Four games in six nights for Habs

The Canadiens enjoyed a day off Sunday to rest up for what will be a very busy week with four games in six nights.

The New Jersey Devils will be at the Bell Centre Monday (7:30 p.m., TSN-HABS, RDS, TSN Radio 690) and then the Canadiens will be in New Jersey Wednesday. Boston then visits the Bell Centre on Thursday, followed by the Buffalo Sabres on Saturday.

The Canadiens, coming off a 4-2 win over Toronto on Saturday, have a 7-1-2 record in their last 10 games. That’s the best record in the Eastern Conference over that span and Montreal hasn’t allowed more than two goals in any of those games.

“We are managing the puck well, spending a lot of time in the offensive zone and playing solid defensively,” Canadiens coach Michel Therrien said after Saturday’s win.

At Monday’s morning skate, Michael Bournival was skating on the fourth line with Brandon Prust and Travis Moen, meaning George Parros looks to be a healthy scratch against the Devils along with Ryan White. On defence, Douglas Murray is expected to play with Francis Bouillon a healthy scratch.

(Photo by Richard Wolowicz/Getty Images)

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  1. Strummer says:

    “It’s just an opinion – I could be wrong”

  2. Strummer says:

    Meanwhile on
    Not a single Leaf story on the Home page.

    Tonight’s Hab game is No.3 story behind WJHC and Curling.

    On the Videos on the side Nazem Kadri radio interview on TSN1050 this morning is at the bottom of the page, well below 2 Hab stories- on tonight’s Habs game and Max Pac is a good Fantasy pick now.

    Toronto Sports Network? Maybe the tide is turning

    “It’s just an opinion – I could be wrong”

  3. zephyr says:

    I love having murray on d. he & emelin are able to win the board battles so we don’t get pinned in our end forever. murray also nailed a few guys sending them arse over teakettle incl a beauty on kadri. he’s like a physical hal gill. by having some force in our lineup, our speed guys can focus on the game & not dodging cheap shots all nite. how many breakaways did we have? penalties should’ve been called but it’s anyone’s guess when an actual call will be made in the nhl. there must be an iq maximum of 70 for nhl officials.
    bournival needs to play. so does bourque. dd was a stud again sat. nite. he’s a fighter & wins most of his battles. it’s gionta & briere who are the expendable little guys.
    galchenyuk needs to handle the puck more. we don’t get it to him often enough. he’s gifted playmaker.

  4. krob1000 says:

    Pacioretty now on pace for 37 goals in 73 games, Pleks on pace for 27 and Gallagher on pace for 28.

  5. Luke says:

    Hudon & Fucale invited to the 2014 WJHC camp

  6. kempie says:

    If you ever lose your toungue to a freak industrial or kitchen accident, you’ll still be able to annunciate perfectly the name “Jaromir Jagr”.

  7. donmarco says:

    Analysis of tonight’s game from the Devil’s perspective. They sure dont give Murray much respect.–Montreal-Canadiens—Game-28/159/56132

    • Say Ash says:

      “Ryder has done basically nothing since the first 10 games of the season, so perhaps a game against his former team will get him going. The Devils need something, anything, from him.”

    • Cal says:

      I’d like to see Cordell on skates. Aside from being erroneous regarding Murray, his wording is pretty much garbage.

    • Shackles says:

      Calling Murray garbage certainly takes away from this individual’s ability to create a mature and intellectual piece of writing. And if all Murray can do is block shots and clear the net – I’m OK with that.

    • Strummer says:

      f you look at Murray’s play from a couple of weeks back you would come to the same conclusion but whoever researched this article hasn’t seen him play recently.
      Garbage preview.

      “It’s just an opinion – I could be wrong”

  8. munch17 says:

    Lots of comments about our D.
    57 goals in 27 games.
    Only the Broons are better ( 55 in 27).
    Must be doing something right.
    Goalies aren’t too shabby either.

    • DipsyDoodler says:

      Nick Kypreos? They cannot be serious! As mickey mouse as HNIC can be, there was always the Sportsnet crew to remind you how much worse things could be.

    • HabinBurlington says:

      Excellent read, thanks Luke for the link. When i saw Kypreos’s mug show up on HNIC I knew that indeed the end was near.

