Forget Markov in the playoffs

Canadiens’ Andrei Markov grimaces in pain after being checked by Matt Cooke in Game 1 vs. Penguins. John Mahoney, The Gazette

Canadiens defenceman Andrei Markov has had surgery on his injured knee, the Canadiens announced Wednesday.

The surgery was to repair a tear of the anterior cruciate ligament of his right knee.

His recovery period is expected to be up to six months.

Markov raised hopes by skating in some Canadiens workouts last week.

There were reports, unconfirmed by the club, that he had tweaked his knee injury during one of the drills.

The team’s release:

MONTREAL (May 19, 2010) – Montreal Canadiens General Manager Pierre Gauthier issued today a medical
update on the status of defenseman Andrei Markov.
Markov underwent successful surgery today to repair a tear of the anterior cruciate ligament of his right knee.
His recovery is estimated to be six months.
Markov, 31, suffered this injury to his right knee during the first period of the opening game of the playoff
series against the Pittsburgh Penguins, at Mellon Arena, on April 30.
Markov played 45 games for the Canadiens in regular season. He registered 34 points (6 goals, 28 assists). He
missed 12 weeks (35 games) due to a foot laceration suffered in the first game of the 2009-2010 regular season
last October 1st in Toronto.
Markov played eight playoff games in 2010. He recorded four points (0-4-4), registered nine shots on goal
and averaged 23:46 minutes of time on ice per game.


  1. Mr. Biter says:

    My post is a business desicion. Ilove AM and he is our best d-man however 3 injuries in 2 years , his age ,$5,750,000.00 cap hit and he is a UFA next year and we now have no idea how he will play in 6 months. Again I hope for a compleate recovery and comes back and plays a he has played. Nothing personal just business.

  2. ab-hab-nut says:

    Do you honestly think Edmonton would give up No. 1 pick for Halak? Seriously they want Hall or Seguin, it will take more than Halak..That I am sure of..

  3. punkster says:

    Come on HF1. It takes all kinds you know. The little guy’s good for a chuckle and harmless as a fly, though I admit I kind of lost it with him further down this thread. But HP is one of our stalwarts here 😉


  4. punkster says:

    OK, OK…now you really have gone over the edge HP. Goonery? Larock? First of all this Flyers team is nowhere near the elevated status of Goons in the memorable style of the 70s Flyers. Goons? You have no concept of the term if you think these guys are goons. How dare you label this edition of the Flyers with that title. Second, Larock, as you so affectionately and cutely refer to him, would have zero impact on this series. His “gentleman’s code”, seal hugging ways, TV commercial-matinee-idol-lifestyle and whatever the f*** else he lives by was DOA from the moment he suited up with the Habs.

    Aaaarrrggghhhhh….sometimes HP you just make me want to go all GOONERY on you…ya know?


  5. Habs_Fan_1 says:

    Why isn’t there an *ignore this idiot poster* command? anyone? that would be a fantastic mitigant…

  6. Rocket fan says:

    It would make more sense to trade Halak to Edmonton for their first draft pick.  That way Habs get the forward they need and it solves Edmonton’s goaltending problems for good.  It also keeps Halak out of our division.  The Habs cap can afford a first round rookie better that the $5M that Halak will be looking for.  Its a win for Edmonton and a win for Habs.

  7. Rocket fan says:

    It would make more sense to trade Halak to Edmonton for their first draft pick.  That way Habs get the forward they need and it solves Edmonton’s goaltending problems for good.  It also keeps Halak out of our division.  The Habs cap can afford a first round rookie better that the $5M that Halak will be looking for.  Its a win for Edmonton and a win for Habs.

  8. Drive_For_25 says:

    Let’s hope MAB suddenly decides he doesn’t like hockey anymore and QUITS the team because it looks like that’s the only way he won’t be in the lineup tomorrow night.  BRUTAL

  9. CanadienBoy says:

    When all the chips go down i only hope for one thing Boucher please don’t let him go , Boucher his the best move  for the habs!!

