First-round pick McCarron stands tall at rookie camp

Canadiens fans will be happy to learn that Michael McCarron, the Canadiens’ first-round draft pick this year, scored a goal and also had a fight during his first exhibition game with the OHL’s London Knights, a 5-1 victory over the Sarnia Sting last week.

Sarnia’s Nick Latta took exception when he thought London’s Max Domi took a run at his goaltender. But before Latta could get to Domi, the 6-foot-5, 237-pound McCarron stepped in.

“I had to stand up for my teammate,” McCarron told The Gazette’s Pat Hickey on Friday at the Canadiens’ rookie camp in Brossard.

After being drafted, McCarron had to decide between accepting a scholarship to Western Michigan University or playing in the OHL. He made his decision and then signed a three-year, entry-level NHL contract with the Canadiens that carries a $1.137-million cap hit.

McCarron’s first impression of the rookie camp is that everything moves at a faster pace.

There are a few players at the rookie camp with hockey in their genes. Christian Thomas is the son of former NHLer Steve Thomas, who scored 421 goals in 1,235 career games. Justin Courtnall is the son of Geoff and the nepher of former Canadien Russ. And Connor Crisp is the nephew of former NHL player and coach Terry.

Rookie camp continues through Monday with scrimmages slated for Saturday at 4 p.m. and Sunday and Monday at 11 a.m. They are open to the public.

(Photo by Dario Ayala/The Gazette)

Habs’ McCarron takes the junior option, by The Gazette’s Pat Hickey

Family ties at rookie camp,

Tinordi, Beaulieu unfazed by Murray signing,

Rookie camp roster

Habs’ Gallagher paying back those who believed in him,

Mackasey happy to get back to hockey after cancer battle, by Gazette sports editor Stu Cowan


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  2. ProHabs says:

    Would Ryan Whitney have been a good fit with Habs. He is on a tryout with the Blues. Only 30 years old, big, drafted 5th overall and gets some points. Surprised other teams were not interested in him.

  3. Sean Bonjovi says:

    Did I hear that linesmen will have the option to blow the whistle on an icing call before a defensive player touches the puck? That can’t be, I must have misread something.
    If so, will they exercise this option late in the 3rd period when the Canadiens are trailing by a goal or only when they are protecting a lead?

  4. Sportfan says:

    @Danno were you able to get tickets?

    Sports and Entertainment in the link click and enjoy, clicking is fun!

  5. JohninTruro says:

    McCarron on a penalty shot.

  6. Dulljerk says:

    Not sure if anyone updated this (I’m too lazy to read all of this gibberish), but Connor Crisp is now with the Sudbury Wolves for this season.

    Now, back to your mindless dribble about nothing.

    No eternal reward will forgive us for wasting the dawn.

  7. HabFab says:

    Guillaume Lefrancois – 3-1 Rouges après 1 période. Des buts de Grégoire, Narbonne et Eberle. On est de Narbonne humeur chez les Rouges

    The pluggers score all the goals in the 1st period. MacAuley replied for the White.

    Update – still 3-1 after 40 minutes. Major excitement in 2nd was sparks between Dietz and Beaulieu.

    Final 4-2. Thomas and McCarron exchanged goals in the 3rd.

  8. Timo says:

    So, did everybody give Mr. Molson their money today?

  9. HabFab says:

    Matthew Macaskill ‏

    They’ve got parking attendants outside the #Habs Bell Sports Complex… Packed house. This city is starved for hockey.

    Only in Montreal for a scrimmage game at the Rookie Camp.

  10. JohninTruro says:

    Gregoire from Bozon

  11. Hobie Hansen says:

    “I want to showcase my size and physicality. I want to be one of the biggest and [meanest] guys out there, but keep things under control. I want to show what I’ve worked on, and make [management’s] decision difficult.”

    -Greg Pateryn

    Now that’s the right attitude. Habs finally have guys with the right mentality in the system!

  12. OakvilleHabsFan says:

    Picked up a couple of tickets for the first preseason Bulldogs game at Sixteen Mile Creek Arena in Oakville vs the Marlies. on Sept 27th.
    only 2000 tix available, not a bad seat in the house.
    Looking forward to watching the kids play!

  13. HabsWin-nipeg says:

    Hope you all can stand one more “opinion” on the Habs D:

    Markov – IMO Markov was a)gassed and b)struggling to figure out how to play on his damaged/repaired knee at the end of the season. Someone else pointed out that he had hardly played in the past 2-3 years, then played a full season of heavy minutes between the KHL/NHL. In addition, my thoughts are that the book was out on him that if he pinches at the line, just chip it past him with speed and he can’t turn/accelerate fast enough to catch up to the play. I see Markov as a proud player, who won’t want to play with a significant weakness to his game, thus he likely has been working throughout the summer on adjusting his game to match what his body can do…at least that’s my hope.

    Lots of talk about Diaz lately. IMO Diaz has been a surprise to the Habs, but isn’t part of their D for the future. He fills a valuable spot at the moment, but if one of the young guys pushes for a spot he is a moveable piece. When I look at our D of the future, I see Subban, Emelin, Tinordi, Beaulieu, Pateryn (impressed with him) and maybe additions from outside the organization or more young guys. The other guys are just filling spots (including Markov and Gorges) until the D of the future is ready, and are all expendable if any of the young guys forces the team to call them up (Markov may be the exception, depending on if he can regain his form).

    Re: the young guys, I think it’s important to remember than none of Tinordi/Beaulieu/Pateryn forced their way into the lineup last year, but were brought in to meet a need when others went down. They are the D of the future, so if they force the issue this year, I would expect that they will be there at some point (see Galchenyuk and Gallagher as examples). When I think of our D looking something like Subban/Tinordi, Emelin/Beaulieu, Pateryn/Gorges (just examples, not forecasting pairings), I think we’re gonna have one of the top D’s in the league in 2-3 years.

    • Habs4LifeInTO says:

      I think you are right that our defense, in the near future, will be young and very good. Deitz and Nygren may also play supporting roles during this time as well; Deitz especially. He’ll force his way in with his grittiness and leadership qualities. Can’t see Georges here for much longer with these cheaper, skilled options available.

      24 cups and counting….

  14. Propwash says:

    Hal Gill is now a Philydelphia Flyer.


  15. ABHabsfan says:

    Further to my point below regarding linesman-discretion icing;
    Can you imagine the crap-storm when, and not if, the linesman lets a play proceed and a player does suffer an injury? Can the linesman be liable legally? What if he doesn’t call it and should have resulting in a goal? Perhaps these plays should be subject to video review by the Lords in TO. (sarcasm intonation here).Linesman cannot be making these calls. Just blow the whistle when a team ices it and face-off again. Shooting the puck down the ice is hardly a key hockey play anyway.

