Former Habs goalie coach lands job in Germany

Former Canadiens goalie coach Pierre Groulx has landed a new job with Red Bull Munich in Germany’s elite DEL under head coach Pierre Pagé.

“Pierre asked me to come to Munich with them,” Groulx told The Gazette’s Dave Stubbs from Port Colborne, Ont., while taking a short break during his weeklong, first annual PG’s Goalies netminding camp.

“I told him I’d like to make sure to explore all my options, but he never let off. He really wanted me to go. It came to a point where I realized this might be a good opportunity for me to go overseas and learn the ways of European goaltending.

“At the end of the day, Munich was a very good offer to take care of my family. And professionally, it’s a really good opportunity to expand my horizons in Europe.”

Groulx added that he was baffled by negative comments from another former Habs goalie coach, Rollie Melanson, about Groulx’s work with Carey Price. Melanson was quoted saying: “Carey hasn’t stopped deteriorating since I left.”

Said Groulx: “To be honest, I was floored by (the comments). It probably took me longer to get up from that than from getting fired.”

Sportsnet’s Jeff Simmons wrote an article this week on NHL goalie rankings and had Price rated as “Top of the line”, below “The elite” ranking, which included the New York Rangers’ Henrik Lundqvist, Los Angeles Kings’ Jonathan Quick and Nashville Predators’ Pekka Rinne.

Boston’s Tuukka Rask, Ottawa’s Craig Anderson, Detroit’s Jimmy Howard and San Jose’s Antti Niemi joined Price in the “Top of the line” rating.

(Photo by Allen McInnis/The Gazette)

Groulx heads to Germany, by Dave Stubbs

Groulx still ‘baffled’ by Melanson comments, by Dave Stubbs

NHL goalie rankings, Sportsnet


    • D Mex says:

      The article appears to indicate that – brutal.
      Interesting reference to people behaving like sheep toward the end – I suspect Buttman likes people who follow mindlessly like sheep.

      ALWAYS Habs –
      D Mex

      • wjc says:

        D Mex, he is referring to people who did not sign the petition to block the approval as ‘sheep’.

        He did not get enough votes to block the sale, and he said people who could have signed the referendum acted like ‘sheep’ because they stood around and didn’t sign.

        I guess ‘comprehension’ is under rated.


  1. Dr.Rex says:

    The Rogers Sportsnet panel has as much legitimacy in the hockey realm as Ann Coulter has in any realm.

  2. frontenac1 says:

    @johnnylarue. Me too amigo! I lost focus after the first question and started thinking about fishing.

  3. wjc says:

    If the Canadiens finish out of playoffs would you be sad, or angry?

    If you bought season’s tickets would you feel cheated?

    If they made the playoffs but got beat in the first round would you give up and cheer for another team?

    Why not just cheer for winning teams… buy a Chicago black hawk sweater and swagger around calling everyone losers.

    If the Stanley cup is the only mark of a winner, 21 years is a long time. When do you get branded a loser.

    If Toronto wins the next Stanley cup will you feel shame or will you congratulate them on finally being able to call themselves a winner?

    Does Toronto having a french Canadian goaly scare you? What if Bernier becomes a star and Leafs win back to back Stanley”s?


  4. HabFab says:

    Exhibition hockey game (U18) today in Czech;

    Shawn Bullock ‏@BullyBullock 18minutes ago

    #teamcanada takes a 2-0 lead after 1 period in exhibition at the #ivanhlinkamemorial tournament dal colle and watson with goals

  5. wjc says:

    Honest questions: What is the difference between a Toronto Maple Leaf and a Montreal Canadien?

    What is the difference between a Montreal Canadiens fan and a Toronto Maple Leaf fan?

    You can say next year will be worse, or you could say next year will be better. You would both not be wrong. Until it happens you cannot be wrong because next season hasn’t happened yet.

    You can say D.D. is not worth the money and I can say tickets are not worth the money. Is one worth the money and the other not or vis versa?

    If you cheer for Chicago Black Hawks are you now a winner.