  10. FSUPhi1584 says:

    The Maple Leafs might want to get rid of a few of their D men. I wonder if they’d be willing to throw in their first round pick?

    In all seriousness though, I think we could maybe get LA to sell one of their defensemen. Or we could sen Markov and SK to Dallas for Brad Richards and Robidas. Although, it would break my heart to see Markov go.

  11. HAB-PROFESSOR says:

    I’ve been enjoying a great team effort over the first 2 rounds.. but felt a need to speak up now because of the predicament we are in. PAX/NEILSON are not injured, and it is in conjecture that I call for their callups, if you’d put your book down you’d understand my point, calling up INTENSITY and GRIT…could be used against PHILLY don’t you think?…. and since when do we need OBYRNE for his shot? unless its with his fist… he is tough, plays tough, and is EXACTLY what we need on defense against philly… as for MAB and his shot? where is it? i haven’t seen it in weeks…
    and at least POULIOT HITS and has the size to match up against PHILLY…it was an amature move by MARTIN to insert SERGIE over POULIOT and i’m sticking with that one.

  12. FSUPhi1584 says:

    Unfortunately, I have been watching; however, you, apparently, have not been reading. That subject is addressed below.

  13. HAB-PROFESSOR says:

    i agree the flyers are worse…FAR WORSE…but different…they play GOONERY and that is a really big problem for us as it throws our players off their games, makes them take penalties…. Larock would have been good to have around for this series.

  14. Malreg says:

    Funny, haven’t seen you post in a few weeks, wonder why that is…

    If you don’t want to look like a total fool you might want to do a little research first. A) BOTH Pacioretty AND Nielsen are injured. B) Even if they were not injurred, the Canadiens CANNOT call-up any players from Hamilton until Hamilton’s season is over. Yay general knowledge is fun!

    O’Byrne can shoot? Really? In 137 NHL games he has 2 goals. 61 shots in 137 games, put him on the PP!

    When was the last time Pouliot did…anything?

  15. HAB-PROFESSOR says:

    its all about the opposition and their style against our tactic…PHILLY plays the body and uses goonery, that doesn’t work well with some of our forwards…wASH or PITTS were not as aggressive or dirty at both ends of the ice, that is the problem right now for us to overcome.

  16. TripleX says:




    “Good judgement comes from experience, and experience comes from bad judgement.”

  17. HAB-PROFESSOR says:

    we can’t score goals because forward to small for front of net…(POULIT vs SERGIE) forward too small for corner battle (POULITvsSERGIE) DEFense too small for FRONT OF NET (MABvsOBRNYNE)…DEF too small for CORNER battle (MABvsOBRYNE)…shall i go on? and on on and on?????

    so stuck in our end, beat up, now you want to skate down the ice and score?..  please try to connect the dots, it become much clearer as to why we are losing right now and it all equates to the decisions made by MARTIN.

  18. HAB-PROFESSOR says:

    we are talking about PHILLY…10000% different than PENNS/CAPPS

  19. gohabzzzz says:

    haha, good one 🙂

    yeah, I blame him for bringing us to conference finals for the first time in 17 years…

    thanks a lot JM



  20. HAB-PROFESSOR says:

    simple facts: playing aggressive PHILLY…no OBRYNE = WRONG…MAB major minutes = WRONG….inserting SERGIE who has been absent with attitude = WRONG… not using POULIOT correctly = WRONG…. not keeping MOEN with GIONTA/GOMEZ = WRONG

    well well well…every single fact i just pointed out is 110% MARTIN… and every single one of those facts has greatly contributed to us being down 2 games…

    look, he is a nice guy, smart guy…but he has made a big mistake in games 1/2… PITTS and WASH come at you with TALENT, SPEED, SKATING, and SUPERSTARS… all elements we can counter… but PHILLY is a different animal, so a change of tactics is required = MARTIN = FAIL

    can’t wait to see his tactics for Game 3

  21. Canadiangrrl says:

    So, the take away here is that we’ve lost two in a row because JM played MAB instead of O’Byrne…and with SK banished to wherever, and Pouliot back in the line up…we’d be that much better off?

