Game 16: Senators rally 3-1 over Canadiens

Cristobal Huet eyeballs a flying puck.
Christopher Pike, Reuters

UPDATED with link to Pat Hickey’s game story

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This one had all the makings of a great game, which too often winds up spelling dull with a capital D.

But who knew we’d witness playoff-quality hockey on a Saturday afternoon … in November?

The scoreboard showed a final of 3-1 in favour of the Ottawa Senators
over the Canadiens at Scotiabank Place in Ottawa-suburban Kanata. But the victory was shared by any fan who invested their afternoon in this one.

Ottawa’s Chris Neil surprised Canadiens goalie Cristobal Huet with an unassisted wrist shot from the deep slot at 16:30 to give the Senators the victory. An insurance goal was scored into an empty net in the dying seconds by captain Daniel Alfredsson, who has put four of his 13 goals this season into an empty net.

The Senators outshot their visitors 37-29.

The quite terrific Canadiens, now 9-4-3 who were 7-1-1 in their last nine games, and the remarkable 14-2-0 Senators, their eight-game winning streak snapped on Thursday, engaged in something pretty classic. We might not see something this good for months.

Alfredsson, stoned a period earlier by Huet on a penalty shot, drove
home the tying goal from the deep slot at 14:50 of the third, his 12th of the season. Huet, who’d played out of his mind again, didn’t have a chance on the setup by Ottawa’s Dany Heatley and Mike Fisher.

Canadiens defenceman Andrei Markov had scored his fifth of the season on a first-period power-play blast past Ottawa goalie Martin Gerber at 11:11, assisted by captain Saku Koivu and Michael Ryder with the Senators’ Neil serving a minor for delay of game.

From this intense game, the Canadiens now move into Toronto for their third in a four-game road trip, meeting the Maple Leafs on Tuesday night, having opened up Thursday in Boston with a 2-1 victory over the Bruins. The trip ends Friday in Buffalo.


Photos from today’s game, from top:

Canadiens’ Christopher Higgins (21) and Ottawa’s Chris Phillips crowd the crease of goalie Martin Gerber as Montreal defenceman Andrei Markov’s goal finds the Ottawa net.
Christopher Pike, Reuters

Higgins fights off Phillips an instant before Markov scored his first-period goal.
Andrei Ringuette, NHLI via Getty Images

Canadiens goalie Cristobal Huet makes a glove save with Senators’ Antoine Vermette on his doorstep, looking for the rebound.
Christopher Pike, Reuters

Canadiens’ Michael Ryder (left) and captain Saku Koivu celebrate Markov’s first-period goal.
André Ringuette, NHLI via Getty Images

Canadiens’ Tom Kostopoulos (left) and Mike Komisarek (prone) strip Ottawa’s Dany Heatley of the puck.
André Ringuette, NHLI via Getty Images

Heatley prepares to shoot past Komisarek.
André Ringuette, NHLI via Getty Images

Markov works Heatley along the boards.
André Ringuette, NHLI via Getty Images

Huet keeps a close eye on a flying puck.
Christopher Pike, Reuters

From left: Kostopoulos, Heatley, Komisarek and Vermette are at close quarters chasing a loose puck.
Christopher Pike, Reuters

Senators’ Chris Neil celebrates his game-winning goal, with Huet on the seat of his pants and Francis Bouillon and Michael Ryder skating away.
Christopher Pike, Reuters

Huet stops Senators captain Daniel Alfredsson on a second-period penalty shot. Alfredsson would have the last laugh, scoring twice in the third period in a first-star performance.
André Ringuette, NHLI via Getty Images


  1. Dave Stubbs says:

    Guessing everyone’s over at Boone’s side of the site. You’ll not be alone over there!

    Dave Stubbs

    Habs Inside/Out
    Sports Feature Writer, Montreal Gazette


  2. nigel-ski says:

    Big save and rebound cover by Huet on an Ottawa 3 on 1. Is anyone else there?!?!?

    Habs rule, Leafs drool…

  3. nigel-ski says:

    Koivu – Eaves tilt–kindaweak but good to see Captain K drop ’em here and there even so.