      I agree with Lambert’s comments and I a made them earlier, there is zero motivation for Rogers to do any improvements on the games they show. They now have a monopoly, in fact I expect we start seeing worse game production, worse angles, fewer cameras etc… Rogers now just has to rape the public for 12 years.

    • Strummer says:

      I’m in the minority but I don’t mind Kypreos.

      I prefer him to the rest of the HNIC panel except for Friedman
      He was responding to to questions about the Leafs and even commented on how Phaneuf frustrates Leaf fans- nothing complimentary there. He also showed he is a PK Subban fan.

      I feel we should give him a chance before we crucify him.
      “It’s just an opinion – I could be wrong”

  9. jamman says:

    I kno were on a tear but I’d like to see Bournival with Patches and Desharnais. Mainly to re-unite Gallagher and Galchenyuk but I think that would be a tough line to contain.

  10. The Jackal says:

    I think the Habs have a good corp of defensemen, that being said, does that mean that we play well in our own end?

    From what I’ve seen, we defend against the rush and against gaining the zone well, we are also alright at getting rebounds, but we are very bad when it comes to defending against sustained pressure or an aggressive forecheck that pressures our players, and that is what makes us just slightly above average defensively.

    Some have said that our better defensive play has helped out our goaltending and GAA, but conversely, I think our goalies have been helped a lot by Waite, and I think their better play is also attributable to more maturity and better training and practice. To wit, the Habs defensive deficiencies have been covered up by stellar goaltending more so than our defensive improvements have helped our goaltending. We’re fortunate that we can rely on our goalies to bail us out much more than average, but there have been many times when our inability to break a forecheck or to defend well under pressure has bitten us in the ass.

    How do we address this? Well, the easy answer is to get more mobile and big defensemen who can separate bodies from pucks and also beat the opposing team to pucks. Right now, we tend to give up a lot of possession when under attack, and are content blocking shots. This has worked so far so I won’t say we need to change right away, but to get to the next level defensively, we need to be able to play more aggressively against the cycle and to be able to break a forecheck in other ways rather than waiting for a turnover or a save.

    We have a good core on D, but our biggest need there is a mobile, big, puck-moving D that is excellent in his own end… and just like our need at F of a sniper that is tenacious, well… those ain’t hard to find. Hopefully Beaulieu and Tinordi give us that on D.

    Hockey sine stercore tauri.

  11. Say Ash says:

    Fearless prediction: Diaz will take a shot tonight…and it will be blocked…or go wide. Any takers?

  12. Timo says:

    Oooh… Yammy Yagah is coming. Pleks should have a good shadowing assignment.

  13. scotland says:

    “is there a better def 6 man unit than the habs 6 man” ?

    the bruins have 6 defense men that are all better than gorges,diaz,murray. in other words those 3 d would have a hard time dressing for games if they were bruins.

    • Max_a_million says:

      Really I don’t think that is so. That’s why Chara plays crazy minutes right?

      Murray is a really good specialist at scaring people, clearing the crease, and penalty kill. we haven’t give up a goal since his return on penalty kill have we.

      Diaz is very effective and underrated as a 5

      Gorges is a super character guy who is super solid. I an ideal world maybe he is a 5 that can fill in the top 4. Character is a big deal though.

      I do not agree.

    • DipsyDoodler says:

      Of course – having to put on that repulsive jersey would be difficult for anyone.

    • doc359 says:

      Murray yes, but Gorges and Diaz have been EXCELLENT this season. Gorges is also been far better than Emelin, so I am confused why you would not include him in that list.

    • Maritime Ronn says:

      Are you actually saying….actually believe that Chara Boychuk Seidenberg are better than PK Markov Emelin…and that Krug Hamilton and Mcquaig are better than Gorges Murray Diaz?

      I seriously hope you are kidding.

    • Cal says:

      Chicago’s D as a group is up there. That’s the target for the Habs. When you have a healthy Markov and PK, it’s almost as if The Big 3 are back. Can Emelin do it? Or maybe Beaulieu? Or Tinordi?

