The last time the Canadiens won in Vancouver, P.J. Stock was in their lineup.

Carey Price was 13 years old, and P.K. Subban was 11.

Dave Stubbs’ game story

Price banishes B.C. blues

About last night …

• Arpon Basu on Price and Subban

Game story from Vancouver Sun

Bruins win, may make another trade


  1. TomNickle says:

    Do you honestly think if they stood alone in a trade Stewart would command a higher return than Statsny?

  2. scrowe21 says:

    You’d give Gomez , Kostitsyn and a 1st for Stastny but AK + Weber and a 1st for Stewart was too much? Hahaha..I knew you we’re just looking for someone to argue with that night.

  3. likehoy says:

    I think it’s agreed by everyone that zherdev is all of these things:

    A) a free pick up

    B) potential top 6

    C) RH shot we can use

    D) a rental

    habs have to try to pick him up! I know a lot of teams think he’s an enigma, but Montreal can do with a bit more scoring depth in any way, and free is the best kind of pick up!

    – Gomez is holding down the “overpaid” button

  4. KenD29 says:

    Would have to be Gomez as Statsny is carrying a salary of 6.1mil (thereabouts) for the next two years.


    Tonight we skate with them, Tonight is our night!

  5. twocents says:

    I’d take him.

  6. ooder says:

    i do find that goal scorers find way to score…

    i guess it’s no fair because Gomez isn’t a natural goal scorer.. he’s not wired that way.. but still

    i just hold the guy to pretty high standards that’s all


    GWG = game winning gionta!

  7. TomNickle says:

    So when 15 teams were hard after Hossa back then it would appear that he was willing to come to Montreal.  Kinda throws a dagger into the theory that it’s a pipe dream.

  8. SeriousFan09 says:

    On a given day, an NHL player will shoot perfectly when he rarely ever does.

    It’s why Colton Orr did this

    and former NHLer Marek Malik has this

    Right time, right place, right pre-game meal, sometimes a grunt just does something incredible.

    Ramo’s only value to the Canadiens is in reality, a bargaining chip. As a late-round goalie, Ramo was brought out of minor-league hockey well before he was ready for it. He faltered in the NHL because of it and a poor TBL organization. In the KHL, Ramo has reinvented himself, he’s a statistical leader in all goaltending categories and is a more mature player today. He’s no replacement for Price but he’s an asset the team can use to get something else they need.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.

  9. Miltie01 says:

    I do not believe Gomez would be attractive to the Avs…… never say never but.

  10. Timo says:

    Like Gomez. He always gets the job done 🙂

  11. notbigbird says:

    I think he’s saying the Habs weren’t during the time in question.

  12. Ian Cobb says:

    Punk! you are correct, Martin has to go with the boys that can get the job done, and last night he got us there.

    Good chance to see what Mara is capable of last night. I thought he played a decent game.

  13. notbigbird says:

    I suppose, but I still see a lot of bonehead decisions. He is forever making his wingers park at the blueline while he does his zigs and zags. One time last night, he gained the zone but stopped far out and took a pathetic slapper. He makes poor and erratic choices IMO.

  14. Storm Man says:

    Tom it is cold hard fact that his agent told BG to stop calling.

  15. Ian Cobb says:

    This is why it is so frustrating to be a Hab fan this year. We know what they are capable of doing when they all pull together in the same direction. We know they can beat the best teams in the league when they all put in solid efforts.

    So why is it they sometimes come to play a game and look so lethargic.? (new word for me, hope it fits) It seems that they only play up to the level of the competition.

    The first period was one of the best 1st periods of hockey this year. And then we got lazy, stopped skating and took some stupid penalties. They have a habit of keeping us on the edge of our seats, and will right through the play offs.

  16. TomNickle says:

    Missing the open net was almost inexcusable.  But you have to keep in mind that he was given first wave PP time because of how good of a game he was having up to that point.  He was flying.  By far his best game of the year even with the missed open net.  May have been our best player at forward last night who doesn’t wear #46.