  6. HabFab says:

    So at the present moment the Habs have 43 players under contract for this season (5G+13D+25F). There is still the issue of ;
    – Dustin Tokarski (G), a RFA who hasn’t signed yet and doesn’t have a lot of options. It has been suggested that he wants traded to a team he would have a better chance of playing in the NHL.
    – Erik Nystrom (F), has a 25-game PTO with Hamilton to start the season as a 19 year old. If he does well, will need an NHL level contract to stay.
    – Dalton Thrower (D), has been told that training camp determines if he plays in Hamilton or back to Junior. He doesn’t turn 20 until December but has played 4 seasons of Junior. He can go either way as far as eligibility. Had a not so good season last year and perhaps another season in Junior with a different coach would do him good.

    Signing all 3 would put the Habs at 46 players. IMO another defenseman or two are needed for depth, 13 D just doesn’t cut it.

    Hamilton has also signed 3F + 1D to AHL / ECHL contracts.

  7. Ian Cobb says:

    Dryden’s goalie coach was?
    He never had one with the club.
    My point is! he did not need a goalie coach, he had fantastic defense men in front of him. And they all played like a team. Each played their game and they all had the chemistry to win cup after cup.
    Coaches are only helpers, players have to get it done with each other.
    To much emphases on single players in the game, it is still a team sport boys and girls.

    • wjc says:

      Exchange chemistry with talent.

      Bowman, was only a helper?

      Canadiens had so much depth, that Bowman could pull you out of the lineup without uttering a word, leaving the player wondering, how to get back in. Now that is power! Players were insecure, and that made them comform.

      Single players especially super stars on a single team make Championships a lot easier. Team sports win with talented players, that are insecure (tradeable). Different era which most on here only hear through myth.


    • habstrinifan says:

      Ian I have come to believe that your line, “Coaches are only helpers, players have to get it done with each other.: is the missing ingredient on our team so far.

      I am not in the room of course. But I dont see this team as having gotten to the stage where they feel ready and determined to get it done WITH EACH OTHER.

      Oh they have brought into a team philosophy as driven by the coach and do follow the “play within the system” principles. But I dont get a sense that as a group of players, they have transcended the need for coaching or management to where they see themselves setting a goal as players.

      And this is why I find P.K.s reaction to his winning the Norries trophy very sizzling and a very good rallying cry for the team. I wish we had someone (not coach or MB) who could light that fire. If Price was a stronger athlete he has the years and the position and the expertise to be the one.. but he doesnt have that intensity I am afraid.

  8. sweetmad says:

    For most of the season Carey was in the top three in wins,his season went kaput the night they said he was breaking in new goalie pads,I have said before,after that he let in more 5 hole goals than I have ever seen him,he couldn’t seem to get down in his butterfly fast enough,if you go back and look at those goals you will see what I mean.

    Carey will come back strong, I have no doubt about it, you have to factor in his competitiveness.

    It seems to me no one ever looks at the person just his technique,I have faith in Carey he is a battler and will not let us down,the same with Markov,he is such a proud man he will be much better next season.

    I am not worried about our HABS they will be good,the season that gave us Galchenyuk was an aberation,that is the only season where they did not seem like a team,they have forgotten that,and they know that they were outcoached in the playoffs.

    MT will have been told to get his act together this season,MB is not one to pull any punches and he is not going to allow them to fail,he may seem to be a pussycat but take my word he is a hard as nails.
    I people read that is what I did all my working life in sales and marketing,do not underestimate MB and what he is capable of.

    MT lost his way in the playoffs he was floundering,I hope he gets it together this season,but I think he will be OKay, I really hope so,we saw a bit of the old MT when he was ragging on about the Sens coach whatever his name is.

    All I can say is I love the HABS and for me they can do no wrong,they will be firing on all cylinders come October and will keep it up,as long as they get the Pk sorted.That was a case of some one trying to fix what wasn’t broken.

  9. Timo says:

    Sunday Night in Canada? I know my wife would just love it (NOT). It’s the Amaizing Race night… NHL, please spare our family the remote control feud.