  14. SteverenO says:

    @ Bill;

    There is some data available about quality of competition but I am not sure that is relevant here because:

    a) we are talking about special teams. It is assumed that the a team puts out there most offensively talented and productive players on the PP; e.g Moen and White are never on the Habs powerplay.

    b) the team playing shorthanded change much more frequently than the team on the PP. An average shift on the PP is approximately one,minute and an average shift on the penalty kill is approximately 30 seconds, therefore the short handed player s will rotate 4 times in two minutes while the PP unit usually has two “waves” at most. In other words all the penalty killers will play agaiinst all the opponents PP lines.

    c) the differences ineffectiveness are too great to be strictly based on Quality of Opposition forwards.

    d) Even if it (quality of opposiotion) were a factor, what difference would it make. if Eller ,pacioretty and Prust are effective againsT the other teams “second” PP line and Moen and White are NOT effective (relatively) against the “first” wave, wouldn’t it make sense to adjust the matchups accordingly and have the most efficient penalty killers on the ice versus the other teams “best” line? What is the worst thing that could happen……Eller, Gionta, Prust, Bournival, and/or Pacioretty will be on the ice when the other team scores instead of Moen and White?

    What frustrates me the most is that Plekanec who is more effective on the PP, (one PP goal every 5 shifts) has less PP TOI than Eller (one goal every 7 shifts) . Eller who is more effective on the PK (one GA every 79 shifts)has less SH TOI than White (one GA every 15 shifts).

    It really does not make much sense (to me anyway)


    Steve O.

    • krob1000 says:

      I have tried explaining this to you before…but what line do you think the other team play right after a pk? hint: it isn’t their fourth line. So since the Habs have a minimal difference between their top 3 lines offensively and they have the luxury of all three top lines being pp capable they look at the shift after as well…especially depending on whether or not the opposition has an elite top line. Shifts after a PK are huge shifts…on par with first and last shifts of period and shifts following a goal. TO have Pleks-Gio line ready to go to face top teams line after a PP is very benefical and definitely a factor.

      If Eller continues to play with Prust and Bourque that may lay the groudnwork for more PLeks line on the pp. Also, you have to consider which line was on the ice drawing the penalty. Also, you know that Markov and PK will have likely played the entire pp or close to it so you amp up the need for a strong defensvie line on the shift following the pp. If you gie up a goal ont he shift following a pp it is a big momentum swinger.

  15. donmarco says:

    Montreal tied for 8th place for most goals scored in first period, and first overall in fewest 1st period goals allowed. They always say its up to the coaches to prepare their teams and in this case, it appears the coaches are doing their jobs very well.

  16. Maritime Ronn says:

    How is everyone on HIO feeling about the Habs 6 man D unit right now, and how they perform in all of Even Strength-PP-PK?

    Murray-Diaz (where he properly fits)

    Is there a better 6 Man Unit, and if so, who is it?

    St. Louis?
    Would you take Pietrangelo-Bouwmeester over Subban-Markov?

    Los Angeles?
    They are very good, yet would you prefer Doughty-Voynov-Mitchell over PK-Markov-Emelin?

    Same question concerning Keith-Seabrook-Hjalmarsson?

    The teams above the Habs in the standings is all because of superior overall firepower in the Top 9.

    It has little to do with the superb Habs goaltenders, and its now healthy Top 6 man D unit – one of the best in the NHL right now.

    • Steeltown Hab says:

      Diaz is wayyyy better in a limited role.

      Only D-pairing I’d take over Markov Subban is Keith Seabrooke


      Lars, PK, Galchenyuk, Gallagher, Emelin – @J_Perez22

    • dr. gesundheit says:

      Yup…and the bonus point relates to the fact that we don’t need to rush Pateryn, Tinordi, Beaulieu, Dietz, Ellis and a host of others. They can continue to “cure” @ their appropriate playing level in readiness for making the big jump.

  17. Sportfan says:

    I remember when Jansen and Price/Hammer got involved heck I was at that game, they lost in OT but it was a fun game!

    Sports and Entertainment in the link click and enjoy, clicking is fun!

