Four point game for Habs-Sens


It’s a big, four-point game for the Canadiens when they visit Ottawa tonight, hopeful of ending their five-game slide. The Senators sit in the East’s eighth spot, six points up on the Habs. A regulation win for Montreal shaves that to a more manageable four, although Washington, Winnipeg and Buffalo are still between them and the Sens. A regulation loss makes the gap eight points.

Ottawa has had a surprising first half and they’ve played some of their best hockey of the season recently, having gotten 9 of a possible 12 points in their last six games. They’ve defeated the Sabres twice, the Panthers and Penguins, plus losing in OT to Carolina. After dropping five of six to begin the season, they’ve gone 16-9-5 record in the 30 games since Oct. 20.

Plus, they made an important move to help themselves this month by trading with Phoneix for Kyle Turris, giving them a bona fide second line centre.

For those who have forgotten, Turris was drafted third overall in 2007 behind Patrick Kane and James van Riemsdyk. Top scorer on the star-laden Team Canada squad at the 2008 World Junior Tournament, he looked like the real deal, but needed to mature as a player, which he felt wasn’t happening in Phoenix. A restricted free agent last summer, Turris refused to sign by the start of the season and didn’t come to terms with the Coyotes until Nov. 22. After playing six games, GM Don Maloney accommodated his wish and Turris was dealt to Ottawa on Dec. 17.

He’s played three games since then, getting an assist in each; in the first two, he set up the game-winning goals. This is a fresh start for a talented player.

The Sens will also get Milan Michalek back in the lineup tonight. The top line winger was leading the NHL in goals when he collided with a teammate and suffered a concussion on Dec. 13, taking him from the lineup for the last five games. His 19 goals still leads the Sens and he remains among the league leaders (Rangers’ Marian Gaborik how has 22).

With Turris now in the lineup, coach Paul MacLean can keep his top three offensive threats — Michalek, Jason Spezza and Daniel Alfredsson — together on one line, with Turris between Bobby Butler and Nick Foligno on the second line. Peter Regin had been on that trio, but could be lost for the season with a shoulder injury. Butler, a player with a good scoring touch that has gone missing, will now get a shot in hopes that he can develop some chemistry with Turris.

But with rugged guys like Chris Neil and Zenon Konopka on the third and fourth lines, not to mention big rookie Colin Greening who has a bit of offensive talent as well, all four lines for Ottawa can pose a threat.

On the blue line, Erik Karlsson continues to enjoy a breakout season. His 33 points are the best among all NHL defencemen; his 29 assists are the second-most among all skaters. He’s had seven points in this last four games and 10 in his last 10.

Power play quarterback Sergei Gonchar had been producing at a steady pace (10 points in 13 games) until he went down with an upper body injury on Dec. 10 and missed four games. He hasn’t recorded any points in the three since his return.

In addition to Regin, Jesse Winchester is sidelined wiht a concussion and defenceman Chris Phillips won’t play as he’s got an undisclosed minor problem suffered in the Carolina game on Dec. 23. Brian Lee will take his spot on the third pairing.

Habs fans concerned about their team’s third period performances should note that the Senators are the most productive third period team in the NHL, having scored a league-high 51 goals. Of course, they’ve also surrendered 48, second most in the league.

Alfredsson (upon whom Mike Boone regularly bestows the cursed middle initial “F.”) has been very hot lately, with nine points in his last five games. He’s now at 399 goals for his career and with his parents in town from Sweden for the holidays, he has motivation to get 400 either tonight or against the Sabres at home on Friday. The Canadiens will be happy to postpone the celebration.

Here’s how the Sens should line up for tonight’s game.

Milan Michalek-Jason Spezza-Daniel Alfredsson
Nick Foligno-Kyle Turris-Bobby Butler
Colin Greening-Zack Smith-Chris Neil
Erik Condra-Zenon Konopka-Kaspars Daugavins

Jared Cowen-Erik Karlsson
Filip Kuba-Sergei Gonchar
Brian Lee-Matt Carkner

Craig Anderson
Alex Auld


  1. solomio says:

    Here’s a novel approach for you guys. Try it on for size.
    PG knew exactly what he was doing making RC the interim coach and knew what the consequences would be. Knowing full well that the Habs chances of making the playoffs were slim and none PG gives a good coach, a great guy and an ex journeyman player the chance to get some NHL coaching under his belt with the most prestigeous club de hockey in the world.
    He said.. Randy my friend I can give you this interim head coaching opportunity which will come with a shit storm of adversity, pressure and personal insult. You know exactly what you’;ve got in terms of player personnel and all in all it ain’t that good a team. As well even if you can pull this team into the playoffs you will still be fired in the end.
    RC said yes Pierre thanks very much for he opportunity..I accept.
    PG genuflected, said a few Hail Marys and released the Krakken.
    Sounds plausible to me.