    I can’t wait ’til you address our complete inability to score goals.  You will be doing that, right?

  22. Izzy says:

    Chuck mentions below that he wishes he could someday refer to Camellari as secondary scoring…..your wait is almost over Chuck……I truly believe that next year Price will be moved, possibly with the K sisters somewhere west, for a scoring center. Trading Marky might come back to bite us but, would certainly have a great return…..a high scoring ( big & tough) winger? We have proven ( see pitt series), that we can fight to win without him. The possibilities are endless if handled correctly. The same team we have today with two huge additions up front, a little more seasoned and confidant Subban, and a knock out goatender tandem of Halak / Desjardins. Be proud of our current team habs fans…they’ve come much further than we expected, and did so more with heart and pride then talent or size….a few tweaks here and there, and we’ll be tough to beat. I have my possible trade scenarios ….what are yours?……

      I honestly believe Price will end up in Edmonton…..closer to his family & out of the pressure cooker here. The k sisters will end up there or in Calgary. If Markov is ever moved it better be to California for someone like Vlasik and a winger or another direction like ( Frolov)?…..the sky’s the limit… thing for sure…these Molson boys are more hands on than we believe ,I think and will bring a cup back to Montreal very, very soon.


     4-2 habbys tomorrow…..Cammy gets one AND Gomez will wake up and pot one & add an assist on Giontas goal……Halak will narrowly miss the open net in the final minute with a clearing attempt, only to have either Subban or Moen put in the rebound off the end boards…..


    iunno….I have these strange visions….

  23. gohabzzzz says:


    gosh…that is SO RIDICULOUS

    even worse than the price and halak debate, which is already pretty obnoxious


  24. light_n_tasty says:

    I also blame JM.  I blame him for beating the Caps and the Pens.

  25. Canadiangrrl says:

    Hi.  You’re dumb.  Thanks for playing.

  26. ProHabs says:

    It might have to be something worth looking at. We might be able to add more talent to the team next year by trading Markov, Price, Andrea Kostitsyn, and his sister for some good players. I don’t want to trade Markov, but maybe just listen to some offers that might be out there.

  27. Rainrocket16 says:

    So now that we lose 2 games to Philly all of a sudden the mastermind behind our playoff strategy is the blame for those loses?  Coaches arent the ones not pulling the triggers, our boys are playing weak and cannot score, Cammy, Gio, Jaro and Subban are the only 4 people doing anything to try and compete.

    Game 1 was a meltdown…We didnt want it at all, Game 2 we wanted it and we just cant score, we got beat at our own game and showed much frustration in the 3rd. They shut us down hard in our own style, Peter Laviolette obviously has been watching Martin very closely.

    I had the pleasure of being taught hockey skills at a summer camp run by Martin when I was a youth, this guy is for real, a complete shutdown coach. I think as a coach for the Habs for the first season he is doing quite well, best in 17 years. Overall it is enough of blaming Martin, I agree O’Byrne should be playing but not much difference on the scoreboard as a result if he was. Leighton is not being tested too well, shoot at him highside and we shall see a new outcome. 

  28. ArmyFan says:

    Ahhhh, the whore look….May it never go out of style…..

  29. Mr. Biter says:

    I was sitting here earlier this afternoon  thinking that during the summer we should move AM (love his play but the injuries are mounting) while he had some great value. Come on the site and that idea goes up in smoke. I wish him a speedy and compleate recovery and hope he did not Tweek his injury trying to rush back. If he did give him kudos for attempting to come back to help his team. Hopefully he was not rushed by the team or by listening to certain media people who say he could not play hurt. 2 major injuries in the same year does not bode well for AM.

