‘Framework of a deal on the table,’ NHL’s Daly says


No official bargaining sessions have been scheduled for the coming week between the NHL and the NHLPA, but the sides are expected to resume talks at some point in New York.

Commisioner Gary Bettman has already set a deadline of Thursday to reach a new collective bargaining agreement in order to save a full 82-game schedule starting on Nov. 2.

 When asked by The Canadian Press on Sunday whether there was a chance for the sides to get something in place by Thursday’s deadline, deputy commissioner Bill Daly responded by saying “that’s more of a question for the union than it is for me.”

“We think there’s a framework of a deal on the table,” he added.

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The Gazette’s Pat Hickey writes that there is one important thing missing from the NHL labour talks: honour. Read his column by clicking here.

Meanwhile, one frustrated hockey fan with a father who is in hospital with terminal throat cancer made the video below urging the NHL to end the lockout.

You can read a nice story about Luc Robitaille bringing the Stanley Cup to the Saint-Norbert, Que., home of his 70-year-old mother, who is battling advanced liver cancer, by clicking here.

(Photo by Chris Young/Canadian Press)


  1. superkev420 says:

    Ok, so im not sure if I fully understand. How are players, that already have a signed contract with their respective teams, losing money when the HRR split goes 50/50?

    As I see it, they are not losing money since they have already been guaranteed a certain amount of money on there contracts. I realized unsigned players will be losing money because there is not as much room in the cap.

    Can anyone explain this? Will contracts be lowered to accomodate cap space? Isint that illegal? I dont get it.

  2. SmartDog says:


    Bripro – re your question below about Fehr saying that it will go to 50-50… I think it’s his third offer that says – you can have all new contracts based on a 50-50 cap, with current contracts paid out in full but for the purpose of the CAP judged at 50-50. In other words, to keep the math simple, say the cap goes down by 10% next year (because of a 50% cap instead of 57%), and you have a guy like Gionta on an existing $5 mil contract. Gionta gets his 5 mil take home pay, but for the Cap sake, that’s a $4.5 mil contract.

    So in other words – we’ll give you what you want, EXECPT you can’t roll anyone back in terms of take-home.

    To me, that’s a fair offer. The other union offers amount to a similar benefit to the league depending on how much revenues grow etc. But to me, the players – who lost the last one and have been crapped on by Bettman as only Bettman can during this one – are being REASONABLE, and have been from their first offer while Bettman has jumped around, starting with a kick in the groin and then modifying that to be just a slap in the face.

    As they did the LAST time the players are giving up not just money but also position. Last time they let the cap in. This time they are moving to a 7% lower share of revenue, and everyone knows full well they will that even if this deal is only 6 years, the players will never get more than 50% again. That’s real movement.

    Listen to the Smart Dog. He knows his poop!

  3. HABitual Fan says:

    Just a little aside from the ongoing battle of the tight-ans …… earlier today the school in which I teach had a visit from a couple of the Bruins alumni currently on a tour here in Newfoundland. Former Hab, Don Awrey, along with former Bruin, Bob Sweeney, spoke to our elementary kids about the importance of staying in school, staying focussed, etc. I had a great chat with Awrey about his two years in Montreal, his time with the 72 Team Canada and I asked him what his best contract paid during his 16 years in the league. The most he ever made was just a little over $100,000. He wasn’t an offensive star but he would mind the shop when his more prolific partners, like the great Orr would rush the puck. It was great to reminisce with one of the games unsung heros.

    • Cal says:

      Awrey was always one of my old faves, too. Gallivan with his “Awrey makes Esposito’s plans go awry,” always made me laugh.
      He and Jimmy Roberts. Defensive hard as nails type of player.

    • Bripro says:

      Now you’re throwing us way back.
      I remember how he used to completely obliterate players coming up the boards. I believe he set a record for “elbowing” calls.

      “I’m here to tell you: Gary Bettman hasn’t felt this alive since he killed Harry Potter’s parents.”

