Full practice follows optional game


View from the media gallery Thursday night during warmup for the Canadiens’ forgettable home opener.

OK, I used the above headline in a Tweet. It’s fine to steal from yourself.

Canadiens practice is underway in Brossard, the Colorado Avalanche having cancelled their ice on the second sheet. Fans have gone to work and school; only a handful ringing the glass above the rink.

Jacques Martin’s lines, for this morning: Travis Moen-Scott Gomez- Brian Gionta; Lars Eller-Tomas Plekanec-Erik Cole; Andrei Kostitsyn-David Desharnais-Max Pacioretty; Mathieu Darche-Andeas Engqvist-Aaron Palushaj.

Blueline pairings: Hal Gill-P.K. Subban; Josh Gorges-Raphael Diaz; Alexei Yemelin-Yannick Weber.

Power-play units: Plekanec-Desharnais-Pacioretty-Weber-Subban; Cole-Gomez-Gionta-Emelin-Diaz.


  1. solomio says:

    From the McKenzie article..”…..it’s a blight on the game and civilized society”
    Civilized society??? you must be joking… dog fighting, bull fighting, cock fighting, boxing, MMA, etc., etc.,
    Anybody who thinks we live in a civilized society has got his head up his arse

    “I figure PG has one or 2 moves left to bring the Habs that extra step closer to perhaps being the best in the league.” – Einstein

    • AK_PK_Usay says:

      Hmm, boxing and mma? really now? While i agree that dog/bull/cock etc is lowlife, martial arts are anything but.

      You would call George StPierre uncivilized. Just because something is tough it does not make it uncivilized.

      Greece and London showed that there are a lot of uneducated people in western societies, but theyre much fewer than just 100 years ago.

      • solomio says:

        Get real AK. What’s the difference between a St Pierre punch to the head and an Asham punch to the head?

        “I figure PG has one or 2 moves left to bring the Habs that extra step closer to perhaps being the best in the league.” – Einstein

        • Propwash says:

          GSP is a professional fighter which could probably knock 99% of us out cold with one shot.

          • solomio says:

            yeah and….????

            “I figure PG has one or 2 moves left to bring the Habs that extra step closer to perhaps being the best in the league.” – Einstein

          • Duracell3 says:

            uhhh…I think there is a serious hole for debate on how that is any different than guys like Asham, or others who are even more stuck in that “role”.

          • Propwash says:

            So you think Asham = GSP when it comes to chucking knuckles?

          • Duracell3 says:

            No, Asham can also borderline play hockey at a high level. Sort of. Getting beyond him, there are many players who simply would not be playing professional hockey, some at any level, if it weren’t for their fighting. They’re fighters, I think to distinguish them from an MMA fighter is not being realistic. GSP doesn’t fight on skates (I don’t know if he could well, perhaps he could), but I’d be willing to be if he did, Asham or someone like that would do about the same thing to him as he did to Beagle.

          • solomio says:

            lets not lose sight of what we’re talking about….the statement in McKenzies article said the fight was a blight on a civilized society. I said.,.civilized society ?. AK said MMA was civilized,,,I said whats the diff between a St Pierre punch to the head and an Asham punch to the head, in terms of civility.

            “I figure PG has one or 2 moves left to bring the Habs that extra step closer to perhaps being the best in the league.” – Einstein

    • AK_PK_Usay says:

      The difference is very simple, it’s about the WHY and not the WHAT, and most people can’t distinguish the two.

      WHY does GSP fight? It is a sport, the rules are to win by TKO, KO, or left to the judges. Anyone interested knows the rules and has a very real choice to “play” the sport.

      Now if you cannot accept that life requires competition, that’s your problem. Competition can be intellectual or physical and they’re both as important and prevalent.

      WHY Hockey fights are happening because in the heat of the action, the players forget what their goal is, to get more pucks in the opposite net than their own. Hockey fights happen, but they are not the purpose of the game of hockey. Proper officiating would have eliminated them long ago.

      As the Asham VS GSP, that is just silly, its apples to oranges.

      • solomio says:

        ak…you’ve lost track of what we’re talkjing about.
        What you are bascially saying here is that because MMA is a sport which requires punching in the face it is civilized whereas hockey which is a sport that does not require a punch in the face, said act, when it happens in a hockey game, is uncivilized.
        Do I understand you correctly?

        “I figure PG has one or 2 moves left to bring the Habs that extra step closer to perhaps being the best in the league.” – Einstein

  2. zedder81 says:

    Habs need size, I need beer.

    In my life the Habs have won 8 Stanley Cups and the Leafs 0. How can you put a value on that?

  3. in other news, anyone catch the new beavis and butthead trailer


    i am still laughing at their attempt to become werewolves to “get chicks”

    • Everlasting1 says:

      I posted that a while back, bunghole hehe hehe heh

      When the Hebrew scouts investigate the Promised Land of Canaan and return to discourage the other Hebrews from entering it..”We saw the Nephilim there (the descendants of Anak). We seemed like grasshoppers in our own eyes, and we looked the same to them.” [Numbers 13:33]

      “We don’t see things as they are, but as we are.” – Anais Nin

    • Propwash says:

      I’m so happy Mike Judge decided to bring the series back. I hope I would get an opportunity to watch it.

  4. Neutral says:

    Being a Habs fan all my life, it’s hard to believe how the best franchise in hockey has diminished. really sad to watch and like someone mentioned anyone borned after 1993 may never see another stanley cup in montreal.

    • Bill J says:

      Not very Neutral tonight are ya ?

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      Go Habs Go!

      • Neutral says:

        Bill – You should quit pretending

        • Bill J says:

          Pretending what ?

          I think I agree with Frank, the regular season is too much around here. Maybe I was pretending, assuming their was enough posters with a semi-positive to “really” Neutral fans who could stay on the bandwagon a bit longer then 3 games.

          Too many Jumpers over the last few days, it gets overwhelming to read so much negativity.

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          Go Habs Go!

          • solomio says:

            Bill…most fans are shocked & out raged at how badly the team performed . They simply did not perform like a professional team should be expected to play. It looked like Junior hockey they were so bad.
            No way they get away with that without coming under heavy fire from the fans and the paying supporters of the Montreal Canadiens. Will we be all smiles when they reach .500? Sure why not but don;t expect that to happen against Colorado or the Sabres. Not the way they played last night.
            So don’t berate the fans who are loudly bitching…berate the team.

            “I figure PG has one or 2 moves left to bring the Habs that extra step closer to perhaps being the best in the league.” – Einstein

          • Bill J says:

            Solo: 3 games is not abnormal but also somewhat irrational to jump off the wagon.
            Cole has always been a slow starter, it’s not abnormal for him to have a slow start. It is after all the end that matters most.

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            Go Habs Go!

    • Xsteve50 says:

      I think it is all time we relax….last night 4 of 6 D had less than 1 years NHL experience. Gill is a solid 4-6 D and Gorges missed most of camp…give the Swiss and (Y) Emilin time to develop. Scoring will come when they are not spending all their energy trying to clear there own zone…so…RELAX (as Price said last year)

    • Duracell3 says:

      Could be worse, could have DiPetro DiPetroing himself.

    • Mark C says:

      You must believe in the Mayan calendar.

      • Everlasting1 says:

        What belief do you think the Mayan calendar holds?

        When the Hebrew scouts investigate the Promised Land of Canaan and return to discourage the other Hebrews from entering it..”We saw the Nephilim there (the descendants of Anak). We seemed like grasshoppers in our own eyes, and we looked the same to them.” [Numbers 13:33]

        “We don’t see things as they are, but as we are.” – Anais Nin

    • AK_PK_Usay says:

      LMAO, the doomsday’ers are out in full force i see.

    • ZepFan2 says:


      ♫ You have to be boned to be borned ♫

      Welcome to the newer NHL: The National Headshot League.

  5. VancouverHab says:

    OK: now THIS is journalism–Bob Mackenzie on TSN.CA discussing fighting vs. headshots.