    Habs rule, Leafs drool…

  4. nigel-ski says:

    1-0 for les boys on a blast from the near point on the pp. Markov–my buddy–gets it done to lead all nhl d-men in points. YES!!!

    Habs rule, Leafs drool…

  5. nigel-ski says:

    A Berke–> click My Account–> Edit–and there is a link there to upload a pic from your computer. ‘Member me from the summit? Cheers!!

    Habs rule, Leafs drool…

  6. nigel-ski says:

    Awesome stick block by Komisarek on that 2 on 1 there. Gotta love Komisarek!

    Habs rule, Leafs drool…

  7. Naila Jinnah says:

    Oh oh!!! SQL error!


  8. nychabsfan says:

    Why are people so obsessed w/ a ‘BIG TRADE’The chemistry we have been craving for is developing,they are finally realizing this is a 60 minute game,ryder will shake out of this slump,he is close.They do need to work on more shots,which can create more chances and they are an opportunistic team with skill and speed.I see Kostitsyn just getting started.Latendresse needs to improve skating and work ethic,a trip to the minors may be the trick..

  9. moeman says:

    If a Brad Richards (speaks very good French BTW) is somehow acquired I hope Bob deals him a Heatley/Spezza type front-loaded deal. Lock him up.

    ~ have a powerful day ~

  10. Yeats says:

    nychabsfan: I’m with you. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. The Habs are second in their Conference and third in the League. With the exception of maybe giving Lats some time in the pound in Hamilton and maybe bringing up Lapierre, leave the roster alone.

  11. Yeats says:

    Ian: Preview, then Post.

  12. Yeats says:

    Less tha 3:00 to go in Game 2 and Chris Nilan hits the post twice on the same shift. What a sniper!

  13. Woah_Dana says:

    Nice first period, I’ve got a good feeling about this one.
    God, getting two points from this game would be unreal.
    It feels so great to have such a solid team this year, & not have to listen to Hab bashing during the game. Hell, even TSN’s lightened up.. not like they have a choice but it’s nice to see that they’ve swallowed their pride :)

    GO HABS!

  14. Shiloh says:

    It’s beyond comprehension why he is dressed. Lapierre has more talent (and grit) in his baby finger. He is a waste of a player out there – slow, ineffective and, I would say, not even good enough to play in Hamilton. Get him out of there!

  15. Shiloh says:

    I shut it off after the Sens tied it in the third. I can’t watch Latendresse ankle around out there like a 5-yr old playing against men. Does he have compromising pictures of Carbo or what? He is dawg-useless and if I were Lapierre lighting it up in Hamilton I’d already be planning for a trade to a team that might use me over a clunker like Latendresse. How long do we suffer with this guy?

  16. Naila Jinnah says:

    Nice closeup on Huet!!!
    Just wanted to say that “Christopher Pike” will always make me think of great books for teens.

  17. Dave Stubbs says:

    Ace, thanks for your feedback. All technical issues will be reviewed by our site developers. The only way we’ll be able to tweak the site will be to hear from our readers about what they like and don’t like. Rest assured your comments will be reviewed.

    Dave Stubbs

    Habs Inside/Out
    Sports Feature Writer, Montreal Gazette


  18. hiloh says:

    OK – so I had to log in for the first time and I misspelled my user name – should be Shiloh. I tried for about 10 minutes to correct it but there appears to be no way.

  19. kiwihabsfan says:

    Hey wow, this is spiffy.

  20. Chuck says:

    The new site looks great, Dave! The registration is a welcome addition, too. A couple of tweaks (already mentioned) is all that I have to comment on.

    By the way, what the Karma Score thingy all about?

  21. zamboni says:

    First of all thanks Dave and the group for the improvements.
    My first reaction was, Wow, very nice, very stylish and with login.
    However like the previous poster (sorry couldn’t see the name while posting, as it only shows me the post I’m commenting on which is yours, instead of the entire blog like in the previous version) I find it hard to read comments.
    Furthermore a lot of formatting seems to have been lost.