    “man, I love winnin’; you know, it’s like better than losin’?”-
    Ebby Calvin “Nuke” Laloosh

    • The Cat says:

      I agree. It amazes what the NHL thinks is exciting; a race for a loose puck or endless PPs are not exciting. The NHL should stop acting like its starved for offense; 2-1 games are usually better than 6-5 farces.

      [Disclaimer]: I’m a hockey fan. I care about the habs, but probably not as much as you.

    • Coach K says:

      Just adopt the same no-touch rules as the IIHF. The NHL thinks icing races are exciting? BS. Even on those very rare occasions when a player beats the D to the puck it almost never results in a scoring chance. Instead, it just ends up in another boring scrum along the boards. And if they think injuries are exciting then they are truly twisted.

      —When Hell freezes over, I’ll play hockey there too—

      • JohninTruro says:

        It’s not all about creating a scoring chance from it coach, it’s about taking a scoring chance away from the other team by not having a face-off set up in your defensive zone.

        • Coach K says:


          While that’s a valid point, the D zone faceoff is only a relatively recent invention in the 100 year history of the league. As an owner, I’d be more concerned about injuries to my million dollar investments.

          That said, there are a number of creative ways to to deal with those faceoffs…
          1) Don’t ice the puck and we don’t need to worry about the D zone faceoff
          2) Make sure the team is drilled endlessly on D zone faceoffs and the assignments that go with them.
          3). If you are in control of the puck long enough to shoot it away then freeze it or shoot it into the bench so you can get the line change.
          3) Call a time out and…
          4) There’s nothing saying your goalie can’t suddenly develop an equipment problem that might give the team a quick rest…

          A good coach can always figure out that he has options.
          —When Hell freezes over, I’ll play hockey there too—

  16. HabFab says:

    This blogger from HabsWorld will be live tweeting from Brossard for today’s inter-squad scrimmage at 4pm.

    Matt Macaskill @MTLMacaskill

  17. Denjen says:

    Hab fan in leaf jungle— I’m going to chalk up your last comment to ” your having a bad day”. The youth playing this yr and the kids coming up are the best I ve seen in yrs in this org.! I m tired of hearing about the Detroit model. Yes they do well and will continue to do so. Their late picks are Jems but gambles as well ,anything after the mid second round IMO become risks and gambles. What would have been more amazing in 1999 is if Detroit took Zetterberg not in the 7 th round 210 th overall but way up in the 2 nd round or 3rd if the truly thought he was all that! Do you understand ? To take a player ,and again I ll point out 7 th round 210th overall, that means they took about 8 other players or so I believe that yr before him, and over 300 players were taken be other teams before him, again to take a guy in the 7th round do you really organizationally think that the player is going to be a Zetterberg like player? No ! But you never know? There is always a slim very slim chance it can happen. Detroit struck 3 times, now they re the” model for all others to follow” though it’s been over 10 yrs since the ve done it again. Anyways buddy chill, cheer on your Habs cause were going to beat Detroit several times this yr. I m out!

  18. Habilis says:

    MB vs Nonis:

    In his tenure as Habs GM, MB has done the following of note:

    -Bought out Scott Gomez
    -Bought out Tomas Kaberle
    -Signed PK Subban to perhaps the biggest steal of a deal in the NHL
    -Traded Cole for Ryder
    -Traded a pick for Parros
    -Re-signed Emelin and Eller to market value deals.
    -Slightly overpayed to re-sign DD
    -Signed Briere
    -Signed Murray

    Nonis has also made his mark:

    -Bought out Komisarek
    -Bought out Grabo (their best offensive centre at the time)
    -Traded 3 picks for Bolland
    -Traded for Bernier… when Rymer was one of his best players last season
    -Signed Bolland and Bernier to market value deals
    -Overpayed through the nose to sign Clarkson, and it’s for the next 7 years.
    -Re-signed his goons
    -Ran out of cap space before dealing with his 2 best RFAs

    I’m sure I forgot some stuff, but you get the point. MB has his team ready to roll, excluding injured players. Nonis has what can only be called a huge distraction as he heads into camp with two of his better players unsigned, one of whom is a spoiled kid who keeps tweeting about how much he deserves.

    Now considering all that, who would you give a 5 year extension to?

    Man I love MLSE. Money is the only thing that matters to them. It’s fun to watch. 😀

    • HabinBurlington says:

      I don’t dispute that the contract given to Clarkson seems ridiculous, but Clarkson will help the Leafs, at least for the short term. Seems all teams can eventually get out from bad contracts.

      A couple of my leaf buddies have always said, given the Leafs are by far and away the richest team in the league, they should make sure they spend up to the cap ever year. Use that advantage they have, given that is something they have much of.

      I am not convinced getting Bernier was a bad move, having two good young goalies should be helpful down the road, and while perhaps Bernier is overpaid relative to how much he has played. It isnt stupid overpayment or for ridiculous term.

      I am not trying to defend Nonis, as much as just trying to be more open minded in how I assess their moves.

      The contracts for Kadri and Franson are still far from settled, no surprise both will probably end up getting done after training camp is on.

      • Habilis says:

        Damn you and your level headed logic! 😉

        I kid of course, you make some great points. I am judging him on the way things look right now. Bernier and Clarkson could have career years and prove me 100% wrong.

        Still though, given a choice between the two GMs, I’d take MB 11 times out of 10. And the whole 5 year extension thing still baffles me.

        • HabinBurlington says:

          Don’t disagree bud, the buyout of Grabovski seems crazy to me. The coach Carlyle didn’t like him, and played him on 3rd line and asked him to play a game which isn’t his style. I can’t believe they never really tried Grabo with Kessel. Grabo is a much more talented player than Bozak I believe, whose contract I do think is ridiculous. Kessel may indeed be gone next year and suddenly they are stuck with Bozak who only looks good thanks to Kessel, IMO.

          • Habilis says:

            Absolutely. Not only is Bozak an over-payment, but as you alluded to, he seems to be astoundingly overvalued by management. You can’t tell me that the Leafs wouldn’t be a better team with Grabo instead of Bozak. But hey, Phil likes him, so he’s in.

            The same Phil who has already said that he won’t sign an extension during the season. The writing is on the wall for Kessel in TO, at least in my eyes. Nonis would be best served by moving him now, while his value is at it’s peak. But he won’t. What he will do, if the Leafs are out of it at that point, is try to move him at the deadline. But he’ll ask for too much and end up with nothing. Then he’ll move his rights for a 3rd round pick at the draft. 😉

      • jedimyrmidon says:

        I think you’re under-representing how bad contracts can cripple a team (*cough* Gomez *cough*). Clarkson will definitely be a useful player for the Leafs, but 1) even that is in question as he hasn’t consistently produced at a high level over his career unlike other marquee UFAs and 2) he will be quite old by the time his contract ends.