    I’ve expressed my disgust with what I see as sanctimoneousness and ad populam self-righteousness from the Gazette writers on the Don Cherry comments, and remarked that such is the trade for the jobbing journalist.

    So here is an opportunity to show how it should be done — and from Mr. MacKenzie , how it is done.

    PS: and now comes a well-composed interview with Chris Nilan from a writer previously unknown to me, from the Gazette.

    • NCRhabsfan says:

      Great post. Bob M is always very insightful. I think he’s right, the NHL is far too bogus to handle this problem because it is the right thing to do. Perhaps the answer is that it is society should take this out of the NHL’s hands. Just as we don’t alllow dog fights and other acts of barbarism, perhaps they need to start arresting, charging and incarcerating hockey pugalists. That’s what thappens if employees at Starbucks or Air Canada started punching each others’ lights out over some perceived slight. Maybe if Asham couldn’t play for six months because he’s serving that for assault, that would solve the problem.

      • solomio says:

        Jeez old man, Beagle wanted to fight. He lost. It could’ve been the other way round. It wasn’t. Live by the sword die by the sword. Beagle perhaps didn;t know Aaron Asham as well as he should have. Pick a fight suffer the consequences, at a bar, in a parking lot, on a hockey rink.
        Over…out…go to sleep.

        “I figure PG has one or 2 moves left to bring the Habs that extra step closer to perhaps being the best in the league.” – Einstein

    • Duracell3 says:

      I didn’t know people could cherish someone riding the fence so much.

  6. EricInStL says:

    Same old same old, so expect a fight for 8th place. FOREVER…..

    I saw several cups in my lifetime, several in the 70s, 1 in the 80s and 1 in the 90s.

    Feel bad for those born in the 80s and up who will NEVER see a cup in Montreal. And, oh yeah will pay RIDICULOUS prices for sub-par entertainment.

    Refuse to pay….look away.

    • Bill J says:

      Wow, you honestly think they will NEVER see a cup in Montreal ?

      Why don’t you please do us a favor, start cheering for Jaro in your current city Eric. The Habs do not need fans like you.

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      Go Habs Go!

      • Psycho29 says:

        Ummm…I think Eric lives in St.Lazare

        Light travels faster than sound. This is why some people appear bright until you hear them speak.

        • Bill J says:

          Maybe he should move.

          Never see a Cup — REALLY ?!?!?! Yeesh!

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          Go Habs Go!

          • EricInStL says:

            I did move from MTL, lived in Park-Ex for 30 some odd years, so I did my cheering. Now I left the decay of an old city…..

          • Bill says:

            People who don’t agree with you should stop posting, stop liking the Habs, and actually move out of the country?

            Full Breezer 4 Life

          • Bill J says:

            No Bill, it is not as black & white as you would like to make it.

            Nice try, and there was no “disagreement” I stated an opinion. And it spoke of ones desire to be a fan of a team which they think will never win a Cup. Seems like a fair “point of discussion” seeing as mostly fans post here.

            Do you agree with his opinion that the Habs will never see a Cup ?

            As I said, if you believe that. Why bother cheering for this team at all ? Seems like a pretty “logical” way to look at it no ?

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            Go Habs Go!

      • EricInStL says:

        Not in St-Lou…..but outside of MTL….where the horses are.

        And yes you are right the Habs don’t need me cuz I won’t pay those outrageous prices…..

        And yes I honestly do think they will never win the Cup as you have to bottom out before winning, when you don’t have a stellar scouting team.

        • Psycho29 says:

          Howdy neighbor!

          Light travels faster than sound. This is why some people appear bright until you hear them speak.

        • Bill J says:

          When was the last time Detroit bottomed out ?

          As you’ve implied. They had a stellar Scouting team.

          The Habs have Timmins, and as a Head Scout. Right NOW… He’s doing the best work. Considering what he is being given for picks.

          6 of 7 of the Hab prospects in Junior/College… Are wearing a letter. That says plenty.

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          Go Habs Go!

          • EricInStL says:

            The SCARLET LETTER !!!!!!!!!!

            Timmins is average, remember they didn’t have a full time scout in Quebec until this year !!!! Ridiculous….

            Now it’s Serge Boisvert, let that sink in. Serge Boisvert….


          • HardHabits says:

            Bill. Detroit is the exception. They are the anomaly. Plus they had Scotty Bowman and when they went Euro they stuck to one country, either all Russia or all Sweden, give or take a Finn or two.

            They also only have a few small (and by small I mean 5’11’ and 200 pounds) players and they are generally either elite, scrappy or both and they never had 3 players who’s average height was 5’6″. They also don’t rush prospects.

            Apologists have to stop using Detroit as an example. If there were ten teams like Detroit then I’d say you’re onto something. The contrary is true. There are more teams like Pittsburgh than Detroit that succeed.

          • Bill J says:

            Shiloh: if you really believe I wished him to move because he does not like the Habs, or their chances of winning a Cup in the next 20-30 years.

            You are the dimmest of the dimmest HIO posters.

            It was a play on the STL, as we have so many Jaro lovers who are borderline STL fans, I was wrong… Oooohhh I’m not bright! (says Shiloh)

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            Go Habs Go!

          • Bill J says:

            Dave: I’m not an apologist, I made a fair statement.

            Doomsdayers have to stop disregarding the emerging talent, a result of Timmins on many fronts, even Bournival was taken in the O’B trade because Timmins liked him a LOT.

            Your position that the Habs are not following the Red Wings path to success, was believable 2-3 years ago… Not anymore, there is enough reason to believe in the Habs “long term plans”….

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            Go Habs Go!

          • HardHabits says:

            Bill. I wont deny there is emerging talent. It doesn’t erase a management team that IMO is inept at managing its assets. I am not sorry to say it at all but I don’t like the make up of this team. I am not fond of Gio and Gomez and I am not fond of this lame peripheral team that wishes it was in a no contact league. Where ever we disagree about the present the one thing many of the so called naysayers agree on is that the only hope for Habs fans lies far off in the future if at all.

            This team has not looked dominant in any area in the past 2-3 years. They have been top 10 in 3 categories but not dominant in any of them. Add to that a dismal scoring record and I am confident in saying this will be as peripheral team in the standings as they are on the ice.

          • Duracell3 says:

            If you think Timmins is Hakan Andersson you have bigger issues.

          • Bill J says:

            Detroit’s run is dwindling. Soon they will not be the same dominant force it was.

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            Go Habs Go!

  7. so unsure if this has been brought up, but um, the new habs goal song is by a band called turbonegro


  8. Neutral says:

    Habs problem inconsistent scoring and a weak defence makes for an average team. we’re expecting too much and we’re not gonna get it from this team.

  9. solomio says:

    About 20 mintes ago on Mitch Melniks Montreal radio show called Habs Scrum there was a fantastic guitar song intro which had the lyrics..”.the last time you;ll treat me mean ” Anybody know who played that song.? Googled it but didn’t find it

    “I figure PG has one or 2 moves left to bring the Habs that extra step closer to perhaps being the best in the league.” – Einstein

  10. DLN-CH4Life says:

    Muller Head coach!!!!
    Roy is waiting for Florida (or someone else) to move to Quebec.


    • who was the last habs head coach who couldnt speak french, then ask yourself why its been that long

      • Bill J says:

        You mean the English speaking coach that won a ton of Cups ? Or the other one who won another ton of cups ?

        I’ve always said, the media should not dictate what language the coach speaks.

        It should be best coach available, end of story.

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        Go Habs Go!

        • Propwash says:

          Nature of the beast ’round these parts unfortunately.

        • bill, did i state my opinon about this reality?

          i agree with you, however, that will never, ever… happen

          • Bill J says:

            Was merely adding to your thought.

            I hate that the Habs limit their options because the local self serving French media makes a big thing about language.

            I want the BEST Head Coach, not the Best French Head Coach.

