Fond farewell to sportswriting legend

Milt Dunnell turned 100 on Christmas Eve, 2005.
Courtesy Richard Lautens, Toronto Star

Toronto sportswriting legend Milt Dunnell – a legend well beyond that city’s borders, in fact – died in his sleep last night at the age of 102.

Mr. Dunnell was born four years before the Canadiens, a dozen years before the National Hockey League. He covered more than his share of Habs games, once the Habs came into being, and was a respected, respectful voice for at least a few generations of readers.

We send our condolences to those close to Mr. Dunnell, and wish the master craftsman well where he is this morning, a fine collection of athletes and stories for him to cover anew.

Don’t miss this wonderful tribute by Dave Perkins in today’s Toronto Star, and a photo gallery here.

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