Game 24: Canadiens beat Leafs 4-3 in shootout

Canadiens goalie Carey Price (left) accepts congratulations from teammate Cristobal Huet after Price’s impressive performance.
Mike Cassese, Reuters

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The last time the Canadiens were in Toronto this season, earlier this month, they won on an overtime breakaway goal. By not-often-scoring defenceman Mike Komisarek, for heaven’s sake.

Tonight, they went to a five-round shootout and Andrei Kostitsyn played the more likely hero, lifting the Canadiens to a 4-3 victory with the visitors’ second SO goal at a stunned Air Canada Centre.

Sign this victory in huge part to goaltender Carey Price, who made 46 saves and won his second straight game against the Canadiens’ long-time arch-rival.

The rookie netminder is now 6-2-1 this season; on the road, he’s 5-1-0.

Toronto captain Mats Sundin scored with 18 seconds left in the third period, Leafs goalie Vesa Toskala pulled for a sixth attacker, to pull the Leafs into a 3-3 tie. Sundin was the only one of five Leafs to beat Price in the shootout.

Montreal had goals by Alex Kovalev, his 11th and 12 goals of the season, both on the power play and both from his favoured faceoff circle, and Guillaume Latendresse, who added his sixth, banging one in from short range while playing on the first line with Saku Koivu and Christopher Higgins.

Kovalev scored again in the shootout, with Tomas Plekanec, Koivu and Higgins stopped by Toskala.

The Habs, who had lost two in regulation and won one in overtime in their three games against the Maple Leafs this season, improved to 13-8-3 in the Northeast Division. Toronto fell to 8-11-6, further greasing the skids for general manager John Ferguson Jr. and Paul Maurice, who are trying to lead a club that is in great turmoil.

Montreal was easily outshot 17-6 in the first period, but rebounded to hold a 15-13 edge in the second before being outgunned 15-6 in the third for the 45-25 Toronto margin. The Canadiens had a 3-1 edge in overtime.

The Canadiens will be in New Jersey on Friday to play the Devils, before returning home Saturday to entertain Radek Bonk’s Nashville Predators.


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  2. earl says:

    Hmmm, gotta say ICP that your username, avatar, and signature are all in the domain of “unpaid advertising”.

  3. Frank14 says:

    I don’t know what time zone you’re in, but your comment
    is after the game.


  4. Frank14 says:

    Don’t be sorry, be careful.
    Check the game. For once in a while we’re up in the 3rd.


  5. leafs67_andcounting says:

    I somewhat agree here. Ryder’s job is to score goals, that’s where his value lies more than anywhere else. He’s getting chances but not converting and that’s what we need him to do. Otherwise, he’s just another hard-working plumber that we already have plenty of.

  6. Hoegarden says:

    If our Habs can just win their share (at least 60% or more) of the faceoffs, especially when on the PP and PK, and hit the darn net more often, then they have a chance to put two more points in the bank. You simply cannot win games chasing the puck all night. If I read correctly, Habs are in the 30% average on faceoffs this year. Boring statement for some but plain reality. Win faceoffs and let them chase you, they’ll run out of steam quickly.

    What on earth are they trying to do with Tender by putting him on the first line. He’s an unproven 20 year old who has yet to learn the ropes in the AHL. His linemates will have time for a cup of mojo at the blueline, waiting for him to catch up….yawn!

  7. LTHF says:

    Right on “traderyder”. Dont know what you call producing, Higgins 14pts koivu 19 and ryder 10. Dont look like production to me! — from anyone

  8. TradeRyder says:

    LTHF: The reason people are on Ryder is that the other two guys on that line were producing… and because Ryder seemed to be a black hole on our first line. It’s true Ryder has worked in his D and improved it, and has been obviously working hard. But we rely on the guy (at 2+ mil a year) for scoring. It’s a serious question whether he can keep up with the top line for speed and skill.

    I have a GOOD FEELING about tonights game! …and I’m NEVER optimistic about Leafs games. Time to find that offense again! I HOPE the team is as frustrated with their play last game as we are and focused on stepping it up against a slow Leaf D!

    A bucket with a hole in it doesn’t hold water. We need changes on the first line!