        I wouldn’t assume that teams can usually get out of bad contracts. I suppose in looking at the Bruins with Thomas, Rangers with whoever they didn’t want anymore and the Flyers (who are the most creative in spending to the cap) it might look that way, but at the same time I don’t think it’s possible to bury players in the minors like it was before.

        • HabinBurlington says:

          Perhaps, my main point however, is that the Leafs have an excess of money, moreso than virtually every other team. Therefore, they should at least make sure they use that to their advantage.

          Worst case, in 3-4 years, if Clarkson has indeed become of no value and cannot be traded, the cap will be much higher by then and the Leafs can do a regular buyout of him. Afterall, it will only cost them money.

          • jedimyrmidon says:

            I agree that a team that has the monetary resources should spend to the cap. But at the same time, in having contracts having multi-year lengths, one wouldn’t spend to the cap for the sake of spending to the cap while also tying up cap space that would need to be used in subsequent years on matters of greater priority.

            By signing Clarkson for 6 years in 2013, the Leafs are basically committing to him being the player that will fill Role X for that period of time, and believe he play that role better than other UFAs that may be available in years 2014-2016 (as an example). Now, if they were pushing for a Cup this upcoming season and the next, and believed Clarkson would push them to that goal then it’s a good gamble. But if they think that their Cup window will be in 4 years from now and Clarkson is in decline at that point then his contract may not be so wise or they might have spent the money on another UFA that came up during those years. At least, that’s how I see it.

    • ABHabsfan says:

      There is more coming;
      Kessel walks for nothing at year’s end.
      Nonis trades Fanoof back to Calgary for Stajan
      Gardiner traded for 3rd rnd pick, not a Carlyle type of player

      “man, I love winnin’; you know, it’s like better than losin’?”-
      Ebby Calvin “Nuke” Laloosh

      • HabinBurlington says:

        The Kessel scenario is definitely an interesting one to watch. Didn’t he already say he doesn’t want to have contract negotiations during the season? That is definitely a dangerous scenario brewing for the Leafs.

        • HabFab says:

          The Minnesota talk is that he would like to play closer to home and the Wild are clear of Heatleys $7.5 ml contract after this season. Wouldn’t that be a kick for Leaf fans?

          • Lafleurguy says:

            Leafs’ fans (many of them) have kept Chatty Phil at arm’s length from their hearts and despite the bottom line of consistent point production, would rather embrace a guy like Lupul (part of the Las Vegas Posse).

            “Where’s the Beef?/What’s the Beef?”

        • ABHabsfan says:

          The impression I get is that he doesn’t want to play in TO. I real kick in the plums for the Leafs as they signed Bozak to appease Kessel back in July.

          “man, I love winnin’; you know, it’s like better than losin’?”-
          Ebby Calvin “Nuke” Laloosh

      • Lafleurguy says:

        I think Gardiner was swapped for Francois Beauchemin and came with a first and the third went the other way.

        “Where’s the Beef?/What’s the Beef?”

      • Sean Bonjovi says:

        As a life long Montreal Canadiens fan I would much rather see the Maple Leafs re-sign Phil Kessel to an eight year contract extension.

    • jedimyrmidon says:

      When I think of the Leafs, I think of the word ‘vaunted’: whenever the Leafs seem to have some strength/advantage, the media lauds whatever it is, advertising it as The Next Big Thing.

      For example, there is the Leafs’ vaunted faceoff maestro Tyler Bozak, which apparently means he’s deserving of a 4M AAV contract, their rationalization being if he weren’t there, the lost faceoffs would have a significant impact on games.

      Or then there is the Leafs’ vaunted PK. Well, that hasn’t faltered yet and may not since they will be using the same scheme under Randy Carlyle.

      Oh, and of course, there is the Leafs’ vaunted cap space, which is all but gone in a single summer, leaving two fairly significant RFAs unsigned and upcoming UFAs Phil Kessel and Dion Phaneuf to sign.

    • habstrinifan says:

      Although you tended to describe all MB’s moves with positive phrases (eg “slightly overpaid to resign DD), I do think that Noonis may have a tougher problem with Kadri than he planned for.

      I dont think Noonis’ acquisition of Bernier can in any way be considered a mistake though.

      I agree with HabinBurlington that as long as the Leafs do not lose players like Kadri cap space problem.. they could and should spend as freely as they care.. they are rolling in the dough.

      Noonis’ moves smack of over-expectations ,or maybe, to be more charitable to him, over reaching with his goals. I think he thinks the Leafs are better and closer than many think..especially we here in HIO.
      Bergevin’s moves have been tailored to match his expectations of the farm system which he has inherited or upgraded, while providing temporary solutions. I think his moves ‘this year’ on the ufa have been excellent, considering the promise apparent in the ahl etc and the financial caution/restraints that he operates under. He has constructed a team, which wont suffer the same problems of last few years, (size) and therefore which would allow him to truly assess the talent he has throughout the system. After this year he will be able to answer questions of about the real talent/ability of his players(especially veterans) rather than have to make allowances for their play because of physical discrepancy.

      I think you omitted one of MB’s biggest moves in this vein. At this moment, absolutely NO ONE (even the most fanatic of his fans or severest of his critics) can say with utmost confidence that PriceI ‘IS or IS NOT’/’WILL or WILL NOT’ (be) the goalie everyone expected. And there is ample evidence to suggest that a skilled instructor/taskmaster/confidant was needed for Price. After this year I think MB will make/confirm his decision on Price and act accordingly.
      The appointment of Waite was a brilliant move and will help management answer its goaltending questions.

    • HabinBurlington says:

      Nice, kind of funny the 4 people that had issues with PK. Cherry, Marchand, Richards and Lupul. Not sure I would be too worried about having any of those 4 people respecting PK.

      Thanks for the stroll down memory lane!

    • Habs4LifeInTO says:

      Thanks for posting and for reminding me how good this young man is and how much crap he has had to put up with from around the league. His detractors should be ashamed of themselves. The NHL is a better place because of him.

      24 cups and counting….

    • HabFab says:

      Yes, one of the four changes for this upcoming season.

      • Stuck_in_To. says:

        Guess it behooves me to look at the other three because it seems like this one could make a big difference.

        • HabFab says:

          – smaller goaltender pads
          – no touch icing on linesmen discretion
          – automatic review by NHL Command of 4 and 5 minute high sticking penalties to ensure contact was actually made

          • ABHabsfan says:

            With regards to the no-touch linesman-discretion icing:
            So if there is a chance of a massive collision and therefore a career-ending injury, then they let it play-out.
            But if it just going to be a ho-hum touch-the-puck-no-contest, then they save the 1/2 second of playing time and blow the whistle early.
            Does anyone else find this reasoning a little skewed? Just have no-touch icing. Don’t ice the puck and no-one gets injured. Simple. And the game is just as good

            “man, I love winnin’; you know, it’s like better than losin’?”-
            Ebby Calvin “Nuke” Laloosh

          • Stuck_in_To. says:


          • HabFab says:

            @AB – can’t argue that with you. Seems more like a time saver move then a player saver one.