  17. JF says:

    That third period was pretty scary, but the first ten minutes of the game were all we could have asked for and more.  I don’t remember when I last saw the Habs look so dominant and get rewarded to the extent they did. And it could have been more, had it not been for Luongo’s posts and a couple of great saves.  Too bad we couldn’t keep it up, but had to spend the rest of the game fending them off. 

    The Eller line was our best.  Eller had his best game in a long while, maybe all season, and when he plays at centre, we see the strengths that we only catch glimpses of when he’s on the wing.  Give him a year or two and he’ll be a very good second-line centre.  When you add that to Price’s performance all season, it’s hard not to see the Halak trade as a clear win for the Canadiens.  Whether Halak rebounds next year in St. Louis or not, the Habs have a player whose importance to the team will increase as he matures and an outstanding goaltender who is only 23.

    Arpon Basu gives some stats which further underline the excellence of Price’s performance: when scoring 3 goals or more this season, the Habs are 25-2-5.  Looking back to last season, there were many games in which Price played very well, but the team simply couldn’t score.  I remember in particular a 2-1 loss to Carolina late in the season, when he was actually booed despite giving an excellent performance.  

    There are loud calls on every side for Andrei Kostitsyn to be traded, but I wouldn’t do it unless we can get an upgrade.  He’s always been a streaky player, and his numbers are down a bit this year, but overall he’s not having a bad season.  He’s a great passer and he’s a lot better defensively than he used to be.  He can still be absolutely dominant at times, and that showed last night.  His effort along the boards before his goal was as good as the goal itself.  Maybe Gauthier should do what Gainey did with Plekanec in his UFA year – sign him to a one-year deal at a slight raise (not as much of a raise as Plekanec got); this would show him the team has confidence in him.  If it didn’t work out next year, he could then be traded.

    I hope the slump is over.  And I hope Gauthier can get us some help on offence without mortgaging the future.

  18. TomNickle says:

    I just made the comment that the only winger I would add if I were Gauthier is a player who can successfully attack guys like Chara and Pronger and be successful by wreaking havoc in front of the net and beating them in battles for the puck down low.  I put together a little laundry list of players who I feel can do it consistently and have ranked them in order according to how strong my desire would be to add them.  Also considering whether or not they can be had.

    1. David Jones(COL) – He’s perfect.  A right handed shot, huge body, punishing hits, he can score, he can fight.  He can do it all.  If there’s such a thing as a powerforward in the NHL.  It’s him.  His team is in sell mode and his low salary still leaves room to pursue a defenseman.

    2. Marian Hossa(CHI) – He’s had a dissappointing season to be sure.  He’s also signed for a very long time and comes at a fairly hefty price at $5.2 million annually.  But his puck control on the boards is second to none.  Chicago needs to shed salary and we can take some on now and into the future.  It’s not unrealistic to think he can be had and he would instantly make the team better.  He’s the perfect player for Jacques Martin considering how sound he is defensively.  He scores and does the things we need to add to our lineup.

    3. Ryan Jones(EDM) – Anybody who saw his speed against us last week could see he can be a difference maker.  He also is cut from the mould built to win puck battles in dirty areas and when you combine that with his quickness he is also a player I feel would be a perfect fit.  Edmonton is selling again and while they may not want to part with him, they aren’t dealing from a position of strength.

    4. Trent Hunter(NYI) – He’s failed to live up to expectations since his calder nomination but he is too much to handle in battles and does contribute scoring, even if inconsistently.  The Islanders are also sellers and it’s possible he’s available.

    5. Chris Neil(OTT) – I dislike him quite a bit due to what I feel is a Lucic-like reluctance to fight anyone who poses a real threat to beat him up.  But there’s no doubt that he’s given Chara fits over the years and he isn’t exactly slow.  He may not contribute a lot of scoring but he if nothing else would open up a lot of space for his linemates to skate freely and create better scoring chances.


