Finally, the monkey is off the backs of those CH jerseys

Never in doubt, right?

Carey Price made 37 saves.

Bryan McCabe, the $7-million defenceman, made a lazy, crap pass in OT
and Mike Komisarek – who makes $5 million less – made ’em pay.

The Canadiens stole two points tonight.

And they’ll take them.


Mike Komisarek scores on a breakaway … and that bloody Toronto monkey is off the Canadiens’ backs.

• • •

3-on-3 because of the penalties.

• • •

Canadiens get at least a point out of this.

Not that they deserve one.

Carey Price and the Pleks line have saved them so far.

• • •

Crazy action in final seconds. Koivu and Stajan penalized.

And we’re off to OT

• • •

Price has made 33 saves.

Raycroft 21

• • •

Those over-the-net HD replays are breathtaking

• • •

Raycroft robs Koivu.

Signs of life from the guys in the red jerseys.

They’s ading back those lost years.

• • •

What a play by Plekanec.


Gilbert Perreault out there.

And Kovy cashes the pass.


• • •

4-on-4 … and the Canadiens don’t touch the puck.


• • •

Man, these Toronto games are taking years off my life.

And it’s not like I’ve got any to spare.

• • •

Roman Hamrlik gets away with a penalty, but Pleks line stays out too
late and Ian White shoots from the point and the shot is deflected in
by Devereaux.

Was his stick too high?




• • •

Jason Blake has played a helluva game.

And great PK shift by Chipchura – a sign of things to come.

Kid is going to be terrific.

• • •


Sundin outmuscles Komisarek, no easy task, and Markobv takes his FOURTH penalty.

• • •

Mike Komisarek blocked Wellwood’s third goal.

• • •

How does Alex Steen outmuscle Streit AND Bouillon on the same shift?

• • •

Ryder passes into Higgins’ skates.

He’s killin’ me.

• • •

First time I’ve seen Price mishandle the puck.

But no damage.

• • •

Third period.

I think I’ll just curl up in the fetal position under my desk and await the inevitable.

• • •

No matter what happens tonight, you can draw comfort from David Shoalts’ story in the Saturday Globe and Mail, comparing the two franchises.


Jacques Demers is uncharacteristically critical. He says one line is working and the team has not shown up for a big game.

• • •

David Perron has two goals for St. Louis tonight – and four in eight games.

Man, I hope Max Pacioretty pans out.

• • •

Just when it looked like the Leafs – riding Kyle Wellwood’s two
goals – were primed to run the Canadiens out of the ACC, Andrei
Kostitsyn caps an outstanding shift by his line to tie the game and set
up a great third period.

And what’s with Andrei Markov?

One goal and three penalties. Is he heading toward the Gordie Howe hat trick?

• • •

He should be able to do that 40 times a season.

Andrei Kostitsyn scores off some great pressure by his line.


• • •

Kyle F. Wellwood.


Canadiens have played one of their worst periods of the season.

• • •

That was really dumb. Markov goes for roughing Tucker.

His third penalty.


Canadiens have three shots in this period.

Leafs have 11.

• • •


Great. Ryder knocks Smolinski to the ice.

• • •


PK kills a 5-on-3

Heroic work by Price, Hamrlik, Bégin

• • •

Worse time for a penalty, Andrei

• • •

Bad time for a penalty, Frankie.

• • •

Brisebois pinches and gets caught because Ryder doesn’t cover for
him. The Leafs break and Hamrlik makes a decent play on the 2-on-1,
then Price stops Wellwood, the trailer.

Great sequence … but the Leafs keep coming close.

• • •

Finally, a shot on Raycroft. And some crease traffic.

• • •

Is Tomas Plekanec dressed for this game? Haven’t heard his name all night.

• • •

This is gut check time.

Canadiens can’t let momentum swing over.

But they’s starting to suck here. Cement in their skates, says Yvon Pedneault on RDS

• • •

Here we go.