  4. L Elle says:

    C’est la vie
    Have your hopes all turned to a frown
    Will Bettman and Fehr turn them around you
    C’est la vie
    Do you love
    And then how am I to know
    If you don’t negociate the CBA for me
    C’est la vie

    Oh c’est la vie
    Oh c’est la vie
    Bettman/Fehr don’t care for me
    C’est la vie

    In the night
    Do you fight a fanatic’s fire
    Do the wishes of hockey for you remain
    Don’t you see
    There’s a love so deep to show
    Took a CBA before my love
    Flowed for you
    Les Habitants

    Oh c’est la vie
    Oh c’est la vie
    Bettman/Fehr don’t care for me
    C’est la vie

    Like a song
    Out of tune and out of time
    All I needed was the game from you
    C’est la vie
    Do you give
    Do you live from gameday to gameday
    Is there no anthem I can play for you
    C’est la vie

    Oh c’est la vie
    Oh c’est la vie
    Bettman/Fehr don’t care for me
    C’est la vie

  5. Bripro says:

    This one’s for Gordon…. @Blondie!

    Hockey Frustration song no. 12

    Cue the music!

    You’re crazy, you won’t let ‘em play
    You’re craaaaazy, just like yesterday
    You want all the money
    You don’t want no games
    If you’re clowning, the fans think you’re wrong
    And if you’re clowning, then you don’t belong
    We won’t let it go if you don’t try to get along

    Well fans’ crying ain’t done no good
    And players’ crying ain’t done no good
    You don’t make no effort no not like you should
    Crazy! You gotta let them play
    Hooooockey! It’ll make our day
    You want all the money
    And we want all our games!

    “I’m here to tell you: Gary Bettman hasn’t felt this alive since he killed Harry Potter’s parents.”

  6. SmartDog says:

    It amazes me that even with the most minor of comments Gary Bettman has an incredible talent for sounding like a totally sell-consumed ass.

    Check this out:
    > “That’s as far as we can go and still play 82 games and be done >with the playoffs by the end of June,” Bettman said this week. >”Obviously, nobody would think it was appropriate for us to be >playing in July.”

    Well, OBVIOUSLY Gary. Though playing in June – even right up to the end of June, that’s perfectly okay.

    Listen to the Smart Dog. He knows his poop!

    • Bripro says:

      And from the players’ side, Fehr claims that they’ve made 3 respectable offers which “get to 50%”….whatever that means!

      Both sides are a joke, living in smoked-glass buildings!

      “I’m here to tell you: Gary Bettman hasn’t felt this alive since he killed Harry Potter’s parents.”

      • SmartDog says:

        I don’t get the comparison.

        Fehr is saying that 50-50 is okay in the life of the new deal, but honour the contracts signed, don’t roll back the salaries, and let the increased revenues over time go to the owners. That to me is not complicated – or at all unreasonable.

        Listen to the Smart Dog. He knows his poop!

        • Hobie Hansen says:

          Agreed SmartDog. When you make a deal you have to live up to it. Players are ready to go at 50/50 with the contracts that the owners were more than willing to sign.
          Owners are the ones being unreasonable, the players are ready to go.

          • shiram says:

            Provisions in the last CBA make it so the owners can try this uh unsavory move, basically the contracts are subject to the CBA, so if it changes, it also changes the players contract too, and the players agreed on this in the past CBA.

          • Bripro says:

            No guys. That’s what I’m saying. Their proposals don’t offer a 50/50 split, but rather they say that they’ll “get to” 50/50.
            Is there a timeframe? Why didn’t they post their counter-offer?
            I realize that the NHL posting theirs for the world to see was posturing to the fans, and try to entice the fans, but why didn’t the NHLPA do the same in the spirit of transparency.
            I don’t trust Fehr. Never have. I remember what he did for baseball in this city, without a second thought.

            “I’m here to tell you: Gary Bettman hasn’t felt this alive since he killed Harry Potter’s parents.”

          • Hobie Hansen says:

            @ Shiram Well the last CBA is expired so it means nothing…

          • shiram says:

            Here’s some details on Fehr’s offer.

            Hobie : the contracts are signed with a provision that says their value can be changed if the CBA changes.

          • Hobie Hansen says:

            I can’t claim to know every detail, or would I be interested to know every detail of these negotiations.