  19. joshua94k says:

    Cam Cole of the Vancouver Sun must have had a sleepless night. The Canadiens, who he thinks are no longer hockey royalty, beat the Vancouver Canucks who are supposed to be unbeatable at home. They have one of the hottest goalies, the best team offence and defence etc.

    If one was to bet on last night’s game based on the scouting reports that discussed the Canadiens record in Vancouver over the last decade, they missed some crucial information. The Canadiens had won 3 of the last four meetings. Now they have swept the Canucks this season.

    Yesterday I wrote that the Canadiens could win against the Canucks and a large part of the crowd in Vancouver will be cheering for them, indicating that the Habs are hockey royalty, especially in Canada, unlike what Cam Cole belives.

    (BR>Here is what The Province wrote:

    …but there is still a mystique about the Canadiens and there was something vaguely familiar about their visit, to say nothing of their win.
    Half the crowd, as always, was outfitted in the storied flannel of Les Glorieux and when the Habs blitzed the home team in the first seven minutes, opening up a 2-0 lead, they were also in fine voice. Canucks head coach Alain Vigneault, in fact, took a timeout after Brian Gionta’s goal and it almost felt like he was trying to quiet the crowd as much as re-charge his own team.
    By the time the third period rolled round, the joint had taken on a real atmosphere with the two rooting factions competing against one another
    But there’s still something about a Habs’ road game in Canadian cities that continues to amaze and annoy even if you’ve seen a hundred of them over the years.
    Back in the day, the Winnipeg Jets used to make jokes about scoring an early goal when the Habs came to town to take the crowd out of the game.For all that, they’re still playing three-quarters of a road game when the Canadiens come to town and if you’d just dropped in from Mars on this night, you’d have a hard time determining the home team.
    OK, it’s to be expected and we certainly get the history and tradition tied up in the Canadiens. But that doesn’t explain completely that, while I was typing this epic, fans in the boxes were still chanting “Go Habs Go” half an hour after the game had ended.(BR>

    For the complete article here is the link.

    “It’s too much for one guy to shoulder. For us, we’re going to do it as a group. It’s about sharing that responsibility win or lose.” – Mike Cammalleri

  20. Timo says:

    Hammer needs to play at most 10-12 minutes per game and he will be fine. He is a good dman and if the situation permits him to play within his capabilities he is a keeper.

    The problem with Gauthier though, is no matter what trade he makes he will get other wishy-washy no impact no nothing players to return the departing guys.

  21. HardHabits says:

    It would also change the Habs team building strategy. Price is the cornerstone of the team being built at the moment.

    If Ramo turns out to be a potential number 1 in the NHL it would be Ramo that gets traded.

    The Habs actually had three scoring lines last night but you didn’t mention one of them. 😉

  22. joeybarrie says:

    I doubt we could get anyone who will be more valuable to us than Price already is.

    This is a fine question by the way. I know people will yell at you for this, but it’s fair.

    No player is beyond trading. But the value of Price to us is greater than what we would get for him.

    I will put Price in the same level with the top 15 players in the league for FUTURE value.

    Could we package Price and someone for the Sedins???? NO… Would I do it. MAYBE…

    We would not get back Crosby, Ovechkin, Stamkos or any other player that you can build a team around.

    We can bulk up for the future in different ways, but trading Price wont get us fair value. Not when the teams can go out and buy a UFA goalie or trade for one.

    What we need to get is another top 2 forward. JM did well last night by running 3 strongish lines. You had AK and Eller on one line, Gomez and Gio with MaxPac, and Pleks, Cammi and Halpern.

    This is where this team needs to go. 3 scoring lines.

    There may be other teams, but only ONE Club De Hockey…

  23. Habfan29 says:

    Let me throw this out, I might get crucified but let’s see.
    I was jsut checking the stats for Kari Ramo in the KHL and they are impressive to say the least
    44 33 6 4 1139 85 1054 92.5 1.97 0 2 5 4 2592:49.

