by the Maple Leaf pylons.

    All in all, good game. Off to New Jersey, which is always a tough place to play.

  138. Frank14 says:

    Same crap since the mid-70’s :

    You’re up in the 3rd and you start backing up. Like i’ve

    been saying for 2 years, missing 1 or 2 guys. 2 BIG

    mothers !!!


  139. Sulemaan says:

    No one can blame Price for the final goal. Blake went into the crease and ran over him. Sundin tapped in the goal. I don’t like the Leafs but Sundin is a very good player. Price definitely delivered went it counted. So did Kovalev for that matter.

  140. WindsorHab-10 says:

    Price was awesome and so was AK 27 & 46. I thought Saku could’ve taken a shot at the empty net but chose not to which gave the Leafs their final shot to tie it. The bottom line is that Price is 2-0 against the Leafs and I would give him the next game against the Devils.
    I heard that if JFJ loses his job as GM of the Leafs, the team might keep him as a zamboni driver because they obviously need one.

  141. RudeMood19 says:

    LMAO yeh. wow the leafs are 8-17 guys. habs r 13-11
    thats how i look at it.

    we are clearly the better team.

  142. earl says:

    Blake play could have been called either way, but given he went into the crease untouched without the puck (Price stopped him) i’d lean towards the call. I am sure Leaf fans see it another way.

    If there was a goal that Price could have improved it may have been the Kilger goal. Price stayed deep in the net and gave Kilger some space to shoot. It was a great shot, but Kilger wouldn’t have had the space had Price been 2 feet further out.

    Not a criticism, the kid played well.

  143. Pat8987 says:

    WE REALLY NEED TO VOTE KOVALEV INTO THE ALL-STAR GAME!! ANOTHER CLUTCH PERFORMANCE ON HIS PART. Lats looked like an NHL player for the first time in a long long time. Hamirlik played well against Sundin and Price was Price!

  144. Larry says:

    The Leaf goalies have stolen a few games from us the last few seasons so it was nice to steal one from them.
    Now we need to break that Brodeur curse later this week.
    Kovalev continues to impress. Great game tonight.

  145. HNS says:

    Don’t get me wrong, a win is a win but as far as play goes we sucked the big one. We looked slow, often got beat to the puck, way to often had problems clearing the zone, often in the 1st and 2nd period looked like our skill level diminished. Good thing this game was against the leafs or we could have easily lost.
    I feel our system is wrong. Our defense tonight played way to far back which diminished our forecheck. What was that????? I hope this is a short rut were in.

  146. T-roy West says:


    Yes Timo is a Montreal fan as we all are but sometimes this team really gets to you with their lackluster effort. The bottom line is we almost lost to a team that even tsn ranks 26 in the league(I think) and also a team who’s management is supposedly falling apart. When we play the best teams we compete but that’s it. We need someone to take us over that hurdle or change the style of hockey that we play(ie. bandwagon hockey)

  147. downeast hab says:

    Great game. But the broadcasting by Glen Healy leaves a lot to be desired. Is sucking up to the leafs must have something to do with his name being mentioned to replace jf. Hope habs find a way to hold on in the last 5 minutes of games when they have a lead. Hard on the blood pressure.I was hoping for the win in regulation, because I think if that would have happened, then you might have seem changes in maple laff land today. Have a nice day

  148. Clutch10 says:

    Good game by the Habs. The leafs should fire the zamboni driver and move Ferguson into the drivers seat.

  149. cautiousoptimist says:

    That’s why we watch RDS – at least they’re biased for the right team. :)

  150. RetroMikey says:

    I was at the game and I’ll make this short and sweet.

    1. We stole 2 points.
    2. We’ve got to play more agressively and more better along the boards.
    3. Disappointed in the play of Dandeneault and Begin.
    4. Got to play better 5 on 5.
    5. Latendresse has picked up his game.
    6. Seems we are always scared playing against bigger teams.
    7. Our goalie saved us again.
    8. Komisarek and Markov are our future for sure!
    9. Higgins must learn not to do everything on his own out there.
    10. Constructive criticism, that’s all! GO HABS GO!

    “We will win the Cup only with Carey Price in the nets”

  151. lcpservices says:

    Where would the Toronto Maple Leafs be without Mats Sundin?

    Ok, habs fans and all you hockey fans out their. Seeing the Leafs are near the buttom of the standings and lack some team direction, it is approappriate to ask all you ingenius hockey fans this one question:

    Where would the Toronto Maple Leafs be without Mats Sundin?

    His years stats are as followed:

    25 games played
    12 goals
    18 assists
    30 points
    2 pp goals

    Next in line is Nik Antropov with 21 points.

    Take away Sundin from the lineup, how bad would the Leafs be?