          • HabinBurlington says:

            Agree AB on the icing rule. Either Sh*t or get off the pot NHL as it relates to no touch. The concept of hybrid icing is ridiculous as you point out. Cannot understand why the NHL refuses to accept no touch icing. I wonder if that group of old boys at the head office just can’t get their heads around accepting a rule from the International Hockey people.

    • Phil C says:

      First I heard of it. It will be interesting to see if it makes a difference.

    • Habs4LifeInTO says:

      Thank you, hadn’t heard this.

      24 cups and counting….

  19. Ian Cobb says:

    I hope to have this built and ready at Hurley’s Pub Friday Oct. 25th for the meet and greet.
    No pop, Guinness only!

    Summit game tickets, News, Pictures and comments

  20. Mattyleg says:

    Good luck to everyone trying to score Habs tix today!

    Just remember, if you can’t use them, resell them at face value. There’s nothing worse than taking fellow fans for a ride.

    —Hope Springs Eternal—

  21. Lafleurguy says:

    @UCe: Waiting for your next insightful (inciteful?) post,
    “Habs Defense Corpse, Can It Be Revived?”

    “Where’s the Beef?/What’s the Beef?”

  22. SmartDog says:

    When does Habs camp start (the one for all players)?

    Can you smell what the dog is sniffin?

  23. HabFab says:

    Apparently at the Rookie Camp this AM, it was all about skating tests finishing with a bag skate. The goaltenders were also tested on their skating skills but they probably didn’t get a bag skate.

  24. Vito says:

    Can’t believe my luck, got 2 tickets against the Islanders in Prestige on April 10th!!

    Zdeno Chara, the Neanderthal, never
    1) intended to hurt Pacioretty
    2) knew Emelin had a titanium plate in his face before forcing him into a fight

  25. HabFab says:

    Halpern still feels he can play;

    Out of the players under contract last season with the Canadiens and not resigned, 3 including Halpern have not signed with another team yet. Kaberle looks like he may sign in the Czech League and Schultz appears to have a try-out probably in the ECHL but that hasn’t been confirmed.

  26. Propwash says:

    I have zero funds to get Habs tickets. Blew all my money on my vacation. Oh well I alotted some beer funds for the summit at Hurleys.


  27. Habfan10912 says:

    Just scored tickets to the pre summit Thursday game vs. the Ducks.

  28. habs001 says:

    I have purchased expensive tickets for sports in the past…received many free tickets…the reality is regardless of your income there is no way you can justify $700 for a pair of optimum game tickets plus the other costs that go with for a night outing….

  29. petefleet says:

    I got 4 seats!!!!! Section 315 White. Yeah!!!!

    “You can’t believe everything you read on the internet”.
    Abraham Lincoln

    ***Go Habs Go***

  30. Maritime Ronn says:

    Re Habs Game tickets or anything else

    All kinds available at StubHub

    Always had a great experience with them for NFL tiks anywhere.
    Easy and fast.
    Delivered mostly by email and you print the tickets on your own computer or device

  31. petefleet says:

    one hour and 18 minutes and counting. Does it matter what you check in the seating table?

    I haven’t been wrong in a long time…..not feeling like today is the day.

    ***Go Habs Go***

  32. Habsman93 says:

    Sat in waiting room for 1 1/4 hours but secured tickets for Laffs @ Habs Nov 30th Section 119 2 tickets couldn’t believe my luck

  33. HabinBurlington says:

    An article from the Winnipeg SUn regarding the risk in drafting Russian players. The writer interviewed former player turned agent, Igor Larionov.

  34. commandant says:


    We got the same Caps game, girlfriend and I.

    We’ll have to go out for dinner before.

    Go Habs Go!
    Your 2013 NHL Draft Headquarters, Now Open.

    • Habfan10912 says:

      It’s a date! Besides Chris and I, we’ll be bringing my Grandson Tommy for his annual trip to Montreal as well. He’s the brains of the family. CHeers Ben and It’ll be great to see you again.

  35. axxerd11 says:

    Does anyone know how many seats are in a row in the whites? Wondering if I’m on the aisle or not

    Newfoundland’s biggest Habs fan. Hands down.

  36. Maritime Ronn says:

    There probably would be little argument about the
    Top 3 teams / Total 6-7 man Unit D Corps in the NHL – that being Chicago-LA-St.Louis.
    (Of course it helps to look good when your goalie posts a .926 SP for the season and a .932 SP for the playoffs.)

    Taking Chicago as an example, how close…or far away, are the Habs from this Cup Winning D Unit?

    Ranked by ‘total minutes played’ in the Playoffs:

    Duncan Keith: ………30 years old. 6’1″-200
    Niklas Hjalmarsson:.26. 6’3″-207
    Brent Seabrook:…….28. 6’3″-221
    Johnny Oduya:……….31. 6’0-190
    Michal Rozsival:…….. 35. 6’1″-212
    Nick Leddy:…………… 22. 6’0″-191
    Sheldon Brookbank:.. 32. 6’1″-202

    1st Unit PP: Keith-Seabrook
    2nd Unit PP: Leddy-Rozsival

    1st Unit PK: Hjalmarsson-Keith
    2nd Unit PK: Seabrook-Oduya

    That group is all about puck movement with some ‘strength and toughness’ sprinkled in, along with mostly vets and only 1 guy under 26 years old.

    With what the Habs have at the moment, along with the prospect projections, are the Habs that far away? 2-3-4 years?

  37. Danno says:

    48 minutes in the waiting room and counting. I don’t imagine there is anything left by now…


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”
    Updates, highlights & great discussions on all things Habs

  38. Danno says:

    Does the ticket site tell us when they have sold out for a game? That would be nice instead of waiting for nothing…


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”
    Updates, highlights & great discussions on all things Habs

  39. Chuck says:

    Holy crap! I just realized that we’ll be watching Hab hockey a week from now! Where has the summer gone?

    Anyone but the Sens! (Check.) And Boston (Triple check.) Oh, and the Laffs, too. (Double check.)

  40. Sportfan says:

    Waiting room still beats going in the cold and waiting for hours to get tickets.

    Sports and Entertainment in the link click and enjoy, clicking is fun!

  41. on2ndthought says:

    Damn, didn’t want to talk about Diaz; wanted to talk about Gallagher. That kid is captain material! His work ethic, responsibility, skill level, character and poise, positive outlook, have done nothing but impress me from his first training camp. I’m glad, as a Habs fan, I’ve got this kid to cheer for every game!

