File and forget

A three-zone stinkeroo.

Don’t blame Alex Auld

Quotes from the room

• Pierre Ladouceur’s game analysis

About Last Night …

Canadiens bi-polar?

Red Fisher’s notebook

• Pierre Durocher’s first quarter report card


  1. ddupuis says:

    It must be hard to play infront of 18-19,000 screaming fans in Montreal, then try to play hard for 5000 sleeping fans in places like Atlanta…


  2. smiler2729 says:

    I hate watching games like that, y’know where there are hardly any fans in a non-hockey market, where a team plays stifling boring hockey cuz it’s the only chance they have at a win…

    I have a dream! One day Atlanta, Florida, Phoenix and Nashville are relocated to Winnipeg, Quebec, Hamilton and Toronto and the Canadian hockey game will be a thing of beauty to behold!

    Why Toronto? Because if Hamilton gets an NHL team then Toronto would want one too, yuk yuk yuk, an oldie but a goodie!

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