    I welcome all your comments


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  152. habfan53 says:

    Who cares there the Leafs.

  153. moser17 says:

    Sundin is the heart, soul and body of that organization. Like I said last night, he should be a player-coach to replace Maurice, he should don a tie after the games and head up to the GM’s office to replace Ferguson, and he should strap on the pads to replace Reycroft and Toskala.

  154. cautiousoptimist says:

    Tucker scored his third goal of the season last night, and he was in the shootout. When a team has to play guys in the shootout that have as many goals as Steve Bégin, they’re not going to go far. And LCP, you’re absolutely right – without Sundin, they’re in a real bad way.

  155. coutNY says:

    So does Kostitsyn (only 3 goals)… sometimes you have go with your gut; good thing the laffs don’t have good gut instincts.

  156. krob1000 says:

    Glenn Healy when commentating a game should not refer to the Leafs and himself as “We” like the jackass did last night.

    As for the we played terrible stuff…….we won. When we play great and lose we get the same people on here saying “it doesn’t matter how good we played…we lost”. This game meant a lot more to the Leafs than it did to us and we beat them in their own building in a heartbreaking way.

    Carey Price did not play poorly and the Kilger goal was a nice shot….if we are now to the point where we criticize goalies for allowing breakaway goals we need to realize it has obviously gone too far. The guy made 43 saves…yes many of them were easy but his positioning and size made many look easy that were not and that is why noone in hockey has yet to criticize him yet. His fundamentals are nearly flawless. I do get worried when he plays deep in his net in tight but that is his style and evidently it works. He is still the no. 2 guy though.

    The first period was pretty much as expected and the Leafs came out on fire and we stood up to the attack. Our powerplay went 2 for 5 and people are complaining. They did once again have difficulty gaining the zone a few teams but once it is set up it is incredible….too many weapons so teams just pick their poison and hope for the best.

    I thought our defence made several nice outlet passes and started to get back to stretching the neutral zone which was nice to see again. They didn’t join many rushes but the passing was looking better again. I thought our 5 on 5 play was our weakest link again and Ryder getting 12 minutes of ice time is moronic. He made a pass one time in the defensive end near the blue line that resulted in a Leaf opportunity. The next shift he didn’t play. If you watch the replay Dandenault yells and bangs his stick so Ryder passed it. He also had many chances and was very adept at getting into good position to score. He had three shots that hit the net, two or more blocked and missed at least on otehr.

    In his 12 minutes I would say he produced the most scoring opportunities yet received no ice time again. I am very frustrated with this situation and don’t understand it at all. I can also think of two separate occasions where he was all alone at the side of the net and never received a pass to test his luck on open nets. The line ended up minus 2 although the defence messed up the Kilger goal.

    The other downside was the Kostopolous line…..nearly every time they were on the ice we were in some sort of trouble. They did not get scored on but I think they owe Carey Price a beer or eleven. Smolinski did make a nice play on the pp as most guys would have fired the puck in that situation but he had the sense of calm to simply dish off to Kovy for the open net. Latendresse in my opinion looked a lot better with some confidence and he played very strong on the boards and went to the net. I think poor Koivu earned his bucks last night though because Lats caused that line to play several minutes grinding along the boards in the offensive end. At one point they cycled for 20 or 30 seconds and then generated a nice chance but poor Koivu must have been spent.

    TradeRyder may be a visionary as it is looking more and more likely he will be dealt with every passing game as he and Carbo obviously do not see eye to eye. I sure hope not as simply getting Ryder going would be like a trade right now. I just don’t know if it is in the cards anymore as once again I must be blind because I thought he played well again. I already addressed the turnover and the rest is just mind boggling to me.

    I’ll take two points any night. When it is two points from the Maple Leafs in their own building on a night where they are as pumped as they will ever be they are that much better.

  157. lcpservices says:

    a friend of mine and I had a heated onversation.

    I am just curious what other hockey fans have to say, that’s all.

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  158. A. Berke says:

    Regardless how much we dislike the laffs, let’s face it, Sundin is a great player and yes he’s the heart and soul of that franchise.

    frankly we could use a few more players like him.

    Ali B.

  159. lcpservices says:

    interesting comment moser17

    thanks for your imput.

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  160. HAB-PROFESSOR says:


    Hang your head in shame…Lafleur was too generous.
    last night we were a team of 5th liners.

    If thats the team we have to watch this year, I’m through.

    I’ll gladly take a loss but I WANT EFFORT.


    I WOULD HAVE THEM ON THE ICE at 5AM TODAY and skate them into the ground.

    BEGIN and Company…YOU MUST SKATE & HIT.
    and what was MARKOV and KOMI doing? ever heard of closing that GAP?
    far from a #1 defensive pairing.