    For example take a look at a previous post I made.
    latest “About Last night” thread of Mike’s Blog
    The postid: 33538
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    (wrong time stamp by the way)

    At the time of posting, I had put the effort to properly paragraph, format and space out to post for maximum legibility, looking at it now, will almost certainly make me skip reading it.

    I’m confident that these are early stage minor issues that will get ironed out in time, as I have no doubt you and your team want the best for the Habs fans.

    A dedicated thread about suggestions and problem reports would also be nice to keep or related discussions in one thread.

    Thank you.

  22. Chuck says:

    The HTML lesson is a neat surprise, too! Thanks!

  23. Chuck says:

    While we’re discussing tweaks, I’d vote for displaying The Rules directly above the comment box that I’m typing this in. It might be a useful reminder for everyone to think about what they’re about to post.

  24. HabsInsideOut says:

    Hi folks,

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  25. HabsInsideOut says:

    You should have access to change your username now. Let us know if you have problems.

  26. Chuck says:

    FYI, I’m on the latest version of Internet Explorer, Windows XP. Hope this helps.

  27. kiwihabsfan says:

    How does one attach a picture to the comment?

  28. Chuck says:

    Click on “My account” on the top right of this page, then click on the “Edit” tab. Scroll down to the Picture section; you’ll be a browse button that will allow you to search your computer for a photo that you want. Keep in mind that the maximum photo size is 80 x 100 pixels.

    “Vote Saku for All-Star!!!”

  29. zamboni says:

    I’m on Vista using Firefox

    I also noticed that the subject field of the reply is not shown anywhere.
    (it could be that I’m just blind, if not I’m just letting you know)

  30. LizardKing1967 says:

    This is sooooo awsome guys. I am a long-time reader(since the beginning), and very seldom blogger, but I gotta say, Dave, you guys did an amazing job on this. Keep up the great work, and let’s hope todays game gives us a W!!


  31. Habs24 says:

    Great job on the new site Dave!

  32. Dave Stubbs says:

    I take NO credit for the development of the site and its new look. But Jon and Dru, the brains and the brawn behind it, have done an excellent job. It will be easier for Kev, Mike and myself to produce material for the site. First test for me comes today, during the Canadiens-Senators game. My fingers are crossed so tightly, I’ve cut off my circulation…

    Dave Stubbs

    Habs Inside/Out
    Sports Feature Writer, Montreal Gazette


  33. Moey says:

    Love the new look. Good work guys!!!

  34. jablonski says:

    Gerber vs Huet

    I also think Gui sits don’t mess with success!

    Matt J

  35. Habsfan39 says:

    “Montreal needs to move spare goaltender Jaroslav Halak, since a Russian team is attempting to rescue him from the AHL. The Penguins have shown some interest, but they don’t want to give up Colby Armstrong to get him.

    Keenan would like Flames GM Darryl Sutter to get his old buddy Alexei Kovalev out of Montreal. If the Canadiens could add younger scorer in swap, why wouldn’t there?”

    Id take Colby for Halak any day, I know you may think it is too early, but if an opportunity like this presents itself… you need to take the risk that huet and price will be just fine and wont need halak anyways. Price doesnt even compare to Aebischer, he is way better. We will win many more games this year than last. I just feel so confident with our goaltending.

    Kovie wont be dealt… not the way he has been playing, sorry keenan.



  36. moeman says:

    Something like: Internet Explorer 5.5, Windows ME

    heh, good one.

    Front page is showing SQL errors, (OSX.5 FFox 2.x9);

    “user warning: You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ‘WHERE (node.nid NOT IN (70)) LIMIT 0, 500’ at line 1 query: pager_query WHERE (node.nid NOT IN (70)) LIMIT 0, 500 in /home/kostjay4/public_html/drupal/includes/ on line 172.”

    ~ have a powerful day ~

  37. Lee Hayes says:

    I had to work, so I missed a hell of a game!
    One question though, was it a team let down with five minutes remaining that led to the ottawa goals?

    Go Habs Go

  38. Lee Hayes says:

    I have to agree DD, as you said ottawa uses the ole song as a hit of hockey crack, I hate that song.