    “a cannonading drive”

  42. Sportfan says:

    This is kind of funny and yet sad, I wonder if hockey fans are the same?

    Sports and Entertainment in the link click and enjoy, clicking is fun!

  43. on2ndthought says:

    OK, I will TRY to be patient. Watch Diaz play as if last year was his rookie year. Did he not do enough to make you drool over what he could accomplish given a full, healthy season with some muscle (Hello, Douglas Murray?!) beside him to shield him ( while he takes care of the puck so the muscle doesn’t have to)? He has 82 games in the NHL. It doesn’t matter his age, the Swiss league MAY be as good as the AHL, but I kind of doubt it. He will still experience some growing pains, but let’s assume he is a smart guy (he plays like it) and has figured out some of the adjustments he needs to make in order to stay competitive. We have lots of good young D to get excited about, but if you can’t get excited about watching a smooth skating puck wizard on the back end, then shame on you.

    BTW, many puck battles are won (or avoided, if you think a battle must include bloodshed) by getting to the puck first and skating away faster than you can be chased, or finding the (well positioned) outlet guy.

    “a cannonading drive”

    • Bill says:

      Forget about it. There are posters here who will never accept a skill player unless he is over 6’1″. They don’t care if he can play or not.

      Full Breezer 4 Life

    • ABHabsfan says:

      Diaz may want to work on the “finding the well-positioned outlet guy” a bit more and not pass it up the middle with opposing d-maen pinching up. Other than that I think Diaz is a quality NHL player, there are just a number of NHL caliber d-men coming up and forcing the door open in the Habs’ organisation. If you could have Diaz’ skills in a bigger body, you’d take that. Well that’s Beaulieu

      “man, I love winnin’; you know, it’s like better than losin’?”-
      Ebby Calvin “Nuke” Laloosh

      • on2ndthought says:

        That pass is made 10 times a game in the NHL. Make no mistake, if Gryba is making a hockey play, that hit is shoulder to shoulder, the puck skitters along the blue line, and the compete is for in/out. He targeted the head and Eller went down. Two more plays like that and Gryba is sitting for 25 games.

        “a cannonading drive”

  44. petefleet says:

    Anybody know how to get into the waiting room for tix?

    I haven’t been wrong in a long time…..not feeling like today is the day.

    ***Go Habs Go***

  45. HabFab says:

    Spector’s Hockey @SpectorsHockey

    In memoriam: Lokomotiv Yaroslavl team, who perished in a plane crash 2 years ago today.

    • HabinBurlington says:

      Thanks for the reminder, easy to forget what a tragedy that was. Imagine if that was to have happened to a professional team here in North America.

      God bless to all those affected by such a terrible accident.

  46. Sportfan says:

    Time for the waiting room! This better be worth it.

    Sports and Entertainment in the link click and enjoy, clicking is fun!

    • petefleet says:

      How do you get in? I don’t see the link.

      I haven’t been wrong in a long time…..not feeling like today is the day.

      ***Go Habs Go***

  47. WVHabsfan says:

    Hey Guy’s. I am a long time reader who rarely posts. I just want to thank you all for keeping me updated on all things Habs. I get so much more insight from you all than I can get from most hockey websites. Plus HIO has Timo and no one else does! Go Habs go!!

  48. Mavid says:

    Good morning from charming Fredericton..just 8 short days to go, I can hardly contain my glee

    Weed Wacker Gramda Smurf

    • HabinBurlington says:

      Dr. Mark Recchi

      but I prefer Doug Risebrough

    • HabFab says:

      I was there yesterday, we could have had dinner and drinks. Enjoy your trip!

    • Lafleurguy says:

      Dick Duff.

      “Where’s the Beef?/What’s the Beef?”

    • Maritime Ronn says:

      Glen Harmon (1951)
      Dick Gamble (1952-1954)
      Paul Masnick (1954)
      Jackie Leclair (1955-1957)
      Stan Smrke (1957-1958)
      Murray Balfour (1958)
      Ken Mosdell (1958-1959)
      Ralph Backstrom (1958)
      Claude Laforge (1958)
      Gene Achtymichuk (1958)
      Billy Carter (1958)
      Connie Broden (1958)
      Bill Hicke (1959-1965)
      Dick Duff (1965-1970)
      Larry Mickey (1970)
      Larry Pleau (1971-1972)
      Rey Comeau (1972)
      Chuck Arnason (1973)
      John Van Boxmeer (1974)
      Doug Risebrough (1975-1982)
      Dan Daoust (1983)
      Alfie Turcotte (1984-1986)
      Greg Paslawski (1984)
      David Maley (1986-1987)
      Steve Martinson (1989-1990)
      Mathieu Schneider (1991-1993)
      Ron Wilson (1994)
      Mark Recchi (1995-1999)
      Jim Campbell (2001)
      Mike Komisarek (2003-2009)
      Brandon Prust (2013)

    • Maritime Ronn says:

      Ralph Backstrom….because he had a part in the Habs landing Guy Lafleur

      ” The original trade saw Pollock send fringe forward Ernie Hicke and the Canadiens’ first-round choice in 1970 (Chris Oddliefson) to the Seals in exchange for defenceman François Lacombe, cash and the Seals’ first-round pick in 1971.

      Sam Pollock didn’t stop there. On Jan. 26, 1971, he sent his talented centreman Ralph Backstrom to the struggling Kings for Gord Labossière and Ray Fortin with only one idea in mind:
      to strengthen the Kings sufficiently so that they would at least finish ahead of the Seals in Lafleur’s draft year.”

      The rest is Habs history.

    • Un Canadien errant says:

      John Van Boxmeer.

  49. HabinBurlington says:

    Morning folks, is today Diaz dissected part II or are we onto a new player yet?

  50. aemarchand11 says:

    So Tinordi is now weighing 227, so thats +12lbs from the start of last year, although he said he actually lost weight as the year went on. Good to see he’s bulking up though, Mark Tinordi said he should be playing at around 240 when hes fully matured.

    • Maritime Ronn says:

      That Tinordi 227 lbs. was shown when the rookie camp roster was released on August 30th before the guys arrived at camp this week. It may have been taken back in July.
      He may be +230 when weigh-ins take place next week.
      It will be interesting to see if the extra bulk has affects on his skating/mobility.

  51. Lafleurguy says:

    It’s Kristo-Clear to Rangers’ Fans:

    “Where’s the Beef?/What’s the Beef?”

  52. NL Hab says:

    It makes me laugh at all of the comments about our young Defncemen being robbed of Defense positions. Beaulieu and Tinordi have only 1 year of pro hockey under there belts.