    I honestly thought they were on some drugs,,,some chemical was put in their water…something, because they CANNOT SKATE OR PASS? WHAT HAPPENED.

    even Kovalev was operating at 50%…but given the chance on the FEW brightspots in this game, he didn’t let us down.

    Great work by Smolinks to find him…and good work by Latron to focus and put that puck away…also have to mention Kovys penalty shot, the guy is in another league.

    I can’t stand our PASSIVE penalty killing box…makes bottom leaches look like the #1 powerplay against us…

    No I’m not overreacting…actually underREACTING…we are still in a SLUMP.

    don’t be a blind FAN.

    Its one thing if there is no hope, but they’ve shown some greatness and the standings prove it….PLEASE don’t sink and become the cliche “habs off to a quick start but have faded…”

    The Gentleman on the ice have to turn it around…return to form.

    get your CONFIDENCE back.

  161. lcpservices says:

    Hey Habs Professor,

    I understand where you are coming from.

    Giving up 46 shots against one of the worst defense in the nhl to start is pretty bad. It wasn’t the best game the Habs played this year, but you have to understand one thing that I observed lately with the Habs, when they show up and play all 60 minutes of the game, watch out, they can be in the company of the Senators and Red Wings. Other times, they just show up and play for the moment, the game.

    Despite poor performance, sometimes you just have to take the win and move on.

    Be glad the Habs stole 2 points from this game.

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  162. Proudones says:

    Don’t let the door hit your backside on the way out.

  163. Bouleau noir says:

    I understand some reserved anthousiasm concserning our win last night but to title a post-win comment by the word pathetic seems to me as pathetic as can be.

    The CH has won this ROAD game according to the classic formulla based on great goaltending and great special units (PP).

    The CH has a good record on road games,… the team as a good profile to be good on the road and they are one of the best at it…. and that no small potatos.

  164. coutNY says:

    I say we go with Price again on Friday against NJD. This is not because he won and deserves another game or because Huet has hit a rough patch, but more as a strategy play.

    1)Huet does not play well when he does not face a continuous bariage of shots. I wouldn’t expect NJD averaging under 28 per game in the lower eshalon in the league to put up numbers like the laffs did this year.
    (note: did anyone realize we have allowed the highest number of SOG)

    2)We should put up our goalie of the future against the definately one of the best goalies of the recent past Brodeur. This should sike Price up a bit… He seems to shine in pressure situations.

    3)I think the Nashville game is a better situation for Huet, given the fact we’re playing consecutive nights Friday & Saturday. Their are a more Offensively oriented team and Huet may have some stake emotionally having played with Bonk; who should bring his “A” game Saturday.
    (Note: Bonk leads the team in Goals and PP goals.)
    Did he even play on the PP last year in Montreal?

    That’s my thoughts…

  165. edmond says:

    Good win for the Habs, very good team effort.

    It is hard at times to understand all of the hand wringing over the team’s recent performance when you look at the stats. This team, at essentially the 1/4 mark this season, is among the best. We are standing fourth overall in points and scoring while in the middle of the pack in goals against.

    We have the talent and coaching to go very far, for example:

    -At centre we are solid with good two way players such as Koivu, Plekanic, Chipchura, and Smolinski.
    -We have good scoring on the wings with good balance. Kovalev is one of the best wingers in the league this year and if he continues should make the All Star game.
    -Our goaltending is the best in the league, period. We do not have to worry about golaie slumps as both Huet and Price are equally capable of stealing a game any night.
    -We have the best defenceman in the league in Markov and soon to be second best in Komo. Overall we have the best defense group in the league.
    -Our only weakness is team toughness. Gainey should address that, where is Downey right now, is he available?

    Guy Lafleur was playing to the cameras and I think his comment was pointing to the Saturday performance more than anything. Guy, at times, seems a little jealous of the salaries that ordinary players earn today compared to his era. I think that clouds his judgement sometimes.

    We have enough to go far and possibly win this year so people should be more positive. If we stay relatively injury free we could go all the way.

  166. Samantha says:

    Hey everyone! I’ve been coming to this website since last year but this is the first time I’m posting! Happy to be among you all….

    1. I must say, at the beginning of this season, I didn’t want to like Carey Price. Not one bit. I’m loyal to Huet and I felt bad for Halak after the camp. I wanted everyone who was saying that he was a savior to wait and see. And they’ve waited…and seen….and after having seen last night’s game, I’ve come aboard the Price bandwagon. He was AWESOME last night. Everyone always comments on his calmness and I saw it last night, I saw the light. I think I was more stressed out then he was during the entire game!
    I won’t start screaming TRADE HUET! but I NOW believe that Price is excellent and will only continue to excell. He gave us two points that we desperately needed and he did it well. And Cristo looked so happy at the end of the game. I think Price proved his worth last night.