            But teams like Nashville who matched that offer for Webber and Minnesota who signed Suter and Parise to hundreds of millions of dollars, right before the CBA expired, had better have to pay those contracts in full. Or it’s a joke!

          • shiram says:

            I’m no CBA expert, or a lawyer for that matter, but if Bettman gets his wish, then yes, Minnesota/Nashville will get a discount on those contracts. It is indeed a joke.

  7. habsfan0 says:

    Thursday of this week appears to be D-Day as to whether or not a full season..or perhaps any part of a season will be played.

    If there is no NHL hockey this year, I guess we’ll have to resign ourselves to watching the Buffalo Bills on their seemingly unstoppable march to the Super Bowl.

  8. HabinBurlington says:

    Here is the link to the Sergei Kostitsyn Comments. This guy I am sure is just endearing himself to the fans of Nashville….

    • Blondie says:

      I would imagine fans in Columbus aren’t too thrilled with him either.

    • shiram says:

      Even with this season completely cancelled, he’d still have to play the next season, as he is under contract for that one too. The way the comments were translated leads me to think something got lost in translation as well.
      That said, he’s not the Habs problem anymore…

    • Mattyleg says:

      Hmm, I get the feeling that he’s not saying that he’s happy if the season’s cancelled, just that if it takes the entire season being cancelled for the players to get what they want, then that’s best.

      Also, the ‘they’re different from us’ is pretty true, I imagine. Lots of stars in Russia are coddled by corrupt politicians and the mob so that they can do no wrong, and their public image is tended to by a press firmly in the hands of either the former or the latter group.

      This is the country that saw little wrong with Boris Yeltsin being too drunk to get off a plane in Dublin, leaving the President, Prime Minister, and other members of parliament standing on the runway.

      —Hope Springs Eternal—

      • 123456 says:

        i agree – seems to me he is being honest – in order for the poayers to “not get screwed” they will need to miss the season…. also seems to imply playing partial season in the KHL and then come her for a partial season is not the right thing to do. Taking a shot at columbus (true or not) is not the right thing to do.

  9. Mondou6 says:

    I have a question: Why did some owners sign those giant contracts right before the lockout?

    If they knew all along that they were planning not to honor them in this bargaining process, why sign them in the first place? I don’t understand what the benefit was supposed to be.

    I’m sure there was one, I just don’t see it.

    • Blondie says:

      I guess it’s like any other signing – to get that player on your team. They were just emboldened to offer more than they might have otherwise knowing they were really only offering 75 to 80 percent of the face value.

    • ffenliv says:

      Another important consideration there: When they’re not negotiating a CBA, all owners compete with other, and are required to do so to secure the best players, and the best teams.

      This drives up salaries.

      Then, when CBA-time comes around, they all act (as they must) as a united front. The owner/competitor deal is a bit of a contradiction.

  10. shiram says:

    I’m late on this one but I don’t post on week-ends.
    What an horrible game by the Bulldogs on Saturday, and I had my buddies over in hopes of quenching our hockey thirst too.
    Those TVA commenters were very entertaining though, as they kept flubbing lines, calling the Marlie the Leafs and just showing how little experience they have overall, made for some fun.
    Hope Leblanc’s injury is not too serious, but have not found much information on it yet, wa also surprised to see him playing third line winger…
    But at least the broadcast pciture was good and I’ll most likely watch any Bulldogs game they show.

  11. Trisomy 21 says:

    I’m not normally one to post links here, but for those interested, our old friend seriousfan09 is back at his prospects watch.


    Too bad to hear Hodor has a concussion though. I don’t know how much worse it can get, I hear the only word he knows is “Hodor” as it is. I don’t know how accurate that source was

  12. frontenac1 says:

    For all you Sergei Kostitsyn fans, according to today”s Globe, Little Tits hopes the lock out lasts all year.
    He also doesnt like “The American” mentality and hated life in North America.

  13. Rad says:

    Any news on my boy Louis Leblanc?

  14. Hobie Hansen says:

    Any clue if that Bulldogs’ game in on TVA tomorrow night? Hope it is so I don’t have to watch it on another horrible online stream?

  15. HabinBurlington says:

    Attention Hamilton Summiteers!

