Finally, a game

And it was worth waiting for.

The Canadiens are in Boston for a genuine four-ponter.

P.K. credits Hal Gill for mentoring

Bruins beef up with Jordan Caron

• Gill gives P.K. the gears and scab Journal writer takes it seriously. Arpon Basu explains what went down

• Gaston Therrien wants more consistency from Benoit Pouliot

• Marc Antoine Godin’s assessment of Pierre Gauthier’s first year

• Stu Hackel on the players and head shots

• TSN has trade deadline playbooks for the East and the West

Jaro stops 30 of 31 and Matt D’Agostini scores the winner

Carolina loses but gets a point

Surging Sabres light up Roloson


  1. Gormdog says:

    a 1st, a 2nd, and a 3rd rounder?


    Seems only fair…

  2. Trenton_Romulox says:

    Wow, that’s amazing! You are one lucky guy, Jimmy. Did you happen to talk to Shanahan much? I’ve always liked that guy. 

  3. Bugs says:

    For Penner???

    I dunno…

    Think it’s gonna cost more’n that.

  4. The Cat says:

    If they dont understand a little english then they should hire someone that does.

    [Disclaimer]: I’m a hockey fan. I care about the habs, but probably not as much as you.

  5. Bugs says:

    Don’t tell me; tell them!

    You’re preachin to the choir, bub. No login required. So on with it.

  6. Mark C says:

    Timmy Thomas in the nets tonight and Seguin is a healthy scratch! Another sad case of a young player being ruined by his coach. Forget head shots, when will the league step in and protect these young players from the criminal actions of their head coach’s?     

  7. Gormdog says:

    Well there’s the rub, right?

    That is exactly what I am trying to figure out, because deep down, I’m a Habs fan with opinions just like everyone else. The one true crossover idea I have would be a tongue-in-cheek (a la Down Goes Brown) gay guide to hockey, but otherwise it’s sort of hard to reconcile those two topics together… without losing people who who read it for “genuine hockey content”!

    As you can see this isn’t a fully fleshed out idea, but I’m a former Journalism grad that has done little-to-no post-degree writing so I’m using this as an excuse to get back into the swing of things…

  8. kempie says:

    So far the best name I can come up with is “Stay out of the Box”.

    I don’t know how much of a market there would be, seems maybe a bit narrow, but this made me LOL. Good luck.

  9. Bugs says:

    (gulp) Okaaay…I’m in then. And I want you in at those conference calls, Deary, aw’ight? In fact, you better tell Pierre to let you do the talkin.

    And if, by the grace’o’Gad, if ever I become the proud owner of a club, I’m hiring you as my gm and that’s all there is to it.

    I swear this by the angels before the altar of the Almighty, on my word, or on pain of Hell.

  10. avatar_58 says:

    teehee and all that

  11. mrhabby says:

    habs and leafs taking trade with Beauchmin coming our way.if you want to believe the idiot eklund.

    rest assured if PG makes a trade its going to cost pics or some young up and comer …not a big fan of that as it hardly ever works for the buyer..

  12. adam76 says:

    So the Bs are starting Timmy T?  Bhahahahahahahahaha.  Did they not watch the last 20 games he has played against Montreal?

  13. StevieRay says:

    I would rather Benny than DD on the second PP wave . I just think he’s a little stonger fighting for the puck along the boards and has a quicker wrister ..

  14. andrewberkshire says:

    Pouliot less so since Cammalleri is coming back. However what I’d like to see is Pouliot firing bombs from the point on the 2nd wave PP. Or put him in Kovalev’s old position on the half wall. The kid can snipe, he has the best slapper on the team and his wrister in nearly as good.

    Either way, with Pouliot getting better all season, it seems to me that we have 7 top 6 forwards since Pacioretty was called up. If Eller gets up to speed by the end of the year or next year, we’ll have 8.

  15. avatar_58 says:

    MAB is too busy taking 10 years off Boucher’s life

  16. Gormdog says:

    You have me all wrong Cat!

    The fact that I am (truly) gay still IS a gimmick… As far as a hockey blog is concerned.

    But kudos for the implication that this could lead me to be on TV!

  17. The Cat says:

    It bugs me that you say that, but if Seguin was regularly logging the most minutes on the team, then I take it back.

    [Disclaimer]: I’m a hockey fan. I care about the habs, but probably not as much as you.

  18. ooder says:

    maxwell for penner, regher and philips

    done deal

    he will play a 3rd of a season for each team


    GWG = game winning gionta!

  19. Bugs says:

    Ha! Nice.

    You got me there, Gormie.

  20. Timo says:

    JM will go with 6 forwards and 4 defensemen in the playoffs. And one goalie.

  21. punkster says:

    Wow and if they all get going at the same time we may actually have the potential (potential, I say) for 3 scoring lines?.OK, OK, I’m getting ahead of myself. But still.


  22. Storm Man says:

    This is my take on what Gauthier does before or on trade deadline day. It will be a players or players no one has talked about on this site that is for sure. Im glad to see no more talk of Iggy that was driving me nuts. Now we have talk of Penner that is not going to happen. It will be someone out of the blue.

  23. Storm Man says:

    That is a good night of hockey for MAB.

  24. StevieRay says:

    I love watching Boucher coach … you can literally see the steam coming out of his ears …excited dude he is ! Maybe in a few years time we can get him back … what a coaching culture shock that would be .

  25. Gormdog says:

    Thanks man, and I completely agree, there is a big chance I could end up pigeonholing myself.

    And no, that is’nt some sort of gay term for…. Nevermind. I’ll keep it for the blog 😛

  26. Bugs says:

    Yes, and now we’re adding “scoring depth” to Halpern and Moen. Yay.

    Eller is, unfortunately and despite his potential, utterly useless. He is AT BEST, at the very, very BEST, a 4th liner. At the moment. Maybe not after a Pac-Man or Soobie stint in Hamilton, but at the moment, he’s totally useless. I mean, c’mon. This isn’t about “working hard” or “Halak trade face-saving” or “development” anymore, right? I mean, I don’t wanna be mean or anything, but gosh bless’m, he’s totally useless. And he should go for a stint in tha AHL. Worked for Soobie and the Pac-Man, so why can’t it work for him? He’s got a lot of good qualities. I think he could be an EXCELLENT 3rd line checker. And that’s huge and that would suit me.

    4th liner. Eller out. Other 4th liner in. White. Poolio up. Bob’s your uncle. What’s the problem here?

    I don’t wanna see Poolio “not complain” about not gettin more ice-time; I just wanna see him get more ice-time.

  27. Timo says:

    So no Gomez trade then… boo! Cause he is barely ever mentioned.

  28. Timo says:

    Haha… coffee snort.

  29. mrhabby says:

    your in love with MAB.

  30. Storm Man says:

    Someone has been doing homework. Very good call Andrew and nice pick-up on my clue.

  31. Timo says:

    Enough with the D already… even our depleted d corps can for the most part hold the fort. The team needs scoring (yes, apparently close to 30 mil tied in 5 players is not enough) and body presence up front. Other than Iginla, none of the other names mentioned are the answer for the Habs.

  32. andrewberkshire says:

    I’m getting ahead of myself as well, but damn. Can you imagine? 3 scoring lines… The future of the team looks very bright, and a couple big time prospects will likely be joining Hamilton next season in Kristo and Leblanc.

  33. Rudy says:

    I should know better than to take a drink before reading a Bugs post “Swahilian child of FOUR…..”

    Excellent point made re scab and french media

    “Start the season with a clean equipment bag and a freah bucket of febreze!”-CharlieHodgeFan

  34. andrewberkshire says:

    The point is that Pouliot is serving the team more effectively on the 3rd line than he would on the 1st or second. By adding his scoring abilities to a 3rd line you’re forcing the opponent to defend more than just Plekanec and Gomez’s lines.

    As for Eller being useless, that’s just not true at all. If not scoring = useless automatically, well that’s just a simpleton’s way of looking at it. And we all know you’re not a simpleton Bugs.

    The fact is that this is a development year for both Eller AND Pouliot. They’re both learning on the job.

  35. mrhabby says:

    i like those words ..”utterly useless”.lol.

  36. Storm Man says:

    Hope it did not burn. :)

  37. Storm Man says:

    We need D come playoff time.

  38. Rudy says:

    While I hate rental players, and don’t believe anyone is going to get us any closer to the Finals (have to wait until next year with a healthy team), this would be a good deal. It would reduce minutes for Hammer, and hopefully keep Spacek on his normal side and reduce his minutes. Maybe it would give us a few more games in the playoffs.

    “Start the season with a clean equipment bag and a freah bucket of febreze!”-CharlieHodgeFan

  39. Chuck says:

    For those of you that like to watch Hab games, but prefer to stream the audio from CJAD:


  40. andrewberkshire says:

    I still don’t think it’s highly likely, but I think it’s more likely than most ‘rumours’.

  41. andrewberkshire says:

    The lack of scoring has nothing to do with personnel and everything to do with the way Jacques Martin coaches the team.

  42. Mark C says:

    Just having a little fun, Cat. Almost all rookies/young players take a seat from time to time. We’ve seen Del Zotto, Bogosian, and Seguin before have it happen to them this year, it’s not a big deal.

  43. andrewberkshire says:

    I agree that next year is more likely to be our year than this one. I guess what it depends on is if the price for Brewer is acceptable. I doubt he’d be had for anything less than a 2nd rounder, which even then is a stretch, so it probably isn’t worth it unless Gauthier thinks the team has a legitimate shot at winning the cup.

  44. The Cat says:

    Right…I knew that…

    [Disclaimer]: I’m a hockey fan. I care about the habs, but probably not as much as you.

  45. Rudy says:

    When I stream the audio, the audio is always ahead of the game on the television, does that happen to anyone else? It reduces heart palpitations enormously!

    “Start the season with a clean equipment bag and a freah bucket of febreze!”-CharlieHodgeFan

  46. habaddict_andy says:

    Must be Avery than.

  47. The Cat says:

    Thats true, thats why only a D signing makes sense. Well to me.

    [Disclaimer]: I’m a hockey fan. I care about the habs, but probably not as much as you.

  48. Storm Man says:

    Who knows what can happen in the playoffs? did you have the Habs in the ECF last year. I would like to see the D pairings like this .

    PK- Hal



    I think Price will take his game up a level come playoffs and show what he can do.  

  49. Bugs says:

    “Out of the blue”? You mean TORONTO?

    No. Way. C’mon?

  50. Mark C says:

    I’ll give you another name: Roman Polak. He’s 24, a RFA and it seems he might be passed on the Blues’ depth chart by at least four players this off-season. Given his price tag, I’m thinking the Blues might be willing to move him now. He plays a Josh Gorges type game, and has the ability to help cover for weaker defensive players like the Wiz.

  51. Gormdog says:

    Dang it. All sold out. Would be the perfect gift for a Brit friend of mine who is a Habs diehard but doesn’t speak a lick of french.

    Watches every game on RDS (he doesn’t know “left” and “right” in french but uses the word “cafouillage” all the time), but the radio-to-dish delay for CJAD is unbearable…

  52. andrewberkshire says:

    Yes, but you can always trade future draft picks, ask Toronto!

  53. Storm Man says:

    When i see Toronto I dont see blue I see brown as in poo.

  54. Mark C says:

    Then it shouldn’t bug you.

  55. Storm Man says:

    We have no 2nd rounder to trade this coming draft.

  56. SmartDog says:

    I was a journalist too.. and now am a marketer, so I get where you are (I think) in trying to figure out the focus, style, etc.

    Forgive if I fall into stereotypical thinking (one of the closer gay friends I’ve had used to belt out show tunes as he walked down the halls of McGill… it’s hard not to be influenced by that)… but a couple of thoughts. 


    I think you could talk about how the team “looks” in a way that would please and entertain both women and gay men.  And some of us regular guys who give a crap or like a laugh.  I’ve posted about who the best looking habs are.  Right or wrong you could probably do it with slightly more authority.  Who does the best celebration?  Who makes the best style statement – Pleks (turtlenck), Subban (floppy hat), Cami (shiny suits)?  etc.


    There isn’t much (or enough) written about communication.  It’s deemed a touchy feely topic I think but my REAL backgrond is psych so I think it’s crucial.  And ignored.  And motivation too – tied with feelings so is also ignored.


    As you say ‘Down Goes Brown’ and others just have their own spin… Im sure you could develop yours. As well as great plays and other important moments, it could include elements from those other themes – style, emotion, etc.  Pushing it you could (like my mother used to) emphasize with the opposing team’s goalie after we shell him for 5 or 6 goals (if that ever happens).  I mean, his kids might be watching right?

    Again, forgive the stereotype leanings. I hope a bit of this is of use regardless. The important thing I think is to figure out your core tone and style, what you can highlight that others don’t but to make it as relevant as possible to a wide audience Hey, I’d read an article about who has the most style… or the prettiest wife… or which guy probably gets lucky more often.  Come to think of it, there’s lots of untouched stuff IMHO.  

    “It bothers me…there are old coaches in the league today that don’t know how to deal with these young personalities.” – Mike Peca on JM handling of PKS

  57. andrewberkshire says:

    This is true. What would you be willing to give up for a Brewer rental?

  58. The Cat says:

    I suppose there could be a forward but I dont think itll make headlines or anything.

    [Disclaimer]: I’m a hockey fan. I care about the habs, but probably not as much as you.

  59. andrewberkshire says:

    Polak is a bruiser, but I’m not sure the Blues will be willing to trade a 24 year old. Especially since he’s their PK guy like Gill is to ours.

  60. Storm Man says:

    Yah but we dont trade like toronto we like to have a team that makes the playoffs.

  61. andrewberkshire says:

    Same here, which is why I wrote that blog. However even a trade might not be necessary this year with the development of Subban and Weber. Then again I don’t think we have a shot at the cup with Gorges and Markov out.

  62. JD_ says:

    * Love watchin’ Habs-Broonz games. Wanna see Timmy T. get lit up, Gionta grate on Chara’s nerves, and maybe another servin’ o’ SubBANG! if the hockey gods are up for it. Anythin’ that makes Milan cry would be a pure bonus. Bring it on, baby!

    * From some Toronto Star piece written by a guy with huge glasses, “You can see that mountain growing in the way Kessel has been portrayed over his year and a half in Toronto. First, he was a godsend. Then he was aloof. Now he is The Man Who Stole the Future of the Toronto Maple Leafs.” For the record, many of us viewed Kessel as the latter from the get-go. So, Phil’s now gettin’ chewed up and spit out by the Toronna media because they don’t like his ‘tude. Maybe if, at the time of the trade, they’d put a call into Broonz head coach Claude Julien and asked for his thoughts regardin’ the l’il whippersnapper’s approach to things, there would have been no need to go on this long journey of discovery. Between Kessy, the overpaid and frequently overlibated and punchy back-end, and the least-liked NHL head coach as voted by the players, it must be one helluva good time in that stanky Loafs dressin’ room. Burkie’s many things, but effective chemist is not one of them.

    * Speakin’ of Burkie, back at the time of the ASG draft, you know, before widespread PC issues cut me off from the Internet for a week and change, I joked that should Kessel end up bein’ picked last, Burkie would lose it. Little did I know. Think PG would have been bothered to bleat like a stuck pig if, say, Pleks had been there and gone last? Doubt it. Burdened with a sense of perspective, he seems. Only a complete buffoon like BB could get sucked into whinin’ about a perceived slight borne of the most banal of events. Goofball.

    * Then there’s a guy like Peter “Never Say Over” Forsberg. Freakin’ warrior. From a front-row seat behind the net, watched him play when he was with Philly. Like a Soviet T-34 battle tank mowin’ down a Panzer division. I’m sincerely hopeful Foppa has somethin’ left in his tank and can end his career on some sort of high note.

    * And congratulations also to new Chicoutimi Sagueneens head coach Guy Carbonneau. His vocation is coachin’ and most certainly not yappin’ with Alain Crete on RDS. Frankly, nobody deserves that fate. Ok, Pronger and Cherry, excepted. That would be somethin’, though, wouldn’t it? Cherry on RDS? I’d effin’ be willin’ to pony up dough to watch a PPV Le Coin du Coach.

    * Richard Rodier, he who led Jim Balsillie’s hostile takeover attempt of the Phoenix ‘Yotes (TSNTalk™) has joined the ranks of Donald Fehr’s NHLPA. In other news, several stray cats have been reported missin’ in the general vicinity of league commish Gary Bettman’s home.

  63. SmartDog says:

    I thought you were going to say he’d be forced to admit that he’s gay AND likes hockey and they’d dip him in formaldehyde and put him under a glass somewhere.


    “It bothers me…there are old coaches in the league today that don’t know how to deal with these young personalities.” – Mike Peca on JM handling of PKS

  64. SmartDog says:

    Gill is tall and moves slowly?  Ya don’t say…


    “It bothers me…there are old coaches in the league today that don’t know how to deal with these young personalities.” – Mike Peca on JM handling of PKS

  65. The Cat says:

    Im happier than Gormdog on a Pride parade float that Halak finally had a good outting last night!


    [Disclaimer]: I’m a hockey fan. I care about the habs, but probably not as much as you.

  66. Mark C says:

    You could be right, but it might be worth kicking the tires on, especially if they fall out of the playoffs. With Johnson, Pietrangelo, Jackman, Brewer (if signed), Colaiacovo, and Ian Cole, Jonas Junland, and Nikita Nikitin waiting in the wings, the Blues might not want to pay Polak the $2M+ he’ll get this off-season. 

  67. Jimmy9Toes says:

    I talked to Shanny a bit, but not too much as I am sure he was tired from the whole weekend. But all in all very classy, like Nick Lidstrom, Kelly Hrudy and Rob Blake, who i all got my pic with.

  68. SmartDog says:

    Good use of ‘banal’.

    “It bothers me…there are old coaches in the league today that don’t know how to deal with these young personalities.” – Mike Peca on JM handling of PKS

  69. andrewberkshire says:

    Very true, but it seems from the reports that have been circulated around St. Louis that it’s Brewer who’s on the move most likely. And I would find it hard to believe that a team would trade its captain, then re-sign him in the offseason. That would be weird.

  70. andrewberkshire says:

    Me too, he’s been killing my big money hockey pool.

  71. Storm Man says:

    Not sure at this point. 

  72. SmartDog says:

    NP, thanks for the kind comments. My title is ‘strategist’… I’ve always been an idea guy… 

    I don’t think you’d need to be an expert to throw some fun “other” angles in there like fashion and communication.  I think those are great topics that your traditional “macho” sportswriter (what they all seem to either be like or just ACT like) doesn’t know how to approach.  Sad as it is.  The more I think about it the more I think you’ve got a really big niche there if you want it. 


