First of two in sunny FLA

The road trip is almost over.

And Louis Leblanc scored again!

Faceoff fiasco

Ironman Gorges takes a rest

Advanced stats from Arpon Basu

Where is the Canadiens’ passion? – Pierre Durocher

• François Gagnon on the team’s day off

Carolina inches closer



  1. Dennis says:

    They’ve slumped before. Here’s how I used to track them.

  2. Chuck says:

    And hopefully they don’t read HI/O.  😉

    Centre Hice: Bringing a knife to a gunfight

  3. The Cat says:

    Whether thats crucial is debatable, I dont think it is cause its too early in the game.

    [Disclaimer]: I’m a hockey fan. I care about the habs, but probably not as much as you.

  4. TommyB says:

    I like that “Boyd could still be a scorer”.  But on a team that is full of could be goal scorers, and some who are being paid highly for their could be’s and maybe’s, it’s hard to fit him in, at least in the that role.  Like I said, I’d like to have him back, in place one of several bottom 6 forwards we have right now.  How that would bring out goal scoring from him, I don’t know.  But it would be better than what we have there now.

  5. TommyB says:

    Sorry, gotta take one for the team here, krob.  Agree with your assessment of the game I will be missing.  But, I have met my friend’s wife…and his grandkids!

  6. krob1000 says:

    geez Tommy I commend your loyalty but gasp at your stupidity! go to the game….the US team is a fun team to watch and is littered with NHL talent and the atmosphere in Buffalo would be great for a US home game.

  7. krob1000 says:

    How about “Boyd could still be a scorer” ….grabovski wasn’t either….does alright, Ryder was finished..doin alright,  dagostini…same thing…Lats …same thing…Sergei …same thing.    OB on D…same thing.  Boyd is still a kid and has had the fortune or misfortune of playing on teams that had depth at center…or at least better than him at his early stage of his career.  I think if were traded to a no name team …he would develop into a strong third line center. 24 years old is still not very old….I am not saying Dustin Boyd is Crosby or a “goal scorer” at teh NHl level….but he could be…I think he has 20-25 goal potential while also playing a relatively physical game with the ability to defend himself.  I don’t think Tom Pyatt ahs that abiity…I don’t think Darche does, I don’t think Moen does, I think Boyd has more potential than Lapierre does too…and LApierre scored goals when thrust into a bigger role.  I wonder if there is more to the Boyd situation but then I look at Jm’s track record and he simpy prefers worker bees and drones to talent.  He respects the defensive side of the game…so be it…but someone on the staff needs to appreciate that goal scorers can’t be robotically going to the same ares of the ice or they don’t get open to score goals….any goal scorer often wanders in and out of the play, they appear to not even part of a rush ..then strike, they linger in the high slot or off to the side of the net and pucks find them….but JM would have none of that…they have to be on the puck, and in defensive position in case of a turnover.  JM has the guys playing great from the red line back but he needs to let them go in the other end….watch other teams crash the net…watch other teams send guys supporting behind the goal line, watch them circle and be in constant movement and have two options to pass to…and risk GASP! a turnover! …with us we all take a spot along the boards….we cycle it along them or pass it to another guy along the boards…then one guy makes a break for it…and everyone in the building sees it coming….the pass then gets picked off or he isn’t Ovechkin enough to walk  through everyone…but JM is happy because 25 seconds just passed and we didn’t get scored on…well weren’t a threat either and games are not won 0-0…but Jm is happy.

  8. kempie says:

    +1. Good call.

  9. TommyB says:

    I feel good about tonight’s game.  A change in plans for me tonight, must be an omen.  If it’s an omen, it has to be a good omen, cuz ya can’t get much more bad omens than we have seen lately.  I was supposed to go to Buffalo with a buddy to watch the USA/Germany game (yawn..but hey, it was a freebie).  Now he calls me up and tells me he is too sick to go to the game, but if I have someone else to bring, I could take the two tickets.  I told him that would be a tough sell at this late moment, so I’d have to take a pass.  He says I could still go, because his wife and grandkids are still going…I could go with them.  Ummmm….no.  Bring on those HABS!!!!!!