    Greg Diamond just emailed me and is sorry he couldn’t respond to everyone last week. His ticket office was overwhelmed with the huge response to tix for home opener.

    I suggest anyone still looking for tickets email Greg or Phone him this morning to confirm what you need.
    Greg Diamond [Greg.Diamond@hamiltonbulldogs.com]

    He is working currently on setting up a meet and greet for after the game for all of us with some BUlldog players.

    Just a reminder we are meeting at Tailgate Charlies before the game, probably 5pm and onwards. The GM is a habs fan and is helping set up an area for us.

    Can all those attending please post here and let me know how many you are bringing, I want to make sure logistics are set up for pregame activity. Afterall Logistics has already hurt the CBA negotiations, lets not let it hurt our Mini-Summit.

    CHeers everyone.

    website for Tailgate Charlies is here, includes contact us tab to show address and map. About 2 blocks at most from Copps.

  16. Mattyleg says:

    Hey all,
    For those of you who voted “I don’t care anymore” on the poll… wait until January. THEN you’ll care!

    We’ll all care…

    —Hope Springs Eternal—

    • Kooch7800 says:

      I still play hockey, watch Jr and AHL hockey so i will be fine. Do I miss watching NHL hockey…of course but I am getting fed up with the politics and poor business skills of these parties. I won’t buy any more NHL merchandise and i will stick to watching NHL games on TV when they return instead of seeing them live…..

      There are alternatives out there for entertainment that cost far less and are just as fun

      • Mattyleg says:

        I agree man.
        I’m fed up too.
        I never bought NHL merchandise.
        One t-shirt in the past 7 years, and a cap for the summit charity.

        I watched games on TV all the time, and went to a couple of games per year. It’s what I’d do in the future.

        I’m a fan of the Habs, and a fan of hockey, not of the NHL.

        What I’m saying is that once the long cold winters roll around, we’ll be feeling the pain!!

        —Hope Springs Eternal—

    • RetroMikey says:

      No, I won’t care and others will agree.
      This second lockout in less than 10 years tells you that hockey is not the same in terms of skill and catering to fans.
      Frankly, I got better things to do than sit around and munch on potato chips and beer and watching pathetic NHL hockey.
      No skill, no speed in today’s NHL compared to the days when Le Demon Blond laced them up or a Wayne Gretzky or Mario Lemieux in the retro 80’s.
      It’s a business now, where the players and owners are greedy and will fight for your last penny in your pocket to attend games.
      I’m spending a great time with my family enjoying going to church, family outings and watching my son grow up to be a fine academic scholar at a Big East US school and playing hockey and soccer there!
      Man, I am so blessed!

      “We will win the Cup one day only with ? in the nets “

    • Phil C says:

      I find it ironic how people take the time to log into a hockey website during a lockout when there is almost no real hockey news and submit a post to say that they don’t care anymore. Riiiiiiiiiiiight. We’ll all slink back to the NHL with our tail between our legs like a beaten dog.

      But I am going to try to go at least at year without buying any merchandise. Except maybe some Habs pajamas for my nephew (my brother-in-law is a leafs fan). Oh, and my Habs keychain broke, so , you know, I’ll have to replace it. I do need a new tuque anyway so it might as well be a Habs toque. And if Galchenyuk makes the team, I’ll have to get a jersey. But that’s it. That’ll teach’em.

      • Mattyleg says:

        Heh heh.

        —Hope Springs Eternal—

      • Blondie says:

        That’s it Phil. Give ’em both barrels. 🙂

        I guess it’s hopeless for fans, we’ll be grumpy when they get back to it…but we’ll be there.

      • Cal says:

        Knock ’em out, Phil!

      • Bripro says:

        Atta boy, Phil. Nice to see some exercise restraint! 😉

        “I’m here to tell you: Gary Bettman hasn’t felt this alive since he killed Harry Potter’s parents.”

      • RetroMikey says:

        This is not a hockey website….this is HIO (Habs inside out not hockey inside out as far as I’m concerned.

        Whether you love the Habs’ teams of the past or dread for the future, you still love to go on this site and voice your opinions whether Habs’ fans get insulted or not with comments posted on this site from Habs’ fans.

