Friday roundup

* RDS says Jacques Martin says the team will have a captain this season. Discuss candidates.

* RDS also reports Julien Brisebois is outta here … which throws the Hamilton situation into a bit of disarray.

Arpon Basu compares the Plekanec and Koivu contracts

Louis Leblanc likely headed back to Harvard. Shout-out to Mark C for finding this Boston Globe piece on Harvard hockey.

• Carolina will retire Rod Brind’Amour’s number

All UFA team: The Best of what’s left (No Moore or Metro)

Donald Fehr not hired yet

• Nothing to fear but Fehr himself

* Elliotte Friedman’s pre-holiday column

Re the Koivu contract, nsjohn130 posted this to the Minneapolis Star-Tribune web site:

I am statistically and logically looking at his worth. His points can only go up if he can get a first line player or two with him, he is a leader on a seemingly leaderless team at the moment (a leader must be born), he works harder than any player on the ice besides clutterbuck and brodziak (if only brodziaks skills were on par with his work effort) which creates a dynamic on the team to which other players will work hard, he is likable– i dont care so much about PR as I do staff and locker room relations, and lastly and honestly as important as the numbers he puts up is his loyalty. After all this is a business. Above all attributes, loyalty is the most important. At the end of the day everything is done for the organization first, not Mikko. Mikko gives direction to the team. It gives them identity, and if you don’t think that ALL of these things are worth 7 mill for a 27 year old player, I dont know what is.


  1. G-Man says:

    “because he is a Koivu”? Does that mean he’ll injure his knees and have chronic health problems? (unrelated to his cancer)


  2. TomNickle says:

    Plenty of people do it without injury or long term harm.

    More than plenty based on my experience.

  3. TripleX says:

    You are suggesting Glenn Sather made a smart deal?  WOW


    “And I am really looking forward to watching Michael Cammalleri in the NHL. He had an awesome year in the AHL.” PIERRE McGUIRE

  4. Storm Man says:

    I hope when you say body mass you mean muscle tissue with glycogen and water weight, Not just pure muscle tissue. 

  5. HardHabits says:

    I was under the impression that he’d be playing against men in the NCAA. Just not as talented as what he’d face in the AHL. As long as he doesn’t regress I have no issues with it but I too would’ve preferred seeing him in the AHL sooner than later.

  6. TomNickle says:

    Didn’t get a chance to tell you that I was at the last Packers v. Chargers game when Favre tied the record for career TD passes.

    Just hilarious how many people in Green Bay love AJ Hawk and Charles Woodson considering their college careers.

    Going to San Diego next year for their next meeting if there’s a season.

    Looking forward to seeing Mcneil and Jackson at training camp Tim?  Haha, I had to.


  7. HardHabits says:

    Laraque ate 3 of the vegan version before he sparred with Georges St. Pierre.

  8. aemarchand11 says:

    Guess if I use Gill as a comparison, Gorges should get about 2.25 Million Max.

  9. HardHabits says:

    I totally agree. Especially considering it would be new muscle mass.

  10. TomNickle says:

    I believe your two points about the Habs are what they are following.  I’m not in a big rush to get Leblanc into a Habs jersey.

    What I would like to see is his development move forward, not back.

    Playing against against mediocre competition on a bad team in college hockey isn’t likely to help his development.  There’s no challenge for him at Harvard when it comes to hockey.  He’s the cream of the crop talent wise and has nothing to prove.

    If he were to play in the AHL against men he would be learning how to compete for time and space against men who are bigger and stronger than he is.  That is an advantage in my opinion.  Regardless of how much weight, mass, muscle or fat he adds to his body, he’ll always be up against somebody bigger and stronger in the NHL.  He needs to learn how to fight through that and be successful in order to develop into an elite player.


  11. aemarchand11 says:


    Go Habs Go! 2010-2011

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