Smolinski blows coverage on Kyle Wellwood and it’s 1-1

• • •

Ryder continues to struggle. How much longer will Carbo let him drag down Koivu and Higgins?

• • •

Canadiens have never trailed after a first period this season.

• • •

Second period begins. Can Canadiens keep pedal to the metal? Or are we in for another sad night at the ACC?

Price will have to be huge.

• • •

I’m getting tired of writing this:
Sheldon Who?
Andrei Markov scored his sixth of the season – a Sourayesque power-play
blast, through a screen and past Andrew Raycroft – to draw first blood
for the Canadiens. (Far more difficult for the circumspect scorer was
his between-periods interview with Luc Gelinas).
Carey Price made 13 saves – a few of them spectacular during the first
10 minutes of the period.

Not much happened on the physical front. No big thumps … yet.


• • •


That was a Harlem Globetrotters passing sequence, ending with a Roman Hamrlik shot on Raycroft.
• • •
Luc Gelinas interviews Guy Carbonneau during the game.
I don’t like that. This isn’t baseball.
Another Canadiens PP.
Total inpetitude, and Kovalev takes a TERRIBLE penalty.
• • •

First PP. Streit totally messes the bed at the blueline and the
Leafs get a 2-on-1. But then Gill goes for Delay of Game . And
Smolinski is on for the draw. Markov pulls a Sheldon Souray. Great
screen by Koivu.



• • •

How did Markov miss that chance?
A textbook pass by Koivu on a 3-on-1.
How many of those will they see in a game?

• • •

Canadiens take another penalty, and the RDS guys talk about "a familiar scenario" in Leafs games.

But Price is on fire … and will have to be.

• • •

Canadiens are 27th in the league in faceoff efficiency. Which
explains why Smolinski took a defensive zone draw, then hopped off so
Chipchura could rejoin his linemates.
• • •


Great shift for the Smolinski line.

Latendresse and Dandenault are getting scoring chances.

• • •

Blake belts Price.

No penalty?


No, Komisarek shoved him.

• • •

Weird to see Canadiens in red on the road, eh?

Smolinski feeds Latendresse in the slot but the pucks skips past him.

And Price makes an alert save on Alex Steen.


And Markov goes for high-sticking. Deserved.


• • •

Florida Panthers claim Garth Murray.

• • •

Good candid mike feature on now. Christopher Higgins drops an f-bomb, Carbo works the refs.

• • •

OK, the sound is back.

And RDS is running a Carey Price feature. Nice setting for the interview: the Old Port, right near Bonsecours church.

The footage must have been in the can for a while. The sun is
shining, Price is wearing a short-sleeved plaid shirt and a John Deere

On his iPod: George Strait, Holly Dunn, Garth Brooks.

Loves rodeo, but won’t try bull-riding until he retires.

• • •


Here’s my situation:


30 minutes before the puck drops, I can’t live-blog and the sound
doesn’t work on ExpressVu. Other than that, I’m in great shape.

I don’t know what’s going to happen during the game. I’ll try to
update as often as possible, but fasten your seatbelts. This is going
to be a rocky ride.


• • •

It’s time for a statement game.

It’s early November, and it’s time to beat the Toronto Maple Leafs.

With Mike Milbury and Bobby Clarke safely ensconced in the TSN studios,
where they can’t screw up any franchises, there isn’t a general manager
in the league who would trade the Canadiens’ lineup and farm system for

It’s time for the talent to step up.

It’s time to shut down Mats F. Sundin and Tomas F. Kaberle.

It’s time to pressure one of the worst collections of defencemen in the NHL.

It’s time to own the last 10 minutes of a hockey game.

It’s time for your Montreal Canadiens to reach into their jocks and feel around for a scrotum and its content.

And if the search is successful, it’s time to play with some self-belief at the Air Canada Centre.

Check back later for more pre-game ranting and live game blogging.

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