  10. habfab14120 says:

    Sorry so late to the conversation on this one.  I was surprised to hear about the rates being charged for parking.  I attended all three opening day games with my son.  We parked at the UB Main St. campus and took the train in, we’re locals so this was much easier for us to do.

    However, just to be fair, it is only the private lots that are gouging.  The city owned/operated lots do have laws regarding the price they can charge and remain at $15 max.

    In addition, I would refute the claim that hockey would die in this region without Canadian support.  While we certainly appreciate it and I am thankful to have it (since I’m not a Sabres fan), I know the number of local fans is great.  Hopefully, we’ll never know.  I’d like to see more events like the World Jrs. here.  The draft has been here twice and was a great success.

  11. krob1000 says:

    I love these opportuniteies to brag about my might mite! Steve ….I can’t view the video at work. …but…My little guy was hitting balls at 14 months and skating at 20 months as of around October he was only missing about 1 in 10 balls and would hit about 3-5 dead on…the others he would hit ball but not very solidly. He can only hit it about 20-25 yards if he gets a hold of it and he is 2…but he only uses a plastic little tikes driver with real balls! He can skate farely well now though…has no trouble shooting and turning..can’t cross over obviously and the pushes are not the greatest…occasionally strings together a couple of actual looking  strides but then reverts to one leg push and mostly gliding but he bends he knees better than some his brothers peewee teammates … it’s pretty funny watching him skate better than 4 and 5 year olds at public skating and then go to the bench and ask me to take his helmet off for his soother and blankie and then a bear paw or cookie !

    He is a bit of a freak coordination wise and has been since he was walking at 7 months…but he ain’t gonna big so since us Kingstonians just got our first PGA golfer in Matt Mcquillan maybe I better get him golfing more! He loves the Habs…watches almost every first period with me….loves Pk Subban, Carey Pwice and Cammawawi! He says Boo to whoever he sees wearing a Maple Leafs jersey and says “Leafs Suck”.  I remember when I got on here and told everyone about him being born and you and a few others told me to appreciate these early years…I have been and thanks to you and the others who told me that..every single chance I get I play with him and it really is amazing how aware these young kids are…..and what they are capable of learning if you are patient and willing to throw your back out playing on the floor or ice with them all of the time. He has skated about 45 times and he turns 3 in May …he goes out so much that the local outdoor rink attendant brought a third net this year and flooded a separate area for him and in case any other toddlers wanted to play! he will hit golf balls for an hour if you let him….I line up about 8 tees and he just goes to town….he rapid fires though and I can’t seem to get him to take his time at each ball …in myrtle beach last may … just turned 2…. he mini-putted every day with us….he led my family in hole in ones over the week….that isn’t saying much though and after the first putt he just plays hockey until the ball goes in the hole! 

  12. punkster says:

    He’s a midget. A shrimp. A smurf. I can take him!


  13. rocketsglare says:

    With Carey starting tonight, I take it that tomorrow night Auld will start against the Panthers. Time for the

    boys to wake up and start playing like they can. These are two winnable games. If the Habs can close the

    year with two huge wins it will say much about this team’s character and resolve to work out of their slump.

    Go Habs Go!

  14. adam76 says:

    Too many laws in this world.  Its called capitalism, and it works quite well.

  15. TommyB says:

    krob, change your statement to “Boyd was a goal scorer”.  I like Boyd, and I think he could replace at least one of our current roster of forwards.  Our token francophone comes to mind immediately.  But I can’t buy the suggestion that Boyd has not been handled properly by any NHL coach that he has played for, and thereby, he has no numbers to show.  Gotta call BS on that one, sorry.  The world is full of players who could score like the best of them in junior and in the minors, but in the NHL it just doesn’t happen for them.  Are all of those players being mishandled by coaches?  Some of those players were first round picks, and never panned out in the NHL, ending up getting out of hockey altogether. 

  16. rocketsglare says:

    I disagree that Koivu had no heart. He gave his all night after night. The man was all class.

    Go Habs Go!

  17. Mark C says:

    Huge upgrade? Moore is -18 in 32 games. Let’s keep your Gomez hate within reason.

  18. habstrinifan says:

    Put yourself in Lars Eller shoes. Do you think he IS really happy with the status quo. He has indicated otherwise already.