            IF he/she happens to speak French, GREAT. But I prefer winning over a language barrier that is way too over-hyped.

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            Go Habs Go!

          • this is the markett that crapped on koivu for only being fluent in 3 languages, you are asking for too much when it comes to sensibilities 😉

        • Danno says:

          I hear there’s a little-known but legendary Korean hockey coach who’s available -> Win Sum Soon.


          “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”

        • snowdonsteve says:

          ‘I’ve always said, the media should not dictate what language the coach speaks’

          because you speak english. like it or not montreal is bilingual market for better or worst… i would have love Steve Y for GM i would love to have the best coach on the list… but this is montreal and people need someone they can understand.

          Go HABS Go

          • Bill J says:

            1) I was born & raised in Montreal.
            2) My first language spoken, is French.

            As you’ve said, Montreal is a Bilingual city. But it is also more importantly, a HOCKEY city. And if JOHN McENGLISH is the greatest coach ever, and wants to coach the Habs… ? I want him, not Joel Bouchard, because he’s the best French choice available.

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            Go Habs Go!

      • cuzzie says:

        Dave King.

        Stay Thirsty My Friends!

      • snowdonsteve says:

        bowman spoke french… still does !!! before that your talking 6 team league… a non french speaking coach in mtl is like having a non english speaking coach in toronto… too much media coverage they need to fill it up with something and subtitles are not going to work.

        the media dictate the market. at least in every big hockey market.

        Go HABS Go

        • Bill J says:

          Bowman learned it as a result of his surroundings, and he chose to do it. Classy choice.

          But he did not come in speaking French.

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          Go Habs Go!

          • he grew up here, yeah he did

          • HabFab says:

            Scotty was born and raised in Montreal.

          • snowdonsteve says:

            wait if the nordique’ come back montreal will fight over french boss boys for the vip section… it’s gonna get UGLY

            Go HABS Go

          • actually the return of the nordiques will take linguistic pressure off of the habs

          • cuzzie says:

            Sorry dudes but because you grew up in Montreal did not mean you knew French. I only learned French in my 30’s.

            Stay Thirsty My Friends!

          • Bill J says:

            :O Wow…. OK – lol purchasing Bowman’s BIO is now tops on my priorities list, I’ve been under the impression he came from Ontario for 20+ years.

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            Go Habs Go!

          • snowdonsteve says:

            i’m with you on this… i’m just saying it’s like asking for the end of famine in africa or the end of cury based food in india.

            IMO Mike Babcock would get a 2 year pass to learn french because he’s a mcgill alum and arguably the best coach in the league.

            Go HABS Go

          • @Bill his brother is a cegep proff @ champlain st-lambert 😀

          • HabFab says:

            Wasn’t his first hockey job coaching one of the Hab junior teams?

      • cuzzie says:

        Bob Berry. Montrealer but not sure of his linguistic abilities. The next guy I would say Al McNiel.

        Stay Thirsty My Friends!

  11. Propwash says:

    Supposedly Markov could start skating again next week.

  12. Sean Bonjovi says:

    In 1989 Serge Savard pick a guy named Pierre Sevingy two spot ahead of Nick Lidstrom, so everything is really Savard’s fault for that reason and discussing any details of anything that has happen since is pointless.

    “Andrei Kostitsyn is a better hockey player than Max Pacioretty”
    – Sean Bonjovi

    • AK_PK_Usay says:

      No, drafting has a huge gambling element at best with VERY few exceptions.

      Take the Roy trade, a franchise player, if you need you fire every single staff member that did not look Roy the right way to please him and make sure you keep that franchise player.

      • Bill J says:

        You’re taking away the main reason given for Savard’s greatness as a GM…. His drafting. Consider as well that it was Savard that started the Roy to Colorado trade talks.

        For the record I agree, Savard was not that and a bag of chips as the GM.

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        Go Habs Go!

    • Matt. says:

      That is an excellent point, fully concur.

      Savard…. How COULD he??

  13. sane hockey fan says:

    So Markov will start skating with his teammates next week…HALLELUJAH!!

  14. VancouverHab says:

    OK: so that Habs and the Canucs are having about the same start to their seasons.

    But here, it’s like a bunch of people’s dials have bypassed reason and perspective and gone straight up to ABUSE!! ABUSE!! ABUSE!!.

    — FIRE MARTIN!!!

    Perspective, patience, optimism, avoiding reflexive assertions of your own pet negative opinion and prejudice at the mere loss of an early season game—these would make it a lot more beneficial and educational to come here after a loss.

    PS: Credit is due to the media around here for being measured in their responses.
    Now if they could only do the same about a certain Canadian broadcast professional….

  15. AK_PK_Usay says:

    Ok, this is going to be a weird post, im clearly having too much caffeine as I need to finish a project by sunday.

    So, my reasoning of Gainey’s complete fiasco in 2007 and 2008.

    In 2007, things are going better than expected. Team is actually scoring! (ohh the humanity) Team looks like it might finish 1st in East.

    What happens, most GMs would notice they’re having a hot hand, and gamble to try to win the big money, ie make 2-3 trades that cost you real assets but give you impact rentals.
    He has Komisarek, which has a ridiculously inflated value playing with Markov.
    Streit, which turned out to be a really huge reward for an unimportant draft pick.
    You won’t sign them back as cap limit won’t allow it, do you let them go for nada, or trade for upgrades, say a Bowmeester rental and what not…

    You have a good goalie in Huet and an up and coming gem in Price. You decide you’ll be a smart ass and trade Huet for a 2nd round pick and put Price in the most stressfull position in the NHL: Habs goalie.

    Next year, you realsie you completely dropped the ball, team lost assets for nothing and there are missing pieces.
    You’re having a junior in a tough position and continue risking his career, you did not fill gaps properly and realise your legacy might be in jeopardy, not to mention you’re starting to think soon people might realise habs blew their best chance at a cup in 20 years.
    You create a huge fiasco by firing Charbo and thus adding to the fire in the locker room.
    The team loses in 1st round as Price is not nhl ready and you can’t mediate koivu and kovalev, so decide best thing is to put them on a line with big george…

    Shambles, you completely screw the team by changing everyone without improving anything, but are happy, because no one will be talking how badly you dropped the ball, but would have a real concern with the mess you left behind.

    IMO cammy was a good signing, BUT, gionta WAS not, i would have koivu instead of him and day. You get the most overpaid player in Gomez who still has a gigantic 5 years left, thus jeopardizing the teams cap hit for years to come, again I would take koivu over him any day.

    I guess thats all the gibberish and mess i can come up with for now. Gainey could have had two great lines in koivu higgings +1 and plek ak ak, but instead let it all go down in flames instead of doing his job properly.

    I know his daughter died, but if he was a great man, he would have assessed he couldn’t handle it and resigned.

    This is not personal, its business.

  16. JoeC says:

    Its not only brain dead toronto fans on the TSN site, as per this post..

    23 mins ago
    Fellow Habs fans, here it is. Martin has a history of devaluing and destroying confidence in players. Rather than jump on the acquistion of a skilled bigger player, Martin limits Cole’s ice time to give time to Kostitsyn. This has been a festering issue for too long now. Darche has seen limited time as well. Both Plekanecs and Kostitsyn have been doing the invisible run and hide soft perimeter games since last January. For whatever reason (and I tend to think Trevor Timmins has a lot to do with it) Martin keeps on with this predictable coaching style of trying to make heros out of his Euro’s. Plekanecs is 100% useless and lost on the power play attempting to play the point. Kostitsyn IS NOT, HAS NOT and Will Never be the go to guy on the power play or at any other time for the Habs. Get used to it. We’ve seen 3 seasons of him doing absolutely nothing for the Habs. Give Cole and Darche the ice time and let Plekanec and Kostitsyn sit”

  17. JoeC says:

    I really wish JM would finally realize this team is meant to do something other then sit back and wait for mistakes. You can say all you want about AK, but the reason hes being treated like crap is because he knows what kind of hockey player he is, and wont turn to a defence minded first JM soldier. What i dont get, is Gomez is utterly useless , but since he “tries” to do it JM’s way, he gets more icetime. I have finally understood, it doesnt matter HOW good you can play, if you dont follow the dictator JM’s way, btw the way that DOESNT WORK, you dont get icetime, or PP time, or even get a chance after a mistake. I have seen every single person on this team except Gomez Gio, and Cams get benched after 1 mistake, but no, these guys are immune. I love Cams and Gio, and i didnt include Pleks because he the only reason this team does anything good. I am SICK and tired of JM having favorites and coaching certain players GOMEZ different then the rest of the team. This is why i think JM needs to go.