        Honesty is the best policy as they say.

        “We will win the Cup one day only with ? in the nets “

    • Timo says:

      Most of those who voted “I don’t care anymore” are not lying. People will return to watching, but i don’t think there will be any despair and “oh what am I going to do now” hand wriggling if NHL doesn’t come back. Most realize that there is life beyond NHL and even beyond hockey in general. And, their TV bill is about $5 lighter to boot.

      • Mattyleg says:

        Sure there’s life beyond the NHL, but it’s hollow… hollow…

        —Hope Springs Eternal—

        • RetroMikey says:

          I hear ya but there are plenty of other things to do then sit around and watch 2 greedy parties negotiate for the benefit of themselves and not for the fans.

          There is life beyond hockey as Timo says.

          “We will win the Cup one day only with ? in the nets “

  17. Ian Cobb says:

    Good Morning HIO gang!
    No NHL this year, great CHL to watch.
    I’ll say goodnight sometime this evening! just to keep in touch.

    • JF says:

      Ian – I think you’re being unduly pessimistic. Daly says the “framework” of a deal is on the table, and numerous analyses of the proposals and counter-proposals have shown that the two sides are not very far apart. Some writers have denounced the mess as shameful, while others are holding the NHL up to ridicule. If the dispute isn’t settled soon, the damage to the League’s image, not to mention its revenues and fan-base (in the States at any rate) will be enormous. Bettman and Daly know this. The owners know it, and many of them want to see their teams back on the ice. This week will be critical; there will be more meetings, and I think a deal will have to be reached, although likely not by 25 October.

      Here is a good piece by Scott Burnside on why this week is critical:


      • Habfan10912 says:

        Morning JF. Gotta tell you I’m with Ian now in thinking this season is toast. Furthermore it’s got to the point that I don’t give a crap.
        Looking forward to the game Friday night in Hamilton. Go Dogs!

      • HabinBurlington says:

        Morning JF/Ian/Jim, I think we are at a point where it is do or die. If the two sides/egos can’t work something out shortly then I believe we get to a point where the owners say, Screw it and make the player pay by killing whole season and going for the jugular in the next deal.

        The real question is how committed Fehr is to “winning” this deal versus getting the best deal he can with players making money this season. I don’t say it like the players/Fehr are at fault, but this is just reality in my opinion.

        Many owners do want to have a season, but they can work around a missed season much easier than players.

        The next 2 weeks are critical. (I know that is obvious, but not sure how else to put it)

        Time to Sh*t or get off the pot with these two “leaders”.

        • Cal says:

          It is possible for a deal to be struck by Thursday. Then again, cows may fly.


          I am being positive this week that all will be resolved, including the mystery of where Amelia Earhart landed. ( If you’re going to be a dreamer, dream big!)

        • neumann103 says:


          I tend to agree. While I think I hold the owners side substantially more responsible for this mess than the players, the fact is there are no real existential issues here and they are close enough on the terms that if a deal does not get done it bodes very poorly.

          They effectively have already conceded that they are going to get to a 50/50 split of a similar definition of hockey related revenues. And it is largely a matter of how quickly they get there and how existing contracts are treated (rollback, escrow, grow out etc).

          At this point the league needs to honour the existing contracts and be prepared to move a couple of years on when the 50/50 is reached to get what they want without taking ownership for solving their own structural problems with haves vs have nots. The players need to accept a deal where the signed contracts are honoured but (somewhat like with the current CBA) are at risk to be fully paid if revenue targets are not achieved. In return they ought to be able to hold fast on the free agency pieces. A limit on contract terms of 5 or 6 years would be good for the game and I wish they would both just agree to this. It seems like a reasonable concession from the players if they avoid getting screwed on first and second contracts and Free Agency and arbitration terms. The fact that the >6 year contract affects a tiny minority of the wealthiest players ought to ease that a bit.

          I don’t think this is a “fair” deal. It is biased to the Owners. But the eventual deal was always going to be biased to the Owners. But it is not brutal to the players and probably will work out somewhat like the 2005 CBA, and hurt the players less than expected.

          But if they cannot get something like this done now, it could be a very long and pointless wait. What the hell would they even be negotiating about?