    “I figure PG has one or 2 moves left to bring the Habs that extra step closer to perhaps being the best in the league.” – Einstein

  2. podbay says:

    I really wish *everyone* would lay off Randy Cunneyworth and just let him be. Migod, how is the dear man dealing with the shyte pressure being put on him by the pea-brained Quebec media and politicians? Another sore point: this “lower body injury/upper body injury” shyte has gone beyond tiresome. What is wrong with Gomez and Gionta? Do they have broken kneecaps or a sore big toe?

    I don’t care if our team loses its remaining games. I am 100% behind Cunneyworth, and will never stop supporting the Habs. If we do suck farts from dead buffaloes for the remainder of the season, we can expect a complete house cleaning in the spring.

    As for a new coach, what will Habs mgmt do, regardless of whether Molson cans Gauthier, if Cunneyworth improves the team? Dump him for a bilingual coach? If so, my feeling is to stay as far away from Patrick Roy as possible.

    Happy New Year.

  3. CF says:

    Hereès a trade for you:
    Gomez, Markov, Gionta (although I donèt want to trade him) and Kaberle = TB
    Lecavalier, Malone, Moore = Montreal

    Or throw in a couple others to make the cap hit work.

    • podbay says:

      .: This trade will happen when fish ride bicycles, the moon explodes, the Cubs win the World Series, and monkeys fly out of my butt. Or if Steve Yzerman takes major hallucinogenic drugs over a lengthy period of time.

  4. Phil C says:

    Can’t wait for tonight’s game. This will really be the first time we will see RC’s stamp on the team, as he finally has had time to fully assess the situation as head coach. It will be interesting to see if anyone on the team steps up. A nice bonus is getting to watch Karlsson play for Ottawa; one of the nicest skaters in the league. The Sens are prone to mistakes, but they will come at you for 60 minutes. It should be a good game because both teams are rested and it is almost a must-win for the Habs.

    • solomio says:

      wish I could share your enthusiasm. Sens have a lot more talent than the Habs.

      “I figure PG has one or 2 moves left to bring the Habs that extra step closer to perhaps being the best in the league.” – Einstein

  5. HABZZZ says:

    Here is an idea guys Why don’t you just try and have some fun out there. Everyone expects you to lose so just play the game the way you know how to and see what happens. The pressure is gone now and the excuses are endless. I think PK is going to suprise a lot of people this game. But if we all want them to get out of this funk they are in then let up a bit. Always told my players that if you don’t have anything good to say keep quite and cheer your buddies on. Nothing kills a team like negative yapping. And can some one please tell me any sport in North America where politics is involved? We the fans want you politicians to just shut up and enjoy the game.

  6. Habsolutely says:

    and people wonder why free agents don’t want to come to Montreal. Brian Gionta scores 28 goals and 18 assists his first season with us. He scores 29 goals and 17 assists last season. This season he’s struggling a bit and people are shitting on him and calling for him to be traded. Montreal fans have to be the biggest idiots in all of sports. Just a bunch of braindead fanboys who don’t know squat about hockey .

    • habs03 says:

      Welcome to MTL, Cammy scores 39 goals and 69 points in 84 games (counting playoffs) in his first season, 22 goals 57 points in 74 games in his 2nd season. And now with a poor half season, he is now our worst player.

      • TomNickle says:

        Outside of Darche, he currently is our worst player though.

        If this season goes down the drain, I would be happy with him being moved for something of value. But I don’t want him shipped out for nothing, I’d be happy with something resembling effort from him.

        And that’s why I’ll never knock Gionta. Effort is almost always there.

    • piper says:

      Not really, he just has to be a part moved (if possible) for the future. The brain dead fan boys are the ones that think the Habs can still be contenders in the near future.

    • jo_maka says:

      Look man. I see where you’re coming from. As far as I’m concerned, I want a team that contend year in and year out. For that to happen, you need to build. I love Gio and Cammy. But if we have to sacrifice the development of young players for them to be comfortable AND still not produce, then you know…welcome to the NHL !!!