  18. HardHabits says:

    The thing I get so excited about is thinking about the next 5 years of the Habs hanging around the middle of the pack and landing that coveted 6th-8th play-off spot over and over again. All the while stocking the farm with bona-fide 3th and 4th line forwards and defense-men who end up flourishing elsewhere.

    The Habs could very well sell out the Bell Centre and make the play-offs consecutively for the next 20 years with their dogged determination to stay the course. You gotta figure they must at least have one run to the finish line in them with those odds.

    • steeveedee says:

      @hardhabits, WOW , that might be the best description i have ever seen, you covered it all in few words, I wish the Molsons could read that and maybe theyll get rid of the ottawa senators we have running the team.

      larsy darcy !

  19. AK_PK_Usay says:

    34 vs 35 % and going, that poll is the most exiting thing today, wonder if JM is watching it?


  20. mb says:

    I scrolled down the topics and I haven’t seen it, so apologies if it has been posted already, but has anyone else seen this video?


  21. AK_PK_Usay says:

    hey guys, in the pool, poor coaching is catching up, lol

    at this point im hoping for a few more loses with Plexx on the PP point so for the love of god molson fires PG and JM.

    Even Roy would make a better coach, just because he has emotion!
    Emotion + bell center crowd, minus dumb line shuffling would beat a JM led team any day of the week

  22. king ddd says:

    yesterdays opening ceremony surprised me because it was just dull; thats not the way the habs do their business and secondly anyone else notice Gomez spitting on the ice during players presentation? was he trying to say something symbolically?

  23. cuzzie says:

    It’s a bit early but Hamrlik and Halpern could of help this team.

    Stay Thirsty My Friends!

  24. Gerry H says:

    Hmm. Not usually one to get all panicky, nor to reflexively look backward when I do, but…

    Bring back Carbo? It was fun when this team played offensive, firewagon hockey…

  25. habs001 says:

    eller,maxpac,dd,white, all have had games and stretches where they have looked good in the nhl…but non of them have ever had stats at any level that really jump out at you…every team in the nhl has at least 4-5 of these type players that they hope will be better than average…the veterans we pretty well know what they will produce and the the players in their first year in the nhl have a learning curve…right now without price stealing games this team is just about a 500 team…

  26. HabFab says:

    Of much more importance!!
    Had read awhile back that Andie Bennett was to be doing the Montreal CBC TV sportscast…
    How is that going or went??

  27. HabsFansince49 says:

    At times on this site, people get quite defensive when others express negative views. For example, on another thread of comments I stated that I was appalled (not the words I used) that the Habs came into Toronto and played with no intensity. Worse, last night amid the hoopla of opening night at the Bell Centre, they didn’t bother to show up apart from a couple of players (e.g. Eller and Max-Pac). Although I find their behaviour and apparent lack of commitment mysterious, I do not believe the season is over, that we are in serious trouble or anything of that nature.
    But I am concerned that the Habs had a dreadful pre-season and have little indication so far of being Cup competitive. I hate to say it but the Leafs look much better TO DATE.
    I am fascinated by the present poll on this site. Obviously, the HIO brain trust also have concerns about the state of the Habs.

  28. rob_c says:

    Forgive me, I havnt been reading much the last couple of days, usy with school. Was Markov skiing on his knee?????? lol, or are these Malakov references?????

  29. Bob says:

    Did anyone notice Randy cunneyworth’s BLACK EYE during an
    in game interview with Marc Denis?

    R Clavel

  30. AH says:

    Hey, how come the poll question doesn’t have an answer option: “All of the above”???? LOL!

  31. Malreg says:

    StevenHindle Steven Hindle
    FWIW, I have heard that Andrei Markov may be back for(or around) game 10. #Habs

  32. Anti JM says:

    Ever since JM took over this team, the players who have offensive talent have nosedived, and I argue that its no coincidence. I think JM is a fine coach for a team with poor golatending and poor defense, but we have price and we have pretty good dmen. I think this team has the type of players who need to be free to run, to move, to transition…and are being thrown off their games by JM’s shacking system…

    per last night- were down 3-1, and right after their 3rd goal, we almost give up another on a horrible defensive zone breakdown. Right then and there JM should have called a timeout and read them the riot act, in full view of the 22,000 paying attendees…instead, martin did nothing, showed ZERO emotion, and I think these players actually need the riot act from time to time. It was still first period and the rest of the game to play. Instead, the coach showed no emotion and the players showed no emotion. I am tired of JM and his messed up way of coaching. I am quite sure the players HATE his constant changing of lines…I am sure cole is saying to himself, what the hell is he doing???? we sign cole as our prized offseason acquisition and then we dont use him often? come on! this guy needs minutes to be effective, to get going…..

    this has to stop! please geoff, if this continues, take matters into your hands and FIRE JM!

    He is good at getting a team into mid level and good enough for a round or 2 in the playoffs IF were lucky…and that’s just not good enough for the habs especially with the talent we now have. injuries are the excuse…if price hadn’t stood on his head all last year, JM’s record would have been far more representative of his pathetic coaching.

    • HabFab says:

      Please explain what you really mean?? I’m confused!!

    • Kooch7800 says:

      I don’t really agree that all of our players have dipped in offense since JM was brought in:

      AK’s numbers didn’t change. His best season was with Carbo and Kovalev with Pleks and his numbers last year were on par.

      Gionta has been scoring more goals than his last couple years in jersey but yes his assists are down a little. He was brought here to score goals though. In his first year he only played 61 games and had 47 points. Last year he dropped in production but I think Gomez can be thanked for a lot of that.

      Plek’s is basically on par with what he was doing and is getting better. Last year they were down a bit.

      Gomez was terrible last year but was on pace the year before as per his usual 60 points.

      We need to stop having so many injuries. I do think although with our current D core we will feel a drop in production cause we are not as strong back there which does effect your offense

      Cammy has had the most drastic drop but that has been because of injuries mostly. In the playoffs he is up near the top of the league.

      • bleedhabs81 says:


        Let’s not throw too much crap at gomez here. I recall Gomer setting up gionta and gionta just plain flubbing the shot, a lot! If anything, Gionta is partly to blame for Gomez’s poor numbers…. there I said it…. A few more goals out of G man and Gomez looks better on the score sheet.

        (standing with eyes closed and hands cupping groin waiting for the poop slinging to begin)

    • zak says:

      We got a look at what JM’s team would look like with poor goaltending and poor defence on thursday night and he didn’t look like a very good coach to me

    • kitbeyer says:

      If the players played JM’s gameplan to a T and got beat regularly then I would agree that JM is wrong for this team and should be fired. The thing is, when these guys execute JMs gameplan they win. Last night we got a look at what kind of trouble this team can get into when they decide to freewheel.

      These guys aren’t peewee players. They know when they’ve made a mistake. JM is not a yeller. He along with his GM(s) have done their best to build a team of guys who don’t need to be “read the riot act.”

      As for the line blender, if everyone is playing the same system, it shouldn’t matter who is on your line, you shouldn’t get scored on 4 times as a team. It doesn’t take “chemistry” to play defense. It’s the simplest, least creative part of the game. Do your job, make simple passes or chips out of the zone. Problem is nobody did their job, nobody won a puck battle. And it isn’t because Calgary is a better team to a man than Montreal. The Habs had a bad night.