  18. monmick says:

    Here is an intangible way that Gally makes Patches a better player, in my view. Tell me if you agree…

    After almost every offensive zone whistle, Gally is mixing it up in front of the net and getting pushed and shoved by opposing players. More often than not, Patches needs to come in and defend him by getting his own nose dirty. This is something that Patches rarely did before. It adds an element of grit to Patches game which appears beneficial and helps him stay focused and “in the game”…

    ~~~> Mathematically eliminated…

    • Steeltown Hab says:

      I specifically remember an occurance in the 1st where gallagher was getting it from clarkson, Desharnais came in to defend him and pacioretty stood there and did nothing. Wasn’t impressed. Love Max but hate this it’s always other who need to get him going when he should be the leader at this point.


      Lars, PK, Galchenyuk, Gallagher, Emelin – @J_Perez22

  19. Strummer says:

    Hockey Central at Noon on Sportsnet- panel is making the case for Subban at Sochi over a lot of other names that are in the mix.

    Doug McLean acknowledged the flak he took from Habs fans for their show being too Leaf – focused
    He also commented that Max and Subban are playing great now that Therrien has become less confrontational with them from earlier in the season- something he should have done when he coached in Pittsburgh
    “It’s just an opinion – I could be wrong”

  20. Ton says:

    can anyone answer this> did max P ask to be traded? heard reports demand was coming from his agent! heard it on RDS info last week

  21. Habsrule1 says:

    Caesar, I hope this is ok.

    This is for those still slagging Therrien. I am pleasantly surprised by how good a job he has been doing. Sure he has made mistakes, but we’re in good position, especially considering the early injuries. I like how Caesar put this in relation to benching players and what happens when he himself messes up:

    You can quote all kinds of individual stats, but this is a team game. MT is doing a great job and he answers to MB. If MT does not perform well he does not sit for a period or sit for a game. He gets fired.

    Go Habs Go!!

    “Fans are great, but the quickest way to start losing is to listen to them.” – Sam Pollock

    • SteverenO says:

      @ habs rule 1; (and Caesar) please note that I make it a pointy NEVER to quote individual stats . Personally i don’t care about who scores and who gets the assist, and I don’t care about who made a bad pass or missed his coverage.

      All the stats I mention are TEAM stats. how many goals are scored and/or allowed ny the TEAM when a certain player is on the ice.

      Again, you and manyothers, are guilty of equating MT’s performance (which in my opinion is defined largely by the quality of his personnel and ice time management decisions) with the teams winning and losing.

      let me repeat that a coach can ,make all the right decisions and still lose the game, and he can make all the wrong decisions and still win the game. When evaluating a coaches decisions it is the decision itself that must be evaluated;in other words based on the available information as quoted below which player (s) woud give the team the best chance of succesfully killing the penalty?

      It is very obvious and has been PROVEN, that so far this season Eller and Prust have been more successful at killing penalties than White and Moen.

      If the game is on the line and the coach chooses to put out the “wrong” duo it doesn,t matter if it works or not, the decision itself can not be supported , nor can it be defended.


      Steve O.

  22. ClutchNGrab says:

    Apparently Markov and Emelin have their spot reserved for Sochi:

    And from the same site, the lines:
    Max Pacioretty – David Desharnais – Brendan Gallagher
    Daniel Brière – Tomas Plekanec – Brian Gionta
    Alex Galchenyuk – Lars Eller – Rene Bourque
    Michaël Bournival – Brandon Prust – Travis Moen

    Markov – Subban
    Gorges – Emelin
    Murray – Diaz

    • donmarco says:

      Makes sense to see Bournival’s speed draw back in, but feel sorry for White. He’s been playing solid hockey.

      And would expect Murray to sit Wedenesday for Bouillon, and then play against both Boston and Buffalo. Parros should play both as well, if Buffalo expects to dress Scott.

      • krob1000 says:

        THis is a strange spell where the Habs are at complete full strength. The playes know this won;t last forever as injury is inevitable and MT is trying to get everyone in as he knows they all deserve to be playing but depth combined with health lead to this situation. They et it and I am sure they appreciate what he is trying to do….of course it ticks them off when they are in the pressbox but I am sure they all get it when they look at things objectively.

  23. ooder says:

    pretty pumped! going to the game tonight with a few buddies. Hope they don’t get shutout like it usually happens when i go

  24. twilighthours says:

    Being pro-Leaf, or being a homer in general, doesn’t necessarily mean that the broadcasters are always pumping the Leafs’ tires.

