Your newly-constructed Montreal  Canadiens hit the links at Laval-sur-le-lac this morning.

Pat Hickey (that’s him in the pic, wearing the tam and plus-fours) and David Stubbs will be there, gathering pearls of wisdom from the guys in loud shirts and funny pants.

Audio to come later today.

• Pat Hickey on new Hamilton coach Guy Boucher.

• Gino Odjick to BGL: No more Mr. Nice Guy!

• Good guy Mathieu Dandenault gets a tryout with the Sharks.

• Ovie to Bettman: Try and stop me. Stephen Brunt on Bettman vs. Balsillie.

High stakes in Phoenix.

Pavol Demitra gone for six weeks.

• Thanks to frequent Commenter Bugs for this great, pundit-bashing rant (in very cultured French).

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