  9. notbigbird says:

    We seem to be running into highly motivated teams such as Atlanta when they needed to end a slump and then Buffalo and of course Ottawa after they had lost one or two. And Toronto seems to get motivated enough playing us anyway. Regardless, I have a feeling that it’s our turn to win against Toronto.

    I’d like to see Price start three to five games in a row, just to see how he would react. Then, Huet can have his turn. I’m not sure that one game on and one off (for Price particularly) will continue to be a good thing.

  10. cautiousoptimist says:

    This holds true almost every night: we will win if we stop shooting the puck in from centre ice. Giving up possession on a line change or a penalty kill is one thing. But dumping it in over and over, only to lose the puck in the scuffle along the boards over and over, and create opposing rushes ad nauseum, is something I thought we had gotten away from. Since when is Don Cherry our coach? In this little mini slump, we’ve been doing it almost constantly. If we do this against the Leafs, giving away the puck half the time we have it, mark my words: we’re not going to beat an angry, desperate team.

    As for the Leafs, here’s Paul Maurice doing his best Dubya impression:

    “You have to have a certain kind of mind belief that there’s got to be enough good things in your game that gives you that sense of confidence,” he said.


    Perhaps all we need is a strengthened “mind belief” that we can carry the puck into the offensive zone.

  11. Corio says:

    It’s hilarious when you look at the stats for the leafs how they are immensely vulnerable as a ‘single point of failure’, it is basically all Sundin. If he gets injured the leafs are screwed in a big way.

    This one is a MUST WIN HABS! GO! GO ! Go!

  12. Corio says:

    It’s hilarious when you look at the stats for the leafs how they are immensely vulnerable as a ‘single point of failure’, it is basically all Sundin. If he gets injured the leafs are screwed in a big way.

    This one is a MUST WIN HABS! GO! GO ! Go!

  13. cautiousoptimist says:

    Nah – Jack Todd would have him spewing rows and rows of nothing but ampersands, as in:

    &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& HI THERE SPORTS FANS, have WE got a BARNBURNER of a DEAAAAAAAAAAAAL FOR YOU TODAY!!!!!

  14. lcpservices says:

    Brought a good point.

    Its these wins in November that shape the standings in March and April.

    I am not sure the Habs can play with Ottawa(although they did a excellent job Nov 10), they may be missing one key player, but if you can leave TO in the basement in the Northeast division, they may get discourage enough and play without confidence to stay their the whole year.

    Habs need to step it up a notch and separate themselves from the 6th-12th seeded teams in the conference. I would like to see them not to struggle to make the playoffs come March and April.

    The one game that I saw that the Habs played welled overall – and especially it was against Ottawa – although they lost, was the Saturday afternoon game, on the 10th of November. That was a playoff hockey game. If they play the same tonight against the Leafs as they did on that game vs the Sens, they should win.

    Heck, if they play like that every game, you should have some happy hockey fans and players in Montreal.

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  15. krob1000 says:

    Sorry everyone…..for a while I was reading my posts before I posted them and the last week or so I have been lazy again. Sorry.

  16. krob1000 says:

    This game will be an almost playoff like atmosphere in November. Both teams are looking to right their respective ships and both teams are from merciless media markets where the pressure compounds exponentially with every loss. I am sure that any Hab or Leaf fan is counting down in inticipation of a truly spirited matchup.

    For me I think the key to this game will be us reverting back to the game we played for the first 15 games of the season. Ryder, Ltendresse, Lafleur ….it will all be irrelevant if we get a consistent, solid two way effort from each and every man with red on his jersey. We have the team and the cries for a scorer are warranted only to make a serious run come playff time. For now we have plenty of offense and fans like us need not panic after a handful of rough outings.

    The biggest concern I have of late has been our powerplay and the lack of poise and control. That was alarming. Not scoring can be dealt with but we have had trouble setting up and have made several sloppy passes and poor decisions on dump ins trying to gain the zone. This would be a great game to get back on track as far as the powerplay goes as the Leafs can definitely be drawn into taking penalties. The best thing about our pp is that we usually have two or more guys who play “quarterbacks” on each unit. With 2 solid defenseman playing the role when needed (Markov or Hammer) and several forwards capable of having the play run throught hem if the teams decide to take away the points we have all of the necessary weapons in place. The last few games (even the Islanders win) we have looked almost lazy or over confident on the pp and allowed glorious opportunties to go for not.