    Go Habs Go

  39. Grabs says:

    DD Lee – How you doing guys, get the taste of crap out your mouth yet? This game pissed me off royally…

  40. Lee Hayes says:

    Yeah I taped the game, but the tape failed just before Markov’s goal. So essentially I missed the game.

    Go Habs Go

  41. Grabs says:

    They played a great game for two periods and had the edge in play, then were hanging on in the third, two mistakes cost them two goals.

  42. DD says:

    LEE & HTLB (Herbie the Love Bug, new handle, you’re welcome, buddy))

    I was there, so I guess I’m allowed to talk about it. :)

    That friggin song killed us. They scored right after it started while I was cringing. My buddy, Norm said he thought NHL players were above that, but I don’t think so. It’s basically a slap in the face or poking a bear with a sore ass with a piece of venison. I wish they would shut the #@#^ up with that song. Then I had to listen to drunken sens fans singing Huet, Huet, Huet is gay Huet is gay to the Ole tune as I left the building.

    My son said he heard the best exchange of the day at the game. It seems a loyal Habs fan was praising our 24 cups and the fact that we don’t choke when we do make it to the finals. I guess a sens fan chirped in that we haven’t won the Cup since 93, to which the Habs guy returned that at least it was after the Civil War unlike the sens. Game, Set and Match.

    Otherwise, I think we played a solid game, as I said earlier Gerber was spectacular. We held our own with the best team in the NHL.


  43. NYhabster says:

    I’m still recovering from having my heart torn out with a spoon. It’s something I suffer from during hockey season only. Strange phenomenon but the doc says I’m getting better. Haven’t suffered as much this year. He also said that there’s a cure for what I have. It’s called SCORING!! (feel bad for Huet)

    Oh well. On to Tronta. Grrrrrrrrr! Let’s make ’em pay.

  44. Kullkullan says:

    A. Berke ;

    Took the words out of my mouth, and left me with not much else to say :(

    But…..does anyone else think that maybe Chipchura should see some ice time on the PP, rather than throwing Latendresse out there from time to time? Like this afternoon during that late 2nd period PP?

    We’re (Habs) up 1-0 late in the second, a golden opportunity on the PP, and Lats is on the first unit. It was an INCREDIBLE vote of confidence that he was dressed to begin (Begin…pun INTENDED) with, but the score was 1-0. If it was 4-1, 5-2…I’d understand putting Lats out on the first unit to gain some confidence.

    I really think that was my only negative thought during the game.

  45. Hoegarden says:

    Don’t be surprised if Ryder sits the next one out. I know Carbo does not want to pull a Rivest (sitting a veteran player) and create mess like last year, but sooner or later he’ll have to .Ryder simply left Alfredson all alone waiting for Heatley’s pass. Take a penalty, do whatever it takes but don’t leave this guy alone 20 feet or so in front of the net. Higgins also left Neil untouched for the second goal. Easy to blame from your living room however the Koivu line is a -3 today. Huet deserved better.

  46. CHip says:

    Well, that was a nail biter for 55 minutes. I liked what I saw today, especially if you think back to last year’s Ott.-Mont. afternooner. Alfie’s been a Hab killer since forever.
    I think Ryder and Lats are working hard to make a contribution. Outside of them putting the puck in the net, what else can you ask for. I would like to see them in the mix for a while yet.
    Hope I got this log-in business figured out. I like the concept, though. The hard work of Messers Boone, Stubbs, and Mio not withstanding, this site was becoming a place where humour came to die. It would be nice to see some of the original posters come back. But what do I know…. I’m just a fan, and have only been a Habs/Innie/Outie for 4 minutes, 8 seconds.

  47. kevin m says:

    The Habs played a whale of a game this afternoon. They did all the little things well. I’m sure if you ask the Sens tonight about the toughest game they’ve been involved in so far this season, they would have to say today’s game.

    The Habs frustrated them & checked them into the ice. They deserved a better fate… no question; but, they have to continue playing like this until Christmas.

    If they do, I’m sure that Gainey will try to swing a deal before the trade deadline that will take this edition of the Habs deep into the playoffs.