          And while the NHL clearly has a single minded goal in this, I think they vastly underestimate the negative effects on the profile and viability of the game in non-traditional markets if there is not hockey by January. We could see some franchise failures,or more to the point, depress revenues enough that the marginal teasm would still be marginal even with a big increase in their share of the HRR pie.

          I always thought that it would be later into November before any real negotiations took place but that they would get a deal done in time for a 50ish game season. But they are closer now than I expected. I really think that the growth pattern of the NHL gets stopped in its tracks if there is not hockey by January. And if there is not hockey in January then there likely is not hockey for a long time indeed.

          “Et le but!”

          • HabinBurlington says:

            Well put Peter. Sorry the game you went and saw at Ricoh was such a stinker. Was there many Dogs fans there?

      • Phil C says:

        I’m with JF on this. The players will only lose money on the first few years of this deal if they take the current offer. Same for the owners in that they will only take them a few years to get to 50-50 if they take the players offer. It is simply not enough to gain to justify losing an entire season, so I think they settle by the 25th. If not, the next pressure point would be January to save half a season, so I think it is either this week or January, or nothing.

      • JoeC says:

        “If the unthinkable happens and this entire season goes by the boards, as was the case with the 2004-05 season, well, let’s just say there is a special place in sports hell for the NHL and its players, and it involves a lot of nonstop tape loops of Jacques Martin news conferences”

        LOVE IT!

  18. centre hice says:

    Can anyone confirm that tomorrow’s Bulldogs game is on TVAsports?

    I changed my package to include TVAsports thinking that the entire Bulldogs season was going to be broadcast, but when I check on Tues 7:00 it’s not on. I’m on videotron Illico.

    • Bripro says:

      G’mornin’ Cal. Great tune.
      The first rock concert I ever went to was at Montreal’s old Autostad, and Floyd played the Dark Side of the Moon concert.
      Awesome band, awesome music, awesome selection.
      Have a great one!

      “I’m here to tell you: Gary Bettman hasn’t felt this alive since he killed Harry Potter’s parents.”

      • Cal says:

        Nice. My first was ELO in 1977 at Place des Nations.
        Jeff Lynne remarked that the bleeping flies were having a good time. Imagine, $12 for a ticket to a 2 1/2 hour show.

      • Blondie says:

        Deep Purple at the Forum ’72. On the floor, center, 12 rows back from the stage.

        • Bripro says:

          Sweet. Machine Head was my first 33 album purchase. Wore the vinyl out! That will be my next song, I guess.

          “I’m here to tell you: Gary Bettman hasn’t felt this alive since he killed Harry Potter’s parents.”

          • Blondie says:

            Lazy, one of my favourite all-time tunes, or Smoke on the Water should lend themselves nicely to the exercise.

            I remember buying Who Do We Think We Are without previously hearing any of the tracks on it. Turned out to be a great album.

  19. Bripro says:

    (Reboot)…nothin’. Just like the NHL.
    (heavy sigh)
    G’night all!

    “I’m here to tell you: Gary Bettman hasn’t felt this alive since he killed Harry Potter’s parents.”

  20. Bripro says:

    I must admit, the Bengals have an impressive group of cheerleaders. 😉

    “I’m here to tell you: Gary Bettman hasn’t felt this alive since he killed Harry Potter’s parents.”

  21. Bripro says:

    For a while there I was picturing burly throwing his tv through the window, especially the way his steelers looked lost through the first 20 minutes, but I guess he’s breathing a little easier since the D seems to be holding out, even with all the mistakes by the O.
    As for my Pats, was there ever any doubt? (semblance of a smirk on face …. Well hidden from the reader)

    EDIT: impressive second half, though.

    As for my throwing something through my window, my Mac went white screen on me friday. I’m working on an iPad until my baby comes back to me. (Like NHL…… Heavy sigh)
    “I’m here to tell you: Gary Bettman hasn’t felt this alive since he killed Harry Potter’s parents.”

    • shiram says:

      But all those hipsters keep telling me Macs never have any issues!! 😉

      • Bripro says:

        This hipster can tell you that in 15 years of having Apple computers, it’s my first time. Thank God for my external hard drive, otherwise, there goes all my work.