    Let these guys progress and mature in Hamilton, and when they are ready they will make the jump. If they are ready now, then they will make the team.

    However, how can people complain about too many defencemen on our team. Their is going to be injuries, players getting sent to the pressbox, possible suspensions, who knows what else.

    If all of our defencemen play great and we need to unload someone, then we will trade someone for picks and/or prospects.

    I do not see the negative in the Murray or Drewiske signing like most other guys. Murray is a solid bottom pairing D-Man, who is able to fight, and tough as nails. Drewiske will spend 95% of his time in the pressbox and will be there just in case one of the regulars isn’t able to go during game time. Very similar to Kaberle and Weber last year.

    So lets stop the bitching and whining and lets get excited for the 2013/14 season.

    My hopes are high for this team. This is probably the best team in terms of potential I have seen in Montreal in about 15 years. Love the make up of this team.

    Et Le But

    • Habfan10912 says:

      Although I agree with the majority of your post did you see anything in Tinordi’s second tour of duty that would lead you to believe he’s not ready to play a role on this team this season?

      I have warmed to the Murray signing, Drewskie is just a inexpensive depth signing but I really want Tinordi to be given every opportunity to make the big club. If he earns it he should be rewarded, no?

      • The Cat says:

        Well said.

        [Disclaimer]: I’m a hockey fan. I care about the habs, but probably not as much as you.

      • JohninTruro says:

        Sure Jim, if only it is what’s best for his development.

      • twilighthours says:

        At this stage, tinordi needs NHL minutes. Dat’s what me tinks.

      • Un Canadien errant says:

        This is where our terms get muddled and the conversation breaks down. I think Marc Bergevin has been clear that if a young player shows that he should be on the team, if he “earns it”, then he’ll clear room for him.

        To me that is different than a player being “given every opportunity to make the big club”, in fact, they’re almost the exact opposite.

        So yeah, if he shows coming out of camp or ten games into his AHL season that he has nothing left to learn, then yes, bring him up and ship out a defenceman to make room. But if he just does well, there’s nothing wrong with him polishing his craft in Hamilton, being the first pairing defenceman and learning to play the pro game against grown men. A big part of skill development is progression, being challenged in manageable increments before you move on to the next stage. We all remember the SRA’s from elementary school right?

        He only has one year of pro hockey under his belt. There’s no rush. For the last few years we’ve moaned and admired the Red Wings, how they are patient with their kids and leave them in the minors for a few seasons before they bring them up. We’ve complained how we rushed up guys like Guillaume Latendresse before he was ready, because he had a lot of attributes that we liked and showed flashes. Two seasons ago Louis Leblanc showed us a few things with the Canadiens, had those same flashes, but has shown since then that his apprenticeship was definitely not complete.

        If we were stuck on defence, had nobody but Jaro Spacek and Patrick Traverse and Tomas Kaberle, then sure, if Jarred Tinordi is strong enough to withstand the onslaught for a couple of years, and be tried by fire, then maybe it might make sense to bring him up. But we’re not stuck, we have Andrei and P.K. to do the heavy lifting on the first pairing and special teams, Josh Gorges plays the same style as Jarred does, and so does Douglas Murray, as well as bring the physical aspect that we thought we might need from him. Crisis averted. Let’s leave the kid to be the big man in Hamilton for a season or so, until he proves that he’s got nothing left to learn there.

        • Habfan10912 says:

          Good points, UcE. I’ve been known to muddy a conversation or two. Didn’t mean to imply I knew more than the current brain trust but in my lay man observation I think he’s ready to provide meaningful minutes with the big club. Having Murray on the blue line takes some pressure off him from being a protector out there. For the time being.

  53. Maritime Ronn says:

    jrshabs1 wrote:
    “…. Diaz had 1 goal last year..Gorges had more goals than Diaz. I don’t understand the love Diaz gets? There is no way that he should play ahead of Tinordi.”
    It’s not a question of “the love Diaz gets.”
    It’s more of a question of the Habs not knowing exactly what they have with him.
    59 games the season before, and a concussed 23 games the past season

    As for comparing him to Gorges….
    Gorges played 48.
    Diaz played 23 games last year going out with a concussion on February 25th and only returning April 20th with 4 games left in the regular season.

    Yes, Diaz had only 1 goal, yet he also put up 13 Assists and was +4.
    Those 14 points in 23 games equate to a 50 points in an 82 game season.
    Do you know how many Dmen in the NHL had 50 points in the last full 82 game season? A grand total of…5.

    As for Diaz playing ahead of Tinordi, these are 2 complete different Dmen with different skill sets.
    Tinordi will never play on the PP, while Diaz can easily move into the top pair PP if an injury hits.
    Tinordi is a future shut down guy, where Diaz should never be put in that position.

    Diaz is also a right handed Dman which is a rare commodity for the Habs. Subban is the only other Habs Dman that is a natural right side guy. (Emelin played on his off side as did Gorges in the past)

    The fate of Tinordi has nothing to do with Diaz, so maybe you should cut him some slack until the Habs know exactly what they have and where he fits.

    • Lafleurguy says:

      Mornin’ Merrytimes, have the winds died down yet?
      Diaz had zero chance of playing with the Habs when he was 21, but after he aged and had his mid-twenties game on display, he was recruited as a free agent. If his abilities weren’t up to snuff he would have been cut or sent down to the Bullpooches. His 1.25 mill contract finishes after this season. He ain’t Streit, but his game’s not all queer either.

      “Where’s the Beef?/What’s the Beef?”

      • Habfan10912 says:

        The 1.25 million cap hit is a huge factor.

      • Maritime Ronn says:

        Hey boni.
        Things will play themselves out.
        If Diaz becomes expendable because of a Beaulieu/Nygren push, then he becomes a rather valuable trade asset.
        Remember what the Bruins paid Toronto for Kaberle and his diminished D skills, but good PP skills? Colborne-a 1st round pick + a 2nd round pick.
        Of course Diaz doesn’t have Kaberle’s pedigree nor would he fetch all of that, yet it shows what type of value these guys have.

        • Lafleurguy says:

          MR, didn’t know there was a second-round pick in that deal. So far, the no.1, Tyler Biggs, is in a Mike McCarron holding pattern. Colbourne just doesn’t seem to have NHL stuff. Meanwhile, the Leafies will be without their 2nds for the next three drafts! They should have dumped salary in the trade, given their current plight with Kadri and Franson. Burke aided the Bruins, and Nonis may have done the same for the Blackhawks.

          “Where’s the Beef?/What’s the Beef?”