  30. Caballero says:

    That look on Marky’s face sums it up pretty much for me. That is how I am feeling right now! Not because we aren’t winning, but because we aren’t even competing!

  31. Mr. Biter says:

    If they’re covering MAB on the PP there should be someone open yes?

  32. jimmy shaker says:

    Pouliot draws back in for SK74 and Darche sits as well for MAB as he moves up to the 4th line and O’Byrne draws back in for MAB on the D…


    Subban/Hammer….Gill/Gorges….Spacek/O’Byrne  (The D pairings are in no particular order and can be interchanged)

    Jaro as the tender

    Biggest game of the year and I expect a huge turnaround from the first two games. 

    MEMO to the boys:  GET OUTSHOT and the “W” is stamped!


  33. J. Ambrose says:

    You’re playing Pouliot and Sergei ahead of Pyatt? Apparently you haven’t been watching. 

  34. HAB-PROFESSOR says:


    you needn’t look further than his lineup choice for game #1…the same lineup that beat PITTS in game #7…WRONG, Philly isn’t Pitts!!!… many on here were calling for the obvious, which any 10yearold with half a brain could tell you was putting MAB onto the 4th and bringing in OBRYNE AT THE LEAST!!!!…but not MARTIN. So we get killed and MAB is a big reason why… no problem, game #2 for corrections, but what does MARTIN do? takes out one of our few over 6’2″ who can Hit and Shoot, and inserts some little brat nerd kid that shys away from hits, turns in the corners and really makes me sick with his “i’m too good for this”, look on his face….and still no OBRYNE.

    if we go down and out to this cheesestakesgoonerywhinerssubpar disrespecting lot,  I will put all the blame on J.F.Martin….WAKEUP!

    the slug living in a gutter ditch under a bridge knows that MAB needs to be nailed to the rafters, SERGIE kicked onto a plane, Pouli re-inserted, OBRYNE IN oN DEFENSE HITTING… PAX called up, NIELSON called up, WAKE THE HE()*^(*_&OL UP BEFORE ITS TOO LATE

    1:The N.A.G. (North American Grit) Youth Movement will bring us respect. 2:The NHL-Ref-Syndicate will do everything in its power to never allow the HABS to win another Stanley Cup. 3:Take it easy on the boys, they are going 110%

  35. FSUPhi1584 says:

    So how many goals does he have? We have plenty of defensive forwards. Pyatt isn’t going to break the shutout. Notice I said max offense. Unless Pyatt just found a way to score goals by willing the puck in with all his hard work, it seems you spoke too soon. You don’t win games with hard work and determination; you win with goals.

  36. FSUPhi1584 says:

    I’m fine with not using Pyatt because SK could replace him on the PK. That is of course unless SK is too rusty, then I’d say leave Pyatt and make SK the healthy scratch.

  37. gumper says:

    Dogs and Stars tied at one in Texas. Stars just tied it up on the PP. Of note, Pacioretty is in the lineup for the first time since April.

  38. monsieurx says:

    If i see another roster without Pyatt, so help me God…

    – Still, Karl was a devoted fan of the Sudbury Wolves junior club and, in part because he learned the game in a francophone neighbourhood, Les Canadiens. P.K. had inherited his father’s passion for the Habs long before draft day

  39. Habsrule1 says:

    What could Markov fetch on the trade market in 6 months?

    Go Habs Go!! “I don’t have a copy of Georges’ code, I don’t know what it is,”. “I think the code is that you’re here for your teammates. It’s not your code, it’s our code.” – Bob Gainey

  40. monsieurx says:

    Thats rich, bench Pyatt who has been our best player in this series.

    – Still, Karl was a devoted fan of the Sudbury Wolves junior club and, in part because he learned the game in a francophone neighbourhood, Les Canadiens. P.K. had inherited his father’s passion for the Habs long before draft day – a Canadiens flag still h

  41. FSUPhi1584 says:

    Someone on Versus said they didn’t think his shoulder was 100% because his shot appears to have lost some power.