  48. RetroMikey says:

    Was not able to watch the game. I have no comment but it’s a bitter pill to swallow when you are up with almost 5 minutes left in the game. We hopefully will rebound against Toronto, I hope! Went on the site and noticed our top line of Koivu, Ryder and Higgins were all minuses….ouch that hurts! Does anyone know why Latendresse was playing and Begin sitting? Does not make sense to me!

    “We will win the Cup only with Carey Price in the nets”

  49. DD says:

    I was at the game today. Gerber stood on his head, a couple of breaks here and there and we would of had them
    Why do some fans insist on singing that figgin’ Ole Ole song with 5 minutes left in the game. I swear other teams use it as a rallying point, especially in their turf.

  50. showey47 says:

    Just another example of why we need a pure game breaker. One guy who can just dominate and be a real threat everytime he is on the ice. If we get that one player we will truly content for the division title

  51. DD says:


    My buddies and I were talking about the same thing today. Wouldn’t Vinny look good as a bleu, blanc et rouge?

    I only hope we play the same way we played today against the stinkin’ leafs on Tuesday. I’m getting tired of the half ass effort the boys give us against those losers. We should be smokin’ them!

  52. showey47 says:

    DD: No doubt vinny would look good in our colours, but i couldn’t even imagine what it would cost in the way of players,prospects and draft picks. Don’t even talk about the laffs, i just hope price gets the start cause even though huet has played well as of late, he just seems to toilet those games against the laffs.

    you are right, we should be destroying those bums. It should be like a tornado going through a trailer park.

  53. JF says:

    Great game, and the Habs played extremely well. I was a bit worried after the last couple of games because it seemed they were not playing with quite the same intensity they had been. The intensity was certainly there today, and they played a near perfect first period. After that the Sen picked it up a bit, but still it could have gone either way. I really think the Habs are one piece away from being a Cup contender. If we had that power, game-breaking forward, we would win games like this.

    A suggestion for next game: with Ryder struggling, how about putting Dandenault on the top line? With his speed he might be able to create something.

  54. Grabs says:

    DD – That friggin damn song, as soon as it started I thought the same thing, DON’T POKE THE BEAR!!! 5min left in a 1-0 game and they start singing, christ! BTW I figured you’d be at the game, I looked for you, but only saw a bunch of slow witted sens fans, god how I hate them.

    I knew there was trouble brewing when they didn’t add to their lead, especially during the PP in the 3rd. This is still a young team and as I said in an earlier post, they have to learn how to deal with success.

    The Habs should be up for Tuesday’s game, if they’re anything like the fans, they’re damn angry after letting this game get away. Believe me when I say they WILL start Price, and they WILL win. You guys know I don’t often make predictions, but you heard it here first 😉

  55. DD says:

    Well one thing the Lightning do need is a goalie and we have a lot of depth in that department. I think part of the problem is the cap. We would probably have to trade some older players just to accommodate Vinny’s salary, and for some reason I don’t think Michael Ryder’s stock is too high right now, even if we could use him as part of a deal with Tampa.

    I’ll tell you one thing Mr. Gainey is looking like a genius again, by not signing Ryder to a long term contract.

  56. Lee Hayes says:

    Great to have HIO coverage at the game tonight, thanks DD for the insight.
    HTLB is perfect, gotta take that moniker Herb!
    What a horrible game to have missed.

    Go Habs Go

  57. DD says:


    I like your optimism. I think you’re right, they will be pissed off that they let this one slip through their hands. The only thing that could make me feel better about tonight is us smokin’ the leafs on Tuesday. There was a little story in the Sun the other day, and I don’t think Jason Blake is too happy about playing in hogtown for JFJ.

    I’m not surprised you didn’t see me at the game, I don’t think cameras work that high above sea level. I was the guy with the cotton batten in his nose, chewing coca leaves to help cope with the lack of oxygen and the altitude sickness.

    I hope, for your sake, the Plekster doesn’t get wind that you’re muscling in on his ‘prediction’ racket.

    BTW You didn’t like my new handle for you?

