Fisher says Carbo’s NHL’s best

• You have to dig deeply into The Red Line to get to the ringing endorsement, but it’s there.Might get an argument from tonight’s visitor, Jacques Lemaire, Dave Tippett, Randy Carlisle, Craig McTavish and the cocks, Bab and Hitch. But hey, a guy covers the Canadiens for 100 years, he’s entitled to his opinion.

• Dave Stubbs on Bob Gainey’s remarks and Carbo’s contract extension. (photo from Getty Images) 

• In La Presse, Marc-Antoine Godin gets players’ reaction to their coach’s contract. 

• At, Pierre LeBrun previews the Canadiens

Eric Duhatschek in the Globe and Mail talks to Brian Burke and Ken Holland about Cup-winning styles of play. Also, Sean Gordon’s capsule look at the Canadiens. 

• Damien Cox in the Toronto Star on Crosby and Ovechkin

• The latest Ben Eager idiocy. What is this guy doing in the NHL? 

• Fight-filled pre-season Battle of Alberta


  1. TommyB says:

    Ted Nolan? Are you kidding???? LOL

  2. New says:

    Red covered the Habs for the last 100 years? Who did he cover in the 200 before that? Iroqouis Confederation or Puritan League?

  3. The Cat says:

    Good post but I dont know. The difference to me, between last year and the year before was injuries/flu etc. I dont think Carbo is a bad coach mind you, but its not like hes accomplishing miracles with a rag-tag bunch like Ted Nolan has had the habit of doing.

  4. nightmare_49 says:

    Atlanta Thrashers top prospect Goalie Ondrej Pavelec has been sent down but he won’t report and wants out of the organization. Pavelec whose team won the Calder Cup last year and whose skill is similar to Jaro Halak with even more AHL experience has had it .. by Craig Custance .. Sporting News …..

  5. moser17 says:

    Excellent post, twocents: a clear and balanced consideration.

  6. The Teacher says:

    No apologies needed twocents, I agree with everything you said and really can’t understand those who call for Carbo’s head all the time. We might not agree with everything he does but you can’t argue with his results in his still short head coaching career.

  7. HabFab says:

    Looks like 5 cents worth but your typical good sense.

  8. twocents says:

    Forgive me nightmare_49 for what I am about to express. ;o)
    (and for the ridiculously long post but…)

    I want to make a point about Guy Carboneau’s performance as coach last year that seems to go under-recognized. Guy said it yesterday and any number of coaches and GM’s will say it at the mildest prompt, a good coach is one that can get the best out of his best players.

    Alexei Kovalev’s season last year is nothing short of a triumph on that front. Carbo identified that Alexei represented the team’s most skilled player, with the greatest potential to impact the course of the season, and actively steered him to arguably his best season in the NHL, at the age of 35. This is no small feat when we are talking about a player who can be moody and selfish. You could argue that Gainey’s talk and/or Alex’s own inner machinations took care of that despite Carbo but, you would be fooling yourself. If nothing else you have to recognize that Carboneau avoided upsetting Kovy’s apple cart. Not the easiest thing to do when your dealing with a player of Kovalev’s make up. If your honest with yourself you’ll go further and recognize that Guy took the time to send props AK47’s way whenever it was credible and you have to acknowledge that the ‘C’ was not bestowed upon Alex by anyone other than the coach. Cajoling, coddling, stroking, giving credit where credit is do, call it whatever you want, but know that without it Kovy’s season would have turned out differently.

    Now you could say, each year every team has at least one player post a career season regardless of the coach or team’s performance. But, it isn’t always the team’s best player that does. When you combine that with the fact that Tomas Plekanec, Christopher Higgins, Andrei Markov and Mike Komisarek all diplayed career best play and that they also represent the team’s best talent you might should think twice about dismissing Carbo’s role in all this. Not to mention that he navigated successful maiden voyages for three of the teams brightest prospects in the Brothers K and Carey Priceberg and guided the departed Mark Streit to unforeseen territory.

    Koivu? well he had a career year the year before with Carbo behind the bench and so did Sheldon Souray and Cristobal Huet. Not bad, Carbo doubled the number of career seasons from one year, his first, to the next. Let’s hope the trend continues.

    So what do people like to point to when they question Carboneau’s perfromance? Some note the deterioration of Micheal Ryder and the stagnation of Guillaume Latendresse. If we keep the old adage in mind, about getting the best from the best, those with half full glasses might surmise that the answer to these questions lie directly at/in the feet of the players at hand. They, at that point in the team’s, and their personal, development simply didn’t represent the best the Canadiens had to offer. Guy knew that a good season didn’t depend on them achieving full potential and was wise enough to follow the old adage.

    Did I mention he took a team that finished out of the playoffs the season before and had them finish first in their conference? But, that’s a digression. When considering all this, it starts to get real hard not to do as the coach does, and give credit where credit’s due.

    Thanks! Guy and I’m looking forward to your next 3 years with this fine team, assembled by friend and mentor.

  9. habsfansince91 says:

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