    “It bothers me…there are old coaches in the league today that don’t know how to deal with these young personalities.” – Mike Peca on JM handling of PKS

  73. Gormdog says:

    Substitute “pride” for “Stanley Cup” and you’ve got it!

  74. Gormdog says:

    That’s what I’m hoping for!


    Most of the “prominent” (first ones that appear on google) spend most of their time posting pictures of scantily clad attractive male athletes and Jiri Tlusty mirror shots. If my content was solid, I suspect I could get regular readership.


  75. Bugs says:

    With Cammy out, he certainly is NOT serving the team better on the 3rd, Berkie.

    Eller can’t compete with the opposition. He is NEVER dangerous. He can’t win battles along the boards. He pushes himself so much to show he belongs that he forgets to pass the puck. Add to THAT the fact that a supposed top6 player is SUPPOSED score points, well, yes, Berkie, he’s utterly useless.

    Poolio has three times the amount of points as Eller has playing his second full year, so no, he’s not “with Eller learning” this year, he’s a hell of a lot more, as his club-dominating goals-per-time on ice ratio clearly shows.

  76. gunther7766 says:

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  77. gunther7766 says:

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  78. habstrinifan says:

    Heard both Raymond and Basu on team 990. As far as facts of story there were very few differences and none major. Basically Gill used a perceived disrespectful act by Subban (tossing jersey on floor) to drive home a point he was making with Raymond about rookies.

    I dont know why people are calling Raymond’s report scab journalism and giving Basu praise. Basu’s reporting on this has been all over the place as he tries to simulataneously categorize it as an insignificant  moment of ‘jest’ and give it the gravity of a veteran counseling a rookie, who apparently takes the message seriously based on his repeated apologies to Gill. And then Gill looks even more laughable in his clip on CNN where he said it was all a big joke.

    Raymond’s account is straightforward with no apologies or extrapolation. And on team990 Apron Basu gave his most direct and clear answer and it in no way contadicted Raymond’s account and in fact was Basu’s best coverage of the matter.

    Gill’s tutelage of Subban is a good thing for the Habs unless it makes Subban become Gill… which is a concern of mine as Georges was becoming Gill.


    I shall use HIO’s forum to voice aloud my thoughts on that concern but for now the game is uppermost in mind.

  79. LA Loyalist says:

    Gardiner is compensation for the risk. Lupul has lots of talent but he was seriously ill with non-hockey type illness, thus it’s hard to quantify risk.

    Ducks need a stay-at-home D and obviously they are comfortable with Beauchemin. It’s a good depth /playoff type move for Ducks and also they are about to get Getzlaf back, so they are re-balancing the portfolio for playoff hockey.

    Finally, after all that Lupul has been through, a fresh start will probably help him, even if it’s Leafs.



  80. TomNickle says:

    On #2.  Gardiner is exactly the kind of prospect that you would want if you’re the Flames in a deal where you’re selling a rental.  The pick is gravy and Lupul is a nice project to see if he can thrive with a change of scenery.

  81. krob1000 says:

    I disagree with 2. I think it defintiely makes them better today….Fowler or Visnovsky, whichever gets paired with him is going to get a lot more freedom to roam as Beauchemin is pretty solid in his own end with a little bit of bonus with his shot,etc. 

    I get the idea of 1.  ….. but Feaster has Regehr whio is better than Beauchemin at same role…and likely isn’t playoff bound despite the recent streak…he has to wait to see where he is at IMO….if they are buyers…they have Regehr and wouldn;t be looking for a LUpul IMO…if they are sellers…..they don’t want Lupul’s contract they want youth (Gardienr is exactly that but Calgary can get prospects without taking a salary dump back from other teams or so  I would suspect with the tradebait Feaster is packing.  They have no use for B

  82. krob1000 says:

    me too…but the jist of the deal is the Ducks bought a year of cap relief and they have a window with Perry and Getzlaf intheir prime that they want to contend for…that 4.2 will come in handy…especialyl when they have to replace Selanne and Koivu in all likelihood.  The 4th pck is in 2013 so they have plenty of time to deal a spare part to retrieve it…but yup…Burkie done good…but I think Anaheim is looking at bigger picture stuff….kind of like our Halak deal…..I hated teh Gomez deal but I never really minded Halak despite the prevailing opinions…big picture made sense to me on that one from every perspective.  I think if I am an Anaheim fan and know that Fowler is stud, Sbisa is liekly a number 3 or 4 man downt he road, we have Visnovsky (beacuhemin was rock solid there), Lyndman has been better than hoped…. cap space moving forward…it makes sense too.  They will have a ton of monety, a steady core group, a desirable place to play and their cross town rivals are very good too….the Ducks are gonna be huge players or at least try to be this offseason and going forward IMO.

  83. TomNickle says:

    There are two things I don’t like about that deal for Anaheim.

    1. They didn’t buy low.  Beauchemin has some value as a veteran defenseman who can do a couple of things really well, but he’s been underachieving on a bad team.  They’re buying a player of moderate to low value but what they gave up could’ve probably landed them something a lot better.  For example, if Feaster turned down that deal for Regehr, he’s nuts, and Regehr’s far better.

    2. That trade doesn’t make them better today.  Like you said, with Fowler, Lydman, Sbisa and Visnovsky already in place Beauchemin isn’t a piece that you need to acquire.  Certainly not a piece that you acquire by giving up Lupul and Gardiner.  I wouldn’t give up Lupul for Beauchemin at all, let alone sweetening the pot.

  84. CrashTheNetCrashTheNet says:

    You gotta work on your sarcasm, cuz it just looks like backpeddlin’ 

    “When I was a baby I wish my first word had been “QUOTE”, then right before I die I could say “UNQUOTE” – Stephen Wright

  85. TomNickle says:

    It isn’t sarcasm and I hope you salute me anyway.

  86. Bugs says:

    Did you buy that Kessel damage controlling the other day?

  87. TomNickle says:

    Nope.  He’s a moody player who needs hugs every once in a while.  That was his way of saying that he’s a person just as much as he is an asset.  He may not want a trade but he wants a shoulder to cry on for sure.

  88. Bugs says:

    If that’s sarcasm, it’s of the best quality.

    I salute you, sir.

  89. Bugs says:

    Well…it would be more reasonable to assume Kessel actually wants a trade over a hug than a hug over a trade, so yeah, it works better as sarcasm.

    As sarcasm, you would be making the point that of course Kessel wants out, and you’d be making it beautifully. Without it being sarcasm, you would have us believe that a grown man would gladly go down with the Titanic instead of grabbing the helicopter ladder as long as he’s being cuddled during the ordeal.

    I dunno…

    You sure you don’t want it to be sarcasm?

  90. TomNickle says:

    Come on!  You were supposed to figure out that the reply saying it wasn’t sarcasm WAS sarcasm and that of course, the first one was too!

  91. mrhabby says:

    and here i thought no one would notice after i wrote that quickly…ur right. still it seems like Burke bent over the ducks GM on this one.

  92. TomNickle says:

    I think he did too.

  93. TomNickle says:

    He isn’t in a contract year, it doesn’t raise the value on rentals at all.

  94. mrhabby says:

    and the bar has been raised for Dmen with this trade…thanks Burke.

  95. TomNickle says:

    Very good question and it begs another one.  How many Leafs want out?  Would it really shock anyone if Beauchemin, Kaberle, Kessel, Kadri and others wanted out of there.  The entire San Jose Sharks roster threw a party when Ron Wilson was fired.

    To your first point.  It’s merky water now that so many players have no trade or no movement clauses.  It can be argued from a management or ownership standpoint that if you want to avoid being moved early or midway through your contract you should have your agent get you on a team that is willing to give you a no move clause.

  96. krob1000 says: is a question for everyone….may speak of an unwritten rule of not trading your FA signings early on as they are always vets, likely with families,etc…and that it may hamper future dealings……think Burkie gets a pass because Beauch is going home really? or does this affect things going forward? apparently a quarter of the league would rather play for anyone other than Wilson anyway…but a valid question…no?

  97. SmartDog says:

    The Leafs could end up big winners here.  Lupul has had a year from hell with back surgery leading to two infections that saw him lose 30 pounds.  If he’s okay, and so far seems like he might be, it could be he just needs time to get his steam. He had 10 goals in 23 games in 09-10 before the operation….  Worth the gamble for hte Leafs who are desperate for scoring.. but yeah, can’t see why Anaheim paid so much. Weird.

    “It bothers me…there are old coaches in the league today that don’t know how to deal with these young personalities.” – Mike Peca on JM handling of PKS

  98. TomNickle says:

    Gardiner is a good prospect.  I think Burke just hosed the Ducks.  Just my opinion.  The fourth round pick isn’t huge but if you had asked me if I would trade an aging and often unreliable Beauchemin for Lupul and Gardiner I would say yes before you even had time to offer the fourth round pick on top of that.

  99. krob1000 says:

    The Beauchemin deal seems like a lot…BUT…Lupul has 2 more years at 4.2 (which is too much for him to any team that is a contender and wants cap space moving forward).  Beauchemin has one more year at 3.8 …which is his fair market value IMO.  This is why the Leafs are getting Gardiner and the pick…..they are buying cap relief(ANA is), adding a dman familiar with the team, who is as steady as a rock (when not surrounded by buffoons).  The Leafs made a good deal but not because of Lupul…because they got a draft pick and a good prospect….Lupul is overpaid and for two more years…he instantly becomes the teams second highest paid forward.  This is actually a good deal by both clubs IMO …Anaheim got immediate help on the back end, they aready have two young dmen in Sbisa and Fowler so Gardiner is expendable (lucky for Leafs).  The LEafs thought they had compensated with their picks for KEssel with guys like Bozak, Gustavsson,etc ..they basically just bought what will likely be a low first rounder in Gardiner for 4.2 million.

    Anaheim will have plenty fo room to give GEtzlaf a serious threat behind him up the middle…look for  them to make a huge play for Spezza or Richards IMO.

  100. mrhabby says:

    true that. me thinks its a salary dump by ducks. burke puts him on LTR down the road due to back problems, creates more salary cap room and has a fairly young dman and a conditional pic. he later peddles LUPOL for more pics…burke and his ties to the ducks helped for sure.

  101. kempie says:

    I’d say that’s an awful lot for Bauche. Wow.

  102. Storm Man says:

    WOW that is alot. The market is set high for Dmen at this point.

  103. HabFab says:

    Salary Cap Update for all HIO GM’s;

    LTIR $3,030,000

    Bonus $660,000

    Really don’t want to use Bonus Cushion and season is 2/3 done tonight for us so…..

    You can pick up players with a total Cap of $9,000,000 plus any Hab player’s cap going the other way.

    God Save Our Souls.

  104. SmartDog says:

    Well, they’re right next to LA.  I hear they wife-swap to promote team bonding.


    “It bothers me…there are old coaches in the league today that don’t know how to deal with these young personalities.” – Mike Peca on JM handling of PKS

  105. Storm Man says:

    BB must have a video of the owner doing something he should not be doing.

  106. SmartDog says:

    Seems like a lot for Beauchemin no?


    “It bothers me…there are old coaches in the league today that don’t know how to deal with these young personalities.” – Mike Peca on JM handling of PKS

  107. andrewberkshire says:

    How is it that Anaheim keeps getting fleeced by Toronto?

  108. mrhabby says:

    Leafs trade Beauchiiiiiimin to the ducks for lupol and other players per tsn and gm.

  109. SmartDog says:

    My biorhythms must be in sync.  Two out of three replies below are intelligent and worth reading.  Thanks guys.  You know who you are. :)


    “It bothers me…there are old coaches in the league today that don’t know how to deal with these young personalities.” – Mike Peca on JM handling of PKS

  110. habs03 says:

    We I think Gionta, Pleck, and A.Kost all give you their money’s worth. Gionta is going to get you about 30 goals (other players being paid around 5M, Brian Rolston, Jason Blake, Jason Pominville), Pleck at 5 (Bergeron,Tim Connolly,David Legwand), and as for Kost (Colby Armstrong makes 3M…..). If you looking around the league the only overpaid guys on your team would be Gomez, and some what Cammalleri, Spacek.

  111. TomNickle says:

    Your last sentence is shared by a narrow minded and knowledge starved portion of the fan base who are prone to knee jerk reactions and have sore backs from jumping on and off the bandwagon with each game.

    The team’s success isn’t on Price’s shoulders alone.  Team defense, a reliable group of two way forwards and special teams play are the three things other than goaltending that this team relies on to win hockey games.

    Just another attempt by you to blame the high priced players for losses and subsequently the management team that signed them.  Funny you don’t give this same management team credit for drafting Price, yet you chastise them for signing players who aren’t adequate in your opinion.

  112. SmartDog says:

    People are asking what happened to our offence. Don’t you mean what HASN’T happened? As in, it HASN’T gotten any better… despite all our big dollar free agents in extravagent favor over the supposed garbage we put out to the trash. Gionta is having an okay season but has fewer goals than Grabovski. Dagostini is on pace for 41 points; Scott Gomez 42.  AK and Cammalleri – both getting first line money are looking like 2nd or 3rd line players.

    So it’s a tired answer but what happened is Bob threw a TON of money at the smallest set of top 6 forwards imaginable and we’re stuck there. I mean, who expects the Habs to win with GOALS for crying out loud?  We’re a goalie-led team, the rest is just “support”.  Price is hot and a little support (aka goals) we win.  Price isn’t hot, we lose.  That’s the way the team is built.  


    “It bothers me…there are old coaches in the league today that don’t know how to deal with these young personalities.” – Mike Peca on JM handling of PKS

  113. PrimeTime says:

    When a Defensive minded team allows more goals than they score, they probably did not play well enough defensively to win. Same logic goes to the Offensive minded team when they don’t score more then they allow…..didn’t play well enough offensively.

    Do you really want our Defensive minded team to open their game to score more often so we can win games by more than 1 goal?? Or do you just want a team that isn’t Defensive minded, because you sure b*tch and complain enough about a pretty good dam team that has learned a playoff winning style of hockey.

    Maybe it’s time you look for another bone to chew

  114. PrimeTime says:

    When a Defensive minded team allows more goals than they score, they probably did not play well enough defensively to win. Same logic goes to the Offensive minded team when they don’t score more then they allow…..didn’t play well enough offensively.

    Do you really want our Defensive minded team to open their game to score more often so we can win games by more than 1 goal?? Or do you just want a team that isn’t Defensive minded, because you sure b*tch and complain enough about a pretty good dam team that has learned a playoff winning style of hockey.

    Maybe it’s time you look for another bone to chew

  115. jimmy shaker says:

    Cap world my friend…….but yes agree to disagree!



  116. Habfan29 says:

    Sorry Jimmy but you are wrong, he is brutal playiing 5 minutes let alone 13-15 minutes, MAB might have more points but he is more of a defensive liability then Wiz…nuff said I agree to disagree …. Go Habs Go!!!

  117. jimmy shaker says:

    MAB gets way more points than the wiz, has the harder shot and costs about 2.5 to 3 million dollars less to have. If the nhl wasn’t a cap league, than by all means I wouldn’t want MAB as a hab. But in reality the nhl is a cap league and the team needs to manage their dollars. So for a guy who can pile up more points and cost a hell of a lot cheaper, then it makes sense. If MAB is a 3rd pairing on the D, playing about 13-15 minutes a night, with a stay at home d-partner, he could be very effective and again COST effective. That’s all!


  118. The Cat says:

     “where am I supposed to be?” defensive “stylings”



    [Disclaimer]: I’m a hockey fan. I care about the habs, but probably not as much as you.

  119. Habfan29 says:

    Yes he is bad, but not as bad as MAB. Much of the Wiz +/- was due to playing in Long Island. Prior  to that he was always a plus player. Yes he can also hit. Last year everytime MAB was on the ice I would cringe and so would Halak/Price

  120. G-Man says:

    Bergeron gave the Buffalo forward the okay to hit Roloson by pushing him into him (for the 3-3 goal). MAB went on to display his prowess with his “where am I supposed to be?” defensive “stylings”.
    The Wiz is bad, too, defensively. At least he can hit.

  121. jimmy shaker says:




  122. Habfan29 says:

    The tying goal was MABS fault even Boucher said so, does not matter I am just glad that he is not a HAB…..

  123. habs03 says:

    I couldn’t help but think of you the second I saw MAB was -4, I really liked him MAB when he was here, if it wasn’t for his shot this guy wouldn’t even playing in the AHL. Being small and soft is bad enough for a D-man but the fact that he is a really bad passer and decision maker makes it even worst.

  124. TomNickle says:

    Jordan Staal had his automatic one game suspension nulified.  The Match Penalty was for intent to injure, and whether or not he connected as well as it first appeared doesn’t change the reason for the penalty call, yet they overturned it.

    Lucic punched Freddy Meyer in the face when he wasn’t looking and received a fine.  His teammate is the league disciplinarian’s son.  I went a long time turning a blind eye to this stuff and chalking it up to coincidence too.  But I’ve seen far too many coincidences over the years(especially since Bettman and Campbell took their respective posts) to ignore it any longer.

    This goes beyond discipline.  The team in the most financial trouble, needing a new arena, new ownership and the alternative being relocation and quite possibly the end of a franchise wins a lottery that gets them the best prospect since #99.  That was probably a coincidence too.  Not that I’m complaining, if it was in the league’s best interests I wouldn’t have left it to chance either, and I’m not upset about getting the #5 pick there either.

  125. RGM says:

    I’m not really one that’s in the conspiracy group, I’m more of the type that simply thinks it comes down to gross incompetence.

    Go Habs Go!

  126. The Cat says:

    Well said.

    [Disclaimer]: I’m a hockey fan. I care about the habs, but probably not as much as you.

  127. RGM says:

    And with this strand of posts, more Habs fans have dissected MAB’s performance than Lightning fans. Let him go people.

    Go Habs Go!

  128. Habfan29 says:

    For all the MAB lovers out there, he was brutal last night, just over 17 minutes played and -4……

  129. jimmy shaker says:

    And so was Roloson who let in 6 3rd period goals, so was St.Louis who was -3, vinny who was -2, and the refs who made some shady calls to get the sabres off and running in the 3rd period. So while yes MAB was -4, he wasn’t the only one who sucked on the bolts last night. Last time I checked there are 19 guys suiting up during the game.


