The hockey season has begun … with a golf tournament.
The Canadiens and the high rollers paying to play a round with them hit the links Wednesday morning at the posh Laval-sur-le-lac country club.

All hands were on deck, wearting sea-blue polo shirts, but not everyone played golf.

The list of non-participants included Tomas Plekanec, Andrei Kostitsyn and Andrei Markov (all from countries that used to consider golf a filthy and corrupt capitalist indulgence), plus Josh Gorges and Lars Eller, rehabbing a knee and shoulder, respectively; and P.K. Subban, nursing the first mystery ailment of the season: an upper-body injury that shouldn’t keep him out of training camp.

For those planning to attend the sessions at the Canadiens training complex in Brossard, they begin Saturday morning at 10, with a scrimmage at 11.

Same schedule Sunday and Monday as the team prepares for the first of its eight exhibition games, with Dallas visiting the Bell Centre on Tuesday evening.

Before teeing off, each of the players _ plus general manager Pierre Gauthier , coach Jacques Martin and the guy who signs the paycheques, Geoff Molson – was trotted out to meet the media hordes.


• Pierre Gauthier noted the uniqueness of Andrei Markov’s torn ACL: a clean tear, with no collateral knee damage

• Josh Gorges heaped praise on Dr. James Andrews, who did his knee surgery and Markov’s

• Erik Cole looks big, even in golf clothes

• Brian Gionta and Gorges praised Cole as character guy who’ll be great in the room. And they should know.

• Max Pacioretty – newly married, with his Russian wife studying International Business at McGill – has been trying out new helmet designs, some of which he admits are pretty dorky

• Mike Cammalleri is enjoying fatherhood, but he didn’t play much golf this summer

• P.K. Subban was the only player wearing shorts

• The sun came out just as Carey Price started answering questions

• Yannick Weber considers himself a defenceman, but some see him in a Mark Streit role, dressing as a seventh D

• DD considers himself a centre but wouldn’t mind playing the wing.

• All the players have sweet rides. The BMW X5 is a particular favourite

Here’s some audio. Dave Stubbs will post video as well.

(The sound in the background is three guys in referees’ shirts, playing a baritone sax, a banjo and a tuba in front of the clubhouse.)

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  1. habsrock_3 says:

    Habs will be fine. We’re deep so if Markov, Georges …. aren’t ready to play till later in the yr, no probs, look what we did last yr without them.

  2. karpen33 says:

    it’s not even preseason, everybody just CHILL!!!!

  3. pierre lapuck says:

    Irrelevant to any conversation today but check out this link from theChive best site on the net.

  4. Habs_4_ever says:

    What’s this about P.K. having a mystery upper body injury?

    “That’s the save of the year and it’s not even the year yet!”

  5. avatar_58 says:

    Scuse me but I’m hearing Gorges and Markov aren’t fully healed and this GM signed the both of them, one of which to a LONG TERM deal?

    Pardon me but I was under the impression Markov was skating and hitting and that he proved to management he was better than ever. That’s what we were told. Now he can’t even skate? That’s awesome. Just awesome.

    Gorges? No wonder he only got 1 year, he JUST got cleared? Look I love both of these guys but if you seriously telling me our GM just took 2 gigantic risks when we had Wiz lined up….ugggg…

    • shiram says:

      Gorges is ready, as far as I know, where did you get that he was just cleared? Last I heard he would have been cleared to play in the playoffs.

      If you don’t grok it, drokk it!

    • RGM says:

      Wiz was likely never “lined up” to re-sign here. He was clearly looking to springboard into a giant paycheque on July 1st and he got that. I’m not knocking the guy, when you bounce around a number of teams in your first few seasons it’s great to hit the big-dollar long-term deal and finally bring some stability to your life, but I honestly don’t think that there was ever going to be much chance that the Habs would re-sign the guy.

      GO HABS GO! 2011-12 is our year!

    • coldness81 says:

      ACL injuries can be difficult to recover from, this whole idea of “quick healers? is kinda bull. you need 6-8 months to fully recover.

      i’m not worried about their physical conditioning, i’m sure they’ll be in top shape. i would be worried about markov and if he plays differently in order to protect his knee.

      • The Dude says:

        Markov has to play differently or he’s toast! The question is can Markov’s new style be N.H.L .worthy?I have doubts he can fight for puck possession or clear the front of the net without further injury”plus there’s a bulls-eye on that knee” and I’m sure he’s lost a step or two.A very high priced power-play specialist on a very long term contract and that’s all …hope I’m wrong!

    • mdp2011 says:

      do you realize that the season is still a month away and training camp hasn’t even started yet? Get a grip man!

    • nick says:

      Perhaps I missed it… Where did you see / hear that Markov wasn’t even skating?

    • You are aware that Wiz had the same knee problems right..?

    • Chorske says:

      OMFG HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN WE’RE DOOOOMED oh, wait, season hasn’t even started yet, never mind.