    I think if MAB is used he should be used in an umbrella system at the top right with spacek or subban playing the high slot.

  42. habs4ever2894 says:

    She looks exactly like my girlfriend …. seriously.

  43. zak says:


    really question JM’s decision to sit OB.MAB is A HORROR show on D. Maybe he scores a goal but when he ends up minus for the night what good is he.JM should play Gill and OB on the PP just to screen the goalie

  44. Habs_Fan_1 says:

    And Doug MacLean remaked that Sergei Kostitsyn replaced Max Lapierre rather than Pouliot in game 2. Nothing like checking facts first!

  45. Xtrahabsfan says:

    I have seen Bobby Orr beat the Ruskie’s on one leg!

  46. xlinkinparkx says:


    “Don’t stop believing”

  47. mike g says:

    There are so many things I could say relating her and things a shark does, like eating and hunting, etc….

    But I’ll hold myself to saying only one thing; daughters like that will blow Viagra straight into bankruptcy.

    “These head movies make my eyes rain” -Simple Jack

  48. sprague cleghorn says:

    Yeah, the way Markov just let Price’s skate blade slice through his tendon in Game One.  We need players with tougher tendons!




  49. Spoons91 says:

    great, markov seemingly is a walking hospital

    follow me on twitter —

  50. Dennis says:

    As a slight change of pace, have you seen Sharks GM Doug Wilson’s daughter?

  51. xlinkinparkx says:

    Was just watching sportsnet and they were talking about how Cammelari and Gionta cant carry their team on their shoulders like Crosby and Ove can…..apperently he has not watched the playoffs this season:P silly nick kiripos…or how ever u spell it

    “Don’t stop believing”

  52. Habs4ever Fan says:

    I would like to see MAB on a line with the Hamilton Bulldogs…if he could make that team

    Habs without MAB in 7

  53. jimmy shaker says:

    C’mon Markov, suck it up buddy….suck it up!  IT’S the PLAYOFFS!  I mean c’mon it’s just a little acl.  Soft, soft, soft!


  54. TommyB says:

    I don’t get into line combinations.  In fact, I detest reading them.  However, I do like your idea of putting Lapierre in front of the net on the PP.  I certainly think it could be a help.  And while on the topic of the PP, leave MAB on the bench.  He’s not scoring on the PP, and when he is out there the oppostition expects the puck to go to him, so he is covered of course.  Add in the fact that he continually bobbles the puck on the blueline, costing us the zone, and I see very little reason to have him on the power play.

  55. Habitant in Surrey says:

    …JM and the Players have gone-on and beyond My expectations this season …ALL of Them OWN My RESPECT for Them …with no qualification

    …I may scratch My head on certain decisions by Martin …I may be perplexed and frustrated by the play of a Pouliot, AK/SK or MAB …BUT as a Group, I will NOT give-up on Them until the FINAL-siren of the FINAL period of the FINAL game

    …IF They win ? …I will cheer

    …if They lose ? …I will know They were beaten by a better team …not because They didn’t give ALL They could

    …this season ? …They have EARNED at least THAT from Myself

    Habitant means PASSIONATE HOCKEY

  56. karpen33 says:

    So true. As much as I’d love to go to the Cup finals, if this is as far as we go it’s been a great run.

  57. Danno says:

    Lappierre would be a good choice as a crease crasher as would Travis Moen. On line #1 try to use AK for the role, #2 line use Pouliot.


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”

  58. FSUPhi1584 says:

    I also have my doubts about SK, but he brings more offense than Pyatt. Also, I think his speed would go well with Max and Moore. Those two both have shots so SK wouldn’t be wasting his talents on the fourth line with guys that can’t score. I was also thinking Laps and Moore could double shift in MAB’s stead for the majority of the game.

  59. TripleX says:

    I like it. I have basically the same lineup in mind, and I agree it is the best possible roster to have.  Of course JM sees the world in a different manner.  Ugggh.


