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Are we all aboard for Canada’s team? A Vancouver win means Christopher Higgins and Maxim Lapierre get their names engraved on the Stanley Cup … and Brad Marchand doesn’t.
Or do Canadiens fans want a Boston win that offers the satisfaction of knowing our guys took the Cup champions to OT in a seventh game?

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Interesting Comment by Robert Rice, who posts as SeriousFan09:

I come to speak in praise of a man who is almost certainly departing, but should be saluted for his valiant service.

Roman Hamrlik: 312GP in the regular season as a Canadien and 42 more in the playoffs. He scored 22 goals, 97 assists in those RS games and 1G, 14A in the playoffs. He blocked an incredible 731 shots in his 4-season run and 110 more in the playoffs, his TOI just dipped below 22 minutes/game for one season and in the last two years, no member of the team averaged more ES TOI/G than he did.

Yes he wore down badly at the end of the last two seasons. Yes that made him more susceptible to gaffes. But let us not forget, he took on a job well beyond what was expected of him for the last two years with the Canadiens and we should respect that, he never complained, he did his job and we made the playoffs and he got hit with more rubber along the way than the Indy 500 track.


  1. Don_Endriss says:

    “UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCE DO YOU CHEER FOR A RIVAL” This is so right. On the other hand some people do seem a tad bitter.

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  3. AK_PK_Usay says:

    Hating the Vancouver fans because they’re enjoying a winning team? What nonsense, especially since most people here whom complain about the Van fans are pseudo fans themselves, who love a team based on how well its doing.
    Im off till some real news comes up, and yes, if you have any excuse to say you kinda wish Boston wins for X reason, you clearly aren’t a habs fan.

    UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCE DO YOU CHEER FOR A RIVAL, Especially one made up of goons.

    when all think alike, no one is thinking very much

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