Game 10: Auld keeps Habs rolling

Canadiens’ Lars Eller looks for a deflection in front of
Islanders goalie Dwayne Roloson Friday night.
Stapleton, Reuters

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• At a Glance: Different goalie, same result for the Canadiens. With Carey Price getting the night off, Alex Auld picked up the slack in his first start of the season, making 30 saves in a 3-1 win over the New York Islanders. It was Montreal’s second win in 48 hours over the Islander, 5-3 losers in Montreal on Wednesday night. Tomas Plekanec scored his fifth goal of the season during a power play 2:42 into the first period. It stayed that way until late in the second period when Matt Martin scored his first of the season to tie the game 1-1. Benoit Pouliot made it 2-1 Montreal 7:19 into the third period when a pass from Jeff Halpern found Pouliot open in the slot. He promptly fired a bullet over Dwayne Roloson’s shoulder and into the top corner. Travis Moen scored his second goal in as many games to seal the win when he deflected a shot from Brian Gionta with 1:49 to play.

• Key Moments: The Canadiens were able to keep the Islanders off the scoresheet with a man advantage, blanking them on five chances, including a 5-on-3 opportunity.

• What It Means:  Montreal has now won four straight games and improves to 7-2-1 for 15 points out of a possible 20 at this point of the season. That leaves the Canadiens alone in first place in the Eastern conference.

• What’s Next:
The Canadiens are right back in action Saturday night with a visit to Montreal by the Florida Panthers that will mark the return of defenceman Andrei Markov. Montreal then travels to Columbus for a game next Tuesday and Buffalo on Friday to face the Sabres before coming home to play the Senators on Nov. 6.


  1. Chuck says:

    I’m sick of the crap that JM pulls, too. Coaching the team to a 7-2-1 record… he’s got some nerve!


    Centre Hice: documenting one fan’s attachment to the Montreal Canadiens.

  2. fbkj says:

    god damn you andrew

    first off batman is a badass cuz he keeps a piece of kryptonite on him at all times

    however, there is no such substance unnless… man are you gonna make me mention the zhan books

    btw: bats would lose, straight up, just sayin

  3. fbkj says:

    i think you just gotta pick your battles man

    id like to be more first place overall too but we know this isnt gonna hold so for now on this friday

    smile and relax

  4. punkster says:

    If the point of listing all those TOI was to come up with a reason to trash JM then you obviously are not an NHL caliber coach.

  5. Bugs says:

    (The Fonz’s comb move)


    Decadently yours, I recline as

    L.Bugs Potter, esq. Minority Owner of the Habbalicious Bubble-Gum Emporium, Proprietor of the Flanneltop Pop Shop, and Beaming Tenant in Mama’s Basement, i.e., Habsbros Central:

  6. JoeC says:

    Blues can go to hell, i hope Jaro burns in hell and the Blues finish last.


    But he was a big part last year for us


    Go Price go.

  7. andrewberkshire says:

    Always thought Batman was cooler than Skywalker.

  8. JoeC says:

    Gill got 7 mins of penalties tonight and still played 21 minutes!

  9. JoeC says:

    My whole point was the fact that we have our first line playing less minutes then our second line minus Plecks, Spacek who is game in game out our WORST defeceman, playing more minutes then PK and Picard even though BOTH of them are more responsible on 99% of there plays compared to Spacek.  You guys can say all you want about JM and how good they are doing, but having our worst defeceman (AGAIN this is said by more then myself on these boards) playing so many minutes, is dumb. And Gomez is terrible this year, he gives up the puck so often, on the PK hes so invisible im not even sure if hes getting much PK time anymore, atleast Gionta looks like hes trying. Gomez has done soooo many more bone headed moves this season then Pk, Eller, Pouliot. yet they have all been benched over and over yet Gomez gets free run to just SUCK.  Im sick of this crap JM pulls.



  10. athanor says:

    Kostitsyn probably screwed up his ice time by taking two penalties, no?

  11. Exit716 says:

    I’ll do it for him.

    Jaro Jaro Jaro.

    Go Blues Go.

    Price Sucks.


  12. Exit716 says:

    Alrighty then.

    What was the reason for the Habs success last year?


  13. fbkj says:

    LOL no worries


  14. fbkj says:

    well your kind of all over the place

    compartmentalize your thoughts brother

  15. andrewberkshire says:

    Not a Star Wars guy, sorry. Did my best off the top of my head.

  16. andrewberkshire says:

    Montreal allowed 40 or more shots 3 times in 19 games last post season.

  17. JoeC says:

    No, i didnt say that, where did i say thaT? i was refering to our run last year, the fact it had NOTHING to do with JM and his system.

  18. fbkj says:

    are you suggesting were getting outshot this season? 2-1?

  19. JoeC says:

    Ya, lets keep Gomez and Spacek on the ice more then 3/4 a team because there both great players, ya thats it i guess im not watching all these games this year.

  20. fbkj says:

    taun taun in tub berkshire and learn how to spell noob, ton ton… pshaw… and i thought they smelled bed on the outside

    edit: i said bed instead of bad and yet it kinda works

  21. JoeC says:

    Again, for the 100th time said on these boards, over and over by how many people.  Last years run was NOT beacause of JM, you dont get outshot  2-1 most games and allow over 40 shots a game and have a goalie standing on his head EVERY win and say our coach is the reason we got that far. Give your head a shake, or wake up from your dream.

  22. andrewberkshire says:

    Not sleeping in your ton ton?

  23. Psycho29 says:

    He coached the team to the conference finals last season, and his team is in first place this season.

    I’ll take this ‘terrible’ coach any day.

    Thanks for stopping in…

  24. PrimeTime says:

    considering the team record, this only means you have no clue how to manage a bench

  25. fbkj says:

    again im sleeping in the tub, whats done is done

  26. Da Hema says:

    We must temper our enthusiasm. After all, Trevor Gillies and Michael Grabner did not dress for the Islanders tonight.


    With the resumption of the NHL regular season, Health Canada is reminding Canadians that consumption of the Toronto Maple Leafs can lead to vomiting, fever, bloody diarrhea, dementia, and penile dysfunction.

  27. fbkj says:

    ? nuances man

  28. JoeC says:

    I mean no disrespect, but thats about 2 years old 🙂


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