  130. RGM says:

    What makes it so galling is that Cooke has done stuff like this MANY TIMES and the NHL has refused to enforce serious consequences for his behaviour. He is responsible for Marc Savard’s career being in jeopardy. His borderline hit on Andrei Markov in last year’s playoffs has put him down the road to his career being in jeopardy. He got 2 games in November 2009 for a headshot on Artem Anisimov.
    The reason that there is such a fury directed towards Matt Cooke is because he is playing to injure people. In consecutive games he has carried out a dirty play; in the first incident (Ovechkin) he will receive no discipline while for the second (Tyutin) he will only receive a maximum of five games.
    This is a marginal player, one that is literally a dime a dozen, and he is injuring and attempting to injure other players and he is not being held accountable for his actions. The reason that there is such a focus on him is because he is the one that is doing these things. If Stamkos were to drill a guy headfirst into the boards in his next game, he would receive due criticism in the media. However, he’s not the type that’s likely to do it. Every time Matt Cooke steps on the ice he is looking to injure somebody.

    There is a huge distinction to be made between someone with no history of dirty play that does something out of line once, and a player with a lengthy history of dirty play and actions that continues to do so on a consistent basis.

    Go Habs Go!

  131. Julie H says:

    All valid points. What I still don’t get is why Mr. Discipline is afraid to call him out and really set the punishment bar high. The Boston kid who was suspended last week got 4 games and one of the things I heard when it was reported was that the extent of the injury factored in to the length of the suspension. Why aren’t there regulations put in place? First hit 5 games, second hit 10, 3rd hit half the season and if you’re dumb enough to do it AGAIN, your hockey license is suspended for the season. Forget intent, forget trying to blame the victim of the hit “he should’ve been looking over his shoulder” “he could have moved” “keep your head up.” All of those statements are cowardly and don’t address the real issue which is workplace safety. Players want to hit other players and still be able to play? Hit legally. Nobody’s aim should be to put another player in a hospital bed.

  132. TomNickle says:

    To answer everybody who replies to your post and wonders why he doesn’t receive his due discipline.  Consider the team he plays for.  That team can’t be made out to appear as anything other than a star studded lineup stocked full of heroes.  Too much league revenue rides on the American perception of that group.

  133. mrhabby says:

    Bruins due for a win some time. We have 3 wins against them so far…not liking how this game is set up for us..just karma i guess. a win by us and that says alot given key injuries we have.

  134. W35T5ID3 says:

    Man we’re in their heads….like a few years ago….we got their number this year.Screw the bruins ….they’re overrated.We are a team full of guys with character and no quit and we will make the bruins eat it tonight in bean town.

  135. SmartDog says:

    That’s my feeling too.  A W would be impressive.  I just can’t see it, unless Price stands on his head of course… but I can’t see that for some reason tonight either.


    “It bothers me…there are old coaches in the league today that don’t know how to deal with these young personalities.” – Mike Peca on JM handling of PKS

  136. RGM says:

    Very well said. The “intent to injure”/outcome factor is what dilutes so many of these suspendable offences. That hit last night was atrocious in every way imaginable: he saw nothing but the numbers, he came in full-speed, and he jumped into the guy, but because Tyutin was fortunate enough to not be paralyzed and got up right away I’d be surprised if Cooke gets more than 2 games. The hearing he’s having today is by phone which means it can only be a maximum of 5 games. There was a clear intent to injure on that hit, by a player with a long rap sheet of offences exactly like that, but oh look the guy’s fine so we’ll just fine him $1000 and sweep it under the rug.

    Go Habs Go!

  137. Julie H says:

    You took the words out of my mouth. It’s unbelievable that people can “justify” and “defend” hits and say “because he got up, it wasn’t as bad as it looked.” Any time a person gets hit, he is that much closer to a brain injury, head injury, permanent or irreversible damage. Why does it matter if he got up? Cooke is a head-hunter. He could take it as he didn’t do a good enough job of burying his opponents’ head in the ice. At this point, for their protection and for the protection of Cooke’s future victims: the next guy to be unlucky enough to get hit by Cooke should lie on the ice and pretend he’s dead. Colin Campbell should have taken the bull by the horns when he had the chance last season. He didn’t, and that’s unfortunate, but Cooke is playing chicken with the league right now and at the moment he is winning. I’m all for “heat of the moment” type of plays. Cooke does everything he does intentionally and somehow he gets away with it and it needs to stop. One day, he is going to get steamrolled and he is not going to get up. That player, whoever he is bless him. Cooke will say “off with his head for trying to injure me” and those of us who have been watching Cooke’s antics with frowns on our faces will sneer and jeer at him and say “now you know how it feels” and “maybe you should find a new career.”

  138. The Cat says:

    The system works cause no one can tell me the habs are a good team, if they were, they would use their supposed speed and run and gun against anybody, but they cant cause the D is too vulnerable if you ask me, it depends on the forwards coming way back.

    I find it odd how some will label NJ devils as boring hockey. Habs hockey is the same under JM. The only excitement is that the prudent system keeps games close.

    [Disclaimer]: I’m a hockey fan. I care about the habs, but probably not as much as you.

  139. HabFanSince72 says:

    I don’t know where the notion comes from that we are a fast team. We have some speedy forwards, but our defence has to be the slowest (collectively) in the league.

  140. Chris says:

    This “new” NHL is hardly run and gun…a couple of blip years of high scoring post lockout have been followed by a downward trend in average league scoring. Martin is playing the system he has to play with the personnel he’s got.

    Montreal’s defence is pretty slow and very vulnerable to being attacked by speed: Spacek and Hamrlik have lost a lot of foot-speed and Gill is a turtle. Subban has speed, but poor positioning. Weber has better positioning, but his size makes him vulnerable. Picard and Wisniewski are both a bit of an adventure in the back end.

    If Martin opens up, Price is facing a lot of net-crashing chances, just like the 2008-09 Habs, and no goalie is stopping those regularly. T

    he defence first gameplan might not be as fun to watch, but it works with the current players. Unless you really thought Montreal would be sitting in the top 10 overall in a season without Andrei Markov…

  141. LizardKing1967 says:

    OK, what’s wrong with this picture…….


    Gionta (our leading goal scorer): 19 goals.

    Our other “natural goalscorers” Cammy, Kostits, Pouliot, all have less than him.

    Some players around the league with MORE goals than Gionta: James Neal, Dallas; Matt Moulson, Isles; Stafford, Buffalo; Vanek; Buffalo.

    Now, remember, Gionta has the MOST goals on our team. If we look at Cammy and AK46 (our next BIG  TRUE goalscorers- or so they should be as we are told), they have LESS goals than: Kulemin, Toronto; MacArthur, Toronto; David Jones, Colorado; Grabner, Isles; Fisher, Ottawa; and DEFENCEMAN Brent Burns, Minny.

    Now, not taking anything away from these players on the other teams, as what they have accomplished up to now, I say kudos to them. They deserve it. What my question is, WHAT HAPPENED TO OUR GOALSCORERES??????

    Well, I can tell you: Jaqes Martin, that’s what. His “system” sucks. He doesn’t let the players play. The trap (unless you are in NJ) went out with the “old” NHL. This “new” NHL is run and gun, and we have the goaltender to support it. As long as Price continues his play, we can open up the game. We don’t open up and he still saves 20 shots every third period. Wow, JM’s “puck possession” really works, eh? Shit JM, give it the gas man!




    Jim-out. I BELIEVE!

  142. W35T5ID3 says:

    Ya aint gotta be a bunch of speed skaters to play D ya know?!!!Its called positional play.Ask Chris Pronger about being in the right position.Why else can he log 30mins a game???Cuz he’s positionally sound.

  143. Cool Ice Price says:

    St. Louis’s back up won one did he?

  144. Julie H says:

    The announcers in the Youtube vid of the Matt Cooke hit need their brains checked. “Look freeze it there. He’s looking over his shoulder. You’ve gotta be prepaired.” Uh excuse me but if Matt Cooke crossed checked my face into a store window, he would be arrested on the spot. How can these idiots defend this kind of behavior? And they’re talking about how since it’s him the punishment will be stiffer and that sucks. Boo hoo! Stop hurting people and play the game you’re paid to play and you won’t get suspended! Duh face. ♪Your cares and troubles are gone. There’ll be no more from now on. From now on happy days are here again, the skies above are so clear again. So let’s sing a song of cheer again. Happy times, happy nights, happy days are here again♪

  145. fbkj says:

    so… your not optimistic?

  146. W35T5ID3 says:

     Who cares what you see or don’t see this team is like  8-2-3 in their last 13 gms or something to that extent.Pretty darn good if ya ask me.Cuz ya see…..We win.We get the job done…and we will tonight smart dog.Obviously today you do not know your poop!

  147. Julie H says:

    Even with all of our injuries…at least we aren’t losing goaltenders left, right and centre *coughtheislanderscough*
    ♪Your cares and troubles are gone. There’ll be no more from now on. From now on happy days are here again, the skies above are so clear again. So let’s sing a song of cheer again. Happy times, happy nights, happy days are here again♪

  148. smiler2729 says:

    Matt Cooke is a scumbag, his continued on-ice ‘style of play’ obviously reflects what kind of a**hole he really is off the ice.

    He needs another Evander Kane thumping.

  149. yvresgyros says:

    I don’t know if there is a pact of non-aggression between Montreal’s print/web media, but I would suggest, at least while they’re still employing scabs, to never link to Quebecor’s stories. Giving them readership and, therefore, ad revenue would go to invalidate the little ribbing given on the link itself.

    Boycotting Le Journal by not buying it, or reading it for free at the Cantine is easy to do. Shunning and unplugging Videtron are logical actions in lockstep with the idea that people don’t seem to put in practice much in Quebec.

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Finally, a game

The Canadiens are in the Motor City.

Maybe Scott Gomez and P.K. Subban will play.

Maybe they won’t.

Gomez hopes rest is tonic

Martin details Weber-Subban and his thoughts behind the situation: Stubbs column

Cam Cole blasts benching of P.K.

• Stubbs on some of the season’s better hockey books

• Pat Hickey on Jarred Tinordi


  1. punkster says:

    You need go no further than your first sentence. As for entertaining this guy is going to be entertaining Habs fans for years to come if he’s handled correctly now and if he learns to handle himself correctly going forward. And by that I mean in the hockey sense. He’s no Ovi, no Sydney. He’s PK and that in itself is more than enough.

    ***All You Need Is Love***

  2. ctony says:

    His defensive game is generally pretty good.  He’s a plus player and makes reasonably good decisions for a young, offensive defenseman.  JM had him on the ice in OT, after the dive on the previous Oiler goal.  So, there’s a little hypocrisy there in JM’s decision making.

    Puck moving defenseman are always going to have more liabilities in the D-game than Rick Green (sorry, wrong era, Hal Gill) types.  They are also going to take more chances than D that move the puck with quick passes like Lidstrom.  But, they offer upside that is difficult to replicate.  

    JM’s system is dump and passive forecheck.  It was his system in Ottawa.  It was his preferred method in last year’s playoffs and he continues to use it now.  Gomez and Subban are two players that have some freedom and the skills to carry the puck up ice and try to win the offensive zone. Gomez seems to be reined in a little this season and Subban is sitting.  

    JM is not the perfect coach for PK.  JM is winning in Montreal.  If JM stays, the gap between PK’s potential and actual results are going to diverge and may result in him heading out.  Which would be sad.

  3. BeachHabFan says:

    he has ben great, but he has also been brutal (and thanks to RDS and much to the chagrin of my wife i do watch all the games, despite residing in the cesspool of professional sports known as Toronto).

    i’ve criticized PK’s play a bunch all year. Last year he was quick and cool and sure of himself. Now he’s taking the extra turn that screws up the other 4 guys’ timing or leaves him a biit out of position, though luckily his speed has allowed him to recover a couple of times.

    i truly believe JM is targeting bad habits rather than bad attitude or bad play, and getting some experience for weber at the same time. Markov is gone, Gorges is supposedly playing injured, Spacek and Hamrlik ain’t that young, so best to be prepared.

    +/- is a team stat as well as a personal one (remeber how good komisarek was playing with Markov?) and being paired with Picard and then Gill had to have helped. The reason i bring up my personal issues with PK’s play are to support my argument/belief that Cole’s assumptions – that JM is tired of PK’s attitude or style of play, that the NHL is trying to squeeze the life out of him – ignores the obvious facets and problems with the kid’s game, throws out JM’s hockey knowledge in favour of total speculation, and takes his benching completely out of context

    it’s just like when you or others question someone’s dedication to the team or being a “fan” (your quotes, not mine) because they see faults in someone’s play. it’s cheap, ignorant, without direct knowledge of the situation and generally completely wrong. 

  4. J_P says:

    Well, he’s won just as many stanley cups as martin.

    All he was saying is how he liked the character that PK brings to the game.  There’s a serious lack of character in the NHL.  How can you disagree? You actually enjoy the clichés that players spit out these days? You enjoy the fact that they are all completely devoid of character, and talk like robots? I know I dont.

  5. Gormdog says:

    There is lots to criticize, and there is lots to love.


    JM is trying to cut out some of the critical stuff.


    What Cole said, that was wrong, was his criticism of the Habs in how they are handling it. And you don’t see anything wrong with that, it seems.


    How quickly some Habs “fans” turn on their coaches & management.

  6. J_P says:

    Excellent Post!

    Carey Price has masked a lot of this teams mistakes all season with his excellent play.  If he had just good numbers (like a 0.92 SV% and 2.3 GAA) vs the out-of-this-world numbers that he currently has, considering how tight all our games have been, the habs would have a lot more losses.  If I remember correctly, people were crying for Spacek and Hamr to be benched for their TERRIBLE play through the first 15 games, and now all of sudden, PK costs us one game and he’s the goat.  Utterly ridiculous. 

    Just like last year in the playoffs.  If halak is just good instead of out-of-this-world, the habs dont make the ECF.  They don’t even get past washington. 


  7. SeriousFan09 says:

    May not be the best match, but JM would be a fool to not know what PK offers his team in terms of talent, versatility and sheer puck-moving ability especially with Markov potentially done with MTL. Every team needs a defencemen who move the puck like Subban if they hope to contend for the big prize.

    Subban is a key plank in the future of the team, the management knows it. They just want thim to do what he has done since juniors, show people he can grow his defensive game. He was a late-round OHL pick and went in the 2nd round of an average NHL draft because no one thought his D would ever go that far. At each level he’s had to shave some offence off of his game to play more defence. JM has given him a free hand at times because he knows what Subban gives him on the ice, but he also needs Subban to rein himself in at other times.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.

  8. Gormdog says:

    Not to be a jerk but…. How?


    You are talking about rearranging our entire D corps, or, putting two rookies on the same pairing with one playing on his off side.


    You don’t do that going into a game against the best team in the NHL when your team is on a 3 game win streak, especially one where defence played such a huge role.


    “adapt to it”. Why don’t you adapt to Martins effective coaching style?

  9. J_P says:

    PK has been one of our best defensemen all season long. I don’t know what team you’ve been watching all season.  Subban is Plus-6 on the season on a team that doesn’t score a lot of goals.  He has 9 points in 25 games as a rookie defenseman.

    Like, to agree with the benching is one thing, to sit here and criticize PK’s play all of a sudden is ridiculous.  How quickly some habs “fans” turn on their players. 

    What did cole say that was so wrong? That he likes to see a little character from the players?

  10. ctony says:

    I agree with your you.  This Subban discussion is overdone.  JM (and hopefully, PK) know why he’s sitting and they are working together to develop the player.  In the mean time, the team is winning, so you (not you personally, fans in general) have to cut JM some slack.  For the record, I wouldn’t have benched PK.  But, I’m not privy to lockroom discussion and don’t have an NHL coaching background to lean on.

    I don’t think PK and JM are the best match.  So, it wouldn’t surprise me to see PK move on, a la Leino, Pouliot, Lats, to find more success elsewhere.

  11. ctony says:


    double post


  12. J_P says:

    Its not that its a bad move, and its not like the benching is going to harm PK’s development. 

    However, PK is an extremely entertaining and electric component of an otherwise extremely boring to watch montreal canadiens team. 

    Its like Ovechkin.  Ovechkin seems to have been calmed down, and where he was once a fan favorite because he could lift you out of your seat at any given moment, now he’s just a plain bore to watch.  Maybe Washington will be a better overall team for it (because ovechkin is learning to use his teammates more), but they aren’t a fun team to watch anymore. 

  13. Gormdog says:

    Good avatar, Great post.

  14. SeriousFan09 says:

    Not at all, but whining about every soft-brained or borderline NHLer who hasn’t made the team is ridiculous, DET doesn’t turn all their picks into players either, nobody does. MTL always faces the issue of finding players who don’t crumble or become complacent under the bright lights of the Bell Centre, it’s harder to bring in the player who can handle playing in MTL while they battle unfair bidding in negotiation and free agency because of the tax rates here.

    Pacioretty is in the AHL not because of JM but because it’s where he belongs, he never should’ve played on the team in 08-09 and probably spent most of 09-10 there as well. He’d be on the team right now if he had. Eller was being ‘ruined’ by JM until he started collecting points in the last stretch. Subban is getting his adjustment period to the NHL as well. Team can’t part the waves and roll down the red carpet for a rookie to do whatever he wants. Subban is a magnificent prospect in terms of raw talent and as one writer said “Subban enters the NHL as perhaps the best backwards skater in the league” but he needs to learn he’s on a whole new level of talent and his magnificent skating can’t get him out of trouble every time like it did in lower levels.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.

  15. jimmy shaker says:

    I’m sure they can make it work, or adapt to it!


  16. Gormdog says:

    For some inexplicable reason, Pouliot is SO good in NHL11.


    I think he’s bought into JM’s digital system.

  17. Gormdog says:

    They are still so jaded from the late 90’s early 00’s that they have this inherant need to whine about everything management does. We were a top 4 team in the league last year and you’d think by reading half these posts we were one of the 10 teams that are 100% worse off than we are in the East.


    Seriously fans, in the East, which team would you rather have than the Habs?!?!?


    Flyers, Pens, and Caps. Mayyyybe Bruins but i feel a bit dirty saying that. THat’s not a very long list!

  18. ctony says:

    Are you saying PK is going to fail here?

  19. punkster says:

    See now, this is what I’m talking about. It’s people like you who try to bring calm and rational thought to the conversation that we all have to beware of (ends sentence with a preposition).

    Hey Doug, isn’t it great to have a team that has the luxury to sit a star rookie for a few games?

    ***All You Need Is Love***

  20. TheMostCupsPeriod says:

    Get Down, everybody’s gonna leave their seat…….

    You gotta lose your mind….