    One guy cannot carry the puck and dump it in if he has forced his other attackers to stop skating at the blueline and expect us to retrieve the puck (Kovalev). If someone (usually Kovy or Markov) is going to be entrusted to carry the puck through the neutral zone then guys have to have speed as they approach the blue line and win the races to the dump and chip ins.

    Chipchura is also going to be a big factor in how we fare this season in my opinion as he is looking more and more like he is poised to start producing some offense. If he can manage to feed some pucks to Ryder and Lats were to work out (on line “1”) we could have a third scoring line (capable of…I know Chips is a checker).

    I agree with the posters who are saying time is needed to develop chemistry (no, it is not genetic chemistry HABPROFESSOR) and the constant the constant flip flopping of lines only confuses things. It also must be noted though that Carbo is seeking the best recipe early in the season and in the big scheme of things he is probably right for doing it sooner than later. Practice doesn’t really reveal too much as far as how players will work with one another.

  17. 24 Cups says:

    “What if” is a dangerous game to play but if the Habs had won instead of lost those two one goal games to the Leafs earlier in the season they would only be a few points behind Ottawa and Detroit. AND the Leafs would then have 17 points which would put them with Washington and surely lead to the firing of Ferguson/Maurice. That’s where a real pure goal scorer would come in handy for the Habs as he could help win some of those tight games that we seem to lose in the third period. For all the moaning and crying in Toronto (and Montreal) it is still a pretty tight race. Leafs are only three points out of a playoff spot and we are only four points from being out of the playoffs – and it’s only the end of November.

  18. coutNY says:

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    The picture itself was a little creative editing..

  19. TommyB says:

    Well cautiousoptimist…let’s just hope that we see our PP more often than they see their’s. Officiating in the centre of the universe (aka ACC) is suspect even at the best of times.

  20. LTHF says:

    Well, well after all the comments lately about who should be on the #1 line etc, I think Mr Lefleur summed it up very well by stating that they dont have a #1 line, they are basically all 4th liners. Im baffled why most are pointing the finger at Ryder,regardless of his poor season to date he his still doing as well as most of them. I guess he is paying the price for scoring 30 the last 2 years. There too many players on most nights acting like totem poles- should have taken a lesson from the sabres of what 60 minutes of hard work from everyone whether 1st line or 4th can produce a winning result or least it can be a pleasure to watch

  21. lcpservices says:


    As I was skimming the newspaper this morning, particularly the scoreboard page and the nhl standings and closely focused my attention on the Northeast Division, I got to see the Habs in 2nd place with 27 points and the Leafs in 5th with 21 points.

    Although it is a 6 points difference, this wasn’t what I was really concerned about.

    The Leafs are in last place. LAST PLACE, WHO OF EVERY THOUGHT!!! They are obviously struggling and perhaps are a surprised to many with their slow start this year. The Habs are in TO tonight to play the Leafs.

    If the Habs every need a motivation to win tonight is this: With every loss that Toronto takes from now on, you will be burying them out of playoff contention making it harder to comeback later on this season.

    For example: a habs win tonight gives them a 8 point lead with one game in hand(possibly 10 points) as oppose to a four point lead. Could you see the diffence?

    And their is no indication that Leafs will be getting better anytime soon. Even if the GM and coach get fired, it takes time to re-group and re-assess you situation and gameplan.

    I can still remember a conversation I had with a friend up in NDG in September. He was giving me a 101 reasons that the Leafs will win the cup this year and how much better they are than the Habs. If fact, he predicted the habs will finish in last or near the basement. Now it could happen, highly unlikely, but you can be certain, right now, today, November 27, 2007, these teams are going in opposite directions.

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  22. coutNY says:

    Here is my lastest Funny de jour: It’s been around for a while as my sign on tag but I’ve been waiting for us to play again to actually post it… I call it the Toronta-Pinata!