  10. HFL says:

    Man when i look at our depth on the first three lines, i dont think there are many teams with that much scoring on all three lines.
    Max Pacioretty Tomas Plekanec Brian Gionta
    Alex Galchenyuk Lars Eller Brendan Gallagher
    Rene Bourque David Desharnais Danny Briere
    All those players are very capable of putting up 20 goals (maybe not desharnais, but his more of a play maker). I dont know what all the fuss is about with some people thinking the habs arent a very good team. Those are three very solid and balanced scoring lines. I truely believe if Eller had not gone out in game one, in the series, that we would have went deeper into the playoffs, how much deeper im not so sure. But with the two gallys coming back with a season of experience, and hopefully a rejuvinated briere, i think we might be looking at a pretty solid season. Now lets just hope we pick up a descent d man at some point this off season 😀

    • Dunboyne Mike says:

      Agree. And very exciting post.
      Eller AND Emelin injuries were devastating.
      Did you answer the poll yet?
      I ventured a “2-3 place” yesterday, drew a sarcastic WOW but I’m forging on.
      A big d man would make a very significant difference.

    • DDO_Habs_Fan says:

      D too small, especially with Emelin hurt. Having small forwards compounds this problem further.

      “You’re always, always, always looking to make your team better. Always.”- Marc Bergevin

    • Phil C says:

      They also have the same coaching staff coming back with all the players understanding the systems in place. Each line has speed, a good puck mover, and snipers. It should be fun to watch.

      The doom-and-gloomers here are too focused on size even though a small team just won the Cup.

      • otisfxu says:

        A small team??? they have only 4 players under 6 ffeet and they are 5’11,,,,,,,,,, so not sure what league you are referring to or what cup?

    • otisfxu says:

      Me thinks you have smoked too much weed,,,,,,Any average forward is capable of scoring 20 goals, or should be. I look at the names on those 3 lines, and sorry, just can’t see them listed one under the other on the Stanley cup. You is dreaming!!

      Solid and balanced scoring lines – really?? Bourque, DD, and Briere would be depth players if they were on 3 different teams,,,not on one line on one team.

      Step back, take those CH jammies off, give your head a few shakes, read those names over a few more times, and if you still think this team is a cup contender, then smoking weed is hrmful to one’s brain.

      • Mark C says:

        You’re high or have a lack of reading comprehension skills. Poster never said anything about being a Cup contender, just that the team should have a pretty solid season.

      • Bill says:

        Actually only about 1 out of 6 forwards scores 20 goals in a season. It’s not the 80s anymore.

        HFL is right that the team has excellent scoring depth. He’s supported by the fact that the Habs were a high scoring team last year with the same crew.

        Full Breezer 4 Life

      • Dunboyne Mike says:

        CH jammies….
        Somehow never received any.
        Got Expos ones when I was about 8 and didn’t stop wearing them til…
        What year is it?
        I presume adult ones cost about €300 from CH merchandise websites. Can you get cheapies at KMart or Canadian Tire?

    • rhino514 says:

      Agree. It´s a talented team. Provided, as always, the team stays healthy.
      Random thoughts:

      Player I most wish to have a bounce-back season: Price

      Ex-player most likely to surprise elsewhere (long-term): Weber

      Player I most wish could add on another ten pounds: Tie: Leblanc, Gorges

      Player not on the current top twelve forwards (discounting Parros) who will play the most games with the habs this season: I await posters´ choices….and how many games?

      Another random thought: Tom Pyatt is now averaging about 13,5 goals per 82 games over the past two seasons, and is a great asset on the PK. The one little bit of value we ever got from that disastrous trade was his inclusion. Doesn´t that kind os pour salt on all of our wounds?

  11. HabFab says:

    Hockey Fantasy projection for Markov, I could live with it;

  12. Dunboyne Mike says:

    Further to Price’s season.

    At the same time that I hold my uninformed opinion (that he stays on his knees too much) against the weight of expertise and experience offered here, I will also, separately, suggest that the shortened post-lockout season produced all kinds of weirdnesses on the Habs and on other teams. For us, we had Cole’s demise, Moen’s, Gorges’, Pacioretty’s shift to the perimeter, and PERHAPS an explanation for Price’s statistical decline that Ed posts below.

    The teams that advanced furthest in the playoffs were the ones that suffered the least post-lockout weirdness or found the best coping mechanisms for it.

    Ok, GO!