  21. Say Ash says:

    Get up, Everybody’s gonna move their feet…

  22. coachdoug says:

    Lol…Bud Light?  You don’t survive Alaska winters on that swill…probably a dark ale kind of guy I would guess…and I sure he packs a flask when he goes salmon fishing…

    “Six more years…God Bless You Turtleneck Man!”

  23. punkster says:

    That’s not the HI/O way. Get with the program GD. This place thrives of speculation, innuendo, fantasy and magic mushrooms. Trades and plays are developed based entirely on EA Sports NHL10 scenarios. Reasoning is for chumps. Logic for losers.

    Come on man, get your head straight!

    ***All You Need Is Love***

  24. ctony says:

    You do realize that’s only a slight twist on Cherry’s and Richard’s complaints…

  25. SeriousFan09 says:

    Not everyone can succeed in the NHL and not everyone is going to respond to all coachs, Villa Leino is a star in PHilly but was a bum in DET. Pouliot is a far btter player here than he ever was in MIN. OB is in COL because he couldn’t take the pressure of MTL, Mazwell showed no kind of physical edge in his game until this season (And he’s on the shelf right now with injury in HAM). Latendresse undid himself by showing no effort, Pacioretty didn’t need to be playing in the NHL, he needed the time in the AHL to develop his talents (which is what he’s getting now).

    Veterans who are 10, 15 years into the league are not going to really change their game and style, they are who they are more or less. Subban, Eller, Pouliot are all young players who Martin is trying to put a little bit of his influence into their game, like he did with Alfredsson, Hossa and Havlat in OTT years ago.

    A lot of people here refused to give this team a chance beyond 8th seed to go into this season and that was packing Andrei Markov. Right now, the team has 15 wins without the star defencemen and the team doesn’t have 20+ losses to go with that figure. JM seems to know what he’s doing I’d say.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.

  26. coachdoug says:

    PK will be fine…Martin is constantly getting flak for this and that but no credit for his excellent job…disciplined teams win Stanley Cups…everyone has a job to do…Webber is doing it and PK will too as he matures…Not a bad problem having two good defensemen coming up…

    “Six more years…God Bless You Turtleneck Man!”

  27. BeachHabFan says:

    I heard the Gomez injury was “strained pride” and he was nursing it with 350cc of Bud Light, but that’s probably just a rumour. Probably.

  28. Gormdog says:

    Pencils down, visors up!

  29. ctony says:

    Well said.  Yes, we’ve
    been winning. But, that doesn’t mean we’re perfect. 

    Your concerns are implicitly echoed here every time some
    says “<insert name of good team> will be a good test.”  There’s still some disbelief about our elite
    status.  Do we rely on superior
    goaltending or has JM elevated our collection of players into an elite TEAM. 

    Good coaches get players to conform to their system.  Great coaches find ways to use unique talent
    to create mismatches.  JM’s history
    suggests consistent 90+ point seasons with 2+/- playoff series. I don’t see him
    optimizing PK talents and I don’t see JM and PK together long term.



  30. Gormdog says:

    Yep. And this argument that we are going to “ruin” PK is so bogus it hurts my head. If PK is so frail that he can’t handle some criticism and negative media attention without sticking to his game (and by game i mean playing like the most complete defenseman on this team when he makes good desicions), then he will NEVER survive the long run in Montreal anyways.


    May as well find out now if he can stand the heat, and if he can’t, well, i’m sure we can trade him out of the kitchen and get ourselves a whole bunch of nice stuff in return. 

  31. punkster says:

    Good observations from Mr. Stubbs in the Subban/Weber article. Well done. The perfect counter to the silliness written by Cam Cole.

    Something I really like about the way the regular Gazette sports writers and columnists go about their business is their delicate mix of professionalism and humour in their published work. They rarely utilize this platform to advance their own controversial or off the wall viewpoints or espouse the whisperings of that evil monkey in their closet. When they do decide to “go native” you can usually sense the tongue-in-cheek aspect of the comments or column.

    OK…enough a** kissing for one day. Now get out there and dig up some dirt on this Gomez “injury”.

    ***All You Need Is Love***

  32. Gormdog says:

    They play on opposite sides. Who do you take off the right? Who do you play with Weber?

  33. habaholic68NJ says:

    Big Ted.  I do not disagree with most of your points but I think you need to read between the lines to why JM is making PK sit.  IMO, it is not because of the mistakes of the Edmonton game, though that was a convenient excuse to start sitting him.  They real problem may reside in PK’s attitude towards Habs veterans in the locker room and on the ice during practice.

    Regarding his hockey development, no one questions PK’s skill level or whether to use it against other teams – the question is when to use this skill and when to play it safe.

  34. habs03 says:

    A big issue with getting PK back in the lineup is that he is a RH shot, who would of that with the lack of RH we have on this team. Gill-Gorges-Hamrlik-Spacek are set pairings for JM, leaving Picard and Weber as the last pairing, If JM wants to put P.K. in he has to take Weber out unless he wants to change the formation of the whole D. Jm won’t be able to just set Picard out and play Weber and Subban together, and the way Weber has played I don’t see how a coach can send that msg to the rest of the team. What I’d love to see is Hamrlik-Subban,Gill-Georges, Spacek (On the left side)-Weber. So does JM sit P.K again, or set Weber or play him as a forward (sending a bad msg to the rest of the team), or set Picard for Subban and change the Hamrlik-Spacek pairing.

  35. Psycho29 says:

    The team is winning….so I guess this is the best people can find to complain about…

    I like Subban, he’s a great player, I even bought his sweater a few weeks ago….

    Even Guy Lafleur sat out games his first couple of seasons. We have to remember he’s only 21 and probably hasn’t fully matured yet. (sounds familiar????)…I think he will play in TO….what better way to come back, in his home town!!

    You can criticize Martin all you want….but he’s coaching a winning team, without Markov…Subban and Halak! :-)

  36. BeachHabFan says:

    i guess cole hasn’t seen much of PK’s too-long own-end windups, his trademarked and brutally obvious telegraphed slapper from the point (and resulting, inevitable, broken stick or blocked shot), the peewee style flopping to the ice to catch up to the play, and the high risk no-use passes that have snuffed out more than a few up-ice or power play rushes before they ever led to the 2 edmonton goals. if Martin can stand Lapierre, he can stand Subban, and he has coached some real doozies previously (Chris Neil, anyone?). And given the uproar and adulation that PK has generated out of the MTL faithful, i can’t imagine Habs management want him to tone it down at all. I love PK but I think he was better in the playoffs last year than he has been most of this year, maybe because he played with a little more conservatism (and i love the fact he pisses people off and gets them off their game) BUT i think Cole is putting a lot of thoughts into people’s heads and it was a very one-sided and biased editorial. i realize that’s what an editorial is after all, but I have to say I strongly disagree.

  37. RiverviewCanadien says:

    So you are a troll? Or a fisherman?

    How could anyone sense any sarcasm from that?

  38. jimmy shaker says:

    I’ll take a winner from Pleks!!!



  39. jimmy shaker says:

    Good read, agree with ya!  This guy is a very real candidate for the calder……get him back in there and let him do his thing, he is by far our best overall d-man.  If Boyd is in for Gomez, then PK has to get in for PIcard.  NO slagging on Picard, it is what it is, a hockey decision.  Make it happen JM.



  40. Mattyleg says:

    Uhh… I was unable to get onto this site since 7.00 until just now.

    —Hope Springs Eternal—

  41. RiverviewCanadien says:

    You hit the nail on the head. Great post.

    It amazes how much fans bitch and are never pleased, the team is on a winning streak and they complain. Honestly, how can anyone criticize anything this Club is doing?

  42. ths says:

    You wanna go ?

    Whats the code for source fighting ??

  43. matraque says:

    So easy to catch fishes in here…


    Canadien en 5!

    Never go Full Retard

  44. RiverviewCanadien says:

    They will win, but it will be Pleks scoring the winner…

    Enjoy the game, you lucky bast… 😉

  45. Gormdog says:

    The funny part about all these posts are the fans who seem to think benching PK is JM’s FIRST option in light of what seems like disobediance, lack of professionalism, and bad decision making on the ice.


    How do we know that JM hasn’t had a meeting once a week with PK where he’s said “play your game, within the system, and just for the love of god don’t give away games by lying down in the offensive zone”. After so many meeting WITHOUT a benching, what do you do?


    The point is we don’t know what’s happened behind closed doors. Once we lose, and THEN PK sits, well, THEN we have a problem. For now Martin is sticking with a winning lineup and teaching PK a little somethign about team play, something he’s been slowly forgetting as his star shines brighter and brighter.


    Habs fan LOVE to complain. I mean 400 words on a non issue?

  46. jimmy shaker says:

    8th row behind the net.  I’ll see Price/habs defend their zone twice, and maybe get on TV as CBC is carrying the game tonight.  Also, hoping to see the boys at the windsor airport as they shuttle on the bus back to Windsor after the game to fly out to Toronto….should be a great night……if they win and PK scores the winner!


  47. habfan53 says:

    Here is a link to a FORBES article on the Molson’s Purchase of the Canadiens .

  48. jimmy shaker says:

    It is a very weird coincidence that since Cherry and Richards opened their yap about PK, his play really seemed to tail off.  The first 10 games or so, he was a very legitimate shot for the calder but has dropped out of the race since.  I hope he’s in tonight and he doesn’t change his style of play, but just makes better decisions while he’s out there.  I’ll be at the Joe cheering the boys on with the rest of the so called “hockeytown” fans cheering for the redwings or waiting for a kid rock song to play over the P.A. system.



  49. Big Ted says:

    PK has a lot to learn, like any rookie, but he is miles ahead of any first-year player we have had in many many years. I doubt another rookie could have stepped into last year’s playoffs when we were on the brink of elimination and help us the way he did. It doesn’t mean we have to love everything about the way PK plays, but I’d rather let him play his game than try to turn him into Josh Gorges or Jaro Spacek. Yes, those guys play the system well and contribute to our team, but if a guy has talent like Subban has talent, letting him make a few mistakes is the trade off for a guy who can carry the puck like no other defenceman on our team, who can throw hits to make a statement, and who is not afraid to go toe-to-toe with any opponent. For at least 15 years, maybe even longer, we have been a team that has failed to physically intimidate opposing teams and that has been run over by bigger teams like Philadelphia or Boston in the playoffs. Even when we have beat these squads, we’ve come out limping and been unable to sustain playoff runs much further. I personally think we need more players like PK on our team and I’d rather have 6 PK’s than 6 Gills or 6 Hamrliks. As I said when we fiorst found out PK was going to sit, I am happy Weber was getting a shot to play the position he naturally should be playing, rather than as a 12th forward where he has little chance of success, but PK is far from being the only D-man on this team who has made mistakes this year yet he is the only one to have been punished for it. My problem is not so much that JM wanted to send a message to him, it’s that JM chooses whom he wants to send messages to and it’s always the younger players who sit for mistakes and the veterans who play 20 minutes a game whether they play well or not. Latendresse? Pacioretty? Subban? Pouliot? Maxwell? O’Byrne? All young guys who have been benched or sent to the stands when instead, the coaching staff should be more lenient of guys who are trying to learn the game. Gomez? Spacek? Gill? Gionta? Cammalleri? Hamrlik? Moen? Lapierre? All veterans who have made bad plays this year and who have been thrown back into the mix and in some cases, given line promotions. Yes, we’ve been winning more often than losing this year, but is it really due to JM, or is it due to great goaltending and the play of a handful of guys each game? Many of our supposed star forwards have under-performed and many of our veteran D have been beat for breakaways because of bad pinches and slow skating. yet Carey and Plekanec and halpern have bailed us out on a number of occasions and so the coach looks good because at the end of the day, no one remembers the way we won 20 games ago, just that the W’s outweigh the L’s in the stats column. And yes, if we take that all the way to a Cup, that would be great, but at a certain point we have to talk about the sustainability of the way we’re playing and without stellar play from Price and Pleks game in game out, I don’t see that happening under JM. PK is a guy who brings added elements to our game and gives us other ways to get the job done and Martin has continued to stuff all his players through the same square hole. But when Carey hits a slump or we lose a key guy or two to injury up front, I’d like to see then if his system of slow and steady play holds up and I’d venture a guess that it won’t.

  50. habfan53 says:

    With Hamarlik, Spacek and Gill getting up there in age and Markov’s future unsure I don’t see management moving PK anytime soon.  Even for Iginla

  51. RiverviewCanadien says:

    That is a great Christmas gift from the wife…should be a great hockey team, two of the best.

  52. RiverviewCanadien says:


    So you are a PK fan and not a Habs fan? Good Riddance, as they say “Don’t let the door hit you in the ass!”

  53. ctony says:

    The PK discussion is slowly and quietly morphing from his play costing us the Edmonton game to a young, yappy guy that JM is helping grow.  When he gets back into the lineup, I hope JM green-light’s rushes.  The tentative version of Subban we saw in several of his last few games might shackles his game-breaking talents.  Someone needs to cultivate that part of his game.  Can we bring in Chelios or Coffey as a PK-consultant?


  54. RiverviewCanadien says:

    Sorry wrong reply

  55. jimmy shaker says:

    Great read by Cole, agree 100%.  Hope he’s in tonight as I would love to see him as I’ll be at the Joe cheering on the habs.  Great Christmas present from the wife, may I add!


  56. HabsFanInTampa says:

    Who’s this Cam Cole guy? And has he coached anywhere as near as the 1000+ or so games that “dull” Martin has coached?

  57. Gormdog says:

    My source can beat up your source

  58. RiverviewCanadien says:

    That would be awesome!

  59. ctony says:

    I hope your people are wrong.  But, if he has to go out west, I prefer he lands in Edmonton.  It would be nice to see them rebuild with a Coffey-esque, puckrusher.


  60. ths says:

    My source says he switches with Iggy next week

  61. Gormdog says:

    I gotta source that says PK sits tonight and then switches in with Weber tomorrow night regardless of tonights result.


    You heard it here first!

  62. ths says:

    Bring in Sean Avery

  63. Kappy says:

    Wow, this PK thing has officially gone too far. That Cam Cole article is ridiculous… Jump to conclusions much? It amazes me that this site can be “doom & gloom” during a 3 game winning streak, where they won all 3 games without PK. I guess that is why there is twice as many posts after a loss then a win. Some people just gotta bitch. PK will be back soon and be the same player he has always been. In the words of Carrie Price “CHILL OUT”.

  64. G-Man says:

    article- if you’re going to keep re-posting, spell check it. JOKE

  65. NashvilleMatty says:

    Hmmm, let me see here, who probably has a better handle on the Subban situation….the guy who has coached over 1000 NHL games, or some writer from Vancouver?  I wonder….

  66. Habsone says:

    Great artical Cam Cole!!  Martin wants to make the kid as dull as himself!!  Joke!!

  67. habfan53 says:

    I just read that former Canadien (2 games) Vic Lynn passed away in Saskatoon at the age of 85. What made Lynn unique was that he PLAYED for all 6 original 6 teams in his career.

  68. ths says:

    My Calgary people are telling me PK is pulled while they work out the Iggy trade.

  69. krob1000 says:

    Was watching the Jay Leno show last night…..Halle Berry was on……she was disucssing her upcoming movie and made the same (white vs right) slip when talking as Darren Pang did…just thought I’d mention that given the timing.

  70. G-Man says:

    CamCole’s article is the height of blessed ignorance of Habs management and how they want to make Subban a professional in all aspects of the word.

    Frankly, I am glad Martin is “dull”. I am tired of fiery coaches who cannot handle athletes and improve them, as Martin has. This team, without Subban and Markov in the lineup, continues to win.

    Detroit tonight provides us all with a measuring stick of how good this edition of the Habs is just a little beyond the quarter pole of the season.

    Btw, Subban will become a great player for the Habs. When the coach believes he is good and ready and not before.

  71. Habsone says:

    Great artical Cam Cole!!  Martin wants to make the kid as dull as himself!!  Joke!!

  72. matraque says:

    I’m going to stop being a Habs fan if PK “Prime Time” Subban is not playing tonight.


    Canadien en 5!

    Never go Full Retard

  73. SeriousFan09 says:

    Nice to get some news on Tinordi, been worried about his numbers this season.

    Granted, the Knights have been crap this season, most of their wins came from their first 15 games, right now they’re 3-7-0 on their last 10.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.

  74. says:

    He was quotable. He was fun-loving. He was cocky. He chirped at opposing
    players more famous than himself. He refused to bow and kiss the hems
    of their robes just because he was a rookie. He drew the ire of Sidney
    Crosby and Mike Richards and eventually — though he was playing like a
    Calder Trophy candidate most nights — this outrageous non-conformity of
    his could no longer be tolerated by the world’s dullest hockey coach,
    Jacques Martin.

    PK hasn’t been the same since Cherry and Mike “I cry myself to sleep” Richards went public with him. 

    I love PK’s style.  He brings excitement to the game.

    The Edmonton game was a few mistakes that cost us a game, but what is going on now could cost us a career player with character.

    I’ll be disappointed if PK is not in the lineup tonight.  The Red Wings are one of THE best teams on the planet.  When we beat these guys I hope PK is there at ice level. 

    Back to Back on the way.

    Go Canadiens Go


    They Call Me Shane

  75. NashvilleMatty says:

    I don’t know who Cam Cole is, but I am pretty sure he didn’t see the Edmonton game. 

  76. Julie H says:

    It’s sweet of him to “try” to take up PK’s cause though. He probably somehow got the impression that Habs fans don’t care about what’s happening to PK. But not only is he wrong about how PK is being handled, he’s wrong about the “vanilla flavour” that is the NHL. TONS of players have personality that was not “squashed out” of them by their coaches. Sean Avery is a perfect example. I’m sure some of his coaches told him to chill out, benched him, threatened him, whatever they had to do to try to tone down his personality. Did it work? Nope. Avery is still the loud-mouthe, controversial, pain in the ass he was when he first came in to the league. Besides, PK’s teammates (at least some of them) like his spunk, they like his loudness. Laps is always yapping and not much has happened to him for it (although there have been attempts to shut him up). So long as PK keeps it slightly civil, doesn’t pick pointless fights and doesn’t spend half his shifts in the penalty box: he has my blessing to keep his flashy personality on the ice.

    ♪Your cares and troubles are gone. There’ll be no more from now on. From now on happy days are here again, the skies above are so clear again. So let’s sing a song of cheer again. Happy times, happy nights, happy days are here again♪

  77. notbigbird says:

    Pretty good but different articles by both Stubbs and Cole. Whether Cole’s analysis of the PK situation is right or wrong, what he has to say about the mentality of the league is worth noting.

