Game 10: Canadiens win in stunning comeback

Canadiens’ Alex Kovalev celebrates his second goal of the game, the game-winner in the third period, with teammates Tomas Plekanec (left) and Mike Komisarek.
Shannon Stapleton, Reuters

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Here’s a thought: the Canadiens set their clocks back an hour before tonight’s game, instead of after, and were an hour late showing up to play the New York Islanders.

Outskated, outshot, outplayed, outeverythinged for 40 minutes, the Habs stirred from their slumber in the third period.

And then some, roaring back from a 4-1 deficit to score four unanswered goals and earn a wild, highly improbable 5-4 victory on Long Island.

Boone: About last night …

Two third-period goals by Tomas Plekanec, his second and third of the season, the first of the year from Christopher Higgins, and the second of the game by Alex Kovalev completed the stunning comeback.

Kovalev had two goals and two assists and showed the efforts of his work with a bloodied cheek, taking an unintentional high stick from former teammate Mark Streit. Plekanec also had a pair of assists.

Canadiens goalie Carey Price, baffled by two Habs-deflected shots earlier, made three superb last-minute saves to preserve the win.

Montreal outshot their hosts 16-4 in the third period, 32-21 on the game.

To his credit, head coach Guy Carbonneau wasn’t gloating in his post-game comments, pleased that his club had the character to come back but far, far from pleased with the effort over the first two periods.


  1. HAB-PROFESSOR says:

    Larock remains the champ, there was the intial tussling where Larock was waiting and keeping low, so it looked like he was losing!, but when they stood up (and this guy towered over larock) and started to send bombs, it was Larocks that found a mark…he left that fritz giant with a cut and bruise around the left eye…and as noted, Larock muscled him in the fall and was on top, where in less humane days he would have finished him off – Larock wins.

    p.s. loved the way the Canadian bench were all leaning over the boards to watch the fight…its another element of Hockey, a “Skill” and Larock is on Par with Kovy.

    1. The work of BGL will be key to our success this season…
    2. The Bell Centre should be rebuilt to hold 80,000…
    3. Kovalev is now in his prime…

  2. Habsrule1 says:

    It wasn’t much of a fight, but I don’t think Laraque even had to take a punch. He got a solid left in finally, and Laraque wound up on top. I’m not really sure how you saw he lost it, but it wasn’t much of a fight anyways.

    “I can’t hear what Jeremy(Roenick) is saying because my Stanley Cup rings are in my ears” – Patrick Roy

    Go Habs Go!!


  3. bidds55 says:

    To the amateur eye(or Islander commentator), it would appear BGL lost. However, he clearly landed the only really damaging blows. I would say a sub-par fight for BGL, but a draw at the worst. That Yao Ming looking mofo did handle himself pretty well though.

  4. habs haven says:

    I always cheer for the habs. I’m just being realistic. great comeback, but yes it was the Islanders. If we do it against, say Detroit or SJ, then I’m jumping in the air.

  5. habs haven says:

    his exact words were: ” he’s cocky and inept”. those remarks really pissed me off.

  6. Tom S. says:

    I watched the game on the Islanders feed.
    In the 1st intermission, Stan Fischler said that he doesn’t like Price. He called him arrogant and he thinks Carey’s a “stiff”.
    If I hadn’t heard it with my own ears, I wouldn’t have believed it.

  7. Tom S. says:

    Awesome comeback win, but the Habs should never have been behind by 3 goals – to the Isles, no less.
    Laraque looked awful and I thought he lost that fight.

  8. jrshabs1 says:

    C’mon man a win is a win and this is the NHL where everybody can beat anybody on a givin night. I think we all are taking this in stride, 8-1-1 is a great way to start the season, agreed? Maybe you need to get a little more excited and cheer not jeer for our beloved Habs.

  9. craz11 says:

    Hard to miss Streit when you’re 8-1-1.

    I do feel for him though. It’s a shame that his talent is wasted on such a lousy team as the Islanders.

  10. TC says:

    Random Thought’s about tonight’s game from the Hockey News Canadiens Blog:

    Habs Complete Improbable Comeback, Stun Islanders 5-4


  11. Gr8stFranchizEvr says:

    Yes, that’s what’s on the home page, I just noticed.

    My bookmark is set to the NHL page on TSN where they gave the Leafs the main headline. So, we got the home page story. I guess i shouldn’t complain, eh!

  12. Number31 says:

    Team’s character: Never give up. I’m glad they rallied back or this could have ended ugly…Like Rags failing 5-2 to the Leafs kind of UGLY. Frankly Islanders knew exactly who they had coming in, dealt with them and locked the Habs in their zone for 2 periods. But as soon as the smell of the comeback was delt, they were completely out of sorts. Gotta hand it to the Habs. It should have been a walk in the park, but frankly, the Islanders do have speed and skill and they forecheck hard. They took advantage of everything they got, but couldn’t contain the Habs for the final 20 minutes. If the Habs had been able to get out of their zone earlier, it would have been a different story.

    And what was with the wet ice in the beginning of the 2nd? Did they pass the zamboni a second before starting? Geez…

    Anyway, good for Super Pleky! Happy birthday and two goals for your hard work. Higgins of course with his goal at home ;D Kovy bleeds and scores some more! Price did what he could after facing a game’s load of shots by the end of the 2nd, and good on him to shut the door in the dying minutes.

    I miss Streit though :(
    the notwithstanding clause – The general consensus of an ordinary Habs fan in Montreal

  13. Gr8stFranchizEvr says:

    Figures TSN makes the TO comeback [down 2-0] their headliner, calling them ‘the comeback kids’!

    Montreal scores 4 unanswered third period goals to win [down 4-1] and they get secondary status!

  14. CanadianPGA says:

    Here’s what I know. I spent 2 hours playing super heroes and then 2 hours calming a rather irate 3 year old from hysteria to almost not screaming…nope; there’s more to come. I thought being Robin, then Hawkman (without wings) was the short draw…and I loved it!

    Tonights game seems similar to me? I love the win but hope next time the super heroes play a little more like themselves from the hopper (I’d prefer Spider Man on defence, Flash at centre and my wingers would be The Dark Knight and The Man of Steel; add Green Lantern on “D” and Wonder Women between the posts…she deflects bullets regularily) This way there’s a little less screaming before the reverie.

    Good on yah boys!

    Note = The HULK is already in Montreal La-la-la ROCK!

  15. coachdoug says:

    That’s right it was the Islanders…alright 2nd best. Best this season though! Hate that we have such a long wait until the next game.

  16. habs haven says:

    We’re lacking a big shot from the point on the PP, and that’s why I thinkI we should bring up Weber to play on the PP. Time to maybe play Dandy on D instead of a struggling O’Byrne. I just wish the habs could learn to play a 60 minute game. If we’re playing a better team tonight, it’s a loss. So before we get too excited, remember that we a beat THE WORST TEAM IN THE LEAGUE! So let’s take it in stride, because it’s a team we should beat every time.

  17. Laszlo says:

    GO HABS GO!!

    Just got home from a halloween party (3:40 am over here in Sweden right now), where I was dressed as…you guessed it….Saku Koivu… :) Anyhow, lovely news, this will help me get to sleep tonight. Nice to see that Kovalev seems to have found the net as well. Olé olé olé!

    Vive le Bleu, Blanc et Rouge

  18. carmine007 says:

    I totally agree C-man!
    It was looking more and more like an ambarasement that I was going to face come Monday morning to a fellow Islander’s work mate.

    Then came the the Third periode!! whooooaaaaaaa!!! Denis left the building and Pleks and Kovalev showed up!!! I’m, as always, concerned with Price’s habits. I’ll just leave it as Chrtismas came early and Thanksgiving came late sooo far on this road trip Ehhhhh!

    Allez! Habs Allez!

    It’s NEVER over til it’s OVER!

  19. Habs64 says:

    Nice comeback win for Les Habs! Keep it up the wins next weekend!

  20. Willy the bum says:

    Unbelievable, just unbelievable…

    I tell ya, the Rangers comeback last year is no fluke, and the Habs really prove that tonight!