    • Phil C says:

      I agree with point that he was on his knees too much, although he was better than last season.

      Despite my assertion that goaltending stats are very team dependant, the Habs’ meltdown last year helped expose some of Price’s warts. His is an elite goalie, but it was also obvious that he still has a lot to learn. Not surprising for a goalie of 25. The addition of Waite combined with the motivation to bounce back should result in Price getting even better. If the Habs also find a way to improve the D, the net result could be really, really good.

  13. Phil C says:

    “I would like to thank my teammates who, without them, I could not win the Vezina Trophy. Goaltending is the most team dependant position in hockey.”

    -Tim Thomas Vezina Acceptance Speech 2011

    Now Timmy may not know much about politics, but when he talks about goaltending, I think everyone should listen. Price’s poor play coincided almost exactly with Emelin’s injury. Check the stats yourself. I don’t think it is a coincidence that the goalie fell apart at the same time that the team’s defensive pairings fell apart. Before that, Price’s numbers were respectable. Hell, the NHL coaches picked him for the Vezina in an anonymous poll before he faltered. Now you have to believe Price is either good, or that NHL coaches don’t have a clue about goaltending.

    I understand that some feel Price is over paid. I think MB paid market value in order to lock up some UFA years. The deal was also signed before the Cap was rolled back. Price probably should be getting $6M instead of $6.5M, but the players refused a salary rolll back, so each team is stuck with players taking up more of the cap than they should ideally. By next year, Price’s cap hit will be reasonable again.

    • mksness says:

      well a few points:
      – price shouldn’t have been selected for a vezina, his defence should have
      – elite players make other around them better
      – tim thomas was lights out and covered up for his “D” in that year.

      you know all players plus/minus stats would be better if their goalie made more saves, it’s a fact.

      let’s make another excuse or find another reason to protect price.

    • Dunboyne Mike says:

      Good quote.
      Who was it he called out that time on knowing about goal-tending?

    • Ed says:

      Emelin was injured on April 6th.

      but Price’s stats for the month of March, prior to injury, had already started to go sour.

      in jan and feb he had a save percentage of .924, .925 – which dropped to .903 in march – not good at all.

      in jan and feb he went 1.98, 1.87, and then goals against jumped to 2.81 in march.

      by the time march had ended, Price’s game, and the Habs defensive game had begun to unravel.

      this happened BEFORE April 6th.

      • Phil C says:

        I respectfully disagree. While Price wasn’t putting up the same numbers as he did in Jan and Feb, they were still respectable and within the normal variance of a season. It was after the Emelin injury when his numbers dipped to AHL goalie levels. In the 8 games before the Emelin injury he allowed 15 goals on 209 shots for a SV of .928. In the 8 games following the injury, he allowed 27 on 188 shots for a SV of .856. This represents a significant drop that coincides with the Emelin injury. Anything over .900 gives your team a chance. .850 puts you among the worst in the league.

    • J Haul says:

      I agreed with you to an extent. Sure, great defense helps out the goaltender, but let’s not re-write history here. Price was just AWFUL on many occasions down the stretch. A pairing of Doug Harvey and Larry Robinson couldn’t have helped Price on that Komarov goal, for example. He’s just got to stop those kinds of junkers. Softies became an all too often occurrence late in the season. I’ve always loved Carey, but it’s not all on the D. He’s got to be better as well.

      In case you’ve forgotten that goal:

  14. CharlieHodgeFan says:

    The idea of comparing Price to Dryden, etc seems kind of fruitless. I think you have to look at each player as he is. Price is inconsistent in his role as the last defenceman, and while guys like Markov and PK put together their game and excelled, Price is a second pairing guy in a first pairing role.
    May he rise to the opportunity like PK did, someday. Ours is to watch whether he has unrealized potential, or whether at this age, this is it. If it is, he is a decent upper tier goalie, and all the wishing in the world won’t elevate his game. He’s good when he isn’t bad.

    The goalie is a defenceman and is part of the unit. Anyone could be made to look better by having Robinson, Savard and Lapointe in front of him – in fact, having Savard and Lapointe with you could make you appear better looking too.