      I know in Mtl, we’re all about emotions. This is not a knee-jerk reaction like ”Trade the bum !!!” or ”Get off my lawn !!!”. Instead this is about getting the best we can for this team to contend with consistency for several years.
      Open-mindedness is not a skull fracture

    • OH, yes, please, trash all of us for not agreeing with your 46 point superstar. I happen to like Gionta, and all tha the brings to the team, but please don’t say it’s because of his awesome offensive contribution. There seem to be 2 camps of Habs fans these days, one complains about the team and its performance, and 1 trashes the first one for complaining about the team and its performance. Maybe we should just bow down to your incredible hockey knowledge and give you the salary cap to spend. I’m sure you could find a few 46 pointers who would gladly sign 35 Million dollar contracts. And people are not “shitting” on Gionta, stupid of you to pick him. He’s the one guy who will bring heart to every game and every shift and the team misses him.

      • Habsolutely says:

        oh sorry, I forgot, you’re the prototypical hab fan who thinks a player who doesn’t score 50 goals for us a season is garbage and should be moved. Like the nimrods I see posting about Eller complaining that he isn’t putting up Crosby type numbers. Some people just don’t understand hockey and all the facets of the game.

        • piper says:

          Ok kid, you’re right keep with the status quo or make a few tweeks and the cup will be just around the corner.

        • Yes, I’m the prototypical Hab fan who thinks a guy making 5-6 million should get more than 50 POINTS, not 50 GOALS. And I credit, as I did above, Gionta with bringing more to the rink than the points, but sorry, I think we should get more from our top 6 salary earners than we’re getting. Telling me you wouldn’t like to have Crosby/Malkin, or Toews/Kane, or Ovechkin/Backstrom? Even Hall/Eberle and RNH? All you have to do is commit to a complete rebuild, accept the fact your team will take a step back or two before taking a giant leap forward. Make your scouting department the best funded, hire the best teachers for the ECHL and AHL teams and develop long term talent. We did it with Price, Subban and Pax. And I love all 3 of them.

  7. Bobcat Bob says:

    Bobcat Bob
    Directed to HH and other ” experts” on the Habs — I am a loyal fan not a negative (deleted) like you, who does have one good thing to say about anything in like I would think. Hope the Habs stick it right up your (deleted).

    • issie74 says:

      Last time I looked this was Geoff Molson ‘s team, not HH

      and yes we all know HH they are too small too soft …. and we should tank. Heard it all last year


    • Could not agree with you more. There is, though, a difference between being negative and bring frustrated. I am frustrated. I agree with others when they say to have and hold on to anything close to a long term winning team you have to build from within, and when roster spots and salaries are being consumed by players who will not be a long term solution then I say admit it, deal with, and re-write the plan. Businesses do it all the time, and I’ve never worked for a busines that uses “good enough” as a culture to build a winning organization around. HH is the negative fan. MWHF is a frustrated one. Obviously with a wee bit too much time on his hands.

  8. Bobcat Bob says:

    Bobcat Bob
    Boy oh Boy,I am so sick of supposed Habs fans writing the season off, trading this man or that man, suggesting goons or tanking for a draft choice. Give me a completely healthy line-up ( yes including Markov) and the Habs finish 4 th or 5th in the conference. Oh yea of little faith.

  9. showey47 says:

    There should be a “none of the above” option for the next coach of the habs poll. Robinson would make a great assistant though.

  10. habs03 says:

    Sadly I think our playoff chances went out the window when JM was hired, I wanted JM gone in the offseason, but the he gets the most out of the little that he has. I say scrub the season play the young guys, see what they can do, and retool in the offseason. Got some good parts on this team, and going into an new easier conference, we’ll be fine.

  11. AH says:

    TINORDI: was at the US game last night, he did ok but didn’t dazzle by any means. Looked slow, needs more speed, but his skating quality looked fine. I was disappointed in his physical game. Was hoping to see him crunch some guys but he didn’t, and he got crunched himself a couple of times. He scored and that’s what was a pleasant surprise, he was pinching in and trying to get involved in the offense. Not knocking him by any means, with continued improvement, he’ll look good on the Habs blueline. Denmark was awful and no challenge. The kid who really stood out was that Emerson Etem, he’s a wheeler man!

  12. CanadienBoy says:

    Weber and Capolie out tonight ,,this look better on paper for the D pairs ,hope they win because we all, 9of us gone a be there

  13. jo_maka says:

    I really wish we don’t make the playoffs. Before wielding your pitchforks, hear me out.