  78. joewindsor habfan says:

    Cam’s got to realize that a little humble pie is good for all of us once in awhile. No one is bigger than the game or there would be 19 Sean Avery’s on every team running around acting like a bunch of idiots.

  79. RiverviewCanadien says:

    Excellent article from Hickey. Great work Pat!

  80. CanadienBoy says:

    PK getting more ink then any others rookies pretty wild,remind me off a certain goalie.I guess the price is right 

  81. Landof10000lakesHab says:

    Pat, great job on the Tinordi article. There is nonstop demand for news and insight on Hab prospects.

  82. habsguy says:

    I could understand sitting PK if I saw it coming…BUT,  he went from ice time leader to the press box all at once.

    No demotion,  didn’t have his ice time cut,  wasn’t benched at key situations,  take another look at the pass to Cammi during the Edmontion game,  it was tape to tape,  Cammi didn’t pick it up,  yes he made a rookie mistake when he went down in the offensive zone but how many “rookie”   mistakes have we sat and watched Spacek make.  Sure Gil is great on the P kill,  but how many times does he win a race for a lose puck in the corner,  and what about Gil’s awesome shot from the point ? 

    Have we ever seen PK give up on a play or not give 110 % ?    Have we ever seen AK float around the ice seemingly not caring,  (although he is having a great year now)

    I could also understand sitting him if he was detrimental to the team,  but by all reports he’s a great team guy.

    So what if he’s a little yappy on the ice,  if JM doesn’t like it,  has he seen Laps?

    If JM doesn’t like to see him rush the puck,  has he seen Gomez ?

    Like I said,  if I read about, or watched PK’s ice time being taken away I could understand it,  but do you really go from ice time leader to the box in a single game?

  83. Mattyleg says:

    Of course.

    It shows that he still has JM’s confidence, but that he has to get his shnizz together on the ice, and watching it from the press-box would give him a different perspective. Weber’s the reason that PK hasn’t been back.

    He’s not in the doghouse. People seem hung up about that.

    —Hope Springs Eternal—

  84. The Cat says:

    Good post. I agree.


    [Disclaimer]: I’m a hockey fan. I care about the habs, but probably not as much as you.

  85. Gormdog says:

    You do when you make terrible decisions that would get you benched in PEE WEE.


    O zone lie down with your team up a goal. Beyond terrible, it’s almost unfathomable.


    You guys REALLY just don’t get how bad of a play that was.


    No one is questionning how good PK is, or how valuable he is to this team. The question is how much MORE valuable could he be if he played… better! Bad decisions = bad play, and i want PK to turn into the best D in the league.


    And to be that, you need to make GOOD DECISIONS. Natural talent only gets you so far.

  86. Mattyleg says:

    Seems we have found the Vancouver Sun’s Jack Todd.

    —Hope Springs Eternal—

  87. HabsChick says:

    My sister and I are going to the game tonight with my dad.  I’m super excited!  It’s been a few years since my dad’s been to a game & he was reluctant to go when I 1st invited him.  He’s in his 70’s now and I think the “process” of getting to the game seemed a bit tiring but I also think he’s a little excited too.

    My dad took me to numerous games at the Joe when I was young.  He’d always get the standing room only tickets for just a few bucks through the union at work.  Great memories…

    Well, they’re not great seats but we won’t be standing tonight – except when we’re celebrating a few Habs goals. :)

    Anyway, here’s a nice little read from the Detroit News today:


  88. _Habsoloutly_ says:

    Cool story, hope you and Dad have a great time.

  89. can_of_vegetables says:

    Hope you and your family have an awesome time HabsChick.  Thanks for sharing.

  90. joshua94k says:

    Cam Cole’s article is typical of Toronto’s media. They have no clue. With the PK Subban issue, the situation is this. The Canadiens lost Markov for the season. His contract expires at the end of this seaon. So does the contract of Hamrlik and Gill. We have a good prospect with Webber who had a great training camp and played well in Hamilton. But he hasn’t been given a fair chance to play defense with the Canadiens prior to the benching of Subban. Coach Martin wanted to look at Webber and decide if this player is ready to be in the line-up this year. To insert him in the line-up one of the defensemen have to sit out. Picard has played well all year and sat out some games. With some cap space, do the Canadiens look for defenseman from other teams or do they have players now who are ready. 

    Martin chose to sit-out Subban because the timing was right. Subban made some errors in the Edmonton game and Martin felt that he wanted to send a message to the whole team. Cammalleri was equally to be blamed in the Edmonton game. His play ever since has been a lot better. He is skating hard, backchecking and working harder. Spacek knows that if his play is inconsistent, there are others waiting to take his spot. Gomez knows that Halpern, Eller are ready to play on the 2nd line. His play has also improved. This is healthy competition.

    However the time is right to insert Subban back in tonight. The message has come across. Three games is more than enough.  

    “It’s too much for one guy to shoulder. For us, we’re going to do it as a group. It’s about sharing that responsibility win or lose.” – Mike Cammalleri

  91. Gormdog says:

    I *want* Subban in tonight but i’m 90% sure we only see him in TOR.


    Plus, Detroit is a sick team. If the Habs are up by 1 with PK in the lineup and he pulls some of his wacky on ice bad decision-ness…. Oh man… It’s gonna get ugly in here!

  92. The Cat says:

    I think Cammalleri is probably the one with the attitude problem. Probably cant stomach the fact that Subban has more personality than him.


    [Disclaimer]: I’m a hockey fan. I care about the habs, but probably not as much as you.

  93. Tighthead says:

    Cam Cole is in Vancouver.

  94. The Cat says:

    The whole PK Subban thing makes me sick. Heaven forbid a rookie brings some jam to the game….


    [Disclaimer]: I’m a hockey fan. I care about the habs, but probably not as much as you.

  95. Gormdog says:

    I see a whole lot of jam in Ellers game.


    He was benched early on and has been a much better player ever since.


    But hey, JM ruins our young players. It’s not like Pouliot / Price / Kostitsyn / Weber  look better this year than last or anything…

  96. secretdragonfly says:

    As a follow up to the  Great “Yes/No to Kovalev” Debate earlier this week, here is some fuel for the fire:

  97. _Habsoloutly_ says:

    Here’s the Tinordi/Randall fight Pat mentioned in his piece.

  98. StevieRay says:

    A Dandy tilt..between a couple of young pups!!

  99. joeybarrie says:

    I guess we should be happy that the biggest issue we have right now is PK sitting for 3 games. I don’t know, maybe its just me, but there doesn’t really seem to be anything wrong here. PK sits while Weber gets a shot. No big deal…

    ESPECIALLY since we are undefeated without PK… Honestly can anyone tell me what the big deal is???

    There may be other teams, but only ONE Club De Hockey…

  100. Fansincebirth says:

    Article on Kovy from today’s Ottawa Sun.

    Please, for the love of all Hockey Gods, DO NOT let him come back to Montreal!!


    “Without the strength of the past, the team may face a choice – to win, or to be French-Canadian?” — Ken Dryden

  101. SeriousFan09 says:

    Wouldn’t worry, Sun newspaper and this particular writer is what I like to “Newsprint Eklund”, he masterminded the “Malkin to LAK” rumour a while back.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.

  102. joeybarrie says:

    Great personality… I would rather have the 13 goals Cammi got me in the playoffs. I don’t think Cammi, or anyone else has alot to do with this anyways. Martin saw some habits he wanted to stop. He sat him for a game. The replacement did very well and we won. Why change it???? Competition for poisitions is a good thing.

    There may be other teams, but only ONE Club De Hockey…

  103. _Habsoloutly_ says:

    Tinordi’s gonna be a force to be reckoned with when he put’s some meat on his Bones.

  104. stephen says:


    I posted a question the other day regarding Bell Centre tours but was away from a computer to catch the responses straight away.

    Have done some digging and have unearthed the replies, so thanks to ‘joshua94k’, ‘Kappy’, and ‘Julie H’ for taking the time to help me out. Much appreciated.

    For those who have taken the tour before, do you get to see the dressing room or the press box? I am planning all of this for my parents who I will be surprising with the Ducks-Habs game for Koivu’s return. My dad has been a fan since the days of Boom Boom, so it would be pretty special for him to see the behind the scenes of his beloved team!

    Many thanks, again, for any insight you fine lot can provide!


  105. SeriousFan09 says:

    They do not extend the tour through the dressing room on a game day, but if you go on a non game-day I believe you can. You can see the press box on any day.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.

  106. habitual says:

    Unless the policy has changed, no dressing room tours during the hockey season.  So, this year, not until July 😉

  107. joshua94k says:

    Your Dad will really enjoy the Canadiens Hall of Fame. There are several exhibits, memoribilia, videos etc. There is a replica of the 1970s team’s dressing room with exact locations where the players sat with their jersey hanging in their spot. An interesting note is that Yvon Cournoyer used to sit beside Lafleur who was next to the goalies. But with the media around Lafleur and Dryden alot, he preferred to move to a more quiet location on the other side. You can notice this in this replica. There is also built in speakers with voices of Eddie Palchak their equipment manager, Scotty Bowman and the players to add to the realistic ambiance.

    Their is also a replica of the 1940 -1950’s train that described how the players travelled during that era.  

    “It’s too much for one guy to shoulder. For us, we’re going to do it as a group. It’s about sharing that responsibility win or lose.” – Mike Cammalleri

  108. The Cat says:

    That I dont agree with, look at MAB last year, I seen better decisions out of bantam AA d-men. While PK isnt perfect, its not like he was hurting the team.


    [Disclaimer]: I’m a hockey fan. I care about the habs, but probably not as much as you.

  109. Gormdog says:

    I see your point but i’m sure JM holds PK to a higher standard. Hard for you guys to believe but PK will be a better player for this, just like Price is better for what happened last year.

  110. habsguy says:

    Oh okay,  so it was just one poorly played game….I get it…….watch spacek  and gomer tonight,  see if they make any mistakes!!

  111. The Cat says:

    Maybe, but remember how long Price’s leash was? Surely PK is worthy of a similar leash IMO


    [Disclaimer]: I’m a hockey fan. I care about the habs, but probably not as much as you.

  112. habsguy says:

    you can’t compare the 2 situations,   Halak was lights out lastyear,  it would have been just plain stupid not to go with the hot hand!!!!…….damn!!!!

  113. Gormdog says:

    Not quite sure. Price last season certainly had confidence issues and JM was trying to iron them out by letting him play and play and play despite the W’s just not being there.


    If PK were any more confident he’d be, uh, *insert analogy of someone or something that is extremely confident*.


    PK needs a leash but the kind with a choke chain at the end. Not too tight but enough to whip into a Norris trophy defenseman, NOT a guy who is known just as much for his bad decisions as his natural talent.


    JUst my humble opinion though.


    I’ve always hated JM but late last season he won me over when he finally gave the reigns to Halak despite me being a Price guy. I think he’s doing a great job and if he’s benching PK, and we’re still winning, not much to complain about.

  114. sims says:

    did you just compare PK to MAB?  pk did hurt the team.  he was the D on two crappy goals. although he did have a little help from cammy

  115. ctony says:

    The O-zone lie down is almost unfathomable, but JM put him back out there in OT.  JM has been happy to staple players to the bench, especially younger ones for crimes less heinous, but instead JM plays PK and then benches for the next three games.

    As suggested in the Stubbs story, PK is sitting to mature.  Not because of a mistake or two.

    It’s not going to hurt PK’s development.  It’s not a story that deserves the amount of (national) attention it’s getting.  It’s not hurting the team – we’re winning. It’s just odd, so people are curious to know if there’s more. 

  116. _Habsoloutly_ says:

    So whats the over/under on how long before Burke get’s his pink slip?  I mean how long will Laffs ownership continue to let him build a better Boston Bruins from afar?

  117. SeriousFan09 says:

    I still find it funny that Burke as GM was the Hail Mary pass of MLSE ownership. He could buy himself rope by firing Wilson but he almost never fires a coach so they could ride that particular flaming wreck all the way to the bottom of the chasm.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.

  118. habsguy says:

    I wish he liked the Habs as much as the Bruins….maybe he has a job offer there?

  119. habitual says:

    Stubbsie:  Poke at the posters here who struggle at PK’s benching as “know it alls” if you will (though I have to ask you, what do you think the purpose of allowing fans to post is, if we are to be dismissed as such.)

    It should not be a rare thing that Martin talks more about what his strategy is. I like that he doesn’t throw players under the bus, a la Tortorelli.  But surely he, and you, know that part of his job is – or should be – communicating with the fan base.  He is doing wonderfully well this year, props to him.  But he is too often inscrutable in the most ravenous hockey town on the planet and in the absence of hearing from him, it is human nature to fill in the blanks.  On that point, he, like P.K., has some learning to do.

  120. beau31 says:

    So just a little inside info for all you fellow habs fans wondering about PK. He is fine, his confidence is still up there and it doesn’t bother him that he is sitting, he is taking it in stride and learning from it. I can say this though, look out when he comes back because it will be special. Good Luck tonight boys, GO HABS GO.

  121. Tremblant Habs Fan says:

    Interesting article from Goldstein on the bargain and bust signings this year. Halpern at #9 bargain and Price is # 1!


    What a mistake PG made waiting all summer to sign Carey, boy did he get screwed.

  122. Mattyleg says:

    (get’s = get is)

    —Hope Springs Eternal—

  123. SeriousFan09 says:

    Down Goes Brown on when you know your team has quit on you.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.

  124. SeriousFan09 says:

    So what you’re saying is standing pat worked out for PG? This changes our fundamental understanding of the universe I think.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.

  125. _Habsoloutly_ says:

    hehehe   “flaming wreck all the way to the bottom of the chasm”

    I like it

  126. Storm Man says:

    What a start to TGIF… On my desk just droped off 6 tickets in sec 102 for the Heritage game. Santa must be real. Timo Im still working on a few season ticket holders to snag you a couple of tickets still.

  127. sidhu says:

    The Devils have placed Olivier Magnan on waivers to make room for a returning player, and I think the Habs should nab him — I watched him play a few times this season and he’s a solid player, not unlike Picard.  We could use him as a true #7, with Weber going back to the AHL (and being our #1 call-up).  Next season, Weber can take the spot to be vacated by Hammer.

    Just a thought.

  128. mjames says:

    It was refreshing to read an article where the columnist gives an opinion. I am referring to Cam Coles’ piece on Subban.  It was my view that Subban’s benching had little to do with his play.  Martin needed an excuse to rain PK in. He was in the eyes of some getting a little out of control. Martin needed a reason to bring him down and his play at the end of the Edmonton game created a justification. Although Stubbs tip toed around the Subban situation in his column today, the Gazette writers essentially act like they are under instructions not to create waves. I was actually wondering if they are legally prohibited from rendering an opinion? I understand the difference between a reporter and a columnist. Maybe the Gazette only has reporters. I would be curious to know why, aside from this fellow Todd, the Gazette is always opinionless when it comes to the Habs.  

     You know one could also equate Subban’s treatment to a suspension. Certainly his play did not justify a benching . Free speech it is such a pain in the a–. it ruins everything.  

    Maybe if Subban offers to make a public apology to all the veterans, with a special acknowledgement to Crosby, Richards, and Cherry, and promise to be a “professional” hockey player, as defined by Martin, the coach will let him resume his career. 

    Having said the above it is good to see Weber get chance to show his stuff. It looks like we may have another Dman.  



  129. punkster says:

    Doubt that “fan communication” is part of the job description. I prefer a coach who coahes.

    ***All You Need Is Love***

  130. DearyLeary says:

    I think his opinion is off, to be honest.  PK has charisma, but he hasn’t said anything that’s considered to be off the beaten path as far as hockey players go.  He says the right things, and always has, he just has a little added flair, and that’s not what the coach is trying to break him of.

  131. habzfan2003 says:

    Prediction for tonight: PK sitting = habs get shut out.

         PK in the line up = habs get the W.

    I understand the whole learning thing for a rookie and sitting in the press box…. but how is he learning by sitting out multiple consecutive games?

    I don’t know if I speak for everyone but…. I say put the kid in!

    Does everyone agree that we will need his contribution to beat a tough Red Wings team???

  132. adamkennelly says:

    just wanted to point out that the Leafs suck….Win tonight and stomping tomorrow…

  133. Mattyleg says:

    We just need everyone playing well.

    Regardless of who they are.

    —Hope Springs Eternal—

  134. Gormdog says:

    Was that your prediction for the last three games as well?

  135. _Habsoloutly_ says:

    Sorry, typo.  I shall now go and burn my diploma.

  136. Gormdog says:

    Anyone feel like talking about PK Subban?

  137. Julie H says:

    …no. We’ve done quite well without him.

    ♪Your cares and troubles are gone. There’ll be no more from now on. From now on happy days are here again, the skies above are so clear again. So let’s sing a song of cheer again. Happy times, happy nights, happy days are here again♪

  138. punkster says:

    So who’s taking the waffles to the game Saturday?

    ***All You Need Is Love***

  139. Somethingwithhabsinit says:

    I’d like to see him in the lineup as well. That being said, I don’t make the choices, and we’ve been able to get by without any problems so far. Personally, I wouldn’t have benched him in the first place, but that’s just because I love watching him play. For me, Martin’s earned the benefit of the doubt. We aren’t just getting lucky in these wins, we’re cleanly beating teams. I think PK in for Weber tonight would give us a better chance to win, but if he sits again, I don’t think all hope is lost.

  140. punkster says:

    Trade him. While his value is high. DO IT PG!!!

    ***All You Need Is Love***

  141. shiram says:

    Yea maybe we could get Kovalev back for him, whatcha think??

  142. Mattyleg says:

    This may have been mentioned before, but…

    I love all this pressure to put PK in. It makes me think of a Red Fisher article not too long ago. It illustrated (at the time of his article) how coaches can get riled up and it didn’t used to mean anything. NOW, I’m using it to show something else:

    The story goes that Toe Blake had been using rookie Yvan Cournoyer very sparingly because of his poor work on the back-check. He was limiting Cournoyer’s ice-time to using him soley on the powerplay.

    There was a fan in the Forum that was hollering non-stop to put him on the ice.

    Blake finally relented and put Cournoyer on, and the player he was supposed to be covering promptly scored.

    At the end of the period, Blake promptly walked up to where the fan was standing (good ol’ standing-room!) and began to throttle him, having to be pulled off by a number of ushers.

    Can anyone see what I’m getting at here?

    —Hope Springs Eternal—

  143. Mattyleg says:

    Ha! What was up with that??