    Consider when some event occurs, some event that is not some obvious giveaway or terrible blunder. The commentators can do 2 things:

    -congratulate team A on good play
    -rip on team B for poor play

    If the commentators are always praising team A when things go well, and placing the blame on team A when things go poorly, then this is the worst kind of homerism: nothing about team B is mentioned, nor did B have any impact – only team A contributed to the result.

    This is what you get when you watch the Leafs on CBC. It’s always about the Leafs, whether it’s good or bad.

    I always thought this would make a nice journalism thesis. Is there Maple Leaf bias in sports media? Watch a bunch of hockey games, record the amount of time dedicated to Leafs vs. their opponents, and voila. Easy Masters’ degree.

    Once upon a time, I thought of being a journalist.

  25. Bill says:

    DalEng: Four Olympians on the blue line, two in goal, and probably four on the forward lines too.

  26. habsguru says:

    #1 homerism????

    I’ll start with Dean Brown and Garry Gally when working an Ottawa Game. there was a third, but he was turfed after “jokingly” suggesting Domi is a W Beater.


  27. Bill says:

    SmartDog: To be absolutely fair, it is probably misleading to say that HNIC is funded by tax dollars. In fact, it would seem that HNIC easily pays for itself, with a lot left over that the CBC uses to find things like documentaries on the history of aboriginal macrame, or sitcoms about unfunny people who drink beer and solve crimes in Regina.

    • SmartDog says:

      You’re right – HNIC has actually helped to fund the CBC. But I disagree that that is relevant to the point.

      The CBC logo means something. It stands for our government-funded national broadcaster. When those big CBC letters come flying at you, when McLean says “CBC” (a thousand times a broadcast), when they show all those little kids in small towns with CBC microphones in their faces – THAT’S our NATIONAL GOVERNMENT FUNDED BROADCASTER.

      Sorry… not shouting, just trying to emphasize what the brand is supposed to be. I worked for the CBC for 2 years. It’s a culture of Cronyism. Add to that blatant public favoritism of events and teams from the city where the main office is located, and I find it infuriating. The very idea of a national broadcaster is to be inclusive and comprehensive. The HNIC crew especially throws that out the window. It’s garbage. I’m glad they lost the contract.

      Listen to the Smart Dog. He knows his poop!

  28. arcosenate says:

    Has Pacioretty been traded yet?

    That rumour is looking pretty daft today.

    White was playing some decent hockey, must be tough to get scratched when you are contributing.

  29. DalEng says:

    I knew the team would be much better with the return of Emmy. Clearly a very valuable player on the Habs.

    Really proud of our defence right now and they are really taking pride in shutting down teams. It’s unreal to think that there confidence is only going to continue to grow.

    Potentially 4 Olympians on our blueline and possibly Price getting the nod for team Canada in goal. Wow pretty solid if you ask me.

    Seems as though Galchenyuk might be slipping as a possible candidate for US but Patches back in the discussion

    • arcosenate says:

      Gallagher looks to be a pretty valuable player in the Habs lineup, too bad Bourque can’t get to the net as much as his team mate, who is half his size.

  30. Bill says:

    MRonn, I’m pretty sure that intangibles like Heart, Compete Level, and Smarts translate into better performance in the other stats. It’s problematic though.

    Like, who has more heart and compete level than Gallagher? It still doesn’t make him a good defensive player.

    • twilighthours says:

      Nice work, Bill.

    • krob1000 says:

      I would’tt say Gallagher is a poor defensive player…poor int he Habs end? a work in progress for sure. However, forechecking is also defensive play and I would say Gallagher is the teams best forechecker so overall his defensive game is better than people suggest but he is not stellar in his own end. That may also be partly because of Montreals shell and home base protect model on D, they do not chase and that is Gallaghers forte. His lack of size and relative inexperience don’t give him much hope at this point in being a good defensive palyer but he is actually a very smart player and I suspect he will likely end up with Gionta like defensive abilities at some point with more experience.

  31. SmartDog says:

    A lot of hockey this week. All you grandpas (and grandmas) out there take your vitamins and check your pace-makers.