    What do you think we could get for Price? from a team that needs a goalie such as Philly, Tampa or Washington. I know that this means Price would be gone before the trade dealine and that would hurt our chances for this year, as Ramo is under contract until next season. I love Price as a goalie for this team but I am thinking about bulking up and Cary is our best player, but I am looking at the future.. Thoughts!!!!!

  24. adamkennelly says:

    anyone who thinks the Habs don’t suffer due to lack of size up – needs to take a look at the effectiveness of Ryan Kessler in front of our net last night.  We don’t have it up front and we don’t have the D to deal with it in our end.  Granted Kessler type players are not readily available – just saying – it matters in this league.

  25. shiram says:

    Pouliot and DD only getting 5 minutes ice time last night, even with his break away goal, DD was not great on the faceoffs but still? 5 minutes?

    White almost got 6 minutes.

    When guys like Plekanec seems to be overused and tiring down a bit…
    Eller got more than 12 minutes, Gomez with 17:36 and Plekanec with 24 minutes.

    I’m glad for the win, and I guess JM did what was necessary to get it, but is DD that bad defencively to warrant so little ice time?? Maybe its becauve the Canucks had the last change.

  26. Mattyleg says:

    I’d say that was it.

    Don’t want to put a couple of rooks and someone who falls down all the time against the Sedin Sisters.

    I’m sure we’ll be seeing more from that trio soon.

    —Hope Springs Eternal—

  27. habs03 says:

    All I can say is LOL!!

    Edit: So much fail in this post I wouln’t even know where to start, this is even worst than some of Observer’s posts.

  28. Habitoban says:

    Canucks were falling like 10 pins all night. I couldn’t see Benny’s penalty very well, but it looked like he gave the guy a little tap and down he went in a heap. Don’t think this was any worse than Max P’s “cross-check” or Halpern’s penalty with one man down. Why sit a line that has been one of your most consistent in the past few weeks? It’s not like Pleks isn’t called for similar penalties from time to time. Benny has been playing with grit and will get called for it occassionally. We should be prepared to live with that. Why take DD off the power play, when he surely would have buried that open net opportunity that went to #11? The Benny/DD/White trio deserve respect by virtue of their play of late, as opposed to the size of their salaries, which seems to weigh too heavily in decisions behind the bench.

  29. habs-hampton says:

    I’m just glad JM didn’t decide to bench Price for that boneheaded delay of game penalty.

  30. Habfan29 says:

    that’s it….I am not kidding

  31. habs03 says:

    I’m not even sure if you serious, but if you are please do a little more research, you search Ramo’s number but fail to see that the market for goalies is at an all time low (look at Halak trade, and FA goalie market), another thing, you talk about the future, what did Ramo ever do in the NHL to say he is a legit number 1 goalie, and finally, PRICE IS YOUNGER THAN RAMO!!!!!!

  32. Mattyleg says:


    —Hope Springs Eternal—

  33. Jordio-oh says:

    so you want to trade away the future of our goaltending (aka team)  because we own the rights to a player who is putting up good KHL numbers?

    While we’re at it, lets sign Jakub Stepanek. Never heard of him? Well he’s 16-8-5 for St Petersburg SKA and he has a 2.05 and a .923. He’s undrafted too… With numbers like that its ridiculous that Pittsburgh hasn’t bulked up by trading Fleury and signing Stepanek.

    I’m not even trying to crucify you, just curious if you’ve had your coffee yet this morning.

    i kid, i kid.

  34. BJ says:

    Crosby, Ovechkin, Stamkos.

  35. fbkj says:

    so you propose we hand price over to another team, in the same conference, and it aint even for the lulz?

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The Canadiens win a game on the road!

But it wasn’t easy.

jaroslav Halak had to make 46 saves. Colorado erased a 2-0 lead before Andrei Kostitsyn, who boffed the Borzoi all night, popped in what may be the goal that saves this season.

Tom Kostopoulos, who lacks AK46’s scoring touch, got a well-deserved 150-foot empty-netter after Saku Koivu won a crucial faceoff with the Canadiens shorthanded and 37 seconds left.

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