    “Good judgement comes from experience, and experience comes from bad judgement.”

  60. gumper says:

    Though playing MAB on the fourth line inevitably reduces the amount of time that line sees, I still think it’s the way to go. Also, I wonder about SKs commitment to the team. Other than those quibbles, those lines look about right to me.

  61. FSUPhi1584 says:

    Even though rehab should optimistically take six months, it will take much longer to be 100%. Depending on the ACL tear it could take 18 months for Markov to get back to normal.

  62. FSUPhi1584 says:

    Now that Markov’s return is no longer a possibility, I say we roll with these lines for max offense:



    Moore-Lapierre-SK (or Moore could play center)

    Moen-Metro-MAB (SK would take Pyatt’s spot on the PK)




    Here’s a thought for the PP that I haven’t seen anyone mention: Use Lapierre in front of the net. He’s a RH shot, has good size and fight, fairly coordinated on his skates, great on faceoffs, and has a decent shot (better than Moen anyways)

  63. SPATS says:

    With Marky, you can expect him to heal faster than average. Look for him to be close to ready for the first game next season. As for this season, we’re so far from out of it. A couple of adjustments and a swing in the MO, and it’s game on again. It feels like it did after game 3 against Washington. We were humiliated twice in a row but we regained our form and the rest is history. When we win tomorrow night, JM and his crew will keep the MO that Philly have enjoyed for 6 games now. Bring on the Hawks!

  64. Grabbed The Cup says:

    Before this past season Markov missed a grand total of 9 games in the previous three seasons, check your facts before spouting nonsense.


    You leave me little notes on my pillow. Told you 158 times I can’t stand little notes on my pillow. “We’re all out of cornflakes. F.U.” Took me three hours to figure out F.U. was Felix Unger!

  65. Rah514 says:

    We defeated the Penguins with Markov out, we can do the same with the Flyers. People argue how, what is JM doing wrong and what is he doing right etc… I don’t care to speculate on that. I won’t try to assume what he should or shouldn’t be doing. All I know is he coached this team into the Conf Finals, this team has played it’s heart on the sleeve for these playoffs and made it this far and I refuse to see them laying down and dying for this Flyers team now.


    We will fight from this. I believe. And even if we don’t, I’ll go down with the Habs on my heart to the bittersweet end. GO HABS GO!

  66. pmaraw says:

    its funny how nobody did that to philly when they were down 3-0

  67. Habhopeful says:

    Hes just a jokeful drunk!……But ya he’s serious lol


    “I went to see a fight the other night…And A hockey game broke out!” ~Rodney Dangerfield~

  68. MathMan says:

    Ouch. Best case scenario, Markov misses training camp and a boatload of off-season training and joins the team not TOO much off his game.

    With the Habs already looking to be life-and-death to make the playoffs, that will hurt. Hopefully the East sucks again.

  69. hockeylegend514 says:

    You better be joking or be drunk.

  70. habs11s says:

    nvm found it….


    “How would you like a job where when you made a mistake, a big red light goes on and 18,000 people boo?” -Jacques Plante

  71. habs11s says:

    unrelated but what was that song that was in a montage for the pittsburg series (im sorry i can remember which game)


    “How would you like a job where when you made a mistake, a big red light goes on and 18,000 people boo?” -Jacques Plante

  72. Pleks14 says:

    God Markov gets me nervous. Trade him God dammit he’s as soft as a feather. SIX MONTHS LMFAOOO GOD THIS GUY IS INCREDIBLE. He gets hit falls like a peasant, gets cut by Price’s skate..good lord trade this Russian

  73. Off-side says:

    So we start the next season with a D guy who watches from the press box? Great.

  74. AZ_Hab_Fan says:

    Every show so far on NHL network talking about “when the Flyers go to the cup finals”.

    I really want to beat these Flyers and make ’em cry like Bruins.

  75. habsfaninboston says:

    Good move. No need to risk further injury to the knee. Take the time to rehab it and not rush back.

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