          • Maritime Ronn says:

            The 2nd pick was conditional based on the Bruins reaching the finals or resigning Kaberle
            We all know what happened…

          • Maritime Ronn says:

            I still enjoy seeing the Darcy Tucker $1M Cap Hit being counted along with the Colby Armstrong $1M Cap Hit.
            Tks Colby + the Leafs will pay for $500K combined Cap hits of Frattin and Scrivens playing for the Kings in the Bernier trade.
            Hard to make this stuff up,

          • Lafleurguy says:

            Full disclosure: I kind of like Tucker ’cause he “brung it” for the Habs. Forget who the Habs got for him and David Wilkie going to the Bolts.

            “Where’s the Beef?/What’s the Beef?”

          • HabFab says:

            And my confession is that I played like Tucker before Tucker learned to skate.

          • Maritime Ronn says:

            …and another solid trade by the Habs

            ” Tucker was traded to the Tampa Bay Lightning with Stéphane Richer and David Wilkie for Patrick Poulin, Igor Ulanov and Mick Vukota in 1998.

    • HabFab says:

      Ron, there is a lot of hate around here for “take your pick” players. Haters got to hate and logic doesn’t play a part. My philosophy is that as long as the player wears the flannel, I’ve got their back. The haters I try to ignore because for reasons not yet clear to me, I cannot reach out through cyberspace and give them a well deserved cuff!!

    • JF says:

      Agree with you about Diaz. He is valuable to the Habs because he is one of only two defencemen who naturally play the right side and because he has good offensive skills. He also reads the play very well, is a good passer, and makes intelligent decisions with the puck. He’s not big or physical, but I’d say he has a high hockey IQ. He certainly struggled when he came back from injury, but I think we should give him at least twenty games before throwing him under the bus.

      I think people are a little to inclined to rate size and toughness above any other qualities a defenceman can possess. Maybe this is natural after what happened in the playoffs. But a team needs a good mix. A bunch of big, physical, slow defencemen won’t be any more successful than a bunch of small speedy ones. At the moment there is a place on this team for a player like Raphael Diaz. Tinordi’s role, when he’s ready for it, will be different from Diaz’s. He will more likely replace Bouillon than Diaz.

  54. RobertAlanFord says:

    The Habs’ roster went up to 24 players when they signed Murray but with Emelin on IR there’s room for Tinordi or Beaulieu. Emelin probably wont be back until December and anything can happen on the roster between pre-season and then. Bergevin has said on more than one occasion that you can never have too many Dmen on your team.


    • Maritime Ronn says:

      Even with Emelin out, if you count Tinordi and omit Beaulieu, the Habs would still have 8 Dmen – meaning press box duty for 2 of them.

      It’s easy to see the Habs starting Tinordi in Hamilton, saving some Cap Space, and barring further injury, they would still have 7 Dmen to start the season.

      Concerning CBA waiver issues, Tinordi is the only one that would not need to pass waivers.
      If there are no injuries and a glut, a trade would be in the cards.

  55. Lafleurguy says:

    Bulldogs and Sam Boni coming to Oakville:

    “Where’s the Beef?/What’s the Beef?”
    P.S. Bulldogs also play Marlies in Cobourg on Sept. 28 which isn’t too far from Kingston fanatics.

  56. HabFab says:

    Nice video report from Pat Hickey. Leaving the old dog jokes aside, it must be a strange feeling for him after all those years reporting from behind a typewriter/keyboard. Good stuff.

  57. Hobie Hansen says:

    Morning folks! The prospects have their rookie camp and I get to lumber around the softball diamond all day for some playoff action :-).

    Interesting that the scrimmages are open to the public in Brossard. I just might have to test the new bridge out on the west side of the island (highway 30) and make the trip from Ottawa tomorrow.

    Anyway, some good articles floating around about Tinordi and Beaulieu. It’s been a long wait after being super excited when these guys were drafted. Tinordi has a shot this year but I’d say it’s pretty much a guarantee that they’ll both be full time NHLers by next season.

    It’s going to be tough going for a few guys to crack the lineup at the forward position though. We’ve got Hudon, Dumont, Bournival, Thomas and a few other guys getting close. It’s do or die time for Leblanc it seems but there’s only so many spots to go around over the next couple years. And a little further down the road Crisp and McCarron will be making some noise.

    Anyway, great to see the cupboard stocked with so much potential. We’ve still got to be patient and not expect the world over the next several years.

    I think the Habs will be elite when Subban, Price and Pacioretty are around 30 years old and all this youth is in their mid 20s.

    • Habfan10912 says:

      Good luck on the diamond, Hobie. Was thinking the same thing about the two young defenseman. I can’t remember the last time the organization had the potential to add a 1 and a 2 defenceman from within the organization.
      The weak link of the team could very well become it’s strength in just a season or two.

      • Hobie Hansen says:

        I hope for the best the next few years but we’ve got to wait for all these kids to mature. We’ve got to give Galchenyuk and Gallagher a few more years too.

        But ya, I’m hoping Tinordi turns into the next Derrian Hatcher ( I know he was a jerk) and Beauliu become a Desjardins.

      • NL Hab says:

        Yes, very exciting times ahead for this team. Our depth on D is most certainly a huge asset.

        Our top 9 also can put the puck in the back of the net on a regular basis.

        Ir Price can play like we all know he can play, I really think this team can do some damage this year, and build upon what they did last year.

        Et Le But

        • Hobie Hansen says:

          The new playoff qualification seems a lot tougher than last year though! I’m a bit worried. Still think we’ve got a decent shot though. Habs should have a killer PP again which really helps during the regular season.

          • NL Hab says:

            It is going to be harder to make the playoffs in the East this year. That’s for sure. Doesn’t help having Detroit there either. lol. I still like our odds. I think there is a lot of good teams, with good prospects as well. Should be a fun year with lots of good hockey. It is going to fun to watch Montreal and Detroit play each other a lot more. Love the original 6 match ups.

            Et Le But

  58. H.Upmann says:

    Man.. Been having dreams about living in Mtl again… Hockey must be coming back.

  59. SSFN says:

    These are the forwards who will make or break the Habs 2013-2014.

    Pacioretty, Plekanec, Eller, Desharnais, Gallagher, Galchenyuk, Gionta, Briere

    Once you look pass these Guys. Habs don’t have much for forwards but I still maintain they could finish as high as 2nd in the Eastern Conference …

  60. jrshabs1 says:

    Who cares if the Habs were a top 5 scoring team in a short 48 game season? The Habs wilted at the end of the season and simply died in the playoffs. Besides P.K.’s 11 goals and Markov’s 10 goals where’s the point production from the oher D? Diaz had 1 goal last year..Gorges had more goals than Diaz. I don’t understand the love Diaz gets? There is no way that he should play ahead of Tinordi.

    Go Habs Go!!

    • JUST ME says:

      Ah yes ! Why look at the bright side when we could find negative aspects in any situation ?