    2. I have to agree with RetroMikey…Higgins….PASS THE PUCK! He’s a big hogger. I had really high expectations for him this season and well, bla….really is all I can say. He barely shoots because he just ”protects the puck along the boards” but then he loses it…all the time…seriously….pass the damn puck…I’ve had enough

    Thanks for reading guys. I love this site and it’s an honor to post! :)

    Stupid question……when a player says ”it’s a big game for us….a 4 point game”….how is it a 4 point game??? Thanks

  167. coutNY says:

    4pt game means 2 teams in an intra-divisional/Conference game, competing in the standings with for playoff points positioning;

    The 4pts comes into play because the team that wins A)does not give the opposing intra-division team 2pts, B) while they actually gained 2pts for the win putting you that much further ahead.


    2pts not given up to the opponent in your division(in a loss situation)+ 2pts gained (with a win) = the 4pt game senario which people make reference to.

  168. Bouleau noir says:

    We almost had the same team profile last season.

    1) We had the highest efficient PP in the league.

    2) We had one of the lowest scoring record of any teams when playing 5-on-5.

    Despite the obvious similarities there are two reasons as to why we have more wins and more success this season.

    1) We take less penaltys. (Thats why goals against our team is lower in avg this year)

    2) We create more PP opportunities. (thats why our goal scored avg per game is much
    higher this year than last,.. dont forget a hight percentage efficiency PP means
    nothing if the teams playing against us dont get penalised).

    So what is saving our low scoring 5-on-5 game to be as weak as it was last season is our improved discipline and our hability to generate more PP opportunities for ourselves when playing at under those circumstances.

    Still low scoring our 5-on-5 game is no longuer disfonctional… and has thus far bettered our chances of success as a team.

    In thee end the sole reason for our success thus far over the whole of last season is the improvement of our game when played 5-on-5,…. now not many could say that with a straith face….. but I am, I will, I do.

  169. habscup25 says:

    price is money! $$$

  170. fuhgawz says:

    how about Kovy for COME BACK PLAY OF THE YEAR —— good to see !!!!!!!!

  171. ColoradoHab says:

    Too much emphasis is being put on shots on goal. Last night Toronto was a team desperate for a win, playing at home, and came out strong. Of course the habs would be outshot. Price was up for the challenge and the team weathered the first period. A game is 3 or more periods, good road start to the game.

    2nd period was intense, many shots for both teams. Fairly even.

    Montreal scored early in the third to take the lead. Now, I would expect the road team to play conservative to preserve the 1 goal lead, don’t gamble, and look for a desperate home team (who is now coming as hard as they can)to gamble. Outshot in this situation, again, expected. Price was solid and we fell 17 seconds short.

    Great to see them bounce back and win in the SO.

    All in all I thought it was a good road win against a hungry team. Shots on goal can be very misleading.

  172. Scotty90 says:

    You know, some of you guys are off the wall with your comments. Reminds me of some hockey dads ripping a new one on their son (or daughter) on the drive back home because they didn’t do this or didn’t do that. Thats all the kid needs to build his confidence, right? Wrong.. if thats what you think, I feel sorry for your child, and for you.

    Every little mistake is criticized by fans and more so by the media. Dont you think that some of the palyers are reading this site or others like it? they want to know whats being said so they surf the net and find sites like this one, and read crap about themselves when they lose, and crap about themselves when they win! Whats the problem? Sure, Saku could have tried for the empty net and maybe he would have scored. But he didn’t. He did what he probably thought was the best play and did it. He wasn’t trying to sabotage the win, so give him a break. Everyone was doing their best out there, but sometimes the plays weren’t always perfect! I’ll tell you what they do need, and thats your support! True fans don’t behave like a lot of you do on this site. Maybe the site has an infestation of Leafs fans who find this to be a clever way to break Habs morale! I wouldn’t be surprized.

    If some of you are not happy with the Habs and are disgusted with their play and are ready to crap all over them for sneezing on the ice…. you know what? root for another team, then you will be happier and live longer. The leafs can probably use more fans. Do us a favor and go crap on them.

    There is such a thing as constructive criticism and I have done it myself during the past couple of months. This is perfect venue to share your views, opinions and ideas, lets just keep it civil and constructive.

    Krob1000, in my mind is really a true Habs fan. He always looks for the positive and comes to the defense of players and coaches when posters on this site appear to be on search and destroy missions. Thanks Krob.

    Sorry for the long windedness folks, I just thought it needed to be said.

  173. coutNY says:

    Got my vote so far!

  174. Oleg Petrov says:

    right on Scotty90 – I don’t understand why people are constantly ripping. If you aren’t having fun or enjoying following the team – then why do it? Why bring that unnecessary stress into your life? Sure, you can point out things you don’t like, everything can’t be seen through rose coloured glasses but come on – you have to enjoy the games right?