    Listen to the Smart Dog. He knows his poop!

  32. Bill says:

    Another thing about the NFL is that they are careful somehow not to let broadcasters pump one team over all the others.

    I’m surprised that the NHL is short-sighted enough to let this happen in Canada. A huge amount of NHL money flows south from Canada, but the financial health of the other Canadian teams is jeopardized if the NHL allows broadcasters to focus on – essentially advertise for – just one team.

    What happens after a generation of this? Do we have a Leafs nation with six other teams struggling?

    It’s obviously in the NHL’s interest to promote the popularity of all it’s teams, like the NFL does.

    • SmartDog says:

      The NHL has a one dimensional revenue strategy. Expand. Nothing else is important. Everything else must be kept as it is. It is “part of the game”. Doesn’t matter how archaic or just wrong-headed. Progress is for other sports.

      Listen to the Smart Dog. He knows his poop!

  33. Ton says:

    I believe we will soon be debating our rink size in north america…… doubt it needs to be larger to accommodate the larger and faster players. Everyone seems to be pointing the finger to fighting as the leading cause of concussions…….our rinks are too small……and yes of course they will not change in size because the bottom line is greatly affected.

    • Hstands4Hockey says:

      What are you basing this on? Big ice hockey is AWFUL to watch.

      Rule #76: No Excuses, Play Like a Champion!

  34. savethepuck says:

    Seems a lot of discussion this morning is concerning fighting again. MRonn had an early morning post stating that player polls support fighting in the game. I have a hard time paying attention to the player polls because I think it is an NHLPA thing. The players belong to a union, now I have never belonged to a union, but my understanding is a union member supports all his union brothers. Considering that 5 to 10% of the current union members would not have a job if fighting was not part of NHL hockey, I think sticking up for other members of the union is the reason the percentage of supporters is so high.
    Another point was made regarding the NHLPA only approving the suspensions for illegal hits to the head if the NHL agreed to limit suspensions to a maximum of 5 games for first time offenders. This also shows the NHLPA as a group is more interested in wages than safety. The sad truth is that an injured player still gets paid while injured and not playing but a suspended player does not.
    Regarding Igilna’s view on why fighting is important, I also don’t pay attention to what players say regarding “policing”, “reduce stickwork”, ” cheap shots”, etc…because they are all repeating the exact same things because that is what has been drilled in to them throughout their hockey careers.
    Disclaimer: I have no knowledge of the workings of a union, so if any union members are offended or think I am incorrect, please say so politely.

    “They don’t hang Conference Championship Banners from the rafters here”
    Carey Price

  35. Bill says:

    Steve O, always enjoy your posts. Question, any data out there about the quality of competition faced by Moen and White on the penalty kill? Any chance they are getting burned by better players than Eller might face?

    I don’t know. It seems likely that Plekanec is facing the other teams’ best players on the PK, and he’s doing fine. Just wondering.

    If Morn and White are doing that badly on the PK and facing “ordinary” opposition, then you have a major case.

    • Maritime Ronn says:

      I’m still waiting for the following stats:

      1) Heart
      2) Compete Level
      3) Games Playing Hurt
      4) Smart Calculator

      …and several other intangibles that do not show up on a stat sheet such as a 3rd assist that never shows up the Box Score, or a forward that kills himself to back check and break up a 2-1….

      • twilighthours says:

        The argument, dear Ronn, is that if these qualities (heart, etc) are valuable, then they would contribute to, and correlate with, other metrics that are easier to measure.

        i.e. Player X has lots of heart and is a fierce competitor, hence why he’s on the ice for so few goals against.

        Intangibles will contribute to tangibles, so to speak.

  36. Bill says:

    Cal, there is definitely homerism on RDS, but I would compare RDS more to regional broadcasters like NESN: you expect some homerism in these cases.

    • Cal says:

      True. There is RDS homerism and then there’s CBC homerism.

      • SmartDog says:

        Good post on the previous page Cal.

        It’s not just homerism on CBC that’s the problem, it’s
        a) the fact that it’s supposed to be a NATIONAL program and NATIONALLY FUNDED.
        b) a shortage of other useful content and a lack of real attention to other teams (of course with idiots like Stock on the broadcast, insight is gonna suffer)

        Listen to the Smart Dog. He knows his poop!