        “I’m here to tell you: Gary Bettman hasn’t felt this alive since he killed Harry Potter’s parents.”

        • shiram says:

          I worked in a computer department for a large print media company, and obviously they used Macs, and apart from having a far smaller # of Macs, they would proportionally fail on a similar % to Windows PC.
          What can be said is that the average Mac user I had to work with was more knowledgeable than the average Windows user.

          • Bripro says:

            In my first six years of running my business, I averaged a PC per year.
            In the last eight years, this is my second MAC Desktop (and three Macbooks/laptops). I’ll never go back to a PC.

            “I’m here to tell you: Gary Bettman hasn’t felt this alive since he killed Harry Potter’s parents.”

          • shiram says:

            Choice is great, and we would be better served if there was another contestant in this battle of Behemoths

  22. ProHabs says:

    Can someone tell me if this is the same guy that is playing for the Hamilton Bulldogs. If it is, that is embarressing.


    • otter649 says:

      Yes it is – Boyce was wearing the full face shield because his nose almost got ripped off (expression) when it got caught in one of those round openings in the glass for cameras……

  23. HabinBurlington says:

    A decent article discussing how KHL will not be able to compete with NHL from a financial perspective.


    • Sean Bonjovi says:

      Here’s why I believe this article completely misses the point. The article makes a strong case that the KHL could would not be a sustainable business with NHL-like player payrolls, and that no KHL team is good enough to win the Stanley Cup. The article claims “It survives off many hundreds of millions of dollars from oligarchs whose dubious fortunes were amassed when they ruthlessly bought up huge state enterprises for a song during the brutal months that followed the collapse of the Soviet Union.”, which implies that the league doesn’t generate enough revenue to even cover current player cost.

      The KHL doesn’t need to be as good as the NHL, or lure every NHL player to the KHL with more money to hurt the NHL. The KHL only needs to cherry pick a few stars to improve it’s level of play and the fact that “It survives off many hundreds of millions of dollars from oligarchs whose dubious fortunes were amassed when they ruthlessly bought up huge state enterprises for a song during the brutal months that followed the collapse of the Soviet Union.” is what makes them a threat to do that.

      If the NHL didn’t care about, or need hockey fans in Europe, it wouldn’t send six teams to Europe at the beginning of every season. The NHL owns the North American Market, and the KHL owns the Russian market, but central and northern Europe are up for grabs and I imagine the KHL will have teams in Sweden, and Finland, and Germany before the NHL does, and the KHL is already in Latvia, and Slovakia, and the Czech Republic. One of the advantages the NHL has when competing for talent is the ability to pay higher salaries while still making a profit, but the NHL is actively and aggressively trying to lessen that advantage.

      The NHL is the “best league with the best players” today, and it will be tomorrow, but in a few years it could be the “best league with almost all of the best players”, and then “…most of the best players”, then “…more great players than any other league”.

      The KHL owners might go broke competing with the NHL, but that doesn’t mean that the NHL has nothing to worry about.

      P.S. This a subject for a different conversion, but I don’t just automatically assume that Canadian people will still love Hockey 20, and 30, and 40 years from now the way that we love hockey today, either.

  24. Boomer says:

    Hey Comm I think I’ve found a site to watch Tappara games streamed live (for Barkov). I say “I think” cause I haven’t been able to test it out yet. My anti-virus program expired 2 days ago and I’m getting it replaced next Friday. You want the link to try it out or do you wanna wait till next Friday?

  25. Haborama says:

    so Galchenyuk is on pace for about 85 points this season, not a big accomplishment at all in itself, but considering that he’s coming off an entire missed season, and is playing on a crappy and offensively impotent team it’s quite a feat. If he were to be playing for a legitimate team like Niagara, or Barrie, nevermind a powerhouse like Guelph or London he would easily be in the 100 point range……..

    • Chris says:

      Couple of points:

      Guelph is probably not going to have a 100 point player, because their scoring is pretty evenly spread out over the top three lines.

      As for Sarnia, I think the idea that there is no talent there is a bit nuts. Sarnia is a bad team, true, but they have four guys that are playing at roughly a point-per-game clip. That’s enough to surround Galchenyuk with talent.

