Gainey ranked in top 5 of NHL GMs

The Hockey News unveiled a ranking of NHL general managers in its April 1 edition, and they’re not fooling around when they rank Canadiens GM Bob Gainey No. 4 behind Brian Burke, Lou Lamoriello and Ken Holland. They established their rankings after writer Ken Campbell spoke with industry experts and insiders to get a handle on GMs from around the league, ranking all 30 GMs.

Maple Leafs GM Cliff Fletcher is ranked No. 23, while Tampa Bay’s Jay Feaster is last on the list.

Here’s what The Hockey News had to say about Gainey:

Gainey took a considerable amount of heat for not landing a big-name player at the trade deadline and for dealing away No. 1 goalie Cristobal Huet for a second round pick. But Gainey doesn’t take his morning coffee without ruminating on what effect it will have, so he didn’t take his actions/non-actions at the deadline cavalierly either. First, he decided Huet would never carry the Habs to a championship and dispatched him. It’s called being decisive. He also realized Marian Hossa wasn’t worth the package Atlanta was demanding. Gainey surrounds himself with competent people and, while a consensus builder, he also allows them the freedom to do their jobs without meddling. He remains one of just seven current GMs to have won a Stanley Cup.

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