    Bottom line – the habs have played better but they won and they gave the leafs another loss! If you can’t enjoy that – then somethings wrong. it is a long season and things will go up and down throughout the year.

  175. ColoradoHab says:

    I absolutely agree!!!

  176. ColoradoHab says:

    1. Only DET and OTT have more wins.
    2. 4th place in standings
    3. 6th in goals/game
    4. 1st overall PP


    1. 5 on 5 (only 3 teams are worse)

    Our PP is offsetting our poor 5 on 5 play and allowing us to hang around at the top.

    Something has to give. I hope it’s not the PP or we will start to fall.

    If it’s the 5 on 5 we could rise.

    If both we may stay where we are at.

    Improved 5 on 5 offense and we will be a contender for the cup.

  177. Scotty90 says:

    Our 5 on 5 would improve if defencemen got more involved in the offensive zone and if we screen the goalie. Lats could really put his big body to good use, blind the goalie and pick up garbage goals… not to mention forcing penalties when they try to move him out. Habs have to be more than a one trick poney. Relying on speed alone? well I think the book is out on that and all 29 copies were sold. They need a variety of tricks up their sleeve to keep the opponents guessing, and then hit them with our speed again.

  178. HAB-PROFESSOR says:

    anybody who thinks the Habs played ok last night should have there Head EXAMINED immediately….

    I’m not here to BASH or write off the season, my comments are specific to what I saw LAST NIGHT, unlike some people who are always bashing the same players after a good or bad performance..even putting it in their name.

    In other threads after other games which were SUPERIOR performances, I’ve showered praises on the boys, pointing out even the behind the scenes plays that most miss, but are vital to a win.

    bottom line is that BASED ON LAST NIGHT, some players (most) CANNOT BE MENTIONED in a positive light in our post game analysis…Markov? it was his worst performance of the year, he was giving the puck away like its Christmas already…

    and it goes on and on…I don’t care to detail it all…you saw it, WHY DENY IT.

    Yes we got the 2pts and it was against the “” (don’t care to even mention their name)…BUT THATS IT.

    I guess everyone missed KOVY going to the bench shaking his head…

    anyway it becomes BORING if we take a minute to comment on the game and all the comments are through rose colored glasses…thats what I expect at a leaf site…not here….not after what we’ve seen since inception with the Habs….don’t knock Lafleur EVER…for most of us he is why we are habs fans…for me anyway.

    its more constructive to come here and read “what needs to be tweaked” “who made what mistakes and why they happened” AND “what plays were GREAT”.

    Lets go CARB…you were GREAT on the ice…its up to you now.

  179. TommyB says:

    A fresh breath of……..sanity!

    Thank you.

  180. Scotty90 says:

    I saw the game last night, as I’ve seen all of the other games they played. Sure I’ve seen them play really well some nights and not so well others. Buu Before I come on to a public site and criticize the s— out of everyone, I take a deep breath and let the moment pass. I have a lot of passion for the game but I guess I’m just a little careful on where I vent my frustration. If we notice bad playing on the ice…don’t you think the coaches have seen it? let them do their job, the best way they can.

  181. coutNY says:

    I would like everybody to have my point of view… but sometimes people are passionate about their habs. Passion is not always logical. Excessive riddicule or continually knee-jerk reactons or hate posts I can see your point, but sometimes people get frustrated and like to vent opinions. Others feel a sense of relief that others experiencing these same feelings.

    So as for always being positive, does not necessary mean that you are a “true” fan, no offense krob1000 (positive fan maybe). Constructive criticism or differentiating opinions that may be conflicting from Me or Habs management may be construde as negativity or hab-bashing to some, while others could view it as constructive criticism. If their opinions can be backed up with logic, facts, or supporting evidence than who is to say their posts are any less civil or constructive than the next.

    I actually enjoy the Blog hater or an absurd post once in a while because you usually don’t hear from them if the issue they’re arguing does not persist. This makes me feel that their point has been dis-proved… and if it was opposite of my opinion, well, I feel good and I have won the argument… and if I don’t like the answer I move on to the next.

    Every blog needs an Enemy in my opinion, or else we would all agree and there would be nothing to discuss. This is why this site is such a popular forum.

    Go Habs Go

  182. coutNY says:

    Come on Scotty90, a Happy mob just doesn’t sell, we all know what gets the ratings… War, Sex, and Hockey turmoil. just kidding!
    Trying to boost the ratings…

  183. Scotty90 says:

    coutNY, I have no problem with people making their views known and to comment on the previous night’s game. What I have difficulty with are the disrespectful comments, “lets hang him out to dry” type of comments that appear all too often and for so-so reasons. Koivu was bashed for his play late in the third period that ended up with TO scoring seconds later. Yeah, it might have been a mistake, but eh! thats Hockey. I saw no mention of the great defensive plays that Saku did earlier in the game that surely saved a goal. Why not?