    JM and PG are destroying the long term development of another prospect.

    Eller is such a beautiful skater, I would love to see him 2 yrs from now after having bee given huge ice time and free rein to develop his hockey smarts to go along with his great skating.


  19. Mark C says:

    Most B’s fans have a full-on dislike of Julien right now; they still are placing a lot of blame from the playoff choke job on him. Boston has been bailed out by the play of Thomas, and have looked flat on many nights. Trust me, if you were a Boston fan you’d as discouraged with Julien as you are with Martin.

  20. Timo says:

    Dave (Punkster) has some serious competition now.

  21. volcano62 says:

    It’s called overcoming the odds which we did.

  22. adam76 says:

    I did.  All I saw was plenty of across the board, incompetent officiating.

  23. Propwash says:

    1. This ain’t the playoffs.

    2. If a team relys on constant lights-out goaltending, there are much bigger issues at hand.


    Goalies in Montreal have two roles, netminder and scapegoat. 

  24. HabFanSince72 says:

    1. Bob Hartley would be a horrible choice. He’ll yell at players until he loses them completely. There’s a reason he’s on RDS and not coaching.

    2. I believe Roy will be the next coach of the Canadiens. Maybe starting in 2012.

    3. Kirk is already a big part of a coaching staff that you guys can’t stop criticizing.

  25. 24 Cups says:

    True tat, PH.

  26. adam76 says:

    Oh yes, raped us right to a game 7 victory.   Moon landing was staged as well.

  27. 24 Cups says:

    With the Habs in Florida, it’s kind of natural for a person to start thinking about golf.  Check out the swing of this THREE YEAR OLD boy.  What co-ordination and tempo!

  28. krob1000 says:

    Pleks was not phsyically mature enough to play North American hockey well enough at that stage…that simple.  Eller…is.

  29. ProHabs says:

    Ha ha. Just knowing the history with Gauthier and Martin, PG would never fire Martin. He would assign him to a higher position which would probably be Assistant GM. I am not a big fan of Martin myself but that is the way I see it.

  30. HardHabits says:

    What about Crosby getting a boarding penalty 10 seconds into game 7 last play-offs against the Habs? The Habs scored on the PP and went on to win the game. I guess you didn’t watch that game either.

  31. krob1000 says:

    Tommy… Boyd is a goal scorer….he scored 48 in his last year of junior and 27 in his first 66 game season in the AHL…but inthe NHl he has never been given anything more than a 4th line assignment and wingers.  IF he played wing it may help his chances of moving up the ladder quicker.  The kid is only 24 years old. I am not sure what he did to fall out of favour so quickly but Dustin Boyd is by no means done as an NHL player.  He can play both ends of the ice, has some speed, decent hands and smarts too.  I mean he is no Travis Moen so he shouldn’t get always put on a top wing? If we recalled him though he likely wouldn’t clear rentry waivers but he could be pacaged as part of a deal or maybe could finish the year in Hamilton and fight again for a spot in 2011-12.  I liked Boyd…he had a handfulof games that Jm didn’t like and was a minus 6 ….in JM’s world that is see ya later time.  Never mind he was just acclimating himself to a new system and team…10 games and done…I mean he is 24 and thereofre his mistakes are inexcusable.  

    I think Boyd couold have been a steady addition to htis team but it was irrelevant when we were suceeding so it never got any attention and noone had anything to gauge him by except a few preseason games (where he played great by the way). It all happened so quietly and Sergei was injured and started in the doghouse with Trotz in Nashville…so again noone cared.  Then came Sergei’s far better play, then came the Habs slump…now comes Boyd lighting it  up and being ineligible to be called back up… it is relevant again….why? because it is yet another kid who JM had zero patience with while watching without action guys like Gomez, Spacek, Hammer, Gio,etc stink up the joint for the first month and a half….but they are vets. Martin has some great philosophies defenseively and his general message is a great one, one that changed the complexion of this team but his people skills I fear are as they seem….Carbo got fired for his communication skills and I can see the same for Martin happening if this spiral continues.  perhaps the players rescue themselves and as a result Martin but his track record in a year and ahlf with Montreal is one littered with young casualties and free passes to stumbling vets.