    “We all wore the same costume as Maurice Richard did; the red-white-and-blue costume of the Montréal Canadiens, the best hockey team in the world.” – Roch Carrier

  21. Bugs says:

    Huuu-et! Huuu-et! Huuu-et!
    Peace Out
    Lord Bugs Potter, esq. Earl of Fluppitburg, Baron of Flopshlupshire and Knight of the Flannel Republic.

  22. Gr8stFranchizEvr says:

    Great comeback, but not better than last year’s vs. NYR.


    a. it was 4 goals not 5

    b. it was the Islanders

    c. it was the Islanders

  23. Craig_Mc says:

    Who created the schedule for this season? After tonight the Habs don’t play until Friday, then it’s a game either ever day or every second day for two weeks.

  24. Kaptain K says:

    cut on the cheek was the catalyst…
    “dont make Kovy angry….you wont like him when hes angry”


  25. Kaptain K says:

    PLaying a full 60 mins isnt nearly as exciting as playing 20 and winning..


  26. coachdoug says:

    Habs rock! Pleks was awesome…guess tonight his slump is over for all the doubters. This is character play…after a horrible start they did not give up. Might be the best comeback ever…even better than last years five goal miracle. I wore my number 14 T-Shirt today all day to give Tomas some luck. Awesome!!!

  27. Batalla says:

    So what’s the catalyst for tonight’s game? Wassat, you say? Gui! on the 3rd line while Higgins goes to the first? Yup, that’s it…

    And despite a few gaffs in the first, Carey Price ( was solid when it counted.

  28. Big Bird says:

    My few cents from the peanut gallery:

    (1) Wow.
    (2) CH stands for CHaracter.
    (3) CH stands for CHampion.
    (4) Next time let’s play for a full 60 minutes, okay les Boys?
    (5) Be patient with our players especially our young ones.
    (6) Did I say Wow already?


  29. Connecticut Man1 says:

    I tune into the game late and the Habs, by all reports, hadn’t shown up YET. I said to my son, “They can come back from this. Just watch this 3rd period.” Meanwhile, during the 2nd intermission the announcers are talking about the “Beast of the East” Rangers, who had a 2 to zip lead on the Laffs.

    I didn’t see the Rangers let the Laffs score 5 unanswered goals but the Habs were flying in the 3rd. Too bad they didn’t start the game that way.

  30. Number31 says:

    2-0 deficit isn’t much of a comeback… It’s called Rangers are lazy.

  31. Number31 says:

    Well, I miss him as the Swiss Mister Winger/PK Specialist. Not the rather mediocre Defenseman…

  32. Number31 says:

    Wow…who said this? The play-by-play guy? Talk about unprofessional…

  33. Kristopher7 says:

    Yup hehe

  34. Kristopher7 says:

    lol yes, BIG smile lol

  35. jrshabs1 says:

    Stan ate those words in the 3rd period and I’m sure he has a bad case of heartburn. There is no need to get pissed, Stan is an arrogant american who loves his boy Rick Dipietro and his 15 year contract.
    ’nuff said.

  36. Xtrahabsfan says:

    I’d call that a draw except for the fact the islander got a shiner and a cut plus theROCK WAS ON TOP OF THE BIG BASTARD TO END IT,and there you have it!

  37. Kaptain K says:

    Ive never seen Plecs and Kovy smile so much in my life

    “Dont make Kovy angry… wont like him when hes angry”

  38. Harani says:

    on that pic…look at the look on Komi’s face…PRICELESS!

  39. Tom S. says:

    Yup, Laraque lost that fight!

  40. Andrew says:

    I just watched the RDS highlights…
    Did Laraque just get schooled in that fight with that giant?!?!

  41. Tom S. says:

    I think Fischler was referring to Carey being seemingly aloof (we call it calm) and the fact that he has let in some weak goals. He did it again tonight, losing a wristshot for, I believe the 4th Islander goal.

  42. Garbo says:

    Obviously doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Doesn’t reflect his personality or his style of play.

  43. Tom S. says:

    You’re right…I was paraphrasing.

  44. nightmare_49 says:

    Islanders Vets Not Content to Just Teach .. by Dan Matin ….. ………………………………………… Sophomore Slumps a Myth to Carey .. by Craig Custance ….. ………………………………………. Islanders Game Preview .. Four Habs Fans …..

  45. Bradlo says:

    Did you see the bench after the goal? I think if anything, last nights game was a team builder. Lets just hope that they dont get used to only playing one period.

  46. Remy92 says:

    Well Carbo wants something other than penalties… Then shouldn’t he appeal to the refs and the league? There were so many bad calls against Minny I was actually tempted to choke a real live chicken…

  47. Habsrule1 says:

    The calls were legit. Funny how we never agree with the calls against our team.

    “I can’t hear what Jeremy(Roenick) is saying because my Stanley Cup rings are in my ears” – Patrick Roy

    Go Habs Go!!


  48. moser17 says:

    Streit shares the scoring lead for the Islanders? Wow, he’s a good point man and all, but times must be tough at Nassau Coliseum.

  49. sidhu says:

    Good for him, he’s a class act. I just hope he keeps off the scoresheet tonight though!

  50. B says:

    Montreal’s “good point man” leads them in points, hardly tough times there.

    Streit has more points than anyone on Montreal’s supposed top line, heck, he has more points than Plekanec and A.Kostitsyn combined.

  51. likehoy says:

    a class act is an overstatement…

    i would never call a guy who signs a 5 million/year deal for a team that is not logically a contender a class act.

  52. Mr.Hazard says:

    Oi, be reasonable, mate.

    Ex nihilo nihil fit

  53. HabFab says:

    Make him stand in the corner “teach”.

  54. sidhu says:

    The Habs didn’t want him, what do you expect him to do? He played well for us, was a consummate team player, didn’t cause any drama while here.

    The person to chide in this situation is Isles GM Garth Snow, who gave Streit the admittedly crazy contract.

  55. B says:

    Would you say the same thing about Hamrlik when he signed with Montreal before last season?

  56. The Teacher says:

    Likehoy, your rebuttal lacks logic to be honest with you.

    My suggested overtime format and other sports talk

  57. SlovakHab says:

    Mikko Koivu will continue to be the captain of the Wild for the next month.

  58. linp says:

    The team needs to study the tape of the last 20 minutes of last night’s game. Compare the break-out from their own zone in that period with the first two periods. Instead of having the D-men dumping the puck out aimlessly, we have our star players carrying the puck.

  59. SlovakHab says:

    You know, fella Habs fans.. I was thinking – If I had to choose 1 word to characterize each of the 10 decades of the existence of the Montreal Canadiens, there is 1 decade I would have not a problem to describe.

    This decade.


    Saku Koivu comes back from the cancer.
    Alex Kovalev comes back from the sub-par year.
    Gainey and Carbonneau return to the team, where they once played as great players.
    The Habs come back in games they were supposed to lose..

    The Habs come back where they belong!

    Let’s finish the Comeback, Les Boys… there is 1 more thing that has to come back home!! But let’s not talk about it yet – you need to work hard to earn it and us, the Fans, will be behind you like we were during “the diet years”

  60. sponge bob says:

    no…hes won all of his fights
    nice try though

  61. Bradlo says:

    I called it!

    “Ok. Good night all.”
    “Thats what people said last year against the Rangers”

  62. HabsalwaysCA says:

    So, it’s not politically correct to talk about this, but I’m glad its finaly been said on the air…

    I watched last night’s Isles broadcast of the game on Center Ice ( best you can do in California) and Stan Fischler commented between periods, as follows, when asked about Carey Price, following more weak goals…. “I think the guy is a stiff. He is not playing well and I sepcially did not like the way he playerd against Philly in the playoffs last year…..”

    The truth hurts.

    But Carey will be “Scary Carey” if he does not get his head together ( this may come with maturity). But his glaring weakness is, and this one may not be able to be solved,his disfunctional glove hand…

    Its going to be a heck of a ride…

    number 25 in 2009

  63. Bradlo says:

    A stiff? Has he watched a game yet besides the one last night? Yesterday before the game Price was ranked 1st in the league in GAA and 2nd in Save percentage. Now he is 5th in Save percentage and now he is 7th in GAA.

    How can someone with those stats be a stiff in only his second year in the league?

    Lets look at last years statistics. .920 save% and a 2.56 GAA. Those are extremely impressive stats for a first year goalie. Price has won lots of games for us.