  58. Herbie the Love Bug says:

    Give the people what they want I always say! Of course you know, it opens me up for numerous jabs from my army of troll enemies. I used to be called by this nick all the time through school, the Love Bug movies being pretty popular back then in the day. You guys are bringing me wayyy back…

  59. showey47 says:

    Well put yourself in tampa’s shoes, would you trade away a franchise player like vinny for anything montreal has to offer right now? As for ryder i just don’t know, he just looks out of sync. Maybe the thought of playing for a big ufa contract has made him put too much pressure on himself. Its like he is trying to do too much instead of simpifying his game and getting open in the slot to get passes from saku and higgy.

    Right now instead of vinny, i would just take a right winger who looks like he belongs there. We need the offence

  60. DD says:


    I’m just screwing with you with the nick name thing, only old guys like us would remember that handle. I sort of figured you heard it before, ad naseum!
    I can’t believe the troll stole your handle. What a loser.

    BTW I like the picture. That must be the little one you were telling me about at the Summit. You must be proud to be the father of such a beautiful child. I dig the shades.

  61. Herbie the Love Bug says:

    Let’s just face the painful fact that only a complete idiot would trade away Lecavalier, the guy does it all. The only way it would happen is if someone makes them an offer they can’t refuse. For the sake of speculation involving the Habs, think in terms of Koivu, Huet, Higgins and Komisarek for our man Vinny.

  62. Herbie the Love Bug says:

    Thanks DD, very kind of you to say. That picture was taken last year right in your hometown on Canada day.

  63. FastRonnie says:

    I agree – we need a big-time goal scorer who can put fear into an opponent every time he’s on the ice. With a player like that, we’d be posting even more wins, especially in close games.

    Carbo’s gotta do something about Ryder – it’s getting painful to watch! I feel really bad for Koivu and Higgins who could be scoring much more with a better winger.

    And, while I thought Lats played a good physical game, he’s gotta stay on the 3rd or 4th lines. His finish and skill level have been overrated (I think mostly cuz he’s a francophone home-boy). He’s good enough to be playing in the NHL, but not on the top 2 lines.

    Tough loss tonight, but ya gotta give credit to a talented Ottawa team, esp. anyone who plays on a line with Alfredsson, who happens to eat Habs for breakfast, lunch, and supper.

  64. John says:

    Btutal loss….Looked like the Habs would escape with a couple of points….then maybe one….then…zip. Well…bring on the Leafs on Tues….GO HABS GO

  65. Chuck says:


    Apparently for the same reason the Boone persists on jinxing shutouts during his game blog!

    “Vote Saku for All-Star… or little Timmy gets it!!!”

  66. Chuck says:

    I thought Ryder was supposed to be that guy! He’s a “sniper” on pace for a what… 10 goal season? At some point this guy’s gotta bust loose, but when? Unfortunately, some of his decision-making (see his “effort” on the 2-on-1 today) makes me wonder if he’s just thinking too much.

    “Vote Saku for All-Star… or little Timmy gets it!!!”

  67. Chuck says:

    If you want to get a great player out of Atlanta, get him convicted of vehicular manslaughter while being under the influence, then offer him a “change of scenery and a fresh start.”

    “Vote Saku for All-Star… or little Timmy gets it!!!”

  68. Woah_Dana says:

    “a sens fan chirped in that we haven’t won the Cup since 93”

    Lol. Such a Leaf fan thing to say – really goes to show that Sens fans are, indeed, past Leafers who jumped bandwagons when the Sens were introduced to the NHL.

    It confuses me as to how a Canadian hockey team fan could make a statement like that. We have 24 cups & were the last Canadian team to hoist it. Naysayers, you guys got nothin’!

    GO HABS!

  69. Lee Hayes says:

    Unbelievable, I stopped posting in part because of these fools. Shame they took such a shine to you my man!

    Go Habs Go

  70. Grabs says:

    Dave, a troll stole my name (GTC) the more things change the more they stay the same, who should I contact about this?

  71. Woah_Dana says:

    You’re just too cool, they can’t handle it. They wanna be you.

    You cut your hair?
    You’re daughter is adorable by the way :)

    GO HABS!

  72. Dave Stubbs says:

    The bleed of type seems to be an operating system issue. I’ve got no such problem on an iMac, but the developers have been made aware of this.