      Which brings me to your point about Cole. Did you see him last night? The guy couldn’t win a puck battle to save his life. He knows it better than anyone and probably isn’t blaming his coach for it.

      The team, from Price out, dropped a big stinky coil last night and I have faith that the character of these guys won’t allow that to happen very often this year.

  33. HabFab says:

    Tony Marinaro Tweeter
    “I know a lot of #Habs fans are pessimistic re: Andrei Markov’s knee injury. You can relax. Markov will be back a lot sooner than you think.”
    42 minutes ago

    Hopefully this hasn’t been reported yet but too much negativity to read all. With Tony’s track record on knowing what is happening with Markov…sounds great!!

  34. AH says:

    I don’t bash often on this site, but JM is really frustrating me. Last night was just another of many examples of games where this team has come out completely unprepared, and who does that fall on? JM and his staff. How many times have we seen them come out flat for big games? Lots. Looking at those lines above, wasn’t Pacs supposed to be the power forward Gio and Nomez needed? Now it’s Moen who would be a regular 4th line plug on any other team! I’m not absolving the players of their accountability, (we tend to hear the same repeated excuses from them after a loss), but in their defence it must be really frustrating to come to “work” everyday lining up with different players all the freaking time!!! How is any chemistry supposed to happen? I fear Cole is going to get fed up with this noise and shut down like he did in Edmonton. It’s pretty bad when I find myself hoping for a long losing streak so JM gets canned, that would equate to no playoffs for sure, but then again with JM, and this start , making the playoffs is definitely questionable. I know it’s early, but the signs are not good.

  35. JohnBellyful says:

    Lost in all the hand-wringing, teeth-gnashing, ear-pulling, bowel-emptying hubbub surrounding the Canadiens’ defeat by the Flames last night was a jaw-dropping, eye-popping, heart-stopping, breast-copping announcement made by the CBC:

    TORONTO – Coach’s Corner is being taken off Hockey Night in Canada because of inflammatory remarks made by Don Cherry on its first broadcast of the season.
    But Canada’s most famous curmudgeon isn’t leaving the CBC. Cherry and his sidekick apologist Ron MacLean will host a new show that will take them across the country. “On the Road with Wingnut and Dingbat” – the show’s working title, said a CBC spokesman – will see the pair take part in wacky community events that will allow them to mingle with their fans and to show viewers “real Canadians” at play.
    If it sounds like the Rick Mercer Report, you’re right. The show has been pulled to make way for Wing-Ding but Mercer won’t be out of a job, the spokesman said. Mercer is taking over the Coach’s Corner slot in the first intermission with “The Rink Rant,” an outsider’s look at hockey. It will follow the same format as Mercer’s rants on his weekly show, but the venue will be different – he’ll be walking through dressing rooms, over players’ benches, across centre ice, and up into the seats while dishing out his acerbic comments.
    The CBC provided a sneak preview of Mercer delivering his slant on shinny.

    “I don’t understand the NHL. The league is led by a guy whose background is basketball and the players are led by a guy who made his name in baseball. Hockey couldn’t be in better hands, could it? Guys with no ties to the sport, no vested interest in making it better and risk screwing up a money-maker for two packs of thieves. But while they fight over the spoils, it’s left to a Canadian to mete out justice to the really nasty fellows, the headhunters and fighters. Because what Canadians do best, apart from headhunting and fighting, is punish the bad guys. We did it in every war we fought.
    And who was it who helped create the greatest crime fighter of all – Superman? That’s right, a Canadian.
    So, yeah, we’re in good hands with Brendan Shanahan, who, by the way, was good with his hands. Here’s a player who accumulated 2,489 penalty minutes in his career during the regular season, so he knows bad. If our legal system was smart, it would take note and appoint a biker or two as judges.
    So, say what you want about the league and union in their choice of leaders, at least the NHL got it right when it named Shanny head disciplinarian. Two dukes up!”

    The spokesman said Mercer intends to end each segment holding up both fists, in homage to his predecessor’s signature thumbs up gesture
    The CBC official said the network was so unnerved by the firestorm that erupted after Cherry called three former NHL enforcers “pukes” and “hypocrites” that it decided to shake up its programming to head off further criticism. But it wasn’t prepared to jettison an iconic figure that generates considerable income for the broadcaster.
    “On the Road with Wingnut and Dingbat” is seen as something of a compromise, the spokesman said, but a sampling of the pair’s cross-country itinerary suggests their employer might have a hidden agenda. In the first month of filming, Cherry and MacLean are scheduled to go over Niagara Falls in a barrel, bob for apples in the tar sands, take part in a re-enactment of the War of 1812 using live ammunition, attend a Justin Bieber concert, and be the keynote speakers at an HIO summit.
    “It’s a win-win situation,” the spokesman insisted. “If they don’t last, no more controversy. But if they survive, well, we’ve got another hit on our hands!”

    — “A little song, a little dance, HH a Hab CEO? No friggin’ chance.” —

  36. Feraco says:

    If we had a choice of any coach in the league…who would be the top 3 choices?

    (disreguard language and contracts etc)

  37. rogieshan says:

    Putting Moen alongside Gomez and Gionta will only prolong their slump. Haven’t we already seen enough of this charade? What’s next? Use Gill as a forward on the PP?

  38. shiram says:

    Oh Tony, you are such a tease…

    TonyMarinaro Tony Marinaro
    I know a lot of #Habs fans are pessimistic re: Andrei Markov’s knee injury. You can relax. Markov will be back a lot sooner than you think

    If you don’t grok it, drokk it!

    • HabinBurlington says:

      I told you yesterday when he refused an awesome deal on a full week’s lift ticket. The guys is ready, Double Black Diamonds were just what the doctor ordered. Or he is tired of buying booze for Habsolutely down on South Beach.

      • Feraco says:

        I guess if he can ski he can play hockey….or perhaps its part of the rehab. I’m still concerned that if he comes back, he is going to get mauled.

        Molson Ex mon ami

        • GrimJim says:

          What he’s skiing in bear country? WTF?
          I mean come on, skiing in the French Alps is fine, the most danger he has to concern himself with is drunken ski bunnies but dodging grizzlies on wonky knees…
          Is it time for a walk in Old Montreal?

    • twilighthours says:

      Why bother? I heard the Habs were trying to void his contract, what with him in the French Alps for the past week.

      If you’re sick of not being able to view the HIO comment structure from your iPhone, try downloading Mercury browser. If you have alternative suggestions, please send them along!

  39. Feraco says:

    What I feel Ian is referring to (Ian correct me if I’m wrong) is just the general state of the team. There are many of us who just “feel” the team is in shambles. It just feels unorganized. Injuries have a part but how many games did this team play a starting roster durning the preseason? Not many. Which causes a slow start.

    The revolving door of coaches. Losing Boucher and Muller after fairly successful seasons. We saw growth in our players – Weber, Pacioretty, Subban, Price, and have some good young prospects all from the Bulldogs. (Desharnais) yet we lose coaches…we lost Muller and I think that was a big blow. + Boucher the year before, thats alot of transition.

    Like Ian said, we have added depth this year yet no one has a defined role. Again injuries have a part in that but personally, it should be addressed in preseason – to get everyone on the same page.

    They just look unorganized, Pacorietty looks big and fast, Cammi is Cammi, Pleks is pleks, they just need to find the “they are better as a unit mentality” and get on the same page.

    Personally, I dont think its the players and I believe this system is leading to so many D being injured.

    Molson Ex mon ami

    • Feraco says:

      But then again – its 3 games!

      Molson Ex mon ami

    • Ian Cobb says:

      Your right Feraco, about the style of play being a main cause of the injury brigade. This system of Martin’s will get and keep us at 500, never much better. It is out of date with the new rules and game today.