    In one of the posts today, the poster is in total disgust, rips a new one for several players, nothing good to say about anyone, then ends it all by saying. “guys..get your confidence back” what the heck is that? I am sure that any Habs players reading that post will be have their full confidence back come Friday in Jersey.

  184. ebk says:

    Canadiens get outscored 3-1 at even strength but due to excellent goaltending and the continued strength of their PP, they pull they game out.

    If their even strength play improves, this is an upper-tier NHL hockey team. If it doesn’t then the PP needs to stay this hot for the Habs to be in the hunt. If the PP slumps and the even strength play continues to struggle….

  185. Oleg Petrov says:

    there is no doubt that perceptions are different and what one persons sees in a game is interpreted different than someone else – hence the reason why scouting can be a crap shoot. I thought Markov played a pretty good game last night. Hab-Professor didn’t which is fine – I respect his opinion and value different opinions.

    As someone else stated, I don’t enjoy the same opinion over and over again about the same players – what is the point in that? But different opinions? Abosolutely – it would be boring if everybody shared the same thoughts and had nothing different to say. One of the things I enjoy with the forum is reading about what people have to say after each game because there will be differences from my view. Some people give me pause to reevaluate what I saw while others I just disagree with. But if you want to come on and always bash players, the team, the coaches, the effort, etc – not enjoyable for me and not why I watch the games.

    Did the habs play well last night – not at all times but they played well enough to beat the Leafs in their building, a team that was desperate for a win and had plenty of incentive to come out flying. Despite that, the Habs won.

  186. coutNY says:

    Scotty90, And for those type posts, you point out the irony and flaws in the arguement…but, we can’t control what they feel. BTW, I would get too uptight about players reading this stuff and it making a difference in their game. I would be flattered if my name was discussed on such a grand scale.

    As the captian of the laff’s put it:
    “It is crazy but, hey, I’d rather have people worrying about what’s going on with our team than not,” “I think most of the guys feel that way.”

    and look what being said about them… Of coarse, they’ve gotten use to it after 40 years.

  187. homerbowen says:

    It’s a very,very sad day here in Toronto. All the laff butt kissing media don’t know where to turn. Fire Ferguson! Fire Maurice! Hire Scotty! Hire Rutherford! Buy the Mighty Ducks! It’s been 41 years since the laffs won the cup and I’m looking forward to celebrate 50…it will be great.

    In 1967 I told my laff butt kissing buddy…”you will pay for this”, “you will pay dearly for this”, “we will never forget mark my word”….and he laughed, and laughed and laughed. As I tell him every spring “HE WHO LAUGHS LAST LAUGHS BEST”….RIP laff fans.

    While I am a true HABS fan forever I can’t help sticking the fork in to all laff fans whenever I can. It may even be a sickness (don’t care) but the first thing I cheer for is a laff loss no matter who they play.

    There is a lot of pain and suffering in Toronto right now over the laff situation and the call-in shows are inundated (I try but no luck getting through so far ha ha).

    Good luck against the Devils on Friday! GO HAB GO

  188. krob1000 says:

    Just read a very observant post buried on one of the first pages as a reply today. The fellow mentioned the lack of mention regarding the Belak knee on Chipchura that Healy downplayed and actually praised. It was a blatant knee and I can’t believe I forgot to mention it today. It was almost suspension worthy (if Chips had been hurt it would be a suspension). That was the first time this season I genuinely wished we had a goon. I would almost be inclined to bring one up just to go Belak next game (I can’t believe I am saying this). Tha one made my blood boil at the time …..the guy played four minutes and nearly ruined a promising kid’s career. They should send that tape in anyway and raise a stink because knees like that have started to disappear have garnering great attention for a while so this one kind of snuck under the radar. It was disgusting…..far more so than the Hartnell hit. Heads are important for life but hockey is all about the knees and Belak is a moron for that one.

  189. HAB-PROFESSOR says:

    Good point on Perspective….that seems to be the differentiation in these comments…

    many are watching from 30,000ft….we won and got the 2 pts against the flailing leafs….stole em,, great game now run.

    which is fine but make sure you include we played very poorly in the process because???? blah blah blah, that makes for interesting analysis.

    we are not leaf fans…win one, plan the parade, lose a few, back stab to clean house.

    I am guilty of watching from ice level, to me its more fun that way….the jabs, the drop passes, the verbal abuse, the spearing, sticking, the vision, all the little things that lead up to the goal, the hit or the highlight play… when you factor all those elements you come to a more accurate conclusion…so I’m guilty of being a fan watching from a coaches perspective…but I know I’m not the only one who sees it that way.