    I dont know what you and this guy are talking about.

  64. Chuck says:

    That “stiff” is 6-1-1 with a .928 SV% and a 2.17 GAA., helping the Habs get off to one of the best starts in franchise history.

    Want to make Carey a better goaltender? Get the other 19 guys on the ice to skate hard and not phone it in for the first two periods. Get the D to clear the shooting lanes and keep the forwards from putting their sticks in front of shots that Carey can already see on the way in.

    By the way, what did Fischler have to say about Carey after his perfect positioning stoned the Isles three time in the final minute? My guess was that he wasn’t calling him a stiff.

    Consider the source of those comments, and trust me; goaltending ain’t a problem on this team.


  65. Jim M says:

    I didn’t know that Stan Fischler represented the truth. I usually trust professional scouts and other experts like Bowman and others, plus what I see, to form an opinion. I guess that leading the league in G.A. and second in save %age up until last night doesn’t mean anything to people like you.

    Again, people really should read professional scouting reports on players before they make such silly remarks.

  66. Drive_For_25 says:

    Stan Fischler is a son of a bitch!!!! Who cares what he has to say??

  67. DD says:

    Let me get this straight, you believe that Bob Gainey should drop 3 guys, who have combined total of 1818 NHL game experience, and replace them with, Chipchura at 37 games, Stewart at 1 game and Pacioretty with 0 NHL game experience?

    Now, I’m not trying to be a smart ass (right now, but I’m not promising anything on the next paragraph), but do you not see how ridiculous your contention sounds? Do you really think these greenhorns could handle the role as our shut down guys with little or no NHL experience. Do you understand the purpose of a checking line?

    Please let me know. (As long as your answer doesn’t include all kinds of stuff about how Guy Carbonneau is responsible for global warming, 9-11, or knocking up Paris Hilton)

  68. Drive_For_25 says:

    Good teams find ways to “win bad”, that’s what makes them good teams.

  69. Big Bird says:

    Stan Fischler is good for writing crappy hockey books. Leave the goaltending assessment to the likes of Trevor Timmins, Roland Melanson and our scouting staff because he’s way out of his league.

    If you asked the Rangers, Devils, Islanders would they be prepared to trade their goalies straight-up for Price – what would they say? Hmmm….

  70. HAB-PROFESSOR says:

    Experience vs Skill – Veteran vs. Youth…this has been debated for thousands of years…

    to give you the simple answer…they are better. Man to Man they are more skilled, faster, and hungrier, they have something to prove. Anyone with a remote sense of hockey knowledge can see that, at camp it was obvious, during the pre-season it was display’d, but come decision time it was thrown away, WHY? because of politics and contracts, and the fact we are doing great makes all coaching decisions correct. No doubt you have me on games played, EXPERIENCE. they have nothing there, so we go with Experience over skill, thats the safe route, question is, is it enough.

    1. The work of BGL will be key to our success this season…
    2. The Bell Centre should be rebuilt to hold 80,000…
    3. Kovalev is now in his prime…

  71. ebk says:

    he’s got a outstanding save percentage, his defensive corps has been below par for most of the year and more importantly, the team has not lost a game he has started this season. I’ll take the kid, Fischler can take whoever else he wants.

  72. habs haven says:

    no he didn’t! watch the replays again!

  73. Exit716 says:

    Stan thought he was talking about Jose Thedore.

  74. Exit716 says:

    It must suck to be an analyst for a team that takes our ECHL cast offs in goal.

  75. Corporate says:

    Look… Carey Price is not playing well??? um… His stats are spectacular… Yes he had an off night last night… but out of the 10 games we played, he has not played many bad ones.

    Number 2.. For a 21 year old, he is doing a great job.. yes he will mature… In the playoffs last year he was learning like the other young guys how it is in the NHL… Not easy….

    Did Saint Patrick never havea bad game or goal… Does Brodeur have bad games.. It will happen in an 82 game schedule… People have nothing else better to do than pick on one of the best guys on our team…

    Koivu for Prime Minister…

  76. RetroMikey says:

    Habs Professor:
    Obviously your analysis of the game differs greatly from what I have viewed especially the play of the whole team in general such as winning only 40% of our faceoffs, giveaways, and defensive lapses.
    Yes, were were lucky to win but we still have alot of work to do if we are to be Eastern Confernece contenders as we are tagged by the media and the fans in our quest for the 25th Cup.
    There were positives last night with rebirth of the Kovalev-Plekanec-Kostisyn line but I have yet to see 4 solid lines playing together in 1 game and a solid effort by all 6 defenseman.
    Unless we improve, I don’t see us going far in the playoffs and I do not want you or others to be disappointed if this happens.
    Overconfidence? Possibly, but in my opinion, Sergei K, O’Byrne and Lang have not impressed me and Komisarek is not having that stellar season he had a year ago.

    “We will win the Cup only with Carey Price in the nets”

  77. HAB-PROFESSOR says:

    analysis will differ since my take on the event was through a positive ‘filter’ and yours is through a negative filter… But to address your ‘concerns’, every game presents a different set of challenges, and if one line clicks and puts in a few goals then the other lines may lay back or try too hard, thats when you get the inconsistency that you’ve noted.

    As for Specifics, SKost is mentally re-evaluating his position on the team, his brother went down which turned into a promotion for him, but he was obviously not as effective, that coupled with his demotion to the third line, watching lats on the 2nd has really perplexed his attitude, remember he had brilliant success with PLEK/AKOST/SKOST combo, but this year he hasn’t found himself yet, the kid needs someone like PAX on his line… Same issue with Lang, 3rd line with revolving linemates, give him a break, he is not being used effectively… as for Komi, he’ll be there when needed and Obryne needs to play lots of minutes, he can only get better.

    and you know my theory on getting minutes, I still believe 110% that PAX/STEW/CHIP should be getting 7-10 minutes / game, that means dropping BEGIN, KOSTOP and DANDY….but thats another story.
    1. The work of BGL will be key to our success this season…
    2. The Bell Centre should be rebuilt to hold 80,000…
    3. Kovalev is now in his prime…

  78. habs haven says:

    a few comments. firstly, I’m not sure getting Laraque has paid off. He has fought in 3 fights, and lost all of them. Aside from the fighting, what else has he contributed? nothing at all, especially considering that he has not played much at all. Secondly, the reason our D isn’t working well, is simple. The forwards are not coming back to help out the D, as well there is too much gap between D and forwards. thirdly, why does it take the habs 20-40 minutes/game, to wake up and start playing? Is it laziness or feeling of complscency? And as far as us having 4 good lines, that’s not the case. Yes we have the Koivu line and Kovalev line, but what has our 3rd line done? Lang, SK74, and whomever is the other linemate, have little offensively. I love my habs dearly and always have, but let’s not start the parade yet. We need to fix our D, and 3rd line. I mean, unless we consider our D and offence as good as Detroit, there’s lots of areas for improvement. And yes our record is very good, so far, but the test will be when we play above asverage teams like Detroit, NJ, NYR, SJ. If we beat the upper echillon teams, then we can start to rejoice, until then, let’s keep it in check. Go habs go!

  79. WindsorHab-10 says:

    If the Habs play like they did last night, 9 times out of 10 they’ll end up with a loss. 10 games into a long season, I have yet to see a complete game. Price & most of his teammates left their A-game at ground zero. Glad they came back but was not very impressed with playing only 20 minutes. Do that next Saturday against the Leafs and it will be lights out.

  80. longbow says:

    I hope Carbo doesn’t have to explain to the boys what happened last night.They haven’t looked all that good so far this season and they’re 8-1-1.Makes you wonder what they could do if they really got it going.I wish the top 3 lines would forecheck.They’re supposed to be a puck possession team.To do that you first have to take possession.As I stated in a post yesterday,what’s up with O’Byrne.Lousy passes.He just hands it to the opposition.I have a feeling he won’t be on the team much longer.He isn’t skating,hitting or making good passes so what’s the point of him being here.Might be time to deal for a solid defensive D-man and bring up Weber for his offensive skills.I can’t see how it could hurt.Back in the 60’s when Cournoyer came up he only played on the power play.We can do the same with Weber.Spot him in the right situation and against the right teams and roll 5 D-men.Generally the more ice time you give defensemen the happier they are.Bowman did this in the 70’s with great success.With a team this good you can afford to experiment a bit.