    As for the background colour? I find the light, graded blue easier on the eyes. You’ll find lots and lots of red here in photos we’ll be posting, beginning this afternoon (OK, mostly white, being the road uniforms).

    And print size surely can be adjusted on your monitor?

    (Note to all PC users: Mac rules. Hitting the Apple key with the + or – key increases or decreases type size on a page. But Bill Gates doesn’t want you to know that…)

    Dave Stubbs

    Habs Inside/Out
    Sports Feature Writer, Montreal Gazette


  73. nigel-ski says:

    Tough matchup tonight, playing a dynamic Senators squad. We all know how well both teams are doing, so I won’t bother with that. I’d like to weigh in on the Richards debate though. Though I agree that Richards is a great player and would be a fine addition, the vaunted chemistry that Gainey has talked about for years has finally arrived. I for one would be loathe to mess with it in such a huge way. Plus in order to make room for Richards’ monster salary, we would have to move more than the aforementioned players, considering we have just about $4 mil in manouvering space. Ryder would nearly cover it at $2.5 or so, but that leaves no room for injury call-ups and late season/trade deadline tinkering.
    And though I advocated selling off Huet earlier in the pre-season, it’s hard to see where we’d be without his steady play to this point. I think we’d be on the outside looking in, and Tampa would be in our playoff spot. Because I’m not sure a tandem of Price/Halak or Danis is ready for full time net duties.
    I also agree that getting Vinny isn’t much of a possibility at this point…
    Here’s hopin’ we beat the sens today–I’ll be watching; will you?

    Habs rule, Leafs drool…

  74. Yeats says:

    For those in the States, the NHL Channel, 215 on DirecTV, is now showing Game 2 of the 1986 Stanley Cup Finals, Habs vs. Flames. Let’s get in the mood for 3:00pm!

  75. Yeats says:

    Ian: Yes, I do have my own Cup, but it’s hanging on the equipment tree in my garage next to my shin guards. Hopefully, it will see some use tomorrow at 6:30am pickup.

  76. I am Canadien says:

    This game showed me something: We’re not quite up to beating the best teams in the league YET. With that said, maybe a trade should be calculated. We have some strength and depth at goal. Trade Huet, prospects (D’agostini, Carle), and a draft pick for LeCavalier. Tampa is not going anywhere with their goalie and they are capped out. They need to start rebuilding. I haven’t looked but I beleive we have cap room and Vinny would give teams much to worry about in combo with Saku and AK.


  77. showey47 says:

    i feel bad for huet, he play a strong game. This is another game we should of won or at least came out with a point. We played a good game for 53 minutes but some missed assignments in our own end cost us. Hopefully price starts tuesday and we stick it to the laffs

  78. WindsorHab-10 says:

    A tough loss to take considering we lead most of the game. Hopefully we can learn from it and keep the pressure on offensively instead of trying hard to protect a one goal lead. Had to disagree with Carbo’s choice to replace Kostitsyn and even Ryder late in the 3rd. That move minimized our offensive output. We proved we can hang with Ottawa. We’ll get them next time, GO HABS GO.

  79. showey47 says:

    Latendresse needs to go to hamilton, this game was too fast for him to keep up

  80. likehoy says:

    Does anyone miss Perezhogin?
    I hope he rips it up in Russia so he might come back to the Habs, OR we trade his rights for a draft pick. He had loads of speed and skill. I will always remember how he owned the Leafs by himself last year. Then he ran for the money.

  81. Dave Stubbs says:

    Keith, there should be a way on your computer to increase the type size on your monitor. And our techs are working hard to iron out the wrinkles that are normal when a new site is launched, or in this case, when a site is relaunched, carrying over a huge amount of existing material.

    Dave Stubbs

    Habs Inside/Out
    Sports Feature Writer, Montreal Gazette


  82. A. Berke says:

    another very disappointing loss. The players need to realize that the games are 60 minutes long and not 50 or 53.

    again, not being able to score 5 on 5 has hurt us even though there were enough chances. We should have won this one. I’m sure Huet must be disappointed too for a wasted game where he could have posted a “w”.