  190. HAB-PROFESSOR says:

    well said.
    you know my position on this.

  191. coutNY says:

    Here is a blast from the past that might be a Part-time enforcer on the cheap… he could sit in the cheap seats most nights and when we play teams like the laffs, Phili, or Boston he could be of some use Maybe…

  192. Scotty90 says:

    I know the feeling Krob. I feel it when Koivu is hit hard, when they go for Kovalev’s head, when they start a fight with Kostityn, when they try to go at it with our talented players who can’t fight, and when they pull a stunt like Belak did on Chips last night. My dream would be that they get either Laraque or Boogaard to put an end to the folly.

  193. Scotty90 says:

    What is it you want to say on the call-in show if you get through? better watch what you say or you may have a white and blue mob carrying torches and pitchforks coming to your house :)

  194. ColoradoHab says:

    I think we need to stop blaming the individual forwards or combinations of forwards for the lack of even strength success.

    Our #1 ranked PP is a 5 man unit. If the defensemen on the power play left the offence to the forwards, we would be nowhere near #1.

    Just as the defensemen need contributions from the forwards in their own zone, whether short-handed or even strength, the forwards need help on offence whether on the power play or even strength. It’s working on the PP, but it’s not happening otherwise.

    The defensemen need to get more involved offensively. It has to be a 5 man unit attacking.

    I have seen every game but 1 this season, and in the 23 games I’ve watched I would bet that I could count on 1 hand how many 2 on 1’s the habs have given up. Most goals against have been a result of being pressured in our own zone.

    We need to move the pressure to the other end. That won’t happen with 3 forwards against 5 defenders. If the D were more involved in the O zone, we would give up the occasional odd man rush, but the increase in scoring would far exceed how many times they get burned by it.

    Besides, our goaltending would make the save anyhow.

  195. Girth says:

    What your suggesting actually reminds me of the style of the late 80’s and early 90’s… when we were encouraging the defense to pinch. We gave up MANY good chances and relied on St. Patrick.

    I believe the team is moving (albeit slowly) towards that style… it’s what both Carbo and Gainey experienced on their winning teams.

    Perhaps that’s part of the rational for signing Markov for such a long contract.

  196. TradeRyder says:

    Great post.

    You’re right. Most goals do come from a lot of pressure in our end. Our D is looking good except sometimes for their inability to clear the puck.

    A bucket with a hole in it doesn’t hold water. We need changes on the first line!

  197. TradeRyder says:

    A few comments on our offense:

    1. KOVALEV. I have to say that KOVALEV has been the player everyone talked about. I will no longer say he should go join the Ice Capades! …and it’s not only his skill with the puck: his one-timers are UNBELIEVABLE!

    2. THE “2ND” LINE. In terms of offense, that 2nd line has been the only one that seems to rush as a unit. Credit HAS TO BE GIVEN to Plekanic and Kostitsyn for their great rushes and smart hockey sense. It’s what hockey should be.

    3. THE YOUNGSTERS. This is a talented group. And great to watch too – thank god for that! Everytime Kost or Plecks or Chips has the puck in the neutral zone or in the corner you know there’s a good chance a smart play will come out of it. Admittedly Pleks is the more consistant – his vision is great, but though Kosts isn’t as strong on the puck, his passes are fantastic. And Chipchura – really gritty. Just what we need.

    4. THE “1ST” LINE. I don’t know why people are bashing Higgins. He’s a talented player, going through a bit of a slump not a terrible one, but Koivu has been off his game too (rare), so it’s obviously the line. I can’t help but think what would happen if they added a REALLY STRONG player to that line… someone who Koivu and Higgins would find would create opportunities FOR THEM. I wonder if Chipchura could handle it. If not, I suppose a trade is the only way we’ll get a REAL first line. That, plus the will to crush teams in the third period are the things we most need.


    A bucket with a hole in it doesn’t hold water. We need changes on the first line!

  198. ColoradoHab says:


    I agree our D is playing steady and I think it’s not so much an inability to clear the puck, as much as it’s bound to happen with the amount time in our own zone. I feel the play comes back there as a result of not forcing more at the other end.

  199. TradeRyder says:

    Good point.

    Has anyone also noticed that the D seems afraid to sidestep the other teams forwards, even when it’s clear the opportunity is there and they could make a good rush. I see this over and over – it’s a shame… Hamrlik does it sometimes, and Markov… but they’re about the only ones.

    A bucket with a hole in it doesn’t hold water. We need changes on the first line!