    Just because there’s a trade deadline doesn’t mean you have to wait till then to fix or tweak things.

  81. HAB-PROFESSOR says:

    What a game! does this one rank on par with the famous Ranger comeback?
    some thoughts:
    LATS is a wreaking ball, great work in deep against the bigger isles, and everytime he gets a chance to release his shot its dangerous, he has the 2nd best shot on the team.

    OBRYNE, a little cautious (he had one eye on the play and the other on Carb at the bench!) but was solid. What I like about Obryne is how he plays with a reckless edge, very violent with his stick and after the play, and we know he’ll drop the gloves, exactly the opposite to Breeze, who is timid and cautious after the play, and always apologizing…

    KOVY was magical and thank God AKost is back in form, his setup was the turning point, Pleks has broke out, we have our #1 line back.

    KOIVU is playing his best hockey,his pass to Higgs was at the highest level, and Higs finally found his way to that line, a great move by Carb, Lats is better suited with Lang and SKost.

    LAP’s line did their job well and I don’t mind Larock taking a rest on the bench because Carb double shifts KOVY and puts him out with Begin/Lap. The odd man out is Kostop, but he’ll have to rotate with Begin, Kostop should not go back to the 3rd…Lats has that spot now.

    The Defense were Vintage..Hammr/Komi/Mark/Gorges/Cube and OBryne… I wouldn’t touch a thing….and lastly Price was #1.

    1. The work of BGL will be key to our success this season…
    2. The Bell Centre should be rebuilt to hold 80,000…
    3. Kovalev is now in his prime…

  82. nightmare_49 says:

    Puck Daddy #1 Star – Nov/01/08 – Saturday’s three stars: Kovalev, Habs save best for last.
    No. 1 star: Alexei Kovalev, Canadiens
    The Canadiens weren’t thrilled to be in the position of needing to rally from three goals down in the third period on the road, but they sure were happy to have Alexei Kovalev along to get the job done. The marvelously-skilled veteran forward scored two goals and assisted on two others as the Habs stunned the New York Islanders 5-4. Kovalev assisted on Montreal goals at 7:48 and 9:55 of the third period to draw the visitors within one. And after they tied the game Kovalev scored his fifth goal of the season at 15:19, an even-strength marker, to account for the game-winner. Kovalev was a plus-4 on Saturday in addition to recording three takeaways and one blocked shot during 19:57 of ice time ……………………. Bulldogs Nip Monsters .. Hamilton Spectator …..

  83. Mr.Hazard says:

    I’m losin respect for this guy (Sundin):

    Ex nihilo nihil fit

  84. twocents says:

    A stiff??? please. Posters below have said nearly everything that needs to be stated on this matter but, I will add one thing, he has already shown the ability that all great winning goalies have displayed. The internal make up to make the big stop at critical moments near the end of game and to bounce back from a bad period or game with a strong performance. This isn’t something that is easy to teach and is the mark of a special athlete. No one is perfect all the time, the greats are at their best when it matters most. This year’s playoffs will prove if Price can do what he has at all other levels, win when the stakes are at their highest.

    There is no need to compare the two, but remember Roy could look very ordinary at times. He could give up several soft goals at the start of games but if he saw his team had the stuff, on that night, to pull a game out in the third, he rose and lead them with the mental fortitude of a champion.

  85. DD says:

    Sorry, Brian I will not drink coffee from an establishment that is any way related to the leafs. I’m going to open up a Doug Harvey’s, with the caption, “We never run out of Cups”

  86. Yeats says:

    Price has been no different than the rest of the squad. (For every crappy goal he lets in, he makes a game-saving stop.) To date, they have been very inconsistent and have yet to fire on all cylinders for any amount of time. Will this type of play work in the playoffs? Hell no! But, the NHL regular season is just a cut above a house league for all intents and purposes. Just about everyone makes the post season. The Habs just have to keep copping points, i.e. avoid the dreaded “regulation losses,” progress over the course of the season and be healthy when the run starts. I used to go mental about this crap, but I just can’t be bothered anymore.

    On this issue of Price’s glove hand, I really think it is a function of his slavish adherence to the butterfly style. Aside from the odd howler through the five hole, where are you going to score on this type of goaltender? That’s right high catching glove or blocker. Usually, when he gets beat like that it is because he is too deep in the blue paint when he goes down. He has done a much better job of getting out beyond the crease and making himself big compared to last season though.

  87. Yeats says:

    Don’t do it Dave. Walk around the block a few times or get a soup and sandwich at Tim Horton’s.

  88. habsgod says:

    if anybody is the stiff it’s stan fischler! i would rather listen to guys like pierre macguire ,scotty bowman ,john tortorella and others guys,who have actually won the stanley cup in their careers! if price was such a stiff then why would he is he being considered one of the 3 goalies to represnt canada at the 2010 olympics! stiffs don’t get that honour only the best at there positions do! and that’s what price is!price is only in his first full year of being a starter and i think he already is a top 5 goalie in the league!

  89. DD says:

    Sorry, I don’t buy into your plan. A kid like Pacioretty spent last year, playing 40 games where he didn’t even have to check his hat. What do you think the Heatley’s, Iginla’s and the Ovechkin’s of this league would think lining up against him. It’d be like a goldfish in a shark tank. He would be way over his head, and it might even ruin his career, because of confidence issues. There’s no doubt in my mind, the kid will be an amazing power forward soon enough, but a 4th line checking specialist, “Forgetta about it” If anything, he will be called up to replace one of the top three line wingers if we have an injury issue, but not for the fourth line.

    As for Chipchura, he’s in a numbers game with LaPierre, not, Begin, Kosto or Dandy. In my opinion, Lapierre has done everything that has been asked of him, and until he faulters, Chipchura will stay in the minors.

    You can have all the skill and desire (BTW Begin wrote the book on desire) in the world, but it takes a long time to learn the game at NHL speed. Older players may lose a step, but they make up for it with smart postional play. I say, let the kids learn the game properly in the AHL, before you put them to the fire.

  90. Batalla says:

    Carey Price is not stiff. He’s got some good points and bad points (actually discussed here:, but he’s no stiff.

    Now to call him the franchise goalie may be a little bit of a leap at this stage of his career. I mean, that’s like saying that Gui! is going to be a premier power forward. You hope for it, and you’ve seen the signs, but the glaring mistakes are very visible.

    The thing about Carey is someone needs to teach him to be more Zen. There are things you’d never catch Brodeur doing, but Price does all the time. For example, he’s always trying to keep the play going instead of playing it safe and covering the puck. And even when he’s got TWO d-men standing beside him, he still tries to throw it up the boards. He just has to calm down a bit.

    But it’s early in the season yet. By the end of the season, he’ll probably have calmed down and anyone who thinks he’s a stiff now will be eating their words then.

  91. DD says:

    BTW I’m honoured that you would be worried about my clean slate, seeing how I have never recieved a ‘cease and desist’ order, unlike someone else, who shall remain nameless (Bozo McBozo) by me.

  92. Hockey11 says:

    Accept the fact that we love Carey because he is our goaltender just like the Leafs revere Toskala. Carey was average at best in the playoffs last year for many reasons that are well chronicled. He is a young goalie that appear to have the pedigree and the skill to become a great goalie. As it stands he has proven nothing. Until a goalie takes his team deep in the pressure packed playoffs he is simply another good goalie, one of many. Roy and Dryden proved it, until CP gets it done he is still only a “future” star goalie. I’m from Missouri, you’ve got to show me.”

  93. Habsrule1 says:

    You are wrong, dude. The other guy didn’t even get a shot in. The only one that really connected was a left that Laraque threw. It wasn’t much of a fight, and I hoped for more from Laraque, but he certainly didn’t lose.

    “I can’t hear what Jeremy(Roenick) is saying because my Stanley Cup rings are in my ears” – Patrick Roy

    Go Habs Go!!


  94. says:

    STAN FISCHLER SUCKS, he sucks today, he sucked yesterday and he sucked every decade since the 60’s. He hates the Canadiens so much that he probably said that Dryden sucks after the 79 finals.