  32. volcano62 says:

    Go ahead and youtube the MTL-PIT series from last year. You will see plenty of favoritism.

  33. MTLForever says:

    Oh so you neglect the multiple ones he has stopped? i understand.

  34. New says:

    I want to see the same thing but I could also see MaxPac in the corner digging it out and shoveling it behind the net to Gomez who sweeps out the right side and passes it back to Subban who passes it across the ice where it is nearly intercepted before Gill grabs it just outside the line and the team regroups passes to Gomez who fires it into the corner where MaxPac digs it out to Gionta who fires a shot that misses the net that is grabbed by Gomez who passes to Subban who blasts it into three Tampa players and watches it bounce towards center ice as the camera ignores the action to focus on Gomez gliding slowly to the bench where Gionta advises him the ref wants to speak with him.

  35. volcano62 says:

    Dude look it up youself…stop being lazy. It is a fact that the refs raped us in the Pittsburgh series.

  36. volcano62 says:

    I don’t know what I was thinking respecting the league…seems more like a circus now! And i’m sure Gretzky did get special treatment but at this point it is all speculation.

    Are the Flyers the worst thing to happen in this league? Absolutely!

  37. Chuck says:

    Good. It’s about time that we cull the herd.

    Centre Hice: Bringing a knife to a gunfight

  38. volcano62 says:

    I think he is lol

  39. punkster says:

    Scotch. And lots of it.


  40. TommyB says:

    Are you trying to send some of these people here into cardiac arrest?

  41. j2w4habs25 says:

    OMG I havent watch the Habs since they lost to the Leafs – I am leaving my evening free for them – Hopefully they can win tonight.

  42. Timo says:

    I am not seeing last year’s miracle (goalie) performance repeat.

  43. Hobie Hansen says:

    Much better than Kovalev-Koivu-Tanguay…now that’s no heart!

  44. ProHabs says:

    The day Jacques Martin stops coaching the Habs is the day he becomes our GM or Assistant GM. I am afraid he is with this organization for a loooooong time. He was probably promised alot of things to leave a very cushy job that he had in Florida.

  45. TommyB says:

    Boyd cleared waivers.  Plain and simple.  Plus, he was kept up in Montreal for quite a while after clearing waivers before he was sent to Hamilton.  You do realize what clearing waivers means, don’t you?  Boyd is an NHLer playing in the minors, so yeah, he stands out.  Do you think he could do that in the NHL?  Could he light it up like that in Montreal?  If the Habs ran into injuries he could be recalled, perhaps without having to clear waivers again (not sure on the rule as to what extent of injuries a team has to have).  So, in a nutshell, Boyd is on fire in the AHL after no team in the NHL wanted to take a chance on him, or felt the need for his services.  He’s working hard to get noticed, and to get back in the NHL.  But what happens to that fire after he does get back, is the question.  He’s never been known for any kind of offensive numbers.

  46. Timo says:

    Since Martin is such a generous soul and decided that player need a rest (god knows they worked so hard on Long Island, they are tired) maybe somebody can bag skate him? I mean, our great coach’s performance has been more than questionable as of late so perhaps he can do some extra laps or spend next game or two in the pressbox.

  47. Hobie Hansen says:

    Besides the debut of Mr. Wizniewski, I’m looking forward to watching the Pacioretty-Gomez-Gionta line tonight. All I want to see is Pacioretty parked right in front of the goaltender with Gomez deciding whether or not to pass it across to Gionta on send it on net for Pacioretty to whack away. It’s not rocket science, just depends if Pacioretty is willing to take the abuse.

    Missing Gorges will definitely suck but hopefully Wizniewski makes a difference in holding the fort until he returns. If Subban eventually settles down this season we could have a good group of defensemen.  


  48. adam76 says:

    Agree – but still time to turn it around.

  49. Timo says:

    you actually had respect for this league? Crosby will always be given preferential treatment becuase like it or not he is the best player in the league and he is the poster boy for the game in the US. I bet Gretzky in his prime was getting his own share of breaks. While it sucks and unfair, there are worse things that happen in this league – like the Flyers 🙂

  50. ProHabs says:

    Good, whenever the Flyers get screwed over, I am happy. I hate that team with a passion and will never feel sorry for them.

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