    • NL Hab says:

      Diaz did play good last year up until his concussion. He is a solid defencemen, but he is only a short term band aid until Bealieu is ready. If Bealieu progresses good in the AHL this year, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Diaz dealt at the deadline for a pick(s) or prospect.

      Et Le But

  61. jrshabs1 says:

    I’m going to go out on limb….Diaz will be dealt and Murray plays like a rock on the blue line. Can’t win in the playoffs with small soft D. Diaz…5 playoff games 0 goals 0 assists -4 Can’t forget about Markov’s great playoff carrer either. 54 games 3 goals 16 assists -1. Can’t win Stanley Cups with small soft D.
    BTW..they weren’t called the BIG 3 for nothing.

    Go Habs Go!!

  62. NCRhabsfan says:

    What happens if, and when, Murray is solid, Tinordi makes the team and plays well and then Emelin comes back? By my count that’s those three plus Subban, Markov and Georges and a very, very different and more physical D. So who, of the others goes, in that scenario? And if Beaulieu breaks through? Could be interesting days ahead for MB.

    • Strummer says:

      Canadiens’ hopefuls Tinordi, Beaulieu unfazed by Murray signing

      as per link above
      “It’s just an opinion – I could be wrong”

    • savethepuck says:

      I think Diaz won’t be dealt until Beaulieu is ready ( similar skills but Nathan is more offensive with a lot more grit ). Another scenario is if Nygren is ready, but I would put my money on Nathan being ready sooner. I think you need at least 3 puck moving D, and having only Marky and PK as puck movers is not good for our D. People have to realize that the major reason for the Habs being a top 5 offensive team last year is largely due to their D.

      “They don’t hang Conference Championship Banners from the rafters here”
      Carey Price

      • JF says:

        Good point. I think our D were at or near the top of the League for points, and Diaz was one of the leaders until his injury. People are very critical of his playoff performance, but he had not been back long from his concussion, and he was far from the only one whose performance was under-whelming. We should wait until at least twenty games into the season before judging him.

    • Stevie.Ray says:

      I predict that once Emelin is back, and Playing well again, Tinordi will take Murray’s spot in the line up. And Beaulieu will take either an injured Dmans spot and keep it, or if no one gets hurt, Boullion’s spot.

  63. sweetmad says:

    Love the article about Gally,he is a class act,so positive,nothing bothers him,and everything is fun,I can identify with that,and being 5’1″ tall I have even more in common with him.

    Gally has really caught the imagination of the league,there are articles about him all the time,but he really draws you to him with that attitude and smile,just gotto to love this kid.

  64. Stevie.Ray says:

    I’m completely ok with both Tinordi and Beaulieu starting the season off in Hamilton. Both only have one professional season under their belt and could both use a little more time to develop. They’re still young! That said, I think MB and MT proved last year that they aren’t against putting big names or veterans in the press box in favour of younger players. I’m still standing by my prediction that by the end of the year they will both be full-time NHLers, and Murray will be in the press box.

    • savethepuck says:

      As rookies, they know they have to go into camp and make it impossible for the Habs to send them to Hamilton. That’s a good thing.

      “They don’t hang Conference Championship Banners from the rafters here”
      Carey Price

  65. Chuck says:

    Row FF, seats 3 & 4… who are my neighbours at the Summit?

  66. Say Ash says:

    Uh, so Domi’s kid can’t fight?

  67. matt jordan says:

    Anyone else enjoying the current Maple Laugh cap situation? I think it’s hilarious.

    The Maple Leafs were so concerned about adding third liner David Clarkson, signing third line centre Bozak and retaining bottom pairing defenseman Paul Ranger and Mark Fraser, they forgot about two of their best players and now only have room for one.

    And Kadri is proving to everybody that he is a selfish little weiner, that’s also funny.

    • Strummer says:

      Fraser’s cap hit is only $1.275 million and Ranger at $1 million is probably the best bang for buck in the NHL.

      They’re certainly up against it with the cap but Kadri like Subban last year will figure it out that he’s between a rock and a hard place

      “It’s just an opinion – I could be wrong”

      • Phil C says:

        The Habs’ hot start and the shortened season really hurt Subban’s bargaining power. If Kadri sits out and the Leafs have trouble scoring, he could have a lot more leverage than Subban did.

      • ABHabsfan says:

        I think PK is the best bang for the buck in the NHL. $2.875M for the Norris winner. Bargain. But get ready to back up the truck, MB

        “man, I love winnin’; you know, it’s like better than losin’?”-
        Ebby Calvin “Nuke” Laloosh

      • matt jordan says:

        That’s the best bang for buck in the NHL? Ranger?

        He’s not even the best for buck on his own team.

        • Strummer says:

          His last 2 full seasons in Tampa he was no. 2 in ice time among defensemen- 24-25 minutes a night. A top 4 talent for $1 million = bang for buck

          That’s like getting an Emelin or Gorges for a million bucks
          “It’s just an opinion – I could be wrong”

    • Bill says:

      You forgot about the Leafs acquiring 40-game NHL veteran Jonathan Bernier and then signing him for almost three million bucks.

      That said, the Leafs cap problems re: Kadri and Franson are slightly overblown IMO.

      Nonis has six million dollars or so. Both guys are RFAs. They can each sign a one or two year contract for 3 million per, or they can sit. I think each guy will sign a 1 year deal, and then they’ll be able to cash in when the cap goes up next year. Anyway, they’ll both be in the line-up.

      Even if some other team makes it really interesting by signing one of the two to a ridiculous offer sheet, I’d see the Leafs matching it and dumping salary elsewhere. They don’t want to lose either Kadri or Franson, who are both very good players.

      Full Breezer 4 Life

      • Strummer says:

        Cap situation is overblown as you say.

        Next season they will be in better shape as both Tucker and Armstrong will be finally off the books @ $1million and Phaneuf ‘s $6.6 mil. plus the cap will probably go back up

        “It’s just an opinion – I could be wrong”

  68. habstrinifan says:

    First at 8:32pm.. what the heck?

    Did you folks move and not tell me?

    • Argh! I would have been first, but I started reading the stupid article. Gaaaaaah!

      I guess a bronze medal’s not too shabby. =/


      • CranbrookEd says:

        Don’t fret dragonwind2000 . . . you have the most coveted and much more difficult to achieve, second to post! 🙂

        Mr. Beliveau: “Pure Pak mais oui”! . . . What ever happened to Johnny Jelly-Bean!?

        • Thanks, Ed!

          It didn’t dawn on me to check whether or not it was a brand new thread, because whenever I do, there are usually a dozen posts already sent.

          This time, I didn’t even look. Then, I scrolled down to see what amusing insights everyone had. Lo and behold, there was a tabula rasa!!!

          Fingers trembling on the keys, I logged in… and the door had closed. Ah, zut alors!

          Oh well, better luck next time.


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