    After I heard about what he said about Carey I dedicated a page from my web site to him, and his ideals.
    God Bless Our Infantry

  95. Number31 says:

    Good teams never give up :)

  96. says:

    STAN FISCHLER SUCKS, he sucks today, he sucked yesterday and he sucked every decade since the 60’s. He hates the Canadiens so much that he probably said that Dryden sucks after the 79 finals.

    After I heard about what he said about Carey I dedicated a page from my web site to him, and his ideals.
    God Bless Our Infantry

  97. Number31 says:

    The difference is Price is a sophomore goalie barely 21 years old and playing like a veteran. It can always go both ways, but one bad game isn’t going to kill him. He seems to have a knack for stepping up when it matters most and that’s what’s important. (As well as recognizing errors and doing anything he can to correct them).

  98. says:

    He’s yesterday’s news. I’m a member of the play from the beginning club. I hate players that do this. Offered 20 million to play in Vancouver, and has to thihnk about it? That’s retarded!
    God Bless Our Infantry

  99. fuhgawz says:

    hmm disfunctional glove hand? ….. i seem to remember him picking a Chara slap shot from the slot like he was picking cherries a couple games ago.

  100. Corporate says:

    Very well said… Nice post..

    Koivu for Prime Minister…

  101. StillattheMapes says:

    I was at my Mother-in-Law’s place in Buckingham late into the Christmas lights installation and came in to find the score 2-1 then 3, then 4, then I went to a book thinking that they aren’t playing, and I guess they weren’t from what I understand. Then I decide to take the ole’ Daisy-dog out and coming in just check to see the final damage, so I have the last 2:30 and I am incredulous. Wha’ happened?

    3 things.

    Canadiens can do this against any team, forget about “oh boy, wait until you play a real team”. No, this is a really good team. And lousy teams can play well too, though I think the ‘Isles’ are not so good.

    The former number one line is still the number one line, I dunno, give them chocolate between periods if you have to.

    Give the younger defence some space. Just let them have some fun, and for O’Byrne, just let him skate abit and find his feet. Look, the Big Three were never rushed on the forecheck like OB is now, he’s having to do all kinds of things that he didn’t have to do before. He’s ok, let him be for awhile…. after, well that’s another thing.

    My favorite other D’s during the good times of the 70s-80s transition, and not necessarily in favorite order, other than the sign of the three:

    Don Awrey
    Pierre Bouchard
    Bill Nyrop
    Rod Langway
    Gilles Lupien
    Rick Chartraw
    Brian Engblom

    Lads, as far as I can remember, this is all the D variations that they played with from 74-80 aside from the forwards, and well, yeah, this is another story…. Probably, the Habs played the 3 most of the games, but then it was all different. Larry Rob was as about as big as you got, and we didn’t have the whizzing kids like Brent Burns (BG). I am not sure what era I like, but I am sure that the greatest goal ever scored by a Hab was Lafleur vs Boston in the semi 1979. Of course, I don’t like the Bruns,(Orr excepted)

  102. georgesd says:

    It’s great to read all the excitement about last night’s come from b win. I was at a Boston Pizza with my eldest son in LaSalle last night, eating pizza on the bar side for the first two periods and sipping coffee on the restaurant side for the 3rd. I really felt the Habs weren’t out of it after two. The noise level when we began scoring each of the 4 comeback goals was deafening among the clientele.

    Now, the Habs have to begin playing earlier, we all agree. But, at this early stage in the season, after 10 at 8-1-1 there are a lot of positives. Where the Habs are rich, aside from the on-ice potential, is behind the bench and uptstairs. This will carry us through some of the bumps that will begin shortly with many games over a short span.

    Compared to last year, I see many improvements aside from the new player additions:

    1-despite a poor PP, a slightly better than ave PK, 5 on 5 the Habs are among the top 3 in the NHL. This means we don’t have to rely on the PP so much. Last year 5 on 5 was around 1 and now it’s around 1.5. A huge difference.

    2. Face-offs (top 3-4 this year): last year we were around 49%, this year 54%. Without Lang doing much but with a significant improvement from Lapierre (around 54%).

    3. We are much more stable in nets, despite two so-so games in the last week. Both Price and Halak are doing the job.

    4. 3 scoring lines potentially this year vs two last. And without much of a contribution from AK, SK among a couple of others.

    5. La cerise sur le sundae, as we say in French, is Tanguay. Nowhere did we have such a quality winger on our second (sic) line last year. All due respect to Higgins. Tanguay brings creativity, speed, finesse and is about to become an elite player in the NHL. He’ll give back to Koivu a couple of years of youth.

    6. Chemistry is like an ageing wine. One more year makes quite a difference. The Habs are becoming an excellent Beaujolais. Nobody is griping or wining. Some players are playing less than previous years and accepting it for the good of the team. Also, Carbo in bringing Koivu down to 14-15 min per game is increasing his efficiency and productivity. Koivu’s stamina in past years could be a concern. I don’ think it will be this.

    7. Injuries are not a big concern so far. Like last year. But this year, with three balanced lines, with the kids from Hamilton pushing the vets to perform, if there were a couple of injuries, they’ll be there, starting with D’Agostini who is having a phenomenal year so far in Hamilton. Better balance on 3 lines, slightly less playing time for most means less injuries over the course of a long season I believe.

    These are why the Habs are for real. Un pour tous, tous pour un, as les Trois Mousquetaires used to say. It is truly the Canadiens motto.

    Regards, Georges D

    BTW: one stat I follow throughout the season is Team winning percentage. Habs are first at 850. Can’t do much better I believe.

  103. Habs fan in SF says:

    was just looking up stats on some habs prospects in hamilton and junior:

    PK Subban in 13 games with Belleville 5 g 13 a = 18 pts.

    i hope he ends up playing for us in a couple of years. great kid. great personality. i hope his skills continue to improve to make him a good NHL defenseman for us.

  104. Ian Cobb says:

    I have a meeting with Don the Cherry on Thursday about another project that I am working on for the OHL. I am going to give him a Habs Tie with the 100th logo on it. We will see if he has the balls to wear it on Saturday night.

  105. Big Bird says:

    Good post Georges. Merci.

  106. Big Bird says:

    I love how you think Mr. Cobb.

  107. habs haven says:

    I watched the game last night on my dish, with the NY feed, because I wanted to see the game from a NY perspective, but I was blown away during the 1st intermission, by Stan Fischler. I mean, I knoe he’s biased in favor of the Isles, but to call Price:”cocky and inept”, is totally unacceptable and irresponsible journalism. Does anyone have his website address? I think all us hab fans should email him, or better still, let’s send him a letter,denigrating him for his disrespectable comments about Price, and sign it with a few hundred hab fans. I’m really infuriated by his maronic and untelligent remarks! Everyone mark down Nov 24th. that’s the date when the Islanders play in Mtl. Let’s pound that team, and show that idiot whar we’re all about!

  108. Yeats says:

    You’ll have a better shot at him wearing a thong next Saturday night.

  109. habs haven says:

    Can someone tell me how Weber is playing in Hamilton? has he scored any goals? How about Pac?

  110. StillattheMapes says:


    Great analysis, and I really like the Beauj coming on… it just needs the right early and I think we may have the rest of the mix the way this year needs one onto. Once upon a time I raced for the Nouveau from London with a very good friend (on a very good 900 BMW) — we lost of course — but we also had a hell of time.

    My main concerns:

    1. Face-offs
    2. Man-in-Front

  111. Yeats says:

    It’s hard to tell by numbers alone, but here they are:

  112. Wamsley01 says:

    Remember Fischler is the same guy who still states that Denis Potvin was better than Bobby Orr.
    Just because a guy has been around a long time does not mean what he says has any relevance.

    It is ridiculous a guy covering the Isles and the cocky Rick DiPietro has any comment whatsoever in regards to Carey Price. Call it envy.

    Join the Fantasy Sense Revolution @

  113. HabFab says:

    To add to the figures from Yeats ,they have both had their moments but the constant is that they have shown that Hamilton is where they need to be right now.Maxwell has probably out played both of them so far.

  114. Keith says:

    Good for you Ian. Keep the faith brother.