  200. linp says:

    Here is my constructive “opinion” to our team though I have already voiced my opinion a few times before:
    – We need to keep our identity and each line should pay attention to its role. It is a bonus if the 4th line scores but they have to focus on checking and inject energy to the team. I want my energy line back.
    – Mixing lines only when it is absolute necessary. A line needs chemistry to be more effective.
    – Study how Buffalo plays 5 on 5 in the offensive zone. Don’t give away the puck with those low quality shots. Try keeping the puck more and pass more accurately. Park someone in front of the net or create traffic to block the goalie’s view.
    – Practice one-timer and take shooting lesson from Kovalev
    – Skate harder in the defensive zone. Get control of the puck.
    – Improve face-off skill

  201. TradeRyder says:

    “Don’t give away the puck with those low quality shots. Try keeping the puck more and pass more accurately”

    VERY good point. Last year they seemed sometimes to be trying too hard to wait for the perfect shot. This year they’ve gone the other way. Hopefully they’ll find the middle… sometimes that’s what you need to do to get out of habit – steer hard in the other direction.

    Watching Buffalo, it reminds me of the Habs of September! Those were the days!

    A bucket with a hole in it doesn’t hold water. We need changes on the first line!

  202. A. Berke says:

    Excellent point. My exact sentiments as well.

    Ali B.

  203. A. Berke says:

    I also like the two points.

    However, Habs Prof is right, the team didn’t play a good game. We barely won, in other words: (almost “snatched a loss from the jaws of victory”. After all this was the same laffs that the lowly Coyotes manhandled a few days ago.

    I don’t think us fans cheering with our collective heads buried in the sand does help the team at all. In other words, excuses like if they play 60 minutes etc etc. The fact is lately, they can not seem to play a good game that they were playing earlier in the year for even 40 minutes.

    There’s the problem. Yes we’re only so many points behind the Sens, but the we are only a half a dozen points ahead of the 13th team and most of the teams in between have games in hand.

    Yes winning, even at shootout is better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick but, doesn’t everybody think that the Habs need to increase everything they must do at least a notch or two to be where they (and the rest of us) want to be in March?

    So, IMHO, just “showing up and playing for the moment, the game” is getting pretty dangerous.


    Ali B.

  204. HAB-PROFESSOR says:

    Your very accurate…but I don’t think we should forget about this one too quickly…there is more to learn from mistakes than victories.

    I am glad they STOLE 2 points…that gladness lasted about 2 seconds.
    But taking that game down the road….that is the topic.

    looking forward to Jersey.

  205. HAB-PROFESSOR says:

    PATHETIC is the perfect word…in 2 ways.

    1. It was a pathetic performance against the troubled Leafs.
    2. It was a Pathetic performance when compared to our Better (normal) games.

    IN fact PATHETIC may have been too WEAK of a word…see below from the Dictionary:

    1. causing or evoking pity, sympathetic sadness, sorrow, etc.
    2. miserably or contemptibly inadequate

    Sounds like PATHETIC was dead on.

  206. Moey says:

    I can’t believe how utterly ridiculous your post was after a win. I strongly suggest you consider supporting another team.

  207. Bouleau noir says:

    You see being miserably inadequate is NOT what the CH turned out to be last night,… had they been such they couldn’t have possibly won the game.

    The least that can be said about last night win is that the team was adequate since they earned the maximum of points that was avallaible for that game as a result.

    Lets not forget that it is uncommun for Visitors to win their games abroad by sheer domination,… most often then not Visitors usually get outshot and have to rely on top notch performances coming from their goaltendings and PP units to banged in those away-from-home points….. this was out story last night,.. patheticaly dysfonctional was not THE story.

    I am a big fan of quality 5-on-5 performance myself and I long for the day when our team will be playing a better puck possession type of game the way the Red Wings seems to be able to play year after year,… even thought we dont have the same effective as they do I sincerelly hope that our present coaches have all the tools requiered to make our present roster to look at their best,…. thats my concern for now.

  208. HAB-PROFESSOR says:

    I admit to being EXTREMELY HIGHLY CRITICAL of the HABS… ONLY when they play the LEAFS.

    anything but TOTAL DOMINATION is a defeat in my eyes.

    I grew up HATING the Leafs because of their blatant propaganda-media oversaturation via TV, news print, and radio….I just couldn’t understand that throughout the 70’s and 86 and 93 The Habs were the greatest and most inspirational hockey team in the world, ever, and around me (ontario) daily new Leaf fans were springing up glorifying themselves with Salming and Vaive and Sittler then Clark (who by the way was the best of the bunch) etc…and Hating the Habs!

    I then swore to forever HATE THE LEAFS.

    because all pre 1967 leaf fans are ILLOGICAL.
    and have no basis for being that fan and creating that Toronto Empire other than they have been BRAINWASHED by a brilliant public relations campaign.

    but the tide is turning….

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