    I hope they didn’t have blueberries in them: those could take an eye out!

    —Hope Springs Eternal—

  144. punkster says:

    Mmmmm. Poutine….

  145. ed lopaz says:

    Answer for Joey Barrie – who I have learned to like over the last year or so.

    Given the choice between Martin and PK, I choose PK.

    Its that simple.

    I think PK is a franchise type player. Martin is not.

    I watch to see PK play – not Martin coach.

    As long as the Habs keep winning, all is well. There are no riots in the streets – just some unhappy fans.

    Nothing wrong with a few PK fans being happy – unless that’s against the rules of HIO.

    My prediction: next Habs Stanley Cup will be won WITH PK and without Martin.


  146. Mattyleg says:

    Heh heh. I’m just a bit of a pedant sometimes.

    The ‘greengrocer’s apostrophe’ drive’s me nut’s!

    —Hope Springs Eternal—

  147. habsruleworld says:



    Wonder how they got this story over the Habs closer news ties?


    Oh Well go PK go

  148. WindsorHab-10 says:

    JM better have Subban dressed & ready to go tonight or he’s as useless & full of crap as Don Cherry & the tsn panel. It’s absolutely criminal to punish this kid for making a couple of lousy mistakes. I could live with one or 2 games in the press box but 4 & counting? I can’t help but think & this is strictly my opinion, that if PK Subban was white this would not have happened. I don’t want to hear comparissons between PK & O’Byrnce because it’s like apples & oranges.

    I hope JM does the right thing & let the kid play his game.

  149. habsruleworld says:

    completely respectfully disagree

    Choice between Martin and PK,

    See ya later PK,

    Martin’s skill, poise, experience, savvy is not replaceable.

  150. Mark C says:

    What? Where’s Dominic Moore’s name? All I heard about this summer was how PG blew it by letting Moore walk, and signing Darche @500K and Halpren @600K.

  151. JD_ says:

    It is no small coincidence that “waffles” anagrammed yields “We Laffs”.

    Booya, baby!

  152. Mattyleg says:


    That’s excellent! Thanks for that.

    —Hope Springs Eternal—

  153. habsruleworld says:

    It’s more complicated than that WH10, PK sent a few veteran hab players where to go, when they tried to talk to him about certain things.


    As Martin said the very first day, PK was sent to the press box, this is something that has been growing and brewing for a long while.


    Martin is a very smart coach, one of the brightest in the NHL, by far.

  154. DearyLeary says:

    Neither are his Stanley Cup rings… oh wait…

  155. habzfan2003 says:

    Massive. Lets see the habs take it to the wings! GHG

  156. CERF says:

    Hello Ed,


    Just a reminder to you how you crapped all over Price last year and how Halak was the future

    … i am a jackass, sorry. :(

  157. Oddball says:

    Yeah, nothing like public humilation to set a young player straight and gain some confidence as a player. Maybe they should tar and feather him after the apology too?


    ..always with the negative waves, Moriarty, always with the negative waves..

  158. Mattyleg says:

    Cam Cole was waaaaaaay off.

    Like I said, he seems to be the Vancouver Sun’s answer to Jack Todd.

    Lots of opinions, but no actual research or insight.

    —Hope Springs Eternal—

  159. Somethingwithhabsinit says:

    I agree with your choice. Luckily, they both represent the same team right now, so I’m not forced to choose. Go Habs Go!

  160. Rice Miller says:

    I would rather a coach and a GM keep their cards close to their chest. In my opinion, it really does no good to communicate their take on a team’s assessments, injuries, weaknesses, strategies or overviews. If anything, it just hands the opposition pertinent information which can used against them later on.

    I believe PK is sitting because of his lasp of defensive responsibilty during the Edmonton game. I don’t buy into the ‘Allo Police’ strry yeasterday, but say if it was true. How do you think the rest of the players and PK would feel if in fact he was benched because of his disrespect towards fellow teammates. Martin would lose the confidence of the players who supposedly complained about PK’s attitude. It might even cause a rift between teammates, which could effect the winning attitude we are seeing now.

    Sam Pollock never discussed the inner workings of his team and if he had, he might not have been able to work his magic in the LaFleur deal. Bowman never talked about his disgust of Peter Mahovlich’s penchant to party, until he traded him to Pittsburgh. Somethings are best kept in-house.

  161. Big Ted says:

    I find those backing JM are using some flawed logic:

    1. People are saying PK should be benched because he has a bad attitude towards veterans. What does that mean? This was never an issue until it came up from Mike Richards mouth, but it looked to me like PK got along fine with Gomez and Gionta and Cammalleri, so who exactly doesn’t like PK and what don’t they like about him? That he’s willing to compete with vets? That he doesn’t back down? That he yaps? Big deal. Teams spend years trying to get rookies to play like veterans, we should be happy that we have a guy who comes up and acts like he belongs. Sidney Crosby and Alex Ovehckin came into the league and played their game and did exactly what they had been doing prior to coming to the NHL. They yap at opponents, they show-boat every now and then, and they talk to the refs… but I don’t see anyone saying they should have sat in the pressbox to learn how to play more like a third-line center with a good attitude. 


    2. People say PK should continue to sit because we’re winning. I agree that it’s hard to break up a winning team, but we won quite a few games with PK in the line-up too. I’m not saying Weber should be the guy to come out of the line-up because I don’t think he’s been our worst defenceman at all since he’s been in. But I will re-iterate that PK is, amongst our D, the best skater, the best puck-handler, the guy with the best shot, and the hardest hitter. Yes he lacks experience, but you don’t gain experience sitting in the pressbox for weeks on end like O’Byrne or Maxwell. It should be clear to all of us from watching JM try this before that it doesn’t work.


    3. Some are saying PK needs to learn from his mistakes on the ice. Yes, he cost us a goal when he made a bad pinch against Edmonton. The OT goal was without a doubt Cammalleri’s fault, though, and a “veteran” needs to be able to handle a five foot pass off his stick. I didn’t see Cammalleri benched though. And if we’re talking about bad pinches and giveaways, I can recount the many incidents this year when each of the other 5 guys on D has cost us goals or at least chances to score – chances that could very well have cost us games if it weren’t for Carey. So while I admit that PK has had his share of mistakes, it is fairly easy to pick out times when the veterans have done the same. None were punished, so why should PK be the only one to sit, and for at leat 3 games. I find that excessive.


    4. People talk about the fact that veterans shouldn’t sit out because they have nothing to learn. What does that teach players? That if you’ve made it this far in the league, you can stop trying? That there’s no point in striving to be better? I agree that benching a veteran requires more consideration because it can affect how the team perceives a coach, but it isn’t an absolute given that it shouldn’t be done. Sabres captain Craig Rivet has sat multiple times this year. Redden and Souray are in the minors. Two years ago, Kovalev was slumping and playing with a bad attitude and Gainey sat him two games and he came back strong. Veterans sometimes take their ice time for granted and I think it’s just as important to keep them and their egos in check as it is a rookie. I’ve argued already that a rookie should have more leeway with mistakes because they are still on a learning curve whereas vets should know better. It seemed to me that this was more a case of JM looking to find an excuse to teach PK a lesson rather than this being a result of his actual play or abilities.



  162. WindsorHab-10 says:

    Why? Is it because he’s not politically correct like the butt kissers on HNIC & TSN? Cole’s article was right on the money.

  163. habsruleworld says:

    Martin is now ready for his first ring

  164. SeriousFan09 says:

    If anyone is given the choice I imagine long-term, they want the potential franchise defencemen over Jacques Martin but this isn’t an either/or situation. Martin has scratched Subban for 3 games and as I recall, Guy Boucher scratched Subban in Hamilton once. 2009 2nd overall pick Victor Hedman on a TBL team with abysmal D saw the press box in his rookie season. It took a while for Larry Robinson to assert himself as the most dominant defencemen in team history second only to Doug Harvey. Duncan Keith spent two years in the minors and took until his fifth NHL season to really enter the elite category.

    He’s a rookie, he’s growing and adapting to the toughest pro sports league in the world and there will be some bumps along the way. He has all the tools for success and he will have it, but everything happens in it’s own time.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.

  165. joeybarrie says:

    The only thing I can agree with is that Jacques Martin is NOT a franchise player…

    Jacques Martin is a good coach. A very good coach. So far with him we have made the Eastern Conf finals and are in 3rd in the East with games in hand on all the leaders. Enough to take the lead if we win all those games.

    Martin has done this with many different players. Clearly the players know how good a coach Martin is, because they are playing his game.

    As for PK, its simple. You can’t go and bench a kid who is doing the things JM wants PK to do. Its only 3 games. Its not a big deal. Nothing wrong with a few PK fans being unhappy, I really really want to see him back in the team. I think we are obviously a better team with him. However, we are winning. We are doing it with the same players as last season and to me its a credit to many different aspects, and JM is one BIG part of them.

    As for your prediction, we are closer to the Cup than we have been since 1993. Jm is the coach that made us closest. Not Vigneault, Julien, Carbo, Therrien or Tremblay… I dont count Gainey cause he was only an interim coach. Now let’s also remember these coaches couldnt win the cup with the Devils, Pens, Canucks, or Boston.

    There may be other teams, but only ONE Club De Hockey…

  166. punkster says:

    It’s not a choice between JM and PK. We have them both and because of that we’re 18-8-2. Don’t let what some last year called “man love” for a player cloud your perception. So far we have no confessed PK-bots or Weber-ites around here and given the crap we saw here last year about goalies that’s the last thing we need.

    My prediction: next Cup is won with both PK and JM here.

    ***Win or I toss these waffles!***

  167. WindsorHab-10 says:

    Where do you get your info from? Details please, include names & sources.

  168. habsguy says:

    and you got this where????

  169. Les-Habitants says:

    TSN reporting that Subban will be dressed tonight


    If Gomez is out, then they made the right choice and put their best available player back in.  No offense to Boyd, but Subban makes a difference to this team.  That said, and while I know it will be a pain for the coaches to keep tabs of, I hope they play all 7 as D-men.  That said, I wouldn’t be surprised to be Weber us as a forward either.

    If Gomez is in…well, then I suppose it gets interesting. But the only logical players who would be drawn out are either Picard of Weber

  170. SeriousFan09 says:

    Always like to spread some levity around on a game day.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.

  171. joeybarrie says:

    If the only measure of a coach or player is by winning the Stanley Cup, let’s remember that Raymond Bourque had to be traded to win the Cup… So if he was never traded I guess he would still not be included in the top defenseman ever to play the game huh???

    There may be other teams, but only ONE Club De Hockey…

  172. Mattyleg says:


    …that IS a joke, right?

    It’s all about PK’s talking? Not about his defensive errors? Not about Weber (who Cole doesn’t even mention)’s good play?

    I dislike political correctness and HNIC & TSN, but I do like it when journalists do their homework and don’t expose their ignorance by having a poorly-informed ‘article’.

    Much like Don Cherry’s ‘political’ speech.

    —Hope Springs Eternal—

  173. punkster says:


    I’m hungry now. Let’s see. Pancakes or waffles? How about we head over to Cora’s on Hymus and St Jeans for a belly buster breakfast special? You up for it?

    ***Win or I toss these waffles!***

  174. Mattyleg says:

    Have a quick peek down the page to my post about Toe Blake!

    —Hope Springs Eternal—

  175. Kappy says:

    Good to now.  That is exactly how I would expect PK to take it.  He seems like a great guy, I imagine he is a lot of fun to be around.  He will be in after there first loss.  Personally, I am hoping for a 10 game winning streak with or without PK.  I am a BIG fan of PK’s, I even bought his Jersey at the Bell Centre this past weekend.

  176. habsruleworld says:

    you both are really , I mean really dis-connected! if you did not know this already.

    Dany Dube spoke of this on his multiple on air broadcasts,

    Mutliple french reporters have gone into detail about this crucial fact over the past 1 1/2 week etc.

    Suffice to say, search it out and investigate on your own, I don’t feel the need to jump and list and provide the links to the multiple stories on this fact.

    If you want the information, it is easily within reach, many links have actually been posted by Mr. Stubbs and Mr. Boone

  177. VintageFan says:
    • “healthy competition” – without some sort of definition this is meaningless, especially the way Martin drops it.  What is happening may be marginally competitive, but how is it healthy?  What are the rules of the competition – whoever Martin prefers today gets to play?  Arbitrary choices are merely arbitrary, not healthy.
    • “punishment” – if Martin hates to use the word, why does he keep bringing it up?  He is a punitive coach.  His win and you’re in ‘competition’ between Price and Halak was merely punitive to the loser.
    • And Martin should reflect on the fact that coaching the best hockey franchise in the world is a privilege.  Developing the young players that are the future of the franchise is a privilege.  He should stop acting as though it is his divine right.
  178. krob1000 says:

    disappointed I have to miss this tonight……festive season? more like disruptive season…..bah!humbug!

    I wish you all a merry Habs evening

  179. SeriousFan09 says:

    The WJC Camp for Team Canada kicks off tommorow, extend your well-wishing to not only Louis Leblanc but Brendan Gallagher and Michael Bournival as well folks, they’re all squaring off to contend with 36 other players for the roster.

    Leblanc was considered a favourite after his performance at the Summer Evaluation Camp, but Bournival earned himself an invitation to this camp based on his play this season and could make it as a checking line player, while Gallagher will try to show that his will to score makes him a player they’d want on the team, Gallagher has now scored 65 goals since his breakout season in 09-10.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.

  180. Mattyleg says:

    Yeah really, work parties BE DAMNED!!

    I’ll find a tv somewhere…

    —Hope Springs Eternal—

  181. JD_ says:

    Heh. That’s the location I always hit cause I like the big mofo windows in the mornin’.

  182. shiram says:

    Well the only team that could legitly trade poutine for a player is Montreal, so we cant trade Pk for poutine. Too bad uh?

  183. Pieboy says:

    Agreed- Cam Cole’s article is baseless speculation. He does not seem to have actually watched the Habs’ last few games with PK in the lineup. I’ve watched the Habs since the 60s. It might surprise some young fans that even some of the Habs legendary talents sat as rookies until they were more responsible defensively.  Its been a while since we’ve had such an exciting young player as PK. I think Martin knows what he’s doing with PK and the Habs. Martin’s comments to the press have been respectful to PK and make sense, and I trust PK will flourish under Martin.

  184. Kappy says:

    I would like them to dress 7 D and have PK split time between forward and defence for a game, if Gomez isn’t ready to go. If Gomez is good to go, well then the line up stays the same and will until they lose. I am hoping for a 10 game winning streak with or without PK and don’t get me wrong I am a huge PK fan, I even got his T-Shirt! I just want The Habs to win.

  185. CERF says:

    Seriously, and mine HAS to start at 7! then off to the rink for 11.. hopefully il be in good spirits hearing our habs took the wings to town!

  186. notbigbird says:

    But Yvan did consistently play the powerplay, whihc is pretty postive. At least that’s my memory.

  187. coachdoug says:

    Lol at your closing quote Dave…I almost spit out my coffee watching Pronger talk about the waffles on the TSN highlights…Beauchemin was deadpanning it…”Something fell on my stick…I don’t know what it was…”

    “Six more years…God Bless You Turtleneck Man!”

  188. Shiloh says:

    I think Weber has played extremely well and I also think the benching has done PK some good, but at some point he’s got to come back. Maybe Picard should get the night off. The longer PK is out, the tougher it will be to bring him back.

    Although – Toronto might be the perfect place to bring him back.

  189. Mattyleg says:

    He heh.

    I’m sure the team knows what the differences are and the definitions are of those terms. He doesn’t have to tell the press everything.

    And how is he acting as though coaching the Habs is his divine right? I’m just not sure what you mean about that.

    —Hope Springs Eternal—

  190. habsruleworld says:

    would be sensational for all three to make it!

    Bournival has been hitting his stride in perfect timing!, I believe he will make it!>

    Leblanc and Gal;agher seem to be almost locks, to me.

  191. punkster says:

    I’m serious. Lunch?

    ***Win or I toss these waffles!***

  192. Ian Cobb says:

    Your full of it Rick!!!  PK never talked back to his team mates, he would never do that type of thing. I know the kid.!!!

  193. Jan_pronounced_Yan says:

    Don’t want to go over everything in detail, as it has been done by others, but regarding your first point, PK is not bugging vets with his on-ice “lack of respect”. From what we have heard from Dany Dubé and Jacques Demers, two very well-connected and respected people in regards to the Habs, PK has been taking up a lot of space in the dressing room and has openly mocked the team and city that Gio and Gomez spent many seasons in and won cups in. That is what has bothered the vets.

    I want PK in too, but I don’t think this benching is going to hurt him. Besides, a benching should never hurt a player. It is only the player’s reaction to a benching that can hurt him. If PK has the right attitude, which I think he does, he will be better once he gets back on the ice.

  194. Gormdog says:

    You may have gotten your Christmas gift a bit early K man with what TSN is reporting!

  195. GrimJim says:

    Nice score, man. Last week at my office two HC tickets were offered for $200 each in an email. They were gone in seconds. I saw the email 10 mins after it was sent and was way too late.

    Clearly back to Plan A for me, winning them off the radio…

  196. Ian Cobb says:

    This Cam Cole is a garbage reporter. Please don’t add reports from this fool on here. He would knife his mother to make a story.!!!

  197. Mattyleg says:

    That may be, I’m not sure. But it’s more about how fans’ opinions are not always workable compared to what the coach knows.

    —Hope Springs Eternal—

  198. JD_ says:

    I’ve got two guys in the basement wallin’ in my new HVAC. They’ve been at it for so long, I’m thinkin’ of adoptin’ them.

    Let’s put her down for some mornin’ next week. For sure.

  199. habsruleworld says:

    Ian you want to call me out? I thought you were in the know,

    obviously you are not very connected on this subject at all, let me give you 1 VERY RECENT CLUE.  Re-read the

    Martin details Weber-Subban and his thoughts behind the situation: Stubbs column above,

    Yes, Now read where Martin says this

    Subban, Martin was read-between-the-lines candid: “It’s important (he)
    well understands the expectations, the values and all that’s attached
    to the word ‘professional.’ It’s part of developing.”

    There is
    much, much more to putting the Canadiens on the ice than penciling a
    lineup and opening the gate. Young, impressionable players will try to
    find their place alongside the whiskered veterans; some will mesh
    easily, others might struggle for seasons.

    The human dynamic appears on no statistics sheet, and it’s here with Subban that Martin must do his most important work.”