  115. HAB-PROFESSOR says:

    I fully understand the reasoning and you articulate it perfectly, I’m trying to present a scenario a little out of the box, a discussion amongst people who worship the same club…get their opinion, because outside of this circle (Laff land) nobody even knows who PAX/STEW are…

    that said, I hope to see them called up at some point…but at this rate of 1 game / week!…but the sched gets hectic later in the month.

    They will get the call, then we’ll revisit this analysis…

    1. The work of BGL will be key to our success this season…
    2. The Bell Centre should be rebuilt to hold 80,000…
    3. Kovalev is now in his prime…

  116. CHsam says:

    Hes got a closet full of em Im sure.

  117. Yeats says:

    Not a pretty picture. Nope, not at all. His favorite, evidently, is a black one with a big bear cub embroidery on the front. Whenever he gets a woody, it growls!

  118. Yeats says:

    Sort of funny that the Bulldogs’ record is almost identical to the Habs.

  119. StillattheMapes says:

    Orr. And anybody else, and yeah sure. Potvin. Yup, very good player.
    Ummm. No, not really even very close. Nope.

  120. georgesd says:

    Quick overview of the Hamilton Bulldog forwards. I’m not looking at the defense. Team is currently leading their division w an 8-2-1 record.

    Player Position GP G A PTS +/-
    Matt D’Agostini RW 11 6 7 13 6
    Yanick Lehoux C 11 4 6 10 4
    David DesharnaisC 11 3 6 9 2
    Ben Maxwell C 11 5 3 8 0
    Mike Glumac RW 11 5 2 7 0
    Ryan Russell C 11 3 3 6 5
    Max Pacioretty LW 11 1 5 6 1
    Greg Stewart LW 11 2 3 5 1
    Brock Trotter C 9 2 2 4 2
    Ryan White C 11 2 2 4 2
    Kyle Chipchura C 9 1 3 4 3

    A few things stand out when you look at productivity and performance:

    1. D’Agostini is following up on his first two seasons w the Bdogs. He leads the team in goals, points and +/-.

    2. The Centermen are producing as well with Lehoux, Desharnais and Maxwell. The one who is producing the most is Lehoux and the surprise (to some but not me) is Desharnais. Maxwell is doing well but his true value will only be known in the second half if he avoids injuries. I could eventually see Desharnais becoming a defensive C w the Habs, especially if Maxwell performs with bigger size and possibly more offensive potential. If Desharnais were brought up, I see him as a 4th line C w shifting possible Lapierre to winger. A lot like when Carbo broke the Habs line-up and was converted to defensive responsibilities. I’m reaching here, but thinking out loud eyes wide shut.

    3. Pacioretty has only begun to produce. One good offensive game so far. But improving. He probably will continue to improve and will probably be re-evaluated by December. However, I give the edge to D’Agostini coming up for two reasons: more mature and more productive, plus he’ll have earned a call-up should he continue to perform while avoiding injuries. If Pax performs as we all expect, then the Habs will have to evaluate their personnel closely, both in Mtl and Hamilton. Interesting to note one is LW and the other is RW. Could be an interesting combination on the same line. Who knows.

    4. There are quite a few other players doing well and they could either get the call, stay down for the season or be included as traid bait. For ex: Chipchura has begun to perform.

    Regards, Georges D

  121. Yeats says:

    I just ignore people like Fischler, Chico Resch, et al. They don’t merit ten seconds of your attention. In the case of Chico, who gives a poop what he thinks? He could never win important games for the Isles. And to think, Billie Smith was HIS backup for a while. Huh?

  122. Drive_For_25 says:

    What’s even more sickening is the user on here that agreed with him when he heard it and came on here to rant about his doubts in Price. Both moron’s if you ask me. To call him cocky is just ridiculous!!! He does seem a little more comfortable and confident in his interviews but that’s what happens when your the starting goaltender for the best franchise in NHL history.

    Starting Goaltender 2010 Olympics: CAREY PRICE

  123. Drive_For_25 says:

    Love that kid!

  124. Yeats says:

    If you had a choice between paying for Ricky D’s contract and taking a chance on buying the Brooklyn Bridge, which would you go with? Giving a 15-year contract to a goaltender makes about as much sense as inking a hooker for the same term. And, I don’t care how good she looks! Where I come from, Wang is just a synonym for dick.

  125. HabFab says:

    They have played 1 more game (loss) and have a 1 higher goal differential along with good goal tending and a balanced offensive attack. Oh yeah !!

    Off subject if you don’t mind,was just checking out CNN election tracker…besides your previously stated opinions, what is your feel? Just got off the phone with some hard core Republican supporters (family) and was again reminded of the difference between your countries perceptions and ours.And this may not be a good idea.

  126. Number31 says:

    Waiting for the highlights to show up on the Dogs homepage (if they put them up). Seems early to think this but…Patches might just have a knack for shootouts?

  127. Drive_For_25 says:

    Already pre-ordered my copy, u can save like $15.

  128. Wamsley01 says:

    That contract was and remains ridiculous. It was Garth Snow trying to look like a genius.
    The contract was signed on the assumption that if the cap continued to go up, that salaries would escalate and in 10 years 4.5M would look like a bargain.

    That was the ONE benefit. But all the things that could go wrong made that ridiculously risky.

    Quite the visionary that Snow.

    Join the Fantasy Sense Revolution @

  129. HabFab says:

    Good post ,are you aware Desharnais does not belong to Montreal but rather is an AHL contract only with Hamilton. He does have some upside but not sure his size, even in the new NHL, will not count against him.

  130. HabFab says:

    I thought it was one of Blue (his dog if you haven’t been exposed-no pun intended) and it went whoof but can see were the bear comes (again none intended)from .

    It could be because Laura Croft is on TV and acting ,plot and all else have no meaning.

  131. Yeats says:

    I personally think that the Republicans are in danger of getting landslided on Tuesday night, unless the fears of underlying racism expressed by the Democrats prove true. As far as I’m concerned, the Republicans were done the day they failed to vote for the “bail out” package and the equity markets went into a free fall. (I threw in the towel that day and switched horses.) I realize that Obama is light on defense, but McCain is too old and Palin is just a freakin’ joke. (He should have chose Romney.) As far as taxes, no one is raising them in this environment, especially those on capital gains. No one has any capital gains to tax anyway. The problem for the Democrats, however, if things go the way I think they will, is they will have nowhere to hide. With a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate, the House and the Presidency, they will be responsible for everything now, including the weather. As an American, I wish Obama all the luck in the world if he wins, country first, party second.

  132. georgesd says:


    I know. But w his incredidle season last year in Cincy, MVP and scoring leader in both reg season and playoffs, he could earn a serious look in the coming year.

    He’s a lot like Martin St-Louis, undrafted, same weight and 3″ shorter. I like him a lot: fast, hustle, strength and very strong will to succeed. He thrives on challenges. Like Carbo he was one of the best offensive players in the QMJHL. If he continues as he did last year in Cincy, it’s only a matter of time before the Habs will be forced to do something w him.

    Maxwell-Desharnais will be like Pacioretty-D’Agostini. What to do? that will be the question.

    Regards, Georges D

  133. HabFab says:

    Yes ,the Bradley factor.Twenty five years ago, it was around 4-5% which meant a difference of 8-9%.I suspect it may still exist but much less.Although even 2-3% would make a major difference in some states.

  134. Robert L says:

    Canadiens DVD Released November 4

    I gather that many Canadiens fans are anxious for this one!

    To get anxious myself for this release, I scanned You Tube for some vintage clips and came up with these beauties.

    Perhaps the oldest colour film of the Canadiens is from a hand held camera in 1956. These final minutes of game 5 against Detroit is the beginning of the Canadiens 5 Cup run. Near the end of the clip, you can see the Canadiens players hoist coach Toe Blake on the shoulders before Rocket Richard carries the Cup off the ice.

  135. nightmare_49 says:

    Hamilton Bulldogs beat the Marlies in a shootout as Lehoux, Glumac and Pacioretty scored during the shootout as Max got the winner. Desharnais scored the lone Dawgs goal in regulation and Marc Denis made 30 saves for the victory.

  136. Hockey11 says:

    As I said, he appears to have the pedigree and talent, this team will make the playoffs easily so then it will be his chance to start to assert himself as a better goalie in the league, one step at a time.

