First (annual?) Habs Inside/Out event in Montreal

Our website has been in business going on a year, and we’re proud that it’s become the first stop on the Internet for many Canadiens fans in search of news and views on their favourite team, as well as a growing community of folks who enjoy spirited debate and the exchange of ideas.

Today, Jay Weiss – aka the poster Jay In PA on the site – has wondered aloud about the idea of having readers of Inside/Out gather in Montreal this fall for a game, a bite and a sip, if not necessarily in that order. Mike Boone and I replied to Jay today to let him know that we’re in; the idea might be for all interested to get together for lunch on Jay’s proposed Saturday, Oct. 20 date, attend the game and maybe hoist a pint afterwards.

What follows is Jay’s notice about all of this. He’s volunteered to co-ordinate this, though surely he’d welcome help. Let’s see if we all can pull this off:

Many people on the blog have expressed an interest in getting together and enjoying a game in Montreal on October 20th against Buffalo.

A group rate for tickets may be available if enough people are interested, which would let everyone sit (mostly) together in the whites. However, the group ticket sales office warns that a reservation must be made very soon, ideally within the next few days. IMPORTANT: The group ticket sales require cash in advance.

Jay in PA has offered to co-ordinate, though he would welcome a helper or two (especially someone in Montreal), as we start to consider other events around the game such as the pre-game meals, etc.

To sign up, email Jay at with the following information:

* Your name (and your Habs I/O screen name, for reference)
* Your e-mail address
* Your phone number
* If you want tickets, and how many
* If you are interested in accommodations

We hope to see you there!

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