    Let me try to impress upon you what Martin has been clueint to for 1 1/2 weeks now, it is not the multiple give a ways against Edmonton that caused the removal from the line up, CAPPICHE

    And Ian before you open your trap and tell me where to go, why don’t you pull your big nose out of your beer, read a little bit, before you react and attack, the truth has been provided multiple times in PRINTED STORIES. Hope you can read and understand french if not.


    C’est ta perte,  a cause les journalistes francais, semble etre plus pres des histoires, et des faits importants!

  200. SeriousFan09 says:

    Leblanc is one of the players closest to being a lock but Bob Mackenzie of TSN says they are very few sure candidates this year with so many 2009 and 2010 top draftees already in the NHL. Gallagher’s size goes against him and he doesn’t have a gear like Gionta in his skating, although at his age there’s plenty of time to work on his stride for making the NHL. What works for Gallagher is that he is probably one of the most determined players in the WHL and he is aggressive, he’s leading all the scoring leaders in the WHL in PIMs. He is not one to get intimidated out there. Bournival I haven’t seen or heard much from so far but I like his effort this season and the fact that he captains his Q team.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.

  201. punkster says:

    I’m in.

    By the way, those two guys aren’t from Central Services are they? Have they got a 27B-6?

    ***Win or I toss these waffles!***

  202. krob1000 says:

    This is religious bullying, yup that is what it is. We are being forced to celebrate this “festive” season when many of Canadienites should be witness to our annual RedWing Clipping ritual and be free to practice our beliefs and support our Canadienism in this very important and annual event on RedWingClipper Day.  To make matters worse, this year the stars have alligned and this special and sacred day is being followed by LeafBoxing Day…..and where will many of us faithful and devoted Canadienites be? adhering to other religious super powers beliefs and attending events that force us to abandon our faith and watch replays and highlights… would them other folks like it if we just had someone video tape their present openings and showed them half second clips of their kids smiling faces,etc….my 2 year old will be missing “pwicey”, “PK summan” and “cammawary” ….for what? some guy who wears red and white with no blue? it is blasphemous in Canadienism…but …..majority rules. Bah! Humbug!

  203. JD_ says:

    Sweet Merciful Lord, Almighty Saviour, and Horn of Salvation, let rumours of PK’s return come to fruition.

    It’s not about him eventually playin’, it’s just hopefully an end to the mind-numbingly repetitive frothin’ over jack-diddly-effin-squat.

    “Leggo my ego.” – Dion Phanoof

  204. ed lopaz says:

    Martin crapped all over Price last year – not me.

    Martin was the one who chose to Play Halak over Price.

    And for the record, my choice was to keep both goalies. For 1 more season.

    You are allowed to be a jackass – its called freedom of expression!!



  205. CERF says:

    Amen brother!!  well said!

  206. HardHabits says:

    Now it’s PK versus JM. Yes JM is an idiot. He ruined Spezza apparently. Give me a serious break.

    Over the course of the past two seasons I see now why I always hated and feared his Senators, notwithstanding their lack of goaltending. Never in my years as a Habs fan have a seen team so much on the same page. JM is a lock for a Jack Adams nomination. Get real dude. Seriously.

    If and when the Habs win the Stanley Cup in the near future, it’ll be in large part due to Martin’s coaching. PK will have a role but a much lesser role to the one Martin is playing.

    Your prediction is ludicrous. Martin isn’t going anywhere.

  207. habsruleworld says:

    IAN! This excerpt taken form Mr. Boone’s link earlier on this article of many that address PK and why he is out of the line up.

    Pierre Durocher on P.K.


    Hey IAN please focus on the following excerpt in particular!


    “Subban n’aurait pas pris soin d’écouter
    les vétérans qui lui disaient de se calmer, de se fermer la trappe.
    Visiblement au-dessus de ses affaires, il les auraient même envoyé
    promener. Ça ne se fait pas.’


    ENGLISH TRANSLATION  for IAN ” Subban did not take care to listen to the habs veterans who told him to calm down, and to shut his trap, in actuiality Subban told some of the veterans where to go, and this cannot be allowed to happen


    Qui veut être son grand frère?

    Il est à souhaiter que Subban finira par se trouver un grand frère
    chez le Canadien qui le mettra sous son aile, comme le gros Alex Henry
    avait si bien fait avec lui la saison dernière à Hamilton.

    Ce jeune homme exubérant a besoin d’un mentor, qui saura rappeler
    Subban à l’ordre à l’occasion, lui dire à quel moment il doit se
    « calmer le pompon ».

    Selon l’analyste Dany Dubé, Subban n’aurait pas pris soin d’écouter
    les vétérans qui lui disaient de se calmer, de se fermer la trappe.
    Visiblement au-dessus de ses affaires, il les auraient même envoyé
    promener. Ça ne se fait pas.

    On a d’ailleurs vu le pacifique Tomas Plekanec y aller de quelques
    coups de bâton dans le dos de Subban lors de séances d’entraînement.
    P.K. avait beau nous dire que les joueurs s’amusaient, personne ne l’a

    Un joueur recrue ne peut pas jouer les fanfarons s’il veut se faire
    accepter par ses nouveaux coéquipiers, qui forment déjà un groupe uni.
    Subban doit se faire plus discret dans le vestiaire. Il ne choisira
    probablement plus la musique à l’avenir !

    L’abcès a été crevé avant qu’il ne devienne trop gros

    Il y avait un malaise et Jacques Martin n’attendait qu’un mauvais
    match de la part de Subban pour lui passer le message que l’équipe doit
    passer avant tout. Il a décidé de crever l’abcès avant qu’il ne devienne
    trop gros.

    Maintenant, il faut espérer, pour le bien du développement de P.K., que son purgatoire ne se prolongera pas plus longtemps.

    Martin a été clair là-dessus : il veut établir une saine compétition
    parmi ses jeunes défenseurs. C’est parfait. Sauf qu’il doit aussi
    réaliser qu’il n’a pas affaire à un joueur comme les autres en Subban,
    qu’on voit comme un futur défenseur étoile dans la Ligue nationale.

    Je suis convaincu que lorsqu’il retrouvera sa place dans la
    formation, P.K. sera meilleur que jamais. Car c’est en surmontant
    l’adversité qu’un athlète de grand talent s’améliore.

  208. JD_ says:

    No worries. Harry’s on the job.

  209. Ian Cobb says:

    Rick Carr

    There is no back talk by PK towards his team mates, I do not believe he gave any of his team mates, especially the vets, anything but utter respect. Other team players, I have no problem with. I would even challenge Martin if he said that.!! I’m not going to read everything or believe everything I read. He is not of this character.

    PS– I did not tell you where to go! I just do not believe what you said.!!  END

  210. punkster says:

    Whoa, hold on. Read what you quoted. The only direct quote from JM is:

    “It’s important (he)
    well understands the expectations, the values and all that’s attached
    to the word ‘professional.’ It’s part of developing.”

    The rest is exactly what Stubbs suggests just prior to that…”Martin was between-the-lines candid”…meaning interpreting what Martin says. Your interpretation, like some media outlets, goes way beyond what Martin says.


    So where else is it quoted as “fact” that as you say ” PK sent a few veteran hab players where to go, when they tried to talk to him about certain things”. It’s all nothing but media and bloggers speculation, nothing more.

    ***Win or I toss these waffles!***

  211. petefleet says:

    I couldn’t help myself.

    How can this happen to the poor maple leafs?
    Wilson & Burke must be pacing in their briefs.
    They’ve got Phenoef, Kessel and “monster”on the ice,
    Who by the way is 30 lbs smaller than Price.

    Oh the winning will start
    You just wait and see.
    All the Leafs will be looking at Xmas
    Under each other’s tree.

    They’ll be looking for defence, coaching and someone to score
    They’ll be looking for skill, goaltending and  more.

    Then what will they do when nothing is there?
    Burke will dig deep for big words and repair.

    But repair won’t come without huge cost.
    Just look at what they’ve already lost.
    Gone are their draft picks and prospects for years
    The Bruins are happy, so happy there’s tears.

    But look at it this way, the fans still show up.
    Even though there’s no chance of winning The Cup.
    It’s almost sad, almost a shame,
    The Leafs can’t even play well 20 minutes a game.

    The poor Buds will finish at the bottom again
    Looking up at American teams
    Who are looking down with a grin.

    One of them should move to Toronto
    Give the Leafs someone to beat.
    Put them in the same division,
    Call it fresh meat.

    But alas they too would probably win,
    The Leafs left wondering what might have been.
    If they had had the patience, the way-with-all
    To keep their draft picks and not hit the wall.

    It’s been 43 years and there’s no end in sight.
    The Leafs can’t win a game, a faceoff, a fight.
    2011 will end for them as did 2010,
    One more draft pick to the Bruins again.

    Go Habs Go

    ”’Price is a pleasant suprise”’

  212. boneheadslanger33 says:

    Can you translate the rest of it please?

  213. DearyLeary says:

    Communication isn’t a one way street.  Telling PK to just sit there and listen won’t always help the team.

    Again, this is all hearsay and innuendo.  PK will be playing tonight, and having a defenceman with the ability to skate with the Red Wings will make a big difference.  

  214. punkster says:

    Back off and read some of this stuff. As I said below from the Stubbs article you quoted the only direct quote from JM is:

    “It’s important (he)
    well understands the expectations, the values and all that’s attached
    to the word ‘professional.’ It’s part of developing.”

    The rest
    is exactly what Stubbs suggests just prior to that…”Martin was
    between-the-lines candid”…meaning interpreting what Martin says. Your
    interpretation, like some media outlets, goes way beyond what Martin

    The rest is opinion, speculation, media views and blogger comments. Give me a direct Martin or PK quote that specifically backs what you claim please.




    ***Win or I toss these waffles!***

  215. Ian Cobb says:

    Rick Carr

    There is no back talk by PK
    towards his team mates, I do not believe he gave any of his team mates,
    especially the vets, anything but utter respect. Other team players, I
    have no problem with. I would even challenge Martin if he said that.!!
    I’m not going to read everything or believe everything I read. He is
    not of this character.

    PS– I did not tell you where to go! I just do not believe what you said.!!  END

  216. punkster says:

    Buttle, not Tuttle.

    ***Win or I toss these waffles!***

  217. DearyLeary says:

    Gallagher won’t make it.  Watching him against the Russian selects was painful.

  218. Shiloh says:

    Hi Ian. If he knifed his mother it sure would be a story – but I wouldn’t call the guy a garbage reporter. PK has got to get back in – he’s too good to sit this long. It should be tonight – or tomorrow against the Loafs.

  219. 24 Cups says:

    Right click to ‘All Accelerators’ and then click on ‘Translate Live Search’.  You have to wait a few seconds for it switch over into English.

  220. punkster says:


    ***Win or I toss these waffles!***

  221. 24 Cups says:

    JD – 230 posts and it’s just past high noon.  57 channels and nothin’ on.

    Wait until Martin starts Auld in net tomorrow night against the laffs.  That’s when the waffles will hit the fan on H I/O.

  222. habsruleworld says:

    Mr Punk do you really think Martin is going to come out and say PK told the team veterans where to go when they tried tio help him! Do you not think this would be xtremely negative to the team environment and for PK’s development?

    now really! pLEASE  Re-read the post above, obviously you overlooked this, right?

    “Subban n’aurait pas pris soin d’écouter
    les vétérans qui lui disaient de se calmer, de se fermer la trappe.
    Visiblement au-dessus de ses affaires, il les auraient même envoyé
    promener. Ça ne se fait pas.’

    ” Subban did not take care to listen to the habs veterans who told him
    to calm down, and to shut his trap, in actuiality Subban told some of
    the veterans where to go, and this cannot be allowed to happen

    this was one of multiple stories about PK not listening to the habs team veterans, he actually told the team veterans where to go, this is why Martin pulled PK out

    truth is out there, some can never accept it anyway, it’s like the twin towers

  223. habsruleworld says:

    That is a good method, although you tend to lose all the semantics, which are very, very important not to lose in translation.

    I thought the fact that PK told off a few team veterans when they tried to help him, was more or less common knowledge by now,

    I guess not, since it seems I am being grilled today by some posters?!

    Love PK, but Martin did not pull him beause of the multiple give aways against Edmonton

  224. boneheadslanger33 says:

    Thanks for that.

  225. habsruleworld says:

    That is a good method, although you tend to lose all the semantics, which are very, very important not to lose in translation.

    I thought the fact that PK told off a few team veterans when they tried to help him, was more or less common knowledge by now,

    I guess not, since it seems I am being grilled today by some posters?!

    Love PK, but Martin did not pull him because of the multiple give aways against Edmonton

  226. HardHabits says:


    Disagreeing is one thing. You response is a little base if you ask me. Relax and pull your head up.

    Ian has followed PK since he was a kid, up close. It’s true that Ian is our resident shining light and he wears the most rose couloured of bleu-blanc-rouge tinted lenses but his positivism is not unwarranted, nor is his defense of PK.

    You said, rather poorly I might add, that PK sent a few veteran hab players where to go

    Presumbly told a few players to go eff themselves or stick it. This is hearsay. Se semble plus que les journalistes francais, sonts plus pres des rumeur et conneries.

    It’s speculation. Dube’s comments are as well. It is more than just the mistakes in Edmonton but those were the last straws so to speak and those mistakes provided the perfect opportunity for the benching because they were then viewed as a by product of PK’s attitude and comportment yes, but not because he was vulgarly disrespectful to his teammates.

    Your claim that he sent a few veteran hab players where to go is false. It’s also unsubstantiated and I doubt it would even ever be confirmed by anyone in the Habs organization if it did happen, that’s how tight that locker room is, so any hearsay about it is merely that.

    PK had the same issue in Hamilton and Henry took him under his wing and it was settled. Same thing will happen in Montreal with another vet.


  227. habsruleworld says:

    that’s fine Ian, I hope you realize how many respected journalists have already printed articles about the fact Subban told team veterans where to go.

    In defence of what you are saying, there are different ways of telling people where to go.

    I believe PK probably did it in a eloquent and well spoken way, although it is still disrespectful and thus Martin said ENOUGH.

  228. punkster says:

    Well, when you bring 911 into the discussion like that how can I argue?

    Do you really fail to understand that none of this is a direct quote from JM or PK? That it is nothing more than the writer’s opinion? You can read and re-read this a dozen times but you won’t find any direct quotes from the parties in question. You need to put more wood on the fire up there Rick. Brain freeze is terrible thing.

    ***Win or I toss these waffles!***

  229. 24 Cups says:

    Pete – I loved it!  Best post of the day.

    Thanks for  the time and effort.  I wonder if Donald F.H. Cherry would read it on the air tomorrow night:-)

  230. HardHabits says:

    C’mon. He had the play-off equivalent of “Red Light” Racicot in nets. His team got ousted by the eventual Cup Champion Devils in the ECF in 2002-03. Imagine if they actually had a golatender. Or Spezza. Wait a minute…

  231. NoTinFoilCups says:

    There may be an element of truth in what he is saying but it is obvious that he went to great lengths to exagerrate. He destroyed his own credibility in the process.

  232. goat_007 says:

    He’s 8 miles behind the rest of the reporters too! Subban was benched well after Richards complained about his attitude, and as far as I can tell it had nothing to do about his chirping and or attitude at all. It was his play on the ice.

  233. Propwash says:

    If, PK were to actually backtalk like that to any of the vets on the team, Martin would have shipped his rear end back to Hamilton. All these reports of PK doing stuff like that is purely speculation.


    Goalies in Montreal have two roles, netminder and scapegoat. 

  234. habsruleworld says:

    DUDE, how old are you anyway?  a direct quote from JM or PK?

    Now really, you think we are going to get a direct quote from JM or PK on this?

    Come on now, how shortsighted are you on this subject.


    We are speaking about a very sensitive subject here. Martin is NEVER going to come out and say it and neither is pk


    If you want to believe the reason for PK (Arguably our most valuable defenseman) being left off the game roster is for other reasons, well than go and believe that.


    Although I have printed the direct words of a mulitple reporters that have said it’s because PK showed dis respect to team veterans in not listening or being respectful to their advive

  235. HardHabits says:

    Selon l’analyste Dany Dubé

    In other words according to

    It’s hearsay. PK never told anyone where to go. It’s speculation because even if it did happen no-one would say it happened, so it can only be speculation.

    People like to think that anything said by a person who claims to be privy to special info and in the know is all of a sudden fact. It’s not fact. It’s speculation. The quote is Dube’s not from anybody in the Habs’ organization.

  236. HardHabits says:

    Read one book it’s plagiarism and if you read two it’s research.

  237. patience is a virtue says:

    I like that second line.  this is a false dichotomy set up by folks with too much time on their hands.  Let Martin continue to do the excellent job he has been doing ever since he arrived in Mtl.  PK will be back soon enough and will probably become the franchise defenseman we are hoping for, and JM will have a lot to do with that.  Just like he has a lot to do with everything good that has evolved since Gainey made his bold and brilliant moves in June and July of 2009. (and yes, I include Gomez in that list – we will miss him if he is out tonight)

    I hope PK and JM win some rings together and raise a toast to Bob :)

  238. punkster says:

    Hey “dude”, you’re bringing nothing to the table but hearsay and speculation. It’s opinion, nothing more. When are you going to come to grips with the fact that what you read in media articles is just that. Reporters report. Columnists opine. Bloggers spew whatever comes in to their heads. You can quote all the articles, columnists and bloggers you want and believe what you will but until you can give us a direct quote from the parties involved it’s nothing more than dust in the wind. And I’m almost 30 years older than that reference.

    ***Win or I toss these waffles!***

  239. punkster says:

    ***Win or I toss these waffles!***

  240. habsguy says:

    only an idiot couldn’t see that JM was using eller wrong,  all he needed was to have a little talent on the ice with him,  sitting him didn’t help !!!!

  241. savethepuck says:

    Well said

  242. punkster says:

    Way to keep it classy man.

    ***All You Need Is Love***

  243. habsguy says:

    nodody needs to take my post personal,  it was a shot at JM,  not anyone here!!

  244. goat_007 says:

    TSN is reporting Subban will play tonight: 

  245. shiram says:

    No source or anything on there, they are just guessing.

  246. savethepuck says:

    Read the article on TSN mobile. Sounds to me like a reporter’s just guessing because in his opinion we had an ineffective power play last game.

  247. petrov14 says:

    “The only way I know how to stop him, I’d go to jail for. We just try to contain him.”

    – Nashville coach Barry Trotz on Detroit’s Pavel Datsyuk.

    ______________________________________ Long live Captain Gionta.

  248. SeriousFan09 says:

    Don’t forget his buddy Henrik Zetterberg, that’s a two-headed beast the Habs will confront tonight.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.