    I don’t advocate tanking on purpose. All I wish is that this young core that is struggling now are given the keys of this team. So that the underachieving vets can be shipped elsewhere at trade deadline for any team wishing to squeak in and in need of playoff stalwarts that are expendables on the Habs (e.g: Gill, and one of either Gionta or Cammalleri). The prospects we get in return and the draft choices are a better way to tune this team up for the long term. Not bandaid trades.

    Also, keep in mind that this is not Molson’s team. This is still mostly Gillett’s. I think Molson might wanna give his own imprint and a new identity to this team. I certainly hope for that. Now he’s still shackled with all those crazy contracts from previous managements and ownership. So it makes sense that Randy’s interim. Meaning we might actually have a blow-up next summer. I don’t think our rebuild will take 3 years. Next year should be interesting.
    Open-mindedness is not a skull fracture

    • habs03 says:

      Agree to an extent, specially on how this isn’t Molson, but don’t expect Cammy-Gionta etc to be traded for picks, these guys have big contacts, so any trade involves another big contract coming back. Plus I wouldn’t give up on those guys just yet, Gionta shown he is a good leader, and Cammy is just having a bad season like everyone else.

      • jo_maka says:

        True. Then again all we need for that kind of trade to go our way is an almost desperate GM. An almost there team. Something like say a Jets. First season back in the Peg, wonderful fans and an owner who took a huge gamble. If they’re in 9th or 10th place, they might just move.

        The ones I wouldn’t touch as far as vets go are Cole, AK, Gorges and Plekanec. Anything else goes. For the kids: Price, Subban, Patch, Eller, DD, White, Emelin, yes even Diaz. And of course, don’t touch anything from the Dogs if possible. I think we did OK in the past few years in drafting. It’s when it comes to develop them that we get impatient. So I wouldn’t touch any of Avtsin, Leblanc, Naatinen, Nash, DeSimone or Paloosh. When our juniors come up, it’s gonna be something.
        Open-mindedness is not a skull fracture

        • habs03 says:

          Again, you need contact coming back, most of these teams are budget teams, Jets are not going to take Cammy without a big contact coming back, and Cammy gets paid 7M per year in the next 2 season so for them to trade for me, Antropov, or Hainsey, maybe even both have to go the other way.

          Someone mentioned it the other day, but the only type of deal to be made would be something like Gionta for Havlat, which I would never do, but that’s pretty much what the deal would have to be like.

      • issie74 says:

        Cammy is having a bad year,how about Plecs he has 7 goals to Cammy’s six,or does he have eight Cammy did set him up big time on his last goal.


        • jo_maka says:

          Even when slumping, Plek is still our best defensive forward. And he’s from our system. I’ll take him over Cammy anyday if I need to choose.
          Open-mindedness is not a skull fracture

    • piper says:

      I agree, they should try to get rid of some vets at trade deadline whether in or out of playoffs. Gill could be attractive to some teams (Pit). Gionta, Cammy, Kaberle, Markov, Campoli, will be tough to unload anywhere so i think were stuck with them. I actually think Gomez would be easier to move than these guys.
      I’d like to see Weber and Diaz shopped.

      • Before we get too excited about trades, and I agree with you by the way, check this out; Gomez, Cammy, Pleks, Gio, Cole and Markov all have no/limited movement clauses. Kaberle doesn’t but I don’t there’s much value considering how Rutherford was so relieved to trade him to anyone. Moen, Gill, possibly Kostitsyn, and Campoli are the only ones available who have no say. Not too pretty.

        • piper says:

          I don’t think the no movement clauses would be a problem. They would all wave it in hopes of getting the hell out of this mess we have here.

          • You’d think so, but look at Kaberle and the Leafs. Players don’t want to uproot families and move, especially mid season, but many of them would be willing to if it meant a viable shot at playing with a contender. There are many teams that would be very open to some Habs if they were available.

      • vivsterjuve88 says:

        if a team like the kings start finding themselves lining up for a playoff spot, as they have for the past few years, they’ll be scrambling to grab some extra offense. They’ve got positive history with cammalleri, some cap space, and they know the past 2 yrs in the playoffs he put up absolutely stellar numbers. I think he gets a look come trade deadline time. And realistically, it IS only 2 yrs left on his contract, that’s a long time but not that long for a team making the push this year.
        Gionta’ll b tougher to move tho, only b/c he’s older and doesn’t have quite the playoff numbers/scoring potential.
        N I won’t even talk about markov/kaberle/gomez, it saddens me.