        • Cal says:

          I’m glad that in 4 years the CBC will be shut out of NHL broadcasting. I am not so glad about losing RDS because of the “one stop shop” to watch my Habs. Now, they’ll be on probably TVA on Saturdays and TVASports the rest of the week.
          I’m not looking forward to the higher rates Rogers is going to start charging for the NHL’s biggest fans, Canadians. The rate remains to be seen, but I can see them easily making “prime match ups” like last Saturday’s a pay per view event. $5.2 bill is a lot of scratch for them….er…us to cough up over 12 years. Besides the profit that Rogers will want to make, I can easily see Rogers trying to charge about $150 or so per year for NHL games.

          • SmartDog says:

            I’m not so worried about Rogers. The available options to watch the game are bound to increase for anyone who is tech savvy. I’m counting on alternatives to be available if I want them… and maybe to keep Rogers from going crazy (and putting up a lousy product).

            Listen to the Smart Dog. He knows his poop!

    • Maritime Ronn says:


      There is a bit of homerism on RDS especially for the local born, yet they are the first to jump all over the team/player when they believe a work ethic is lacking or for whatever other reason.
      As I don’t watch CBC, do they ever call out any Leaf player/coach/management?

    • Stevie.Ray says:

      True. I expect there to be Homerism when I watch regional broadcasts, or RDS. A national Broadcast like HNIC and TSN on Wednesday, should be impartial. My favourite regional broadcasters to watch are the guys that do the Tampa Bay guys. Clearly, they are focusing on their team, but they give good analysis of the opponent – their strengths and weaknesses and what not.

    • DipsyDoodler says:

      There is homerism in that they obviously support the Habs, but they are objective when it comes to describing and analyzing the play, and they certainly treat opponents with respect.

  37. Maritime Ronn says:

    No need for Parros tonight

    New Jersey as a team has only had 4 fighting majors this year by 4 different guys – 3 of whom are out with injuries.

    The only other, is 3 minute man Cam Jansen ( 6′-215) and either Moen or Prust can settle him down if he acts up.

    NJ is also tied with Chicago as the least ave. penalty minutes per game in the NHL.

    • donmarco says:

      The Devils aren’t the type of team where we’ll need Parros, you’re right. I’m wondering, though, who slides in, Bournival or White? The way Bourque played Saturday I doubt he’ll sit. And I suspect we’ll see Murray tonight, rest him on Wednesday and insert Bouillon, and bring Murray back in for Boston and buffalo. I’d also expect Parros in for both those games as well. Just hard to figure out who to sit.

    • ooder says:

      i feel like Cam Jansen would eat Prust or Moen… however last time i saw him fight was against Price and Hamrlik sooo

  38. habs001 says:

    Michael Bournival should be in the line up regularly and play a few more minutes…This is based on the speed he brings and energy…I am not sure if he is a consistent goal scorer as he does not get that many scoring chances but he has converted on a very high % of them..

  39. Timo says:

    I can’t see Parros being overly happy being put in the lineup only against goon teams. I am not saying it’s wrong, I am saying he is probably pissed and is unlikely to re-sign.

    But then again… injuries will happen and he should get some additional chances.

  40. SteverenO says:

    As much as I have been speaking out against Therrien , it is apparent that he has the team playing good, smart hockey. He is obviously doing many things right, but does that mean that he should be given a free pass when he make mistakes?

    Galchenyuk, was on for two goals against vs. Toronto, he was held accountable and benched for the entire third period. Who holds the coach accountable for his mistakes?

    Almost all of my criticism stems from questionable personnel and ice time management decisions.

    It must be understood that making the “wrong” decisions ( who to play on the PP, penalty kill, , line combos, etc.) do not automatically mean that the team will lose the game, just as making the “right” decisions do not guarantee a victory.

    For example: Giving Desharnais ( the tam scores on 14% of his PP shifts) more time with them man advantage than Plekanec (the team scores a on 19% of his PP shifts) will result in the loss of one PP goal every 20 powerplay shifts, or 10 powerplay opportunities, which may result in approximately a one goal every 5 games difference.
    Depending on when that goal would have been scored it may, or may not, have effected the outcome of one game.