      • GrimJim says:

        Sorry Ian but of the four guys injured this year: White, Campoli, Spacek and Cammi, only Spacek’s was caused by a check. White injured himself in training camp, campoli caught his skate in a rut and Cammi was sliced open by Weber’s skate. The style of play was not responsible for 75% of the injuries.

  40. HabinBurlington says:

    I feel as though I should take some resonsiblity for the loss yesterday. Just yesterday I posted, how much longer can Kiprusoff be considered a top goalie. For what it’s worth I think Craig Anderson of the Avalanche is one of the best goalies in the League.

    Edit: I mean Varylomov, yeah that’s the guy.

  41. Uwey says:

    I haven’t read many of the posts here & maybe someone else has touched on it, but here is a thought, how about not shuffling lines & defensive pairings every five minutes & let the guys get use to the same linemates/partners on the ice for a couple of games???

  42. j2w4habs25 says:

    LIKE my comment if u want MARTIN FIRED

    oh crap I forgot this wasn’t Facebook!

    Carey Price #31

  43. Lafrich says:

    3 games everybody. 3 lousy games.

    Boston is 1-3 with 7 goals for. Guaranteed they will do better too.


  44. shiram says:

    JM says Cole is not team savior, but he brings an element to the team. Cole is like any player on the team and the team is well balanced on offence, and they must excecute the game system (système de jeu) to have success.

    Cole says : It’s a learning phase for me and Jacques, I’m new here and it will take time for Jacques to trust me, and vice versa.

    He also added that he did not expect all that much PP time, this soon in the season.


    If you don’t grok it, drokk it!

  45. Ian Cobb says:


    Scotty B. and Toe B. would put this soft, half ass, unprofessional, undisciplined and unprepared group of floaters into a pro squad in a damn hurry.

    In 60 years, I have never seen such a mess a week into the season. We have better depth & talent than we have had in Montreal in many years, so I look right into the eyes of the coaching staff, where I see a very pitiful sight.

    I would fire the whole works of them. Since Doug Jarvis left, no one knows how to take a draw. Our leadership is non existent, our so called captain and leader takes two stupid penalties. Since Kirk Muller’s gone, we have no power play. We can not finish our checks, make or take a pass. We give up the puck very easily and do not compete for it worth a damn. No one body checked anyone until they got into the shower.

    It will take weeks to get this team NHL ready and Martin is not the guy for the job. How long will Geoff Molson put up with this type of product on the ice. The club is robbing ticket holders, pretending to put a first class entertainment product on the ice. What a terrible mess out there! Shame!

    • G-Man says:

      Relax, Ian. It’s 3 games. Doug Jarvis did not help much on the draw because THE RULES HAVE CHANGED since he played (DJ used to cheat a lot and would be thrown out now). The PP last season started like crap, too, with Kirk Muller behind that bench.
      JM isn’t the one missing open nets and not hitting. It’s easy to blame the coach, but he plays zero minutes.

      • zak says:

        Get rid of the players and bring in players that will suit JM’s system

        • Lizardking89 says:

          Get rid of 18 players or get a coach that uses the strengths of the players he has. Tough choice there. A good coach uses the players he has and knows how to use a player’s strengths to his advantage. JM doesn’t do that he’s the wrong coach for this team.

    • Tony McLean says:

      What about the Geoffrion coached team?

      What does it say on Bob Gainey’s office door?
      “Larry Robinson not welcome.”

    • Favorite Son says:

      You’re absolutely right, Ian! Truth is, this team will make the playoffs but it will be battling for the 7-8th spot once again. Same shit, different year. At least they make the playoffs, I guess…

  46. shiram says:

    This is a test.
    Click here

    If you don’t grok it, drokk it!

  47. jrshabs1 says:

    Who would a thunk that Kirk Muller was so important to this team. Certainly not PG who let Boucher go to Habs2.0 in Florida. JM was only as good as Muller coached them to be. Carbo is the better option than JM, Carbo played at high level was coached by some of the best coaches to ever coach. The pp is the measuring stick…Habs of today have always been small/fast. Habs did lead league or were top 5 in pp% for how many years when Muller was here? I don’t think our current Habs have scored a pp goal yet this year have they. JM spends his energy juggling lines to find answers…what it really means is he’s hoping that the right players will gell and create offence on their own. Forwards on the point during pp’s is just plain dumb, it creates more scoring opportunities for the other team than it does for your own. The current Habs are in crisis..there were 2 goals scored by Calgary lastnight that Price was so hung out to dry that amid my frustration I couldn’t help but laugh! PG has to look for bigger tougher players to help shore up the “D” Webber and Diaz look like minor midgets out there. I don’t care what anyboday says but the Habs need 1 or 2 tough players that bang and crash and stick up for their teammates. It seems to me that the other teams are crashing the net a lot more this year in hopes to knockout #31. It’s game over then!

    Go Habs Go!!

    • 1010 says:

      You may be right about Webber and Diaz, but I thought Gill and PK stunk the joint out last night.
      A good start to fixing the problem would be for those two to do what is expected of them.
      As Martin said last night -or at least words to this effect- his worst players were not his youngest players.

      GO HABS…

    • G-Man says:

      Whose pass was it the Weber slammed in for a PP goal?

    • Bripro says:

      You were in fine form in describing Muller’s influence.
      It sorta went a little off-track from there.
      I agree with @1010. It wasn’t either PK’s or Gill’s night.
      Gill will get a pass because he’s a new father.

    • Sean Bonjovi says:

      “Who would a thunk that Kirk Muller was so important to this team. Certainly not PG who let Boucher go to Habs2.0 in Florida”
      lol : ) I stop reading right there. Should PG have replaced JM with Muller or Boucher, or should they have been co-head coaches?

      “Andrei Kostitsyn is a better hockey player than Max Pacioretty”
      – Sean Bonjovi

  48. Jonson says:

    Wow everyone needs to relax a little , the season is still way too early to start worrying about this team . No doubt this team is awesome and once they get going they will be hard to stop ! There were a lot of positives last night . Penalties killed them and that happens . I’m happy pleks is off the point on the pp we need him down low he creates s much from there . The problem is Montreal has too much choice when is comes to forming the pp unit , I don’t blame Martin for trying it . I hope everyone is finally taking notice of how good weber is. !! The way he played last year I’m surprised everyone gave him such a hard time this year . Including every staff member of rds and the writers on this website . Stupidities. The kid is a very important piece to this team . He is a top 4 dman as of right now . Number 1 last night though . Anyways Montreal will start playing well it’s just a matter of time so let’s relax a little bit and have a little more patience

  49. PureGuava says:

    Martin has lost it.

    “Of course I’m crazy, but that doesn’t mean I’m wrong.”
    – Robert Anton Wilson

  50. zak says:

    Is Markov’s salary on the books right now?? If it isn’t who does PG lose when he comes back.Will he sign PK and Cary to contract extensions like San Jose did with Logan coulture?? gomez 7 plus for 3 more years, cole 5 plus for 4 more years, gio 5 plus, Plec 5 plus, Cammi 5 plus. If Marky stays healthy 5.75 for 3 more years. Do they get rid of AK whose contract is coming up. What about Josh. I think between PK and Cary that’s gonna be acout 10 mil. Doesn’t leave much left

  51. HabinBurlington says:

    I think today’s poll question should have had a 5th option “all of the above” it would probably get alot of clicks today.

  52. habfanacrossthed says:

    Hey everyone first post.
    Been an avid reader of Habs/I/O for a long time. Never posted though. Really disappointed with how the team was in the offensive zone. So many pim’s too. IMO Eller, Patches, Pleks, and Gorges were the best players on the ice. Really liked how Diaz isn’t afraid to shoot. I like the lines, just would swith DD for Eller. Need our D-men to win the battles out front for Price!

    GHOD – Go Habs Or Die

  53. joshua94k says:

    Jacques Martin should use both Weber and Subban on the points of the powerplay. They have a hard shot and can one-time quick shots.