    • SPATS says:

      Good post, especially liked the “hear me out” part.

      Just this old farts 2 cents… We’ll keep Gio and Markov. I can see Cammy going for a good pick close to the deadline (he’s got good playoff stock) Gomer will get buried in Hamilton. Gill will retire. Campoli will be gone long before then, likewise Weber. Fully agree to keep the youngsters up and build around them with some cagey vets (Gio & Markov) to show them how to carry themselves on and off the ice. Bring AK back, and pickup one or 2 missing pieces with size along with putting the whole coaching controversy to rest and we should be fine. It will make this year interesting from the point of view of watching the youngsters grow up.


      • Before we can do anything, and I agree with a lot written, you cannot allow a lame duck/desperate GM to negotiate transactions. If this was still “Gillette’s” team, as you write, then PG has to be the one to go before you can seriously discuss trades or other moves with other teams. I can’t believe for a second that PG can make any kind of a major move with Molson’s approval. Or at least I truly hope not.

        • piper says:

          You’re right, and the scary part is Molson must have approved the Kaberle deal.

        • jo_maka says:

          What I mean by Gillett’s team is that Gillett is the owner who iced the biggest chunk of our lineup, not Molson, and the core remained for the past 3 years. Of course, Molson has to approve of any of PG’s move. The jury’s still out on Kabs, it could go either way. But the contract aspect is definitely not interesting.

          Open-mindedness is not a skull fracture

          • piper says:

            It’s all about the contract in the cap world. Kabs for Spacek in the old days is a decent deal.

  14. rhino514 says:

    What´s the deal with assistant coaches, like Larry Robinson? Can they leave their team at the end of every season for another team? Or are they tied to longer term contracts as well? LB would be a good choice for Mtl.

  15. Exit716 says:

    Good for the Senators to turn it around so quickly. too bad they don’t have a real fan base and have essentially allowed the Habs to keep Gatineau etc as their own territory. Amazing how little Ottawa cares about its French fan base, if there is such a thing.

  16. kholdstare says:

    Coworker was telling me today he heard on radio that after the Chicago loss there was a “fight” in the dressing room, things being thrown, etc. Just wondering if you guys heard of anything similar.

  17. Neutral says:

    There’s four teams in the eastern conference under .500 and guess who’s one of them and I don’t see it changing against Ottawa.
    when you don’t have enough toughness on a team – you’re not gonna do well – that’s only one of Habs problems.

  18. The Dude says:

    After reading the feel good”BAD” retool story bout the Sens and then scanning through their lineup I just wanna smash stuff with my ol golf clubs!

  19. Hobie Hansen says:

    Everyone has to just relax and take the next 2 1/2 seasons in stride.
    This team is going nowhere until the Gomez, Gionta, Cammalleri and Kaberle contracts are off the books at the end of the 2013/14 season.

    I shouldn’t say nowhere, they have a shot to sneak into the playoffs and roll the dice and see what happens but when the above names are gone, replaced with new UFAs and the young players who are playing in the WJHC are ready to go, that’s when we’ll see a great Habs team!!!

    “To you from failing hands we throw the torch. Be yours to hold the Smurf tradition high.”

    • rogieshan says:

      I’ve been trying to relax and take things in stride since ’94.

      • TomNickle says:

        Oh yeah? In ’94, you were at the end of your rope with three Cups in the prior decade were ya?

        • In ’94 we had no clue how spoiled we were. Now we do.

          • Hobie Hansen says:

            I was 17-years-old, in the building, when they won their last cup. I could have never imagined almost two decades of misery would follow.

        • TomNickle says:

          Three Cups in 10 years is excellent to elite in any era.

          Going two decades without having won one is one thing. Being upset one season removed from a third championship in a short period of time is beyond selfish.

          • Being a (bit) older than you Hobie, I remember the season we lost 8 games. In a season, not a month. We were spoiled rotten but one thing we’ve lost is the arrogant sense of entitlement we all had back then. We used to be stunned when they didn’t win, so accustomed we were to them winning. When they win their next one, boy, I hope we’ll understand how hard it was to do. And we will win a next one.