  249. goat_007 says:

    Yeah I noticed that too. Just sharing what I read.

  250. shiram says:

    The rare and unpredictable triple post, a beast to be feared for sure.

  251. goat_007 says:

    Sorry bout the triple post

  252. goat_007 says:

    Plus they have to back up thier buddy Pierre F. McGuire, who was very annoyingly adiment about the Habs lack luster PP. I hate that guy.

  253. SeriousFan09 says:

    CBC is doing the Habs game tonight, but they couldn’t dethaw Bob Cole in time so it’s Hughson/Simpson and Glenn “I sat on the bench while Richter won the Cup” Healy as per Elliotte Friedman.

    As per Canadians official PR: Gomez is out tonight, Boyd in the lineup. Tonight will not be easy with the Cyborg Lidstrom against our best and Plekanec likely spending his night trying to contain Datsyuk.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.

  254. Mattyleg says:

    Haha… couldn’t dethaw Bob Cole in time…

    RDS all the way, baby.

    —Hope Springs Eternal—

  255. krob1000 says:

    who is that dman they have, the old guy…the one who is still the best in the game…Linndstrumm or something like that…he’s ok too I heard somewhere.

  256. Storm Man says:

    WOW….. What is all this talk about what PK said in the locker room ect ect who cares he is not playing tonight.. None of here are on the team so we dont know what has been said only what we read in the papers (cough)… It is TGIF try and enjoy the rest of the day.

  257. krob1000 says:

    just checkinout Lidstrom career stats…wow….40 years old, 19 years in the NHl as a 190 pound dman…in 19 years he has mised a total of 32 games….and played in a whopping 1438..that is pretty impressive..especially considering how good his teams ahve been and that he has played an additional 247 playoff games……simply put….the best.

  258. SeriousFan09 says:

    NHL Player of the Decade, probably the most flawless defencemen I’ve ever seen on the ice and one of the five best defencemen of all time.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.

  259. secretdragonfly says:

    I have always admired and respected Lidstrom, however, I sincerely hope he is held pointless tonight :)

  260. TheDagger says:

    Doesn’t have the most impressive skillset. Just goes to show you how dominant a player can be simply by using his brain.

  261. thorandresson says:

    goes to show, size really doesn’t matter.  

  262. ctony says:

    Yeah, not bad for a European who  floated around the perimeter and remained uninvolved in the play.  KIDDING!!!!!  The guy is awesome.  I just just trying on the Don Cherry sports coat the wife gave me for Hanukkah. 

  263. SeriousFan09 says:

    Subban in, Weber Out.

    Christmas no longer cancelled as well and we will have rainbows in 2011.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.

  264. RiverviewCanadien says:


    Glad the rainbows are still in for another year. Someday I will find that elusive pot of gold!

  265. petrov14 says:

    Whoa! Double Rainbow all the way!

    ______________________________________ Long live Captain Gionta.

  266. Storm Man says:

    Best player in the NHL of the past 10 years? C’Mon Man you know better. Best Defencemen yes. 

  267. krob1000 says:

    I never realized how durable he was over his career … that is just unreal….and all the while having a target on his back because if his skill level, a d man to boot.  Lidstrom has been the steadying influence in Detroit since his arrival….Yzerman was great but Detroit did not become Detroit until Lidstrom came along…and since…well…they have been hands down the best organization in hockey. Before Yzerman the Red Wings missed teh palyoffs 12 out of 13 seasons, With Yzerman the Wings missed the playoffs twice in 8 years, and twice made it to the third round…..BUT…With Lidstrom….in 19 years the Wings have never missed the playoffs…NEVER….4 cups, 6 finals, 8 throd rounds, 12 second rounds….incredible…Niklas Lidstrom doesn;t even understand that some guys don’t make the playoffs….as long as Lidstrom is in that locker room I doubt the team ever does miss a playoff…how dare they even consider it….

  268. SeriousFan09 says:

    For players who played the entire decade, no one matches his accomplishments. Lidstrom played the entire decade, collected six Norris Trophies, Conn Smythe, won two Stanley Cups and was 1st or 2nd-team All-Star each year except 03-04 and was the first European-born and trained captain to lead a team to a Stanley Cup.

    The Red Wings were the most dominant team in the NHL in no small part due to the man.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.

  269. Storm Man says:

    Yes Lidstrom is still playing but if you say the best from 2000-2010 you have to look at the over all picture. 2000-2010 is a very tough decade to just pick one player and say he is the best. You have to look at if you were a GM of a hockey team in 1999 and had a pick of Sakic, Lidstrom or Brodeur who do you pick? If it was me I would take Sakic.

  270. SeriousFan09 says:

    Depends what you value most but for consistency, excellence and accomplishments over those 10 years, no one  matchs up against Lidstrom. It was The Sporting News that named him Player of the Decade and I agreed, taking in his body of work and continued excellence even as time marched on for every other veteran in the NHL except him apparently.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.

  271. Storm Man says:

    Lidstrom is the most durable player from 2000-2010 I have no problem with that at all. How many polls have Brodeur as the number one player from 2000-2010 and so on… Here is one stat that stands out for me. Winner of the Hart, Con Smyth and olympic mvp….. Can you name me all the players ever that have done that? Sakic is who I pick and don’t look back.

  272. Bugs says:

    Tonight’s the night we get in some spit, yyeaah
    Deep cover on this Detroit City trip.
    Vilain mothaluvvas comin at you,
    Firin pucks soon, and those playas know we got some jam too.
    I guess thats part of the game,
    But I feel for the Red Wing who thinks he just gonna come and change thangs
    With the swiftness, we get it right with the quickness,
    And let us handle our business, yo.
    We’re onna mission and our mission won’t stop

    Until we cap those crackaz maxin at the top.

    Tragically misunderstood, please bite

    L.Bugs Potter, esq. Minority Owner of the Habbalicious Bubble-Gum Emporium, Proprietor of the Flanneltop Pop Shop, and Beaming Tenant in Mama’s Basement, i.e., Habsbros Central:

  273. habfan53 says:

    After reading all the posts re Cam Cole this morning I have to admit that I must have totally misread his column.  You see I did not see it as a critique of Martin for sitting him as much as it was a critique for the lack of characters (colorful) in the league.

    This is true for all major sports speak up and we will shut you down. Give an opinion that was not cleared by the team/league and you will be repremanded.

    That is what I caught from the column nothing more nothing less.

  274. PrimeTime says:

    Gainey set the table for this organization for years. After rebuilding the supporting systems and teams, he then turned to the big club and began to change its identity back to the road on respectability and prosperity. The team today is very similar to the winning teams of the past. Sound smart defensive hockey with speed similar to teams other winning teams – Wings and  Devils that were modelled after Hab teams of the past.

    He began the transformation after making the decision to fire his friend Carbo and went behind the bench himself. He knew he had a “thoroughbred” for a goalie as the cornerstone but the team needed a culture change. He hired a Coach that could execute the what he envisioned. He needed experienced quick skilled defensive minded players to lead the team and went out and got what he wanted in Gomez and Gio both Cup champs formally of the Devils. He added scoring in Cammy and some veteran defense that played the game smart. This Coach and group of new players complimenting the roster and with the “system” players coming up would set the table for the man he had mentored to replace him, Pierre Gauthier. PG was now the stewart of the team and organization that Gainey built.

    He accomplished all of this while enduring personal tragedy in the loss of his daughter. But with the class and dignity only few people can aspire, he decided step aside and let the laid plans play out under the trusted management of others. Gainey, although still present, left his post better than he found it. He changed the identity of the team and hired the right Coach to lead it.  JM has done a great job beginning last year and now this year the team is prospering because of it. Other than a few speedbumps along the road as always expected, he has managed the games well from the bench, managed the team well to play his system, and has managed the players while removing those who did not buy in the system. Players such as Pleks, Gorges, and others are better players thank to JM, and the next leaders such as Eller and PK will hopefully earn the same benefits.

    2009-10 and 2010-11 appears to finally be the turning years that this organization desperately needed ever since the Houle era. It has been a long road, but thanks to Bob Gainey, we are all once once again proud of our team and hopefully it is only the start to greater accomplishments and years of consistent success that the new generation of fans can be proud to say “Go Habs Go!!”



  275. thorandresson says:

    amen! well done!  


    In Gainey We Trusted and he’s delivered

  276. j2w4habs25 says:

    OMG this message pumped me up!!!! I was only 4 years old when the Canadiens won the StanleyCup last in 1993 – and I can still remember my family going nuts!! ahaha I can’t wait for the Habs to win another one.

  277. mjames says:

    So you are Bob’s brother. I did not know that.  Bob is not the genius you portray him to be. You make it sound like Bob had some great plan that he implemented over the years. The one thing I will give Bob credit for is his mishandling of the cap.  I will grant you the team is playing well and better than anyone of us expected. Let’s hope it continues. 

    You should take note that your reference to “system” guys is not quite accurate. As so emphatically stated by Paccorittty in his recent interview. Boucher had a completely different system than that employed by Martin. Cunnyworth is only now employing Martin’s system. As such the these “system” guys are still in Hamilton. Maybe PG should get credit for aligning Hamilton with Montreal. Bob left us with two very different organisations.

      I don’t dislike Gainey. I liked him as a player. As GM he was adequate at best.


  278. Say Ash says:

    So he’s black in?

  279. Mattyleg says:


    Retract!! Retract!!

    —Hope Springs Eternal—

  280. TheDagger says:

    Yes, that’s white.

  281. HardHabits says:

    That joke is bouncing around like a Weber ball.

  282. Bugs says:

    Playing the best team in the League is as good a caucasian as any.

    Tragically misunderstood, please bite

    L.Bugs Potter, esq. Minority Owner of the Habbalicious Bubble-Gum Emporium, Proprietor of the Flanneltop Pop Shop, and Beaming Tenant in Mama’s Basement, i.e., Habsbros Central:

  283. HardHabits says:

    What’s the rule with call-ups? I know the Habs got tight by year’s end as both they and the Bulldogs went deep in their respective playoff runs last season.

    In this case with Gomez out of the line-up, rather than call some-one up Boyd is getting the assignment. Shrewdness on the Habs part? Ideas?

  284. Don Carnage says:

    Trying to make some people around here think that CKAC or any other french media might know something is almost impossible, I for one have heard Danny Dube speak about this in great detail and PK Subban was sat for everything except HOCKEY , he was not sent to the hot dog stand because of his HOCKEY is was senr to the hot dog stand because of his ATTITUDE towards his team mates and the way he is acting outside the game.


    It is a well known fact .

  285. SeriousFan09 says:

    Desharnais is the only C they could really call up since Maxwell is on the shelf with an ‘upper-body injury’ indefinitely and I wouldn’t put a 5’5″ forward on a checking line. Engqvist is still transitioning to the NA game and needs to work on his skating from reports. Boyd is the closest they have to a plug to put on that line since Gomez is considered DTD and could be in tommorow night.



    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.

  286. TheDagger says:

    Oh. Well thanks for clearing up that well known fact that seemingly isn’t well known and my not be a fact.

  287. j2w4habs25 says:

    I hope the Habs and come out with a win tonight, i will be worring about two things tomorrow.

    its going to be an exciting night for Montreal and Hab Fans everywhere. We are against the Leafs – hope a win there and a GSP fight with a FOOL name Josh Koscheck. I remember when he said the Habs were going down to the Pens but he was talking from his ass as always. His prediction is sitting at 0-1 right now. Montreal is gonna go 2-0 😉 against Koscheck. Woot Woot*

  288. Don Carnage says:

    If you listen to the radio and all the people involved you will have the information needed. If you dont speak french and block out information because it is from the french media then your just not going to be able to judge what I said.

    The people that have spoken about this issue are very well known in the hockey world and in direct contact with the team, CKAC is the Habs official radio station.


  289. Bugs says:

    That’s weird; I was hoping for a loss…

    Koscheck may be many things, but he’s no fool.

    Tragically misunderstood, please bite

    L.Bugs Potter, esq. Minority Owner of the Habbalicious Bubble-Gum Emporium, Proprietor of the Flanneltop Pop Shop, and Beaming Tenant in Mama’s Basement, i.e., Habsbros Central:

  290. thorandresson says:

    A question for the HIO staff, don’t you guys get pissed off when someone like Cam Cole writes an ill-informed article.  Aren’t you journalists supposed to be informing the public with facts?  Do you guys have to take an oath to that effect? (like doctors with the hippocratict oath)

  291. habfan53 says:

    “Official radio station”   I bet the folks at CJAD are a little confused

  292. rocketsglare says:

    This is as good as it gets. Two great team’s will be testing each other tonight in what should be a telling moment

    for the Habs. A Canadiens win tonight will go a long way in the team’s growth and development and more import-

    antly, become a signature statement that the Habs are indeed a team to be reckoned with. A loss against one of

    the better team’s in recent memory can only spur the Habs to become better, Either way, should be one hell of a

    game. Enjoy!


    Go Habs Go!

  293. Don Carnage says:

    The FRENCH station try to read the posts and grasp the essence.

  294. Don Carnage says:

    Should be a good game the Wings are going to be hungry , but Habs tend to play well in big games vs big teams.


    GO HABS GO !

  295. ctony says:

    I’ll re-phrase the question…

    Should HIO people get pissed off when other journalists, paid to write their opinions, express thoughts that differ from ours? 

    And answer…

    No.  I don’t think that reasonable, intelligent people are upset by free speech.  

  296. TommyB says:

    Wow, that reads a little weird…..intentional?  Boyd is the closest thing to a plug to put on that line.  Are you saying what it sounds like?  Sounds like you’re saying a plug to fill a hole for a plug.  I must be reading it wrong.  That doesn’t sound like you.

  297. thorandresson says:

    Free speech is fine as long as it’s based on factual information.  People read the newspaper for information and it’s a disservice when “journalists” don’t use facts to back up their claims.  People read the newspaper assuming that the journalist has done his due diligence.



  298. olematelot says:

    They might try to grasp the essence but missed the boat on this issue

  299. ctony says:

    The man is writing something for the Vancouver Sun — not the New England Journal of Medicine.  It’s an opinion piece not evidence-based medical research.

     Cole shared his perspective that most NHL players offer bland quotes to media and that this is preferred by their coaches to players that are quote machines.  He cited examples of colourful players and a few notable gaffs.  I’ve heard enough, “we have to give 110% out there to be successful” quips over the years to support any reasonable diligence threshold.  

    His worst offense was attaching Subban to the article, but I chalk that up to being the catalyst for his thoughts on this subject.




  300. thorandresson says:

    I get his point, he just didn’t use the right example for it and makes the coaching staff in Montreal look bad.


    The guy is getting paid to make an informed opinion, shouldn’t that require him to be well informed?  You’d think that with the advent of the internet and bloggers and the struggles that newspapers are facing, they’d want to step up their game by sounding more credible…

  301. wall2bay says:

    I actually agree with Cam Cole.  You may not agree with his opinion but others might.  Needless to say it is not an ill-informed article and he has a point!


    “I kind of feel sorry for players who never got a chance to be a Montreal Canadien” – Cammalleri

  302. wall2bay says:

    Well maybe the coaching staff did get this one wrong (despite the wins).  The kid goes from playing almost 25min per game to getting benched??  Doesn’t make any sense…….the first opportunity to bench him and JM does it.  Why???

    If he wasn’t so much in the spotlight and headlines, would he have gotten benched???

    PK needs to be PK in order for him to succeed.  JM may have gotten a lot of things right but he may be off base on this.

    “I kind of feel so sorry for players who never got a chance to be a Montreal Canadien” – Cammalleri

  303. ctony says:

    Actually, I think we’re on the same page.  Just debating different parts of Cole’s story.  I’m commenting on his point about bland player quotes and an admittedly weak link to a recently glorified non-story.  You’re commenting on his implied factless vilification of the Habs management.

    Other than for HIO posters like us, it must be tough for pros like Cole to come with a few hundred reasonable interesting words every morning.  He wrapped a stale issue about yawnable player quips in a recent tempest.  I did the same thing writing a speech about how to write a speech.  Granted, I was in the fourth grade….

  304. VancouverHab says:

    It is his opinion and he’s entitled to express it, but his opinion is wrong, and the article is noise. Even worse, the underlying message seems to be suspiciously close to a racialist one.

    The whole thing is crap — there’s lively & outspoken players in the NHL: has he never heard of Sean Avery? In past eras there were outspoken players galore, but it comes & goes.

    Look: cockiness is a virtue, but like every virtue except one it become a vice when taken to extreme. When cockiness becomes a disruption it is a vice and needs to be stopped — that what coach’s do.

    Someone above said that this site is becoming a fanboi centre for Subban: many commentors here are like thirteen-year-old girls with Justin Bieber–you better swoon over everything or you’re SO UNFAIR to him.

  305. solomio says:

    Jeez… why don’t you guys think that Cam Cole is spot on.?

    I figure he is.

  306. dasbooth says:

    I don’t like Cam Cole’s assumption that PK’s benching is due to his dynamic personality. Takes all the blame off the fact that he plays a bit more of a selfish game, and for the team to be successful he neeeds to play the team system, and show the athletic flare when it is safe to do so. He makes it sound like PK has played a perfect game so far and it’s all his post/pre game talk that landed him in hot water. Lame.

  307. solomio says:

    Dude PK’s 21 and hasn’t been in the NHL 6 months yet and you sit him for 3 games for a couple of bad plays in one game?

    No. I think this started with Richard’s mouthing off and then like Cam Cole said..the establishment got involved to nip the upstart in the bud…so to speak.

  308. solomio says:

    Boone is down. Rather disappointed in this game so far. Ref;s are calling too much on the Habs and one on Wings. I mean how many chances do the Wings need ?

    They are indeed a talent heavy roster, more so than the Habs thats for sure.

    Would have helped if tits had scored into that open net. Goes the other way and its 3 – 1.

    It kind of looks like we have not been adequately prepared for the Wings style of play.

    You know I know its  3-1 but I kind of feel the Habs are holding their own in some way.

    We are playing a team that has lost only 5 games this year and are continuous Cup contenders.

    Not making excuses and there is one period left to play.

    We shall return !!


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  310. HabsChick says:

    Thanks!  It should be a great time for sure but a win will make it all the better.

  311. Omit says:

    When Gainey snips a fingernail off, he loses more knowledge about hockey than you have in your entire being.  How many active GMs have a Stanley Cup to their resume?  And how many do you have?

  312. Shiloh says:

    Absolutely agree – he seems like an outstanding person, but the Gomez trade alone dictates that he had a spotty record as GM.

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