      Yakupov did enough to be the 1st overall pick with roughly the same guys, and Galchenyuk will do the same.

    • Luke says:

      Re: Niagara.

      I think that ship has sailed. I think last year was their year. They lost some pretty key players over the summer and a lot of the their depth as well.
      Guys like Strome, Ritchie & Hamilton will most likely be traded if it looks like the NHL season is in jeopardy.

  26. HabinBurlington says:

    For some reason I am currently picturing Bripro throwing various projectiles at his TV. (Patriots just fumbled kickoff at their own 20 with 2mins to play, game tied)

  27. HabinBurlington says:

    An interesting read on the difficulties in a negotiation. My apologies in advance for the website Forbes, it is filled with advertisements (I find it annoying).

  28. Da Hema says:

    Is it just me, or does Gary Bettman, with each passing day, look more menacing in photos?

  29. JF says:

    If indeed the framework of a new CBA is in place, there can be no excuse for not reaching an agreement soon. One side should say to the other, “OK, we’re agreed in principle on 50/50; let’s meet tomorrow morning and hammer out the details.” If they dropped the rhetoric and posturing and adopted an approach of “Let’s get it done,” they’d have an agreement in days if not hours.

  30. geo_habsgo says:

    So is Bozon really THAT good? He seems like a superstar in the making. Is he that talented or is it mostly because of the strength of the team he’s playing on?

    • commandant says:

      He’s on a great team with an incredibly powerful offence. Still of that whole team, he’s the best pro prospect of the bunch, and is a big driving factor in the success.

      Is he gonna be a superstar? I don’t know about that. But I could see him as a definite top 6 forward, maybe even a top line guy.

      Go Habs Go!
      Check out Top Shelf Prospects, my Team by Team prospect reports

      • geo_habsgo says:

        Thanks for the insight. That is a good thing to hear. This last draft seems to have been so wacky with gems like him slipping so far.

        As a comparable, which NHL player would you think he is most like right now?

        • commandant says:

          I see a lot of Kris Versteeg in him stylistically…. (good skater, two way play, good shot, and can create offence from the wing, a little grit in his game, but not a power forward).

          But thats more style than potential.

          I think Bozon has the potential to be an even better version.

          Go Habs Go!
          Check out Top Shelf Prospects, my Team by Team prospect reports

          • geo_habsgo says:

            That’s an interesting comparison. Even if he only reached Versteeg heights, it would be good to have a consistent 40-50 point player on the second or third line.

            Depending on how development goes for some of these players, our team has some huge offensive potential. Galchenyuk, MaxPac, Bozon, Plekanec, Eller, and Desharnais make up a good core of talent and they all show flares of dynamic and creative offensive ability.

            In two to three years, this team is going to look dramatically different.

  31. Mavid says:

    that is heartbreaking…my dad had esophagus cancer that took his life..he too loved hockey so much..the TV was always on hockey even when it appeared that he had no idea were he was,,the world juniors were playing on those last few days..he laid in bed motionless and when they scored he would raise his fist in the air…those people need to watch this and realize how important this is to alot of fans…get it together…

  32. jols101 says:

    Talking about dominant Junior hockey teams – The Kamloops Blazers.

    13 games with 12 wins and 1 shoot out loss for 25 of a possible 26 points.

    The top 4 scores in the League. Including Habs Prospect Tim Bozon at #3.

    That’s very impressive. The Blazers have Memorial Cup written all over them. Will be interesting to see if they can keep up this torrid pace. Would have to be a League record for points if they do.

  33. Price07 says:

    The players and owners should definitely see this video. Poor players, they only get paid millions of dollars to play a friggin game and get treated like kings by their teams. But taking a decrease in is just completely unfair…right.

  34. BJ says:

    Ultimately its about the Fans. Young and old. Healthy and sick like the fan in the video.

  35. Habfan10912 says:

    I’ll be the first to say what a heart wrenching video.

    • frontenac1 says:

      Puts it all in context eh amigos? Hockey IS more than just a business. It is who we are. Two suits who never strapped on a pair of blades will never change that. Saluidos!

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