          • rogieshan says:

            Who said I was at the end of my rope in ’94? Perhaps I should have made my point clearer. I was trying to infer that after seventeen years of accepting defeat, and with little hope in the near future, the situation is beginning to wear on me.

            I was very proud of the franchise after the cup win in ’93 – much like in ’86, it was unexpected. I recall feeling content and happy to concede the next ten years without another taste of championship.

    • Unless Gomez somehow becomes a point a game player this season, he should get used to Hamilton as his contract will be buried like many other teams have done. If we have to be patient, as you suggest, then better to trade Cammaleri (and possibly Gill who has value for a playoff team), keep Gionta for leadership and make do with Kaberle. Trace them for picks and’or prospect(s). Habs fans could be convinced to show patience if we were stockpiling talent along the way (worked for Pittsburgh, Chicago, Washington, and now anyways, Edmonton. But to keep changing 4 quarters for a dollar patience will be hard to come by. Then again, a 3 game win streak and all the talk will be about the character and chemistry and how all this was just a speed bump for an otherwise Stanley Cup contender. Sigh.

      • HabinBurlington says:

        I first want to see how a healthy Gomez and Gio play under Cunneyworth. If after playing 10-20 games healthy results are the same, then send Gomez to Hamilton. But it is worth finding out first.

        • Gomez will last the rest of the season regardless of the outcome. There’s nothing to gain sending him down now, unless we had a salary cap issue which we don’t (unless we are contending by the traqde deadline), so they’ll get their chance. But with Cunneyworth having zero chance of coming back, even if the chemistry worked, we’d be back to square one next season. He’ll be sent down during training camp next September. WHo knows, maybe Sather will pick him up on waivers. It’s too bad because I’m not a Gomez basher, and never was. the contract wasn’t his fault. But the numbers don’t lie and he can’t make a go of it here.

      • Hobie Hansen says:

        As good as Cammalleri can sometimes be, I doubt there are a lot of teams that want to lock into paying him 6 Million a year for the next 2 1/2 seasons.

        • There are some teams that have room, and some of them may remember his performance from 2 years ago when he almost carried the offense. Dallas, Ottawa, Florida and Minnesota have more than enough cap room and all are currently holding playoff spots. Toronto has even less cap space than Montreal, although I’m sure they’d love to have him too.

        • Arrow77 says:

          He was a 30+ goal scorer before he came here. Another GM might think he’d do better in another context and considering our history, that’s not a bad bet.

          • I agree. If he’d accept a trade I think there might be some takers out there. He doesn’t look very inspired to be a Hab these days. But he’ll go out soon and score 6 goals in 8 games and all will be forgiven. As usual.

    • habstrinifan says:

      “This team is going nowhere until the Gomez, Gionta, Cammalleri and Kaberle contracts are off the books at the end of the 2013/14 season. ” Imagine just a month ago we DIDNT have the Kaberle contract. Say what you will about Pierre MacGuire.. he’s right on this one. PG’s desperation move was dumb.

    • Arrow77 says:

      The way I see it, we won’t have to wait that long.

      First, Gomez will go to the minors after this year. Not just to get rid of his contract but because that’s where a player of his production should be.

      Secondly, no one thought Gionta and Cammalleri were going to be that bad this year, which makes them moveable. There are so many players who had a career revival after leaving Montreal, it has to work in our favor.

      I’m still trying to assess where Kaberle fits in with this team. We can’t say he hasn’t brought what he was supposed to bring when Gauthier aquired him and he might still prove valuable.

      In fact, I still think that if we could replace Gomez with somebody who deserves his cap hit, the team would be much improved.

  20. sergio30 says:

    When did Kyle turris become a Bonafide Second line centre?? heck, when did he become a Bonafide centre???

    • HabinBurlington says:

      Thanks for saving me from typing that. I recognize he is young and talented, but he has so far looked more like Benoit Pouliot than a Bonafide Center.

      This webste loves to stir the pot with their grass is greener approach to most every other team in league.

  21. Full credit to the Sens. Only the most die hard of fans would have predicted they’d be where they are in the standings and full credit to them for doing so. How Michalak became Wayne Gretzky is beyond me, but trading Fisher, while tough because of his popularity, turned out to the the right move and there’s excitement in the Nation’s capital and deservedly so. Here in Montreal? Ummmm, not so much. But still, GO HABS GO.

  22. prankstergod says:

    not sure turris is a ‘bona fide second line centre’ yet. likely will be though. anyone watch the US game yesterday? how did Tinordi look?

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