    Original size~


  23. habfan53 says:

    I too live in Leafs Nation and fear that their players will come out tonight to prove a point. With all the laughing and joking about the Leafs we are ONLY 6 points up on them going into tonights game.
    Montreal has to come out tonight the way they did the first meeting of the year when Toskala stole the game.
    I agree with TOMMY B that Price has to step up tonight show us what the houpla is about. I think 7 of the last 9 games have been decided by 1 goal.

  24. krob1000 says:

    We can only dream that Glenn Healy will become the g.m of the Leafs. It would be fantastic though as we would no longer have to listen to his ridiculous commentating and at the same time I believe he could do a far better job than JFJ did ruining the Leafs.

  25. Angry Almond says:


    They can have him! At least he can grace the media in Hogtown with his empty-headed, remarkably left-field comments without forcing it on the rest of the country! In fact, they can let Dreger be his assistant GM and throw in Jack Todd as his speech writer!

  26. lcpservices says:

    Love you webpage
    How did you create it?
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  27. Nova Scotia Hab Fan says:

    Please tell me that Glenn Healey won’t be doing the game tonight for TSN, His head and ego has probley doubled in size with all this talk of him coming to leaf land.

  28. lcpservices says:

    Thanks for the numbers.

    The key for habs tonight is to score first and get the sixth player (fans) out of the game.

    I really hope Habs win tonight by a blowout, and possible Price gets a shutout.

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  29. 24 Cups says:

    You can also view the hit by Hartnell on Alberts in last night’s game. Alberts was on his knees by the boards and looks like he is trying to block the puck from coming out of the Philly end. Hartnell then blindsides him and rams his head into the boards. He received a major and a game misconduct. That’s four despicable hits in a row for the Flyers. Briere better keep his head up.

  30. krob1000 says:

    I guess I am equally as stubborn. What bothers me most is that he often makes sense and then he talks about Ryder and something happens, wires cross, buttons stick and out comes this TradeRyder persona. I am currently working closely with a pharmaceutical company to develop some type of serum to cure his ailment. Carbo seems to have a Dandy idea in feeding Ryder some Chips tonight but if that doesn’t work you can sleep knowing that there is no stopping science and we are working on a cure.

  31. cautiousoptimist says:

    I don’t know why everyone seems to think the Leafs have our number. We won two of the last five, albeit in close games – as close to a 50% ratio as you can get. This team has four less wins than we do and they mortgaged their future for an above-average but very beatable goalie. Check out these Leafs stats:

    Win % when leading after 1: .167
    Win % when leading after 2: .500
    Win % when trailing after 1: .182
    Win % when trailing after 2: .143

    This seems to show that they don’t play well when they’re down, and that they play almost as badly when they’re up. Even when leading after two, their guess is as good as ours. You’re telling me we can’t beat that?

    Most brutally, we rank 26 slots higher on the PP. If we show them why, we’ll win.

    At the NHL level, all the teams are tough – and should all frankly be playing desperate, considering what they’re paid. But this isn’t a top-20 team here.

  32. Hoegarden says:

    Ryder is in a no-win situation. His problem is back to back 30 goal seasons. Folks expect the same if not more. With over 1/4 of the season gone, Carbo is now “forced” to move him in the hope that he’ll pot a few. The local press is also blaming him for the lack of production from Higs and Saku. Let’s wish Ryder a bit of luck.

  33. krob1000 says:

    The reason the haven’t won cups more often is simple. Nobody wins cups often anymore…..Dynasties are long gone. They do have a legitimate shot every year and that is all you can ask as a fan and more. They have also had goaltending issues and if you recall last year the they just about beat Anaheim and actually got burned on a phantom call that led to Anaheim tying the game in the dying minutes then winning and turning the series around. It was a lot like the Carolina Habs series a couple years back where they got a couple 5 on 3’s out of nowhere we choked, lost momentum and never regained it.

    Tough guys who can play too……sign em up….problem is there are only a handful of those guys. None of Anaheims goons got any real playing time in the playoffs and the reasons they won were Selanne, Mcdonald, Niedermayer, Pahlsson, Pronger (He can fight but is more dirty), Giguere….not Parros, O’Donnell, Shawn Thornton and Moen (although he did contribute) who were there four leading penalty minutes guys. There next leading penalty minutes guys were Selanne and Niedermayer.