    IMHO, Lats and Ryder are almost becoming a liability with their sub-par games. After a month and a half, it’s high time that they should be coming out of their so called “slump”. I sure would like to see some of the young players in Hamilton dress up and show what they can do instead.

    Ali B.

  83. MikeMcLaren says:

    Dave, billg might want his fellow Windows users out there to know, however, that they can use the CTRL key with the + or – key to increase or decrease type size on a page.

    At least this is the case with Windows Vista / Internet Explorer 7.


  84. G-Man says:

    Ooh, fancy new digs, Mr. Stubbs et al. I believe logging in is a great deterrent for some of the nutters HIO attracts. Way to go.

    About yesterday’s game.
    Caught the last 1/2 and saw Ottawa all over them. The Habs played without confidence and were afraid of making mistakes. The 1 scoring chance the Habs had was Koivu striking the post. Full marks to Huet for a valiant effort. No marks for the team not believing in itself. “Caught in the headlights of an onrushing train, indeed.”

  85. Da Hema says:

    I like this site’s looks. Well done Dave, Pat, and Kevin.

    The Habs played very well today, but a tough game to lose. The Boys will beat Toronto….

  86. says:

    Great new look!
    God Bless Our Infantry

  87. nychabsfan says:

    I have been viewing the reviews and articles on yesterdays game and I have 1 simple question which is ‘Were we watching the same game”?
    First period we controlled,second period:65 to 35% in their favor,3rd period they owned us,the habs were observant participants in their own demise.It wasn’t about the last 5 minutes anyone watckiing had to know what was coming.They dictated the play,it was always in out end,the pp we had was inept,we fail constatly to move our feet in thw 3rd-call it LATENDRESSE SYNDROME.It is the same old story:FAILURE TO PLAY 60 MINUTES’Its like the habs have some inferiority complex and they die in the waning moments if games.Whewre the hell was Kovalex yesterday?What is w/ Ryder being in alone and trying to be Spezza and deke?SHOOT!!THAT IS YOUR FORTE!!Hes overthinking and it is time to get the cobwebs out!The reality is this could easily have been a cakewalk if not for Huet,minimun 5-1.WAKE UP BOYS IT TAKES A FULL EFFORT,EVERY GAME….

  88. Bizbo says:

    Why do I have nightmarish visions of Pappin, Pulford and Stemkowski every time the Habs now play the Leafs? Although the curse is holding steady now at 41 years and growing, why can’t they beat this inferior team?

  89. Bouleau noir says:

    After watching yesterday’s game and the preceding games that lead up to that point (one fifth of our NHL’s regulard season already) it as become clear that this year’s edition has what it take to keep the hochey anthousiaste in me interested and glued to the proceding as it will unfold throughout the winter (and spring hopefully).

    This team is not superlative in whichever ways but neither does it has weaknesses that could impaired on its growth,…. it has a great balance of attributes and has great mobility throughout…. a very inviting combination.

    As it stand I am a happy fan,… even thought I dont see our organization to be an a situation they would need to be in order to pull out a trade that could clearly improved our lot this season…… I cant see it hapening at all.

    One day a fitting piece will come to us via the UFA market,…. than we will move up to the next level.

  90. yukonhab says:

    YUKONHAB best game of the year! to bad the final result wasn’t better…look like the east finals!!!

  91. InGy says:

    This game was great! Until the last 5 minutes! :\

  92. piche says:

    Test – first post on the site… hoping for a big win against the LAFs tomorrow night.

    Cheers – GO HABS GO!!

  93. piche says:

    First post!! – testing – had lots of trouble today with the site… hoping for a big win against the LAFs tomorrow.



  94. N.B. habs fan 50 yrs says:

    thanks Mike Mclaren now I can see the post better,what is everyone talking about the blue background mine is still in white,all I have been a reader since may and I like new look way better

  95. Grabs says:

    Stop it! You’re embarassing me…

    Actually it’s the opposite, that picture was taken last year, I’ve been growing my hair since.

    My daughter means more to me than I ever thought possible, thanks for noticing how gorgeous she is.

    Fantastic picture of you BTW, with a photo like that you’re going to get a lot more attention from the guys around here. 😉

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