    Up front they should use Paccioretty, Cole and Kostitsyn where you have some size who can block the goalie, toughness to dig the loose puck and win battles, and can put the puck in the net.

    We moved him to the right because we needed someone there. He played there, he helped us. He played on the power play and he helped us. Then he had to go back to the blue line, and I thought he was one of our better defencemen on Sunday .. – Jacques Martin on Weber

    • SmartDog says:

      The problem is defensive responsibility. Plekanec is always thinking about whether the puck might go back his way. Subban and Weber may have a stronger upside (arguable) but the downside is risky play, and lower defensive accountability.

      Listen to the Smart Dog. He knows his poop!

  54. secretdragonfly says:

    Guess things could be worse – DiPietro out with a concussion – again.


  55. SmartDog says:

    I don’t know if it’s going to work but I actually LIKE these forward lines.
    – Eller is being rewarded and encouraged to play like the top 6 forward he might well be (or be close to being).
    – Patches and AK get to play together – both guys being strong on the puck and smart.
    – Moen, if he must play in the top 6 is with Gomez and Gionta. Those two guys need to make it work, Moen at least won’t be holding Pleks’ line back.

    Hey Sunshine, I mean G-man, this one’s for you! See – all nice!


    Listen to the Smart Dog. He knows his poop!

    • HabinBurlington says:

      This is JM’s Double Secret Demotion trick. Moen thinks he is getting 1st line minutes, Gomer and Gio think they are getting toughness on their line, and reality is, they are all being put on 3rd line.

      JM is very sneaky!

      • neumann103 says:

        It is essentially similar logic to my PanicTweak (TM) line suggestion earlier, except I had Darche in the Moen role, as he offers similar size to Moen but maybe a little more net presence/offensive upside.

        We are really talking about Top9 rather than Top6 at least until Cammy is back.

        Kostitsyn Plekanec Cole
        Pacioretty Eller Desharnais
        Darche Gomez Gionta
        Moen Engqvist Palushaj

        You have to give Kostitsyn and Pacioretty someone to play with (Plekanec and Eller). My thinking was that Cole with Pleks ought to deliver a bit of physical presence – something that eller supplies a bit more for himself. MaxPac adds this too and he and DD ought to make some targets for Eller to feed.

        There are so few hot hands right now that I think you have to try and recognize/ride whatever you can get. Lars Eller showed up in his first game back and I think he is more likely to replicate that than Moen is to replicate his pretty goal vs Winnipeg.

        “Et le but!”

  56. geo_habsgo says:

    Now I really try not to criticize JM just as a rule since I admittedly know way less about hockey than he does but his third season of the Moen as a top six experiment is completely baffling.

    I could kind of understand it last season when there was a shortage of bigger players to fill the void but now that we have both MaxPac (who’s been playing extremely well) and Eric Cole why are they being phased in and out of the top 6 in lieu of Moen.

    I think Moen is a great player but in what world can he logically take the place of more talented big players like Cole and Patches? Just seems completely ridiculous. He is a good third line player and a great fourth liner but come on now Jacques get it together.

    With all the injuries and for the sake of tweaking™ my top two lines would consist of:


    I think the cole line could do some damage to other teams both in terms of hits and on the scoresheet.

    • Sean Bonjovi says:

      “MaxPac (who’s been playing extremely well)”.
      Where are you people getting this idea?

      • geo_habsgo says:

        Well I think the entire team has played very poorly. But from what I’ve seen from him in the last two games he’s done well. At the beginning of the game yesterday he was the one making things happen and largely the one responsible for the AK goal. He certainly hasn’t been consistent but I think he’s been our best forward thus far.

    • Sean Bonjovi says:

      double post

    • bleedhabs81 says:

      Where were you a few days ago during the spirited Moen is awesome all the time vs Moen is not Awesome when on the 1st line debate? You missed a good one. Someone suggested that we need 3 Moens and if we had them we would win it all (or something like that).

      Also, your top lines might work. I really didn’t pay much attention once it was 3-1… did Eller play a good game last night? I had the tv on and was listening to the game but the pukes from Calgary Sportsnet are useless homers, so they tended to only talk about flames (which more to do with them being homers and not because the flames played well).

      Flames sportsnet commentators are worse than the American commentators. So much worse. I didn’t think that was possible… gahh… sorry, what was I getting at?

      • geo_habsgo says:

        Lol i try to stay out of the crazy debates that happen here. Commenting on Moen a few days ago was a bit dangerous haha I usually like to let the dust settle before i chime in :p

        I tend to get wowed pretty easily so if players usually do something excited in a game I automatically remember them as having played well. As for Eller, he made a really nice play in the third just before I stopped watching where he kinda faked the defender out and took a fast shot. Didn’t go in but it was the best opportunity of the period. I think as a playmaker he would benefit have Cole and Patches who can bury pucks and the three would open all sorts of ice up.

  57. GoalieT says:

    I don’t have the time at this point to go filtering through everyone’s comments, so I apologize in advance if this has been mentioned already:

    Last night Carey made his way to the right of the net to play the puck with Iginla bearing down on him. Carey attempted to play the puck back towards his goal and the announcer (and the fans) all freaked out that Carey almost put it in his own net.
    Now, I will admit that this could easily be portrayed as a mistake. But…after reviewing the play a number of times on my PVR I noticed that Carey’s body language was never panicked. Yeah, the puck hit the side of the net, but was that on purpose?

    Carey’s body language is always awesomely calm, so I’m not sure anymore about “panick” situations when he’s concerned.

    Did anyone else notice this? Or have I been wearing out my rose coloured glasses last night?

    Ultimate Die-Hard Fan Since 1986.


    • HardHabits says:

      The HH perspective: nonchalance.

      • HabinBurlington says:

        HH, when did you convince PG/JM to go with the obvious tanking formula this year?

        • Timo says:

          Hehe… MAybe they had a heart to heart.

          • HardHabits says:

            I have news for you all, and this is going to be especially hard on JohnBellyful, I’ve been named chief executive for the new re-build strategy and the Molson’s have bought lock, stock and barrel into having Cirque du Soleil re-enact all the past Cup wins in a mega show to be put on at the Bell Centre in the place of actual hockey games. The intention; to appease the fickle Montreal hockey crowd while the rebuild will be in progress.

            The real tanking Habs will play their NHL games at the Verdun Auditorium to half sell-out crowds, the remaining actual hockey fans who know anything about the game apart from glitzy pre-game ceremonies and walks down storied halls were even the ghosts of the past are shut out.

            Once the Cirque show runs it’s course, we’re thinking we can get away with it for maximum two years before we have to put it on the road, the new young dynamic team with a coach who can’t speak French will come back to the Montreal Forum, yes we’ve decided to cut a new deal with Bell where they have exclusive rights to the airwaves within the Montreal Forum but they need to remove their name so that the ghosts can find their way back.

          • ZepFan2 says:

            This message has expired.

            Please see expiry date for more information.

            Welcome to the newer NHL: The National Headshot League.

          • HardHabits says:

            Nice catch El Zeppo. 😉

      • shiram says:

        I wonder what flavor Kool-aid they serve on the tank train.
        If it’s the purple stuff, I might just jump in!

        If you don’t grok it, drokk it!

    • Ferg says:

      I noticed that too and wondered the same thing. He is cool enough in tight situations to attempt it, but I hope he doesn’t get too cute with the puck. That’s what P. K. is there for.

      • SmartDog says:

        When Price doesn’t have a good game it’s usually that he’s almost too relaxed. His glove a little slow, his reactions not quite his usual swiftness. To me, that’s a by-product of how he plays, and an understandable one. You could say the same of Marty Brodeur. So focused, so calm, but every now and then his timing just seems a bit out of sync. Could be he has something on his mind, could be a touch of a bug, could be anything. But it doesn’t happen often. Two years ago I went crazy saying “he’s TOO relaxed!!”… but that’s why he’s golden. He’s still fine tuning I’m sure. The guy’s got great speed – and great poise.