    That’s history. No team could ever again afford to be the seventies Habs. No player will ever get to play on such a team again, although many AHL talents will make a couple of million per year. And no goalie comparison seems to work.

  15. Mark C says:

    Write ups on McCarron and Vail heading into the U.S. National Junior Evaluation Camp.

  16. HabFab says:

    Latest capgeek numbers show 5 teams over the Salary Cap. However after LTIR, bonuses and roster limitations are factored in, only the Penguins are actually over and will need to move someone.

  17. Ian Cobb says:

    OK— Who was Dryden’s goalie coach.?

    HHOF goalie Ken Dryden only played 8 seasons but was a part of 6 Canadiens de Montréal ‪#‎StanleyCup‬ winning teams? His record between the pipes was 258-57-74.

    • Maritime Ron says:

      Hi Ian.
      No idea…perhaps it was some behind the scenes psychologist, (or just Bowman telling him to stop the puck.)

      Ken Dryden, former goalie for the Montreal Canadiens, expressed the mental aspect of goaltending in the following quotation;

      “Because the demands on a goalie are mostly mental, it means that for a goalie, the biggest enemy is himself.
      Not a puck, not an opponent, not a quirk of size or style.

      The stress and anxiety he feels when he plays…[is] in constant ebb and flow, but never disappearing.
      The successful goalie understands these neuroses, accepts them, and puts them under control.

      The unsuccessful goalie is distracted by them, his mind in knots, his body quickly following.
      (Nope, not touching that one with a 10 foot poll)

      • Ed says:

        it’s likely Price would be heading to the Hall if he had Robinson, Savard and Lapointe in front of him.

        if we put a Robinson next to Subban for 30 minutes a night we become Cup contenders immediately.

        • Cal says:

          Don’t cheapen Dryden’s accomplishments. He still had to make the saves and bail out his team when they faltered. The D he had made him better, but he certainly made the D better, too.

        • Maritime Ron says:

          Perhaps, yet I don’t remember Cam Ward complaining about not having the Big 3 in front of him when he won the Cup back in 2006 or Nikolai Khabibulin in 2004 with Tampa…or so many other goalies that carried a mediocre team to a Cup final such as Hasek in 1999, or Mikkaa Kiprusoff or Roloson…or Marty Brodeur in 2012

        • mksness says:

          pooor baby:-( price didn’t have good defence, grow up already. his defence was so bad that if helped the team finish 2nd in the conference

          i love it!!!!! if a goalie in the league or a different era played well it’s all about his team…. How many teams have norris trophy winners? poor price

          • Dunboyne Mike says:

            Yikes! Sarky today, mks!

            OK, fair play for nailing your colours to the mast. But a bit ungenerous to Price nonetheless. Is there not another viewpoint, that it was his goal-keeping and the team’s high scoring that took us to 2nd place, all in spite of weak defence, Norris winner notwithstanding? By the end of the season, the swarm defense was utterly predictable and beatable in a way that Lapointe, Savard and Robinson and co would never have allowed. Price was on his own at that point and completely screwed vs Ottawa.

          • mksness says:

            see the thing is i like price. i also think he’s a very good goalie. i’m just getting annoyed with every excuse people make for him….

            like maybe our defence would look so much better if we had a goalie who could make a clutch save in the playoffs? If you think the reason why we lost the sens series was due only to defence, you’re crazy. everything went wrong, including the goaltending

          • Dunboyne Mike says:

            I agree with your first and last sentences, and most in between. Maybe not with the idea of making excuses.

            My concern with Price vs Ottawa was how he stayed on his knees after going down, for example when Ottawa was controlling the puck behind the net. People here who know more than I do about goaltending assured me that this is orthodox technique for butterfly goalies, but I still stubbornly believe that this practice led to goals. That, maybe one or two other minor factors, plus the strain that eventually took him out, would be as far as I would apportion Price as a factor in the demolition. The rest was team-wide inadequacy due to a constellation of factors.

            Does that still count as excuse-making?!

          • mksness says:

            his goaltending style is pretty much standard pure butterfly. HE does have to learn when to challenge a bit more and learn how to make his 6’3” frame look big all the time even when he’s down.