  137. CrashTheNetCrashTheNet says:

    Against Thorton Laraque stepped on a glove and slipped, then he got back up and started denting the sh*t outta Thorton’s helmet with his fist which was all he could do cus Thorton was hanging on for dear life and against Frizt, well, all I can say is Laraque aint the one waking up with a swollen face the next morning. Don’t remember the other fight so no comment.
    You have to realise your not going to see the toe to toe haymaker for haymaker fights with Laraque for the simple reason that NOBODY will fight him like that, they REALLY don’t want to get hit by him. Mostly they try to grab him and keep him close so he can’t hit with a full punch.
    Trust me, none of the guys who have fought Laraque felt like winners with the exception of Thorton who probably felt like he just won the 6/49 because Laraque really didn’t get much of a piece of him.

  138. 24 Cups says:

    Fischler was Gretzky’s lackey and pipeline for many years. Now that Wayne isn’t playing, viewers are seeing what this reporter is really all about.

    In a roundabout way, it’s kind of like Mike Boone. Where the hell would he be as a writer if it weren’t for Penelope Cruz:-)?

    Going For The Brass Ring – 25 Cups In 100 Years

  139. 24 Cups says:

    Robert – I passed along your website address to some of my friends, who alas, are not all Habs’ fans. Trust me when I say you received rave reviews for the calibre of your site and articles. Take a well deserved bow!

    Going For The Brass Ring – 25 Cups In 100 Years

  140. nightmare_49 says:

    Bruins Den Getting Cocky – Star Dimmers .. by Dan Rowinski ….. …………………………………….. The Avery Effect .. by Matt Kalman …..

  141. habscup25 says:

    wasn;t home for the game so i recorded it. i was avoiding all my txt messages in case my friends were updating or hinting me about the habs play or score. came back home after midnight and watched the whole telecast.

    all i can say is the team knows they can win. they have that mentality where, we know we can play 15-20 minutes a game and knotch a WIN. That is good and bad. But last night’s game showed when we want to go all out and give 110%, we can. IT’s one of those games where some fans, would have closed their TV and did something else. And when they found out the final score, they would say I can’t believe I missed that! hehe

    I was on a time-delay b/c I watched it later, but I felt they were going to turn on the juice and really challenge these Islanders. It was quite exciting, don’t you fans think?


  142. 24 Cups says:

    Chuck – well said. BTW, now when I look at your ID photo I realize just how special it (the jersey) is. Also, thanks again for everything you did at the Summit – it was a pleasure to meet you. Just so you know, some of us are meeting in the ‘library bar’ at the Royal York Hotel on Friday before the AC/DC concert starts. Maybe I’ll see you there. I believe the next round is on me!

    Going For The Brass Ring – 25 Cups In 100 Years

  143. nigel-ski says:

    Now, I REALLY wish I hadn’t quit watching out of frustration at the thought of losing to the league’s worst team–or is Atlanta the worst? Anyway, tough break for Yann–I’ve been hoping he’d get another shot at the NHL at some point, it’s just too bad for him that he had to get his shot on such a brutal squad.
    Good to see Plekanec and Kovalev get some much needed pointage.

    Habs rule, Leafs drool…

  144. georgesd says:

    If we regard Crosby, Ovechkin, Malkin among a few others as franchise players, it is only fitting to do so with a goalie with the pedigree of Price. There is no leap here whatsoever.

    In his third year Crosby came up short in reaching the goal of winning the Cup. Seems to me Lemieux did so as well. Price, in his first NHL season also came up short. But the real question is to define what makes up a franchise player and goalie in Price’s example?

    We need only look at what he did leading into his NHL career and what he achieved: world juniors, AHL title, MVP in both and so on. We’re quick to annoint a Crosby or an Ovechkin, same w Price. It’s fully deserved. I really don’t see why not.

    To do what he is doing in Montreal, so early in his career, with all the hype is nothing short of remarkable. Going into last night’s game vs Islanders Price was leading in GAA and second in save%ge. Believe me, these numbers are/were nothing short of remarkable, so early in the season.

    Before the all-star game it wouldn’t surprise me if we won’t be beginning to position Price for the Vancouver Olympics.

    So, to put perspective on Batalla’s non assertion of Price as a franchise player. A resounding yes. You build around Price the same way you build around Ovetchkin. No more no less. Price is that good!

    Regards, Georges D

    btw: Fischler’s comments, imho, are no better than some of the no-brainers comming out the likes of Cherry and sometimes McGuire. Not to be taken seriously. No “mustard” here!

  145. Bradlo says:

    Don Cherry is hockeys Bill O’Reilly

  146. Chuck says:

    Of course, I’d prefer to see them “never give up” in the first and second periods, and not just the third!


  147. Tessi31 says:

    It’s very simple: never give up. As the RDS boys said it last night, “Only good teams can find ways to win when they’re losing”. If only the penalty-fest and slow starts would end. I will always believe the team has a chance to come back, right until the last second.

  148. twocents says:

    I don’t think he should be crapped on either, there’s no point, he is performing to expectations. I just don’t agree with those that feel it was a big mistake letting him go considering everything in play, money, icetime, roles, player development, his playoff performance ect. I guess that’s where I thought you were going but, clearly you have yet to make that type of statement.

  149. HabFab says:

    Feisty two days in a row.Did they run out of Wheatabix on the Island?

  150. twocents says:

    No, I just spent six days in Montreal and that’s always an animating experience. Especially when I visit my old high school friends who were mostly Italian. Now those guys like to argue. A far cry form your average Ontarian who seems to consider an argument socially disruptive.

  151. HabFab says:

    Ahhh ,will be there for 4 days next week myself but no games.Unfortunately, not too many Italians post…I’m going to hell I know BUT…they can’t type while talking (too much hand movement).I’m bad!!!

  152. twocents says:

    That’s another thing I miss, talking with my hands. When I first came to Upper Canada folks thought I was nuts.

  153. HabFab says:

    I still have it pointed out to me on occasion.People who have never lived in an ethnically mixed environment are so deprived.

  154. twocents says:

    Yeah I agree… I gotta get my kids outta here!!!!

  155. moser17 says:

    B, you’re referring either to Tanguay or Markov, presumably, both of whom are great point men (T on the PP), but I wouldn’t guess that you’re comparing Streit to either of them in terms of talent. What I meant to say is that if Streit is the leading scorer on the team, the team needs help. I like Streit and all, and he’s talented, but the Islanders don’t have anyone else on whom to rely to produce (or at least, no one on whom to rely who is currently producing). Hence: hard times.

  156. B says:

    Skinner and Martinek have only played in 2 games each this season, Skinner played less than 10 minutes a game while Martinek averaged 12:47 per. You are comparing the two lowest TOI D-men to the guy who plays over 26 minutes a game in every game on a poor team.

    No one is saying Streit is a Robinson, I just don’t see the justification in crapping on the guy already. He seems to be doing pretty well on the worst team in the league right now.

  157. twocents says:

    He’s also -3, second worse on their D.

  158. B says:

    On a team that is overall a -7 and only has only 3 regulars are above zero (at +1) he is in the middle of the pack for regular D men +/-. What do you think anyone expected. BTW: Montreal’s supposed #1 centre is a team worst -2. BFD.

  159. twocents says:

    B, yes but two of their players that are +1 are defensemen. A 4 point difference at this stage of the season is not insignificant. I am not trying to say he’s awful, I am merely pointing out he is not the second coming of Larry Robinson.

    Your not going to draw me into defending Pleks performance this year. He needs to pick up his game, plain and simple. He’s hustling but he is not making the quick, creative decisions he was last year.

  160. bidds55 says:

    With Danis in goal, and the Islanders sucking and blowing at the same time, this could be a cake walk, if the CH come ready to play hard. If they take the Isles lightly, and let them hang around, it could be much tighter than it needs to be.

  161. Bugs says:

    Hold up a second with “Danis in goal”.
    Remember last year with DENIS in goal? Tampa or no Tampa, he SHUT the door on us. Yes, I’m referring to OUR Marc Denis!
    Quebecers always find an extra somethin’ when playin’ here and Danis, being relegated behind Jaro and the Priceberg CERTAINLY wants to prove to the organization that they made a mistake. I think he’s gonna bring it tonight.
    But truth be told: as long as he doesn’t get a SHUTOUT?
    I’m confident as well.
    Oh, and I think it might be a good a idea to keep an eye on their point man, should they get a power-play. Name of Mike Stratt or something…
    Peace Out
    Lord Bugs Potter, esq. Earl of Fluppitburg, Baron of Flopshlupshire and Knight of the Flannel Republic.