      Also WE NEVER HAD WIZ LINED UP. He was NEVER going to play here long term. I can’t believe that this myth persists on HIO. It’s astonishing.

    • Sharks9 says:

      More than 20 days until the season starts, people need to calm down.

      25 before 14

    • Un Canadien errant says:

      Christ, I’ve been the one trick pony all summer on this. It hurts me a little bit that you guys haven’t read my prior posts and taken this knowledge on board. It’s as if I could have done something more valuable with my time in July and August. Anyway, here goes….. Again…

      Anterior cruciate ligament tears do NOT ‘heal’. The procedure involves grafting a piece of (usually) hamstring muscle into place where the old ACL used to be. In time, usually 3-6 months, the stitches dissolve, and the muscle tissue turns into collaginous tissue (ligament and tendon). This actual healing is not what determines whether the player recovers, unless an infection sets in like in Tom Brady’s case.

      The injured knee will perform at close to 100% only when it is rehabilitated, and that is the key part of the process. What makes the knee recover is all the physio work and time in the gym. Which should allay some of your fears, since both Andrei and Josh are diligent professionals who take pride in their physical fitness and off-ice work.

      Even when they are cleared by team doctors, both players will feel that their knee feels a little wobbly in certain circumstances. This is perfectly normal, it takes a long long time to get back full stability and proprioception in the joint. The muscles and nerves need to relearn how to work together. Most athletes in football, skiing speak of a ‘lost year’ or season after the surgery, where their knee was medically at 100%, but they only felt able to perform at peak efficiency a year later.

      Specifically, Andrei Markov should be ready to perform earlier than Josh Gorges since his procedure occurred two months before Josh’s. He has a huge head start in his rehab program. Also, I read a blurb today that stated how Mr. Markov had a relatively rare injury, in the good sense, in that he only ruptured his ACL, and not his medial collateral, or suffer any cartilage damage, the latter of which is more problematic. This fact is probably why the team doctors were optimistic about his recovery, and why Mr. Gauthier felt confident signing him to a longer term deal. Mr. Gorges’ injury may have been more severe, he may have damaged some cartilage over the years playing with the ACL gone, so that may be why Mr. Gauthier only offered the one year deal, again, based on his team doctors’ advice.

      All that remains now is for those two hearty fellows to continue working on their rehab, and to take things slowly. Frequently, the injured athlete starts to feel good about his progress and may push it to hard too soon, and pop the new ligament and need to start over. They will need to listen to their doctors and physios and their bodies. Mr. Martin will no doubt be briefed on their progress, and will need to temper his instinct to rely on his trusted veterans and tendency to overuse them. He will need PK and Skillsie to crunch even more minutes, and think of the early season as an opportunity to test Mr. Webber, Yemelin and other newcomers in all situations. Both Mr. Markov and Mr. Gorges should be seen as 15-20 minute defencemen early in the season, even if they feel great and there is no pain or swelling in their knee. As they accumulate icetime and practice sessions and still more time in the gym, their knee will slowly go from 99.5% to 101%, hopefully in time for a long playoff run.

      There. No more talk about knee injuries this season. We’ve covered it.

      How about it NHL? No fighting, just hockey?

  6. shiram says:

    Twitter reports, from Boston on Pouliot.!/MurphysLaw74

    @MurphysLaw74 Jimmy Murphy
    Benoit Pouliot today wasn’t shy in laying blame on strained relationship with Jacques Martin in Montreal for his parting ways with Habs.

    Jimmy Murphy
    @MurphysLaw74 Jimmy Murphy
    Benoit Pouliot also said that he has made peace with David Krejci already and is not worried about Jack Edwards views on him.

    If you don’t grok it, drokk it!

    • RGM says:

      In more relevant news, Panini is putting in a card in their new Dominion hockey card series that allows you to redeem for an actual mini Stanley Cup given to the players on the 78-79 Canadiens team.

      GO HABS GO! 2011-12 is our year!

    • Chuck says:

      Why would anyone care what Jack Edwards thinks of them? He’s a homer to a fault, and when Pouliot scores his first goal he’ll claim that getting Pouliot out of Montreal was a bigger coup than Dryden away from the Bruins.

    • Exit716 says:

      And we thought Kostitsyn was the real Special Olympian of the group. Wow. Benoit…just wow! I wonder if taking a crucial penalty that killed the Habs momentum might have had something to do with the benching? What an idiot. Enjoy the season in Providence, Benny.

  7. derfab says:

    Eller is a better centre than DD, though each holds his own if well supported. I don’t see them on the same line unless they get a top winger like Kostitsyn to make them legitimate offensively. Pairing them would be a waste of a 4th pivot (DD) who could also kill penalties or spot on a 2nd PP.

  8. ProHabs says:

    Were all of these audio’s done in a Jazz bar?

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