        Listen to the Smart Dog. He knows his poop!

      • Bripro says:

        He got cute with the puck a few times last year, and it cost him on a few occasions.
        He’s trying to be like Brodeur, but doesn’t have the same stick-handling ability.

  58. billylove says:

    Now that the dust has settled…. The Flames are not a strong team. Sure Kippy can still steal a win and he did play well last night but Calgary will struggle to make the playoffs in the west. Don’t know if there are stats for losing battles for the puck and dumping the puck in when on the power play but if there are, we must be leading the league in both. Disturbing to see P.K. running around too much and forcing blind clearing attempts out of the defensive zone. He has great potential but he can be quite shaky. Carey has improved his puck handling over the years but he will make a big mistake if continues trying to overplay the puck. Was it just me or did quite a few Habs seem gassed at various parts of the game. I know it’s early but is conditioning an issue along with all the others?

  59. GoalieT says:

    A rather insignificant observation/statement:
    I hate the numbers on the front of the helmets.

    Whew. Glad I got that off my chest. Thanks for listening.

    Ultimate Die-Hard Fan Since 1986.



    yay !!! pleks is off the point.. and next, we get moen off the top lines!!

  61. kempie says:

    You know, if JM had Stamkos, Ovechkin and Zetterberg, we’d still see a line of Stamkos, Ovechkin and Moen.

  62. Bob_Sacamano says:

    Looks much better to me, especially when the Moen – Gomez – Gionta line gets what it deserves, third line ice time. I personally am really looking forward to see Pacioretty and Kostitsyn on one line. I´d rather have Eller in between but Desharnais is okay too.

    Good to see Pleks off the point.

  63. Chris79 says:

    Cunneyworth better let them know he is there now.. and stop cryin that Kirk Muller is gone.

    • SmartDog says:

      I didn’t thrill for his comments on RDS after the first period (down 3-1). He said “we’ll be okay” and I thought “overconfidence seems to be the problem all around”. Just seemed a weird thing to say. I mean “we’ve got to work hard to get it back….” or “if the boys start playing the way they CAN we’ll be okay”. But things weren’t okay.

      Listen to the Smart Dog. He knows his poop!

  64. DearyLeary says:

    What’s with this Eller on the wing experiment all over again? Martin tried it for the better half of last season and it never worked. Moved him to center and his play improved by a lot.

    Things I hate about Martin: No stability for players. They’re on different lines every game, and sometimes within games. Every once in a while it makes sense to shuffle things up, but to do it constantly doesn’t inspire confidence in the team.

    No pressure offence. He’s got schemes for the neutral zone, and obviously the defensive zone, and the transition is ok too. But once we maintain a bit of pressure it’s like the team breaks down into no structure. Our defensive transition has been horrible this season.

    Evidence of poor defensive transitions from O-zone pressure? Both our losses we outshot the other teams by a significant margin (and I believe we’d find the same trends in previous Martin seasons). 32-18 vs. Toronto, and 36-21 vs. Calgary (we were outshot by Winnipeg.

    Whenever we sustain any pressure our defensive transitions are absolutely horrible. How many odd man rushes made you sweat last night? I know that every time our defence and forwards looked disorganized every time they had to release pressure in the offensive zone.

    Martin’s schemes are designed for transition and immediate release, there’s no other way to describe the difficulties this team has to sustain pressure. In this league you can’t play a game of survival on your goaltending and special teams. You need to have some kind of defensive transition from pressure, because once you go down a couple of goals you can’t sit and wait anymore.

    This team is incapable of playing with a deficit because Martin’s system simply doesn’t allow it. We don’t draw many penalties because we don’t force pressure on other teams. The players are forced to release an maintain defensive position at all costs. When they do maintain pressure they look disorganized, and they lose hockey games.

    It’s a systemic problem. With Price we’ll still be able to squeak into the playoffs, and then we’ll be able to play Martin’s transition game because the other teams will be dependent on pressure. But in my opinion, pressure will eventually break transition, it’s only a matter of time.

  65. Just to bring these guys down to earth I would make them take their gear home tonight, and then write 1000 times. “I can be Better”

    But I’m not coaching in the NHL, and I bet somewhere the NHLPA has a rule about non tradition discipline for hockey players.

    Pulls contract out of his hand and then pees on it (name that movie)?

    * TB lost to Long Island, now that’s funny.
    * If you want to read something sad, go to the Blues forum
    * The Bruins are horrible
    * The desert Dogs won a game

    Shane Oliver
    Brandon, MB,Canada
    R7B 2R7
    Ph- 204 724 8418

  66. Ian Cobb says:

    I just wonder what they are practicing that they haven’t for a month.
    And who is running the practice?

    Are they practicing taking draws?, break outs? tape to tape passing? how to deliver a body check? how to clear the crease area by knocking bodies down in front? how to be more disciplined when checking another player so as not to take penalties,? how to set up a fast puck moving power play? How to play the game with passion?

    Who is going to get on the ice and teach them this stuff? and set up a game plan.? Jacques Martin? give me a break!

    Media questions to the coaches, Which coach is responsible for what part of team performance or lack there of.

  67. Timo says:

    Gionta and Gomez together doesn’t seem to work… why are these two always paired? Both are quite worthless.

  68. Old Bald Bird says:

    I know that there are injuries (when aren’t there?), but I think many of us are disappointed that the team does not seem to have taken a step forward this season. They continue to disappoint just when you expect a good effort. Which probably means that they’ll continue to surprise when we expect them to be annihilated either by eastern thugs or western superpowers.

  69. Mark C says:

    Good to see Emelin on the pp, the pp could really use his left hand shot on the right point.

  70. t1tan5 says:

    Teams usually stack their lines when things aren’t going so well. Maybe we should try that.

    How about:


  71. shiram says:

    Those PP lines seem to indicate Pleks would not be on point, that’s good. Moen up top that is still weird.
    Gio needs to shoot the puck alot more, it seems that’s how he works and his 3 shot in 3 games is not cutting it.

    If you don’t grok it, drokk it!

  72. OneTimer says:

    A strong performance tomorrow night and all is forgiven. C’mon boys, show us what you can do. Injuries n all.

    • HardHabits says:

      And what if tomorrow night they give us a weak performance.

      My worry right now isn’t the team and whether they make the playoffs or not. My worry is management philosophy. I figure this team might finish 20th over-all but rather than be sellers and try and rebuild via the draft I suspect they will rather trade away another 1st and/or 2nd pick to try and make a stab at that final play-off spot.

      Come trade deadline time if this team is looking awful. Like a team that is merely clawing for that last play-off spot I hope they shift gears and trade players for picks and real top end prospects and stop feeding Habs fans the lie. You know which one I am talking about, once you make the play-offs anything can happen.

      Trade some of Cammy, Gio, Plex, Gomez, Markov, Cole for all I care. Keep Pacioretty, Subban, Price, Eller, Gorges.

      DD I have to admit is at least durable but the more I watch him I get the feeling that he’ll have a short (no pun intended) NHL career. The Habs may have to put DD on waivers at some point.

      It’s better to have a tough team and add small players to it, thus making those small players tougher rather than have a small and soft team and try and add toughness to it because regardless of who you add those players will eventually play smaller and turn soft sooner or later.

      That is my biggest (no pun intended) complaint with this team. It’s like they are built for a no contact league.

      That Centennial was a curse.

  73. SeriousFan09 says:

    Pacioretty being tentative to start games so JM is looking to insulate him a little bit, play him against lesser competition as he gets back to his comfort zone it would seem. Cunneyworth knows how well he worked with DD in Hamilton as well. Cuts his ice time, but will make him more comfortable plus he’s still on the PP.

    Like that they finally have put Emelin on the PP, he was top 12 in goals last season in the KHL.

    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.
    SF09 on Twitter

  74. gK_HabsFan says:

    Would you consider that a demotion for Gomez and Gionta, or a promotion for Moen? Hmmmmm……

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