  162. habs haven says:

    I’m upset with Carbo. Why isn’t Kostopoulos in the lineup? He brings more energy than anyone else on our team. I think he was our best player on the ice in our last game! And by far has been our best forward each and every game since the season began. I hope Gainey resigns him.It’s too bad he doesn’t have alot of talent, otherwise he would a top 10 scorer.

  163. twocents says:

    By far our best forward? Have you seen Tanguay and Koivu play this season.

    It’s a tricky situation we have a lot of forwards, and they all deserve some ice time. I am sure that if he continues to play the way he has so far he won’t be sitting out too many games and will get his due come spring.

  164. sam says:

    at last!!!
    he could’ve kept Kosto in the lineup but Bégin will do a good job.
    LOVE the other two swaps, though 😀

  165. nightmare_49 says:

    2 – The best thing about TommyK and Dandy sitting is that it shows that the Jack Adams Candidate coach has got rid of that pee wee theory that you dress the same line up after a win, Bravo. It’s good for the grinders to get a rest so as to remain energized and keep everybody fresh.

  166. twocents says:

    I totally agree nightmare. Progress is always a satisfying thing, eh?

  167. moser17 says:

    “pee wee theory”. I like it.

  168. spirit of the Habs says:

    Striet blows….what a patsie glad hes gone.

    Canadas Team, Gods Team You name it The Habs are it

  169. SlovakHab says:

    Things are tough at Nassau Coliseum, but I believe we will not get 2 points unless we play like if it were Detroit.

    You really need a full effort in the NHL no matter who you are playing against – I really hope this is the message of the coach to the players tonight.

    My guess…..hmm, I’d say 4-1 or 4-2 MTL

    Go Habs

  170. gumper says:

    Fearless prediction. Pleks gets the hatter 2night.

  171. sidhu says:

    Yep, TSN says the same about the lineup changes:

  172. Remy92 says:

    With respect the decision to recall the delay of game against Minny was legit? I’ll agree with any call that’s made appropriately regardless of what team it’s against… But that was absurd.

  173. Habsrule1 says:

    Fair enough, but that’s one call.

    “I can’t hear what Jeremy(Roenick) is saying because my Stanley Cup rings are in my ears” – Patrick Roy

    Go Habs Go!!


  174. nightmare_49 says:

    Isles Throwback Jerseys Couldn’t Bring Back the 70’s Magic .. by Mark Herrmann .. Newsday …..,0,6500984.column

  175. nightmare_49 says:

    Islanders Breakdown in Loss to Montreal .. by Greg Logan .. Newsday …..,0,1996286.story ……………………………………… Habs Rally Big on Long Island .. ass. press ….. …………………………………………………….. DiPietro has Surgery – out 4 to 6 weeks .. On the Islanders Beat …..

  176. linp says:

    This is quoted from a NYI fan:

    “Sitting in 324 last night, in the middle of ‘Little Montreal’, I’m thinking this is gonna blow listening to the other team’s fans all game(other than Rags games, I’ve NEVER seen as many opposing fans at an Islander game). After a period or so of listening to them chant, sing, and root passionatly, I realized how much it stinks that we don’t have fans like this. No cursing, no this-guy-sucks or that-guy-sucks(of course, I immediatly heard that after we scored), no drunken idiots, just a bunch of rabid hockey fans following their team around rooting like crazy(in French!). Oh, and some extremely hot chicks, too.(what can I say, midway through the 3rd my mind wandered.) I can only guess what games are like up in Montreal. I’d love to see Isles fans show the enthusiasm Habs fans showed last night at our HOME games.”

    I feel sorry for them.

  177. HabFab says:

    Neat ,thanks for sharing.

  178. Bill H says:

    Someone should invite that NYI fan to check some of the negative “this-guys-sucks” comments here. Today’s whipping boy is O’Byrne. He’s in the rotation with Latendresse and Brisebois. Temporarily spared is Koivu. Pleks and Higgins get a temporary reprieve. But there are new openings all the time. I think SK74 is next in line.

  179. Robert L says:

    Thank you linp for these words.


  180. postie jim says:

    Good morning hab fans.What a game,had a gut feeling we would pull 1 out last nite.Was watching on RDS with my friend IAN.Going to start charging him admission.Don’t worry ian i’ll give u deal for the year.Any way it was really nice meeting all of u in montreal last weekend.Thats about it for now,its breakfast time chow for now,IAN i will call u about 11.

  181. Ian G Cobb says:

    We have the best 4 lines in the league, and we are well under the cap. We are one D away from having as good as anyone else in the league.

    After having said that I will repeat what Showey posted earlier this week,well I can’t remember exactly how he put it but is was all about hard work being the only way to beat a better team.

    Our squad is unbeatable this year if they want to compete, but to see this team play so poorly against the Ducks, Wild, and now against the Islanders, speaks volumes about their work ethics. I would have loved to be a fly on the wall between the 2nd and 3rd period in the Habs dressing room. They are very lucky that I was not coaching them last night. These millionaires this morning would be doing wind sprints all morning, with a barf bucket at center ice.

    I can handle losing, but I hate lazy losers.
    Can you just imagine how we would feel next Saturday night if we came out and played like that, we would all be eating crow for a month.

    Now that I’ve got that of my chest, I’m happy for the 2 points and the pure fun that we had in the 3rd period. But I give this win to Carbo alone.!

  182. Ian Cobb says:

    Hey Postie Jim, glad to see your computer is working again and thanks for letting me watch the game at your place on RDS.

  183. HABZ24 says:

    i watched the first 2.5 periods and oh crap, down 4-1, lack luster effort, thats it this games over.the heck with this im off to a halloween party.later check my cell, wtf, we won 5-4 !! and i missed it.great the first line finally came to life.price redeemed himself.

  184. habs haven says:

    so D’agostini is tearing it up in Hamilton with 6 goals, Maxwell has 5 goals, and Pac is starting to get points, as well Weber. I bet we see 1 or 2 of them beginning of the year. I’d love to see Pacioretty and Weber. Can’t wait!

  185. mbplekfan says:

    Patience is key when dealing with young players. Who on the current roster would you lose to gain max pac or a completely outclassed Weber?

    Weber has little defensive ability and isnt physically ready to play defence in the NHL.

    Both will need this year and probably most of next before they are ready for spot duty.

  186. Habs64 says:

    Huge Price fan but 2010 starter will still be Brodeur with Luongo as backup. Price may be #3 but will have competition for that spot from Fleury.

  187. Xtrahabsfan says:

    Habs64,I wouldn’t be so sure.

  188. Habs fan in SF says:

    as much as i love brodeur, and yes, he will shatter roy’s records and become the best goaltender ever, but he is 36 and we’re talking two years from now. this is too far away to start naming our goaltenders. lots of things can change from now until then. luongo is a good choice to be #1, but you also have to consider price, fleury, or even giguere. i think if price plays a spectacular year this year, he’ll be the favourite.

  189. Bradlo says:

    I dont know about Brodeur being starter. We all know he is a great goalie and everything but lets not forget that the olympics are in 2 years. I think the most realistic pick to make now would be Luongo.

  190. Sakus Evil Twin says:

    Today’s useless tidbit.

    All the points leaders wear visors.

    Nice to see Saku there.

    Howd’ya like them apples, Mr CHerry?

    A Hab is a Hab is a Hab, you see…

  191. Yeats says:

    And all the top shot blockers wear cups.

  192. twocents says:

    Ah… but do all the best yappers wear mouth guards?

  193. travelsized says:

    I was at a Hallowe’en party, and they had the game on for a while.
    My aquaintance (who an only be an aquiantance, you see, for he is a silly Toronto fan) was rather perturbed by the fact that the guys did so well the other night. He exclaimed after the game; “Holy shit, that was scarier than the horror movies we were watching!”
    I like to think that most other silly Toronto fans reacted the same way, crawling away with their tails between their legs. :)

  194. Habs64 says:

    Olympics are in just over a year not 2 years!

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