    When you add the fact that he plays the wrong guys on the penalty kill, (Moen and White get far too many minutes than their (lack of ) effectiveness deserves, and the fact that on a team that wins almost every game when they score three or more goals he buries a player (Bournival) that has been consistently producing offense while playing very strong defensively, you can see how these types of “wrong” decisions can become meaningful.

    When the entire team is healthy even the “wrong” decisions are not terribly bad because the less productive , or less effective, player is not that much weaker than the “right” choice.

    That being said, I firmly believe that it is a coach’s primary responsibility to give his team the best chances to win every game. Every personnel decision made should be made based on full knowledge and awareness of the available data. Anything less is unacceptable and should not be tolerated.

    Case in point; penalty killing:

    Moen and White have been playing very well this season at even strength. If you remove the one minus 3 game from White’s record (when he and Parros got burned by the Wild) they are cumulativley minus 1.) On the penalty kill, however, their performance has been well below average;

    Moen: SH TOI ; 48:55 / 9 GA / avg 1 PPGA per 11 shifts
    White: SH TOI ; 39:02 / 5 GA / avg= one PPGA per 15 shifts

    Bournival: SH TOI ; 11:27 / 1 GA / avg= one PPGA per 23 shifts
    Plekanec: SH TOI ; 71:04 / 6 GA / avg= one PPGA per 24 shifts
    Gionta: SH TOI ; 31:32 / 2 GA / avg= one PPGA per 31 shifts
    Prust: SH TOI ; 32:59 / 2 GA / avg= one PPGA per 33 shifts
    Paciorety: SH TOI ; 28:36 / 1 GA / avg= one PPGA per 57 shifts
    Eller; SH TOI ; 39: 39 / 1 GA / avg= one PPGA per 79 shifts

    (Average SH shift is assumed to be 30 seconds)

    As you can see, playing White and Moen together on a penalty kill is NOT the “right” decision, even though they will be successful most of the time.

    Does it mean that Moen and White are “bad” penalty killers? No, it simply means that the team, and the coach, has better options available.

    Based on the available information, with the game tied and a penalty to kill late on the third period, who would you put out there?

    As the TOI numbers indicate, Therrien almost always goes with Moen and White when available.

    What else is indicated by this information is that it makes no sense to have White (and/or Moen) in the lineup while Bournival is in the pressbox.


    Steve O.

    • Caesar says:

      GF / GA Diff 27 15 9 3 33 14 73 57 +16
      MONTREAL PK= 27 15 9 3 33 14 8 6 .611 2.67 2.00 1.11 24.0
      good for 3rd overall

      MONTREAL 27 15 9 3 33 14 8 6 .611 2.67 2.00 1.11 24.0 85.3
      PP = 5th overall

      You can quote all kinds of individual stats, but this is a team game. MT is doing a great job and he answers to MB. If MT does not perform well he does not sit for a period or sit for a game. He gets fired.

      The Habs are where the most optomistic of us had thought they would be at the beginning of the year and are way above where the experts thought they would be. However there is still a lot of hockey left and I for one will not react to any small jump or slide in the standings.

      • SteverenO says:

        @ Caesar;

        Your point that the Habs PP and PK have been doing well this year is valid, and also accurate.

        Does that in any way negate the fact that Moen and White have been the least effective at killing penalties, or that Plekanec has been more productive than Desharnais?

        As ia was carefult to indicate the difference between the “right” and “wrong” decisions are not always going to reflect in the results of individual games, but they almost certainly will make an impact over the course of a season.

        if the Habs miss the playoffs by one point, will it matter that they are 5th best on the PP, or 3 rd best in the penalty kill?

        the extra two or three goals , scored, or allowed on the special teams may not change our rankings when it comes to PP or PK standings but it MAY make a difference in the Win-Loss column, and most certainly will make difference in a playoff series.

        My frustration is that these mistakes are (or should be ) obvious and are easy to fix. they will not be corrected however if they are “swept under the rug”


        Steve O.


        Steve O.

    • ont fan says:

      With all the different ass. Coaches around MT, I would think there is more than one voice making all these decisions about players and there roles. MT May have the final say but I don’t think it is the only say.

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