    I don’t think we do get outmuscled…..we may get outpunched but our smallest forwards are even extremely strong on the puck and win far more battles than they should (Koivu and Plekanec). Kovalev is like Hercules and may be next to Jagr and Iginla as the hardest guys to knock off the puck. Latendresse, Higgins, Ryder all are good hitters and very strong. Kostitsyn…not strong ..yet. Kosto, Begin and Dandenault …all very strong.

    Fights draw a lot of attention and tend to sway fans opinions and they really don’t do much but occasionally light a fire (which can happen win or lose) or hurt hands. It is rare that a good shot even connects more often than not guys just hit helmets and ruin their hands that are their livelihood. I love a good scrap but unless players have to drop their helmets and their gloves (like they did for years here in Kingston at the Junior A games) I think it is stupid.

  34. ebk says:

    what would make think you can use logic to convince a person with that moniker Ryder isn’t the only problem.

  35. leafs67_andcounting says:

    That’s sad to hear. personally I’d like JFJ to stay the til the end of the year and possibly make a lousy deadline trade and further compromise the Leafs future.

  36. krob1000 says:

    Here we go again…..Higgins averages 18.4 mins/game Ryder 15.4 mins/game. At 3 minutes per game and having played 23 games that is 69 minutes. Divide that by Ryders average on ice time of 15:41 and he has played approximately 4 1/2 games less than Higgins. He is only 4 points back of Higgins, has far more hits and a better plus minus(although I hate that one). I am not knocking Higgins in any way,shape or form but I don’t think Ryder has played all that bad and a few bounces here and there and Ryder is having the better season thus far. Ryder definitely needs to start scoring but he has been getting chances and working hard and that is all you can really ask. As for the 2 plus million/year comment….still a bargain. Dustin Penner is a 4 million a year guy and his stats look about the same as Ryders.

  37. nightmare_49 says:

    You can catch a nice bit on Ryan McDonaugh at top right (zone video).

  38. Habs_008 says:

    Living in the Heart on Laff Nation there is little talk about the habs, all the talk is about the GM/Coach and who should be Fired. The Prez of the leafs admitted that it was a mistake to Hire JFJ as GM. Hopefully the Laffs will be listening to the talk shows and reading the papers and will not be up to play the Habs, they wont be focused on the game.

  39. leafs67_andcounting says:

    The Leafs always come out flying against us and we never seem to be ready. I don’t know what Carbo says in the room before games, but maybe someone else should give the pep talk before Leafs games.

    I think the 1st 5-10 minutes decides this game. We need either an early lead or for Price to stand on his head either way it will get the Leafs thinking and doubting themselves.

  40. johnnyhab says:

    If your going to kick anyone when their down it might as well be the Leafs!

  41. moser17 says:

    Every night Glenn would go down to the dressing room with his bagpipes and name “Toronto’s Nessie”.

  42. krob1000 says:

    The Red Wings have not dressed a tough guy in years. There is toughness and there is being tough as a team and they are two very different things. I agree it was tough to watch the Boston game but the bottom line was we won (I know you mentioned that). As long as players are willing to take a big hit to score a goal, block shots, battle in the corners and stand up for one another it really doesn’t matter if we lose more fights than we win. The things I listed above are the things that win games…..not fights.

    The stupid Anaheim Ducks and their league leading fight total have cause people to beleive that goons are the way to go again. Everyone (not saying you …just in general) seems to forget they had incredible skill that really won the cup as fights don’t happen in the playoffs (very rarely). I can tell you this…..if we dressed an enforcer(a true enforcer) either Begin or Kostoplous will be going the way of Garth Murray or Downey. There are only 12 forward spots and only 3 (max) of those wil be going to grinders or goons. We have Dandy, Kosto and Begin and personally I would rather see them in the lineup than a goon. Goons don’t make room anymore….they take up room.

    I guess we could have a goon in the press box most of the time and dress him periodically but it would nullify one of our biggest assets (being able to roll four lines). We have Buillon, Komisarek, Kostopolous, Begin, and maybe Hamrlik/Dandy who will all drop their gloves if need be. That is plenty.

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