            Price has to do one thing, reduce the amount of soft goals. if he does that for the first 25 games this year, he just might be the starter for team Canada

          • Dunboyne Mike says:

            Agree. Don’t think we’re that far apart.

            However, the Price post I am about to make at the top will be pure excuse-making!


        • HabFanSince72 says:

          In 1980 Michel Larocque and Denis Herron played behind Norris trophy winner Larry Robinson, along with Savard, Lapointe and Langway.

      • Dunboyne Mike says:

        Greetings all.

        SO hazardous comparing individuals from different eras, never mind different teams.

        Two suggestions:
        1) goalie coaches weren’t yet invented when Dryden was a Hab. Therefore Ron is probably right about Scottie.
        2) There is an excellent chance that a substantial portion of the mostly BS speculation (in which I admit to participating) as to Price’s state of mind stems directly from the great familiarity of many, many posters here with the book you cite. We read it, and immediately we are all as expert on goalie psychology as Dryden!

    • aemarchand11 says:

      dynasty vs our team…….. sorry but i’d say that dryden had a bit more support..

    • JUST ME says:

      Two very different eras. Had a much better team then. Still somehow when i look at these classics i find that there is such a difference in talent, size, speed, equipment, puck handling and so on…that it is unfair to compare . My first job ever was at the forum during the 70`s. Got to see the best hockey ever ! At least it felt like it back then.

      Not sure if Dryden had a coach. I think it did not exist back then. I could be wrong though. He was such a monster !

      • Dunboyne Mike says:

        Write a book!
        What an amazing time to work at the Forum!
        If you can post here, you can write a book! Just a really, really long post. I for one would buy it!

    • HabFab says:

      And who were Scotties assistant coaches again.

  18. HabFab says:

    CBC has a month to finalize Hockey Night in Canada extension.
    Big news in this article is that the NHL also wants to start a Sunday Hockey night in Canada. And not necessarily with the same Broadcaster.

    • Ed says:

      Sunday is a great family night, so I think it would make perfect sense.

      Here’s a few tips for those considering the Sunday broadcast:

      Do not hire former goons as analysts, hire former skilled players, and get the skilled players to TEACH THE GAME;

      for example – there’s some discussion here about “decision making” in hockey, and how difficult that is to teach. Bull crap. Show the video of “good decisions” in certain situations and contrast that with “bad decision” video in similar situations.

      Teach the game – like in the old days – when Howie Meeker would put on his clinics during the intermission.

      There are kids watching and they would love to learn.
      There are moms and dads watching and they would love to learn.
      There are coaches watching and they need to learn.

      I bumped into someone who had driven his daughter to a training facility and we started talking. He asked me about my daughter and how she had managed to develop here skills.

      I told him that, for example, to improve stick handling and “hands”, he could give his daughter a golf ball and have her stickhandle with it in the garage or on any flat hard surface. 15 minutes a day and she would have great confidence with her head UP, stickhandling and controlling the ball, and then use this confidence on the ice with a puck.

      Just a small example.

      Another area that needs to be discussed is off ice conditioning and diet; It would be great to get a STAR player to talk about conditioning and diet during the weekly broadcasts; show a few exercises the kids could do to build their power, their speed, etc, and then discuss how diet is so important for a well conditioned athlete.

      Just a few small examples how a hockey broadcast could be helpful.

      • Maritime Ron says:

        Even in Canada, it would be interesting to see it go head to head with NFL Sunday night football.

        NHL broadcasters could also learn a lot from the NFL on how it presents its product.
        Most were terrific pros and skilled winners that treat the audience with respect while recognising that newer and sometimes less football oriented people are also watching.

      • on2ndthought says:

        agree, agree, agree

        “a cannonading drive”

  19. Habfan17 says:

    @ Dunboyne Mike

    Morning Mike,

    Sorry, I had logged off and only saw your post this morning.
    I do in fact have a Dick Irvin book, ” Now back to you Dick”

    One of my favourites is Red’s Story. He was an amazing person. I was lucky enough to meet him once, super guy!


    • Maritime Ron says:

      GMorning 17

      Red Storey was one of the funniest guys when he talked at a gathering. This guy had stories. The other crazy hilarious guy I saw was Robin Burns – cousin of the late Pat Burns

    • Dunboyne Mike says:

      Cheers guys.

      Irvin’s The Habs is wonderful. Read it, then watch/re-watch “The Rocket”. Fantastic antidote to off-season impatience (Mavid nb!)

      I will try to get hold of Red’s Story. SOunds brill.

  20. HabFab says:

    Kyle Clifford resigns with LA, know he was a fantasy acquisition on HIO;

  21. JohnBellyful says:

    Of late I have been shamed into silence by the lofty subject matter and the excellence of the posts. A standard is being set that few – ah, g’wan, admit it – NONE of us schmoes can hope to match, not without a great deal of effort (or is it ‘we schmoes’? See what I mean!).
    But I’m willing to make that attempt if only to remain an active participant in a forum that stimulates the mind, and occasionally other body parts (gotta love those links).
    Now the following statements have been exhaustively researched, double- and triple-checked, and refined to achieve a clarity of thought and degree of certainty that are beyond misinterpretation or dispute.
    At the same time, I have annotated each comment for the purposes of not just brevity – although I will supply a monograph for a nominal fee if requested – but also to engage the minds of readers. Rather than provide scads of detail to explain how I arrived where I did, making them mere passengers en route to incontestable truths, I want readers to use the footnotes I have provided as sign posts, so that they can retrace my steps on the same journey to enlightenment.
    I can say without equivocation that by the time they reach their destination, each and everyone will be fully exercised.
    This is what I have learned:

    — Governments routinely monitor citizen activity 24/7/52 and have multimedia files on each individual from birth to death and back again stored on satellites orbiting the earth, with the information collected traded on the intergalactic market (not every advanced civilization can afford the expense of maintaining a UFO program; actually the OL’s — OuterLimiters — call them FO’s).*

    — It is a practice of the food industry to impregnate products with addictive ingredients to ensure continued sales, but which has the unfortunate side-effect of reducing sperm counts and numerical skills in Western nations. Theories abound as to how the products are impregnated.**

    — Sects and cults have done more harm to mankind than disorganized sports fans, with certain exceptions.***

    — Evolution ended 119 years ago (Gregorian calendar).****

    — All politics is theatre of absurd and voters are the reluctant occupants of its front row seats. *****

    * Internet
    ** Internet
    *** Internet
    **** Family album
    ***** Sensory data

    There’s no need to discuss.

    — “A little song, a little dance, a little seltzer down your pants.” —

  22. Ian Cobb says:


    I do not have addresses to send your replacement tickets to the following people yet.
    If you have already mailed your self addressed stamped envelop to me, I am sure it will get here soon.

    Chuck L., Normand H., Tony M., Jason M., Peter V., Sulemaan A., and Lilly H.,

    Summit game tickets, News, Pictures and comments

    • Ian Cobb says:


      Hockey Inside Out
      Arrival : Friday 25th, 26th October, 2013 – check-in 15:00
      Departure : check-out 12:00
      Housing Procedure: Individual calling
      Deadline: September 25th 2013
      Method of Payment : Individual
      Although the hotel is not blocking any rooms, it guarantees the below rates until September 25th 2013.
      After that date, the rates are no longer guaranteed
      Single Double Triple Quad
      $119 $119 $144 $169
      – Are for single or double occupancy, Add $25 per additional person, max. 4 per room
      – Include Basic Internet Access (256kb)
      – Does not include high speed internet. a daily fee of $9.95 applies
      – All tax’s apply per room per night
      – Will be extended 3 days prior to and/or following your event, subject to availability
      – Are quoted in Canadian funds
      – Individual attendees will be responsible for payment of their room, tax and incidental, as well as any cancellation charges if they apply.
      – One night deposit is required upon reservation. This is non refundable if cancelled.

      – Individual reservations can be made by contacting the Novotel Montreal Centre Reservations Department directly by phone at 514-871-2138 or 1-866-861-6112 (USA and Canada) or by fax at 514-861-6470
      Callers must mention the group name HIO, Hockey Inside Out to ensure they receive the appropriate rate and are included in the guest room block.
      Novotel Montreal Center
      Chantal Morin

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